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Welcome to the mind body business. Three years is just moments away. Use your host Brian.

Hey everybody welcome welcome welcome to the mind body business show.

Am I excited. Just a little bit and you'll know why in just a moment we have an amazing phenomenal tremendous stupendous guest experts speaker with us tonight. I cannot wait to introduce you to him. Many of you already know his name if you've seen any of our e-mails or post but just wait to you get to meet this man.

Brilliant beyond the brilliance and I am I literally have goosebumps. I kid you not under this jacket because I am so excited to share him with you because this show is about the guests expert and what is mind body business mind body business is about those three very things it's very simple. And over the course of my life I've learned many many things from people like Jeff specifically where there are keys to there are key ingredients to success. It's like a recipe let's say you have a recipe for a cake. You have a recipe for a certain kind of cake. I don't eat cake so I don't know what kind they are coconut let's call it a coconut cake. I have no idea. You have a recipe for a coconut cake and it came from a book and you make that cake from that recipe and it comes out pretty darn good because you followed it step by step by step. Now someone else has a different recipe for the same cake and they do. They go through that and they go step by step by step. They make their cake and it comes out almost identical. The result is a wonderful tasting cake that everybody loves. The same thing is true with success and business I found.

And when you find just one recipe there are many recipes for success. But when you just find that one grab on to it as I like to say hold on with both ankles and don't let go and focus and drive right through to the end and get that outcome that you want and that you deserve. And that's the beautiful thing about people like my guest this coming on. This gentleman knows all these keys. He knows more than the three keys we're talking about here but mine mind is about mindset. Without that you don't have a foundation set that is your foundation. And I'm talking from the sub conscious level and we may get into that a little bit on this show I kind of hope we do because it's one of my favorite topics. Body is all about nutrition and exercise taking care of your body your engine. You see the mind and body are a team. And more importantly the mind and body are your team and they work together one without the other operating at peak level performance. And what do you have. You have less than a peak level of performance and then there's business of course sales marketing scaling everything that goes with it when you've mastered all three of those.

Then and only then are you operating at a peak an optimum level of performance. That is what Mind Body business is all about and one of the things I also learned in my course of entrepreneurship is the importance of one thing that was told to me several years ago. It's one thing that a gentleman told me and I just decided to ignore him and this gentleman was just insanely successful multimillionaire said Brian. If people only did this one thing if they just knew if they just knew this one thing they would all be rich. I said Really. And then he told me and show me what that was. And I said okay whatever. That didn't seem like a big deal to me so I just ignored him and then many many years later finally you know I got to knock again this time on the noggin from a mentor of mine. I love to mention his name because I love this man. It seems Mel Cutler and he didn't just say it's important to do this. He did it and I watched and then I modeled and once I began doing it that one thing which is reading books then my life started changing even faster for the better. And on that note so I love to listen to books that's my mode of reading is listening through audible.

It's an app you can get it's online through Amazon and the beautiful thing with that is I can listen in places where I normally wouldn't be able to do anything productive or constructive and that for me is in the car and I'm in the car a lot. And so I have read lots of books in the car and I know it's an interesting thing that happens in a car I'm able to really retain the information in an incredible level even though I'm driving in concentrate on the road for me even better than if I were to read a book. That's just my mode. The cool thing with Audible is while you're driving there's this symbol on your phone a big ole ribbon looks like a bookmark and while you're driving you hear something go. That's a good point. I remember that and go back to it later and play it back. You just tap that button instantly. You have a bookmark. So without further ado what we're going to do is play exactly one of those bookmarks that I tapped while I was driving for you because it has a great relationship to the show and to our guest coming on.

So without further ado let's move on to footmarks bookmarks for who read bookmarks reading steady breed both Marx brought to you by Richard Wiig library Dakang yes reached your peak library dot com.

You see it right there. That's a Web site. Don't go there now. Stay here with this show. You don't want to miss this guess that's coming up very soon. Just stay here. Write it down take some notes. Everyone take notes and please like love and comment. This is an interactive live show for you watching live on either Facebook YouTube mixer streamed me.

We have seven different life platforms simultaneously right now going on all over the world. Isn't that amazing. And one of the things I learned as I said is the importance of reading books and not just any book as you see there on the screen. It's not simply the lack of reading books that keeps you from success. It's the lack of reading the right books. And so as I was going through and voraciously reading book after book after book of course not every single one of them was a game changer to me personally. And so what I started doing was cataloguing just those books that had great impact in my own personal life or business life. And when I didn't I just put together a website. This is not for the purpose of making money but it's for the purpose of giving you and anybody that comes to the site value. And a one stop shop for incredible high impact results generating books. And so these are all the books that I've read personally so I vetted these books. I love these. I wrote some comments beneath some of these. And what we're going to do is bring up one of those books right now and just play a little snippet of it and you're going to love this because it's called the habits of the super rich. It's just perfect to go with the guy we have about to show you here in a minute. Our guest expert By Bruce Walker. And so it's going to be audio coming over. So go ahead and give a listen. It's about a minute long so you stick with it concentrate. Take notes and then we'll move on to the next segment. Here we go.

Turning thoughts into reality. It all starts with the subconscious mind the ancestor of every action is a thought. Ralph Waldo Emerson Jim and Zach our friends from the first chapter. We're talking one day by this point in their careers. Zach was on the fast track his upward spiral toward an upper management job. Jim on the other hand was experiencing a downward spiral and he seemed to be plummeting down that rabbit hole quicker than Alice in Wonderland. For his part Jim was in shock wondering how he could have gotten himself in such a position. Can I speak honestly with you. Zach offered after receiving his consent. His POW outlined exactly what he saw. Jim took a deep breath and said it looks pretty hopeless. Zach immediately corrected him. It's never hopeless. That is if you're willing to put in some time and effort.

Jim amazing amazing point there. And notice again this common theme you're going to see in here on this show. And it's not because of me it is because of those I bring on the show. And this commonality that they all recognize.

