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Special Guest Expert - Ken Spohn (transcribed by Sonix)

Welcome to the mind body business. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly.

Hello everyone and welcome welcome. Welcome to the mind body business show thanks so much for joining us. Hey I'm your host Brian Kelly and we have an amazing show for you tonight.

We have one of the most gifted and talented individuals I've met in a very very long time and I cannot wait to dig deep to pull out that immense amount of value that this gentleman has and he is ready he is ready to give you everything he has got. We've had a great talk off line just before the show. Can't wait for you to meet him. His name is Ken spawn in just a moment. Now for those of you that haven't seen the show or maybe are maybe you forgot what is the mind body business show all about. And it's really about those three things. It's the mind is the body and it's about the business and what that came from was in my now 54 years on this earth. I have gone through a lot of experiences with successful people and unsuccessful people. And one of the things I learned to do is focus on just those who are successful and learn from them and over those years I started learning and noticing certain patterns develop that every single successful person I met was crushing it in three main areas. And you might be able to guess what those three are mind mindset is what that really stands for. Having a rock solid positive mindset. Yes. Consciously and subconsciously and I know for some of you might be going whoa whoa that's a little woo woo Brian let's not go stepping over I was the same way to be honest until I learned at a very deep level of fascinating science called The Science of excellence some call it The Science of Success otherwise known as neuro linguistic programming or an LP for short.

And we're not going to go into that at length at this moment. And that's something I would encourage you to look up on your own time and we'll talk about it a little bit maybe as we go through the books body. What is that. Well that is taking care of your body. Your body is your temple. It's all you have. That's all you're going to have for this life here on this earth. And so why not take the best care of it that you know how and that is through yes exercise. I know it's it's like a long four letter word for some of you exercise also. Eating clean eating nutrition eating what we were designed to eat not what humans have created to eat. Kind of interesting how that comes into play. So the mind and the body once you have your mind reprogrammed for yourself to serve yourself better in a positive manner going forward. Overcoming hesitation limiting beliefs from a programmed subconscious level than you are operating at a peak level of performance in your mind and then a body if you're exercising on a regular basis if you're eating clean and you're treating your body well you're getting sleep you're drinking lots of water all of the things that go into that then you are also operating at a peak level of performance on the body.

And I like to say that the mind and body are a team. They are. And the more importantly the mind and body aren't your team. Now think about this. I like to use basketball because it's currently going on right now as an analogy. Normally there are five players on the court playing per team at any given time. So you have a team of five players. Well there's a summer and then there's the season. So during the summers off season and that's when players can choose to either stay in shape or not. Let's say one of those five decided that I'm going to take the summer off. I'm just going to kick back and enjoy life. I'm going to go party a lot. Drink and really trash my body and I'm I'm being overly. Just for example here. And let's say then they start the season and all five home take the court the other four. They're operating at peak level performance. They cook. They took care of their mind. They took care of their body. They took care of what they need to take care of. They start to play the game. Only one team member wasn't operating at a peak level. What happens to the team as a whole because of one team members lack of attention to operate at peak level performance himself. That's right. The entire team suffers. So if you think that well I'm taking care of my body. So you know I can I can do it all right.

I don't need to go through all this positive thinking and reprogramming my subconscious brain stuff. And then. OK well then your team is suffering. Conversely if you've done all the mind work and you're still doing it and you're keeping your mind in a positive state yet you're letting your body go which is this is very common amongst entrepreneurs successful and unsuccessful I must say at certain points in their in their journey since that's letting their health go. And if that's the case but your mind you have I'm okay with the mind. I don't really know you take care of my body again the team is suffering but there's a third element to this and that's business. Right. Business. It's on the screen you see it business. What is that. Well it's made of multifaceted areas like sales marketing team building scaling getting mentorship and coaching which we're going to talk about tonight. I'm excited about that and mastering each of those sub categories of business. Too often entrepreneurs only concentrate on number three business. So I'd like to talk about it as like the tripod. It's the three pillars of success. If you have a tripod you have three legs going up I don't know how to do that is my hand. There we go three and you have a camera say or something mounted on the top. You have three legs and you knock one leg away. What happens to the tripod. It comes crashing down doesn't it.

So it's important for you to continually work at mastering all three of these major components. And that is what this show was all about. It has helped. It's bringing on guest experts people that are in absolute the top in their game like our guests can spawn who you're going to meet in just a moment that help you to get to that level of peak performance faster. All you need to do is copy model mimic and this gentleman Ken is here for that very purpose for you to do exactly as he does and achieve a level of success he has achieved. Is that cool. All you did was copy him. So let's let's get moving into that in just a moment. You see a bunch of books behind me. If you're watching this if you're listening to it imagine there's a bookshelf behind me with lots of books and on that bookshelf there are an amazing array of books. And one thing I learned many many many years ago actually I was flown out to a gentleman I was going for a business deal. I was flown out to the east coast picked up in a limo was a phenomenal experience. Spent two days in this gentlemen's office corner office CEO owner the company multimillionaire. We hashed out a deal was going great. And at one point in the conversation I'm sitting in his couch in his couch in an office. So it's a very large nice plush office.

