Special Guest Expert - Kim Doyal

Special Guest Expert - Kim Doyal (transcribed by Sonix)

Welcome to the mind body business. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly.

Hello everyone and welcome welcome. Welcome to the mind body business show.

We have got a phenomenal show lined up free tonight because of our guest expert Kim Doyle. She is coming on in just a few moments I promise.

So you want to take out some note paper and pen and get ready for some value to be rained down upon you like you've never seen before. Amazing amazing young woman who really is a phenomenal phenomenal Internet marketer and content generator she is amazing breath of fresh air if you ask me the mind body business show. What is that all about. For those of you that might be new to the show it all starts with the mind and I like to call it the foundation upon which our lives are truly formed. You know when I was younger I finally got the bright idea of instead of focusing on both those who were unsuccessful and those who are successful is to just change my focus to only those that were successful that I aspired to be. You know I wanted the results they had. In other words and so I started doing that and a really interesting thing happened was as I followed and worked with and read about these successful people I started recognizing certain patterns developing that each and every one of them had. I thought well I wonder if those patterns then would relate and translate into success for me. And if it's going to work that way for me which it has that I can then help by portraying those qualities to the rest of the world as many as we can reach. And so I came up with this concept of called the Mind Body business show and the patterns those patterns were three of them and you can probably guess what those are by now by the name of the show. It all starts with mind which is mindset mindset.

Every single person that I got to know in one form or another either I worked with them like side by side on stage. Welcome stage or I read many of their books or I follow them from afar through other means. They all had a rock solid. Powerful positive mindset. And many of them had taken it to another level where many of us know about and heard of and actually practice affirmations something called affirmations where you're always reading in front of the mirror out loud to yourself starting off the day with an attitude of gratitude everything you're grateful for. Fantastic phenomenal resources to utilize. But what if you could actually reprogram your mind at the subconscious level I mean reprogram it. To serve you better. And that you can still continue with those conscious activities. So as such a science does exist and it's called neuro linguistic programming an LP for short and I'm not saying we will and I'm not saying we won't go over that particular topic on this show. It's pretty organic. We just go with the flow because it works that the best that way every single time. And then we move into the body the people that I've found who were successful really do take care of their body. It doesn't mean they're all honed the dances and supermodels. That's not what I'm saying but what they do is they take care of the nutrition that they put into their body. You know they're they're very cognizant of what they are eating and drinking and they exercise on a regular basis whether that be seven days a week or two days a week.

It's consistent and discipline oriented exercise of some kind. And the the levels of exercise vary from person to person but it is a vital and you know a pattern component of each of these successful people. And then there's business well that's where many of us well. Oh yeah okay. Now let's talk you know it's things like marketing sales team building scaling your business it and those once you master all three mind body and then all of the areas of business then you are operating at what I claim to be a peak level of performance which is where the name of my company came from reach your peak. So why not attempt to reach your peak in every aspect and Avenue in life not just business which many entrepreneurs fall victim to. I am telling you that as a person that has gone and walked that walk myself. So no judgment ever on this show. And we're here to help. That's the whole purpose of this show is to help you to get you the shortcut if you will to success. Why go through trial and error on your own when you can just model those that are already achieved a level of success and you can always improve.

I'm still improving in mind body and business every single day. That's the beauty of being an entrepreneur. It never gets boring. And one of the things that reminded me of is you know being an entrepreneur was many years ago. I was I was flown out to the east coast. I'm from the West Coast. Had a nice big deal a big fat contract. We were gonna sign in and negotiate and the gentleman who owned the company flew me out there having picked up in a limo really cool experience put me up at hotel for a couple of days. I spent two days in his office very large corner office of course with a couch you know all the amenities. It was like bigger than most people's apartments. I kid you not. And I just remember during one of those days I was sitting on the couch who were kind of I guess at a breaking point. Not really exactly sure it was many years ago and he just looked at me. He's standing up and I'm sitting down he's looking down at heels Brian you know if people just did this one thing if they just did this one thing they would all be rich.

And I'm like wow I wonder what that could be. And I'm like All right what is it. And so at that moment he turned away from me and walked to the wall right directly behind him and there stood a floor to ceiling cabinet two doors and he walked up to those two doors grab both handles opened them wide and it looked very very similar to what you see behind me right now.

It was shelf after shelf after shelf of books and we're not talking just any book we're talking business books sales marketing team building we're talking personal development we're talking mindset we're talking exercise nutrition everything was in this cabinet and I did something that might shock many of you watching right now I absolutely ignored his advice 100 percent thought you can't you cannot you that's no way you've got to be kidding me reading books is the key to success I mean sheesh I know a lot of people read books. The key is the right kind of count kinds of books and the other key is once you read it you learn but then you need to put it into action what you've learned even then you do and I take it one step further and teach but I didn't go through the learning process.

I waited years until thankfully one day I'm with another mentor of mine and I'm I'm actually in his residence. I worked with him for several years spoke from a stage and he was walking with headphones on and I said Hey man what are you doing. And he pulled his headphone away from his ears. I'm listening to a book that's a while ago and I said Well what do you mean. Listening to a book I mean I'm used to reading this again. Yeah. And he told me all about it. You know many of you know about it now it's a app called audible there. Others now out there I'm sure. And I said Man I got to check that out. And you know so this is my mentor highly successful who is walking around listening to a book actively reading in that form. And I thought wow here's number two. Another big smack in the face Brian wake up. Start reading and I did and I found that I loved listening to books versus reading a book where my eyes would get fatigued you know reading those pages holding the book up.

You know you're you're always moving your body around for me.

You just put on headphones or listen to it in the car which is my main library mode of operation and just started really absorbing amazing amazing book after book after book and I started compiling all of them into a library. And one of the things one of the beautiful things you can do inaudible is at any moment you hear something that really is you know a game changer. It's a point you wanna go back to and re listen to. You just tap a little icon and it stores a bookmark at that very location. So what we're going to do now is actually Segway over into a little section appropriately call Bookmarks bookmarks born to read bookmarks.

Ready steady read bookmarks brought to you by reach your peak library dot com yes and for those of you watching live or listening at this moment please be sure to take note stay with us.

In other words you're going to listen and hear about resources as we go through the show both from myself and from Cam maybe Web sites maybe other books to look up other resources. Do hesitate do hesitate to actually go searching for these things. Stay with us. Take notes now and then the recording is available and go back and watch or listen at anytime. But take notes. Write down these resources. So this one in particular is reach your peak library Write that down. Take notes whether you have a pen and paper or a notepad on your computer or whatever it's called on a Mac. I'm not sure because I'm a P.C. guy sorry. Whatever it is and reach your peak library. It's a it's a Web site I put together one hundred percent solely. Completely totally for you. For you the entrepreneur and the busy business professional who may already be reading or maybe you haven't started reading for either case. This is phenomenal because what this is is a compilation of books I've read not every book I read just those that had a profound impact on me personally whether it be through business through personal development or even through fitness. They're all in here as you see I'm scrolling and I put these together in this site so that you could at least recognize that one person you know has vetted these books and that reduces your time in searching for books if you are looking for the next book looking.

