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So here's the big question.

Our entrepreneurs like us have been hustling and struggling to make it to success, who seem to make it one step forward, two steps back

Work, getting the. And drib. How do we finally break through? That is the question. This podcast will give you. My name is Brian. This. Body.

Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to the Mind Body Business Show. Oh, baby, we have another phenomenal guest. I cannot wait to share her brilliance with you. Yes. Jose Breeza is in the house and waiting to come on camera, and she'll be here in just a few moments, I promise. But first, a little introduction. The mind body business show very quick. It is a show we put together for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs, and we invite only successful entrepreneurs onto our show. And the reason that is, is because these individuals we've done over one hundred and forty by the time of this show coming on. The reason we do this is for you to take your business to that next level. I have done again, like I said, over one hundred and forty this show I had a previous show I did with a partner back in the day. We did one hundred shows there. And I'll tell you something, the value that you're going to learn is, is beyond is beyond any description that I can give you. I can't even put a price tag on it. I should charge for the show. I never do. But that is all to say. Take it that seriously as you're watching, take notes and be sure to follow us all the way through to the end. You'll see why in just a moment. So Mind Body Business Show is about what I call the three pillars of success.

And I began basically studying only successful people over the past decade, a little bit more than a decade or so. And I found these three patterns kept developing that I witnessed and realized that all of these very successful people had. And you might guess what those three are. They are literally the name of the show. So mind the mind set. And that is to a person each of these very successful individuals had a very powerful and also, more importantly, very flexible mindset. And body is literally about the fact that they took care of themselves. And we're talking about exercise on a regular basis. Don't need to be a body builder. If you're a man, you don't need to be a supermodel. If you're a woman just taking care of yourself, exercise on a regular basis and also nutrition wise in taking healthy food and healthy drink. And then business business is multifaceted. And what I found with all of these very successful individuals is that they had found a way to master all the skill sets that were necessary to create and grow a thriving business. And these skill sets included things like marketing, sales, team building, systematizing leadership. And I could just go on and on and on. And the thing is, you might be thinking, Brian, how do you master so many skill sets even in one's own lifetime? I'm glad you asked, because you actually don't have to master every one of them.

That's the good news. In fact, one of them is all you need to really, truly master. And I actually mentioned it. It was on the list I just mentioned a second ago. And it is the skill set of. Leadership, once you've mastered the skill set of leadership, you can now bring in people that have mastered those other skill sets you have yet to do and then lead them and build a team. And once you've done that, you can delegate all those things you have not mastered, which to be honest, as business owners, we should delegate most of the tasks that our day to day mundane, and we should be the ones that are out there creating and looking for new ways to grow our business rather than working in it. We want to work on it and that is the mind body business show on that show. And another wonderful thing about very successful people to a person. What I found was they are also very avid readers. They are voracious readers of books and not just any books, the right books. And with that, I want to segway into a really quick segment. I like to call affectionately bookmarks.

Bookmarks, thornes, read bookmarks, ready, steady, read bookmarks brought to you by reach your peak library dotcom.

There you see Richard Peek, library, dotcom, and real quick note, real quick note is to take notes and avoid clicking away, resist that temptation and just write down resources as we go through, because I know Jose is going to have many resources for you. In fact, I know of a couple already as we were talking before the show, and you'll want to just write those down and stay with us and keep listening and keep your gaze and attention here on the show. If you're watching us live, if you're listening on podcast after the fact, keep listening. But write notes if you're driving and you need to take notes, pull over, stop and take notes or listen to it again and take notes because they're that valuable. So reach your peak library, dotcom. Just write that down and visit it after the show. Visit all the resources after. All right. Reach your peak library. That is a website that I had put together and built with you in mind. I'm not kidding this. I didn't build this for me. I didn't build this for my business, for my company. I built it for all of you wonderful people, entrepreneurs and business people who are looking to grow their business to the next level. And the reason I did that is because I myself did not begin reading regularly till about the age of forty seven. I'm fifty six now. And I then realized the sheer magnitude of value and how my own life and business propelled forward after I began finally reading these incredible, amazing books.

And so what I did is I only put those that had a profound impact on my business life, my personal life or both on this list. So I'm not every book I read is in here, but you'll see quite a few great ones in here. And that's just for you to go and have a nice go to list that's at least been vetted by one other successful person so that the odds of you not wasting your time are increased. That's a it's just here's a gift to you. All these buttons where it says buy here, they just go straight to Amazon and yeah, we'll probably make a few pennies and probably that's it. I don't know. I've never even looked I think it's less than a buck. It doesn't matter. It's not here to make money. This is for you to have a library to go to and just grab a book, read it, go get the next one. Find another one that you love, that you haven't read and grab it and read it and really propel your business and your personal life quickly by doing that. Speaking of propelling your business, you know what we have this amazing guest is going to show you exactly how to do that. So let's bring her on right now, shall we? Yeah, let's do that.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight. Savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained, league qualified.

And there she is, ladies and gentlemen, the one the only José Brisby who.

Hello, Brian.

Hello, Joseph. I have to tell you, I had to practice your name. That was fantastic. I love I love the the flow. José. What it's like.

It sounds fancy, doesn't it?

It does. But it's because you

Know what Brisby means.

I have no idea.

It means break wood so it's not so fancy. So I like I like to see that I come from a very long line of stylish lumberjacks.

So I love it. I love

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So here we are. I am here to introduce the one, the only José Briese BWA. Jose is a personal brand image expert and fashion stylist for entrepreneurs with a remarkable professional background since two thousand nine she has experienced. Jose has been creating personal brands and styling speakers, entrepreneurs and professionals. I need some styling. Prior to opening her company. Jose was a television newscaster and a Hollywood actress who starred in a feature film. Maybe we'll bring that up so we can all watch that together. In addition to her on camera experience, she is an accomplished branding expert off camera who served as a marketing and branding manager in the technology industry. That gets my needle going. A graduate of McGill University with a degree in business and marketing, Jose has been seen on Get This ABC, NBC, CBS and PBS. For those of you that live under a rock. Those are television stations. She applies more than 20 years of experience to help entrepreneurs get promoted, attract high level clients and business opportunities while creating an absolutely unforgettable personal brand. Who doesn't want that? All right, let's jump in. Officially, there she is. José Brisby, welcome to the show.


