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So here's the big question how are entrepreneurs like us who have been hustling and struggling to make it to success, who seem to make it one step forward, two steps back work, getting dedicated to.

And drib, how do we finally break through? That is the question.

Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to the Mind Body Business Show.

This is a show for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs, and I get the distinct pleasure of hosting the show and bringing on the most amazing, successful, experienced and giving entrepreneurs you could ever meet. And we're talking entrepreneurs from all over the world in all different levels of success. Success is kind of a it's a specialized term. It means different things to different people. In this case, these are people that have achieved a great deal of success that like to get back in the form of coming on the show, spending their valuable time to give you value. And that's why I'm so blessed. I love what I get to do. The mind body business show. What does that mean? Well, in my now fifty six years on this planet, I spent, I'd say the last 10 or so studying only successful people. And the reason I did that was because I wanted to find out what was it about those that had achieved more success than me? What did they do to do that? I mean, they put on their pants one leg at a time, or at least I thought maybe they figured out a way to do that differently as well. And in that course, I found a course of time of 10 years of study. And this is from personal mentors that I worked with side by side, spoke on stage with, or it's also people that books whom I've read, authors whom I've met personally, also authors that I haven't met personally, some that are still with us, some of that or not that have passed on and through that course of studying these people.

What I found out were there were three patterns that developed that kept bubbling to the top. And you might guess what those three patterns are by now. That's the very title of the show. Mind is representative of a very powerful, yet most importantly, flexible mindset. Each and every one of these individuals, including the one you're about to meet tonight, has a very powerful and flexible mindset. You must be flexible in order to achieve and maintain and then continue to grow in your success and then body. That's all about taking care of your body literally, physically and nutritionally. And again, our guest that's on tonight does just that. You'll find out. We'll talk about it. Amazing both on how you exercise on a regular basis and what you ingest nutritionally food, food and liquid. And then there's business. Business is so multifaceted that involves skill sets that these incredible successful entrepreneurs have mastered that include marketing, sales, team building, systematizing leadership. And the list goes on and on and on.

And the thing is, I personally don't think any one human on this planet can actually master every single one of those skill sets. I don't think we have enough time on this planet to do so. The good news is, if you master just one of those and I actually mentioned it, one of those skill sets, then the rest will fall into place. And yes, I'll tell you what that one is, and that is mastering the skill set of leadership. Once you have done that, you now have the ability to scale your business by taking those tasks that you are not master at and delegating to people who are because of your leadership skills. And that's what this show is going to cover. And we may cover all three. We may cover one or two of those areas. We go organically. And that's what I love about the show. The bottom line is one thing I can guarantee is you're going to get immense value from our guest, Mr. Jeff Sheean. This is going to be phenomenal. I can't wait to bring him on. And another phenomenal trait of very successful people is to a person, the ones that I studied, they are all also very voracious readers. And with that, I like to segway into a little segment I affectionately call bookmarks.

Bookmarks to read, bookmarks ready, steady read, bookmarks brought to you by Reach your peak library dotcom.

All right, briefly reach your peak library, dotcom, what is that? It is a website I had developed with you in mind, and I'm not I'm not kidding. I did this for you. I don't need this website, this website I had put together that it contains and it's comprised of a collection of books that I personally read and vetted. There's not not every book that I've ever read is in here. In other words, these are only the ones that had a profound impact on me, either in my business life or in my personal life, or even in both. If they met any of those criteria, they landed on this site. And so I put those together with you in mind to give you the ability to find a good read quickly that you know, that these have been filtered and vetted at least by one other successful individual. And that is my gift to you, because reading is so paramount and so important to your success. And another thing I want to mention real quick before we go any farther is instead of clicking away or typing in this URL somewhere in a browser and taking your and diverting your attention elsewhere, I would like to ask of you for yourself to instead write notes, write it down either on a piece of paper. You remember those things, don't you? And with a pen or on a notepad on your computer, whatever your mode of note taking is, instead of clicking away. Here's the thing. I always say this.

I said this from stage physical stage, and I see it on this show. The magic happens in the room, in the room. So if you were to take your attention, your gaze elsewhere and you're looking at another site while we're talking, while especially while Jeff is talking and you miss that one nugget that could have changed your life forever, that would be horrible. And I want you to get the most out of the show. So take out some notes, notepad and some paper and take some notes. I run the show and while I'm running it, I literally take notes myself. I do the same exact thing. So I never, ever tell people or coach people to do things that I personally would not do myself or don't do myself. All right.

With that, it is time to bring on the amazing guest that you all came to watch and come to watch me. You want to see Mr. Jeff Shihan? Here we go.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight, savvy, skillful, professional and deft, trained, big league qualified.

And there is, ladies and gentlemen, the one the only Mr. Jeff Shihan O'Brien, it's a real pleasure to be here this evening.

I am thrilled to be joining you. And you've had so many distinguished guests on your show. It's absolutely incredible. Some of the people, some of the people I know personally. And it's very, very humbling. And I'm honored to be on the show, quite honestly.

Goodness, I'm the one that's humble. Thank you so much. I feel the exact opposite that I appreciate that very much. It's mutual respect. And, you know, just having that wonderful chat with you right before we went live, I feel like I've known you for a long time. And this happens quite often. There was an instant rapport. At least I felt it. No, absolutely. Absolutely. I don't want to be presumptuous now.

I was wondering who is the guy on the other end of to all those text messages and emails, as I mentioned, what are talking to I've never seen anyone do such a comprehensive job preparing for a show in this world.

And I have actually three podcasts a number of years ago. And I know what it takes to put these things on what you've done as far as the holistic approach and the comprehensive approach. Just absolutely incredible. Brian, you're firing on all cylinders with regard to what you're doing.

All right. That's our show. Everybody had nightmares over what's going to get sick of them. Want to get a text message from Brian. So do you have to stop at the end? I was ready to hit. Stop.

