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So here's the big question how are entrepreneurs like us who have been hustling and struggling to make it to success, who seem to make it one step forward, two steps back, work dedicated to turning?

Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to the Mind Body Business Show, we have another amazing guest expert who is coming on very, very soon.

I cannot wait to share her with you because she is brilliant and she is going to bring the value. You do not want to miss the show. Stay on until the end. There's multiple reasons to do that. I'll tell you that in just a moment. The Mind Body Business show, it is a show for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs and what I found in my now fifty six years on this planet, well, the last 10 or so, I literally started studying just successful people and I wanted to find out what it was about them that made them more successful than maybe me. And what I found over that time were three patterns continually developed and bubbled to the top. And you might be able to guess what those patterns are. Yes, they're on either side of me. It is the name of this very show, the mind body business show. It's about mind. And every person that I studied that was supremely successful had mastered the skill sets of increasing and having incredibly powerful and flexible mindset and body. They literally took care of their body nutritionally and the exercise on a regular basis. And then business business is so multi multifaceted, they mastered skill sets in so many different areas. There's marketing, their sales team, building, systematizing leadership. I could go on and on and on. And they did this because they knew that they had to master all these skill sets in order to have a thriving business, to build one and then to help it to grow.

And the good news is that none of us have to master all of those that I just mentioned, all those skill sets being in the business realm. And all you really need to do is master one of them and one of them is, well, I mentioned it was in that list that I just talked about, and that skill set is the one of leadership once you have mastered leadership. The skill of being a great leader or a good leader. That's a great leader. Yeah. And what you've done that now you can bring in those who have the skill sets you have yet to master and delegate those tasks to them, because here's the thing. To master any skill set takes quite some time, doesn't it? And I don't know if any single human being can master every skill set that goes into needing to be mastered for a successful and thriving business. So that's the good news. So concentrate on leadership and you will get farther, faster. And so the mind body business show, that is what we're here for, to help you, to give you the value, to give you actual actionable steps. So take notes, take out that notepad and paper and you'll want to definitely pay attention. And speaking of paper. Another wonderful attribute of the highly successful people that I met and study is that they are all to a person, voracious readers, readers of books. And with that, I like to segway into a little segment I affectionately call bookmarks.

Bookmarks, forenza, read bookmarks, ready, steady, read bookmarks brought to you by Reach your peak library dotcom.

Yes, there you see, Richard, big library, dotcom, and real quick note for everyone watching and also for those of you listening on the podcast as a recording is take out a piece of paper and a pen and take notes, as I mentioned just a moment ago, because you're going to be learning about resources and I'm going to venture a guess quite a few, especially with Karen Duncan, who's coming on very, very soon. She's going to be giving us so many wonderful things that we can go out and actually take action on and improve our lives and our business. So I would love for you to take notes, and I would hate for you to miss a single nugget that Karen is about to drop because you are clicking and watching other websites, looking at other resources. Just stay with us. And right notes.

Take down the resources like reach your peak library dotcom, write it down and then visit it after the show because the magic happens in the room. All right. Off my soapbox. Enough about that. Reach your peak library. That is a website that I had developed. And I'm not kidding when I say this with you in mind. And the reason is because I did not read very much, if any at all, until I was about forty six, forty seven years old. And then I learned the sheer magnitude and power of reading not just any book but the right books. And I began consuming books voraciously. And this is a list of every book, not every book I've ever read, but every book that's had profound impact on me either in my business life or personal life or both. And so I decided to put this together for those that might be looking for that next great read. That way, you can at least know that the book has been vetted by at least one other successful person. And the odds of you just throwing darts at a random dartboard looking for that next book are greatly diminished. And you'll find some really, really great reads in here. So take take advantage of this as a free resources. Click the button. I think it takes you to Amazon and you can make your purchase of your book there and get reading whatever form you like. If it's audible, I love audible. I love listening to books I found that was my mode of ingesting information. They have Kindle hard, hard copy. It's Amazon. They've got it all.

So go ahead and enjoy that resource. I hope you find as much value out of those books as I have. And speaking of value, I'm done. I'm done. Interesting. It's time to bring on the one and only Karen Duncan. Are you ready? Let's bring her on. She's come.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight. Savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained, legally qualified.

And there she is, ladies and gentlemen, low on the only Karen Duncombe, everyone, it is so amazing to have you on the show.

We went through a little scare and now you're here. I'm so just grateful that you have come back completely to all of us so you can share more of your brilliance and your value, your insight, your experience, everything about you. I can't wait. Is going to be so much fun. Thank you, Brian. Oh, absolutely. Before we get jump right in a little bit of housekeeping is an order. So all of you watching live. This is actually really great stuff if you're watching live right now. Stay with us to the end, because at the end of the show, I'm going to show you how you can win a five night stay at a five star luxury resort. And this is all compliments of the big insider secrets that come. You see the big red logo up there right above Karen's shoulder. And that is a wonderful friend of mine who owns that company. His name is Jason Thast. And they allow us to give away a free vacation day every single show. It's phenomenal. He himself has been on three of them to basically test it to ensure it was legit. And I'll tell you, he came back raving about it, said you don't get whisked away into a timeshare pitch and lose half of your trip by doing that.

It's a legitimate vacation day, so I can't wait to see who wins that. And then a little birdie told me that this amazing woman right next to me has something for you as well. And we'll get to that near the end of the show, too. So stay with us and enjoy the ride. And speaking of the ride, we've got a couple more announcements to make here and we'll get right with it. If you're struggling with putting a live show together and it's overwhelming and you want a lot of the processes done for you while still enabling you to put on a high quality show and connect with great people like Karen and grow your business all at the same time, then head on over to carpet bomb marketing, dotcom carpet bomb marketing, saturate the marketplace with your message. And one of the key components that is contained in the carpet bomb marketing course is one that you'll absolutely learn how to master is the very service we use to stream our live shows right here on the mind body business show. Now, over the course of, I would say over nine years, we have tried many, many of these quote unquote, television studio solutions and software for live streaming. And I'll tell you that streaming art is the best of the best.

