Special Guest Expert - Ken Rochon

Special Guest Expert - Ken Rochon

Welcome to the mind body Biznews three keys to your success. He's just moments away. Here's your host Brian Carey.

Hello everyone and welcome. Welcome. Welcome to the mind body business show. How are you doing this evening.

My name is Brian Kelly founder of reach your peak and host of the mind body business show the mind body business show. What is that all about. Well the thing is in my 54 plus years on this planet I started recognizing certain patterns of patterns of those who I saw as successful entrepreneurs. And I noticed it coming up over and over and over again and I realized that they really fell into three areas the mind IEEE mindset. It's key to develop a powerful and positive mindset and we're not talking just from the conscious level but also from the subconscious level. I know some of you might be saying woo woo woo stuff there. I was the same. Then I learned about this science this proven science called Neural Linguistic Programming or an IP for short. And it literally changed my life from that day forward. And I do not say that lightly. I'm not one of those guys that says that changed my life every turn. You know the type yes mindset is what I call the foundation of everything that you currently have or do not have in your life right now whether you are successful or not successful. It all stems from your mindset. That's pillar number one. Number two is the body. And what does that mean. Well the body that is that is your temple.

It is you know your heart your blood everything that keeps you alive. And why not operate at a peak level performance by nurturing your body with the foods that was designed to eat. And by exercising as we were also designed to do. And you know how you feel much better when you exercise don't you. You feel great even though you might have been super tired right before. So the mind and body. Two very crucial elements for the foundation of you and your life for not just business but all of life personal and business. And then there's business. The third and that is where the rubber meets the road when you want to get masterful at sales at marketing at team building where you're scaling your business and when you combine all three when you have mastered or come close to mastering all three of these pillars that I call them then you are operating at a peak level of performance. And that is my goal for you entrepreneurs and business owners that are watching this and those that are that don't own businesses as well as to be able to operate at your peak level to be the optimum human that you can be so that you can serve more people and do better for the world in general and make a big impact on everyone you come in contact with.

And so it's much like a tripod right. Mind body business. One leg for each. If you take one of those legs away if you kick it away what happens to the tripod. It all comes tumbling down doesn't it. And that's the same thing with these three pillars if you do not master or at least embark on mastering all three areas then you might have some tumbles in your life. That's the best way to describe it. And so that's what the show's about. It's a show by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and we have an amazing amazing guest on tonight Ken Rashawn. I cannot wait for you to meet him. I love this guy. He's got a great sense of humor. I hope he shines that through a little tonight intent wink wink. He can see me right now. You can't see him but I have really looking forward to bringing him on. One other thing I wanted to mention before moving on was those things behind me a lot of books. I had a mentor many many years ago. Flew me out to his office. I'm on the West Coast he was in on the East Coast and he flew me out to his office.

He was the CEO multimillionaire corner office large large office and all sitting on his couch and he said Brian if people only knew if they only just did this this one thing that they just did this one thing they would become super rich and he used the word rich. And he kind of paused right there I was like OK I'm ready. Feed me.

What is it. And so at that moment he stepped away from the couch because he was standing at the moment turned toward the back wall right behind. And there was a cabinet floor to ceiling cabinet two doors open. And we walked up to it. He grabbed both handles look back coyly opened them up to reveal the contents. And what I saw was similar to what you see right behind me was shelf after shelf after shelf of books.

And he said Brian if people only read they would become rich if they just read and he had you know it's it's not reading fiction books you get that right. It's reading books that will empower you that serve you. So business books self development books self-help mindset books everything that go into a successful pattern of entrepreneurship as you can see with the mind body business moniker. So that is that's what we're all about is learning how to become successful. I made a big mistake that day a huge mistake. And that was I ignored them. I thought you're kidding me books. I mean I'd go to the library and read the stuff for free. Right. Yeah I could. Well there's no value putting no skin in the game for me.

So how could they truly be that valuable. And I made a mistake and I did not start reading. I did not grow up reading a lot of books at all and I never started even after I got the best advice that was ever given to me that I didn't even know. And then luckily thankfully years later I met another mentor who said a similar thing that you know books if you read books you'll be but you'll be much more successful his key word was successful. And the thing with him was I was ready for it. More ready for it at that point. And the other part was he didn't just talk about it. He also. Showed by example because whenever I saw him during break I worked with him for a couple of years and whenever I saw him he'd be walking around with a headset listening to books. I was like wow you can listen to books. How do you do that. And so I found out about this app that many know about is called audible. And I started listening and said wow I really enjoy listening far more than my eyeball scanning the page where I start getting bleary eyed and drooping and getting sleepy and wanting to fall asleep when I'm listening.

I'm listening the whole time when I'm awake and absorbing it. This is awesome. So I began reading by listening began reading books voraciously and read book after book after book in business and self development and you name it anything that would serve me better going forward for success and my business and my life. I was after it and so I began noticing when I noticed an audible you can tap this little icon and I said What is that. I kind of wonder what that is. And it turned out it was a bookmark feature. So what you could do is as you're listening to the book at that instant tap that that symbol and it stores that location instantly and you can actually go back and review that that moment in time and beyond. And I thought wow now I don't have to read read entire books. I can bookmark those things that I saw stood out and just go back and play back the bookmarks. And so tonight that's what we're going to start with. We're going to play back one such bookmark for you right now in a little segment called bookmarks bookmarks for you read bookmarks.

