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Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host, Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly:
Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. Oh baby, it just keeps getting better and better and better week after week after week. I have the most phenomenal guest experts that come on this show. I interview experts from all over the world. And tonight, we have a very special guest and he is head of a company that does something that's very near and dear to my heart because it's such a needed asset. It's such a needed service for so many of us, small business owners who are looking for ways to work with more productivity and get higher results as when we're done with certain things. We're gonna get into the details. I'm being coy on purpose here. The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. What is that all about? Well, in my fifty five years on this planet, the last decade or so, I began studying just successful people, only successful people. And the reason was I want to find out what made them successful. And what I started realizing was that pattern started bubbling up to the top. They kept developing over and over. The same thing I found was true of all these successful, successful business people and entrepreneurs. And it came into the area of three different patterns. As you may guess by now, that would be mind, which is mindset. Mindset is having a powerful and flexible mindset. Each and every one of these successful people had mastered that. And then body that's literally about taking care of yourself physically, externally and internally by exercising on a regular basis and by eating and drinking healthy. And then there's business. Now business is multi, multi, multi-faceted and most people getting started in business focused solely on that and completely neglect mind and body. And here's the thing. The mind and body are a team. And more importantly, they are your team. And so think about this. If one player on a team is not performing at their highest peak potential, then the team as a whole will suffer, won't it? So if you master both mind and body and then you master business, now you have an all star team and business. That's everything from marketing, sales team building, systematize, scaling. The list goes on and on leadership. The good news is that you don't have to be a master at every skill set in business. And the reason is because all you need to really master is leadership. Once you've done that, you can then delegate to those who have those skill sets in place already. And that is what successful people do. That's what I learned in these this decade of studying successful people. And my guest that's coming on is no different. And another great quality I found in very successful people is to a person. They are very, very avid readers. And with that, I like to segway very briefly to a segment I affectionately call bookmarks.

Bookmarks for to read, bookmarks. Ready steady read bookmarks brought to you by

Brian Kelly:
There you see, on the side of the screen for those of you watching live. And here's one thing I'd like to point out before we go any further is do yourself a favor. And as resources are being mentioned, like reach your peak library, dot com, for instance, rather than then give in to the temptation of typing it in and going and finding that online while the show is on rather than do that. I would recommend that you do something a little bit more old fashioned that is take out, you know, one of these, if you may recall, that is a piece of paper. And there's this other thing. It's called a writing instrument, a pen that is take notes and stay with us, because here's the thing. If you're taking notes and the show is still playing in front of you, you're paying attention. You're gonna retain more. And here's the thing. The magic happens in the room. I've been I've spoken from stage many times and I've seen when students or attendees would get up and leave. Right. As I know, I'm going to one of the most important parts of of the actual presentation. And I've just I feel horrible knowing that they're going to miss probably the best part. They might miss that one nugget that could make the difference for them in their life and their family going forward. And so with a guest like we have on here with Jason Anderson, you are not going to want to miss a single word of this gentleman because he has that level of success that many aspire to achieve. And that's what he's here for on this show. I brought him here to divulge his secrets. How did he become successful? And to share it with you so that you can do the same. It's phenomenal. That is a Web site. I literally put together with you in mind. And I am not kidding when I say that this was not done for me. What it is, is a collection of books that I personally have read that have had incredible, profound effect on my life, either in business or personal. And so what I found is often I would go to friends, I would go and listen to other podcasts and get my recommendations through those. And now I decided to compile a list all in one place and just go to it and know that it was at least vetted by one other very successful entrepreneur. And the great thing is, every time without fail, when I scroll through these books, the guest speaker that comes on later says, I remember that book. I read that book. I read this book. I read that book. Yeah, they're that good. So go ahead, write that down. That is a resource, a gift to you. It is not a money Web site in the least. It's all those links are to Amazon. So you can go buy that book. And again, I've read every single one of them. So I would not ever put anything there that I wouldn't promote anything that I. I personally don't use or haven't used in the past. All right. So speaking of success, I think it's time for Brian to stop blabbing for a little bit. And let's bring on the man of the hour, Mr. Jason Anderson. Here we go.

It's time for the guest expert, spotlight, savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained, big-league qualified.

Brian Kelly:
And there is, ladies and gentlemen. They want the only Mr. Jason Anderson. And hey, how are you? The crowd goes wild. You can hear him. Fantastic. Jason, how are you doing, my friend?

Jason Anderson:
I'm doing great, especially with the circumstances. This almost feels like The Today Show, man. We've got this is great. I love this. You know, this today shows that they're doing this right now. Everybody's a home anyways. It feels exactly like this.

Brian Kelly:
Right. I'm going to talk to those people. They're copying me. Love it. Love it. Hey, before I formally introduce you, Jason, to this wonderful group of folks that are watching us live and those that are listening later on podcast. I wanted to remind everybody we do this. Every single show is stay on to the end. If you're watching live, sound to the end because I will reveal how you can win a five nights stay at a five star luxury resort. All compliments of our pals at power, texting,, every single show. We give a show a vacation away. And don't worry, very soon you will be able to take that vacation and get out of the house. And the beautiful thing is you could be that person that has a vacation in the hand that when the veil is open and we're allowed to move about freely about the country and the world, you'll be one of the first to say see ya and everyone else be looking at you. How do you do that? So stay on to the end. I cannot wait to see who wins. It's a random draw and stick around. So now let's bring on the man, the myth, the legend himself. Jason Anderson is the founder of the video Buddy, which is a service that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses with video centric content. When creative editing is the bottleneck. That one hits home. He's also the CEO of I Motion Video Corp., which has produced over ten thousand. Far more than that now, individual motion, graphic videos for businesses worldwide since 2010. So is not a Johnny come lately? He's been at this for a long time. Jason's focus and passion clearly revolves around effective communication, sales and business development through the use of creative video production. With that, please help me welcome Mr. Jason Anderson to the stage.

Jason Anderson:
We have an applause button. Hey, for you, not for me, for you, for you.