So great accolades, many accomplishments. Television actress in a movie, not goodness. Newscaster You've done so many things. And obviously, by doing all that, that gives you a leg up in your industry. What you do by getting people ready, not just for a camera, but for their brand, whether it's on camera, whether it's just photos for their website, its presence in front of USPI, a group of when you're speaking, I can just see all the applications here because your first impressions got to be your best, right?


And so this is the person to connect with. And we'll give you all this information as we go through the show. But what I wanted to do, Jose, is first, you know, those are great accolades and experience and everything in the bio. I like to go a little deeper and find out what is going on in that beautiful brain of yours

To get

Motivated every single day. Because let's face it, being an entrepreneur, you know, you and I know this is super simple, right? There's never an issue and ever,

Ever it is

Not for the faint of heart. And so to be able to be a successful entrepreneur, one must develop one heck of a mind, a mindset. And for you, Jose, when you get up every single morning knowing that all of these challenges are in front of you. And by the way, people don't get this, the more successful you become, the more challenges you are befriended with. So you really need to get your mindset straight. But for you, Jose, what is it that keeps you motivated every single day when you get up? What is going on in that beautiful brand to say, I've got this and we're going to power through another day?

Well, let's just pre phase by saying that I don't feel this way every single day, I do have my little bell moments. I believe everyone does. It's really not a piece of cake, as you said. But I feel like you were saying I keep my body healthy and my and so my mind healthy. And that helps so much just to to have a good night's sleep and to have a good night's sleep, you need to to to be healthy. So that's one I do the visualization, the that kind of thing as much as possible because I have little kids. So they wake me up in the morning. I don't always get to do it, but when I can I do it. I have tremendous amount of determination and I think that this is highly necessary if you're going to be an entrepreneur. So, yeah, for me, it's a combination of all these things because if I did not take care of my health, I don't think I could do it.

And that's that's a great Segway because of the show. Mind body business show when it comes to physical fitness beyond just being ready for each day. I mean, what does it really mean? What does it do for you? I mean, if you did not work out, if you didn't exercise, if you did not eat and drink in a proper manner, what is it done for you so far in your walk?

So if I did not take care of myself, and I'm including everything from exercising regularly at least twice a week and eating healthy, I don't drink alcohol, I would tend to go into a mild depression like I know I have this tendency, like I just know myself. So I know I have to keep on top of it and just I don't so I don't go there. I just don't I don't let myself go there. So it's really helping me to keep my head clear and. Yeah, focused.

That's the one thing I love about physical fitness and just healthy lifestyle, is that once you've experienced it, you will continually come back to it, even if you fall off the wagon for a little bit. And I know this from fifty six years of being on this planet, how that can go. And I have a I used to be a certified personal trainer and there were times where I would skip, you know, and just ideally go on vacation, whatever the case may be. And I just realized, man, I don't feel good. And it's like this inherent addiction. That's the word I'm looking for. And this is a positive addiction because it's not a drug either and be like one when you get those endorphins going. I literally worked out right before this show, José, and I like to do that before before any big task or something that's really important for me. That day I saved the workout for right before that moment. And then I'm jazzed and up and excited. And that way I can be 100 percent present for you, for the audience. In this particular case, there's so many benefits and there's very little bad things, side effects, I guess, from working. And then, you know, if you may have a pain here and there. Be careful and seek professionals who can right that ship. I have I have knees that creak when I go up the stairs. And I hired a guy and he showed me how by lifting more weight, more than I ever lifted in my life, heavier weight, how that actually fixed it, it blew my mind. So there are other ways to fix things that you won't believe in no matter what age you are. It's phenomenal. So just know that

I have to ask you about that, because my niece is quick to

Have a

Perfect resource for you. In fact, it's a man woman team. He does the man. She does the women. They are phenomenal. And so they both get on the show. Go figure that. Yeah. Yeah. I'm really so I really have a warm spot for physical fitness and everything to do with it nutrition. And it just makes sense, right. When you, when you workout, when you move, your body's healthy with covered. A lot of people aren't moving. A lot of people are sitting in, you know, certain things are getting bigger than they've ever been before.

I think I'm

In my profession now. I need to lose weight. Yeah.

Yeah, exactly. You know, they want to fit into those wonderful clothes that you're suggesting that they wear.

And the ball did well with the number on people, that's for sure.

Yeah. With all the jackets and the buttons about the pop off, you know, it's just this thing of refusal. I'm not buying any more clothes. I'm just going to I'm going to lose the weight back to where I was. I'm not doing it. I'll just suffer while I'm sucking it in.

All right.

We've got some folks chiming in, looking at guess who, the one and only lowest coffee lovers.

We were just talking about you and how are

We says love you to guess what lost. Love you more. I said, I

Love you more

To the pink.

I wonder if they knew anything about what to wear on this show. I just


So thanks for coming on. Lois is an amazing friend of both of ours and we were literally talking about you loss, right. The show in all good ways, I promise you. Very good ways. So thanks for coming on. You must have heard us. That's great. So great. So physical fitness and in your line of work, Jose, I can only imagine that if people are looking at you and if you are not fit or in shape, that could probably hurt your business, wouldn't you think?

I wouldn't say so, I wouldn't say so because it's all part of the personal image that you project like, yes, it's something to pay attention to what you wear, but if you don't care about, you know, how healthy you are, that also speaks something right.

And it shows up in so many ways, doesn't it? The energy levels, you know, if you're if you're not taking care of yourself, you're not getting enough sleep. If you're not exercising and if you're putting garbage in your mouth, then it's going to show in other ways beyond just the shape of your body. It's also going to show in your energy level. Go ahead.

