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Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host, Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly:
Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. We have an amazing, amazing show lined up for you because of our amazing guest expert who is coming on very soon. Jessica Silverman, she is an amazing young woman. I can't wait for you to meet her because of the things she is doing, the people she is serving, the amazing entrepreneur that she is. We'll bring her on very soon, I promise. The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. What is that all about? Well, in my course of now, nearly 55 years on this planet, I began focusing on just folks that were successful and not those that weren't. And what I began to find where there were patterns that developed amongst everyone who is successful that I follow and study and what I've learned where there were three pillars to success. And you might have one nice little clue if you look up to the side here of what that might be. Three areas that each individual had mastered. The first being that of mind or mindset. Developing a powerful, empowered mindset from the subconscious level is paramount not only to your success in business, but in life, person out, personal relationships included. Because let's face it. Business is built on relationships. There's really very little difference between the two. And then there's body. What does that all about? Well, that is exactly what it stands for, is taking care of your body. And that's what successful entrepreneurs do. They take care of what they eat. They take very, you know, take note. They really are discerning on what they eat, what they drink. And they also exercise on a regular basis. Now, I'm not talking you had to have to achieve bodybuilder status and or be an Adonis or a supermodel. We're just talking about doing those things that propel you farther because the mind and body are a team. In fact, the mind and body are your team. And if either of those team members aren't operating at a top level, well, then you as a whole are operating at less than the peak level of performance. And then there's the third area that successful entrepreneurs, I noticed, headmaster, and that's the realm of business and that is multifaceted. There's marketing, sales, team building, systematized leadership. There's a lot that goes into business. And what I found was every one of these successful entrepreneurs had mastered most, if not all of those areas on their own and those that they did not master on their own, maybe just due to the fact they did not have the skills or weren't wired to be able to do that. Like not everybody can be a professional basketball player for obvious reasons and they would then delegate that. So skillset, leadership, that's all part of it. Mind body business show in this whole show is divine designed for you, the viewer, the listener, the person that is trying to learn how to become successful. All you have to do is model, which means copy the person you're about to see, the person you are about to see. Jessica Silverman, listen to her tonight. Take very copious notes and then implement what you've learned tonight after the show is over and along the lines of successful people. One of the things I also noted of everyone without fail of those people that were successful was that they were avid readers and they didn't just read any books. They read the books that would help propel them further in their business. And so with that, I liked a seque into a section I appropriately call bookmarks.

(Informational screen) Bookmarks. Born to read. Bookmarks. Ready, steady, read. Bookmarks. Brought to you by

Brian Kelly:
Yes, By the way, I said I mentioned earlier, it is a good thing to take notes and this would be one of those times we are going to be mentioning between Jessica and I. Some resources for you to take advantage of. You know, in in the form of Web site addresses. And so rather than typing it into your browser and running off to check it out instead. Resist that temptation. I recommend and take notes, write it down on a piece of paper or open up a notepad on your computer, whatever your favorite form of note taking is, and then go visit them later after the show is over. Because here's why the magic happens in the room. And this is our virtual room. We are in a seminar type of atmosphere with a workshop type mentality where you are going to learn an immense amount of golden nugget so will help you propel your business farther. And Jessica, is the reason you're going to learn that I can't wait. We're bringing her on soon, I promise. So reach a peak library. What is that? That is a Web site that I put together literally with you in mind, the viewer, the entrepreneur, the person that maybe hasn't even started their business yet, but wants to. And what I've done is over the course of years is read voraciously a lot of books that were based on business about personal development, fitness, everything that mind, body and business encompasses. And this is a list that I personally read. And so I vet these personally and I recommend them. And so if you haven't been reading, this is a great resource for you to go to, because now you don't need to guess. You can say, well, at least one other successful person has found value in this book. I'm gonna go check one of these out and just grab the first one that jumps out. Don't overanalyze. There's 40 books in here. I've read far more than that. That should be on this list. I'm just not cut up, but I just pick the first one and get moving. It's all about taking action. As Jessica knows, I see her on the wings on camera. You can't Syria. And she is not even in full agreement. That's because she knows she's a successful entrepreneur in her own right. And, you know, kind of mentioning Jessica reminds me that it's probably about time we bring her on. What do you think? Let's do it. Here she comes.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight. Savvy. Skillful. Professional. Adept. Trained. Big league. Qualified.

Brian Kelly:
And there she is, ladies and gentlemen, the one they only just suck. Silver man. How are you doing tonight, Jessica?

Jessica Silverman:
I am wonderful. Thank you so much for asking. Yes, I was nodding in the wings, agreeing with everything that you were saying and bubbling to speak. But I sat and waiting.

Fantastic. And you're coming to us all the way from Florida. So I'm in Southern California.

That's the beauty of doing a live Internet based show is no one needs to travel and we can do this at an instant. And it's amazing technology to do so.

Brian Kelly:
Jessica, right before I formally introduce you, what I'd like to do is remind all of our viewers that those who stay on with us that are watching live to the very end of the show. I will give you the information to give you the opportunity to win a five-nights stay at a five-star luxury resort in Mexico, compliments of our friends at Write that down if you're taking notes. You definitely want to check that out. I use that very technology. You will see it in action toward the end of the show. So stay to the end. We give away one of these every single show. And just so you know, these are not one of those. We're going to hook you, bring you in and pitch you a timeshare for half of your first day there. There is no time share pitch going on at all. How do I know this? The owner of, the founder, Jason Nast, is a good friend of mine. He tested it. He actually went to. I forget the name of it. Rocky Point, I think, in Mexico. And he said it was an amazing experience. Took his daughter, had a blast. So stay tuned for that. Now let's bring on the star of the Hour. Jessica Silverman is a big startup coach to aspiring entrepreneurs seeking greater clarity and simplicity to live their true life's purpose through her coaching. She guides her clients with mind body empowerment tools. See the do you see the patterns here to spark the transformation of a physical and spiritual awakening to live and feel their most lives self at an even deeper level? The core foundation of our teachings unleash a deep understanding of one's energy emotionally, physically and spiritually. This is amazing. From the place of energy insight, she can awaken this wisdom towards healing, enlightenment and a deeper awareness of one's divine purpose. At last, Jessica Silverman, welcome to the show.

Jessica Silverman:
Thank you very much. You know, I've heard my bio many times guessing on other podcasts and for some reason it triggers me emotionally. I receive timers, as I always tell my clients when they write content that it's your words and it's personal. And when you create something, it's just such a beautiful thing, no matter how many times you hear it. You have that deep emotional connection to it. So thank you for the grant.