Brian Kelly:
Oh, no, no, no. For you all the way. This show, by the way, is about Jason. And that's why I love to to showcase people like Jason. He's an amazing guy. He's he's he's done it. He's walked the walk. Not just talk the talk. And he's here to share with you not only how he achieved success, but also help to give you some resources that will help you along the way to get you to that level. He is that it's going to be a phenomenal show. So stick with us. Comment like share love, spread the word because what else are we gonna do tonight? We can't go anywhere at this point in time. Let's have a good time and share the love. How does that sound? So, Jason, one of the things I love to do. You know, I love the the Bille. You know, the intro to 10 years, very successful. Lots of video has been created. You've you've done it. You're there and you're succeeding and you're growing even now. What I like to do is peel back the onion and find out what's going on in that big, beautiful brainier, because as I open the show with mind is one of the foundations of success. And it is to up to a person who has achieved success. And what I wanted to find out from you, Jason, is when you get up in the morning and, you know, you start to come to you come consciousness and, you know, the days in front you and it's like, OK, fantastic. Another day. That's what most entrepreneurs who are successful are in that mode for you. What is it that drives you? What is it that motivates you? Each and every morning to go through what we go through as entrepreneurs, which a lot of people think is easy. What is it that helps motivate you and drive you through each and every day as you get up and start the day?

Jason Anderson:
I don't want to lose. I mean, honestly, I you know, I'm not doing this. I mean, I'm doing it for the fun of it, but I'm not. This is really this is a game. You know, when you go play a game, if you're in sports, you want to win. If you are doing anything you want to do, you want to win it. So, you know, when I get up in the morning, I a lot of times it's you know, it's it's more about what's gonna happen for, you know, what? What are we doing in the morning is gonna set the tone for the rest of the day. And so what I've got these I've got employees that I usually set up and they start at nine o'clock in the morning and we we don't have a briefing. I usually brief them in the evening so that we know what we're working on for the day. We're doing lots and lots of videos for lots of clients, obviously. So we have to manage our time. When I wake up, I know pretty much what's going on. I never really wonder what's happening with the day, right. It's just a matter of how do I work in other things. This is my biggest challenge, really. What do I how do I work in more growth for myself while we're we're also trying to help with our client class stuff. Right.

Fantastic. I love the opening comment was how do I win? It's just, you know, that's I love the competitive juices. And that's I've got to tell you, I don't I don't know of an entrepreneur that doesn't have those that's successful. Let me let me add that caveat.

Keep in mind, though, tell me as of late, so let's talk about the elephant, the room. And this is like, you know, Pete, there's a lot of people little worried. And, you know, we're talking about success and all that stuff. And there's there are you know, there are times where, you know, we have to learn to think about how we need to calm our minds down right now. Do like understand that, you know, that this is you know, I think, you know, we're not going to stop breathing, hopefully. Right. And there's a lot of unknowns and there's there's a lot of things that are happening. And there's you know, I've also been hit by this, obviously, because there's a big domino effect that's going on where, you know, there's no one business isn't generating revenue. Then, of course, we're servicing businesses. And so we're feeling this you. I would do have clients are calling and saying, listen, we need a pass. We need to like I need to hold on. So, you know, again, when we wake up in the morning, you don't you don't want to lose. Right. It's the game. It's you know, you've thrown a curve ball and we're kind of in a curve ball right now. So I'm navigating that myself, too. So I don't have the answers to them all. But I tell you, I do get up every day with the intention to win.

Fantastic. Hey, we got a we got you know, I talked about I interview entrepreneurs from all over the world. We also have guests from all over the world. So we have a Litsa from the Philippines to me and saying hello to us both. Thank you, Eliza. Eliza. Hi. And we have another comment by John, who's asking a question that I will bring up in a moment. John, so stick with us. I'll put that up in a moment because I'm going to ask the exact same question.

I am curious as well. We've got astute audience members out there. I love it. I love it. I love it.

So fantastic. You know, it's about it's about winning. And, yeah, you know, things are strange right now. And I've I've talked to a lot of people during this time. I'm sure everyone has. And it's interesting how there is either people are kind of struggling or they're crushing it. There doesn't seem to be I don't see much of a in-between ground. And others, you know, some people been laid off from work. Others are already prepared to work this way. And I want to talk to you about that, Jason, because we talked about before coming on the air. And it's an amazing thing that, you know, if if you are an entrepreneur to the core, these are the times you look for opportunity. And it's not to disrespect what's going on with with people at all. At all. I want to be very clear about that. But there is opportunity in any crisis. That is when the biggest of the biggest companies rise to the top. I mean, there's there's a bunch of them and they're all escaping me. Uber is one of them. They rose during a crisis as well. And so. There are many skills that it takes to become an entrepreneur. Jason, as you are so well aware, there's still many questions I have for you and just our brief chat right before we went on the air. But for those listening, you know, it takes so many skills to become an entrepreneur and to become a successful one. From your vantage point where you are right now in your position in your company, what would you say are the top three skills necessary to become a successful entrepreneur and then keep elevating that to become one now during or like in general? In general?

Yeah, well, honestly, you have to have entrepreneurs have to have drive. They have to have. They have to, you know, like we're talking about. What do you do, you know, what drives you to get up and more into work? You have to have that drive to win. And for one. And then, you know, as things happen, if things hit, you know this. You know, when problems come, you need to have the persistence to keep it up. And so if you've got that drive to win and the persistence to keep going, even when things are really tough and not looking good. I think that that's really those are two of the things that you need. But the third component, I would think without this third one, I don't think anybody's going to be successful. You need to have support from your family or from from support has come from somewhere. Square to be specifically for me, like I need to support my employees without my employee is I'm really I am. I would have to make a major pivot. Right. So I have to drive and the commitment and then my employees, they they rely on me and trust me to keep the things going so that they can so they can continue working, too. So I'd say that if I if I didn't have support, you know, I'm only 1 percent of the success of being a business for 10 years.

You know that revenue anybody often over ten thousand videos, all these things that we we continue to do. But without it, you know, that's, you know, 1 percent is my drive. I think 99 percent of it is the support that I get from everybody I get, including clients to, you know, like right now, you know, covered 19. Some people are saying, hey, can I pause? And I'm saying, hey, can you not? And I say, if everybody pauses, I don't have a business. Right. And a lot of them are saying, you know what? You're probably right. I think I can. You know. You know, we reexamine. We know why. What we're doing for them and saying, can we stick with the game or can we come up with certain certain things? So I have the support of, you know, clients of the my employees who trusted, you know, that they're still going to have a job tomorrow morning. You know, my wife and family who, you know, support what I do working late sometimes, you know, especially the very beginning until 2:00, 3:00 in the morning, get back up at 6:00 in the morning. So you have to have those three things.

