Special Guest Expert - John Kurth

Special Guest Expert - John Kurth

Welcome to the mind body. Three keys to your success. Just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly. Hello

Everyone and welcome welcome welcome to the mind body business show. I say to every show and it's true every time I am so excited I am goosebump on the arm excited because of our special guest expert that you going to meet here in just a moment. Before we bring him on real quick mind body business show. What is that. It really it comes down to three things. Over the course of my life and through mentors like John himself and many other entrepreneurs that I've met I felt there were patterns to success. And one of those patterns involved all three of these components. One in mind and that would be really what it comes down to mindset and if we want to get really detailed there is a science that exists that is absolutely incredibly powerful in helping you to get farther faster and it's scientifically proven. It's known as neuro linguistic programming or an LP for short. We're not going to go into that too heavy. At least I'm not right now. We might with John our special guest expert who you're about to meet because he is also an N O P M.. Man I love this guy. And we're going to go into body. This show is about mind body business we may not go into that today but that's what a show is about is bringing these three key elements to the front so you as an entrepreneur can operate at a peak level of performance. Ergo the name of the company reach your peak L.L.C.

body. It's about exercise and nutrition taking care of the machine that is in charge of keeping that brain going because as a really close friend of mine once told me he said the mind and body are a team the mind and body are your team. That special friend is on tonight. Love it. I never forgot that. And business. Business. If you aren't mass trained sales marketing building systems in your and your business you know if you're not mastering all three of these key areas mind body and business then I say you're not operating at a peak level of performance. Now the good news is that's why we're here to help you to increase to become a master a level of master in all three areas and that's why I bring on special guest experts like John who you're about to meet. And so one of the things I learned in addition to that is. And I told this story on quite often it bears repeating is I've had I had a mentor this is going back many years many years that. Told me the secret. One of the big secrets to success and I was in his very large office corner office he's a CEO a multimillionaire. And he said Brian he looked at me he says if people only knew if they only knew that all they had to do was this one thing just this one thing if they just did this one thing they would all be rich.

I'm like really. I'm dying like c'mon. What is it. He turned around and he walked back to the wall and there was this large double door cabinet from floor to ceiling. He looked back at me. He opened both doors open and from floor to ceiling shelf after shelf after shelf of what you see right behind me just like that. He said if people just read books and we're not talking just any books of course if they just read books then they could become wildly successful. I mean he was the product of the product. And I made a mistake back then I just said No way. You can't be that simple. I mean there's no skin in the game I don't have to pay money for that. I mean it's a few bucks per per book and go to a library and get these. It can't be that easy. Thankfully years later another mentor of mine kind of. Knocked again and said Hey are you. What book are you reading and so I'm not renaming site. What an interesting thing has this mentor read voraciously all the time didn't just talk about it. I mean I wasn't with this other guy who was back east all the time. My latest mentor I worked with him side by side for a number of years and I got to see firsthand this guys reading all the time. I thought OK I better get with it. And so I started doing it and I started reading voraciously a lot.

And one of my favorite venues to listen is on Audible. I like to listen to. I found that I learned it and absorbed it and retained it better by by listening versus actually reading on paper. Plus I stayed awake. I tended to nod off if I was reading a physical book and the beautiful thing was I could do this in a place where I normally could do nothing else but listen to music and that would be my car. So my car became ultimately productive. Amazing like university on wheels or success on wheels. If you want to call that it was amazing. And so over the course of a very short period time I read close to or over 40 bucks. And what we're going to do is share a little segment right now on that. The beautiful thing with audible. Is that you're listening in the car wherever you're listening on the app. There's a little icon it looks like a little ribbon. It's really a bookmark symbol as you're listening if you hear something that catches your ear and you want to save it to go back to later you just tap it and it's a virtual bookmark just as if you put a physical one in your book to go back to read later. And so I did that with many of the books I listened to and that's what we're going to do right now is segue over into a segment I call Bookmarks

Bookmarks foreigners who read bookmarks. Ready steady Breit bookmarks brought to you by reach your peak library Dakang yes reach your peak library dot com.

Right over here and for those watching live or even on if you're listening to podcasts please don't stop and go to that website right now. Just take notes if you're driving please don't take notes or listen to the podcast in your car. Just come back and listen to it again. Reach your peak library dot com. This is the website you see it here and you see at the very top the caption The number one reason for lack of success is not simply reading a lack of reading books but it's the lack of reading the right books. And so what I've done is I decided I'm just going to start compiling a list of all the books I've read that have had an impact on me either from a business standpoint or a personal standpoint. And you'll see that this list goes on and on and on. And what I've done is just put buttons there for you to easily click and go to Amazon and you can buy it on kindle audible if it's physical book if it's e-book whatever you want if it's available. I put the button there for you so that you have at least a filtered out list that at least somebody vetted it doesn't mean that these will have a powerful impact on your life. But the odds are greater because I've weeded out those that just weren't they didn't cut make the grade and I'll be adding two more to it very soon. I just finished two more were going to highlight one specific book here tonight and just for a minute or two. It's called sell or be sold. You see it right there on the screen and what we're going to do is switch on over and listen to that bookmark is just about a little bit over a minute in length. Grant Cardone And what we're going to do is bring that up right now. And take a listen.