And I do as well the importance of your subconscious mind. What are you feeding your mind. What is what is what is your mind doing for you. What have you programmed it to do subconscious remember subconscious not conscious you're thinking I want to be rich. Your subconscious may be saying Yeah right because of the programming that's been put in there. There are great methods and means to reprogram your mind. That's not the topic of the show. However I do know that our next guest expert that's coming on just a moment does believe in this as well because it's the science of success and that is how you become successful is by reprogramming your mind for greater change. So with that we are going to bring on.

I can't wait. Are you ready. I'M EXCITED. I'M EXCITED. Our special guest expert.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight savvy skillful professional and trained legally qualified.

And there he is the man the myth the legend the one and only Mr. Jeff vague and go ahead. Applause everybody plotless claims you love it.

And I've been waiting for this for a while. I am so excited to have you Jeff first let's give a little introduction about you if you don't mind if if you want to own a business that works then listen up. Jeff Fagan is a street smart business consultant who's been coaching and helping small business owners go from average to successful for decades as a chief operating officer. Jeff helped build and grow get this one peak potentials training into one of the world's leading business and personal success companies. He then built calibur the wealth development company a very successful real estate company based in Scottsdale Arizona. And today we'll find out more today Jeff also works with small business owners in his street smart business consulting firm focusing primarily in helping them with their systems cutting edge marketing tools and incredibly strong sales strategies. And real quick I know it's like come on let just speak for just a minute. One last thing. Watch this show to the very end it will be worth it because you will have a chance to win a complimentary stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico compliments of my buddy Jason Nast's and his company called Power texting dot com. Just at last. Jeff how are you doing man.

Hey Brian thank you so much for having me. First of all I was going to sneak away and grab myself some Coaker cake here. You got me all hungry telling your story. It's just amazing to listen to you because I think we're definitely kindred souls. I have been an avid reader pretty much my entire life. And the kind of books that I read are probably the exact books you have on that list of 40. So I probably would submit that I've probably read most all of those books because I think you and I are pretty much on the same wavelength. So you set so many amazing things. It's really hard for me to know where to begin. But you said something really powerful. And hopefully everybody who's watching this will really pay attention to some of the really brilliant points you brought up. And the biggest one being our programming especially our business and our money and our success programming and what stops us are really reaching our full potential. So yeah my background MBA CPA spent a lot of years in the corporate world doing systems for major corporations and then I was investing in real estate and had a chance to do pretty well in real estate here in Phoenix and in 2003 as you know Brian I had a chance to meet up with my buddy Chihaya Becher and with Harve I was able to help him build peak potential strany into one of the world's largest business and personal success training companies.

And so a lot of the things that you're talking about a lot of the things that you want to ingrain in your listeners these are the exact kind of things that I got to spend my couple of years just doing with thousands and thousands and thousands of people. Not only in the United States but really we started to expand all around the world. And help all these people achieve totally amazing results and reach a full financial potential. So it was a very very exciting time for me. I had a chance to really spend some time with 30 Heinbecker and it was actually through Harvard that you and I are connected because you and I are connected through a very good mutual friend of ours. Jason last and Jason was a student of Harz and that's how we came to get to know each other and that's how we got to know you. So that's it's a funny way the world works isn't it.

It is amazing. I love how the world works especially when it connects me with people like you and Jason. Absolutely. Yes. And that's the thing I like to talk about a lot. You talked about potentials and the world. He held a lot of seminars on amazing. I love how you call him Harve. You were telling me you knew him since you were very young 14. So this is the real deal. Ladies and gentlemen the real deal. This is phenomenal. And the thing is with these seminars what I tell people one way to get connected with people like Jeff and it may not happen right away but is to show up to show up just show up over and over and over and if you don't mind Jeff later in the show I'd like to bring up your latest project which we can talk about where those people will have a chance to do just that and meet and rub elbows with high powered individuals that you normally wouldn't have access to for and in an intimate setting as well. I can't wait to divulge that to the to the clan here. But until we do that. Keep with us but just keep showing up. And that's something I did. Jeff was I went to a seminar. I became a seminar and workshop junkie and made so many connections that are life long and they all and I didn't do them to get something for them from them. I did them too. You know how can I. How can I serve you. How can I help you. And as a result of doing that all of the amazing things come flooding back to you.

And yes just open up and blossom and you know you said Brian you know we were in all of the seminars that we did with heat potentials. One of the very first things we would always do is we'd have everybody reach around and Papos both of their neighbors on the back and say 80 percent of our success is just showing up and congratulate each other for just showing up.

That's awesome. Yes yes.

And there are so many reasons to do that right because number one they probably invested financially up. Number two have asked it. What's even more valuable than the asset of money and that is their time you know spending what three days in an event. And most of them are away from home away from family or away from loved ones. They're staying in a hotel. Another added cost. And so yeah and that's exactly what I do at my events and when I also was the lead trainer at my mentors company did the same thing there it just look we're modeling success right Jeff. That's what it's all about.

Find what you said as you said the magic word that magic word is modeling really. And I was very lucky that in the seminar industry there's probably very few people on the planet that really understand the industry as well as Harvard Eckerd does from every aspect of it. And he truly is a genius at what he does. So being his right hand man for two years will allow me to see every aspect of the personal development industry and what it really takes to get maximum results from our students like I was telling you earlier when we talked before the shows like you are a blessed man my friend and you know I am so he.

He's blessed to have known you and to know you because of you know everyone has their talent base that they come with. You know I have strong technical skills I also love to speak from stage. Not everybody has technical skills. You are a master marketer and sales person and then trainer as well.

