Special Guest Expert - Jessica Waller

Special Guest Expert -Jessica Waller

Welcome to the MIND BODY BUSINESS show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly.

Hello everyone and welcome, welcome, welcome to the MIND BODY BUSINESS show. Oh my goodness, we have a very very very special guest on tonight, I cannot wait for you to meet her. She is an amazing young lady has done incredible things both for and with me for this very show and we'll talk about that as we go a little farther into it. Before we do that, for those of you that might be new to the show, MIND BODY BUSINESS. What is that all about? Well when I went through my journey of entrepreneurship and went around the sun about 54 times by now, 54 years old at the time of the show. I've learned a lot over that time, and one of the things that I noticed over this amount of time was as I was associating myself with successful people, successful entrepreneurs those had it that reached a level that I had desired to reach through networking, through seminars, and workshops primarily and really face to face. But what I noticed time and time again was there was this pattern that developed, and they seemed to excel in different areas in their lives. And as you might guess those three areas were mind, body, and business. And when it comes to mind we're talking about your mindset, and mindset is more than just the conscious level mindset where you're actually literally saying affirmations in the mirror, which I highly recommend you do. But what we're talking about is even deeper than that, and that is at a subconscious level. And there are tools that exist that help you to reprogram your mind, to serve you and others better. And it's an amazing science called neurolinguistics programming, that's NLP for short. And so, what I call that is the foundation. The foundation of not just your business but your life, your personal relationships. You'll be amazed what improvements you'll see when you experience NLP processes by an NLP practitioner. Such as myself, I am a certified NLP practitioner. And then there's body. Body, what does that mean? What is the pattern there? Well, what you notice is those that are really really successful look at most of them and you'll notice very few of them are obese or out of shape. They're very fit. And that is because they take care of themselves. One of my past guests, it just came to my head, Moh Abbas, who we're going to actually refer to during the show later, is one such person. He eats incredibly healthy and he works out on a very regular basis. And it shows. And not only does it show physically on the outside, but it also shows in the results he's getting for his business and his life. And that's what body is for. And in business, when you are able to master sales, marketing, team building, where you're scaling your business. Those are the three main areas of business building. And these are the three areas collectively at a high-level mind, body, and business that I found when entrepreneurs are working at their peak level of performance as I like to say, then they have either mastered all three, or are very close to doing so and they're on their track to doing that. And so, it's like a tripod. There are three legs on a tripod holding up a camera. Now if you know, three legs are all necessary. If you knock one of those legs away what happens to that tripod and the camera that's on top? It all comes tumbling down, doesn't it? So, if you're not operating at a peak level performance in all 3 categories, then, it's time to examine that and then address it, and find out which one or two or maybe all three that need to be addressed. And now those are the topics we cover on this show. Each and every week and tonight is no different, except, we're coming from a different angle tonight and you'll see what I mean by that when we bring on our very special Jessica Waller, Guest Expert. She's an amazing amazing young woman. And regarding mentors and successful people, I remember many many years ago I was visiting with one of my mentors in his corner office on the East Coast. I'm from the West Coast, and we were meeting there for a couple of days, and at one point he looked at me and he said "Brian, if people only knew. If they only knew they just did this one thing. If they just did this one thing, they would all become rich." And he kind of paused and I'm like "Ok I'm ready. Tell me what is it?" And so, what he did was he turned around. It was a very large office, couch, desk, cabinets, massive. And he turned around and went to the back wall and there was this floor to ceiling cabinet, two doors, turned around grab both handles look back coyly and opened them up. And what I saw was nothing but shelf after shelf, after shelf of books. Books on business, books on personal development. Anything that would help him, to get farther faster in life was in that shelf. Much like the ones you see behind me here (gestures at books behind him). And I just remember sitting there thinking "That's it? Seriously, you expect me to believe that?" And I made a huge mistake that very day. I decided at that moment, to not believe what that man just told me. And so, I didn't start reading because I wasn't reading at the time. I wasn't reading anything, I mean no books, let alone personal development or business advancing books. And so thankfully, luckily, many years later, I ran into and became very good friends with another mentor who I worked with very closely on a near day to day basis. And he ended up saying almost the same exact thing he said, "Yeah if you just read you're going to be much more successful." And a little bit of a difference with him was, he didn't just say it, he also did it right in front of me because he'd walk around with headphones listening to books from Audible. And that's a service by Amazon, where you can listen to a book versus opening it and reading either physically on a book or on a Kindle tablet, electronic device. Now you could just listen it. I thought "Wow! I didn't know that existed. I've got to check that out." And it turned out, that was what really helped me because I tend to retain information better if I hear it versus read it. Plus, I stay awake longer. (laughs). I find if I read physically, my eyes get tired and then I get tired and I want to go to sleep. And so, I found out this fantastic tool so I installed on my iPhone and I started listening voraciously, and then I realized there was this one area, this one place that I spent a considerable amount of time each day, that normally would result in zero productivity. It's a place where you really can't do much other than concentrate on the task at hand and that's in a car, when you're driving. And I realized, well I'm listening to music all the time why don't I just fire up Audible. And I started doing that, and then I began reading book after book after book and that was like the fastest way to get through. And it wasn't just for speed but was also quality because I was retaining the information even while concentrating on driving. And then on that Audible app there was this cool little, cool little ribbon. It's like an icon. And what it does is when you tap on that icon, it instantly (snaps fingers) stores what's called a "bookmark." And so, if you listen and you hear a part that's like, "Hey, that really sung to me. That is a point I want to come back to and review," you just tap it and it's there forever. And then I found you could then go back on the internet on the web, on a computer, anywhere, even on your phone, and recall that bookmark and it will start playing from that very moment. So, you don't have to reread an entire book. How many of you have read a book multiple times (raises hand) because there was so many nuggets in there? But how many of you recognize that the nuggets aren't on every single page. You have to go through the whole book to get through them. So, this I thought "Wow this is phenomenal." I thought, this needs to be shared with other people, with the world, with you. With the wonderful people that are watching this show right now, and I want to do that for you at this very moment. So, what we're going to do is segue into a little segment I call appropriately, "Bookmarks."

