Special Guest Expert - Jason & Lisa Nast


Jason & Lisa Nast

Forever Friends, Passionate Lovers and Insatiable Adventurers


Lisa moved from just Marketing to adding Education and focused on Respiratory Diseases & Hospice along with Personal Development. Jason also combined his Marketing with Personal Development training and Education.


Both Lisa and Jason realized through their personal development work that Physical as well as Mental health is equally important.

Lisa began to train for Marathons as a way to relieve the stress and realities of the Medical Field. Jason began taking fitness seriously when he realized getting into his 40’s that he was going to live a lot longer than he expected.


Jason & Lisa combined have over Marketing 65+ years of marketing experience. Lisa dedicated her working life to the Medical Field, Jason beginning with TV & Print which evolved into Online Marketing.

Currently Semi-Retired and Exploring the world, Jason & Lisa are building a small sustainable real estate empire while staying focused on the importance of Relationship, Adventuring, and being Good Humans.

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