Ok, man, it's so funny. I love the feedback. Always love feedback, always love it.

And before we get moving and deep into it, Jeff, I want to pay homage to our our wonderful sponsors and tell everybody who's watching live to stay with us till the end of the show. Because when you do that, you will get the opportunity to win a five night stay at a five star luxury resort. Compliments of you can see him in the upper right. If you're watching this live on video, the big insider secrets. That's at the Big Insider Secrets Dotcom. And that is a wonderful, wonderful giveaway. And I'm so appreciative of Jason. Ask the owner of that company and his crew for doing that for us. We do this every single week. And then there's another little nugget we need to mention, and that is if you're looking to put on a live show and say you're struggling and it's overwhelming and you want a lot of the processes done for you and while still enabling you to put on a high quality show, not easy to do and also to connect with great people like Jeff and grow your business all at the same time, then head over to carpet bomb marketing, dotcom carpet bomb marketing, saturate the marketplace with your message. And one of the key components that's contained in the carpet bomb marketing courses is one that you'll learn how to absolutely master. And it is the very service we use to stream our live shows right here on the mind body business show. Over the past nine years or so, we have tried many quote unquote, TV studio solutions for live streaming.

And I'll tell you, streaming art is the absolute best of the best. It combines supreme ease of use along with unmatched functionality. So start streaming high quality, professional looking live shows for free with streaming art right now, go ahead and visit the website at our IP dot erm for stream live for you. Watching, listening. Write that down first and visit it later. Again, that website is our IP, which stands for Reach Your Peak. I'll repeat that. I am fourth stream. Live now back to this amazing, amazing man named Jeff Sheean. We are going to now give him the respect he deserves and give him a proper introduction. Would that be cool, Jeff? Absolutely. Whatever you want to do on a show, you're stuck with over 40 years of high tech global sales, marketing and advertising experience with many Fortune 500 companies, including, listen to this list people, Intel, Apple Computer, IBM, my geek needle is pegged already, Hewlett-Packard and AT&T, as well as many others. Jeff is an IBM influencer futurist, social selling and marketing consultant and job search mentor, as well as the former volunteer director of the Holy Spirit. Catholic Church Career Ministry in Atlanta is also the coauthor of the book Hired Pass to Employment in the Social Media Era. And we will talk about that as we go through the show as well. Now, officially, formally, Jeff, welcome to the show. I feel so blessed to have you on. Thank you for coming on.

Well, thank you, Brian. Distinct pleasure, as I mentioned earlier, to be here this evening and share my pearls of wisdom or whatever you want to call it, Martha.

So one thing I'd like to clarify, though, you have marketing and sales expert, quite honestly, I know a lot, but I don't know a lot and I continue to learn something new every day. So I talk about this all the time when I give talks, as if you hear someone calling themselves an overall marketing expert or social media expert in this day and age, I tell the people in the audience to hold onto the wallets or the pocketbooks run for the nearest exit because there's so many moving pieces, so much you have to learn on a Day-To-Day basis. It's impossible to be an expert at the potful not 30 years ago. Yes, it was very easy because having been in the ad agency business, I know there were, you know, maybe half a dozen things or more, maybe a dozen max that you had to do in order to be effective with regard to marketing, messaging and what happened now, which is that there's a plethora of different things and everything changes on a day to day basis.

Wow. That's a golden nugget right there. I wasn't going to put you on the spot and you can you can reject answering this question, but do you mind if I ask you how old you are?

Jeff, as I said earlier, I'm three away from the seven zero mark, OK? All right. So as I told you, the older you get, it's how many years you are from the next decade. OK, so. All right.

So it's it's just great to be moving forward and continuing to be active. I mean, a lot of people, contemporaries are retired and I can't that's the furthest thing from my mind, quite honestly. I love it. Yes.

And I'm the same way a retirement doesn't that's not a word in my dictionary. I don't understand what that word means. It's just going to keep going. So Mike Mastrianni, a friend of mine, I like this guy. He recognizes talent. And I know just by his confidence that I'm going to learn from him. There you go. All right. Appreciate Mike very much.

So it's just, you know, like I said, I've been blessed, I had a great career for many years, travel the world and called on some phenomenal companies, worked with them, worked with their engineers, worked with their procurement people in the global supply channels and traveled to places like China, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan all the time.

And so I have a well-rounded background from that perspective and bring a little bit different spin to things in the marketing and sales arena.

I can imagine with all those cultural differences how well-rounded your experience is and, you know, I would venture to say you're far more an expert than most people on the planet already, just by, you know, where you've been, who you've been involved with. You know, when you go to other cultures, that that helps you to understand people at a different and a deeper level, even when you come back home, does it not?

Oh, absolutely. And I mean, I made some mistakes because caused cultural nuances. One of my stories that I share from time to time is I work for the Japanese Japanese companies, about 16 billion the hundred thousand employees now. And I went frequently to their offices and the headquarters in Kyoto at the factory and Fukui, which was not too far outside Kyoto. So in the factories, you have to wear different slippers. So when you went to the factory to take off shoes and make you put slippers on sale because the fact that preserves the floors. So I went to a meeting and this is with one of the major clients and we're in there in the room. I'll never forget this. I had to go to the bathroom, so I went to use the bathroom. And you have to change slippers. The going to the bathroom. So the slippers, I think the bathroom slippers, red. And what you walk into the factory and the little blue slippers. So I went in there and change the red slippers.

I came out and I walked back into the meeting room with all the offices of the company as well as the customer.

And all of a sudden I saw a number of the Japanese people burst out laughing and I thought I had something wrong.

