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So here's the big question. Our entrepreneurs like us, who have been hustling and struggling to make it to success, who seem to make it one step forward, two steps back. How do we finally break through, and that is the question.

Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to the Mind Body Business Show Whoo, baby, I've had a little bit of a layoff on this show because of the holidays and I am so excited to get back into it, primarily because of the young man you are about to meet.

This guy is a game changer and I cannot wait to share his brilliance with you. He does something very unique that can really impact your life and incredibly positive ways. We might even get a quick demo and maybe we can follow along and do it with him so that you can get some of the results he provides his clients.

I cannot wait, cannot wait. But before we do that, the mind body business. So what is that all about? Well, in my now fifty six years on this planet, I spent probably the last ten or eleven studying only successful people. And what did I do that well, because I kept seeing all these people walking around that had more success than me, and I just finally got fed up and said, I want to know how they did it and what I began to find. And these are like mentors of mine that I ended up working with physically that I met. These are authors whom I've met and other authors who aren't even with us anymore on this planet, mentors from all different areas. And what I found over this period of time were that patterns began developing. I began noticing patterns between all of these successful individuals, and they all fell into three different categories that I like to call the three pillars of success. Now, if you look to the right or left him, you can probably guess what those might be. Yes, that's right. Mind, mind set that stands for mind set. And to a person, each successful individual had a very positive, powerful and the most important flexible mindset. And I found out through just studying these successful people and then going deep into it myself, studying the human brain, the subconscious, and realized that our mindset is the foundation of everything we have today. Your level of success or lack thereof? I'm here to tell you, it's 100 percent because of what's going on up here and you can change it. It's amazing. And body, what is that all about? It's literally your body taking care of it.

Like our guest expert, he's got the mind and body and the business all going down. That's why he is on this show. He's a successful entrepreneur. His name is Jay Bradley. By the way, in case you were unaware, Body is about taking care of your body by working out, exercising. I know it's kind of like a four letter word, but it's not really four letters to some. But it's the most amazing thing you can do for yourself. And we're going to do a late, late, late version of a workout, I hope, today. And don't worry, your muscles won't be fatigued. It'll be great. You're going to love it, body. And it's about nutrition and what you take into your body. And then there's business. And business is multi, multi multifaceted. I mean, my goodness, there's everything from sales, marketing, team, building, systematizing leadership. I could go on for quite some time. The good news is you, myself, Jay, any individual does not need to master every single one of those skills. If you just master one of those. And I actually mentioned one of them by name, the one if you master just one skill set, then you can use that to delegate to others who do have those skill sets that you currently don't have. And that one is leadership. So once you've mastered that skill, then Katy bar the door is it's it's time you can really now scale your business and bring in help. And so another amazing, wonderful attribute of very successful people I found is also to a person. They are also very avid readers, readers of books. And with that, I like to segway into a segment I affectionately call bookmarks.

Bookmarks for and to read bookmarks, ready, steady, read bookmarks brought to you by reach your peak library dot com.

Yes, there you see it to the side, by the way, real quick. Do yourself a favor and take out a pad of paper and a pen or a notebook or a notepad on your computer, whatever works for you and take notes, instead of succumbing to that urge to click away, to go off and look for these resources, because I know Jay has some and we'll put those up on the screen when it's time and just take notes, take notes, write down the website addresses rather than clicking on them and then visit them after the show. Here's why the magic happens in the room. Yes, it's a virtual room. I think you understand what I'm saying. If your attention is elsewhere, I would just hate for you to miss one golden nugget that Jay is going to bring to the table that could potentially change your life for the better forever just because you took your gaze off the screen to go do something else. Take no, stay with us, engage, ask questions, say hi, do all of it in the comments. We'd love to hear, hear from it and we will bring you up on the screen and give you a shout out as a result to reach your peak library. So reach your peak library. Dotcom, that is a website I had developed and I'm not kidding with you in mind. What it is, is a collection of books that I personally read and I vetted them. They are. So not every book I've ever read is in this in this list.

They're there for you so that you have a smaller subset of books to choose from. Should you be looking for that next read. Maybe it's your first read. I myself didn't start reading until my mid to late forties, if you can believe that I knew how to read. I just didn't do it. I didn't think it was a worthy of my time and now I can't read enough. And you see book after book in here and all I have to do is click on the button there. This all goes to Amazon. This is not what you'd call a money making website. I just wanted to put a collection of this of these here together for you because I wish I had it when I first started and then after having started. Now I can go back and go, oh, there's another one. What's my next week going to be? Let me go back to read your book library. That's all there for. So you can now devour books in any form you you feel that you like hardcover softcover. Audible That's my personal favorite. If it's available, you click on the button, you'll find out if it's there in the format. You like that. Is that so? Be sure if you're not doing it to get back on the reading train because it is a life changer. I mean, my gosh, I spent all those years not doing it. I'm glad I'm doing it now. I'm not worried about the past.

Get with it as they would say. My humble advice to you. And speaking of advice, it's time to bring on the real expert of this show. He's coming on in just a moment. Here we go.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight, savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained, big league qualified.

And there he is, ladies and gentlemen, the one the only Jay Bradley.

Yes, thank you so much. Hi, everyone. Thanks for having me, Brian.

Oh, my goodness. So this happens every show. I spent about a half hour getting to know the guests if I haven't met them before and I have never met. And it's one of those things that happens over and over and over. It feels like I've known you for a long time, my friend. It's like instant connection and it's the synergy of what we do. You know, you do something completely different business wise than what I do. But to get where you're at. We both have to go through the same trials, struggles and successes like that in there. And so appreciate you, my man. And that's going to be a lot of fun. We're going to introduce you formally really soon, but we've got to take care of our sponsors. And so then we'll come right back to Mr. Jay Bradley. Hang with me. So if you are struggling with putting a live show together and it's overwhelming and you want a lot of the processes done for you while still enabling you to put on a high quality show and connect with great people like Jay and grow your business all at the same time, then head over to carpet bomb marketing, dotcom carpet bomb marketing, saturate the marketplace with your message. And one of the key components that is contained in the carpet bomb marketing course is one that you'll learn how to absolutely master is the very service we use to stream our live shows right here, right now on the mind body business show.

