Special Guest Experts - Jason Staniforth & Naomi Hyett

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So here's the big question. Our entrepreneurs like us have been hustling and struggling to make it to success, who seem to make it one step forward, two steps back, work, dedicated, determined. That is the question.

Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to the Mind Body Business Show who we were raising the bar again tonight, because I don't just have one guest, I have two. And they are both phenomenal.

And I cannot wait to share them with you here. In just a moment, the mind body business show. This is a show that was put together by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and business people. And that is one hundred percent for you to be able to watch, listen and take notes of these phenomenal guests who come on this show week in and week out and simply model, which means copy model, do what they do. How did they achieve the level of success they are at? And I found in way too long of trying on my own to do it, that the simple, easy approach is to simply find somebody who is willing to mentor you and also to find those that you can just read about or you can learn from and take notes and just simply model them. They figured it out. There's no reason for you to go through all the trials and tribulations and, you know, a little secret. They probably got some help themselves along the way. And that's almost entirely true across the board. And so why should we be any different and try to reinvent the wheel, the mind body business show? What is that? The Mind Body Business Show is a show I put together because I began following and studying only successful people over a little more than a decade, the last decade or so. And what I found in studying these people, these are people that I've known personally. These are people that have other books that some I've met in person. These are from people who maybe have written a book that are no longer with us at all.

But I've learned from them and I started noticing these patterns are similar patterns bubbling up to the top. And three of them kept appearing over and over and over, and you might be able to guess what those three are on either side of me right now here on the video. It's mind, body and business. Mind being mind set is what that stands for. And to a person, each and every very successful person I studied, they had a powerful and more importantly, flexible mindset. And then there's body body is literally about taking care of your physical body and also about what you do as far as ingesting nutrition that your physical body as well as inside and out. And so successful people always exercised on a regular basis, didn't mean every single day. And they weren't bodybuilders, male bodybuilders or or female beauty queens or anything like that. They just did it on a regular basis to stay healthy and to stay fit. And then business businesses, multi, multi, multifaceted, and in order to create and then maintain and then grow a very successful business, one must be a master in various areas and skill sets. I like to call them skill sets like marketing team building, systematizing leadership. I could go on and on. The list is long. The good news is for each and every one of you that you personally do not need to master every single skill set that is necessary to create a thriving, successful business. Literally, you only need just one.

And I spoke at just a moment ago, one skill set can help you to then boost your business all the way to the top.

And I know my guests will know this answer. They're going to come on and tell me, Brian, we knew that answer, and that is the skill set of leadership. Leadership. Once you have mastered that skill set, then you can then so easily then give those tasks that require those mastery of skill sets off to those who have those already who have mastered those skill sets.

Because let's be honest, I don't think anyone human on this planet can master every single skill set in their lifetime that's necessary to create and build a thriving business. So a lot of people tend not to concentrate much on leadership, especially when they're first starting out. They're doing it all themselves. Well, you'll probably hear that from our guests tonight as well, but it's a good idea to have it in mind from the get go start learning leadership skills immediately. Don't wait. If you're in that stage, speaking of leadership and phenomenal people and very successful people, what I learned also is that to a person, they are all phenomenal and ferocious or voracious readers of books, books that impact them in ways of business and personal development. And with that, I like to segway into a little segment I affectionately call bookmarks.

Bookmarks to read, bookmarks ready, steady read, bookmarks brought to you by Reach your peak library dotcom.

There you see it, reach your peak library, dotcom. Now, one thing I just want to point out here is get out a piece of paper and a pen, if you would, and instead of clicking away and typing in these these incredible resources that you're going to hear more of when Jason and Naomi come on is write it down and keep your gaze and your attention on them, because I would hate for you to take your attention away. And at that moment, Jason or Annie or Naomi gives that one golden nugget that could have changed your life forever. But you didn't catch it because your attention was taken elsewhere. Maybe you were looking at another resource. Write them down now. Visit them later. Sound good. Sounds good. The magic happens in the room. I teach us from stage all the time back when we were able to teach from stage. All right. Reach a big library. That is a website I had developed. And I mean this sincerely with you in mind. I did this because I was not a voracious reader until the age of forty seven or so. I'm fifty six now and then I once I learned the value of reading not just any book but the right books and how they had an impact on my life that my God, I got to share this.

And so what I did was I put together only those books I've read that had impact on me in a positive way so that you could at least know that when you go to this site that it's vetted. All these books are vetted by at least one other successful individual. And that way the odds of it having some kind of impact on you are greater than if you were just to throw a dart at a dart board and it had book titles on it and just randomly pick one. So that is there for you. I just want to give that gift to click on any of those buttons that goes to Amazon. This is not what I would call a money making website. That wasn't the reason for this. It is there for you. So go ahead, write that down and check it out later. And in the interim, guess what time it is. It's time to bring on our amazing guest, Jason Stanfords and Naomi Whyatt. Here they come. Get ready.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight. Savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained, big league qualified.

And there they are. I used to say the one, the only but the two the only days and Naomi Hunt all the way from jolly old England UK is it England or just UK?

Either England where you works include everyone in the UK kingdom.

The Yes. Fantastic. How are you both doing tonight. Oh sorry. How are you doing this morning.

Yeah. So it's 1:00. Well it's 20 to two a.m. for right now. And you know what? I feel really fresh. I actually feel really good right now.

I'm just like, see that's a common trait of successful people. Right? There is you know, you're in a position where, you know, this is good for you and your business, your brand for both of you. And that's when you bring your A game, because when this is over, both of you are probably going to crash really, really hard. And it will be well deserved right now. Right now, you're bringing it. You're bringing it in. When we first came on, I could not I would not have known it was that hour of the morning based on looking at both of you instead of, you know, oh, God, it's 1:00 in the morning. It's crazy. What are we doing? Why did we decide to get on this show? What are we thinking like you guys want like that at all? You were like ready to rock and roll. And I appreciate you both for for showing that kind of dedication because you're showing by example what it takes to become successful and continue.

You already are successful and now you're growing your business even further, as every entrepreneur does. Before we jump into the big, big fun, we got some more fun, but I want to call out a couple of sponsors. One is you see them right over Naomi's head. Actually, if you're watching on video, it is the big insider secrets dotcom. There she is holding up the logo. That's. Thank you. That's a good job. The big insider secrets dotcom. They have given us the ability to give away. A five night vacation stay at a five star resort of your choice and you'll have choices to choose from in that, and we give this away every single show. And so all all you need to do is stay on to the end live. You have to be on the live show to stay until the end. And I will show you exactly how to enter to win that. And guess what? There's going to be more. A little birdie told me that Jay and Naomi have something for you as well. So stick on to the end. And that doesn't mean run away and then think, oh, it's going to be about the end. I'm going to come back. Stay with us, because Jane, Jane, Naomi are going to give you so many golden nuggets, it's going to boggle your mind. It happens every single time. That's how I know this is phenomenal. Let's see.