Reach your peak library dot com you're bound to find one you have not read yet. If you're just starting go and look the first one that jumps off the page that looks decent don't look at the rest. Just grab it go and start reading that first book go after it and do it quickly right away. And what we're going to do is play a bookmark by a gentleman of the name Willie Jolley. Amazing amazing gentleman discovered if you will buy less brown. He's a musician by trade. Amazing amazing entrepreneur and he discusses something that I thought was very pertinent to our guest expert who's coming on in just a minute. And that is about how he handles anything that's called a setback. He says throughout his book setbacks are a setup for a comeback. That's what a setback is a setup for a comeback and nothing epitomizes that more than our guests expert who's coming on I promise. I'm almost there. And what we're gonna do is we're gonna play a 1 minute or so snippet from Willie jellies book so go ahead listen really close. And again take notes listen to what he says it's very important. Everything you hear in the show is high value. So take notes and take it to heart. Here we go. Take a listen.

Other words he made it clear that setbacks are part of his daily routine part of the deal if you're going after success. He shared his perspective on setbacks and how to turn them into comebacks Edwards said that he'd had so many setbacks and it's hard to remember them all. Yet his perspective about setbacks is consistent with all the other people I interviewed. They do setbacks not as setbacks but really as growth experiences disguised as setbacks. He said you know the old saying is true a problem is nothing but an opportunity. And work clothes. And he said if your reasons are strong enough they will lead you to results. I said Tell me more. He said focus on the why why why are you willing to do this. Why do you want to reach the goal why are you willing to go after those things that are uncomfortable to go after Why are you willing to keep going in spite of the challenges.

If the reasons are strong enough you will become unstoppable. It's time for the guest expert spotlight savvy skillful professional adept trained big league qualified

I'm not sure Brian really. I can't hear you. How's that. Not better. I'm like I'm going to type in really quiet.

Oh there she is I put it on mute so that people can hear me clear my throat. How are you doing.

I'm fabulous. How are you. Thank you for having me here.

Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for agreeing to come on the show it's amazing to have you. I can't wait for everyone to really get your value that you're going to bring to the show and it's gonna be phenomenal cannot wait cannot wait. There we go. Got some things back in order. So. Okay well before we dive in real quick. Everybody watching live. Be sure to stick around to the end because you have an opportunity to win a five night stay vacation stay at a five star resort in Mexico and this is high value not one of those where you go and you sit in for a timeshare. This is all yours. You get to do it for five nights so stick to the end so you can participate in that and maybe win that trip. All right real quick Kim. She is formerly known as the word press. Check it. She is an entrepreneur a coach a speaker and a content creator. She has built her lifestyle business using WordPress podcasting creating content and a commitment to just show up. She was widowed in 2003 with two small children. She was determined to build a business that allowed her to be at home while doing something she loved. Fast forward to today and she runs the community content creators is co-founder of the content creators planner teaches content marketing and coaches entrepreneurs on growth through content strategies I'm starting to notice the name going on here.

I love it. Kim welcome onto the show.

I want to ask you so this is phenomenal. I'm so so refreshed that you focus on content. It seems to me at times to be kind of a dying breed if you will you don't hear a lot about it and the fact that there's somebody out there like you that coaches in it is expert at it and successful at doing so.

I was just so excited to have you on the show you have no idea. And so when you you know we now know about your your background from kind of a superficial level if you will on the top level if you would mind real quickly like get a little people inside and what makes you tick. Like when you get up in the morning. And it's time to get busy you know it's time it's another day.

What actually you know when your feet hit the floor what motivates you to then continue and open your eyes get up stretch and then go take on and tackle the day what is that driving factor for you.

It's freedom. You know it's funny it's it's one of those things that you think about your why as an entrepreneur and you look at and obviously my kids were a big driving force and wanting to be home for them. But if you know your love of books I have to tell you I did spend 10 years in the book industry. Brian if I told you that like years ago. So you know but I worked for other people for so long and I always had this internal there's something else I'm supposed to do with my life. And so it's it's that freedom and there's been highs there's been lows but it's always been better than working for somebody else or having a commute.

God forbid. I love that. I asked up for a prior guest about what was it she loved most about being an entrepreneur. Same exact word was freedom and that's you know why she loved being an entrepreneur because you are the interesting thing is a lot of people who don't understand we're not yet entrepreneurs who are maybe in the corporate world who look out at entrepreneurs and hear things like that might think oh my gosh wow it's gonna be a cakewalk. I want that. I want to just be free. So let's be clear it takes probably more effort. More drive more intensity more discipline than you could ever imagine being a corporate employee to be a successful entrepreneur.

What that gives you is the freedom to choose how you build your business where to build your business and when to build your business. But it is no cakewalk. It's a lot of fun depending on your your chosen business. It can vary but that's just me. I just wanna make that clear for those that may not be entrepreneurs watching right now. But I would highly highly recommend it because it's quite a ride. Would you agree.

Absolutely and I think the other piece of that brand is that you may not know out the gate right. So is always my driving force and I joke that it's been this eleven year path like the content marketing is really been only last couple years. I've always done it. But I mean I had a full on web agency I had an outsourcing company I did some coaching and stuff. But I feel like this is exactly what I was meant to do. And it took me eleven years to get here. I mean I started the company that opened and closed its it's been plenty of this right up and down but it was always that there's something else I'm supposed to do. And so one thing led to another because I don't know about you but you see people miss this and it's like oh my gosh I want to do an online business this is what I love. I'm going to I'm going to make a course and sell it and it's like oh you got it. There is so much in there and I always say you get clarity through doing the work right. Like if you master the fundamentals you will get clear on that thing that you want to do. And so got. It's the. I live by if it's not fun I'm not doing it. Which is why I don't do a Web site that was never my intention. But yeah it's. Doing it will get you where you want to go. It may take a year it may take five it may take 10 but it's it's not always right out of the gate. I mean this is one thing to do in some from the start that's going to work. That's amazing.

I love it. You get clarity through doing that work from doing the work. And that is my gosh that is so unbelievably true. You know I'm just thinking back about all the different things I have attempted and I don't look it back at any of them as being failures just because I moved to a different phase I look at them as experience I built on that I am building on and using with each additional phase that I go through. So that's pretty awesome. And I'm sure you get to utilize your past experience that wasn't directly attributable to content marketing but it was other things that you can use in helping to coach those who you come in contact with through content marketing.

