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Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host, Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly:
Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. Oh, my goodness. I am loving life being quarantined, held up in my home because I have to tell you, I'm getting more done now than I ever did in the past. And I get to meet up with and talk to amazing people like the special guest you are about to meet. She is an amazing, talented young woman. I cannot wait to share with you. Her name is Kelly Noble Mirabella. And she's coming on very, very soon. The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. What is that all about? Well, in my 55 years on this planet I studied in the last decade or so, I studied only successful people said what makes them tick? How do they become so successful? And so I'm talking about people that I know personally, mentors of mine. I'm talking about folks that have shared the stage with that. I began studying. I'm talking about authors of books that I've never met, those that have achieved success. And what I found in those 10 years or so of studying is that three patterns kept cropping up over and over and over. And you might have guessed what those three patterns are there to my right and to my left, just as a hint. That is the mind and body and business and mind being mindset, a powerful, flexible, unstoppable mindset. That's very flexible. That's the key is a flexible mindset. And you can really achieve greatness by learning a science known as NLP or neuro linguistic programming for short, for long and body. Body is all about exactly that. Taking care of your body both inside and out that is exercising on a regular basis and eating and drinking nutritious food and liquid. And that's this. These are the two things of the three already that these very successful people have mastered. And then there's business and business, as you all know, that's multi multifaceted. That includes things like sales, marketing, systematizing, scaling and leadership. And thankfully, for the last one there that I mentioned, leadership that you do not have to master all of those areas of business yourself. Because if you did, it would take your entire life. It would be difficult. And the cool thing is, is if you master leadership, then you are able to bring in the talent and scale your business, bring in those that have those those skill sets that you may not have nor have the time to develop. And that's the beauty of it. So these three areas are where most of or all of these successful people landed and had mastered all three. It's like a tripod if if one of those three is weak. If one of those three is weak and one leg is knocked away, what happens to the tripod? It falls over. It tumbles. And so when you master all three, then you have really, really great chances for success. And I'm so excited because our special guest expert who's coming on has done just that, mastered all three. And another wonderful thing that I learned about successful entrepreneurs is they all to a person were very, very avid readers, readers of books. And with that, I liked a segue very quickly or to a short segment I affectionately call bookmarks.

Bookmarks born to read, bookmarks. Ready steady read bookmarks brought to you by

Brian Kelly:
Yes. There you see it. and real quick, real quick. Please stay with us. When you see and hear resources such as these, like a Web address. Just get out that old fashioned thing. You know what it's called paper and maybe that instrument called a pen. You remember those way back from the old days and just write all this down. And the thing is, when you write things down, they commit to memory deeper. It's proven fact. Also, it keeps you from wanting to go to another tab on your browser and check it out. Here's the thing. And I'm also I'm very serious about this for you. This is for you that are watching and listening. Is that the magic happens in the room. And Kelly is coming on here right after this segment. She's coming on. She's going to be spilling noodles of value. And if you were to divert your attention just for a microsecond and typing in a u._r._l and running off to check it out. Well, then you might miss the one piece of magic that could transform your life forever. And I'm not kidding about this. Do not take this lightly, please. I've seen it time and time again. Speaking from stage, getting to the juicy part and seeing someone get up and walk out because they had to use the restroom or that important phone call came in. So do what you can to stay focused. Stay with us. I take notes literally on the show and I'm running the whole thing. So if I can do it, I know you can do so if you have a pencil or paper or anything to write on. Grab it now or open your notepad in your computer and get ready to get busy. Because Kelly is going to bring it. I know it. She is a high energy individual and she's amazing. Reach a big library really quick and then we're gonna get to Kelly reach a peak. Library is a site I literally had built for you. With you in mind, the viewer, the listener, the entrepreneur, the small business owner, the big business owner, ones who are looking to achieve success or extend and improve the success they currently have. And what I did was I compiled a list of books that I personally have read, number one and number two, that had profound impact on my life, whether it be through business or on the personal side. And so I compiled a list of about 40 books in this list right here. If I'm way behind enough to hit this list, the purpose of it is so that you do not have to guess. You can go to this site knowing at least one other successful entrepreneur had vetted these books prior to going in. So now you're not just throwing darts at a dartboard hoping you hit a bull's eye. Now your probability of reading something that will have impact on you has greatly increased by just going to this resource. So again, write it down. It's reach your peak library. There's nothing for sale on there. You can click a button and buy a book from there. But it goes straight to. I think it's Amazon to buy the book. So a rich big library My gift to all of you wonderful people who who have tuned in. Thank you. I see the comets flying in already. Can't wait to get to those before we do that, though. It is time. I think it's time to bring on our special guest. Yes. It's got to happen right now. Here we go. Are you ready?

It's time for the guest expert, spotlight, savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained, big-league qualified.

Brian Kelly:
There she is, the one, the only Kelly Noble Mirabella. How are you doing tonight?

Kelly Nobel Mirabella:
I am good. How are you doing?

Brian Kelly:
I'm doing so. I cannot tell you how excited I've been waiting for this show for so long. I don't know how long ago we booked this, but. It's finally, here. You are so immensely amazing. Just talking to you for a brief time before the show. Finally, some one on one time. I've been stalking you everywhere on Facebook. Many Chad and everywhere else. And just your brilliance is amazing. And I can't wait to share you with everyone. Right before I formally introduce you, though, if you don't mind real quick, I want to remind everyone watching that they stand down to the end of the show, watching Leive must watch live. We will show you a way you can win of five nights day at a five star luxury resort in Mexico. I didn't ask her to do that. That's pretty cool. Compliments of our wonderful friends up power texting dot com. Miss Vanna Mirabella. I love it. And that will be displayed or revealed at the end of the show. Near the end of the show. You'll be able to enter instantly through your phone. So stick with us for that. It's phenomenal. And it's a real vacation. You're not gonna get shanghaied into a hit on a what do they call timeshare? Nothing like that. It's a bona fide, wonderful vacation day. All right. Now it's time. Kelly Noble Mirabella is an international speaker and sought after messenger marketing educator with more than eleven years of digital marketing experience. I know she doesn't look old enough. I get it with a flair for fun. Kelly brings her unique and engaging style to her baby, got butt training videos and messenger campaigns. Owner of Stellar Media Marketing, Kelly is a mini chat agency partner. This is important marketing expert, certified educational partner and trainer for the new many chat course. With that, formally, officially, I welcome the to the stage. Kelly, how are you doing again?