Oh, absolutely. And a large part of that comes to the deep rooted passion you have for helping people, you know, and that's where a lot of that emotion originates from. And that's why you are successful, because you have found something that moves your passion needle all the way to the end of pegs it. And that's amazing. And that's you know, that's that's a a tool in its own right. That's a teaching moment in its own right. A lot of there's a lot of controversy over what you should do, what your passion about. No, just do. It makes money. You know, when it comes down to it, if you don't like what you're doing and you're an entrepreneur, you will struggle. Might totally I kid you not. I see that. I've done it. Product of the product. Now I found what I'm passionate about. And it's so much easier, isn't it? Jessica, when you find something that you are lacking with, it's like it. It's not easy. It's easier.

Exactly. And as I always say, when you focus on what you're passionate about, the money comes. Right. But when you focus just on the money, it's a short term thing, because eventually you'll get burnt out. Right. Energy. Right. You read that on my bio energetically. You're out of alignment with what you truly want to do. Right. And you're always in flux and you're forcing something that's really not there. And so eventually write that candle tends to burn itself out. So when you do what you love, the money comes. Yeah.

And I'm living proof. So totally, totally concur. Yeah. You know, it may be fun in the beginning because you are making money and there's that. It's like it's like a it's like getting a quick high on a bad drug thing, if anyone knows what that's like. It's like it's it's euphoric in the beginning, I guess.

And then at the end, it's crash. But laughing. Yeah, there you go. So with with something you're passionate about. It's a it's like a marital relationship, a good one where it's it's loving. You know, there are ups and downs. My gosh, I just thought of this, Jessica. There are ups and downs, but it's like a stock that's always trending up. You see the peaks and valleys, but that's the trend line is always improving. And it's a fun. You know what? That's stuff. That's a fun ride.

It's a coaster ride. Roller coasters go up and down. They don't just go straight up. So and like I always say, that's the stock chart, which I'm glad you mentioned, that's my previous past where I came from in corporate finance. So I do relate still everything to that. It's never a straight line, right? Nothing is linear. Right. There's peaks and valleys, right. As I would say, if you want to relate it to nature, you know, there's twelve hours of sunlight, just like twelve hours of darkness. And that's the way the world was created to be, right. High and low to be dark and light to be right. Kind of that paradigm between both energies.

Absolutely. What would happen, Jessica, if it was always just awesome and never was never any kind of valleys? I mean, what would we have to compare this awesomeness against? All right. Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. It's a good time to ask this question. I usually I've asked it in the past, not every time, but OK. You're not trippin or you're successful. What if there was an actual ceiling? And just suppose for a moment there is. And you have climbed that ladder, you've climbed that mountain, that rocky peak, and it's up and down, up and down. And finally you get to the top and there is a ceiling. That's it. I've made it. Hooray! I've hit the absolute top successes. Mine. What would that feel like to you, knowing that there's no more no more growth possible to go forward for further forward? I can get it.

I think that would feel defeating because personally and I know all entrepreneurs have this within no, they wouldn't be entrepreneurs is the ability to constantly improve. And that's why I say you're never there. Right. It's an ever evolving process. But I think that's what makes it so beautiful because it's infinite. Right. Just like the world is infinite. And speaking of books, I follow Deepak Chopra devoutly. I've heard him speak numerous times. And there's something that he said in his talk that has stuck with me every time. This concept of infinity comes about. He says, you know, we're point 0 0 0 0 to infinity. Right. Percent of this universe. As humans, we think we know everything. We think that we have it all worked out and everything has to be logical. But that's not how the universe works, right? The universe is so much bigger than ourselves. Right. And that's why we don't really know all the answers. But I think that's part of the beauty of this whole journey of life and entrepreneurship and how it's all connected is the not knowing. Of course, you do need to have some structure in place. And I'm not saying to just meditate on a mountain and hope that everything falls into place.

Does that lends itself to chaos as we know the world today. But I think that just knowing that is beautiful, that there is no ceiling. Right. And that really the world is is infinite. And starting this journey of entrepreneurship has really taught me that that there is no ceiling. Right. That the world know sounds cliche, but the world really is your oyster. It really all depends on your perception, though, of it. If you're not willing to see past that, if you're not willing to, like you said, ride that roller coaster, then you will feel defeated. You will you will create your own ceiling. Right. Speaking of sealing in your own mind, and I think that's where a lot of entrepreneurs get stuck. Right, is they they trip on that rock and they're like, oh, why? I'm not meant to do this. But they don't really give themselves the chance to understand that there really is no place to achieve. It's an ever evolving journey and that every day you're better than the day before and that that's a continuous process of improvement or as the Japanese call it.

Yeah, and it's a great point. The reason people fail or stop is really because the passion isn't great enough for what they're doing. And another way of describing that is there why is not empowering enough to keep them going.

I've gone through a process, a little exercise several times to determine my way to see if it will change for me each and every time it comes up the same. It's my wife. I I get up. I breathe. I am happy. I'm set. Everything is for my wife. I love her so much. We're high school sweethearts. That's my wife. It doesn't mean that has to be anyone else's. Why their spouse? Significant other. But it it is one of those things. She is someone I would I would die for and I would never quit because she's that important to me. And when I find something I'm passionate about and then tie my wife to it. Look out. It's done. Katy, bar the door. I would say so. You know what, Jessica? I'm convinced now that you and I are set. We're separated at birth. Somehow you look way younger than me. But I think we're twins that we're separated because I mean, we're your lock step. This is like perfect resonates as young as it that.

We'll do that. Now we have the Mr. T conversation.

I know who Mr. T is fighting and makeup. I love it. Yeah. Anyway, I don't touch those areas when it comes to women. Never. Never.

You look amazing. I can't believe in talking to you earlier about your accolades. I can't believe you've been on earth long enough to do that based on your youthful looks. So kudos to you. And that comes to you taking care of yourself. A lot of that for sure. So good. Yup. So we talk about passion. We talk about the mindset, right, and the why. So when you get up, one of things I'm always curious about, Jessica, especially with successful entrepreneurs as yourself. I love to get into their mind. And I'm not getting weird here. I love to find out what makes them tick. In particular, one example would be like when you're about to get up, you're waking up your feet, swing over the bed, they hit the floor, you're sitting there. And if you're anything like me a little bit groggy, you're coming too. And you're coming too. And you're starting to become aware that, OK, a new day is upon me. And then the excitement, the drive, the motivation starts to kick in and you begin to wake up at an accelerated rate for you. What is that thing? Or things that starts that motor running in the morning that gets you driven to take on the day?