And so you know Brian really the reason that that Harbaugh's really wanted me to come on board was because he had this huge vision but it's one thing to have a vision and that's another thing to manifest in the real world. It's got to set up systems you have to hire people you need to be putting in all of the necessary infrastructure so you can scale and grow a company and hire was so good at being on stage

And sharing incredible knowledge and writing books and creating new programs. You didn't have the time to scale the business to hire the people that were good bringing the accountants put in the I.T. departments and all the infrastructure it takes to build a business. So really that was really my strength that was really my forte and I saw hire's vision. I knew exactly what we needed to do at home office to build the company so he could just be on the stage chairing his Gepps.

Okay I say this every show I hope I hope everybody watching and listening is taking notes like crazy because this is gold that Jeff is telling you right now. I mean he just referenced so many sources I've read in the past like Michael Gerber empath and setting up systems. It just went on and on and on. And that that is the key. I have to tell you is scaling and hiring like when he brought you into the fray. I remember the first time I got help and it just completely liberated my mind. I thought oh my gosh I have help now. And now things that used to be impossible to me because I'm one person man you know how am I going to get all this done. Now suddenly the whole world just opened up all that shiny object can really hurt me now but I can do more things than I'm doing now because I have the ability to Scali and then put it in system so you can train those people to come on in an effective manner.

Yes. And also Brian to your point.

Harve was not really the kind of guy that really enjoyed hiring people working with employees that wasn't his skill set really wasn't his passion. So in any business organization the best thing is to get people in the optimal positions where they're really working on their strengths and have never really wanted to be the kind of guy that would be hiring all the people and dealing with all the employees dealing with all that stuff. And he knew that I was very good at doing it. So it allowed him the freedom to really do whatever he wanted to do knowing that at home office we could scale it up.

Yeah that's a beautiful thing. Again it's complimentary talent if you don't have that talent or skill set or desire. I mean if you don't have a desire to do something how well of a job do you think you're going to do at it versus someone who not only has a desire but also the talent you might have a talent but not the desire. Well that might be a sign that you should still go get someone else to do that for you.

Oh absolutely. And to your point one of Harvey's one of our favorite programs was a program called inlight where you're training where people actually go away to a summer camp retreat for five nights and during those five days people are put through kind of like a boot camp. Have you ever been through anything like that.

I have been through something similar. Yes. And they're amazing.

And the whole purpose of it is to train people to act in spite of their fears. And by the time people finish this fight program they're warriors because they they've been able to go through five days of grueling hell and they survived it and every one of my employees at peak potential's went through that five day program. So I had 135 warriors on my team. These were unstoppable people that would do whatever it took to get the job done.

And I can't tell you how much fun it is when you're running an organization and you have 135 people in your organization and they're all warriors and they're all unstoppable.

That is powerful right there. And amazing. So what can viewers that are watching this. Business owners what can they do to model things like that. And that is to make available the best of the best training possible. To your your base your worker base your employees your your direct your you know all the way up the chain everyone should attend those three five day boot camps. I've been I've been to one twice a similar concept where there was a lot of physicality involved and sometimes there were some mental things that you had to come through and got to come to and it was amazing.

I can I get what you're saying because when you come out of there you're not the same person and there is nothing that will stop you before you had that resistance right. That mental resistance keeping you. But there's something about action right and doing something that you normally wouldn't do. Way out of your comfort zone. That kind of burst that bubble of resistance and now has a clear path to progress.

It totally Brian. And on top of that the way we ran our warrior camp we would generally have 200 people and we would divide them into four tribes of safety. And now once you became a member of the tribe you had a responsibility to hold up your end of the bargain for the rest of the tribe and if you needed help you were told immediately you needed to ask for help. And if you're in a position where you could give help rather than last for help you gave it. So every day you knew you had a tribe of people that were all supporting each other. Some days it might be that the task that we were given the people will be easy for some and harder for others. So are the ones that were easy they would help the ones where it was more challenging but the very next day the people who are Challenge Day one might be in the position of having to get help to the people who were helping on day 1. So by the time we went through four and a half days they knew that they were part of a tribe that they held up their end of the bargain that they asked for help when they needed it and they gave up whenever they needed it. Nothing was going to stop them. And learning how to be part of a tribe learning how to hold up your end of the bargain learning how to know how to ask for help and how to get help. That's invaluable and unfortunately. I don't know about you. I don't know that many people that are ever trained in that stuff.

You're right. I don't I don't either. And that is I think the key. More than anything is the one about asking for help because entrepreneurs have this big thing called an ego. And I'm not saying that's a terrible thing. It's a natural thing it gives us the drive it gives us that just that you know that just that powerful drive and the is is putting that ego in check. The best thing you can do is ask for help. That's what you are. Absolutely. You must must must ask for help if you are going to succeed. The greatest athletes in the world they all had help. They all had more than one coach Michael Jordan go through Tiger Woods. They've all had multiple coaches they've had help. So what's holding you back from getting help. It's it's ego. And once you can drop the ego and there's really fantastic ways to do this using an LP techniques which is neuro linguistic programming where you basically release the resistance that's been holding you back. So now you just you go forward and ego is gone and it's an amazing journey. So we've covered actually quite a few topics already. I'm just thinking about everything we've been talking about. Can we chunk it up a little bit. And I wanted to ask you a very a question where it's more of a from a higher level. Do you believe there is some kind of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur from a higher level like three five things or what is that. What do you think that is a successful pattern for those that are looking to achieve success listening to the show right now.

Okay great question Brian and you know you already have the answer. You know the answer for me I read think and grow rich the book in 1969 so you count how long it's been since you know 1969 was at forty nine years. Wow. So it's been 49 years since the first time I read thinking grow rich and. It was such a powerful book. Because it was the first time I ever read the philosophy of success. And that's really what the book is it's a philosophy of success it's made up of 13 principles and if you learn the 13 principles and think and grow rich from a higher energy perspective you are going to achieve so much more. And that begins with what Napoleon yo called your burning desire. It begins when you so badly want something that you wanted as badly as you want air. That's the starting point for all achievement. It's the starting point for the book thinking grow rich and it's the first principle. And if you follow all thirteen principles you know we were talking about asking for help right. Right. And a few reads thinking grow rich one of the principles is mastermind. Which means that for you to truly be successful you're going to surround yourself with people who have strengths and they have skills and they have certain assets or benefits that you don't have so that you can specifically ask them for help. It's part of why you have a mastermind. So if you anybody that truly learns all thirteen principles and by the way the 13th principal is the sixth sense and when you're vibrating at that very high level when you're really focused on finding solutions to what you want to working in harmony with fellow people.