Boy, I can. So that's why I'm chuckling over here. Oh, my goodness. Especially the last one to go to two at 3:00 in the morning, which still on occasion happens, but not as much as before. It does do what it takes when the time calls for it. That's the other thing that successful entrepreneurs such as yourself. You know, just go getters and eat it, take care of business, no matter what it is. You have to take care of it and you do it with intelligence. You know, you have to balance your life with your family and give them the time that they deserve as well, which I learned that our way as well. It's something we all go through. It's not a perfect life, is it? I mean, it's not like I'm going to be an entrepreneur. And here's the guy. Here's step one through 10. I'll just follow steps in Easy Street.

I wish it was that way. I really do. But then again, if the that way, then, you know, I don't think that the rewards would be as high either. So we have a lot of risk. Yes. You know, we're risk averse, I think. But, you know, without that without that, you know, without the drive and persistence man and then the support, it just you know, you've got to have that to have an entree, you know, make sure you've got those three pillars behind you. But you know what? Here's the thing. What about what if people are thinking, why don't have the support? You know, I think that, you know, if you're an entrepreneur, if you're savvy, you know, you've got to be able to. How do I how do I garner that support? So, you know, you've got to be a little bit of a salesperson, too, in order to sell your vision. So, you know, don't think that these all just come naturally to people. You know, you've got to you've got to be able to know what you need and then make sure you're. Work to make it happen, really? There's no there's no shortcut to that.

So true. I mean, what a great point about salesmen, because everyone. You know, how many times have you heard this, Jason? Well, I don't want to do that. I'm not a salesperson. Every person to a person is a salesperson because. Aren't you selling your significant other on what movie you're going to watch or what dinner you're gonna you're gonna eat? You're always selling, negotiating at all times. And just what Jason's talking about is refining that skill to where you can get your team to all come on board at, you know, and be on the same page music, so to speak with you. And to that end, I was curious, how do you how do you, Jason, it sounds, give a very cohesive group. How do you go about finding people for your organization that truly care about your organization the same way that you do?

What that comes through this year? Well, I hope my employees are watching this because I have to be careful here. You know, really, honestly, the reason I say it. Be careful because, you know, we talk about salesmanship. Leadership is salesmanship, too. And you need to. You need to get buy-in from again that you support, which is your family, your employees stuff. So we're finding people don't get me wrong, I'll hire. So I'll make some bad hires and find out that, you know, after paying a payroll six, six weeks or even six months, that, hey, it's just not working out. It's time to part ways. You know, there's I think that. But once they're on, I think to get that buy-in, you have to have that leadership and you have to give them. You have to give them a reason why, though. I mean, honestly, they're not doing it because they're trying to support your company. In fact, if you think that anybody in your company is going to be more passionate than you are about your company, you're sadly mistaken. But you need to, you know, don't expect that they're going to be that committed to your company.

They're not they're not that partner. They are the employee. They are. And and there's there's there's differences between the mindset of an employee and entrepreneurs. Now, there's a lot of employees that would that are just just at their job. And they're not empowered to really talk to make that company succeed, because they are using that as leverage to become an entrepreneur. And sometimes there's nothing wrong with that either. Right. So if if I if I have an employee that I know is probably more entrepreneurial driven than they are employee driven, but they don't have the leverage yet, they maybe they don't have the income level or there's something missing that they're not able to start a business on their own. I don't shy away from hiring those people either, because a lot of times they can become leaders and then buy into your company vision and say, you know what, I don't need to be not sure if I am. I'm getting what I need internally because I'm I'm allowed to lead internally, you know, my own team. So I don't think I forgot what the question was and where we're at.

I don't know because that everything you just said is so powerful for people. Understand. The only way you're gonna grow a business is to scale it and to scale it. You need that support that. Jason so aptly pointed out as one of the three top skills necessary to become successful in business, because at some point as a solo finau, you're going to reach that breaking point where you're going to start burning out because there's so much to do as your business grows. You've got to have the help and think about that when you start. Don't wait too long. Think about it. Doesn't mean you have to start doing it right away because of course, you need the income to help pay for the help. But always have that ready to go. Yes. OK. Here's a great question from one of our viewers. boudica said, Hey, Jason, when do you know to hire your first employee and why? I'm a video producer, too, by the way.

Well, I knew immediately how to hire my first employee. Believe it or not, I am not a video producer or I'm not a video editor. I'm a producer. There's a difference. A producer has the vision you and puts thing together. And then the direction of of the film or the commercial or the video or something like that. And then, of course, then you've got the video editor who is who's going to has the skills to actually make your vision come true. So for me, I knew I had employees from day one. So I built my business based upon not starting from a freelance type of arrangement like many, many, many people in the video industry start off as. And then they start hiring junior producers under junior editors under them and then get them trained. And it's a very slow road, especially if depending on what you're charging. But me, I knew immediately. So I don't think I'd be qualified to tell you as a freelancer when it's time to hire somebody. But I will give you some advice based upon hiring is that you know that if the minute you have an extra dollar in your pocket is the time that you should start considering to hire somebody because hiring. It's in itself is a skill. Right. You need to learn how to you know, how to how to interview people and how to find out if, you know, the skills that they can bring to the table are actually going to translate into production for yourself to know. I've being a video producer if you're going to hire a junior editor. You probably are in a better position. I am to determine if that editor that you are hiring a junior editor is any good.

Right. When I first started, it took me a while to know, to recognize what was good and what's not, what you know, what to expect as far as turn time on certain things. No, I've got some video editors that, you know, a certain task might take one video editor on my team an hour and it might take another video editor on my team three hours to do the same thing. Right. And of course, it's an art. So when you're hiring people, you you need to know, you know, what to what do you know what kind of performance expectations you need to do. But I would say that long story short, that you need to what else you have any ability to hire? Like far as far as cash flow, do it. And even if they don't last, it's gonna be a good experience for you so that your next hire is even better. I have the I have the the luxury of having a wife who has a job. Right. So if if I can, I can literally pay myself a zero salary, which I have for a very, very long time. As a matter of fact, I don't even officially still after 10 years, take a salary. I'll take, you know, an annual bonus. But I don't take you know, I'm able to live off of my wife. Right, for groceries and mortgage and rent and for all the necessary necessities of living. So with me, I'm spending every dollar I get is going back into the business. And so if you can if you can afford it, then do it.