To me, what gets me out of bed? I'm glad you bring up this concept because I preach there's so much in my work again. And I'm very aligned with Japanese philosophy. I don't know why you can see I'm not Japanese, but this concept of eco GUI, which literally translates to your why, your purpose, your reason for being what gets you out of bed. Right. Exactly as you said. And for me, it's knowing that I can touch someone's life today. Right. If I just touched one person's life. Today, one woman or man or whoever is falling and social media that's struggling. And I can just say that one thing that elevates them from a dark place of whatever they're going through, that's what gets me out of bed. Right. It's very selfless because to me, when you stay silent, you surrender your power to do that, right. When you don't share your story, when you don't get out there. And it's not always easy. I mean, I sit here now and I do interviews and I talk and I get on Facebook wives. But when I first started, I had much anxiety around this. And that's what I tell women, all the women I work with and everyone that follows me online, that you will feel that you will feel that anxiety.

Like what if people don't understand me? And what if the words don't come out right. And some of these things. Right. Go through my mind as I'm about to go through my day as well. You know, it's been very real. There's a lot going on. What if I can't be the best for everybody? But you will? Because I always say you can't say the wrong thing to the right person. Right. The right person speaks your sole language, like you said, like separated at birth. Right. It's we understand it's that mutual understanding. And I think that's really what inspires me to get out of bed every day. First thing, probably a terrible habit. I get on my phone and see if my clients email me or what's going on in my world and on social media. But it really invigorates me. And the spirit of all my brand is about coming alive. And I think coming alive comes from the ability to share stories because it's these stories that empower other people. And it's your story, my story that makes us unique. And I hear this so much in the marketplace. Well, who am I? And there's so many wellness coaches. There's so many business coaches. You know, how am I going to stick out in the marketplace online in a crowded market is to be yourself. I mean, nobody has the exact same story that you've been through and nobody has the same exact experiences that you went through. But it's having vulnerability and opening up and sharing those stories and not being afraid to continue sharing the light in the dark because it's all part of us. We all have that within us. And when you speak up, you empower other people to do the same.

Fantastic. And I wanted to note that there is absolutely for anyone watching that does the same thing. I do it as well. The first one of the first things I want to get up is I look at my phone as well. There's nothing wrong with that. There's a lot of people that think that's the horrible thing to do. Here's the here's the real deal. Everyone, including Jessica, myself, successful entrepreneurs, has their own routine that they go through each and every morning. It doesn't matter what that routine is, as long as it works for you. That's it.

So there's no need to be ever ashamed or sad or. And this is for everybody. You just struck a chord that I've heard so many people tell me that, you know, I shouldn't do this, but when I get home, I don't get out of bed. I'm reading my phone. I have a really, really close friend who does this before he goes to sleep and he does it before he gets out of bed.

And he's successful. So so be it. Model success. Do what works for you. It doesn't matter. I just said, Sara, I wanted to get that in there.

No, I completely agree. I completely agree. And, you know, same thing with TV. Like, I read all these articles and all these mind body journals that, you know, to watch TV. But it depends what you watch. It's all about what you expose your mind to. It's all about perception. You know, I don't personally watch a lot of violent TV because I don't want that in my horizon. It doesn't speak to the spirit of my life and my brand. But if you watch inspiring shows, you get lost in a good story. Like I said, that can absolutely invigorate you. And do you right at the end of the day for works for you and you're successful. Then why listen to everybody else?

Bingo. Thank you so much for that. Because we are all unique individuals, unique human beings, and you just have to find that sweet spot that works for you, and if you're not sure what that is. Certainly you can talk to Jessica. You can talk to me. You can talk to anyone that's been on my show in the past. Just go to the Web site and look them up and ask them what is your routine? And then try different types of things that are being done for successful people in their routines. And that's it. It's simple. Just model success. We got a few people. Yeah. Jessica, Marcia Green says that boutique. How are you doing? I know him personally as a photographer, a phenomenal individual, an entrepreneur himself. And Christine Lindstrom says yes to everything you're saying. I love it. I love it. I love it. And for those of you watching online live right now, go ahead. Type in questions if you have any questions for Jessica. Time permitting, we will definitely bring those up on the air as we go forward. We are streaming right now live to 10 different platforms simultaneously, several on Facebook. Periscope is included, YouTube, twitch mixer. It goes on and on. So anywhere you're watching, go ahead and ask a question.

We will see that come up in the chat interface and we'll definitely address it again. Time permitting. But the real value here is to talk with Jessica, to get her mind out of her mind through her audio, out of her mouth and into your ears. So you guys can all then reap the rewards of her brilliance and achieve success like she has. That's so pretty cool. I mean, how much is this costing you all to watch?

Nothing, right? At least not yet. I might put this on a membership site later. I don't know. And I will tell you this absolute honest truth. I've been to so many seminars and events. I was telling you this before we went on the air. Jessica, it's hard to count how to quantify. And I've learned an immense amount of great things from them. And I'm not saying that because I'm the host. I'm the recipient. I'm like, I'm a host. But I'm like the most blessed person on the earth because I get to interview and learn from people like Jessica and I learn from every single guest. You cannot find this content in any seven hour workshop, anything out there that I've ever experienced. And this what you would normally be charged a healthy amount of money to have access to something like this. I kid you not because of what is discussed on the show and the value. And we're going to dive deeper into that. And so I just want to raise that up. I only have the best the best on this show.

And Jessica is definitely one of those. Jessica, I talked about briefly in the beginning about the importance of reading of and how it has greatly impacted those who are successful. I had a past guest, for instance, who spent eight hours a day. This is in his younger years, eight hours a day, every day, as if it were his job reading those kind of books that you saw on Richard Peak Library. And he's self-taught himself into immense success as a direct result. So his mentors are authors of books for you. And I never take it to the extreme, but they oh, my gosh, they're part of my life. Would you consider yourself to be an avid reader as well, which I'm assuming that answer's already been taken care of? And what would you say is your favorite of all books when it comes to the art of business? And it does have to be strictly business. It could be something that had to do with mindset that helped propel your business. Well, what comes to the top of your mind is surrender experiment.

So it took me a second because I've read so many incredible books and a lot of them which were in your library as well. Darren Hardy is definitely on the top. I was recently in his 90 day challenge because he's all about, of course, the body as well as so was about doing a mile every day for 90 days and review his podcasts and actually got a signed copy of the entrepreneurial roller coaster book, which I have yet to read. I just actually got there the other day. So I look forward to reading that compound effect was one of my favorite books actually read that while it was still in my mind. Corporate finance position transitioning to entrepreneurship. And I think it was. It's amazing how you always find the books in divine timing as to the point in your life that you need to read them because it's business, right? It's all about finance, really. And right. The time, value of money and all of that. But I love how he connects it to real life. And that's actually was in the first book I was going to say. But thinking about your library, I had to bring up Darren Hardy as well. But no one was the surrender experiment. Michael Singer and the Untethered Soul. Those are two of his books that are my all time favorites. And it's really because he he dive so deep into the intricacies, like you mentioned, of the mind and how the mind works and how it's actually connected scientifically to the body, because a lot of people have a lot, I think a hard time conceptualizing the mind and how it works and all this esoteric right mind, body spirit type of concepts in the world.

