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Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly:
Hello everyone and welcome welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show so happy you could join us this evening. We have an amazing amazing guest expert goes by the name of Kristian Meyer. You're going to love this gentleman. He is. He's got so many things going on and they're all good and they all relate to each other. So it's OK to have more than one thing going on when they're like that. Like to always teach and preach you know focus on one thing that is exactly what he's doing and repurposing it in several different ways which is genius. And you'll find out in just a moment. Cannot wait to introduce you to this fine young man. And he's got a voice like a rock star you're going to love it. And speaking of rock star The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. What is that about. It's about what I call the three pillars of success and that's mine which is mindset. When you have a rock solid powerful mindset then things just come easier. It is a foundation to all of your success either in the business world and in personal life as well. And then body What is that about that is about taking care of yourself both on the inside and out. And that is by eating the proper foods drinking the proper liquids and also exercising moving on a regular basis. And then business business is multifaceted that is marketing sales team building systematized scaling many among many other facets in business. And what I found over the course of my 54 years on this planet is when I started focusing on successful people they always had those three patterns those three pillars that made them successful they had that rock solid mindset. They took care of themselves physically and they hadn't mastered the skill sets necessary in business. And for those that they didn't master personally they got the help they needed and delegated that to those who did. And that's what this show is all about is about helping you the viewer by bringing on incredible special guests experts successful people like Kristian Meyer to help you along one or two or even all three of these areas. It's an organically produced show. We don't really have anything rehearsed and we just talk. It's two entrepreneurs talking and just from doing this about 50 times in the past each and every time the value has been immense. So you want to stick with us and on sticking around with things and going through and always putting in the effort. One of the most important things I learned at a about gosh it's been it's been about a decade ago probably more than that. A mentor of mine told me some amazing advice he gave me some incredible advice. Long time ago I was in his office. It was back on the East Coast. He had me flown out pick me up in a limo. I stayed a couple days there in his main office. I can stay in his office overnight and we were discussing a contract deal. But at one point I'm sitting on the couch and he's looking at me and he just says Brian if people only knew if they just did this one thing if they just did this one thing they'd all be super rich and the whole story comes down to the answer is reading reading books reading the right books. And so that's you know that's I'm like you've got to be kidding me. That's it. That is the secret to getting rich reading books. And I made a huge mistake at that moment and I absolutely discounted did not take heed of that advice at all. I didn't read for years after that. Thankfully later on I met. And then we became good close friends with another mentor of mine ended up speaking from his stage training his students for a couple of years and learned a lot from him as well. And he also was a voracious reader and very successful. And I finally got that kick in the side of the head that finally says Brian wake up. So I began reading voraciously. And so what I want to do is really quickly segway into a quick segment I call appropriately bookmarks.

Bookmarks born to read bookmarks. Ready steady read bookmarks brought to you by

Brian Kelly:
Yeah for those you watching live you can see that's the side next to me. What that is is a Web site that I developed personally as a gift to you. To you the entrepreneur the business person the person looking to advance in their life. And so what this is is a compilation of past books I personally read. I'm way behind this. There's actually quite a few more. There's about 40 in this list right now and sort of scroll down real quick. And what I wanted to do is make this available for anybody who's looking for books that they know have quality at least one person that's yours truly has vetted these books and so you're not just guessing throwing a dart at the dartboard and hoping you hit a book that you're not gonna be wasting your time on. And so I put these together so you could quickly find one or more or all of these books that are really going to help you as well in the areas of business and personal development you name it it's in there. And so that's my gift to you because I now know and have been a voracious reader for years now. I now know the importance of reading. It is literally a life changer. But the problem is it's not just reading the lack of success isn't just the fact that you're not reading it's just you're not reading the right books. If you are reading so this will give you a guide on getting started in that area and you know. I think I've blabbed enough and it's time to bring on the special guest the expert. Wouldn't you agree? Because you're gonna love this guy Kristian Meyer. So let's do that. Let's bring on Kristian Meyer, our special guest expert right now. Here we go.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight savvy skillful professional adept trained big league qualified.

