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Welcome to the mind body business the three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly.

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Hey I'm Brian Kelly and this is the mind body business show. So glad you could come on with us tonight. We have an amazing show ahead of us. We're going to talk about the three pillars of success. Mind body and business real briefly we're going to bring up a wonderful snippet from a book and then we are going to bring on our guests the expert of the evening. You are going to love this man. He is going to rock the night that's going to happen right now. The mind body business show. What is that all about. Well here's the thing. Many people will spend all of their resources including finances and they will risk their health and put that on the back burner in order to gain riches in their business. I've seen it time and again I've been guilty of it myself. And here's what often happens unfortunately is folks that you know entrepreneurs tend to get too tied up into their business and let their health go becomes secondary. And what they do is they spend their whole life amassing a fortune and then when they get to that point they begin to spend the rest of their life trying to get their health back. And part of my mission and purpose is to turn that ship around and reverse the priority and start with the mind and make that your priority and to help you give you the tools and resources through these shows.

And I guess the experts that we have on like the one you're about to witness tonight I can't wait for you to meet them and through the mind through mindset through proven subconscious level reprogramming of the mind techniques that will get you to the results you want much faster much quicker. It will help you in all areas of your life with health with fitness with business every area. And on the note of fitness body exercising and nutrition our current guest is actually an expert in this area. We might talk about it we might we're just going to talk about whatever is best for you. The highest value we can give you body is very important. So your mind is a great tool a great asset. It must be operating at peak performance in order to do that. Your body must also be doing the same. I like to say the mind and body are a team. More importantly the mind and body are your team and if you have one team member that's not pulling the grade if they're not doing everything that they can be doing you know operate at a peak optimal rate of performance then the team as a whole suffers.

Does it. Is that correct. Yes of course. And so we want to put all three of these together. And in business sales marketing team building building systems if you master all three of those then you're doing pretty well in business. Very few do. And we are hitting on these topics each and every show. We're going to have several. We're going to be hitting several of these three areas tonight with our special guests who's coming on and one of the things that you know in between watching these shows that we come on. Normally once a week we have a special edition coming up this Monday. Highly recommend that you view that tune and for that specialty if you're a business owner entrepreneur you won't believe. Anyway I don't want to digress to that. I want to Kustra on this show. A mentor of mine many years ago told me one thing one thing that was key to success and he looked at me I remember I remember it like yesterday it was gosh probably going on ten years ago. He looked at me and said Brian if if people just did this one thing if they just did this one thing they would all become super rich was the word he used was rich. And I'm sitting in his massive office this is back east in Massachusetts and he turned around went to this cabinet.

It was floor to ceiling huge cabinet. And he opened both doors and they were nothing but shelves in their shelf after shelf of books just like you see behind me books on personal development books on business books on health and fitness everything there was what this man absorbed in this man himself was a multimillionaire at that moment. And I thought you know what that seems too simple. That can't be right. Just reading books that's going to help me become rich. I don't believe it. Here I am sitting with the guy who's telling me you know it's the ego getting in the way. Well thankfully many years later. Fast forwarding another mentor of mine not only expressed the importance of reading. He also showed by example because I worked with him on a weekly basis. And I would see him listening and audible Reading physical books all the time. All right I'm going to follow his sample and since then I started reading voraciously and I began reading through audible because I found that I could absorb the information through listening. Your method of learning and absorbing might be different. We have different modes of learning that are optimal rates of learning. Mine happens to be audibly.

I didn't know that till I started. And so I'm glad that's the case because what I get to do is turn on Audible when I'm in the car where I normally would be doing something less productive like just listening to music which is ok but it's not productive it might be relaxing me but it's not productive it's not advancing me in where I want to be advancing so I listen to it in the car. Everywhere I go. And one of the great things with this audible app is as you're listening as you're listening to a book and you hear something that is like oh you know I like that that is a good point. You just tap a little ribbon. It looks like a rib and it's actually a bookmark icon and it instantly stores the bookmark for you so you just look down once more. No more than turning the dial on the old radios in the cars if you remember that. And so it's stored and then I can access it later on any device including my browser which we're going to do in just a second because I'm going to bring up a bookmark that I set while I was driving around that has a good lead in to what we're going to be talking about tonight with our guest.

And so with that we're going to move on over to that section that I call Bookmarks bookmarks foreigners who read bookmarks. Ready steady brede bookmarks brought to you by reach your peak library Dakang and there you see it right there reach your library dot com.

