Special Guest Expert - Greg Goshorn

Special Guest Expert - Greg Goshorn (transcribed by Sonix)

Announcer: Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly: Hello everyone and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. Hey, I'm your host Brian Kelly and we have a phenomenal, phenomenal guest expert in line for you to night. I cannot wait. We're gonna get our geek on, I have a feeling, because this gentleman is very well versed in the Internet Marketing space in very many different avenues. Very talented individual. Cannot wait to introduce him to you. But first, before we do that, The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show - quick description. What is that all about? Well in my 54 years on this Earth now I've actually come across a large number of very successful entrepreneurs. And what I've found over that time is I start learning what makes them so successful and I tune in and find out that over time there are actual patterns that each one has that's similar to the other of successful entrepreneurs. And one of those is that they have a rock solid mindset. And that's where mind comes from, from the show's title. So mindset. And we're talking about a deep rooted, positive and champion mindset. And that's usually rooted from a science known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP for short. It's a science of excellence. A science of success that helps you from a subconscious level to become more successful, more powerful, more positive, more serving of others and yourself. It's an amazing, amazing thing. So we have had guests on the show where we've discussed specific things with Neuro-Linguistic Programming and positive mindset in general. And then there's body. What does that all about? Well, I noticed that these successful entrepreneurs really took the time to take care of their body inside and out. Meaning nutrition. What kind of nutrition? What are you feeding your body? What is powering and fueling yourself?

And then they also tend to love exercising and staying in shape and it's like this I always say the mind and body are a team. And more importantly the mind and body are your team and you know it's like this if you have a team that's playing let's say it's a group of basketball players there's five guys on the court at any one time and when they're playing basketball five of them need to be operating at a peak level performance for the team to be operating at a high level. And so if one player decides maybe he's gonna take the offseason off and not condition you know continue with his conditioning and then that's the season hits and he's a starter and he goes out on the floor with the team and he's not operating at peak level of performance what happens to the entire team as a whole. Well you guessed it the entire team suffers just because of one one teammate that did not operate at peak level performance that did not prepare. And so mind and body if you don't have both operate at peak levels well then the team i.e. you will not be operating at that high level. And then the third area that I noticed patterns were that these entrepreneurs these successful people had mastered the key areas of business and that would be sales marketing scaling team building and they became very very good in each of those areas and they knew if they didn't have that talent how to delegate.

And so the wonderful thing was finding out that these three were the key elements. It's like a tripod you know you have a tripod that's holding up say a camera and a tripod has three legs. Well what happens if you were to kick one of those legs away. Yeah. The whole thing would come tumbling down wouldn't it. The same thing with this with Mind Body business if you're not at least pursuing the mastery of all three key areas then you are not in. In my definition operating at a peak level of performance. And for us to get the most out of life isn't that a wonderful thing to do is to always yearned for operating at a peak level of performance not only for business but also for our personal lives. So we get the most out of our life while we have this time on this wonderful earth. And that's what the mind body business show is all about. And that reminds me of a time quite some time ago when I was invited to go back East to meet with a CEO of a company multimillionaire to discuss a potential deal between he and I his company and myself and I just remember I was there in his office for two full days and was a very very large office corner office of course owner of the company and I just remember at one point I'm sitting on his couch in his office and he's standing facing me and talking to me and he said Brian. If people only knew. If they just knew if they just did this one thing. If they just hit this one thing

They'd all be rich. And I'm like

Ok I'm ready. What is it. And so he kind of coyly turned away walked to the back wall behind him. And there was a floor to ceiling cabinet a large cabinet double doors. He grabbed both handles open up the doors and revealed what looks very similar to what you see behind me which was shelf after shelf after shelf. Of books. And these weren't just any books.

These were personal development books self-help business books fitness books everything that falls in the category of mind body business was on this gentlemen's shelves. And he was supremely successful financially. And I made a huge mistake at that moment because I decided. I made the decision. I didn't say this out loud but internally. You're kidding me right. That's it. Read books is the key to success. No way. If that were the case wouldn't everybody be doing it. That was my thinking at that time. I literally did not read a single book for years. Then thankfully thankfully I met a person who would then become my mentor. And this gentleman I worked with for several years spoke from stage at his events trained helped train his students and spent a lot of time with them.

And I remember at one point he's walking around in his house and he's he's wearing headphones. And I said Hey man what are you doing. I says Oh yeah. I'm. I'm listening to a book. I say wait what. You're listening to a book you say. Yeah. I said so. Tell me about that. That sounds very interesting to me.

So long story short he was listening to books on an app called audible through Amazon. And so I said I'm going to give this a world. And I started listening I said oh my gosh this is a whole new world. I love listening to books far more than visually reading across the pages of my eyeballs because I would get fatigue my we get fatigued. I would get drowsy. I couldn't read past five 10 pages before. I can't do this anymore. And now I'm listening.

This is awesome and I kept listening and listening listening and have since voraciously read many many many books in those areas that I was recommended to read. Way back when many years ago thankfully thankfully because that has been a game changer and the beautiful thing with audible is as you're listening you can literally tap the screen and create a bookmark. So if you're listening and there was a something that was of interest or something you want to go back and revisit then you could just tap the screen and instantly with store that location on the phone. And then later I found you can do the same. You can go back and listen to those bookmarks over your computer if you want to on on the web. You can go back log into your account bring up that book go to that bookmark and listen from that moment. So I thought this is this is brilliant. This is genius. Now I don't have to listen to entire book again when I want to read something a second time. I can just go to my bookmarks. I don't need to spend the multiple hours going through an entire book to get to what I call the meat. And so tonight what I want to do is share one of those with you in a segment that I appropriately named bookmarks bookmarks for to read bookmarks.