And he looked at me one at one point he says Brian you know if people just did this one thing they just did this one thing. You know what. They would all be rich. And he kind of paused and looked OK. What is it. You know the anticipation was just killing me. And he turned. He turned around coyly walked back to the back wall behind you know straight in front of me sitting on the couch and from there was a cabinet floor to ceiling large cabinet with two monster doors. And he reached back grab both handles and spread the doors open apart and inside wouldn't reveal where it was very similar to what you see behind me was shelf after shelf after shelf of books. And we're not talking just fiction books. And by the way fiction it's okay to read that for relaxation. Don't get me wrong please. What he had in his office were business related books self-help self development mental development finance books anything and everything that had to do with improving your business his business his mind his health his body everything was on that in that bookshelf. And I made a huge mistake at that moment and that mistake was I fully completely. Utterly discounted. His advice. In fact. I did not read a single book for literally years after receiving that basically life altering advice.

And why do I say life altering Brian you haven't read any books. Well it changed. It got better. Thankfully many many years later I met another gentleman who became my mentor. We ended up working together for several years. I spoke from his stage helped to train his programs from stage and I noticed one morning as we were getting ready for the event I saw him walking around with had headphones on just walking around and I'm like Hey man what are you doing.

He goes I'm listening to a book. I said What. You're listening to a book. He says Yeah. So tell me about that. So he did. And I learned that you can listen to books through an app called audible. Now this goes back a few years so it was sort of a new thing. I was like Man that sounds cool let me try that because I really didn't like reading reading a physical book with my eyes my eyes would get strength quickly I'd get tired and I didn't want to do it anymore. It was not pleasurable for me. I put on a headset got audible download my first book said Oh. This is it. This is the holy grail okay. I love reading now. And so it was a beautiful thing.

I started reading all these books that have been recommended over the years. I took notes kept them with me and started downloading books and started reading voraciously.

I mean I could not get enough. And the cool thing is with audible they had this little icon and it looks like a ribbon and on your phone and it's very prominent nice and large while you're listening if something really rings true and you want to store that as a bookmark you just tap it and instantly it saves that spot right in the audio program. And so what you can do I learned while there's a new strategy bookmark all the very high interest areas and now I don't have to reread an entire book. I can just go straight to the bookmarks for review. Wow. I'm gonna save time and be efficient. This is phenomenal. And I thought wow I can actually access these online through a web browser if I want to. The same exact bookmarks I did on my very phone. And so that's why I want to do is treat you all right now to one such bookmark. I have many many and what I try to do is bring in bookmarks to the show that have some correlation or relationship with the guest speaker. In this case can spawn. So what I want to do is set a Segway over into a new segment that I appropriately call

Bookmarks bookmarks for and to read bookmarks. Ready steady read bookmarks brought to you by reach your peak library dot com

Yes. There you see it. Reach your peak library dot com. Now for those of you watching or even listening. Just take notes. Get out a sheet of paper or a pad of paper. In the case of listening to Ken spotted tonight and taking notes take a lot of notes right as fast and as high as furious as you can including when we bring up a resource like a Web site. Right the U.R.L. down and just has it. Resist the temptation to go. Heading over there to check it out. And that's my tip for you is to be in the moment and focus on now because now is where the value is. And so reach your peak library. That is just a Web site that I put together and I compiled really I can I kid you not for you. For you my fellow entrepreneurs and business people and even those that are aspiring to be entrepreneurs. Because what I found through reading a lot of books was I found some very highly valuable books. Also some duds. And so I compiled a list of only those that had a great impact on me personally on this site you'll see and hear my entire story that I just talked about with the CEO it goes a little bit longer than what I just did. Followed by an array of 40 plus books. I'm a little behind in adding to the site but I'll just let it scroll for a little bit here and you'll see that these are books that I personally vet I have read each and every one of these you'll see some comments beneath each some are personal somewhere.

I just copy and paste straight from audible directly. And those are there for you to save some time if you haven't read all the books on this list. Maybe none of them. Just pick one. Look at a title read the description the first one that jumps out. That's the one you want to read. Don't go any farther. Don't waste time. Get efficient work smart. And so what we're going to do is take one such book that I recently read called Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by t half acre. This is an amazing amazing gentleman who has held many workshops and seminars over the years. And I got to meet in person and some of you got to meet him as well on this very show. One of his right hand men that helped him build the business in the very beginning days. His name was Jeff Fagan is Fager. So what I want to do is play a snippet is about a couple of minutes in length. I want you to sit back. Intently with your notepad and your pen in hand and take notes and then we'll come back and introduce the man of the hour. Ken spots. So here we go have a listen.

Listen closely then as luck would have it. I got some advice from an extremely rich friend of my father's. He was at my parents house playing cards with the boys. And in passing Sammy this was the third time I'd moved back home and I was living in the lower level suite otherwise known as the basement. I suppose my dad had complained to him of my woeful existence because when he saw me he had the sympathy in his eyes usually reserved for the bereaved at a funeral. He said Harv I started this same way as you. A complete disaster. He went on and said. But then I got some advice that changed my life and I'd like to pass it on to you. He said if you're not doing as well as you'd like. All that means is that there's something you don't know. Well being a brash young man at that time I thought I knew pretty well everything. But alas my bank account said something very very different. So I finally began to listen. My father's friend continued did you know that most rich people think in very similar ways. I said No I never really considered that to which he replied. It's not an exact science but for the most part rich people think a certain way and poor people think a completely different way and those ways of thinking determine their actions and therefore determine their results. He went on Harv if you thought the way rich people do and did what rich people do. Do you believe you could become rich too. Well nothing else was working in my life. So I figured what the heck and threw myself whole heartedly into studying rich people and how they think.