This is the critical point that ensures your dreams become reality and that you get what you want in life. What am I talking to you about right now I'm talking to you about why you must pay attention to this book and this program.

Selami so it's about your life it's not about a business it's not about a job. It's not about a business card selling is critical and vital in selling like all games. There are precise formulas there's rules there's technology there's formulas that will ensure your success. That's what this books about. You know the rules of persuasion. Do you know when you're violating the rules. God if you don't know when you're violating the rules

Do you know when you're guaranteed an agreement like you Larry sit down with somebody you like I know for sure 100 percent of the time I'm going to get an agreement.

I know the exact steps. You know the exact thing you have to say to get someone to say yes to you agree with you. You know the exact strategies to make sure that things don't get volatile and when they do get volatile how they like to diminish that. And I think. You know that every person has a power base. You have a power base and you're not using it. You know who they are. Exact names where to start. Do you know how to keep your attitude so freakin positive like mine is right now like I'm super Chaffe today. I know how to actually change my attitude.

Make it so positive that it causes others to be sold on me and want to follow me and want to do what I want to do.

So that was Grant Cardone And Selby's so we're going to stop it there and a few things that just jump out of the page or the audio. The things like he kept repeating you know the exact thing to say do you know the exact way to react basically as have you practiced you have it scripted have you scripted your business to a point where you have it down and you know in every situation exactly what you need to say to successfully finish that transaction or that communication with that individual and that is the reason I chose that book is because the individual will be talking to here right after I get done blabbing is going to be talking about just that and among other things. But this man is a language expert both English and Chinese. I'll let him tell you the intro about himself on the personal things. He is an amazing guy and he's also a certified practitioner and he utilizes all of his skills in scripting for business he's done it for me and the results were amazing. So without further ado I want to jump over into what we call the guest expert spotlight. It's time for the guest experts spotlight savvy skillful professional and deft trained Beagley qualified. And there was John the man the myth the legend. I love this guy. We've worked together for several years. He's brilliant beyond brilliant. The guy is a genius and I'm not I'm not overstating it. Tell you working with him when you get the wonderful opportunity to work with this man you will know instantly that this guy is very very smart. John I'm really glad to have you here. What I want to do is first put out a quick intro about you and then have you say a few words about yourself and then we'll move into the meat. If that's cool with you my friend it's great.

Thank you for having me on the program Brian.

Oh man. Thank you for coming on. All right. With nearly two decades of consummate success as a globally based sales trainer globally based businessman and entrepreneur it's a little wonder that John Kerth is among the nation's leading business coaches as president and founder of Synd tactics sales scripting. It is his mission to help other sales executives entrepreneurs and salespeople to create winning sales scripts that enable them to close sale after sale. How many you would like something proven that's a custom built for you by an expert like this. I did and I got one. And you can do the same thing. The most proven way to win customers is with sales scripts. You heard Grant Cardone basically say the same thing with different language which in a business sense are words in sequence that have meaning. That's what scripts are John's mandate is to demonstrate to individuals and groups how well crafted sales scripts that are compelling and dynamic will maximize sales results. You know it's always going back to sales. Do you think it's important to have sales in your business. I hope you do. The answer is yes. Just in case the result is going to be more customers more revenue and an ever burgeoning business. Who wants that. Sign up for that too. Real quick and I'll stop blabbing here John. You're watching live right now on this live stream on any of the the we're on six different platforms nine total multiplied out over the ether over the ether. So be sure this is amazing watch this show to the very end for a chance to win a complimentary stay five night stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico compliments of power. Texting com a wonderful wonderful company. Thank you Jason Nast's and Rhonda for providing that for this show. Finally with that. John Kerth welcome my friend. So great to see you again. If you wouldn't mind tell people a little bit about yourself and then also let us know what you've been up to lately.

So I love about myself.

I speak Mandarin Chinese and English. The International MBA I did seven years overseas. You're in Hong Kong and mainland China. Five years in Taiwan and USA stands for you start again. Because the days of working for a large multinational company like Procter and Gamble and being promoted from country to country and then coming back those days are gone. It just makes more sense to localize outsource as quickly as you can just makes more business sense to do that. So my wife and I knew we'd be starting all over again. That's why it's so important as an entrepreneur to have the right mindset and the skill set to succeed. I mean it's good we finally have come out of the Great Recession. The thing is we never want to go back to that. So many people have taken the entrepreneurial plunge and have that entrepreneurial mindset that is one thing they can never take away from you. That's why it's so critical. There is something in the Great Depression there were more millionaires and billionaires made in the Great Depression because they saw the opportunity had the mindset even though everything else was kind of going crazy around them. It didn't affect how they looked at the opportunities. Richard Branson your takeaway is 350 companies just parachute them to some random place with the clothes on his back clear out all the money from his bank account other than like 20 bucks in his wallet and I'll have it all back and then some in almost no time because it's his mind set.

