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Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host, Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly:
Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. I'm so glad you are here with us. And I cannot wait to introduce to you not just one, but we have a bonus second individual that's joining us tonight on this very show. Very, very excited. You get double the value tonight. And guess what? I'm not charging anything extra. OK. The show is 100 percent free all the time to you, the listener. And that's why we are here. The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. What is that all about? Mind that stands for mindset. When you have a powerful, unstoppable mindset that is like the cornerstone, the foundation of success, not just in business, but in personal lives as well. When you have that, then you are set to move forward faster. And this is what it is, The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. That's three pillars, three pillars of success that I found over the course of years of studying successful people. And I notice these patterns kept cropping up and I thought, wow, all of these successful people have these similar traits and do these similar things and they fall in those three areas. So they all have a powerful mindset and body body that that's taking care of your body, that's putting good nutrition in and it's moving, exercising on a regular basis and business that's multifaceted. Their sales, marketing team building systematized. It goes on and on, leadership. And when you master any one of those three, any one of those three, then you will see great strides in improvement in both your business and your personal life. But when you target and master all three, then you are operating at what I'd like to call a peak level of performance, hence the title of the business: Reach Your Peak. And the beautiful thing is, is success comes from so many factors. And it really comes down to one thing. All you need to do is model someone that you know who was successful that has what you want. That was the chief what you want. It's that simple. And what is model is just means copy. And many people don't want to do that because they were brought up to think copying was the same as cheating. But when you're given permission, it's not cheating. So you now have my permission to copy, to model not just myself, but the guests that are about to appear on this show, which I cannot wait to introduce. I promise you, they're coming soon. Yes. Mind, body business. And this is for you. This is for you, the listener, the viewer. So really take notes. Get out a notepad, take notes throughout the show, because this amazing couple is going to just flood you with amazing value and help you to become successful in your business and in your personal relationship. I get to see them. I see them right now and they're like cooing with each other. They are so in love. It's amazing. I love it. So success comes in many forms. And one thing I did notice that one of the most important aspects of all successful people that I've noticed in the area of I would say in business for learning, educating yourself, and that is reading. And along that note, we're going to segue into a little section that I have appropriately named bookmarks.

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Brian Kelly:
Yes, Again, it's a very, very important that you stay with us on this show. What that means is stay on this screen if you're watching live. If you're listening on the podcast, what I mean is don't run off to other resources. We are going to be giving you resources over the course of the show like Write it down on a piece of paper and visit it after the show because everything happens, quote unquote, in the room. It would be a shame if you were to miss out on that one golden nugget that both Genia and Jessie have for you. Yes, there's a hint of who's coming on. It would be a shame if you missed one golden nugget just because you ran off to go look at something. I'll stick with us. It's gonna be less than an hour of a show now, almost an hour. And it's going to be chock full of value and great stuff. So real quick, reach your peak library. That is a Web site that I personally put together. And I literally did this for you. I had you in mind, the listener, the watcher, and that is a compilation of books that I personally have read. And it's not every book I've read, it's only those that have had profound or even subtle positive impact on my life, either in business or in personal life. And so I put that there for you. They're all though, all those buttons go straight to Amazon. I've read them all. And so what that means is, at least if you're not if you're not an avid reader and you haven't started, you now have a place you can go that has a collection of already vetted books by at least one successful entrepreneur. So that's better than just throwing a dart at a table and hoping you hit the right one. And if you are an avid reader, odds are there are going to be several books and you haven't read yet. So it's another one to pick up and say, you know, like minded people, we love to read the same books. And I keep hearing of more and more books when I have guests on the show. I write them down. I go. I grab them that moment. The second we're off the show, I'm on audible buying and downloading it because I devour this stuff. So that's what this is all about. So reading is very, very important to your success. I just wanted to let you know about that. And also, just remember, stay in the room, take notes, because you are not going to want to miss a word of Genia and Jessie who are coming on. Guess what? Right now.

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Brian Kelly:
And there they are, ladies and gentlemen, it is Genia and Jesse Silva. The crowd goes wild.

The way is going on in the stands. It's awesome. It's amazing. It's tremendous, this dependence. How are you? Beautiful, lovely people doing tonight.

We are so excited to be here. We're doing great.

We're loving this. This is awesome. Thank you very much for having us on a bra.

Oh, you're so very welcome. And you're not just loving this, but I watch you guys are loving each other all the time. It is awesome to see that in a relationship is one of our habits. Yes. Yes. So I appreciate you guys for that. And you're unabashed love for each other as we were talking before the show started. It's all too often that that doesn't occur in some relationships. And that's sad. And with you guys, I'm like you're like a beacon out there to show other couples. This is this is the model to follow when it comes to love. These are the two. These are the two you want to follow. And me and my wife, she's not here for me to show you how we interact. So that's awesome.

Otherwise, it would be a double date, right?

Yeah. Maybe we should do it. That's a good idea. I think so. Maybe we'll meet in the middle somewhere in Texas because they're coming from Pennsylvania. I'm in southern California. That's what's beautiful about this venue is we can talk live from many miles apart and have an amazing, amazing time. Jen Leaver. All right. She says, woo hoo. Gina and Jesse are amazing. Thank you, Jen. Thank you. Yes. Real quick, I want to introduce and really this is introducing your your company, your business. And what we'll do then do is get deeper into the two of you to find out what makes you tick. Because that is really the true juice where people find out what it takes to become successful. That's Uncle Sam's Club. Fantastic.