It combines supreme ease of use along with unmatched functionality. So start streaming high quality, professional looking love shows for free with dreamier right now. Don't do it now, but you can do it very soon, right after the show. And so. Right that website down that you see on the screen, if you're watching the video, if you're listening to podcasts, it is our WIP that I am forward to stream live all together. Our WIP P, I am forward slash stream live. Now let's get to the woman of the hour, shall we. Let's let's get this thing moving because this show is about her. It's not about me. It's not about all this other stuff. I'm going to now give her the honor and respect that she deserves by formally introducing this amazing, amazing young lady, Karen Duncan, former CEO of an international marketing and advertising firm, psychotherapist and Bloomberg BusinessWeek columnist. And she is a phenomenal writer. I've read some of her posts, has for decades been executive coach to leaders of Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs and business owners. She is passionate about helping leaders learn what they can do to live vibrantly in all aspects and all seasons of their life.

She considers it a privilege to extend her professional coaching work through founding live or Live Sorry vibrantly live vibrantly with great passion. Karen created the groundbreaking Live Vibrantly program to teach and coach the eight vital components. I hope we learn about them all tonight, facilitating wealth in business and in life. Many comment that her coaching works so well because of her authenticity. And I know that once true passion and wisdom in addition to her inside out, individual centered approach. All right. With that. Karen is on the show at last, finally, I'm so excited, Karen. Thank you, Brian.

And are you coming to us? I'm just going to guess is around the Santa Barbara area of California.

Yes. It's actually 40 minutes into the wine country outside of Santa Barbara. Oh, my goodness.

We have to talk later. Oh, yes. My wife and I, we love Santa Barbara. We visited there several times. Have that salt cave. We went in there. That was phenomenal. But we also have gone north, ventured farther into that red great territory. We like the red rate of the wine territory.

We'll come visit me and I'll show you around.

Oh, invitation accepted. Here we go. All right. So, Karen, when I introduce folks and yours is no exception, your bio's exceptional tells everyone about your depth and breadth of experience, of your knowledge, of what makes you tick, who you enjoy serving. And what I like to do is go just a little deeper, if I may. And don't worry, it's not too it's not very painful. It's not people at all. And what I like to do is find out more about what is going on, that beautiful brain of yours that is enabling you to, gosh, overcome what you just overcame as one. But most importantly, all this time that you've been so successful, what has kept you going? Every single day you get up, you know, other challenges coming. You know it. That's the life of an entrepreneur. And what is it for you personally when you get up in the morning? What is what are the things that are going on inside that beautiful brain of yours that keep you going motivated and impacting lives day in and day out?

Well, first of all, I haven't always been this way. And so if I could I start with a little story, please? So when this actually took form, it was actually ten or twelve years ago and it was a pretty much the bottom of my life. It was like the thing that brings you to your knees. And let me just say, as I tell you this story, that I'm a firm believer that struggle is what gives us the strength to move forward. I feel very sorry for people who have had it too easy in life, whether it be financially or whatever it is. They just don't have the muscle that struggle can give us. So when I talk about the struggle, I'm going to tell you about, I'm not going oh, poor me, because it helped me tremendously to go through it. So around two thousand and eight time when the you know, what happened with homeowners in America, I lost my home. I had to tell my fiance goodbye, that we had to break our engagement. And I had very, very little income because two thousand and eight also put the corporate business for outside consultants way down. And so I was sort of at the bottom and I was feeling sorry for myself. I sort of had a victim mentality and I was driving along one day feeling sad and depressed, actually. And I saw sitting on the curb a man, a young man that obviously was a gardener's helper, sitting on the curb about four thirty, waiting for a ride.

And I thought. As I passed, it will at least I'm not a gardener's helper, and at least I have a car to drive and all of a sudden I felt better and I thought.

Oh, if I would just start thinking about the good of every single situation, I'll feel better. So the motivation was selfish. I wanted to feel better. I didn't want to be sad and depressed. And so I started just doing that. Every time I started feeling bad, I think, OK, what could be good here? What's one good part of this circumstance or situation? And that began the living vibrantly thought pattern. And so then that gave me the opportunity to use my past experiences and from my work with clients and companies to put together the things that I knew were the most important. To help people be successful in life and in business. I don't think I answered your question, though, did I?

I think it came through pretty loud and clear that you're taking your basically you were given a lemon or so it seemed, and you made lemonade from it. And you learn from that. And you're using that to catapult your daily life every single day to say, look at the bright side, it could be a lot worse.

And it's not Pollyanna. It's not ignoring the things you need to pay attention to. It's just paying attention to them going first. Good. Here, let me focus on the good part.

Yeah, like a dear friend of mine and mentor always said is focus on what you want. You know, things will happen and we're going to react negatively toward them. If it's a negative thing. We are human beings. We're not robots. We have emotions that the key is to get past that emotion as quickly and as healthily as you can and move on to what you really want in life and let your attitude control your circumstances versus the other way around, huh? Yeah, and we have some amazing people dropping in. Andy LaRusso, thank you so much. She says looking forward to this talk, Karen and Brian. Oh, and look who is here. None other than Jason thast himself. That is the founder of the Big Insider Secrets. And know you saw his show on your show. Oh, yes. Yes. Is one of my best friends in the world. He's actually been in this very studio that I'm coming to you from. We spent quite a few hours here building a building businesses together. And he was remarking about when I talked about the gift that's coming up that we're giving away his vacation today. And he said, best gift ever. That's an excuse to go on vacation. That's absolutely true. Oh, I think he knows about the general area you're from. He said slow.

Oh, no, it's a little bit south of that, it's warmer than slow, it's that it's the sand in Valley area.