Did you know that women who wear makeup make more money than the ones who don't? And I'm relating this to the way when you exercise, it's all about showing how you take care of yourself and that, you know, transpires to other people. And it transpires and like if you take care of yourself, then you care about the work that you do. You care about the results that you give. And that's all subconscious messages and people get from you. So that's where taking care of your body also sends a subconscious message to people.

Totally agree. Totally agree. And so talking about first impressions, so you get a good night's sleep the night before you're going to meet somebody or go on camera, right on Zoom if it's Zoom or anything else. Look, even if it's a meeting, like a work type meeting with maybe clients, but maybe you're just collaborating with somebody else. I still do what I can to you know, I don't come on wearing, say, a tank top, which I like to be comfortable all day long. I'm in shorts and a tank top most of the time while I'm working. But when it's camera time, I've got my own little closet here in my studio and I just run over and grab the hanger and I put on my work quote unquote shirt and come back and just be there and be present and look a little bit professional. I mean, I'm not wearing this the blazer and everything all the time. I could in a heartbeat. But yeah, it's about, you know, some people, like, just be comfortable, be yourself. I see that too. But if it's a first impression, I don't know. I don't know if wearing a hat backwards and change down to the middle if you're an entrepreneur depends on what you're working in. Right. I guess

Since. Oh, I love your visual.

I've just seen it. You know, I see it sometimes. I'm like, what are you doing?

You know, like, you know, I

You know what? You know, what I tell people is like, go at it, you know, where your yoga pants and where your sweats. But on top, just like look like a million bucks. It's so easy to do. Just put a nice jacket on. Not hard.

It's it's so cool. It was a story many years ago and I won't go through the whole thing. But what is happening today on Zoome is is commonplace now where people will wear something nice up top and shorts or boxers or whatever


It. That was not commonplace at all before covid. No, there was a skit on television and it's a long story. I want to get through it quick, but there were a lot of lookalike actors that were like Jay Leno, looking like David Letterman, looking like Arsenio Hall. And Dennis Miller was he was it was his show. And they were having these wars over who got who what guest on which show because they were signing exclusive contracts and stuff. But I have a buddy who is the Jay Leno lookalike. He looked I mean, he had the chin and everything was awesome. And you told me you want to hear something real interesting. He was dressed as a godfather and how the cheeks filled and he had the tux on. But when we were done and he got up away from the table, he was wearing shorts

And no shoes.

And I just laughed at that. That's genius. So from that day forward, every live show I've ever done, I'm in shorts right now. I have no shoes and I'm pulling back the curtain, their workout shorts. I'm comfortable.

Well, you know, typically when I just meet with clients, that's what I wear my yoga pants today. I said I'm I'm going to wear my nice pants and that's my jacket just in case I have to get up. You never know. You never know. Sometimes people get up and then not everyone sees their shorts or their pants. So you have to make sure you don't have to get up.

And so you say something. That is a great point, though, and I will point that out is, you know, dress the way that makes you feel professional. I'm fine. I feel I do feel professional. I know what I'm doing. I've got a jacket on. I have the look there. I also this is I'm not kidding. I put on cologne. As if I'm going to say something, I make it as if it's an event I'm actually using, I call it man make up now because I'm getting older and there's some splotches here and there and hopefully Chenu right now. But just do what you got to do to present yourself and you'll have to go overboard. But make yourself feel ready, present and professional, because it shows it's like it's like a dog sensing fear, isn't it? Jose, when someone is right there again.

Yes. And even. Yeah, like you said, I love that you wear cologne beforehand because it puts you in that state of mind, gives you like this like an ounce of confidence, have extra confidence. And the same thing for me, like I just need to wear my little lipstick and that just that makes me feel better. So whatever works for for you, you know, for everyone is different. What how does it make you feel, whatever you're doing?

Yeah. And it may be a backwards hat with big gold chains that they may work and that's OK. That could be the brand that goes with the brand. But just to be present and we're kind of the expert right here, Jose, she knows this stuff. So I want to talk more about your business. We've kind of been skirting across the top of it a little bit and wanted to find out who is your target market, what type of entrepreneurs do you work with? Are they solo partners? Do you do corporate gigs where you go into corporations or is it smaller businesses, larger businesses? And then what kind of services do you offer? How does the process work?

Ok, so mainly it's intrapreneurs because more like a smaller businesses, because, as you said, I, I have this personal branding background. I used to be a branding marketing manager in the corporation. And so to me, it's like second nature. I understand that. I know how to create an effective brand. So so I focus on creating a personal brand for entrepreneurs because entrepreneurs, we are the face of our company. The first thing that people see when they come across your business is you, you know, all entrepreneurs. We put all this money into having a professional looking website and which is great. But what a lot of people don't realize is like, does your image match that professionalism because of people? They see your professional everything. But then when they meet you, you don't look that professional and therefore probably successful. It's going to hurt the the bottom line. It's going to hurt the business. And so I focus a lot on the personal branding because the personal brand, what the image that you project and it's kind of like it gives out. I was talking about subconscious messages and gives out a subconscious message of what kind of person you are, what are your values. And it even goes with the kinds of services that you offer. Everything speaks to that. And so having a strong brand is extra, extra important, more so for entrepreneurs and for the corporate people who work for someone else. So, yeah. And what was the other question, Brian? I went on a rant here,


The process of I mean, especially now with covid, if you're giving them advice and recommendations on, say, clothing, how does that work when you're not able to meet with them in person

And give

What? Interesting, you ask that, because even before covid started, I was doing most of my clients work on virtually. There are several reasons to that. There's so many advantages on working virtually. And it starts with first of all, the selection online is so much greater and you can find much better prices. So I like to call myself the queen of high end shopping on a budget.

I love it.