Brian Kelly:
And there he is ladies and gentlemen. Oh Meyer. The one the only the man the myth the legend. He is here on our stage at The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. How are you doing. Kristian how are things going.

Kristian Meyer:
I'm good. I appreciate you having me on the show.

Brian Kelly:
Oh man thank you so much. He's coming all the way to us from Reno Nevada which isn't very far from where I am in Southern California. But I appreciate you being on and enduring the heat right along with us. And we've got a phenomenal show lined up and right before before I forget Kristian. I hope you don't mind. I want to remind our listeners and our viewers for those you that stay on to the end during this live show. You're going to have the opportunity to win a five night stay at a five star resort in Mexico. And this is not one of those things where they bait and switch you and pull you in and give you a training session on timeshare. It hasn't. There is none of that that goes on of five nights five star Mexican resort and that's put on by my good friends our sponsor Jason Nast and Rhonda of So say on to the end, we give away a vacation stay every single show and I hope it's you you're the winner. The one is watching right now. Oh that's you.

I hope I'm the winner. Here you go. All right. Kristian Meyer is a 21st century polymath after stepping away from a successful marketing career where it was becoming increasingly apparent that corporations no longer valued loyalty. Christians set out on a path of leadership and entrepreneurial spirit. Well I can so relate to that loyalty statement through this journey. Kristian founded a massively growing Dog Rescue nonprofit. This is very interesting. And then became an owner and vice president of sales and marketing for a niche CBD oil company and hosts various podcasts through his entertainment network. Finally let's hear this golden voice. Kristian Meyer welcome to the show my friend. Thank you very much.

Fantastic. We're going to dive deep into a lot of that. And I appreciate that you put that together so we can get a quick understanding of what you're up to. What I'd like to do and the way I like to open each show with my guests is dig a little deeper because successful people have these patterns and habits and routines and they also have this mindset that gets them where they are. And so I'm always curious each and every individual is slightly different. And we are thankfully. And so what I'd like to ask is like in the morning let's say when you're getting up at a bad Kristian and you know you're feeling a little groggy. If you're anything like me in the very beginning you're still kind of coming to your feet at the floor you start to come to and then you start you know the awareness kicks ends like another day. And then the drive starts kicking in. The motivation starts kicking in and then you're like yes let's go for you. What is that. Yes that gets you going in the morning.

Well it's a couple different things.

So when I get up in the morning I always follow sort of the same routine a little bit of background at 23. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia which is a auto immune disease. And so taking care of myself was a big part of that. And so when I get up in the morning I do a little bit of yoga a little bit of mindfulness stretch the body out. I find that if I ever skip a day doing that I pay for it much later in the afternoon.

And so that sort of starts things out and it gives me a chance to sort of compose my thoughts on any number of topics and then basically from there my brain just sort of kicks in and you know I've always got something going on as you mentioned all the different things that I'm involved with. It's a little bit of a juggling match and so you know part of the fun is trying to piece together my day and figure out you know what takes priority what needs to be done. And from there you know how to go ahead and put that into action.

Fantastic. And on average how long. I'm just a curious guy so I ask these really crazy questions but on average about how long does it take you to get through a morning routine when you first get up and get going.

I spend about 45 minutes doing yoga stretching mindfulness just to sort of set that tone for the day.

At that point then it depends on what's going on there. I'll jump in the shower and get ready to go or ice head straight to the Home Office and boot up pewter and start my day from there.

Let her rip. Yes. So thank you for that cannot answer because I always ask that because I'm always curious myself. Well how long does one invest in their routine. And again it's very personal. Everyone does what works for them. But the cool thing is is most successful entrepreneurs such as yourself have. Routine to begin with. Many that have not reached that you know that level of success I'm looking for. That's one of the reasons is they have no morning or even evening routine. It doesn't matter when really as long as you embark on something that will set you reset your mind. Get your body in tune and ready to go. And like you just said plan out your day. Whether that's in the morning when you get up or the night before or both. It really doesn't matter it's whatever works for you and that's cool. That's another common pattern I've noticed in interviewing so many successful people like yourself Kristian so appreciate you just being candid and answering that because that can be a personal thing if a dependent on what people do to get ready. So I appreciate that very much.