I hadn't, you know, zippered my pants properly or whatever. I had done something nefarious. So they kept laughing and kept looking at me like I had done something really weird. So next night. So what's going on? What's funny? And they they pointed down at my slippers and it's I had really done something that was quite the faux pas with regard to the culture of that factory organization. So I'll never forget that day as long as I live in the humor, but also the embarrassment in my behalf with regard to what I had done.

I love that. And there's so many other things like like numbers that are unlucky, like the correct. Yes. I mean, I remember doing a presentation. I was there representing my mentor, his company, and I was speaking in front of a large crowd of someone else is a friend of his. So my mentor couldn't make it. So I stood in for him and I used his slide deck, the PowerPoint right up there. And this gentleman had a lot of international folks in the audience and he often did.

And he came to me says, I'm not. He was a really cool guy. I said, I'm not telling you to change anything right now by know you have the four keys to something for as a really unlucky number in certain circles. And I'm like, thank you for that. I'll modify that next time. Oh, it's those things that you just don't know, right?

No, absolutely. So you have to be very careful. And when you're traveling overseas with regard to the cultural differences and what you're going to do to adjust to them, like you said, the PowerPoint, in my case, that was just one of many things I I've done the handshakes, the borrowing and everything else, which becomes a little bit uncomfortable because you're not sure when to do certain body language inflections and things like that. But you get used to it. And people are people, quite honestly, because we are in the world and they treat you accordingly. If you treat them well, they treat you back just the same. And they it's wonderful still having these contacts and friendships with these people after so many years.

I mean, my goodness, you have you have so much experience and background, you work with such monstrous and beautiful companies, you know that on the electronic front, I call it, or the tech front from back in the day when, you know, that was that was real tech then. Oh, absolutely.

I mean, I started calling Silicon Valley in 1981. I remember calling on Atari and Apple Computer, Hewlett Packard, number of those back then. And here I am many years later, still working in the sector in some respects. But I was at the forefront of so many technologies, the PC industry, the cell phone industry, working with the AT&T, going to the Bell Labs up in Holmdahl in the Jersey and building New Jersey and some of their facilities throughout the world. And then also with regard to working in the PC industry with at the forefront for. The whole the whole entire world of pieces and some of some of the people you've exposed to the late Jim Seymour, who is a media person in front of work, who's still active there in Silicon Valley, but the leading people within the PC industry as far as PR and getting the word out, for instance. So K'Jon, every once in a while is I look at him and Jim Seymour and Michael Dell and what a critical role they played in Michael Dell success. They discovered him when he was a college student and they just promoted the living daylights out of him through the PC mag and some of the other publications in Michael Dell is gone.

And as you know, multibillionaire many times over due to the fact that he these people really befriended him and made him a champion of the PC industry back in the 80s. So just a phenomenal experience and that I have no regrets whatsoever, although it was different, a lot of times challenging, not getting any sleep, but you live and learn. So that's why this whole world of entrepreneurship is challenging in so many respects. But compared to some of the things I had to go through in the corporate world, it's a lot easier because of the fact that, you know, to get a little bit more sleep than I used to, particularly going with Asia. When you go to Asia, you'd be up all night because of the fact that the jetlag and also working things back here in the states where you were over in the Far East. So very interesting entero.

It is interesting. I think that comes down to you have more choice when you're an entrepreneur because you define your hours, you define who you're working with when you're working, how to work, when you're in a corporate environment, you have constraints and lots of them depending. And I know that myself as well, being a software engineer from days gone by, you want to talk about constraints? My gosh, you almost were almost robotic in the way we had to write code and things like you can do this like five different ways. Why am I doing it this way? There are better ways, you know, that kind of stuff.

Oh, no, absolutely. But it was just fun. But the thing is, a lot of what I learned there in those days have really translated into all of the entrepreneur and some of the things I've done. And I just wish also I knew a lot about entrepreneurship when I had been in the corporate environment because of the fact that the two different animals, yes, the corporate life is furry and a lot of respects very easy, because the fact that you you know, you're going to get that paycheck every week, you know, that you unless you really screw up, you can have a job for a length of time. But as an entrepreneur, as you know, it's a challenge can be.

But so that's a perfect Segway. Because I was wanting to ask you, when it comes to mindset, that is to me, it's the foundation of either our success or lack thereof. Everything we have done to this date where we are today, in my humble opinion, is 100 percent due to our own noggin, what we're what we have going on there. And I love that you just said help working in the corporate world was easy compared to I agree completely and on both sides when so for you to help everybody understand what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur like you are, you know, when it comes to maintaining that positive mindset, because it's difficult and it tries you, it's not easy. What is it that you go through? What's going on, that big, beautiful brand of yours when you get up in the morning and you're ready to take on a new day and you know that challenges will be in front of you, but you just keep trudging along.

What have you done for your mindset that enables you to continue going strong while I continue to run, as I mentioned, and go four or five times a week and try to run seven point to run walk seven point two miles, an idyllic place not too far from where I live, the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area here in Atlanta. It's just a beautiful place with a wonderful wildlife. Yeah, it's a it's the urban oasis right next to I 285, which is one of the busiest highways. The United States, as a matter of fact, part of the trail runs in the eighth I 285 at the for the sand. But it's just wonderful because you get out there, you breathe in the fresh air, you see all the wildlife and the rivers very tranquil in some respects that really clear your mind. It helps you focus. And I know that some of the guests you've had on the before, such as Tricia and she goes down there as well to clear her mind in in some of the idyllic settings down there. But I think that's so critically important to get out and exercise and do whatever he can to keep the possum mindset because it is challenging every day. I mean, it can be a roller coaster ride in some respects as to what's going to happen next, particularly if you have to pivot to other things.