And over the course of the past nine years, I've been streaming for over nine years. We have tried many quote unquote, TV studio solutions for live streaming. And I'll tell you, streaming art is the best of the best. It combines supreme ease of use along with unmatched functionality. So start streaming high quality, professional looking live shows for free with streaming out. Now, go ahead and visit the website. You see it on the screen. That's our WIP. I am forward slash stream live. Now it is that time to bring on our wonderful special, very special guest, DJ Bradley, who's sitting up in his chair. He's so attentive. I love it.

Jay Bradley is an international breath work teacher and healer and the founder of Breathe On It. He is the creator of Chakra Bombs. And I can't wait. He's going to show you these. These are amazing. And author of Live Look Feel, the 12 week guide to live longer, look younger and feel better. Who does not want that? Right. Let's go officially.

Thank you so much. I have to say, the screen just disappeared.

That's why I was like, oh, I'm back I the whole time. I hope everyone else did.

And the beautiful thing is, if they don't see it but they hear you, they will get everything they need out of it, except for the fact that you're like a product of the product here. You're well put together, you're very fit. You look far younger than you are. And I'm not going to divulge that unless you want to.

I don't care if he takes one seventy six. That's right.

So, man, one of the things I love to do with all guest experts to come on this show is so we read a bio and we can tell you had success, your accolades, your experience and all that. And that's phenomenal. You're an author. I mean, that's fantastic. And people will hopefully have a copy. Your book will bring it up here in a minute and so people can go get a copy of that. But what I like to do is dove deep first and find out, OK, but what got you there? What is going on in that big, beautiful brain of yours every single day that when you get out of bed and you know of the trials and the things that are going to come and try to stop you day after day, but, you know, you have a bigger you have a big mission and you want to achieve it. What does that motivates you every single day to get up and do it again and again and keep growing your business?

Yeah, that's a great question. I think what motivates me the most is this idea of transformation. First of all, anything transformative take me from point A all the way to the end. Watching people transform is super motivating for me. But more importantly, I think knowing that I have a shortcut for people that took me maybe 30 years or more, that I can take people through a process that that's much quicker, that excites me to know that people don't have to struggle as long as I did. That's that's one of my biggest motivators. And I really love I love creating. So anything when I'm not in creation mode, sometimes I'm not having the most fun. I always love it when I have new ideas, new projects, when I'm in the flow that way.

And so the underlying thing there was, you know.

When you realize that you have a shortcut for people to help them, that you discovered after all of your trial and error, you want to help them by saying bypass all that junk that I just went through and get straight to the great results. And to me, all that does is say that you love helping people. And that's a beautiful, beautiful thing and most successful entrepreneurs that I come in contact with, that is a common thing and I like to bring that up for those watching and listening that if you're struggling, it might be because you're thinking too much about how much money you're going to make versus how much you're going to help serve others. And yeah, when you're first starting out, I get it. We've all been there. It's a scarcity environment. You need the money to keep going. And so money is more in the forefront as you acquire more and more clients and more wealth, you're able to shift over into that mindset that has obviously mastered one of servitude and heart centered giving and helping. And believe me, what he does does just that. It helps people. And we're going to get into that definitely very, very soon. So obviously, you're a very fit young man. I'd like to say, young man, because you are a lot younger than I am.

And for five years, four years, I carry the two.

But I wanted to ask you so you know, what motivates you covered that lot mind. So let's shift over the body. And don't worry, everyone, we're not going to cover all these in crazy detail because we are going to get to Jay and what he does and help you through a demonstration right here on the show. I'm just curious. I think I know the answer, but I would like to hear from you. How important is physical fitness to you, your business and your personal life and why? Yeah.

Physical fitness, I started working out at 13 years old and, you know, I'm I'll be fifty two in March and so it has been with me a long, long time. And my brother introduced me to weightlifting in our garage at 13. And so, yes, the answer is it's super important. And, you know, I think initially I did because I was a bullied kid and I just wanted to get strong and, you know, try to beat those kids up and protect myself. But then I also realized, obviously, you know, as we get older, it's so important to keep our muscles and our bones strong. And so while I probably did it more for vanity and maybe still do, there are so many other benefits to it. So, yes, it helps my my mindset. In fact, you know, with covid right now and the gyms, clothes make me a little crazy. I'm trying to improvise, but heading to a gym and doing my workouts just really clears my mind more than anything else. And and, you know, I think it takes discipline. And I think that is the key to people running their own business. And probably what makes an entrepreneur different than maybe somebody, you know, who goes to work every day in a job. And there's nothing wrong with that. But it takes a lot of discipline and a lot of consistency. And I think I definitely have that down in terms of taking care of my body. And I think it's just from years and years of practice and years and years of habit.

And it's a huge difference when corporate so corporate there's discipline, but it's not it's not self-inflicted. It's given to you. You will this this thing, you you have to show it again. You've got to take lunch at this time. You've got to do what I tell you how to do everything. It's almost robotic. And I just know that from experience and it just doesn't define me at all.

I love entrepreneurship. And let's see. And a check. So have Mr. Paul Elwood given some love. Thank you, Paul. Appreciate you for the show. Yeah. Bring on bring all the comments, the love, the likes questions for Jay. So you want doing what you're doing today for ever. I mean, it's been so recent that you got into what you're doing now. It's long enough to where you are now expert at it. But what ignited the spark? You need to start something new. I mean, you've got a lot of background and different things that you've done over your life. What ignited a spark in you to start this new business that you're doing now and and move forward into it? I mean, that's kind of scary for a lot of people to change it completely.

