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Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly:
Hello everyone and welcome, Welcome, WELCOME to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. Baby! The bar has been raised yet again not because of me but because our special guest expert Ken Van Liew. He's sitting there he's staring at me right now you can't see him but I can. He is ready. He is ready to go and ooze value all over this wonderful, wonderful show. How are you doing this evening? Hello I'm Brian Kelly, the host of The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. And real quickly for those of you that might be here for the first time The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. What is that all about? Well it's about what I call the three pillars of success. And in my 54 years now on this planet by focusing on successful people, what I've learned, that there are three patterns that develop which with each and every one of them that I personally have followed. And what that starts with is mind. That meaning mindset. So when you're able to create an empowered, powerful, permanent life changing mindset then you can become much more successful. And again that's what each successful individual that I have come onto this show has achieved including Ken Van Liew I cannot wait to introduce you to, promise he's coming on soon. Mindset... And then there is Body. Mind Body Business. Body, what is that? Well, it's literally what it stands for, it;s body. It's taking care of yourself physically. It's taking care of yourself nutritionally, and it's like what I like to say that the mind and body are a team. And even more importantly, the mind and body are your team. And with one not operating at peak levels of performance then the team as a whole is suffering. You get that right? So it's a team effort. So you want to concentrate and master, concentrate on and master both, as close as you can to becoming a master at each. And then there is business. Now business is multifaceted. There's sales, there's marketing, there's team building, systematizing, scaling, you name it. There's a lot to business and it does take experience and it does take some talent but it also takes just know-how and knowing how to model others who have achieved success like you guessed it.

Mr. Ken Van Liew who is on right now. It's amazing. So once you master if you were to master just one of those areas either mindset or body or business then your life will be improved many fold. I kid you not. Now imagine all three of them. Once you've mastered all three then you are operating at what I call a level of peak performance of your absolute peak performance. Hence the name of the company. Reach your peak LLC that is where it came from was the mind body business. I call it like a tripod. So if you have a tripod holding up a expensive piece of camera or equipment and you kick away one of the legs what happens. The whole thing comes tumbling down and something might break. Same thing if you're not operating at a peak level performance in all three areas Mind Body business patterns. I've seen that successful people have developed. Then you're just not operate at a peak level of performance. And that's not to shame you. It's just to say one would now be the right time to focus on what area you need to get into first and if you don't have any. I would say start with mind always it is the foundation of everything. It's business personal success period. That's that. And speaking of success reminds me of a story many years ago I was in a gentlemen's office.

He was the owner a multimillionaire owner of a business and he had called me out there I flew out there we were signing a contract. A nice healthy one. And I was there for actually two days. He flew me out there pick me up in a limo put me up at a hotel. It was a phenomenal experience. And I just remembered that this is quite a few years ago. I remember at one point. I'm sitting on his couch in his office and I was a large office and almost a house sized office corner office and I sat on his couch and he's standing facing me. And at one point he just goes Brian. If people only knew if they only knew if they just did this one thing if they just did this one thing they'd all be super rich. Wow. I'm interested in knowing what that is. Would you please tell me and at that point he kind of turned away from me and went to the back wall the one right in front of me but behind him and he reached back and there was a large cabinet from floor to ceiling with two doors double doors. And he reached and grabbed both handles and opened it up to reveal its contents. And what I saw was very similar to what you see behind me right now. And it was shelf after shelf after shelf of books. And these were books on personal development on business on everything we just talked about on mindset on sales marketing.

Everything was in there. And the interesting thing is I made a huge huge mistake. That moment I decided not to believe him. And it cost me over a decade of time. Which is OK. Looking back I'm not one of those crying over spilt milk type of persons. I still get a lot of experience. I get to build on all of my mistakes and all my wins and the cool thing is thankfully. Years later I ran into and became a mentee of another individual. He became my mentor. Hughes was a public speaker held seminars and I worked with him for several years the last two of which I actually spoke from his stage to teach his students I was his main trainer for a couple of years and at one point were in his house hanging out and he's walking out with headphones on his on his ears and it's like hey man what are you up to this curious and he's he pulls it away is all these. Yeah I'm I'm listening to a book. Wait what you're listening to a book now granted this was not a technology's been around now for quite some time. Back then it was fairly new sides. What is that. Sounds interesting. He says Yeah I'm listening to a book on something called audibles that really I got to try that.

And you know now I've seen my mentor who's highly successful years later doing the same thing that the other guy many years before said to do that. OK that just that just tripped the wire in my head and said it's time. And so I began listening and realized I love listening to books way more than reading them because my eyes get all red bloodshot tired I get tired you know all that stuff and so I ended up listening voraciously and reading voraciously book after book after book and the cool thing with audible is as you're listening you can tap on the screen there's a little icon where it stores what's called a bookmark and so instantly it stores that location and you can go back later and instead of rereading an entire book you just go through the bookmarks and save a ton of time. I thought I'm going to start doing that. So I started wearing that button that I like to say and what I like to do now is segway into a segment I appropriately call Bookmarks bookmarks for and to read bookmarks.

Ready steady read bookmarks brought to you by reach your peak library dot com yes reach your peak library dot com.

You see it next to me there. And by the way for those you watching listening even if you're on podcasts later maybe you're watching on Roku or even Amazon TV fire because we are all over the place.