You are the first one I've ever asked a similar question like that, where I ask about your mind and you went to body and I love that. And that's just seals the deal in my head of the fact that this is what I say all the time. The mind and body are a team. More importantly, they're your team, right? Correct. They are talking to each other all the time. If your mind is not operating at peak performance, then your body will follow suit and not go work out and we'll go run and vice versa. If your body's not working at peak performance, will you feel sluggish? You're tired or sleepy, your mind cannot operate at top. And you just you just sealed it. You said for your mind, you run, you do exercise. You go out and get into a tranquil environment. You feed your brain. And the running is an in itself is also helping your your mind invisibly, without question, did.

It's helped me. I've been doing this for five years, Brian, religiously. And I'm up I think about twenty three hundred miles. I keep track of it. I use an app called Map. I run an account and I compete against a couple of other people that I actually went to high school with, unfortunately my times are not that good. OK. And but I don't care. I'm just out there doing it. I really enjoy it. And it helps when I get back to, you know, doing some other things. And with regard to, you know, speaking or writing, my mind is a lot clearer when I do that, because I particularly at the pandemic, just sitting here at home, you tend to drink a lot more coffee and tea and what have you.

And so you need to get out there to get the caffeine out of the system to seriously brew.

Hey, you might know this guy is a guy named Lloyd.

That's great. I'm so glad he's on.

And for those that are listening only on podcasts, I'll read it aloud. He said these are the kind of great stories that made Jeff voted top ten to be connected to on Twitter in twenty twenty. Now, that's quite an accolade. And, you know, so Jeff is a very humble guy and I bet you he would never have mentioned that this entire show. So thank you, Lloyd, for bringing that up. That's probably why he did. He knows how humble you are.

Oh, no, no, thank you. But it's actually I think it's off by a few positions. OK, so everything is still under there. Look, but Lloyd. Awesome. He's been a mentor. He's been a coach. He's been very, very helpful to me over the years and real pleasure knowing him and certainly referring him, referring me to you for this show. I can't thank you enough.

So, yeah, he did a phenomenal he was on this show prior. And the likeness of that bobblehead is incredible, isn't it? Oh, absolutely.

Absolutely. But, you know, he does a phenomenal job.

He's a great coach. And I learn an awful lot from every time I have the opportunity to meet with him. Unfortunately, I haven't seen him in a long time. Now to the pandemic as well as ailments. Everything's done virtually and for very disheartening from that perspective.

You know, it's an amazing thing that I get to do, which I said earlier, is I learned so much from people like you that come on the show there was one. And the name escapes me was a gentleman who basically said that any time he knows he's about to take on a task that would require some some juice, you know, some energy, he would plan out his workout to occur right before that. Right. I thought, wow, I love that. So I typically would rather get it done early in the day so I can then concentrate on what I'm doing. Well, when it's shown I worked out right before we came on the air and it works phenomenally well. I feel energized, I'm pumped, I'm present for you, which is my job is to help you shine and it works. And so there's so much great things that people you know, you don't need caffeine, you don't need artificial stimulants.

All you need to do is move a little bit and you'll you'll make yourself and you're right, in this pandemic, it's a lot more to be self discipline and it's easier to go grab another cup of coffee than it is to go do push ups or or any exercise at all.

Well, you know, it's also helped, quite honestly, is a volunteering, because with that it helps from a standpoint of keeping you mentally sharp. I speak at the United Methodist Church here every two weeks. The job seekers on using various aspects of, you know, tools could be linked in Twitter, Facebook, Google, networking. But what do you have to do to get on the job? Also help people that I've come across with regard to their particular social media platforms. And I know that the struggle I try to help them in. As a matter of fact, I have put together something on Twitter. It's called Get Traction for Others. But I put it out there and Sunday trying to help people get traction for their respective YouTube channels, because I think it's very, very important. So many people struggling nowadays and a lot of people won't admit it. You'd be surprised at some people that appear to be very successful and this pandemic has just hit them like no tomorrow with regard to their careers and professions in that. So I think it's incumbent upon everyone to really volunteer your time and helping others, uplifting whoever you can.

And it will help you from mental positivity perspective. Quite honestly, I love that.

And yeah, you're so right. And even before the pandemic, there were so many that I would look at and go, oh my gosh, they must they are super successful.

And then you end up meeting them at their place where they live and you're like, wow, that was different. Then they came off as so what's going on in that area?

I mean, after that, everyone, Brian, is on this day and age because of the fact that I've come across so many people over the last 11 years, have been so aggressively involved in social media in that. But if you peel back the onion, they're not who they are and you just have to do that. It's incumbent upon you to what is it, what are the backgrounds, what experience they have, what educational background are they? Are they the real deal or not? And you need the.

Really be cognizant of that so many people just jump in, whoever is the flashiest that's out there and knows how to talk a good game, they think the people Welcome water. And yet they could have been a basket weaver six months ago.

And so you have to be very, very careful of that. And so I would stress and, you know, before you engage with them in any business dealings or anything else, you know, what you're getting into is so true that the ones that I've run into that have flashed typically are hiding something.

And, you know, and I don't mean this in a horrible way. They're just they're trying to make it like everyone else. Right. And they're doing their best. But what I found is the most humble and least outwardly bragging and honestly and even subtly bragging. Those are the ones that have succeeded and are just there and present and just want to help and serve others. And those are the ones a lot of people don't expect to be successful. It's just the opposite. That's what I love about the show, because people like you and you come on, you're so humble, so calm. Not here to go. Look at me. I am Jeff Sheean. I am the top five of the Twitter top 20.

It went up a little bit, you know, with your service in higher ed. Thank you.

I want to see actually a woman I know she's actually number one on some of these list names. Marcia Collier. I don't know if you know her or not. She's in L.A. She's written like thirty five books or something like that. So I kick the hottest woman I've ever encountered. She was part of the IBM Mafia group that I belong to, the influx of workers, OK? And so I met her at number of meetings and she was non stop working and she would never quit. But she's been so incredibly successful.