Well, yes, it can be super scary. I think the truth is, you know, I think projects sometimes can fizzle out. And I mean, I was doing health coaching before and I was working in the healing modalities, helping people, but I had lost some of the energy around that, like, you know, I know there's something else. I know there's something else that can really, really make a difference. And I wasn't sure what it was. So when this entered breathing and breath work, which we'll talk about when it entered my life, I just knew instantly because it was so transformative for me in a really short amount of time that I had no choice but to literally give up everything else I was doing and study and really learn this technique and really quickly committed my entire time and dedicating it to my breath work business. So I would say inspiration led me there. You know, this knowing that, wow, I found something that excites me, that inspires me and that I know can help people.

Yeah. So I remember, I think and if I read it on your site or where the story was, you actually experienced it as I don't know what they call a student or a client first and said, holy smokes and so much that you then created your own business doing the same thing and then you added some things to it, which I want to find.

Dig more on that, that there's like these really cool. Was that seven of them. Seven nine chakras. Yeah.

So let's let's first before we go into that, if you wouldn't mind, I would love to hear about the details of what you do, what impact it has on the people that are your clients and yourself, because you do this with yourself as well. And then how how can people get in touch with you to do this? We'll add that in there as well. But I'm really, really intrigued over this whole process that you have mastered and help other people with. So if you wouldn't mind, give us a good overview of how that works for sure.

I say that I work in breath work, but I bring in a lot of modalities. You and I talked about hypnosis. You know, I have experience with that as well. But what I love so much about this deep breathing practice is it it literally cracks you open very quickly, gets you to a place of of sort of a meditative state of state where all of the deep healing happens. And so what I love so much is when I guide people into this place, I always say the issues are in your tissues. And, you know, I am talking all the issues or I am talking about physical health, ailments, traumas, emotional and any sort of other blockages we might have even on a spiritual level breastwork kind of it. You know, I love your show is mind body business like work also touches on all of these things for the body. It helps to detox, it helps to feed your brain, your digestion helps to boost the immunity. It releases all sorts of feel good hormones as well and endorphins. And it also releases physical pain in the body. So we have a lot of physical benefits that happen when we breathe. But emotionally, I think that's the most exciting part, is when I guide people through this process, a lot of stuff comes up and it's most people leave the session saying, wow, that was really unexpected. And I think that's I like to hear that because we go in maybe thinking one thing, we come out, wow. I didn't even know I had that much stuff that I was holding on to. So super exciting component. And and then, you know, you don't have to be a spiritual person to understand that we're made up of energy. And that's what these chakras are, the seven main energy points in our body. And when they're aligned, when they're spinning, when they're open, not only does our physical body work, but our you know, our emotional world feels so much better and it definitely can help our business because, you know, we need to be not only connected spiritually, emotionally, but also grounded and and motivated in our work. Right.

Yeah, and I want to make a quick comment on all of this, because for those of you that aren't familiar with any thing like this, I was one of those. And I was telling you this before we came on the show, that when I first heard of another science that did things that were that seemed to remarkable to be true, I was like, get away from me. I don't want to hear this stuff. And what I'm talking about is neurolinguistic programing. It's a science and it's proven. And now I'm I'm not only a proponent, I also am certified. And so when you were saying stuff like, wow, I didn't even expect that to happen. The same thing occurs in LP and these other types of modalities that Jay's talking about that bring out things in you that help you to get farther forward in your life, to shake, shake. I like to call it pulling the weeds out of the garden. Which are your mind pulling the weeds on the garden, which are your body? Jay mentioned that they're both intertwined because they are the mind and body are a team and more importantly, they're your team. And so if you have any member of that team that's not pulling their weight, it's a sports team within the team as a whole suffers. So you want to take care of everything. And so I just want to point that out that I am excited to learn of this. I've never heard a breathing work the way you have described it to me offline. And so can we talk more about the energy points in the chakras? And then and then we can bring up those wonderful seven vials you have in front of you and talk about what those do for sure.

Yeah, yeah. I like to talk about chakras in a practical way because I'm actually pretty practical. You know, there's a part of me that, yeah. Loves the energy and the spiritual stuff, but I also love the practical. And so if we look at all seven of them, the root chakra sort of at the base of our spine and by the way, it's just chakras is a Hindu word. That means disc's. So we have energetic discourse. And when when they're flowing, they're kind of turning in a clockwise direction energetically. When they get blocked or muffled, they can kind of get stagnant. So the idea is just to get them all balanced and flowing in the root chakra. It's really, really about grounding. It's about feeling safe and connected to the earth, but also about abundance and money and prosperity. So whenever there's blockages there, people can start to to feel literally physical pain in their body, sometimes including lower back and hips and down the legs. So it's just an interesting awareness. And the sacral is right under the belly button. And that is really about healthy sexuality, healthy sensuality, and it's about creativity and passion. And it's kind of our life force, energy archi and if we if we're not flowing in that area, we can kind of lack motivation and inspiration in our life.

Then we go to the solar plexus, which is kind of right under the ribs here. And that's all about self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence of personal power, really owning who you are in the world and then moving forward and acting on it. And the heart, of course, really just about unconditional love. It's about not only giving, but receiving love and also forgiveness, compassion, empathy, being more gentle with ourselves, with others. And then the throat is about speaking your truth, doing what you do, which is really vocalizing and sharing your message with the world and also setting healthy boundaries in relationships. Some people can be really challenged with that and asking for what you need. And then the third eye right here, that is really a clarity about foresight. It's about sort of having a vision of where you're going in your life, which really comes into play in your business, like almost goal setting and having visions of where you want your business to go. And then the crown is at the top of the head and that really just connects you to whatever it is for you, whether it's got angels, universal energy, it doesn't really matter, just trusting that we have some energy guiding us bigger than than ourselves.

Fantastic, and you have something there in front of you that you've developed that I thought was genius because you apply in such a way that it actually lands on all of those seven areas. So, yeah, I'm going to bring you up full screen again so people can see what this is.