So their company's name is Rain Dance. And Rain Dance is a collaborative team built on passion. And we were talking just off camera. Collaborative team. They they take that to the Nth Degree. There is no hierarchy. They have a team of 10 to 12 consultants that work with them and they all work together. I love this model. So it was founded by the two you see on the screen, Jesse and Genius. Silver and Rain Dance is a collective group of amazing coaches, instructors, holistic practitioners and support staff where they all take an active role in the company by sharing their unique gifts and helping them execute their combined vision of creating community, compassion and connection. That's powerful. They believe everyone is capable of living authentic, fulfilling lives and they are doing everything they can to get them their mind, body and spirit all together. Neither one of us alone runs the show at Rain. That's not one of them. But together they are all rain dance. I love that. I love that.

And so, you know, to dig a little deeper now to to find out what makes both of you six. You know, you're both successfully running a successful business. You have a wonderful team built around it. And we're gonna get in deeper into the actual aspects of your business, what the various types of services that you provide. And they're amazing. I got to learn about them right before we came on a show. And it's quite an array of wonderful things that they do. But what I wanted to do first is, is back up a little bit and take a look inside the minds of Genia and Jessie. So like when you're you know, when you're getting out of bed, you're waking up. If you're anything like me, I say this every show, anything like me and you're starting to wake up, you're a little groggy, you know, and you kind of get up your swivel around your feet, hit the floor, and now you're starting to come to a little bit. And now the realization is like, all right, a new day. This is cool. And then the drive and the, you know, all of those things that that get you going, the motivation starts to kick in because that's the way entrepreneurs just are at all times for both of you. And you can answer separately, if you like, one at a time. What is that for you? That one thing that if you were to go to one thing, I know there could be many. But if one thing that really sticks out when you're feet off the ground, you're coming to and you're like, I get to do this again. What is that one thing that really drives you to hit the ground running and go after that every single day?

You hear my answer, you kind of Segway to my answer. Every morning I wake up and the first thing I do say is I get to, you know, I get to do this wonderful thing.

It is it's all about mindsets. You know that when my eyes open in the morning, I am just excited that I get the opportunity to impact somebody's life positively. And that's what gets me jumping and getting me down to the coffee. That's hopefully ready waiting for me. It's my job.

It's the clarity of my mindset, you know, and I can echo what she's doing because I get to witness her every morning. She wakes up in a fantastic mood. And for me, she's a big draw. I wake up, you know, looking to do the things that I'm going to do by now. It always catches in. What can I do for her? Can I get the car going? Can I get it going on time before she wakes up? Absolutely.

Can we always spend probably about an hour together outside to start? Absolutely. Every every day. But as far as the motivation is concerned, you know, there are people that talk about something new around every corner. Really? That's every day. And I'm lucky because I get to experience that with this beautiful woman. And she has reminded me so much that it's literally become a habit. So every day you're going to run into something you've never run into before. And that's enough of a reason to jump out of bed.

Absolutely. I can so resonate with that. And I love Jesse, the part you said about it. You basically start your day by serving someone. And if that isn't the epitome of a definition of an entrepreneur, I don't know what is. Because I personally believe all of us successful entrepreneurs are put on this earth to do one thing, and that is to serve and help others.

And the beautiful thing is we get to get paid for that. And it's great that we get paid for it. And I hope you guys make way more money next year than you are this year and the year after and the year after. And why do I say that? Because the more money you make, the more people you can serve. The more you can scale what you do and help more and serve more, because that's what we do.

I reinvest everything I make. I barely live off anything. And I I choose that because I'm just continually growing and improving and growing. And so I love that.

And then the other part that really stood out is you guys have kind of a regiment, you know, every day you spend about an hour outside together drinking coffee. That's a great way to start. Everyone has a different routine, but everyone has a routine that is successful. And that's the thing I find really, really interesting and intriguing. And so I really, really love that. Fantastic, you guys. So we open the show by talking a little bit about books, reading books. And I'm just I'm just going to ask the question because, you know, I probably know the answer, but I'm gonna ask it anyway, because every successful entrepreneur has the same answer. But would you consider you guys to be avid readers?

Absolutely. I am an avid reader and a book eater. I try to read at least a book a week.

So I'm always I'm always involved with at least one at a time, sometimes multiple books in conjunction.

Wow. And Brian, I've got I think last count was seven books that I have started and I literally pick up a difficult one whenever I have an opportunity. Always have audible run in the car. We both have a pretty good commute. I have a little bit of a longer commute every day. And so then there's also lists of books that we listen to together. So like right now inaudible. I've got one that I'm listening to.

And then there's one that we're listening to together and we keep them going. Fantastic.

We we just recently finished. You told tech art of life and death. Highly recommended. Amazing, amazing back. Yeah.

Very spiritual. But at the same time, a lot of great life lessons. But we love learning together.

We love listening together, taking notes, just like I instructed the viewers to do a total take like art of life and death. All right. Excellent. And what's what's one that stands out for you? Gina, what book? If you were to think of all the books you've read?

Oh, gosh. Well, the one on my bedside always and forever is the Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday. So I I have that on my bedside and I grab it every day, flip it out and get my my philosophy juices running in the morning.

Even though you already went through the entire book. Once, twice, twice. Right. Right.

And isn't it interesting when you've read a book more than once that let's let's say you read it once and then you read it a second time? Is it. Is it the same? Does it seem the same when you read the second time?

No, it doesn't. Wait a minute. OK. I have to ask because I don't have a book next to me, I was gonna grab on to save. But does I mean, you're telling me that the pages changed. They changed their. They get mixed up. They get moved to that. Somebody tear a page out of the process.

I think it's the perception that changes. Yeah, it's totally. You know, every day we're learning and growing. So, you know, we create the meaning and hopefully we're creating new things with our new knowledge that we're learning and taking with us on our journey and questioning our beliefs and, you know, collecting ideas and beliefs that work for us and getting rid of the ones that don't.