But when you actually connect it to proven science, that's when the logic piece. It really steps in, and that's what you really kind of explains it like, for instance, when you have a thought, whether it's anxiety, whether it's excitement, whether it's fear and you feel it in a mind becomes right, then a feeling right. What you think affects what you feel and then you take an action. But it all and I remember he mentioned this in the book in the center now, sorry, untethered soul sort of experience is also a wonderful book, but it gets stuck in the heart center, which if you think about it, makes logical sense because the heart is where you feel all your emotions. Right. It affects the blood that flows through your body. Right. And either creates a sense of anxiety, some excitement, maybe depression, whatever type of feeling that it is. But again, all triggered by thoughts. We know this. Do we apply it? I don't know. Typically not right. Mind and body right symptoms are out of alignment, you know, knowing and doing right.

I would say there are two completely different things, but both of those books are very different, but very amazing. The surrender experiment was his autobiography. So it's a true story. I always love a true story and especially mediums like this. You mentioned golden nuggets and that's why it is different than a page content or seminar, because it's not scripted, it's real. It's real stories that people can relate to. You know, it's all these little details like, oh, I love that book. Oh, she mentioned this color or this person and I connect in. And that's where that. Like you said, businesses connection. You know, that's where this all comes about. And that's what's made me successful. And Michael Singer, I think, really does a beautiful job in both his books on the surrender experiment, which I won't give it away, but basically was all about how he said yes to everything for years and years and years, even though he may not have felt right in his soul that that was the right thing. But he was led to know later that his purpose was there. Right. And by saying yes, he allowed that to happen. He was kind of a yes man. And the universe brought him to exactly where he needed to be in business and in his spiritual career.

So much there. Jessica, so much there. That is phenomenal that you brought up that book at this time, because I kid you not just two nights ago on the show had a wonderful woman, Jenny Herschel Road, who recommended a book very similar. It sounds in nature to what you just described. So I wrote down the book you recommended and it's gonna be in my audible library very soon. I do this after every show. I go and buy the books that are being recommended by successful entrepreneurs like yourself. And the other one was the biology of belief.

Yes. Bruce Lipton, that is that is a deep war.

I love it. Oh, my goodness. Genetics. Yes. Yes. Again, it connects science to spirit.

Right. Or what people think is spirit or illogic.

It's really logical and it's true. It's your thoughts we go through. I've gone through a process or an exercise from stage where we call it T Bear. It's an acronym. Your thoughts when you think something enough, long enough, long enough, it's ingrained in your mind, then becomes your belief and then your belief becomes so strong that you would go to the mat for it. And if ever challenged or if given the other side and you're passionate about it, that evokes emotion. And then emotion evokes action because we are human beings. So this comes down when it comes to sales people by an emotion they don't buy on logic. Logic is the path to get to the emotion, to then make the purchasing decision. And once once the action occurs are the emotion drives that action. That's how you get the results in your life. And it all starts with what Jessica just said. Your thoughts and this book and the book she does recommended both. I highly recommend that you all pick up both of these books. So it is the surrender experiment by Michael Singer and the Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton. Dr. Bruce Lipton. Amazing. I'm almost done with that one. I'm just I'm going to this is one of those rare ones I will listen to several times. And Marsha Green, who is on Facebook, has a phenomenal question that I would like to bring to you, Jessica.

It's right on track with mindset. And her question is, how do you stay positive and have excitement that lasts? That's a great question.

I think that's a million dollar question. And I would say to that question, I would answer, just like you said, biologically, it's it's a programming, right. So it starts with a thought and it transpires right to the heart center and then it becomes a reality right in your physical body. And it's all cellular level, right. Because the mind speaks to every other part of the body and tells the cells what to do. So in order to write and I didn't always lead a positive life. And that's why this is a perfect question for me, because I've led one reality and now I love another. It's a matter of the things you do every single day to continue programming that right. Just like our technology, which is another one of my favorite loves. Right. But we are so very similar to technology and. What we program in our lives every single day, what books we read, who we connect with. What is your physical space look like? Right, every single day. And actually put kind of three things here to kind of. I always say good things come in threes, right. How do you continue to stay positive and what are kind of the must haves? You know, that you need to do every single day to maintain and sustain this positive life and not to ride the highs and lows. I think no one is not to expect to always be positive. Right. So even though, of course, I'm on here and I'm very high energy, I'm a human being, too. Right. I have ups and downs in my life. But it's when you attach to them. Right. And the Buddhists don't say that that attachment is the root of all suffering.

So it's being able to detach from that negative emotion to the point where it doesn't affect you. Right. And that's where it's a practice. Right. It's a matter of what you do every single day. Write the books that you read, everything that you're ingesting and energetically write it in your physical environment. Write what you're seeing, what you're feeling, what you're tasting, what you're hearing. And that all comes down to these three things I talk about. So no one is energy, right. And everything. It's my favorite instinctual. Everything is energy, right. So everything that you are exposed to physically and subconsciously. Right. Those are the things that you're not necessarily aware of, but you're still picking up. And that's why I say it's it's important to be aware of the things that you're aware of and not aware of. But of course, I know a lot of people are thinking, well, how can I be aware of what I'm not aware of? And that's that's a process. Right. But it's really about being present. Right. Being in the moment, really just staying in tune in every moment to your five senses. Right. Like I said, what you're seeing, what you're hearing you're experiencing. And to know that even if something is playing in the background. So let's say you're cooking dinner and the news is on. Right. And the news is worse. One of the most negative outlets of media that there is your taking that on yourself. So even then you're not realizing that you're exposed to that. Right. You are. And so I think to be positive is consistently immerse yourself, number one.

