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So here's the big question how are entrepreneurs like us who have been hustling and struggling to make it to success, who seem to make it one step forward only to find. Two steps back, work dedicated. How do we finally break through? And that is the question. And this podcast will give you the answers.

Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to the Mind Body Business Show.

Hey, so glad you could join us here tonight. You got a sneak peek there of our guest expert who's coming on had a little snafu in the tech. That is great. How are you doing?

My name is Brian Kelly, the host of The Mind Body Business Show. It is a show for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. And what I love to do is bring on super, super successful, high quality individuals such as ejecta, who you got a glimpse of. They're just a little bit ago. Who is going to be on screen here?

In just a moment, we're going to share his brilliance, his wisdom, his value with you, the mind body business show it was built on what I call the three pillars of success, and that being the three words of the show, mind being mind set, where I discovered that the most successful people had a very powerful and flexible mindset to a person and body. Each and every one of the successful people I know took care of themselves. And it doesn't mean that they became a bodybuilder or a glamor model, but they did take care of themselves nutritionally and they would exercise on a regular basis. And business businesses, multi, multi, multifaceted. There are so many areas that successful people I studied had mastered, including sales, marketing, team, building, systematizing leadership. And I could go on and on and on. The good news is you don't have to master every single one of those. Nobody does. You only really need to master one.

And actually, I mentioned that one in that list and that one is leadership, because once you've mastered the skill set of leadership, you now can and are able to delegate delegate those tasks out to the others that have mastered the skill sets you have not yet done.

And that way there's really no need for you to ever master all of them. And to be honest, I don't know if there's enough time for any one human on this planet to do so because there are a lot. And so that's why leadership is so vitally important. And on that note, on leadership and the skills that are involved in becoming very successful, one of the other traits I noticed of the highly successful are that they are to a person very voracious, voracious and avid readers. And with that, I like to segway into a little quick segment. I affectionately call bookmarks.

Bookmarks, Hornsey, read bookmarks, ready, steady, read bookmarks brought to you by Reach Your Peak Library Dotcom.

There you see, reach your peak library on the side of myself to the right on the screen, if you're watching this live, if you're on podcast, just follow along. And if you are online right now, do yourself a favor and resist the desire to click away to type in these resources, because I know Jack's going to bring us some tonight. Can't wait for that.

And instead of actually going and clicking and looking instead, I would implore of you to do this. And that is to take notes. That is exactly what I will be doing, I have my notepad ready with traditional pen and paper, and then when the show is over, you can then go back to your notes and revisit those resources.

And why I say that is because I would really hate for you to miss out, to take your attention, your gaze elsewhere. Right. The moment that Jack Turk drops that wisdom bomb that could potentially change your life for the better going forward. So stay with us. Stay on the show and watch. And by the way, this show is sponsored by the Big Insider Secrets. And for all of you that stay until the end. We will show you a way to win a five night stay at a five star luxury resort. Compliments of them. That's my buddy Jason Narced at the Big Insider Secrets Dotcom. So, Richard Library, what is that? That is a Web site that I literally had made with you in mind. May sound cheesy, but it's true. I kid you not. These are books that I personally have read. And here's the thing. I did not start reading until quite a bit later in life around forty seven or so. I'm fifty six at the time of recording this.

And so I just started reading somewhat recently in my life and I just began devouring them. And I love Audible. That's my form. And I just began reading all the books you see on the screen, some physical, mostly on audible. And what I decided to do is just put a list together of only the books that had a significant impact on either my business or my personal life or both. So that you had a one stop shop, you could just go there and pick a book and look at all these buttons. They go they go to Amazon. It's like I think I make three cents if you buy a book, this is not a money making website.

It's really here is a resource for you. And in fact, if you see a book title and you just want to go buy it on Amazon, you want to bypass any possible affiliate links, go ahead. It's not here for money. It is here for you to get the information you need. All the math. That's a beautiful and I said scrolling by, this is all for you to grab the first book that jumps off the page that you the four agreements. Oh, my gosh, that's phenomenal. I got to stop looking at these books. So that is there for you. A resource, our gift to you for watching this show.

So, again, write that down and then come back because write it down.

Don't go there now because I'm bringing on our guest expert. Here he comes. Get ready for him. Jack Turk is on the way.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight. Savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained, legally qualified.

And there he is, ladies and gentlemen, the one the only Mr. Jack Turk.

Brian, those are such great adjectives you apply to other people.

I'm honored to be included with any of those adjectives, every one of them, my friend, every one of them, that they wouldn't be there and you wouldn't be here on this show. That's the qualification criteria, is that those adjectives match the person that I have on the show. So I appreciate you coming on, Jack. Real quick, before we formally bring you on. Oh, just left on before me. Hey, if you're struggling with putting a live show together and it's overwhelming and you want a lot of the processes done for you while still enabling you to put on a high quality show and to connect with great people like Jack Turk and grow your business all at the same time.

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You're only like me. Six adjectives. Come on. We've got to be more.

I love it. So you're going to love this. Ladies and gentlemen, Jack Turk is the world's fastest copywriter, not just the fastest. I'm going to add one more winner, the best as well. He is the hidden man behind the curtain for no B.S. Inner Circle, which is a company founded by Dan Kennedy.

So if you've been around any time at all in the business circle and marketing, you know that name, Dan Kennedy and many other prominent marketing experts in dentistry, finance and small business, he has written copy that has generated, get this, millions of dollars in sales for corporations like Microsoft and Kodak, as well as small businesses, including dentists, attorneys, physicians, even like this one, magicians.

And he's done webinars, TV commercials, sales letters, ad copy for all of this email, product launches, websites, info products and much, much more. I'm getting tired. That's fantastic. That is it. Finally, officially, TURC. How are you doing, my friend?

I'm doing great, Brian. Thank you so much for having me on tonight. I really appreciate this opportunity to share a few ideas and thoughts with your audience.