And, yeah, I love the shock of bombs. You know, the other thing I love about breathing and deep breathing and how it helps your business is you will get ideas, you will get clarity, you'll get downloads, as I call them, similar to when you meditate and you'll get off the table after your session or off the floor wherever you are, and you will start to develop these ideas. This came to me in a breath work session and they are just custom blended, essential oil shock or bombs. And we apply a little bit to all seven chakras before we breathe, before we meditate, before we do yoga. And the the custom blends really helped to accentuate, as I say, ignite your chakras. And they smell amazing. There's over 100 drops of essential oil and each one hand blended by by me. And I'm really proud of these. And they really make an impact. People are loving them.

I think it's his genius that you added that to this whole thing, so now I mean now people that may not know where these energy centers are, no where they're at, because they have bomb in those areas. And. Yeah, and what those are made of consists of they're not inexpensive. Ladies and gentlemen, the ingredients. So super high quality. And, you know, that I think is just awesome because it focuses on those seven areas. It gives them that additional, maybe even subconscious focus. And then does it. Have you noticed a difference when that is applied versus not in their results?

Yes, and I'm not just saying that because I. I really do. And I purposely tried. I'm going to do a session with I'm going to do a session without and it never fails. There's always something super impactful that happens when I use the bombs. And usually it's it's a spinning. It's a throbbing, it's a pulsating. There's an energy that I recognize really clearly and I hear that from a lot of people as well. Sometimes, you know, sometimes I put it over the heart and I'll just feel super emotional just by applying it. And is it a placebo? I don't think so. There's actually some well, you know, it's a combination of your intention behind it. But also, I'd like to think it's the custom blends of oils as well.

And tasket. Lots of love coming out of here. Lucy Gref, thank you so much.

Lucy, I know Lucy nice.

And you know this person, Amber Noel Bonum.

She said she has the moms love. Amber. Hello.

Yeah, I can't wait to experience these bones. This is it's the bomb. The bombs are.

I'm going to register that name to shock with bombs.

That's funny. I have a product called Carpet Bomb Marketing. This is perfect. We could go into business together with this one. This I find this extremely fascinating.

And so the way that you go about serving your clients, I know today it's all virtual, but you've also done it in person. I've seen I think it was videos, maybe even pictures as well, where people are just relax and laying down in that case on the floor. What I saw and in a group setting, I noticed you had some, I think, incense or something that you were walking around with. And I'm sure there was some wonderfully soothing music going on in the background, those voice voices dropping and go ahead.

No, listen, Paolo Santo, that's what I like to use.

And Sage, is that it? Incense or something else that just became legal in California.

Follow Santa is it's a wood actually. And it it helps to not only clear away heavy energy, but also bring in positive loving energy. So yeah, I use that a lot in my sessions. The smell is amazing. It's super earthy and woodsy. And of course sage is always good. So what do you get that you know what? You can get Pollo Santo in numerous places. There's stores on Etsy, that cell that there's a lot of spiritual stores that I like Liberate, Liberate Emporium right here in Los Angeles. If you're here, they have a lot of great things.

And we're going to smoke myself, it was like a rebrand opportunity to me, if you know what I'm saying.

Yes, I would like to say it's on my website, but I don't have that yet.

So that could be the the Fuze to your bombs. Yes.

I love it. So that's phenomenal. So then you also have people that you are now doing this remotely through, say, like Zoome and you're walking them through, talking them through. And so what does an experience like that for a client? Are they sitting in a chair in a bed either or both? How does that work?

Yeah, I always recommend people do it lying down because, you know, when you do some deep breathing, you can get lightheaded in the beginning. And it's actually difficult to access the belly breath when you're seated. So you can lie on the bed, on your couch, on the carpet, on a yoga mat. It doesn't really matter. And then I guide people through the breathing to music. And the music is really important. It's, you know, similar to hypnosis and other healing sessions. The music has a lot to do with the healing experience, whether it's that if you want people motivated, you play motivational music, you want them to relax. Yeah. So I pride myself in kind of choosing some nice, nice combination of world and inspirational music and guide them through the process.

Yeah, music helps put them in the state, the state that you want them then to get the most out of the session for them. Yes, just. Oh my goodness, I've got to give this a whirl because if you did some demonstration of the breathing, how it went. So it's not typical. It's not what I'm used to seeing where people say breathe through the nose and out through the mouth and then go through these long exhales. And I like good stuff and I honestly don't know how yours works, but I'd be curious if you would be willing to show us how this whole thing goes about happening.

Absolutely. And I want to say that there are hundreds of styles of breathing and breath. Work has been around for thousands of years. But why I love this process so much is and, you know, I certainly do my own breathing through the nose at times as well and box breathing and all sorts of other styles. But this particular one, I use the mouth action. That's how I was taught and why I love breathing in the mouth. Is it just you bring in so much more oxygen. I mean, even if you try right now breathing in the nose and then you try your mouth, there's just a lot more freedom in that. And what I teach is a three part circular breath.

And so the first inhale is in the belly and the second inhale is in the chest and then out.

And you can try it seated at home.

If you're driving, just be careful watching the show belly in the chest and out.

So why I love this so much is we access those lower chakras, the solar plexus, the sacral, the root chakra, and by breathing in the belly, we're accessing that lower part of your body. And then with the chest breath, we're accessing the heart, the throat and all the upper chakras. And so we're really getting our money's worth, so to speak, and really accessing and cracking open the entire body, sometimes belly breathing alone. I mean, it's great, but you're not really accessing the heart center. And that's why I love so much. Adding the chest breathing.

Wow, that's phenomenal. I was sitting here attempting to do it on my own and already getting lightheaded, probably just because I didn't work and out of shape, but it's normal to get lightheaded. Do you do the stomach in the chest without. Exhales Just a little pause.

Is that. Yeah. Or you can word it is like almost like a half inhale in the belly. OK, and then another half. So it's almost like one inhale in two spots. That makes sense.

Yeah. And you do that for a period of time.

