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So here's the big question. Our entrepreneurs like us, we've been hustling and struggling to make it to success, who seem to make it one step forward, two steps back, work dedicated to turning. How do we finally break through, and that is the question. And this podcast will give.

Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to the Mind Body Business Show, we have an amazing, amazing guest tonight, and I cannot wait to share her and her brilliance with you.

And so I'm going to get through this intro as fast as humanly possible. I also love to let you know what is this show? It's called The Mind Body Business Show. And it is a show for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. And we bring only successful entrepreneurs on the show so that you can get the value you're looking for, so that you can take notes and model their success. Because really, do we want to reinvent the wheel and do it ourselves? And the answer is no. You want to get the ego out of the way and simply listen to people like Honoré Korder, who's coming on very, very soon. She's ready. She's waiting. She's smiling. She's anticipating. She is coming on. She's going to just ooze with value and really, really set aside everything. I mean everything. Put your phone away. Unless you're watching the show on it. Put away all distractions, close those tabs, get Facebook and jettison it. Unless you're watching on Facebook, of course. And just be present, because this is a show that does literally change lives. I've talked to so many people who have listened to the show, have watched it, who said what an impact it's had on their lives and we don't even charge any money for it.

Can you believe that? Maybe I should, if that's an idea. The mind body business show. It's about what I call the three pillars of success. In my now fifty six years on this planet, I began studying only successful people like Honoré who have done and achieved things that I aspire to achieve. I'm looking to raise my game, so to speak. So about a decade or so ago, I began doing that, studying only successful people and those three things kept bubbling up to the top. I noticed these patterns and they to a person, they took care of those three things. They they developed a very incredibly positive and flexible mind set. It's all about the mind. It's the foundation to where you are today, whether it's successful or unsuccessful as one hundred percent due to what's going on up here. Yes, it is true. And then the body that is literally about taking care of one's self through nutrition, through exercise. And again, to a person, every single person that I studied that was had achieved immense success, had taken care of both of these and the area of business, one of my favorites, they're all my favorite business is multi multifaceted. It is what happened there is these incredible individuals had mastered various skill sets that are required to run a successful business, skill sets like sales, marketing team building, systematizing leadership.

I could go on for a very long time. There are a lot of skill sets that are required to start, nurture and grow a successful company. The good news is you don't need to master every single one of them. In fact, not even the ones I just mentioned. If you master just one, just one. And it was actually in the list I just just mentioned, I wonder if you can guess what it is. All right. I'll let you know. It's leadership. Leadership if you master leadership. Oh, my goodness. Now, you can delegate to all of those people that already have mastered those skill sets that you may not yet have, and now you have a thriving business and you can get running very, very quickly, not doing it all yourself. There's so much wonderful things. But I want to get to our guests in just a moment. And another thing that very successful people do is to a person as they read and maybe they write will get into that on real soon. And with that, I like to segway into a little segment I affectionately call bookmarks.

Bookmarks for and to read bookmarks, ready, steady, read bookmarks brought to you by reach your peak library dotcom.

There you go, reach a peak library, dotcom, and again, stay with us. What do I mean by that? I mean, you know, take out maybe a piece of paper. Do you remember what those things look like or feel like and maybe the old fashioned writing instrument and take notes, write down these resources. I know Honoré has many for you as I drop my pen. She has many for you that you'll want to write down and stay on the show. Do not go clicking away is what I'm saying, because the magic happens in the room. I would hate for her to be in the middle of a golden nugget and you take your gaze off in your attention somewhere else and miss what could possibly be that one bit of information that could change your life from now going forward forever. And it's happened many times. I've spoken from stage. I've watched people leave the room right at the moment when we're about to give away the big juice.

So stay with us and and engage with us. Let us know you're here. I see a few comments coming in. We'll get to those in just a moment and ask questions. I love engagement. Reach your peak library and then we're going to get to Honoré. I swear. I promise. I cannot wait to bring her on your peak library. Dotcom. That is a resource I had created for you. And I truly, honestly mean that for entrepreneurs, for the budding business person, someone looking to get to the next level of wherever they are today. You could be a beginner or advanced entrepreneur. And there are books in this list that you can take and and actually take advantage of the information in there and actually take your level, your business and level it up. That's why I'm trying to say and your personal life as well. So you'll see there's quite a list here. These are only books that I personally read. That's why there is a special website for it. And they're all links that just go to Amazon. They're just here for you to have a collective set of books. And I'm going to be adding one to it. And hopefully we talk about it tonight on the show that I just learned of while I was talking to Andre right before the show, already given me value and we'll share that with you. But these are this is a place you can come where books are vetted by someone else who's already achieved success so that at least the odds of you getting something from that book are increased over just picking a book that's in the business category off of Amazon. That is what read your book Library Dotcom is all about. I hope you enjoy that. I hope you get you pick some great reads and let us know. I want to hear back about all these great books you're reading. OK, all right. I'm excited. It's time. This is it. We are going to now bring on. You guessed it. Honoré Carter, she is coming on right now.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight savvy, skillful, professional and deft, trained, vaguely qualified.

There she is, ladies and gentlemen. One the only on recorder.

Oh, yes, all the way from Tennessee where they are cold right now.

I'm in Southern California. It's a little cold here. It's not quite as nippy, is there, in your area. But thank you so very much, Honor, for coming on and gracing the stage tonight. For our viewers and listeners, I cannot tell you how thankful I am to have you here.

I am so delighted to be with you. Thank you for having me. Even though I'm freezing and you had to just throw it out there that you're in Southern California.

That's so not cool. Oh, I just started it off on a bad note. Don't do that ever again. Note to self. I'm going to go.

Yes. And you will notice we are going to have some fun. And it's OK. Look, business can be hard enough. Let's enjoy the ride. You can be serious and you can also have fun at the same time. What I wanted to do real quick, I want to give you the the intro that you that you deserve that's respectful. In just a moment. What I want to do is let everybody know a couple of bookkeeping moments here, a couple of great resources they should look into and then we're going to jump right into it. So that sound cool? Of course. All right. Hey, look, if you are struggling with putting on a live show together and it's overwhelming and you want a lot of the processes possibly done for you while still enabling you to put on a high quality show and connect with great people like Connery and grow your business all at the same time, then you might want to head on over to carpet bomb marketing, dotcom carpet bomb marketing, saturate the marketplace with your message.