Ready steady bried bookmarks brought to you by reach your peak library Dakang Yeah there you see on the side reach your peak library dot com and by the way for those of you watching live and even if you're watching the recording stick with us and by what I mean by that is when you hear of resources because you will hear of a several resources by means of website addresses et cetera. So just write notes take notes if you don't have a pad of paper and a pen grab one quickly before we bring Ken on because that's where the money is the gold is in Ken Rashawn who's coming on here in just a moment. I promise he's coming on soon. Real quick wanted to go over reach your peak library dot com website. I personally put together. It is not a for profit Web site.

It's just there for you my fellow entrepreneurs. And what it is is a list of book after book after book of ones that I personally have read that have had an impact on. So not every book I've read is in this list that had to make the grade. So to speak. So there's a lot of Grant Cardone in here. You'll notice a big boom by mail. Ethan Cutler that's one of my mentors. He's the one that got me reading. Ultimately he's an amazing amazing man. I love that man. I love so many people I love can too. We just met so this is a list of books that I have read and I'm still reading more and more books and not every book is even in this list yet but when I put it together four was so that when you're searching if you're just starting or even if you've already read quite a few you could go to this list and say hey I wonder if there's any more that might be of interest that I might not have read.

You can just go to the site and pick it out and you can see there you can get it on Audible hardcover Kindle even of some are soft soft paperback. Thank you. That's that's what I'm thinking of. So it's all there for you. And what I want to do is bring up one specific book with a bookmark and it is by a gentleman by the name of Willie Jolley. Amazing amazing man. He was literally discovered by a gentleman. Many of you know by the name of Les Brown and Willie it's an interesting story I'm not going to go into a whole thing but Willie was actually like a lounge musician and very good one. And. Let's just say Les met him and said Would you come and open for my seminars my workshops we're talking about the music part. Well Willie did and then he learned the magic of speaking from stage. And this man is amazing. I could not get enough of this book. I read it over and over and over I go back to the book marks. He talks a little bit quickly. So if you're taking notes get ready because what he has to say is right on point for this show and for our guest coming up. So hold tight listen. Here we go. About a minute in length that's it and then we'll bring on the man the myth the legend himself. Ken Rashaan. Here we go.

And that's I said you know what. Tell me a about of setbacks ever. I know it's been a challenge to start this company to have the success you've had. I'm sure you've had some setbacks and he said Do you want the ones today or yesterday. In other words he made it clear that setbacks are part of his daily routine. Part of the deal if you're going after success he shared his perspective on setbacks and how to turn them into comebacks Edward said that he had so many setbacks that it's hard to remember them all. Yet his perspective about setbacks is consistent with all the other people I interviewed. They view setbacks not as setbacks but really as Grotius appearances disguise the setbacks. He said you know the old saying is true a problem is nothing but an opportunity and we're close. And he said if your reasons are strong enough they will lead you to results. I said Tell me more he said. Focus on the why. Why why are you willing to do this. Why do you want to reach the goal. Why are you willing to go after those things that are uncomfortable to go after why are you willing to keep going in spite of the challenges. If the reasons are strong enough you will become unstoppable.

Yes that is so true. Interesting. Interesting that this came up just now. I already had this bookmark chosen for the show and just before the show. I myself was interviewed by a gentleman by the name of J.V. Krumm.

The third was conscious millionnaire podcast and this topic came up finding your why and that is one of the crucial elements of entrepreneurship of successful entrepreneurship and that is when you have a strong enough why you will go through any hardships that come in your way. And gosh I wonder if any hardships do befall upon us entrepreneurs along our journey. Just wonder if any of them do. Yes they do and they seem to come in waves at times and you're thinking oh my gosh I can't take this anymore. You can. If you have gone through the process of developing your your very specific to you very strong why now. I don't want to go too far down the rabbit hole because the gentleman that I'm about to bring on is going to provide an amazing amount of value for every here watching and listening. Thank you by the way for being on freesheet you. Let's move on over to the guest experts spotlight shall we. It's time for the guest expert spotlight savvy skillful professional and deft trained league qualified

And there he is the man the myth the legend himself Mr. Ken Rashaan. I'm going to do a quick intro and then we'll jump on into it. Can is a lifelong accomplished serial entrepreneur. His success has been established with the umbrella syndicate big events USA perfect publishing and absolute entertainment. He is a social proof celebrity event photographer. Say that three times fast. So it just once I get him an international keynote speaker a published author of over twenty two books goodness sakes a forerunner of a nonprofit organization called the Keep Smiling movement and past honoree as America's most influential business connector. That's a pretty that's a pretty amazing list of accomplishments overall. He considers himself a renaissance man a world traveler of 102 countries and the love of his life is his five year old K3. I love that I love it. And we're going to bring him to justice. I just want remind you for those you're watching live.

Remember to stay on to the very very end because we have a phenomenal phenomenal giveaway for one of you who follows the directions at the end of this show you can win a fight night vacation's day at a five star resort in Mexico compliments of my good friends that power texting dot com. They sponsored and they provide that they themselves have been to one of those Mexican resorts and said it was amazing. So you know it's high quality. So stick around. Now finally the guy that's next to me is going to start talking and you're going to hopefully start taking lots of notes. So can I want to welcome to the show. First of all I appreciate you being here. Now I just read your bio which is impressive as all get out. Every bit of it. 22 books. I don't know how anybody does that and it's amazing. I just want to take it a little bit deeper and let people get to know you. You have just an amazing sense of humor to boot. One of the things I wanted to know is. And for our audience is what is it that makes you that drives you to get up in the morning to get out of bed to go take on the day. You know what is that one thing right now and maybe what is the latest project you're working on that you're really really passionate about.