Yeah. You know when I was in management for retail management for the bulk of my life which was far too long. And anybody I always say everybody should do it for like a week at Christmas because we'd all be much nicer customers. But but it's through the doing and the other thing is that you know we were talking about for the show and there's something about this space particularly with the Internet that people think it's supposed to be quick and you know the shiny object and all of that we've all had those discussions. And what I would say it was probably I don't know 2015 maybe that I was like You know what I'm going to go back and I'm the master the fundamentals I'm going to focus on the process I'm going to focus on mastery. And as an example one of the things I implemented I don't do it today but it was a daily e-mail and I just said I'm just going to get better at this. And because when you join this face you hear about learning to write good copy engaging. Building an audience e-mailing your list all these basic things but it feels like yeah yeah like you know and people kind of pooh pooh it because it's not you know six figures with a webinar in six months or whatever. And so I think if if we can get people to come back to this place within who you become in the process of doing those things and mastering those fundamentals is priceless because it sounds so silly and I'm sure you've read the book and now it's out of my head.

He was one of those CEOs of success magazine the compound effect where is it. It's that consistent small action. And so this email to me I'm like a kid taking 20 30 minutes and I've been kind of following Ben settles a great email marketer and I've been watching how he emailed for a year every single day and he sells what a few things but primarily he's selling a subscription to a physical email newsletter. But I just watched it and I paid attention I'm like oh that was funny. I like that headline and I thought I'm just going to try this. It was crickets for a good 30 45 days and then all of a sudden boom people started subscribing but I didn't care because all the sudden I'd instilled this level of trust within myself that I'm going to follow through on a commitment I made to me and b look what happens with small incremental consistent action. It just it literally reshaped my beliefs about a ton of things in this space and life in general.

And with that comes this one word that it's it's like a four letter word to some people you know it's not physically four letters but it's discipline right. It takes a lot of discipline to do what you just did because you don't you can't see the end result and you're not sure what it's going to be at sometimes and you hope somebody actually reads what you're doing right. So there's all the unknowns and you're just if you just remain consistent this is extremely valuable advice for everyone watching listening write this stuff down because I'm going through the I have been through that very same thought process in doing this very show you know to be consistent to do it every single week. There is so much time and effort and work that goes on behind the scenes to make this happen every week. So there are times come on. QUESTION Well should I continue this and then I'll know within a microsecond I'm smacking myself saying of course because yeah like you say you just don't. It's the journey and the things you learn along the way. I get to meet phenomenal amazing people like you we've never met in person we've met out of person for that. And we were talking just what a half hour before the show came on and I feel like I've known you for 30 years. It's an amazing thing.

And the beautiful thing is the relationships that I get to build and the new connections that deep and existing connections that even further deepen and I learn I learned so much from each of you.

I'm learning from you right now and there's no way I can stop this is the positives far outweigh you know Brian. How are you monetizing that shows like it's about. It's about getting value out there. It's not about making money at every turn. Yes there are times for it. The show I chose not to be one of those arenas. Anyway I go off on a soapbox but thank you. You just sent off a flurry of thoughts in my brain.

Can I can I can I piggyback on what you please please. So I had started the WordPress check podcast. It would. It'll be six years if I pivoted to the Kim Doyle show. And it's funny because the only reason I did it was because I wanted to have more fun and I had always been an audio file riot like I was joking. I mean I am the rudest person out in public because I don't hear anybody because I always have earbuds in. But the point being is I started the podcast so I wanted to have more fun. I was not attached to an outcome with it. I didn't care where it took me. I just said I want to do this. I want to be consistent with that. And it's one of those things when you create media like this or you're creating a show that it's intangible but same thing. The relationships I gained I end up with podcast sponsors down the road. I got coaching clients I got Web site clients and it gave me a level of credibility within my space. But more importantly it totally helped me find my voice. Pun intended right but it helped me find my voice because I just showed up as myself genuinely authentically and that's what blew up my brand. I had already had the word chick for five years but doing the podcast all of a sudden it was I wasn't worried about what it was gonna do I just wanted to give its a massive value add I mean where else can you say let me use my platform to share your message. I mean it's such a win win and so it's that element of you know Gary B and you like it is always saying deploy patients and it's you have no idea where it's going to take you but I think when the intention and the commitment is is 100 percent behind you you're not going to go wrong. You just have to trust and be patient.

Yeah and that is it. Trust and be patient.

And when we say be patient that means be patient very patient because there will be there'll be times like doing a podcast that takes a lot of time and effort to put together you know if you have a podcast where you're interviewing other people you're setting up those interviews you're vetting the people you're it's a lot it's a lot of background and work and sometimes you just say why and I'm so glad I'm committed and you know luckily it's only once a week I don't have a crew working for me you know on show night it's me myself and I am director producer star co-star everything right or whatever you call it. And I love it. I'm absolutely loving this especially because I get to not just meet people like you Kim but to share people like you. That's my you know I just so love helping people in any way. It doesn't have to come from me personally. I get to be a conduit by which others will get this intense value that you are giving an amazing amount of value. Already we just started the show and I mean we could end the show right now value had been just like I said before raining down upon. Now you come off to me as someone you first of all I love your presence you have a lot of energy of a great you just glow about you you're always smiling even when we were talking before the show. So who are you who you see right now everybody who's watching this is her behind the curtain as well.

So you know it can often be trying to always be upbeat because it really helps to be upbeat and positive minded when we're going about our daily business and lives it just makes us our business that much more successful. So when it comes to doing that though maintaining that positive productive and successful mindset on a daily basis. What do you do to sustain that.

Day after day after day Yeah I have a few things and I'll tell you you know I joke around that I am what about Bob right. Like I still see my therapist that I found lost my husband because she's kind of this life mentor to me and she's taught me a lot. I mean I've added meditation to my life and you know where we're talking about audio books. I am so protective of my time and my energy and I only listen to things that make me feel better. I'm selective about TV shows like people joke I'm going to show you this. OK so this is Harry Potter Lego that my nephew built for me. You don't wanna know how many Harry Potter things I have around here or how many times I've watched those movies in the background and I feel like doing work on my laptop because it makes me feel better. So I constantly put things into my mind into my heart and very even on the weekends like doing this. Like you say it requires a lot of energy and you're upbeat. So then there's times I'm like I don't need to talk to anybody for like two days and I'm not like shutting the world out I'm really OK. Just taking care of myself and taking time for myself. You know I've got my kids are bigger by my dogs pure joy. I get outside. I move you know I do so many different things for myself that are simple pleasures. There's I love getting massages all those little things.

But most importantly is I'm protective of what I bring into my life. I don't have people in my life that drain me. I can love them forgive them and wish them well but I don't have people that don't add to my life. And you know I've learned as I've gotten older I would say I'm a giver. I like to show up and be supportive and help my family. But if I can't I can't. And that's OK. Right so it's it's really learning. Again it comes back to trust and taking care of yourself. It's that old cliche of the oxygen mask but you know game changers for me truly meditation. Their days it's six minutes but the ability to be still and say I matter to take this or just to your point you talk about exercise and you know taking the time to go to the gym or walk the dogs or get outside. It's those simple little things again it comes back to small consistent action but you know long story short I I just keep good things coming into my life as frequently as possible whether it's podcasts or books or music. It's I literally have a Disney playlist because it makes me happy. I know the greatest showman by heart. So I do those things I don't care how redundant or silly they might be to other people. They keep me where I need to be and I don't know I'm a generally happy person.