Isn't that amazing. I love that snippet because think about that. This is absolute truth that if you change the way you think you can change the outcome of your life if you are not crushing it right now financially if you just simply change the way you think to that of to model those who are very successful wealthy rich whatever you wish to achieve you can achieve the exact same thing. That's all it takes. That is the mind in mind body business right there in a nutshell. And then this book goes further and deeper and tells you ways to learn how to think differently to think for success and do it automatically. It's an amazing book I highly recommend it. And the thing is you know Tihar vector is like a business coach.

This book is like a coach and the beautiful thing is are guest expert is himself a business coach and a phenomenal one at that. And I can't wait for you to meet him. And you know why should we wait. Why don't we just bring him on right now. Shall we.

All right let's do that. It's time for the guest expert spotlight savvy skillful professional adept trained big league qualified

And there he is ladies and gentlemen the one the only Mr. Ken Spong can thank you so much for joining us tonight.

So real quick let's introduce can give you a little bit of a background then I'm going to let him tell you about himself in a much deeper way that you can really get the essence of this man can is called or known as the ninja coach. And that's what his clients call him what he does is he works with service business owners and their staff. And in other words the team in developing their leadership performance accountability and communication skills so their clients feel like they have no option but to keep coming back while creating the life and lifestyle business that they dream about. I mean raise of hands how many of you want that on there. I'm right there. And real quick before I jump into that Ken real quick for those you watching live. Be sure to stay on to the very end because we have a phenomenal giveaway a five night vacation stay at a five star resort in Mexico. Compliments of both of our buddies it's a mutual friend of canonize of Jason Nast and his company called Power texting dot com. So stick around to the annual show you how you can win that trip. It's amazing. Jason's actually gone to one of those Mexican resorts and vetted it and said It's amazing. So you wanna stick on for that.

And now can my brother.

That was a nominal opening intro bile about you if I may ask you to dig a little deeper for folks to get a little bit more in-depth knowledge of you. What makes you tick. So like when you don't get up every single morning What is it that you know when your feet hit the floor that has you so driven so excited for the day that keeps you positively moving forward. What motivates you to continue to do what you do on a day to day basis. And then if you wouldn't mind let us know what you're up to these days.

What's your latest project. Yeah. Yeah. Well thanks for having me first. And so what is my why. Why do I get out of bed. I got to say it you know like a shower with you early I got a text from somebody that I work with and they they were just like blown away ecstatic of the results. And you know those kind of things are just like me up and I can't look at myself as an explorer of the mind and in what makes people tick and including myself and always looking and breaking things apart and looking at the structure of things and what's missing from the structure. So my mind is continually always looking. At

What's missing and to make people's lives better. And phenomenal and we were we were talking earlier and one of the things that sets you apart is you explained it and I'll let you explain it because you'll explain it way better than I as I did or could and that is you basically said you know there are there are business coaches out there and then there are business coaches like me and the difference is. Yeah. Yes. So the difference is I coach human beings and we all eat we all breathe and we all do similar things. And we think we're different. You know because we have different problems or different situations. And when I'm coaching people I actually don't listen to that. I listened to what are they committed to and then what kind of outcome do they want. So my coaching is really simple. It's in fact I created a program called laser coaching. And we're part of the facets of human being. So we we all deal with the universal truths like universal truth the gravity right.

You can't deny it. It's there you know and it's there for everybody.

It doesn't matter to location how old you are. None of that matters. It's the truth. Like it. If you jump off a building you're falling. It's pretty simple. And then I broke apart the second part is what is common of human beings. Like I said earlier we all breathe we all eat we all live our first breath. When we're born is inhaling when we our last breath when we die is exhaling and you know those are common things that. Every human being has or has to deal with. And and then the third part is the individual and that's more about the ego and the mind and how the individual works.

But a final thought about something it's not everybody's upset it's I'm upset. So now

We can just break that apart. That that's very unique to them. And then we discover why are they actually upset. And it's usually something simple but I hope that

Explains it in it piques curiosity and I remember you know just talking to you moments ago off off camera that I was very intrigued by the fact that you know you don't coach businesses you coach human beings. Which you know when we say that we says many times on this show that business is a relationship it is not much different than another human being. Because what is running a business is human beings right. And yet without a relationship with a customer or another business owner for joint venture partner it's very difficult to succeed in business. And so this all makes total sense that you get to the core of what that individual is going through because like I said in the beginning of the show the mind. And you're hitting on the mind like with both barrels. I love it. You know that the one word that really jumped out at me when you said ego that is probably number the number one cause of resistance to wealth and you know it's it's a barrier to Yes yes. More than anything I've ever encountered in Europe. You're a coach you do this for a living. I'd rather hear from you. Is that one of the major reasons most people are hung up.

Yeah I would say even before that so. So my program and how I start people out is the first thing we cover language so we all know how to talk. We all know how to speak

But the difference is we all don't not communicate and what I mean by that is if I ask 100 people what love is.

I would probably get 90 not indifferent.