Oh, my goodness, I'm so excited because when it comes down to marketing is the lifeblood of any business. And I would say, at least for my part, the hardest part of all of marketing to me is getting the copywriting correct, getting it to where people are leaning in as they're reading. They want to hear more. What's the next line going to be all the way to the call to action or whatever that happens to be? So what I wanted to find out, Jack, you've been doing this quite some time and you're very successful at what you do. And you're an entrepreneur. You're a business owner. It takes a lot of. A lot of very strong mindsets, skills to be able to do what you do, any entrepreneur to gain success. So I was curious, know I like to dig deeper more than just the experiences and accolades that come from your bio. What is it like when you get up in the morning and you know that you have challenges coming up in front of you for your business to grow up to do that? Next thing, what is going on, that big, beautiful brain of yours that keeps you motivated, keeps you going in a positive day in and day out.

I think the first thing I do every day and I have. Gotten more disciplined about this over the past few years is that I take time to express gratitude for the day.

I think it's such an important thing to realize and have perspective that our time is limited. We get us we get a slice of eternity. We get our own little slice. And it's a gift. It's a gift to have this experience, to be able to be here for that slice of time. And nothing is written in stone as to whether I'll have a slice of time tomorrow or next week or the week after the month after the year after. And so every day is a gift. And I make sure to express gratitude to God that he has blessed me with one more day and may I have the opportunity to serve and benefit and grow from that day and those experiences.

I love that. That's one of the key elements. I I've done so many of these interviews and that that is a constant theme. Not every single one, but very, very prominent theme is that is the one of gratitude, the attitude, gratitude, some would say, for the catchy rhyme it has. And the cool thing is it works. I got in the habit of I used to commute long ago. I used to commute to a job and it was a horrible, desolate commute. I didn't like it at all and it was boring. And I didn't listen to books back then. I hadn't started reading. This is going back always. I just start being thankful for things like thank you for me, being able to see this desolate place.

Thank you for the fact that I have eyesight. Thank you for. And it just would get the more ridiculous you make it. It doesn't matter if you are showing that attitude of gratitude. It's like rewiring your brain and you're you're you're better for it and your day is much brighter. It just works. And it's simple to do. And it costs nothing.

Costs nothing. And, you know, I'm going to just riff on just for a moment longer. I think we have as a society and a culture today that does not appreciate how blessed we are, how good we have it. One of the benefits one of the other things I do regularly is read. Ancient literature, whether it's the Bible with the writings of Marcus Aurelius, Plutarch or whomever, you know, reading. Thoughts and wisdom from people from hundreds, if not thousands of years ago makes you realize how the human condition has never changed and how good we have to really that circumstances, no matter what your circumstances are. You know, if I'm guessing just about everybody on this call right now, they've got good water to drink. They've got a roof over their head. They're not really concerned about where they're going to eat or they're going to eat tonight. I mean, those they got clothes on. They're not going to be naked out in the Welcome the storm and the weather. And for most of human history, that wasn't a given. That really wasn't. So we should be grateful for every moment. We have so much to be thankful for. And that, I think, really inspires your day.

Couldn't agree more. I mean, taking it down to the point of like there's times where I will mutter the thing, like I'll say something like, oh, I have to go do dishes now. No, wait a minute.

I get to do dishes that have to and put it into a get to because I only get to because I've been blessed to have dishes to wash and wash them in and the, the kitchen within to do that, which is enclosed by a house which is gone, and it has this subtle, beautiful, positive undertow to the brain even it's not even an hourly conscious thing where you unwrap it and go all the way. We'll have a house that means I have a job or something to pay for that house. It just happens internally and you just start living each day more fully, in my humble opinion, that what happens to Jack?

Oh, absolutely. And I think I just it brought to mind a couple of points. One of them I remember going to one of these a seminar, a business seminar. And one of the speakers said, I think it was Maturi, it was Maturi. He made the point and I never heard this kind of thinking before was that there are operated there's money in the air floating by me. And an entrepreneur sees things differently. And I first sees opportunities all around, whereas people who have got a negative mindset who are down to the dumps, who feel like they're failures, who feel like life is against them, they don't see opportunities everywhere. But an entrepreneur sees sees literally sees money in the air. And that is so important to have that kind of mindset and opportunity thinking.

Totally agree it's fun you in the air. I had a thought in the water when when this whole thing first hit, this whole pandemic, one of the things that you could not find anywhere was an essential, which was called toilet paper. Right. Oh, and I just remember thinking, I know there's a solution to this. And then it hit me as if I went looking online because I had heard of this device that is not very prevalent in the US, but it is in Europe is called a body and it literally squirts water from beneath in the your behind and washes it in, to be honest, cleaner than we're just smearing it all over ourselves, to be honest and visible.

It's washing you literally. It's cleaning you. And I thought, wow, it would be awesome if there was a portable one of these. And there they do exist and you can clamp them on your toilet seat right now from Amazon. I thought, oh my gosh, if I had that idea from the beginning of all this, I would have just raked it in. But that's that's an example, right? Everyone's thinking, oh, I don't have any toilet paper, but you can get this for today and probably pay less for it than you will for toilet paper over the next couple of months.

Well, this took a turn I didn't expect, but I have to start thinking about squirt guns. I don't know why, but I just was looking at economizing, of course.

But, you know, whatever I loved.

So I'm going I'm going to just guess, would you call yourself an avid reader? As I was talking about in the opening of the show, I see a few books and a bookshelf behind you there.