Kelly Nobel Mirabella:
Good, thank you. Is this fairly funny? Because I don't know if you can hear this, but this entire time we've been backstage talking and it's been quiet in my house. As soon as I came on camera, my kids start knocking on the door of my kids, you know?

Brian Kelly:
All that is, is opportunity knocking. We're good.

Kelly Nobel Mirabella:
That's what it is.

Brian Kelly:
I'm glad that I'm glad they knew to do that right on cue. That's perfect timing and perfection. Yes. We have some folks coming. I want to say hi. Simon James says hello. Yes. And then there's oh, look at this, Bella Vasta. She is loving it, loving it, loving it. And George George, the man is with my photographer. Sweet. Thanks for coming in. Jordan, we appreciate you coming on. So grateful. So, Kelly, you're crushing it. There's no doubt about it. I see you everywhere. There's no way I can go anywhere without seeing your face somewhere. And that's a good thing. That means you're doing it properly. And, you know, you've got these great accolades. And I want to get into that in a moment about how this came to be, that you are the the go to trainer for many chat and that you are their exclusive trainer for them. And that's phenomenal. But I like to dove in deeper in the beginning and find out really what makes you a very successful entrepreneur. What makes you tick from that big, beautiful brain right there and what's going on in there that actually is giving you the results that want to know everything?

What's that? There's a lot that's going on. And I don't know if you want to know.

I think everyone wants to know everything that's gonna open in the vault. That's good. So, yeah, just to start it off, like when you get up in the morning, you know, entrepreneurism is not well. Is it that easy? Kelley, I'll ask you that. Is it easy?

No, I don't think so. I mean, it's fun, but I don't know if I would label it easy.

I totally concur. And with that. So it takes a certain degree of motivation and drive to excel just to get over the hump first to break even and then to excel like you are. So in the morning when you get up and you start coming to and you realize in the days ahead, you start to get that excitement brewing. What is it that motivates you? Kelly, when you get up in the morning and say, all right, this is another day. These are the things I'm going to get done. What keeps you drive driven and getting through all those hard times?

Well, I think you're gonna ask me what gets you motivated, get out of bed. And I was gonna say my four year old and her cold, icy hand asking for breakfast. But I hate that I am motivated to continue to show up for my audience and my community and do the things I do because I just freaking love it. I'm number one and I am not a good employee. I do not like boss. Says I am a boss, so I think that sometimes if you're there are people that simply just are not meant to work for others and they really need to hold. Hold their own destiny. I tend to get really bored easily and I like to be able to control, you know, what I'm working on. And that's where things go. My biggest motivation is probably first and foremost that I really enjoy what I do. And so I'm like, yeah, I get to get up. I'm excited, you know. I get to go work on these things that I work on. But I'm also I've always from the get go. And I think especially in the beginning, it's so important that you have the why.

That's what we call it. Right. What is your why? And from the beginning, it's important because the very beginning of your entrepreneurial journey is the hardest. It's never, let's say, fairly easy, but it's definitely harder in the beginning. And the thing that always drove me is this idea of the fact that I like plus flexibility in my life and with my family. I know I joke about my kids knocking on the door and stuff, but it's nice to be able to stop what I'm doing and go hang out with them. And especially in the times that we're living in today, I'm home schooling two kids. It wasn't as much of a drastic change as my wife has always been my family making sure I can provide my time for them. It's not always about how much money I make, but, you know, I could stop any time and take him to dance class. Or I could go, you know, take him to the pool in the summer. And that's a big motivator for me to stay in entreprenuer forever.

I love that. I like to use one word for it. And it's liberation. It gives me the freedom.

I mean, it starts and ends with you. So you're in control. And when you know I don't get that. You mean control freak because you don't come off that way. It's like you're in control of your own situation, your control of your own destiny. That's what that what I got from that is a corporate employee where you're not in control of anything except getting to work on time and and staying till the sounds or whatever it is. You have very little control. Someone else is pulling the strings. And we are just puppets at that point. When you're not trippin or leading, you're leading the charge, whether it's just you, you by yourself or a team. The cool thing is the creativity that we all have gets to flourish and the decisions you make. You learn how to make better decisions. That time goes on. You make mistakes and learn from them. It's just so much more invigorating and fun than showing up as a drone or a robot. And please, employees of corporations. God bless you. I love you all. I love you all. Nothing against us. Just as an entrepreneur, as a referee. Yes.

Yes. Just not for me. But, you know, like my husband, he works for a corporation and he loves it. He loves being a supervisor. He loves being around everybody. He would never want to be an entrepreneur. So it's just not for everyone, but it's for me.

And that is so true. I mean, how many times have you seen someone telling you like. You see that there's a corporate job and not this is excluding your husband. They're unhappy, right? Not happy with their situation. And you just want for them so badly what you know you have. Yes. But they just will not. They said this not for me and you like you. But then you just finally have to say, all right, I'll plant the seed that I'm going to walk.

Exactly. No, I'm if I've had that conversation with so many people like it is.

Look at this option. The grass is greener over here.

And it's amazing if we did a little bit Knowland, but it's greener. It's my garden. Yes. Yes, it's fantastic.

We were talking earlier. I was opening up with the importance of mind and body and business. And so when it comes to body. And so I always like to say the mind and body are a team. And more importantly, they are your team. And so if any one member of a team is not pulling their weight, no pun intended, then the team as a whole suffers. And so mindset is very important. So is taking care of one's body. How important is it to you? How important is physical fitness to both your business and your personal life? Oh, my gosh.

So important. I will admit I haven't worked out in like over a week because we are in the adjustment stage right now. But yeah, I definitely can tell the difference in my mood and my productivity and the way I interact with my family members, with my clients. My creativity is just so much better when I'm healthy and when I'm, you know, continually working out. I actually use an app on my phone and I work out several times a week. And even my sometimes my husband work out at home. So we like pick each other's workout sometimes. But both my husband and I were very health conscious in terms of making sure that we are physically fit and. And that makes such a difference in every part of your life. So if you're kind of on the fence about I don't want to be healthy and I or everyone always wants to be healthy, but they don't actually take the step to workout, just push through it because it's you. I never feel more amazing than when I'm actually getting up and it starts. So I do it like first thing in the morning is literally I'm such a workaholic that if I start working, I won't. You know, some people like I'll start the workout for lunch. Not me. I will work through lunch. That's how much I love what I do. But I usually will workout first thing in the morning and then it will start my day off. It's just like a really good way to start the day.