Please stay with us. Now be in the moment. In other words take out a pad of paper and a pen. Old school. I know and write down the resources you are hearing rather than. Going and typing it in on your browser and seeing it. What's that all about. And looking at it as we're talking because if whoever is present in the room so to speak we teach us from stage all the time. That's where the money is. I kid you not. So if you leave and you miss one minute especially of Ken when he comes on here very shortly that could have been that one minute that absolutely changes your life forever. So just do yourself a favor take notes and stay with us and stay focused. And by the way comments and questions are very welcome. Wherever you're watching from whether it's Facebook Periscope YouTube Live we're all over or were we carpet bombed market this show everywhere. So reach your peak library real quick what that is is it's something I put together truly as a gift for you you the listener you the other person watching it's a collection of all the books that I personally read that had a profound impact on me personally. Now some were as you know one thing or two things within it maybe not the whole book somewhere the book from beginning to end. Just crazy like the one I'm going to play I'm going to play a bookmark for you here in just a moment.

That is from one of those books that beginning to end and it's actually on the screen right now. Hint hint wink wink. So what he does I put all this together for you. So if you have not started reading or maybe you already are reading and you're curious what other books are out there that might be good. This is a perfect place for me to come. This is not a site for the purpose of making money for me it is there basically as a library for you as my gift. And I'd love for you to be able to access that so without further ado what I want to do is jump over to the actual bookmark. And today we have the wonderful Uncle Grant. Grant Cardone is going to be talking to us for a little over a minute. And what I want you to do as you're watching and listening right now is one more time I'm going to continue to harp on this because even I personally take notes and I'm running this entire show. Take notes on this. I want to play and you're gonna hear Grant's voice his soothing wonderful voice everyone loves Grant Cardon. And listen in for just about a minute and then we will move on and bring on our special guest expert. So go ahead listen close and take notes. Here we go.

In order to make good things happen more often you cannot afford ever to act like a victim. Good things just don't happen to victims. Bad things happen to victims and they happen to them quite frequently. And all you got to do is ask them.

Those who embrace the victim position will gladly go on and on and on with you about how they had nothing to do with the many bad and endless breaks they've had in life their life of being a victim. There are four consistent factors in the life of every victim. Number one bad things happen to them. Number two bad things happen often. Number three they're always involved in the bad things they were involved. Right. And number four someone or something else is always to blame. Successful people on the other hand take the opposite stance and you must take this stance in order to acquire and maintain success. Successful people assume that everything that happens in their life comes as a result of their own responsibility not because of some outside force. This is going to prop them up to start looking for ways to move beyond situations and take control of not having bad things quote unquote happen to them.

All right. We're going to stop it. There is some profound words of wisdom from Mr. Grant Cardone there. Just love this guy. His energy his messages. This is one of those guys that you want talk about action taker. If you've never heard of Grant Cardone. He has a series of books out. I have read every single one of them. All of them and they are in the reach of peak library. So go ahead grab those. I would start with a 10X Rule it's one of the most popular and it's profound it's amazing. And the thing I love what he's talking about there is being responsible for your own results that you have today in your life. We teach this from stage as well where you know you being at cause with with your life where you are today is 100 percent your responsibility. And no one else's that is the mindset of a successful and all successful individuals is that they take costs and they're responsible for their actions. And speaking of successful people I think it's time I think it's time that we bring on the one and only. Well. We'll bring him on in just a second I'll tell you who he is. Just in case you came on later here we go. It's time for our special guest. It's time for the guest expert spotlight savvy skillful professional adept trained big league qualified

And there he is ladies and gentlemen the one the only the man the myth the real estate legend Miss Derek can man. How are you doing Ken.

Excellent right. Thank you so much.

You Tonight. This is gonna be off the charts. So what I want to do is real quick let people know about you just give him a brief overview and then we'll jump right into it sound cool. Absolutely. Sweet sweet. Can is an author and educator engineer and one of Manhattan's most successful real estate experts. That's Manhattan New York. By the way for those of you that are on the West Coast that really don't get that kind value has garnered international praise for his work in various facets of the building trade over the years Ken has managed the syndication and development of numerous high profile real estate developments totaling more than get this one point two billion dollars that's with a B in capital investment. Ken holds master's degrees in civil engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and in real estate development. That's two master's degrees. Ladies and gentlemen from New York University. In addition he has lectured at the real estate institute new York University and College of Engineering Rutgers University.

My my my what a nice laundry list of accomplishments and accolades and experience can end before we finally turn the mike over to. I apologize but I wanted to remind folks that are watching live that you will have the opportunity to enter to win a five nights day at a five star luxury resort in Mexico. Compliments of our wonderful sponsors at power texting dot com. That's Jason and Rhonda at protecting dot com. So be sure to stay down the end and we will show you exactly how you can win that trip. We give a trip away every single show. I kid you not. All right. With that can I finally.

Hey man.

That was I love I love the bio everything. It tells a lot about you and to us and our our listeners. But I wanted wondered if we could dig a little deeper and kind of get closer to you know what makes you tick. Because that's what I really I'm curious about is the super successful people. What. What's going on up here and so specifically like let's say you get up in the morning your feet hit the floor. You know we're all in a state of groggy ness at that moment. Most of us I am I know. And then you start to come to consciousness and you're waking up and then you realize the day is in front of you. What are the things that what goes through your mind that motivates you that drives you to get up and go after the day with vigor with passion. I mean looking at you. Talking to you earlier. That's who you are. You're a man of vigor and passion. And then if you wouldn't mind right after that is let us know what projects you're up to today.

Sure absolutely. Great question. So.