Yes, I agree. If I'm not reading I'm not reading a physical book. I'm reading online. I'm reading Kindle, I, I don't know how many books are your read a number. I just don't I'm just always reading something. My most recent book and I try, I don't, I don't read as much fiction as I used to read a lot of fiction and the fiction I do read now I'm a big fan of H.P. Lovecraft and the cartoon mythos saw the Catala and Caleca through the and and again, if you're a real geek, you say Kotula as opposed to know I have Ausmus corrected by a real geek on this SOYER. I now I've been lectured and schooled in the proper pronunciation of rely and I got talking to Catholic photog and whatever, whatever this is. So I like Lovecraft, but I do read a lot of things I wanted to kind of, which you would think is a thousand miles away, which I just finished reading, was a big book called Thinking Orthodox, which is about understanding and acquiring the Orthodox Christian mind, which is and I don't come from that tradition. And I thought, well, that's interesting. I thought that would be because there's and in Western civilization really doesn't think much about Eastern Orthodox, the church in those Russian Orthodox, et cetera, and the Greek. And it was very fast. It was fascinating. And it got a big thing in. That is the author of the book is called And I think it's applicable to entrepreneurs.

It's called The Word Is From Yima. They're big about Purnima, which is the Greek word, which is translated mindset or a way of thinking and the Orthodox mind, the Orthodox Church has a specific mindset and a way of thinking that is different than how Western churches think in terms of its Western church, based on topics like a lot of I'm getting real deep in this crap.

But Lord Thomas Aquinas, which talk about faith, is reason and from Najma of the Eastern Orthodox Church is different. And we all have a certain we approach life with a difference, with a way of from Naimah, a way of looking at things, a mindset as very important to be aware of the mindset. It really would be conscious of that. How important your mindset is to, again, back to the notion of gratitude for the very beginning. Your mindset is critical to protect it and think about it, not just let it happen.

It's totally agree. Oh, hey, we got a wonderful young man here named S.T. Tenggara that he's really enjoying this. I know this young man, Jack, and as a matter of fact, you two should meet because he's a he worked with me as an apprentice in my company. He did a phenomenal job and he's looking to expand in the realm of copywriting. Go figure. So maybe I will introduce the two of you at some point after the fact. And you can be the Yoda to his. What's the character's name that you to talk to?

I'm going to Luke. Thank you, Luke. See you now, Luke. And if you're curious to know that that I are whatever, it's a compliment either way, better than that.

So I want to get deeper into a bit of your history, your back story, like you were your bio. We talked about you worked with Dan Kindies company or the the copywriter for the company. How did that come about? What kind of experience was that? And then what does it lead to? Like where are you now?

Ok, I got into it. I have been a writer since since college. I get into writing kind of as an offshoot. I went into college initially to become a chemist in the paper industry. I have a kind of a technical mind and I like I like that kind of stuff like science. And I go to college on a scholarship for paper. And while I was there my first semester, MacNeice, I think my first second semester there, I saw an ad in student student newspaper on how to can you be funny? So I thought, yeah, that sounds like fun. So I try that. I got involved doing a radio comedy group in college. One of the guys in the radio comedy group, we did radio scripts and radio shows for a couple of years and one of the guys was Tim Allen. And I've known Tim Allen since since the late 70s. And I was actually visiting him. Last time I saw him was last last March at a taping of Last Man Standing. And I we we chat now and then. He's a great guy. So I got into writing, then I switched majors, kept my minor in mathematics, which majored in English. I got in the computer industry and basically spent years and years writing documentation.

I wrote a lot of documentation and a lot of it. Microsoft eventually and in the multimedia systems group. And I wrote the first help file for Windows Media player. So I wrote the first programmer documentation for video for Windows of the Abbi what the ABI file format documentation. And it's actually the reason we're streaming right now. I think I could take a little credit for it.

Maybe not a lot, but just just because it's all based on audio, video interleaved. And then I was at Microsoft bounced around Microsoft and a bunch of different things. I was a writer, writing manager. I did project management. I have my Microsoft Project Management Paperwhite here. It has all these things about project management stuff. I took the course there and the management of projects and websites for Microsoft and some game design. And and then on my fiftieth birthday, I was working on a flight simulator. I did all the instructions on flights and I worked on Age of Empires. I told my boss, came in with Happy Birthday Jack. And I left and I said, Hey, Alan, I'm going to quit.

And I left Microsoft to become a full time magician. And for, oh, I don't know, about eight years, I was doing two to three hundred shows a year, performing primarily children's birthday parties all across Northwest. And I got really I was I was pretty good. I'll be I'm not I'm not the world's greatest magician. I will acknowledge I'm probably somewhat of a hack compared to these guys. You know, the guys who you mentioned earlier, we chatted about Fool. Can you can you fool me, the Penn and Teller thing. Now, I can't fool Penn and. No way. That's just I can't do it, but I can market myself, other pretty good marketer and learn how to market.

And I had like a list of I actually a little info business and how to market to magicians of magicians who learn how to market their services. So I was doing shows. I got an info business of about 50 magicians worldwide and I had like a website and 20 some products and marketing and show development, stuff like that.

And while I was doing that, I was also starting to get more and more people, they saw what I was writing, good copy.

I had people come, hey, could you get some copy for me? And I learned all this from David, who I give great credit for.

He's a devotee of Dan Kennedy. And Dave's like an awesome human being, brilliant marketer, great copywriter, neat guy, too, and.

He basically I started buying all his stuff and I started implementing and he started saying this, those guys actually just gets off his butt, does something and say, hey, why don't you take this whole project for me? So I did a project. Then he once why do that? So before long, instead of me sending him money, he starts, send me money and I start doing stuff for him. I was doing copy for him and I worked with Dave for like years. And Dave, when she got hired by Dan Kennedy, by Icee to be the VP of marketing.

And after a quick.

Test of like can I write the test was, can I write some emails in the voice of Ted Kennedy and being a older, grumpy little Midwestern sort of Protestant Presbyterian?