Yeah. Routine is super important especially when you have a lot of things going on you know and there's people that depend on you and in my case dogs that depend on you. If you don't have that routine then things fall through the cracks and and lives are literally on the line.

I'm not you know I'm glad you mentioned the dogs. Let's break into that a little bit. We were talking a little bit before the show started off camera and it's really awesome what you're doing. And I would like to help get the word out about what you are doing because it's an amazing service if you will that you are providing to the dog nation shape that if you wouldn't mind give a brief overview.

You know it could be long. What your whole non-profit does how it works where the dogs come from etc. like you were telling me earlier I thought that was very very interesting.


So the name of the organization is rough riders dot org and we are a non-profit and our main focus is pulling dogs from kill shelters in Southern California Central California southern Nevada. We work with the rural shelters that are out here and we transport them up work with our own foster base with the other rescues and shelter organizations here in the Reno area. I find them homes give them a second chance at life.

So these are like dogs that are literally a lot of them on death row is that is that a correct statement.

Yeah. These you know the shelters they are they're so overcrowded that when a dog comes in regardless of breed temperament whatever it may be they're given a timeline.

And at the end of that timeline they are euthanized for lack of a better term.

And it's it's no fault of the shelters it's just a product of overcrowding and large populations. And to some degree ignorance and lack of education in spay and neuter and proper care for dogs and understanding you know how dogs function. And really it's just a matter of bringing those into those areas so that way you know the population control can be brought down a little bit.

Yes. So you're like a dog distribution center as well.

And that's awesome because you're taking dogs from places that you know there's just not enough people to go around to adopt these. And then you you come and rescue them from places like L.A. and other areas and bring them to a location where they won't be euthanized and they will get a get a home.

Yeah. So where we're located is that perfect middle ground of available dogs and adoption of Foster rates. And so education is great. But as you move further north into areas like Oregon and Washington and even Idaho I mean there's shelters there that don't have any dogs available for adoption. And so what we're trying to do is like you said basically distribute you know that overpopulation try to reduce the number of dogs that are put down.

That's amazing to me. So if you don't mind my asking what got you going down this path originally.

Basically what it came down to is I had spent 17 years in automotive marketing down in Southern California from where I live to where I work was 18 miles on the road took me two and a half hours to get to work every day two and a half to three hours to get home trying to spend time with my family. It just all became overwhelming. Every day was a little bit like Groundhog Day. You know you wake up you get in the car you'd sit in the car. Worked for 10 to 12 hours get in the car come back home go to bed rinse repeat. And it took its toll. I mean it caused depression and eventually decided you know what I need to take myself out of that situation. I moved back to the Reno area where the pace of life is a little bit slower and took a long time to think of you know what I wanted to do with my life. You know I was essentially starting over and decided I really wanted to do something that was bigger than myself had always loved rescue dogs. We've got. You know three dogs of our own and figured you know that would be a great area to get into. It would keep me connected to that southern California area and through all of my marketing background and everything that I had experienced and been doing before gave me that chance to apply that to something. I guess you could say a industry that's somewhat become stale. You know if you're ever flipping through the channels and come across one of those ceramic Loughlin videos with you know sad dogs cowering in cages we took the complete opposite stance of that really showing the the joys and the the benefit of rescue.

Fantastic. And I love the cause that is behind it and we're going to as I opened on this show we're going to see how this fits into what else you're doing. I love how you put this together. It's just it's brilliant. And we'll go there in just a moment. So those who are watching listening Stay with us. And by the way when we mentioned resources like Web sites or books or things like that stick with us. In other words don't leave and go surfing while we're talking because you know the magic happens in the room as they say. And if you leave you might miss that one golden nugget that Kristian says that could have changed your life your business life your personal life. You never know. So just stay here and then take notes. Just take notes. Write down those Web site addresses those book names. And on that note Kristian I'm assuming maybe I shouldn't assume but would you consider yourself to be an avid reader like you.

