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Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host, Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly:
Hello, everyone, and welcome. Welcome. Welcome to the Mind Body Business Show. We have a very, very special edition for you tonight. I cannot wait. I have not just one, not just two, but four individuals to introduce you to over the course of this wonderful evening. We're gonna have a lot of fun. We're gonna open it up to Q and A. So get ready. Get your questions out. And what I want to do is jump right in and introduce you to my wonderful co-host. We'll call him. Our guest expert is Jason Nass. He's a dear, dear friend of mine. And I can't wait to bring him on again. I had him on one of my very first shows dating back about a year ago and very excited to have him back. So let's just bring him on, shall we? Here we go.

It's time for the guest expert, spotlight, savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained, big league qualified.

Brian Kelly:
And there he is, ladies and gentlemen. All right, good. Only the man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Jason, that's him.

Jason Nast:
Stop it. Can I brag for a second?

Brian Kelly:
You may brag. Brag away, buddy

Jason Nast:
I say not only one of your earlier guests, which I am privileged, honored to be one of your first guests. But also the number one streaming guest on Roku and Prime I. That's the key right there. I'm number one show.

Brian Kelly:
Let's get right into it. Yes. Roku. We're going to talk about that tonight because it's all about automating your business. And we can't wait for all of you that are watching live to enter your questions. And hey, if you want to join us, I will put up a link in a moment. And if you have a question that you'd like to ask, live on camera and join us here, get some free exposure for an entrepreneur who can who can back away from that then. Then go ahead and let us know in the chat. Whatever you're watching on it could be YouTube. It could be Facebook, Periscope. We're streaming live to over nine platforms simultaneously as we speak. And want to just quickly introduce this this gentleman to my left, to your right, as you're watching, Jason asked, is a dear, dear friend of mine, as I mentioned the beginning. He is a serial entrepreneur. I met him. Gosh, it's been, what, 10 years ago or so. And we ended up getting to know each other very, very well. Very quickly. It was one of those quick connections. And he became one of those guys that was the most positive person I had met in my life. I mean, I was like all this stuff was happening that would frazzle me. And he's just going through it with a big smile on his face. And I I learned to model that behavior. And because of Jason, my my mindset started to improve greatly. And his his heart is bigger than anyone I've ever met. He will help anybody for any reason. And he does it without expecting anything in return. He's one of those wonderful golden people. And I just wanted to, you know, introduce him on a personal level. His accolades are wide and varied. Let him bring some of those up as far as business goes. He's got so much experience. It's mind boggling. It's awesome. But I just want to let you all know this is a wonderful human being. And I'm so proud to call you my friend, my buddy.

Jason Nast:
I appreciate that. And you as well, Brian. It's been an honor and a pleasure to be not only a business associate and work together and support each other, but also just to call you a friend. And I it's it is it is truly my honored pleasure to be able to call you a friend. Thank you so much.

Brian Kelly:
Man, this is awesome. Or getting all gushy here already. We already have Mr. Anthony Gary chiming in. Number one, I will gain on you. Yes, I certainly will, Anthony. Anthony is another dear friend. And both Jason. I know him. Anthony is another incredibly heart centered individual. Thanks for coming on, Anthony. Hey, I'm gonna shoot you a link. You should come on, join us pretty soon here. I'm going to put it up on the screen a little bit.

Jason Nast:
Talk about serendipity. As a matter of fact, Anthony and I are actually working together on a project. My clients are marketing clients. So we actually join forces to help take their business to the next level. So, yeah, it's it's a small circle.

Brian Kelly:
That's beautiful. And I love that because it's not 100 percent all about automation to make your business work. It's also collaboration. And these are two gentlemen who became friends, just as we three have, you know, like the three amigos. And interesting that we help each other out in joint venture and do things together because we have different and varying skill sets. And so we can lean and leverage off of each other. And because of the heart in all. Well, said those two other gentlemen, at least. It's so easy. It's amazing. I don't want to. Oh, he said, OK, this is fun. I love, you know, put the chat comments up. Oh, before we go too far for all of you watching live. I have a special treat. I have a special treat.

Thank you, Anthony. Thank goodness. He's just making me gush for all of you that watch to the end of the show. Please don't let me forget this, Mr. Nest.

When you watch the end of the show, you will have the opportunity to win a five night stay at a five star luxury resort in medical compliments of this guy right here.

Jason West and his company Power Texting dot com. It's an amazing, amazing company. Put that up on the screen real quick and at the end we'll give you a way to enter to win, and you'll be utilizing his technology that he's developed. He and his partner, Rhonda. And it's amazing, amazing stuff. So stay the end. All right. Back to the regular programming on part this. Let's take a moment. Power texting dot com. We're going to be talking about business automation and love to hear everyone's question. If you want to come on camera, that's fine. Go ahead and put him in the chat. We're gonna bring on a couple of wonderful individuals who are sitting off in a green room as we speak. Scott Schilling and Bert Gaeta, hopefully two amazing individuals. We'll bring them on and have a chat with them very, very soon. But bring your comments and what questions do you have concerning business automation? Go ahead and bring it on. But on that note, power texting dot com is a phenomenal automation tool. It is one of the automation tools in my tool belt that I use. In fact, they use it for the show to announce it. Coming up, if you would briefly just give it a few high level features of this tool because it's different than most platforms out there. When it comes to texting people.

Well, the concept of power texting was developed with the idea. I got my first little short background. I'm. I'm a 35 year marketer. I have literally marketed in every arena that there is from from TV, film commercials, radio, print, TV, billboard, online off line at all, including back in the day.

We built massive email list and it was great. You made tons of money and got lots of content to a lot of people. What ended up happening over time was the open rates became smaller and smaller, the action rates became smaller and smaller. So what we did was we developed the automation that you would find in some really robust e-mail platforms and we designed a texting service that would do all of those types of automation. So things like campaigns, auto responders, scheduling, appointment reminders and all those fun things. So that's the real high level view of it.

But just just know that everything that's worked in the past in other venues, whether they be like email marketing and direct response marketing, we incorporated the power texting to make it a more powerful tool.

Fantastic. And again, like I said, I use it each not every day, but E every week, and it's a phenomenal tool to get the word out faster. People do respond to it like texting, I hear is the number one respondent to form of communication. Short second from what I heard. Maybe this has changed since then is Facebook Messenger.

And then third. Well, somewhere down in that pack is his email.

And so, Gloria, we're going to give get a ninety seven percent open rate. And from that open rate we're getting between the thirty seven and a seventy six percent action rate. And the reason that such a wide action rate is because sometimes you send the same information two or three times over a week and then we click on it once and are going to click on it three times individually. So yeah, it's it's a phenomenal two and it's instant reply. That's what I like. That's what made me happy. You know, in this day and age, we want we want instant gratification, instant satisfaction. And we know if the campaign works within 20 minutes, we know based on the results we get through, click through things like that.

Yeah. And that's the other thing. There's analytics involved there.

You can use his platform to literally send a text to someone as if you're on your own phone that you're sending it from his platform. I've used that many times myself. In fact, you're going to all get to experience it at the end of the show when we offer the live or the contest to give away of a vacation in Mexico or a vacation stay that is using power texting. So that's a great way to start things off with that kind of automation. There are. So there's a young lady that's in the wings right now. Bridget, hopefully, who coined me the automation master.

And, you know, I just said, I'm going to run with that. I love that. It sounds kind of self praising and all that. But you know what? I like it. So that's that's what we're going with.