What kind of person? You know, whatever I am, I didn't find that too hard to write. Like sound like Ted Kennedy. I just talked about the way he wrote to do that. And they brought me on and for for twenty twelve to twenty fifteen. I was the head copywriter for Jinksy. And we had two other copywriters on the team, and basically I manage the team and we produced we were a copy machine, we had to generate emails, sales letters, long, long form, short form sales letters, website, copy webinars, product launches. I got involved in doing a lot of this is I have an instructional design background. I got involved doing a lot of development of some of the products. I was key in developing the the ultimate marketing machine and the ultimate info marketing machine I was involved with. Here's a product the Dandala called the source code about money, understanding money, how money works, how money flows. Great product you still get. I would actually advise buying this from Jean from Nobbs is a great product talking about money versus the money and how it works. I actually worked. Dad had the Dan produced all the information. Dan is the mind, the brilliance. And I took his lectures and and created like instructional points within as to here's what you know, here's sort of money is money is entirely, entirely unresponsive to need. So I basically put the stuff in a nutshell and created a workbook based on Dan's teachings. So that was my contribution for that product. And I did a bunch of other stuff for him, too. And it was just a great experience.

Working with that whole team is a really great team. I still hang out and talk to people who still work there and who've left and gone on to bigger and better stuff. And it was a great experience. After three years, I was ready to branch out, do more stuff, serve more clients, just try different things. And I did twenty fifteen. I left, but not really because I actually stayed with them as a as a contractor for, you know, the last thing I did was last summer I was still working on stuff for them up till last summer. I'm still in contact with them. So I have been doing stuff with them since twenty fifteen still since the twenty twelve. I've done stuff for decades company and has written a lot of stuff in Dan's voice again. I'm kind of of the same generation of Tsan, same background or small town, you know, Midwest or thing, and I try to and I think I have really this is a tip if you have to write somebody else's mind. Is really get to know them. I mean, really look at the writing read they're writing. One of the tips I've got was when I started carburetors that they could copy and handwrite it out. So find a great sales letter and handwrite it. I did that with Dan stuff I read to immerse myself in Dan. And it makes the difference, I mean, that's just you get the voice, you get their voice, and that's so important if you're right, for somebody else to really understand their voice.

It's interesting, though, yeah, when you do hang out with somebody for a long time, you really get to know them. You do start sounding like them or ultimately even when you talk to other people.

Sure, absolutely, absolutely. And you know, kind of what what's good about is really not it's not just knowing they're one. You got to know the words they use. When I when I wrote for Dave, I knew with the type of words he would use words like Killer Dave love to use the word killer, you know, and different things he would use and phrases he would use. And Dan has the same thing. He has things like there's like there's writer downers. That's that's a Dandyism. He uses that all the time. Things like look around the room, you'll learn more from looking around the room. You look it up here at me, you know, I got all these Dan isms, Planet Dan isms, you learn those, but you also learn it's good to learn. You really need to learn. If you especially were doing somebody's voice, you need to know things about their life, like do they have kids have like hobbies or hobbies. They do what they do in their spare time. You know, one of the things Dan and I actually made the share mistake I made early on with writing, as Dan is, I mentioned a cell phone and that is verboten. What Dan would never, never have a cell phone. Really?


That's that's that's pretty interesting. But still, it's good to know, like if you're writing for someone else, you have moved on from that. And what have you moved into? What are you doing now? What is Jack Turk, the master copywriter, doing that's helping and serving others? I know you're doing stuff. I just want to hear from you.

So I get little projects. I have one. I have I have a couple of really strong clients I work with regularly, ones in the dental niche. And he's an awesome human being. I know he is a he is he helps dentists really fulfill their dreams and lead better lives by making their practice, running their practice the way they really want to run them. You know, so many of us and this is and honestly, he's so brilliant in that it's so great to be be associated with really high quality people, because even though he. Right. He writes regularly to the and I don't touch the stuff. He writes like a column to them and everything regular. But the messages he writes are totally applicable to my business as a copywriter, to someone else's business, as perhaps an I.T. shop, to somebody else's business, as like a plumber or whatever. The same business lessons, thinking lessons, life, you know, prioritizing lessons all apply.

Another great book I'll give you. Sure. Sure are. Just I just finished reading the book from a previous client of mine and she's in the legal net. She helps attorneys and she wrote actually I'm and like that she wrote a book to attorneys on business and I read it. I got everything she's saying is applicable to me, to my business. It's just brilliant.

That's fantastic. So it's the art of writing and knowing how to really speak to a multitude of people. And you figured it out. And so now you've you also have your whole life. You have a website behind it about a certain way of copywriting. I'm not going to give it away did on the bio. But you have this unique way of going about writing a lot of copy in a short period of time. Would you mind explaining how that works real quick?

I actually have a visual demonstration for you. Oh, nice.

I'm going. And this is like the first time I've done this, so we'll see how it goes. World harkens back to my days as a magician, so there are three keys to writing. Copy fast. The first is mindset. You have to have the right mindset. You have to think, as I mentioned, the front I'm on the front end of the right mindset that you can write copy quickly. The second is you need tools. You need a set of proper tools in order to write copy quickly. Things like templates, things like outlines, headline formulas. The third thing you need is a system. You need a system to write copy quickly. Now people wonder what's more important mindset, tools, system. Well, it's a problem you have to try to solve, actually, I think when it comes down to it. They're all equal. They're all equal.


Tools and system all must be put into place. I love it.

Encore, encore. Fantastic. Yes. So there you go. A world premiere of a never before seen trick by the one and only Jack Turk in all. That's true because no one else has seen Jack Turk perform that trick.

So I wonder if untether would have been fooled. Not a chance. Not a chance. But I love that.

So, you know, that's another great actually a tip for individuals that are out there marketing. Look what Jack just did. He utilized his love of magic to help illustrate a point. The three keys of writing a killer copy are mastering copywriting using mindset, tools and systems and used ropes to represent them originally at different lengths and then later all the same length. And basically the messages, they're all equally as important. And I love that because people will. So that's the the genius of Jack Tourk, his copywriting. He just added a visual element to it and told the story. And is that important, Jack, to tell stories in your copywriting to keep people invigorated and going?