Bookmarks. Born to read. Bookmarks. Ready, steady, read! Bookmarks. Brought to you by

Yes, You see that next to me. (Begins slideshow on screen). And for those of you - By the way, if you're watching this and listening to this just stay with the show. Take notes and we're going to be sharing resources with you over the show, like And just, resist the temptation to go to those resources as the show is progressing because you do not want to miss Jessica when we bring her on, and she's coming on soon I promise (laughs). And here is and real briefly, what that is, is a collection of books that I personally have read. For me personally I've read all of these on Audible. And these are only the books that had a profound impact on me personally, either as a personal development self-help or maybe business you'll see a lot of Grant Cardone in there, I've read every book he's written. "Big Boom" by Mel Ethan Cutler one of my mentors, amazing young man. The list just goes on and on. And so, this I put together truly as a gift for you. For people like you that are hungry for information that can help you. And so, if you haven't started reading this is a great place to come because it's already been vetted by at least one person who says its high quality. That doesn't guarantee it's going to have the same impact on you as it did on me, but the probability is much higher than you just kind of blindly putting your finger (points to camera) on the screen and saying, "I'm going to read that book from Audible or Amazon with the list of a ton of books on it." And, so what we're going to do is pick a particular bookmark straight from one of the books that I've recently read. And I'm going to play it for you. And that is, not that one, it is "Living with the Monks" by Jesse Itzler. An amazing book, it's his second one. He had some real, golden nuggets in this book and what I want to do is basically just play it back for you. It's about a minute in length. So again, be ready take notes. Get your pen and pad of paper and sit back. Let's listen in to Jesse Itzler and then we'll bring on our special guest expert. Here we go. (Plays audio).

Complete or incomplete. It has to be honest. I still add more effort to give it the monastery. It wasn't an honest trip yet. Immediately, I felt rejuvenated knowing I was staying longer to push myself, making that commitment to myself where there was no turning back felt empowering and gave me a second win. I was all in. On my walk back to my room, I came up with this. You can read "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" and listen to a 115 Vince Lombardi quotes. You can study "Awaken the Giant Within" and go to ten Tony Robbins lectures. However, the only way to truly get better is to close the book, turn off the internet, and go out into the world and stick it out. When you want to quit, get uncomfortable, and remember tomorrow. We spend so much of our lives trying to avoid pain. We're all wired to seek comfort and I love being comfortable. However, the real growth comes when you step outside of that comfort zone and tap into your reserve tank.

Isn't that so unbelievably true. And I've actually had quite a few discussions with our next Guest Expert about this very topic of the comfort zone and how important it is to continually step out of it. Time and time again because then and only then, is when you are growing. And so that's one of those patterns that's in the mindset arena where, you know this is Jesse Itzler. Incredibly successful, wildly successful. He a very successful wife who created something called Spanx which many of you are aware of. Very successful individual, and so what the key to reading is to not just read the books as he said, is to take action on them. Once you have the information that's great, but, it's really great to be a well-educated person. But if you're so educated that you're not actually taking action what you've learned, what good is it? You know you're book smart. That's it. You're not successful smart. All right. Sound good? Are you guys ready? This is it. This is that time. This is a fun time when we finally bring on our special guest. Here it is with our Guest Expert Spotlight. Here comes, Jessica Waller.

It's time for the Guest Expert Spotlight. Savvy Skillful. Professional. Adept. Trained. Big League. Qualified.

And there she is! Ladies and gentlemen! (points to the left). Jessica Waller (Jessica waving hello). She is an amazing, amazing, amazing young woman. You're going to learn a lot from her tonight. I can't wait to dig into her mind for you so that you can just bask in the glory of the gold she's going to unleash on you. She was - Jessica was raised in Alaska and was born into a military family. And from the onset was given the advantage of knowing the importance of discipline, hard work, and survival. And I know that as well as having been done the same. I was born into a military family yes, discipline, is definitely part of that. In 2005 Jessica graduated high school and her family uprooted to Memphis, Tennessee and then Jessica earned a Bachelor's degree in Professional Studies through the University of Memphis. In addition to her focus in information technology, near and dear to my heart. Jessica also received a double minor in Criminal Justice and Psychology. I'm starting to sense this young lady is a bit driven. What do you think? Jessica then moved on to become a digital marketing apprentice, quickly learning the skills necessary to become a social media marketer and founder and CEO of Social Spark Pro LLC. I'm so proud of her. Jessica helps new and small businesses reach their potential by utilizing unique and strategic marketing methods. Not only is Jessica a homemaker and a mom of 3 (signals 3 with hand). A mom of 3, note that one. She also is an avid movie buff and music enthusiast who loves to travel, scrapbook, and discover new recipes through culinary "pinsperation," she calls it. There we go, oh! and real quick, before we jump in and bring on Jessica and let her talk. I want to remind everyone watching us live that you can stick around. Stick around to the end and you'll have the opportunity to enter for a trip of 5-night stay at a 5-star luxury resort in Mexico. And I kid you not, it's the real deal. It's amazing. It's put on by my friends at Again, write that down and check that out later after the show. Huge, amazing resources. I personally use it myself. Many of you watching got a text about this show and that was right from that service. Without further ado. Finally, Jessica! It's amazing to see you again. It's been, it seems like it's been forever, it hasn't. But it seems like it's been way too long. You know what, that bio was amazing. Your bio. What I wanted to do is dig a little deeper so people get a better idea of what makes you tick. If you don't mind, if you could think of what is it that really drives you? When you get up in the morning. You know, when you wake up. What drives you to not just wake up but then to get out of bed and start your day? That get your motor running. What is that one thing? If you could think of that, and tell people what you're up to these days. What's going on in Jessica Waller land? (laughs)

Ok. Well first off, thank you for that great introduction. It is an honor to be on the show, I'm so happy to be here. But I guess what really gets me out of bed is, first of my family. So, my kids of course, my significant other. And you know they just want to make me be want to be a better person overall. As of recently, what I've been into is, I just finished up my third digital marketing apprenticeship and I'm about to sign my fourth one this week. And in addition to that, I'm actually in the middle of starting my own business. So, I've officially made the LLC and I'm working on the web site. I'm just going through all the little things I need to put together with a fine-tooth comb just to get the business up and running. My goal is to hopefully launch this by January 1st.