I love automation. I I thrive on it. It comes easy to me. And many people told me. How do you do that and what do you mean? It's it's easy and it's not easy. Everybody. The point is not to say Brian's awesome. The point is, is to say what you have is experience, what you have as talents. Not everybody has. And you may sell yourself short. That's what I was doing for years. I didn't realize everyone else wasn't doing this. I thought everyone did the same thing and it turned out very few. And I thought, wow, there is actually a need. And so went down that path. And that's why we're on tonight. Many things we can discuss on automation and we're getting some comments and questions coming in. Yeah. Anthony said, I know you're using these tools to get this show automated and broadcast on multiple platforms. How can I use automation to grow an online store, to grow an online store? Well, there's many ways to do that. I know, I know Mr. Nest has himself gone down this path specifically like we're talking Shopify, I believe it was. What do you have on that?

What we did. We actually did. I ran several shop, five stores and actually killed shop by trading back in the day a few years ago. And mostly what we were working on at that time was dropship products. We were shipping, basically picking in order and then ordering it from other company, having them directly send it to the customer. One of the things that we incorporated and this is where you're going to piggyback on several different technologies is where you would actually send out text reminders to people. Text is the fastest, most efficient way to get people to click and do things. But it's not the end all be all the fact. It's not like you don't have to do anything else. So we would send text messages out when we would launch a new product. And that would get us very fast sales on products that we were launching new that way when we did advertising on Facebook or even through Facebook messenger or chat bots and things like that. When people would arrive at the site, they would see that other people had already purchased. Nobody wants to be the first one to do anything. So when the automation process is every time we would launch a new product, we would trigger basically a text message.

It would go out to our current clientele. Anybody who buys from you the first time, it's much easier to sell somebody or two to get somebody to purchase again from you than it is to go acquire a new customer. So we would use automation services like that. And then of course, once they bought, we would put it into the shipping system. They would get a text message to remind them, hey, there's the ships gone out. Now here's your tracking number. So a lot of those pieces were incorporated in the automation as well, which prevented sometimes when you do a job shipping, it takes you three weeks, sometimes twenty one days, twenty four days to get somebody a product. So rather than having them jump on customer service, calling you, emailing you, chatting with you, try to say, where's my product when you're updating them constantly. The attacks that email. It's a way of letting them know what's going on. So you're cutting them off before they start to ask questions. Basically, for they get concerns.

And there's so many different things we've done since. It's an online system that you can use zap the air to attach a lot of different services. For one, you can use contests, viral campaigns using something like up viral where you can offer a free gift.

Make it so it's something that's not it doesn't cost anything to you or very little so that you can get but make it high value like a very valuable e-book with some secret that no one knows about, or maybe a free software to have access to give away. That's really high value. Anything like that and create a contest and have people push out. That's the word. And to do that, they would then post things automatically by clicking buttons about your product to get up on that leaderboard in the contest. Cetera. There's a lot of when it comes to marketing. Oh my. So many good things that a wide, wide net. Yes, you can.

So this is actually great. So what of the things that I like to do? I am Coco, a funnel hacker. I like to go in and find other people's products, find out what they're doing, and then go through the funnel and figure things out, like understand how they're doing things. So I got I'm going to give a free plug for I don't make anything off this. There's no way affiliated like this. But it's a great product, a great thing to happen. So there's this thing out there called easy kabob. And it's a crazy thing. But basically what it is, is you just take large quantities of meat, shove it in this tube and you squish it out the other end and it creates a meat stick called a sausage, called a hotdog or whatever you want. You can mix all kinds of meats together and cheese and stuff. It's really cool. And I targeted on this because I like all these things and I save these different ads. I got targeted and I started thinking, this is great. I have a big background. And as seen on TV and this is not an as seen on TV product, but it's a perfect as seen on TV product. So I went ahead and ordered it because I wanted to go through the process.

I went to see the final. I went through with the up sales, where with the cross, elsewhere with the bumps where. So I did this and I was unimpressed with their cross sales. They did offer me like some kabob sticks that were like ridiculously overpriced. And I was like, no, I just take the kabob. So. So I get the kabob in the mail. And here's where the automation started. It was brilliant. So first, you know, they're sending me emails saying, hey, you know, I hope you got it. About a week later, they sent me one saying, you know, we really love to hear your feedback. Just e-mail us if you love that. You tried it yet. What do you think? So you e-mail it back. Hey, I thought it was great. Is a little fun and a little bit of mess, whatever. Well. Automation kept happening and they kept saying, hey, would you mind clicking on this link and go into our Web site? Leave a little testimonial there. And if you do, we'll send you another one for free. I'm like, OK. So I did. And I went left the thing. And then like three days later, they're like, hey, this is phenomenal.

Thank you so much. By the way, if you wouldn't mind, if you buy one on Amazon and then leave a review, you just copy paste reviews, get it ready. If you do that, we'll send you a full refund and five dollars for your trouble.

So like what happened was they got one sale out of me, but on record, they got three verified sales and they got one e-mail testimonial and two online testimony with me. And that whole process was automated. There was nothing human about it, but it was very well done. And I was impressed by it. I was like, OK, it's a 19 dollar product, but they did a great job of marketing and remarketing and retargeting me.

That's the genius of automation. I love it. It's a perfect example of similar to a viral campaign by giving testimonials, by getting a third party objective reviews. I mean, that's just genius. So it will pay you back. There's so many things you can do with that. It just goes on and on. One of the keys I found to all automation is having and I call this like the baseline, the foundation of all automation that I personally do. I use something called Pete Connector and full disclosure, Pete Connector is a white label version of active campaign. And those that enrol and use Pete Connector. It's the same exact thing, the same exact pricing. You just get additional support in that. You get my support. In addition to active campaign and water. And what I'm going to do in a moment is put up a link where you can get all the automation is my go to automation that I personally use that I run every single day. As Jason was saying, automatically without me intervening. And Pete Connector is the number one number one, because what he was talking about, where you're getting messages that would be something like Pete Connector sending those emails and text messages and anything that you can get in front of their face on a good regular basis. And it's got a lot of smarts built in and logic. And so that's that's absolutely crucial. If you have anything where you're scheduling, if you need to schedule like this live show, like I did what Jason like I did with a brigade like I have done with Scott Schilling, who's coming out in just a moment as well, then I use something called Tend to Eat.

Many of you have heard of Kellen Lee. There are other there's quite a few out there. I tested up a fairly good number of what existed and 10 to eight rose to the top really quickly and they're continuing to improve. That's not often talked about or mentioned, but it's fully integrated, all with with thrive or with Zappia, which is. The other component, it's the glue that that pulls all of the pieces together and. Yeah, it takes some it takes some getting used to it takes some knowhow. But with the right guidance, you can you can put together a pretty whiz bang automation tonight. Video was announced. Gosh. Right. You know, multiple Facebook pages, voice, Facebook groups, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter. I'm probably forgetting one or two twice. I did it yesterday and it did it one hour before the show. Automatically I have it all set up to go ahead of time. And that was running based on the appointment that was set by Jason in ten to eight. Pretty amazing. Pretty amazing. And so I take that and other data that comes through because of P connectors, data where I can drop in like his name and things like that that go out in the notification sequences and all of these. So there's more. There's one more called Sonics. Let's go through those real quick. Oh, there's no one called drive cart before that. A shopping cart software, that is. My goodness. I have I have looked high and low for I wasn't looking for a shopping cart.