I get a kick out of getting the best prices for the best clothes. So there's many, many different reasons why virtually just works so much better. I mean, there is this component of being in person that, yes, you don't have that there's a pros and cons to everything. But I feel like the the pros win over the cons working virtually. And so and you were asking how how does the process work? Well, it all starts with doing the personal branding process. What does your personal brand will look like visually? Like having a really clear understanding of that to make sure that it's strong and and clear and consistent consistency is the key. If you don't have any consistency in business, it's very hard to be successful in on all levels. So so we start with that. We start with the personal branding process. And then and then I'm ready to if I work one on one with people, I'm ready to just go shopping for them, having a really good understanding of what what their brand looks like. And or I now teach people how to do it for themselves. I teach people how to become their own style so that they can become empowered so they don't have to constantly rely on someone like me to look like a million bucks. So they learn how to create their own brand. They learn they learn how to better themselves, how to put outfits together. So they look stylish and really good. So that's because that did that enter your question?

It helps a lot as curious. What what do you find most the most common areas that need attention?

The most common areas that need attention, I feel like we're both in Southern California. People just dress too casually. They don't they pick too casual fabrics or cuts or you know, I see lots and lots of women wearing these little cardigans that have no shape. And it just gives a very unprofessional appearance. So I feel like and probably now during bubble like, that's all over the country. But the East Coast is is the best as far as that goes. They're more like they understand more the importance of it. But yeah, I would say, like I just don't think that looking casual because everyone else kind of looks casual is OK because you are going to hurt your sales. You just aren't. I mean, the power of the first impression is not overrated. It really isn't

Totally like I would say, don't follow the herd, you know. Right. And you're right in California, it is so. Oh my gosh. I love that you are. Spot on. Josie, there was a guy who was incredibly successful and achieved a lot in a multi, multi multimillionaire who came to an event. I was one of the people working with my mentor. I was sharing the stage, teaching the students. This guy came as a guest speaker. I'm not going to name names, but he went up on stage wearing like tattered jeans, flip flops and a t shirt. And immediately, I've never met the guy, but I knew of his accolades. But my respect level and my view of him from an authority status definitely took a dip just because that was my first impression. And so you're absolutely right. And, you know, I'm not trying to say we should be judgmental and we shouldn't at the same time, you know, and I get it. There are others that are very successful that can pull that off. But these are people you have that have a name already that everyone knows right in the industry. Then you can pull a job.

Right? Not jobs. Right, exactly.

Yeah. Yeah. And that's a great example. And so just be cognizant of that. And the if you're doing a multiple day event, you show up looking dressed to the night, the first day, and then you can ease back after everyone gets to know you've built some rapport. We did that like on the third day of a three day seminar. We would really casual it up. We'd still have like a nice a blazer, but we were just like decent jeans instead of slacks or something just right. We're comfortable and people it just work better that way. But yeah, definitely the first impression I'm so, so in alignment with what you're saying. It's huge and a lot of people don't care about it anymore. I don't think about it. I think.

My experience is that people just don't know, they don't realize how much it affects their business, they did not ever think about it or, you know, that they just don't know. A lot of the times that's what it is

And that's it. How you present yourself as how people are going. They are judging you and they're saying, well, if you're if you're dressed really professionally, odds are you're going to treat me with professionalism. You can take care of me as a client. If you're dressed in flip flops in the shabby jeans, what kind of service am I going to get if I do business with you? I'm not so sure I want to take that step.

You put the finger on it. That's exactly it. It's like. It's like what are you telling your potential customers? Like, if you can't take care of yourself, are you going to be able to take care of me like the way I expect to? That's exactly it. It's all subconscious, you know, like in the in the the caveman, they draw on the walls, like we are wired to like pretty things. We are wired to want the shiny object. So there's so many competition out there. You know, if if the next person looks better and just seems to be more shiny, people are going to go there.

And it doesn't stop with just branding, does it? I mean, what about every facet of your company, like your communication, your systems that are in place? Are they adequate or are they making mistakes? If you do a live show, is it high quality? They have nice graphics. Do you have a good flow? Do you have great guests? I teach this myself, and the reason I teach is because I've had I I started the show, Jose, with no intention of making money from it at all. It was just to further build my platform to help get people like you out there to people that are watching so they can learn from you. And what I found is because I just I'm built, I'm wired. I don't do anything unless it's the highest quality I can muster. And I've gotten so many comments as a result. This isn't the pat myself on the back. It's to help people to say that a higher quality, you can make something, anything you do in your business. It shows people notice. I didn't know this was happening and I started getting a lot of people hitting me up saying, Brian, can you show me how to do what you do? I'm like, wow, that's crazy. So my show became a lead magnet as as a result, it blew my mind. Yeah. You just you just never know who's watching and what they're thinking. So why not always show up the best and brightest you possibly can put on cologne, put on perfume, whatever it takes for you to just take it to the farthest you can within the resources you have today, do the best you can with what you have and then upgrade as you can.

Good advice.

And you know what, dress nicely for yourself. I'm sure she can help you with your overall brand, your image. In fact, if you if you don't mind, can we share your website real quick so people just take a look at it and.


How it's a beautiful website, that's for sure. Oh, thank you, Candy. Look at that.

That's me and my acting days.

I love it.

So it looks like this website is geared towards women, but I also work with men one on one. It's just that I was as I was telling you, women needs a little more help. It's a little more complicated to look good for women.

Yeah, and you know, guys, I know quite a few guys that could use some help, too, so that's good to know. Yours truly included, I'm sure.

But I love.

No, I. I think you look perfect. And what I like is that you say always put the same thing on. You have your brand going, this is you, this is how you show up. And it's perfectly fine. I think you look perfect, Brian.

If you need someone to be your spokesperson or model, I'll I'll gladly offer my. No, I'm just kidding.

I'll text.

There you can see she's even going down to accessories and by the imagery they're dressed to manifest. Look at that. That's pretty awesome. Yeah. It is about feeling confident. And look at the groups will bring the clothes on there. And I'm looking at a website for those of you watching or listening to a podcast, I feel renewed and confident. I feel empowered and beautiful. The morning struggle of what to wear is gone. Now, there's the other thing, right? Taking away the uncertainty, you're giving your clients certainty. And isn't that one of the most confident building things we can have, period?