And one of the key components that is contained in that carpet bomb marketing course is one that you'll learn how to absolutely master. And it is the very service we use to stream our live shows right here, right now on the mind body business show. And over the course of the past nine years, we have tried so many of these quote unquote, TV studio solutions for live streaming. And I'll tell you right now, streaming art is the best of the best. It combines the premise of use along with unmatched functionality. So start streaming high quality, professional looking live shows for free with streaming art. Now visit the website you see on the screen that is our whippy that I am forward slash stream live. All right. We've got the book keeping out of the way and now it's time to bring on this magnificent, magnificent woman. Her name is Hunter a Quarter and she is an executive and strategic book and publishing coach. This is going to be a great show, ladies and gentlemen, to the TED speaker and the author of More Than This One Will Knock You Off Your Seat. Fifty five zero books including you must write a book. I hope we talk about that tonight. Additionally, she is the creator of the Miracle Morning Book series with Hal Elrod on Ray passionately helps businesses, business professionals and entrepreneurs write, publish and monetize their books. I love this. Boost their brands and get much more business. I will say that's something that sets her apart from many publishers out there in the market. We'll get into that a little bit deeper as we go on the show. She also runs the Empire Builders mastermind does all sorts of other magical things, I have no doubt. And her bad asseri is legendary. That's so cool. You can find out more about her at quarter dotcom, please. Now, officially help me welcome this amazing young woman to the stage. Thank you once again for coming on. This is going to be a great show.

I'm so happy to be here.

So being an entrepreneur we all know is super, super simple. We never have issues. It's always just a small slate. Right? I know.

Very sarcastic and so forth.

Rainbows, all the things about your achievements are vast, your accolades are great, and I love that. And what I like to do always when I open the show is go deeper. And it's not like personal deep. It's just I want to learn because I know and I know you know this to is that everything we have, everything we've achieved or haven't is all due to what's going on up here right now. What went on in that wonderful, beautiful, big brain of yours, Honoré? That's what I want to know. So when you get up in the morning and know that it's going to be another day ahead of you, there's challenges every single day. You're flexible person. But for those who aren't used to doing that, what is it that for you keeps you driven every morning when you get up to keep doing this day in and day out, what's going on up in that beautiful brain of yours when you get up?

Well, I have been trained like a feel that if I stick with my schedule and my process, I'm probably going to positively impact someone's life. And I live for those. Messages that I get, so messages on my posts or emails that I get in my inbox, sometimes even in actual mail piece of mail comes into my mailbox from someone that wrote a letter to me to say, Hey, I heard you speaking, or I read something that you wrote. I wrote a book that you wrote or I wrote a blog post that you wrote or I heard you on a podcast or something. And you said that one thing. And here's what I did. And it changed my life. And that is like the hit. It's a hit of dopamine, right? It's like, oh, gosh, I live for that. So I I'm trained to get up because maybe you're going to impact someone's life today and make a difference.

And so when you get up to do it all over again every day.

And I just want to make the note that that is what sets successful entrepreneurs apart from all others is what you just said right there, is helping people and that the passion you get from that, the joy you get from that, how it feeds you, how it moves you, motivates you day in and day out. And I just so appreciate you for having that mindset and having that approach in your life. It's not about, you know, she didn't say, oh, I just can't wait to get up and see that next hundred thousand dollar check come in the mail. She said nothing about money. Money is important. Don't get me wrong, we all get that. And I hope Honoré is blessed with tens and hundreds of millions of dollars very soon, because when she makes more money, what is she going to do?

She's going to serve more people and help more people that are successful like her. That's how that works. So bless the person who's driving by in that Lamborghini the next time you see them on the freeway, instead of cursing them, saying, gosh, bless them, they've done something good. They brought a lot of value to this world. Right.

Raise them in your own Lamborghini. Oh, that's right.

You know, come on. Let's also look at any law enforcement watching that never happened.

I never do that.

Oh, we have a couple coming on. Renee Rambow mckewon. Hello.

Excited to hear what Henry has to say tonight. Thank you so much. Keep it coming. And friend Jesse looking for your pocket. Oh, thank you, friend. You're amazing. I appreciate you all. Keep them coming. Keep them coming. We love interaction. Well, now I'm going to go out on a huge limb here and ask a really crazy question. But I was just going to just curious if, you know, you may you've written 50 books, but I wonder if you're at all an avid reader of books. So won't be like the latest big one that you read that really hit home with you and you've got a lot of value from.

So I read a book called The Beezus Letters. I'm fortunate enough to know the authors, Steve Anderson and Karen Anderson. They wrote a book about the letters that Jeff Bezos sends annually to their shareholders, explaining what they did that year and why. So when I guess when Jeff according to the book, which I'm sure I'm sure the book is a million percent accurate, when Jeff started the company, he wrote a letter to the shareholders and he actually broke down the principles that he would then put in place over the coming years to make his shareholders happy and to grow the company. The fascinating book about about how why Amazon is successful and how entrepreneurs can emulate the principles of ambulant Amazon and Jeff Bezos to be successful in their own business. Fascinating, terrific, amazing book.

There's another one I have to add to the list. Oh, I guess the list get I know it happens to me every day.

I wake up every day and I say I'm going to have a positive attitude, impact lives and I'm not going to buy any more books. And then I immediately buy more books and then I immediately buy more books.

Yeah, I get those Amazon audible credits and they're gone. I get so many and they're just gone. I've got so many books I'm behind, but yeah. Oh I just love this. And this is a very big tip for folks that are looking if you haven't achieved any, you know, a level success similar to Hornery yet, and that is is to read books and read very impactful books that are going to help you. And when people like Honourary give you a suggestion recommendation, I mean, if I wasn't doing this show, this moment, I would have my phone out and I would be purchasing an audible. And that's what I do all the time if I'm sitting and watching people speak from stage. And if you are up there today and doing that and you said that book, I bought it. I've already got it.

I don't that's how we get in trouble ever to be read.

I'll that's four hundred books deep, right?

Yes. It gives me something to look forward to. Right.

Yes, exactly. No one goes to goes to to any institutional incarceration for buying too many books.

I'm just saying type of work. There are worse things that one can do right now.

Reading books. I didn't I never put a whole lot of weight to it personally for I mean, decades until I was in my forties, literally, I didn't read anything. And then then I learned and realized, oh, my gosh. And then then began seeing the results. After reading, you saw a bunch of them. That's not the whole list. I'm a little behind on the book library, dotcom, but not to. Speaking of books, I wallet's on my head. I know that you're an author and you have it on your website, but a little birdie told me that you might have a copy near you, that you could hoist up and show the peeps.

