Special Guest Expert - Jessica Waller


Jessica Waller

Raised in Alaska, Jessica Waller was born into a military family, and from the onset was given the advantage of knowing the importance of discipline, hard work, and survival. In 2005, Jessica graduated high school and her family uprooted to Memphis, Tennessee. Jessica earned a Bachelor's Degree in Professional Studies through the University of Memphis. In addition to her focus in Information Technology, Jessica also received a double minor is Criminal Justice and Psychology. Jessica then moved on to become a Digital Marketing Apprentice, quickly learning the skills necessary to become a Social Media Marketer and Founder and CEO of SocialSpark Pro, LLC.

Jessica helps new and small businesses reach their potential by utilizing unique and strategic marketing methods. Not only is Jessica a Home-Maker and a mom of 3, she also is an avid Movie Buff and Music Enthusiast who loves to travel, scrapbook, and discover new recipes through culinary Pinspiration.

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