I do. I like why I love this so much as the results happen really quickly. You know, I know there's other styles of breathing where you spend three hours lying down and breathing. Can you imagine, first of all, who has three hours? And second of all, that sounds intense. I generally do. Twenty four minutes. Twenty six minutes of deep breathing and then some guided healing work at the end. That's all you need.

That's phenomenal. That's phenomenal. I can't wait to give this a whirl, like I said earlier, I don't ever say give it a try because there's no such thing as try.

Well, here's what I love it. I say this and I say this confidently, that it permanently shifts you. So, you know, people who are struggling, people come to me often tried everything else. They are sometimes exhausted because, you know, they're like, I don't know what else to do. I feel like nothing's working. And that's kind of where I was at when breath work entered. And very, very quickly, it helps you to access the heaviness, to release and to get so that you can get busy, you know, building your business, living your life and having a little bit more joy or a lot more joy. That's our goal, right? When life feels like a chore, feels heavier, we're constantly struggling. That's exhausting. Constant resistance. Yep. Yeah. And I spend most of my life there, so I know exactly what that's like. And that's why this is such a godsend.

And that's that's what I love about entrepreneurs like yourself. You know, they take a personal life experience and then do something good with it and actually change lives like, oh my gosh. Gersen I don't know if I'm seeing that right?

Oh, yes, my good friend, he said I was able to participate in JSS classes and try the bombs, JTS competitive advances that he speaks from experience. We're just saying that and Redditch and his purpose is highly interactive, not only guiding, but he participates. I think that's what that meant.

Yeah. Thank you. Your. There he goes. Yep. Participators is awesome. Love you guys. There we go.

Yeah, I know. You know, that is even when I'm sharing a private or group setting, I always literally close my eyes and tap into that energy and come from a personal place as well as tuning into who's with me, because that's the only place we can come from. Any business is like we only know what you know. And you can't pretend you can't you know, you can only guess. So I know struggle pretty well. So that's why I love what I do.

Fantastic. Hey, I want to mention real quick that everyone that's on watching. Thank you for sticking around. You've all hung on this entire time. I appreciate that. And so does Jay. When you stand at the very end, you'll have an opportunity to win. That's right. Five night vacation, stay at a five star luxury resort, compliments of our pals. You see them up there in the upper right. If you're watching on video, the big insider secrets, dotcom, the big insider secrets of my buddy Jason Ness and his crew. I've sponsored this. They provide this for our show every single week. We give one of these away. And yes, even with all the shut downs and everything that's going on, you will be able to move about the country. I fully believe that sometime, hopefully this year. Until then, hey, I've got a flight booked to go to St. Louis this weekend, so everything's still good. I'm moving and shaking. So definitely stick on to the end and we'll show you exactly how you can win. Super, super simple. It's super fast. It's actually kind of fun, too. So you don't want to miss that. I want to make sure I get my buddy in there, my buddy Jason Narced. And we have more people talking. Oh, speak of the guy.

You know, you say the name out loud and he appears it's Mr. Travis at Travis is another amazing.

I mean, the two of you together. Oh, my gosh. That would be something else. Travis, look came up. He's been on the mind body business show as well. Travis Taylor, amazing gentleman. He literally scanned my body from in a good way from a car. And he's amazingly talented individual. And I highly recommend you look him up.

It's Go the mind body business show dotcom past shows and scroll down to you. Find Travis Taylor and see what that crazy in a good way, young man is all about.

Yeah, we're all a little crazy.

And you know what, honestly, we have to be to do what we do, don't we?

You definitely have to be a little crazy. Yeah.

And you know, we are because we're cut from a different cloth. There are very few entrepreneurs percentage wise across the globe compared to people who work for other people. And, you know, there's a reason why there are so few because we're risk takers. We're willing to do things that many will never even think of doing. It doesn't mean we're better. I'm not saying that. Please don't read that into it. We're different. Just different. In fact, people can say we're not as good because there's so few of us who knows one. I personally I love entrepreneurs. I mean, like Jay, he came on, like I said, thirty minutes. And I felt like I knew this guy for a long time. Any time I go to a networking event, seminar, boot camp back when we could and I was just on an online summit. There's a great example. I just felt this synergy with everybody in the room physically or in a virtual Zen room. Do you find that to be the case, Jay, when you're out and about with the entrepreneurial world?

Yeah, I think when you're with like minded people, there's definitely a synergy, right? Because you all understand what it takes. And there's yeah, there was a similar similar energy, similar struggle sometimes.

And we're getting some more. Love you to see some more love. Oh, Angel, Thunder Bay, Angelov, Fremont.

Does anybody have a name I can pronounce that you could be Majorie Immunity. Oh sounds italiana.

She says Hi Jay from Thunder Bay with a heart. Just want to say I enjoyed his breathing session when he was here and so did quite a bit of my friends, loved the bombs and sensed to come back soon. I love that when it I so I think we get the idea when that's done.

I cannot wait to come back. Thunder Bay is my hometown in Canada.

I love it and Travis is back synchronicities. He said I literally just heard to check in. Yes, that's right. And. So excited that you have, John. Yes, me too. His breath workshops and chakra bumps. So we're definitely going to give you all the method to get in touch with Jay to get a breath session. Is that what you call it? A brilliant session? Yes. And and also how to get access to his amazing handmade chakra bombs. I mean, this guy invented this whole thing. I mean, bombs have not he did not invent bombs by themselves. But these are handmade, handcrafted with a certain amount of essential oils and other ingredients that I don't think anyone else uses. And it's genius because it also helps accentuate the chakras, the areas, the energy called them, that are energy to get them spinning and more intense to give you the better results that you want and that you deserve. Yes. Yes. Fantastic. Man, I should I should be a marketer for you. I think this is pretty fine.

You're hired.

I'm telling you that I could have ever said, oh, my goodness, I'm having a blast. We need to shockable jingle.

So you've been doing this for a while now. You've obviously had success. We have your clients coming in and commenting and saying how much they love everything about you, and that's because you're authentic and that what you do gives them results. Do you think now being where you are in your life, you've had the experience to know? Do you think there is some kind of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur?