That's the one, and then next up on the housekeeping list. Here we go.

Hey, if you're struggling with putting a live show together and it's overwhelming and you want a lot of the processes done for you while still enabling you to put on a high quality show, very important to be high quality and connect with great people like Jay and Naomi and grow your business all the same time. Then head on over to carpet bomb marketing, dotcom carpet bomb marketing, saturate the marketplace with your message. And one of the key components that is contained in the carpet bomb marketing course is one that you'll learn how to absolutely master is the very service we use to stream our live shows right here on the mind body business show. And over the past nine plus years now, we have tried many of these quote unquote, TV studio solutions for live streaming. And I'll tell you, stream art is the best of the best. It combines the premise of use along with unmatched functionality so you can start streaming high quality, professional looking live shows for free. Yes, I said for free with streaming art and write this down. Don't go running off and looking at right now.

Just write it down. This website, our whippy that I am is stream live all one word stream life. Our WIP. I am. For Slash Streamline. Now that I'm out of wind, it's time to bring on. Our wonderful guest guest, I don't know what to call that, I know there's a coast thing, but guess is that even a word?

I don't think so. But, you know, you got you got the one that does all the real work. That's Naomi. And then you have J. He's just he's he's there for the looks, right? Yeah, pretty much. Oh, we're going to have fun. Sorry, Jay. I know he's like this guy. All right. Let me bring you guys on formally. So people had a good understanding of where you're coming from.

And then we're going to go deeper about what you do, your business and how you achieve the level of success you have just done for the Naomi Hyatt, our two multi business entrepreneurs from the U.K. who are partners in business and partners in life with a combined experience of over 15 years in marketing and over one point five million pounds. And for those of us that don't understand what that means, that's around two million in the US in client sales attributed to their strategies in the last 18 months alone.

The debate here, that two million in 18 months, how many here would like to know how to do that? Well, you have to look no further because just stick with us for the rest of the show and you'll learn many of the key elements behind it, and then we'll open the opportunity for you to work with both Jay and Naomi. And if you're a fit and they'll help you determine if you're a fit. So don't don't sweat that. They are. Co-founders of Expert Unleashed, a personal branding and strategic marketing business which helps coaches and course creators to sell their services online by leveraging their unique brand. And I love this. This is right down the sweet spot, Ali, of mine. I'm a course creator. I'm an entrepreneur, and I love what you guys are doing. Is that OK? If I say guys and there's two of you in one of these a. Yes. When I say I love you both are doing in helping those, especially because we'll talk about this later where those people are when you meet them in their walk with their business. I think what you do is unique and it's phenomenal. And I appreciate the fact that you guys are here and helping to share the fact that this kind of service actually exists out there for so many who need it.

Oh, my goodness. It's phenomenal. So ask the both of you and you can decide who goes first. But and I'm sure I'm not sure it could be different for each of you. But what I love is to find out first the accolades, like you guys have been very successful. You have made a lot of sales in a very short period of time, as we just stated. And that's great and phenomenal. And you help a lot of people. What I want to find out is what is going on on those beautiful brains of yours, both of them, because in my estimation or my opinion, the mind is where everything begins. Your level of success or lack thereof, in my opinion, is all based on where is your mind, what is going on in that in that brain. And I'm always deeply curious about that. So for people like you, two highly successful individuals, when you get up every morning and when you step into the wee hours of the morning, like right now, you know, every day is just perfect and nothing ever goes wrong. Right, as an entrepreneur.

And so that's why there are so few entrepreneurs percentage wise versus employees, because it's not for the faint of heart. It's a it's a tough road for some. But for those who have the mindset set straight, it's really not as tough. And I wanted to find out what what makes you tick, tick? What motivates you both when you get up in the morning that you're starting your day, that part of the morning, and you know that all of this is in front of you. What is it that makes you motivated and driven to keep going out and serving more people and making a difference in the world? So whoever wants to go first will arm wrestle.

We both we both do similar things, but we do have they are slightly different. One thing we do do together, which is actually only once a week, is something called the five a.m. club, which was created by a guy called Ludlow. And we've recently started doing that. And the idea is just a group of entrepreneurs, different ages, different experiences from all over the world come together at five a.m. U.K. time and there's a speaker each week and they just share great content value and help people to understand their field of work, greater depth. And it's just so motivational, motivational and how collaborative that is. And that's something we start to do, which is really what is really working for us. We've really enjoyed that.

And then we also do something called American Morning, which is based in the book Why I Road. So I'll let Naomi tell you what that involves.

Yes. I mean, the American Morning. And I'll I'll be completely honest with this as well. Like, I don't always do it. Now, the simple reason being is that I've tried and tested a few different things in my morning routine. And believe me, when we first started the entrepreneurial business side of things, we thought about this. We like no, we need to get up at five a.m., all Scott a.m. and went back and forth and that for quite a while. And but the American Morning is that if you read the book, there is a book on this and it's it goes through all of the psychology behind science and all this and the other, and it's really, really good. And about two years ago, one of our friends decided to create Zoome call in the morning at six o'clock and UK time in the morning till six thirty. And it consists of let you do a little stretch in the mornings to get your body moving and then you go into meditation for five minutes, sometimes a little bit longer, and then you're going to write your goals, your affirmations, ones that you read out loud. So it resonates with you more. And then you watch a motivational video and then you do a dance at the end and it sounds crazy. At half, six in the morning, you're there in your living room by yourself and it works and it does get you really, really pumped up for the day.

So it is. It is really, really.

It is just one of them things that just kind of gets your juices flowing a little bit. It's one of those and the goal setting thing is always huge for both of us. Yeah, and Jay did it differently to me still. So there's no right or wrong in terms of how you do this. But for me, myself, I've tried and tested a few different things. I'm a very simple person. Like I don't like all these long things you've got to do. And my goal setting was like that. It was it was like reams of paper and that you did the same. Yeah. And we were just said, this doesn't work for us. And you've simplified yours a lot more and I've actually got mine off. Amazon is called the Six Minute Diary, and it's six minutes a day. I mean, how amazing is that? Criminals in the morning to write down your main actions. What should one outcome? What are your main tasks for the day? Affirmations, gratitude. And then in the evenings, you talk about your successes. What's made today, great gives you challenges. And also it just really gets you in in the mindset of having a great day. I think that's that's the key thing, doing those goals in the morning, because it's as soon as you do that, your day just goes and it seems to happen the way you want it to be enough.

And you don't have to get up at 5:00 a.m. for that one day. I don't get the five a.m. fan. I'm a fan of that one. I would have been fighting with you, too, just like five a.m.. My gosh, I don't have one eye open, let alone to buy that.

And so since you guys are doing that, you guys can't crash after the show's over. You have to step because your five a.m. is coming up.

Yeah. Is that the line? We'll see what happens.

I can't let your followers down. Come on, man. So but here's the point.

And I love the fact that you guys brought this up in this done here. Your number one hundred and forty one, I believe, episode I do one a week on average and episodes of interviews.