Amazing, amazing. I'm so excited for you and congratulations (motions congratulatory gesture with hands).

Thank You.

Jessica mentioned she just finished her third apprenticeship. I was one of those three. Where she was my apprentice and helped me immensely, with my business with this show. So, everything she's experiencing now she has witnessed either live by other Guest Experts or she has gone in with a fine-tooth comb and cleaned up certain elements that need to be cleaned up post-show and did a phenomenal job. She is so multi-talented. We'll get into that later. All of the different things that she did because of her background. You know she has I.T. background. It's not just that, she has this thing called a brain. A very very smart one. (Jessica laughs) She's very astute. She's very disciplined, very organized. I mean Jessica, you're so far along in having the other skill sets and the disciplines necessary to become successful. So, you're ahead of a lot of people already.

Thank You (laughs).

Yeah. I'm very proud of you, excited for you. And we were just talking a moment ago or I was, blabbing away about books. If you were to think of one business book that inspired you the most. Is that- I mean I assume you read. Almost, most (laughs) successful people do you.

I do. I do read.

So what business-related book actually impacted you the most?

Ok. Well, I guess the book that I've read most recently is "48 days to the Work You Love" by Dan Miller (presents book to camera). That's this book right here. And there's actually kind of a funny story to this. My father was actually in transition from switching out of a major company into another major company and he had just got his Masters. They just moved out of Tennessee to Missouri. And so, he's kind of in that transition. At the time I also had just taken a year off after getting my graduate degree. And I took a year for my maternity leave, I have one year old. And I was looking to start my career and you know get into what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, basically. And so, we were both kind of in this transition. And he actually challenged me to this book, and we decided to pick it up and read it together. We actually checked in with each other quite often. Then we answered every question after every chapter just to see where we were at. It was just a really great book, it just helped us get to... I guess, focused on what we really wanted to do. You know, what we wanted to do ultimately with our career and in this case it would be technically his second career. So, it helped us out, it made us accountable. So, it's a really great book. I'd recommend it for anybody who is kind of struggling or kind of questioning and trying to figure out what they want to do.

That is an absolutely fantastic idea. Have a reading accountability partner. And the way you guys did it where you would answer questions at the end of each chapter. That is awesome! What a great idea!

Yeah it was fun.

I often talk about having an accountability partner when it comes to fitness, to help you get motivated to kick you in the butt when you're saying "I'm too tired," and you have that good friend of yours calling you names and getting you to go to the gym. (laughs) So I love that! What a great idea Jessica. I'm going to employ that one. Start a book reading club of, for entrepreneurs. Yeah, great. You just gave me the most amazing idea Jessica. Thank you. And this is what happens every single show.

Yes. (laughs)

So, Jessica was or is still an apprentice, and she's doing this through a company called GenM. And for those of you, if you want more information just reach out to me after the show or Jessica. It depends on if you're a business owner looking for help and your willing to help back. That's the key. Or, you are someone like Jessica who was searching for basically experience. Things that she can add to her resume if she needed a job but mostly to help her to take that next step into the business she just has formed. Which is an amazing story on its own, right? Because that wasn't where you were going originally when we first started talking. It had a slight turn.

No it wasn't (laughs)

And it was amazing because of the experience you gained through all of the people you worked with. It helped you to realize this is what I love doing. I remember you saying that, I just realized. You lit up when we were talking. When you said that (Jessica laughs) I know the passion came through, you were happy, you were excited. And that at that moment I'm just not nodding, thinking "Yup. She found it. That's the one she's going to go with. Awesome.".


And so, if you hadn't done that, if you hadn't become an apprentice and spent all this time and effort you would still be in the same place. Guaranteed. Because you took action and that's what that's what it's all about taking action. We were talking about that earlier. What- I'm curious, because an apprentice.. so everyone knows. At least in this particular service, this particular model. The apprentices do not get paid, anything. No money. And so, what they do get though, however, is experience and hopefully, depending on who they are working with, some coaching and mentoring along the way. And so, apprentices through this system can only work a maximum of ten hours a week for anyone given business owner. And a minimum of five per week. And so, I was just curious Jessica, what originally inspired you to do that? To jump off the cliff, say "I want to become an apprentice, and do this and get paid nothing." And what was going on in your mind at that moment?

Well, originally going into it...Like I said I was on maternity leave for a year. And then I decided to go ahead and look into getting a job, but, I didn't really want to leave the house so I was looking specifically remote work and working from home so I watch my daughter. And so, I applied and I applied for months. And I kept getting told the same thing over and over again which was "you just don't have enough experience, we can't hire you." And I thought "Ok, well I to have a degree. I do have experience in other areas you know, I just want somebody to give me a chance." Actually the GenM, I applied for a paid position as a freelancer with them. And they turned around and did the exact same thing. They said I just didn't have enough experience. The difference with them, is that they turned around and they offered... If I could do volunteer hours, you know volunteer 5 to 10 hours per week. If I was willing to do that, and I actually had a long talk my significant other. Even though we weren't starving for money or anything, we just wanted extra side money to save up for a house and pay off debt. And so we talked about it, he agreed. He's like "Ok, well if this is really what you want to do, go ahead and go for it." So, I researched the company, I made sure it was a legit position. Just to see if there were any reviews on the company, I did all my research thoroughly. And I found out that I ended up loving it. So I signed up right away, I got 3 contracts back to back. And from then on, instead of it turning into like, just wanting extra cash and looking for a job, it turned into actually love doing the tasks. I love doing the duties that I was assigned. I loved actually working with people in the different contracts that I was with. So it blossomed, into this whole idea that never even crossed my mind when I was going to school. So, it actually, it turned out to be great.