Well, of course. Right. Yeah. I have one right here.

The hard cover, yes, you must write a book, boost your brand, get your business and become the go to expert. Tell us a little more about that book, if you might.

Sure, well, the back story is that I went to New York as a guest of Amazon a few years ago with a few other authors, and they were highlighting the most recent book that we had written. And I said, well, wouldn't it be helpful if there was a book about why everyone should write and publish a book, why it's beneficial for entrepreneurs and professionals to write a book? And they said, yes, that would be great. If you could just flip that out, that would be super. And so that's what I did. I wrote this book, which is the book that I wish that I had had. When I first was given the idea to write a book, I was given the thought that as a coach, as a business coach and as speaker, that writing a book would be the next most logical way to differentiate myself as a professional, as the expert, as the authority.

And I wrote the book that I wished that I had had. And so when I went to New York, I got to have that book featured.

And it's been one of my favorite books because it helps me to help people, to write books and to change their lives. And then I get what I call book babies in the mail. So they're like my book and a book Baby right by someone else. So I'm like a like I'm a mom or a grandmother of all these books. And so I get them in the mail and it's really fun because I've gotten them from all over the world in all different languages. Some say I, I read you must write a book and then I wrote my book and here it is. And they send it to me, which is very cool. That's got to be so rewarding and fulfilling, my goodness, yes, well, I know what's going to happen for someone when they become an author, someone who is aspiring to be an author says, I want to be an author, but they're not really sure. Like, is it going to be worth it? Is it going to be worth the time and the money and all the effort that goes into it. And on the other side of it, I was so glad I took that advice because it completely changed the trajectory of my life and my business, my businesses, my friendships, my partnerships, where I get to go, all the things I get to do. So when someone says I'm contemplating writing a book, you have to do it. Just do it. That's is.

And you mentioned business and. Yeah, let's let's use that as a great segue. I'm always deeply curious, especially if you see a lot of bios and you read a lot about people and you see that their websites and what they're doing. But for me, I like to know what is it you actually do? What kind of clients? What is your ideal client like getting a little deeper? What is your like they would call an avatar. Who do you cater to? What are the people that that flock to you that are attracted to based on the fact that you help them write and publish a book and become more get greater exposure and get more business? What does that for you?

The there are two kinds of people that I work with primarily. One is the entrepreneur or the business professional who wants to differentiate themselves and become the authority and create brand name and face recognition in their in their world, whatever their world is. They want to be the person that people go to in a book without question sets them apart. So they come to me and either teach them through a course that I have called publishing a PhD, which is based on you must write a book that much broader and deeper. And then other people come to me and they say, I have more money than time and I want you to do it. I say, great, I have my checklist and off we go. And so for a select few people, I actually do all of that for them.

That's phenomenal. And the thing that sets you apart that we were talking just before, one of the things is that it's not just how to write a book, and it's not just how to publish a book, but what happens after those two have occurred. Well, can you expand on that a little bit? The market? Yeah.

Yeah. So my my very, very favorite thing to do is to help people to monetize their book. And I break it into two categories, marketing the book. So earning royalties from book sales very simply said, but also marketing with your book is second to none. Right. So someone says, do you have a business card? And of course you say, why, yes, I have a business card, but I also have a book. And then you watch the eyes of the person go big saucers like kids on Christmas morning because they go, Oh, gosh, you're an author. That means you're the expert. You're the authority. Right? So it sets you apart right away. It causes conversations. You get to be the cool kid at parties. Right. So you wrote a book. Tell me about your book, all those fun things. So my my expertize and the thing that I like the most is to really go forensically into someone's business and to figure out what it is that they want more of in their business and to conduct their business to their ideal clients and customers through their book, one that's done in a multitude of ways. But it's different for every person. But the the fundamentals are the same, right? It's like getting in shape. You have to eat right and you have to exercise. But it's different for every single person. It's the same with authors.

It's a little bit different for everybody that is so unique. I don't see too many book publishers that take it to the next step and then do like a customized marketing plan strategy for you. That's phenomenal. Real quick, I forgot to mention earlier, we're also sponsored by these incredible people up here called the Big Insider Secrets is a big red stamp. If you're watching video and I want to call everybody out, let you know that if you stay on to the very end, I'll put that up on the bottom. If you step up to the very end of this show, you will get the chance to win a five night stay at a five star luxury resort. And there are other resorts all over the place. It's Mexico. There's places in the United States you can choose and only have to stay until the end. And we'll tell you how you can enter to win that. Again, compliments of my pals at the Big Insider Secrets dot com. Jason Narced and his company appreciate them beyond belief. Just wanted to get that in there. Be sure that I showed the love. And I hope you win because, look, you will get to move about the country and the world. I just know it again soon, luckily. Yeah. So what is your key? Look, a lot of entrepreneurs that are just starting, they're looking for that quick kill because they have a more of a scarcity mindset. And it's natural. It's OK because they need to pay the bills. Right. And so they're more money centric in that those beginning stages. But what they will find quickly is that is not a sustainable approach to go after quick kill sales and not build for. What I'm getting at is the longer term, you know, to build and nurture relationships that can result in business. Some of them may not, but that's OK. And it takes longer to establish that. So for you, I got the own benefit or where they come from for you on what is what has worked for you to achieving long term success. What are some of the strategies you've implemented?

Gosh, there's a whole there's a whole list of them, so I'll run through and then you stop me when you want me to talk about one of them. So the first thing is I have a morning routine and an evening routine, so I have a power up routine in the morning. So when I get up in the morning, I have a routine that I that I walk through every morning before I encounter another human. So I got to get I got to push the button, basically. And then at the end of the day, I have a power down routine so that I can sleep well at night and get all of the stuff out of my mind that's accumulated throughout the day. In between, I have a long term plan, so I love that you said that right. I always talk about building long term relationships, have long have a long term plan, do the long term play so you can do the quick kill and that can feed you for a minute. But if you build these long term relationships and you have a long term plan, you're going to be successful over the long term. So I suggest having long term consistency based on a long term plan, building long term relationships, because that's where the majority of your business is going to come from over the long term.