Oh my gosh, that is exactly where I got to say. My wife and I, we went on a it was like a wine tour. It was a bus a little I guess they call them party busses all the time.

We went drive it tour bus.

So that one more time I'll take you on a private tour, not all of you.

There we go. It was a hoot and we just went from winery to winery. And then just there was a lot of fun. And even before people started drinking, they were already happy because we knew what we were going to be doing.

And it's beautiful, isn't it?

It's gorgeous. Yes. Yes. It's just a great experience. So yes. And it as Valley, that's exactly where these wineries were that we were visiting and we just had a blast. We definitely want to come back. OK, Jason, very astute man says obstacles are what you see when you're not focused on your goals. Absolutely. Thank you, Jason. This guy is in route cross-country. He's probably stopped for the evening. I hope he's resting. Well, he's moving. He's uprooting and moving across the country. And I can't wait till he gets settled in to fly out and spend some time with him because he's a brother from another mother. I love this guy. So, Karen, thank you for all. You just taught a lot of people, whether they knew it or not, a lot of great things.

And that was how to take circumstances that would normally floor a lot of people and turn them around just by doing what we call in l.p circles, neurolinguistic programing, reframing, basically saying, well, yeah, that that sucked. And look. I have a house, I have a car, I have, you know, just be grateful, I have an attitude of gratefulness and it's amazing. Like you said, you just started getting better.

Right? It's taking reframing to the next level because it's really science. It's really if you are constantly reframing, you are growing new neural pathways. And once you've grown new neural pathways, the ones that work serving, you shrivel up. And so you now go down a new pathway.

I love that and I liken it to having, you know, when you have those that negativity going on your brain, I liken that to having weeds in the garden, the garden of your beautiful brain. And what you're talking about is a way to remove those weeds so that the beautiful flowers can flourish even more brightly and not get choked up.

Yeah. And the way you pull the weeds is you plant flowers.

There you go. Choke out the weeds with the flowers. There we go. I love it. So. So you're up in northern well north of me here in southern California still, I guess I don't even know if the southern part of South Central. OK, that sounds good.

And, you know, I talk about the three pillars, mind, body and business. So we talked a little bit about mine. So if we can touch on body for just a moment and you've just gone through a physical scare and you can say as little or as much as you want about that, it's fine either way. But I imagine that to you that staying in physical shape is somewhat important to keep going forward every single day and keep your energy level up.

I have a story about that, too. We have eight pillars. You have three pillars. We have eight pillars, but they're all in the areas that you're talking about. And so unfortunately or fortunately, the number one most important of all the eight pillars is exercise. And the reason I say, unfortunately, I don't read the exercise, every athlete I didn't want to exercise, but when I discovered what goes on chemically when you do exercise and what goes on chemically when you don't, it just makes me every day when I wake up, one of the first things I think it's OK, when am I going to exercise today and which of my activities am I going to do? Because it's so critically. I look at the eight pillars ready?

We're ready for anything here on the mind body business show.

You surprised me. You pulled that right off the website, didn't you? And I did. So I have a story to tell. Oh, two or three months ago, I had been over exercising in one vein. And when you get to be my age, you have to alternate. You can't do the same exercise every day because you're using the same joints, same muscles. Really, everybody should do that.

But with covid, I could all I could do is stair climb. And so I had a certain set of stairs in Santa Barbara that I would climb. I would do laps of the stairs and little little did I know. You can't do that every day to your body. You just can't do it. And so I didn't know what happened. They thought I was having a stroke. They thought I was having a blood clot, but they had to put me in an ambulance to take me to the E.R. because my right leg wouldn't work. I couldn't I couldn't make it work. So the moral of the story is six hours of tests trying to figure out what was wrong with me when they finally discovered all it was, was a an exercise injury. But in the course of that, I had so many so many tests, every kind of test you can imagine, every blood test, every x ray, CT scans, all of that. And so about five hours into this, the E.R. doctor came in, he said, do you have your birth date? Right. I said, I don't know. What is it? Of course, I'm kind of loopy then with the medication that you give me. And he told me and I said, yeah, that's right. And he looked down at it and he looked back up at me and he said, look, the reason I ask is I've never treated a woman or even a man your age is healthy is you are we get all these tests. There's nothing wrong with you. Not one thing. Is it true that you don't take any medication at all? I said, yeah, that's true. And he said, well, congratulations, whatever you're doing, you just better keep doing it. The reason I tell you that story is that I have done all eight pillars of living vibrantly for years and years and years now. And I tell you that because now I have proof.

Personal proof, it works.

Yeah, there's no there's no other way you can if you have proof, no one can refute it. And so in alignment with this, I used to be a certified personal trainer, and I totally am in alignment with everything you're saying. And if you stay healthy by look, exercise, people don't I don't think people understand the incredible and immense benefits that come with regular exercise. And yeah, like you said, Karen, you're not alone. Not many people enjoy it. You know, if everyone enjoyed it, we would all know all the guys would look like bodybuilders and all the ladies would be supermodels, wouldn't we? And that's just not the case. Just like with business. If it were easy, we would all we wouldn't be doing this show. We wouldn't need to know this is about exposure for you and your business. That's my mission. And the thing is, if it were easy, then everyone would already be doing it, wouldn't we? And so know that it's kind of a drag to work out. It can be. And there are ways to make it more fun. But you kind of touched on it can and that was out of necessity, is that if you enter a little bit of those spaces of variety in your workout and change it up, then it's not as mundane and boring and and painful in the same areas each and every single time. And wow, when you get done, I mean, the endorphins and the feeling, the rush and the energy. Yeah, you're a little tired. You're fatigued physically. But mentally, I mean, I don't know about I do know about most everybody else. You're way alive. I mean, you're just it's like energy drink without the side effects, the bad side effects, and you're just so glad it's over.

You did it and it's over. You don't have to go any more today.