She has an awful lot going for her and I really admire her to are tenacious ability to continue doing things. And she probably doesn't have to work. The other one that comes to mind as far as work and be an entrepreneur, everything else is Kathy Ireland really is just phenomenal. She does what I like about her is she's engaging and more importantly, she's heavily involved in social good and nonprofit work.

Yeah, she gives away an awful lot of the proceeds from what she does to nonprofits and she could quit.

I mean, she has such a track record, what have you, but she continues moving along in the entrepreneurial journey.


Well, speaking of twenty five or thirty five books, a little birdie told me, well actually I read it in your bio that you have a book of your own. Is that true?

Well, actually, I wrote a book a number of years ago. It's been on for about six years called Hired Pass for Employment in the Social Media, and it concerns all of the aspects of finding a job in the social media era is based upon actually going out and talking to various career ministry groups over the years and compiling information with the other person that coauthored it with and produced. And it's it's pretty up to date, quite honestly, even though it was published six years ago.

As far as some of the things that you should be doing and not doing, sounds like a resource that many people today are right now during this pandemic could possibly use, right?

Yes, absolutely. Without question. Again, a few things in there might be dated, but it's a very thorough book. It's about three hundred and twenty pages or so. So very, very thorough and comprehensive with regard to some things that people should be doing during the job search in the social media.

So for the purpose of helping others in this on these trying times, would you please do me a huge favor and hold the sugar up again and then OK, people where they can get it. And we did not arrange just ahead of time, I guess I just called hire a test supplement.

The social media. It's on Amazon. You can find it on Amazon.

So so Amazon hired and I messed up the thing one more time, please. I was.

Oh, OK. No, no, no. It's all part parcel employment in the social media and authors. Do they have two names or is myself? So you just you look for Justin and Alfred M. Smith.

I just want to make sure it gets done so that people can search for it. Write that down. Take your notes. So those of you watching and listening, because this is valuable stuff. And you know what? Even if it's not for you personally and say you don't need a job, but I'll I'll venture to guess you might know someone who does or or no apparent that has a graduate who's looking for work. Those are the ones that are struggling big time. We have one that's going to graduate here in a couple of weeks or so. And it's a tough world out there, especially right now, to find work because so many companies have folded and don't have the wherewithal to hire people, so. Oh, absolutely.

So if I could be a help in that area, please let me know. Brian, I'd be happy to help.

Yeah. And one great way is to get your book out to the masses. And that's, you know. That's a beautiful thing, because you write a book once and people can be helped many hundreds of thousands of times over.

You're absolutely correct. And the intent was certainly to make a little bit of money on it, but more importantly, to help based on the experience and of not only myself, but the other person and the people that are in the actually in the book itself.

I'm glad you brought that up. Make a little bit of money on it. Here's my take. I hope you, Jeff Sheehan and your coauthor make a boatload of money on it. And why do I say that? Because I know that if you make more money now, you have money to invest into writing more books and to help and serve more people. Maybe market your book even further to help more people. This is what I love about successful entrepreneurs. You know, there's there's this horrible thing going around and it's been going around for ages and ages about wealthy people. And people think that they're jerks, right. That they don't want to help me in my walks. Now that I've been studying and walking in the shadow of so many successful people, it is so far from the truth. It is the opposite is like Jeff Chynn. He wants to help people. And for him to be able to help more people, he needs to make more money. It's just it's just a fact. And so, you know, they always say and this is I think is true is money only magnifies who you already are. The more money you make. If you're a jerk, you're a super jerk. If you're a wonderful person, then you're a glorious person. Once you make more money. I want Jeff. She had to be blessed with massive piles of money so that he can go out and spread his love and serving attitude to the world.

No, I appreciate that very much. But which brings me back to one of the things you wanted to talk about, his books and what are some of your favorite books and one that really comes to mind. And I stress this all the time. I have several miles talk about here is it's close up. You came by David Bradford. And have you ever met him or heard of him?

I have not in either case.

Ok, David is a remarkable individual. David's probably in his late 60s. He lives in Salt Lake City. He actually is in the Utah Tech Hall of Fame. He was actually with Meg Whitman, the co-chair of the Finance Committee, for Romney's run for president. He was actually a. Wise counsel for vice president, I should say, of naval systems, which as a software engineer, you're probably quite familiar with novel content. So he was legal counsel for a VP there and went on for a number of other companies. So the story with him is I actually sat engaging with him on Twitter and took it over to LinkedIn. Well, one night when I was running the ministry at Holy Spirit Catholic Church, a lady came in. She was a talent acquisition manager for Children's Health Care Lanner, and she was one of the panelists that we had there that night. And she talked about this company called her view on Salt Lake City and all the wonderful things when it's on. I said hire of you. She I know the vice president of the company or the chair at that time. I thought it was David Bradford. So I said, gee, I appreciate you all the great things you're saying about of and what they were doing. And so the next day, I was about to start a podcast with a lady here in Atlanta. And I reached out to Dave and I said, David, you would not believe what I heard last night about your company and all the wonderful things you're doing and all the lives you're changing, the talent acquisition space.

I've just started a podcast, and I would like to have you as a guest on it to talk about not only HireVue, but the book that you wrote called Up Your Game. So about a day later, I David's a very prominent individual. I received an email back from a Love to have you as I'd love to join you on the show. So he was a guest on the show, and I'll never forget that because again, his prominence and Larry King wrote the foreword for this book, some of the people, Steve Young, the quarterback for the Forty Niners, good friends of David and also Eric Schmidt of Google, was his boss. And Steve Wozniak actually work for him. But David grew up with a very humble beginning in California. He called himself the bottlecap kid. But more importantly, the thing is in his book, he talks about six principles of what you should be doing. And I've certainly learned from him and also learned from another individual here. And I'll talk about in a minute here in Atlanta with regard to this. But the six principles are, one, stop networking is more than giving rather than receiving. The second point is a show up. Engage wherever you are, whether it's online or in person. Don't just go to a meeting and just attend the meeting, but engage. The third point that he has is a follow up. And I think that's something.