I didn't used to be in high school I loved reading. I read a lot.

And then when I got out into the corporate world figured freedom I don't have to read anymore. And then at the point where I started changing things around in my life I picked up reading again.

And for me I'm very equal parts left brain and right brain. And so I like to switch off between fiction and nonfiction and you know it keeps things fluid and entertaining for me.

Definitely definitely. And we were kind of talking about a book recently reading right before we came on the show and just if there are kids listening. Cover your ears for the title. But if you don't mind share what you're reading now and what golden nuggets if you're far enough into it that you've gotten from it so far.

Yeah. So the book we were talking about which I finished a few weeks back is a book called the subtle art of not giving a fuck. And it's a really well-written book. The title doesn't exactly do it justice. It's not one of those things where it's like. But the title is a full explanation of what it is for lack of a better term. It's basically about re prioritizing the fucks that you give. And you know they utilize that as a verb in the book quite a bit and really it's just about changing your mindset and not letting the small things get to you and Dutch really taking advantage of the things that really should matter matter and do matter.

You know I think that's actually on point because so many of us spend so much time in things that don't matter that we're not prioritizing our times or our time doing things that really aren't giving you know doing us any good nor those closest to us that our loved ones our friends or colleagues.

So even though the title seems a little racy it sounds like there's some good juice if you will inside of that book that can be used to help people to really get out of that rut if you will. Definitely. Absolutely cool. Thank you for sharing that. We have a quick warning shot before that came on and I'm not like it if words come out they come out it's all right we're adults here it's no big deal. Fantastic. So I wanted to move into what you've done with dogs but now as a for profit entity and what you've done and how you're helping dogs and a business where you can actually monetize your work if you don't mind if you could briefly describe what that businesses and what that is all about.

Yes. So right after I started the dog rescue nonprofit I had a gentleman reach out to me a local manufacturer of CBD products and that he the company is called Seven leaf labs and there's a couple of product lines but the main one is seven leaf hats. And for me as I mentioned I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia CBD specifically has. Changed a lot of my life and how I function day to day. I was telling Brian a little bit that you know previously I was on four medications twice a day. It made me feel a little bit like a zombie. And I just didn't like the way it made me feel. And so in discovering CBD helped me reduce those numbers of medications and the fact that you know what we were doing with the dog rescue in relation to the CBD products and more information that comes out about the advantages of what they can do for dogs really piqued my interest. And then within the last few months he approached me and asked if based on my sales marketing background if I would take up the vice president of sales and marketing for the company and really help expand it and revitalize and get it to a point where you know it's making a difference nationwide it's truly phenomenal.

And I love the connection between you know what your work with the dogs you're distributing of dogs to help them to basically stay alive. And now you're going down the path and have gone down the path of providing what would you call them supplements or just there.

Yeah. For lack of a better term neutral super nutritious suitable supplements.

Ok. Neutral cynical supplements. Fantastic. And so I am completely green in this area no pun intended. And you were you were educating me for this show because you're talking about the different types of benefits from CBD oil. Before we go deeper into that does it matter where CBD oil is extracted manufactured and how. As far as quality or is that pretty much generic across the board.

So it does depend. There's different processes for extracting that we do what's called a whole plant extract from the hemp plant. Now a lot of people associate it with marijuana. Marijuana is the flower that's the psychoactive portion of the plant whereas CBD and the hemp oil comes from the stock in the leaves of the plant itself. So based on how it's processed determines the purity of it and then right now it's a little bit of the Wild West in terms of CBD. And so the FDA is working on guidelines and regulations to make sure that manufacturing processes are regulated.

So I know you might be a little bit jaded when I ask this question you might you might have an opinion but what do you think you stand on the purity and the quality of the CBD oil.

Well the nice thing is everything here is local. So you know the supplier that we utilize to do the extraction. Yeah we know them personally and we're able to test that and get that quality to where we want it to be. And then we mixed that CBD with the different products that we offer and utilizing know high quality carrier oils which would be like coconut oil for instance for the drops that you take in and tested.