It is still true. I am not going to say any different. You are. You're happy.

I just worked out earlier today and when I was done the same feeling great. I was happy as heck that it was over because today was the more painful day it involved legs. You talk to any guy they don't like, like they have massive muscles and a lot of muscle is a lot of hurt.

Yeah, but you know what? You do what you got to do to keep going. I do it before every show I learned. This is a great tip. By the way, Karen, I got this and you're probably aware of this. One of my previous guests that came on said that any time he knows he's got quite a bit on his plate that he's got to take care of. He will work out right before actually going through those tasks. And he says he just plows through them now because he has now all the energy that the the clarity, the focus and everything is there because he got his blood pumping, he got the endorphins flowing, he got the muscles in the stress taking care of this. Just the ship, doesn't it?

When I'm really healthy, I like to exercise before I start working in the morning and I like to go exercise on my lunch break, sometimes certain things before and a certain thing at lunch when everything's working in the gyms are all over, the pools are open. That's my favorite thing because you feel so good.

Yeah. And that also helps a lot of people where we're isolated now.

So it's much easier to make that excuse and miss another workout, isn't it? But when you have a place to go to and possibly some people you're familiar with, even if not though there's something about being in a group atmosphere that pulls you there harder and you want to be there, and then when you leave, you feel more accomplished and happier. At least I've seen that. And the clients I had when I was a personal trainer reported that as well. And that that didn't make me happy because my whole program was based on doing it in your home without having to do the travel. It was for entrepreneurs to save time. But it's OK.

I got it. I understood it. And so it's just amazing that accountability that's the biggest thing when you're trying to exercise. If you don't have anyone else pushing you, an exercise is darn near every single day. He still lives with us. He's an amazing young man. Twenty four years old, just recently graduated. And he inspires me. You know, he's working out every single day. I can hear the weights clanking downstairs in the living room.

And if people know what we teach in the exercise pillar about what is actually happening inside your body when you don't exercise, what's happening when you don't exercise is you're creating faster decay because once work or we're decaying. And if when you exercise your you are creating a chemical if it's for shorthand, it's called C6 and say ten, but you create a chemical in your body that repairs rejuvenates and makes you younger. I am not kidding you, I. Another story, but we'll wait and see if we have time for that.

We have all the time we want because this is my show and go as long as we want, as long as you stay up, we're going. So hope everybody is in for a nice ride. We're going to be going in three hours. I'm just saying. But what we're talking about I want to bring it back up on the screen are what Karen Duncan calls the eight pillars of success. And at this moment, we've been kind of concentrating on the exercise pillar right here. You see on the screen, I don't know if my mouse is visible, but if it's not, that's all. Here it is. Here we go. We'll do it this way. There we go. Oh, you can see it. The exercise pillar toward the left vertical. And this is very intriguing. So look at all of those pillars on the screen. That's a lot. And look, exercise that feeds health, doesn't it? Which also is related to happiness. Also, of course, living vibrantly. These all interconnected. That's what I love about attitude. Oh, yes. There's mindset, productivity. That's a direct result of attitude and exercise and everything in here, everything is intertwined. It's like a beautiful Venn diagram. You know what that means? I know it's getting a little geeky and Mathie, but I love this. I love this that you've broken it down and brought it broken it out into very digestible categories. So this is phenomenal. And what I wanted to do is ask you, Karen, what is who are the people that you love to serve the most? Are they are they small business owners, entrepreneurs? Are they stay at home moms? What is your target market that you love to serve and help?

So the people I've been coaching for years and years and years because of my business background and then my psychology background, that my executive coaching the people like individually coach or business owners, top level executives or people who are trying to be business owners, who are trying to be even more successful in business with out having to work more so. Well, a lot of my clients are working 80 and 90 hours, and one of the goals in working with them is to get them to be as successful or more successful, only working about thirty five hours a week. That's where all the productivity stuff comes in. But all of these pieces and parts of the eight pillars are important and not everybody can do individual coaching, which is where I live vibrantly became something I was so passionate about because everybody needs to know this stuff. If everybody knew, then they'd have the choice of when you have to be active, you have to do things you can't just know about them and all of a sudden the magic occurs. But I want I really want before I die for as many people in the world to know what they have to do. I didn't know a lot of this stuff. And once I learned it, I thought I wish I had always known it. So what I did, because I can't coach everybody individually, is create living vibrantly so that people can get all of the eight pillars solidly in place in a year because every Monday morning they can get in their inbox a video, a one minute video for me, and then text with steps that they can take that week. If they implement that week, if they do that for fifty two weeks, they're now living vibrantly.

I love it and yes, you can get a taste of that actually on her website, have a little one in here. Yes, I'm ready for you. Look at that. So you can see right there, the counter says one zero five. So it's literally a minute. And she gives you I love this one working backwards. Start with the outcome and work backwards, that is. Oh, my gosh, that is such great advice. And Karen was saying before the show, that's how she opens every discussion with her clients every single time is let's go to the end and work backward.

And Chief, today, before we hang up the phone today. What do you want to be sure we achieve?

Love it. And so that is extremely valuable advice. And the reason I agree with that and know that is because this gentleman who I call my mentor, taught the same thing. And I got to tell you, Karen, I used to go to all of these networking events, seminars, boot camps, you name it all. I mean, good. I have so many of those lanyards with the badges that those that let you keep them, I mean, they would put Mr. T to shame all those gold chains, you know?

And the thing is, I just kept going and going and going, but I really didn't have a compelling outcome or know end in mind. And I'll never forget this, Karen. I was sitting at one and it was a mutual friend who was running the whole thing. And I got a text from my mentor at that moment. He goes, Hey, man, what are you doing? I said, Well, you know, Sonsoles event. And he all I do is type in one word, a one word response. And I knew I knew exactly what he meant, he said.