Well I guess it's first when my son screams from the other room and he says daddy daddy and I have to run in his room to make sure that's what gets me up on it.

But what gets me up in the morning that I'm excited about is that he's smiling movement because I've not done anything that shifts your attitude shifted your mindset and actually get you connect the universe in a way that actually provides you know the opportunities and everything you really want to have in a day which is positively intellection to me today. And it's funny that you just mentioned Willie Jolley in D.C. and using the new book. Keep smiling the bald Unifor and bold editions. And his wife is in the black women influencers.

And here she is with Joe jolly.

So it's kind of funny that you mention two things that are just like that my hands and these are not the books I've written these are just books but I love who you shared with your audience in the beginning about the books that you read changed your life. And I did this book last year. Read it on Facebook. So the gentleman says to fit the book challenge. I would like to hear books that change your life. Read all of the books that you've mentioned. As long as it doesn't go over 50 soffit the best 50 I'll get one a week so I can get the idea I said What if I came up with my list of 50 books and put a book together called the 50 book challenge and just spent an hour a week learning about books and I saw most books you mentioned.

At least half of them were in this book. So I not only agree with you but it's about revisiting that marks as you said and having them integrated into your life and some have.

So I guess the first question I have for you I think you kind of answered that you might possibly consider yourself to be an avid reader.

You know I'm more of an avid writer now. I was an avid reader. Right now I like to put out one book every three months and I challenge myself to go to mastermind's to take notes on things and just to say what is different. You know the cool thing about writing in books that you sort of looking at Google and Amazon you say has spoken with me and if it hasn't launched you write a book that actually changes the business.

Wow that's a great that's a great idea and it's amazing that you can find books that have not been written because it seems like everything's been written and that can be written already. So I'd be I'd be really curious to know how that process works. That sounds like you know an info product isn't making their brother.

Well let me interject it's most the books you put on your list have happened the last 10 or 20 years. Yeah. Yet we've been having books forever. And you're the kind of guy that if you get up pretty the challenges for your mind your business or reach your peak you'd actually have people that spend an hour so it's been interesting God gives us one six hours a week that's seven times 24 168 16 hours we sleep roughly we're maybe resting and then 100 we're awake. So why not take one of those dollars and invest in the material. It is a challenge. And soon you can get other change your life just like that gentleman said yeah and I love that.

And one of the ways I found that I could get through books really really fast. I didn't mention I usually do and the opening is there's there's one place that most humans reside in quite a bit. That doesn't lend itself to much productivity. And that is the automobile where you're sitting in a car and most of the time in the past I would be listening to music and that's good you know relaxing the stress and all that depending on the genre of music you're listening to of course. But I found that now I can read and that I had no problem retaining the information while still driving very safely and tapping that little bookmark symbol and I found that I went through books really fast in a very short period of time even with little 20 minute jaunts to and from locations. It just added up quickly and I was able to get productive time in where where otherwise you're just sitting there and your mind's going numb unless you listen to podcasts or something like that. That was a breakthrough for me to be able to listen to it in the car. Now I can get through them. It's not about speeding into fast I just want more information or just the more I get the better and the more I learn.

So yeah they referred to it as automobile university right. Yes.

Now I actually just text all the terms that I can just be a little love it. Love it.

So you know if you're writing that book though if you're writing a book. Brian I think it's a cool idea that when you have your device your smartphone next to you record these ideas from your chapters or for one

Interesting you say that years ago I started writing my book by walking around and talking into my phone and it still sits unfinished. So yes I know. I mean with someone like you who has done over 22 written already maybe I should tap into your knowledge base to see what kind of system have you developed or habits to help you power through and get done. Three months that's pretty that's pretty impressive. So so for those looking up and you're getting it done. Love it. Love it. And yeah because we all know a book is it's like the key to the kingdom when it comes to obtaining that authority status. I can't tell you how many times on stage can I have actually coauthored a book and my coauthoring. It was about eight pages long. Inside of a collaborative book. But I can stand before everyone and say I'm an international bestselling co-author with all you know and the interesting thing is the book doesn't my picture. It does not have my name. It has the main authors picture and name. Yet when I hold it up on stage I can see in everybody's face a shift a change. Suddenly I become a greater authority figure in their eyes just because I said I'm an international best seller. You don't have to be a bestselling author a book. Isn't that amazing. So it's very important. I need to get up and and do.

That's important. I would like to interject that. Yeah for me the most important thing for me is downloading my game my heart so that my son is able to learn more about me. He's very young he's only five years old and there's going to be a day when light passes and I don't know what that is. I want to give going there. I have learned wisdom experience in movies I watch. So my reason my purpose was to sexually I get upset that I lost parents and lost uncles aunts and the small c or that when they left I didn't know the story. Wisdom. I wish.

Wow that's interesting. Makes me think of similar. Yeah I never really thought about that. That's that's really cool. It sounds like a very powerful why one of potentially many for you but that's a very powerful way to keep on going and writing and downloading the brain like that. That's phenomenal. Now I know just from you know I've seen some of your listened to your radio broadcasts. You're all over. I love it. You have a phenomenal person helping out Andrea Adams. MILLER I just had to say that because I love her. I know you do too. And that's another key is to get help get coaching get mentoring get help get assistance get the list goes on and on so that you can do something like Candace which is right 22 plus books have a radio show. I don't know how many companies and movements he's involved in many several and the only way he can do that really is if you have enough help and he's a father. That's a full plate right there.

Well thank you for saying Andrea because we wouldn't know each other I wouldn't be on the show wasn't with her and having someone who was a publicist having someone has your back.