I was looking for an affiliate program that would run affiliate based marketing. So if you want to talk about automation, what like what Jason was talking about with the viral campaigns. Another way is through affiliate programs, get it by referral and it's all electronic. People can share a link to your product and you give them a percentage of thank you for the price that was paid and you get to choose all that. And that's where I found Thrive part and then thrive part just blew my mind with everything that they do, the support. It's a shopping cart. And so you can accept payment through PayPal stripe. There's others. And it's very flexible and credible. They've tested the bugbears out of it, I'd like to say. And their support is impeccable. They're from New Zealand and there are almost instant support all the time. And then there's something called Sonics. And that's where I I upload my life shows. I have to record them on video. I upload them to this thing called Sonics. Thank you, Tom Antione, for bringing that to my attention. And it automatically transcribes the. Higher show, a one hour show, and now it can repurpose that, but that's again, automatic upload it. It does the work. You just sit back and wait till it's done. So for all of these wonderful goodies and tools you can get, you can see where all those come from by just going to this Web site. There's nothing I'm not selling anything. I will give you a heads up that some of those have affiliate links embedded. My affiliate links.

Pay no more than usual. Not all of them even include an affiliate program. But if you go there are we are our white. I am for such automation. And just into your ear information there, you'll get an automated e-mail. Go figure that one automated and you'll get a list of all of these tools they just talked about with a link, a short description. You can go straight to them and check them out as our gift to you. Anything to add real quick, Jason, before I bring Scott on, I blabbed quite a while there.

Yeah, just real quick. What are the things you're talking about? Here is Pete Connector and Zappia and these will pick Connector is kind of you sucked about zap. You're being the glue that brings everything together. Really? The way I look at this, Pete, connectors kind of the ball. And that's really what's healing the hard work. And what you're doing is basically attaching a little rope and pulling things in with Zappia.

So, you know, I can't stress enough.

I mean, Brian's real super modest about well, it's actually this is a white label. That and also the reality of it is, though, when you're getting whether you're getting active campaign, which by the way, is phenomenal, too, or you're buying it with the brand name of Pete Connector, there is a difference is a huge difference. And the biggest difference is, is this guy right here, is that because not only does he have Pete Connector, but he also is going to help you pull these pieces together. And that's the one thing that I'll tell you. As far as an automation guy goes, I'm not Brian. I am horrible at it. But I have the idea. I have a great concept of it. And then what I do like my relationship with Gary. I don't know how to do the stuff he does really well. So I go to him for that piece of it. And then and the power techniques have a developer that does that side of. I told what I wanted. Does it? And Brian's that guy for you. So he connectors is really if I had to choose one thing to really latch into, that's where I would be. I would be focusing my automation effort right there to start off with.

Yeah. And that yeah, it is. The foundation that's the cornerstone of all automation I do is to connect Terry and Zappia, like you probably said, is is that thing that ties all the pieces together where if you look at P. Connector B in the center and then there's all these other tools around it that are feeding in and out of it and moving and feeding each other through zapping as well. It's an amazing system.

What I want to do is we've got two people there is very patient waiting to come on and share their wisdom. Maybe you have a question or two themselves. I'm going to bring them up in the order they came on. Sorry. I know ladies first is always a way, but I'll bring brigade on very soon afterwards so we can see her at the moment. You can't. But Scott Schilling, are you ready, my brother? Are you ready for me to bring you on? Give me a big night. There we go. Here we come. Ladies and gentlemen, please. Me. Schilling.

You know, I kind of like this, you know, being in the grim green room, being able to watch this and take notes and do all that kind of good stuff. Now I've got to work. Hey, how you doing, Scott? Long time no see. Yeah. It's been forever.

So Scott and I, we met. Gosh, it's been about two months ago. Yeah. They're in Las Vegas at a wonderful, amazing event called Bank A Con. And that's Raghida was there. She was the M.C. did a phenomenal job, I'm saying.

Oh, definitely doesn't blush on camera. She's coming on in just a moment. She's an amazing woman, has an amazing family in her own right. And Scott, you really intrigued me with projects you have going on in the entrepreneur of space, something akin to think about. For those of you that have seen Shark Tank on television, think about watching that on your computer or your phone or device and being able to interact as if you were possibly one of the sharks, either invest or buy the product or. Yeah. There's other other variations, but it's genius concept. And I know you've gone through an entire season already of filming. I think you have Forbes, Riley and the other gentleman, Kevin Harrington. Cat Yeah. Harrington Hunt. Both of whom are chart. I was in I was introduced by Mr. Jason S. to both of those people.

They're amazing powerhouses in the direct marketing and direct selling arena. So that's phenomenal. But when it comes to automation, Mr. Schilling, what kind of things come up in your head? What questions would you like to have answered? Not saying that Jason or I have the answer for you, but we could bantered about and see if anyone watching does as well.

Well, I think it's fabulous to just do everything that you guys have put together here. And quite frankly, Brian, since you and I started talking and we spent some time together and actually did a video video meeting together, you gave me so many great ideas for what we're doing with the show, for what we're doing with prospecting potential companies to come on the show, prospect prospecting potential investors to invest in the companies that come on the show. You just really opened my eyes to so many more choices I think is the best way to see even, you know, the the new platform around here tonight. So is there a I mean, I guess one of the things is, is there a. Basic place to start. I'm going to say I'm asking this for everybody else out there, but I might use a little bit of it myself. Is there a basic place to start with the automation and what are kind of the bare essentials? And then let's go from there.

Yeah, sure. First of all, what I do is I do I take individual through an interview process because I must know the need. What is the need? What do you have in place today? What is your business model? What's your marketing right now? Because every single business is unique. So there's no like one catch all answer. But like Jason and I were saying at the onset is Pete Connector is absolutely. That could be in any business, in every business and should be in my personal opinion. I've used many different similar services and this one just leapfrog past many of the much older services that have been around a lot longer.

So Pete Connector for me personally is the holy grail of all starting of automation for sure, because, you know, you can integrate it with your Web sites, have opt in forms, you can integrate it with actual forms like woof, woof. It's an online form that you can bet any Web site, ask questions and have all that feed into your peak connector and use that data for, you know, for your decision making in an automated fashion. So how are they answered? I have four four, for instance. You filled out that form earlier, Scott. And there was actually one question in that form.

You didn't notice there was one question that form that based on your answer, would take you either to page A or page B when you were finished and you had an idea that was going to happen. And you still don't know until you do now.

But a question that was pulled back the curtain.

Go ahead.

Yeah. I will if you want. I was looking for ways to monetize the show and it's great.

No way. The answer would appear to say no, no, no, no. Which I know which one it is. That's all you had to do is give me that. Yeah, I know. Of course.

No. All right. Well, good then. Yeah. So it basically came down to was I going to charge the guest to appear or was I not.

And you did not get that email that said it's going to cost you money. So you answered that question in a way that was by my choice, how I stepped animation so that the result would be you do not pay. And it's working wonderfully. And look, if you're doing a show for less, you that are out there and you're looking to monetize it and you're just starting. I would hold off, wait until you have a good time. I waited a year before I implemented that. I am booked all the way through February of next year. Now on shows, that is one reason I'm I'm raising the bar continually getting people like Scott Schilling. Jason asked on this show who are extremely successful and the more and more successful people I can bring on, the more and more they can refer me to even more like them or even more successful than themselves. Which is another automation type of strategy. I won't. I could go way down the rabbit hole on this, but the short answer already too late for that is Pete Connector would be the start.