Couldn't agree more. And it's you know, I always liken it to the best the best drug you could ever take that doesn't have any side effects. Bad side effects. I mean, it's so good. It's amazing. If only people knew, you know.

Well, love to. You know, I think even people who love working out, you become addicted to it. In a sense. You like this. I love this feeling. But if you stop working out for like a week, there's like it's horrible. I know what it is like. You forget. And so you have to just just peel off the Band-Aid and just go out for a week and then you'll start feeling amazing and you'll want to keep doing it. And the more you do it, the more you want to do it. It's kind of awesome.

It's like for me, like if I go a week, that's a that's a long time. And then I just start feeling like mushy fear. It's not like. Yeah. And it's like I don't know if I want to, but God, I know I have to and I don't like the way I'm feeling. And that drives me out more than, say, sitting around and feeling more like mush every single day. So it's very important. I'm so grateful that you you have it valued that high. Not everybody talks about it with as much passion as you. I appreciate that. I used to be in the fitness industry for about seven years last night. I understand fully everything you just said. And yeah. Let's be a beacon for those who are not aware yet that, you know, it is there are so many studies that have been done about exercise. And you don't have to listen, guys. You don't have to become a young Arnold Schwarzenegger.

That's not the point.

And ladies, you don't have to be a supermodel or look as fabulous as Kelly here. That's not the point. It's getting up and moving and moving on a regular basis, doing it over and over. Yes. We'll have to work out seven days a week. Just get out.

And I actually wouldn't suggest doing, you know, a lot of people when they start school. That was like all workout every day. I don't suggest people do that because you get burnt out and you push it hard. So, you know, find things that you enjoy. I like I mentioned before, I get bored easily. So I like to the app I use one was asking us this. Celia was asking what Apple use. It's called the Sweat app. And it's it's actually a program for women. And they have so many different programs. And you could do it at home with very little equipment. And they've got a yoga program and they have a weightlifting program and a hit program. So I like to do that. And then I like to do yoga one day or what may have my husband, you know, have me work out with him and he does totally different things. So mix it up and I'll find the things that you enjoy. Some people love being on the bike. I hate it. I hate running. I hate cardio in general. So when I. Workout I usually do hit workouts, which keeps me in a cardio level, but also I'm mostly doing like work. You know, work in my muscles and stuff.

Yeah. I mean, you got a lot of response on that. So you said step up.

It's called sweat. Like, I'm so sliding right now. It's a little bit wet.

Yeah. That is fantastic. Oh, my goodness. An old friend of mine is here. How are you doing, Deborah? Rise or foot? But I do want to look as fabulous as Kelly. Absolutely.

You. Yes. Love you guys. Yes.

Oh, goodness sakes. They're just rolling in. I love it. Mindy, coach Mindy. Perfect, right? It's been a while. Great to see and hear you. This is amazing. Thank you all for coming on and interacting and commenting. I love this part of the show. I love what I get to do. I get to share this amazing young lady. And I want to. Yeah, I want to dove in to what you do. Kelly, I want to spend time on that, because I think it's so vitally important for any business owner to understand and grasp the technology around what you train on, specifically what I'm talking about, the miniature part of things where you have what they call chat bots. Right. It's something I have my team looking into this very moment using mini chat with Kelly's tutelage. And I can't wait. But would you mind giving us a little overview of exactly what that is all about and how it can impact one's business? You were telling me about a live show that you can really use it for. We'll talk more about that later. Sure. Help for businesses. You know, how can it impact people and how easy is it to get started?

So messenger bots can be used in so many ways. In fact, most people who end up chatting with me for a little just a little bit on messenger bots, whether in a one on one on one or they come into one of these things. I kind of open their eyes to it because a lot of people have these pre preece conceptions of what they think they are and that they're annoying and spammy and boring. And you can only use them for F.A. cues. And it's like, I don't need that. I've heard people say, well, I'm a consultant. I would never use that. So I just want to clear the air that there are just a multitude, a plethora of ways that you can use messenger bots, and it's really only limited by our imagination. For me personally, I use them as a way to automate a lot of my business so that I can basically be more productive, including some things that you're going to be able to experience it later on in the show to get some goodies for me. So stay tuned for that. But I use them to onboard people for different programs. I could use them for registration. You can use them to qualify leads in a sales process. You can use them on the Facebook lives. We could talk about that more. But they've have been proven to not only help me, but also my clients and so many people that I've trained. And there's so many ways, actually, there's a really cool case study right now that the hospitals in Philippines are actually using many shot. The company that is my client to build messenger bots to help people with diagnosis, to see if they need to be tested for the Cauvin. And so there's like just so many ways that we can help businesses, whether it's now or any time, to help solve problems like never before. So, yeah, I'm kind of a geek when it comes to messenger bots because there's so many cool opportunities.

And I love the fact that you addressed head on, you know, that it looks fake. You know that you get that kind of response. Yeah. That's that's a common I would think that would be a common objection to anything like that automated. And I've interacted and seen some of yours. And it's like I'm talking to somebody. And you've been you've craftily put it in like delays on purpose. So, you know, some of them, you can tell, are done by newbies where as soon as you hit the curb before, you know, before you hit carriage return, you get a response. Right. It's like I'm like, how do you do that? So that, OK, it's a bot. And then you integrate other things that I don't see others doing, like video. And it's just you take it to another level that I've ever seen in anyone. And so what would be a what is a perfect application for this, like an example maybe of a company or a client you've helped recently?