Yeah, and it's all about that. It's all about really boosting the confidence. And, you know, when you were asking me earlier why what gets you up in the morning? This is this is what gets me up. Like, I'm all about, like, boosting people's confidence, you know, to gain that confidence back from all the bullies they've encountered in their life. One of the biggest bullies, as you know, is our in their critics. So dressing to feel better about ourselves. From my experience has been the most the quickest way and the most the most easy way to really feel more confident and which has a huge impact.

Absolutely. I can tell you how many times that it's interesting, this works for guys, too, because when you when you are wearing something and you look good, you know it, you know, when you look better than you normally do, I'll put it that way.

You know, the hair

That you're you're you're different and you feel it. It's, you know, the whole time you're in that uniform, if you will, that feeling stays with you. And so what if you can have that feeling more often, all the time? What would that do for your business? What would that do for your relationships? This you know what? Business is a relationship. It's all about relationships, whether it's personal or it's business. It's about establishing relationships. What that means is human beings are involved. Right. And we're going to interact with human beings, whether it's on camera, on zoom or in person, which is starting to open up. I'm so thankful. And so why not take every step you possibly can to give yourself a leg up for your business, for your personal life and reach out to someone like Jose.

Just I know what you were talking about, like it's all about relationships, you know, I, I keep talking about business, but what I hear clients say is it it brought more joy in my life, in my relationships. That's what they tell me because I feel so good about myself. So all of a sudden they feel more joyful in their relationship and it doesn't affect business.

Yeah, yeah. I was going to say, guess what? When you feel good about yourself, you become more attractive to others. You just do. Who wants to be around a negative Nelly is always done with the woe is me. Oh look, it's gray and cloudy outside where someone else like, hey, look, it's green, cloudy outside. We're going to get some rain. This is awesome. Like, who do you want to who do you want to be with in those situations. Well if you're feeling good, you're more apt to say the more positive things and think the positive things and you just show up differently. Your energy is higher and you're smiling more and you're excited. Like when someone like Jose is coming on your show. I got all giddy and I'm like, all right, we got to someone whose name is hard to pronounce is going to be fun.

And that's the other thing. You have to have fun always.

So I have permission to have fun in your business. Just do it with respect for your clients, of course, but have fun. You know how. Laughing is like a great thing, and, you know, when you're looking good, you're feeling good, then great things happen. True, phenomenal, phenomenal, true. So you've been at this for some time now. Do you have any can you recall anything like in your business life where you would say, oops, I kind of messed up on that one and like, you know, something that comes to mind and

Then more broadly with a client.

Yeah, whatever comes to mind, your business. And then what did you learn from that? Because that's usually that's always the key. We all make mistakes. We're all guys, no matter how successful we are. But is this how you react to that and what you learn from it and what you do as a result? So do you have anything like that that comes to mind?

I do. And I was devastated because I was like because normally I'm used to having clients like, oh, my gosh, I feel so good. I feel like my sales increased and like all that good stuff. And then this one was like, yeah, sorry. But it's kind of I don't remember how she said it, but basically wasn't happy. And what did I learn with this? I learned during it I should have listened to my intuition because when I saw her come in, I'm like, she's not my exact ideal client. And the reason is because I focus on making people look, you know, elevated and successful and polished. She was looking to more casual, like just wasn't. Yeah. And so I think she looked 100 times better after I was done with her. But clearly that, you know, she was not 100 percent happy. So I just learned from that stick to like making working with people that just want to look, you know, like great and to represent their business, not the people that are just looking to look cute casually because it might not be the the right fit. And listen to your intuition, very importantly like that to me is the most important.

There's a great lesson there. And that is, you know, it's OK to not accept everyone as your client and in fact, it's your duty not to and to turn away be OK with turning away people that don't fit your value system, that don't fit what you do for them. And there are great ways and we all go through these steps that Jose, I've gone through these learning curves and what I come up with more in depth systems as a result, like my onboarding forms, I ask more direct questions and I read the answers and say, well, you're either a fit or you're not. And it's OK to say no. In fact, it's your responsibility if you need if you're going to have a successful business to say no. If you're saying yes to everybody, there's a scarcity thing going on and that a bad client can cost you more than you're going to earn from that.

So, I mean, thankfully, that did not happen to me, but I mean, they can't even go out and say bad things about it can hurt you, my reputation.

Absolutely. Yeah. On that end as well. So, yeah, it's very important. So it's almost it's it's just as important as it is to hiring the right employee as it is to bring it on the right, the right client. That client can literally be like a cancer to your company and just suck the life out of it. And if that happens and you know, you've done all the up front work and you've vetted them and you still think they're a good fit, and then they later, partway down the line, don't it's like, oh, this isn't working out OK to fire your client as well, you know, give them a partial or a full refund, whatever works for you with your model. But move on and get someone who wants and needs what you have rather than that. Yeah.

Like me, I'm typically like I would say, depending on the situation, if a client would get to be like that, I was I would have no problem refunding and maybe like I don't I don't want I want positive just positive people.

And that that's key. And, yeah, you can do a lot of things. I now have a lot of forms for people that come to work with me, either on my team or his client. And, you know, I literally have automations set up that if they answer a certain way, I automatically disqualify them by sending them an email or text or both. And I don't have to worry about it. I let my system take care of some of them. It just depends on some key answers. So that takes time to figure out what those questions are. And the


Is, I like how would they need to answer for it to be like and not for anything

Else? Some of them are simple where they would answer no when you're looking for a yes. And like I said, the system to make sure to kick them to the sorry, you're not a fit at the very end of it. Stuff like that. Or you can find out real quick, like in your case, are you looking to up your fashion or you're looking to be more casual? And if they say more casual than you could just say you're not a fit. I'm sorry. Yeah. And the moving on and that would be for me, that would be a question I'd throw in there because of the experience you just had with that other person. Might be like from real experience, real life. Not just I don't I try not to make stuff up because. I don't want to put stuff in there that I don't want to lead them down a thought pattern either, that I don't want them to go down that slippery slope. If you put that into the you know what? I actually think I want to go casual. What's going to go? I think it

Could go perfectly. It's got to tweak and test. Yeah.