So what motivates me. You know so it's funny because you talk a lot about mindset right. So real estate has you know. Kept me up late at night and woke me up at 5:00 in the morning for many many years. But like anything else in life you know we all have our periods of time where we have to do some course correction in our mindset. And what I found you know when I'm like down in the dumps you're thinking about like you know what's what's wrong with this situation. I always make it much bigger than myself. You know and really now it's it's all about contribution and giving back. And you know I start my day out with really looking at what my purposes you know which is to use my knowledge and tenacity. And you know and drive really to motivate inspire and transform others into their greatness you know and that's what really drives me to get off and stay up late at night you know. And you know I go through you know like a morning routine and I may have forgot the second part of the question already was a lot but my morning routine you know is really starts out. You know I wake up groggy and you know I do a cold shower you know.

And then that gets me going and right after that. You know I meditate and then I do an effortless prosperity reading and you know and then I work out and then I fuel my body and then I kind of get my day started. And you know that has worked real well for me because it really gives me unlimited energy to serve the purpose that I that I'm really living for. You know I'm not quite sure if I answered the questions now or morning right there. Tell you what was the second one or the third when you said you took a cold shower meditate effortless it's an effortless prosperity reading a study with B John you know all about clearing to create and it's a 30 day read. You know I read it every day and it's just profound. Clears your mind. I went to a meditation and then I feel my body do a little workout for my body and I'm ready to go around 9:00. But I get up early and it's kind of my my drill. When I miss that you know you're kind of off cue.

You know I love that. Wow. That's a power morning. So here's another thing for those of you watching listening. What that turns into is can has what's called discipline.

You know he does this each and every day and there are days where you get things happen like you might be traveling late and it makes it difficult you might be in a place where you can't work out with proper gear. There's different things that happen. But as a habit this is what Ken does. What do you do watching and listening. A habit that helps to propel you to operate at a peak. He just said everything we just talked about except for well he did the next thing after workout was he drove into the business right at 9 a.m. or so. So fantastic. And the other part and I apologize for giving you so much there is if you don't mind. What project have you found that you're passionate about that you're working on right now. Just so listeners can have an idea what you're into with them.

That's that's a great question. So you know I I've been I still build the new york city all the time and you know two projects that I took on for 2009 to actually three is I started writing the minor wealth building formula which is basically the formula I've used my my whole career and you know I was very fortunate to get three chapters on for an interview with Jack Canfield recently which which is just fantastic. And another project that I'm working on is we're going to create you know because of all the opportunity zones in America now a hundred million dollar fund to get started with investing in opportunistic real estate development throughout the country. And you know those are my two primary projects and one other thing that I'm really focused on is the modern wealth building formula something that I use I have over one hundred eight thousand hours in real estate development and construction you know. But you know people don't have a lot of time and you know you know they're pressured to retire you know in a comfortable situation and I've developed a program called the elevator to the penthouse program which basically helps people accelerate and learn the amount of wealth building formula so that they can succeed in real estate a lot quicker than if they were trying to do it by themselves. And those those three projects have been keeping me busy you know in addition to my three kids and my wife of 30 years so you know my plate is full. But it's fun. You know it's not like work is when you're working your passion you know. You know I just I still see five hours a night. Oh you know not by design it's just I have unlimited energy you know with you know the way I fuel my body I know the way I eat you know and makes a big difference. You know it really makes a big difference.

It so does. Thank you for bringing that up because yeah I mean a lot of people will discount the fact that they need to take care of themselves both body and mind and we'll hit that a little bit heavier in a second. Accelerating real estate peak that is so needed to me real estate is it's like music because I've never played an instrument before so you can understand what real estate is to me I don't know the first thing about it except that I have a home and I live in one but I've not ever gone into that area and I've seen so many succeed at it.

So it's great that you're do you have a copy of that book that you mentioned. Can you hold that up if you do.

Yeah I do yeah. This is not my my old favorite book was thinking grow rich. Right now it's the modern wealth building formula and we're just real excited about this going to be coming out in September this year. Sweet.

So for folks to get a copy of that do they get on a pre notification list of some kind or disconnect.

Yeah you can go to my Web site it tells you a little bit about the book and I'm pretty easy to track down you know and maybe even share in a first free copy so you know you'll find my cell phone and number how to get there the first three chapters you know I'm willing to share because I really you know I really want to help a lot of people and the goal here is to you know follow Jack in his footsteps he sold five hundred million books you know I saw a couple million I'll be happy not for the money just that I get the message out you know I can see the new series now real estate accelerator for the soul because awesome.

Thanks for that and we'll give everybody a detailed information exactly how to connect with you near the end of the show if that's cool because I think a lot of people will want to connect with you and I love how you brought up the three kids and the wife of 30 years because just before we learned both of us are coming up on our 30 year wedding anniversary years it appears I've heard already.

Or is it coming up.

I was last year we did Martha's Vineyard are the nice I've never been there and it's amazing. You know.

I'm going to put that one down because hours my wife and I is a month after this. It's next month in May. And we're gonna be in your backyard. Buddy we're coming to New York and I'm gonna have a fun time for a week. Yeah. So left to have to connect somehow some way.

So the thing is that what that does is what that really brings out is that Ken is a real person just like anyone else. You know everyone is. No matter how successful they are it doesn't you know. So what that means is if Ken can do it yes you can do it too. You just need the right mentorship. You need the right attitude. You need to be an action taker and you need to follow the three pillars of success and work on your mind. As Ken does on your body as Ken does and obviously on your business as Ken does. You're seeing an example. So the easiest way to achieve success that I have found is to find someone that is successful and model them.