At some point, you will then have a business that's built on recurring business and referral business, and that is the best place to be is your phone and your email box are constantly popping up with new leads and new people to talk to. And they're coming to you because they've already worked with you in the past or they are referred to you by someone who has worked with you in the past. And no one there is no way I can say to you, I'm fabulous. You should work with me and have you take it the same way as if someone else said she's fabulous, you should work with her. I've had a great experience and that no trust factor transfers over. So everything that someone should do should really start with. The long term relationship in mind and then building one day at a time, not being in a rush, right, say my time is your time to the to the client and meet it because they will come around if you are great at what you do.

I appreciate that so much for so many people who don't understand it yet, certain industries are less long term. I like to name out and I have nothing against network marketing industry. But a lot of companies there, just the training methods they have for how you get people interested, is straight out of the boat, know, hey, come make a bunch of money with me or I've got the greatest product since sliced bread. But it's not opening with a relationship building approach because that takes time.

And and that's actually where I started. I started in network marketing and I built the long term, the big business, the long term relationships, people that are still ordering products for me and I have not worked in the business for oh gosh, I'm only 30. So what can I say? No, I haven't worked in the business in 18 years, but I still get a bonus check every single month. I still have customers who order because and I believe this is really important. I think here's the here's the X Factor, right. You can come you can make a lot of money, but the person that you're working with wants to know that you actually care about them and actually caring about your client or actually caring about your customer and building a long term relationship as opposed to it's a transaction you buy from me. I make my money. I never hear from you again. Exactly. I think that's magic. I think that's magic. Right.

That stood that perfect. And that's the thing. And I'm not saying every company is bad. They're not. There's a lot of great ones out there. I used to call on a network marketing company for six years, back in the day, way back in the day. And I believe in the concept. It's just as if it's taught properly. I've just seen so many that weren't. And just one example. You are the the great example to say. I mean, there is proof in the pudding right there. Eighteen years later, still receiving bonus checks because of the long term relationship she established over the time that she was building that business.

And that just speaks volumes. Do you want a quick kill? Get some decent money in the beginning, but never see any ever again and never have any relationships to build on? I mean, it's not just about money. Well, they'll get that. You get to help people. That's a beautiful thing. And for you, they had an incredible sponsor, someone who obviously deeply cares about them, who wants them to succeed. And you have to want it, too, right. There's no getting around that. But also in the work, right? That's right. But I appreciate you really nailing that down about long term because it started I think it's that important to spend the amount of time we have on it already. Just think it's it's a heavy hitter right there. And it does a lot of people a lot of good for sure.

Well, and I'll just give I'll just go one more and just say that if you have people that you haven't talked to in five years or 10 years or 15 years or 20 years or a year, and you're thinking of them, pick up the phone and call them for no reason, just pick up the phone and say, what? What do you need next most in your life? I was just thinking about you. I found you in the phone, but it could be your Rolodex, right? Depending on if you're a person of a certain age, you know what a Rolodex is, right? What I was flipping through my Rolodex and I saw your name and it's been way too long. And I thought I would pick up the phone and give you a call or send you an email or send you a message. And I just want to know how you're doing. There is magic in those conversations that you have with people that you haven't connected with in a really long time.

Gosh, it's crazy. You say that because I recently did that. I didn't call because I didn't have their phone number, but I hunted them down because it was in my mind. And he was like my best friend in the latter part of elementary and then into junior high. And it's very bright guy. And we would compete on all of our grades. And and he he ended up moving back. He's on the East Coast somewhere and he's doing some stuff for the government that he doesn't very public with his contact information. And so I found out that he was married. I found her on Facebook and I messager just out of the blue, said, hey, please don't be alarmed by this. I'm just an old friend of his. And I would if he's open to it, I like just have a chat and just catch up. That was it. So it's very true. It is interesting how that works. You know who you know, every one of you that are listening and watching this. Somebody.

Yeah, yes. And also, there's got to be someone who added value to your life back in the day and gave you a hand up and you can't return the favor to them, but you sure can pick up the phone and say, hey, you made a difference in my life at one point. I just want to say thank you for that. Send him a handwritten note, if you can. Those all of those things for the long term are very beneficial and you just never know where you're going to plant a seed and it's going to come back multiplied to you another way. So give it a try. Let us know how it works.

And like you said, plant the seed like what you're doing right now. Your show, you just showed up. I know it's late for you and you still you know, this is my love night to my midnight, Brian.

And that's why I appreciate you. You went the extra mile. You came on, you showed up. You're a product of the. You you talk the talk, you just you walk the walk, you don't just talk the talk, you know, that's what it takes to become everything she's talking about, all of it, not just pieces. And then there's more or what it takes to become successful. And you need to really, really become that person to make it. I love that. She said she has routines. Almost every person I've interviewed that's successful on this show, Andre, has had routines.

You know, it doesn't mean that it's not sexy.

Routines are not sexy. They're not like, oh, and living large. Right. But I'm happy. Right. And so it's not fine. It's not my routine for someone else. If you find the find the code fine. Crack your code, find your routine and you will end up being happy no matter what's going on around you, no matter what's going on in the world, it all starts with up here having that routine to make yourself. I don't want to say bulletproof, but I guess bulletproof. Right. It doesn't matter what's going on because you control your psychology and whether you're happy or you're not right. Other things can can come at you, but you've got a force field against them if you find the routine that that makes you strong.

Yeah, I think of it as a form of discipline, you know, and that's the word itself isn't sexy. So but here's the thing. You feel really good if you work out on a regular basis and if you eat and drink the right food and drink. And is that sexy? Not while you're doing it. It is no fun. I mean, you're you're inflicting pain on your body literally when you're working out. And to a degree, it's a small amount and then you're eating and drinking stuff that may not taste the best, but it's a discipline.

Eighty two percent grilled chicken. I'm eighty two percent grilled chicken and eighteen percent water. My trainer. Yes, yes.

But the results are what you get is what you're looking for. Right. And the results of. And what is it they say there are a couple of things, right, that that I've heard traditional education will make you a living. Self education will make you a fortune. Right. Do more today than others are willing to do so that you can live the life that you want to live later, something like that. I'm paraphrasing very poorly. It's late for me. But you I think you and I are saying the same thing. It's like have the discipline to do the things that others aren't willing to do so that you can have and do and be the things that others won't be able to have. And it's good on the other side. It just takes a while. You've got to give it the time that it takes to kick in.

Take that. Thank you for saying all that, because I Welcome and everybody does. They're not hiding anything. It's just not everybody brings it up to the forefront. It takes work. It takes dedication, it takes time. There is no quick fix to massive overnight success. It took probably those eighteen years to become an overnight success rate. Oh yeah. And it just continues. Right. We're always looking to just continue to raise the bar for ourselves. And it's it's it's not money driven. It's about taking it. It's challenge driven. It's it's service driven. And the money comes as a byproduct. And yes, it's awesome.