And that energy, number two, to set boundaries. Another book just to share. Sorry. This is off topic that I'm reading right now actually is do less, but keep Northrop. Her mother, the lovely Christiane Northrup, who talks a lot about energy vampires. Right. And not letting people around you bring you down to the level where they're dolling your light. Right. And if it's something you have sued, you have to be around and just kind of minimizing that exposure or building that shield or making your practices that keep you positive even stronger to outshine that energy awareness and just setting boundaries around that energetic boundaries. And then I think number three, this before it is physical environment. You know what? What you're around, are you spending enough time in nature? Are you do you have a daily prayer meditation practice or are you connected to something bigger than yourself? Are you involved in community? Right. To get that sense of belonging? Right. At the end of the day, I know Oprah says this all the time and I love it. At the end of the day, as human beings, we all have two main desires, and that's to be seen and to be heard. And so I think to fuel both of those desires keeps one positive as well as we talked about before, knowing, knowing why you're here. I always say this pretty much every talk him on because it's something that I love that I learned years ago that the day you were born is the day the universe decided it needed you. You are not an accident to be born into this world. And when you know why and you can tap into that, I think no matter what goes on in your world, that keeps you positive every single day. That's the life.

Fantastic. And I love the ending point there about we are no accident. Boy, you know what the odds were against us existing just on the physical nature alone. Exactly. When you talk about how many sperm are released in the egg and the odds of one sperm reaching all the way and penetrating after that, and it's it's a miracle in its own right. Every single one of us.

And that's just a small part of the miracle. And then everything that happens after that. It's amazing that we survive and that we thrive and we become adults. And we you know, I think well, the purpose in it is to serve others. And that's where entrepreneurs all come together all the time. And nothing against it. All those that are in the corporate world, they are serving others are serving their families and their significant others by making money, putting food on the table. They may be serving a cause they believe in by working for certain corporations. And so I think we're put on this earth to serve other human beings. Ultimately, when you know, when you peel it onion away and that's why I love always love being around a herd of entrepreneurs. That's why I went to so many events. It felt like I was amongst my second family. And it was just instant, like positive ness. There was no can't do attitudes around. Everyone was happy and upbeat. Most had spent a lot of money to be there and were very happy. And, you know, yours truly included. So love that. It all. Now, another area of successful entrepreneurs. And Jennifer is like, yes. And Jennifer Hirshberg, her with hands. I think those are clapping. I can never get the emojis down. Oh, that's it. All right. The. Hi.

I tend to use that often unconsciously as you picked up on.

Yeah. So, you know, it's mind. The show is about mind, body and business. And you talk about mind, body and spirituality, emotional emotion and energy. So along that line, one of those is body. And at some point, the physical nature of our existence does have something to do with what we're doing on this earth and how well we're doing it. And so I was just curious from your standpoint, Jessica, when it comes to physical fitness. Is that something that you find of importance for yourself? And is it any different of importance for your business or your personal life? Or is it equal? What does that does that mean to you?

It's number one. I say that all the time. I mean, I know we spoke earlier and a lot of people follow me for I know that's where I started. Right. As far as wellness and that whole body and taking care of yourself, you have to. Right as an entrepreneur. So it is absolutely connected to business because if you're not taking care of yourself. Number one, you don't have anything to give. Right. You're running the candle at both ends. Your body, as Jim Rowan said, and I love this quote, you know, your body is the only place that you have to live. So if you're not taking care of that. Right, you start to feel it. Obviously, at a at a physical energy level, you don't have the capacity to give to others. And I would say entrepreneurs, this is very. I am very high energy, but it's high energy work. And so I always say and that's why I start my day. Yes, I do tap on my phone, but I do exercise. I do read positive books, you know, listen, a podcast constantly immersing myself in positivity to get that energy high to start the day. I mean, some of them work out later in the day. But of course, how you fuel your body, right. The food that you eat, you know, it's all connected. And so absolutely. I think that is, number one, it's taking care of yourself. Right. Whether that's what you eat, you know, how much you move. I mean, that's energy, right. And if you think about something, energy that stays still, like for water, for instance. Right. Water. Our bodies are made up of 70 percent water.

If that's stagnant, what happens? It creates mold. It creates mildew. Right. It rots. And so you have to keep your party moving. Right. To be able to maintain the level of energy that you desire to be able to do your work. And so that's why I say that that is a number one priority. And we've all felt it because we're human. The points where we start to feel burnt out. I would say my clients. How does it feel in your body? Right. You know, you can say you don't know because your mind plays games on you. But the first step is to ask check in with your body. You know, do you feel tense? Do you feel it? You're not feeling your shoulders. It affects all of us differently. But your body is the best indicator for what's going on right. In your mental life. Right. They're all connected. And so I think staying attuned to that. Right. That whole body awareness is really key. Not to say, like you said, that you've got to have a trainer and do crossword or anything like that. As I say, just going outside and taking a walk every single day is really all you need. It's actually studies have proven that if you hate exercise, just getting outside and taking a 30 minute walk, five days a week is just as effective. And you can't I can't say or speak highly enough about how much moving your body, you know, your body is energy and 70 percent water. So, again, that really brings it to a logical scientific standpoint.

Yeah. And I concur. So mightily because I used to also have a fitness business and recently transition from that. And I remember going through and developing fitness program after a fitness program. And then and then and then I started learning from others and thought there's you know, there's just got to be a better way because it just seems like too much work and takes too much time. My program, it took a minimum of an hour a day, six days a week, which was a lot for busy entrepreneurs. That was my avatar. And then I ran into an individual, had a phenomenal program. But that one took that took me out of my home. Number one, I was using everything from home originally, which was perfect for entrepreneurs can do it from their hotels. This one took me into a gym and then it took me almost two hours every workout. And I did do it for a while. And it was I had phenomenal results.

But my gosh, it was way too much time now, like I got stuff to do. And I've recently come across something and this is going to raise eyebrows.

It did mine. I did a lot of research before I pull the trigger, but I'm doing something now that literally takes. Jessica, you may not believe this either 10 minutes a day. And it really involves strength training and strength training is where it's at.

And that's what I learned at a deep level from the previous trainer. I met with who was doing a two hour workout workouts with and this this fits the bill in all different ways. And so to let the cat out of the bag, I literally did my workout 15 minutes before we went on the air together, before you joined. And it was done. I'm done. And it's awesome. Anyway, I agree with you, but it's 30 minutes.

I do circuit training. Yeah. And because I used to again have that all or nothing mindset of like, well, if I can't spend an hour at the gym, then what is right the effect of it. Right. And I started doing similar. It's about 30 minutes, a mix of strength and cardio, you know, minute on, minute off. So it like tricks the mind. So you really never get to that mindset of those, you know, water getting tired. I'm exhausted. I should be doing that. So I should be doing that. And it just kind of keeps you going. And I really love it. And I've seen results, significant results. That's the 30 minutes, right? It's work smart, not hard. Right.