Yeah, and you go ahead.

I'm sorry. I had noticed on your book list you had to start with one of my assignments. And that's one of those books that we listened to together. And then I will periodically put on just to kind of break up various different things I listed in. I hear things. I know. I've read before. I know I've read it four or five times because I listen to that book so much. But, you know, that's the cool thing about epiphanies, is that they don't lose their luster. Yeah. And if you can help again six months later or a year later, that's awesome.

Yeah, it's interesting. You know, there was one book I read. I don't know how many times the most. Most of any. And it's because I used to speak on the stage of a mentor of mine. And the book was literally the transcription of an entire seminar put into book form is a two day seminar as brilliant strategy. He didn't write, he didn't use a pen and didn't write a thing. But the cool thing was for us who became then his trainers, who would then teach his material from his stage. That was kind of like our Bible. And I read that thing and listened to it over and over and over, especially on the day I'm about to present a full day's worth of training. I mean, 10 hours on stage. And so I'm studying. And every single time I'm like, how does this happen? But every single time something new jumps out at me from it that I didn't see last time. It's not amazing. It's like you're not ready to ingest it yet. And then after you've read it once, now you're more ready and you'll see something different. And that's exactly the way an entrepreneur growth cycle goes, isn't it?

You get the double hit of what you're relearned as well as the just the amazing back. And you relearned it.

Yeah. And it deeper ingrained and it's amazing. So I think I'm hitting on books quite a bit tonight because it's that important. And I want people are watching, listening to realize just how important it is to your success. A past guest I had just this just came in my head, Mullah Abbas, who was a CEO of a phenomenal company in Canada. He's self-taught himself to become an amazing entrepreneur and very successful, 100 percent self-taught by reading books. That's all he did. He read books for hours and hours and hours at length. And he would go and spend eight hours a day reading books. And so now, you know, if you're watching this and listening to this, you can become successful. All you have to do is pick up some books, but make them targeted, you know, get books that are going to have an impact on your life. And again, you can start with, follow other entrepreneurs, reach out to Genia and Jessie. I'm sure they've got a great list that they could hand to you. But guess the get busy reading if you haven't been. And if you have been, keep doing it. Keep going.

So for now, let's just my advice I was going to this weird coaching mentoring mode is just it just happens.

It's who you are.

Yes. I love helping. Your company is quite interesting. It's multifaceted. If you don't mind, could you give a quick synopsis? I don't know if it could be quick, but as quick as you can make it of the highlights of the things you do to help people and how you go about doing that, the different forms of holistic approaches, etc. that you guys use to do that for your clients.

All right. So we've really tried to create a place where science and spirituality kind of kind of marriage, you know, kind of meat.

So we offer how many things from therapies like massage therapy, hypnotherapy, reflexology and things like that all the way to coaching and counselling. We also offer three workshops, the low cost workshops, almost every night of the week for the community to come and learn and grow and heal through the various topics that can be anywhere from, you know, meditation or to a great support group or to, you know, making money workshops. We really try to, you know, open our doors and offer these workshops free to the community to really help people unleash their greatness.

Junior and her team specifically have done a fantastic job of ensuring that every age group is involved. This is. Not just for people looking for improving or for healing, but even for younger children. Now, there's been a number of events that the genius held, including Beyond the Children Women's Night was found to be absolutely fantastic from afar. Because I'm not a woman, I love to tell, as I understand. But I've shown up a couple of times and there's been just just a mass of women who have never been here before, but are enjoying discounted services and really being introduced to all the different modalities, the altar. It's a real just gambit of opportunity for anyone to come in and learn a little bit as well as Rowan.

Absolutely. You know, it's you know, if someone's struggling in this struggle. Yeah. Come on over. Or if someone's just trying to reach the next level of their life, you know, come on over. You know, but we're here for everybody.

You just answered my next question.

So it does sound like you cater to many when you're actually targeting and, say, marketing. We'll get into that a little bit later and deeper. What is your message written for? Is it? Do you have different messages for different types of ideal clients, like some for kids or parents of kids and others for people that are just that, you know, are suffering from something that you see come in a lot? Or how do you you know, who are you directing or your marketing messages to when you have such a diverse array of clients?

That is a great question. Yes, it is a very diverse client.

Tell your big you know, at the core of it, we're all human. Right. So our message I think my message transcends, you know, age or your gender or anything.

It's you know, we believe that everybody within them has the power to lead by smelling abundant, awesome lives.

It's just sometimes they need a little help or a little guidance or a little lesson on how to get better. And that could be, you know, someone who's eight years old. There's someone who's 80 years old.

And Brian, you've used reference to mindset a number of times. I think that that what the team here has done is really understood that everybody is walking around with limiting beliefs. Everybody's got a belief systems within their their head that might prevent them from seeking help or even talking to people. So what rain dance like this is really successfully done is get the message out there that absolutely anyone of any thought pattern, of any curiosity and that's one of the big pushes is, you know, if you're curious, come on in. Can you walk in? You have a have a five minute conversation with any of the practitioners, especially this one right here. And they're hooked. And the age, your gender, none of that matters.

And they they will live better than they came in. I mean, listen, we are the most obese, chronically ill, manic and depressed society ever. And we want to be a, you know, a place to help change that. Absolutely.

I love that. I love that. I love that a ton. I want to do a quick Segway into letting people know that are watching right now.