Now if you're watching this and you're sitting at a desk please stay with us. Just take notes write down notes and you can go to the website. Later reach your peak library comments right there on your screen. Just sit with us. Pay attention because when we bring on this special guest you're going to want to really take notes. I mean you're going to get writer's cramp because of the wisdom that this man holds. In the meantime reach your peak library. So I began reading voraciously as I mentioned earlier so the entire story about that file cabinet is right there in video form it's written in written form so if you like to listen or watch or read there all three forms are there for you. And then here are all the books. In fact I'm a little behind. I need to add a couple more that I have read since updating this list but there are about 40 or so there. And the reason I did this was for no other reason than to provide you with a resource that you can go to if you have if you're just starting maybe you've read a few and you want to know what another good book is. Well at least you know at least one other entrepreneur that's vetted personally these books to be of value. Every one of these has value and it didn't. Not every book I've read is in this list just to put it let's put it that way. And so when they don't cut the grade and I don't put them in here. And so there's book after book as you can see there and you can just click on any of these buttons to acquire whatever version works best for you. These go straight to Amazon.

They're not you know it's not my creation of a product site or anything like that. I just wanted to provide this service to you. And so what we're going to do now is jump over to one of the latest books I just finished. It's not even on this list yet. We're going to play a little snippet. And that's from a book called Only a day on your life by Aubrey Marcus. He's the founder and CEO of a company called on it with two ends. It's all about health and fitness. He's created a supplement empire. I personally consume his products and my mentor Mel Cutler met him in person and told me about that meeting and I thought I got to get this book and learn more about this guy. I was very intrigued by everything. So what we're going to do is play a little snippet. You're going to hear this and it's about a minute in length and then from there we will move on and introduce our guest experts so take a good hard listen.

Thankfully more and more prominent and successful people are talking about the importance of sleep. Matthew McConaughey has publicly talked about needing eight and a half hours per day. Heidi Klum gets 10 hours every night and that's with two kids that has some serious beauty sleep. LeBron James and Roger Federer have both said they sleep 12 hours per night half the day. Bill Gates has talked about his need for a solid seven hours of sack time per night. He's jealous he says of short sleepers people who can do with less but for him it is crucial to get his sleep. Jeff Bezos the founder of a multi multibillion dollar online empire is right there with him. I just feel so much better all day long. Five had eight hours. Here's the deal I can make with you if you take your sleep seriously you will get more done with less stress. For some it sounds too good to be true. Like golden eggs from a goose. But the productivity and lifestyle benefits of sleep have all been very well researched and well documented and we'll stop it there.

Amazing. I was so thankful that Aubrey wrote that because how many of you have heard about you know there'll be time for sleep like he said when you're dead. There'll be time for sleep later. The thing is this sleep is extremely important to all of us each and every one of us every single day. And it is a fact that each of us require different amounts of sleep to be completely refreshed regenerated repaired during the night when we're sleeping. And so to hear people like Lebron James and the tennis player whose name now escapes me doing you know meeting 12 hours of sleep every single day. Heidi Klum. Come on. So that helped me a lot because I've never been one that could get by on six hours sleep. Seven is my absolute minimum personally if I get eight now I'm I'm happy. Eight is my magic number. Just so happens that's the commonly referred to number. But yours might be different. I'm actually jealous of those that can get by with five or six that night big time because all that extra stuff I could be doing. But it is what it is. We are all made differently. So very important to have your sleep because it's very important to have your health. And on that note that is where we are going to segue in and bring on our special guest via a special guest expert spotlight. It's time for the guest expert spotlight savvy skillful professional and deft trained big league qualified

And there he is ladies and gentleman. It is the one the only joke Christopher Ramandeep on. Are you going by all these they are Joe.

Chris is that yes. You're new so Joe.

Chris Yes. Chris was fat.

Now he is I love it. You slimmed down the name. Well let me give you a quick little intro here Joe and then we'll bring you on officially Joe is an internationally acclaimed Internet marketer speaker trainer and amazon best selling author.

Here is the book itself. You see his name but the long name the bigger name. I won't say the other word. He is best known as the Master List Builder in fact we met. I don't remember how many years ago it's been a long time ago. And that's how I knew him was the Master List Builder. We'll talk about that tonight.