Having someone's strategizes it doesn't matter really what those costs are if you start change. So if you really are up to date making big things happen in the world you want to have a partner with this team that actually gets it. Mission is and is life is actually leverage. We actually do we do instead of the smaller things that are important but they take away.

Yes. Oh yeah. Words of wisdom I tell you. Now I see your smile and I know you like to kid around and so you're a very. What I would call a positive person. Subtle. I love you have this deadpan humor. But then you get those pearly whites now and then that's good.

You open the mouth and smile. We're going to have fun on this show I tell you.

But the thing is it positivity doesn't. You know for some people isn't that easy actually for some people it's easier and more comfortable to stay negative and it takes no energy to become negative and stay negative. So for you can when it comes to maintaining that positive nature that productive that successful mindset what you do on a regular basis. If anything to sustain that.

Well I have circumstances and challenges and obstacles for anybody else so I don't want this to seem like I have a silver spoon in Trump and all the other rich people are saying hey you've got a problem and he care for you. First of all let's put that to bed. So the real issue is whether you want to focus on what's going wrong when you want to focus on what you do right. Where we have that is right. So for instance I lost him on the Alzheimer's back in 2008 was a caretaker for three years and it really feels like from that perspective. And you have been a care taker or you gone to another country where it's third world and they have to walk three hours to. You start learning how much less is added to the house. I know it's corny but I actually stop myself if I am going the wrong direction or mine. And I think about what I have to be thankful for. And honestly second and second to give my son my house I think we can see it's a beautiful area. There are so many states it doesn't take long. And when I shifted and I get no gratitude it's really great. I've been there every single day. It was then it would be in that state. And just like music is the universal language of smiles. Weepers expression says when you smile all a sudden you attract the type of pheromones and connectivity to humans that want to connect with you and this maisons itself.

So I really appreciate that question because that is actually corny. Crazy reasons.

You know it's often the corny things that you'll hear entrepreneur successful ones like can talk about that are the true secrets to success. And I'm not kidding at all and not trying to be funny here because it's amazing. Like an LP when I first heard about it it was like get away from me. This is too weird and wacko and you know hypnosis and all that stuff. Now I'm a Certified Practitioner hypnotherapy. I mean it's amazing.

Yes exactly. There's a sense of humor D'Aguilar love this guy is awesome. Yes.

Oh my gosh smile like he's doing now and he's he's been doing since we got on the show. He's a product of a product you know and I'd like to. There's a really simple way to help help everyone out there practice getting in that positive mindset because I still do it to this day where if I am about to embark on something I'm not really happy about like I have to go do the dishes now. You know I have to. Well actually literally do I have to. No not. No one's told the gun to my head. Not even my wife. No no no. It's only going in my head. I don't have to. But a perfect refrain that really sets the table is instead when you first catch yourself when you say that either internally or out of your mouth. And number two is is to reframe it and say you know what. I get to do the dishes and think about what that implies underneath. I mean I get to. What could that mean. Well I have a sink and I have dishes to wash. That means I probably have a place to live. That means I'm blessed. And you know it's a blessing.

I get to. There are people that don't have dishes that don't have a seat that not a place to live. And when you reframe and think about oh my gosh I am so blessed. Just like. And then do it with like Ken says with a smile. Put those two together and just watch things change you know get in the practice of doing that. I I always go into coaching mode can I love talking to people like you because it just gets the juices going. And I know you have way more golden nuggets and I have something to stop yakking so much and get back to you. You are by all intensive purposes a very successful individual and you know success a lot of a lot of people make the mistake that it comes easy that it doesn't take a lot of effort that you know maybe you were born into it or you inherited it even if that's the case. For some people it's it's not like you were just handed the Golden Key on how to manage it now that you've been given it. But there's things that attribute that they cause success for different people in different ways.

A lot of times they go down the same road pattern though. But what would you say in your case can what do you most attribute your success and more to point if you can come up with five. What would you say are the five key elements first starting and then running a successful business.

Well it is not saying I am grateful that I can wash dishes and is not trying to frame that. So I enjoy washing dishes. I will say that those are not things I'm practicing but God love you for that shift.

Because I'm going to try and apply that. But I have yet to really enjoy that part. But I will say it it's about giving time so I give thanks that every meal. And I don't care if people watch it or not.

I'm really Cargills suspected. I think one thing is getting real with the fact that the blessings and his blessings are something that can be taken away from me they still enjoy them. Number two is find your wife and your wife is typically either purposely create for your life or is calling you God and what your belief system is. I believe that my mom asked if Alzheimer's called me to realize that my. Workaholic entrepreneurial bent lifestyle that I was doing for it was all monetized materialistic and all about me was not going to get my satisfaction. If I was to leave this earth and have some on my tombstone that I did not make the difference that it's not so I really find it like this which means you matter. And how is his legacy and being a father. As you know Brian you are a role model and if you want your children to be a leader you be be leader.

If you want them to learn how to problem solve and be valuable in life you need to give up resources are so so. Everything I've done 20 percent of it all been about what has not been done. So I don't know if there's actually five things but it's challenge yourself.

This is why things are actually pushing is a push for growth wanting more than oh I love that last part especially about getting uncomfortable which everyone just loves talking about that I don't want to be uncomfortable. Yes. In fact actually to be successful you do. In fact you strive to be uncomfortable every single day multiple times a day and get in the habit of doing so because without doing that without stretching yourself you will not grow. You will not go past where you are today guaranteed. Get out of your comfort zone. Get on shows like this. No candles sweating bullets. He was really nervous before coming on.