Ready steady read bookmarks brought to you by reach your peak library dot com Yeah.

There you see it to my side. And by the way for those of you listening now or even watching and listening either live or later in the recording please just take notes. Stay with us. You are going to be given various resources to check out after the show is over. So right now just take out a notebook or a piece of paper and a pen. If you're on a computer go ahead and pull up a notepad or Microsoft Word or your editor of choice but stick with us and take notes. This is at Reacher peak library dot com. Take that down as a note because what it is is it's a Web site that I literally built with you in mind you the entrepreneur you the person that's looking to take it to the next level you the person that is becoming an entrepreneur and wanting to learn what it takes what you need to learn and read to help you to be a successful entrepreneur. And so what I did was over time I compiled a list of books that I have read. And again this is not every book that I've ever read or listen to. These are books that had an impact positively on my life either business wise or personal or both.

And so you can see those growing up there's over 40 on the on this site and you can pick and choose. So what I did is I put these in a spot so that you would not have to guess you know at least these were vetted by one person. Oftentimes we're left to guess and just go and look blindly for business related books. Well now you can come and say Well at least one person said these had a positive effect on his growth and life. And so that's why I put it together just so you could have a go to place to check it out. And I'm always open to recommendations if you have a great one as well so reach out. What I wanted to do is take one of those books that I've been listening to and actually showcase one of those bookmarks. And that book for tonight is think and grow rich. Many of you have heard of it by Napoleon Hill. If you have not read it read it read it. What I'm going to do is play back a 1 minute or so segment and again get out your pen and paper or your notepad and notebook or open up Microsoft Word whatever are your choices.

Take down notes. I'm going to play this back. Listen closely. This is Napoleon Hill from thinking go Rich. It's going to be talking about faith desire and imagination. So everything about the mind. So listen close.

Here we go. I imagine some listeners will question the statement that a mere intangible desire can be converted into its physical equivalent. Doubtless some will say you cannot convert nothing into something. The answer is in the story of United States Steel. That giant organization was created in the mind of one man. The plan by which the organization was provided with the steel mills that gave it financial stability was created in the mind of the same man his faith his desire his imagination his persistence were the real ingredients that went into United States Steel the steel mills and mechanical equipment acquired by the corporation after it had been brought into legal existence were incidental. But careful analysis will disclose the fact that the appraised value of the properties acquired by the corporation increased in value by an estimated 600 million dollars by the mere transaction which consolidated them under one management. In other words Charles M. Schwab's idea plus the faith with which he conveyed it to the minds of J.P. Morgan and the others was marketed for a profit of approximately six hundred million dollars not an insignificant sum for a single idea.

So there you have proof positive that from one's mind amazing things can happen. And what I want to implore upon you is from your mind. Amazing amazing things can happen. Get in the habit of reading and reading books like this. This will be a great one to start with because mindset is really the foundation from which everything we have today is built.

It is all on you. It is no one else's fault. If you are struggling. I know that's kind of like in your face but that's the truth. The only person that is responsible for your current situation in life is you. And that's the good news isn't it because you are in control of your own life. Now you know that if you are at cause that you can take the appropriate actions to right that ship and set it off in the direction that you want it to go into. And we're not going to go much deeper into a mindset right at this moment because it's time to bring on our star of the show Mr. Gregg. Gosh warm because this man is gonna rock your world. Get ready. It is now time for the special guest expert but like. It's time for the guest expert spotlight savvy skillful professional adept trained big league qualified

And there he is ladies and gentlemen. The one the only Mr. Greg Gottesman Greg how are you doing tonight my buddy.

Oh we are great thank you thank you so much for for having me. We are proud and excited and blessed to be here.

Oh man thank you so much I appreciate you taking out your the time out of your busy schedule I know that you have a thriving business and being an entrepreneur understand there's no there's no off switch usually it's Something's always going on so I appreciate that. Always always always. So I wanted to do a quick introduction of you Greg from the bio you provided. I'm pretty transparent with everything on the show and then then we'll jump into the cool Q and A where people are going to just love and lavish in your knowledge. Some cool I'm ready. Let's go. All right. So Greg Gasman established G2 Internet Solutions in 2013 after 20 years in the I.T. and Internet space. I've got to tell you right now when I read that the first time and knew that I.T. in information technology that is some serious stuff. That means this guy knows it 20 years he knows his stuff and he's been around and he's seen the old days versus today. So I can't wait to dig into that wonderful brain of his.

His agency has grown and worked with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Greg's expertise in the digital marketing with specialization in traffic videos and reputation marketing conversion and business consulting. That's a lot of expertise and there's a reason why this guy has a large brain. I'm not just saying physically he's got a large noggin there but he's got a lot of knowledge inside and big is beautiful isn't it. Greg's determination energy and his passion for helping businesses continue to drive the growth behind G2 Internet Solutions and online local video.

And just before I go in and ask him his first question I want to remind everybody who's watching right now that you can win a five night five night vacation stay at a five star Mexican resort and so stay on till the very end and that's when we will give you the information on how you can enter to win.