And then I'd definitely be prepared to bring Zappia into the mix. I wouldn't start paying money on a service until you know it's needed. But again, I would interview. I would sit down with you and say, I need to know what you're doing, what is your funnel look like, and maybe offer suggestions for tweaks so that we can implement an automated system. And when you have automation, you have less room for human error. You also have quick response. You're not, you know, again, human error. I forgot dairy supply. So many wonderful things. And you can send them down pre written paths that were well thought out. You can choose the bank codes, for instance. Find out what their personality types are and give them one of four different channels to go down depending on their their personality type channels being of multiple emails that go out in their language and their personality type. We I'll bring birdied on and we'll talk more about that as well. But that's really the answer. Jason, as anything else, come to your mind?

Well, I want to kind of highlight the point you made. And then I realized what you're using for it is to kind of differentiate between a paid client or a mutually beneficial client. But that split test will call it for lack of a better description. It really does help you target your demographic, amazingly. So as you're going through, for example, in your automation using peak connector, I could ask the question, are you male or female? And then when you say female and not everything is addressed to her, to she, to you and not little, little bit will help people convert better. How people close to this kind of goes. Back to Anthony question how do you do this? Automation in an online retail and shopping and AECOM? Well, this is a way when you're targeting somebody specific, you're not going to send men's shoes to a woman. But if they aren't to them a woman, then, you know, not to target that woman for men's shoes until it comes about time for Father's Day. Because that's the only time that women are by men shoes, typically. So. So those things right there. I'll call it a split test on. I know it's not that way, but it's really refining your message with your demographic. I think that's a real beneficial tool in the automation side.

Yeah. And that was a brutally simple example that I gave. Brutally simple.

I was one of the easiest men from what you guys are doing.

This is absolutely brilliant because one of the things that I talk about all the time as a as a sales trainer or a business entrepreneurial trainer is what are your USP? What are you unique selling propositions? And you guys are using these tools in automation to create uniqueness. There's I'm pretty sure this is the only show on the Internet right this second. You know, I mean, they're everywhere. Right. So many people are jumping on and doing shows and doing whatever. And they're not doing it with the quality, with the class, with them, with the dignity that you're putting behind it and the automation. I mean, I'd like to give you credit, but it's the recognition of using the automation that you get the credit for. Right. And really using those as the differentiators for yourselves. That's why we use tools like bank. That's why we use tools because we want to customize our messaging in a better quality to the receiver. A novel concept. It's all about the audience. It has nothing to do with us, quite frankly.

And if I could add to that, Brian, I always say one more thing. It's really, I think, pretty significant is that. We all want to make it look so hard that nobody can do this stuff. But the reality of it is, Brian. Other than the, quote, technical things you got to go through just before the show. We were on the line a half hour beforehand and we're kind of bantering back and forth. We realize some little weird things were happening. We're fixing them as we go. But because you have all of this automation in place, because, you know, already the e mails have gone out, the texts have gone out, the notifications have gone out. You're not sitting here 10 minutes before the show. Go on. OK. I've got to share this to Facebook 72 times. I've got to do it. That's all handled for you. So that is that although running a show like this quality is not easy.

It is so much easier for you today. And you're not just running one show. You said earlier you're streaming the nine platforms. And on top of that, you've got Roku, you've got your prime coming in. So all of these things that are going on and that's all because it's only possible because you would not have enough hours in the day or the week to do it yourself, you have to set these automation processes so that trims that are out for you, I guess, are very exciting.

It's possible. It's possible.

It's possible for everybody to do stuff with this automation yet.

And that came out of sheer need and luckily having the background and ability to do it. But the need was I'm going to burn myself out. There's no way I could do a show and all that. There's so many moving parts. People don't realize if you're doing a real show like one that's planned in advance that has a theme that you talk about, bring on high quality guests like Scott and yourself, Jason. It just it goes on and on. You know what? I want to bring on our next guests, because if you have a question I'm sorry.

We talked to Scott about your show, but never mentioned what the show was. So it would be cool to tell everybody else what that show is because they might want to tune in.

Well, it's called America's Real Deal. And the one piece of automation that we use that we make is while you're watching the show, you can think of Shark Tank meets American Idol.

You can actually go to as well as you're watching the show, you can hit the buy button and you can actually buy the product. Now, that's been done before, but the next part is the coolest part in that is you can hit the invest button and now you can crowdfund on the spot for as little as one hundred dollars. You can actually own a piece of that company. And then the third is the share button, the vote button. It now sends it to the audience members social share. So like I've got five thousand Facebook followers if there's one hundred of me. Awesome. It goes out to five hundred thousand people that weren't watching the show. So we're using our own version of automation. That's never been done before.

And it's America's America's real deal. You got it. OK. So we were missing the name of the show. I want to get it out there. So I'm a marketer, so I got to make sure everybody gets there a little bit in there. OK. Hey, Jack. Joe. Go.

So Jason operates and you did to Scott. Both of you are very heart centered person people. And speaking of heart centered people and brilliant, ingenious and gorgeous, we're bringing on a guitar, hopefully. Are you ready, Bret Gaeta?

It's ready. Here she comes. Get ready. The screen is going to get looking better real quick.

How are you? Do over again. Hi. I'm good. How are you? Gosh, it's really dark here on the East Coast. It's so good to be here. And look, I needed to be here because you needed to have some at least a little bit of balance in all of this testosterone.

I know I cut on my hair, so I don't have that feminine side going anymore.

Well, I cut my hair so I can fit in. I don't know. I guess whatever. It's so good to be here.

Ryan, you're like a magician because you just got back from the gym, right?

Yes. Good. Well, you and fast. I have to give it to us.

So Burkina isn't on any woman for those you that don't know she has an MLP. What's the name of a MLP? I like to call an established Institute of Atlanta Institute of Atlanta Neuro Linguistic Programming, which is a life changing science. I've I'm an LP certified. I did that on the West Coast. We're going to takes care of the East Coast. And she is an amazing, amazing talent.

Her husband, Christian, run that together. I see him in every photo that you guys have going on, which is awesome to have that support. And she's also one of the lead lead people in this company called Bank Bank Code, I believe is the name of the company.

She's always the number one lead trainer, number one lead trainer.

There we go. She trains this thing and it's about, you know, identifying your personality types. We all have four primary. There are four primary personality types. One of those is your primary. And you have you have all three are all four of them.

But when you have to pick a card, any card, bartering for an uber gator.

I love it, Scott. That's the thing.

The one thing that's happening in that that I love so much is near and dear to my heart is the advent of artificial intelligence because it goes down the automation train like you have no idea. So he held up four cards and essentially he basically handles cards to an individual. Say, sort these from the order of what you feel is most like you to the one that's least like you. Simple. And it tells you different traits. And you look at it, it takes, what, five, five minutes? Six minutes, not very long.

You can do not even that, right? 90 seconds or less.

Yeah. And you could do physical cards. You can go on line and drag and drop these cards and determine what your personality. You know, it's cracked your code, as it's called. And the cool thing is now, instead of having to go through that manual process, you can literally copy and paste someone's e-mail to you into this tool and it will automatically determine all four in order. And it does remarkably correct. It blows my mind. And that will then be able to be automated in such a way to pull into something like Pete Connector. And now you can write not just one series of automated e-mails, but now four and just branch based off, which was their primary personality type. You set this all up and that's and then all of it will run 100 percent automatically in the background. And that's I am so excited. So I had to bring that up brigade.