And that's good. I mean the way you show up is how. It's going to enable you to help more people. Right.

And so your your date the way you handle and approach each and every day is a direct reflection of how much you're going to be able to serve people and as a result of that how much is how much success you're going to achieve doing that. And you said so much during that that that was so on point one I was just comparing back to old corporate days myself where you can't choose anything when you're working in a corporate job you can't choose who you sit next to the toxic person that you can't stand or the toxic manager or boss or whatever. And so that's another I was just going back to the original comment of freedom. That adds to the liberation and freedom.

And the thing is is if you're not taking care of yourself first you Kim then there's less of you to give to your clients to the world to serve to spread your vast knowledge and expertise. So this is very important. The point is I'm just trying to solidify everyone is that it's very important to take care of yourself in fact someone just commented on that very thing on our live. SHARON folks said I'm I'm a giver too but self care is important. She's right on point. So great. Great stuff. This this is amazing and awesome. I love it. Every show is different. And this one is really moving my needle really moving.

I love it. I have one more thing to that please. Like you always joke around about Harry Potter and I really do have sort of go tos based on my mood. And one of the things I've learned my therapist taught me is really to pay attention to what I'm feeling physically is an indicator like I know that when I get angry it tends to be in my head when I get sad it's in my chest when I'm excited and nervous it's in my stomach. And so if I'm not totally sure like if something's off I can sit back and I'm like oh OK I'm feeling a little unsettled I need something spiritual to listen to but I'm feeling fired up I need to look Gary B I'm going to go all in tonight you know so it just depends. Or if I'm feeling cerebral and I need to write for a little bit I put on you know rain and wind or whatever or so it's just trusting and knowing what do I need because we can't I mean the whole hustle. I actually had a little f the hustle movement for a while and then I pivoted it because it had it comes from that alignment with it.

So I always say this from stage you know the mind and body they are a team.

And more importantly the mind and body are your team and yes your every cell of your body is eavesdropping on your thoughts and if you're not taking care of your body your mind is directly affected just as you so elegantly explain how that works and you know that's why these patterns of successful people include both mind and body and then of course business mastering the business aspects and so perfect segway into actual exercise whatever means that happens to be. How important is it. Have you found it to be now in your life in your business and even in your personal life.

Well you know it's crazy is I've always been somebody that moves and then the last few years I had some really personal heavy stuff going on with one of my kids and so it was it took a lot out of me and I mean I used to drop the kids at school and go straight to the gym straight to the gym and then you're sitting all day. And so I hit this point where I was like you have to make this a priority again. And you know even all my years in retail management I was on my feet all day had to walk eleven thousand steps no problem. I like feeling strong and so I stepped back and I'm like you have a lot to do in this lifetime still. You need to get in peak was in peak performance also. But you know you need to take care of yourself and step it up. I've really gotten back into that because I missed that. I don't know. Your body feels that when it's like that I need to move I need to move so you know for me it's it's really simple like I said take the dogs OK. I'd like to do Pilates I like doing weights a lot too. And so it's I've had to step back into that because I wasn't feeling good because I was emotionally exhausted and drained and I.

The flip side of that Brian is that I didn't judge myself for that I was really in survival mode and this isn't talking way back when I lost my husband but this is just the last few years and so there is a lot of survival mode. And I I just allowed myself to do the best I could. To be honest with you I didn't judge myself which I think has gotten me to this place for like I'm ready to rock and roll now like life is good.

I feel so grounded and where I'm going that that has to be the priority in order to do the things I want to do in my life.

Yeah. Can't agree more and I love. I love how you're talking about judging yourself not judging yourself. I've had so many clients in the fitness space. I have a 90 days to peak performance program that includes fitness and nutrition and mindset with an LP to get the first two of these patterns rock solid. And one of the things I always tell him because there are certain times when they can't do all 10 reps let's say maybe they can't do 10 pushups and that's like and then they come to me and and like they feel downtrodden they're beating themselves up inside and I'm like well hold on a second. Let me. Let me ask you something did you actually try and did you give it everything you had to get those seven reps in that you did successfully get it.

Well yeah but I didn't get it. But you did you put everything you had into those seven. Yeah I said well don't kick yourself in the butt for that instead. And I tell them to literally do this put their hand up raise it up do now turn it back reach back behind you and Pat yourself on the back for those reps you did do. And I have him say it out loud. Good job and then their name and get in the habit of praising ourselves. We are our own worst enemy aren't we. When it comes to self talk

This is another one. My therapist is like this genius but I was very I was telling her story one time I was very proud of the fact that I had started catching the negative self talk. So I would catch myself doing it and I was like I can knock it off. Like I would shut myself down she goes. OK that's good. What if you said Oh sweetie it's OK. And I was like oh it's a lot like you know. And so learning those little tricks. And so I would I would catch myself and I was really stressed and like. Kim it's OK you're tired let it go or you know like I'm a big juicer I have been juicing like I mean I do tons of green juices I make my own juices but I've been doing that for almost five years now pretty consistently and I'm like I get some really good nutrition. I know I'm doing something good. So you know it's allowing yourself that acknowledgement and human to human.

Yeah. And it's so important to give yourself acknowledgement to give yourself to be OK with what you did do you're going to change every day you're gonna be tired some days or days you're just not gonna have you know you can get those days where you feel like you're in the zone and everything's going right and then you have the other days where the opposite is true and that's when we want to then start kicking ourselves in the butt so to speak. And what you just said was spot on that the key is just being aware that you're doing it. That's number one.

Number two is a quick reframe like you said all that's ok sweetie or you know we're just the opposite. You know it's like oh boy you you really you just didn't make it to the finish line. And however. I made it quite a ways farther than I was before I started. So you know get my myself right exactly. You know so it's just we always beat ourselves up. So when you get into that all of these mindset tools and techniques that we're discussing coming out right now you can put into play right now everybody watching or listening not not that you can put them in play you should. And make it a point to put them in play. Be aware of your negative self talk. You know we're here to help. This is what the show is all about provide value to you. And it's not going to help you if you don't put what you learned into action. It's one thing to learn. It's another thing to do. So we highly recommend you do both. All right. I already know I can already. Well I'm pretty sure that you're quite an avid reader. You've already made good comment about that. What book would maybe either what book are you reading now or what was the last book you read that had an impact.