He was out of his comfort zone. I'm kidding you. Because he has a radio show this is not his first rodeo to speak.

Yeah but seriously get out of your comfort zone on a regular basis especially if it's a comfort zone that when you leave it you know it's going to take you in the right direction. I mean don't just get out of it because it's getting out of it. You want to be an go into the discomfort region of something that is toward what you're focusing on achieving.

Yes I want to inject something because I did leave it out of my fighting. It's actually very relevant to what you just says. So you have written the book and you go out and with what you know what I was fortunate to be with right now before the show we get to talk we should be a lot better. I feel very fortunate about that because we went into a show with the host get to friendships but more importantly get to learn from them and I have learned that most people say I can't do things because these racial theories find money or some other film and I have learned a very valuable precious natural source and that is I got paid ten thousand dollars to write a book in a week I do it.

And then by the way that's not a book that's anything it's anything. If I got something I was born someplace I do by tomorrow or next week 30 days is what I do it magically the answer is yes it's no without that. But that's actually not only the test. It's actually what you probably get if you do that as most people that will book desertion solves would be a better leader. They call themselves a better person in their ranks or continued tensions so they actually have opportunities.

There are some things that is a golden nugget among golden nuggets right there. And it almost sounded like another little underhanded challenge directly at the eyes.

I love it. Thank you brother. It is actually brilliant. I love you.

I want to actually be the guest of something for you but I'm going to tell you I will help you. This is for me it's like having a burst stage like this. No matter whatever they say into it. Either way I will be there right with you. And believe it or not in 30 days. Get everybody out. You are so fun to listen into words Howard you have to work harder with every single thing in place. And

I like this guy. I'm going home tonight. Can I take you home.

I'm home. Don't let me do the dishes. But remember you get to. I know. That's the part that's bothering me.

You know it actually doesn't mean I go in there and love every second of it but it does reframe it and it does help a lot and it's just a great thing to do as a exercise and it's not just dishes. I have to go to a seminar. What you really want to do. It's easy. I get to go to a seminar. I'm blessed. I had the money to buy the ticket. I have a car to get there I transportation whatever that might be. And every every situation if you know it's a very common term. We as you know people in the United States especially I have to whatever it is if it's good or bad we always I have to go do this now. You really have to I tell you what it triggered.

Yes it triggered was when I was able to do dishes when I was 12. I actually looked up the dishes look them and my mom said I'm not allowed to ha ha.

So right. Really have to.

You know we can work on something and our afterward and we'll go back and you can read the side that moment in seven minutes and you'll be done with that and you'll be doing dishes with that smile that you're wearing right now.

Put on some music and dance while you do the dishes and drop all you want because they're yours now right.

Ok so it takes it takes a lot of things you were talking about are kind of on a higher chunked up level giving thanks. Find your way. Be a leader and challenge yourself if you have ten thousand dollars could you get it done in X amount of time. Those are fantastic if we can shift over it's related but it's slightly different to what kind of skill set is necessary to become successful. So what would you say. Let's just bring it down so it's not so challenging because I'm just throwing these out at you.

What would you say are the top three skills and we're talking like sales marketing or copywriting or anything along the lines that you find are the most the top three that you need to become successful as an entrepreneur.

Number one will be listening this and I want to make education even those other things but education teaches you equality great relationships listening really stopping you from always seeking your equal in service. So that will be number one. Number two is related to that it should communication skills learn how to speak in front of an audience. How can people learn how to Blighty's communicate. Give your propositions you they get a warning.

Those with I was writing notes I missed the third one the first one was this that when one was third when I was like Oh OK. So right.

So writing the scripts writing scripts. So I had people say to me how can I get inversions when you get somebody involved. It's not as I say. OK. So Brian you are a person. Cause a smile. You're committed to the show. You made up people like mindsets like those in the late 80s. Absolutely. I would like to point out that that honor it will be in your book because they actually resemble these states. That's as simple as that is that actually. I've been one of people like John Travolta. Quincy Jones I have five separate say in that script besides will all small smile and I will be an Emmy but he's my birds are very much like the floating songs.

What all hell. So what.

So the point is they keep smiling.

Are you saying I believe in positivity. I once was. Smiles and smiles the world we're actually. We want to close London's world as well as make it so I think that's a really beautiful statement actually.

I agree. I love that and yeah I did see your. I saw some snippets of that campaign through Andrea and I saw a lot of people that I recognized like you are talking about John Travolta and other what people would consider to be high in celebrities that otherwise wouldn't be so approachable. So that was impressive just to see that. And so you're proving exactly that that the concept that truly works. Just because you're having you know you're giving away smiles and making people smile and I appreciate the fact that you said that about the show. And I want to concentrate more on getting people to smile more than just providing phenomenal value.

I mean it's already chock full of that and I love the fact that you're on this show right now because you make me smile and I know that means you're making everyone else smile. Who's coming on because of your really cool sense of humor. We have a similar sense of humor in that way. I think it's funny. So hey what the heck. And when it comes to like communication you know speaking and. Speaking and building rapport I found that you know can teach you so many amazing things and one of those is speaking and it's about language patterns it's about building rapport. You know there's something called matching and mirroring that I used to I kid you not can I used to be very introverted I used to not want to talk to anyone especially if you got in an elevator with them right. Oh no. We are stay quiet. And then I learned these skills. And oh my gosh my whole life opened up in front of me and I was excited and happy. I love people and I knew I did. I just didn't like talking to them for whatever reason. But now that I had those skills it was natural simple. And you can become someone's friend in a blink of an eye and you can do it with integrity and character altogether and that's what happened and now it's like wow I have the rest of my life ahead of me and I'm so excited about it because of that. So it's all down the line of smiling communicating building poor and listening like I wasn't doing when you all. You said those other two. What I combined them in the number two just saying I did hear it.