So many of my big focus right now is Facebook Live and getting more people into you. How do you get how do you tap into Facebook algorithm? It doesn't really matter if it's Facebook live or a video or whatever. How do you tap into organic algorithm right now? And at its very basis, basic elements, Facebooks algorithm is triggered by engagement. So essentially, I'm going to do a Facebook live and Facebook is going to send out to my audience only about whatever they say that you're reaches like some people might have 10 percent reach, some people have 1 percent reach. Let's say they send it to 10 people. And if those 10 people engage with it, they comment. They like, they share their sigma, lean to Facebook. You know, this is awesome. We want to see more. And Facebooks like, hey, people like this. We're gonna send it out to a couple more people so they widen that net, if you will. And then if those people engaged them, their wine and wine, wine. And so what I did was I created a message board strategy that allowed us to tap into triggering the algorithm. So first and foremost, the bot helps register people for the upcoming the upcoming presentation or the live right. So usually people with you would market like this screen and they would say, I'm interested and you would rely on Facebook to send the notification. The thing is, it's Facebook has proven not to always send the notification to everybody, even when they type interested.

So instead you can create what's called a rescue Órale, which is just a u._r._l. You guys are gonna see one later on in the show and people you would market it wherever you want to market a cross platform in your email, whatever you're into. People can click on that messenger and you just are very upfront with people. It's going to open in the messenger. Open it up and say this is what the show's about. Would you like us to notify you when we go live? Yes. They click it. And then now they've basically registered. And you can send them reminders for when you go live. So now we have all these people that we're capturing from our organic marketing or advertising, however you want to do it. They're coming in. So even from the get-go, we are signaling to Facebook, this is a great product. This is a good show. This is something that needs to be spread out or shared out because a whole bunch people are going to show up at once and right away because of the nature of Facebook live. People are interacting with it. Well, in the show, in the strategy, I also teach how you can basically trigger people to comment in order to get a guide or what I call a no brainer offer. You might people by call them like irresistible offers, whatever you're into, it's an offer and it ties into whatever you're doing. And so people will comment and there's something called a comment growth tool, common groats, which is just a fancy word for you commun a specific word.

My messenger bot pops up right away and says, hey, here's the thing, I promise you. Well, then I also add a couple of a sprinkling of other little things which you're going to learn about a little bit later. And you can actually get people to share out your presentation and engage more and keep triggering that organic signal to Facebook and all the all of the brands that I did, case studies on every single one of them, no matter the size of the page and how new or how consistent they were with their Facebooks had gotten 10 times or more distribution shares, comments and reach. And it was because of these strategies. And actually, Abella Belfast is still here. I don't know. She's a busy lady, so she might have popped out, but she was one at her page, was one of them. And we got two hundred and twenty nine times the distribution over forty six. I think shares, she said, is the most share she's ever done. And she continues to use the strategy and get amazing numbers. So these are these are ways that we can use organically messenger bots to deliver for our audience. That also helps trigger that that algorithm that everyone's always saying is dead. But it's not. You just need to have the keys. Guess who's got the keys? Everybody.

Kelly has the keys. Oh, I'm going to say we have visitors from Australia. Oh, hi, Laura. Fantastic. There's an old buddy of mine. I used to have a show long, long ago. Thank you for the feedback, Gene. Yeah, I think technology has helped a lot of that. I appreciate it. Definitely. Kelly has the best comic growth tools. Yes. George and I wanted to just point something out to everyone watching, listening. Did you notice the passion level of Kelly?

Get a little nerdy, but did you notice it amp up? And that's a good thing. You know, she opened the show or her papa was I get excited because of what I get to do and I get excited because I get to do all of this. And you can see she really means that she is a very passionate. And I think it's important for people to understand that. It's very important for you to be passionate about what you've chosen to do. And I'm a perfect case in point. The fitness business, I was passionate about it. Interestingly, I didn't know that there was something else. I was even more passionate about, which I've been doing for now almost a year. And it's taking off like I've never seen or could have ever imagined. And that's because the passions behind it, the passion will drive your business. It's amazing, isn't it?

Kelly Yeah, absolutely. It makes all the difference in the world. You can be really good at things and enjoy them. But when you tap into things that that you're naturally passionate about. I know George DOUMANIS isn't here. We actually just talked to George and I were just talking about this because he was doing. He's a done journalism. He's done social media management. There's there's a boy right there. George, demand is. He has been doing more with photography. I mentioned he's my photographer. And you can just see the difference in him and the excitement in the product. He's putting out. So it's a true story. Like you could be good at things and enjoy things. But when you find things you're passionate about, it makes a world of difference.

Oh, yeah. Oh, my gosh. And, you know, if you get up and you're not excited about the day, then that might be a sign right there. I can't wait. I mean, like, you know, if I don't get the workout in the morning, anything happening because I said you I got to go to work. This and the second I turn on the computer, that's it. I'm done for probably 12 or 14. I might eat now and then I might go the bathroom. I might go. But I'm telling you, I love so much what I get to do, every facet of it. There's not one part of it that I dread and like totally dread. There's some turned things out like doing.

And then I'll just scale, you know, very little where I'm upset about, you know. I remember working in the world of, you know, corporate or whatever you want to call it, working for the man. And Sunday would come and I would have such dread about the next day. Right. And I did that for years. And I think back to that. And like, I don't have days like that at all because I am the master of my universe. If I don't like a client and they're stressing me out. Guess what? Bye, Felicia. I have fired clients before because they're overbearing or micromanaged. You get to choose. And I've definitely constructed my life in a way that I wake up excited every day and never have that dread. If I'm having dread, it's usually with my kids, like trying to kill themselves or something. And if you have kids, you understand what I'm saying?

Yeah. They're adults. But still, sometimes you got to remember I'm having PTSD. Oh, but fire your clients. That was great. That that really stuck in my head because it does do is equally as important as it is to bring on clients.

It is just as important to know when to release them and say or really to let them upfront and determine if they're a fit and not just be shown a certain mindset and say, well, if you have a heart in a credit card taker, that's that's a that's a recipe for failure right there. Yeah. But you said that because so many will just and like you said in the beginning, it's hard. And you are going to have. It's just as human that you get more of us to do what you gotta do in the beginning.

Right. But not to anyone starting out, man. I used to when I started my business 10 years ago, actually was like nine years ago before I was in official business. Sorry. Eleven years. One extra year math. You know, I would I did everything I used to do, like Craigslist listings. I'm a fast typist. I would do transcription. This is before Rav and I would do what I had to do to pay the bills. You know, so I understand that there is a period in entrepreneurship where, yes, you have to do the job, you've got to take clients you might not be happy with. But that doesn't mean you have to be stuck there. You should always be growing. It always should be transitioning so that you're raising your prices, you're vetting your people better. You're bringing in clients and you're willing to let go of the clients that are toxic. And I think a lot of time that's very fear driven. Right. Like, I don't want to let go. That's how am I going to get more money or new clients? Sometimes they're taking up so much time that it's impossible to find better clients. So sometimes cutting them loose and just, you know, go in for it.