And this is not this. This is a true high quality vacation stay. I know someone personally who has been on this and they reported well there was no time share. There was nothing you know no pitch nothing. Just come enjoy and hopefully spread the word that about that particular location. You really want to stick on for that one but really you want to be here for Greg because this guy's amazing. So Greg that was a great intro about yourself that you wrote. I'm not giving myself credit for that and that tells us a lot about you know the mechanics of what you've done in their past and what you're doing now. From a high level. And I was just curious if you wouldn't mind if we dig a little deeper and get to know you at a deeper level. Right off the bat. And that is you know as an entrepreneur we're faced with so many things struggles with victories and it can be quite a roller coaster ride. And to do that requires intense and consistent motivation. And I'm talking about toward motivation forward motivation. So like when you wake up and your feet hit the ground what kind of things are going through your mind as you're clearing the cobwebs from the night's sleep to get you going and go at this yet another day.

All right. Well a big driver for me is helping people learning growing. You know there are some fundamentals that I use in the morning as far as a routine and in a planner.

But the excitement of a dynamic industry that we work in and a like you said I've been around a little while. And so we're learning new techniques for the timeless strategies Christian marketing stuff is. It's got some really proven things but the tactical ways that the new techniques change over time and you know it's it's a lot about you know to keep that motivation going to go even a little deeper.

Is it takes a certain kind of mindset to become successful period. I mean it just does it has. It's something that you know we must maintain a positive productive and successful mindset as much as possible during all times we're human and things happen that will knock us back for a moment. But to be aware of it and to right the ship and get back into that positive frame when it comes to doing that and maintaining it.

Are there anything is there anything you do specifically that helps you to maintain that on a regular basis to sustain the indeed I do and I love the way you worded that because for sure things are going to happen right. So we'd better do some of the best ways to to set that plan from the very beginning right. So I got a lot of the basics of people do I believe we've got the board on the wall right.

I've got a morning routine where I you know don't touch the phone. Why focus on my cell. Or maybe do some exercise and then I spend time I have a really great daily planner or I'm thinking about the day how how I want to come across to people. You know some of my goals some of the things I need to do. I do things like watch some cool videos maybe some gym rowing or some some less Browns. If I want to get go and then through the day. I'll actually use my phone I'll set reminders to to take a pause right to release tension and set intention. So those are some of the ways that I consciously try to do that every day to stay on track and to stay positive.

And I really really really hope everyone's taking notes right now. It may not have seemed all that incredible and life changing but what Greg just described was the first to. Partially the third words and names of this very show. He talked about mind and getting in his mindset. He's talking about listening to Jim Rohn unless Brown I mean those are some pretty amazing people listen to to keep going. Oh my goodness talk about motivation. And he talked about really discipline and that's more on the business side. Also the mindset side where he actually sets reminders for himself. I love that it's a great idea. It's like a hate set reminders that remind me to stop jump back regroup reenergize because yeah you get stuck especially when you're doing things on the computer. I'm on the computer quite a lot as well I've done that quite a bit over my days too and you could get in a funk and be at it for three or four hours and not even realize it. So that's a great idea. And you know the mindset you have it. You've said it. You're you're setting yourself up not only the beginning of the day but throughout the day. I like that you said that as well so thank you again.

I hope everyone is taking veracious notes right now. I mean. Take notes of every word that this gentleman says tonight. OK. Do that now. All right. Now when we I open the show of course we've talked about reading the importance of it. And I was just curious Greg if maybe you would consider yourself to also be an avid reader and if so do you have a book you're reading at the moment or maybe a favorite book that you have.

Absolutely. A reader and a listener like yourself. I an audible fan man. And so right now I get quite a few in the mix. But the one I'm relicensing to is high performance habits.

Brendan Bouchard goes along with the planner. Right. And so that kind of jibes together. And I like that solid things.

And I do love the the the bookmarking right as are so many nuggets that you want to go back to so I use that as a way to go back and find find the right things. And then I do. I love paper books too. They're great. The one I'm reading right now is called wish man. And it's actually a signed copy from Frank Schenck which who did the make a wish foundation. And it's his story. And by the way the movie is coming out this year.

Yeah. That's an amazing guy. I've met him in person as well. The big cowboy hat and the great love story is a CHP motorcycle guy just almost. You know he had a brush with death. I mean amazing amazing story this guy and what he has is is phenomenal phenomenal what he does is gave me chills thinking about that man so wish man. I'm going to I wrote those down high performance habits by Rashad good. And I hope everyone else is writing these down. I haven't read every book that's out there and when I hear from another successful entrepreneur like Greg who's reading wants to this is one of the keys to succeeding is find someone like Greg who's successful see what they do habitually on a daily basis see what they're reading and all you have to do is simply model it. In fact there was a Facebook message from Greg to me earlier today I believe where he said he modeled something. I mean he's got the language down he's he's he's he's he's done the work you can tell by listening to him by reading what he writes that this man is a product of the product he is. He doesn't just walk the walk. He also talks the talk was the other way around. He doesn't just talk talk he walks the walk.

Yeah that's it. All right all right. Thank you Brian.

Come on now. All right. Good.