Phenomenal. Yeah. And a lot of people would logically say "Well I'm not going to go work somewhere for free." But the thing is, money is a form of value. And experience is also a form of value. And so, it could be looked at as though...A lot of people once they've, once you've- Once they've gone through it and understand what it's like and they understand what the value is, what you are going through and nearly completed. A lot of people would be willing to pay, not get paid but pay to have the experience to work with other already established businesses because... I think it's such a brilliant concept. I mean I could not believe it when I - I didn't discover this, I was told about it by another Facebook friend. And I checked it out. I did the same thing, I researched. I just, I couldn't believe that this is so simple yet so brilliant. It puts, what it basically does for those you watching. It's called GenM and I'll put up a link later so you can go check it out. But GenM, what they do is they pair, or they match business owners with apprentices who are typically, either going through college or just recently graduated or going back into college again. Some have been out in the workforce for a number of years and then came back and want to do a transfer and shift completely, so the age limit, it ranges all over the place and they're from all over the world. And you can choose an apprentice as a business owner. I think of that side of the fence from anywhere in the world so it can match your time zone so you can actually interact in real time versus like if you wanted a VA, a virtual assistant. A very common approach with colleagues of mine is to go to the Philippines because they speak our language, English. The only thing I didn't like about that was the time zone difference and so you were rarely given the opportunity to talk to them in real time unless one of you was up at hours that only vampires should be up at. So, (laughs) Halloween just occurred, had to get that in there. So, the thing with Jessica is she - She mentioned she researched GenM and that's a key because she did that through every step and every task that we worked on together. She did most of the work, I just pointed and ultimately, I just pointed and said "Go" and made sure it was something she could utilize that would be good for her going forward. That's one of the keys as a business owner on your side, your responsibility, in my opinion is to help them. Help the apprentices like Jessica get the experience they want, and they need. And the other thing is GenM, all of this, 100 percent of this is geared 100 percent toward marketing. So, apprentices are looking for experience in the marketing realm. And so there's a lot to explain about it. It's really simple and brilliant. I don't want to spend the whole show talking about that one business. I want to talk about Jessica. That's how we ended up meeting and she worked with me for 90 days. I never say she worked for me. It's not an employee, employer relationship. It's a team relationship. I just guide. I'm kind of the lead of the team if you will, in that particular case. So you did a lot. You've done 3, you're working on number 4 so you've done a lot already. If you could narrow it down and this can be a challenge sometimes but if you can narrow it down to just 3 (signals 3 with hand) major takeaways that you can think of that you got from your experience thus far as being an apprentice.

Okay yeah. Actually, one of the major takeaways that I learned is you need to be daring. So, in this industry and as being an apprentice, you need to be daring and you need to step outside of your comfort zone. And you know just do it. So, I mean it is going to be scary, it's going to be difficult at times but it's part of the challenge. You just think of the outcome. So, you think of just helping others, that's what really got me through it. Looking up things and trying to figure out how things were or how they were supposed to be, it's all part of like learning and everything. So, if you don't know it, then learn it.

Awesome. I don't know if that was 3 but I wasn't keeping track.

That was just the first one.

Oh my goodness! Oh ok. Back to you. (laughs)

There's also being adaptable. You need to be easy to change with the company and with the business, whatever they need. If they need you to drop something, you need to drop out of that and switch gears. Of course, the last thing is... This is probably the hardest one for me to learn too, because I do take things personally. Don't take things personally. So, that was one of the major things that I had to learn. And you're going to run into a lot of different personalities and you just need to figure out what they like and what they're looking for and they may not like anything that you do. And that's the whole challenge too, you just, you make sure you come up with different ways of how to be creative and how to challenge yourself, how to challenge them. And you just, you have to learn to brush it off and move forward.

So, you're not an apprentice anymore. In my eyes, Jessica. You haven't been for quite some time. What you just rattled off there, is in perfect alignment with everything a successful entrepreneur does. Look at, go forward with the outcome in mind. You said it in different words but very similar to get out of your comfort zone. As long as you can see what the outcome is, what is the reason you're doing it. And it's a positive one and it's one that's going take you farther then that comfort zone is easier to crash through that uneasy feeling. And then you also said being adaptable. And a key word used in entrepreneur circles is that of flexibility. Being flexible. That's one of the things my good friend, an incredible mentor, Mel Cutler was very good at. Getting his team, which I was part of, in practice of doing on a regular basis which was being very very flexible. I mean, last minute things that would freak you out if you weren't prepared and didn't know how to handle being flexible, and just do it and just take care of it. And it actually becomes exciting. It's weird. It's, I kid you not it's actually exciting after a while. You're like, "Alright. Good. He's throwing me another one. I get to go figure this one out with, I have five minutes to make this happen." (laughs) And it's awesome. Yeah and then, oh. Beautiful. Don't take things personally. You have learned so much in such a short period of time, not just from reading but from experiencing. There's no, there's no substitute for that. Jessica, you are so blessed to have gone through this and don't take things personally. A book came to mind right away and that is, "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz. And that's on It's a short read. And that's one of the four agreements, don't take things personally. Huge! That's huge! That also plays into the whole realm of ego. And how you can easily shove your ego to the side and go forward without taking things personally because that's, you know, if you take it personally that's in part due to ego and then...yeah. And so, what you also learn, and I know I learned it with you as well, but it was on both sides the fence. It was setting expectations ahead of time, and it doesn't always work out perfectly. But the more you put time into doing that, and I'm talking to business owners at this moment. Also, apprentices as well. To ask questions. Jessica was great at doing that. In the beginning it set the expectations and that that comes down to communication. The art of communication. There's a flurry of amazing books on communication. Leadership books are good ones, but to become a more effective communicator from both sides as an apprentice and as a business owner is key to helping this relationship be one that runs smoothly. That's the key word, right? Jessica. It's a relationship, just like everything else in life. That's another common thing that keeps coming up over and over and over. Business yes, it's business, but business is a relationship when it comes down to it. It's multiple relationships.


Just phenomenal! I mean, we've never had this discussion before correct?

No, no. We haven't.

No. I'm just sitting here beaming with joy that this is what you're getting out of this experience because you're getting, untold value (laughs) that others would pay. So, you're not getting paid but others would pay for this.