There's no need to reinvent the wheel. Just model them. Find somebody that's willing to help you along and be willing to help back give them something for sure. Don't just take take take. Especially when they have achieved a certain level where they you know they don't have so much time. Give them charities are often one of the great things to discuss. See if they have a charity that they're fond of and see how you can help but going without giving attitude at all times. That was a good segway. Are you also we talked about reading would you consider yourself an avid reader. Most people I've run into that are successful seem to have this copy as I learned as you heard. And if so what's the latest book you read or even the most the most fascinating your favorite. I saw one favorite but maybe a different one.

And that's one that like my mastermind group you've read the chapter every two weeks consistently. But it's funny because you know you talked a little bit about audible and you know I like to read but I'm you know I do the the 30 credits every year.

I'm probably at least 30 to 50. And I read what I'm writing now and I just finished reading a pretty fascinating book called The formula. You know if you've read that by Albert Laszlo Barbara razzi and it's really about artificial intelligence and how you could literally figure things out before you even do it. And while I was fascinated by X I want to use artificial intelligence to find deals in my field. And you know I met I read Tim Ferriss book years ago. I never even knew he wrote wrote the book. I felt kind of ignorant tools for Titans and I just picked up and I want to read for our body after that you know but I'm always and that's the ones I'm Carrie you know let alone I'm listening to a few too.

So it's always feeding that information into the head you know and it's it's so important you know because it's easy to go into your head in a negative way so you might as well be listening to positive stuff you know.

Amen brother. I mean that here is a perfect substitute for negative things like the news we don't watch it in our house.

The only news I tend to get is pay people posting on Facebook who do watch the news and then I can at least filter and say Yeah I do want to see what that one's about or that's the way to.

No I don't go down that rabbit hole and why not plug in a book or open a book and read it physically. I love to do this in the car I'm in the car a lot. This is California baby we're always in the car motoring. I mean New York I'm probably in subways a lot or or goobers or taxis. And what a perfect place. What else you and I do right. Why not make it productive. I mean I call my car my university on wheels. It's amazing. I've read more books in the car than any other location otherwise I would be what listening to music right. And the cool thing is I can concentrate while I'm driving. It's amazing that the retention for me personally is very high and it doesn't take much to a barely. It's more it's less than turning the dial on an old radio if any of you remember those in a car. So it's even safer than the old radios on cars when you want to tap that bookmark symbol so highly recommend everyone just jump on audible if you enjoy listening to books. It's while it's a and oftentimes the author as you just heard Grant Cardon oftentimes the author themselves will read it. So you get to hear their voice you get their inflections it gives more to it than if you're just reading it you don't know what the emotion is going into it it gives it another another element another don't know the right word dimension I guess it's phenomenal let's say.

Fantastic. We talked about it a little bit actually unit that you do this every morning you go workout and just taking that a little bit deeper how just how important is physical fitness to you not just your business but also your your personal life altogether how much how how much importance do you put physical fitness in that realm.

Yeah. You know health and fitness is it's I would say right up there with family you know almost I well I get my body adjusted each week I step on the scale I do I do hair testing and dry blood and what blood analysis periodically to really look at my river of life.

And I you know I don't deprive myself just when I want some dessert. I know I know I have my swag days you know. But you know pretty much I'm just consistent. You know I you know I I don't really put alcohol or caffeine into my system and it works. You know it's you know all of these additives that people think you're going to motivate them really doesn't work if you just you know it's actually less is better for the body. But you know it's really important because you know not that I don't want to sleep more I'd like to sleep more but it just it gives me energy to give back. You know I'm always there with my family. You know early I'm always up early my son when he comes in from leave on the guy. Pick him up 5:00 in the morning at the airport all charged up you know and it's just it's a fun way to live. You know honestly

Love it. Love it. Love it. I love all of it. And so it just it. I'm assuming I could be wrong but chiropractic. Yeah. Yeah. I remember I used to do that on a regular basis and I should probably jump back into that because no matter if you have a back problem or any joint problem at all. It's it's a kind of a fine tuning of the skeletal system because of all the ligaments and everything. And then when you work out you're strengthening those tendons and muscles surrounding those. So that's like a perfect one too. That will keep you upright much longer than the average individual. We we hope and pray knock on wood right. So fantastic. Thank you. So listen everyone. This is just as important as how to make that big real estate deal. Because his big real estate deals may not come to fruition at all if he didn't take care himself first. Does that make sense. So it's time to lay the foundation for your life for the rest of your life. So really get into mindset techniques. There's one there's a science called neuro linguistic programming. It's amazing. Not well will I know that because I thought it was at first myself and later became a certified an LP practitioner and it literally literally changed my life and I don't say that very often. That's just one way to do it. So get going get moving.

Start taking action and change your life for the better and do it now so you can be like Ken Van look if you made a good point there. Yeah absolutely. So yeah went in business.

So you know we get it we have ups and downs right. I mean wait. Let me ask you first. Now that you're at this you've achieved this level of success it's just a smooth ride every day right. No problems ever come up.

Not not at all. You know it's it's been an interesting ride. You know starting with sandbox and developing a 70 million dollar project with no money no experience then rolling in what I earned into a waterfront property to lose it when the towers came down and to build myself up again in 2008 to be in major deals with Lehman Brothers they crashed and burned.

Lost that again came back you know. And you know I wouldn't say it's as bad as that now but you know what I what I had to really adjust my mindset right was there was one time I was running like six high rises at once you know and I was just like everything is a problem right. And I let it start to get to me until I was able to shift my mindset that the business the What so the business is a problem. Right. And if you could come from a place that there's nothing wrong it's just a problem. And when they call you you're there to solve it. Right. So why add the stress to it and just buy that little mind shift my capacity like when Apple went off the roof you know. But you know it's interesting you know how how that's so so key you're really just. Believing you can do it. You know that's half the battle.