And this includes the both of you that at the end of the show, stick around to the end and you could you could win a five nights stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico. And what we'll do. I will give that information at the end on how you can enter. We give away one every single show, and that is that is sponsored by my buddy Jason Nest at And so toward the end, the show. So stick with us on the live show all the way to the end and we'll give you how you can enter for that. And good luck to all of you. I normally bring that up at the very beginning of the show. And I just realized I had not thought there is a good place to do it. And so we were talking a little bit about marketing. Kind of scratch the surface. And I'd like to go a little bit more specific, if that's all right. And that is not to go into too much because think about the marketing you've done thus far through the course of your business. And if you could think of. I mean, because marketing is multifaceted. We all get that. I mean, there are so many ways to market. But to date, what would you call your most successful form of marketing thus far?

Well, most successful, you might be surprised, but our most successful form of marketing is 100 percent old school. You know, it goes along with our values of community and connection. And it is getting out there, meeting people, having conversations, connecting with them, connecting with their hearts, connecting with their souls. And just. Getting out there and just being part of the community, I mean, technology is great. Don't get me wrong, social media marketing is wonderful. I love dancing with the algorithms, cough, cough. But, you know, they're our best. Marketing is just meeting and greeting. Knocking on doors that I have watched.

Genia take this. Now, look, I know nothing about marketing. Genius has absolutely taught me tremendous amounts about it. In fact, I learned what community outreach was simply because of hearing it from Bird and actually going with Burn a few of the of the Johns. But Ray Junior and Rain Dance will set up tables and information boots and apps for any function. We've been at gyms, we've been at schools, malls.

It's really, as she calls it, the boots on the ground. Oh, she's she's walking everywhere and it works. I mean, all the practitioners attend and they go out. It's absolutely amazing.

That's beautiful. And that's oftentimes a lot of entrepreneurs lose sight of the one on one connections that can be more powerful, because the thing is that once you have a client and you've done it the right way, like you guys, then you're going to have that client for a long, long time compared to someone that came in that really hasn't gotten to know you, your culture on a one to one basis. And maybe they just saw a post and said, I want to give this a shot. It's just, you know, I used to go to events, a lot of events. I mean, a ridiculous amount of seminars and networking events and boot camps, you name it. And I've slowed down a lot lately. It just is time consuming. And I just wanted to recently. And what I found was that, you know, rekindled personal connections by doing it again. I missed that part of it. And it's not so much that what I'm learning during the boot camps or seminars, during the sessions, it's more I still learn, but it's more about the relationships that are either sparked or continued because I did see three people that I knew from years ago. And and as a result of just showing up, joint ventures are going to result from this. And I cannot wait. And it's just amazing the power of and I'm just saying this to agree with your form of marketing, the power of one on one. There's no there's nothing more powerful. Yeah. It's you can't scale it very well because you're just one person. If you train Jessie a little more, maybe he'll get his butt out there and do a little more. I'm just having fun with you guys.

Sure. Sure. I mean, I get it. You know, I it's it's hard.

You know, you think about going out, you know, knocking on doors are going to businesses and meeting people. I get no one wants this. And that's where it is. It is about an action. I mean, technology is wonderful again. You know, we're all over social media as well. But, you know, you're not connecting at our heart and soul level, you know, and at a personal level, you know, as when going in to the pizza place and having conversations with people and and connecting and making them realize that they they matter. And we're here. And we are.

Absolutely. And there's there's a a novel. Maybe it's not just for me, but this is one of genius approaches. I remember there was a specific function that that she had orchestrated at a local wasn't really a fast, but it was a restaurant. But it was clearly a place for people to eat. And it was for rescuing animals. And it was such a great combination of various reminds. And I remember showing up to see how things were going. And there was a nice crowd going and people were not only eating and enjoying what they were there as well as restaurant learning so much. All right. You can't create those digitally. Those are things that have to be created one on one.

Isn't it interesting? It seems like we've come full circle where it was one on one for a long time. You know, they call it either kneecap to kneecap or belly to belly. And then email marketing came in the Internet and we started building these massive, massive lists and then blasting one same message to all of these faceless people. And to them, we are faceless as well, unless they saw a picture of us on the Internet. But that's it. And then we move into this whole now age of social media. And actually social media is one of the best marketing tools. If you can't get somewhere, it is one of the best ways to connect. It is far better than email because there is that interaction two way and you can get to know somebody. And then when you go to an event and you discover, hey, you look familiar, we're actually friends on Facebook.

I love those moments and they are great.

And it's always when you see them, whether they were a previous Facebook friend or social media friend or not. Those are the most powerful, engaging you can see and feel them. I mean, feel there that energy, you know, you could see how they're reacting. Inflection in their voice. Everything. And we are human beings. You know. You know, it's just.

Well, actually, we are wired for connection. Yeah. We are so very connected with technology. And technology is wonderful. We are losing that human interaction and it's important.


You know, I mean, if you think about the the the moments that really, really matter, looking back in any circumstance, but really even where the marketing is concerned, I think sitting across from somebody and having a conversation and maybe explaining your idea just that perfect way where you see it in their face, that moment, I can't imagine a better moment. And so when you can scale that and the scaling is really just creating more conversations, more people, and sometimes it's even group conversation. A fundamental part of what we do here, but also a fundamental part of what you do. I mean, I don't know the number of conversations that we've gotten involved in in grocery stores and gas stations. Simply because this woman is undeniably unstoppable when it comes to making connections. And that really is circumstantial and fantastic.