It's almost like ideas flash out of the air they suddenly pop into your mind and you suddenly get these insights and these brilliant ideas out of nowhere. And that's the sixth sense and there's entrepreneurs. If you really want to be successful you have to get to the point where you're vibrating at that level that that's that sixth sense truly kicks in and then all of a sudden the ideas are coming to you faster than you know what to do with them. And then it's only a question of can you execute on them. So I really believe that the answers is learn the philosophy of success learn the thirteen principles that are in the book thinking grow rich and if you learn all thirteen principles by that and you can pick and choose. You either accept the whole philosophy and accept all certain principles or you don't accept them. You can pick and choose and if you really concentrate on the things he said Napoleon Hill says you gotta do. You really well start kicking into that sixth sense. And I know you can kick into it so I'm sure you will confirm everything I've just said.

When you get to that point where your sixth sense is giving you the ideas that get you to the top of the mountain. Sophie Saloojee you're on your way.

Yeah and it's an amazing journey isn't it. To. Sures steps and then start getting that momentum and feeling that hey things are kind of working like almost on autopilot and this is feeling really good right now and you're one of many. I mean and not to make you a generalized person at all. You're very unique and special person. So many successful entrepreneurs cite that very book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I put a quick shot of it on the screen. That's it. Reach your peak library dot com if you don't want to go searching on Amazon it's in there as well. Highly recommend that book as well it seems to be the core the cornerstone of where mindset really came from.

And you want to know something Brian really if you know the story of Napoleon Hill in 1998 when he was at Georgetown University and studying to get his law degree he had a job interviewing celebrities for a magazine. And he had the opportunity to go and interview Andrew Carnegie. Pittsburgh so he hops on a plane goes to Pittsburgh to interview Andrew Carnegie. At the time was the wealthiest man in the world and at the end of the what turned out to be a weekend interview versus a three hour interview. Andrew Carnegie offered Napoleon Hill the opportunity to write a book on the first recorded book on the on successful human achievement. And for 20 years Napoleon Hill had the opportunity to interview some of the most successful famous people on the planet. And in 1928 he actually wrote a book called The Lobbe success and 16 lessons which was designed to be a high school course or a freshman course in college. And unfortunately it never came to be. But in my opinion if every person in America was forced to take the law of success and 16 lessons basically you would do it over a semester. I believe in in two or three or four years we see a huge change in the results of what's going on among entrepreneurs in the United States just by taking that one course and has that available right now. You can download it for free it's in the public domain lofe success and 16 lessons in 1928. Right. It's brilliant. And I think the reason in 1937 when he wrote thinking Grow Rich was because lavs succession 16 lessons about 600 or 700 pages. And Brian you know as well as I do how many people are actually going to read through six or seven hundred pages.

Yes exactly.

So think and grow rich he took all of this information and condensed it down into thinking grow rich because it was small enough that he knew more people would read could digest it.

Yes. Amazing amazing. So I wrote that down definitely. I've heard of a governing like Master manuscript and maybe that's what they were talking about. Sounds very much like it where what you just said about condensing it down to think and grow rich. And. Yeah that's phenomenal. I'm going to ask you another question to actually really hone it in for some of the people listening and watching so they can actually sink their teeth into this and know what they should concentrate on right now. If it's one of the skills they lack what we say and I've done this before with other guest speakers. Now Jeff you only get three. All right. Just know that three you got to stop at three. What would you say are the top three skills necessary to become a successful entrepreneur.

Ok. You know top three things of course you know that's that's very difficult. I would say this Brian and I think you know this involves I do. Is a formula that really works if you understand it and I usually what I do is I usually have people draw triangle words right at the top and comes down to a point at the bottom. You know what I mean. Yes. And then the upper left hand corner of the triangle. I have r g which stands for the right vehicle. If you are in business today and you are in the right vehicle that's a critical component.

If you're in the wrong vehicle it doesn't matter how much time Eppard how much you know about everything and anything it's not going to make a difference you're not in the right vehicle so you have to learn how to do that.

Now in the upper right hand side of that triangle I put down our K which stands for the right knowledge.

So not only do you have to be in the right call but you have to have the right knowledge you have to have the right knowledge in terms of business in terms of the industry you're in in terms of competition in terms of your product itself. There's a lot of knowledge you've got to know if you're really going to be successful. Wouldn't you agree. Absolutely yes.

And then it all comes down to the base. It all comes down to the foundation. It all comes down to the root. At the point at the bottom of that of that triangle and that's they are Y which stands for the right you because if your kernel if your internal fortitude if your personal character isn't the kind that it takes to be successful you might know the right knowledge you may be in the right business the right business vehicle but you're not the right person to get it done.

You're too small you'll get knocked down and won't get back up again. You don't you're not working on your skill set you're not you're not developing your character and willing to take the blows it takes to make it a success and not and that's working on the inner game.

And for me I think a lot of people that's their biggest weakness. They have a good business idea. They have a good vehicle. They even know a lot about it but you know what they can get taken out. And you got to have all three if you have the right vehicle the right knowledge and the right you. That's what's going to get everybody to the Promised Land.