So that's why I focus on my training and he is all about the science of performance neuro linguistic programming. Many people cannot apply it in the language they need to make sales. That's what I do for my clients and tactics means to compose or arrange so my company name is syntactic sales scripting. I'm composing and arranging the scripts for my clients and then the subhead line is the syntax of success. Syntax is a correct order and sequence something goes it. You get the right order in sequence you're halfway there. So that's what I do for my clients as my clients don't have time to study in LP for years and they surely don't know how to apply it to their business and other A.P master practitioners like yourself. Brian also realized that when it's your own business you're too close to it to really see some of the connections and it's good to work with an outside expert. To help you craft those winning scripts so it turns it from a hard sell into a hard sell because that's what people want.

Couldn't agree more. My friend couldn't agree more.

And your listeners out the audience if you haven't seen this show before. Go back and watch the previous shows they're all available all over the place if you need to know how to find one. Just let me know. But the common theme you're going to find it's part. It's the first word of the show Mind and John just sent it about. I don't know how many 10 15 20 million times mindset. Right. And I love that because there's that is the common thread to successful entrepreneurs like John Kerth. And I wanted to I wanted to say something about my experience working with John one on one when we were going through the scripting process for what I called the enrollment conversation. It's basically the onboarding. It was a one hour call that John went in and massaged and needed and and just miraculously changed it into a work of art. And the coolest thing I noticed that happened as a result. So I worked with him one on one and he would tell me audibly in real time what to change. I mean this guy can think of it like that. It's not like he had to spend hours and hours studying it before we got on. I'm sure he looked at it before. My God it was amazing. The one thing I found though this is interesting. I don't know if I told you this John is I'm not sure I find myself catching myself saying words that I probably should be changing to something more profound and more valuable because of what you taught me in the process of going through the scripts.

And I could I could hear John's voice. I still hear it to this day everywhere I'm walking around if I say something. Oh yeah that's not good John said. Reframe that into this. The thing is he will never say that's not good. And then leave your hanging. He will tell you he is going to say that's not good he says let's do something different with that. Let's change this too and then he just got it's brilliant. Immediately the second he says You like okay makes sense. Total I get it. He's good. He's really good. He's amazing. He's phenomenal. So if you're in need which every sales person probably is if unless you're really really crushing it you need of scripting help just reach out and connect with John will give you that connection information at the end of the show. You can look them on Facebook see his handsome face make the match you'll know it's him. That's one way. Just a hint. But let's get into the meat of the show and let's give the viewers a peek into this amazing brain of yours John. We started off with talking about books kind of the theme of the show. Would you consider yourself to be an avid reader. Number one I think I know the answer. What book are you reading now or did you just recently read.

I'm an avid reader I tend to read a book a month. If you read a book a month over three years has thirty six books getting a Ph.D. a person who's earned a Ph.D. has probably read 35 to 50 books in their area of expertise. That's why it's so powerful to keep that reading for me. In addition to keeping sharp in business remember I'm focusing on the deep structural level of the language. Language is 80 percent structure only 20 percent content the person collects Beanie Babies or Ferrari's that's the content. The deep structures they like to collect. So my avid reading I can take a script something from another industry. And transfer it over into my clients and that's where they get the breakthrough. So that's part of the reason why I avidly read because I can find other scripts to help persuasion engineer my clients scripts. The book I'm reading now is called the membership economy. Find your super users and mass of the Forever transaction. What I really liked about it was the concept of the hour glass funnel. Most people know traditional funnels right. Why did the top go to the bottom but once or at the bottom then it becomes an hourglass. That's how you keep them for life. Think about it some of the most powerful and rapidly growing businesses sales force dotcom Facebook LinkedIn others have a membership base component to them. You've got that recurring revenue that recurring predated Sybel revenue smooths out the cyclical so sometimes you'd have a peak season in the summer or a peak season to have to.

This type of membership based economy knowledge gives you a tremendous competitive advantage from a revenue point of view. But as an entrepreneur you're attracting your right tribe and really enjoy working with these people so you don't have to take customers you don't like anymore. So that's the book I'm reading now and what I've been up to. All right. I am one of the most effective ways that I generate business as front of the room speaking. And we're putting on our own coaches Oscars in December. So there's five business coaches for including myself. I'm the emcee of the Oscars and we're interviewing four panelists. Each has a distinct expertise in business. One is a sign the script coach. We have a marketing coach we have a high performance team building coach. We're putting that together. So each of us can shine and spill business for everybody because another shortcut to success in addition to reading books is have a coach and you need to have coaches in different areas of your life and if you're really lucky. You will actually get a mentor. Finding a mentor is ten times better than a coach I've had the privilege of mentoring Brian Kelly and now he is my peer. He's no longer my student he's my peer. In an LP and in business so it's great to have a former student is now appear at having me on is program.