Absolutely. Fantastic. you have now a lot of background from your your role as an apprentice. And I know by others seeing this, they are going to be wondering, "Well, I want to know more." What would be the key advice you would give someone looking into this? Saying "Maybe I want to go down this path so I can learn a lot really early in my career, so to speak, and be ahead of the game." What advice would you give to those who are looking to do the same that you did to become an apprentice and gain experience, and maybe just beef up their resume? What advice would you give them?

Well, probably what I would give them is say, weigh your options. Of course, this wasn't a paid apprenticeship but I researched the company, made sure it was legitimate, and of course like I said before I talked with my better half if we could do it. And it just, it worked out great. I would just evaluate the situation, the company, and make sure it aligns with the needs and your future wants. And you need to ask yourself, does this get you to where you want to go? Is it valuable? Is worth it? And then from there just jump in and do it.

And if you are talking to that one person right now, what would you say to them? Is it worth it?

Oh yeah, yeah! Definitely worth it. Its life changing actually, for me personally.

It's so cool to see both perspectives because I know it changed me in great ways. It helped me to really exercise more on communication, leadership skills, and learn. I'm so happy to do this because now I will be able to pass this on to my employees of working together as a team versus a taskmaster with a whip, cracking it (makes cracking whip gesture). (Jessica laughs). Which many of us have experienced in the past and none of us enjoy it. And if you don't enjoy it then you're not going to be putting forth all of your passion and effort in your task or job. So, there has to be an alignment with the mission and purpose of the company. There's a lot of "The E-Myth." Read that book by Mr. Gerber. A phenomenal book in that area. And so when I asked, I already knew the answer. Was it worth it? And would you say it's worth it? Because this was an amazing thing that transpired. It evolved from you know, we were - I don't know how long into it we were. So it's a 90-day time frame that you work together. That an apprentice works with the business, that's it. 90 days. Maximum of 10 hours a week. And at that end of 90 days, then it's over so that you can't, you know you don't just come back and say, " I want you some more for free." (Brian laughs). That's not the reason for this. This is so they can evolve past that and get into either their own business or become a consultant or beef up their resume to get a job. For any of those or all those reasons. And so it's not just to sit there and continually extract free work from them. So, it's very important as a business owner that you do everything you can to give them the value that they're working for. And anyway, we won't go down that path at the moment because, the really exciting part is what Jessica did. When she first started I remember asking her, what is it? What is your end goal? What is your outcome? She just said it earlier. She knows that outcome is important. She's learned, she's a quick learner! And so, I said "What's your outcome? What is your outcome of this apprenticeship? Are you looking to get a job? Are you looking to become a consultant? Are you looking to start your own business?" And at that point she - I think you were gearing toward either consulting or business?


And you were going down a different path. Not horribly different. Not completely different but it was a different path, at that moment. And then after you went through this apprenticeship program and I think we were a little over two months through it when you had the epiphany and realized, "I now know what I want to do." (Jessica laughs). "It's actually I want to do this instead of what I originally thought." And as a result of that it gave you that certainty. That confidence. That passion. That happiness to where you are ready now. It's like, it's time to go baby! So what did you do? You formed a company! As a result of being an apprentice. I'm not saying that's going to happen to everyone, but it certainly could. If you put forth everything like Jessica has. An effort. She - in research. My goodness she's an amazing researcher. She's...So Jessica you formed your own company and I wanted to give you the opportunity to tell us about that. I'm excited for you. I'm going to be quiet so you can exude your excitement. Tell us the name of it, what it's about. Where you're at currently with it, and what's coming up next.

Ok, sure! So I've created a social media marketing company called Social Spark Pro. And it's where we consult, create, and we coordinate. And we offer services such as consulting, regional content creation like social media posts and graphic images. We also offer custom logos, branding, and packaging. We can offer do like personalized presentations and they're very like, high quality high value presentations. We also offer social media management, where we can create and schedule the posts for you regularly. So, I'm finding actually, most businesses don't want to deal with the mundane tasks of making the content, posting it, scheduling it, etc... The biggest challenge seems to be staying consistent. If you want to be shown as active and there for your customers, consistency is key. Like, it truly is. So, and Social Spark Pro is here to help businesses like that so they can focus on their company while we help manage the social media. So currently, like I said I don't want to launch it yet until at least by January 1st. And so right now I'm just kind of putting everything together and making sure I cross my T's and dot my I's. And get it ready and out there so...

And it's amazing to hear all this because I remember you telling me that your logo is being created. This was a few weeks back and I could hear the excitement in your voice. You found the name that you really loved, and I thought it was a really good name too, but there's only so much in the name. It's about what you do behind the scenes and you're talking about social media management and you absolutely excel. That's one of the things that you did for, with me (Brian laughs, clears throat). And you're right that the key is consistency. If you're a solopreneur and you're doing everything all by yourself, it's almost impossible to be consistent with all of these avenues. These different social media platforms and there's graphic creation, there's picture taking, there's hashtag research that Jessica did masterfully. That was the one thing I really - there's many things, but one thing that really stood out about you Jessica that I absolutely loved was, you always had some suggestions. Every time we talked. The company GenM requires that you talk just once a week for 30 minutes. Well I go. I said " No, no no. We're going to do an hour because I don't think 30 is enough value for the apprentice." And every time, almost every week that we talked, you had suggestions and recommendations. And how many times did I tell you that's not a good idea? "Jessica I don't want to do that." How many times?

Oh never! You never said that.

Exactly, because they were phenomenal ideas. Every single one of them. And I was like...And it was just so awesome to have somebody that was not just doing the task but in it. And you bought in. And you were actually going above and beyond what I even, what we even covered. I'm like " Hey, could you, could you do this? Could you schedule some post?" I gave you some material and then you took it to another level. And I so appreciate that about you. And the thing is, that's going to take you farther. That's going to be one of the things that makes you unique amongst other businesses, is you over deliver. And continue to do that, because that's a huge thing these days, is over deliver. But I just want to let you know that so appreciated you asking and doing that research on your own. One that comes to mind it just pops in was, I didn't use hashtags anywhere, in any of my posts. You said "Would you consider doing that? I've done some research and I found that there's a maximum number of hashtags that you should put up. I found the keywords that are perfect for your business and your niche." Like holy smokes, where did you come from? You're amazing! (Jessica laughs). And so every post now has the hashtags and now it's on Instagram, it's on Facebook, and that's all because of your work. And I just deeply appreciated how you did that. Each and every time.