And he wasn't like saying that to say, ah, you shouldn't be there. He was asking, you know, is it something is that the what was your outcome? Did you have an outcome?

You don't have to say any of those words was like, wow, this guy's good. And and, of course, you've seen Simon seeing X, Y TED talk, right? Yeah, I've read his book. I see the TED talk. Oh, you love it. Yeah, I'm sure I would. Yeah. And so what you're talking about. Yeah.

So it was great because it turned out he lived my mentor lived very nearby. It was a three hour drive for me to get to this event. My mentor lived nearby and he said instead of staying at that thing, why don't you come on over to my place? My dad just went deep sea fishing and he's literally making fresh sushi for a family. I'd love to have you over. And I said I taped back. I said, next break, I will not be returning here. And it was great. And so, yeah, very important to have the outcome or have start with the end in mind, as Karen says. And I think that's incredibly valuable. What's the word I'm looking for advice because it can save you an incredible amount of time and money, like in my case it was a lot of time that day.

I was like, you know, it was going to go on for another four to six hours at least. And I really wasn't getting anywhere. I was listening. I wasn't networking at that moment. But I got to hang out with my mentor, who taught me more as I'm sitting there and we're eating dinner and we're driving around. It was have had the outcome in mind before you embark on investing time or money or both. Always think, well, what do I want to get out of this?

Kerensa, I actually have a one page. I don't think we have this on the website yet, but I have a one page that I'd give to anyone. If you want to email me, I'll be happy to send it to you. It's one page beginning with the end in mind so that you don't have to fill out books of every day, fill out all this stuff. It's one page, you know, where you want to be by the end of the year, by the end of each quarter and by the end of the month and by the by every Friday in order to get to the end of twenty twenty one and achieve that by this Friday. I have to do this so that you know what you need to do today and Thursday and Friday and what page I had. My very first entrepreneurial endeavor was a time management system company. Oh it was laborious, the work but my goodness it took so much time. And over the years I boiled it down to one sheet of paper. Begin with the end in mind.

Be clear, these succinct and get it done, and I like that because now it causes us to literally think about it and write it down. When you put pen to paper or even type it, it's better to write it. But if you but if you put it down, you're more apt to remember it and you're more apt to actually do whatever it is you're embarking on. So I love that it's actionable. It's not just here's how to just read these words, notes. Here's what you need to do for each segment at weekly, monthly, yearly. Tell what what is your plan? And it makes you think and I love that. Yeah. So that would be great. I wonder how many people that are watching would love to have that resource. I mean, Karen will give it to you if you ask for it. I just. Yes. Put that in the comments. Amy, pick me or. Yes, I want that. Anything to let her know. Show her some love. Give her something in return for this. Come on. I like that.

But yes. Oh my goodness. And so you do this as one on one coaching now. Now with what we're going through and kind of the lockdown situation, not really able to nuzzle up physically to anybody, especially where you and I live in the state. We live in California, one of the most lockdown states in the nation. How are you coping with that, with working with your clients? Have you migrated over to doing online, like through Zoome? And how are you pivoting if if you needed to do that?

Ninety five percent of my coaching work is on the phone anyway. Before covid, I only have a small number of clients that I see face to face, which is kind of sad, but I've gotten used to it. But I have clients all over the country actually all over well, England, Canada. So most of it's all the phone. It hasn't been a change for me as much as it's been a change for my clients because they've been struggling with having their kids at home and their work at home and not not having a division of of time that's been that's been kind of tough. And also one of the pillars of live vibrantly is connectedness. I don't think people understand the the danger that we are in by not being able to stay connected physically and physically. I mean, one on one. And we don't know how we don't understand or think about how often we touch people during the day, touch them. Like if somebody is walking out your door, you might pat their back as they leave. We just down to the bare nitty gritty. We are mammals and watch how dogs and other animals lay on top of each other. I mean, we we need physical connection. We need to shake hands. We need to pat each other on the back. And so it would be very lovely to get that again. And so there's a different sense. Connectedness is one of the pillars and you only get a slice of it every time eight weeks rolls around the connectedness. There are a lot of tips in there about how you can stay connected with people. And not starve yourself of that critical ingredient.

Love it, love it. Bring that back. Bring us back. Yeah, connection, and that is something that's missing vitally at the moment, but it's it's pretty global at the moment.

And I think there's a reason why we're hearing so many issues with people with mental problems that are going through this because they're missing that and so many other things. But I love the fact that you are already prepared. Your business model was already set up. You had no idea this was coming, but it just turned out that you are already good to go.

And I even got it. I mean, I was one of the one of the people who got it.

Yeah, yeah. And oh, my gosh. So you broke that seal. So I wanted to talk about it because you were scheduled to be on this show some time ago and you came down with covid and you just simply didn't have the energy. And I said, I don't care. The biggest thing I care about your health.

You are so kind to me about that.

Yeah, yeah. I mean, it's about how people react to different. I never get upset. Here's the thing. You know, I coached many kids sports. And if a if a young person is putting in all the effort, they can and they just can't make that basket say it's basketball, I'm not going to get on them for that. I'm going to I'm going to lift them up and say great job. You put everything you had into it. Here's the thing. Life happens no matter what. And it's all about how you react to these situations. And for me, I look at the person it's like or how this is not fun for her. Why would I worry about, oh, boo hoo, I don't get to have to go find somebody on my show.

And you are. Absolutely. So it made me feel so good. Thank you, Brian.

Thank you. I appreciate that.

I couldn't even talk. I mean, I had so little energy the people would call me on the phone to ask how I was doing and I can't talk.

And that's about all I could get out. My gosh. So thank God you are OK. And that I never got into my respiratory system. That was very fortunate.

It's just wonderful.

I love success stories like this and attitude part of its attitude that I, I, I wholeheartedly agree with you totally. And produces chemicals. Negative attitudes produce chemicals that tear us down physically positive attitudes produce chemicals. That builds up physically.