So another thing I did hear you say when you got up or part of your daily ritual was getting some exercise. And there we are with the body again. So you know many people will put that off until like right about now after New Year's. Right. Everyone made that New Year's resolution. Now the gyms are absolutely packed with people. The sad thing is in about a month maybe two. It's going to be back to normal which is sad. People just fall back off the wagon. This is hard but for you how important is physical fitness to you your business and your personal life. Do you make it a priority how often you know how does it how does it great in your life.

Well if it's surely important and absolutely you know focus in the new year but always always in general we have relocated. And so now we we have some some property and lots of chores. So we kind of get some country cross that I call it because you never know if you're going to be you know mow and how and something. And so we try to get out every day. One new thing in the mix is called a Christmas puppy dog. So I've got lots of built in breaks and a couple of long walks every day. So I'm going to be getting my my walking in for sure and then once the snow melts. Lots of good physical labor love it.

Country cross it. Man that's kind of bad. That's going to sweep the nation. You got to come up with a comprehensive cross fit program that is so cool and everyone showing up in shorts and cowboy hats with boots that would be awesome fab. Really it's fun.

It's cool. That's you should coined that for a seriously trademark. Yes. Yeah.

And hey you know it's shifting over to business. The business side. So we've covered a little bit of mind a little bit of body and then we're just going to have a fun time and discuss entrepreneurship in general

Is you know one of the things I've always been curious about is you know how what is what would you call the lifeblood of any business. And that's like an open ended question that's not fair to ask. And it's really marketing. You know the lifeblood of any successful business is their ability to effectively market because without that who's going to see your product who's going to know you exist who's going to buy your product. And so I'm always curious how the successful ones what are the specific things. Maybe one don't go through all of them maybe pick out one form of successful marketing you either did are doing now or have done in the past that worked really well. How do you how do you Greg go about marketing your business and what's been your most most successful form of marketing to date.

Ok. Awesome. Well that's that's right in my wheelhouse and my expertise. And so we do a lot of digital marketing. We help others and we that's our primary way that we do it ourselves. Of course there's no substitute for her face to face you know and networking and the word of mouth. And so. When one of the big things that we do is kind of the online word of mouth which is so it has a lot to do with with online reputation. Because we think that's a fundamental thing in the marketplace today. Married with videos. So we think that it kind of secures your brand because you could do a lot of things out there online you know or off flying with trainer mailings. But ultimately to get the attention of people. And one of the first things people do when you get their attention is to go check you out online. So we think when you get their attention they're going to look you up so you better you better look good when they go out there and find you. So that's been probably one of our our strengths.

So that is so true.

So you basically are establishing an online platform for your clients in various avenues correct.

Yeah. Yeah. So these things are kind of ubiquitous. So you know we kind of we kind of know you know walk the walk drink our own kool aid so we do you know adds to the reputation in the videos. Yeah.

Oh OK. So again that's G2 Internet Solutions if you want to look up Greg take his advice and look him up. Definitely do that. And it's interesting you said that because I do that all the time. Anytime I get a recommendation from a friend I get them all the time which you probably do too. Hey check this one out. Greg what do you think of this and it's usually affiliate based or network marketing or something to that effect.

And if it even piqued my interest enough to spend time with it I will go research the founders of Facebook and see what is their attitude like. What is their follower base. If they're in digital marketing they'd better have a pretty darn good following base. Otherwise they're not walking the walk and stuff like that just to really dig them up and it could be that they're more fluent in LinkedIn and have a more of a bigger following base than say something like Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. But I do do the research to make sure there's somebody I want to spend my time and or money with and that that's a great. Actually it was a tip you just gave even though you were trying to give a tip but that's exactly what you prepare them for as you prepare your clients that when someone goes to search for them that they're going to look the right way they're going to come off as professional they're going to come off as knowing what they're doing that they're an authority in there in their respective area.

So be very cool very cool. We need more people like you. More companies like you because that's not easy to do on one's own unless they have employee base that knows what they're doing as well. So it's a great service you provide. You know I.T. you're in I.T. right. He started in I.T. so I'm guessing that was through working for somebody else through another company. Is that true or are you working for another company or were you on your team.

Yeah. So I got a what they call an M I asked degree was new back in the day.

I've worked for big companies small companies but to be to be honest for most of the time of the last few decades I have had the luxury of working for myself. That's sweet.

We've had some stints with some Fortune 500 and the big kind of bureaucracies the places that move slow.

I like a more dynamic environment.

I always thought that the people that I like to work with clients I can help the most were people that could you know make a decision and write a check and let's get going.

Yes yes. Decision makers you gotta love those right now.

So you've experienced a lot from both sides of the fence you've been through the career path working for companies in corporate life and and through entrepreneur life and if you were to if you had a chance to start all over again. Is there anything you would do differently.


Yeah. Yes yeah.

You know maybe maybe more focus. You know a little earlier maybe picking a niche. One of the beauties of my my field is it's kind of wide. I probably would have you know pick a pick up focus instead on something a little longer. And I may have probably looking backwards and maybe done you know something to build more residual income even and you know with some of the emblems I've been in that's maybe in my future.

And that's a beautiful thing. You know we always we always still do have our future. And that's cool. None of us know how long we have left on this planet. And we always have the future though it's it's right there in front of us every second front of us right now. And that's a beautiful thing I've been asked a similar question you know I'm I'm 54. So I think that's beyond middle age. I don't even know what the definition.

I don't. No way young. I don't care. I don't care what the definition is.