Wow. There was so much there. I mean, it was especially. And that's fantastic. Especially the most important part of this is the key to success is live off your wife. I'm kidding. That was awesome. Good for you, Piero. Thank you. But everything you said rings so true. Reinvesting, and that's what I do, too. I mean, very little money hits my my pocket. It's always right back out to the next the next thing that will potentially help me and my company be more productive. And so eventually, yeah, it will be I'll be able to just sit back and take in massive profits and not have to continually reinvest all the time. But I I think you should always reinvest and continue to improve. That's just what makes entrepreneurs go round. I wanted to bring up a comment earlier by I got to put this one up there.

Do I detect a Canadian accent with you? A no. I'm sorry. I'm not from Canada. I don't know where that came from. That's pretty cool, though. I do talk with Canadians on occasion and I love them.

They're awesome, but no way. But the question John was asking that I really wanted to bring up is, is kind of an opening to you and your company. What you do, Jason. And John was asking, what exactly does your company do with video?

And if you wouldn't mind, I know that's kind of casting a broad net, but it is why I give a very Reader's Digest version of where we've evolved into a loss of ideal, mainly with people that are doing it. So I've deal with social media video, people that are small businesses that need to publish a lot of content from things like interviews like this, like this. You know, this life podcast right here that's going on is probably gonna be an hour long efforts done. I'll have my team chop up everything from here. I'll build turn this into 15 different videos that I'll build a repurposed. So we do a lot of we work with smaller companies that don't necessarily have the budget to hire a full time staff or a video department. Right. That's why I've got video, buddy. If you had a video, buddy and your business person, what would you have that video person do? And if that would free your time up? And so you could post more than what exactly would that entail? And there is that could be a hundred different things. It just depends on, you know, the the skill level of of that video out there. So that's what we do, is we pretty much free up the time of anybody who understands that they need to have a lot of video centric content, but they don't have the time to go down the rabbit hole of actually going through and doing it themselves and giving them the direction to continually post on their social.

And there's so much more, you know, that does it more justice than that was what you were telling me before we came on. And I want to help make sure people understand that it's not just video editing by itself. It's video editing detention the way that you have your team do it. They understand how to look for those aha moments and highlight them. For instance, you know, take a long video and pull out the sizzle, real components, if you will, that will really catch the eye and ear of those watching on social media. So it's you know, he's been doing this for 10 years, him and his crew. And it goes far beyond just the mechanical part of editing a video. Is that is that accurate?

It is, yeah. And so like well, like again, like the reason why I named it the service video, buddy, is because I had my phone on silence. And here we go. It this because the fact that, you know, people they don't necessarily they don't necessarily know what they they want. They need to have a little bit of direction as well. So if you've got a team behind you then and they have has worked with other people, and then you can say, listen, I did this this podcast. Right. I want to shoot this. I shot this video series outside and I want to do a speaker real or something like that. How do we how do we put it together? If you can have a 10 minute conversation on a phone and phone with somebody and say, listen, once you do this, this and that just loaded up the Dropbox, I'll have my team handle it. Great. Thanks, Jason. Appreciate it. That's what the video buddy is. You know, we we we I I don't really want to put myself in a corner like said Brian Eno. That's you know, we don't just do social video where we do sales videos. We can. Some people do PowerPoint videos that will clean up and make them take way up to the next level. We're not too powerful. We're actually we're taking the recording, the audio that they did and maybe some of their slides, but we're adding a bunch of other pizzazz to make it look totally different. And so it just depends on what they need. Right. So.

Again, it's just it it's all over the board. And so we've worked a little bit differently than a freelancer because we work as a brand. You said, you know, we were able to tell a story, but it's you know, I was before we will. You and I were talking and, you know, there's the skill level of one like outsource or like a freelancer. You will only have the skill level of that one person. I've got video editors that they may have different skills, but together as a team, we have the skill to get the whole project done. So like a guy who's really good at animation and after effects and things like that, he might not be very good at, you know, coming up with a story or, you know, puzzling the story. What needs to go where, where where you've got maybe a video editor that understands storytelling and like maybe like how to put it together, like a Nightline story or Dateline or something like that. Right. And then we use the skills of the of the video compositor, the after effects guy to help the rough cut, the guy that knows how to put the story together. He might not be that skilled in animation, but together you put them together. We're able to come up with a with an end product. That's phenomenal. Right. So, you know, I wanted to my own horn, but that's usually the reaction that we get depending on, you know, how long how long we have to, you know, to create these these projects and stuff.

But we don't rely on just like the skill level of one person, at least to the way, because I'm getting excited. I love video. I love everything about it. Except editing can stand at and it takes forever. And that's something that, you know, everyone should. That is probably. If not, it should be one of the highest level things that you want to outsource first, because it is the biggest time suck of everything I've ever done in my business is if I do that by myself, I'm like, Oh my God. That takes up an entire day to do like a one hour video. You know, if you want to edit out the ums and Oz and imperfections and put in a good intro, a good outro, all those things, it can take a long time. If you're doing it by yourself and you know, no matter what the B is that anyone charges, including Jason. Consider what it would cost to pay someone to do that in your own organization and make that comparison. And then how many videos are you going to need and how often? So what is that model with your company, Jason? How many videos can a company throw at you at a time? And. Is there a time limit? Those kind of things?