It's not just it's not just our positive thinking. It's science.

Yes. Listen to her. Listen to her. She speaks the truth and what you read. OK, here, here's what it comes down to. And tell me if you agree with this, Karen. But for each and every one of us, it comes down to one simple thing, and that is choice. Yes. Either choose to react negatively to everything that's going on in your life, whether it's good or bad, or you choose to take whatever circumstances are given to you and just react differently like Karen has done where she was a big ask yourself, what is the possible good outcome of this?

And just start thinking about what could be good, how could this be good? And if you start thinking that you quit thinking about all the icky parts, at least it occupies your brain in a positive fashion.

Yeah, yeah. I love to talk about one little quick exercise people can do. And this isn't you don't have to suffer a tragedy to go through it. It's like how many of you, including myself, have ever said, you know what, I have to go do the dishes now. Right, who loves doing dishes? I don't know a person on the planet that does, and so that's a negative act to many of us. We have this negative feeling toward it. But rather than saying I have to, I tell people, be aware that you said that word, have to and reframe it into. Well, get to.

Words, in her words, really matter.

Amazing things happen whether you think of them outwardly, like consciously, it's really the subconscious is taking over, like, really you get to. Why is that? Well, I guess you have dishes to wash, don't you? That's a blessing. You have a sink, apparently, or a dishwasher and a kitchen, which means you have possibly a home or an apartment you're living in or a dorm room, whatever happens to be. Just think of the blessings when you just changed one word. So I encourage everyone watching, listening to this to put that into practice. Any time I have to go mow the lawn or I have to go shovel snow, which a lot of people, unfortunately, are doing right now. How about I get to I have a I have a shovel. I own one. That means I was able to pay for it at least at one point. There's a lot of great things you can do with this. And this woman, she knows all about it all. I think you should all connect with her. We're going to give you that detail here in a moment. Oh, my goodness. I can't believe we're already ten minutes out one. Well, that that's if I decide that we're only ten minutes up. But I want to talk more about live vibrantly and what do people. So. When someone is a business owner and let's say someone is just getting started. Those are the perfect ones, I would say that could use your assistance from the get go. I wish I had known somebody like you when I first started because I had.

I wish I had.

Yeah. Because that would have been so much time not wasted. Right. And that's one of the beautiful things about what Karen does is what she will help you do is to get past the hurdles that almost everybody else on the planet goes through because she's got the experience and Know-How and been through it and proven that her service and her approach works to get you to the finish line. The outcome, the end much quicker than if you were to just do it on your own. So let's face it, let's not do stuff on our own. Let's do let's model success. Let's find people who know how to do it and and grab on. This is not literally meant to be literal, but grab on with both ankles and don't let go. So go ahead and virtually grab onto Karen's ankles. Don't let go get connected with her and take the next step and just have a chat and see what the next steps might be. Again, she's got some gifts to give away here in a moment. This is phenomenal.

Yes, I had a conversation with a client today and a business associate. We were talking about that. Everyone needs a coach. Coaches need coaches. I have a coach because you even if you coach the very same thing, you can't see it in yourself. You need an outside person because you're in it. You're in on it. You can't see the forest for the trees outside person to reveal what you already know to pull it out of you. Yeah, that is so true.

I've just I've had this same conversation twice in the last week. It is so true. It's like, you know, I'll be talking to somebody who's got a business and they'll say, I'm struggling with this area and I'll go, Oh yeah, you just want to do X, Y, Z. And they're like, How did you do that? I was like, I don't know. But I'll tell you one thing. If it's my own business, I can't I can't get myself out of a paper bag. If I was put in, what could figure out how to get out? I don't know what it is, but I had this lock and I, I can do far more for others than I can do for my own self.

Yeah. Yeah. Just the way it is.

And it's true. And so what you just said is gold. I hope everybody caught on to that is get a coach. I wonder if there's any coaches available nearby right now that you could possibly connect with named Karen Duncan. I don't know. I'm just saying maybe. But I mean, look look at her. She is such a sweetheart. And I'll bet you, though, that when when the rubber meets the road, when it's time to get you the results, she's going to be shrewd as necessary because she loves you. She'll love you. And love isn't always like sweet and nurturing and lovey dovey. It's about getting the results for you because she loves you.

Tough love to you. Yeah.

There you go. And that's that's what we want are the results. And you know what? I remember going through speaker training. I would teach part of my mentor segments from his stage to his students like 90 minute segments. And when I was done, I knew I was going to receive what they would call feedback. And I knew that that feedback was not going to feel good. It never did from an ego standpoint. But after a couple of those sessions, after doing that and then going up the next time and seeing the incredible improvement that that resulted in, I later could not wait to get feedback. I my ego was gone. I the result was all I could see anymore. I was focusing on the result and I loved it. I was like, do not tell me that. That was great and perfect. I need to know what I need to do to improve on. I don't want the the soft, flowery, fluffy, sugar-coated, you know, none of that give me the truth so I can improve. And they did because they love me.

Yeah. Yeah, it's just the only way to go, and I know that's what Karen's going to do for you. Who wants that? Who wants that love, of course. And then after you're done, maybe visit her and go get some wine.

Oh, yeah, I'll do the outdoors. Places to eat to.

I'll bet you do. Yeah, I love that whole area is just phenomenal wife and I just wanted to go back. Yeah, we need to go back, so.

In life. Now and then we go through these times where there's this this F word, no, it's not that one, this F word, that many people probably went to the wrong word that a lot of people go through that can literally cripple them as far as going forward in life and in business. And that F word is fear. It's still a four letter word. But Karen, in your like, I don't know. It doesn't have to be recent. What what would you say has been your greatest fear up till now and then how do you manage it and get over it? Get past it.

Ok, so my greatest fear.