And what I found is the most successful. Everyone that comes on the show is successful, the most successful.

All seem to have a routine and every single routine I have thus witnessed is different. The key is not what you do, it's that you do it. And I love the fact that you guys actually went through a series of refinements so that that tells everyone listening that, look, you most likely will not hit it out of the park on the first try. That's a baseball inference. Sorry, not cricket or anything. But you won't it won't be the perfect routine right out. Right. I'll shoot the whole Kirs just start.

And one thing you can do to make it easy on yourself is to model these two. Pick which one of those or three. I think there were three total in there that resonates best with you. I like the six minute diary approach. I also like the part where Naomi does. Would you do that again?

Right on cue. I love it.

I think JJ takes the makeup, my my dancing.

I just do press ups. I don't know why, but when I dance with shoulders go up when I start doing well that is so fun to work with the guys.

So I don't literally dance, but I like to go out literally into my backyard if it's warm enough because I don't like to wear pants if I don't have to and go out barefoot and I'm not, I got something on. OK, yeah.

I got to save that one there. I got some shorts on.

Even if the neighbors are peering over ok, I'm good, but I like to get out in the grass and actually do jumping jacks to get the heart pumping and to get sunshine at the same time. If, if it's a sunny day and it's warm enough, I'll definitely do that. If it's not that, I'll I'll figure out something to do indoors. I have a three bar. I do workouts in here. I did one before the show and that gets you going. And I think that's important, Naomi, that you brought that in there, that you're doing the part of what you guys do has a dance implement or what you call them press ups.


So just so push up, we can't push them. I'm like, what is it? I love? I love this language barrier between my friends and British people. I love it so much.

And the spelling initialized that with a Z or something or that Australian.

Yeah, it's like what is up with that. J says Z. My face is like, oh A to Z.

I'm like, hey you, you guys are so fun. But that's the other key.

Look, look at how they interact with each other. It's, it's fun. It's playful how they're interacting with me. It's fun and playful.

You want to write that down fun and playful, put that in your everyday life into your work life, you know, do as much it takes to get the job done for your clients for sure. Go above and beyond. But you can have fun doing it, can't you? Why not? If you're not having fun doing it, then let's just not do it. I mean, if you're not having fun, if you're not enjoying the ride, the journey of your business, I'm talking to the general audience as I say this, then maybe you're going down the wrong path. A lot of people I know will pick up anything where they say I can make a lot of money with this. Brian, you should join in. So you want to do this just for the sake of making money for yourself. And that's it. Is that what I'm hearing? And don't say it that bluntly. But the answer would be yes, and I want no part of that, that's just me. I'm not judging here. It's OK to make money for money making money sake, if that's what you're very passionate about and that's what you love doing, that's just not mine. So be sure that what you embark on is something you truly are, you know, when you hear this a lot. But I think it's true that you need to have some passion, some deep passion about what you do.

You go in and get a get a wonderful partnership going on like Jay, and they only have done, you know, they met as entrepreneurs, if I got that right from the start of the show, know they met and they took that relationship and now they're doing business together. And it's phenomenal. I love it. I love it. So if you don't have a life partner to go with, also being your business partner, at least have a business partner for accountability sake. If nothing else, you can hold each other accountable. That's very, very powerful as well. So you two, would you consider you both? I see I see a book hanging up on a shelf above Naomi's shoulder. You consider yourselves to be avid readers as well. And if so, what would be like a book that stands out to you that you haven't mentioned yet, that that just stands out to you? That really had an impact for you.

I'll allow you to go first. Oh, I. So, I mean, to be honest with you, I'm I'm currently reading what at the moment there is I love it, but it doesn't top my favorite.

So the book or reading moment is never split. The Difference by Christopher Voss.

And he is a former FBI agent and he was a negotiator. And the the research that went into this negotiating method technique is insane. It's been like decades of years. It's just absolutely phenomenal.

And the stuff is so simple.

And I've been trying it out on Jay and he doesn't even notice I'm doing it. And I'm like, did you did you notice that?

And he was like, what? I said, I just do a negotiating tactic, tactic, tactic on you and all.

I didn't even notice. I was like, that's because I'm so good at it. But now it's the techniques that it teaches you. Again, it's so simple and it's like sales is a skill that everybody needs to have. And you got to develop that and get over any fears you have around it. Because I did have fears about sales. I was scared. I was like, I can't sell. And then I made my my my sales and I was like, oh, I can sell.

So, yeah, that book for me is been what is it?

Super interesting and I love it. But the book for me, the stands out the most and I'm reading it again or listening to it again. It Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins. And that is. Oh my goodness. If you even if you've not read this book or heard of this guy, please, if there's one thing you do after this show is just go and have a look at that because he's a Navy SEAL, right? Yeah, I always get that. Yes. And he's a former Navy SEAL and the training he's gone through the hell week and all of that. I mean, the man ran on broken legs. He is his mindset is so strong and I'm getting goosebumps thinking I'm talking about it. I'm like getting all excited. I love it. But his story is just absolutely incredible. And the the the principles you can take from that book and apply it into your own life, we we always go, what would they be going to do?

What would David do? Is that good?

I could see the bracelets on people's arms.

Now, what would David do the so if you're going to listen, if you're going to read it, listen to it, because he is interviewed at the end of each chapter. So you saw it afterwards as well. It's definitely worth listening to some audible.

Yes. Oh, you're speaking my language. I love it. When you said Navy SEAL, my ears perked up. Have you heard of another book called Living with a SEAL?

I've not no, I think I might have. Who's the author?

Jesse Itzler.

I've heard of that, I've never read it myself, but I'm sure I've had it's you had you said similar things that so it's a long story. But he basically hired a Navy SEAL to live with him, to just train him on basic discipline. And then he got him up early, ran his butt off as he was bleeding everywhere just from getting up and running and doing everything he was told to do. And then the SEALs said, you hired me to do this, you're going to do it. And he was a very large man and is a phenomenal book. And Jesse is the husband of a name, escapes me. But she's the one who founded Spanx yellow cake until its power couple. And this guy is amazing. And then later he did living with the monks. And I read both of them. They're both phenomenal, suggested Itzler as well. That's on a big library dot com. For those of you that took those notes down already, be sure to go check that out and be sure to also check out everything Naomi just said.

So, David, Gorgons, Gorgons, how do you spell it?

Caulkins g g i n. S OK, a spelling bee.

Yeah, no kidding. And never split.

Never split. The difference. Sounds very familiar. So what did he really can't recount some of those times where he's negotiating with criminals that are held up in buildings and things like that? Yeah. Yeah, that sounds familiar. That would be very powerful too, because that's what sells comes down to is the power.

How good are you in negotiating and how good are you at making it a win win situation? And that's one thing that so many entrepreneurs leave on the table is.