And you know much or most people love is conditional. Like if if somebody does X then you know I love them or they attach to a emotion where if they're not feeling the emotion then that other person must not love them or some variation of that right. But true human beings. If you stripped away all the knots and the judgments and assassin and everything that goes along with human beings when they first meet you would find that love would be present with every human being. So that that's just kind of thing that how I look at things and how I work with people. In having them discover for themselves what's actually in their ways not what they think it is. And you know what it is them actually get present to their communication. So I've worked with people that like couples or you know the the husband and wife that they said they've never even asked each other what love meant. So they're at a disconnect. And one person's always thinking well this person doesn't love me because not doing these certain actions and the other one's skin.

Well I'm doing these actions and you know it's just it's just the disconnect because they don't communicate. And what I do in the business world is it is the same thing is is people have words. And that's one of the things I teach is how to break apart at words and then how to communicate those words and unexpected way that your community your getting her word and actually hear people. So I would say the other the other thing or the other facet of that is listening. People don't freaking listen. And they never have and they never will. But you can actually train yourself to listen to people. And what I mean by that is is to listen without judgment to actually just getting what the person's communicating without being triggered without trying to think of what you're going to say next. And yes. So it's just it's really sheer. And that's one of the reasons I'm so effective as a coach because I've actually trained myself to have all that shit disappear and just listen to the person

That's awesome that you mentioned that communication patterns that mean that truly is one of the keys to not just business success but personal success as you are elaborating right now. There's so much that was coming up in my mind as you were elaborating on that which was you know the five love languages by I his first name is is it Jim Gray. It's something gray like that was so on point because I didn't know that there were five different ways and it's probably even more that we all. Basically interpret what love is and how we show love and how we accept love. And so it's so absolutely on point. And then listening I wanted to be funny and interrupt you and say what would you say. But I wasn't going to do that you were on a roll but a great book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People talks about the art of listening and he uses that metaphor in that book with his son and it's gold. So those you watching get the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People to help you communicate or just go the short route and contact Ken because we're gonna give you that information at the end of the show so that you can you know this man has been doing this for a while and he was telling me some examples before the show and I was pretty awestruck by the results he is getting and what the people are saying so really excited and so so blessed to have you tonight on this show. Yeah. Speaking of books like Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Would you consider yourself to be an avid reader and if so what book or books. I know some read more than one. Are you reading at the moment.

Yes. So I'm like you. I wasn't an avid reader. I have dyslexia and I

Started glower not comprehend any of that. That just does. It just seems like a waste of time to me. But when the audio version start coming out. I was like oh I could actually get into this you know interesting.

Yeah. So yeah I I don't know how many books I've listened to maybe a hundred. And but I have my favorites. And you know that my favorite I talk about my shit. Anybody should read after after before this one. And we'll get into that one in just a minute but I'll call our teaching

Which basically means way the man. All right. And it's a it's a book that was written 500 years of spit and polish second to the Bible as you know as many times I think it's Burt what's the word you to use. It's a different languages. One hundred and forty five different languages. So there's only 81. And so you can actually listen to one verse of say or one verse and we can just take it on and like what does that actually mean.

You know one of the one of the phrases in it is the Dow exists and everything but you can't. It doesn't exist. I can't see you can't touch it. You can't feel it. You can't hear it. So you know it really has you thinking if it exists and everything how can I. Not be there it doesn't exist. So it just kind of has as you place your mind but really get grounded in who human being is.

And then a second book I would recommend after before reading the Napoleon helped thinking grow rich would be about the. The book of five rings. It is written by a samurai. And his muse Marty. My my issue and it's actually a really good book for businesses and I believe there's a cop or a rewritten version called the business of five rings or some version of that. But I would highly recommend those two you know on to put on your to do list and testing I thought you were going to continue right notes.

So I hope everyone else is writing notes. The proof. I was just. Yeah. Finish the last word.

You know that we talked about this one. I know you've read this one I've seen you or heard you talk about it right. Yes. You know there's some great great lessons in there. You know and and how he works with the sun and you know that he never gives up in his daily habits. All of those play a part in your business.

And speaking of daily habits you know we talked about when you get out of bed what gets you going. Yeah I mentioned. Yes. Your feedback from clients that have crushed it because of your help. How do you maintain that without you know save that part of it. How do you can you know if there's something you do on a regular basis that helps you to maintain that positive productive and successful mindset from day to day because let's face it. Well for a lot of us not every single day is a day where you receive a testimonial that's glowing and get you go right to that day. What keeps you going day to day.

Yes. So what of the things I learned. When I was teaching karate so I taught karate for 13 years. And you know one taught like 20 classes a week. But one of the things I learned is that that stress plays a big part in how you feel. And I think it's really important how you start your day. So my day starts with meditation and then some you know 10 to 15 minutes of calm to create my day because I am like everybody else. I don't always wake up happy. I would like to wake up happy every day but unfortunately I don't if I have dreams or something that I'm just off in the morning. But so I actually meditate first thing and then I listen to either listen to a book or listen to download. Dr. Wayne Dyer or somebody that can put in the right mindset through the rest of the day. And I usually get up at 4:00 for 30 someone there. I don't have an alarm clock. And then I go to bed somewhere between 10 30 and 11:00 at night. But I sustain my level of. Work work ethics all day long all day long. I don't get tired. And it's because I eat healthy. So I don't eat processed foods. I shouldn't say that. Sunday I have a cheat day so I might have a pizza or cheese pizza or something like that but the rest of the week is basically salads eggs almond now boat oats you know so really a pure diet and a lot of water and that's OK don't worry we'll edit out that part about Sunday.