And you guys make a great team. And, you know, it doesn't mean that Jesse has to turn into a connection. Master Jesse has his talents that make you guys a phenomenal team. And so, yeah, it's in marketing is the lifeblood of any business. There's no doubt about it. But once the marketing is done, you still have to execute on the product and you need to support those people and you need to lead your or your tribe and your organization. And on that note of organization, I'm curious. So you had ten or so people that are working with you? Not for you. I love how that came out. Yes. It's interesting. That's a that can be a difficult thing to master or to put together. And a lot of that, when I see things like this work like this, it happens a lot of times because you have a very strong mission and purpose and culture built within. But for you, I'm curious, how do you find those people that have messed with you so well to bring into your organization that truly care about the whole organization as a whole? And rain, that's.

Really great question, how do you find them? You know, some some find us, you know, and some, you know, I find from the many conversations that I have had at the grocery stores here, there and everywhere. They say it is mostly referrals that we find them. A few through social media. And I kind of watches us watch what we're doing from the from afar and, you know, and then they'll come check us out. I'm always like, you know, inviting everybody in. Please come during dance, you know, see if you'll fit in. Our door is always open. Know well, we'll collaborate with anybody.

I think one of the things that I've seen happen here a lot is the sharing of skills. Sure. I mean, you know, it may be junior in the core group of 10 people, but they're all they're intermingling and enter teaching each other, you know, how to say connect or the marketing pieces or even just any of the modalities.

You know, we've we've really created a space of collaboration and communication and really maintain forming and maintaining tight odds. And that's not going to work for everybody. And we get it. And and and it will work for some. And we're just we're just lucky that we found a ten or twelve that it works with.

And there have been challenges then. There's been some challenges in those challenges.

You know, if you look at those challenges, as I know you do, as opportunities to grow yourself, but also for the people who may be challenging it for just simply not the right fit. You've done a phenomenal job of being transparent, open, direct and looking at that is not added as an opportunity for yourself, but also reminding them it is for them, too. Right.

Fantastic. And speaking of challenges, it's a great way of, you know, being an entrepreneur, running a business.

It's super easy to do. And it just happens automatically, isn't it?

Sure. I love the reaction I get on that one. Yeah, it's great.

It's a nonstop roller coaster ride and it's nonstop effort. And there are many points where we hit failure. You know, it's good to get in the habit of failing fast and fast, faster and faster, faster so that you can learn from it and become more and more successful. And what would you say in your course of running this business or some of your the ones that stand out like some of those failures that came up or you call challenge, reframe it to that? And what specifically have you learned from that to then better yourself and or your company?

I can address child challenges and failures. Well, we we embrace all of them around here with challenges, failures. You know, we fail forward. And that is part of our our mentality. You know, as far as failures, probably, you know, the biggest glitch maybe was the first year running. We really we kind of were just flying by without a parachute. I mean, we were doing them all what we loved and we were building and building and building out really a concrete business plan. We just kind of the momentum kind of brought us and we kind of went with it. So that was so then we know year two came and like, oh, wow, you know, we're making we're making revenue, but not really that profitable. So we kind of go back to the drawing board and kind of get to the nuts and bolts and really create a business like an actual business plan to gather with measurable like marketing and goals and things like that and really get tight enough on that vision because, you know, revenue was one thing, but profitability is something completely different. So we had to shift our mindset on that would probably be a failure. No first challenges. We've had a few challenges. Am I think creating a collective? You know, it looks wonderful. And I you know, and it feels so wonderful. And I think it was an adjustment for some of the practitioners, you know, and even myself to come and to be in a collaborative situation, because many came from corporate situations where that wasn't really the case. So that was challenging to to release limiting beliefs and old habits, to really let them embrace their odd intensity, let their skills shine and be okay to fail forward and not be scared.

Well, yes, very well put. It's. It's a thing a lot of people that aren't familiar with what it takes to be a successful business person, an entrepreneur that don't. Stand as many think that, you know, once I have solved the riddle and I can now escape my corporate plan or I could be free of working for anyone else, then it's just let her rip. Let her run our pilot. I found a solution. It's like I've got news for you. Bro, it's gonna be a continuous non-stop cycle of refinement of improvement.

I think that's what makes it so exciting personally. Because if we ever hit that plateau. Let me ask you guys this. Okay. Let's say there does exist such a thing. There is a plateau and you can only go this high and that's it. That's it. Once you hit that plateau, you can go no higher. You can become no more successful. You can serve no more additional people. But that's it. You've reached perfection. You're there. What would that feel like to you then? On the following day when you know you can't get through that? How would that feel to you guys?

I would have to. I speak for you. Demoralizing. Demoralizing. Almost. Yeah. Yeah.

It's I don't know that it's necessarily that I've seen us work towards reaching that absolute peak, because every day, whether it's a failure or a challenge or it's just even a new idea. Right. That ceiling. I don't think we've ever seen the ceiling. I'm not sure one exists. But in the belief that it doesn't actually exist, there will always be able to scale beyond what anybody might be able to throw in is limiting belief.

Yeah, I think if we discovered it, it just destroyed it. Absolutely. I love that. So please don't shoot.

Yes, I am feeling that you want to just keep going and growing and that we're seeing 100 percent hypothetical. I have not seen it.

Thank God you know that none of us on this planet will ever be perfect that this can happen. There's only in my opinion, it's only been one human. Never walk the earth. That was perfect. And the thing is, we can continue to strive for it. And I love that part. I just love that there is no end. Retirement is a word that doesn't exist in my vocabulary. It's it's more of a transition of careers would be a better term for it. But it doesn't mean stop, doesn't mean, you know, hang up your hat and get in the hammock and sleep and go golf and fish and do your hobbies all day. I know I've known several people that have done that and they're no longer with us. There's no purpose anymore. They die very quickly after that. It's like it's very sad.

I just want to continue helping people their first feeling.