Like, how do you know they just want to win for themselves in the beginning when you're first starting out? Let me let me ask you guys if this was true of you, because it was of me when I was first starting out, I was more of a I had more of a scarcity mentality because I needed the money so that the focus was more on money. Then as success kept getting bigger and bigger and focusing more on my clients and getting them what they came for and then over and over the top doing it for them. But in the beginning, I would go more for things that I wouldn't ever consider today. As far as like, I want to get a quick kill, I need a sale. I need to pay the bills this month. Is it? Did you guys happen to go through anything like that separately or collectively?

Collectively, we went through that on a on a big level.

When we first started this business, we had a big situation with that where we ended up we were taken on agency clients effectively, and we didn't really want to take those clients on. But they had money. They were coming. We just bought a house. We just left our jobs to set this business up, says we need to get clients. And we actually took on one hundred and three thousand pounds worth of contract revenue in the first 90 days of setting up. And I just remember sitting there one night with Naomi late at night, not not this late, but but late at night we were doing work that was out of scope, wasn't paid for to a deadline that was never set. And I just remember sitting in that room mode into each other and to each other. And we just we came to the conclusion, I don't know how exactly how we got there, but we came to the conclusion of what the hell are we doing now? We've created a job that we hate in a business that we own what is going on. So we actually ended up within a couple of weeks, we finished up that deadline. But within a couple of weeks, we sacked all of those clients and we went back down to fifteen hundred pounds, which is roughly two thousand dollars, fifteen hundred pound a month. But that was all the client we we retained and then we grew from that. But obviously focusing more on the right type of person. Yeah. So yeah, we have experienced that big time.

You bring up a good, a good point or concept and that is, you know, as you're going through your business and it's for everybody that it's just as important to know who is the right person to work with as it is to know who is the wrong person. And we were talking about this right before the show that, you know, you guys will not work with just anybody, is that correct? Yeah. Yeah, we and everybody, I applaud you for that, because the sooner everyone realizes that that is how you do business the right way than the faster you will get past all the mistakes because a bad client can be what I was referring to earlier with you guys off the air like a cancer to your business because they can just pull you down with all their issues and their wants and needs. And if you don't if you didn't know this ahead of time before you brought them on as a client, you're going to learn really quick that that's going to be the question you ask your next potential client or questions about how they feel about certain things.

And you come up with this great laundry list of ways you can interview them, have them interview you, make sure it's a mutual fit. If it's not a fit, you just explain why or not just say, sorry, we're not a fit. I don't have time to, you know, you just do it professionally and let it go and move on to the next because, oh, my gosh, the money isn't worth it. I don't care how much you're charging. I didn't want that.

Exactly. And you know what? This is actually one of the things that we teach, because, as know, we're running a marketing. We teach people with how to build that brand. And part of that is our dream client. And in that particular section is who do not want to work with you don't know if you have no like no list, nothing but who you don't want to work with. And you're not clear on that, then you don't know who you don't want to work with. And then it ends up you end up going, well, I just don't like them for what they did. They just didn't say the right thing. And if that's not that's not real, you know, they might not accept the right thing because they need your help with something.

But if you if you know, you know what values you you don't want in a person is easy to pick out those people. And you instantly know how obviously you get the questions to ask them certain things to lead you down the path to see what they say. So, you know, these are not the right fit for me. Otherwise, you're just asking questions for the sake of it.

And if you found that in those questions that the you're eliciting an answer that falls in the realm of their mindset.

Yeah. Is that there's a lot of most of it does come down to that and how they approach. Work, how they approach implementation and how they approach everything else, pretty much because obviously we don't want to work with people that are not action takers. There you go. You know what I mean?

Yes, I do. And I love it.

And then don't forget that when you're done with the interview that tell them to get up and give you a quick dance to make sure they meet your criteria, you know, make sure they do it the right way. I don't know how you do that, but that was really cool. And it's so it's so important, though, of I use a very comprehensive way of filtering people that come on to help me with my business, their apprentices, and they don't get paid a dime. I pay for a service to match me with apprentices and they only work with me for a very short period of time. It's done. It's done by design. But before I bring them on, I'm still spending my time on top of that teaching and training and mentoring. And so I take them through a series of, gosh, I forget how many ten videos almost equaling an hour in total. They have to watch every one of them click a button and say, yes, I watched that movie the next day. It's like this accountability, their own little contract with themselves, if you will. They're clicking. Yes. And at the very end, I learned this from a past guest expert. So here's another hint for everyone is if you don't have a podcast or a live show, I highly recommend you do it, because this is I can't tell you the amazing things that happens as a result, but I have them submit a video to me explaining why they deserve to be the next apprentice.

I learned that from one guest on my show. That was the one piece when I added that. I'll tell you something, I have not had one dud since. And think about that. Could you do that with clients? Why do you feel you deserve to work with us? I mean, wow, who has that right? I put you guys in such a power stance if you're able to do something like that. I mean, you guys in general all watching closely and these guys know what to do. They're doing it right. They're crushing it. So model, what do you guys have a course of your own by chance?

We actually do. We we're about to launch it on Monday. We launch on Monday, in fact. So, yeah, we do.

Of course, what I'd like to do is, if you wouldn't mind, is come back and comment on where and how people can find it so we can all help promote.

Yeah, I'm happy to of course. Yeah.

And for me, reach out to me personally if you want my like email me and say, hey, here's the link that you asked for on the show or whatever it is. What are the steps. Are this. Let me know. I love to help people in any way. I don't care. I don't care. If you guys were Richard Branson, you know, I would help because everyone can use help in certain areas. It's just. So why not? What's it going to cost? It's going to cost a few keystrokes and then hit it on Facebook and Instagram and wherever you want to put it. Right? Yeah. Think the good thing is you're giving back. And I just I just I'm a believer in that. And I know you guys are too.

You guys are phenomenal.

So we go way back, you know, like for about an hour ago we've been like we're like this as Jay drinks his vodka and so does Naomi. And she wouldn't tell anyone I got mine, but I'm just better at hiding what's in it, you know, smart water.

But is it so you guys look pretty dagong fit physically. What would you say about the level of importance to you? How important is it to each of you, either separately or collectively, to stay fit physically? And you know what? Even mentally. So who wants to go first on that?

Yeah, I'll jump in with that. So more so than ever now with the lockdown that we've had, just you don't realize just how well some people do, but it's hard to quantify just how valuable fitness and health is because prior to lockdown. And did the UK still in lockdown? We're coming out of it the next few months. We come on. We were going to the gym. We're going to the gym five, six times a week every morning. As soon as we did our American Morning finished, I have sex with walk our dog and go to the gym. And throughout the day I still have loads of energy even out early. An early workout worked out really hard. I, still energetic, are still going to eleven but full on all day. Well, now I'm getting up and doing the only thing doing my morning meditation, do American Morning and then I'm doing some press ups and some set ups and some squats and I take my dog for a walk twice a day, but nowhere near the amount of work or training that I was doing before. But I find myself getting tired sometimes at night. We like to sit down and just chill and turn off. And we'll put a series on, so we'll watch an episode of a series of good Netflix series, Love, a good Netflix series. So and it's good to have that downtime for himself, I'm guessing. And then get the right now. Awake on the way. On my way. Yeah. And I just I just found that I'm more tired now, not working out properly than I was when I was working out properly. And I think generally your physical health is a good representation of your mental health. And I think both of them really compliment or affect or in whichever way you look at it, each other. So I think if you've got a bad mindset with things and likelihood is you're probably not exercising properly or at all, not getting the endorphins running, you're not building yourself, put your best self forward.