But I love the fact that what drives people like you on Ray isn't just the mighty dollar. It's about helping and serving more people, getting more people to themselves, earn more money and have a better life because they have a place that you helped them publish.

Yes, and I think that the best thing that you can do when you have wealth, so wealth and prosperity is not just money, it's time and love and space and energy. Right. So that is true wealth. The best thing you can do is give it away.

Mhm. And you talked about that on your TED talk. That was interesting though. That was phenomenal. Do you mind, could you tell that real quick that story.

Oh sure, sure. I have a philosophy that I started writing when I was 20. Look at my early maybe twenty or twenty one just like principal things that I wanted to live by. And one of the things that I realized is that you if you want something, you have to give it away. Dr. Shackley, the company that I was in, he would say, what you give away, you keep and set. Another way is if you want more of something, then give it away. If you want more love, give it away. If you want more money, give it away. Because there's the love of reciprocity. The Law of return, right. The law of giving and receiving will. The law of giving and receiving starts with giving to give. And you want to receive. Will, as an author, I wanted more honest five star reviews for my books, obviously. What do you want? You want honest five star reviews on Amazon? That's what we all want. That's what authors are living for, right? So if you ever read a book and you like it, if you have something nice to say, please go to Amazon to review the book. Well, I realize that I read a tremendous number of books and I wasn't reviewing the books that I had something nice to say here.

I was reading two, three, four or five books a week and I wanted reviews, but I wasn't giving them away. And I was like, Well, gosh, you're not eating your own dog food. Yes, I talk to myself surprised. Right? And I realized that if I wanted it, I had to give it away. The very next book that I read was The Miracle Morning by Rod. And I went, oh, my gosh, what an incredible story, I've had a morning routine for a million years, but here's this amazing book. I'm going to go write a review for this book and I'm going to tell everyone I know about it. So I wrote a review on Amazon and on Goodreads. How I saw the review, saw that I had already written a series, a book series, the successful single mom book series. And he reached out to me and he said, let's have a conversation. Would you like to write The Sixth, The American Morning for single moms? And I thought, no, I don't, but I'll talk to him. Let's have a conversation. Always have a conversation. I thought I was done writing books for single moms. Turns out I was right and I never got to write the miracle morning for single moms. I think it's on a draft on my computer somewhere.

But what I did do was join forces with how to help him turn the Miracle Morning book into the Miracle Morning Book series. And there are 12 main titles in that book series are 12 titles in that series that came after the main book and have been translated into thirty seven languages. And we have all different workbooks and we have the American Morning Companion Planner. That's a companion to the main book. The I know that only in my mind because tomorrow is the anniversary of that book. So we published it two or three years ago. So I have those in my calendar like a Book of Ussery comes up on my calendar. So Cal and think how we're having both of our three. But all of that because I went back to what do I want more of. So it's always like what's in it for me. So start with what's in it for you. What do you need next most in your life right now? Find a way to give that to someone else. Start the giving and receiving because you're not going to receive until you give first. And the great thing about the law of giving and receiving is that it comes back multiplied. So you give something. I gave a review or a book.

And I don't know how you quantify what's come back to me with that relationship with creating writing all of those books when impact with impacting all the lives that have been impacted with all of the books. I mean, it's just incalculable that that one decision that I made. Gosh. Well, I'm being selfish. I want more book reviews. Right.

But it's like, well, how can I start that law in an action that's and that's so great.

You talk about this quite a bit about just showing up. That's what you did. You just showed up by writing that review.

You spent your valuable time in helping boost someone else's ratings, whether they needed it or not. Who knows? Because they might have already had the book. But, yeah, you know, it's something I like to do when I used to go to seminars and and workshops and boot camps will be the last one in the room, not on purpose. I just always found myself being the last guest. And then I'd say, well, I'm here. I'm not in a rush to get out. How can I help you guys? You need help taking your chairs down or whatever. I didn't care. And I started doing it just kind of out of just it was natural for me. And I started realizing I'm able to talk to the people that ran the event. Now, as I'm doing this because I'm pretty cool and I just made great friendships and relationships over the years and crewed on some of those as a result and had a great time and then ultimately became a speaker myself on stage, which it was just a progression of wonderful thing after wonderful thing doing like what you just said is give it first before expecting to receive it and expecting it from hell.

I wasn't expecting anything from how I just was like, okay, like I need to I need to practice what I preach, walk my talk.

I, you know, give away what you want more of. Well what do you want more of an array like sit down with the piece of paper, pull out your journal. Has Tony Robbins would support your success journal. Have any old school Tony Robbins fans handwriting his personal power? They pull out your success journal and write this down, will write down what you want more of and then figure out. And if you want more money and you're thinking I don't have any money, that's why I need more money, then figure out how you can give money. You've got a dollar, right? You've got a dollar. It's going to come back to you multiplied. You've got a dime. It's going to come back to you multiplied. You can give a thousand bucks, give a thousand bucks, it'll come back to you. Multiply just just toughed it. It works.

Phenomenal, yes, Todd Singleton's coming in from a little while ago, a long while ago, no long term, long term and then whatever we were talking about, Ryan flips and agrees with. He said so true. Thanks so much for all of it. Thank you, Ryan. Just every single word that has spoken by this young lady.

Thanks so much for coming on and interacting with us, all of you wonderful guests and viewers in the audience and looking forward to having you. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our podcast. We have an audio only podcast so you can listen to shows like this at any time and just have that in your your car and use that alongside your audio books. I have many friends and colleagues and other people have listen to the show. Who I had a gentleman working on the deck outside just a few weeks ago, and he was listening to this show while he was working.

And he would then report on all the great stuff he got from it, because the guests that were on the show is like it's just so fulfilling. And so all that to say what you were saying earlier on is that it just fuels you to keep going and help people. Because the thing I love about it is all I have to do is stop talking and give the mic to Andre. And then she just spews all this value and then your lives are changed forever. And I all I did was connected to it. So that's awesome. You're very welcome, Rain. Thanks, Brian. And at honourary, I think that's an but yes. So cool. Give it away and it will come back. Yes. Renee Rambow mckewon Rambow. Love it. Love it. Keep them coming. Wow. We're getting there. All right. I promise. We're getting there.