Well, the service, the video body surface itself, as I stole the idea actually from I didn't come up with this idea of how to this business model. What I did is I was at a conference. Ryan Dyce had a commerce Kommersant. It was the first year that he did it. It was not the traffic. It was it was it was in Orlando. And I was still in Orlando. And there was this company that was the platinum sponsor there. They were design people. And it was they had pickles everywhere. You know, the design company says unlimited. Unlimited graphic design for your company for, you know, like this ridiculously stupid, cheap price, I was like, that is a brilliant idea. Oh, my God. And so I said, what if we were able to did try to do that? It's difficult because as you were just talking about, Brian, you know, video editing, as I dare to say, a little bit more complex than graphic design. Now, I'm not saying that there's the skill level, isn't it? I wouldn't say that you're more skilled if you're a video editor or the composer. I just think that there's there's a lot more moving parts to video than there is to graphic design. And so we toyed with the idea of, you know, you know, do we just if we're like a normal company? Do we wait for people to say, hey, Jason, I've got a video project here? How much would you charge me to do this? You know, we attempted to do that before. And it just there's no way to scale. You don't you can't keep employees on your salaried employees on if you don't have that consistent work at the feast and famine type thing. And I really like the design pickle concept. So I said, let's try to figure out a way. Of course, we had, you know, from scratch to figure out how to do it. But I do owe a lot of the, you know, the original idea to the guys at Design Pickle. Thank you for coming up with that business model, because that's what I did.

And now what we do is we work with companies where we will basically embed with your with your small business, whether you've got 10 employees, one employee or what, you know, hundred employees. And we'll be your instant video department where we work on your stuff every single day that you're a client. It's always a flat rate. We start at fifteen hundred dollars a month to work with us. And right now, there's no contracts. So you could do a month or two or three or four or whatever. And of course, we started we've got other other price price points.

But most people, the entrepreneur type level would fit within that that that that range. So that's that's what we've been doing. It's just basically the answer. The question is, is, you know, how much can you get done? Well, just depends on how much we can get done on a daily basis. How many business days are there in a month?

There's generally twenty one business days in a month. So how much can we get done during that 21 days? We can stack up several projects. And, you know, it might take us three days on one project and two days on the other. And then another project takes, you know, two weeks, two solid weeks, you know, depending on revisions, all sorts of stuff. But if you've got a department that's working on stuff back and forth collaboratively, you've got access to it. And you can also even put a pause on something, say we're working on it all, like say this. We're at it being this video here, this we took this recording of this. I guess we're trying to make what we call sackable. Right. Small, you know, 90 second to three minute videos from this interview right here to come up with, you know, maybe five, 10, 15 different videos. We'll say we're working on this. And then you've got something that's coming up that takes more presidents. And you give me give me a call and say, hey, let's put a pause on that. Let's start working on this. Then we just put that aside. And it's basically if you had a video, if you had access to a video, buddy, that you could call every single day and have them work on your stuff, that's what video buddy is.

That's phenomenal. It's like an extension of your team.

It's really it's a department in your business, whether you're a one man band or you're got 10 employees, just tack on another department. And I'm the department head. Basically, I'm the I'll be your chief video guy, whatever you want to call that. Right. You know, I really think about this, too. You know, this there's this thing called for actual CFO, right. Fractional sea level people. Well, I've never really put it this way on paper. But think of us as like as your fractional video company, your fractional part.

I love it. That's phenomenal. You should coined that term.

I think it's probably been coined already.

But, you know, a lot of people, they didn't like fractions growing up, so maybe a different word. But this is this is a very intriguing. So as just an example. You probably have an idea. And if you don't, I don't. I'm not trying to put you on the spot, but this is an hour long show. And what you have in your mind for editing it when it's done. What would that typically take? Once it hits the hands of your team to complete as far as time?

That's probably the most common question I get. And I can never answer it. It just depends. It depends on how particular you are. Depends on how fancy you want things to be. It depends if you know, some people like Jason, I need this done by tomorrow. I'm like, then this is going to be a very basic video, but it's gonna be you know, we can you know, we'll edit it down and, you know, get rid of the arms and all that stuff. But there's not gonna be a fancy thing. You know, we can. It's not uncommon for us to work for an entire week on a ten second global reveal for somebody that wants to have their branding dialed in. Right. Or we could get you know, I've got my video guy really good at it. It only takes him two hours. We would take a lot of new hires or even people that are experienced. I mean, this guy has been with me, Dan, my production manager. He's been with me. What takes him to two hours, even like the most experienced guys in Hollywood, sometimes he's faster and better than them. So I can't it's hard to tell. You know, like how much you can get done in a certain amount of time. Because it really depends on the skill level of who's doing it, you know? And so we have varying levels of skill levels internally. And you never. The thing is the good thing is you never get the drama. People calling in sick. You don't get the drama. People also suffer. We just have to perform. Right. So to answer your question, it really depends on the level of, you know, how much time you have.

And then we try to we try to budget in the time to get something done within that amount of prep time. Now, obviously, since we're a fractional company. Right. So, you know, we're not working on your stuff eight hours a day. So I'll say, for example, you know, if you were a client and you were to say, listen, can I get this done tomorrow? I'd be like, well, it depends on how many how many people are we gonna be working on tomorrow? Because not everybody we have the same call breakage, too. In this business models. Very interesting. So if you've got other video editors listening, consider this business model, because it's really helped me out to be to be flat rate and and to do this rather than charge per project, because you don't you never have to worry about scope. I never say no to a project. Somebody says, can you make star it for me? Yes. How long is it gonna take me? I don't know how much it's gonna cost me. Fifty nine bucks a month. Right. So it would probably be take us a lot longer. It takes them a year and year and half sometimes just to get those things. Sometimes even longer. You know how long it takes story. Toy Story to make. It was like five years, you know. They didn't have the technology that they have now, but they they've developed it. But, you know, we've got to get a lot more power now. But, you know, it's I would say the typical project, though, of where we're coming up with Naxals of like long form.

This is what we're ninety nine percent. The stuff we're doing, at least over the past years, is snack able content for social media where we're taking long form content like this, like we're watching right now to a video by podcasts or presentations or people like speakers that are stage. Things like that we're taking. So that's already been recorded. And we're. And we're finding maybe 10 to 15 separate videos that are anywhere from 90 seconds to three minutes long. We're cutting these down. We can't, like interrupt like an ending sequence, an animated ending sequence with a call to action. I would say we can produce probably anywhere between 5 to 15 videos a week for the typical business.

Wow. That is phenomenal.

That's why we've got over 10000 videos on arrival.

Yeah, definitely. So you just like a video editing factory.