Hmm, yes, I think there is and I want to say there's a number of things, I think that what comes to mind first is honestly discipline, consistency. But that being said, I think I'm switching. I'm switching used to be a rule like do it now, you know, take action, person. But I'm learning inspired action can take you so much further than just being busy, just doing all the time. And so I think being a successful entrepreneur means tapping in, you know, tapping into inspired action and intuition and all of these things. We've been talking about your emotional and spiritual health as well. So you can actually take action that resonates with people. You is authentic. So but it does a bit of a rollercoaster. Not going to lie, right. You know, every day is a new day and it's like, OK, how can I get my message out? How can I help people? And there's always you're always on your feet thinking about ways. And it's a fine line between promoting yourself. Right. And selling and then just genuinely sharing your message. So but I would say most definitely, you know, the other thing I'm noticing, especially with a lot of healers and people in my business, it takes a lot of self-love and confidence, because when you're an entrepreneur, you're selling yourself essentially whether you have a product or whatever it is, you have to get up each day and basically promote yourself. And there's a lot of resistance sometimes and a lot of lack and questioning your belief and your worth. And I think we really need to move through that and look at that in order to be successful. And that's been a lot of my journey and then moved through a lot of it. There's still some not going to lie. And, you know, it's a process.

I think there always will be some. But that you hit the nail on the head there with the confidence factor. I remember when I was struggling and didn't have the confidence that I do now. And, wow, you just made me think about that time. And it's I'm actually looking back with joy because of how far I've come from that day. And it takes time. It takes effort like concerted effort. Go find a coach, a mentor. Maybe Jay would offer to coach you. And because, you know, it's a life experience that is so valuable, you know, to have people like Jay or even myself who've gone through a lot of the ups and downs, the trials, the hardships and the successes, we can also help, as Jay said, give you that shortcut to help you get to the the prize faster without going through all the trial and error. That's some of it's unnecessary. Some of it, I think is valuable personally. I mean, have I not gone through all of those? I wouldn't realize I remember what it took to get where I'm at and give me the confidence as a result, right?

Definitely. You don't want to take that away. I mean, you know, talk about the law of attraction. You got to feel the contrast in order to enjoy the up and you're going to feel the experience, the down. But if we could shorten that a little bit, not spend 30, 40 years there, but maybe, you know, maybe four years. Five years, exactly.

We would say take ten and drop it to three or four, maybe five or eight.

We're doing. Oh, there we go. Thank you, Pat. Love you.

Ok, I need help with the last name on the notice of this. Thank you, Pat. The bombs are the bomb. I send them to people when they're upscale like that.

I love that. I use these great words. Yes.

And Mr. Price is checking in. John Price says Jay is an incredible coach and facilitator. His sessions help you dig within and uncover the healing that is waiting for you. I mean, folks, you can make this up. This is a live show. Nobody was paid to appear and make these statements to come on this. These are signs that Jay knows what he's doing and that he gets results for his people, his clients. And I don't even know if he calls them clients, probably calls them his friends because he's in it to help to help you to be your best. You and when you get to clear everything out using his processes, just think of how quicker you can get to that point of maximum confidence when the resistance is gone, when all those little devils that pop up on your shoulder telling you how you can't get something done and you get cleared out by going through a Gee Bradley breathing session and now you can just forge ahead without anything in your way. Would that be what would that be? You can't put a money figure on that. And my my personal opinion.

You're right, you can't, because sometimes these are the biggest, you know, like you said, little that the demons is there on your shoulder, whatever you want to call it, things that we struggle with for years and years and years, sometimes all the way from childhood. And, you know, we all have at least one or two of those things. And, boy, yeah, to to get rid of that after years and years and years and there's no price. You're right. And I also like to say to people like sometimes instead of pushing it away. Right. What I love to do with people is have them look at that darkness and those blocks and learn to love it and learn to embrace it and actually stop pushing and instead listen to what it has to tell us. And, you know, it may always be there, right? That little voice may not permanently go away, but the more we learn how to deal with it, the more powerful we can become. So.

And I just want to make it clear to everyone here that this show isn't here to pitch anyone or anything. I have gone through similar things using the science of NLP neurolinguistic programing, and I know that it works, having gone through it, now certified in it. And when Jay talks and then you see all of his friends, his clients coming on and basically saying, yeah, what he does works and what it does is gives you such I call it liberation. It just liberates you from from all the baggage and junk and crap in your life and enables you to just go forward without any inhibitions, any anything holding you back. And because you do such magnificent work and you've had so many results. That is why, ladies and gentlemen, I'm like preaching about them from the rooftop here, because I know the kind of impact that things like Jay does can have on people and do have. And I implore upon you. If you're struggling in any part of your life, if you're if you're being held up, if you feel that there are things holding you back, reach out to him. Jay Bradley, in fact, we've got his website. Benoff a couple of times. Breathe on it, dot net. That'll be one way for you to get in touch with them. We'll give you others here in just a moment when we near the end of the show.

But I'm glad you said that, though. Sorry, because that's really the key is, you know, if you're blocked, if you have any resistance, if you're struggling, just keep looking and keep searching. That's what I did my whole life. Eventually that the right things are going to come to you to help you move through those. And, you know, sometimes we try a bunch of things and things work for a while, but and it's different for everybody. But, yeah, just just keep searching. Keep saying yes. And I think that's the right experience to be always be curious and know that you can have more and that you deserve more, especially if you're struggling. I know what it's like to accept and think, OK, this is my life. Like I'm going to have these struggles forever. But, you know, I think I've moved through a lot of those. And so I know other people can.

Do you just drop two golden nuggets right there? They were subtle, yet so profound. He said, just say yes, I cannot tell you. And, you know, there's a movie by that that's kind of comical, but it's very it's cool. It's it's actually works to a degree. Don't go crazy like in the movie. And what's his name? Jim. John Kerry now. Yes, Jim Carrey. Yes, man.