I'm good. I'm fired up now. I don't I'm not going to be able to go to bed now. Thanks a lot.

Now I'm awake. We need to need to share that power down routine so we can all take take advice from that because I need to do the same after this is over.

Right on. Yeah. So I so at night when it's time to go to bed, I do a meditation, I do a short meditation. So there's a great app called. What is it called, unplug, unplug is a meditation app, and you can do one minute meditations, you can do an hour and a half meditations, some of the meditation instructors are fantastic. So I do like a five minute meditation just to calm down. And then I think about I pull out my success journal. I actually just keep a journal by my bed just to make notes, because if you ever have that moment where you have divine inspiration in the middle of the night, you have nothing to write on. That's the problem. So I just keep a journal by my bed and any ideas that come to me, because usually the best ideas come to us when we're in the shower, when we're exercising and when we're rested. Right. So when we have meditation, you have a minute for that computer to to reboot our minds or our computers. And just I note any ideas that come to me, and I love to give people a million dollar ideas, even six figure ideas. And so I'll think about someone that I've encountered during the day and I'll think maybe this is an idea for them. And I just jotted down. And that gives me an opportunity the next day to reach out to someone perhaps and say, hey, I have an idea for you and your life and your business and take it or leave it and then getting anything out of my head from the day that's kind of stuck in there. And I.

So do you find it hard to write about it?

I just write about it. I just just jot down I'm not a dear diary longhand in cursive writing kind of a girl, right? Not Bridget Jones Diary or anything. It's just kind of bullet points of the day. And then there's the five minute journal and then there's a five minute journal app. And so the five minute journal app. And I don't even do the journaling part like full disclosure, you can say like what were your winds of the day and all that stuff in the app. But I just have a snapshot. I just have a picture every day I take a picture and I put it in my five minute journal and so I can scroll through and I can just see memories like, oh, that's the pumpkin pie. Oh, that's who came to visit me for my birthday. Right? Oh, that's, you know, this lunch that I got to go to. I mean, back when we were going to lunch, you know what I mean? Every day now, it's like, yeah, I sat on my front porch, nap of my front yard or my dog. It's not as exciting right now, but it's just a little photo album of my life and this app. And then I put in my headphones and I usually listen to some kind of podcast for about 10 or 15 minutes until I get drowsy enough to go to sleep, and that's my power down. Wow, that's awesome. Sometimes I set the turn-off timer for, like ten minutes so that it'll shut off and I'm awake maybe for 12 seconds prior to the end. I'm tired at the end of the day. So my my go to sleep period is very fast.

I would I need I need this I need to give this a run because I can't shut my mind off. It happens almost every night.

And just as an example, as we're pulling back the curtain, I went to sleep, fell asleep pretty quick, which was rare for me. But then something woke me up. I don't even know what. And I stayed awake for the next two hours just and it wasn't like lamenting, but I was like in a stupor and I just could not pass over into the sleep world again and come to your unplug pop into your unplug app, because they have they go back to sleep meditation in there.

So if you find that you're waking up in the middle of the night. So I have a sweet chocolate lab and she has she is the third person in the bed and she's she's hopping up there. And sometimes she wrestles around and wakes me up. And if I'm not able to go right back to sleep, I do that. Go back to sleep meditation. And that works. Also, I keep a Kindle by my bed and the candles have that lighting that you can read that doesn't activate like your wake up, the wake up part of your brain. You can read reading makes me sometimes tired fiction. Reading in particular can make me tired enough to go back to sleep. And at the end, if all else fails, Brian, then you can do a disco nap in the middle of the day, also known as a nap, where you drink a cup of coffee and then you take a nap for twenty five minutes. Do you know about this? No changing right now. OK, so this Knapp, if you're old enough, it will in the seconds. If you're old enough to know what a disco nap is, a disco nap is what the kids used to do when you were in your early 20s. You'd come home from work and you take a little disco nap so that you could go disco, go out and go party.

So now a disco nap. If you're on the other side of that is where you take a short twenty or twenty five minute nap and it's refreshing enough to keep you going. But not enough to make you so that you can go to sleep at night, so the antidote to the so the whole recipe is you drink a cup of coffee and it takes about twenty to twenty five minutes for that caffeine to enter your bloodstream while you're while it's working. I use an app called Putzes. And it'll ask you, do you want to go to sleep or do you want to take a nap? So you drink the coffee and then you lay down and you pick the voice. But I listen to this guy who's got this really deep voice and you stretch tense all your muscles and then relax. And then the next thing you know, he's waking you up. It's twenty five minutes later, you wake up the caffeine to your system and you go right back. So I take I take a nap or just go nap like five days out of seven. Wow. Yeah, that's it's it's it's a miracle. It's a miracle, life changing. You're welcome.

Thank you, everybody. Would you call it Parviz?

He will present the. And you can set the timer for however long you want to take a nap, but if you sleep too long, then you run the risk of upsetting your sleep cycle. But that twenty five minutes, all it does is refresh you. It's awesome.

So do you literally fall asleep?

Yeah, not with the clock.

I've done it everywhere too. Yeah, I've done it everywhere I go. I'll go get back in bed or I'll just lean back in my chair and close my eyes or lean back in my chair. In my car. Right. Like if I've been on a long trip and I've been driving going somewhere and I'm tired, I'll just lay back and go to sleep for 20 minutes and then it wakes you up. It's like it's time to wake up and it starts ringing these little bells.

And next thing you know, you're like due to do awesome when you first take can have like. Wait a second, wait a second.

Everyone says the same thing that doesn't work on the right. Well, it does. It's not instantaneous. It's not like a shot of adrenaline because caffeine is not instantaneous.

I wish it was sometimes, but so I guess you want to drink the cup of coffee fairly rapidly, though.

Yeah, I just don't make it hot coffee, don't overthink it. It doesn't need to be be right.

It can just be just I mean, you can even be a little more ninja about it. Like I remember when I was in high school, we used to take fibrin. Right. You had a toilet paper and it was due tomorrow and you hadn't done your homework. I don't know, NoDoz like, I don't know. That was never me. Obviously, I know about the strategy. So it was totally me. So NoDoz, you don't go to sleep. It's the same thing. You can get caffeine pills that are the same as a cup of coffee. So you take a pill and you go to sleep. Twenty five minutes later, just don't hit snooze, whatever you do. This is not a this is not a snooze situation. Kids, you've got to get right up. Soon as the bell goes off, I'm up and you will shake it off within three to five minutes. You will not know that you took a nap other than you will just feel better.