Well I just finished. This is marketing myself by Seth Godin. He was so so good. I you know I've I've read I love Seth Golden's work. I love his message sometimes. He's hard on audible because he's so chill and mellow. But this is marketing is one of those books that I listen to completely and then I bought it. And he has a saying and I think this is the book where he says content marketing is the only marketing left. So maybe that's probably why but it really his whole philosophy just comes back to. That. Yes there's psychological triggers and marketing and and why we buy and all of those things but it's kind of that doing the right thing is always the right thing. But he makes you look at it and he is so great at telling stories about companies who have done the opposite of what everyone expects and how it's worked and so that was fantastic. I just started reading essentialism and Greg I can't remember his last name. So yeah I read a ton of books but this is marketing was fantastic and I'm reading a central as I do. Amazon loves me I'm like oh I was the audible I need the hardback book or I'm like Oh but then I want it on my kindle too so I can read it and it's just ridiculous. So I've got Jay Abraham's book that I'm reading too. How to get all you want out of everything you've got or something like that I guess. Yes. Yeah. So yeah I read a lot and I'm always reading a novel too. Oh that's awesome.

So I love how you mix you know pleasure and business and you said you've said that from the onset that you do things that make you feel good and make you happy and that's so important because if you're not happy during the day then what's the point. What's the point of all this really. I mean when it comes down to it it's refreshing to hear you you know just be that transparency. Hey if it if it if it doesn't make you feel good I'm not doing it. So that's it. And that's the way everyone should live to a degree. Kids you know that's different. You got to pay attention and do what your parents tell you. But even if you don't like it it's interesting you said Seth Godin because I've not yet read a book by him and I just purchased it today yesterday a book by him by him called the dip. Have you read that one yet.

I have not read the dip. I've read all market. It was all marketers are liars. It started out as something else. I've read Purple Cow and he's got I've got a few of his books but I've heard the dip is really good. I you know it's funny. So I would say I mean I've obviously read a ton of business books do I think this is probably one of my most favorite marketing books of all time is a lot of stuff that I've read.

And you know the interesting thing to Brian is it depends on what you're trying to get from the book right in terms of a I would say general and it's a little bit like where we're going right now.

I mean it's not a book on copy it's not a book on you know sales techniques per say but I loved it. I loved it. I'm I'm seriously thinking I'm going to start doing video Amazon reviews because I want to get on the radar because I'd love to interview a. So I'm like I'm going to start doing video Amazon reviews. I think that's brilliant. Why not. That was absolutely a brilliant idea. Wow. That was a big thank you. Right

Yeah. I mean if everyone watching this is I mean there's plenty of room to go around. I'm sure Kim would mind a few nuzzled up next beside her with another video reviewing the same book that she ends up to review. But what a great idea. I mean talk about getting exposure out there and then people that follow that is just genius. That is a genius.

And the more I think about my book because my other hashtag ran I told you is everything is content right. And so what does that mean. If I if I'm telling people to show up and genuinely be themselves and then I go and I do a little screen capture of me leaving a video review I'm like Just give. Right. I mean that's a piece of content for me as well not that that's why I'm doing it but the whole thing is how can I get leverage feels like I'm trying to be sleazy because. But it's just I want to give. How can I encourage other people to give. How can I show people that this is fun and you can do something with it.

So I just play this all feels like play to me that I love that that is just such an absolute phenomenal idea. My gosh I. Yeah he could do that repurpose it all over the place YouTube have it transcribed and make articles from it. I mean my goodness it just goes on and on podcasts from it. You'll be up. It could be a podcast. Literally right.

Yeah absolutely. Well I do. Again you want to get them interviewed and just keep going. I mean it's content for your site like you said you can read there's just you. It's kind of limitless. You can do it.

That's like this show. I repurpose on to at least 15 different podcast platforms to repurpose and it's putting an e-book form going to make a book compilation out of it. Wink wink Kim you'll might be involved down the road be a co-author. That's a great way to do a collaborative book where you don't you have to put pen to paper or type in the keyboard. You just send it to an editor and say make a book out of this please.

Thank you very much. So there's so many ways and repurposing you we could go on for days on that. I love it because that's just working smart. And there was a guy who was it said it was an author of a book. I know I can picture his face relentless was the name of the title a book and he took issue with the same work smarter not harder he said. Who in their right mind came up with that and who would follow. He said No it's work smarter and harder. Oh like this guy that just stuck it just stuck. So I was gonna say Work smarter not harder but now let's work smarter this work smarter and continue to work harder.

Can I Can I add one little snippet. Because this is kind of a pet peeve and I won't go to ranty with every passing of content because there's a lot you see content agencies and I'm not thinking of anyone specific or calling anybody out. I don't believe in doing that by where it's like oh you know come on Well we'll record you know 60 videos then we'll repurpose it one we'll do this business niceness and then your content is done for the year.

Well the problem with that is that it serves the creator not the audience. Right. Because I can tell you there's no way that I would create a video today that I think it's gonna be valuable in September. I have no idea. So like I'm a big believer in the you know the twelve week year the 90 day sprint. But I think the repurposing of content that was created with the right intent is goal create better content promote it more you know give it more time and attention maybe repurpose it. It's not about massive quantity massive pushing because there's no listening happening then there's no conversation there's no dialogue it's like well I'm just gonna go make a bunch of stuff schedule it push it and I'm done and I can go do my thing while content. You need to be present for it to work. Otherwise it's just noisy. It's different if you have you know a massive platform already and you have tons of people following you or a million purple person email list. I mean that's completely different. But for the people that are you know not they're getting started or have something and are just now getting into content marketing and repurposing. Just do it with the right intent and then give that that you created more time and attention and energy versus massive quantities being pushed. Start listening and having conversations. I just I don't like the message that it's just about. You know churn and burn content push it and leave it. I think as the social platforms have gotten more crowded. Algorithms change you know you need to be very cognizant of what you're putting where and why you're doing it.

I couldn't agree more. I remember going back a very dear friend of mine still a very dear friend just a difference of opinion recommended that I actually find a PR piece of private label writes piece that was already written you already know him going with us and. Slap my name as the author and publish it as my own book and that way you become an instant author and I'm like but that doesn't serve anybody. I mean that just. That's that seems like so phony to me and he has the greatest intentions that a gem of a person this person he just just bad advice at that moment in my opinion and so I'm actually in the deep in the throes of writing my first full of full length book about two thirds of the way through it and I wanted to ask you that question regarding that I'm curious genuinely curious. What do you say to those who have books or have written a book or in the process of writing a book about repurposing content of their book into like blog posts and articles and those kinds of things or should they still just do what comes to them in that moment.

No I mean I think that's super smart right. But that's taking a book that you created with the right intention. And it was like I want to serve people with this book. So how can I get the book into more hands. That's marketing the repurposing as I look at it that it's just marketing. I mean more of where it's like show up let's record you know sixty three to five minute videos we'll get the audio we'll transcribe it and it's like I'm going to tell you I did that test because so I have a Facebook group and we ask people what's your biggest challenge with content.