I just know how I feel. What the way I think and that is there's so much more that life has to offer. Nowhere near finished with this race and I'm looking forward to everyday the future holds with with with really no kidding sincere excitement. I can't wait. I can't wait to see. And you know again I'm helping to drive where that future is going. And I'm excited because I know that I can drive this ship and do everything I can. And you're are you're just talking about it out loud about hey maybe that's for all end up. So you know you knew that you want to go down those paths and you now probably will. You probably can. Any day. Yeah. So you can set up some more residual revenue streams you know get some help like you and I have both been doing through an apprentice program and that helps incredibly to get others to help you out in doing working in the business so you can work on the business.

I would definitely do that sooner hire get how did oh yes I'm right there with my brother.

I mean my goodness at the time I spent as a solo for nerds like wow I would have been better with help. Absolutely. Yes. So going. So you've been through the career and then you become an entrepreneur and you and I know entrepreneurship is not for everybody. I mean. You have to be cut. I think I'll be cut from a different cloth a little bit maybe a lot because it's not for. I don't want to. I don't want to put anybody off but it's not for everybody. And it takes a lot of drive. It takes a lot of thick skin. It takes a lot of determination. It takes being able to get rid of and put aside your ego which many people would think is just the opposite with entrepreneurs. But to become successful you truly need to put that aside.

And along with that comes things that you don't like happening or things that you must sacrifice in order to become successful. And so every one of us have done it. What kind of sacrifices have you Greg made that has helped you to become a successful entrepreneur.

Wow great question. Great question. It is an absolute. Mindset you know personality type. I don't know probably time you know it takes time away you know from from family from friends from whatever you know to be to be the one that you know for 65 plus hours so I don't have to work 40. And you know that's it's true. But you know the money to do it on your own is different to when you show up and get a check. A lot of stuff is covered by the company.

Some of the sacrifice doing it on your own is is reinvesting in yourself and in your organization and then your business. So you know we spend time on training spend time on tools. I invest in mentors you know and so I'd say you know with time and money is probably some of the biggest sacrifices in my mind.

I love.

Thank you so much for saying that you invested in mentors because that is gonna be you know aside from getting help. There are many different facets that help one become successful but you just hit on probably one of the more important ones and that is you know not just not just going after a mentor and expecting to get help for nothing is investing in one. And when you've done that you will get more focused attention from that mentor coach who will you know and first you want to vet that mentor maybe go to Greg and say Who is your mentor I want to learn from the same one because you're successful I want to do the same.

I have a mentor to this day the same guy that was on the headset I stay in touch with him. Yeah. Fantastic. Yeah. And I love I love what you know staying with it doesn't mean you have to stick with just one mentor. I've gone from mentor to mentor mentor and they're all now my very personal friends. And I love them to death and I I gave the money I invested my money and I had zero regrets in doing it. And we'll do it again. It's not about the money. It's about the investment it's having skin in the game. And yeah. And I've done it many times where I was scraping the barrel financially and as the only way to get out is to get help.

So you know if someone if you're sitting there saying yeah but Brian I don't have the money. Well that's the very reason you need to find a mentor. We've been there done that bought the t shirt. Great.

Well also not only is the mentor but also the associations because then you're also kind of often in a group or with the other people that they're helping. Yeah.

So you're getting someone to want help but there's also the association and so they are kind of the whole ocean laps up and you get open and exposed to people that are kind of going the same way and trying to do the same thing as you are. And what's great is not a reticence fame thinks you can actually help each other.

Exactly. Beautifully said. Yeah. And and not just those that are also calling that person mentor but that mentors sphere of influence and friends. You then get sometimes access to their friends because the more time you spend with them the odds are they're going to be meeting with other people of equal or even higher caliber of themselves.

Exactly what I'm saying. Yes. Yes. Yes.

I knew I knew we would get along when we were both like geeks to the core. So this is working out great.

I love this. I love it. Thank you for having me. Oh man I am enjoying the bejesus out of this. If

That's even a word. Sweet sweet. So. OK again you've done both sides. Corporate entrepreneur currently entrepreneur and I'm sure you're saying thankfully entrepreneur and I'm not in any way looking down on anyone that works for corporate.

God bless you. God bless you. If that's what you like doing it that's what it's the majority of people work for someone else. The majority. So that means there's not that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with it at all. It's just if you want to have a life of I guess more freedom meaning you can call your own shots versus you know freedom is a interesting word isn't it great because you know you could be shackled because of your entrepreneurship but at least you are calling the shots. So what. Before I go too far in this because I might be feeding you ideas. What so far has been your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur. Well

You took my answer but I had a written down already a lot to share and it has to do with what you said it is the is picking you know your own hours you know in your own tasks but you know oh you be your own boss right. Well. To be frank this this is a double edged sword right. Because the truth is all your clients all my clients all my partners all my associate Associates

Are essentially my boss. I answer to them I serve them you know. And so I don't have one boss I have a bunch of people that I serve. And so I don't always really have a ton of control over the hours and the tasks that. The people think you do.