Yeah. Yeah. They hit their ceiling. They were done. That was it. I've hit the the promised land. I've got a goal of golden handcuffs. They're gone and I am now free. And I'm just going to do nothing and have no purpose in life. And it saddens me. Just saddens me. So I love talking to people like you because it's obvious where a cut from similar claws and, you know, all successful people, entrepreneurs seem to be that way, just constantly driven, constantly improving, striving ideas. Yes, all of it.

So in alignment with you guys, what kind of culture have you guys manufactured, manifested, whatever put together that you found to be something that is keep. First, you attracted these 10 or so people into your lives in your business, and now you're holding them.

You're not holding them literally, but they're staying with you that you're holding them back. What are you doing?

No, you're holding they're holding their attention with whatever culture you've established. What kind of culture have you established? I mean, is there a way to explain the culture? Is it beyond just say it's about collaboration. What is what is it that you guys have established that is. I mean, 10 people that's an all of you to be working side by side instead of one leading or several levels of leadership. You're all at the same level. How the heck did you pull that off? What is your what is your culture like? What did you guys create over there?

Did you want to stick to culture? I want you to. I'm curious about your answer.

How did we create the culture?

You know, we've we have tribal. We call ourselves the tribe. There aren't tribe rain dance. You know, we do have tribal council meetings again, where we're all collaborative. You know, when we throw ideas out and what doesn't work, what doesn't. Another cool thing that we do is we do kind of a tribal trading post once a month where all of us get together and we can learn and we grow and we share knowledge and we share wisdom and we practice on each other and we can help each other with our individual goals, whether it is, you know, how marketing works. If we're one of our practitioners, it's having a struggle with clients and we also encourage each other to increase their personal. All journeys of growth and learning through classes are taking classes, getting certifications. So really enhancing their personal growth so they have more to give to the clients that walk in the door. I don't know exactly why you would car culture other other than collaborative.

Absolutely. It's funny. Culture is a funny thing. Junior, I have talked about this. The culture that has has come from what Rain Dance has created here is fantastic. But could you create it? Could you choose to put pieces in place and then forge forward towards those goals to create such a culture? Possibly. But I think really just looking back and saying, all right, this is the culture, what you just described. What were the pieces that contributed? She just got done explaining what it is. So perhaps that becomes the model.

I know when I'm when I'm here in the morning and one of my practitioners know, I hear them coming through the door and they just come inside. I love coming here. Yeah, that makes my soul sing. And I hear that quite often. And I just love being here. I just love. And who can say that about going to work on a Monday morning? Right. Or Tuesday. And I love it. And I have that same feeling when I when I walk in the door every day as well.

That's the that's a beautiful thing about entrepreneurs in general is work isn't work anyway. It's it's passion. It's it's you know, it's play with you know, we're serious about what we do, but it's something we do because we want to not because we have to necessarily. But I loved your description of the culture and I like how it came all the way back and said it's collaborative. I don't care what you say, Brian. Don't say don't tell me not to call collaborative, because that was good. Because in the process you described the pieces that made it collaborative. And I love the fact that you talked about you guys get together on a regular basis and share your knowledge. You actually practice with each other and help with individual needs and how you help each other grow. I thought of one word when you describe that. And what it sounded to me like was you guys have an ongoing mastermind group going on at all times.

Very a very similar concept. Absolutely. Who wouldn't love that? Right.

So it's obvious to me why they're coming in and saying, I love coming here, because look what they're like. They're in a nurturing, supportive environment. And everything's probably I it's got a can do attitude versus your corporate world where it's. Well, we always did it like that. So we can't do it that way. You know, it's like so. And the challenges you guys face with bringing in former corporate. I get that. It's total. The limiting beliefs are way out there. Take some time, knock those down and, you know, get down to the root.

And it was tough. It was tough on, you know, our first ladies night that we'd had early on. You know, I had to go was kind of the open house like meet our practitioners. And that is something I hadn't thought up, you know, as we talked about our vision and talked about the culture. And I was like, hey, so we're having our ladies night. And the practitioners all have their own rooms and we're all doing our own things. But it was a little strange for them because they keep coming up to me. What do you do now? And what do you want me to do now? What should I be doing now? I'm like, oh, well, whenever you write, you know, I really you know, that was my failure as a leader. I just expected, you know, them to to be thinking the way I did. Oh, this is wonderful. I can do what I want. But they had no idea. So they were coming after me. So, yeah, that was one of the challenges early on. I love to be managed.

I love that you used the word expectation because I found because I have apprentices that helped me in my business. And the first thing I do is I attempt to set the level of expectation and I ask them what they think, what what are their expectations of this relationship. And by doing that and learning like with you, you know, I iterate, oh, I should have added this. I'll do that next time, just like you just went through. And it's so awesome that once expectations are known up front, then those types of questions don't come up. The frustration of, you know, I laughed so hard when you said, what?

What do you what do you do now? What do you want me to do now? What do you want me does like, oh, my gosh. It's like, wait, you're free. Do what you want. Right? You know, I'll help you. But you gotta. You can't come to me every 10 minutes asking for the next test because.

And that's a transition period that takes and you can always pre frame that and you call it a failure. It's you know, it's just something we adjust to. Right. It's an adjustment. And that's it. The refinement and improvement cycle is nonstop. And it just it's I don't know. It just moved my needle. I love it. I love doing this. I love what I get to do. I get to talk to wonderful couples like you that, you know, if I'm just curious, do you guys actually really like each other?

We actually.