I did hear it. Oh man of failing his formula right off the bat. Way to go Brian. Now it's all good it's all good. It is good.

Yeah yeah. And I opened the show by talking about patterns that I've noticed over my life of you know success. And I was curious I'm always curious about the guests I bring on if you have noticed something similar. Are there patterns that you picked up over time where you said that's one I keep seeing and there's another one and there's another one now I'm going to start modeling and following them and home my gosh. Now I'm seeing success based on following those patterns. Has that occurred to you as well.

Well of course it has a I would say that the patterns I try and watching people that are just true their heart are in. And I can be proud that they're not be different on stage in their life. That's that's the part I want to see I want to see the person that believes in their family believes that balances go and that they can actually succeed in it. So there was the person that turns and bites a person taking care of them. This disrespects people.

That's the word.

So I would just say my gosh I wondered you know any of those people that are not the same offstage as they are on I'm not going to go there. We both will only go we I know many. Yes we both know many and it's like at the cost age and you're like Who are you. Are you the same guy or gal does Matt that was up there just moments ago. Like oh I paid money and I spent time and I'm in a hotel room and OK I'm going to go network the rest of this event because there's a value Miss Langmack there. Yes. So I concur. And you know that the speaking industry and I I like to gravitate there I just love speaking from stage as far as like you know seminars and workshops are concerned is a phenomenal phenomenal venue platform. And it's if it was going down a path where it seemed like I was seeing more that were in that negative realm that we just discussed and there were in the positives that weren't truly authentic. And now I'm starting to see a shift back and I think that's in part because people are not dumb you know more and more people you know not everybody sees a speaker when they come onstage. Not everybody has access to the Speaker when they come off stage. What word does spread doesn't it. And it's good that the word spreads. It's not a negative. It's not gossip it's telling the truth and saying look your time and money are better off elsewhere. That's good. I want to know that. I mean you would want that you can say you know if it was like someone you trusted that came to you and say Can I just wanna let you know that this would be one I would avoid.

Instead maybe go to this one Sechler. So the words are social proof. And I ask this question stage just say if you live in a big life is the world No. If the world doesn't know it you don't have social proof. So the reason someone like Trump or Obama win elections by the way they are so totally different. We all agree they're very different people but they both did the exact same campaign the social campaigning that proves that were the big things in the world and the world knew the GOP became so well known. That level of support so the part that most people miss is they go to do big things. They don't have a camera. They don't have distribution in a campaign of a hundred Adams Miller. It actually puts together for you. And next thing you know you're spinning their wheels and you're one of the 90 percent of people that are out there don't want to put this in the book. So every single book I have I carry with me because I know the truth and I don't know who I'm going to meet on it. I mean when a traveler says I love to travel more than anything I get my book. So you get to 104 countries. So then I actually give in the valley. So provide books. And I was going to say actually the patterns I forgot to mention is if you listen to people what they need instead of telling you need then you should create a new pattern of actually coming friend and someone that they value. So my exercise I do with you people for instance you Brian. I'm very intrigued that you're at the age and content level and activities and leadership from high level as you are and then you are not known for this amazing book that's in the mind of your heart.

Lege and so I'm committed as a friend to value what you have inside me without the world which is a different level. So I always just people say OK who would be direct connection that person and just make them for them to serve them. And again this is when the stuff that I found from Barbara go get her. That's when you get. That it was the karma that was the shift that was the philosophy out of habit. Right. It's still not for work.

Wow. Go giver. I've heard of a go getter.

That's a tweet that really starts up with he says is the go getters sort of signal the cost of getting getting getting them to keep getting good and getting the deeper or as a tipping point.

And if you haven't written up new Gadbois by and that is the biggest gifts they can give your audience. I read a tipping point for starters. Some. And the tipping point is that if you put in your resources in a sign of commitment purposes for a certain amount of time it will be yourself. In his second book Outliers as well as Müller's will happen this will rise to the level of top industry. And I did it was videophones my first year just to see its winter events. Would it make a difference. And it did. MASTERS I got the Ravens. I got my white house was named Redskins. This is the demographic period.

And no one gets with the Ravens and because I promise you one or the other and I get a good one. Funny that's funny.

Wow. You must not have slept that entire year. If you were doing that many of us you have to change the rules.

So my rule was that I had to find a better way to get Howard agree in the nominal social media. We do that I'm also were ours when our travel.

When I went back.

Cool. So is social proof as you were talking about before generating so the more I them the more actually also.

Yes yeah and that's the servant attitude that you know and I can tell from you just looking at you listening to that it's all authentic it's not just I'm going to serve somebody because I expect riches on the other end. Well there is a chance that that will happen. But at the same time I'm good with just serving because I know it's the right thing to do. And after you do that I can do it.

Yeah. This is actually very good. It is authentic. But there is a silver lining in this. Yes. And that is that is that three years of being burned by people seen a lot of people that take notes. It's not what will turn them as the exercise learned to serve people that actually are just versus their lovers they are people that will want to serve the bursar's.

It's just trying to build upon what they have nothing and with resources.

I love that you brought that up Mike Mike the mentor that I shared that I love so much that had one of those books Mel Cutler ideas.

I love myself. This is amazing.

I met him at someone else's event. He was a guest speaker and then I went to his event. He offered a ticket. And I was like the first one I ran I I kid you not I could get on my chair fast enough I said I like this guy I want to get more from him. He's who I learned all the Opie from. It's amazing been amazing.