That's a really cool way of of of framing that not one boss but many there are still distinct differences because they're not telling you exactly how to do the job and when they do the job. You just have a deadline. Most often you know I will get this job done by this date and then how you go about achieving the result is entirely in this case on you. If you're an entrepreneur versus if you're working for a corporation they might tell you every single step that you shall follow. This is the process. Check this box move to the next one and so you're you're basically a robot that has a human brain. In those cases I I've actually encountered and experienced those firsthand as a corporate employee myself. So I understand that there's a there's also a distinct difference in that when you said you're trading one boss for many and it's a whole different light of what kind of boss they are they're basically you know for you your promotion or you're at a boy or your you know certificate of achievement is really them paying you

Now. Right. And that. And when you get that payment and say good. That means I did a good job and they were satisfied. Otherwise they probably wouldn't pay.

So yeah that was a cool insight though not one boss but many and that's so true. The thing is though you're working in the confines of your own schedule and you can pre frame those meaning let them know. These are the guidelines under which I work. If you're cool with that will go forward right now.

That's really the testament to it. So yeah thanks that. That's the double edged side right. So right. But you also you know can solve it in the time and the manner that suits you.

Yes exactly. And that that's what I call in one word liberation.

I love it a past guest Raghida overly if she's watching. She called it and she did it as she was freed.

Yeah it was her favorite aspect that's it. Yeah. That in one word that was it.

Yes. And so. You've been doing this for quite some time now as an entrepreneur right. Indeed. Thank you.

So you know it's one thing to have short term success and a lot of people can do that. I remember many times in network marketing you would get that one person that was very good at recruiting and recruiting bringing on new members into the business. And because they would do that because they would earn a commission just for signing other people up to do the same thing. And the thing is I worked with some that that's all they did and they didn't sell any product so they would make a really good income for a short spurt. But then because they didn't spend the time to help those people they brought in then the organization was slowly crumble and then their income go down down down down down and now they got to go back into full blown recruitment mode because that's all they know.

So that is not in my opinion a recipe for long term success. How do you how have you. Because you've done it. What is the best way that you have found Greg to achieve long term success.

Who. Well that is that's a good one. Showing up and doing it and learning. So what would you call that.

You call it discipline dedication kind of. Probably the first things that come to mind. Not giving up right. No sticking to it. So those are probably the big things for their success. Making sales you know keep on keeping the machine going.


Probably the biggest things and you speak to it you know getting getting you know ongoing ongoing contracts getting you know things that are maybe you know residual or monthlies is a big one and you know looking backwards and forwards I like Warren Buffet's quote like if you don't find a way to make money while you sleep you're going to work until you die. So that's what younger sibs got me here. But I also looking forward to you know to building some some regular cash flow.

That's fantastic. And you said so many great things show up. You know I talk about that myself. Particularly in like. Like if you're trying to make connections. I used to be what I would call a seminar and workshop junkie go to. Oh my goodness. Do you remember Greg. Do you remember Mr. T. The actor Mr. T.

From like Rocky fame he was a he had a long. He was on the team. Yes. Yes. So he had that in personal life. He would walk around with just a ton of gold chains. I mean almost weighed a ton. They were like Oh yeah. And layers and layers and I would I would do this from stage and I speak at my events. I would bring up the lanyards from all the past events I'd been to. You know there are badges and I'd say I put Mr. T to shame and I'd have someone bring them up and I'd put them on and I mean they were thick as a rope when you put on nine other high. And so I literally did that. And there were many more that I didn't get to take home right. They don't let you take them home all the time. And that's the point of that though was is I just continued to show up and I didn't just show up and then do nothing.

I basically made connections and helped people like the people putting on the actual event. I'd stay to the very end. I'd be the last one there last attendee and ask him Hey do you need help putting the chairs up anything you want and not expense not expecting anything in return. I learned this concept from a gentleman named Jabez le Brett. And he coined the term as contribution leadership. Amazing. So look up Jabez love Brett and find the guys out. Yeah. He's an amazing guy first guy learn from his said man. That's phenomenal. And many many doors have opened as a result of that. You know even knowing that doors will open I still go about it without expecting anything in return it's a thought from the heart. And so show up just show up. But shot fully completely every day when you get up shop in your business to your clients like Greg does be there for them do it.

Yeah you gotta do the work right. You gotta do it. Indeed.

Yeah I mean it could be in there and not going all in. He doesn't get it done.

Yeah. That's not operating at peak level of performance. That's like having a mind body or business not achieving mastery in any one of them. And you're talking about every one of them. This learning you can never stop learning. I mean when I would it wouldn't be much fun if we did. Right. But learning you know just talking to one of my or actually a couple of my apprentices last night telling them that. Once you reach a certain level of of achievement and experience there's always always another level above that. And the cool thing is is when you're reaching for that one level you haven't yet reached and you're being exposed to concepts and ideas that would take you the next one you're not actually ready for them. So you don't actually see them that you're not even aware of them. It's pretty awesome. And so you go back and if you read a book a same book a second time you'll start noticing different things in that book. The book didn't change at all. You did because of your. No I love that. Oh we do. Yeah. And so that's how life works and that's how business works. That's how growth in entrepreneurship works is you just keep going the next level. I mean Greg tell me something if you were to achieve ultimate success the top pinnacle that you could ever achieve it was defined and you hit it and there was no further upward room to go. How would that feel to you. I mean what what would the rest of your life look like

To you.

Well I mean would it be fun or would it be like. Well there's nothing more to reach for some kind of board now.

No not not bored. I. I do a lot of fish and a lot of travel in the luxury car. I'd still be helping people. Right. I would be able to actually give me more time to give back.

If I may I might squeeze this in here as far as giving back. Right.