And the same with your fitness. If you're feeling if you're not in good shape or you don't feel good about the shape that you're in and you're not healthy, then you don't have to be ripped off. But if you're not healthy, I think that can have a negative impact on your mindset, maybe even your relationship, your energy, the way that you present yourself day to day, whether you show up. And I think that can really impact.

And the fact that. So, yeah, fitness health superimportant to both of us.

And I think also on that, this is a book that we've had before as well, the compound effect. And, you know, I'm sure most people will know that book. If you've not had the recommended read write in the book, they talk about three guys and examples of exercise and they don't do anything drastic. But one of them starts walking every single day and then increases over time. But the other two, one of them just stays the same, doesn't do anything else. And one of them actually starts getting into food more. So one of them is putting weight on, one of them staying the same. And the one that's doing the exercise every single day, he's decided that he wants to start listening to podcasts on his his walks so that he's now developing himself personally mindset and whatever he wants to learn about.

And not only is the is the weight dropping off, I think he only lost like it wasn't that much over a period of 18 months.

But just doing them small, incremental things every single day, it affected his knowledge. It affected his relationship. His relationship boomed. It affected his job. He got promoted all these different things, whereas the other two, one of them stayed the same. He just stayed the same. He didn't develop and grow. And that to me, I mean, go backwards is it was but to me, not growing is is is just unthinkable. But the other guy who went backwards and put weight on his relationship with his wife was suffering. She was considering leaving. He was very unhappy, depressed. He was not obviously not healthy at all. His job was suffering and it was just to exercise in that respect. You don't have to do loads. You just you don't as a woman, there's so much pressure on how you look, you know, and you've got to look a certain way in this. On the other, you really don't. You've just got to stay healthy. And that's the key thing here. You don't need to have a six pack. You don't need to. Everybody wants one. You can get one. It's a different is a different story with it. It's just doing the things every day that keep you consistent and keep you healthy and the super important when that's taken away, it really affects you massively.

Yeah, you know, I have a six pack, which just happens to be covered by a cougar. It's all right.

And that was some great stuff. I was writing notes. I'm a former certified personal trainer, and everything you said is spot on.

I would always say that the mind and body are a team and more importantly, the mind and body are your team. And if you have any team where a member of the team is not operating at a peak level performance, then the team as a whole suffers, doesn't it? Much like a tripod. That's why I use the mind body business three. You take one leg away. What happens to a tripod? If you kick it away, they'll think it was tumbling down. You need to be as as good as you can be. You don't need to be perfect. And that's what I want to be cautious of telling everybody is perfect in any one of these. Just be cognitive and know what you're doing and always strive for the best. Just be the best. You you won't be perfect. It or that. Oh. So the other thing about how women look, I really want women especially to hear this. And Menta is one of the key elements I found in doing sort of my personal training was that if you concentrate more on how you feel than how you look, you will end up looking magnificent.

And that is so true. We've been on a diet and stuff recently, haven't we say diet. We've changed what we eat the way we say. When we say the word diet, we don't mean Atkins. And not eating is physical diet. And we've been testing and training a lot of different things. And where we're at right now, we're getting there. You know, we had a lot of junk food before and we noticed the difference when we stopped. And for me and for you, we woke up in the morning after takeaway. We felt like we were hungover. Yeah, we feel really all day. And then it carry on in the week and you still feel sluggish. And now it's you know, we have a really healthy foods. The occasional naughty food is OK as long as you're not doing all the time. But it helps, isn't it.

And the vodka on live shows, that's good. But the vodka in the morning at 2:00 a.m.. This is amazing. You can't beat it out of champions, but honestly, it is.

That is so true.

And like you said, I think it's more for a woman feeling good, you know, for obvious reasons and also for themselves. This is massively important and it's hard to do because I, I eat a lot of bad stuff. I love cheese. Found out I'm intolerant to cheese, so I have cow go oh sheep milk now when. So that's cheese out the window for the rest of my life. So but yeah it is helped. I don't even miss it and that happens.

Exactly. So after you start, after you clean up your, your diet, what you're eating, what you're drinking, you'll notice that you don't miss it and you won't be looking in those places where you used to keep those snacks at all anymore. I know we have a spot with all our chips and stuff and anything sweet. And I just would I wasn't even interested. I didn't know it was like it wasn't in my head that it was there anymore. And when you get that habit of healthy eating, it just it kind of compounds itself.

And naturally, it's not like it hurts. It's not hard to do in the beginning. It's a it's an adjustment. I won't lie to anybody out there, like in the beginning, I'm sure, Naomi, that you were craving cheese and did not want that next slice. And then after you've done the healthy eating approach for a while and it didn't have cheese in your life, you're like, I'll need it.

Yeah. Yeah. Happened quite quickly for me. To be honest, I realized I hadn't had it for about a week and I was like, oh, I don't miss it.

And that's that's always a great sign that it's probably not something that you were meant to ingest anyway. So that's good. Yeah. So cool. I want to find out more about your guys business and how you operate, what who your ideal clients are. You know, what is there where are they in their business. Oh, here we have Andy LaRusso. How are you doing, Andy? Mind and body work as one that is the essence of yoga and a great way to start. Oh, yeah, yoga. Oh, my gosh. I have never sweat so much. Doing so little in my entire life and just striking poses is what it looked like to me. And then I look down and I see this puddle of sweat water where they come from.

It's awesome. I love it but yeah. And I'm going to blame this on you. I got sidetracked. What was I saying just to say.

And they go about the business dream client, yeah, the most important part.

So who are the people that you cater to? Where are they in their businesses? That one person is in a whole company you kind of touched on a little earlier. But let's drill down a little bit deeper. And who is a good fit for you guys? And who do you help the most?

So we really we we obviously can help a range of people, but we do like to call with what we call our dream clients. This is a person that we specifically target said these are coaches and of course, creators, effectively, people that have a level of skill or an expertize in a specific area.

And they want to use that skill or that knowledge that they've got to help other people, either through coaching, training or providing a course material that helps other people to progress.

So a lot of what we do is helping people in personal development and where they are the face of the business and they want to become a figurehead or an authority in that nesh.

So these are kind of people that are starting out, would you say usually early business.

So are they just starting or within probably the first three to five years?