I have thousands of answers now. They're pretty redundant at a certain point. So I thought OK I'm going to take ten of those. And I got all into it right. I even changed my shirt made videos so it's like I looked like I was filming on different days. And it's the way I talk. I cut myself off and stuff. It was so much more work to take that audio and try and turn it into a decent blog post not to mention I talk quickly and I was trying to keep it under three to five minutes. I was like This is garbage. I am not. I literally recorded 10 videos like I am not publishing any of these other ones.

And I thought it would have been so much more beneficial had I taken the time to write because I enjoy writing now. I mean I was never a bad writer in school but like my first blog post was a paragraph. It was heinous. It's like a robot wrote it. And so I enjoy the process though of doing it. And I think it didn't serve anybody. It was like this generic. Like. Question and Answer It's like take the time to answer the question thoroughly and then I don't know drive traffic to that post promote it ask questions if you can get some engagement like do something more that maybe if you've taken that post and it was really good and then you want to go record a video because you'd like to have the video for it that's different but the natural intent for that for the post was to solve a problem for somebody not how much content can I get out quickly and fast.

It just it was it was horrendous. I was like That was the biggest time. But I learned I know what not to do.

Yeah and that's good. And you learned very quickly you did one session of. So I get it I get what you're saying though it was just churn and burn like putting out content just for the sake of putting out content and no other reason. Just so that you can have more quantity. That's really yeah. And you can tell when someone's not into it. It's too transparent that way. So this this is great advice. You know it's gonna it's gonna go right in the face of a lot of people who want to do as much as they can to automate everything. I know I am an automation freak. I love automating everything I possibly can. And I finally learned the hard way that automation does not give you very good sales. It just doesn't work. It's a relationship business.

Exactly. I'm sorry to jump in this but so there's because it's funny you say that. And you know we were talking for everyday watching I was asking Brian before because I'm getting like obsessed with automation. I believe in segmenting and I think we're getting to this place where it's about quality subscribers and not so much quantity. That's not going to do any good. But if you have it kind of goes back to the thousand true fans article. Right. But in the case of being smart and keeping engaged and having a conversation with people those automation to me are brilliant. If if you're paying attention to how people are behaving and then you make an offer based on a behavior that you can't automate you write like right.

You have to do you. And so that's where I don't I don't know I just show up. It's like it's a work in progress forever. But I so I think like what you're doing with automation is gold I think I think so many more people could see you know another five hundred dollars a month if they set up a couple automation and made an offer from you know a follow up sequence maybe and it's. So those little things because those can change lives. Somebody maybe like this is not working. Oh my gosh this is working. You know. So does that make sense. I think you're automation is that you're doing can be gold. But then there's other ones just like pushing to social platforms. Right yeah. I think repurposing is great but I think there's also some value in showing up and manually posting and testing and being there to see if you can get a conversation going so you have to test it.

Totally agree. Showing up is so important. I preach it and teach it myself just show up like physically personally automation. I use it more in the back into to systematized the business not so much for the selling process. It's part of it. It's a part of it of course to keep things fresh in from their mind. You know they're just reminder emails that you can write that aren't they don't need to be deep and they do have to be current but they're just reminders hey I noticed you haven't taken action based on automation telling you that they haven't taken action. Things like that that really help streamline and make your life easier. For me automation is about more freedom right. It takes it's kind of like a vehicle you know it takes time and it takes money to maintain and update and change the oil but your vehicle runs smoother. Longer with an oil change it's similar with automation there's there's actually a lot of upfront time investment of both time and money and testing to thoroughly get it working but I'll tell you what. The moment it's dialed in it is like the sky's open and the harps are play and it is like oh this is awesome.

And now it's automated and you basically do a few little little manual steps to make the whole thing run. And I'm huge on it for that definitely and getting help. I have three apprentices now working with me that helped me in different areas of marketing social media. I watch everything they do. I make sure that it's in my value stream. It's not gonna be anything I have means in pictures. I ensure that there are any if there's any women on it that they are clothed and you know there's certain value systems that I want to be reflective of not only my business but of myself and just yeah automation from many different standpoints that is so beneficial. And yes you can use it in the sales process but what you just said is combine it with personal showing up in Branson on lives in interviews you know and and be there present at the moment like even when you're typing in a new blog post that's you being present and there and showing up you about say something.

Well I was I was just thinking in terms you know what this sales piece and all of those things that to your point like you're onboarding for the Shah was just ramp up. It was it was a system. It was beautiful. I was like This is really goal. So that is super valuable and I think what we have to remember is I don't know about you but when I find somebody that I get turned on to I'm like I just want to consume them I'm like OK you've got a podcast I can binge I want this. And so sometimes if when people are showing you that I listen to this I read this I like this they you know it's like I don't know you pick up a new hobby here's a great example. So you know I launched this plan or whatever. And part of my previous life I actually owned a scrap of stuff from 1998 2000. I was an art major for a while. I've got this real crafty side of me right. So I started getting into journaling last year and I got into watercolors and then I was like I'm gonna go back to lettering. I actually had some bought stickers that I designed when I had to scrap it sir. So ask me how many pen sets I've bought. Right. Six month because. Right. I got really into it.

So I want to hear from the pen company when they've got a new product. I want to hear from the people that I'm watching on youtube who literally have a million subscribers because they're showing their their layouts and their spreads or whatever. The point being when somebody comes into your space and they're really hungry and they're consuming that give them the opportunity to take it a step further is kind of what I mean from the sales perspective in that that's where automation can be magical because you can personalize someone's journey based on how they've interacted and engaged with what you've already provided them.

Yeah. Yeah it's magic you're right. Magic is a great word for it especially when you have it all dialed in and in working you actually pointed out one of the holes in the automation because I made a change because you've got an email you shouldn't have because you had already taken the action.

And I looked it up and I said oh there it is. I found it. So thank you for pointing that out so that it goes I'm just like I I did submit this right.

I know the e-mail says I know where I'll get busy sometimes and I'm like huh. I know she did because I saw that come in.

I was notified that you finished and like that's interesting I missed something somewhere. So I'm constantly nonstop fine tuning refining and improving. And I love it.

And it has to be it just gives a a level of professionalism and I wanted to stand out from above and I'm not in competition with anybody but I've seen too many other lives on where they just they pull out their phone there's wind in the background or walk in somewhere I'm like Wow OK. I mean it depends on what they're trying to achieve. I get it.

I wanted this to be for me the important thing was you Kim it's my important thing is for my guest to look the best the brightest the most colorful to look the most professional to have you know a professional setting within to bring your your juice your magic to the world. It's important to me. So I put a lot of time and effort to make sure it was quality. And that's what drove me to do it.

Not for me personally. It's to make my guests shine in the light that they should shine in. So. Well you've done a great job. Thanks so much.

Enough about that and me because it's about you. There's one question I absolutely have to ask you. I know we started a couple minutes late so we're going to go a couple minutes longer if that's OK with you. I'm great. I could go for another hour or two for anybody watching just stay on. We might go well under everyone's and respect everyone's time but there's one thing that I noticed time and again you know how many times have you come in to like a seminar where a networking event a webinar where they talk about you know the importance of marketing and the kind of skate along the surface of different forms of marketing different approaches of marketing.