But what kind of questions do you have or if you have any automation for business, maybe for yours or others that you've been involved with recently?

Well, first of all, Brian, let me just bowed toward to you because you are. I am not worthy to be on this. Up you are truly the automation meister. Like I have never seen anyone do anything even close to what you're doing. And it blows my mind because quite frankly, my action brain does not understand. And the beautiful thing is, Brian, I don't have to. That's the that's the good news for me. I don't have to because, you know, we. Brian and I have been working together and I've been following Brian ever since we met and we immediately hit it off. And Ryan, I really think you hit the moon with everything that you do, everything that you're setting up. Like I train people to listen so their mouths can follow some training, their ears so their mouth can follow. You trained people in automating all of their everything that they haven't put it in one holistic automation so it can go out. So they actually that they're cascade can follow. That's that's a beautiful thing. What you're doing and what you're what you have. I don't have a question today. I have an automation person that I delegate to. His name is Christian.

Everyone is a Christian.

We're actually a really good power couple. And that's another award that oh, here it is right here that we got this summer, the Power Couple award. And Christian is very high knowledge. And I love that he is because he loves digging into that and just doing it and and implementing it. And I do the sales on an all about businesses. But, Brian, thank you. I mean, I am not worthy.

Oh, you are more than worthy. Come on, knock it off. You did such a phenomenal job. You were the M.C. There was a sea of people. You were effortless and flawless. You kept people moving, getting back in the room. And you did it with such grace, such professionalism. And it just kept everything moving, flowing. You had great energy throughout. It was it was almost like it was your first time ever doing something like that. I'm kidding. I'm totally total pro. Total pro. And I know Scott can attest. He was there as well. And they have a gem in you and in Christian. Your whole family is rock star. Emily, you know, the budding actress. My goodness.

She got two more lead roles before yesterday. Oh, man. Brian, what I really know you talked about the A I we are the number one personality, personality coding technology like we've invented it. Bank method that the bank methodology has invented personality coding technology. And what I got the other day, an automated e-mail that I got. I don't know if you get those, but I get them. And I was like, I wanted to click delete because it was boring. And I didn't understand the thing that they're trying to sell me. So I wanted to click delete. Now it's like, wait a minute, let me just run this through the A.I. and I copied it and then I ran it through the A.I.. Well, guess what? It was heavy and knowledge. It was heavy. Blueprint didn't speak my language at all. That's why it was like over my head. And I was not interested there. That's like a pretty that's like a pretty woman moment where you go, that's stupid. You know, you're in sales. You get commission.

That's just done right there. That's the goal. You just set it. Because now we will very soon have the ability to 100 percent automate this process. And one thing I didn't mention, I want to bring Kent down here pretty soon. He's waiting in the wings of love. Kent Emmons. He's an amazing dude. One of the things was when this technology gets completed, as far as the automation we're looking at Zappia tenured in, you know, messages like that, we'll not miss the mark anymore because that message will be written toward your personality type. If they are implementing think code. So the other thing I want to mention on that, though, real quick is once you've you've copy and paste of that email and you've got their code, you click on another tab and you type in what you think your response would be. And this A.I. would tell you if you're on the mark or if you've missed the mark in response, it's like freaking believable.

So you can literally use this tool to write every single of the e-mails in the sequence. You're going to write for that personality type and know that they're hitting the mark. Unbelievable. I get goose bumps. I love this stuff. Geeks me out.

And that's why I love you. Can't you just eke out on stuff like that? It just makes my life easier. Right. All I need is something that makes my life easier.

And Brian, that's where you come in. And any one that is not following your advice is an absolute. Sorry for the terminology that music, dummy.

I mean, honestly, scrambling for the mute button there for a minute.

Luckily, I didn't have to wait long.

Speaking of geeking out now, this has nothing to do with geeking out. I want to bring on another amazing, amazing person, another friend. I was just looking at the time we go beyond an hour, if you guys are cool it because we have so many of you under unbelievable, awesome people. But this gentleman, I met him, gosh, it's been probably six or seven ish years ago, basically shared the stage with him. I was speaking on behalf of my mentor and he was there as a guest speaker. And we were hanging out in the back of the room getting to know each other. It's like instant, instant connection with this guy. He is. Oh, I have never seen this guy without a smile. So watch when I bring him up. He'll probably be the first time you see him without one. I'm kidding. And he's an amazing dude. Lives kind of nearby. I've been to his house several times, a beautiful ranch home. He's a brilliant radio and television network owner. Let's bring him on. Mr. Kent Emmons, are you ready, my man? Looks like he's on the phone. He's doing multitasking. He needs one minute. I can't hear him, but he's he's saying something. We'll bring him on in just a moment. Soon as I see the phone.

Go. Here we go. Everybody listen.

Hey, good to see you guys. I'm sorry I'm late. I was actually on the phone with the president of the Ukraine. He's finally found some dirt on Scott Schilling and ordered your car back.

We're sure. Got it. I want to bring that to the forefront. I appreciate all you guys is just awesome.

Thank you. Ten years to find anything on Scott Schilling. It apparently was something kindergarten, but they haven't given up the goods yet, so I'll prepare for them next time.

Waiting for the right. So subtle. You know, I've never met.

I've got my old buddy Brian on here. Scott Schilling, who's been my man Chris for 15 years. And friend died. And Birgitta, who I literally you hadn't you speechless watching you during that seminar in Las Vegas. That was amazing. That was more of the greatest. It really was one of the greatest experiences of my life. What you guys have got going on with that? Yes. Off the hook.

I agree. Yeah. Thank you for that.

And in large part due to Rita and her tireless efforts, she's going all over the country training corporations in bank code and just changing, changing lives, changing the world, one business at a time. And, you know, she's she's a force to be reckoned with because she's a go getter. She said action. There should be like an action squared.

That's her. That's to get it squared. Get the word out, Pam.

And you know, she and that you know, Sherri and Esther, I mean, you talk about a team and then that, you know, the guests that you had in and the experts you had em. And I was a real powerhouse of people. And I've been to, you know, a lot of, you know, a lot of events and things like that. But that was a real, real, real powerhouse with no. I mean, it was no letting up. It was several days of just absolute money, which you never get except Scott Schillinger.

And those are always right. How would you like to review the right?

You know, I saw that this big show of roasting came back. I didn't know that. That's what we started here.

This is pretty cool. Kent Emmons, the roast master. I love it.

If you're real is if we're guests, we could play Hollywood Squares. I'm just saying, you know.

I think it's sort of funny. I actually just talked to Peter Marshall a couple of days ago. He's 19 now. Yeah, he's a writer. Yeah.

Let's review. Hollywood Squares would be awesome.

Is that funny? Yeah. Yes.

There is one more that has said he would be coming on. But let me put it up here just in case. Mr. Anthony, Gary wants to join us. If he's still on, I can have him come on as well. There we go. Just go to that link. If you're watching Anthony and join us, join us here on your camera. Let's see that beautiful face of yours. He's like my brother by another mother, like all the three gentlemen here and then my sister by another. Mr. Edwards is the young lady.

I think all you guys are amazing. Great. Never missed that. I've heard that one before.