I love how the circle of life works don't you. Yes. And yeah that was an amazing time. I can't tell you how much I learned from John speaking. We were speaking from stage he had been doing it for quite some time before I started. And the awesome thing was every time I spoke from stage and he was always in the crowd because he was speaking as well at different segments. He would be in the back of the room taking very good notes and then at the end he would give me what we call feedback and I can't tell you how that catapulted the improvement in me so quickly because he has that keen here and just these little tweaks and somehow I don't know how you do it John but you say that in a way that I just seem to never forget what you said. I mean I almost have to write notes when you give me the feedback even though I'm writing as fast as I can. But amazing amazing feedback. This guy and this goes along with the script and that's why that's part of why he's so good at what he does is good that in every venue an avenue and platform it's speaking it's writing scripts it's it's writing ad copy it's whatever it's talking to him he will if you're open to it he'll give you feedback when you're talking to him and say well if you're going to say it like that I would reframe that and say it this way. Oh my gosh that's perfect and he does it with like you said it's to heart so heart. It does it from the heart. And I can't I can't tell you how much I appreciate you for doing that. John I mean that just that was so valuable to me that you took your time to do that. No one twisted your arm. You just did it out of love for your fellow speakers and I truly appreciate that you really really helped me get along much faster.

You're very welcome. Part of my success being a script coach and focusing on the deep structural level the language I don't need to be the superstar on stage. I have my own stages so I get that I want my students to embody the scripts to get more of their success. That was interesting there was a client of mine this was several years ago. She was at a network marketing organization and she was one of the top producers and asked to speak on their national convention. And so my dad was in the room we always went downstairs I had a computer near the lunch table and I asked for her to send me a copy of my you know all over presentation and my dad didn't know it was me who wrote the script so my dad's eaten lunch and listen to me you know listen to the video of my clients speaking on stage at the National Convention at the end of that he said to me John that's you. Because it's the deep structural level of the language the patterns I'm focusing on the structural level and then we put your content on top of it. That's why it's authentic to you and you will find out. I've had other clients that I've trained for like elevator scripts or other things and they don't know there are other clients in the audience that have worked with me and the person delivers their elevator script and someone comes up to them and says you're working with John Kerth aren't you.

And the person says you can tell and the person is wrong so I can totally tell. So I enjoy the crafting of the scripts. So that way my clients. Get the results. It's so much fun for me to do this. I call it persuasion engineering. That's when it's such a deep level. Case in point I've got a client out of Beverly Hills she's a makeup artist a movie stars. I don't wear makeup. Maybe I should wear makeup on this program but I don't wear makeup and she's like John you saw me on my own stuff. Yeah that's when the script goes because I put the deep structural level of the language into her presentation and then we put her content on the right foundation different colors skin tones lipstick all that stuff that there's no way I could learn 30 years of that but I don't need to. Focus on the deep structure and then put the content on top of it.

The master is or do you hear them. Love it. I love it. Let's switch gears for just a sec. And the thing is a lot of entrepreneurs this is one of the burning questions. Some that haven't cracked the code. Want to know how to do. And it's all about marketing. You know when you're trying to get your business out there in front of eyeballs or just getting you know you don't need a ton of clients just need the right ones and you need to be able to work with them. A bad client can cost you more than what you could bring in on a good client which you've taught from stage. I've taught from states as a result of UTG from thig. And it's true. But one of the things when the burning questions I get from Person after person that struggling those that are struggling in the area of marketing. So I asked this of each entrepreneur that comes on the shows how do you personally go about marketing to help bring more clients to your business and maybe discuss one or two successful forms of marketing that you've employed. The most

Effective Way I've learned from marketing because as an entrepreneur starting out you are the face of the company you are the business and because of that we have to properly position you as the expert. People pay money for Ekspres. People pay more money for them and trust them. You got taken through know like trusts like this and then elevate yourself into expert status. How do you do that. The generate from stage 30 60 90 minute free local talks your local Chamber of Commerce Rotary Club does not matter. You have a compelling talk that relates to your business. And at the end of that people go through the know like trust. Well I like him. I know him. He seems like the expert. Have a good call that action. And then they will say hey look I want to work with you so I'm going to give you a very valuable script here and how you effectively generate from stage. This is Money entrepreneurs say you better pay attention to it. It's called the business card close everyone take out your business card do that now turn your business card over the upper left hand corner or write the letter C isn't Charlie do that now. The upper right hand corner wants to write the letter R's and Roger do that. Now they all get to choose one for the letter Siegert a free consultation about what you do. For the letter or as a free report. The seven biggest mistakes about your product or service that people make and what to do about it. So if you want the free consultation circle the letter C you want the airport circle of letter R.

Do that now pass your business cards. The right to talk about why it works and then will deconstruct it. First of all you've already delivered value from stage so why and they were gonna say Well look I want to know what it's like to work with you. You're capturing all the business cards the people who write the letters see and circle that they're your hot prospects follow within appointments with them in the letter are there in your drip campaign. Send them the digital copy of the report the ones that do nothing. Hallelujah. You're not wasting your time. Fall on people that have no interest in what you have to offer that people will self select so you're less likely to get those pain in the neck clients that you don't want to work with. Quick story out of opportunely about a year and a half ago to speak in front of 40 executives in transition. These are C-level executives that are moving to new opportunities for one hour. I've got 20 clients out of 20 appointments out of that using that. This has got close and deliver value first and business are close. One hour 20 appointments. I'll do that all day. This is what I teach and this is where I come from. With my clients. Initially there's the free consultation where they get to experience my value on their business. You're going to listen to this recording with Brian Kelly this show and all of this shows this one over and over and over again that this Iscar close grip is money in your business.