Yeah. But that is the advice. I'm going to use it.

And I there's one thing. You have a very visual business, right? So what you do, I mean, you have walking billboards all over the place right now of people who have taken your advice, who are out there speaking ages again real soon or speaking on Zoome calls and and virtual summits. And it's amazing. So. It's just it's visual and so I was curious what has been this is one of my favorite questions to ask on the show. And when it comes to marketing your business, getting the word out, what have you found over the course of your business that has been your best, most effective form of marketing to date?

And today that's speaking and having being part of a community to me has been like very, very helpful, but speaking has what has has really helped me and I am actually looking into learning how to do like really effective joint ventures, that kind of thing, because there are wormer, at least when it comes to a joint venture. Right. So, yeah, I'm looking into doing this to to. Just expand the list and, yeah, get warm leads in and lives are much easier to to say yes, to trust you and like you way quicker.

Wow. And when you say community, what do you mean by what kind of community? Like Facebook groups or.

No, like I got into a community with a business coach, you know, where she has like a big community and having this network of people. Yeah, yeah.

I'm actually so I'm running the show and I am taking notes just like I recommended everyone. So I never I don't I always practice what I preach. They're just trying to figure out how to say that, my gosh, speaking is supremely powerful. I know that personally. And what we're doing right now is can be considered that fact. I was speaking on stage and I hit the reset button and decided to do more building on my business from the bottom up. And then I want to get back on stage and I will. And then I started this show as kind of a Band-Aid fix for being there's nothing like there is no substitute for being on stage in front of a live, living, breathing people that are in the same room with you. This helps you. So I highly recommend what she just said. First thing that out of her brain was speaking. That means that's important. And that means if you're not doing it right now and I'm speaking to the audience, then when would now be the right time to start doing that? And that would be appearing on podcasts. You don't have to even be on camera. Start out with podcasts as being a guest. Come on. Shows like this one, start your own live show. There's a big one. Yes. And it's been it's been amazing. I highly recommend it. So speaking, it's huge networking, getting in network groups. You get a coach. Oh, those are you are spot on with that, Jose, because you're with like minded people. They all have skin in the game. They paid money. They're all serious about their business, but they also love helping other people. So you can get a lot going there and you can get joint ventures from that as well.

And so. Exactly. And, you know, having a business coach and like, teach How to be podcast, you could try and it on your own. But my gosh, you're wasting years and money. So it's so important to have someone that's been there knows how to do it, knows the next steps, so that, yes, you're investing money. But in the end, you're saving, you're saving time. You're saving money. You.

Yeah. Yeah, and that's that's a great point, because so many people just say no matter what number you put to all, that's too much like too much for what? I mean, would you rather spend five years learning on your own? And those five years, by the way, you're going to be spending on learning this instead of building your business and bringing in more clients and being more creative and building it with more ideas. Or you can invest a small amount now compared to what it will cost you over those five years and get out of the chute running and start bringing in more clients quicker. I mean, this isn't yours, but that mentality of instantly they go to whatever the price is going to be, it's going to just be too expensive, like we've got to get out of our own way to get forward in our business. And that's limiting beliefs and hesitation due to fear and NLP certified. So this stuff is right down my alley. I love this stuff because it works. Yeah, that's a mindset. Once again, it's phenomenal. So you're going to be doing this for quite some time. We all hope so. If you are to look forward in time, if you had a crystal ball, what would you what would you imagine yourself doing, say, in the next let's go 10 years from now. What is your vision of what you're doing, your company and your brand from 10 years from now?

Wow. Ten years from now. Well, as I mentioned before, we started the show, or maybe they, based on the show, I can't remember, but I started a chorus where I'm teaching people how to do it for themselves, becoming their own stylist, pretty much so in 10 years from now. I would love to see, like, you know, like hundreds of thousands of people that I've impacted to feel more confident about themselves. Like I in the ideal world that that would be my dream. Right, to have as many people like. You know, and people feel better about themselves and more confident that raises the vibration of the planet, right? That rises like the good vibes, so to speak. So I'd like to have a little like a little piece of the pie of, you know, that I could kind of feel like I helped in doing that.

And here's the thing with entrepreneurs that serve others and help others. It's I think it's our duty, all of us, to put the thoughts out there, to wish them the best. And what I mean by that is I I wish that Jose makes millions and millions of dollars because I know that. What will she do with a good chunk of that? She'll reinvest it into a business and scale it and help more people bring in others that have and train them maybe in her skill sets that can she can then replicate and maybe even back off and do more speaking engagements and have her people do the day to day calls and consultations and all that. It's just that's a lot of people go all that rich person. They have these negative thoughts about people that have wealth. And it's like, well, if you have those thoughts about other people, how are you ever going to become wealthy yourself? It won't happen. Know the sooner you look at and you can pick and choose. And so pick and choose people like Jose and say, oh gosh, I hope she makes.

Many fold over what she is making now. I hope she continues to exponentially grow her business so that more and more people can be positively impacted by her. And I just it's like it's we're all here together, we're in this together, all of us, you know, and will there be competition? Does she have competitors? Sure, but even they can work together. I work I used to work together with other personal trainers. I'd say, you know what? I'm not a fit, but I know someone who is I don't know. I don't try to make it just to make a buck. I it's like I know a lot of guys or gals that can help you like like with you just now when we were talking. Was that before. I forgot to. Was that it was they could have been my competitors back when I was in a personal trainer because that's when I met them. And it turned out they have an approach that works for people that I did not. And I sent people to them who could have been my clients.