And the same can be said also of your personal relationships. Yes.

To weed out the toxins in them. And it's not easy to do. I've done it and I don't like it. It's it's almost it's almost like breaking up with a helping hand. But you know what? At the end of the day, I always say you're either with me or you're not. Know it's one or the other. There's no in-between. And if you're if you're not all the way with me and I get it. Not always going to be. I'm sorry. It's time to part ways. And it you know, you've got to take care of yourself and, you know, self first or the rest will of tumble like dominoes. I mean, it's so true. Like you say, you know, it can it can be such a time suck that you can't have time for anything else or energy just drains you.

Exactly. If you're feeling drained by a client, if you have anxiety, if you're feeling sick to your stomach because of a client, you're like, I'm dreading talking to them. It's time to let them go. Sweetheart, please, I am begging you. Let me read it. I'm telling you, there is a world of amazing clients out there like a world of them. I have worked with them firsthand. And it it makes all the difference in your happiness, in how you how you interact with your kids, with your friends, with your significant other. It is like poison that you need to pull out, because once you start living the life, that is like you are in control. You have the clients you want. Everything falls into place and you will wake up every day. Palms. Like I am right now.

Well, yeah, and there's some cool tips and strategies I'd like to learn yours, too. Kelly, one thing I use is online forums and before someone can spend, you know, take my time on the telephone, I take them through. I say, if you can fill out this form, then I will determine whether or not you know what my time available is. Availability is and haven't fill it out. And if they answer the questions properly, then I will. I'll manually review them. It's not like a book and I will either given the link or I won't, but it'll all be automated because certain questions will trigger certain things. Answers. There's that. That's one way I do this with onboarding new apprentices that work with me as well. They go through a 15 minute series of videos and questions before I will even pick up the phone, an interview with them. And so they go that oh, and then they must submit a video read of five minutes of why they deserve to be or why they should be the next reach or peak apprentice. And those that go all the way through. I have not had one dud. Kelly, not one. It is invaluable. Until you talk about passion. I get goose bumps you can't see because I'm all covered up. But definitely. Yeah. Celia can feel it. She had one of those today.

Now, I mean, everyone has a bad day. But if if bad days turn into bad, we saw it in the bad months.

You gotta let him go.

Absolutely. My goodness. Thank you all for all the comments, Laura. I love this message about clients. I just have clients. I just had this chat with someone about this topic. Thanks for sharing. Yeah. Mr. Bearskin Wentworth is on LinkedIn. Seeing great stuff. Clarissa Burke. She is a international supermodel. Lockwood's watching from LinkedIn as well. I'm just loving all these people coming on and joining us on the phone.

And Kelly, I want to know more. I want no more. Tell me more. Everything about automation. So I was coin's, the automation master by close friends. So I said, I'm going to take that title. That's awesome. So when you are talking my nerd, my geek needle was pegged. I mean, and everyone else going. What are you talking about?

Oh, my goodness. This is valuable, powerful stuff. Cannot wait to utilize it going forward because I have not been it's like this missing gold pot of gold that I I just found a leprechaun and her name is Kelly.

I have the keys to the algorithm and watch our names. Kelly, that's the Irish name. A little it. So. And I'm even wearing green. Your gold necklace. I am here for this. It was meant to be. It was.

So when I was talking in the beginning about the different skill sets during a business, and if you can delegate you still as a solo partner, you must acquire your own skills in some of them. Many of us are born with a lot of skill sets and some were better at than others. Yeah. And so some need to be nurtured and improved. But for you personally. Kelly, what would you say for you if you were to name three of them? What would be the top three skills that are necessary for you to be where you at? The pure entrepreneur.

So I I like to call myself a high functioning entrepreneur. And I and I see that because I have a tendency to get a lot done in a very short amount of time. And so people are constantly like, how do you get this all done? And I'm like, I think that that's a natural thing for me. It's something that I've always been able to even when I worked for other people, I would go and ask for more. I need more to do. I have to be busy. And so I get a lot done. You always see me putting out video and doing something for clients. And, you know, what else can I do? What else can I do? And so I definitely go to my Mac. So one of my skill sets as being this high functioning and being able to get a lot done. I don't know what else you would call that in terms of like a one word skill. I think the other thing is adaptability. This is something I have as a very natural. Key thing in my life is this ability to adapt and pivot very easily. I think it's important maybe not for every entrepreneur, but absolutely in the digital marketing space. You absolutely have to have the ability to pivot and adapt and do fairly quickly and be okay with that.

You know, because it's constantly changing. So even with this whole thing, with the KOBRICK going on and things are getting shut down and kids are being thrown at me now, I'm a home school mom. I adapted. I was like I took like two days to freak out. Now I'm like, let's get her done. You know, and I think that's a really strong trait. So being able to adapt in that that flexibility is is really important in my world. And also, I think there's so many I'm going to say like risk or resilience is a really important trait to have as well. And what I mean by that is like, don't you can't let the hard times get you down because when you are an entrepreneur, it can be a very long road. It can be bumpy. It can be lonely. And I think that you always have to have a resilience and a vision for where you want to go and why you're going there. So being resilient and and really just pushing through those times is an important trait to have if you want to be the captain of your destiny, so to speak.

Those are powerful Speciale. I love the resilience high-functioning. That's interesting, very interesting. We are very similar in so many ways.

It's I don't know how to teach that people are always asking me really killing a class on how you get everything done. I don't know how I do it. I hope doesn't go to a big part of it.

Comes with the combination of passion and drive.

I love what you do. You're just so. Let's get it done. I will say, you know, to his credit, I must give my husband a shout out because we are an awesome team. He does not understand what I do and I certainly don't understand what he does. But we understand that supporting each other is certainly going to help us both succeed. And I don't think all entrepreneurs have a partner in crime. So it's important to find someone or a group of people that can support you because you certainly can't be alone in everything, you know. It definitely helps to have someone who can guide you, support you, get you through the hard times, and also just bounce ideas around and even take your kids when they need to be off somewhere else. Mommy can do her Facebook lines if you love it.