But how often do they do that. And you walk away not knowing exactly what the heck you're supposed to do to successfully market like give me some. Yeah give me something tangible what where do I start. What tool. Because to be honest there are many many many avenues and forms of marketing out there and of those many there are quite a few that can be used successfully. And so it's just a matter of picking one that works for your business and starting there and if you find that it works continue with it and then look for more for you personally what what. How do you go about marketing your business. You know what. What really has been your most successful form of marketing that someone else could emulate and maybe model your success from podcasting hands down as I for a while I did a dozen for your podcast service.

I don't do any service working work. And it was so easy to sell because I believe in it. One hundred and fifty percent. It was something that I like video too so I'm not a..

Video by any means but there's something about the fact that there's like this intimate conversation when I'm listening to a podcast like the world does not I'm not paying attention I'm not. I mean I'm doing what I'm doing. But the bottom line is it's an intimate conversation you can take it word wherever you go. We're all time staff right. And so it's it's something that you can do passively like I love. It's funny like you know my kids are bigger now. We go to visit my parents as far as I am all you good. You got like I'm listening to something you know and I love that but I'm like to me it's like two hours in the car. What can. What can I listen to. What. And again sometimes it's something spiritual sometimes I don't do a lot of novels audiobooks anymore. But but it's really it's that there's something about podcasting and I think it's you know it's fun when I started doing the podcast then people would read it they're like I can totally hear your voice. Now when I read your writing and they get to know you because you hear the intonations right.

And so I think there's something about the way it registers. And I just think you know where things are heading. We've got voice search coming up you know you've got Amazon Alexis skills which I haven't touched yet. I am committed to doing that. But there's something about podcasting that I just think it's neat. It's this it's this intimate conversation versus a video that you have to be super focused on you can take it with you wherever you want. It's very easy to consume but what's unique about the podcast is you know it's kind of like texting it or even emails. It's like you can interpret things how you want but when you get to hear someone's the way they say that you know and here's a video that I'll never forget. I don't know. I was 22 or somehow was on the phone. I was at my mom's like I had never heard the word totally you so many times in my life because I could say Oh totally totally.

I'm like Oh I'm totally right. So you can you hear that in someone's voice and you're going. I know I know I know I know. Right. So you get to really I don't know why I'm so on right now I'm sorry the group can pick it up but podcasting.

I just think it's this intimate conversation. And it was like in a way I felt like I was cheating after I'm like I'm totally getting like this hour of coaching from somebody that I want to know more about this topic and there's a I always say the perception this influence this influential perception because of who you've had on your show who you're connected with. You have no idea. I can't tell you how many podcast interviews have led to a good friendship that I had no idea where it was going to go or what was going to happen. But I liked what somebody was doing. I wanted to know more about the topic. I had an audience I had a platform. I mean it was great one somebody reached out to me. There's a book called MCO for growth by John Jansen duct abducted marketing and Phil Singleton. Phil and I had this amazing podcast interview. He referred me to be on Duct Tape Marketing my podcast downloads shot to thirty thousand a month when I was on duck tape. It didn't sustain. But the point is I was a duct tape marketing so you just don't know where those things you're gonna connect and you're simply it's like doing your show.

I just like podcasting because I think there's it's a lower point of entry than video interviews and shows absolutely it's it's much easier to start up and execute don't have to get all dressed up you know and put on the good threads and do my hair. Yeah yeah me too. I mean I spent hours.

Well you know you've got you've got anchor on your phone now. I mean it's free. You can you can monetize it. There's just. Anyways I will not keep selling podcasts and I have nothing to gain from it. And I think it is easy for people to jump in and you.

It sounds like your successful method is an interview style format in podcasting.

Yes or no. I think my ego's too big for just an interview so I do a solo show one week and then I do an interview and I do a full hour long solo show.

And it's funny because some of those will have better downloads it depends. So here's a great example for a physical planner right. And we did a Kickstarter and I've so accepted the fact that I never give myself enough runway for marketing. It was a great eye opener. We didn't hit the Kickstarter funding fight. The product's taken off. So I did a whole podcast episode and it was why a failed kickstarter. Logistics are how a failed Kickstarter led to a successful product. And I just told my story and it was therapeutic to write. I realized we did a whole hell of a lot of work and accomplished a ton but massive market validation this happened from end of August to December like we did it. We did this and so it was really therapeutic. And so I just shared that whole journey and I said I probably wouldn't do a Kickstarter again. This is why whatever. So you know I like doing those solo shows too because I peel back the curtains you know like the sucked or guess what. I had a huge win and people go along with that journey with you and it's it's phenomenal.

Yeah. So true stories whether even if they're not true if you're just telling a story. So yeah it's something I learned though speaking from stage that kind of blew my mind. The concept blew my mind originally was well I want to give them I just want to like cram I'm full of content give them content no dial it back bro let's do some let's inject a story here that's put one here that's put on here and I'm like Yeah but but the stories all have a purpose in those cases they're always themed appropriately to move into the next or segway into the next topic but the story I don't bring people and keep them on say and I'm getting way too tired I'm sorry.

So one thing that another book that I would recommend for people is story brand by Donald Miller story brand story brand. It is amazing. And then he has a free resource that will help you create your story brand. But this was a total game changer for me. This was something I listen to driving my daughter down to L.A. I was coming back. I'm like I'm gonna listen to a story. We've all heard the hero's journey right. And so you think of the Hero's Journey. But he flipped it on its head for me because he said it's your audience that needs to see themselves as the hero you shouldn't be the hero when you're using the hero's journey when you're talking to your audience and creating content you know. And so of course my example always Harry Potter I'm like OK so my guess my reader my my listener whatever they need to feel like Harry in this story and they need to build a put themselves in my place. And so it's something that you know content and even through teaching it's framing it in a way that somebody can relate to it and see themselves in that story. And so that's what I've done for myself it's like when I share that crap it's like oh I'm not the only one who's failed is what. Yes you're helping other people. Yeah.

Yeah. You're becoming relatable. People can relate to you. You know they see you you know they hear you on podcasts they see all over the web they assume you are wildly successful and your life is perfect and you know if they cannot relate to a perfect life and often they will just shy away and say well they're too good for me. I can't even approach them. They're just too big for me. The key is to be as transparent as possible without getting too personal of.

But it's so cool that you know what you're saying is so perfect because it's just as important to express our failures as it is our successes because it makes us human and that connects that connection. You know like and trust factor it just really solidifies that. And it does it. The way you're talking about it in a very authentic way which is key you know you don't want to be out only about this. My goodness we ran away with time and I could get going. Hey that's the beautiful thing about doing it in this venue I'm not on a radio show where we had to cut it you know eight minutes ago we can go as long as necessary but there is one final question I would like to ask you I ask it. I've asked it of all the previous guests and it's a big one. It's a heavy hitter and it's it's something that everyone should stick on for. Before I do that though real quick let's get into the prize because I haven't even gone to that with the five star Mexican resort. And here it is it's on the screen for you is you watching right now if you're watching live this is how you enter to win a five star vacation stay in a are a five night vacation stay in a five star Mexican resort and you can do it one of two ways you can go to either the web and go to reach your peak LLC dot com for such a vacation.