That's one of the many. There are many things that I love about you John. It's your integrity and your ethics because everything you teach I know personally for a fact you have practiced successfully how many times. For all of you including you John. Have you run across someone on stage or in a webinar or on a phone call claiming to have or are teaching to do these things or similar things but they themselves have never actually successfully employed the very technique they're teaching. They're basically repeating what they heard someone else who was successful at doing so I think you should do it too. That's the thing. And that's the type of entrepreneurs I try to bring on to my show. I vet every single person that comes on on my show personally. John was automatic vet because I know him very very well

Thank you for that very reason. One of many again is because of his incredible level of integrity and that he is not someone who just talks the talk. He absolutely walks the walk. And if you get the wonderful opportunity to watch this man and listen to him speak at an event I know maybe you have something coming up John. I honestly don't know so if you do let's make sure to mention that at the end because it's gold and you and I would highly recommend you bring a very thick notepad and write as fast as you can. And everything he doesn't says and why he does it and try to figure out what he's doing. But the more you listen to him the more you learn just by listening to him.

He's an amazing what I like to share is this the practice makes the master practice makes the master. You can read a lot of books. But is the application of the knowledge. That's why clients pay me so much money for my services because I can apply their neuro linguistic programming on their scripts while composing it and bringing all the pieces together. So it works. The other thing is there's no substitute for stage time. You want to rapidly get better at any part of your business speak on stage. There's things I cannot teach until you're on stage because you might make a mistake. It's all feedback but you will never make it again. The other thing about being onstage are automatically the expert. Unfortunately that's true and fortunately that's true. We've seen people are up on stage that are really not sharing anything of value and people will Ghoshal because they're up on stage all you know what they say must be true and must be important when you're on stage and you're credible on a person of integrity and are delivering value. You're elevated that much higher and it's a key differentiator strategy for you as an entrepreneur. You don't have the marketing budget of Coca-Cola I get that. But you can still have mine share which is different than market share. I'm well known in my community I speak on stages now and my well-known nationwide. Yeah I'm getting there but I'm starting city county working my way out then the clients are in the room and I say look I mean this was a year ago now two years ago. I had our producer speak on stage.

Well no I was one of the breakout sessions it was breakout sessions more like speed dating there was a lunch a 90 minute lunch so I was a table sponsoring sponsoring people go from table to table at the table and I was one of the table sponsors so when people came to my table said look I'm turning this into a 30 minute workshop. I'm not even I'm delivering 30 minutes of value. Well there was a CEO in the room and she's avidly taking notes. And then she I noticed she was headlining. She was the headliner the last speaker and I said you my are you opened me giving you coaching about your presentation from stage. She said sure. Well I coached her after she was done after you know people bought all of her stuff. She was very effective. I then delivered the feedback and then she became a client of mine. Prior to working with me she was closing three to five per percent from stage. What that means is three to five percent of the room are saying yes. After working with me she found that 6 gear. She now closes 15 to 20 percent of the room. Just a hundred thousand dollar weekends now. So she asked me last year to share the stage with Les Brown. I spoke on her stage I spoke with Les Brown one of the high points of my career. That was for my ability to not only be an expert stepping up but then delivering the goods with my scripting because as authentically it's her language but it's my scripts. And

I don't even know where to begin on that that was so much gold. Someone into gold. I wanted to point out. OK one hundred thousand dollar weekend how many of you would be willing to pay John 50 grand for his services and honestly ask yourself what I pay 50 grand for services knowing that in all likelihood if you have the platform set up and you're speaking from stage and you have no platform to sell from that you could take your business up to 100000 in a heartbeat because how many times are you going to do that. Not just once you do over and over and over again and what you said also John about the importance of speaking. Oh my gosh I can so relate to that. That just catapulted my life everything in my life to give me more confidence just talking one on one. It gave me more assertiveness it gave me more certainty. Everything that just makes you look feel. Calm. Because it's true. It does. And then others respond to you. Much different way than they did before before I started speaking. And for those of you that are like Well where do I go How do I speak on stage. There's a really quick and easy way. It takes it still takes effort but one of the quickest ways to create your own stage and you get is going to something like meet up dotcom and start practicing your craft and then call this guy. And say hey Jun I'm speaking in a meet up. Would you come and critique me and journalist. Sure will that be cash check or charge and you'll say whatever you want I'll do it because I know I'm going to go farther faster with you. That's it.

But one thing is when you do that I tell my clients do not look at me I do not have a poker face.

So sometimes when I've been you know when you are on the stage I saw some things and I tell all my clients do not look at me I cannot keep my emotions to myself. And sometimes it's great feedback Eimer. One time there was a client of mine and I'm literally writing in giant capital letters on my notepad. No I practically was shouting outside you know. So absolutely. If you want me to take you to that level I'll do that. But we first got to get the scripts in place first then we go into the live that client is on 1000 dollar weekends. You know these are professional marketing companies that get speakers and they go on these road shows around the country 500 5000 people in the room.