Long before the days of social media Joel amassed an opt in email list of more than a hundred and fifty three thousand newsletter subscribers in a Shortis three years. You know in today's day with social media that may not seem like a huge deal back then that was a monstrous deal in a great way that was truly unprecedented fourth time. Absolutely. Recently Joe eulogizes passed skills to launch a massive social media campaign to save his own life. I love how he just adjusted and came back. He went away for a while from internet marketing for quite a while came back and they had this whole new world them problem and he was flexible. He got busy. He learned to save his own life. It's amazing. And as a result he found a living kidney donor that will prolong his life without dialysis for another 20 to 30 years or more. Thank the lord that was amazing. I'm so excited for you Joel. This just happened a short while ago. Ladies and gentlemen and real quick before we move on. Watch the show to the very end. For those you watching live on on one of the live platforms. If you're listening to a podcast it'll be too late for that. But if you're watching live watch a show the end for a chance to win a complimentary stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico compliments of power text incom by my good buddy Jason Ness and his partner Rhonda. With that Joel Chris how are you doing my friend it's been a long time. And you know I just gave an intro. It was a bio right. If you wouldn't mind could you tell us more about yourself in your own words. Those were your own words. I get that. But you know live and in person give a little bit more behind you. Who who you are what makes you tick and also what are you up to these days. What are you up to lately. All right.

Yes my name is Joe. I came from the Philippines. I was recruited here back in 88 as a physical therapist. And then the Internet Marketing bug caught me.

So I bought my first domain November 13 1999 and launched my first web site SuccessFactors dot com 1 1 2000. So New Year New Year's Day in 2000 and I didn't really know what to do because I was not a techie.

I was more of a touchy feely physical therapist but it took me two years to learn it and actually make some money. After two years then I really focused on it like I found my niche which is email marketing and email list building and I just zero zero in on it. And I became a master at it. And I did this speaking traveling all of that up until 2010 when my health went down. Just a quick background. When I was born I was an infant. I had a kidney infection. OK. And then it became dormant. No signs of symptoms from age 8 to 35 35. I showed signs and symptoms. So they did a biopsy my kids and they found out I still have what we call a prophecy which is an immune disease. So because like doctors said I lose weight at least 60 pounds and then I change my lifestyle and reduce my stress. Back then my internet marketing career was very stressful.

I was forming an outsourced company in the Philippines which was for social media marketing. And remember this was 2006 the main social networking site that there was MySpace and a believe Twitter Facebook was not in vogue yet. We're just starting out. I was way ahead of my time so I was you know Peter Principle I was promoted to my level of incompetence. So I had to back him back up the company and resume my physical therapy career and little did I know that after eight years from 2010 when I started to change my lifestyle my diet my exercise and my activity that I know that I will be using my writing skills to save my own life which I did. So the social media campaign now will be talking about Romney in this interview and actually save a life now. However what I'm into now is really learning marketing mastering it more. But this time focused on a different niche. And also as my paid forward social entrepreneurship venture is what we call super kidney was also lay off a little bit for this interview. So that's what I'm focusing right now. I'm just recovering from my kidney transplant which was which happened on July 10th a little over a month ago. So that's what I that's my background. And that's where I'm going to have this moment. Right.

I love the fact that you know you took your taking what you learned read learned in a whole new world and you're mastering it once again your your information went viral again. And the cool thing is now that you've saved your own life you. You told me even before you even knew you were going to get that kidney that your goal and mission was to help others after you were able to you know save your own life. And I love that you're actually holding true to that. I never had a doubt you would. I know you're a man of integrity high integrity that you wouldn't be on my show if you didn't brother. No one would you have to be high integrity. So I appreciate you for helping others. This is the kind of heart that this man has is you know he's just now recovering he's not 100 percent yet if not full strength back. But the guy you know you impressed me so much Joel because even in the midst of going through dialysis which I cannot imagine the energy drain that you went through on you know on your daily basis and you still kept that that great positive attitude and you know the fact that you were still even at that point thinking of others to help others is just a testimony to you. And what makes you tick. So I appreciate you brother and we were just talking about right before we brought you on about the importance of reading and for our forecast for our audience that are out there that are listening and watching.

Would you consider yourself to be an avid reader. And if so what book are you reading at this moment.