But the thing was was after their event was over. I I tended to be the first one there and usually the last one to leave when all those people and. But I'm I'm the last one to leave. Not for the purpose of getting under their shirt and getting access to them. I literally just I saw that there were people breaking things down and his wife was right there Kate and she was helping break things down I said Do you mind if I give you a hand. And I expected zero in return. I just wanted to help. That was it. That was my heart.

And so that's what I tell folks going forward that if you do it without expectation of anything in return. And it's really from a servant's heart. And they are the kind of person you just mentioned and then something does happen from it. And what what happened was just the rest of my life has been changed for the better forever. I didn't know it at the time but because I showed up and I helped. And it's it's a rewarding feeling to do it. You know just to help somebody and not really expect anything in return. And it just so I use that pattern that I model it and continue to do so to this day where I will help other speakers whoever it is to do something without expecting anything in return. It takes an hour of my time. If I see that there's a heart centered person I want to help them I do it. And I don't expect money in return. You don't have to monetize everything that you do that just technically you are or you're monetizing relationships.

That's true because you know when you put all these investments into family your monetizations. So it's just whether you consider abundance money. We consider abundance.

Aha. Man that was beautiful. Do you have that trademark yet.

That is a perfect baby. Maybe if your book it's yours. It's your right.

All right. What time are we going to time had that sign or later. Thank you.

And that was that that that was that made my whole evening my whole week. That was beautifully beautifully said. Well a little shift of gears and I would love to stay on this path. We're getting close to our time which I cannot believe every time. But we do have a little bit. But there's one question I'd love to ask each entrepreneur that comes on our successful business person because it's one of the most often skirted over questions if you will. In other words you see people from stage I have many times or webinars or whatever tell you about the importance of this one thing and they go into the importance of it and you should master it and then they go on to the next topic and you're going. But how. Why. Where. Where do you start. What. How. Give me the meat. And it seems to be skirted over more often than not. And the topic is that of marketing which is the lifeblood of any business when it gets down to it. Yeah I mean you have companies major corporations when they have layoffs they're hitting their marketing team first when they should be the last to go. They're keeping the technicians the ones that are turning the crank that have talent that they are needed but without marketing bringing that business for them to do their job. So it's it's it's a little bit backwards. Not everybody does that. But for you can that's what I do as I personalize it and say what you personally found to be successful in your marketing. What do you do specifically like I know there's a ton of different ways to market. I get that. I get that the market is a huge broad broad stroke of a brush. If you were to pick out one or maybe two whatever makes it easier to OK he's got it already. What is your most successful form of marketing Ben today.

So number one that actually there are three I'm sorry go go three. So number one it's forget about your content.

Your book whatever it is being 90 percent.

It's at best Templar's at best.

You're marketing hash and distribution are 89 percent. So in other words you're going to do a book by the book this holiday season is very expensive and the book is coming out. Let's say he has two thousand dollars to put towards the book.

He needs to either fill back the money for that book content. I read the book and finishing his book about. And 80 to 90 percent mark. So I always tell people if you do guerrilla marketing you're going to get a lot fewer resources. So the reason ninety eight per cent of books. So 11 to four months off this is because there's no marketing and there's no social media campaigns and campaigns zero. And they are tired of holding the book in their family after four weeks so the book rests in the garage. BERNIE SANDERS I mean it's the same principles. And most people never read a second book because their marketing plan is not good enough. So they actually think they were failures and author of When they want failure as market failures and morphing him in person. So if you put the same energy in by the way the reason all my books should be put off those sites is way more than 22. But my point is every one of these books for my baby and anybody has had a child is changed so like every one of my books changeful if treated it like it's going to be for the rest of your life. It will change your lives. And most people look at a book as a small birth with nothing being given to it no food no energy no nothing. And they wonder why it is so I don't know if I want three or two and a half. But my point is the 80 20 rule is that when you look 80 percent has been energy market. But the second thing is that you are doing anything in life if you are looking at how to market long term it's not just never stop focus knowing that the guy who believes he's part three years ago seems very shallow and he is getting the words foremost among people chant Oh I know it's kind. Schön. Schön.

Let me take you with the part and he's lying on the long way and I was so excited. People say they saw that part and so they got the words so that it will hurt. That's a partnership.

And by the way I will close my camp saying the number one thing that happens in life partnerships which are we're going to find out which is that you are lobbying and each time we launch an item for the commission for anything and stand.

And that is the time that someone can and unconditional giving the. In other words the mission is bigger than that if you give more personal initiative those when the answer is yes.

You're taking the concept of serving to a whole new level and that's phenomenal. That's Look ladies and gentlemen at this man who has achieved phenomenal success can you possibly fathom why. I mean we've just discussed it for nearly an hour here many many many reasons why the parents to success and it's all coming down to mindset and his heart and his serving attitude and how he goes all in and not half baked that it's about relationships is what I'm getting from this is it's about long term relationships not just get in grab a quick buck and get out with that kind of mentality going in. It's about an investment in a human being and being there for them and giving all out everything you have him again. Right. Can I close.

Yeah. Two words community and relationship.

Yes humanity and leadership. So I hope everyone else is writing notes. You know so I'm here hosting the show.

I'm also the producer the director the star. Well not Stardust can and I'm finding the time and the way to actually write my own notes so I have a lot of notes. The bottom half of one page and I'm just about getting there almost done with the next page. BLOCK Yes book book. Yes.