Yes. And we can slow it down, too, because sometimes, you know, once you get going. And it it is, you know, for all your video editors that are listening. This does sound good. But keep in mind that it's tough on the brain for the video. Other if you're if you're working as an employee of mine, you're probably working with anywhere from four to seven separate, completely different projects, completely different clients with completely different demands every single day. So this is not a cakewalk. They're they're my employees are live in the dream as far as doing what they want. And this is what everybody who I hires is doing video editing and compositing, because that's what they love to do. They love that create a part. But at the same time, when we turn it into a business, though, and we're doing it the way we're doing, we're doing fractional, you know, fractional time for our clients collectively. You know, there's a lot of pressure on getting stuff done. And there's there are times when we're just doing like the video editing is not always it's about it isn't always about doing like fancy stuff. A lot of times people it's about just doing it and taking the time that it takes the boring shit. If I can say that on your show. Right. It's just a completely boring, time consuming stuff. Hey, thanks for getting that done because I just didn't have time to do it. But now I can post it and it's done right. I don't need a fancy. Just give me some good cuts. Fine. Find the mike drop moments. I don't care about an ending. No call to action. I'll handle all that. Just get me fired. hand-chosen. If you get that by tomorrow, that would be great. OK. All right. So and then others are like, hey, I'm want my branding. Perfect. I want the same font every single time. These are only colors that I want. These are only fonts that you can use. I never want any jump cuts. They ought to be fades. You know, whatever their their particular expectations are, then that's what we kind of go through.

So it's fantastic. I'm getting everybody's different.

If you're a business owner and you're listening, watching this and you've not edited a video before. Well, the first time you do, you'll realize I'm going to call Jason and his team. He cuts it is it is a laborious task. And for for you to find people who love it and are passionate about it, God bless them home. My goodness. That is a rare breed as far as what in my circles. Right. Many people, I'm sure, love doing that. It's not so much about what you love as a business owner like Jason. It's about how you can delegate and be more productive and work on your business instead of in your business, which he provides a service that allows you to do this. Now, let's look at this, Jason, because what is the most on the rise? Prominent form of media today. We're doing it right now. It's like, isn't it?

I felt like I'm the Today Show because this looks and feels exactly like what's on TV now back and forth, like this feels home homegrown. But now, because of everything that's going on, everybody's at home. And all these you know, you get the late night people that are doing stuff from home. I mean, this is like this is really this is going to be accepted more than ever. So you're going to see a lot more businesses that you need to hop on and do this. Just turn your camera on and start shooting at all. You're going to get. You're going to do nothing but get better at it. You're probably going to feel a little bit weird at the very, you know, if you've never done it before, but, you know, if you have editing behind it, you can make you have an editor make you look great. Right. Or if you've got an editor, you don't have to worry about hitting that. That the perfect the perfect phrase. Right, Rutelli? Right now I find a how I mess up. But if I was just recording it. Right. OK. Start over. All right. And then say the whole thing again. And my editors would know. OK, chop that part out. Move on to the better. Take.

Right. It's definitely an art form. It's a different art form to go live than this, to do a recording that for sure, it's a whole different world, but it's not a scary one. It's just be yourself, be authentic, not make mistakes. It's OK because you're live. You're a human being and it's OK for you to make a sizzle reel and you want it to be perfect. You can do that by having your live edited by Jason and his crew. They'll pick out all the imperfections and make you look like a superstar. And the point I wanted to make is video. Is it? It is the king. And it has been for some time, even before this little closure we've hit has happened. It has been on the rise. YouTube is I'm seeing more people make an entire living from recorded video than I've ever seen before because video is the best transport of information. And then go to live video. I call live video. The genesis of all marketing, because you can't go any farther back, live as far back as you can go. You cannot repurpose, for instance, a podcast that's audio only into a video. And you can't repurpose a recorded video really into a. A real life video. When that was done, like you can do watch parties and things like that. But I think you get what I mean, the starting point of all marketing. You can't go any farther to the left than you can with like video. So I'm just imploring those that if you're not doing video now, deeply consider. Doing live video and get get off the hop and start making that happen.

I don't and I need to. I mean, I really do. I mean, a video guy. Why? Shit. Why wouldn't I? Well, I think the reason why is because for me, it's always. And that's probably for your listeners, too. It's just it's like it's another rabbit hole to to figure out, you know, so. But, you know. You know, we were talking before this and you're you're you're making it sound pretty darn easy. So we've got to look into it.

Oh, yeah. I wasn't talking to you specifically. John was actually talking to the to the audience year provide the service. That will help me to repurpose after it's done. And oh, my gosh. What. What a godsend this was going to be. Yeah. This was not directed at you at all. You have your core competency. You have a thriving, successful business. If it makes sense for you to add life to it, then fine. But if you're doing fine and the marketing is going well, there's really not. Everybody needs it. Especially now. I need it. I need. I do. And, you know, we can we can help you. I can help you on that. I'm actually I don't like to promote anything of my own on this show, but it's a perfect time to bring it up. I'm actually putting together and completing an info product and it's called carpet bomb marketing. Saturate them the marketplace with their message. That's a metaphor. So don't get crazy out there. But it's all about starting with the genesis of life and then repurposing it all the way through, even into written form to many, many, many platforms and and all the automation that goes behind it that now Mr Anderson is very privy to with all the things going on.

So this is live. I'm gonna tell you right now I'm in personally, I'm interested in that because it would fit in nicely with what I already do. Honestly, I mean, there's you know, it's just a matter of getting the right. You know, you're talking about it before, you know, outsourcing or like growing, you know, having that support. The reason why don't is because honestly, there's you know, there's I just haven't really I just haven't you know, look, I'm so busy with what I do every day. And this is the kind this you know, I've got the same conversation with people that are looking at my service to they like, you know, art, especially if they're not doing video. And they look to me to, you know, and they're saying, hey, the video by video is going to help me. I'm like, I don't know if if you're not shooting video. Probably not, because if you're not shooting video, we don't have anything to edit it. Right. You know, so, you know. But they're like, yeah, but I really want to get into it. And so, you know, one of the things that that we don't do either is we shot it. And we're actually talking about like self-promotion either. But we're actually I'm actually right now literally partnering with one of my clients. And we're we're we are turning and we're creating a new product or literally launching it tomorrow for the people that they like. I just don't know what to say. I don't know how to do it. It's awesome. You know, because, you know, I've turned away for at least the past four years. You know, people you know, when people call me and say, would I be a good fit? I'm usually not a good salesperson when it comes to that, because I'm trying to find out literally if they would be a good fit or not, because quite frankly, with the way the you know, the way the video body works, since we're working so many clients, we have so much to do.