An avid reader is an understatement for me. I'm a racist reader. Example just in the last four days I've

I've I'm already on my Facebook. So I did a book a day since about Monday. This week I started with this. I don't know if you can see this book. It's gold your mark World. It's about making a difference in the world. And then I followed up with crowdfunding for social good which is titled subtitle financing your mark on the world and then non-profit crowdfunding explain. And then Kirtley I'm on my latest book which is nine hundred twenty five ideas to help you save money get our debt and retire a millionaire in order for you to leave your mark on the world. So I've been reading Jamuna bench reading journey right now because I want to prepare myself and my team to launch this. It's what we call social and for enterprise of finding kidney donors for others. There's actually 100000 other Americans who are in need of a kidney donor and a kidney transplant. Right now every single day there's 22 over us who were on dialysis or who are dialysis dying waiting every day about five hundred a year from kidney related kidney related diseases. OK. Mine is just a tip of the iceberg which is probably the number one cause for kidney disease diabetes high blood pressure and inherent familial disease called holistic kidney disease. OK. Without getting into medical terms. Basically. What I'm coming up with or my team are coming up with is an app that will increase the awareness for living kidney donation which will compel others to donate and help save lives. So my action really is to transform the world. One kidney at a time but it doesn't take

You know it if it takes more than one person to do it. So I'm building a community around this concept. I have started last year because I had this idea last year. So the next 90 days I'm going to be launching piece by piece of the whole the whole venture from from creating a non-profit to creating a social enterprise marketing plan to launch it actually developing the app and eventually launching it.

Let's talk about that in a little more in depth because you know what you what you are basically have created here is a movement and you're doing it via community and that's what a movement requires is to have a community behind it and it's very similar to a business is it not.

I mean it's just like starting up a business and building it marketing it to get the word out. So you started touching on it. How do you go about or how do you plan to actually market your movement. What different tools and techniques. Is one of the you know one of the most popular topics on the show is how do successful entrepreneurs market their business or in your case movement. So how do you go about marketing your movement and then whether it's for this movement or your past business maybe for for when you were the Master List Builder. What's been your most successful form thus far of marketing.

I would say it was really marketing a product but it was about marketing and essentially creating a viral marketing campaign using social media to save my own life because no matter how much I make and I end up dead two years from now that's not going to matter. OK.

My kids need me so I'd rather I would consider beyond all the money I've made as a as the massless merciless builder for about eight to 10 years. It's cost health is the number one wealth well you know I could tell the difference. I was so weak. I had no time for anything else but dialysis work and my kids. That said you know I basically got hooked up in my house or when I see patients for physical therapy or when I go out with my kids. But that's it. No social life at all for the last three and a half years since I've been to dialysis. But I had to make those sacrifices. And I don't really call them sacrifices. To me it was like it was like a way of life because if I don't go to dialysis I'd be dead. OK. So that would be what I consider my most successful marketing campaign to date yet Butterstick but doubt will pale with what I have in mind with super skinny Dakang because I have no doubt about that. Was you know when Joe was all about just saving my life right finding one donor. Now Super kidney will help save tens if not 100000 lives. You know many times older than I did myself. All I had to do really is mimic and improve what I did last year to a much better version of it this year because I learned a lot and you are one of the most goal oriented and successful at reaching your goal type of person.

People I've ever met because I remember seeing you would do. Facebook lives while you're sitting in your chair getting dialysis and you're there marketing for her you know kidney for Joell and for the movement and you're learning you are learning. I remember at one point you went to a full blown course on Instagram to learn that form of social media marketing. And I know that you once you put your mind to something and there is no holding you back you're you're one of the best I've ever seen at actually proclaiming you're going to do something and then following through. And not only just doing it but crushing it. And I appreciate that. I mean you're not you weren't. Well and we were talking business things but this was before you started getting really close to the kidney finally coming. And I remember you gave me the key you gave me the key because you just touched on and if you don't mind I want to bring up the fact that you said you're not a techie. Right. You said you're not a techie. And somehow though even not being a techie when it requires a lot of technical skill you became the Master List Builder of building these e-mail.

Some like whoa how the heck what. How do you do that. And you said Brian I want I want to tell you what the secret is. I said Oh man I'm all ears. Please tell me. And for those of you watching do you want to know what that is. Go ahead and give me a thumbs up or a glove or something and say yes I want to know because I'm going to tell you Joel told me the secret to his success there's two things he says he takes the very complex. He's very good at making complex situations very simple. He takes a complex issue problem situation and simplifies it greatly. The second and most important cue that hit me right between the eyes and thought oh my gosh now I know what I need to do was to delegate. And he delegated to some VIA's of his that he put to work that had the technical expert expert expertise and just told him what he needed done in layman's terms. And they went off and made him and helped make him the masterless billion. Of course this guy was on stage he didn't just sit back. He worked hard. This guy works harder than most people I've ever met. But thank you for that. Because as a result of that I now have one and now a second Apprentice coming on to help me. And it has been a godsend. I had no idea how much relief and liberation help could praying. And it started opening my mind to all the additional possibilities there are now because now I'm not sitting there thinking well I'm only one person. I only have so much time now I'm thinking wait I don't need to worry about that anymore. All I need to do is sit down and do it once trained The Apprentice and they're off and running. And so thank you for that valuable valuable advice I will never forget.