I think I think the the more I write, the longer I'm at this, the more important I realize. And I'm only now starting to understand it fully.

Anambra is like how powerful story is, is how critical it is, because we are wired inherently to create narrative. Out of random circumstance, no matter what, our minds will create narrative, which is to our great detriment in some ways to our to our benefit and others. But it's you can't. You can't. It's like I don't like gravity. Well, I'm sorry. Gravities there ain't nothing you are going to do about it. And same thing about narrative and story. It's there, it's got to be there.

And when you say let me tell you a quick story. Everybody's ears perk up. Yes, everybody stops what they're doing.

Because at that moment, you are brought back thousands, if not tens of thousands of years to the campfire. Where the the chief tells the tale of coming back and how they took down the mastodon and why you're actually able to eat today as opposed to going hungry one more day.

Story matters. Incredibly powerful. You.

Yeah, it's something I learned at a deep level from my mentor. And so what Jack is talking about is applicable to any form of communication. And when I was learning it, it was from stage like physically training his students. And I loved he just put everything at ease at one point when, you know, we all we did we had a PowerPoint to follow and we had notes. And I'm teaching someone else's content, which I know you've done, Jack, and that can be a challenge. But yours, it's a little bit more difficult. And so you're in your head thinking about what is the what is the point behind this one? I want to make sure I nail it and always worried about getting the detail just right. And then he finally put it in place and said, look, all the facts and figures there aren't nearly as important as the stories you can tell that would relate to them. And as soon as I heard that, I was like, wow, that took the pressure off. I just want to tell the stories and and weave it, weave a story through all the stories. And people will actually retain the information even better than if you had all these facts and figures up on the big screen that will just put on a very analytical. And so what you're seeing metaphors, I think, is true in all of life. If you're telling a story to your kids, if you're you know, if you're talking to your kids, if you're trying to teach them something, throw on a story, make it more invigorating if you're a fan of your teacher. Right, Jack? I mean, could you imagine if all teachers had the gift of storytelling?

I've had many great ones. Some didn't know how to tell a story or their life, and they were the most boring instructor on the planet. But everyone does the best they can. But I think I think the point you're that you have brought up is that it is so important for people. Look, you don't have to be a master storyteller. It just needs to be something of interest. And it just kind of it does a quick state change.

If you're talking about a certain product and all the benefits and features and then a story comes up, you're like you wake up like like Jack said, your ears get big, lean in, and now you want to hear more. And what's the next step to getting that great product that Jack has to offer you? And by the way, he has a gift to give at the end of this. I can't wait to share that.

And to that end, do you mind if we pull up your website real quick and go try and see what you're up to? Because you have to a lot more than you've then you've admitted to thus far. So let's pull that up real quick.

And I want to share your your brilliance and your wisdom and your value with everyone. And go ahead. Take it away. What do we see here and what is this?

I'm going to be totally I'll be totally up front one, I built this website because I figured, gee, I should have a website and probably I may well be if we're going to get to, like, the theories of how you market yourself as governor, I could well be the very worst copywriter when it comes to marketing myself.

I could be the worst person on the planet because I don't have do not have a great marketing funnel, et cetera, et cetera, for my own services. I, I be very honest. I get one hundred percent of my business because I showed up someplace. I think I remember dance dance axium for like success is be somebody somewhere, do something, be somebody, be somewhere or do something. Every dime I make is because I try to be somebody. I show up somewhere and I do something and that's, that's my marketing system right there. This is suppose being someplace and being somebody. I have a mailing list. I send out a regular email. I'm, I give great credit. Dave is great to. I'd start doing this with Dave. Dave does a great email. He he is great at it. Ben settle I'm sure. Another great name. Get on Ben's mailing list. Ben's a master. He's the best at emails. I am somewhat haphazard in my timing, I'll be honest. But all right. I think. Fun, informational. Quality e-mails on how to write copy fast, I take some of them and I throw this Web site, and so that's that is the X, that's the opening the Comodo a little bit on that.

And you know what's really interesting about that, Jack, that is like universal. It's so interesting that you said all that. And thank you for your transparency, but it's so funny because I'll be talking to a close friend of mine who's got their own business and they're struggling. And I'll ask him what he's struggling with. They tell me. I said, oh, well, I do this, this, this, this and this, like, instantly. And they're like, oh, my God, I never thought of that. How did you. I said, I don't know. It just it's it's easy. But then when the tables turn and I'm trying to do my own, I freeze. I can't figure out how to get out of a paper bag. It's unbelievable. It's very similar what you just said. It's like it's so much easier to do it for someone else and for yourself. I think, you know, we're so in our own business, it's a more emotional attachment. I don't know the reason behind it, but I can I can help other businesses and people till the cows come home like it's instant and effortless. And then they say, so tell me all about your stuff and what you're working on, what you need to do next and just kind of go to this phone.

That's immediately where I went to. I think that's a universal thing.

What is it? Who was it? Was it the CEO of Intel or something? I'm not sure. Maybe somebody else. But anyway, what's the CEO's question? The keys to the CEO's big question. What should I be doing right now? That is the critical question you should always be asking yourself throughout the day, what should I be doing right now? The question and that's hard, that's a hard question to answer.

Well, usually because we're doing something we shouldn't be doing right now.

Right, right. We if we if we give ourselves a little moment of reality, maybe maybe that it wasn't the best thing I could have been doing in my time right now.

Yeah, I mean, totally. I mean, you get one little notification on your phone or something. If you didn't turn it off and you could spend another hour on Facebook or or now Clubhouse or all these other social media platforms. And then you look at the clock on oh no, I just threw an hour of my day out the window and get back to focus. So, I mean, that's powerful right there. What should I be doing right now is what we should ask ourselves all the time.