You know fantastic. And there it is again. And here it is. It's coming to the top not just because I said at the opening of the show but the patterns mind shift. He had to Duke go through a mind shift or shift his mindset. And. So he could then handle things differently. So it's not about what happens to you. It's about how you react to what happens. And then I reframe it instead of it happens to me it actually happens for me because it is exercising me in a in a way that will take me to a place that's even better even if what happened wasn't positive. Are you catching this. Let's are watching. OK. Is this. I'm not asking again but yes. So it also makes life so much more fun. I don't know. It's just amazing to have that kind of mindset going forward. Then you look at how the common thing that people go to is the glass half full instead of the glass half empty. It truly is like that. I mean once you do that now you're looking for solutions not wallowing in self-pity of all the problems I have. Oh God what happened to me. Now you're like well OK. That's an issue. Let's see how we can solve that what do we need to do is go after it. And that's what the Ken Van Liew does or he wouldn't be sitting here talking to us right now. Phenomenal. So think I got to give a shout out for Ken Spong. Thank you so much. Ken introduced the two of us. And wow I'm so blessed. I'm so happy. I appreciate that Ken and love having you on. Ken Ben look there's two kids. I love it.

I ninja coach Buddy.

Ken ninja coach. Yeah. It's amazing. I just ran into him in Arizona last week and a cool entrepreneur event by Jeff Fagan and my buddy Jason nest. Nice. The the very sponsor of protecting dot com. Nice plug. All right now so we go on this roller coaster. We go up and down. You went through some serious downs and then turned it around. So you're very resilient and you're very persistent. And again these are qualities of a successful people. What would you say let's take it back now. And now you've had some of those nice peaks where you're doing something and it's really going well. Looking back could you think of one incident that was your most satisfying moment in business for you.


I would think the most satisfying was the day I cut the ribbon on my first real estate development. I was I had just turned 30 and I had three year old twins and a large six figure debt.

And you know I had I had to make it just like you know I it's only going one way you know. And when I cut that ribbon that day I mean I think I had some tears came that my eyes.

You know honestly it's amazing how you know it's a culmination of everything that happened before how you got there where you were and then the release of at last and everything was worth it at least up to that point. Pray like wow. And then you can like exhale. And it's liberation. And yeah I could I can imagine. It's almost like having a kid right. It's nice. He made it. Fantastic. So look everyone can see what a real person can is really motion. Look how transparent he has been since we began. He's telling us how much in debt he was. That's what successful people do. They're very authentic. They're very real. And that's the thing there's a common misnomer out there and I think in large part due to not just not media per say but shows like movies television shows where the perception of people that are wealthy they're snobby and new. You know you don't talk to me because I know you're a little person and that's not the way it is. It's exactly exactly the opposite. They are like kin. I mean look at this guy. You can hear him. He's got this soothing voice he's always smiling is very friendly. And what he said earlier I've heard from every successful person that's been on this show was he loves to help people. He said those words and that's the way people have made money are because they're costs for everything in their life and they're not looking down their nose.

OK there might be an outlier here there. Sure. And you may have met one but don't let that cloud your judgment at all. These are the most wonderful people that's why I feel like I'm in family anytime I go to like a workshop or seminar that are filled with people like you can kind of myself we get to roam around and have a good time and and meet with family and we've never met him before. It's phenomenal because of that great positive mindset that everyone has. It's just until you've experienced it if you haven't. It's hard to explain. It's amazing. Now as you go along and things are happening you're having family you're in debt and I'm sure that along the way that as you're climbing and maybe even today. I mean it could be even today that certain things in your life have to take a backseat to get there. I think many of us can relate to that for you. What would you say are the one or or or several things that you had to do to sacrifice maybe that got you you know what sacrifice have you had to make to become a successful entrepreneur where you are today.

Yeah that's a good question. You know and I wouldn't say that there were sacrifices by choice you know but you kind of regret some of the things you did.

You know. But you know I would say that if there was a period of time that I sacrificed my health. You know I I weighed two hundred and forty eight pounds when I went to life mastery with Tony Robbins in 2001. Today I weighed one hundred and eighty six pounds so I would say I sacrificed my health for a while. I wasn't doing what I do today. And the other thing I sacrificed I had twins at twenty seven right when I kind of woke up and realized you know what. I didn't even know what syndication was when I realized that I'm like OK I could do this. And by the time I was 30 I had you know cut the ribbon and there was a period of time where I wasn't around with the kids you know that the country club and you know playing golf and wining and dining and you know the kids were like it was like the little rascals the woman haters club or something you know they they had a little thing going. You know and dad was part of it you know and I had to work myself back in. You know mom took him to museums and pumpkin pickin and all those days I regret it and years later I went and. I mean my my wife did that stuff with the kids until we even do it today we go pumpkin picking apples the whole thing. But I just went back and I did everything I missed and you know created special times for my children and my son.

I was a caveman Eagle Scout. I put the uniform on I hated it but I was I was a leader for 10 years. I took my other daughter out to date nights all the time. She's now a culinary nutrition master my other one I would drive her to the barn five thirty in the morning and she's an equine you know equestrian master you know and those special quality times with each one of my children gave us these magic moments that hopefully they'll never forget.