Joel You're welcome. And also here's another secret OK. You make your audience a part of your story. Make them own your story. It's their story. Then you rather them around that cause you know I call social entrepreneurship yes doing good. Doing well by doing good. You know using social media for a social cost. I've always been a social entrepreneur by heart. I didn't know it until I met this guy named David Eubie who took me into this article and I don't really remember that the magazine Web 2.0 there was a story about this guy called the banker to the poor. Muhammad Yunus from Bangladesh. You know he created a movement of millions and millions of people doing micro loans like 50 dollars 100 dollars to the poor people of his country Bangladesh. And you know a hundred dollars can mean a lot for somebody who lives in a third world country you know but he created this movement. And like I read his biography and that's what I wanted to do. This is it this was back in 2006. You know that's why I started my social media outsourcing company because of that purpose. My only mistake was this I didn't have a role model. I didn't have a platform or a blueprint to follow. I did it my own way with somebody teaching me or learn learning from them. So you know how pioneers are they get the arrows of the back in their face.

You know I did that. That's why I failed miserably in getting that outsourcing company up and running. By the time I was ready to make it up to you know successful like us on the brink of success. My body just wore down. You know it just went down. So that's another thing. The old news story ended. Make sure you have the help of everybody. They don't have to like for example in social media if you're doing it on Sunday. They don't have to do any if they just share it like with their friends. And those five will share them to like 10 of their friends. It can go viral. That's what happened to to my my car magnet sign. You know there was this lady divorces girl who was behind a truck. It's a truck of my mechanic's best friend that has my car magnet. Need a kidney. Joel that Commonwealth phone number. She took a snapshot and guess what happened after she took a snapshot she posted on her Facebook. It went viral. It was shared. Almost 8000 times in less than a month. That really made viral. It was amazing. So make them own the story and it makes them part of the whole program make them a part of your story.

Excellent. Thank you for that advice. Now you can see on the screen this is the site he's referring to kidney for Joel dotcom that he's going to be switching over to what is it super Kitney dot com. Yes and probably morphing some of this over there or a rewrite redoing it from scratch. I don't know. But either way look look at what he's done while he was gone. This was happening while he was in a reduced state of health yes. And if someone like Joel in that state of health can do this. Can you imagine what it's going to do now when he's feeling good but also let's bring that and redirect it back to you the audience member. You know what's your excuse there. There is none. I mean let's get busy and just take notes. Follow the advice of Joel of all the past guests the experts that have been on this show and the future ones coming on because there is a common theme going here. Over and over and over. One of them is discipline and that's something that Joel epitomizes. He has discipline like nobody else. I mean if he's going to do something he will schedule out his day to the hour and he will get it done. He's got you know he's got kids to take care of. He's got his kidney to take care of he's got a job to take care of.

And all this while doing dialysis for many hours. I don't know honestly how you did it Joel with your reduced state of energy and everything else. And look what he's done and he's doing it by delegating. And he's also he won't probably admit this but he's a brilliant brilliant man because they put what they're you know what what's on his website is out of his brain and he's directing. We've had talks where he's directed me on things to do like delegate. And I listen to him. I've got smarter I start listening to successful people and actually putting into play what they tell me and I can't wait for the next nugget of gold from Joel or whomever crosses my path because when I meet somebody successful and I get advice from them all over it now. And so listen to Joel and follow Joel actually study his campaigns go on Facebook and like him and friend him on Facebook and study his campaigns. Knowing Joe if you have a question he'll answer it and say hey man how did you go about doing that one. How did you. How are you marking on Instagram. He may not sit there and teach you but he might point you to a resource that can help you learn. So you know be respectful of his time as well. But definitely he's a man with a heart of gold and he's you see it you hear it.