That's my is the bottom line to entrepreneurship. I hope everyone heard this word out of Jessica's mouth right there. The most important thing about anything that you embark on, no matter how much time it takes, how much money is involved, is the result. If people are getting the results you want and deserve. If if what Jessica does, which I know gives results to her clients, then what's holding you back from connecting with her? At the end of the show, we're gonna give you the opportunity to do so. Definitely. And that's all that matters. Please write down in big, big letters on your sheet of paper. Make it an entire sheet of paper and make it dark and see results. That's all that matters. That's it. If you do everything in your entrepreneur travels with that in mind, what is the result? What is the outcome going to be if I go down this path? What is my desired outcome? If it's not strong enough, it's the wrong path. So now you just saved yourself a ton of time. I'm saying all this because I've been down that time wasting path time and time again until I learned this at a deep level. And you when you said that word, let me up. That was in a great way and a great way. Oh, and Marcia Green.

Let's do that for it, though. I was like your clients, you know, it's just like with a trainer, right? Trainer can give you the workout, but if you're not gonna show up and do it. Oh, you're you see results. Right. So similar in this fashion. You know. Yeah. You can model what I do. Or you can get inspired by it. But if you're not actually going to do it.

Oh, yeah. You can learn all you want to the cows come home, but if you don't put it into action, which is unfortunately what I've seen through all these seminars I've been to, is, you know, they buy the program and they usually get a big pack, a DVD or C.D. or thumb drives and that ends up on their shelf. And then instead of becoming self-help, it becomes shelf help and it never gets touched. And that's very, very important. So a lot of that comes into creating an environment of accountability and of to keep them inspired and moving and hit the finish line and setting expectations in the beginning. So that failure is not an option. It just is not going to be one. And you won't accept it because, look, if you didn't do that, then it would be a disservice to them, wouldn't it? Because they won't get the results if they finish the race. And so why would there be any other decision than finishing the race at all? It doesn't matter. Things happen. There's bumps in the road. You get knocked back. But that's what people like Jessica are here for, to lift you back up. Give you a big pat on the back and say, let's get back on that horse and let's go do it again until we finish. Until you get the results you came for. That's why that's why I love what we get to do, Jessica. It's an amazing thing.

I love it. I always say to failure is not a bad thing because in essence, it tells you what not to do. So you kind of want to feel if you're going to fail, fail fast. You know. Exactly. OK. That didn't work. Let me try something else.

Fail fast and fail often, because the more you do it, the quicker you do it, the closer you get to those successes, not just once success. You're going to fail several times, hit a success, fail several times, since success fail once citizens test fail a bunch of times, there's success. It's all over the map.

But as long as you have the mindset of being OK with failing, those that aren't are letting their ego get in the way. That's just it. It's bottom line, your ego and the great thing. The good news is there's ways to to really reduce the ego. I don't know if you can really eliminate any ego, but you can greatly reduce it to the point where it's no longer in your way of achieving success. Marcia earlier said thank you much gratitude. That was, I think, to your answer to her, how do you stay positive and have excitement that lasts? But it's probably for everything you've said up to this point, because I feel that way about what you've said.

So thank you so much. There is one question that I love asking ever. There's many, but this one I always love to find what you. In this case, Jessica, have found that has really catapulted your business more than any other. And that is in the area of one of the most difficult things that we must master in business. And that's the arena of marketing. Marketing is so multifaceted. There are so many ways to market. Many people don't even realize it. But this show, I'm literally marketing my business right now. They don't even know that because I'm not pitching anything. And I'm not going to go into the details of how that is a marketing tool. And that's not the purpose of this question. I want to know from you, Jessica. You know, Mark, marketing is difficult and it can be difficult because it's so multifaceted. You just need to find something that works and then repeat it and hold on to it for as long as it works. But the problem is trying to find that one thing that works for you. Your business model and everything that goes with it.

So for you, what would you say to date has been your most successful form of marketing? You know, it could be Facebook ads. It could be one on one word of mouth going to events, speaking from stage. What is that one thing thus far been for you?

Facebook groups connection.

I have used Facebook ads as well. I mean, that's not my number one platform, but I really think that instead of focusing on that. And that's why you ask, you know, Facebook ads. I mean, I do it all. You know, I'm on LinkedIn. I'm a pincher, some on Instagram, you know, I guess on podcasts, live events. I think being live, I think, is the number one media. Right. So having a community and getting in touch with them. I mean, my tribe knows me in my life group and Facebook. I'm there every single day, whether it's in a post, whether it's Facebook live. I show up no matter what. But I also think that it's important to have good copy copy that connects because at the end of the day, we're all kind of saying the same thing. But it's the way you say it that really sticks out, right, in terms of marketing. So if you're really thinking, OK, this isn't working or, you know, I'm out there and I'm posting all over the place, but no one's biting. Sometimes one word can really change. Right. Just like the one we're triggered with you results. Right. We all have our trigger words that get us moving, that get us motivated, that connect one to the other. And I'm a writer. So to me, copy is really everything, right? So you can be all over the place and you can create ads and you can automate your business. But if what you're automating and buying ads isn't speaking to people, then how effective is is that really going to be? That's my motto.

Love it. The bottom line there is connections, you know, through different vehicles, through different platforms, if you will. Different means. But Facebook groups. That was actually that was an eyebrow raiser for me in a good way. I'm like. I like that because groups have become very powerful and specifically that they have become way more powerful than Facebook pages. Pages are almost a dying breed because organically they are not an algorithmically they are not being pushed out to our timelines. So when someone posts on a page that we like, we don't we rarely see. That depends. I'm I don't know what the algorithm set up to, but it's rare. You have to actually go to that page or they need to push it directly to your timeline.

But groups are definitely powerful. Go ahead. I think the golden nugget. Sorry. You got me all excited when you said Facebook pages are which I used to breaches all ten of my clients. However, I tested something recently over the last couple of months, actually. Must have changed something algorithmically where if you post first to Instagram and you connect it to your Facebook business page, it does get a lot of looks. And I've tested that probably for a good month or so. Of course, it's important to have good hashtags. That's really the whole theme of Instagram is, is having good hashtags. You can connect again to those communities. Right. So that's hashtag is community on Instagram, just like your group is to Facebook. But if you do that to the business page, which is automatic, all you do is supposed to Instagram, click that little radio button boom and it automatically post to both. I've seen a ton more engagement in my audience.

Oh, what a phenomenal tip.

Don't even have to buy ads. So it's completely free love.