And I have a question coming up for you with relation to that in just a second. Cool. Brought in by one of our viewers. And so, Colleen, to answer your question, she says, I'm very interested in learning more. I'm from Mount Vernon, Washington. Stick on to the end and we're gonna give you direct access to this lovely lady right here. And she's got a wonderful gift that you can it will catapult your learning immediately. I know, because I am absorbing it myself. It's that good. It's really good. But a question came in that's right down the path of the kids. Okay. Laura asks. How do you manage your time with kids and business to make it all happen? That's a phenomenal question.

I love this question because I actually thrive on helping moms figure this stuff out. Right. This is not the first time I've been asked this question, by the way. So I don't think there's one answer that will work for everyone. But I can tell you what works for me. And then you can try it out. I believe in organizing your time. I actually if anyone wants to, like, get the full set of my tips, I have a video that I released two weeks ago on my YouTube channel that is I think it's five or seven tips for working at home. In the seventh tip is the one I'm going to give you right now, which is the most important tip when you have kids. So what you need to do is understand that there are times or there is work that needs to be done with no interruption. For me, it's shooting video or being live and doing interviews. You know, no interruption is best. Otherwise, I have to keep restarting the video and it never gets done. Then there is work that needs no interruption but can can take interruption. So maybe I'm editing video and you know, I just need to focus more focused, driven. I can't take constant interruptions. I can't have the TV or the kids running around. So there's no interruption. There's I need focus. But if a kid walks in and ask me a question. No big deal. And then there's the stuff I can do just while I'm on my laptop and the kids are watching TV or playing outside at the park or wherever.

And I could just do it from either my phone or my laptop. So I organize into these three things and then I organize my day based off those things. So I know in my world, for instance, even now with my kids home, there are the morning is generally home school time. That's why I purposely scheduled it, because that's when I'm usually best to deal with my kids, because I have more patients in the morning, especially after working out. And so I will use that time as more of I'm just focusing on them. And I think it's very important that when you have kids, you give them undivided time and sprinkle that throughout the day, which I do. Otherwise they're gonna be like, mommy, mommy, mommy, daddy, daddy. Right. And you're like, I just need to give you five minutes. Right. That's really all they need. Still, the morning is very dedicated to them, but we switch up their schedule as a home school. This is a unique time. Usually they go to school and that's mommy's work, uninterrupted work time. But right now, we do these things while some of the things that they have to do our hands on. I have to help them. They're young kids. I have a six year old and a four year old. But some of them, they play like a game. The school actually gives them these apps. And I know that they are absorbed in that thing for a good 30 minutes. So that is my time for doing focused work because I know that they might have to run in.

I have to keep an ear out just in case. Now, my youngest daughter takes a nap, which is quiet time for my oldest daughter. And that nap generally lasts for one hour and 30 minutes. So that is mom is focused time. Nobody bugs me. Well, sometimes it works out, sometimes it don't. So fortunately, I have a husband. And on the weekends, if I need to catch up on on that focused time, he will do that. And then I have the time where I just have my laptop out and maybe the kids are doing whatever they're doing. And that's usually stuff like scheduling out or I'm throwing together some graphics on canvas. What have you. But the most important thing is to understand that you have basically three different types of work and that you need to spread it out. Off of your daily schedule with your kids and also making sure that you do give them time, especially with the younger they are, because they need to understand that you care for them. And I think it's important for kids to see you working to never feel guilty about working. But definitely you need to make sure that you are giving them time throughout the day that is undivided. My phone is down. I'm not looking at Facebook. I am swinging them on a swing. I am playing a bowling game. We do we bowling or dancing together and it is undivided time. But just separating those time schedule everything out.

Fan tastic. She said she did watch these lights video now. So your YouTube channel, does it have a name or is it like a bunch of different characters in numbers like mine?

No, it's got a name. It's Stella 24/7. You actually can see me everywhere itself, 24/7. So if you go to, Ford slash Stella 24/7. S t e l l a r and then the numbers like 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No sign of it. So that's most of the stuff on that channel is dedicated to messenger bots, but I've started to release other content as well.

So I'm glad you brought that up. What a perfect segway. You read my mind and maybe do that on purpose. Also know it was fully scripted. I'm reading along with you. No. Oh, so you do.

You are expert at chat. What else do I know? You do other things in your business and provide other services. What are those? I'm definitely curious, genuinely.

I know most people don't realize I have like all of these other things I do actually. I actually pay the bills with other things. That's the funny thing. I'm known for messenger bots, but I don't do builds for people unless I really want to work with a company. And it's usually a larger company because they're the ones who can afford me. But I've been in digital marketing for 14 years. I've owned my business for 10 and I am. My business has always been based on social media marketing. So I do social media management. I do consulting. I do one on one training. And so, yeah, that's kind of where the basis of my business has always been. It's more of a digital marketing, email marketing, that sort of thing. So I kind of give them the full package as I do all these things now. That being said, this past year I have kind of transitioned away from doing as much social media management. I've kind of come to this place in my business where, as I alluded to before, I get to do exactly what I want to do. So now is the bills are paid by doing video and not only my own video, but video for other companies where I get to script, shoot, use my own personality and create video, mini chat being my my main client right now where I get to do all that for them and do educational videos, YouTube videos and that sort of thing. And that's stuff I really, really, really enjoy. So that's where I make most my money that in through my courses and one on one training and consulting for both message bots and social media marketing.


I'm a little people like, what do you do, Mike? It's easier to tell you what I don't do.

Oh, and yes. On that note, we were talking before the show. I think this is important for people understand that, you know, you had you are so gifted and so talented in so many areas. And in the beginning you were going and handling all of these areas. So what happened? I just wanted to hear in your words and then you transition.