It's on the screen right now for you again that's reach your peak LLC dot com forward slash vacation or if it's easier for you to stay with us on this live show and go to your phone and text pick the word peak PPACA to the number 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Again that's the word PPACA 2 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 definitely yes do this now go ahead and go on your phone keep open a new tab on your browser to keep listening because you don't want to miss the answer to this question and by the way this is brought to us by our good friends at power texting dot com Jason and Rhonda. Phenomenal phenomenal people love them dearly and they have a phenomenal service called Power texting dot com.

In fact of course I use that service. It's an amazing service site. I highly recommend you check that out. Anyone that's in marketing or an entrepreneur. It is absolutely a godsend for me and my business anyway. So let's get back to. The star of the hour right here. It's not me. It's Kim and this. So just to kind of level set it to ease ease any tension that might have been brewing based on what the heck is this question going to be that is building up just so you know. Kim there is no such thing. None. No such thing as a wrong answer. It's impossible. And in fact it's just the opposite. The only right answer. Is yours. And what I found to date that every every guest I've asked the same exact question of has had their own unique answer. It's amazing. It's really really interesting.

So are you ready now that I've built it up like I'm I'm all going to be out.

It may end if it takes you a moment to come up with the answer. It's ok don't worry about dead air time. We're all friends and family here. So here it is Kim. How do you personally. How do you Kim. How do you define success.

Living life on my terms.

Take your time and think about it.

Living life on my terms is success. I think that's a new record. Yeah I'm not. I'm not. There's not a lot of dead air with me as you can probably tell.

I love it. And yet so some answers are similar but none of them know or are to or exactly the same.

I've heard of others say freedom. Others would say something. Then start elaborating and then then you'd realize OK the real answer was later down the road years is definite there's no. Yeah and I love that. I love that you're absolutely certain you already know what success means to you. And that's a great definition. I'm going to compile a list of all these answers and make another sub like a booklet kind of thing of all. How do you define success. Learn from the most successful people you know. Entrepreneurs that walk the planet what their

Version of success is. Maybe you'll find yours there too. Kind of some like that. So thank you for that and thank you. You know what. Also I we have that prize to give away you. Also I noticed had something that you would like to offer for those who are watching and it's I'm going to bring up the site. It's a six part free course and I'll just basically. Turn it over to you once I get it up on the screen here in just a moment. And

There we go.

So go ahead and take it away and tell folks how to grab this amazing resource so you can go to content traffic Kickstarter dot com. And I've had a couple people with a redirect for it. If that doesn't hit it's Kim Doyle dot com forward slash content dash trip traffic dash kickstarter. Sorry for the wordy you are all there. The direction take you there. This is the whole part of this free course and you guys I went deep in this six part. There's like 30 modules but they're all like you know five to eight minutes they're not super long.

But my goal is to get people to start publishing. I want you to just show up and so I talk about using using the different platforms and we go into like you can look at the pulp the modules like getting started if you're not sure Jedi mind tricks because I really believe in mindset same thing. You know you may think you've got nothing to say but to quote Dr. Seuss. No one is you than you. Right. And so that's who we are is the only differentiating factor we have now with content to be honest with you. You know so I talked about growing an audience asking the right questions being asked right questions and how to use those questions a platform persuasion. What you're doing on the different platforms and then in secret that most people ignore. So this is a completely free course you get an idea of who I am based on it. I just want people to get over their fears and their thoughts. You know what content is just being afraid to hit publish. You just need to start doing it. And so that's my goal with this course is to get you to take action. You start creating content. Start finding your voice. It again is through the doing that you're going to get clarity and you're gonna get stuff nailed down way quicker than thinking you're gonna get hit the lightning bolt. So it's it's I love content marketing obviously but it's a completely free course and it's I think you'll get a ton out of it. I've had plenty of people tell me they should I should have sold this but I really want people to get a good feel and build a solid foundation for content marketing. And I do have other testimonials that I've not obtained but I thought this was kind of funny when I was building the landing page

And I love the fact that you have a sense of humor to go with everything else and keep it light keep it real. But look at all of this. My goodness look at all of that content. And she is asking of you to pay a whopping zero dollars. All you have to do is click on the button and follow the instructions. Thank you so much for that. That is amazing. Amazing and what I'm going to do real quick is once I get you back on the screen is I'll put up the link that you discussed on the live so folks can then just click on that and go straight to it. Awesome. OK. Now finally what I would like to do is is have you can give our viewers and listeners what is the best way your preferred way for them to get in direct connection with you to contact you.

I was going to say Facebook but I mean even e-mail me Kim at Kim Doyle dot com. I would prefer that to be honest with you because if I read it and Messenger and I'm out and about and I forget I can't market as unread I am pretty much Kim Doyle and it's still why I yell everywhere online. You can join us on our Facebook group content creators. I'm pretty easy to find. I would say my Web site just came to all dot com but email is probably the best to be honest with you I feel a little bit old school. I use messenger all the time and I love it. But especially for not connected as our friends it might be harder to get back. Yeah sorry about that.

I love it. We have a. We have a co-star in the show now.

Goodness. Real quick if you really really quiet. I'm sorry you had all these great roles and I'm like they were like show we should have been off right.

So a It's nothing. Yeah that's that's some say you're supposed to be off. Let's get going. Let's walk time. Let's go. Yeah. Well fantastic.

Kim can't thank you enough. This has just been an absolute joy. I kid you not. I'm absolutely truthful. This has been what an eye opener I've got notes I've got books. I hope everyone else did the same and took notes and are gonna go read those books another one by Seth Godin I'm gonna grab since we got off the air here.

For those of you watching listening can't wait till the next show in our next amazing guest expert. But for now the woman of the hour Kim Doyle thank you. Thank you so very much for coming on and and just raining down all that value. For everyone watching and listening. Thank you Kim. Thank you Brian. All right. Everyone else we'll see you again next time on the mind body business show. That's it for now. Be blessed. We'll talk to you soon. Bye bye now

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body business shows with Brian Kelly.

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Kim Doyal

Kim Doyal, formerly known as, “The WordPress Chick”, is an entrepreneur, coach, speaker and content creator. She has built her lifestyle business using WordPress, podcasting, creating content, and a commitment to “JustShowUP.” Widowed in 2003 with two small children, she was determined to build a business that allowed her to be at home while doing something she loved. Fast forward to today and she runs the community, Content Creators, is co-founder of the Content Creators Planner, teaches content marketing and coaches entrepreneurs on growth through content strategies.

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