But the thing is, is after going through my training within L.P and learning to say yes more often to things. The only reason I say no is because my subconscious or my conscious was saying, here are all the reasons you shouldn't. But the subconscious was actually saying, well, you know, you should and you feel it, but you're going to let your conscience overrule. Once I started switching that and saying yes and getting uncomfortable spending 10 grand on a course that I didn't have ten grand for. I've done that more than once and each time massive progress has occurred. So that was one nugget. So be discerning, you know, do your homework and then just say yes. And then you said the other thing, be curious. The most successful people on the planet are those are the most curious. And real quick, a quick story. My mentor, his name is Mel Cutler. He met Richard Branson in person back when Mel was much younger. He's not that old, but he was much younger than today. And they were standing out in the hallway at some kind of event. And Richard walked up to him and just started peppering him with questions and smells like he said this from stage.

Know, my mentor was a seminar speaker and he would tell a story and said. What you know is Richard Branson, I want to ask you questions, why are you asking me this question? He didn't say that I thought he was thinking, but that is one of the greatest traits of one of the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet. And everyone that you'll meet in your walk with entrepreneurs is they are definitely deeply curious about so many things. And it's a great trait. So say yes and be curious if you want success after having a visit and getting some breastwork done for Mr. Jay Bradley. That is so important. Get it done quick. Get it done now. Mind and body, mind and body. That's what he works and that's what will clear you so you can crush it in business. My personal opinion right there. Sweet, let's see, we've got more people coming on, I love this. All right, I actually say something. I can see your name because we've done it once. Pat honeypots. The best about Jay is his non judgment. Yeah, I can see that. I know this guy can handle anything that comes up no matter how gross or shameful it makes you.

Wow. That's great transparency, Pat. That's phenomenal.

Yeah. Thank you for that. You know, I've kind of seen it all. Nothing surprises me and I've been through a lot of it anyway. And, you know, the more open and vulnerable we can be, the more we're going to move through that stuff.

Well, to me, from an outside observer looking in, what this exhibits is incredible. Massive trust in you. Thank you. And that's a huge. So people like what you're doing. Yeah. Some people would consider it very personal and the only way you could be affected if they trust you. And you've obviously set and laid that groundwork for people to understand that you're there to help them, they understand it, they get it. And because of that and the way you are, because you are you come from the heart, they're willing to lay down right in front of you and have you walk them through a process that changes their life forever. And it's a beautiful thing. So you've obviously earned the trust and I say earned because trust is not given by anybody. And so kudos to you, my man. Not that I'm surprised. And that's phenomenal.

I mean, it's a big job. And, you know, I appreciate the people who do you trust me through the process because it's it's not fun. It's not always fun. Right. Most people it's so much easier to avoid this stuff and to stay busy. But people come to me already. They know they deserve more. And, you know, they're ready to go through whatever messiness needs to show up so they can move through. We can't go around this stuff anymore and face it. We've got to look at it. We've got to move through it.

So, you know, we're all human, right, when it gets down to it. So I still to this day have certain things that I would rather avoid.

I fear some things in my life. But I was curious if there was something looming that you have that you're willing to share. What is your greatest fear right now, whether it's business or personal, and how do you manage it and get past it?

That's a great question.

How is how you think my biggest fear is like dying before you know that term with my music still in me, but, you know, just kind of not feeling used up, you know, and. Right. Like I'm here for a reason. I know that in some you know, there's been times in my life where I didn't understand or know what that was. And that's a horrible place to be right now. I feel like I am very clear, but there's so much more. And I think and also, you know, I have really I'm super motivated and inspired by money and success as well. Know. And so there's a lot of goals there. And I think dying before I actually accomplish those is a fear that can drive you right.

I mean, we're both you and I are both past the half century mark. So, yes, we have we don't have as much time as many. And that kind of that spurs me as well. But I know it's perfect when you said not feeling used up.

Oh, oh, I couldn't say we weren't how we want to feel.

At the end of the day, I want to be completely exhausted. Done. Nothing left in the tank. OK, I'm ready.

Lord, take me now, but not before I got to say some of my worst days or those days where I don't feel used up, you know, or I'm not in the flow, I'm not inspired or I kind of wasted a day. Not that there's anything wrong with that because God, we should rest and just relax. But, you know, I think we all want to feel some sort of purpose and mission.

Yes. Yeah, I totally agree. Not saying that. Yes, you're right. I just agree. And I think you're right.

Yes, ma'am. Yes, ma'am. Go. Oh, my God. I just look at the clock. We have five minutes. Oh, I want to know. So.

Based on that, we do have a few things left to cover here in this short five minutes. If we go over a little bit, we'll go over a little bit. But I want to respect everyone's time. I appreciate everyone who's been watching. And those of you listening to the recording on podcasts will be watching the video recording. Appreciate you to reach out. Loved to hear from you as well. What did you get from Jay Bradley during this episode? It's been amazing what I like to do, Jay, and we're going to get to have people contact you first is there's a question I'd like to ask of every. Entrepreneur that comes on the show to end the show close to an initial and it's very profound, I found, because I've asked I'm prepared a hundred and thirty or so. It's amazing. And it's it's sometimes powerful. It's sometimes personal. It's it's just. It's a mind blower in a great way and a great way before we get into that, I promised everyone something about Michelle to remember that I promised you that if you stuck with us to the end and we're all the way there, but you've made it far enough that we'll reveal a way for you to win a five night stay at a five star luxury resort. Compliments again of the big insider secrets, dotcom. So now remember, in the beginning I said, keep your attention here on the show.