We don't we that particular model does not have the time to end it, nor is the pricing, you know, reflective of being able to also coach it and help direct what needs to get done. We expect you to, you know, say, I've got this work and and it's the bottleneck if you don't have a bottleneck video. But he's not for you. Right. So we we're turning around and turning away a lot of these clients. And so worst were actually come up, something that where we are going to tell them what they need to do is live through live workshops that we're gonna do once a month and then give them, you know, during the during this workshop. Then we're going to they're going to have everything that they need so they can film it and give it to us and have my team. Anyways, long story short. I was gonna get to your to your point of why I'm not doing things, because I've never had that. You know, if I've I have the the desire, but I've also like the time and why and how. You know, when I'm already into that. And so but when we're doing this live, like. Right, I'm like this right here, I already see the benefit of of going live how this you know, because this is so much easier than trying to sell something. You just tell you just tell people what you do. You're not selling anything. It's great.

Can I. Can I tell you a secret? I not I've never said this publicly. I've only told it one on one with individuals. So this is just for you, Jason, not for anybody watching, but live video. I've been doing this. This particular show for going on two years and getting there and what it has become. Just blew my mind. It has become the most powerful lead magnet I've ever had in any business before, and it doesn't matter what you do if you interview. This is the key. There's two keys and I'm going to. This is part of my signature talk. There's two keys to this. One is it's got to be of absolute supreme quality, the greatest quality you can possibly garner. And number two is you must. Absolutely. Do it. An interview style format. Why is that? Because now when you go out and you're out and about going to seminars, going to boot camps, going to your Jasons live workshops and you're talking to each other and saying, what do you do? Well, I interview successful entrepreneurs such as yourself. I stream it like the seven platforms simultaneously. I then repurpose that twenty five podcast platform that goes on Roku. I was on fire TV as one hundred seventy million viewers and I've done this twice. Who doesn't want that? Exactly. And I've done it twice in life circles. I kid you not. I didn't get past the seven light platforms. I'm not kidding. Everyone in the circle two different occasions when a group of men want a group of women. Everyone was clamoring for their business cards, shoving at my face.

Ah ha ha ha.

Now it doesn't matter what you do in your business, you will figure this out. I can help you on what you talk about. It doesn't matter as long as you're interviewing people in your space. Your guests even become your leads. That's not why I'm doing this.

But that's what I need. I'm already like you mentioned what you're doing. Mike just cut me in, right? Because more often, I guess probably. Well, I agree with you about this interview thing, though, too, because also kind of gives you star power, too, because. You are in the limelight and you're actually allowing, you know, like the people that you interview are smart. So you're allowing you're basically you can ride the coattails of now, you can ride the coat tails of that and they kind of associate that with you. But, you know, take a look at any like Eve newscasters like I was mentioning The Today Show, I mean, because I'm an avid Today Show watcher. And so. But you don't like Al Roker. You know, he's like he's a superstar. He's a he's a but he's he's a it's because he interviews people and he's the weather guy. But it's because he's he's he's. He's in your face all time, you're familiar with him. You've become a celebrity. So, you know, if you're doing lives or if you're doing like what we're doing, this is like, again, this is why we have such you know, you and I have to talk after the show for sure, because you are kind of like going the same direction of why this works. If you can get yourself out there and seen more often, get yourself at least 3, 5, 6 posts a week on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, all that stuff with good high quality content. And you're not it's not always a promotion. It's not always this and that. By my shit, by my shed, by my shit, you know, then eventually again, if you're out there all the time, you are you are the one that's going. That's a branding one. A one man. It's brand. It is all marketing one to one as well.

It's both boudica. I wanted to give him another shot because he's been asking some questions. I know him personally. He actually has a nominal photographer and videographer has a studio here locally. He took my headshot recently. So he asked, do you offer full productions to businesses to. And I don't know if you need clarification on that question.

I do a full productions. You mean like we're actually filming and we're writing and we're doing like we're basically we're we're actually a production company. If that's the question, no, we don't do filming. This is the video buddy service itself is you shoot, we edit. That's basically what it is.

Oh, that's perfect. That tells it right there. He does. And they do cater to businesses of what sizes?

The video body service. Yes, yes, please. Well, any size that will hire us. But ah. Ah, our client base is generally 10 or less employees, so very small business. Because here's the thing. A lot of the bigger businesses are already going to have a video department of some sort. Because it's becoming that big right now. Social media video is where you have to be. We can't we can't ignore this. And so there are some companies that are larger where I'm trying to actually create, you know, for anybody who's also a video editor. Think about, you know, helping the departments that are internally like say, for example, we've got a huge company called Stryker and they do medical equipment and stuff. They do the hospital beds. And I mean, they're they're they're a multi dollar company. And, you know, you know, I don't know if they have an internal company, but our internal video department. But I think that if they don't, they should, you know. And so, you know, maybe, you know, because they do have some stuff out, you know. But the thing is, is there's so much that's going on. And that from everybody has a phone in their pocket. You know, the if if you had a video department, you had like just stuff. What's going on, you know, internally with employees and what the CEO of the company and all that stuff just I think if you if you if you if you've got a video department behind you that's able to help tell your corporate story. And again, these are not sales pitch. This is like this, how you can attract world class employees. I want to work there because look up how much fun they're doing there. This is real videos that's been put together. And there's so many different ways that you can use video, you know, whether it's light or it's a snaggle that's been edited and put together. You know, you can imagine this is how you're going to win this decade.

You know how you can repurpose and and make use of. And it just goes it goes so far beyond just the live video. So many times I get asked the question, well, how many will be watching life? It's like it doesn't matter. It's the answer. I mean, to be brutally honest, it doesn't matter because the gold is going to be in the repurposing. Yeah, yeah, totally. It's the winner. So definitely helps. Don't get me wrong, I'm not. But it's like, you know, if two people were watching, it will matter because every scene is going to get you far more exposure. And currently that's just the case. Unless you're a Gary Vaynerchuk or someone like that who has the huge following and huge name already where he has a lot of liabilities.

How did he get there? How did he get there? Zach, like having two people alive at one? Oh, my goodness.