Now, it's a it is a great idea, I'll give you another of my other favorite question as long as we're on question from Microsoft. I discovered this at Microsoft and I didn't come up with it. Somebody else, I can remember his name. But the question is. What problem are we trying to solve here? Exactly what problem are we trying to solve? And who owns solving that problem? Those two questions, that question, that first part of it is is so critical when you're undertaking any kind of task. It's you have to know. Why are you the reason you're doing it? What problem you're trying to solve? As we often go off in directions that really make No.

Aren't clear, we don't know what we're going to do about it or not look for questions, I hope everybody's writing us down and just just to go back to that about writing things down. So I'm a director, producer, talent and interviewer, and I'm still taking notes, just as I had instructed everyone or recommended everyone to do rather than run off and do Google searches or look at your Facebook or anything else, stay with Jack and write notes. Those were three powerful questions. And I hope you all got those because, well, I'll do everyone a favor and recant them one time and write them down.

If you haven't, what should I be doing right now? Powerful to ask yourself, what problem are we trying to solve? That's a big one, because that's what entrepreneurs do, we solve issues, we solve problems and get paid to do it. And then who owns actually solving that problem? I love those. And what if it's you, what if you own the solution and then what should you be doing right now?

Go ahead. Solving that they go for it.

And if you don't know how to market, if you don't know how to write the copy, I know someone who does it sitting right next to me. His name is Jack Turk. Just in case. Just in case you needed all that. My goodness. That those for this entire show, those were probably the three biggest nuggets of the entire show thus far as you watch and listening, because take it from someone who's been around the block is you know, this guy has been through a lot of phases and experiences in his life in the tech field, writing documentation for Microsoft software.

I mean, that's highly technical stuff and could be very dry if you're the one writing it.

And if you're reading it, it could be anything.

But it takes a special intellect. It takes a special kind of person, very analytical and a very smart one to do that. And the thing is, is Jack has also a very creative mind. Those two often go together. I found and I know you play guitar. I worked with many software engineers back in the day and a lot of them actually were musical as well. And I thought that seems odd because most of the time, analytical people aren't very musical, but a lot of them are. They're very creative as well. And yeah. So you have this process of creativity. I want to dig into this. You have a process for writing copy really, really fast. And you present it in a way that's different than most that I've seen based on the visual part of it. If you know where I'm going with that, if you wouldn't mind, give a little synopsis about that and then we'll lead into a nice gift you have for people that will help them along that path.

Well, as I mentioned, there's the first part of writing copy fast is. Is believing you can and you mentioned, as you pointed at me, which is very kind and, you know, I'm honored, I believe that everybody watching right now listening right now.

Is quite potentially the very best cooperator you could find for your products or your services, because nobody else understands your customer as well as you do understand your product or service as well as you do understands the difference that what you do. Can make it someone else's life, can actually how they can transform their life from what are the challenges are facing right now? The ultimate destination you can get them to and experience and enjoy and appreciate, and so having the belief you can write fast is critical.

And the other aspect of it is detaching yourself from the notion that you have to labor intensely for weeks, four months, four years over a piece of copy in order to make it good. The reality is, nobody knows how good copy is until it actually gets out the market, until it's actually out the door. No one knows. So the key thing is to get it done. You have to think you have to think of yourself not as a writer, as in Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, whoever.

Charles Dickens, you are a project manager in charge of delivering a piece of sales material.

And the process we go through, through using tools is basically my process is to assemble all the different pieces to identify here's my offer and Brian Kurts, who I give great credit, brilliant marketer. You'll say this over again, like. The best copy is irrelevant if if the offer sucks. It doesn't matter how good your job, you can have the bet. And if your offer sucks and your loss sucks, if you've got Halberd had the example, like you're starting a hamburger stand, what's the one degree what's the one thing you really need to have? And people said, well, you have like the special bun, you've got to have the great condiments, you got to have high quality meat and have a nice job. What you really want is a starving crowd. And so the list finding your starving crowd is critical, fighting the making the hamburger offer that is so good it just can't be. It's irresistible. That's critical. And the copy, you know, you got to here here by this and it's going to work, period. I mean, you don't need fantastic, amazing copy if you have those two things. You got a killer offer, you got a killer list copy you share. So you basically get that. Those are you assemble those pieces all put down in place. And then the system is how you put them in step by step. You start. OK, let's do the headline. Let's do the subhead. Let's do the intro. Let's do that. Let's fill in the formula. The formula which we mentioned earlier, talked about stories. Your copy, your copy is a sales letter is a story. Just as the great definition of story I heard when I was trying when I attempted to write fiction, which all was horrible, but the definition of story is get your hero, introduce your hero, get him up a tree, throw rocks at him, and then get Mallory. How is that different problem, agitate, solve the classic formula problem, agitate, solve.

Absolutely love it. And you have a system and I might be giving something away here that, well, I'm going to you have a system, a step by step system, or you can take people where you do take people by the hand and show them how to write copy really fast. And you do it by experience, meaning you have them experience it in in the way that you actually write your own copy. And then you do a great, masterful job of explaining how and why it works so well. And then you also put some really cool like what do they call like? I'm thinking of comic books like those frames to make it come alive and be kind of fun, kind of along the lines of telling stories and metaphors now with pictures. And you can go back to your days of looking through comic books if you ever did that and have fun with it. But it makes more light of what so many people think is so doggone serious. And what you just said is everyone is their own best copywriter. And if you just go fast and I've been through the first couple of models that you have in that system, Jack and I can I can see, you know, it's like, OK, this isn't that big a deal. You just want to write really fast and you get a few elements and you can write a story anybody can like. You took us through that exercise and I'm not going to give away your secrets on how that works, but I highly recommend folks go to his website. And if they go to your website, how can they actually get to that? We'll get to the gift in a second. But I was wondering, is there a way for them to find that one system that I'm talking about, that program?