Yeah, absolutely.

Yeah. For me to like those timers, that might be a better fit, depending on what the person's looking for. Right. Like that plan that one of the more casual attires, you know, there is a stylist out there that like loves scheduled attire. So I think there's a person, a different person, professional for every taste. And I also feel like thinking in the lines of, oh, my gosh, there's competition is not the right frame of mind. You know, you need to look at it like I am unique. I have my own unique skill sets and the perfect clients are going to be attracted to that and the other ones will be attracted to the other people.

At the bottom line is there are plenty to go around it just so it doesn't feel like it. But there are plenty to go around and speak.

There's billions on the planet.

So that's right.

Yeah. And, you know, there's really no boundaries anymore. We don't have to worry about what country you're from. We can help almost anybody from anywhere, depending on what you did earlier is genius because you started with a model that was online that was virtual and it just turned out to be genius because now in Kuwait, everyone's scrambling to change their models. I know of a couple personally who turned their business upside down that are doing well, but they had to make that pivot that took time and effort. And so it's a great I look at the positive. It's a great lesson. And it helped a lot of people learn how to work from anywhere they are with an Internet connection. And that's a beautiful, beautiful thing that provides more freedom for when we are free to move about the world. Once again, we are going, oh, my God, this is six thirty. How did that happen?

Pm, where you told me it would go fast.

Yeah, you know what? Time flies when you're having fun and goodness sakes. So we do have a couple of giveaways. Actually there's more than one because this wonderful, beautiful young lady here also has a gift for you. Would that be OK? Can we give that away first? Can we just bring that up and show it is and you can take it from here and show them how they can get that wonderful gift. I'll bring it up on the page. There it is.

Ok, so, yeah, that's the sign up page and and the link is below. That's see, I did a life training. I was a two hundred dollar training that I did to teach people how to create your personal brand image. And and I'm giving you as a gift, a replay of that training. So a two hundred dollar value that you're getting free for Bryan's audience. I told them, because I'm not typically that's not what I give away. That's not like my gift. I have other ones that are more like a PDF and stuff. So that's a special one.

I love special, so for those that are listening on a podcast and don't have the ability to see it's the website is a good long one. So get a pencil or a pen or type it in your notepad and it starts with we can style dotcom so we can style Ellie dot com forward slash. And these are words separated by dashes or hyphen. So sign up personal brand workshop. So sign dash up dash personal dash brand dash workshop. And if you need to play that back again, go ahead. And I have it up on the screen for those of you watching live. And as you listen to a podcast just showing that this is what it's going to look like when you get there, it's an opt in form and it says Million Dollar Brand Workshop as the title, create your million dollar personal brand image with great features. This again, two hundred dollars is what she charged her students that were in this live. And she's giving this to you as a free gift for just being watchers and viewers and listeners of this very show. So thank you for that, Josie. That is phenomenal, amazing, tremendous and stupendous, as we like to say. And I'll leave that up for a little while longer. And the other thing I wanted to do is, you know, I in the show and we're not quite there yet.

So stick with us as you're watching live and listen, is I love to ask this one question at the end. And I found it to be quite profound. I ask the same question virtually every guest that I have. And I've found it to be really profound, really powerful. And in some ways it's even personal and it's really amazing. And before I do that, though, I had promised everyone at the beginning of the show that I would show them how they could win a five night stay at a five star. Resort of their choosing. It's a five night vacation stay complements again of our good friends at the big insider secrets. And so now you can if you need to take your gaze away from the screen for just a moment, because what we want you to do is bring up that cell phone, that cell phone of yours, and open up the messaging app, your text messaging app, because here is how you can enter to win. When you break up your messaging app where you would type in the name of the person you are going to text instead put in this number three one four six six five one seven six seven. I encourage you to write this down as well.

This will be good through the end of the evening. Three one four six six five one seven, six, seven. And then when you add where you would type in the message, you know, where you would put an emoji, smiley faces and other things, don't put any emojis. Just put in two words that are separated also by a dash or a hyphen, if you prefer. And those two words are peak PIAC dash vacation together, peak dash vacation. Go ahead and enter that text that right away and then watch your phone because you will then be getting a follow up test text message automatically. Just asking you for your email address, because that is how we announce the winner is by emailing the winner. And so to be officially entered, you need your email address as well. So go ahead and do that. And I hope to be able to announce you on Facebook as the winner very, very soon as tomorrow morning. That will be a lot of fun. All right. Back to the woman of the hour. And you know who she is, right? They require and I'm going to put her name right there so you can all see it is not a cool name. So kind of built up this question.

You know, I'm like, oh, my gosh, what is this question?

Well, I want to I want to put you more at ease, because the show isn't about stressing people out. It's about bringing incredible value, which you have done, by the way. And I appreciate you for doing that. What this here's the thing. There is no such thing as a wrong answer. It does not exist. And it's funny because, well, not funny. It's just real that the exact opposite is true. The only. Correct answer is your answer, that is all that makes this personal. That's it. It's nothing more. We're not going to dig deep into your personal life. It's just whatever answer you come up with is perfect because it is yours and it's coming from you. So that makes sense. And no matter how long it takes you to come up with the answer, that's fine to some. Get it like bang, others take seconds. I don't know if we've ever had a minute, but it takes a minute. That's OK. Don't it doesn't matter. So whatever answer you come up with in whatever time frame is absolutely perfect. With that, are you ready?


All right, here we go. I love this part. Jose Rezwan, how do you.

Define success. Mm hmm.

Happiness spent with loved ones.

I think that's a.

Happy, happy, happy, or I guess you would define happiness, I guess. Being joyful and spending, spending time with loved ones, family, friends. Because as you said, relationships is what's the most important and love, so it must be content in that just just to be happy with my loved ones.