He wants to help people. He wants to help those who are in need of a kidney. And I know him he would love to help anyone who is looking for business help that's not his goal. That's not his main thrust. Just understand that please. But he he just loves to help and that's the other common denominator with every entrepreneur I've interviewed thus far. And those that are going to be coming on the show is that they love to serve. They love to serve others and help. It's just it's to me it seems like a inbred human trait that all have. But it's not necessarily the truth of it. Joel definitely does. And you know Joel I know that you work you work. You've worked hard. Even back when was it 1999 from then on until you kind of bowed out of Internet marketing for a while and then you got back into it. And each time I know it's true for me you know success comes at some cost at some point. There are sacrifices that must be made. Whether the good weather or bad they happen something has to give way to the time you're spending building that business building that movement etc.. So what success what sacrifices have you had to make yourself to become so successful as you have.

Well back in the olden days between 2001 and 2010 I traveled a lot. In the beginning I was able to bring my ex-wife and my daughter Simone to wherever I speak or I spoke and then later on my daughter had to go to school. So I can't take them anymore. They have to stay. So I travel even more and this time I travel outside the US. I was mostly in Asia you know different parts. Speak and then forced my business by outsourcing business was in the Philippines so I was gone most of the time so I actually sacrifice my my marriage my health. What else. But I guess the most the most difficult part was being away from my daughter Simone at the time. And when Anton was born it was 2006. That's when I started my Suzyn company. And you know in hindsight you know 2012 is high as you know 2012 is time we thought. Hindsight is always 20 20. OK I can see it clearly now. However though my getting divorced not seeing any bad thing about my ex-wife and things like that was actually a blessing in disguise. You know I never wanted to divorce because in my family that's not the norm. My parents were married for almost 50 years before my father died. However though because that doctor told me you know improving your diet lose 60 pounds at least in the next I don't know how long. And then reduce your stress should eliminate your stress reduce it and then exercise more. Now part one was easy. Lose the weight. Exercise and eat properly. That was the easy part. OK. Because I have some control about it as far as my relationship when my marriage went.

It's it was a two way street. It just wasn't me being gone. Because even though your partner is gone that doesn't make you have an excuse of playing around. You know you don't know. Anyway the point is this little did I know that separation that divorce eventually was the best blessing in disguise because I finally discovered that when everything was clear I had no stress you know she was the most stressful part of my life. I had no idea. You know and finally figured out. So it first. It was tough because there was a custody battle and all that but at the end of the day I'm a lot happier now. I'm a lot more prosperous now because no one spends. I don't splurge on any material things. I'm a simple guy. I buy from like Walmart the most I can buy from is like old navy when they're on sale. I'm a very frugal guy. So that's that's the main thing. You know you never know what really causes your biggest stress until you stand back or stand above and beyond that level like you're in a 30000 foot level and you're looking down and you see yourself outside of yourself and you see that oh now I get it. This is like everything in my life. I always find it to be a blessing in disguise. Give you an example last year. I was supposed to make my kidney transplant but my former transplant center screwed it up. However though I discovered by research that method this is actually the number one kidney transplant in the whole world in the former one was not in the top 20 in the U.S..

Wow. So I'm like I'm in good hands you know. So there's always a silver lining. Yeah. Louds Yeah. I always see that positive thing.

Like what is this teaching me. You know when I was under like when I had like big daily I had to be aspirated three times a year because because I had what we call a scientist or fluid in the belly.

I always thought what's this about you know how can I turn this around. OK like another example. Most people on dialysis don't stop working on the fourth month of dialysis. 70 percent of us who were or was on dialysis dialysis quit working full time or were working. You know totally become dependent society after only four months on the Alliss I survived for three and a half years. Having two jobs I had a home health physical therapy business.

And during my dialysis nights for four hours I had my my it was when I bought in one hand my left hand me hooked up to the machine and I would review notes for the patients. Done my feeling by my fellow therapists.

You know I had a client who was fine they'll do this for like 10 15 hours a week. So income wise I was more productive income wise. I was in dialysis for three and a half years than I was before dialysis. Isn't that amazing. I civilians into an opportunity right.

Yeah it's amazing how an injury or something that immobilizes you can actually create laser focus more than you ever thought possible. I remember snapping an Achilles tendon and I couldn't I couldn't drive I couldn't leave the house. And so I sat at the desk and I found wow I'm getting so much more done because I am not you know just jumping going downstairs to the kitchen and you know getting all these distractions. I just I could focus. And so you take you know when life gives you lemons you make lemonade right. And just like when you're driving in the car it's a perfect time to listen to a book. I mean I'm still paying attention to the road and I'm absorbing it. It's automatic just as if you were listening to music and it's amazing how these little trials in our lives can be such moments of teaching isn't it and make us go Oh I see what's going on now. Thank you for the reminder Lauren. I get it. Hey we're going to close here brother. We got 15 minutes left and Maceda is strictly correct.