I was with my daughter today we had a wonderful lunch and we just always go back to those special times. That's the sacrifices and the work I had to do to bring it all back. You know it's it's just paid over. You know it's just it's amazing. You know it's a real amazing life right now and you know I try to help others and it's not perfect. You know I you know you know we are we're all we're all challenged you know. So but that's that's what we're here for you know just if you feel down just get up you know and there's always somebody that could be there to help you you know in the mind the mind can answer any questions. So that's why you just have to ask the right question. I mean rambling on there Brian.

No problem. That's why we are here is to get the wisdom and value from you. Yeah. And that's a lot. Ton. My gosh it was like. It's like we're brothers from another mother there. That was interesting about. And the interesting thing is I don't know if I'd call it sacrifices I love that. It's it's a different frame of mind to not go there. It's interesting. Another guest of mine did the same thing and I just found that fascinating. I love it. And the other part was I also went through a period of basically I did not I didn't nothing with a family I just kind of I hate to say it but I didn't ignore them but it was so important for me to move forward that they became second seat and second seat was no seat because all of my effort was going into business and thankfully communication involved was involved. And I woke up this was many years ago and. Then I said my gosh what is important in life. And my kids were really young at that time. I have two myself and righted that ship and yes certain certain times you know this happens but never this anymore. And now all the kids are grown. Same with you. So we have a lot in common. It's so neat. Please tell your son thank you for a service. Next time you see him.

Appreciate what he's doing and I can tell you're a proud dad. Just talking to you especially before the show. I love I love. I love people who are family centered which you are. There's no doubt in my mind because that's the way I am and it wasn't always the case and like I said sometimes this happens but the trend line is like the stock market going up. There might be peaks and valleys along the way but it's always going up. I love love love family so. So I think that's another attribute that folks should look into if they are neglecting in any way their loved ones. Just take a look at it. I mean we're not here to smack you upside the head. Maybe we are to say you know wake up. Think about it. Take a step back take a day off. Take two days off and recharge the batteries with your loved ones. Make it a make it put it on your calendar. Make an appointment that's just as if not more important than your business itself. And trust me things will start changing around better if that's where you're at right now. Not everybody is and I get that my gosh can you believe it we're close to 10 minutes from the end. It cannot be. So we've got to keep pushing forward and Brian's got to stop blabbing.

Hmm. I think. Yeah.

So you've been doing this real estate investing for quite some time now. Back from you know you started it sounded like in your 20s late 20s 30s when you got your first big deal. So it's been a while since then and so you've had what I would term as long term success and want what I've noticed there are people I've run into that are after the quick kill. They just want to get that quick big cash and the unfortunate thing is when they go about it that way they don't think about the long term. And once that cash is comes it also goes because they're not do anything to replenish it because they don't have a long term plan. So for you Ken what would you say for our listeners is the best way to achieve long term success such as you have.

Yeah that's a great question. So you know I'm going to expand a little bit on mindset right because like I break down my just my mindset analysis into eight categories or so I have a mindset for you know for my spiritual for my health through my career for my finance from my relationships in each one and on have a very specific written outcome with purposes that support that so that when I look at the things that I have to do to accomplish that outcome I learn how to leverage and do 20 percent and get 80 percent of the results. That's the whole idea. But the mindset is really broken down to the point where like you know if you're if I'm going to cross country you know my road map is like precise. So that I hit every single spot. Right. And from that mindset you know it obviously generates a very lengthy plan my plans. I look a year out like I have a year snapshot where I literally plan you know a year out on what I want to accomplish and then it's really consistent and continuous execution monitored by an accountability coach right we're literally I'd say five to seven days a week I get somebody hold me accountable for the goals that I write on that Sunday night.

I do a whole 13 week thing. You know where I do a quarterly measurement and I really have I have a couple mastermind groups where they hold me accountable accountable for quarterly stuff. And that's really it. I would say mindset plan consistency can tenuous execution with an accountability coach really has helped out for long term success. I actually have nine coaches right now. Because I'm learning how to get on TV. You know I have a coach you my personal coach. I have one for some other media training I have a 10x coach I have a computer marketing you know so I get coaching from from every single area you know and it works. You know I found one last point that you want to do what's fun for you and hire people to do things that's hard for you and fun for them. You know in other words I'm starting to do that more and I was always one of those guys I got to do it myself. But you know doesn't work that way. You've got to you've got to share the growth and everything with everybody.

Wow. So everything you just said that's my goodness something. I'm going to record this show take it off of Facebook and anywhere else I'm going to charge for this and I laugh but it is worth I can't tell the people watching what everything he just said and thank you so much for saying that you have coaches and then nine coaches. Now look everybody watching. I can apart it but enough about this is the greatest the greatest on the planet did not go it alone. Look at Michael Jordan. Commonly gone to reference where he had coaches he had trainers he had physical trainers you know for his body he had basketball coaches Tiger Woods one of the greatest golfers of all time coach after coach after coach in different areas of life just like Ken Ken is. He's disciplined. He's he's he's accountable accountability. Everything you just said I guess I can't get over it. I mean I've got chills all over me it's fantastic. So accountability and accountability coach that is one of the best things you could ever have. I used to have one of those I need to get one back because that keeps you on on point. You know it's like did you do it today.

What you said you were going to do it. Yeah but if you have somebody you know is going to ask you you're gonna get it done Mora.

More often than you will and that's gold. And look Ken's risen to the top. Does he need to continue to do this. That's up to him. But he's doing it. He's already there. And same happened with Tiger with Michael. No matter how high they rise they continue to try to improve and that is by bringing others in. And then you said the last part was gold as well is really delegate you know hand out the work. So I had a great mentor of mine told me Brian stick with your core competency and outsource the rest. And I was just like you can't allow and I do it all myself because then I won't feel I'm a success because I've my egos in the way and I don't if was you if the ego but I just thought I could do it all myself right. And man I'll tell you the second I started delegating I brought in some help.