That didn't happen. I'm just playing with you. So you do far better than most people I've met as far as eating clean. So kudos to you.

You know what Brian I've been doing since I started racing bikes was 12 BMX bikes and I turned pro and is 14 now I've been on that path most of my life.

Fantastic. And isn't that interesting how a habit that you formed earlier in your life has been sustained now. Have you ever had times in your life where maybe periods like weeks maybe even months where you kind of feel like you fell off the the exercise and healthy eating wagon for a time. Yeah he's nodding emphatically yes. Yeah right. Well the thing is what the really cool thing is is because you develop that habit earlier you know your subconscious and your conscious is telling you man I know I can feel better I've done it before and I know exactly how to do it I'm going to get back into it. And that's what happens. It's a wonderful I call it a wonderful vicious cycle that you get into where once you develop a habit of good health and and healthy eating you know exercise and eating well and you experience you know give it a several weeks and you experience the amped energy you have day in and day out.

You experience something like Ken getting up at 4:00 in the morning like a vampire and staying up late tell 10 30 or 11. Gosh I wish I could live on six or five hours of sleep I'm not one of those people. I love that. But you could do that with energy sustain throughout your day. And once that happens you'll never forget it either your conscience or your subconscious and you will come back to it. It's a habit that will not go away. Yes there are times where we fall off that wagon. Things happen. Life gets in the way events some. Some can be prolonged events some are just quick events that knock us off of it for a little bit but you always come back to it. And so I think I know the answer to this one but can How important is physical fitness to you. But owning your business life but also your personal life. What do you hold it as far as love of importance in priority with everything else that you have going on.


Yeah. It's just that over the years it used to be easy to be priority number one. Like my workout came before everything and now. So after karate I started running. I run 30 to 40 miles a week. And. And now I have arthritis in both hips. So I can't no longer do that. But I do go for walks like half an hour to hour almost every day night. It's still a priority. It's just not what it used to be.

Gotcha. Yeah. And you know age has a way of changing our priorities a little bit and responsive it's not just age by itself. It's responsibilities that's life. You know when we're younger. I. Maybe you can relate to this too. You know we're single. We have all the time in the world. We can. We can devote every ounce of every second of every day to ourselves. Then we get a girlfriend get married. Now we have responsibility. Well it's not just all about us anymore. And we want to spend time with our significant other and make them happy. Then we have kids. Then we have this job we have. We go to that we didn't when we were younger and all those things kind of pile up. And it's about how do you adjust and re prioritize your life. To then bring it back up near the top if not the very top. Especially when you get increased in age you know and I'm talking about myself. I'm 54 right now. And it's interesting how when I was younger you would hear about all the stories oh wait till you get older you going to feel that creaks and pains and like I'm never going to be like you. No way it's not gonna happen to me. Well guess what. Genetics also have something to do with it. And so yeah it happens. And the cool thing is though you can choose. How your life is going to go just by how you react to those things. Right. Case in point. I had two shoulders one at a time that were giving me fits.

Found out it was very minor to clean it out surgically and I also I went through many different forms of treatment before succumbing to surgery. Nothing else was working. Got lots of advice from a lot of great people said you know what. Enough is enough. Let's get the surgery over with. I'll go through the six to eight months of rehab and I did it. And looking back I'm happy. A lot of people say Brian don't ever do surgery. That was a dumb dumb mistake. Hey it's my life my body and I went through a lot of other things to try to make it right. And those didn't work. I just do what works and then move on because I want to live. I want to move. I want to jump I want to. I want to play basketball in my 24 year old son. He comes and visits on weekends on occasion from college. You know my knees are showing their age through a genetic issue and I'm now working with another fitness expert at this very moment. He's gonna be the guest on our next show I think is the next show. Can't wait for that and my knees feel phenomenally better not from. Any supplement or anything but from actually working out in a different way. And I can't wait to dispel those or or expose all of those secrets when he comes on. But yeah what you say is on point. You know priorities change and that's OK.

The point of all that is it's OK just be aware of it and then re prioritize as necessary. Does that make sense is that are you on on board with that or do you have a different opinion.

I'm on board.


And if you have a different opinion please by all means that won't hurt my feelings it'll just help the audience to get the results you're looking for faster so yeah yeah it's all about collaboration and sharing because you have different experiences than I do. You have different talents than I do. And by sharing this people can get successful in both areas of their life much quicker.