Well, you said you're mentioning it, I don't I kind of have at least in certain areas it's available, OK, if you want, I can put out and give you the the Web address, I suppose I don't actually doing that.

That would be phenomenal. I mean, it's a resource that people can use right now.

I will. I'll put it in.

The chat for you. All right. That's that's the actual program I just finished doing. I'll be brief, transparent. I just did a quick little joint venture with a buddy of mine. And so I haven't I just took down. Some of the stuff, so it's not you're very gracious just to indicate how much you like it. And it's like this is kind of the deal and it's it's the right ultimate right killer copycats toolkit. It's. It has three modules, one on one on mindset, one on tool's one on system and extensive training. What I try to do is I don't if you're looking for like seventy five hours of training, it ain't that if you're looking because I don't think it's necessary if you're looking for something that's focused on helping you get copy done and out the door quickly, that's exactly what it is. The training, the videos are short and fun. I basically you look at the top, the top image is exactly what are used throughout the entire as you head on the screen and throughout the entire tool kit. I think it's important right now. We want to have fun.

You know, you want to have fun if you want, I can if you I will give if you want to look at here's what here's an element of the.

Here's Brian, if you want to open it, there's a PDF here I just sent you. All right, open that up and show everybody. I'll give them an idea what the actual.

Of course, looks at.

He got it. There it is.

Ok, so this is this is one of the bonuses and this is the killer. Obviously, this is like a checklist to use before you send out any copy, because it's very important to have, like, something like because I made a lot of mistakes in sending our copy. And so this basically captures some of the lessons learned and things you should do before you send it out the door, because, again, you don't have to. You send out the door. But, you know, and again, this gives you an idea what it looks like. I didn't send you a text document. I tried. This is basically I think I do. I'm doing the classic comics version of magnetic marketing.

Right. And I love it because in the in the course itself, you are on video explaining and handholding people how to get through it. And I'm guessing these are the additional things that they can download as they're going through your course, right?

Yeah. If you go to the next page of show. There you go.

There you go. Notice it looks like a Dick Tracy kind of character there. For those of us that are old enough to know what that is and see, it's it's it's made fun. It's made light, but it gets the point through. And then when you watch his videos and follow along and do the exercises. So that's the thing. It's interactive. And I think those are the most effective forms of training, not just read and watch video and then, OK, now, now go off and do it. But he does it as you're going through the course so that you feel more involved. And it's like, well, if I don't do this, I don't think the rest of the course is going to be very good to me. So I'm going to do it. So it was a look when you did that was really well done.

Well, thank you, Brian. I really appreciate that.

My goodness, Jack, what's going on? Man, I just looked at the time, so before I run off away from the screen, so the URL is right. Keiller Copy Fast and right is spelled pretty killer copy fast dot info, forward slash deal detail. So that is where you can go to get access to this amazing course. It does come at a price. He does have also a free gift to give away. And you know what we're at that moment, it's getting toward the end of our show. I cannot believe it. So I'm going to just bring that up right now on the screen. And if you go to the following URL, we'll get that up here as well. There it is, this one is right, Keiller copy fast dot com, not info dot com four, slash the number three and the word steps all together. So red color copy fast dot com size, three steps. I'm saying that over and over for those that are listening to us on the podcast only afterward, you want to go there and grab your free gift. What is that free gift all about, Mr. Turits?

Well, it's kind of like a mini little mini course that gives you assist. It gives you and sort of mindset, tools and a system for creating headlines. It's a very simple system for creating headlines that you can use with websites, with sales pieces, postcards, whatever. And it's just kind of fun and simple show how you can actually get things done quickly. And I as I said, I think everybody here is a better is the is the perfect writer for their stuff. I really do. And nobody can. And if you can't write a book type, you can speak, you know, and you can speak passionately about what you provide about your customer and how much you care for your customer and the difference you can make in their lives. You can you can speak that record it get transcribed, you find an editor, you know, whatever, you know, that just added a little bit, set it out, see what happens. But I'm a big fan. Sit it out, see what happens.

You're absolutely right. You don't know if it works until you get it out there and you get the feedback of whether people took the steps that you want the copy to give them to go through. So it's so true. And so a lot of people get brain freeze. The writers, what does it call writers? Not refreezes. Yeah, because they're too worried about is this going to work or the only way you're going to find out is if you do it. So maybe you do coach on like writing multiple versions out of the chute or just write one and shoot it out and then write other versions afterward.

I tend to be. I tend to write as fast as I can, get it done, get a draft done and then sit on it. I believe in sitting on something for a day. I'm actually working on a small smile and I'm working on a small project for a real tiny little project right now that I I'm about eighty five percent done on the first draft and I'm just letting it set. And then I'm going to finish and to finish the first draft tomorrow and probably let it sit for an hour or so, go for a walk or whatever, and then do another edit and then ship it. I mean, that's I don't believe in you can I think it was Picasso who said art is never finished. It's only abandoned. And we can tweak and tweak and tweak and tweak and tweak forever not knowing. And this is the lesson again, a lesson from Microsoft.

You know, if you don't ship it, you can't sell it. They were very hard core, again, with my Microsoft project management group, very hard core, there's a deadline. It hit the deadline and you may have to sacrifice some stuff. You may have to go. Well, you know what? I don't know if that deadline is the best. I don't know if these are the best ballpoints. I don't know if you're going to have sex. But you know what? I'm going to ship this thing out come Friday. It's happening. It's going out Friday come hell or high water. And that's the mindset you need to have.