That's also right. And you brought back some memories with the NoDoz and there was something papers.

Yeah, there was something called Jolt Cola back then. Jolt, yeah. All the things that we did, like all the sugar double the caffeine being recorded.

Oh, no, it's phenomenal. Here's a great question for you, but may remember MacEwan, what's your advice for someone that is intimidated or overwhelmed by the idea of writing a book?

Oh, that's such a great question. Thank you, Renee. Well, writing a book is a big deal. However, if you don't write your book, then the person who needs your message with your knowledge and your expertize will never benefit from what you have to say. So a lot of people will say, well, I can't write a book on something that isn't already out there. There's a book on every subject that's already been written. But your book hasn't been written. So if you're overwhelmed or intimidated by writing a book, I would suggest reading a book like you must write a book because it gives you the basic recipe, right? You wouldn't just decide to bake a cake and not go get a recipe, not go get some assistance from someone who has gone before you so engaged some help get a recipe and then just take it one step at a time. There is nothing that has ever been done, whether it's training for a marathon or starting a business or writing a book that isn't done one step at a time. Everything is just one step at a time, one day at a time. And I advise my authors to set a workout goal and just in a day's time.

So write just two hundred and fifty words a day or write 500 words a day. Oh, 500 words is a lot of words like your last email with 500 words spelled out. It's not that it's not that big of a deal. I've gotten emails from you. Some of your emails are 500 words. You must write a book. So just take it one step at a time. Just put one foot in front of the other and you will then see, like I'm working with an author. And he wrote me yesterday and he said, I've got forty seven thousand words. And he said, I think I'm going to have sixty thousand by the time we were done. And I remember when we started, you know, in the early fall like, oh I don't know. Fifty thousand words. Sixty thousand words. Sounds like so much I'm not sure I can get there. And I said just do your outline, just write down the questions. What are the things that you think people need to know? What are the questions that people already ask. You write down the questions and then write your answers to the questions. You'll be you'll be thrilled at how quickly the knowledge will just come right out.

That's very, very awesome. I didn't tell you this before the show, but I'm 90 percent done with my book and right on a similar approach you're talking about right now, it works to outline it, to get the topics down, to arrange them in the right order that you wanted to come out. And then just it's like, oh, shoot, I can write about this all freaking. Dare you kidding me?

That's right. It's already in there. You're just having a conversation. You're just doing it in writing, that's all. It's just in most people say, well, I'm not a writer, but if you're a talker, you can talk, you can write and and no one write the book alone. There is no one person that's ever written a book that didn't have a team of people, editors, proofreaders, write other sets of eyes. It's a team. It's a team effort. So you just you do your part and then you engage the team to help you win it. Well, one of the best things that you have ever done.

Absolutely. My my mentor did not put pen to paper. He wrote his entire book from words and just had it recorded and then had an editor put it all together. So, yeah. Perfect example. Yes, it was crazy. Jason Nasima, that is the that's the owner of the big insider secrets, the one that is giving away this incredible vacation state every single week. Be meeting him in Vegas tomorrow. And we're going to close the door for four days. I'm you go get some work done and you do some work. No fun. We'll be fun just because we're together. But he's a good friend.

Yes, for Bazilian words and comes with a get security.

Yes. How do we not sleep? That's the question, right? Is that how do we get better sleep or more sleep? It's how do we not fall asleep on our keyboard?

I will tell you something. I am literally sad almost every day when it gets to the point where I know I need to go to bed, even if I'm not tired, I just don't want to I want to keep going. It's just. I know. Yeah, yeah.

One of those people that can survive on four hours of sleep because there's so many more things I want to do and learn and and.

Yes. Well, you know what? I can't believe it. We're three minutes out. There is one question I love to end every show with with each and every one of you amazing people. And it's a it's a good one. It's a deep one. And it can be a little personal, but it's been phenomenal. The the responses have just been quite surprising to me. And I love to end it that way because it's such a an upbeat way to go. And that speaking of our buddy Jason, that I promised everyone how they could enter to win a five night stay at a five star luxury resort, compliments of, you guessed it, a big insider secrets. This is what you do now, Andre and I now give you permission. If you've been watching on a tablet or a computer, you can now take out your smartphone, but just for a moment and bring up your messaging app, because this is how you're going to enter. I'll put it up on the screen right now, take out your phone and bring up your messaging app and where you would put in the name of the person you would normally text instead type in this phone number. And that is three one four six six five one seven six seven. Yes. In honor you can enter as well if you like, three one four six six five one seven six seven. I have had guests win. I definitely have. And in the message area you can type the letter or the words. There's two words separated by a dash or a hyphen. If you prefer peek, that's a K dash vacation all together. Peak dash vacation. No spaces. Go and do that right now and get it done and then follow the instructions that will ensue. You will get an automated text message back. I think we ask for your email. I don't remember all the steps. There's like two steps involved and you just enter email and we will then officially our system put you in as an official contest taker.

I forget the name of it. You're making me. What's Actient danger entrant? Yes. All right. Let's get back to the good stuff. That was good, too. And thank you, Jason West and the big insider secrets dotcom for those wonderful giveaways every single week. Now, one of my most favorite parts of the show and I don't know what this question is. Oh, that makes it even better. Yes. And then right before we after this question, I'm going to ask if you wouldn't mind letting people know how to get in touch with you. So we'll hit that right now right at the very end here. But before that, I can't wait to ask this question. So are you ready? I think so. So just just to put you a little more at ease, there is no such thing as a wrong answer.

Doesn't exist, in fact, it's the opposite, the only correct answer is yours, and that is the only thing that makes this personal. All right, with that, here we go. Honoré, Cawdor, how do you define success?

I think I've already said it by impacting the lives of others in a positive way, by seeing their gifts and helping them to share their gifts with the world, specifically through their books, but in any way that they feel is best. That's how I define success.

I love what I get to do. I just so love this because of wonderful, amazing responses like that. No, no one person has ever said when I make another million, it's never money centric. It's about other people. And I didn't expect anything different in that case from you, that no two people have answered it identically the same way yet. And I've done one hundred and twenty some shows and that's what's cool about it. And if you don't mind, at some point I'll be reaching back to you and asking your permission to add your response to a collaborative book that's going to be titled. How Do You Define Success?

Permission granted. Love it. You heard it right there. It's recorded to record it. And I'll come back to you and maybe you can help with the publishing and all the marketing that's make it fun of it. I would love it. Let's do it right on. All right.