Yes. Yeah. And those are those are tough times, always in many things. Oh, my gosh. So many things bubble up on that is how do you get leads? How do you build the confidence so you can make sales on those lists? Because if you don't have any clients in your hip pocket that you've already served, your confidence isn't there yet. And it just it's it's like getting started is the hardest part of the whole journey. And then when you get started and you start getting clients, well, then it starts growing much more rapid. And is that what you guys are finding as well?

Yeah. I mean, we actually over the past couple of years, we've been doing ourselves.

We went through this period ourselves. How do we get the it's how do we do this and that? And we're good at marketing. We know what we're doing. Obviously, all our achievements speak for themselves, but we would like some things missing. Something's just not working for us. What's happening? And then we discovered the dream client and it was like, bam, that was it. That was the missing piece for us. So then over the past couple of years, we've obviously honed all this in and we've figured out the steps it takes to go from A to Z pretty much in terms of starting and growing your business. And we also go to the point of scaling as well. But you've got to take it in steps, people, and you have a good example of this. And I'm going to not do it justice, but I always get it wrong. So, you know, people, people is it they start at point B and they want to be Z, but they need to get back to A, remember that remember that analogy that you did.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

So we we say that most people will start one one step ahead. They start at where most people or most businesses should be within the first year, but they start that they missed the foundational stuff, so they missed building out that brand. The Brand Foundation is really understanding the message that dream client, that the signature offering that they've got, those core the fundamental parts of your brand, which effectively should be used to at least influence 90, 95 percent of the rest of your business, even to the way that you hire and recruit.

Because if you're hiring and you've identified what your company values are, how do you know what to look for in a person? And if that just doesn't align you just setting yourself up to fail.

Yeah, and that's what we've we've been refining and absi the course reflects that those steps takes you down that path and it happens every call without fail. And this is no joke. Every single call, I'm not making sales. I want to get leads. What I call what you've been doing to do that, go through the process. Okay, great. So who your dream client?

Men aged thirty nine to live in America. I want to talk. I want to talk. Cool.

So is it just men and women. Oh yes. Men and women like you've just said. And you just and it is is obvious to us we just had a problem.

You know who you're talking to. That's the difference.

Isn't the difference between your target audience and your dream and your dream client target audience is thirty five to forty five year old men that live advertising America.

Yeah. Yeah. Well you can find on Facebook. Yeah.

Yeah. And your dream client is. This person has everything about J.

That's my dream client, for example, and one thing people get stuck on when they're when they're going through that process, that exercise of the thirty five to forty five, like. Well, but I don't want to turn away a forty six year old. It's like, no, that's not the point you get. You're targeting your messaging, your writing, your advertising, your crafting your messages toward thirty five to forty five is someone forty eight comes along. You're not going to turn them away. That's not what this is about. You will get others, it's just about how you target your messaging. And once that went through my thick skull I'm like, oh I get it now. And I love that you guys provide this service. Where were you when I was starting out? That's what I want to know, because the things you are solving are those. Like I was saying, the beginning is the hardest, the hardest to overcome. They take the most time.

And when you have someone that's got a proven system, a proven process and approach to get you past these hurdles, then you can shine, you know, get quicker to the sale to get you to the growth pattern, to serve more people, which is why you were put here, is to serve more people. And so that Jay and Naomi, I hope they earn wheelbarrows and bucket loads full of cash and the never ending. Why would I want that for them? Because I know that what they'll do with that is serve more people. They'll scale their business and and help more people. Every person I have interviewed on this show is the same way that they want to serve and help people. And is it important for them to make money? Yes. I'm not going to hide behind that. Of course, it's important. One of the reasons is important. It's not. So Jay can have his new Lamborghini that he probably has sitting in his garage right now. I'll a Rolls Royce that's right next to that. But it's for them to also have the ability to reach and serve more people. Yeah. And whatever you enjoy in your life, you know what? Treat yourself. It's OK. You earned it. But also, if your heart's in the right spot in your servant and you're there to help people, you're going to have way more success than you would ever have if you're just in it for the money.

In my humble opinion, definitely. Definitely focus on contribution and giving value. First, we found that the money just follows.

I'm glad you brought that up because I was, as I told you before the show, stalking you, too. I was actually just researching. I will tell you something. These two have a phenomenal YouTube channel and they give everything away. You don't have to pay a dime for anything they do, but you should.

So you will get just their intro video if you go to their YouTube channel. And is it is it called Expert Unleashed? They just search for that.

Yeah. Yeah, it is, yeah.

So Expert unleashed two words, Gote to find them, subscribe to their channel and watch that intro, the mean video that shows up on their channel at the top. Just watch that and you'll get what makes these two tick. They gave so much value. I was telling them before the show that. I could literally take what you just said and put it in action and make it happen, and you didn't ask for money, and that's how these two are built. They're built to give you value to help you along the way. I'll guarantee you, they know how to go much deeper than what is on the YouTube videos that will get you to the end game much faster. So be ready and prepared to invest in their services and you will not regret a single penny or pound of that.

And Z, what the heck is it that does remind me of something that somewhere A to Z said?

I know it's easy for all of us English blokes over here. It is that. Oh, that's what's going to ask you. Do you guys also cater to those people that don't know how to say Z like those of us on the English side of the United States and Canada?

No, we won't do that.

But yeah, every day we've got clients in Dubai and throughout Europe and Germany, Sweden. A few places, everything we do is online, so, yeah, it's international.

Do you find it harder to translate American English than all of those?

You know what the word I will be honest with this and I'm going to get a lot of hate for this, but was great for me is Nitsch. I'm really glad it's Nesh.

There was actually a video about it quite a while ago. It's funny, Americans are the only ones in the world that say like, wow.

So yeah, everybody else is nesh. But, you know, it just it doesn't follow niche rhymes with rich.

Come on.

You know, I know it just makes sense. They write and draw.

You know, if you work out your niece, you'll end up being rich.

So it kind of makes sense in that way. But yeah, I just find it just yeah.

I like I said before, like the English, the translation between American and English words. I love it. I love it so much I could spend hours doing it.

It's hilarious. And I've heard it both ways here in the States niche and niche. And it's like tomato, tomato and all that good stuff. It's like, you know, as long as I know what it means, I'm good with it. You can say whatever you want. You can say Z all day, even though it's wrong.

You can say it and I'll know what you're saying is so funny. I often talk with some folks from Australia and they say that as well. And so I understand it immediately. But that's Z for everyone watching that still doesn't know what that means, that I know you're not looking it up because you're watching live. And speaking of that, my God, we're at the end already. I've got to put up your website. That's going to be phenomenal, if you guys wouldn't mind. How can people get in touch with you? And by the way, I'm forgotten. We have to give Steve away. So stay on. What's the best way for folks to get in touch with you? Is this one way expert unleashed?

Yes. You can go to our website expert, at least dot com. And you've already spoken about a YouTube channel, which is expert unleashed. You can get us on Facebook. So we have a page expert least. And we also have a group, a free group, where we give free trainings every week, which is again called expert at least. And then it's got a bit of a title to the group name, but it'll show up or you can email us. So hello at Expo Unleashed Dotcom.