I love that the right you and as I opened the show the mindset was the cornerstone I was a foundation and if you don't have you in the right sphere not we're talking not just business here we're talking personal life as well. Sure. When you work when you work your mind when you work on the right mindset and find that right you then you'll notice not only change in your business what you'll notice even before that is the increase in your personal life and in your joy and your love for your spouse or your loved one or your siblings it will just. You'll notice that you've changed. They notice that you change and it's an amazing thing. Once you've done the work then that's one way you find out if you know that's when will you know if you've done the work. Is anybody noticing a change in you. If not perhaps you haven't yet. That should be one litmus test for me going forward. Yes. I just came up with that Jeff I don't know where it came from but you know. It's true isn't it.

It's like there must be change. If you're if you if you continue down the same path you're going and you keep doing the same thing you're doing. You're going to keep getting the same thing you're getting. So when is now the right time to change it is now the right time to get out of that comfort zone on a habitual daily basis. Time and time again yeah one is now the right time to go get connected with Jeff Fagan. And you have an opportunity toward the end of this show. This is the time there is no time there is no Sunday no pulling a calendar and tell me which one of those days on the calendar says the word some day I see Monday Tuesday. I don't see Sunday or one day neither of those exist. So be explicit in your your goals and just say I'm doing it. I'm going to do this. I'm going to reach out to Jeff again by tomorrow at this time. I'm going to do it. In fact I might do it to sell ratio or because I'm going to

Thank you for that. One thing a lot of people I know one of the the most popular topics bar none when it comes to business and become successful is that of marketing because without proper marketing there is no business. It doesn't the rest. You're right. You could have the greatest sales skills you can have the greatest product on the planet but if nobody even knows it exists what good is it. And marketing is a beautiful machine that helps get someone from point of recognizing it to then wanting it getting those emotional triggers triggered and getting to the point where they're ready to buy when it's time to close a sale. So I was curious Jeff for you personally how do you go about marketing your business and what are some of your most successful forms of marketing.

Okay great. I love that. What a great question and really you know I love marketing. I think that it's unfortunate. You know when I do my trainings and I do my teachings I always say that there's three parts in the business. There's marketing there's operations and there's production and really business is very simple. You have to have something to sell and you have to be able to sell it at a higher price than what you got afford. So either a product or service or one price sold for a profit that the other price for some reason we have to put Tanty names beside site behind it.

So instead of calling it the product you production and and selling we call that sales and marketing and operations is the glue that puts it all together. And when you look at the average small business entrepreneur they're spending 80 to 90 percent of their dot their time on production and on operations and 10 percent of their time on sales and marketing. And what we need to share with everybody who's listening right now is if they're are going to be successful. Their mindset has to go through a dramatic shift. And they have to be spending two out of every three working hours on the market. And they have to figure out systems to be able to take care of operations in production because the big money is always in sales and marketing always. And so if you're not strong in sales and marketing chances are you avoid it because who wants to do something that they're lousy at. Right. And I find a lot of people avoid sales and marketing because they've had a bad experience in the past and they have a negative mindset about it. But what I do is is I really think green in almost everybody that I coach and teach.

No no marketing no money. Great marketing great money. And I was lucky enough to work with one of the greatest marketing sales people on the planet Heinbecker. And if people begin to understand that a marketing message is to get your message out to as many qualified prospects as possible and those those qualified prospects I mean when we talk about things like Who is your target market. I don't think 98 percent of all the people I talked to really truly understand. When I when I asked them Who is your target market what they tell me. For example Bryan when I was with Harbord peak potential's and we were offering all these personal development and business courses. We said Who do you think our target market is and people it's a small small business owners people were looking to make transition from being an employee to being in the workforce. You know people who are looking for ways to make money and we say no those aren't our target market.

Our target market are people who are already buying programs just like cars because they've already proven that they're willing to spend money on a product just like ours. And they're the best people to go and market to because they're already spending money on this kind of stuff.

Now Harve made it a point to only market to people who are already spending thousands of dollars to go to seminars because they've already proven that was this market.

But 90 percent of all the people I talked to there give me all these other people we should be their target market and harbors the only one that understood is when you're selling you want to sell to the people most likely the and were the ones most likely to buy what you got people that are already buying what you got are people who are buying stuff very similar to what you got. And I see that as a huge gigantic problem out there in the marketplace is them and small business owners are marketing to the wrong people. So you got to know who you're marketing to to begin with. And then on top of it you have to be able to create a clear message and you have to be able to provide someone with a reason to become eager to buy when you're eager to buy.

It makes it easy to buy all you and I have to do is be able to create an energy and create an offer where our customers are eager to buy them. Do you think most small business owners create an offer that that creates an energy and a desire in people where they become eager to buy.

No. Unfortunately that's why they're all amateurs. That's why they don't make sales. They don't know how.

And everybody thinks they need to make all the money up front. When you and I both know the big money is in the back end yes. Yes. Get them in the door. Let them try you out.

Let them see you for real. Let them show that you have real Duygu to offer to them. Let them get to know you like you and trust you because once they do. What's the likelihood that they're going to want to continue to do business with you.

Man I hope you are taking notes you watchers and listeners. That was so frank Kirn calls that the tripwire you know to get them in the door sell them something or offer them something that is not exorbitantly priced just to watch what Jeff just said something of value over deliver. My gosh I was writing notes like crazy. That's why I love to be able to switch the camera off of myself completely I can take notes and just being transparent. Sales and marketing you know that is true. So many people just have a negative connotation with sales it's inbred. You know they think of back in the day they used to be these people that would go door to door and sell vacuum cleaners and that would be that negative anchor that vision and sales like used cars. To this day a lot of people have negative anchors about that. So I don't want to be a sales person and I love talking to someone and they say you know what I'm I'm not a sales person. I said really you're not. No I'm not a sales person said Do you realize you're just now trying to sell me on the fact that you're not a sales person.

Well you know there are many ways to sell.