With you, though, I'm going to bring my husband. There's great food there. Come on over. Offtake Bouchon. Yeah, there's all kinds of good all kinds of good stuff we can get into there.

I'll be there tomorrow at noon. So come on, sit down.

I'll be there.

Before I let you go, though, I want to let people in on how to get in touch with you, because I know there are so many aspiring authors that can use what you do.

And look who would not want to work with this young woman. I mean, seriously, I'm dead serious. This is someone who will get you the results you want and deserve and be respectful of her and know that she is a professional at the same time. And don't ask for things that are ridiculous. I've seen that happen before. But Hornery is a woman of integrity and character and you can see she's a product of the product. So reach out to her. Don't be shy, take action, do it and to reach out to her, let's put something on a screen to give her a little Kutta. Go with that, wasn't it? It'll be this one instead if that one works too. It's the. That's the website.

Yeah. They both work. Yeah. So they're all right there on the front of my website you can get your own free digital copy of you must write a book. It's the book too. It's not too chapter. Opt in right there, get a free copy of the book and read the book. And then if you think that might be helpful to you and your book, I have a couple of different ways. So I would love to hear from you. I would love to help you work on your book, get your book out into the world.

And what is the best way for someone to actually reach out to you and say, I do want to work with you?

Is it this contact link or contact link in the back and they can send an email that comes directly, directly to me.

There you go. You heard it straight from here. And that Web address for those of you on podcast only that are listening after the fact, it's on recorder dotcom and that is spelled h o n o r e e. C or D, e r dot com honoré quarter dotcom and go get your book called, you must write a book. I love that title. It's like straight to the point.

I want to be clear that the title of your book, yes, I to the point.

Yes, it is. I love it. Always a product of the product. I love it.

All right. Thank you so very, very much. I'm so thrilled that you came on. And I appreciate you for spending this time and staying up late for not just for me, but for everyone that got to interact and be part of an experience, your brilliance and your value.

And you made a difference and you've made a difference in my life. I know that with a lot of the tips you gave already. I've got them written down. This is page two of my notes. I started on a different page. Just so everybody knows, I don't just ask you to do things that I typically wouldn't do myself. I'm there right in a way. And I'm the director. I'm the host. I'm doing all. It's so fun. I love this. We have comments to see if any of them are worthy of. Yes. Love to give. Jason, this is definitely a giver. There is no doubt about that. And you're very welcome for sponsoring.

Yes. Thank you, buddy. And Rene Rambow McCuen, thanks for the interesting, informative conversation. Absolutely.

Oh, she is. All right, yeah. Let's ask the chief umpire in the Rambo army. Love it, yeah. All right.

Well, that is it for tonight. I appreciate each and every one of you who watched and the audience who came on are watching us live. And then all of those that are listening on podcast, be sure to subscribe to this podcast and keep them coming, because we do this every single week. We have a library of one hundred and twenty something. I lost count and they're all value packed. But if you're looking to write a book and if you want to get your message out there, if you want to get exposure for your business, then this is the young lady for you to reach out to on recorder.

So do that. Go to on recorder dotcom right now, because we're closing the show out. There's really nothing more to tell you. So go there. Now, if you're still watching, you shouldn't be watching. Go to on recorder dotcom and stuff and get that free book. Do it now and get paid for this. But maybe I should maybe I should come back and ask for royalties. But no, I'm just kidding. Seriously, do this, take action and get your book written because everyone has a book in them. All right. Thank you. Once again, can I tell you how much I appreciate you? That is it for this edition of The Mind Body Business Show. On behalf of the amazing on Recorder, I am Brian Kelly, your host. We'll see you again next week. Until then, actually, it'll be a couple of weeks because of holidays. But we'll be back. Just just go to the mind body business show dotcom register and you'll be notified the next time our show goes live, which will be on a Thursday, I think two weeks from tonight. I have to look at the calendar. We'll be back. All right. That's it for now. Goodnight, everyone. So long and be blessed.

Thank you for tuning in to the mind body business show podcast at W-W just got the mind body business show.

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Sonix uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to convert your eJw1jl1rgzAUhv9LLnbl1IraKZRB1465MQuzHeuVhORow5IcSWKllv73aWGX78d5znslDLUD7Wp36YDkpCQeEdo6qhnUgpM8W8ZpnIapR1hvHaregrkHUbpI4yTyCGUM-4nwb2bL0CONAMlrTdUMbYSEifs7UNNakl9Jb-Rkn5zrbB4EwzD4LWIrgXbC-gxVwI04Q3COgvnUBotsv9u-Po3YgnGXbAzr7zE5fRUf7_vkSOFnfKbSrRRwQR8s9obBiuOgJVJ-mF55xAkn5yWfRblZ7zbH9aEqym1VPb6hRgPwgoaD8VUXT-UGjaJuas_ydvsDOXRhkg:1kq6uE:u55qIFiw5v2h-FU5H1QEiuxPZJo files to text.

Sonix is the best online video transcription software in 2020—it's fast, easy, and affordable.

For your video files, use Sonix to easily convert eJw1jl1rgzAUhv9LLnbl1IraKZRB1465MQuzHeuVhORow5IcSWKllv73aWGX78d5znslDLUD7Wp36YDkpCQeEdo6qhnUgpM8W8ZpnIapR1hvHaregrkHUbpI4yTyCGUM-4nwb2bL0CONAMlrTdUMbYSEifs7UNNakl9Jb-Rkn5zrbB4EwzD4LWIrgXbC-gxVwI04Q3COgvnUBotsv9u-Po3YgnGXbAzr7zE5fRUf7_vkSOFnfKbSrRRwQR8s9obBiuOgJVJ-mF55xAkn5yWfRblZ7zbH9aEqym1VPb6hRgPwgoaD8VUXT-UGjaJuas_ydvsDOXRhkg:1kq6uE:u55qIFiw5v2h-FU5H1QEiuxPZJo files to srt for better subtitles. If you are looking for a great way to convert your video to text, try Sonix today.

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Honorée Corder is an executive and strategic book and publishing coach, TEDx speaker, and the author of more than 50 books including You Must Write a Book. Additionally, she is co-creator of The Miracle Morning book series with Hal Elrod. Honorée passionately helps business professionals and entrepreneurs write, publish, and monetize their books, boost their brands, and get much more business! She also runs the Empire Builders Mastermind, does all sorts of other magical things, and her badassery is legendary. You can find out more at

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