I have and I have a file full of these from my past guests and they are gold. And I would not let go of these for anything for anything. And the beautiful thing though is you all have the ability to replay this because on Facebook Live and other public venues that you don't have to pay to to get to. So go look at the Mind Body business show dot com. I never plug this. I maybe I should do that more often but it's not about plugging it. It's really for you. For you the viewer the watcher listener that you go to the mind body business show Tom and just opt in and you'll get alerted minutes before each show goes live. And you can either show up or you can come afterward and watch the replay. But the beautiful thing I found by interviewing people like Ken is that the valuable wisdom that's proven to work is right there in front of you. You know we opened the show by saying if all you did was one thing and that was read well now you can listen and read because every show is transcribed so that those who want to read it can read it and you can get that.

Also on the mind body business showed up. So that being said we're getting near that that bewitching hour. Gosh darn it we're already there. So there's one more life altering question can I mean this is I ask this of every entrepreneur every every guest expert on the show. And what I find is it's a doozy. And the thing is if it takes your a moment or two to come up with the answer Oh he's wiping the brow the sweat started to pour. That's OK. Dead air time is fine. We're not set to end the show right at 630. That's the beautiful thing about it we can go a few minutes long at that school with you and the audience. We're going to continue on a little bit longer. And that is to ask this really driving question that I found really interesting the answers of all the other guests that appeared before you. I can't wait for yours. So are you ready.

I am. You are. OK.

I was just taking my notes. I almost forgot one more.

We have to do this 630.


So I remember in the beginning I promised you away you the watchers and listeners if you're watching live that you can actually enter to win a five night stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico. So I don't want to leave you guys hanging out any longer. Here is the way to do that as soon as my screen starts reacting the way it's supposed to. It will come. There it is. Thank you. Thank you. So for those of you watching you can see it on your screen. There are two ways two ways. You either go to a Web site and that's reach your peak LLC that come forward slash vacation and vacation is all lowercase. That's the only thing you need. Remember with case in any of that reach your peak L.L.C. dot com for Slash vacation or if you prefer and it's easier for you to text it on a cell phone. Text the word peak that's P E A K to the number 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Again that's Peeke PJAK to 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. We're nearing the end of our time here so I will be monitoring that. Well after the show for those of you that enter this right away I can tell when they come by timestep do that now. Right now and I will choose a winner and notify you individually through text as well. So go ahead and do that. I can't wait to see who that winner is going to be and we'll announce it later on the Facebook page here that you might be watching on. We're on nine different platforms simultaneously. It's a phenomenal phenomenal thing. Lots of great stuff going on. And now I have some weird stuff happening but it's OK.

We're going to keep plugging on. You've got to love technology don't you. Yes you do. So Mr. Russia the all important question is and this is just ok to let you off the hook now. So this. There's no wrong answer to this. There's only your answer. Your answer is the only correct answer. Have asked all the law ones before and just so you know not a single one has answered it the same exact way yet. I expect it to be answered the same way once but we're not there yet. So that'll take the pressure off you can now wipe that brow and it won't come back and you'll be relaxed. So can Rashaan how do you personally you. How do you define success.

I don't know.

Ok was that the first time you've heard that answer that is holding true to focus.

I define success as being abundant one it is actually you have needs and part of that is taking what you believe in and creating a legacy with.

So I believe that everyone has and by the way Andrea will be very proud. It's a shirtless earlier and she says sure this shows this is the first time such as is that every single person has a song or a heart and they're afraid to sing it because they don't know if someone's going to accept the word or if they can overcome their fears to actually be them. So I believe everyone should senior song who they are why they are how they are or who they are is their journey what they had to go through with it worth their while there why is what gets me out of bed. Like you said in the show what drives them will cause them to actually feel like they matter. And then how is how they create abundance.

We solve problems and most importantly my case inspires us.

Yep. So true to form no one else answer it like that.

So you're in the beginning of a club. Yeah I was like whoa.

And I love this graphic has messed up on us.

But you know that's technology where I now have where technically and where and I have a graphic here at graphic here.

It's kind of an orangey looking. But I like it you stamped the mind body business right on your forehead the mind body isn't if you know Brian as they you.

I'm getting as a tattoo. I don't want this to be a banner.

I have a tattoo suite or send you the graphics so you can take it to your local tattoo artist and get it done. Look forward to seeing that next time I see you. That's awesome.

Awesome. Well hey it's been an absolute blast. Can I can't I can't tell you how thankful I am and how blessed I feel to have you grace this stage not only for myself but for everyone who's watching and listening on the live version. And even those that listen afterward on the recording were on nine different streaming platforms also eight different podcasts platforms. It's all over the place. And I'm just so grateful that folks have access to someone like you and that you stepped forward and invested your time to be here to give us your wisdom and appreciate you Brother likewise.

And I want to say that the preparation for Shapir waves is insane. I've never I've been on 51 shows just my first book and no one could stop that operation. Do you live with your heart leave with your heart and God bless each and some of the many. How to be a better host. Thank you.

Oh man that really that that warms my heart. Thank you so much. You say that as the graphic is all skewed that's wonderful.

You know me it's perfect. Thanks man. I so appreciate that.

All right. And I appreciate all of you who have watched and listened to the show either live or recording. Keep coming back. I saw your comments. I was watching on Facebook. Sometimes we have time to address those other times. I would just rather focus on the guest expert. So thank you all for coming to watch. That's our show for tonight. So until next week we will see you again everyone be blessed Ken. Thank you so much once again my friend.

Pleasure. Thank you.

Thank you for watching. This is beyond the mind of Brian Kelly.

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