I've studied many of them. I was started my my business career at Xerox which was really hardcore direct selling. But you know there are people like Dan Kennedy out there you probably know Dan Kennedy and he's really into Attraction Marketing and he's much more into educating people as opposed to selling people Harve is very much the same way that if people don't want to be sold but people do want to get educated

And if you learn how to educate people the right way then at the end of the day you're not telling them anyway you're not telling them anything. If it's if it's right for them and it makes sense for them and that fits for them then they'll buy it. I am lucky enough. You know we talk about different books that you read. I think there's a book that every single person that watching this right now needs to read if they really want to make a lot of money and then the aim of the book is go for no. And the whole idea is you want to get as many nodes as possible throughout your day because along with those nodes will come at you yesses. And if you're not having as much success in your life that you want probably you can pretty noses and people avoid them like the plague because they fear failure and I embrace it. If I if I get 20 people say no to me today there's a good chance I got two or three yes. And I don't care about all the nos because at the end of the day the yes is put money in my bank and I don't really give a crap about all of them. And I think you and I share that that you know I'm I'm pretty Fairless in asking someone because if they say no I'm no worse off than where I was and it no doesn't mean no forever. It just might be right now this isn't a good fit for me. So you know I have over time I become immune to the word. No I've become immune to the idea of failure in order to get to success. You have to go through those and you have to go through failure so the more success I want the more nodes and failures I'm willing to take on.

And really I really honestly believe that. I mean I know you feel this way Brian but I think you know a lot of the people that maybe are watching and listening to you don't have that mindset.

Yeah and it's prevalent. It's I would say the majority of people don't. It's a learned skill because it's not a natural way of thinking to most people and wow I don't know where to segue off of that I had a great idea there for a minute but now there's like 50 ideas you just went through. Went flooding through my mind.

Oh my. Well you know it's a great it's really a great book. And if you haven't read it you know that they bring up some of the really brilliant concepts that the average person doesn't understand you know because many many people when they are looking at life they see failure to the left and they see success to the right and they want to avoid failure and go to success. But that's not possible. And so what you have to do is you need to create a whole new shift in your mindset where that hears you. Then there's failure and then beyond failure or success. So the only way to get to success is to go through the failures to go through the notes to go through the rejections. And when when when if you're going to be in business you've got to toughen up. You've got to be willing. You've got to be willing to be tough. I mean really it is. And so when you become immune to the word no when you become unstoppable. Juno what choices you have.

When you've got them all limitless limitless.

And that's the mindset that ideally and you know you know it doesn't come from the bottom up. It comes from the top down. If you're going to be the leader you need to you need to lead by example. And so it's very important to me that I don't just talk the talk but I've got to walk the walk with as if I want to have an effective group that follow me. I got to be I've got to be in my integrity and if I'm going to ask them to do it I need to lead the charge myself. And every person should think of it that way because everybody should be aspiring to be a leader.

And I think you've touched on every book in my library and I love the fact about failure. That's an ego thing you know because everyone wants to hit a homerun every time they step to the plate and not even in the pros the best homerun hitters in the world don't do that even in a home run derby where they are given a big ole watermelon right in front of them. Baseball baseball it's so slow and easy and the see they still get hit it out every single time. And the business is not just a fail but fail fast and fail repeatedly as fast as you can because every failure leads you like Jeff just said one step closer to success. Every failure teaches you what not to do or it just tells you that that person wasn't ready at that time it depends on the situation but do not be afraid to fail and get the ego out of the way and then start looking at failures as victories. Because like Jeff says you're one step closer to the Promised Land. You know it's like that what was it. How many feet from gold. When are the guys three feet three feet from gold. You know he's big and he can't see there's gold right there. But he's failed to find the gold for all is trying and tribulation and working and sweating and said I give up and I are good friends Greg wreathing Sharon Lechter.

They wrote a book called Three Feet from Gold. Based on that story some Think and Grow Rich.

Yes. It's like. And that sticks in my mind about you know persistence resilience. How many times do we all want to give up everything.

In fact Brian you know there is an expression that your NKU is more important than your IQ. When it comes to business and NKU stands for your no quotient and in business your ability to take notes is more important than your IQ because you can have a lot of people have a great IQ and after two or three knows they're dark and you can have somebody who has an average IQ but they can take as many notes as I handed to them.

They just keep on ticking.

So in the business world your NQ is far more important than your IQ. Far more important and then the other thing is most people when they set their goals they said yes goals I want to get this many sales I want to get this many leads. What I do. As I said no goals. So in other words until I get 15 notes today I'm not done. So somebody says yes I got all shit that means I got to go find another person to because I got to get another you know. And so if I get three yeses early in the day I still got to get my 10. No. That's one of my goals.

It's I love the NQ IQ because how many times I know have I personally looked at a person and go on I could run circles around this guy. You know I know it I know mentally I could run circles around this guy or gal. Yet they're incredibly successful. How the heck is that possible.

I know I'm smarter than them you know that and you're right and it's about it's about hitting the pavement. It's about getting to work it's about getting dirty and it's about getting thick skin to the word no. And yes I love I love your goal. About how many I want 50 notes today and I'm not. So if I get 15 yeses jeez I'm going to be up pretty late. But that's pretty cool.

Yeah exactly. And how many people do you know that set no goals zero zero.

You know that's that's what separates us from everybody else because you know what happens is if you meet your quota early in the month for example you might slack off for the rest of the month. I met my quota good enough. But if you have no goals then you got to keep on pushing on till you get those notes. And the more nos you get. And you said it Brian. But the idea is to get more no's faster and go for bigger No.

So if you're selling a 500 dollar product maybe the smart thing to do is find yourself a ten thousand dollar product.

So now you're getting it now you're going to ask a lot more people and you're selling a higher ticket item and you know what. When you start going for No. Especially when you start to move up and start scaling up to higher ticket items. That's when the money really starts to come in. And then finally it's when you get your entire team to take that same attitude you grow exponentially and that's when things really take off.