Yes. Oh, I love this. Don, I love Don. He's a gentleman. Another local G-man. All the local people are coming out the woodwork. This is fantastic. Yes, it does, Don. So agree. Don is a great guy, is a head of a chamber here locally where I live. And this guy gets it. He's always helping other businesses. I love Don. Great heart, great person. Same with boudica. John, I don't know him personally, but I'm appreciative of coming on. Eliza, I know her from the Philippines. It's like this is awesome.

The friend fest and we have got Linked-In. It's just been phenomenal. We are at that time. And so there are two things left to do here. One is I close the show out with the same question with every entrepreneur that's been on it. Every single one. And the interesting thing is it's it's kind of a deep question. And it's a it can be a heavy hitting question, meaning. Well, I don't wanna go too far into it before we do that to close up the show there.

Well, there's actually three things I want to make good on my promise to show you how they can win that five night stay at the five star luxury resort, compliments of power texting dot.

And you now have our permission. Both Jason and I give you permission to now take your gaze away from us for just a moment. You have to come back, though. Get out that phone. Because what you want to do this very moment. To enter, to win is now on the screen. You want to take out your phone and bring up your texting app and that texting app where you put in the person you're gonna text to type in a phone number instead, type in 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6, 2, 4, and then down in the area where you tap and send off your message in emojis and all that good stuff. All you need just is type in four simple letters and they spell peak. That's P E AK. So again, that number is 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. And then type in the message of peak P E A K and we give out a vacation every single week, compliments once again of power, texting, dot com, phenomenal people, phenomenal company. And I love them dearly. I know them personally as well.

And that's just because through all these connections we've made over the years, collectively, it's been quite a fun ride. So go ahead, do that really quick and keep listening, keep watching, because this is a big question and then ultimately I'm going to turn it over to Jason real quickly to let you know exactly how you can. I can connect with him directly the best way. Let's make this, you know, an easy path to get to him and you can get to someone who will help you and your business. So that question, Jason. Here's the thing. There is there's nothing there is no such thing as a wrong answer to this question. Not that it doesn't exist. Nervous man, I don't know. This question is let's just calm you actually here. I've put it this way. The only correct answer will be yours. OK. I'm ready. I mean, you take those two, it's like, come on. Bring it. Bring it. Are you ready? You said you're ready. But are you ready? I'm ready. All right. Here we go. Jason Anderson. How do you define success?

If you can look yourself in the mirror every single day and be happy with where you're at, that's success right there. Now, that doesn't mean that you have to be happy about circumstances. You know, we're going to we're all going through a tough time right now. I've got like, you know, there are some worries. You know, we were talking at the very beginning, you know, the introduction was, you know, I'm going to be Brian's going I'm going to introduce a very successful person and, you know, kind of blushed a little bit, you know, because we're like, well, success feels sometimes that doesn't exactly feel like you're on the top of the mountain all the time. But if you can smile and if you can have your health and you know it honestly, if you can just be happy, then that success right there. You know, I was asked a question, you know, what makes me get up every morning and what drives me and all that stuff is I just don't you know, I want to win. And so if I lose that day. Right, I'm not really losing. And I just lost that round, you know. And so I think that what defines success for me is the ability to stay happy. And that's it.

I love it. Love it. Love it.

Phenomenal. And before we close out the show, what is the best way for folks to get a hold of you? I'll bring up your site, if that's what you'd like me to do at this moment. And we can use that.

Yeah, because on the site, actually, there's a phone number on there. So if you want to even call, that will actually go directly to my cell phone. That's not my cell phone. That's a redirect. No, but it will it will ring my phone. So I answer all of the. I'm the sales guy. I am your start ups. I'm the sales guy. I'm the head trash. Take her out or all that. Good stuff. So you will talk with me specifically if you want to call there. And also, if you ever just want to shoot an email, you can do to Jason at video, buddy.

I met Jason at video buddy dot net. So we've got that on the screen as well. So there is no excuse for anyone not to be able to find you. Video buddy. Dot Net is the Web site where you can find the phone number if you didn't happen to write it down. But it is 4 0 7 8 4 5 9 0 0 5. And you will get the man, the myth, the legend, Jason Anderson himself to answer any. After it goes through his team of five secretaries and twenty four employees, and then you'll finally get to talk. I'm kidding completely. But he's got the system down. I can't admit that to me. I'm thinking this has got to be. I cannot fathom a business model success doing a successful business model like you have done. I couldn't let your genius tap to pull this off. The way you're doing it, I can't wait to get to know you more your team to work with you in the future. This has been a really fun, exciting show. It always will. Boudicca says he's calling you buddy. So right off the bat. And then. Thank you, boutique. Look at this. He's making brownie points. All right. All right. boudica. Yes, it is. He is truly masterful at what he does. So you guys will hit it off really well. Good. All right. Well, thank you, everyone, for joining us. And watch us live there, either watching us a recording or even listening on podcast. Remember, twenty five different podcast platforms and we're gonna be on Amazon and Roku, Amazon Fire TV. We are on there already. The show will be on there as well. So I just want to say a heartfelt thank you to you, Jason, for spending the time coming on here. You know, it's it's late at night there compared to here. It's nine thirty five there. It's it's time to probably put the head to the pillow soon and that you showed up. And that's what successful people do. You always show up. And yeah, it's been a blast. Buddy, I appreciate you.

I appreciate you. This is Bill. It's been great. And you know, I'd love to do it again.

Actually, we might have to arrange that. Absolutely. All right. Well, that's it for tonight. I want to respect everyone's time. And I I just want to say, you know, stay safe. Love your loved ones. Spend that time, quality time and really reconnect. I know you probably already have. It's been a while already, but just go out there and crush it and go serve people and and help people as you go along, because that's what entrepreneurs to go to the core love to do on behalf of this amazing gentleman, Jason Anderson. I am Brian Kelly, your host of The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. Until next time, we will see you again. Be blessed are.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body business shows. This show was Brian Kelly.

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Jason Anderson

Jason Anderson

Jason Anderson is the Founder the Video Buddy which is a service that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses with videocentric content when creative editing is the bottleneck. He's also the CEO of iMotion Video Corp which has produced over 10,000 individual motion graphic videos for businesses worldwide since 2010. Jason's focus and passion, clearly, revolves around effective communication, sales, and business development through the use of creative video production.

Connect with Jason:

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