And it's ironic those companies always get a 50 percent cut of whatever the person sells which is great. They have never offered scripting services to their clients. My client has been consistently crushing it.

So they keep inviting her back again and again and again because they know she's money foully persuasion engineering. I love that term coaches Oscars.

I didn't know about that when I wanted to know more about this actually. Do you have enough information to share with folks yet or is that still in the works.

It's still in the works but I'll share with you how it came about. There's a client of mine who's in the supply chain management area. He's a real interesting coach. He finds he finds waste in their procurement and supply chain for large companies and gets a large chunk of the money he finds 30 percent. So I went into a company found a hundred thousand dollars worth of waste. I'm glad to write him a check for thirty thousand dollars for year number one because he found all 100000 dollars that was already in the budget that was being wasted. So I'll give them a check for thirty thousand dollars. A company gets 70 grand year one and every year after that the company gets onon thousand dollars. Well he was on LinkedIn and a person for the third largest supply chain managers kind of affiliate association reached out to him and said look you know we got to do a membership drive. What do you suggest we do. Why had them turned into his own Oskar's. He was the emcee. He invited three other industry experts that he interviewed on stage. He had those experts prior to the event share two golden nuggets of their wisdom so that we elicited IT FROM THE PEOPLE IN THE ARENA Allio from the panelists. Then there was an open Q and A section for the people in the audience. And then there was a wrap up. So it was used as a membership drive. But think of it this way. That organization is the third largest chapter in the country asks him to be on their board of directors. Will any new large company that moves in to the greater Los Angeles area that they're big enough to have a supply chain manager is going to become a member of that group and who gets to interview them first.

My clients. Nice.

The connector so that's what I'm doing for my own business someone else reached out to me on LinkedIn. He's a fellow coach in developing high performance teams. I focus on the scripting language as well how can we cross promote and cross identify each other.

So we're turning into our own Oskar's that's another thing we've we've had these talks off line before John. But another thing that I truly appreciate about you is your willingness to share. We found there were certain people that we knew that just would not share the stage with certain people even if there was not a match. If there was no competition I guess and you're you don't have that mindset you're more of. Let's be collaborative not combative. And that's another thing that makes you unique among many people I know. And I like to think I'm the same way and you're doing it right now.

You're bringing in other people you're sharing the stage you're sharing the spotlight and it's a phenomenal thing. Yeah I think we've got this going.

There we go. All right. Jug we're going to keep going brother.

We got audio so here's the thing that's coming from that abundance mindset and what does that mean. One thing that will help you is an entrepreneur because this program is nationwide is look up gross metropolitan product gross metropolitan product treats cities or regions like countries. So that's a way to see just how many billions of dollars is in your backyard. I just saw in the newspaper a couple of weeks ago that if you were to treat California as a country it's now the fifth largest economy in the world. We're equal to the economy of the United Kingdom. It's like two trillion plus dollars while you take a line basically the top of Los Angeles County. Draw a line across from Las top of Los Angeles California Los Angeles County across California all the way down to San Diego. That value is 1 trillion dollars a trillion is a thousand billion. So that's why I'm sharing this because that's coming from my heart. I have to demonstrate what I can do for my clients because then they can see all I can see how John can apply that. Because even on my complimentary calls people can then if they apply what I've taught them make enough sales so then hire me. So even though the title of John I don't get the money right now. Well what I've shared with you on the call if you apply it you can make enough money to then hire me.

Exactly exactly.

So many golden nuggets throughout. Here's the thing. You're an entrepreneur John. And the life of an entrepreneur. It's always easy isn't it. Exactly. It is not. And that's probably why they're so it's such a small percentage of the population that has even attempted to become an entrepreneur.

It's not for the faint of heart it's not for I won't say the week but it's not for the folks that really aren't in it for the long haul who can take the bumps and take shots at their ego which we all know you should just drop your ego to the side and you know so along that path. I know personally myself having done so so many times and I know you. I'm curious if you would tell our listeners and our viewers what kind of sacrifices have you had to make that you're okay with sharing to become a successful entrepreneur you are you have to reframe this as a fundamental reframe from an LP as looking at things differently.

It's not a sacrifice they have been investments investments in my time. I've had 12000 dollar marketing mistakes that if you look at it. In a judge mental way that was a mistake it was an investment a costly one in what not to do. Part of the reason why I wanted to and chose to become an entrepreneur is the investment in my family. I have more flexibility. I was very lucky my father was a high school English teacher. So my dad was home usually about four o'clock from school from teaching high school. When I came back from school so I had that time in that relationship with my dad. I wanted that for my daughter. She's in summer camp this year summertime so now I can take her to camp I can pick her up from camp. So you have to look at them as investments and yes it's going to take probably longer than you think. There are going to be gut check. Someone once said this in entrepreneurs living a few years of your life like most people won't. So you can spend the rest of your life the way most people can. The big difference with entrepreneurs versus everybody else is their ability to handle uncertainty and still move forward. People are addicted to certainty and that's why they're stuck in dead end jobs that are killing them. There was a client of mine. It's interesting he's a coach but he treats addiction and he said the deaf.