Sure! It was great, it was fun. I loved researching everything. And you know I'm a believer in Kaizen. Which is, you know...always look to improve, and always look to learn. Like, learning is never ending, so...

Yes. Absolutely true. And it's just important to remember, learning is very important. But make sure that you do - There's 3 stages (gestures 3). There's Learn, Do, and Teach. So be sure to at least move into the "Do" stage. That didn't sound right, did it? (Jessica laughs). Ultimately though, the most, the biggest way to learn anything at the deepest level is to literally teach it. There, look at my hands on the screen. Learn to teach. Yes. Continue. I never stop learning either. And the key is, is when you find something that really speaks to you, then put it in action. One of the things recently I learned was, how to work with employees in general. And one was to give them the authority to do the creative work on their own and not micromanage every nit-noid detail, an aspect of the task that you want them to do. And so it worked perfectly with you because you were in. You bought in and you started giving these recommendations. And it just made life easier on both of us. You were happier. I was happy because I didn't have to sit down and write down every nit-noid step. I didn't have to. You had the talent already. And so...yeah. It was just a wonderful, wonderful arrangement. So GenM matches business owners and apprentices. And then you get to choose as a business's a mutual choice. Business owners reach out to apprentices and then you have an initial conversation and see if you're a fit, and then you sign a contract (motions air quotes) that costs 0. That either side has to pay for a contract. There is a fee for business owners, it's very nominal. We'll go into details later if time permits but... It's...It's so - It's just heartwarming to have this conversation with you Jessica. To see the results of your working with 3 other business owners, or 3 business owners so far. Fourth coming up, and how it's impacted you in a positive way. I can't wait for the CEO, Moe, to see this. He's just going to be doing backflips of joy because (Jessica laughs) I know that's what his... his goal was. His mission for this company, was to have the result just like you're getting. So, your business is phenomenal! It's coming off the ground and I know that it's your baby and you love it and it's your world right now. We've all...all of us that have built one have been there. But if you could go outside of your company and say...excluding yours, what company or business would you say you admire the most?

Well...I would honestly have to say Target. I do have experience with Target, I have four and a half years of retail experience working with Target. But it goes so much beyond that because I worked in the sales ad department. So weekly, like weekly I would prepare the ad and put it out every Sunday. And sometimes I would also hope with the floor plan. So we would change the product every so often. So I really got to know how Target markets, and how they think. They really know their customer and they really know the psychology of marketing. So, that actually really stuck out to me. Their branding is really strong. I mean, even if you think about it walk through a Target store. It's usually like a square shape. One back wall is going to be your grocery section which is highly shopped. The second back wall is going to be your electronics, that's the number one department in Target. And that's where Target makes the majority of its money. And then if you go to the very back corner of the store, which is like opposite of the front doors. It's usually the seasonal section. And so, if a customer comes in and they...They need to shop for Halloween or something like that. They actually have to travel all the way to the back of the store, and so, and know, who's not going to stop and get distracted, and pick up something and throw it in a cart on the way to what they were originally intended to buy. So just like that whole...The whole psychology of the marketing and everything is just so, so unique. They get it. They get it for sure.

I love how you analyze that and pick that apart. I do.'re advanced. (Jessica laughs). You are truly advanced to notice that and to have those thoughts as you walk into Target. I mean, when I go to...There's a company called Costco. It's a warehouse type company. There's several of them up, all over. I don't know, are they in your area too?

Yeah. Yup we have Costco.

So it's a warehouse where they have this massive like, industrial like shelves of food, of electronic gear, of clothing, of lots of different things. And they do a similar thing where they move their products around on the shelves and aisles. I don't know if it's a monthly or every couple of months. I just know every time I go in there and I can't find what I normally like to go get, I'm like infuriated because I know that their purpose is to get me to look harder and as I'm doing that I'm going to see other things I want. So, same exact concept. And yeah, very, very astute of you to notice that. Very astute. (Jessica laughs). Yes, definitely what their MO was, and is. And yeah, it's very very powerful. Goodness sakes! Do you realize we're already 10 minutes from being done with this? Every single time.


So you know...There is going to be one, one question that I've asked every guest on this show that is pretty heavy. Pretty deep and I'm going ask the same question of you. And it's something that is, I just found incredibly interesting on the responses of everyone that has come on the show thus far. But before we get to that, I wanted to kind of circle back to what we're talking about a little bit know what. Back to the beginning, I would imagine that you were going through this, this whole process. Where you were becoming, deciding to become an apprentice. Up to and then through starting now, your own business that along the way I'm sure...Well maybe you didn't but I would guess you experience some doubt, and maybe some struggles? And what would you say to those who might be going through this right now? Who, they might be in any of those stages. They might be an apprentice now, thinking about becoming apprentice, or they might have started their own business. What would you say to those who might be experiencing doubt and struggles? Now you get to be the men...mentor.

(Laughs) Well as of recently, with going forward with officially forming the LLC. There have been a couple doubts that have crossed my mind. Maybe three times at most. And every time, I don't think too much about it. It's there for a split second. And then I actually take a step back and think, "Well, wait a minute. That's not possible, I can resolve this. I can solve this, by doing this." And so, in my mind, failure is really not an option. And there's actually a quote that I found the other day. It's by Augustine Mendino, who is the author of "The Greatest Salesman in the World." And he says, " Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough." So, my advice is, if it's something you want really really badly, you have to work for it. The struggle is only for a moment and focus on the outcome.