Fantastic. So literally they could go to expert on dotcom, scroll the bottom and they have every way to connect with you. There's Facebook, there's LinkedIn, there's YouTube and there's contact at the very bottom. So it's all there and yet it's not covered up by the banner. Good. So Expert unleashed dotcom and oh man, it's going to be fun. Before we announce the prizes here, just a moment, there is one final question I ask of every of my guests that come on.

And it's phenomenal, as powerful, as profound, and it's even somewhat personal. Now that you guys are going, what the heck is he talking about?

I the comment. Oh, good Lord is four 30 in the morning.

Bryner Three thirty. What is it like three thirty. Oh, perfect. So you still got an hour and a half before your five o'clock things. That's good. Good. So you're OK if we go another hour then.

Right, because I got my vodka from it actually. Oh. Where's the bartender. Where's the bartender. We see a. For it over there for you.

Yes, it's a phenomenal question. Yeah, this is interesting because there's two of you. I'll just let whoever wants to start start. And if the other one has a different opinion, then put that in. That's cool. Yeah. When that question comes up, because it's not coming up right now. No, no, no. We've got to just stew on that a little bit. So we have two prize giveaways. I'm glad we have folks watching. The first prize is going to be from Jay and Naomi directly. And I'm going to bring your website up again. And if you wouldn't mind, just explain what it is real quick and then we'll tell everybody what they have to do to enter. It's really simple. So here we go. Go ahead. Whoever wants to take over.

So, yeah, what we're going to be giving away is a 30 minute intensive goal setting coaching session, so we really dig deep into your business the way it is right now, identify some of the things that are holding you back that might not be obvious and will help you to uncover the nexus that leads to the next step that you should be taken to move your business forward in whatever way that looks like.

And it's actually reaching out to us and entering that. If you send us an e-mail hello at Exper Unleashed Dotcom and just write in the subject in the subject title when. And then submit your entries and we'll pick somebody at random, OK, when I incorrect.

So, Infl, I'm going to type one handed here and do a quick expert.

Hello, Art.

Oh gosh, I can't I can't be trained at expert.

Cingular unleashed, right, yeah. I'm just going to put this in the comment section so those that come in even well, that's about where you'll get more people to email. That's good expert unleashed dotcom. All right. That's out there. Fantastic. Thank you for that. And what was that valued at a 30 minute intensive coaching call? So people understand that this isn't just I'm going to take up Jay and Naomi's time set aside at 200 pounds.

So around two hundred and seventy dollars.

There you go. Almost three hundred dollars. So it's well worth it. And so I always like to say this. When you guys you guys being entrepreneurs give away such phenomenal value, high value things like this is be respectful that when you go to ask for their time, they're giving this time freely of their own will and be respectful. They are professionals. And so show up yourself as a professional and see what you can do together. Maybe there's something they could use help with their offering you something for nothing. And it's their time. I know it's your time as well. What's the most valuable thing we have on this earth? You can't get it back once you spend it. So just I just implore of people to be professional in and but also at the same time, do it email that it was and I just lost what I wrote. I already forgot what it was. What did I say.

What was the email that expert unleashed dotcom and we go I'm from the top hello app expertly unleashed dotcom said it wrong then it's because you weren't doing the dance properly at that moment.

That's what it is. It could unleash dotcom. There we go.

The TV and the earthquake going on. This is awesome.

All right. That's good. That's good. I love it.

High energy. All right. And one other giveaway. And then we're going to come back to the big question.

You don't want to miss it, but for those that are still here with us live. You now have the our express permission, even even Jay will say it's OK that you can now take out your smartphone and pull out your messaging app.

And just watch the screen, I'll I'll tell you audibly as well, and where you would actually type in the name of the person you're going to message instead typing this number. It's three one four six six five one seven six seven. And again, this is for the five night vacation stay at a five star luxury resort by the big insider secrets dotcom. And so type that number and where you would put the person's name and then where you would take the message, you know, where you put emojis, things like that. No emojis, just two words separated by a hyphen or a dash.

And that's PKP dash vacation, peak dash vacation hit send and then keep an eye out because you will get an automated response asking for your email address.

And once that is received by our system, again, it's all automated, then you will be officially and formally entered to win. And we will choose a random winner before the night is over. And thank you to the big insider secrets for making that available to us every single show. This is amazing. And it's not like this is not one of those where you show up and they say, come with me, please, and they lock you into a door and pick you up time-Share for five hours. It doesn't happen that way. And I know that because the owner of the big insider secrets has tested this himself three times and every single time he said he was floored. It was just amazing. You get a vacation, stay, not a timeshare stay. All right. Are you two ready for this?

Are you sure things are so OK? Put in perspective a little bit better. Make you feel better is there is no such thing as a wrong answer. It doesn't exist. It's exact opposite. That's true. The only correct answer.

Is yours and it may be yours, Jay, which Naomi may say, yep, that's it for me, too, or it may be yours and yours, Naomi they could be completely different and they usually are. So are you guys ready? See, you guys haven't made easy because there's two of you now you can look at each other and then start elbowing each other to see who goes first.

I like this one person. It's just one person. So before I ask the question, I'm going to put you on the spot. Who commits to go first?

I'm going to make it OK. OK, yes. Say you want to go up on stage of it.

You guys are awesome. All right.

I'm going to I'm going to see both your names when I do this. And just. This is phenomenal. I can't wait to do this. All right. Jay is up first. No pressure.

All right, here we go. Jay Steinhof fourth and Naomi Whyatt.

How do you. Define. Success.

Oh, very good, very good. So I would define success as being. Being able to show up and contribute to the world and make a difference, utilizing your own abilities in the best way that you can, persistently and consistently. That's what I would say to you, and I agree.

To be honest with you, I do actually agree with what Jay's going to say. Well, sorry, I don't agree with what Jay said.

And the thing I showed with and with with success was that don't let other people's successes. Bring you down because everybody sees success in different ways, so you know what your successes.

I can't I can't tell anybody what that what their success is. Only, you know, and you will know that by doing the goal set in, by making sure that you're on the right path.

So success really is down to the individual. There's no there's no real definition for it as such, because you could you see success with, let's just say, two thousand pound a month.

And you're happy with that. You've got you you've got your clients. You've got a really nice business going for you. Doesn't take much effort that you could be a success. But to somebody else, 10 million a month could be their success. And they're really, really high achievers and that's what they want to achieve. But you get there with persistent consistency. And that is that is literally the secret to the secret sauce. There's no secret to it is consistency. You've got to be consistent in everything that you do. And if you are, you know, if you have problems and again, our coaching clients will vouch for this. If you've got problems and you're not doing things consistently, that's why I'm not getting in leads. You know how to do it. Why are you not doing it consistently enough? And it falls into lots of different areas of your life. So it's really hard to define what success is. And for me, it's everyone see success in different ways, but persistent consistency, consistency is the way to get there.