Oh, goodness. These are the things I love. Not just because it's free, but because it's effective. And it gets you know what words coming up results. Right. And that's where it all comes down to, especially if you can save money on it, because here's the deal. You know, a lot of people have issues with making a lot of money or other people making a lot of money for me. I want Jessica to make all the money in the world. I want her to become just exuberantly wealthy. Why? Because knowing her, looking at her, listening to her, feeling what she's saying, I know what she will do with a lot of that money is build a bigger business and serve more people. So isn't it a blessing for Jessica to become extremely wealthy beyond where she is today? Yes. And I I want that for her. Not the opposite. So many people. That's the ego thing. It's a competitive thing. Oh, you have all this money. It's like, well, God bless you. Thank you. I'm glad you do. Because with that, knowing you that you can really make a larger impact on the world, which is what every one of us as entrepreneurs want to do, don't we?

We want to spread our our gifts are our experiences that help others to get farther, faster and with money. And it's not. Money is not the end all be all. It's a vehicle to help us to build an impact. More lives. Do you agree with that?

Yes. It allows you to do the work. And it's funny. I actually had this conversation with one of my clients on Facebook the other day where I said I only want to make a ton of money so I can, of course, make a big, bigger impact. But the money is energy, right? Money is energy. And so I always say the more money you make, as long as you're channeling that energy for good. God bless you. You know, I mean, bless you. Whatever you believe in God universe spirit. Bless you, because we're spreading positivity in the world. And Lord knows we have enough negativity out there. So if you're doing good and you're inspiring people, then bless you. Right. Together we rise. So absolutely.

To gather, we rise. I like that. Oh. Oh, Jessica, get that domain name. I'm telling you, that's a good one.

Oh, right, right. It's Fowle.

Hey, I'm gonna I'm gonna work. I can't believe this. We're already nudging up against the end of the show. Can you believe an hour has already gone by, almost six minutes left? Well, the good news is, you know, this is not on any kind of radio station where they like literally cut the cord when it's time to be done so we can go another hour or two after we're, you know, the original time, if you're cool with that. I'm just kidding. I know you would be because you have that energy. But I know you're in Florida and it's almost 10 o'clock. There is pressing nine thirty.

So I want to really respect that. Pardon? I said it's a good thing I'm a night.

This is 9:00 in the morning. I might be a whole different interview. I love it. I love still looking at the phone. Just getting out of bed. I love it.

All right. So there's one question I love to basically close the show with. And we won't be 100 cent close because don't don't worry, I'm forgotten about the giveaway for the vacation for those that are still live with us. But there's one question that I've asked every past guests on the show. That's why you don't you have no idea where it is. You didn't have any idea how what several of these were tonight. And that's the beautiful thing about being organic, because you can't you can't make this stuff up. And that's why I am so blessed in getting to do what I do. But what I want to do is ask you this. This question is kind of a it can be thought of as a heavy hitter, but at the same time, not so much. And it just depends on the individual. And so before I do that, I do want to make good on my promise and let everyone know how they can enter to win that five-night stay at the five-star luxury resort in Mexico. So, real quick now, at this time and this time only you have our permission to pull out your phone, to take your eyeballs off the screen if you're not watching this on the phone and text this to this number (661) 535-1624 enter. That is the phone number to call or to text and then type the word PEAK - P-E-A-K - in the little message area at the bottom and then tap the send icon. So again, the number is (661) 535-1624 and enter and type in the word PEAK - P-E-A-K - and send it along again. This is sponsored by and you are literally using their technology. Yes, I am a client. By texting that word to that number, you will see it in action directly and you'll be entered to win. More importantly, or equally as importantly, that five-night stay at a five-star Mexican resort in Mexico. All right. And we also do have a little bird told me that there might be something else that's going to be given away tonight. I think it was maybe. Was it you, Jessica? Yeah, it was you. She's got something phenomenal. But right before we announce that, I would like to spring this question on you if you're OK with that.

Absolutely. Cool. So and just in case I see no like trepidation, no worry on you at all, you're at your progress. You've been doing this for a while. I can tell you've been on many podcasts. I appreciate that. But definitely from the hip.

So the more organic and random, the better.

I love it. I love it. And the cool thing about this question, Jessica, is it's unique to each individual. So there's no such thing as a wrong answer. You cannot answer it incorrectly. It's it's impossible. The only correct answer is your answer. And the interesting thing is, to date, out of all the past guests I've interviewed, it's been over 50 of well over 50 of them know to have answered it identically. Not yet. I expect it to happen sooner or later, but not yet. So in case there was any unforeseen, any unseen trepidation going on under that very stoic face that you've got going, that's that's showing nothing but confidence. I love it. Then it should be gone by now. And if it takes you a few moments to come up with the answer, that's cool. We don't mind that airtime. That's actually that can be a good thing. But it could come to you immediately.

Either way, it doesn't matter. It's unique to what a build up, huh?

All right. Are you ready?

I'm ready. Go ahead. Doke. Jessica Silverman, how do you define success?

And I am going to take that second because I tend to answer very quickly and I want to answer so many things going through my mind as those who follow me know, I have a very active mind and I want to say this simply, but I would say success if I could simplify that in one word.

So I always love one word answers. Very powerful successors surrender. Success is surrender, and what I mean by that is letting go of expectations, letting go of the need to know everything is going to work out. Getting to know all the answers. That success, especially in entrepreneurship, because you are never going to know exactly right. Of course, most of us do. That's why people go to seminars and that's why people read books. And they want to know that that exact five step formula. Right to being successful. But I think when you look and this is one of my quotes when you let go of the need to know, the answer comes. So success to me. Surrender.

I love it. Because true to form, no one else has answered it that way. I mean, that is probably one of the most unique answers I've ever heard. And it's phenomenal and powerful. And as soon as you said it, I understood where you were going with it and it makes total sense. And that said, you know, we're we're beings of, you know, a lot of entrepreneurs because we are entrepreneurs. We have certain traits. Most entrepreneurs do. Very driven, open to risk taking a lot of the similar traits and also very ego driven initially. And we want to be right all the time, don't we? As humans, we all do. And with entrepreneurs, I found it's especially even more so than most. And so letting go of the need to know everything that's powerful, Jessica, because this passion is a clear example of that, because I had no idea what you're going to ask me.

And you said it stoic face that excites me, not knowing what I'm going to be has, because when I know, I psychoanalyze and I plan and write.

And I think that's where we get ourselves in trouble or at the monkey mind when I don't know, I'm it's just going to let what comes out naturally. And it's always an amazing answer. Right. It's always a beautiful thing. Natural. It's real. It's like, OK. So this is a clear example of that. Thank you for that question.

Oh, and thank you for a wonderful answer. I mean, so unique and so beautiful and so powerful. Goodness sakes. Well, we've hit the six, 30 hour, but I still would like to give you some time to go over the wonderful gift that you have put together for folks.