Why do people. Addiction is the consequence of giving your heart to something that your heart does not desire which means you're in a job that is slowly killing you but oh I want the paycheck. I want the paycheck. I want the certainty of it. And it's killing them. So as an entrepreneur you got to be able to embrace uncertainty but you don't have to do it alone. You got coaches and mentors. Some of them have been there so we can model what they're doing. You can do expert modeling to shorten your learning curve. You can do things like speaking from stage to differentiate yourself from others. There are ways to form mastermind so other people who are other entrepreneurs understand what's going on. You listen to programs like this mind body business they are all interconnected. That's what you do. If you try to go it alone without any of these other resources. You'll go crazy and the good news is in the era of the Internet. The era of coaching and mentoring. It's it's still challenging to get me wrong but it's not you're going it alone like you were 30 years ago I don't know how in the world. Sam Walton did it and people of that age. Walt Disney. I don't see it pretty much had to do it on their own with no support.

A man or as in your words Hallelujah. Yes and thank you for the refrain. And here's the thing. Some of you might have like reacted to that and go I can't believe Jon is like correcting Brian on his own show. My reaction the honest reaction was thank you. I love it. It wasn't always like that. Trust me when I first started speaking and Johnsbury give me feedback and others I didn't right away I didn't like it because that ego thing was in my way. And then I just said Brian you know what these guys know what they're talking about accept it and over time not a long period of time. I got to the point where I I felt if John wasn't in the back of the room during the time I was speaking or if he wasn't available to give me feedback after any of my speaking engagements wherever I was I actually felt like I was missing something when I was done. I love it. I could not wait. I literally cannot wait for him to give me the feedback that I knew would take me to yet another level. And it was a form of correction which many of us humans don't like that normally. But when you get used to it and you know that it's going to give you the results that you're looking for. And I know that John does it from a heart center space. All that put together was like please continue. So thank you for that reframe and for all of you that may have thought something different. Just that's it. It's ego. Number one on one of the biggest roadblocks to success is your ego.

Go ahead John. Another reframe is problems. Challenges or situations. See you in a lot of a said arm problems I've got challenges. That's true that's still higher on the energy level. OK as a challenge I'm up to the challenge I can handle the challenge. The last reframe I got was a former L.A. SWAT team member. And he says look we don't have problems we don't have challenges we have situations that have to be dealt with situations are totally neutral which means you are open to more of those solutions that your preconceptions would have blocked out had you come from oh I shouldn't be here. I don't understand it it's a problem or something. All that other stuff when you view them as a situation. Then they're totally open. I just learned that six months ago when I met the guy at a high end mastermind group in Beverly Hills. Is a former SWAT team member is that. Well there's no problems or challenge or just situations tactical situation is worth that have to be solved tactical situations that have to be solved in L.A. SWAT teams speak but that reframe. Situations is gold. Now I use it all the time. Oh it's just a situation. These are the minor refinements that make all the difference in the world.

It's an interesting thing I found out. And John I'm sure you've heard the same thing from many who knew the more success someone achieves the thought the common thought of that person is their problems are going away they have no problems because they're so successful. Interesting thing is it's the exact opposite. And it's more situations that arise that you've already just said is how flexible are you. Thank you for the likes and loves everyone. I appreciate it. How flexible that that person can be. It's not the problem or the situation. It's how you react to it and how flexible you can be in solving that situation. Case in point I had a technical issue right before the show and the taxable alternative so that you could actually watch and listen to a bookmark. You didn't even know anything went wrong. Because I've you know I've been around John quite a while now. And we just learned to be flexible. It's like we're two minutes before the show and I'm scrambling to get things put together and boom it's perfect. It's nice. Hey John I wanted to give a shout out to a few people that are watching. Slaughter was the guest on last show thinks Ross and he actually put a few comments in there listening to you said the practice makes the master and his thing is boom. And Greg Williamson as we both know just joined us we had Rick Galvin. We have Fred Basara and we also have on the show we have Richard barrier which we both know that young man he's an amazing guy.

Lots of cool people would do. BOLDUAN Hey June kahal waltz. Oh that's a sales guy. He's a scream. You too. You too especially should get connected because he deals with scripts every day. That's what he does. John would have been Rick Galban just goes on and on. Thank you all for joining appreciate you. You have questions we were running out of time here. If you have a quick question or a really good one I might pick it quick. So go ahead and type that in on the comments and Facebook periscope or streamed me or twitch or any of the other thousands of avenues that were streaming out to like. Now it's just six I'm just having fun. Just six. That's pretty awesome. Let's there's one more question really burning question John that I like to close the show with with every entrepreneur that I've had on the show. And it's a it's a doozy. I'm going to be straight up about it's a doozy. And for. And you're in your unflappable you're not hearing phase like. OK. So Brian bring it on. Most of the other entrepreneurs in the same way and others are like leaning in gone. What's he going to ask. It is a big one. The cool thing about it though is no matter what your answer is there is no wrong answer. It's your answer. It's specific to you. And what I found to be very very very interesting. Every single guest I've had thus far. Has said something different

Really interesting. We're going to get to that question in just a moment. So hang on for those you are watching live. This is that time that fun happy time to enter to win that five day all inclusive stay at a five day love or a five star luxury resort in Mexico. And I'll put on the screen and I will say audibly for those of you that are just unable to watch at the moment how you can. Enroll to to win this wonderful vacation. Richard Barrett who is watching. He has a past winner. He's going he's going on vacation. The Mexican. So this is real folks. Two ways. One is go to reach your peak LLC dotcom for Slash vacation. The important thing there is vacation or lower case the rest of it. It can be mixed it doesn't matter reach your peak LLC dotcom for vacation or if it's easier for you.