Ok. Last year I broke my rib lifting a patient while I couldn't work for three and four months. Guess what I did. I learned more about social media marketing. I turned my zero follower Instagram from zero to a thousand in a time. You know I had more time to think about the campaign that I made it more viral. You know so what I thought was a hindrance. Which is a much greater which hurt like the dickens. You couldn't do anything. You can't even get out of bed. You know it's hard for like a month. I was able to turn around and make it more productive. And you're right. You were distractions and focus on something so amazing.

Well hey man there is there's one question that I want to get to with you personally and I do this with every one of my guests and it's a doozy. It's a big question. And you know if it takes you a little while to think of the answer that's OK. Take all the time you need because it could get pretty deep and. But before we get into that question for those of you that are watching live right now this is that time to find out how you can get a chance at winning. Beautiful wonderful trip to a five star resort in Mexico. This is a five night vacation day. So here's what you do. You go either to the website of reach your peak L.L.C. dot com for Slash vacation. For those of you that are watching live for this you're listening live. That's why I'm saying it out loud reach your peak LLC dot com for Slash vacation. Just make sure the word vacation is all lowercase and the rest of it really doesn't matter the case. And then another option if you have a phone handy and it's easier for you to do this while you're watching online. You can text pick the word peak PJAK to the number 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Again it's text Peeke 2 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Go ahead and do that now and I'll keep monitoring the entries as they come in and we'll announce the winner and I will also we'll actually give it five to 10 minutes after the shows or for those that happen to catch the recording late just to give them a chance and then the winner will be announced via text message. So a lot of people have joined us tonight here Joel. And what I want to do now is is ask you that that big hard hitting question Are you ready. I know it's a big buildup isn't it.

So the cool thing is to take the pressure off just so you know Joel there is no such thing as a wrong answer to this question. The only correct answer is your answer. Because it's about you and what this means to you. And what does that question. Are you ready. Here we go Joel. Chris how do you define success success.

I define success as being able to do what you want when you want and with whomever you want and have fun doing it. And that pertains mostly to my time with my kids racing them the right way and having them live at their utmost potential will be a success for me it's not about money it's not about the business it's about my relationship with my kids.

Primarily you caught me right notes.

I love it. Here's the here's the thing. I've never heard the same Seamaster twice that was similar but you gave it a few extra twists and one was that you were very specific and said that because the who it's with is with your kids. And I know that to be true because I know you and I've been I mean anybody who follows you on Facebook knows this to be true that you love your kids so deeply and you're so proud of them and rightfully so. Anton and Simone they're just amazing kids. I feel like I know them because of you.

And I've never met them. I remember Anton had longer hair and then he got a haircut and I was watching through that whole thing and he's gone through spelling bees and it's just just touching heartwarming. Love that and the other thing. There is one thing that every entrepreneur has in common to the answer to that question are you curious what that is. You're sure you said it. Most of them just don't they just admit it. You said it outright. You said it's not about money isn't that interesting. And that comes as no surprise to me because every every guest so far there isn't a single one that is listed. Money has said the word money has said the word finances or said anything to do with that as part of their definition of success. And I find that this is a level of maturity beyond most. I mean some when you're just starting out money is your focus and you need money to survive. And money is important. So I don't want to belittle that too much. But the key is really to become successful is to not focus on the money which is counterintuitive to degree. If you if you focus on serving others like us like all my past guests have then it comes. You become successful as a result and success is in helping others. Isn't that Joel. Yes. It's all part of the same part and parcel. Yes. You know I want to ask you one bonus question that that caused you if everybody watching the article because I know you're a goal oriented guy and you've probably already mapped this out and if you haven't that's OK.

You probably have an answer for it. Anyway you have this movement super kidney coming up. Is that domain live yet.

It goes to my Facebook page.

But it's not active yet.

No worries. No worries for that movement. Where do you see yourself in that movement in ten years from now and then stretch it out to 20 years from now 10 years from now.

I'm hoping have helped at least 10000 lives that we have saved through super kidney in 20 years. It's a long time so I would imagine this how well will develop it so that it can apply to like liver donation or Courneya donation or blood transplant donation. And then in year 20 we should have a least active in. Maybe five to 10 other countries. Who are afflict the most with chronic kidney disease. And that's because the laws are different in each country. I'm more familiar with the the living kidney donation laws in America because that's what that's where I got it.