Mhm. Absolutely love that. And the interesting thing is so many that I've asked this question, No. Two yet have asked has answered the exact same way, which I find very amazing. But I know you said the word love at least, and maybe four, but I heard at least three and so and that was the reason for the dramatic pause where I wouldn't let you go with just the few words you said, because a lot of people like to expand on that and ultimately do like you did. And it came back to love two more times.


And that's where you know for sure what success means to that individual, especially in your case when you come back to it two more times after the first. That's that's yours. And that's beautiful. It's yours. So it's the right one. That's what it's the other thing I noticed. And it's the same true with me as well. If you ask me what I thought the definition of success was 10 years ago, probably a whole different answer than what it is today. It's OK for it to change. A lot of people look at success through different lenses. Everyone looks at success through different lenses. I found out by asking that question on this show, it's amazing.

It's the lines, because if you look at it in a more linear way, I could have said like, oh, my gosh, like it's to have my million dollar mansion and, you know, but if you look deeper, that's not what makes people happy. It's not well, it helps, but it's really not what makes people happy. What makes people happy is when they have the luxury and the freedom to spend quality time with their loved ones.

And you said it one for me is liberation. Freedom. You know, money is not it. It has not been any single person's answer on this show. One person started off by saying it only one, and then thought about it and that. But that is only because it enables me to be freer with my loved ones. And so the real reason was not money at all. It was an ingredient, but it wasn't the final product. Right. And it's amazing that, you know, when you find people that are successful, have achieved what they deem to be successful. But, you know, these are not watch OpenOffice that are coming on this show. They're grizzled veterans that have been through it and understand what it takes. And they are never all about money because they have reached a point where they, you know, their focus is on serving and being there for others. And when love is driving, you imagine can you imagine everyone out there that so this woman is driven by love.

That is the definition of success. Love that I know work.

I'm driven by love.

And you are I mean, you made it very, very evident. And that's a great thing. Yes. Think. Oh, great friend of mine, Ross Slotter. Freedom boom.

Yes. Yes.

It's a personal trainer. We met at a speaking event. We spoke at an event. And what a professional. This guy's amazing. And he's he's pivoted into another arena. He's going to be on the show coming up soon. And I love this guy is an amazing guy. Thanks for coming on, Ross. I appreciate it. But yeah, it's a freedom and love your your what drives you as love. So imagine working with somebody like Jose, who you now know is driven by love. Would that be OK?

It would be awesome.

You know, that she will have your best interests at heart because she's not about the material thing. She's about the heart things. And she will use that to give you the best result that she can possibly get. So be sure what is the best way for folks to connect with you? Jose, before we call it an evening

Connect with me. You can email me. You can email me at Jose if you want to put the. Well, my name is it the. Oh yeah. You see it, Jose at weekend style dotcom.

Ok, so you can see her name under her right now. Just replace Briese Ball with the sign and take the spaces out and you've got her email address.

Yeah exactly. So that we can style.

So it's for those of you listening as Jose was j o s e e and then at we can style dotcom. That's how you can get a hold of her and definitely do that. And remember, this is good for men too. And I know a lot of you guys out there that could use our help and you know who you are. I'm talking to you right now. You know, I can always improve to there's always room for improvement, no matter what they'll say. I just want to say once again, thank you so very much for coming on the show for spending your valuable time to help everyone who has watched listen on the show not only live, but even after the fact, because you have just given them a gift, many gifts of wisdom on how to be more successful in their business. And I hope they all took notes. I did. I have a page of my own. But is there any one last piece of advice? We'll close it with this. If you could think of one piece of advice that you would give a budding new entrepreneur, just getting ready to really hit the road with this whole working for themselves idea, if you could think of just one, just one, you only get one of them. Can you imagine what that would be?

Ok, go in your closet and start going through like I'm going to ask you now, like start doing a clear closet cleaning. And when you pick when you start cleaning, take a piece of the piece of garment, ask yourself, does this piece of garment bring me joy? Does it make me feel good and confident? And if it doesn't, you need to consign or give donate. To be honest with yourself, does it really make you feel confident and put yourself like if I was like on the stage or something, would I feel amazing in this?

Oh, that's fantastic. I mean, I have t shirts I'm going to throw away now


Give away. I mean, some of them I don't know if I'd want anyone else to have them because they might not be the greatest in shape. But that's great advice. And I want to just point out real quick before we call it an evening, how many how many of you watching the show just noticed and saw and felt, maybe even listen to the love and passion, come through her voice immediately. She got dead serious because she's serious about what she does and she wants to help you. And that came from a love space, even though she got kind of intense with her face. I thought, oh, my God, look at the passion coming out of her right now. It's amazing that look at this beautiful smile as I come on. Who doesn't want to work with her?

All right.

You go with my Ryan. I think you just like


But you bring it up. You bring it out. So remember Jose at weekend style dot com. So reach out to her or go to her website. We can style dot com and hit the contact link and reach out to her and just have a conversation and say, hey, I'm ready to clean up my closet. Here's some pictures. Tell me tell me where to start. Let's do this. All right, so on behalf of the amazing Jose Brisby, I am your host, Brian Kelly of the Mind Body Business Show. We will be back again next week with another edition. Until then, so long. Everyone be blessed. And we'll see you later.

Thank you, Brian. Thank you for tuning in to the mind body business show podcast.

W w w got the mind body business show got. My name is Brian.

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Josee Brisebois

I'm here to introduce Jo-zay Breeze-bwa (Josee Brisebois). Josee is a personal brand image expert and fashion stylist for entrepreneurs with a remarkable professional background. Since 2009, Josee has been creating personal brands and styling speakers, entrepreneurs, and professionals. Prior to opening her company, Josee was a television newscaster, and a Hollywood actress who starred in a feature film. In addition to her on camera experience, she is an accomplished branding expert off-camera who served as a marketing and branding manager in the technology industry. A graduate of McGill University with a degree in business and marketing, Josee has been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, and PBS. She applies more than 20 years of experience to help entrepreneurs get promoted; attract high level ideal clients and business opportunities, while creating an absolutely unforgettable personal brand.

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