That was the key right there. Focus on the outcome! And yeah...the thing. And we've talked about this, you and I Jessica. To keep you going through those moments is to really have a strong, WHY. Why are you doing this? What's the reason that you're getting out of bed and you're taking on this struggle. I mean you put it on yourself and you know you did. Not you Jessica, but you in general (Jessica laughs) and you're thinking "My goodness, did I just give myself the worst thing to do?" Because this isn't as easy as it would seem, when I see all these successful people look like they got it made. The interesting thing is the more successful one becomes, the more issues that they deal with. It's not the opposite. People think that once they or someone has made it, and they're financially secure that well all their problems are solved, they get to lay back and sip on umbrella drinks on a hammock in the beach. Nothing could be farther from the truth. More and more issues come up. More and more decisions must be made. They have learned and taught themselves how to make those decisions quickly and to become, as Jessica said earlier in the show. I'll use your words instead of mine. To be adaptable. Which was flexibility, and that's the key. Those are the keys as you're going through these struggles, is to number 1, have a big why. What is your why? What do I mean by that? What. What thing or person outside from yourself, is so important to you that you would stop at nothing to complete what you're undertaking right now? To complete that business. To complete hitting a certain goal. What would be that one person or thing? It could be a nonprofit organization. It could be a person, a family member. For me, I've gone through a process to determine my why several times. Every single time, it came back the same answer. It's my wife. That's MY why. Your why could be something different, that are listening. And when you have that, and you are saying Jessica. You know what, I got this. I can, I can solve this. And the real driving force will be the why that's sitting there behind that. You have 3 wonderful, adorable kids and a significant other. I'm sure there's a big collection of why's that are running around in your place that will keep you going no matter what. I mean, there's there's nothing stronger than a mom. I'll tell you that. (Brian and Jessica laugh). Yeah, you're an amazing mother and person for sure. Let's see, where are we? Five minutes, man. Ok, so. Ok. This will be good. Let's, let's do something that's called Future Pacing in NLP. And take yourself through a fun little journey. And if you could imagine, where would you see yourself? And your business, in ten years?

Ok. Well, I'd like to eventually grow this into an agency. Possibly a mix with different departments of management. Enough to where it in a way, kind of runs itself. I'd like it to be well known in my local community and become heavily involved in philanthropy. So I plan to use apprentices with GenM. In fact, that will be a requirement in order to work for Social Spark Pro. I truly believe in returning the favor and it's where I started, so I had a wonderful experience with the program and want to provide the same experience for those who are in a similar situation. With either wanting to work remotely, they are in transition from college to career, or even just wanting extra cash on the side. So, it also provides stringency with being able to say every employee is digitally marketing certified. It's an actual certification. Even if they decide to not work with me, more power to them you know? That way I know that at least I help them further their future by giving them experience in some way, so, that's where I see Social Spark Pro in the future.

I love it. So many thoughts went through my mind when you are saying all of that. I remember at one point telling you Jessica, that I want to hire you when this is over. You're the, you're the bomb you're the person and then, the more I thought about it and especially when you had the epiphany of the company. I thought if I hired you to be an employee of my company, I would be doing you a disservice. Because you have so much greatness in you, you have so much more to give as an owner versus an employee. Because you just said a vision of ten years. You instantly knew the answer. You know, very few people even think about that. You already, you already have the departments in your head. And managers and people running it for you because you can step away from it. So phenomenal. Yeah. I'm glad we never went down that path. And I didn't say anything back then about, ok I'm really going to give you an offer. I'm glad. That taught me something too. Is really this whole apprenticeship program is so awesome because we both get so much out of it. Truly do. And it' never know what the outcome is going to be as far as when it's over, what direction one wants to take. And the cool thing is just being able to help. I love helping people and to be able to help, and guide, and coach, and mentor, and do whatever I can to get you to where you want to go. It's more important to me where you want to go than where I want my business to go. Yes, I have ideas and I have to get certain things done for my business and I want to. But when it comes to this particular situation I intend to have...I have three current apprentices working with me right now. My ultimate goal is to have a complete army just like you're talking, where you can have- It's kind of a try before you buy scenario, if you're a business owner. And so now you've, you've laid out zero. Very little money to basically hire an apprentice. You've gotten three months of to take a look at them, if you don't know if they're worthy of coming on your company by then, something isn't right (laughs) but you will know. And it's amazing, amazing structure and service for those of you looking to build and scale your business. And for those looking to gain experience, so that you can learn how to start, or even maybe even scale a business you're already working on and you just wanted more market experience. I've seen that come through too. I've seen former professional athletes come through, it's amazing. It's from every, every area of the globe, and every age group, and every situation's pretty phenomenal. So we do have that one question I was alluding to. You remember that big, the big bomber. The one that's going to be you know just, just life changing that's all.

Oh Wow (laughs)

Yeah I know. I know. I kid you on that...but just so you know. Well you know what? I almost forgot. We got to talk about, real quick. The prize. I almost forgot. We got to let our viewers know how to get entered for an amazing, amazing five-night vacation stay at a five-star luxury resort in Mexico and to do so, it's on your screen if you're watching right now. (promotion shown on screen). And there are two ways to do it. You can go to a website that's or text the word "Peak" That's P-E-A-K to 661-535-1624. Again, that's "PEAK" P-E-A-K to 661-535-1624. Brought to you by my wonderful friends, Jason and Rhonda at Be sure to check them out after the show. And if you want a introduction, a personal introduction from me to...from you to them, then just reach out to me and I'll make that happen so you can talk to them directly. See what that's all about. But go ahead and enter that now so we can monitor and give out the winner and as soon as the show is over. And without further ado I know Jessica is like, sweating bullets right now wondering what the heck have I gotten myself into? What am I gonna...What does Brian want me to do? What Brian wants to do is figure out...there we go. (screen returns to Brian and Jessica). So, just to let you off the hook Jessica. There is no wrong answer possible to this question. So there's no reason to be nervous. No one's judging. In fact, I have not yet. I'm amazed. I'm amazed that this hasn't happened yet. With all the people that have been on the show. But no two people have answered this the same way. Identically, yet. And so the only correct answer I always say is, your answer. There's no other correct answer, because it's unique to you and what it means to you. So, are you ready Jessica?

Yeah! As ready as I will ever be.

All right. Here we go. So Jessica, how do you define success?