Get out a notepad. Well, now both Jay and I will give you permission if Jay agrees to bring out your smartphone and bring out your text messaging app. Do that right now, because that's how you enter. And I'll put it up on the screen and let you know how to do that right now. So bring up your text messaging app and where you would actually put in the name of the person you're going to text. Instead, put in this phone number, put in three one four six six five one seven, six, seven. And then when you would actually go to type that message, you know, that spot where some use emojis and all that fun stuff. Well, here you just use plain old good text. And here is where you type in two words, separated by a hyphen. The two words are peak. That's a dash if you prefer dash vacation. So a dash vacation. That number, again is three one four six six five one seven six seven. Do that now and just watch your text messaging app because you will get some other responses to that and you'll be asked to fill in your email address. I think it's just one more step, if I recall correctly, and you will be officially entered to win and we pick a winner every single week.

I cannot wait to see who wins. I hope it's you. And you don't even know. I can't wait to hear love it. And it's so funny when I'm doing that so I can see you in the back and I can see the guest experts many times. The guest on the show is got their phone up.

I wasn't going to steal that opportunity from people watching and I see nothing wrong with it whatsoever.

And some past guest experts have literally won. I mean, you came on and brought all this value. I have personally, no problem with it at all. You deserve it. You earned it. In fact, maybe I'll just give you one, because that would be good. I'll take it. I can talk to my sponsor and get his approval. No problem for that. And the other one was, I think you had a gift for people. I wanted to bring that up real quick. And it was a link, if I recall.

There it is. If you would quickly be so kind to explain what that is all about for the fine folks.

Definitely. Well, I have a custom recorded and guided breath work session, so it's something you can do over and over and over at home. And it's absolutely free. Comes as a download for you.

But I'm punching in one handed. We're going to get there when I see it, and then I misspelled it. We'll get there. Stay with us. So subscribe, subscribe. Yeah, one hand is just not killing me, I'm going to do it. It's going to happen, you know, once I get my mind put on something that's going to happen, so.

Breathe on it. OK, Brian is not with it today. Stay with us, because we still have that incredibly powerful question coming up right after you write down the URL that you see on the screen and go to it. And what you will see is something like.

I'll find it.

There it is. I'm out of practice, brother. They're perfect.

I'll go to that page. I am definitely going to subscribe myself and get that to find out more about what you do, how you do it. And so let's breathe on it. Dot net is where you go. And in there in the home section, I'm going to guess is where you can find the bombs, where they find the bombs.

The the bombs will be in the shop shop store. Got it. Store that or store. I should know. I'm like, yeah, that right there.

Sweet seven chakras breastworks series and.

Well actually that is the guided breastwork. I'm sorry. Draw shockers. That's OK. It should be. They should be in there somewhere. There we go. There they are.

Shaqra bombs. So definitely look at that. Each bomb contains over one hundred drops of custom essential oil blends. I know personally essential oils are not cheap. I have a mystery that's running all the time in my office and it does take some serious commitment on a financial front to keep that rolling and going. So definitely come in here shop. But first subscribe and get connected with JJ. How else can people connect with you?

Well, you know, use Instagram a lot and of course Facebook and its breathe on it with Jay.

Read on it with Jay, so Breathe has an E at the end. I personally get that wrong breath on green it with Jay to find them on Instagram and definitely please connect with them. And you know what? Maybe it's not the right time for you, but you will never know unless you reach out and say, Jay, tell me more. If you have questions, ask him. Be curious, like successful entrepreneurs. And then the second step, this is just too good. I can't make this up and say yes. I say yes. You just heard that that is the way to become a successful entrepreneur to great patterns to develop for yourself in your life. All right. Well, I know we've we've kind of dangled this carried out there for quite some time. Are you ready for this big question?

I'm kind of nervous. You got me nervous.

So here's the thing about this question, Jay. There is no such thing. As a wrong answer, it is impossible. In fact, the exact opposite is true, the only correct answer is yours. That's the personal part of it. That's it. We're not getting deep into the personal. It's just it's going to be yours and yours uniquely to you. That makes sense. Yes. Some guests have the answer immediately. Others take some time to ponder. Either way is just fine because it's your answer. It's the right. So take Everlong and eat some good. Yes, you can take that deep breath that you know how to do so well and yeah, let it on out.

And here we go. I'm going to set this bad boy up for massive success.

Jay Bradley. How do you define success? How do I define success? I define success.

Similarly to the way I define my fear, and that would be at the end of your day, knowing that you.

It did everything it could.

To not only help people, but also to find your bliss. So I think I would define success as. Being used up, living your life fully and completely and finding as much joy along the way as possible, I know that's a long answer, but.

It was only the correct answer that was phenomenal, so phenomenal. Thank you so very, very much, Jay Bradley. You are just a breath of fresh air.

Wow. I mean, that and that's pretty much how you no pun intended, literally. I just like everyone.

Thank you so much for hanging on. I can't wait to see all those entries for the big prize, the five night stay at a five star resort of your choosing. And I can't wait to see you all come back again. We do this every single week. We have amazing people like this man right here, Jay Bradley. You just felt that you got it. Massive value. Every week we do this, I could charge thousands for this. Literally, literally. This is the most I get the most out of anybody. I love what I get to do as the host. I have learned so much from so many people. This man is one of them. I have learned a lot and I can't wait to experience the breathe on it in that experience. I said experience twice today. So with that, Jay, I want to just say one last thing for you is if you were to give a budding entrepreneur one piece of advice, if you could think of just one thing to give someone who's just getting started going through that struggle, what would you say to that person?

I would say do anything you can to to work through your. Blocks to confidence and self-worth and value.

There you go, first and foremost, and it's all about mindset, isn't it?

It is in the mind and body. Thank you so much, Jay Bradley. I appreciate you so very much.

You're welcome. Thank you, everyone, for watching.

On behalf of this amazing man, I am your host, Brian Kelly of the Mind Body Business Show. We will see you again next week. Until then, so long and be blessed, everyone.

Bye bye for now.

Thank you for tuning in to the mind body business show podcast. W w w Scott the mind body business show.

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Jay Bradley

Jay Bradley

Jay Bradley is an International Breathwork teacher & healer and the founder of Breathe On It. He is the creator of Chakra Balms and author of LIVE LOOK FEEL, The 12-Week Guide to Live Longer, Look Younger & Feel Better!

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