Yes the importance of an excellent mission purpose and leading by example. Exactly. And there are so many great books on leadership. Again Richard Peek library dot com WE DON'T HAVE TIME TO GO listing everything that Jeff just read. The thing is though listen to this you know in watching this Jeff is successful because he's applied this knowledge he's applied it. There's a difference between reading it and knowing it and a huge swing that and doing it. And that is the key. That's another big step I see over and over that someone will you know you'll go into their house and they'll just say look at my books look at my library look at my CDs and DVDs of all these Treon I've done every one of them and I look at their house and go Well how's that working for you. What what part of that did you put into play. It's like it becomes you know it's like they they bought all this self-help. But really what it became was shelf help. It's doing no good is collecting dust.

And so really quick we're getting close to the end here and I got I really want to ask you two more. There's two more that are Bernie Jeff. Because I'm curious and I know would be of value to those watching and listening and as entrepreneurs you know it's never just a straight line to skyrocket to success is it. It's a bumpy road. It's like it's like the stock market where there are peaks and valleys. And our goal is to make sure that the trend line that you draw across the peaks is always going an upward direction actually should be the way around for those watching on the camera. And the thing is though those can be trying those those valleys those can knock you off and make you want to quit make you want to do something else and say my gosh it's just too difficult. And along that line What sacrifices have you Jeff had to make to become successful at doing what you do.

Oh my gosh you know I'm sure that the number of all nighters I've pulled over the years the just the times when I haven't been able to be going going to events that I really wanted to go to or be with family.

There is certain sacrifices for sure that you've got to make if you're going to be successful as an entrepreneur especially as the launch maybe for the first 12 to 18 months really. You have to give your life almost exclusively to your business. And I hate to say it that way but at the beginning you don't have a lot of balance. Ideally you want to get to the point where if I work really hard for the next two months I can take two weeks and just go with my wife and just enjoy myself. So it's not quite quantity of time versus quality of time. But at the beginning I mean anybody who's serious and I mean really serious about becoming really successful The Four Hour Workweek is a mess.

Yeah I talked I talk to people all the time about the 400 hour work week and the 400 hour workweek is when I get 10 virtual assistants each working 40 hours a week for me.

Like all your students you're telling me about. Now if you got 400 hours of virtual assistants churning out the work for you.

How much can you scale and grow. So you know there are so many. I mean anybody who thinks that becoming successful in business is a cake walk is nuts and that's why I say if you're going to be in business you deserve to get rich. Bottom line because otherwise you may as well just go get a job if your goal is to be comfortable.

Because when you're an entrepreneur you're on the job 24/7 365 and the buck always stops with you. And if that's the way it's got to be you deserve to get rich. And if you're not then you're doing something wrong you your whole lot better off to close up your business get a job work 40 hours and enjoy your weekends and your paid vacations.

That's extremely valuable advice. I kid you not not. What is it. I've read that 8 percent maybe 8 percent are entrepreneurs of the world. And the rest are those that worked for corporations or other companies. And God bless everyone who does yeah. We won't be where we are without it but God bless the entrepreneurs are creating those businesses and corporations for those people to have that lifestyle of comfort and going home on the weekends and having fun and you're right. It's 24/7 baby. And the cool thing though is is if you're doing what you really love you don't have to like start a hobby and then say I'm going to make it a business. But when you start enjoying the process of whatever business you've chosen you won't want to stop. It becomes something that says self-feeding beautiful thing. I don't know how to explain it it's like when you find it. I can't wait for this show every week and there's a lot of work that goes behind putting it together. I love every minute of that work I do. I kid you not because I get to I get to talk to Jeff. I get to talk to people like Jeff. I see the endgame. I see the outcome and that's what drives me and every little step that might be a little bit of a pain in the rear isn't a pain in the rear because I see the end goal and that's man Jeff man. We've got to get together more often I want to talk

You're just an amazing guy.

We will we will try him.

We got a couple of minutes so I'm going to ask one more question.

But before I do that and Jeff it's a big one and it's going to be it's going to be a game changer for a lot of people watching. Yes I'm building it up on purpose. And. You don't want to miss it. But before we do that I want to give everyone the opportunity to win a prize.

How's that sound. So what we're going to do is we're going to put up on the screen and I will say it audibly for those of you listening to podcast After the live show. But this is for you that are watching live actually is.

You can win a five day vacation stay at a fine are Mexico resort complements once again of our good buddy Jason Nast who has been commenting away and loving and liking as we've been going. Thank you Jason Jason. Yes. His company is power texting incom phenomenal phenomenal resource. Many of you actually got a text 15 minutes before we went live. I know some of you are out there. That was because of his technology and he has offered this vacation for you and all you have to do is what you see on the screen there you have two ways to enter. And one is to type in reach your peak LLC. Dot com forward slash vacation. The only important part there is many member vacation is all lowercase. The rest of it it doesn't matter. Reach your peak LLC dot for Slash vacation or text the word peak and that's PJAK 2 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Again that's text the word peak 2 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. In either case whether you go to the website and enter the information there or text it directly. That is all going through this wonderful engine called Power texting dot com by Jason Nast's and his partner Rhonda. And looking at a lot of great comments we've been getting over the show. Jeff we've got Richard barrier talking about Gloria's obsession. He's awesome to three feet. We spent all of us spend a weekend together.

He and I and Jason and Rhonda and another individual we had a great time. Another one of Jason's business partners. There's Claudia Kirylo. Thank you Jeff for the golden nuggets of wisdom. Jason said Love Jeff Fagan and Brian Kelly I had to read that one out loud of course. I'm looking through the restless See I can put them on the screen. It would be nice and then we'll get to that. That hard hitting question that final question. There we are. And hey brothers great stuff. Richard Perry has given us a lot of thumbs up. Thank you buddy. Christine Love a lot of them scrolled off the top US going to read them earlier. Thank you all for engaging and being part of this show. We really appreciate you being on. And so I'm going to monitor who is entering that prize. We're going to take a look and see who's out there who is subscribing who is entrained for the big trip and if we don't get to buy it we close the show. I will still monitor it for 5 10 more minutes and then I will notify you directly if you have one. That five day stay in the Mexican resort. It's amazing. There you see that's actually the back office of protecting dot com right there. That's amazing. It's an amazing tool. I highly recommend you take a look at it yourself.

