Special Guest Expert - Jules Dan


Jules Dan

Jules Dan is a group fitness instructor turned email copywriter and has a passion for stories.

His podcast Storytelling Secrets, is for coaches, consultants and course creators who want to unlock their core stories and use their stories to sell more online.

It’s the place to master persuasion and influence so you build a deep

relationship with your audience.

And it’s the place where real world marketing strategies, tips and lessons are shared freely.

Storytelling Secrets has been featured in the top 100 for entrepreneurship in the US and in the top 50 for Australia and the UK.

And If you’ve ever wondered…

“I don’t have a big list.”


“How do I get people excited, ready to buy and shoot for a 5 or 6 figure launch?”

Then you're in luck.

Amongst other things, Jules will explain his Triple H Sequence to warm up your email list before your next launch.

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