And what I'm going to do is switch it over and bring up your site and just have you go over that if you're OK with us and explain in your words what wonderful, beautiful gift you have to offer our viewers and listeners to night.

Yes. And it's beautiful because we started the interview talking about what gets you out of bed. Right. And what are your practices and how do you stay high energy. And that's what inspired, you know, what I thought about. What do I want to offer people who don't know anything about me, a taste of where I began or where I think you should begin, which is even more important, right? I mean, stories inspire, but you bring it to life by making it your own. And this concept called eco guide, this Japanese concept. I didn't make it up, but there's actually a cool Nestlé commercial if you Google it where it shows because Japan longevity. People live past 90 live to be 100. Right. They're all the blue zones, right? Are certain cities in Japan. And what is that secret to long life? Right. That's the spirit. My brand is coming alive is this concept of geeky guy, right? And it's knowing who you are and knowing what gets you out of bed. And this commercial is cool if you watch it because you see people rising, you know, in the morning and they're all running to whatever it is that they do, whether they work in a fish market or they work in a shoe store or whatever their craft is. But it's loving that right with all their heart. And as I said before, you know, when you do what you love, the money comes.

And I know in theory that sounds wonderful application. Right? It's a whole different thing. It's a million little things. As anything else. But this is a start, right? It's for I love simple but profound questions that I don't think a lot of us take enough time to really think about. You know, what do you love? What does the world me? That's my favorite absolute question. Right. We don't think about it. What does the world need and where is my place in all of that? Right. And you'll see when you download this. And there's a short video where I sort of explain this process of E.T. guy reason for being. That's step one. Right. So if you're out there like brands that you're in a corporate park, that's awesome. Right. Because when you're doing this work, you're a company. And this is the way I always think about it. Mindset is an investor in your business, your venture, whatever your side, hustle, whatever it is that you want to do, that is your is your investor right in that business? And doing all this work right, of course, is an investment as well. And so if you go to that Web site and you sign up, it's absolutely free. You will get that free. Simple but profound download to find the answers on your own.

As I always say, a good coach doesn't tell her clients exactly what to do. She guides them to find the answers for themselves. Because that way you do it in your own way. Right. And it really has meaning and has purpose and really brings this concept of icky guy to life. And the beauty of downloading is that, as you can see on the sidebar, which is why I love this platform, it's called Member Vault. If you're looking. Another golden nugget. I can't speak highly enough about number, but it's a wonderful one stop shop platform to where, if you notice, you see my freebie on the left, you can see other programs that I offer as well. In my world, I am continuously updating this. I'm actually working on an entire freebie hub now that's going to have my best Facebook wise podcasts. Tons of tons of free content yet. So I have a big heart and I wear my heart on my sleeve and I actually do believe that exactly when you do what you love. So I'm happy to share this wisdom and all the work that I've done. It's taken me years and years to hone in and share it with all of you. And that's be a t that y forward slash my reason for being.

Thank you for bringing that up. Yes. So the website, just in case you missed that. It's a shortened Web site and it's B-I-T. So it's BITLY a lot of you know what BITLY is. But it's B-I-T.L-Y.COM. So, BIT.LY/MyReasonForBeing, all together. One word, MyReasonForBeing. So, And you will end up and land on the page that you see in front of you right now if you're watching us here on the live video. The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. Fantastic.

And thank you so much for yet another golden nugget sharing her tools and resources. She's using member vault. We're both. We found out before the show started as we're talking before. We're both tech geeks and we love this stuff. We eat it up. We devour it. It moves our needle. And so when she said that, I was writing it down because I have my own go tos as well for membership and for learning management systems and things like that. And I'm always looking always. It doesn't matter if I thought I've got the best of the best of the best. I want to see if there's something that can even eclipse that. And so thank you for that additional tidbit. For those of you that aren't techie, hopefully you have a team or a person that helps in that realm.

Forward that onto them so they can take a look at it. Always very important. Have a team around you, because if you are going at it as a solo, nor for any any duration, you're going to approach burnout very fast, especially once you start seeing success and where clients are coming in, there's more to do. So thank you so much. My goodness.

Thank you. You again.

You've been amazing. Didn't expect any less, but just amazing. I want to thank everyone for coming on.

We've got 50 Von Marcia Burdick Jay for Title Marcia Green, Dawn 5 failure.

I think I'm not sure from read that right. And for those that ask the question like Christine Lindstrom. So Marcia Green. Thank you for asking the question. I appreciate everybody in your time for being here tonight. Look for us coming up again on the show. Coming up very soon to find out when the show's coming on. You can get an automated notification and all you need to do is go to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show, as you see on the top, right above my head, .com and just you'll see buttons all over the place. Click one of those buttons. It will take you orderly the bottom and you just opt in. You just give you information. And all we ever use up for is to notify you of the next show when it's coming. At the moment, it's going life and it gives you the link to come directly to watch it. So very little work involved and it shows all of our upcoming guests. We've got guests coming all the way up through January are already booked. It's amazing. I love what I get to do because of people like Jessica. She is an amazing, amazing young woman. And yes, she is very young no matter what she tells you. Don't listen to her. Jessica Silverman is an amazing young entrepreneur. And I am so thankful for you to come on and spend this hour with not just myself, but with everyone who's getting to absorb your wonderful tidbits and value. So thank you so much, Jessica.

Jessica Silverman:
Thank you. Thank you for having me. Thank you for holding the space. It's really been a wonderful experience. And you definitely are a techie. Because I must tell everybody on the back end, like I knew every step of the way what was going to be upcoming. And I think that's a true testament to the system that you've built, Brian. So thank you.

Brian Kelly:
Oh, thank you so much. Yeah. I'm an automation freak and I love it because it does nothing but save me and my team a ton of time. It takes a lot of time to develop, but once it's there. Oh, baby, what a godsend. All right, Jessica, thank you so much. Once again for an on behalf of Jessica Silverman. This is Brian Kelly, your host, saying goodnight and be blessed. We'll see you again next time. Bye bye now.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show with Brian Kelly.

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Jessica Schiller Silverman

Jessica Silverman is a Biz Startup Coach to aspiring entrepreneurs seeking greater clarity + simplicity to live their true life’s purpose. Through her coaching, she guides her clients with mind-body empowerment tools to spark the transformation of a physical and spiritual awakening to live + feel her most ALIVE self. At an even deeper level, the core foundation of her teachings unleash a deep understanding of one's energy, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. From the place of energy insight, she can awaken this wisdom towards healing, enlightenment, and a deeper awareness of one's divine purpose.

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