Is pretty typical of most of ours if you get underneath all the layers, and that is that I'm not adequate or I'm not enough. And so over the years, of course, I've worked on that and when it arises. All you really have to do after you've worked on it long enough, because there are certain things you have to take care of to get to this point. But what I do now, I have little reminders. I have one on my refrigerator. I have one in my bathroom with their little signs. You can actually buy them on Amazon and it says, remember who you are because we forget how great we are and we are all great. And we fall back into at times based on circumstances, things that make us think we're still inadequate and still not OK and still not enough or too much. But if we can go wait a minute, it's all about every single and every pillar. It comes down to being able to stop and get conscious. What is happening right now inside of me. And if I can remember who I am, I can stand tall and and the fear just goes away. It just diminishes.

I love how you just said that we are all great. We are all great. We need more people like you reminding us. And I'm sure that's what you do as a coach. And you brought to mind another gentleman that I was so blessed to have a show with. And I pulled this book out. It's the one and only Les Brown. And he he always says this. He goes, you have greatness in you. I love it.

But revoice, I love to imitate it because it's just so smooth until I was I mean, we can all recite that.

Yeah, and, you know, to have someone that lifts you like that as a coach, as someone that helps you to remember who you are, that, look, we were all very divinely and uniquely created.

And we all have our own unique talents and we are all great, as Karen says. And that's a great reminder when you're ever feeling possibly inadequate or not enough is to have those reminders. And oftentimes it does come from the outside, from outside of you in in the form of a Karen Duncan would be one. And and then she could give you those resources on where to find these things on Amazon, to give you the reminders as you walk through your home and and just start really pulling out the greatness in you. And because everyone does have it and it's it's our duty, it's our duty to share it with others because our greatness isn't always the same greatness as someone else's. And they could use the help in those areas.

And that's what I mean. If we all have the same greatness, we wouldn't have anyone to do these. These are things right.

I think it'd be pretty darn boring, to be honest. Yeah, yeah. We're very fortunate and blessed to have all of this.

Oh, my goodness.

Yes, so we've got Thomas Sanderson, nice overview, enjoyed it greatly. Thank you for coming on, Thomas. Oh, yes, and Andy LaRusso want to say thank you, Karen, you are doing your work well, keep it up and stay healthy. Thank you so much. So you guys are amazing. Appreciate that. Wow, that's it, we're at the end, I didn't realize that the ten minutes is already gone. I actually did it. So it's time to soon reveal how those who have stayed with us live can win a five night stay at a five star luxury resort. Compliments of UNappointed Karen Levin wrote The Big Insider Secrets. It's the big red logo up there. You see if you're watching. And before I do that, though, Karen, I love to ask one question, one final question of each guest. And I also have not forgotten you have gifts to give away as well. So stick with us. Don't go anywhere. We're not done yet. Far from it, actually, because this question could be worth the entire show. I'm not kidding. There have been some phenomenal answers to this year's will be no, no less. I know. And the beautiful thing is it gets a little personal and it can be very powerful. And so and don't worry, it's like the other one is painless, is pain free. And before we jump into that, though, let's do some giveaway, shall we? OK, I'm going to do something different. I'm going to say this time. Let's go. Ladies first. So you had a couple of things that you wanted to share with our wonderful viewers that you'd like to offer them as a gift or a giveaway. So I'll let you take it away as I bring your website back up.

Thank you. OK, so I want to give one person, whoever wins this prize, a free coaching session so that you can see how I can help you achieve what you're trying to achieve. But then I also want to give five of you. However, Brian figures out who the winners are, a one year free subscription that we sell on our website for sixty dollars for the year. If you have the subscription, then you get everything that's on the website, all the resources, the name that you get every Monday, you get what we call the vibrant minute, the Monday morning minute, which gives you one set of tools in each of the eight pillars. And so we just rotate the eight pillars. So in fifty two weeks you actually get to be a vibrant person or a more vibrant person. So I want to give those to five people.

Fantastic. Thank you so very much for that drop in the comments. I want to win this. Drop it in the comments. Say I want to win and then you will be entered to win one of those five spots. And look, I've watched you can see a couple of them as an example on our website. The one minute I completely forgot what you call it just a second ago.

Oh, it's Friday morning minute, Monday morning. Thank you.

And look, it's just a minute. And so it's digestible and it's powerful and it's just one minute.

Every single Monday, right, and then we have articles you're seeing now, we have different articles and different resources on the website.

And look, Karen oh my gosh, I was reading some of your articles, and you are a magnificent writer.

You're so easy to read and engaging and you have just a mastery of the written word.

And I appreciate that because helper's I have people who edit and help me.

There you go. Another great tip, everyone, all the way to the end. She is dropping bombs and nuggets. I love it. More coaching. We have people coming. Here we go. Yes. Marcel, Hanish, you are in. I will keep these comments up and I will then send you the email address of Karen to there we go. Thomas Henderson. Fantastic. Keep them coming and keep them coming.

We want everybody to be a winner. And speaking of that, one more one more before we ask Karen that one deep, very moving question. Remember, if you want to win a five minute stay at a five star resort. Then all you need to do and we'll give you permission now to take your gaze away very temporarily from the screen and bring out your phone and pull up your messaging app. Why? Because that's how you enter to win. And I'll put it up on the screen. And so what you want to do is bring up your messaging app on your phone and when you would go to text somebody, normally you would type in say their name instead of their name in that same spot type in this phone number. And that is three one four six six five one seven six seven. Now, I would encourage you to write this down because we're going to move off of this really quick. So write this down. Three one four six six five one seven, six, seven. And then when you go to type in the message, where are you going to send them off to whatever your status is, maybe an emoji or two? None of that. No emojis, just two words separated by a dash or a hyphen, if you prefer. And those two words are peak.

That's a K dash vacation, peak dash vacation.