Pure gold.

On both parties, good job on that and again, good job I'm not praising you like you stepped up and you just did it. Way to go GE for stepping up, man. Enough, as I like to say. And Naomi, you actually brought up some really good points to that. I love the fact that you said don't let other success affect the way you're thinking about your own, because how many of us compare ourselves to other people? I think everybody on the planet. Right. The thing is, that's where you are today. You have you have achieved success. I don't care where you're at. I don't think, you know, if you can't rub two nickels together and that's an old timer saying, isn't it? If you can't if you don't have very much money in your account, you still have achieved a level of success, haven't you? It's very, very subjective, as Naomi was pointing out, that it means different things to different people and it'll mean something different to both of you. Say six months to a year from now, that definition will change drastically. That's what I love about this question and note to people or. Two or two at a time either either ever answered the same, they've never answered at the same exact way each of you had did have different answers. And none of them neither of those were the same as any of my past guests. Can you believe that?

It's that unique.

And so with your permission, later on I will be compiling a book and I got the dotcoms that don't anybody try to get it. It's how do you define success, Dotcom? And it's going to be a compilation of all my guests and what their definition of success was. If you guys are cool that I'll reach back out to you, get your permission. I don't know if you want more exposure or anything like that.

I don't know if that's something you guys want to give a full front page, but you'll be on the cover.

But, yeah, just the just the two of you.

This is a success and just your section will be in color in the book. Some will be black and white. And Naomi, you've been such a breath of fresh air, and I know it's really early in the morning there. And I know you're dying to get some sleep, even though you still have to get back up real quick for your five o'clock.

But I just wanted to say I truly, truly, in all seriousness, I appreciate you both. And this is this is the epitome. This is everything you need to know about what it takes to become successful. And I'm pointing at both Jane. Naomi, as I say, that for those of you just listening on the audio podcast, these two get it. Not only do they get it, they help you to get it as well. And my gosh, reach out to them. Put email them at. Hello and expert unleashed dotcom. I almost forgot because I didn't dance it. Hello. Expert unleashed dotcom and put in the word win if you want to win a free. This is valued at almost three hundred dollars US 30 minute consultation with them. It's worth far more than that, I'm sure, because it's just going to be the entry point into the rest of your successful life, in my humble opinion. So reach out to Jane. Naomi, you can look at them. I mean, come on, that kid is up again, as I would say, both of them. I can say that because I'm an old man and say that. And you guys are a joy. I mean, talking to you before the show, they're the same now as they were then. This is authenticity. And I love these guys for what they're doing for all entrepreneurs at the worst, hardest, most critical stage in their business. That's where so many people decide this is not for me, because it's so doggone hard when you have the help of these two amazing individuals to get you past that hardest hump. Wow, what an amazing gift they are giving you, even though they charge and charging you money, that is a huge gift to get you past all that struggle and strife. I've been there. They've been there. That's why they're doing this. So thank you again. Jay and Naomi, do either or both of you have a parting word for our audience, maybe a last piece of advice for those budding entrepreneurs just starting out?

Yeah, if you email that. Hello, do you want to say anything?

Well, yeah. You know, it kind of ties into the question you asked at the end. And also it's a quote here which will be left over here. So if you're persistent, you'll get it. And if you are consistent, you'll keep it. And I, I say this to all of my coaching clients, all of my other clients that aren't oncogene with me.

Persistency is not easy. Just keep if you're struggling now is because you're moving out of your comfort zone into something bigger. It's supposed to get harder and then the hard things get easier. But then you're facing harder things. So then you're in a constant state of difficulty. But actually you're growing. So stay persistent, keep at it. And once you get it, stay consistent. Don't stop once you find one bit of success, because that's when you slip back and you think, oh, it wasn't working anymore. So yeah, be persistent and then be consistent.

I love that. And also we've got another player up there. Where did that come from that says do not go with the path, may lead instead go where there is no path and leave a trail.

And this quote was said by Les Brown on his book, The Greatness Within. And it stuck with me. And I just I loved it. I just thought that is the epitome of entrepreneurship to me. And I just think, you know, everyone's trying to everyone should do things in their own in their own life.

And you've just got you've got to carve that path. You have to create something for yourself. Don't fall over everybody else because, again, that's what we stand for. You've got to build your brand, be you. And you've got to find what what works for you so that you can create your own path and create your own sales and also surround yourself with the right people is massively important. If you if you are if you surround yourself with people that are trying to bring you down, it's time to just cut them loose. And it's sometimes really hard because those people are really close. Sometimes it's family. And, you know, you've just got to find those people that will support you no matter what. And obviously it helps if you've got a mentor massively.

I feel like I feel like you've got the quote that right or something is wrong or the book.

Yeah, that's Brown. You've got to be hungry.

He was on my show. No reason why I interviewed him. He was like the pinnacle moment of this show. I've been going for almost three years now and when he came on the show, got his buttery voice. I just love it. And I'm always saying you have greatness in, you know, like spot on.

You've got to be hungry. And then this laugh a little bit.

You know, he's got this big, booming, beautiful, buttery, deep voice.

And when he laughs, it's like, I can't do it. It's really high pitched and it's interesting, but it's infectious and it's authentic. And so he he's literally doing lives almost every day on Facebook to this day. And he's seventy five years old now and still going strong. I met him in person about ten years ago before long before the show of course. And he was amazing. Just sweetheart even then.

And that voice man I could just I could listen that all day long as oh man you have greatness in you. So I like that. I'll share with him that we have a quote hanging on a wall by him from two wonderful young peeps in the UK. This is going to get all smiley. All right. Well, you two have been wonderful. Thank you for the great advice. Great tips, great value, great interview, lots of fun. The dancing, the Z, everything. I loved it all. The vodka. What I mean, where else? Come on, come on. Where else can you have all of that in one place?

We sound like we're Russian spies drinking, vodka, dancing. This is if we can read a book, you know, the Russian spy approached a successful entrepreneurship, Russian spy branding all of that.

And then you go, all right, let's wrap it up on behalf of these amazing, amazing, this young duo, John Danforth and Naomi Hyatt of.

Expert Unleashed. I am Brian Kelly, your host of The Mind Body Business Show, and we will be back again with another great, phenomenal guest. I don't know if they'll beat these two, but we'll be back until then. Man, I can't wait. We'll see you then. So long. And God bless. Take care, everybody.

Thank you for tuning in to the mind body business show podcast at w w w dot the mind body business show dot com.

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Jason Standforth & Naomi Hyett

Jason Staniforth & Naomi Hyett

Jay Staniforth & Naomi Hyett are two multi-business entrepreneurs from the UK who are partners in business and partners in life, with a combined experience of over 15 years' in marketing and over £1.5m in client sales attributed to their strategies in the last 18 months alone. They are the co-founders of Expert Unleashed, a personal branding and strategic marketing business which helps coaches and course creators to sell their services online by leveraging their unique brand.

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