So when have you ever had in your entrepreneurial life have you ever had something you would deem like that didn't go well maybe a failure a little bump in the road here. Yeah. And he laughed because that was that was meant as a joke because yes not only yes but yes and yes and yes yes. And many times over yes. And so one of the key things about being successful like Ken and I'm going to ask him this very question right now the key to that is you know what have been some of your failures no one is to be aware of them. And what more importantly have you learned from them so you could adjust and move forward. Yeah well. Let's

Talk about but you know here's what I'll say this is what I discovered about Julia its purpose but it isn't enough. And we always want to succeed. But. You know under Stan is just part of a process. You can get through it a lot quicker so fail fast and the other thing is what is fair. But it's an unmet expectation. That's all it is. So you went to go do X and X didn't happen. OK. Now what. So regroup and figure out what's next what's the next action is action is going to produce the result that you want. Thinking about being upset about it. You know if if we look Brian and she had a book in front of you. No matter how much you screamed at that book or yelled at it or thought it was wrong it wouldn't change the book. The book would still be the book. Yes. But if you wanted the book The Fly. Pick it up and throw it so there there's oftentimes we we we got so caught up in. Asked

You know what went wrong. We forget about the outcome. And one of the things I teach is when people are going towards a goal it's never it's never like this right There's always bumps in the road and. What happens is

They'll get distracted by a bump in the road or a road. In all sudden that becomes the new outcome because they're trying to fix that roadblock and they've forgotten all about what they really. What's the goal really is. So that's one of the things you know when I work with people as I am always continually looking or asked and seen if they're on track to actually produce the results that they want to produce. So it also takes Monitor had it in your head about it is not going to produce the result.

And it's so often the case isn't it that the only reason someone is stuck is because they're inside this their own head. And you know in that that I've said this from stage multiple times I learned this from my mentor and it's a beautiful thing is like you can you have a choice right. You can allow your circumstances to control your attitudes. Or you can flip that around. Have your attitudes control your circumstances. And it's everything you just talked about which is it's more it's not important what happens to you which we should all reframe to say for you. It's more important how you react to that situation. And the truth of the matter is in Kenya I'm sure you can attest is a lot of people think the more successful one becomes the fewer problems they have in issues that they face. It's like nothing is farther from the truth. It exemplifies and you have more. And the key is knowing and having trained yourself to react in a productive purposeful manner going forward. What do you think.

Yes. So you know I work with seven. And they just have bigger problems you know. But it it's all in our minds or it's all over. My problem is. So the problem actually doesn't exist. It's just their perception of it. Right in there. Yes. So. We can look at. We can dwell on it. We can be mad about it upset about it. And the reality of it that's not going to change much.

Exactly. Yeah. And yeah. Very eloquently stated because we all go through. Challenges. Right. All of it.

Yeah. Life. And I've seen so many people that want to play the blame game and point fingers outward of themself and say it's because of that so be it because of that situations because of this circumstance rather than when they're pointing to be looking in the mirror say well what what part of this could I have been responsible for and maybe I should just address what I can control and what I cannot control. And that's a game changer right there.

Wow. You know that's that's another. Thing that I've got to work on with people is taking responsibility and. See what most people want to take. You know they can take responsibility for it. I did that. What they're not taking responsible abilities for. Let me give my example. So if you and I are doing a business deal together and you know it goes sour and you say I take responsibility that it didn't didn't go the way it wanted to and I could take responsibility for it didn't go the way we wanted to. The the thing people get caught up on is they don't take risks. Those are all the actions that led up to that moment. This includes. Just great. You said I want to be an artist someday. They don't take responsibility for that. They don't take responsibility that you actually let that person in your life. They don't stick which beliefs for the way their parents treated them because like you said earlier they actually have a choice. Or you have stories and that distinguishes us human beings from everything else on the planet.

Yeah. And if that's true. Right. Only humans can do this kind of reasoning and thinking and that's why we're on the top of the food chain I personally believe man. It's already 10 minutes until the end of the show and so much more I want to know from you. And I'm sure that the attendees watching.

Thank you for the likes and loves. By the way I on Facebook greatly appreciate that a Craig. Does Walt's in the House John Redman my old high school buddy but t star was on. She was a past guest. Mike Chavez he's like a incredibly experienced and successful live Facebook life guy who's been doing it for like 20 years straight.

It seems it's been more than a year. Every single day. So amazing.

Murphy even came out pardon. He

Came out he was doing it at Ronda and she has like five last names I was her about it. Lynn bled boss talent. She is actually Jason nash partner in power texting dot com.

So thanks all for coming on. Thank you for the loves and likes I love you all back.

And like you all back. So Ken back to you there. You know we all at least I I can only imagine to become successful at as an entrepreneur.

I don't know of anyone that's a human being that hasn't made some sacrifices to get there because in order to become a successful entrepreneur it takes a tremendous amount of energy effort drive resolve you name it being relentless all of that. And typically that comes at that has to come at the expense of something else in our lives whether that be personal maybe other business maybe joint venture partners maybe our own business partners. If you were to think of a couple maybe one that floats to the top what would you say would be a major sacrifice you've had to make to become the successful entrepreneur that you are.


You know I view that question differently. When I was first starting out when I think I bought my first business was 24 in how I look at it now. But that you know through that journey there was a lot of sacrifices like giving up. Time with my my ex-wife and my step kids in that realm and then giving up going out with friends too. I don't know parties or something like that. So I could you know trigger my business. The way I viewed it the way I view it today is it's all the same and it's all part of my journey. So I don't distinguish Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. Any of those days. To me they're just. I get to express myself and be alive. So it's just a different view and it's more about the journey than the destination.

As powerful right there and knowing that does that doesn't that take a lot of the pressure off of you know being perfect every day and achieving perfection at all times. Which you know that's one trait of entrepreneurs you're always trying to get it all right at same time and it goes along with the drive persistence and all the other qualities that can be a liberator by itself is enjoy the journey one day at a time enjoy the hiccups truly enjoy them because as you grow and go through your your entrepreneurial life you're gonna realize that those are actually stepping stones to success that the more you fail the closer you are to succeeding incredibly because you're learning things along the way. As we've discussed earlier in the show and embrace every. I mean yeah look we're human. We're gonna get upset we're gonna. We might say an expletive here or there and then we'll realize hey that's a stepping stone. Thank you for blessing me with that issue. Now I know how to handle it. You know we. Some of us get hit with real big ones. We all do right.