Yeah. So we've got a part of the organization called G2 carers where we give we donate videos to charities and non-profits.

And so you know whatever you do and if you have an about and if you want an add. Well we're blessed and we want to give back. And so that would be one of the things to speak to your question right now isn't if all the rest was taken care of you know we'd still keep learning we still keep helping people and that's and that's one of the ways we would do it.

To the core that is why I love Greg Goss horn and why I love every guest that's been on this show. They're always service first. He has not once that I can recall made the focus of his discussion about money. Not once it's all about helping and serving and you see his face glow and light up when he talks about helping and serving more and did you see him light up when he talked about his organization G2 cares looked at up I've seen you post about that. That's awesome brother. I love that.

And now we've got to we're trying to give back at least 50 videos I give back. Goal for this year.

Oh man. So yeah. For those you watching if you have a you know if you know of a charitable organization that could use some help in the video production area we'll give you a way to contact Greg here at the end of the show or his look him up. It's pretty easy these days on the Internet. And reach out don't say Hey man I got a potential one here 50 we can help you reach that goal for the year. So cool.

That is amazing dude I love that. Thank you. Thank you. You're a driven guy. I can tell. I mean not only do you have the success obviously you look at this. If for those you listening and watching do you think Greg could could do that. If he did not already achieve success there's no way he would be grinding for every last penny and not have anything left to give back in that so that's a true sign. This gentleman has achieved at least a certain level of success that enables him to do that. Is that amazing or what. And so we already know he's a successful man successful entrepreneur has a successful business. I was just curious this just kind of goes deep.

But some people some entrepreneurs some would go to some pretty crazy lengths for success maybe even to the point of doing crazy things even breaking the law. Right. We've seen people do that. And I know you're not that type. But how far are you Greg willing to go to succeed in a positive light. I mean what what would what would you do to become even more successful. How far would you go what would that mean to you. What would that take.

Who would I not what got me here was going to push me whatever it takes. You know what I find myself these days you know piling on you know do it. Doing the disciplines and getting that getting the focus. Actually allows me to do more. And so. You know more time more hours. I find that. I not only do it in the morning but in the evening I'll do a. Daily Review and actually think about the next day in planet. So I think that's helping me to push farther you know to be you know getting up earlier to be thinking about things you know at night and sleep in my dreams. And so that's that's the stuff that's helping me you know pushed to another level that makes sense.

It makes perfect sense. It's I love it because everything you said and I'm saying this to the audience this is a man who is at cause

And what does that mean. That means he knows and he holds himself responsible for not only where he is today but where he will be tomorrow. And he just said it in eloquent words with discipline and focus equals more time. So he knows if he is disciplined and he's focused he will get more time to get more done. That's awesome. I love that.

And they're not always easy. No. Yeah. And you know that's why there are very few percentage wise entrepreneurs in the world that are still entrepreneurs are sustaining that

And doing the discipline that evening reviews and planning the next day everything was Greg was talking about is what he's doing to achieve and continue to succeed.

It's not. He didn't say anything about anyone else doing anything or relying on employees or relying on the stock market or anything outside of himself. He knows what he can control and he focuses on that. There is another explosive in a great way. Key to Success. Write this stuff down. I hope your luck.

I'm the host of the show. I've got a lot going on and I'm taking notes. So let's say that if you're not. What's your excuse. So that's my little tip for you Greg. When I when I put you on camera by yourself that's when I get to do my note taking.

They got the system down so I don't want to be a I want to continue to give you my attention while I'm on camera like you said show up right there you're attentive. You're all in man. We're four minutes away. That's unbelievable. OK. There's one question that I have to ask you because I've asked all previous guests the same exact question and it's kind of a

It's kind of a heavy hitter.

It's a it's a big one and it's it's really cool and I can't wait to find out what your take is on this question what your answer is. And oh before we do that I almost forgot. So for those of you watching live be sure to take this information down because what I'm going to do is show you a way that you can win five nights stay at a five star Mexican resort compliments of my buddy at power texting income as Jason Ness and his partner Ronda power texting com very phenomenal company and what I want to do is give you the information on how you can enter right now.

We'll put that on the screen for those you watching. You can see that now. If you're just listening either podcast or later you go to reach your peak LLC dot com forward slash vacation again that's reach your peak LLC dot com forward slash vacation or if you find it simpler just use your phone and you can text the word peak. That's peak to the number 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Hope you're writing this down because the screen's going to wait a moment. Text the word peak to 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Go ahead and do that right now if you go to a browser just open a new tab keep the show going because you don't want to miss Greg's response to this heavy hitting all important doozy of a question.

And so now we brought Greg back and get ready. What is that. So there's a lot of build up to that.

And what I wanted to do is is kind of let you off the hook a little bit because I do want you to really I wanted to be a genuine response and you're a genuine guy. I'm not worried about that. I just don't want there to be any hidden pressure to it. And so what I want to tell you is to date not a single person on this show has answered this question the same not one some a. There might be two that were similar but they weren't the same. And the reason I say that is there is no wrong answer to this Greg. There is none. In fact the opposite. The only correct answer is your answer. So now the pressure's off. I want you to have that ability to just say OK. And if it takes you a few moments to come up with your response that's cool. Don't be worry about that airtime it's not a big deal not paying for this airtime so we're good. So are you ready.

