Special Guest Expert - Jeff Brain


Jeff Brain

Jeff Brain – CEO of CloutHub... Have you ever dreamed of a social media platform that brings people together and connects them to the things and people that enrich their lives and build up society, rather than tears it down? Where voices can be heard, the authentic discussion is allowed, and diverse ideas can be civilly debated? That’s what Jeff Brain envisioned when he set out to create CloutHub, a social network designed for meaningful civic and social engagement. Existing social media platforms have become abusive, invasive, and unhealthy. Even still they have transformed commerce, relationships, and business. What is missing Is a platform that brings people together and enables them to access information and tools that allow them to address the issues that impact their lives, communities, society, and country. Jeff is on a mission to bring people back together and empower them to connect, socialize and impact the issues that they care about. CloutHub is a place where free thinkers and speakers can go beyond simply posting in exchange for likes, but actually making a difference. CloutHub is social That matters!

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