Oh that's a good one. I guess how I define success is...I could simplify it in one word and that would be accomplishment. Success to me is when you accomplish a goal, big or small. When you achieve that, what they work for they're successful., it could be anywhere from cleaning the kitchen, to hiring a team, to bring your business, to even becoming a parent. If you achieve that, in my eyes you are successful. Now that doesn't mean you stop setting goals. You continue to set those goals and you continue to accomplish them. So, in my opinion the achievement is often never ending. So and there's actually a quote that I've ran across the other day. And I'm not, I don't remember who said it. I can't take credit for it but it is a great quote. And it goes "Instead of asking yourself, am I successful? Ask yourself, HOW am I successful?" And I read that, and I just love it. So, that's my definition. (laughs).

I love it, I love it. So, all about accomplishment and true to form. You're the first one with that, that kind of response so I love it.

Really? (laughs)

Yeah! And I love the fact that you know- So, you are a successful person. You've accomplished much. Much in just the 90 days I've known you and worked with you. You've grown incredibly. You are like a sponge, you learn and then you do. You didn't just learn, you took it and put it into action. I hear a lot of the same words coming from you that we had discussed over time. Not that I'm taking credit for that either, it could have come from the other two business owners as well. Its just, you take what works and you implement it quickly. You just take action and you're, you're a really hard worker. I know that you're amazing at that. Before we let everyone go though, I wanted to do two things. One was, you mentioned before off camera, that you had a gift to give to our wonderful viewers. If you wouldn't mind laying that out and how...what it is and how they can access that.

Yeah, sure. So what I'm offering is a free 30-minute consultation. I can evaluate your social media platforms. I can give advice to answer any questions that you have. And that's at a 99-dollar value. And also, I'll also throw in a little extra. So, since I was a GenM apprentice, and still am. For any of those of you that are interested in maybe hiring an apprentice or looking into the GenM program, you can contact me and I'll be happy to answer any questions that you have. I can tell you all about the process, the experience, good and bad. And you know, I can even go over the coursework that we're supposed to do in the program.

Wow. Thank you very much! You know, one of the most valuable assets any of us have is not money. It's time, right? And you're giving away 30-minute consultations. That's...that's an amazing thing, and I don't take that lightly. I appreciate that greatly. So definitely take advantage of that. So, if they were to want to do this with you which, everyone should. What's the best way for our viewers/listeners to contact you?

Ok. The best way to contact me is honestly through Facebook Messenger. So, I mean I get it sent straight to my phone and I can respond immediately. So my Facebook is Jessica Waller. Just my name fully spelled out, and a picture of me on the profile. (laughs). And just send a message and I'll be happy to talk with you.

Cool, cool. I'm bringing up a page here and I'll show it to the folks really quickly. As soon as I can pull it up. So they can get an idea of what it looks like in the picture that you have. You know how pictures are always different than what we see. And here we go. The magic. There it is. (Jessica's Facebook page on screen). So, there's Jessica Waller. That is her page. That is your profile, correct?


Ok. Yeah I remember that picture. The color one. Yes! So that's, that's how you spell her name. It's J-E-S-S-I-C-A. For those of you that are listening. And W-A-L-L-E-R. And she's an amazing young woman. I can't tell you enough Jessica, how much I appreciate you and as I've stated to you before... Even before our tenure together was over. I'm still here for you, I can't wait to hear about your first big success. Your first client. Everything that goes on, because there are going to be many coming through your doors. You've already started assembling an amazing team. You have an idea, you have a system in mind. You're so far ahead of so many other people. And I think it's a direct result of you going through this apprenticeship program and investing your very, very valuable time. So kudos to you! For taking massive, massive action. You did a fantastic job.

Thank you very much. Yeah, it was wonderful working with you. I learned so much and I guess it was a great experience all around and it was life changing so...

For those of you that are interested, and just about everyone who's watching should be. I kid you not, It's an amazing amazing program. Go over to GenM. That's G-E-N-M. So its Generation M. not com. All one word, ReachYourPeak. If you go there, you will get a further discount. It goes to a page that they have branded with my company name on it because I've worked with them quite a bit, at this point. And we've become partners, so to speak. And so And that way you can get an additional discount off of an already ridiculously low cost to bring in an apprentice. Just to put it in perspective real quickly. It costs up to a 1/3 less for an apprentice that lives in your time zones, speaks your language, has your culture. All that together than hiring a very qualified, very talented VA from overseas, such as the Philippines. They're phenomenal. There are many out there. I know, I have a personal friend who swears by them and uses their services. VA's from the Philippines. They're phenomenal. This is even less financially, for you to get started as a business owner and it's a great way to give back. I love it. It's a give... it's give give. There's no take (laughs) It's a give give, and a receive receive relationship. Jessica, you've been amazing! I'm so glad you came on and weathered the storm with me for a whole hour of just...I know it was torturous for you to talk to me again, but it was really a fun time. (laughs). I'm kidding. Please do keep in touch. We want to all know about your successes coming up and then please also tell me personally, your struggles. In any way I can do to help along the way because, they're coming. Just be ready and be happy that they are there. If you didn't have the struggles that means you're not doing anything. So just look at it that way. All right. Well with that, I think its time we say so long! I know parting is such sweet sorrow but it's come to that time. So Jessica one more time I want to thank you for coming on. For all of you watching and listening, thank you. We know that your time is valuable as well. We will see you again next week on another edition of The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. For now, I'm Brian Kelly. On behalf of Jessica, (Jessica waves goodbye) be blessed and we'll see you next time. Bye bye.


Thank you for watching and listening. This is The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show, with Brian Kelly.

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Jessica Waller

Raised in Alaska, Jessica Waller was born into a military family, and from the onset was given the advantage of knowing the importance of discipline, hard work, and survival. In 2005, Jessica graduated high school and her family uprooted to Memphis, Tennessee. Jessica earned a Bachelor's Degree in Professional Studies through the University of Memphis. In addition to her focus in Information Technology, Jessica also received a double minor is Criminal Justice and Psychology. Jessica then moved on to become a Digital Marketing Apprentice, quickly learning the skills necessary to become a Social Media Marketer and Founder and CEO of SocialSpark Pro, LLC.

Jessica helps new and small businesses reach their potential by utilizing unique and strategic marketing methods. Not only is Jessica a Home-Maker and a mom of 3, she also is an avid Movie Buff and Music Enthusiast who loves to travel, scrapbook, and discover new recipes through culinary Pinspiration.

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