This week we can think of those big ones that we're just at the moment feel like they were just oppressing and crushing and then we get through it and we look back at and go after that. I can handle almost anything. Thank you for allowing that to happen to me. Now I can grow farther faster and not worry about those hiccups and speed bumps along the way.

Yeah I won just popped in mine. I had a. Let's just say a really really big tax bill. I mean the mail one day and it it shocked me but I was OK with that. And I was like okay I'll just work it out. But you know 20 years ago out of the fridge. Now you're like Oh my God I want going to come up with this money and blah blah blah. You know. Now it's like a workout that you get.

And you know it's easy for me to say this in hindsight. Well you could reframe that and say Gosh how blessed am I that I made enough money to have that kind of a tax bill right. Yeah exactly. There's you know it's always about reframing costs.

I'm constantly doing it and I like to use this analogy a lot of times. I will still catch myself saying you know hey baby you know someone asked me like my wife would say you want to come watch a show is like in a moment. I have to go do the dishes.

Oh wait a minute. Let me restate that. I get to do the dishes. And everyone's you know I've had past guests or I'll never say that never well because they they hate it that much.

But the point of it is to be extreme so that. Well what could that mean. I get to do the dishes. What does that mean instead of I have to well if I get to do the dishes that means I have dishes that could also signify that I had food to eat of some kind. And if I have dishes they are usually in a sink. If I have a sink that means I'm a dwelling that I'm living in so you start you know very subconsciously and suddenly you're thinking of all these things. Even though you don't even realize you're thinking a lot but when you say I get to do something it's a game changer. So that was a habit I started getting into some time ago and to this day I still catch myself saying I have to do something. We don't have to do anything ever.

Look I invite you to take it one step further.

Do the dishes.

Yeah. Well there is no distinction between not doing the dishes and doing the dishes.

Just let that sink in for a while. It's sinking. It's like making its way

Deep so look you can see all of you watching all of you listening. That can is not your traditional business coach and that's a good thing. He has all the coaching acumen of a traditional business coach. He also takes it to another level where he goes and determines things that are happening with you in your life. He talked. He touched on earlier. You know looking at how are you communicating what are you saying. What's your language telling him that needs to be addressed. Do you have ego issues that need to be addressed.

How that individual is actually handling situations and so I really invite you to reach out to him and again in a moment we will give you that information very soon actually. I just checked the clock and we're three minutes away from the close of the show. And on that I wanted to I want to ask one final question of you if I may. Can and it's it's a really big question. It's a heavy hitting question. It's really sometimes it's it can be shocking the answer. I've asked the question of all previous guests and the cool thing is. The responses there it's just been amazing and I really want to ask one final question. It's not going to be a shocker surprise to you. So I don't want you to get too nervous about it a lot of past guests start sweating on camera which I'm kidding they don't literally a lot before I do that really quick. I did promise everyone that I would allow them or show them a way that they can win a five night vacation stay at a five star luxury resort. In Mexico and that is provided by our wonderful sponsors who are both online watching it at this moment. It's Jason Nast and Ronda Toland. They are providing this for us.

Thank you so much. So what I want to do is put on the screen exactly what you need to do to put in your name into the proverbial hat to get drawn for this amazing amazing prize. Two ways. One is go to the Web site and by the way you can do this right now open up a new tab in your browser. If you're watching on a computer a desktop or tablet open up a tab. Keep it going so you can hear and go in and type. Reach your peak LLC dot com forward slash vacation that's reach your peak LLC dot com for Slash the occasion or if you find it simpler to do this on your phone just text the word peak. That's p e a k to the number 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 one more time that is text the word peak 2 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. And just another quick shout out that either method you choose the underlying engine the thing that's making this all work. The technology is power texting dot com by Jason and Rhonda. So not only are they are our sponsor but we are also a client of theirs and it's a phenomenal phenomenal automated system.

If you're into marketing and if you're watching the show odds are you are highly highly recommend you go connect with you see him right now in the comments Jason W. nest on Facebook and connect with them and check it out. So go ahead enter that right now and we're going to come back with that big hard hitting earth shattering question for Ken and just to now really let you off the hook Ken. I want you to know that when asked this question there is no such thing. As a wrong answer. In fact it's quite the opposite. The only correct answer is you probably guessed it. It's your answer. I've asked this of countless entrepreneurs on this show in the past. Thank you for the likes and loves. Oh I love you guys. And the interesting thing is to date and I say this every time because I just know it's going to happen at some point but to date no to have answered it exactly the same way. It's very interesting. So are you ready. I'm ready. Ken Spong. Are you ready. You are ready. OK. So Mr. Spock how do you define success hmm interesting question. I define it by my goals and

I'm trying to. I'm trying to give a right answer right now because I know. Well here here's the thing is I know successes as defined successes. Defined by

Communities. So there's a difference between community success and my success.

So I would say that I reached an outcome a desired outcome. I took the line actions and produced results.

So that's all I got. It's pretty cool.