Do you have anything in regard to business automation that is, you know, you're curious about or you have questions of or you just have a topic about it that you'd like to bring up?

You know, you're my guru. I mean, literally, I want to do business automation wise. And I just go, oh, my God. I mean, you know what you like. You take that book, the four hour workweek and cramming into like that seven point three minute workweek.

I love this is starting to look like a self promotion show here. But I appreciate all the love. That was not reason for interaction then. But I I appreciate you guys so much. So much love. It's easy to say.

It's actually pretty cool is that I actually and I know you're the automation master. I'm kind of like the text guy and everybody comes me for texting stuff. And when I had a meeting with Ken. He actually taught me something really cool about automation, which we are actually building into our platform as a result of our conversation, which is and this is a great system, by the way, where you can make a phone call and through just making a phone call, you're automatically opted into with text. And that text automatically sends out a campaign and continues on to re market that customer. And that was all just one little tidbit of a conversation that we had. That that you really spurred beyond. And my developer actually we had a great conversation today with our provider and developer actually working on that very piece of that technology today.

So, you know, it's me and that system. And by the way, Mike Stewart in Nashville, who I've known for like nine thousand years, Mike is who came up with that by piecing together those two food elements that he's a brilliant marketer, his Internet marketer over there, just actually a songwriter and producers. How I do it from 35 years ago. But, you know, he's always on top of his game and he came up with that and he really changed. You know, where you had these, you know, with us especially being in the direct response biz, you always had this thing where I mean, you always had this thing where on the radio or on television or billboards text to this to that. And, you know, who remembers that? But what was number and then text you back, right? It was brilliant.

It was sheer brilliance. And I could see I appreciated that. And it's great because this is where Brian bringing all of us together like this is really a powerful thing because we know what we know, but we don't know what we don't know. And when we have conversations with people, we certain I learn I'm a lifelong learning. I was I was very honored to be able to like take that little chunk of knowledge. And it's going to make a huge difference in my business as a result of it. So.

So. Right. Stewart, I'll connect you guys. Brian, it's Brian is still good. Like he's been out here on the ranch a couple of times, as we always have so much. Sit there and visit. I was like I said, I even took him to a power lunch at in and out a while back. Is that true? Horribly perilous. But, you know, his automation is so good that I said, listen, excuse me for a moment, I'm going to get you a drink and then I need to go to the bathroom now. He'd only been here at that house for about an hour and a half. I went to the bathroom and as I was getting up, this is how good his automation systems are. It's had already wiped.

So I always thought it would save me like a minute and a half. The guys are guys, a miracle worker, textbook markets. Everything went well. Great, great. I'm going to pay him.

Not just great, Peyton, but lift. Switch soon. I can't wait. Oh, my goodness.

And I'll hire Jason for marketing and then Anthony Gary for digital marketing on Facebook. We're gonna bring him on. He just joined that. We can have our our checkerboard appearance. Are you ready, Anthony? Give me a thumbs up if you're ready. I can see a.

Bounce it, thumbs up.

Well, we'll bring them on. See what happens. Let's just have some fun. Anthony, Gary, everybody. How you doing there, Mr. Dark Knight?

Hey, there he is. I don't think you're here.

You're on the air, Mr. Anthony.

Gary, you still work at settings. You talk to Brian. You help automate that.

So Anthony is an amazing guy while he sits there without talking to us or hearing us. Poor guy. But he is a digital ad agency guru. He does everything in his agency, does everything they do. Did they do Facebook ads, Web site development, search engine optimization, which is really his forte. And they think there he is. How are you doing? I think we got him suffering through.

Can you can you guys hear me clearly?

We can hear right now.

He's got a little bit of delay.


Yeah. Sounds like he might be watching on Facebook or somewhere else.

What's the fate of your platform, Brian? I mean, this is a really, really innovative way of doing this.

There's been others that have been like this, and I've been out for a while. But these guys think that you're in the studio. You can see, I think in the upper left, there's a little logo says Beta. Right. I mean, they're still developing this and they're I call them the whiz kids. They're very young hardware. And it takes very little hardware to actually make this work. That's the beautiful thing about it. I have been using a very, very complex broadcasting tool software and it almost every time I fired up, I'm using a green screen back here.

Almost every one of my settings get changed and it looks wonky. But now with this platform, I can have a stable environment.

Said I wasn't to. Facebook was buffering. Can you guys hear me now? Well, you can. I won't talk it up. Let me add a little bit stuff to tell you. Brainy people there. But I think these guys I think I'm by glossing a little bit over this process in this automation, how huge it is, you guys. Brian is able to put this on a lot of platforms and has someone who does pieces of business. I'm watching his sites climb up and rankings. I'm watching his shows show up on rankings. Let me tell you guys, after you do a Brian show, do a search for your name and you'll see his show showing up there for you. That's part of the power of him getting this thing automated and hitting multiple references. This whole thing, you know, getting as many you are as you can get out there and helps you dominate your page to get you a greater Web presence where people are searching and researching and they see all these different pieces of you. So I think you guys are likely glossing on that. I think on the Pete Connector element part of it, you guys, you know, that's a it's a mandatory piece when we do leave campaign for realtors because it gives you the data that you need to have to analyze a campaign. You know, a lot of people do these drip e-mail campaigns. And if you want to drive traffic and we're not when we're driving not traffic, we're not seeing sales. I go to Pete connection. I look and see, OK, where are people falling off of the funnel? What e-mails is my losing, folks? I can go in there and make that adjustment and bring people back in. So, again, this stuff is so proper, so big. And and it's it's small steps. But each of these small steps is designed to put another zero when you're on your own. Why? So you guys are going a little light on this stuff. It's huge. It is huge.

Well, I called you my brother by another mother, not dad.

And I just want you guys to know that I gave up my Thursday night football because I knew Jason and Brian. We're gonna be fine. I said, you know, not many people give me off football. But you guys did.

That's what DVR is for me, man. You can zip on for those commercials. I'm glad he made it on Anthony, this amazing guy. Another one that I thought we were twins, separated at birth because it's obvious. Look at the resemblance. It's not because of the mindset, the heart, everything. It's just like we were always lock step. And every time we would say something like, wow, I was just thinking that, you know, one of those and it's interesting, I've had that connection with probably nearly all of you on here right now. And it's amazing. It's a powerful five individuals that are on here that I'm so blessed to be friends with and to know you guys are amazing. Can't. And you haven't said much. And I wanted to give you a few more minutes of, you know, let's get out the potty talk if we can.

And three more minutes of stand up from Ken. Oh, it's funny.

What is going on? Can't. Let's talk. What is your latest venture?

You know what? It's all network all the time. So, you know, the studios are being built out over in Sherman Oaks Galleria and, you know, engineering meetings all day today, programming stuff. You know, it's just the crazy stuff.

But I'm loving it.

And what do you have coming down the pike specifically, if you can divulge anything at all or crave news that a new 24, 7, 16 hour a day alive news network and very edgy, 18 to 34 year old, you know, something's not out there.

I now that something that, you know, you take Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, you know, these things that are kind of traditional, all kind of old fart news type formats. We're going to try kind of turn it upside down and have some fun. And it's like.

Did you did you just put CNN in a news category?

Well, you know what I meant. I'm just busy advertise details.

Here we go.

A great observation, though, I've got to tell you. Nice catch series.

That's that's guy, right?