And I love that that's what gets people to open the whatever it is, the email or read further down on the copy of the Web page or the article, whatever happens to be the headline is like it. If they don't pass that, then they're not going to get into the meat of all the stuff you spend all that time, which won't be much time if you follow Jack's system and you write killer copy fast, but it's still time nonetheless. And you want to, you know, increase the odds of people taking it to the next line of your copy. If it's the subject line and that's your title, then it grabs their attention. They will be more apt to open it and read your email, if that's an email. So just phenomenal stuff. And we're at the end here and I need to fulfill my promise, Jack. And that was, I promise people something. I promise them that they can learn or they can qualify and enter to win a five night stay at a five star luxury resort. Compliments of the big insider secrets. You see the red circle above Jack's head there. If you're watching this, either live a recorded video.

And here is where Jack and I will both give you permission to temporarily take your gaze away from the screen. If you're not watching on your phone, then then you can take up your phone. Right now, if you are on your phone, then pull up your messaging app and you'll want to write this down, especially if you're on your phone, because you won't be able to watch and do it at the same time. And I'll put it up on the screen and talk through it. If you're watching live right now, what you want to do is take out your text messaging app, fire that up, and where you would type in the name of the person you're going to text instead type in this number. It is three one four six six five one seven six seven. Again, I suggest you write this down. This is good till the end of the evening tonight, three one four six six five one seven six seven. So in other words, you have plenty of time, about almost six hours, and then you want to put the words in the message area where you would actually type that message.

Maybe an emoji here. There are no emojis, just two words separated by a dash or a hyphen, if you prefer.

And those words are peak P, a K vacation. So it's peak dash vacation, no spaces.

Piac dash vacation, hit the send button and then keep an eye on your phone because you will get an automated response asking for one more piece of information. And that's just your email address that will get you formally, officially entered into our giveaway system that requires that email address. So that's why we do that.

So go ahead and do that right now. And here's the thing, Jack. I like to end every show the same way. And it's with a final question asked is, is this final question I've asked of every pass guest expert? And it's it's proven quite phenomenal. I've been pleasantly surprised. I didn't realize it would become this way. And it can be in some ways personal. In other ways it's not. It just depends and. The thing is for you, all you have to know is when it comes to answering, there is no such thing as a wrong answer. It doesn't exist, in fact, the opposite is true, the only correct answer is yours. That's all that makes it personal. So it's not deep personal. It's just it's going to be your answer. That's true to you.

And I love the variety of responses we've gotten. I've done one hundred and thirty plus of these interviews now, and every single one of them has been different. That's how beautiful it is. And so with that big buildup, Jack, are you ready?

Go for it. All right. Jack Turk.

How do you define success?


I I honestly think success. As to knowing what matters most to you and staying true to that and what has mattered most to me, I'll be honest in my life, throughout my life, is I found a lovely woman when I was young and I've been married to her since 1980.

Charlotte's my purpose in life, one of my key personal life and. I have been married to her for 40 years and we have three beautiful daughters and we have two beautiful grandchildren, and my family is the most important thing to me on this planet and the fact that I have people who will be there to love me and I was able to pour myself into it, and I'm able to share little things about life and juggling and rope tricks and crap like that to put everybody and have a good time, maybe some value there.

But our success means that I have people, people who matter to me and the fact I haven't totally botched that, I think it's really important to me. So that's that's my answer, I guess.

And I love that. I love it. And it's true to a person. And you're no different. No two people have ever answered that the same way. And it's still going strong. And I love that. I have a lot of things in common with you because, you know, we go through an exercise. I have several times to figure out what is your why why would you what would you do? What would you stop at? Nothing for to make sure that you were you achieve that success no matter how many times you get knocked backward in business and in life, what would keep you going? And I've been through this process a few times. And each and every time it comes up with my wife as well. And so I can completely relate to that. That's why I do what I do and spend so much time and effort at it so that ultimately we can have the time together and go have fun and hopefully move about the country and the world soon. And you know, Jack, I want to say I appreciate you so much for spending the time being on this show. I hope that everyone who watched this live and and then even those that are watching and listening afterward get a ton of value. That was timeless information. I sincerely hope you all wrote down those three questions. Those were powerful and you had the magic trick that also exemplified and talked about the three keys to writing Killer copy. If you remember, that was mindset, tools and systems. So if you don't remember that this show is recorded and you can go back and play it over and over.

And I recommend you do that because Jack has been around a while and he's been very successful. And I've learned the hard way that the easy that the easy button is to simply model success and that that's a fancy word for copy. And I know Jack is fine with you copying him by modeling what he does, because that's what he's here to do, is here to help and serve you so that he can be there for his family and keep his his definition of success alive and well. So I appreciate you all for being here, Jack, especially you and all of you have been watching live. That's it for tonight. We've got another show coming up soon. So be on the lookout, go to the mind body business, show dotcom and there is a registration form in there. It cost you zero. And all you will get from that are notifications and reminders of upcoming shows as we go live. And hope you do that. So you never miss an episode. Never miss a man like this. Jack, Jack, Jack. Any final parting words before we say goodnight to the good folks?

Hey, I have it. My, my, my, my life message comes from a dream I had where my after my dad passed away, I have a dream. He's at the golf course. All the golfers are in front of a flat tire course and carts and stuff and dad's on the first tee. And he said in the stream, even in heaven, God loves exuberance and lives with exuberance.

Baby, that's the way to finish a show right there.

Thank you, Jack Tork, thank you all for watching. On behalf of this amazing gentleman, I am Brian, tell your host of The Mind Body Business Show until next time we will see you again. Be blessed for now. So long, everybody.


Thank you for tuning in to the mind body business show podcast at w w w dot the mind body business show com.

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Jack Turk

Jack Turk

JACK TURK - the World's Fastest Copywriter - is the hidden “man behind the curtain” for NO BS Inner Circle (founded by Dan Kennedy) and many other prominent marketing experts in Dentistry, Finance, and Small Business. He has written copy that has generated millions of dollars in sales for corporations like Microsoft and Kodak, as well as small businesses including Dentists, Attorneys, Physicians, even Magicians… webinars, TV commercials, sales letters, email, product launches, websites, info-products, and much more.

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