It's what's really funny is that we get that we actually get that question at an absolute time. Like we have we have a workshop that we've led for the past three and a half years, almost four years, almost four years. Some of it and some of the attendees have even come back recently. And one of the one of the subjects that's been that has, I don't know, been placed in the center of the floor recently has been how do we do what we do? And it's actually caused us to turn to each other over the past couple of years and say, you know, what is it that we're doing that is so different in God because we're jealous? You know, we're not just we're slightly guilty. Feel guilty, right. That other couples don't experience what we experience, which ended up becoming one of our offerings, was was really the kind of peace it out and presented to other couples. Absolutely. So we appreciate your comments, though.

Yes. It's it's so hot. Yes, I love it.

There is just nothing but love on that side of the U.S. right there, spreading the love in Pennsylvania. You guys are amazing. So you you've been in this business for a while now, obviously nurtured it. You've got 10, 10 or so people working with you in addition, and you've got clients coming in and out. And so you've got a great culture. Obviously, you've got a mission and purpose that's working. What do you see this business doing and what are your visions for? Have you talked about it in the future, like down 10 years from now, maybe even 20 years from now? What do you see rain dance doing in that time?

Long term goals. We love the sun. We love. Neither one of us are here long. Long term goal.

People, people people know with, you know, my passion of community and connection.

I do want to scale, but not not to sacrifice. You know what we are creating community and connection needs to be cultivated. And we we're probably going to be continually taking baby steps to get to where we are right now, which would be probably more workshops here. And I end off site, you know, the books that's in the works.

You know, we've heard we've even talked about international.

You know, we've talked about international. And I'd like to see some more rehab centers here nationally and internationally. When when Elan Musk lost Mars, we can talk, you know, you know, cosmic universe the week, you know, we're not opposed to that. I'm going on a cart before the horse. And we don't want to sacrifice the community that we've created inside. You know, that that can really shine on me outside.

I think we heard Peter Diamandis kind of redefine success, I guess, in a long term sense, where he said that the true definition of a billionaire is someone who can reach and touch a billion people. Great. I would absolutely love that. Billion seems a little bit large, but as as we get better at this practice and better connection as well as we're always going to do, I see that skill crews up there maybe in 10, 20 years.

Absolutely. Last year, Mars works are sure go behind. That's the goal. I love it.

Mars. Sweet men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. I heard that somewhere before.

Do Venus, do they go? Got a hit. Got to get the ladies involved. Fantastic. Yeah. So scaling that's a big.

Always a big question. And Jeannie, I loved your your take on that where you said not at the sacrifice at are what we've developed and very adamant about that. And that's great for anyone watching.

That's some severe good passion that these both have. You know, Genia and Jessi both have this intense passion about what they do. And they do want to grow, but not at the sacrifice of what they've put together today at their community, at their culture that they put together. And that's phenomenal. And I truly believe you can do that, that you can scale it and keep that community aspect going, because really, you know, when it comes down to it, somebody is leading this YouTube, right?

Somebody is leading it. Whether, you know, you want to say we all work together. Yes, you do. And you're very good at working with other people. But someone's leading this charge. Someone's got the you know, someone's got the EIA number when it comes to when the rubber meets the road. And, you know, you've got to have the means. Yeah. So you could easily birth. I shouldn't say easily. You could definitely birth new locations throughout the United States. One thing I found that really works great, where you start to realize that there are people out there that could be a fit is just by going to these networking events, because a lot of people travel for many of these events and you meet people from all over the United States. I mean, I might start in the United States before venturing to international unless Canada, because that's not that far from you right now. But, you know, you've got at least a bridge that gap by getting out. And I think you guys will be fantastic going out and speaking, getting on the speaking circuit as well.

If you haven't already. Great. Great. Sure. Yeah. And you're doing it right now. This is speaking. And now take it to the next level and go on stage and maybe get your own platforms. And I can you know, there's lots of different things we can do. Here I go again. I'm going down that rabbit hole. Brian, stop it. Rabbit hole. Take us with you.

I love it. So there is so there's two things. There's actually three things left to do. Three things. One is to let her body know how they can win that glorious trip. Another is that you guys have an announcement of an amazing gift to give all of our listeners and watchers. And I have one more question for you both. And the thing I love about this question as I ask this of every guest expert that's been on this show, and it's a very intriguing question. And in fact, while this is going to be an interesting one year, if this is the first time I've had two guests at the same time, I think you guys are in such synergy.

You guys can choose who answers it once you hear the question. I mean, you won't know until you hear it and it can be deep or it cannot be deep. I'm just throwing all these open loops at you, huh? It's just like, what the heck is he talking about?

Right. Before I do that, I wanted to make good on my promise to everyone watching. That's still with us live and show them how they can win a five-night stay at a five-star luxury resort in Mexico. So at this point in time, you do have my permission now to kind of take your eyeballs off of what you're doing unless you're watching this on your phone. But take out your phone and to enter to win, all you need to do is type in the phone number of (661) 535-1624. Then in the message area type the word PEAK, P-E-A-K, And hit that send button. So one more time it's (661) 535-1624 and then type in the word PEAK, P-E-A-K. Hit send. And this is all powered and driven by This is their technology. I use it day in and day out. It's amazing. So take a look at Jason Nast. Amazing, amazing system. So go ahead. Do that now. Quickly, quickly, because we're gonna come back to this big, heavy hitting question here that now that Gina and Jesse are now sweating profusely about. Let me show you on the camera. I'm just kidding. I'm kidding. They're they're relaxed. Perfect timing. Good, good.

So I want to kind of, you know, is your not anxiety, your curiosity about it a little bit. So here's the thing. There is no such thing as a wrong answer. There can't be a wrong answer because the only correct answer is yours, because it's unique to every individual. It's interesting. I've interviewed quite a few folks over the past year or so, and there aren't. I know it's going to happen, but they're still have yet to be two people, any two people that have answered it in exactly the same way. It's very interesting to me. I'm looking for my pen because I'm ready. Are you ready for the big question?