You know what? It is so interesting that there is such a massive, you know, huge market out there for real news. And, of course, you know, Brian, as you know, you've been you've known about this.

And Scott, you as well about our network as it's been being planned for the last a year and a half or so. A lot of big, big hitters, a lot of big money. But I didn't stop. And, you know, the the tag line that the network has adopted is team from our, you know, all the people we've met with, you know, from the president down. And it's we said, what are you looking for in news? And they all said, Brian, do you want it? You want to say the tag line? You probably missed it. It's real news. No bullshit that literally. And so that literally is the tag line. So it's very it is very edgy. It's very interesting. And it's something where you can actually tune in. Have a great time somewhere of it. You know, kind of a cross between Howard Stern, Fox News and I hate to say CNN, because that's more that's more like at. Not more of a fantasy novel, but yeah, something along that line.

Yes, so unsaid, unscripted, no more edgy, fun.

Interesting. Who?

Most news networks would never give the time of day because they're too interested in, you know, people that are, you know, spouting hard right or hard left stuff. Look, art is about guys like you. It's fun how to make more money, how to have a better life, you know. And of course, keep it up on the headlines. That's great.

And tactic. Well, hey, real quick, we're at that later cell. Big love from Kita, who has muted herself. It looks what we'll do. Real quick is as promised. Give away that vacation. Stay. So hang with me. All of you wonderful people for just a moment.

If you would indulge me while I let our viewers know how they can win a five night vacation state, a five star luxury resort in Mexico. And by the way, just a real quick, this is not one of those things where you show up and then you're shuffled off to a room for a six hour timeshare presentation. And the reason I know that is because the man in the middle, Jason, asked himself, actually tested the very gift he is giving to you. This is sponsored by his company. I took it.

How many? Three.

Three. I was not aware of that.

Go for it, Jason. I got to tell you something. I can't thank you guys enough for that trip to Afghanistan that I'm looking forward to Kabul next month.

That's gonna be, I promise you, a warm vacation, right? I rubbed it. I mean, I've never. I'll never forget it.

All right. Without further ado, to enter, to win this five nights state of five star luxury resort in Mexico.

All you need to do is pull out your phone and type in the phone number 6 6 1 5 3 5 1, 6, 2, 4. And then in the message area, just punch in the word, peak a K and hit the send button again. That's 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 and type in the word peak and hit send.

This will go directly through power testings system, through the account that I have and we will choose a winner at random. So go ahead and do that now while you're on live so that we know you are watching live and we will choose a suitable candidate and winner. That's it for that. Thank you. Part 16 and Jason asked for that and the trip to Afghanistan for Kent.

Love it.

I did a year ago now. And it goes on that I did the Mexico down in Rocky Point, Mexico, where can ask a phenomenal, great private beach was amazing. But then also Vegas and Orlando at the West Gate. So good, good quality places. We we really worked hard to build some really good partnerships on that so that we could do these types of sponsorships. So we appreciate it. So thank you.

Absolutely. And then back to the topic of automation. This is not a plug for something I'm working on, but it is something I want to make open to those that are interested that are about starting their own life stream. And that is something that I have been putting together and working on called carpet bomb marketing. And what it is, is all the automation we've been talking about thus far and many, many more and putting it into info product form, in other words, online training. And what I'm constantly looking for are beta testers. I have currently six that are signed up. I want to go up to 10. And what I want to do is make all of this training available to you. It's in work right now. It's not finished. And then have you go through the training? One hundred percent free of charge. And then in response to that, just give actual real feedback that will help improve the training product and also then use it and then provide testimonials, real testimonials at the end, once you've realized all of the masterful notes that you've achieved. You will then be the next automation master brigade will probably probably hold you over me in that regard when you get through with this course. And so I just want to throw that out there. Not a pitch here at all. Not charging anybody any money. Just so you do know, though, all of these things that are put together to make this incredible engine work do cost money, the resources that we use that the Web site, Zappia or all of the the peak connector, they do cost money. So just know that and be ready to be committed to actually engage in that when the time comes, if you are to raise your hand. So just go ahead and message me on on Facebook or that's probably the best way to say, hey, I'm interested and want to take a look at this and become a beta test or see if I'm a fit. That would be very, very cool. And speaking of cool, look at these cool cats. Yes, Jason?

Well, I'm a product of that marketing. I actually as a result of that training that I've been going through as it develops. I've invested in some really cool tools. I've got some great things that are making this broadcast much better between microphones and sound designers. And I've invested in the tools and I'm actually breathing and. Brand out now for a show that we're calling the Big Insider Secrets, the same concept that you're using your automation tool. So I as a product of the product, I can say this at the moment, he's not charged with anything. That's the best investment you'll ever make in yourself. But even when he starts to charge for it. If you're looking to create some sort of a broadcast type channel and you're not personal friends with Kent Emmons, then you want to. You want to. You want something to help you automate your processes because otherwise you will go great like you turned over because I'm friends with Brian.

That might not have any value.

And Brigade is also involved in that beta test group. And she's waiting patiently along with Jason, because I'm taking way longer than I ever anticipated to get this thing going. Not going, but done. Just been working feverishly on it. It's interesting because when you do something that is kind of automatic to you, then when you have to teach it or get to teach it like that, reframe. Wow. You're like, holy smokes. I didn't realize how much. Oh, my. Because it was an iterative, cumulative effect. Always. I'm still to this day improving refining and building more automation is making current automation better. One automation that I have in just pick connector alone. They're actually called auto emissions within the connector has all these little branches and boxes and you see these logic branches and it's just a ton of stuff and it goes deep. I showed a gentleman this was another digital ad agency expert who charges tens of thousand dollars to his clients for his services. And I showed it to him on a zoom call. Just this one, automation. And he told me. So, Brian, you know that right there, that one automation is worth 15 grand.

So what I mean, to me, I'm like, what are you talking about? This is like second nature. I it just it took time. But really, he goes, oh, my God, yes. And so with carpet bomb marketing, you're not going to just get that one automation 100 percent. You just type in a code hit import and it's yours. You're going to get all of my automation. Every single one of them for free during the beta test program and after the beta test program is over. I'm not charging you a dime for life. It's all yours to keep and use and enjoy. If you need to go back to the train for any reason. So it's kind of like a pitch, but it's not because I'm not charging you directly any money. It's just you need to be ready. Scott Schilling says, count me in. Love it or do. It's a private chatting in the back there. These kids, you just can't lasso them enough. I tell you, any party. Let's go around the room and give each of you one last chance. Now we're gonna go back to ladies first.

Brian, I feel like I just take a USP stick and plug it in your ear and I can download all of your genius and then put it in my computer. That's basically how I feel because I am so grateful. Thank you for that. Our paths crossing continued to cross and B, for your genius, because quite frankly, my brain goes into genius in all different way. And and allowing my genius to plug into your genius and create something to really serve other people and to make to make life easier and better. I mean, that's what I mean. And thank you for having your hard on the right place.