It was liberating. I mean wow. Then now when I hear people talk you know we're talking to other potential J.V. partners or whatever may I. Brian I got this idea. What do you think. Before I'd be like I have nothing left in the tank. I had no more bandwidth. I can't even think about that right now. But then when you have help and you go oh you know what. I could probably do that because I do have help. OK let's do this right. It opens the doors like oh that was just that was like the whole show in five minutes right there. Ken that was phenomenal. Oh I'm over. Thank you. Thank you. That was the supreme value. That's all. All you have here in the Mind Body business show and I do on it. There's one question at the end I want to ask you Ken that I've asked every show guest before you. And it's it's kind of profound. And when we get to it if if you need a moment to think about it that's totally fine. So we'll get to that in just a moment. But I do want to ask you one that might might raise some curiosity as well. And then we'll get to that last heavy hitter. Don't worry about it. It's a good one. So if you know if we turn the table and you are conducting this interview but you are talking to yourself. So you're now me talking to yourself and you are conducting this interview. What quite what question would you ask of yourself and then what would you answer it.

It's funny I asked this question to myself for life.

So you know you know what is all this stuff you do like really mean you know you know and I think about that you know and I guess you know.

So why am I doing all this. You know I know I know I I had a calling a couple years ago that you know there's a reason why I'm here to get a message to not only a high level people too but to a lot of people. But you know I think what it really means is that I have an opportunity to help what I believe is an epidemic in America you know.

And what that is is 45 percent of Americans are dying broke you know with less than ten thousand dollars. Now I'm not a financial adviser but you know I think real estate is a vehicle for them to go to to live a great and extraordinary lifestyle and to retire comfortably.

And you know I really think that I have the ability and the knowledge to contribute to that to just change everybody's mindset. We've had such a big conversation about mindset you know and even me I'm pretty smart. But you know I struggled to get into the stock market like unless you're watching the stock market. How much control do you really have with your money. And you know my wife put her money in the stock market built her for one Kay plant at the end of the day we made five point six seven percent.

There was deals you know I make 250 percent return on money you know just crazy stuff and I was always the gambler and she was always the you know the conservative type but you know I guess what it really means to me is that I know I could leave a legacy to not only my family but hopefully to the world where you know where before they didn't think they had a chance they can do it. You know they really can't.

So once again that the the whole concept of helping others it seems to ring true because I you know I truly believe we've all been put on this planet for a purpose and one common purpose. I've heard every single person on this show is that that we all so so want to help other people. And the thing is though please please understand that you need to also be willing to help yourself and put in some effort. It's not easy. It takes work. It takes dedication. The key is having that recipe for success knowing what steps to take when having those coaches that are helping you to right the ship if you're going off path all of it put together and you two can succeed. Look Ken's not doing it by himself either. So what's keeping any of you who are watching from reaching out. You all know somebody you're all thinking of one person right now at least one where you go man I'd be great if that person could be my mentor now. Is it a guarantee they will become. No but there will be another. Once you open your mind to it you'll start realizing there are more than one that you can just have a conversation with and say Hey I know you have all of this charity I'd love to help out with that would you be willing to help mentor me in my business even if you just have a little bit of time that would be fine with me. Whatever it is. Well that sounds like good advice.

Ken in your opinion. No absolutely I think you mentioned it earlier. You know it's it's modeling the people that are you know successful. You know there's no real reason to reinvent the wheel.

You know if he could take you know potential mentors out to lunch and have a list of questions they're going to they're going to love you they're gonna love to see you pull that piece of paper out because they were just like you at one point and probably saying I wish you know I wish I would've done what he's doing more often.

You know I tell you I hope they're both taking notes. Let me just share I've been. This is just during the show. I mean I filled up and I had to go sideways that way. I mean I hope everyone there is also following example of taking notes because it's just gold and yes I have all all of this is recorded and it's available to the world.

It's gonna be on Roku as well as Amazon Fire TV and it's online streaming platforms simultaneously as we talk right now. And it's going to be on 15 podcast platforms so this is going on a lot of places. And still if you write it down it commits it to memory. And I've got writer's cramp and I'm happy to have that. So I cannot that that one question I alluded to I almost forgot. Before we get to it because we're nearing the end is I need to remind. I want to remind our viewers that are watching live how they can enter to win that wonderful five nights day at a five star luxury resort in Mexico. I'll bring it up on the screen right now. Now you do have my permission to get on your computer or on your phone and type in either of two methods that work for you.

One is by going to a Web site and that is called the Mind Body business show dot com for Slash vacation the mind body business show doc for Slash vacation just enter your name contact details and you'll automatically be entered and if it's easier for you and you'd rather just pull out your phone just text the word peak PPACA to the phone number 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 if you need that number and can't remember it write it down real quick real quick a number again is 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 and you want to text the word pick that's PPACA and the beautiful thing about this is all of the technology under the hood so to speak is supplied by power texting dot com I use it in my business every single day. Many of you received text messages reminding you of this very show coming on. That came from power texting dot com. Phenomenal phenomenal system highly recommend because text messages are proven to be opened at a much higher rate than emails and Facebook messages face Facebook messages actually are number two email comes behind that. All right. So can't wait to see who entered that and I can't wait to get that prize up and shut them out later on Facebook this evening.