You know I had my living kidney donation. So that's what I think will happen in 20 years. Go beyond the borders of America. Maybe in five other countries starting with kidney and liver and in other parts of the body that can be donated by a live person.

I just love how you got all in every time because if you're doing the math that's a thousand lives per year on average for the first 10 years. That's a lot. And you know what you had to go through personally to save one life yours. That's it's an amazing trait you have jaw because you set your goals high and you usually hit them. I haven't seen you hit them and that's the key is you know aim high. For everyone watching and listening is to aim higher than you actually think. You know you might know a little bit higher than a realistic number stretching a little bit because when you stretch it and it's a little bit unbelievable you find yourself working harder to reach that goal than if it were a comfortable number. It's all about getting out of our comfort zone and stretching ourselves. Another thing would be is to get an accountability partner or a mentor a business minded guru. So Joel is mine and you can't have him just saying he's taken because he doesn't have time for anyone. I'm just kidding Joel. He'll make up his own mind on that. But he's taught me so much in such a short period of time just on a few phone calls. We met. Do you remember what your that was that we met was that 2012 sounds in three.

Oh my gosh. It was a long time ago. Fifteen thousand three. Wow.

With the godfather of the Internet Marketing Mark Joyner himself it was his farewell party. I remember that. So a long time ago I still have that picture of the three of us you my guest and my wife together. And you know I had a little bit extra in the girth as well at that time so maybe I need to shorten my last name to Kel.

Now you do notice you look the same to me.

Yeah. I've never really had weight issues but when. So when I have any different very it's very noticeable to me because I'm usually pretty slim most of my life.

But yeah the jeans I call myself a chunky monkey back then but a fantastic job. I sure appreciate you coming on the show sharing your wisdom. I look forward to following your progress and helping in any way I can. I know everyone watching and listening would love to do the same. I want to find out for those who are watching and listening who have not yet connected with you.

What is what is the number one best way for them to connect with you whether it be social media email text Facebook Messenger is the fastest way and your so are your profile name is Joel. Chris Ramond Shabaan Correct yeah. But you can find that Facebook dot com slash Chelsea are

Ok. It's shorter.

So is that is that your personal profile or a page profile. Oh ok. Awesome. So that's how you connect to them. Joel C.R. go to Facebook search for are you. You can't mistake this handsome face right here when you see his profile picture. You'll know it's him and just reach out to him and say hey Joe I'd love to follow your story I love to help in any way I can or if you know of somebody who is in need of a kidney then maybe you can help Joel to get this this movement going bigger and faster. Because like he said it's all about community. So if you know someone in need or you have any tips or tricks that can help speed the process up of getting these badly needed transplants taking care of them then please please please reach out to Joel and just let them know what that is and just have a conversation with them. He would love to speak on your behalf Joe but I think he would love to have that conversation with you. Yeah absolutely. All right. Well that brings us. I can't believe it's been an hour already. My friend. It always happens that way it just blows on by. It's before you know it we're done.

But I look forward to watching your your journey going forward. It's going to be a glorious one and I for one will be watching intently and studying your moves and probably giving you a phone call here. They're on the way. So with that thank you all I appreciate all of you for watching coming on and watching and listening for those of you listening on the podcast that is recorded after the show. Until next time we will see you again on the mind body business show real important this Monday. So tonight just Thursday we have a very special edition coming up with the CEO of a company who's providing an amazing service that both Joel and I use now that will help you to expand and scale your business quicker than you ever dreamed. And it's amazing and it can cost you nothing. Of that. So we'll see you on Monday. And then we will resume normal programming every Thursday night. We have shows scheduled all the way out to the end of the year. It's phenomenal. Can't wait. See you Monday Joe. We'll see you again soon. We'll be on the phone and Facebook messaging and texting like usual very soon. Everyone else. We'll see you later.

And blessings to your thank you for watching and listening.

This is beyond the mind body position with prime Kerry.

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Joel Chris Remandaban

Joel is an internationally-acclaimed internet marketer, speaker, trainer and Amazon best-selling author. He is best known as the "Master List Builder." Long before the days of social media, Joel amassed an opt-in email list of more than 153,000 newsletter subscribers in as short as three years - truly unprecedented for it's time. Recently, Joel utilized his past skills to launch a massive social media campaign to save his own life, and as a result found a living kidney donor that will prolong his life without dialysis for another 20-30 years or more.

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