And you are good at that. I can tell you that without unequivocally with regard to the follow up and in the procedures that you had for this. So you were a master. And I don't think you have to worry about his step, number three, as to what you can then link up and you have every social media channel, I think, underneath the sun listed on your marquee tonight. So I don't worry about you in that regard.

But most people don't they don't connect with people like the rich. For instance, I'll give talks and you'd be surprised of the few people that really connect and follow up on when you give talks. And I could literally change their lives. And my life was changed by a kind of serendipitous divine intervention. Stand Up is, in other words, be credible and everything that you do. So someone fits you. You're the real deal and not there's nothing funny about you. And then scale up building a world class network because of the fact that, as Porter Gill would say, your network is your net worth and whatever you do in that area is going to really help you moving forward with the average short tenure prior to the pandemic. Well, two point seven years. So it's very, very important. So, again, a great book by David Bradford. I hope that anyone who's watching this actually picks up a copy of this book because it will change your life with regard to how you think about people and that. And getting back to the what I was talking about earlier, this gentleman here in Atlanta, he subscribed from that.

I first met him over eleven years ago when he started networking after his downsizing Incorporated. And he is involved in the mortgage industry. He's 80 years old. And I swear to God, I've never heard him sell a mortgage product in the 11 years I've known him. He ups his game. He helps people make connections with others that might literally change their lives. He does whatever he can to support you. He'll reach out, turn this pandemic offer from a number of times. Hey, how are you doing? So he keeps in contact the nurtures the relationships. And it really helps from a standpoint of building a solid network, a community of people that will support you. And he is more business right now than you never could imagine in this pandemic. In the mortgage industry. He doesn't have to sell because people gravitate towards him. And that's the kind of thing you need to build as an entrepreneur is by helping others. You build the sense of community, which. It's going to help your business flourish.

I love that and there I'm getting the focus is about, you know, we've so many of us and I'm part of that is so many of us have ventured away from personal relationship building because we have so much of this automation. We have social media. Correct. Social media is not a place where you truly develop a relationship. It could be where you meet somebody. The definitely. But the real relationships come once you either pick up the phone or now fire up a zoom car. Right. And and really talk to that person in real time back and forth and engage and see their face and really experience that individual. And that had become a lost art. And I see it coming back and I'm happy that that's happening. So many people are trying to just build a massive email list and send out two hundred thousand emails and hope that you get some sales from that without ever communicating with some people, develop the relationships, knowing something about the individual.

I can tell you unequivocally and my particular case, I have some pretty deep relationships through that I've developed as a result of Twitter initially that I've taken over the LinkedIn than emails and phone calls and face to face meetings. And actually two of them are quite interesting from that standpoint. Brian is my son is married to a woman from Cambodia. So we were going over there for the wedding back a number of years ago. I met this young guy through Twitter and lived in Phnom Penh. So I said, I'm going over there for my son's wedding. It'd be great to get together with you for breakfast. So he join me for breakfast.

We sat there and we talked for three hours. I met him through Twitter and then linked that my whole family thought it was crazy. What do you do? And talk in the Scott what happened as a friend with this guy? Brian was one of the top I had no idea was a top 50 entrepreneur, some old Asia. Wow. Doing some amazing things. And as a result of him, I met him subsequent on second trip there. His partner is one of the leading technologist in all of Cambodia. He runs a company called Cogie, which is growing by leaps and bounds. He was in the Forbes list of top thirty people back three years ago and all of Asia as far as under 30 individuals to admire. And it was all rouselle of meeting someone through Twitter, taking the engagement and, you know, phosphorylation. There was another guy I met. He lived in some reep, which is where Angkor Wat is, and Cambodia. And he was a guy that, again, I met through Twitter and he ran a small school and a church for a poor, disadvantaged children in Cambodia, which there huge numbers of. So I went he knew I was going to be some and we arranged to meet. He took me out to the village. And it was one of the poorest things of villages I've ever been to in my entire life. The squalor there was incredible. Yet less than a mile away was a brand new Jack Nicklaus golf course. So he had what a difference. But this is all because of these relationships developed through Twitter. Take over to the other platforms. Just remarkable with what you can do if you know what you're doing. But you have to develop those relationships. It's not transactional. It's developing those deep understandings of individuals and do see what you can do to perhaps help them out.

So true. And that's great. I have a similar kind of a similar story where I connected with a guy who I was trying to figure out how to market a podcast. I have been doing podcasts. I'm twenty five different platforms and I wasn't seeing viewership downloads, subscriptions. It wasn't happening. I'm like, well, how do you there must be a way to market it. And nobody knew how. I mean, I couldn't find anybody. I searched. And then I found a guy and I friended on Facebook and we we went back and forth a little bit, not a whole lot. I was like, man, I really am interested in what you're doing. And I happened to be out in St. Louis, Missouri. I live in California. I was out there for business and I'm looking at my phone. And there he's doing a post and I notice he's from St. Louis. Like what? And so I literally message him. I said, hey, I don't know if you're close to where I'm at, but if you're open to it, I will buy you a meal. I'd love to sit down and talk with you. And so he agreed.

We ended up sitting in a Starbucks inside of a tree, which is just it.

But I didn't care. He didn't care. So the meal became a coffee, which I would have bottom whatever he wanted. Younger guy. And here's the thing, Jeff. This guy was amazing. He had spent over five years in prison already. Oh, really? Twice. He went in twice for a total of five. The second time he missed the birth of his twin sons. And that's that hit him. That didn't come straight while he's in solitary because when he went back and he was, you know, shenanigans and they threw him in a. Whole he got a phone call, he got a 30 second phone call, so they give them it was his mom telling him that his sister just commit or overdosed on heroin or something to that effect. And so he had thrown back in the jail and he had weeks to sit there by himself to his own thoughts. He'd been through a lot. Big story. And then I met this guy should never, ever in a you would never imagine that he had been through any of this, that he had been in prison, that he had done anything wrong.