All right Ken are you ready. It's time it's time for that wonderful all knowing all seeing question. And so what I want to do is kind of take take the pressure off a little I know you. This is nothing for you I'm sure. But you know some might think he's going to start sweating because I keep building it up. The thing is that the great thing about this is there is no such thing. It doesn't exist. There's no such thing as a wrong answer to this question. There isn't in fact the only correct answer is yours. And the interesting fact that I found is on this show and we've done over 40 shows now doing it once a week. Is that no one previous has ever said the same exact answer as the one on. And I imagine it will happen at some point. We can only have so many answers to this but just know that you can relax and whatever your answer is it's yours and it's truly or so whatever it is just yeah it's yours. Own it and because it's really intriguing to me to learn and to our audience what you consider your response to be to this. Are you ready.

Yes. All right. Ken Van Liew How do you define success.

That's a great question.

Well that's interesting. OK.

You know I actually define success.

And if this sounds wishy washy you know I define success on how people want to define success. That's right.

And I asked myself that question many times you know when I didn't have money you know I felt that I was very successful because I was successful at being married and I was successful raising my children and I had success at church and in the community. And then I got more successful and you know I had the money and then I started to look into you know this does money really dictate success and then you look at a mother Teresa and you know and I think success the way that I would define it is really when you reach her element you know total figure sum and total since no one I believe is when you're serving like all your human needs here maybe you hear Tony Robbins talk about but you know you need to be certain you need to have variety and uncertainty. You know there's a paradox between the two. You have to be certain with uncertainty you know you've got to have a loving connection and relationships and you want to have some significant share. You need to serve those four human needs and then you have to have growth and contribution. You know so whatever someone chooses to do in life whether it's to be a volunteer whether it's to be a CEO you know if you're if you're so filled in life and serving other people because you're not going to be able to be fulfilled without contributing. Now I would consider that success.

You know honestly. Wow. And true to form. As original as all the ones prior and the beautiful thing I love about every single every single one of them that does there is one thing in common and it's not money centric. You said it you said it right in the beginning you know I didn't have the money but I felt I was successful right then that tells people where your mind is.

It's like your importance is not 100 percent on money isn't Is money important. Let's not be crazy here. Yes it is. But the thing is success and can then lose mind's eye is not centered around money. It's centered around his family it's centered around what he just said my gosh to serve humankind. To be certain and have certainty and uncertainty and I just writer's cramp and I ran out I ran out of room so that means we have to end the show but that was phenomenal.

Thank you for that one of the most eloquently stated definitions of success I've heard to date.

And I'm not just saying that cause you're on now and I may say it's the next person that comes on but you're on now. So what I wanted to do is give people an opportunity to get connected with you. And you did mention at one point that you would like to give a gift for those who are watching. And that was a if I recall a free 45 minute real estate investment strategy session. So if you don't mind to take it away and describe that a little bit and tell people exactly how they can partake in that.

Yeah. So you know it's it's a call you know every person that calls me a little bit different. So you know I don't prescribe the same formula for each person you call we talk about what you're trying to accomplish what your goals are how you'd like to get started in real estate you may be in real estate you know and we just strategize on your thoughts and help you move forward you know let's just have a free consultation that will get you Claire whether it's about life or commitment you know a lot of you know I have nine coaches so you could even say it's a coaching strategy mindset you can call it whatever you want but you're going to leave with tremendous value.

Fantastic. Thanks so much for that and I pulled up your primary business Web site there.

Oh thank you. Yeah. Global real estate strategies you know where we're doing things globally we're working with golf through now he's an international success. Real estate is going to write the foreword to my book. You know we want. Our goal is to be the number one real estate adviser in the world biggest developer and just transform people from from this level to that level. Well wherever you're at we're gonna help you.

Fantastic. And what would you say is the best way to to connect with you at the moment. Would it be this Web site through Facebook. What is your preferred method.

The strategy calls I have you know I send you into Ken Dan Luscombe slash connect. That's Ken Van Lucas slash connect that'll that'll get you an opportunity to put your name in and fill out a short little survey so when you get on the phone I know how much experience you have if you have stuff going on. We dive right in. We don't waste any time which a little bit of small talk but we dive right into helping you with the strategy so you leave the call with value and actions to take.

Fantastic. Thank you. Oh my gosh. Ken thank you so very much. What an amazing. We got a little over an hour and that's a beautiful thing about this. I don't have a radio station that cuts us off at any time but went a little overboard. I appreciate that you stay on with us. You're on the east coast so it's almost 10:00 therapy. And I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you spending the time with us and I say not just myself but everyone watching live and those that are going to watch or listen later on the recording because the wealth of knowledge and experience you just gave everyone tonight was immeasurable. And I kid you not. I'm being very sincere about that. I appreciate you my friend. I can't wait to do this again and hopefully see you in New York next week or two weeks.

Absolutely. You amazing you know. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

Fantastic. Thank you my friend. And for everyone else. That's it for this show. We'll see you again next week for another edition of the mind body business show on behalf of the amazing Ken Van Liew. I'm Brian Kelly. Until then be blessed everyone. Bye bye for now.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body business shows this show with Brian Kelly.

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Author, educator, engineer and one of Manhattan’s most successful Real Estate experts, Ken Van Liew has garnered international praise for his work in various facets of the building trade. Over the years, Ken has managed the syndication and development of numerous high-profile real estate developments totaling more than $1.2 billion dollars in capital investment. Ken holds Master Degrees in Civil Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and in Real Estate Development from New York University. In addition, he has lectured at the Real Estate Institute, New York University and College of Engineering, Rutgers University.

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