Yeah. And I would say it's not all you got. It's everything and it because it's yours. Reach the desired outlook and took the actions to get there. And you know that is huge. I mean how many people how good does it make you feel when you have completed a task. Even one of many during a day right. And then when all those tasks accumulate and they are accumulating toward your desired outcome whatever that goal happens to be which is usually bigger than one task it's an amazing feeling isn't it. And for you that feeling translates into the word success. And that's a beautiful thing. Success is not a black and white definition success is what each person defines it to be. And true to form can guess what no one else answered it that way before you either and you know the other cool thing I'd like to point out and this is also true everyone until now and I hope that this trend continues that the answer we never get on this show ever. You know it. Let me ask you this Ken. Is money important to you and your business to grow.

It plays a part and I would say absolutely it is.

And see you're even taking another step in proving my point that not a single guest has answered Well you know something like Well when I reach my first 10 million or my first million or whatever it's never money centric ever. Money is a vital component of everyone's business if they wish to scale and grow and serve more. And it's very important. It's just not. And we could tell just by your answer. It's not the most important and I I like to not argue but bring up the fact that my opinion is that is the very reason people like you and I are successful because we're not in for the quick kill we're in actually for the opposite for the long term being able to help people like you are doing with your coaching business helping people to succeed at a greater. That does what fulfills and gives us purpose and money is important. Yes it always is and I don't ever want to discount that. The thing is if it's your your primary focus all I can say to you is good luck. Not now you can to everybody in general so a serving giving attitude of gratitude.

I mean we've heard a lot of those through our readings I'm sure man look at the likes and loves they're just coming in like machine guns I love it. Keep them coming. Man Oh I hope you're feeling that candidates. We're getting a flood of real love. Yes. With Jason Rhonda Craig. It's been it's been awesome. I appreciate all of you for coming on. Now I want to give you know there's another gift we have to give away. And by the way if you haven't already done so go ahead and text peak to that number. Which 6 3 5 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Go ahead and do that quickly. Can you had something you wanted to share with our audience. You had a gift to be more specific if you wouldn't mind. I'll pull it up and give you the the con so you can quickly explain to the folks what you have to offer for them. So yeah basically it's a free shorties for a 45 minute consultation to see if I can help you and your business

Take its next level so if you're at a six figure income earner and you want to hit that seven that's for you if you've got the 7 you want to hit 8 then that's for you. If you're just starting out it may or may not be for you as you have other other things to work on. So I work with basically with people that already are established and so if you go to my Web site or you just go to Google and type in the ninja coach my Web site is up and scroll down to the bottom. There's a free consultation for 45 minutes and we'll you know go through your business what what your goals are. If I think I can help them we're a good match then you know I'll let you know what the program's about and we can go from there.

Well fantastic. Let's walk them through that real quick. I've got the site up on the screen and you cannot see my cursor but there is a monstrous I shouldn't say monstrous a very large button from left to right that says Free breakthrough strategy session. That's actually a button. So click on that big old gold bad boy and what happens is you will see the ensuing screen just like this. I want to buy the experiences really know what they're going to be expecting and then under category is it. What should they select. Ken is it consultation.


And then the there we go to service and what would that be free consultation free consultation.

Cool. And then coach I think you want to choose Ken spawn personally but. Yeah. All right. And then from there you just click next or type in the different the date on or after I see how that works. OK. Cool. If you click on that field you can pick a date on the calendar and then a time. That's best for you and it will pull up the times that he has available to offer you that 45 minute consultation and you can tell how laid back is I don't think you're going to have to worry about any hard sell tactics at the end. If there's a fit there's a fit. And here's what I tell all of my friends my colleagues my clients is you know what if there's anything about this that feels right you know there's part of you saying hey this I know I should check this out.

And then there's that other part of you called resistance that is telling you. Yeah but you know it might cost something. And that brings up maybe some discomfort in your mind that is your subconscious at that moment telling you to do it go forward. Because every time we reach out and go beyond our comfort zone that is a point of growth. The combination the magical combination is you see something that looks right. You have a good feeling about it. You know it's going to pop potentially reap great rewards but you have that little nagging other voice telling you for whatever reason that maybe not at the time blah blah blah whatever it is that means go do it do it right now. Go there right now click on another tab go to Ken spawn dot com. So it's K N S P O H N so it's like John but put s p WHERE THE J would go spawn can spawn dot com and then scroll down to that nice wide button that beautiful gold button click on that and enter the information there connect with Ken is there another way to connect with you outside of the Web site maybe Facebook yeah go against the type of ninja code the ninja coach and Facebook my profile come up also My Lai page my Facebook page so they can connect with me got way too fantastic and I love the ninja coach that's such a cool moniker.

So that's it for tonight. I appreciate everyone. I will go review the entries if you are the winner you will be personally notified via text through power texting dot com. Thank you once again Jason and Rhonda for that wonderful resource. Thank you all for watching online and listening for those you watching live.

And for those of you that are listening and watching as a recording appreciate you love you and like you just like you have loved and liked us and I can't wait till we meet again again we do this every week Thursday nights we'll see you on the next Thursday night on next edition of the mind body business show on behalf of Mr. Ken Spong. This is Brian Kelly saying Be blessed and have a wonderful wonderful night. So

Peace out. Love it.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind business show. This show with Brian Kelly.

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