Yeah. So I was doing. I was kind of the master of everything. Right. You know, so I had courses on everything. I offered all the social media platforms as services. And I would do trainings on Pinterest and Instagram and like whatever anyone needed. And and I did that for a really long time. Probably. Let's say I've been in business nine or 10 years. So nine years. That was my life as the master of everything. And then about a year and a half ago, I was coached by the amazing Andrew and Pete and really took this more focused approach to my business. And I've kind of let things like I don't focus on. We talked about LinkedIn and we're saying, man, whatever. And Pinterest. You know, I might post there every once in a while. I'll post my YouTube videos, but I put all of my focus on three things. Messenger bots, which is my expertise. I went all in on that YouTube, which is the main platform where I hosted all my my message about trainings and Facebook groups, which is where I keep my community. And for those of you who are in my Facebook group, you know, I put a lot of energy into my Facebook group. And because I have focused on those things, I've been able to really blow up my brand. I mean, I did all those things for so long. And I have I've been told them, like the Encyclopedia of Digital Marketing and I know all these things, but nobody cared until I became focused on one thing. So it's just interesting how some. Times if you need to have more focus than what you do in order to find true success.

And I appreciate you bringing that up. I think that can help so many people. I have a very close friend who used to be like that and was, you know, shiny object syndrome, squirrel girl. And just like you, incredibly talented and gifted in so many areas. And I would just watch on and just almost in sorrow and say, gosh, if you only focused on one area.

Now they're doing that now to figure that out. And it's difficult because you love it all. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

And you feel like the thing is that people still ask me to do all these things. People are like, well, can you teach us how to edit video or can you teach us how to do this or not? And I'm like, I could, but I'm not going to I'm going to choose to say no. And by the way, my favorite word is no. And I think everyone's favorite word should be no right now. I'm seeing a lot of burnt out entreprenuers, especially in the digital marketing space right now, giving way too much to people because they feel guilty or they feel like they have to. And I'm saying right now, talking about the mind body connection. No, my friends, it was a magical, magical word for you as an individual. It is also useful for the people that you're saying no to because then they they only miss out on you giving half ass. Oh, love it.

I'm going to quote you on that one. Do it. Put it up everywhere. But the key there was to focus. And really, I'm so glad you brought that up. It's just it's that is another toxic part. Much Murnau that can be, you know, if it's allowed to fester, grow. It can really pull you down everywhere.

You can't really give your your best to something. And so I would definitely recommend people really trying to dove into the thing that they really want to focus on. And you're probably going to see some success pretty quickly.

It's so true. And for those that, you know, gosh, dope, I want to do it all. Well, are we one like Kelly is doing and then master it, then train someone else fully and then walk away as much as you can and then move on to the next one? And this is how you form a team and scale. And now you can be involved in all of the decision making of your business, but you want to work in it as much. You can work on it more and spread it and scale it. Because here people like Kelly need to be exposed to more people. Marketing because of what she offers is amazing. I have not mastered. I've not cold. Come close to mastering chat bots or messenger bots of any kind. I just listening to you right now on this show. Kelly, the light bulbs were firing everywhere. And often, you know, it's wonderful when you're you know, I knew it existed, but I didn't know all of it. I didn't know the sheer power. And I sense that there was power, but I didn't know it.

And then after you just so eloquently and so quickly explained the power of it and just one example, I'm thinking, oh, my freaking goodness, I was thinking of all these use cases as you're seeing it. So what Kelly can do for you out there listening if you haven't already connected with her and by the way, you'll get an opportunity to do that in a great way. Here, just a moment then. Definitely reach out to we'll give you the information. You can look up her name anywhere. You can find her all over the place. As I have. But I highly recommend to connect with her if you're building a business, starting one if you're improving it. My business has been in existence for over a year now and I need to expand it. I'm always looking for ways to additional add additional marketing strategies and ways to automate the business in an integrity based way. And it sounds like Kelly has figured that out. That's another thing that's great about her. So she did not hire me, by the way. She did pay me a dime.

Keep going. You're doing great work.

So here's my philosophy. This show is not about pitching anything, but when I do see something that is worthy of praise and worthy of sharing, I shout it from the rooftops with, you know, unabashedly. I just that that's what it's deserved. Then I do that and I cannot. I'm just so happy to be able to share you with more people and spread the word because you impact people in positive ways. And that's the beautiful thing about it. So, my goodness, can you believe it? We're five minutes out.

That is now. I think there's something going on.

Well, there's always we've got a few more things to wrap up. There's one last question. I love to ask. And I do this of every guest expert that's come on the show. And it's it's an amazingly powerful question. It's very short that the responses are what's powerful. And it's it's kind of it's somewhat personal, but without getting personal excellence and it's it can be deep or a shallow as you want to make your answer, OK? She's going to what the heck? Is he talking about.

No, I'm an open book. Whatever.

Yeah. And some people it takes a while to come up with the answer if that's the case. That's fine. I doubt it with you. You're probably going to go, wham. I know this doesn't matter. There's no competition. It doesn't matter. But before we do that, I promised everyone that if they stuck with us live and many of you have. Think, my goodness, you're amazing people. That's because of this young lady right here. And what I'm going to do is share with you exactly how you can win that five nights day and a five star luxury resort in Mexico or actually a resort of your choosing. There are many to choose from. And this is the point where both Kelly and I give you permission to pull out that that other device, unless you're watching on it right now and that is your phone. So you can do the following to enter to win. And that is pull out your text messaging app. Fire that up on your phone and type in the number as if it were the name of the person you're sending it to. The number is 6 6 1 5 3 5. As Kelly does it right now. That's right, 1 6 2, 4, 6, 6, 1, 5, 3, 5, 1, 6, 2, 4. And then for the message that you're typing, typing in the word peak, that's P E AK.

So again, that's 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Typing the message peak. We will randomly select one or beautiful, wonderful winner. And I can't wait to see those checks come flying in because that that trip is gonna be amazing. And don't worry. This too shall pass. And what am I talking about? Yes. The thing we're going through right now is going to need a medication. That's right. The lockdown down so that it will not expire. You just don't need to actually start the process until the veil has been lifted and we've been allowed to freely move about the country or the world. It's phenomenal. So you'll have something to look forward to the moment the veil is lifted. We'll see. All right. And then right after this question, stick around, because then you're going to get the contact information we've been teasing you with to get free stuff and amazing stuff with Kelly that you need for your business. You need because I need it. I've got it. I'm going to go deeper with it. Kelly, we never talk. So here it is. Are you ready for this? Amazing. Incredible. You at tremendous depend- this question of the night.

Feel like we need to go. Kelly Noble Mirabella, Yes. How do you define success?