It was the most soulful, awesome, bright, amazing young man. And I was I was kneecap the kneecap with this guy. And I just I love the guy. He's an amazing dude. You just never know who you're going to meet. Nobody knew about his record before I met him in person and I wasn't worried about it. He wants somebody out and he was doing big things. I'm like the guys. If he's going to do shenanigans, then, you know, he's going to. He's not. He's just not. I could just tell he's an amazing guy. So you just never know who you're going to meet.

Oh, absolutely. As a matter of fact, you have one of the few videos I have on my YouTube channel, unlike you, Brian, which you've one of these days, I'll be like you, OK, that era.

But nevertheless, it talks about believing and going out and meeting people, talking to strangers and divine intervention. My whole career in high technology was launched because of the blizzard of 78 in Boston.

I was grew up in Boston. As a matter of fact, the blizzard of 78 came and I was going down to the Virgin Islands with a couple of my buddies for a nice. But the airport had been closed for week. Brian, I. Well, that Tuesday night prior to Wednesday, my departure, the governor at that time was Michael Dukakis came on and said Logan Airport is going to be open tomorrow morning. So guess what? We were able to get out there and get on one of the first flights out of the San Juan, Puerto Rico. So we got to San Juan and you have to take a puddle jumper to St. Thomas. So this guy going on with his wife and young daughter and I said, hi, how are you? They're all 20 seats in the plane.

And so he got off the plane and we actually checked in front of me at the Frenchman's reef and there in St. Thomas again. Hi, how are you? Well, Paca, a few days later, we're on the beach and the water there in St. Thomas, very tranquil. He introduced himself and I introduced myself and we started chatting, asked me what I did. I said I work for a bank in Boston. It's now the bank has no power back in New York Mellon. I said it was a manager trainee in the real Suparman, but I really didn't want to do that.

I really want my career was once again the high tech marketing sales because my father could have been one of the first employees, Digital Equipment Corp. But he missed all of that. He decided he didn't want to move. And so it always been in the back of my mind. So with that, he said, well, guess what? I am the co-founder of a high tech company in Hockeytown with a Boston marathon starts. I'll give you my business card. When you get back to Boston, give me a call. So I call them, I don't know, an interview with him as omnibuses, other co-founder in several employees. And next thing you know, two days later, I had a job offer. So that launched my career in high technology. I was selling in marketing, infrared moisture analyzer, seven thousand dollar machines. I had no idea what infrared technology was from the get go. I absolutely nothing. I didn't know anything whatsoever. I was not a geek.

I had no science, background and background whatsoever. But yet I was able to go in there and it launched my career working with some of the world's largest companies in the technology sector, all because of the chance meeting. So people need to put themselves out there, particularly for entrepreneurs and listen, listen for signals, put themselves out and meet strangers and believe in divine intervention in your life could be changed overnight. You just never know.

Yeah, it's I like to say just treat people like people no matter what their vocation. Or if someone is manning an elevator, then treat them as if you would treat a millionaire and just be respectful of them. Explain to them, show them that they're a person and say thank you to them for helping you with your your trip up and down the elevator for people behind the desk, for the baristas at Starbucks. I love these people, all of them, because they're all we're all in this together. I mean, come on, let's live together. Hey, Noel, suck gentleman. I know personally, I really look, he's an amazing, amazing young man. Talk about a go getter. This guy is going places, so I'd love to meet him. So, yeah, he would he would love to meet you too, because he's big time into listening to this show and podcasts and books and things that are all related. And so he's really looking to grow and always looking for ways to improve. And that's a model for success right there for everybody. What?

Without question. But please avail yourself of any particular opportunity. They might go out there. And you talked earlier about having a mental toughness. Again, another one. Of my few videos was an interview I conducted a few weeks ago, and you want to have this woman on your show. Her name is Larry, a fascinating individual. She was a counterintelligence officer for the FBI for 20 something years and actually had the round up spies. And a number of different things that were quite dangerous in her life was on the line. But she talks about her journey and how she maintained her mental toughness during her life and the career with the FBI. So just fascinating of keeping that focus and being very, very strong willed and strong minded, particularly in the entrepreneurial journey.

Very cool.

I'm loving all these book references and they what was the name of her book, her name in her book is A Secrets of a Strong Mind. Now she has a revised edition to this. It's not OK now, but I interviewed her back with about three or four weeks ago. Fascinating individual. I've known her again. I met her originally through Twitter and that was just sort of and engage with a phenomenal writer, some great stories, a great storyteller, and just something she's done with her life just been absolutely incredible. So I just really very impressed with her. It's all the things she's done.

It's interesting. So are you are you trying to say that Twitter is not dead when it comes to building relationships involved whatsoever?

No, no. I mean, France is now one of the actually, I have I think I know everyone in Italy. No, just kidding. No. As a result of the help of some individuals, one individual, in fact, and Milano, I've been able and I've been able to expand my network exponentially in Italy.

It's just engaging with these people, retweeting things. And one thing I find fascinating, Brian, I am learning so much about what's going on there in regard to I find she smiled, working some of the other things just by following these people on Twitter.

What are they tweeting about? And then looking at their posts, I have to translate from Attell, you know, English, but if you download an article, it's right there in front of you translated into English. So very easy. But it's fascinating to learn what is going on. Some of these other countries and Twitter is a great mechanism for building an engagement in the connectivity with these people to develop that type of relationship.

Good Lord, Jeff, I just looked at the clock. I shouldn't have done that.