Oh, sorry. Once again, I'll ask the question you to confer.

Which of you is gonna handle it? And then you know what? If it takes a moment, that's OK if it's instant. That's OK. It's unique to you. So think about it if you have to, that airtime is not uncomfortable time. And in this case. And, you know, then just say what the answer is. And it's just from the heart because it's it's you. It's you uniquely. Are you ready?

All this does album nervous. Yes, I did.

So, Genia or Jesse, how do you define success?

Mm hmm.

Go right ahead.

For me, I think, you know, success lies in service and success at the end of the day. If I know that I positively impacted one person's life, that is a successful day for me.

And you probably get that butterfly. I go stomach. I do. So maybe that's the secret. Maybe if if you can feel something deeply emotional that makes you smile.


There's your sense, I think in and in addition and that got more weight. There was more on, you know, living living my days with intention, living each moment with intention, walking my triggers and owning all the good, the bad and and the adventure.

So you're successful every day? I'm successful. I'm a witness.

Stick with her. I love it. That's awesome. And true to form, unlike anyone before you. I love it. It's so amazing how unique we all are as human beings. And what are all the, you know, our own definition successes. One interesting thing is that there is not a single person whose root answer, not one. This is I love this part about it. It was not one person who said, well, it's one, I'll hit my first million. It wasn't money centric. In other words, not one did mentioned money. But when I peeled the onion a little further, I didn't peel it. He kept talking. And it wasn't money. It's what money would provide. Which was more liberation and the ability to do what you just said, Ginia, which is serve more people. So the root cause was really serving. It was just money was a vehicle to help him do more of it and scale. And so it's just amazing.

I just again, I love that I get to do this. I love what I get to do. And very envious of you, Brian. This is lost.

Oh, I learned more from people like you that I mean, there is no networking seminar, bootcamp, anything on the planet that could provide what I've learned from this show. It doesn't exist. And so I'm the biggest blessed, most blessed recipient of anybody unless someone wants to go back and watch all the shows that are available. One one hour at a time, that's only 50 hours. You can do it just over a week of work. Work week. Get it? So I wanted to shift over to you guys again. And you had an amazing gift to give to our listeners, our viewers. And what I wanted to do is actually bring up your site and then let you take it away and describe what it is you're giving and also how the folks can get in touch with you to see about getting that wonderful gift.

So let me bring that up here in a second. There we go.

So for our listeners, they will receive a month of coaching with Jesse III, whether it's transformational or relationship coaching, and that will include, you know, forest fashions want one session a week, whether it's in person or via Skype or Zoom or what have you.

So if you haven't had enough, that's us for the last hour. You can stand four more hours with us in the next coming month.

I have to do is go to our website contact tab. Shoot us an email and our even just go right on the home page. New clients special. And we'll get you a whole month of artists who work on your site.


So just to reiterate, so for those of you watching, listening after we're done live.

But you can go to the Web site is So it's And you go to that website and now you can see on the screen right now a big blue button on the right. You can't see my mouse over it, but that's OK. Says new clients special just to the right of that beautiful picture. You click on it and what you will see is this contact page. That is where you go to claim your I can't believe you're doing this one month of complimentary transformational or relationship coaching sessions with Genia and Jesse. I mean, I don't know who would not want to spend an entire month at your house that you're offering right now.

Kidding? I'm kidding. Let's see if we were still there. So I just wanted to say, what is the best? Is this the best way to contact you in general is through that Web site and that contact form or Facebook?

What is it it to Facebook for? You know, we're we're everywhere.

You can Google Rain Dance life and we'll pop up a we're on all the social media channels, Instagram now, Facebook, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, or we run like Lincoln.

Good, good, good playing everywhere.

Or Genia. Jesse, I so appreciate you coming on spending an entire hour, actually, hour and a half with me here today. Tonight. It's been an eye opener.

I appreciate what you do, how you serve others. Please continue to do that. And if there's any way I can help serve you to help you grow and scale your business or any other means to help you out, please don't hesitate to reach out. And for all you watching, listening, take advantage of this unbelievable offer. I can only imagine you probably can only take on so many people and you have to cut it short at some point and be respectful of them. When you do enter their information, their contact form and know that what they're giving you is at a deep high value meaning they normally would charge. I'm sure a lot of money a month is a long time, even if it's once a week, over a month. And it probably is something like that. I don't know. But even then, that is it.

That is their time. The most valuable asset any of us have on the planet. Just respect that and go in treating it as if you spent five grand. Just do it. Let's do it that way. Give them the respect they deserve and they will do the same. I mean, look at these two wonderful people. They going to open their arms and bring them bring you into their lives and help you for no cost whatsoever. All you have to do is show up. You guys are amazing. I appreciate you. And I can't wait to see what the next chapter in your lives hold. And when we go forward and keep connected, I'm looking forward to staying true friends with you from now until eternity is gonna be amazing. Right. So thank you both. I appreciate you. Do not forget Hit the contact button and get in contact with this amazing power couple and just watch your life change for the better. Thank you, Gina and Jesse. Appreciate you both so much, Brian.

You, Brian, everybody that's watching a huge, huge pleasure. Really fun. Thank you.

The pleasure's all mine and my brother and I appreciate you guys so much. That is it for tonight's show. We're going to honor and respect your time as well as Gina and Jesse's and call it a night. And we will see you again on the next episode of The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show.

Brian Kelly:
. Good night and be blessed for now. So long.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show with Brian Kelly.

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