I am. Greg horn. How do you define success.

Whoo. OK.

That is a good one I think that in general is getting what you want. So different for different people so for me financial stability which would free up my time and my energy

To do the things I want. So a lot of the same stuff I think I talk about family friends. Travel guitar fishing. And giving back. So that would be it. I've always been. I said you know. When travel world. Play music. Help people

And go fishing. There you heard it. And and for those of you that are astute listeners what did you take from that. The key point it usually is toward the end of the description of the person that is giving their view of success. And one of the last things you said was giving back. And helping others.

It always comes down to that every single time it has some form of you know I'm not just in this for me. Yes you have to take care of me isn't an important. It's important I make money yes Greg

Easy. If there were Dr. John. So the thing is with people like Greg.

Money is important but it's not his absolute driving top priority. He will get the money because he's serving people and to serve more people at a greater scale. It's only it only makes sense that he must make more money so that he can then scale bring in additional help hire employees bring on apprentices upscale his technology. The list goes on and on and so there's never you know I want to make that distinction money is absolutely important for the success of an entrepreneur in their business. And the reason though you went through all the reasons you went straight into the reasons or time and energy do things I want family and friends as other people travel that's a good one. You get to have it your downtime guitar hobby giving back and helping others. That's where it ended. Giving back and helping others. Beautiful. I love it. I love it. I love it so much before. So we have one more gift. Well maybe several. But I wanted to give you the cards so to speak

And Greg has some wonderful gifts to give away. He wants to give you a smorgasbord a little choice on a card if you will. I love this. And I'll turn it over to you. Greg I'll pull up the screen so you can you can tell me how to drive from that point forward. Let me bring up the prop.. There we go. And I'm going to bring that over here. Take it away.

Awesome well first of all thank you. Thank you thank you. Really appreciate this opportunity and the opportunity to give to the audience which is actually back to the way that. We absolutely do business over here we we lead with value. We follow with education and then we partner for success.

And so in leading with value we have different things and we know people are different places and they have different needs and so to get to the point where we're offer enough free ad free video commercial free reputation on it or a free social cover. And so the site he's showing here folks is called convert visitors into cash and so it's an offering of the suite of things that we can help people with. And if you get into that page you can scroll down. He is showing you there where you could claim your video commercial traffic pages where you would get a free ad.

There's places on here where we talk about the reputation audit here under the under the reputation side. There's a place for some social covers. Now if that's confusing. Send me an e-mail directly to info at the convert visitors in the cache and we'd love to chat with you. Reach out to me personally I'll respond to everybody right away. Maybe you don't know what you want. We'd love to talk to you and see where you are and what would be the best fit for you. Because it's there's a lot of solutions in the marketplace in there. But the only one that matters is the one that works for you.

And I love that. Convert visitor source convert visitors into cash.

Dot com. That's the Web site you can see right now. And his e-mail is in is info info at.


So info at convert visitors into cash. Dot com if somebody is on Facebook Live Right Now. Go and type that in for us. That would be awesome.

Convert visitors into cash dot com and info at convert visitors into cash dot com for the e mail their first phone numbers there's everything everything's on the site there's click through is if you find something you like but but you know take a look. Talk to me you know we're here to serve.

We're here to help and look at everything they offer. I mean this is quite a. This is like a one stop shop for anyone who's looking to build what I call a platform for themselves and their business. And a lot of this is a digital platform and today. Isn't that the way it is Greg.

Most everything is done digitally anyway but it's not just you know it's it's a must for everybody. And it's the only way for some.

Yeah. And I think it's the best way because you can literally run and conduct your business from anywhere. If you're not beholden to brick and mortar like if you're serving food or things like that but if you're offering something that's digital you can not only work from anywhere but then you have people like you who can help them to get you know create that platform no matter where they are in the world. And you can do that for brick and mortar as well. So I didn't want to.

Absolutely. And that's one of the beauties and then the blessings of what we do is the ability to do to do it. And that's why I kind of why I picked it

You know real quick. What is the absolute. Just give the best way for people to connect with you. Would it be. Email your Facebook Messenger what's your favorite form of being connected with.

Well I'm going I'm to say email because that's kind of my roots. You know I'll be in a long time. I'm Guy in the industry. That's that's all we had. And frankly it's still works really great. And plus it has the Web site in it so it's info at convert visitors into cash

Love it. And this is Greg Goss horn. He is the guy for G2 Internet Solutions providing incredible incredible value for everybody not only for what he provides as a service for he and his company but tonight on this show.

I mean that was phenomenal. Greg I cannot tell you how appreciative I am I know all the audience members are sitting there clapping we can't hear them right now but if they would clap a little louder maybe we could.

But they really haven't truly been a pleasure.

Appreciate you my brother. Looking forward to do more things with you and I will attest to the fact that I want to say real quick that when Greg said he he answers people and he answers them personally and quickly I can personally attest to that. Like this guy's on machine. I mean if I sent him a message on Facebook or however I interact with them e-mail doesn't matter. He's on it and I've got an answer I don't know. I didn't have time and it was so quick.

So he's a you know he's a product of the product he walks he walks the walk I said All right that time. All right. Greg Gottesman thank you so much. Everyone watching and listening we appreciate you as well. And we will see you on the next edition of the mind body business show. We'll talk to you next time. Be blessed for now.

Have a great evening thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body business shows this show with Brian Kelly.

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