And that is how you enter. Then once you've texted that, keep your phone handy because there will be one more step for you, and that is to simply supply your email address. You will be asked. It will come to you automatically. And once you do that, you will then be officially entered to win. Don't worry, we don't spam, we don't do anything like that. It's solely for the purpose of delivering to the winner the big grand prize via email. So go ahead and do that right now. I can't wait to see those come flooding in. And as they do that, we're going to come back to the woman of the hour. So that contest, by the way, is good to the end of this evening. So write that down and now put your gaze back on this show, because Karen's going to drop one more big one on everybody. I mean, a nice big one. When I say a big one, it's going to get an answer. So here's the thing to this. You will have an answer, and that's number one. And number two is there is no such thing as a wrong answer. It does not exist. It's exactly the opposite. The only correct answer is yours, and it will come to you and look, it doesn't have to be instant. It could take several moments. That's OK. Some take moments. Some get an instant. Everyone's different. See, that's what makes it personal. That's it. There's no more personal to it. So you can relax and know that it's just it's going to be fun and it's going to be supremely powerful to everyone watching. I just know it because I've done this one hundred and thirty six times. I think in the past. It's we've got this right. So are you ready? I'm ready. All right. Let's make sure I'm ready. Here we go.

Karen Duncan. How do you define. Success.

Oh, that's an easy one. Try to figure out how to say this to me. A successful person is one who has. Been able to shed all the conditioning of our society, of our teachers, of our parents, of our churches, shed all the conditioning and become who you truly are, become your real authentic self.


If we can go back to when we were very first born and be that being. Without all the conditioning, that's where the gold is, that's where all the talents are. That's what we came into the world with. And if we can shed all of that other stuff, then whatever we do in life, we will be successful at. That's my answer.

I can't hear you.

There we go. I'm going to turn my microphone back up. Here's a beautiful and caring about that because I wanted everybody to hear you and nothing else going on behind the scenes. That's an important question that I get to ask. And I love it because time and time and time again, no two people have done one hundred thirty six or so of these. I don't know, I'm around there. No two people have ever answered at the same exact way. Still, it's amazing to me. That's why it's so personal. Everyone's definition of success is actually different. Some are close to being similar, but they're never like right on the same. And the other really neat thing I've learned by asking this question of all of the people like you, because I bring on successful entrepreneurs, not just people that are just wannabes and just kicking the tires and not serious about it.

Those that are successful to a person, not one of them said that success was defined by the amount of money they made. That's just telling that that just tells me that I'm in the right place with the right family. So you're part of the family now. And remember, you can't choose your family. Sorry, but you're now in it, and I'm glad.

And me, too. I love being part of this group of of wonderful, amazing people like yourself because of the mindset that goes with it. It's about a serving attitude, about wanting to help others, about I love it, shed the conditioning so that you can be your true, authentic self, the one that you were designed to be.

And that's she's saying that from love because she's been through it herself and learned how to break through and shed her conditioning so that now she can help you to pull out your brilliance and your amazing as well really and truly live vibrantly can give people health, happiness and success, but.

Being authentic, you can't help but be happy every day if you're just being yourself, you're using all your innate tools and talents and skills. You can't help but be happy.

And the interesting thing I found, and this is by myself going through and being inauthentic at times, fake it till you make it is once you've really embraced yourself for who you are and you just go about things authentically, you'll find that in the business from that, your business just starts exploding. It's kind of like I liken it to how dogs can sense fear, humans can sense inauthenticity, but that's tough on inauthenticity. There we go. And so, yeah, the more authentic you are, the better you are. People want to know about your faults, your shortcut, your shortcomings, because that makes you more like them.

And they can relate to that to you if you're hungry for it. But everyone is so thirsty and hungry for authenticity. Yeah. Give me something real.

Exactly. No more phony baloney, as we used to say. Oh, my goodness. Karen Duncan.

Amazing, amazing. Thank you so much for coming on.

I know it was an ordeal to finally get here, and I'm so glad that this happened. You are amazing getting ready. If I could. I'm not going to tell anybody about what this young woman went through to just to be on the show tonight was amazing. Nothing short of. And she did a phenomenal job getting ready and being here, being present for you, because that's it was all about you. It was all about you, the listener, the watcher. So appreciate you. And that's it for tonight.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's all right for getting me on here. I love being on here with you, Brian. It was great. And thank you.

And I get all the joy out of this. I love when I get to do because of you, Karen, and people like you. You're amazing. That's it. On behalf of the amazing Karen Duncan, I am the host of the mind body business show, Brian Kelly. And until next time, we'll see you once again. So long and be blessed. I'll take care of my.

Thank you for tuning in. Mind Body Business Show podcast at but those people came to me a year later because what I noticed is, is by building and nourishing those relationships and really for those people to feel like you care about them, you're not only going to networking events because you want business, but it's because you see them and you acknowledge them and you see those people as as people and as humans. And and you're building friendships and relationships. So really, I owe it to the people that I have met through and networking events in different, different avenues. but those people came to me a year later because what I noticed is, is by building and nourishing those relationships and really for those people to feel like you care about them, you're not only going to networking events because you want business, but it's because you see them and you acknowledge them and you see those people as as people and as humans. And and you're building friendships and relationships. So really, I owe it to the people that I have met through and networking events in different, different avenues. mind body business show dot com.

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Karen Duncum

Karen Duncum

Karen Duncum, former C.O.O. of an international marketing/advertising firm, psychotherapist and Bloomberg Business Week columnist has, for decades, been executive coach to leaders of fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs and business owners. She is passionate about helping leaders learn what they can do to live vibrantly in all aspects and all seasons of their life. She considers it a privilege to extend her professional coaching work through founding Live Vibrantly. With great passion, Karen created the ground-breaking Live Vibrantly program to teach and coach the 8 vital components facilitating wealth in business and in life. Many comment that her coaching works so well because of her authenticity, passion and wisdom in addition to her inside out, individual centered approach.

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