Get on your phone and text the word peak that's peak. AK 2 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Again that's Peeke aka 2 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 do that now. And I will monitor as they come in and be sure to follow the instructions you're going to get a response right away. If you go through these methods it's going to ask you for one more piece of information so. Be sure to give that piece of information or you will not win. Richard barrier one because he was the only one on that show that followed instructions. I love it. Love it. So. Back to the most amazing thrilling incredible inspiring question I could ever ask another human being. I'm building up pretty good John. It is in your own words John Kerth. The people want to know how do you define success.

I'm going to quote I think it was the row. Wealth is the ability to fully experience life wealth is the ability to fully experience life.

That's why as an entrepreneur you can do that. Tim Ferrers four hour work week and have mini vacations all over the world. You can design your life so you can live it. I don't have to when I want to take a vacation with my family. We love going to national parks. We can do that. So wealth is the ability to fully experience life. That's how I define success.

Again a new answer. I love it. Love it.

And I know John personally as everybody by now knows and this is a man who loves to help people and that's the core of every entrepreneur that at least that I know that I have on this show that I call a friend every single one. That's why they're successful. Another key ingredient. Take notes write the stuff down is to serve others and make that your number one priority not to make money. Making money is absolutely critical and you need to do that. We get that. But if you reframe that and make that your secondary or third reason for doing what you do because money isn't the end all money can supply you with the means to give you more freedom of time like John and his family up. But he does that because he's serving people he's served me. I mean his what he did with me is going to last my lifetime and he only did the scripting thing one time we spent time together speaking all of it put together. I will never forget it never. And that. Was the gift that keeps on giving. How's that.

So I Palfreyman like this serve others while making money.

Absolutely. Absolutely. As we have a little technical glitch. Yes. While making money because it is very very important to make money because if you don't make money how are you going to be able to serve others. So they do go hand in hand. Just make your lead in. I'm here to serve people and yes please by all means make money while you're doing that would be phenomenal. All right I'm looking over and seeing who's coming in subscribers on the text and I will keep an eye on that even for another five to 10 minutes after the shows that over for and the new ones that come in to pick who follows instructions. Go ahead and do that right away. John one thing before we go is I want to be able to give folks the best way to contact you and connect with you because I would recommend anybody and everybody watching or listening to reach out and at least have that initial call that John Seavey is fit for where you are right now in your business. So John how can he get in touch with you what's the best way preferred way.

One thing is if you have an email list of the people who are on the call I don't know they've registered that. You can then send them an email and then they can reply with scripting with a in their name and telephone number. And then I will contact them to schedule a free 30 minute telephone consultation. The other way is because you're a client and a peer. I call my telephone number is 7 1 4 6 8 8 6 4 4 3 7 1 4 6 8 8 6 4 4 3 so call leave a message and then say scripting or Mind Body business or Brian Kelly and I'll give you a call and if I have space in my schedule for a free 30 minutes for consultation you'll get that I mean you already experienced that on the call for an hour today of what it's like to work with me.

Fantastic. Another quick way to do that as well is to find John Kerth on Facebook. It's not difficult and because I mean there's only one handsome John Kerth on it. There are several but there's only one handsome one and find him and message him and just message him the word script and he'll know what that means. And then you can connect that way. That I'd be an instant way to do so. Or yeah that is fantastic. Yeah. Another option is do so in the comments and I'll make sure you get connected either way is fine. John thank you. I can't believe an hour is up. It happened so fast. Every single time I think we need to extend it another hour are you okay with that.

That's fine. I had an early dinner before the call in case went over.

I'm just kidding. I appreciate you my friend. Everything you've done for me personally your value that you just just gave to everyone here tonight live on this show. And then for those you will listen later on the podcast. Appreciate you my friend and I can't wait to see you again in person. Watch you speak in and break bread together once again. Truly truly appreciate your friendship and that's all. That's it for our show tonight everyone. I just want to say thank you all for watching listening. Liking loving commenting continually to share. If you wouldn't mind share this of this video after the recording comes up on Facebook and until next week I sent the same time same bat channel next Thursday 5 3 p.m. Pacific we'll have another special guest expert. For now this is John Kerth for Jonkers. I'm Brian Kelly. Everyone have a great great evening. We'll see you later. Be blessed everyone. Bye bye

Thank you for watching and listening. This is being the mind Poggi visit show with prime Kerry.

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