And let's get back to the grand finale.

So you're not feeling any pressure or are you just feeling a little worried about what this question is going to be.

I hope not. You know I take him as a cop.

You can handle anything. See the reason he can is because of everything we've just talked about he has mastered it all. And here's the thing to take the pressure completely off. There is no wrong answer Jeff. There never is. Because the answer is your answer and yours only. And that makes it the right answer. And I just I'm so I love I asked this. This is a closing question I ask on every show of every guest and I love to hear the variations of those answers. It's amazing and it's just a curiosity.

And it will help others to be able to do what you're about to tell us what you have done. And the question is how do you. Jeff Fagan how do you define success.

Wow. Well that's that's a pretty broad question. For me success is living life on my own terms doing what I truly want to be doing in life and accomplishing the goals that I really want to accomplish for myself. And. And you're right. Everybody's definition of success is different from me. I am very passionate about entrepreneurship about helping people who probably don't have the right background and the right knowledge to really be successful. But they're in the game and if they just have I really truly believe and I know you feel the same way Brian you get one right mentor and if you have that one right mentor for whatever it is you want in life to consider yourself successful. That mentor exists. And if you find that mentor then you can truly have what you want in life. And there is a course that we used to teach at peak potential called Life directions life directions really is about finding your true purpose in life and living it. And I think the successful person is the one who has been able to figure out what their real purpose in life is and they're living it.

Man that was phenomenal.

The key word I got out of that because I think every entrepreneur every successful entrepreneur especially those that I've met in my circles and extended circles they all want to do one thing and it's common amongst every one of them including myself. And it's a human drive among us because we have the ability to do it. You said I love helping people and it really comes down to that serving people helping. Yes of course Jeff will help you as long as you're willing to help yourself. I will help you the same way you must put in the effort as well. It's not just here you go it's going to be easy and magical No. We'll give you that guidance. Jeff I'll give you the guidance and tell you how to get from point A to point B to point to point. And guess what. This is a journey that never ends.

That's why I love it. If it ended then what else would I do. What else would you do Jeff. Exactly. That's no fun. Keep it going till the very end. Let's just go out with a bang. One thing before we get off though Jeff I wanted to give you the opportunity to talk about this event you have coming up that you're going to do on a periodic basis but you have one coming up next month. If you wouldn't mind just telling people how to get to that. What about first and then how can they access it so they can spend some one on one time with you.

Terrific Well thank you. Thank you for asking me that. I would have been very fortunate to have gotten to know some really high level internet marketers online marketers digital marketers that really hit it out of the park and have not only made a ton of money for themselves but have trained and coached lots of other people how to do that as well. And I don't have their digital marketing expertise but they don't have necessarily a lot of the skills I have. And together we came up with a weekend mastermind retreat concept where we find really high and nice nice venues and we keep we keep the mastermind open to only 15 to 20 people and we do Friday night Saturday and Sunday. So it's a relatively close intimate setting. And between the marketers and the presenters that we have that are teaching really cutting edge state of the art systems and I'm all about systems and templates and I'm I'm teaching about the inner game about building systems within the organization. My partners are teaching all about the latest marketing strategies and between all of us we've got a roomful of people that are on fire already doing pretty good and they want to start making seven figures a year. Some of the people in my group wanted to make eight figures here. So it's really all about getting in that energy being surrounded by the right people. I don't need to tell you that events are when major decisions are made and as these mastermind events we have one coming up in San Diego on the 24th of August.

And if people would like to know more about it if they go to San Diego and mentioned Holland San Diego mansion mastermind dot com. So that's the Web site. And it's three days. We begin with our Friday night event and then its high court training on Saturday and Sunday lots of time to sit and break bread with all the trainers and your fellow students.

It's life changing for sure. I really would recommend anybody that's serious about taking your life to the next level. These are the kind of events that really are life. So thank you allowing for allowing me to to share that you better believe it.

And there it is on the screen. San Diego mansion mastermind it's limited availability because it's meant to be intimate. So be sure to take a look at that if it's a fit for you then do it. If it's not a fit for you still consider doing it because that's mean. That means you're going getting out of your comfort zone which is exactly what you should be doing on a regular basis every single day. We've already covered that. And what is it. You know the art of mastery is repetition or repetition is the key to mastery. So you'll hear things repeated over and over from mentors from coaches like Jeff from people like me because it's that important. And the more repeated the more it will stay ingrained in your mind. Jeff I can't thank you enough my friend.

Oh by the way. We do have a winner to announce because we had several enter the contest and I picked the one that was on the top that also followed the instructions to a tee because after you put in your information you're also asked to also supply your e-mail address and only one person did that out of quite a few that entered their name. And I love to reward those who follow directions because that's how you become successful. And it just turns out it's somebody we both know I'm not doing this because it's somebody we both know. Jeff but the one the only Richard barrier you are the law.

Thank you for falling into it. He's an amazing man a golden individual and a phenomenal entrepreneur in his own right.

And and you know what he's losing weight so he's going to look good in his bathing suit down on the beach.

All right that's TMI brother. All right. I love it.

Love ending on a very comical note thank you once again Jeff it's been an absolute blast. We definitely definitely must do this again for everyone out there.

We appreciate you for watching and listening. And until next week as I like to say and I'm going to date myself. Same time same bat channel. We'll be right back here next week with another phenomenal guest expert. Until then good night for now. So long everyone.

Thanks Brian. Thank you.

Thank you for watching and listening. This is beyond the charity.

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