Ok, four minutes out, four minutes. OK, ridiculous. I'm sorry.

I know you're on the East Coast, but if you don't mind, I'll just keep you on for another hour or two and we'll probably fall asleep. And your tip, you better. I guess I'm up to three, three or four o'clock.

Oh, man. Oh, so it's for vampires, right?

Oh, absolutely. The birds still pitch black people in. I have no idea because it's so dark I can't even see show.

Well, fantastic. Well, before it gets too late, I want to I always close the show with one very important question, and I'd love to do this with each guest.

I hope you didn't cheat and watch a previous show and know what that is most out. And it's a very it's a powerful question and it can be personal, but I just love to end the show with it because it's such a great way to finish it. It's like finish strong, you know. Right. But before we do that, I did promise everyone who stayed on live to the end that they would find out how they could enter to win a five night stay at a five star luxury resort. And here it is. I'm going to put it up on the screen. If you're watching this live, then you can now enter this. In fact, I will go so far as to say that even Jeff gives you permission to pull out your phone and take your gaze away from this for just a moment. Not quite yet, because you need the information and pull up your text messaging app. Do that right now. Go ahead and take out your phone and then look up at the screen. And what you'll want to do is instead of typing in the name of a person, you're going to send a message to type in this phone number. And that is three one four six six five one seven six seven. And where you would actually type in the message, you know, where you put your emojis and stuff like that. So no emojis, just two words separated by a hyphen or a dash, if you prefer.

That's peak dash vacation.

So the number one more time, three one four six six five one seven six seven. And then in the message area, put in the words peak dash vacation, no spaces. Then once you send that off, keep an eye out on your phone. There's going to be some. A little bit of a response that you're going to need to take care of. We're going to it's all an automated system. Go figure out, Jeff, and it's going to ask you for your email address. And when you do that, you'll be officially entered into the contest because we announce the winners via email. So that's why we need your email address. And we'll also prominently displayed your winning prowess on social media, if you are OK with that, to let everybody know and be jealous of you for winning a vacation day.

And so with that, I want to respect Jeff's time and I want to respect all of your time, because this is a one hour show and we're just at it. But I do want to close with this very, very impactful question for you, Jeff. And here's the thing. A couple of things.

Number one is there is no such thing as a wrong answer to this question. It's OK. It's just the opposite. So the only correct answer is yours. And that's the only thing that makes it personal, so not getting into your personal life, when I said it was going to be a little personal, but it's just because it's unique to you, that's about it. So with that being said. Are you ready for this? Yes, go ahead. All right, here we go. Warming right now. Oh, by the way, some will instantly respond. OK, we'll take a moment and reflect. And whatever it takes for you is perfect because it is yours. OK, so there's no pressure whatsoever. You can relax and enjoy and answer the one million dollar question.

Jeff Shehan. How do you define success?

I think success to me is impacting someone else's life, that just a little bit of an issue of your show and helping them or doing whatever they can you can to foster their development is what I define as success. It's not my money. It's not anything else, but it's what can you do, the change the life of one individual. Whenever I give my talks, I say I don't care what the size of the audience is because of the fact that if you can change the life of one individual based upon your talk, it's all well worth it. So to me, that is the definition of success, the impact that you can have on others and what kind of legacy you're going to leave when you depart the Earth as a result of that activity.

Amazing, amazing, Jeff Shihan, thank you so very, very much, I mean, that just speaks volumes that no one guest speaker on my show has ever related success to a dollar amount of figure. It's always been some way, some form, some fashion of helping or serving others. And the cool thing is, after I've lost count over one hundred twenty shows, no two of you have answered that exact same way yet. I expect it to happen someday. And if I get up to a thousand shows, maybe that's why I love it and I love what I get to do. And by the way, for those of you that didn't want to take notes, I just want to show everybody that I'm the host of the show. And I took notes throughout this show. So it's so valuable. And this oh, I love this thing. It's called a remarkable too. It's an electronic notepad. I got tired of carrying five notebooks, one for one business, one for another, another for seminars and another for this. And like enough of that craziness, I'm going to have them all in one spot and I love it. So I don't know why I did that. I'm plugging something that I have nothing to do with, but I just love it. So it's a good resource. I'd like to share that.

Yes, Jim. The young and Gogola, a man I'm sorry I butchered your name, I'm sure. Thank you. He said, thanks for the insights on LinkedIn. Thanks for coming on, Jim. Appreciate you, my man. And speaking of appreciation, Jeff, one last word of wisdom from you. The man, the master. If you were to give any budding entrepreneurs, someone who's just venturing into this space, if you were to give them just one piece of advice, if you could possibly think of what that might be, what would you say to that person?

Just do it more seriously because of the fact that you have to jump in with both feet, you will make mistakes, you might fail, but pick yourself up or continue going, are you just because if you keep at it one day, you will be an ultimate success and whatever you do. But if so, don't be afraid of it. Just do it. It's tough when you come from a corporate environment or think that way, but you have to develop that mindset. It's just jump in there.

Pure gold, love it, thank you so much, Jeff, I appreciate you, my friend. That is it for tonight. Another edition of the Mind Body Business Show on behalf of this amazing man, Jeff Shehan. I am Brian Kelly. We will see you again next week live right here. Until then, so long book. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you for tuning in to the mind body business show podcast at w w w dot the mind body business show dot com.

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Jeff Sheehan

With over 40 years of high-tech global sales, marketing, and advertising experience with many Fortune 500 companies including Intel, Apple Computer, IBM, Hewlett-Packard and AT&T, as well as many others, Jeff is an IBM Influencer | Futurist, social selling and marketing consultant, and job search mentor, as well as the former volunteer director of the Holy Spirit Catholic Church Career Ministry in Atlanta. He is also the co-author of the book: 'HIRED! Paths to Employment in the Social Media Era.

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