Happiness, my friends, success is happiness. I think so many people focus on money. And while money can bring you happiness, I think that everyone has a different idea of what success might be, but it almost always ties into how happy. Am I when I wake up tonight or in the morning and how happy am I? When I go to bed at night and it's that satisfaction and knowing that you are living the life you're supposed to be living. And I feel like I've hit that success with my happiness level, because I swear I just I get chills to think about how blessed I am. I just I want the world to feel what I feel.

So that's success to me, as unique as you are. That is a phenomenal answer. And look, I knew it. I just had a feeling it was gonna be like, bam, like this.

And that's cool, you know? You know. Exactly. And I love that you actually pointed out it's not about money. And that's the interesting thing I found with every pass guest expert. It's never been about money. And the other great thing is no two answers have been identical yet. I believe it. Now we're approaching show number 90 or so or plus. I don't think keep track, but we're up. We're up there somewhere once a week. So phenomenal. And let's see, we get some comments coming in. Yes. Yes, we know. Stephanie, you are so right.

So are you talking all good things about you earlier? Stephanie says that when your nose or ears tickle and she was on the show just last week.

Yes. And yes, definitely with her A.P. expertise as well. Yeah, this is phenomenal. Yeah. Great workouts. And that's that's what my former fitness business I did. I streamed life workouts of myself and her body falling is pretty fun, but that is awesome. I want to get people your information now so they can hook up with your amazing free offer. And I wanted to hand the microphone over to you, so to speak. I'll bring up your site, even though it's a different u._r._l. But I'll bring it. Bring it up. So you'll have a backdrop to chat to it. And then what is it that you are offering these amazing, wonderful people?

That's Polly Litoff SKU, right? I love her. I am offering to give everybody the guide I have. I think it's a seven page guide. It teaches you how to basically do the example I talked about with Facebook live. And it's a step by step guide to show you how to implement a messenger bot and unlock the. With the keys. Right. The keys unlock the algorithm. So the guide is essentially the keys. Plus, I have in accompanied mini course with like a video and some other little resources that you can get for 50 percent off, which is just 10 bucks. So you can get it for 10 bucks. And it comes with the guide and it actually walks you step by step on how to build the message you bought. And it goes through quite a bit more about things you could think about when it comes to leave magnets and offers and the whole gambit. So you get the guide for free no matter what, and you will get the the if you want there's a coupon code, you can go get the dollar mini course for ten bucks. So I know many of the people who are viewing right now are already in there. In fact, some of them are in my boot camp. I'm actually halfway through a boot camp where I live, teach you this entire strategy that's in the mini course. But we go even deeper. So it's a great thing. Do it because everybody does it find success.

And there is a you are ill for them to go to.

Yes. So the u._r._l is actually this is my website site. But the Yooralla know you're gonna throw that up there real quick is actually going to open there it is seller 24/7 dot media for flash mind body is actually going to open into my messenger experience. So this is very important, especially if you're on LinkedIn watching their periscope or anywhere else to understand that when you go here, this link, it's actually going to open up and Facebook Messenger and it's going to come from me. Kelly Knobel, Mirabella. So don't be like, well, what just happened? Suckles expectations.

People love it. So wait.

And I don't mean it's not even taking your email like it's instant. You're going to get the guide. You click a button, you get the guide instantly and then I send you the coupon code instantly.

So I can personally attest to. But I've started through the mini course. I haven't completed it yet. And just the part I've done already is like, this is amazing. It's quite a call. It's not. Is it a flow? I don't know what it's technically called. Like a funny.

There's quite a few flows. It can be a bit of a complicated thing. The first build. But once it's built, it's easy to change for every Facebook live.

Yeah. And it's phenomenal. I love it. It's simple. Kelly takes you through. Should get her her usual high energy. And it's a fun course to go through. So I highly recommend it. What do you say? Ten bucks?

It's ten bucks with the coupon. Yeah, it's 20 bucks without the coupon. It just I have a lot of little mini courses on my site that I. So I try to just give.

People what they need. Yes. And then how do people get connected with you for your bootcamp?

So the bootcamp is actually on my think if Excite, which is stellar 24/7, not think if it dot com the bootcamps almost over. I might do another one, but you can actually you could still buy into it and get all the resources. I'll probably be doing another boot camp later, but all of my stuff is as on the think if excite.

Ok, gotcha. I don't have that one ready to roll. Bummer. This was like on the fly too.

For those of you watching, listening, if you heard that you are ill, if you might take it in the comments, wherever you're watching or listening, that would be very helpful.

Twenty four seven dot think epic dot com sync if 24/7 dot think if you can at it from my Web site right now. It's been a while since I checked. I should probably be a good marketer.

I love it. This has been amazing. Thank you so much. Thanks for having me. It was fun.

Wow. Just had such a blast. And don't go away. When the camera stuff roll and kill you, if you don't mind. You're gonna have to get up. And for everyone that came on. Thank you so much for engaging with us. With asking all the questions. Giving all the comments. I love that we can. Yes. All of it. Everything. Comments are still flying in. I can. Oh, I wasn't at the bottom. My goodness. There's so many more. There you go. Thank you, Pam Curry. Stella two forty seven. Think of offic and so cool. And my goodness, everybody's commenting. We even have your wonderful. Mind, body, thanks for the fantastic. Thanks, everyone. I appreciate you and most of all. Kelly, thank you. You've been amazing tonight. You've given stellar value. I can't wait to have our chat for everyone watching, listening. Be sure to tune in next week. We have phenomenal guests every single week. We have viewers coming all the way from Australia all over worldwide, Jeff, from England, everywhere. Only the best the best get to appear on the show. The best of the best. And I appreciate you all on behalf of the amazing Kelly Noble Mirabella. This is Brian Kelly, your host of The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show, saying So long for now. Have a wonderful evening and be blessed, everyone.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body business Shoshoni Show with Brian Kelly.

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Kelly Noble Mirabella

Kelly Noble Mirabella

Kelly Noble Mirabella is an international speaker and sought after Messenger marketing educator with more than 11 years of digital marketing experience. With a flair for fun, Kelly brings her unique and engaging style to her Baby Got Bot training videos and Messenger campaigns. Owner of Stellar Media Marketing, Kelly is a ManyChat Agency Partner, Marketing Expert Certified, Educational Partner and the trainer for the new ManyChat course.

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