And right back action in your connection with your knowledge, not only in MLP, because that's people if you have not heard of an LP or you have not actually gone to a training and learned from an MLP master like Raghida, seek her out. And I don't care where you live in the world, it is worth whatever amount of money it takes to get your butt in her seat, in her training facility, and have your have your entire life changed for the better. I never would've said that seven years ago, ever. I'm not one of us. It's my life. But my goodness, it changed mine unbelievably. And then bank code where you introduced me to the right people, Raghida, because of our wonderful friendship. And now I have an idea where things are going. I realized automation is on its way. It's become an incredible, crucial step. And as part of carpet bomb marketing, I literally do some training on being called within this training. That's why it's called carpet bomb marketing. It's saturating the marketplace with your message saturate. So it will continue to grow as more and more marketing things that work show up. Got to test them first to make sure that they're valid and then we'll integrate it. But thank you, because you're an integral part of it. You've already contributed, get and probably didn't even know that. Amazing, amazing. WOMAN. So look up, Raghida. Hopefully go get trained on an LP, become a student, learn and have your have your life changed from the inside out. And I literally don't mean that lightly. It is absolutely a game changer. It did it for me as well. All right. Mr. Schilling, who just came on, thank you once again, brought Geeta. Yes, they're shopping.

I must say thank you, Brian. One of the things I say in virtually every talk I give is by a show of hands, how many of you don't know what you don't know? Is there a chance that somebody knows what you don't know? Is it even possible? I may know what you don't know. Well, I share that for a reason because that's you know, Jason said it a little bit earlier. And I like to feel like I'm fairly well educated on the choices and automation and the variety of different things. And I can tell you what a neophyte working with you and coming in here and really caring about all these other technologies and whatever. And that's what I'm tremendously excited about, what we can do. And I'm involved in some pretty amazing projects that are that are truly market changing and entrepreneurial. And there's so many different things. And they just got better tonight because of what I've learned. And and again, I don't say that lightly. I'm. I'm honored to be here. It's a great group. Obviously, we have a lot of fun together and things like that. But the other side of it is just truly understanding when people want to serve the marketplace with the highest level of integrity, with the highest level of quality, in that they can learn to get the tools to accomplish that. And so I'm blessed to know you're really excited to be part of it, to be of service in any way I possibly can. But would love to learn because you're going to ultimately help us touch even more lives. And that's what's exciting. We're not doing it for us anyway. You know, we're doing it for the next step. So that's really cool.

Thank you so much, Scott, all of you are so amazing. Amber Gaeta, was it an AP Atlanta dot com?

Yes, sir. That's what it is. Thank you.

And the Atlanta dot com. And Scott, what is your Web site of choice?

Let's go. Which one do we want to use right now? Let's say America's real deal. Dot com. America's real.

And off to the comedian of the house, Mr. Kent. And then for the comedian, we're in serious trouble.

I've got to tell you. Listen, Brian. Thanks for having me on. And by the way, Scott, I wanted to follow up on something you said. You know, I thought I didn't know what I didn't know. But I realized this afternoon that I've known it all along anyway. Something to think about of it. Love it. I mean, guys, you know, Brian, thanks for having us on.

And by the way, Scott Schilling, one of my great mentors for many, many years, I. Matter of fact, I pulled so much knowledge out of him one weekend here that he almost died on my show.

I literally had to refill of whiskey after the show. Right.

Exactly right. That's right. Actually, right now, I really Scott, I thank you for so many years of friendship and and actually bringing me into this fold, because that is a relatively new friend base and a great friend, Brian, an old friend. So, you know, it's always a lot of fun, right?

Absolutely. And what would be a good Web site of the hour for Mr. Kent?

I guess my name. Kent Emmons dot com. And there's endless pages of absolute shameless self promotion right there. Telling you. Well, we're going to be one of nice things said about Kent all over those pages. Yeah, there is. And I wrote every word of it for you. Schilling, you bring me real part of it.

But don't forget, crave news. You want to keep your eye on that. Remember it? Real news. No bullshit. And that's that's the kind of stuff we need to be looking for. And when it's available, people want to be alerted to it.

So Jason's only saying that because he knows he's going to be on there a lot.

I'm hopeful. That's the idea. I think I'm excited about the opportunity of not only as potential being on the show, but also just from. I can't tell you how much I just want real news. No bullshit in my life. I insist. It's it's it's definitely needed. So I think it's great.

So, Jason, I appreciate that. You know. Listen, right now, most of the news out there tries to, you know, they give you a spin right or left or whatever, and they try to make you feel like a victim when the reality is you need to know what's going on in the world, but you need to aspire to something.

You need to be it's gonna be aspirational. And I'm not talking cheese ball aspiration.

I'm talking about like, you know, people are looking to, you know, how to, you know, one, get to get to know what they need to know in the world, but to how to make more money, how to improve their life, how to get better, learn how to get, you know, how to be healthier, how to look better, you know.

So instead of becoming a, you know, the victim news, which is every news channel out there, this is a lot of fun. It's edgy. So if you're not like into edgy, don't tune in.

But if you're aspirational class, learning some cool stuff, tune in. Have fun with it. Absolutely. Good deal.

That's the beauty of it being unscripted and uncensored. And it's raw. And there's no one, you know, with a nose. There's no time delay. Or maybe you guys will have one case against. We will we will not do it.

And you never know what's got Shelly's gonna say.

You're not gonna have a little round lady in the back with the glasses in the book waiting on the delay button, kicking everybody.

We were actually we heard today and we we actually we actually gave her no delay.

We took the button away. Oh, good, good. Other things that are unspeakable, but not delay after delay by good.

Awesome. Awesome. And Jason Nest, my good buddy.

Any last parting words for our wonderful audience and for this wonderful group of people on with us?

Well, OK, so I'm facing asked. Obviously, my Web site is power texting dot com. But really, what I want to say is because Brian doesn't do enough self promotion, he is very humble and he's very, very kind of low key. So I guess my parting shot, my last words are, if you don't know, Brian, as everybody in this panel has said, get to know Brian, because he's he he does have this really great software tool called Pete Connector. But really, the Pete Connector is Brian Kelly. He's the foundation of all of these connections.

He's bringing all of us together. We're helping each other. We're serving each other as a result of this. This man right here. And that makes a powerful impact on the world, because every one of us is going to bring something very unique. As I said, we're here to serve. We really are here to serve other people and to make a better environment, a better society, a better world. And we want to serve in our own capacity to our own strengths. And it's people like Brian Kelly that bring us together to to really take that impact, that small impact you may have had and make it a much bigger impact. So so for for Brian, I'm going to say reach out to him, find more information about him, do this search on him and connect with him, because, again, he's the Pete Connector. He's really the foundation of all of this.

And none of these panelists were paid.

And the creation of this program, although you did give me a bottle of great whiskey a couple of months ago, we started I was sort of compromised by that.

He took me out for a steak dinner once and then ordered fish, too. But that's another story that he was a fish steak. All right.

Well, all thanks so much for coming on. We going a little bit over, but I'm okay with that because we're not in some kind of radio network where we have to actually cut it off at a certain point. That's what I love about this. And it's all about quality, not just in life shows, but in the people that you hang out with. And I have five, four of the best right now. The fifth dropped off. Anthony, thank you so much for taking time out of your Thursday night football to join us. And that's it for this edition of the Mind Body Business Show. This first time I've done this format. I love it.

I think we need a great often gets more powerful people like you involved in this. Go around the horn and senior praises of me. I love it.

All right. With that.

Hang on for just a little bit. I'll be guest a little bit after this little animation goes. And I cut the the show and we'll just do a quick debrief and for everyone else. Appreciate you coming on. I love you. And can't wait to bring you into another edition of the Mind Body Business Show with beautiful, amazing people like we have right now.

For all involved, this is Brian Kelly saying goodnight for now. Be blessed.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body business shows with Brian Kelly.

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