I was just cruising the site a little bit there. And what kind of what type of product are these ingesting all four dogs and four cats and I see horses as well. Are they industrial are they topical or are they both. How do they. How do you get this into their system to help them.


So the main product line for seven leaf pets is the adjustable drops and they're available in three different strengths really based on three different sizes of animals. So we've got one hundred and fifty milligram CBD 300 mg CBD 600 mg CBD CBD. And what we do is we feed it to the dogs. However you can. Typically we recommend putting it in their food or mix it in with little chicken beef or vegetable broth and based on their size and whatever the condition is working with them a little bit to help alleviate whatever the situation might be.

So when you were when you were actually asked to become the marketing guy for this company did you have any I mean at that moment was the concept to apply it to pets your concept or was that something that they had already started down that path. How did that come to fruition.

No so they had already started down that path but for us and for me you know I like working in areas that I. Fully support that that I stand behind. And yeah we've got three dogs here at home. One of those dogs is a four year old Teddy. He's just fine but we've got two dogs since who are 14. Getting up there in age and our miniature docks and shoes riddled with cancer. Her teeth are so bad that you know if she'd needed to have surgery she wouldn't unfortunately wake up from the medicine that they put her under.

And so we were looking for solutions to help her out prolong her life and give her the relief that she wanted. And you know every thing that we researched turned to CBD and so it just happened to be almost serendipity that you know they approached us and then we started using it with her.

And you know it's effective. You know it's she's probably prolonged her life maybe a year longer than she might have otherwise.

That's phenomenal. And you know who doesn't want to help another living being you know prolong their life and be happier during that time that they're life their life you know to have a quality of life to go with it.

Absolutely. You know kudos to you for a champion in first you know the rescue and that now coming over and now you're able to help the pets with their health. And that's phenomenal.

And then there was something else you did start as you transition from pets and then this other type of approach came into being and it seemed to follow a certain pattern.

And I know you know what I'm talking about.

So where did your journey take you to next.

So Sergio who's my business partner there at seven leaf labs originally approached me about seven leaf pets and then mentioned a product line that he was trying to get off the ground and it was being met with a little resistance just because you know CBD products tend to be a little more expensive than Nancy products just because manufacturing costs where they were position and it was for more of the tab to buy. And those sorts of things. And so we spent a lot of time talking and realized through a lot of research that I did that there are no CVD health and skincare line specifically for men. And so we decided to run with that and our rebranding and get ready getting ready to relaunch what's called bootlegged products and plays on that. You know prohibition era imagery and we utilize names and products that are really for you know what we call the modern man. And so we've got a a bay rum aftershave Splash which smells fantastic. And then you know for me I tend to go a little too long between shades and when I do that you know I get the red bumps and I find that you know the healing factor and that helps out so much better compared to more of a traditional aftershave.

We've got an after tap to care which helps with skin conditions whether it's eczema open wounds and then we've got big cartridges and oil as well that help the human side of things as far as you know Calming Anxiety inflammation which I mentioned you know I utilize CBD for you know there's been helping cat cancer patients for instance who you know they don't have the will to eat but it helps you know build that appetite and all of this is geared towards men it's branded towards men. We're working on beard oils lotions for guys who work with their hands quite a bit and you know the sense we utilize are a little bit more masculine. Everything else up that's out there they're either very clinical in their use or their scent or they're very geared towards the feminine side and you know obviously if you're utilizing that you know as a guy at the you know the work site you might get a little flak for it and that right there ladies and gentlemen is a USP unique selling proposition.

I love that. I mean it's not only geared toward men but the branding is also going after it. It has that undertone of tattooed men which many are doing. So it has kind of like that that well I'll do it now that bad ass kind of feel to it even though it doesn't mean you have to have tattoos in order to take advantage of the products.

It's a it's a really cool brand. I think personally I'm one person but in the fact that you're going after specifically men. Which is cool. It's good to see that happen because it seems to be a rare commodity. I think it's increasing a bit of late but that's that's good. I appreciate you for doing that and so appreciate. So we're seeing this this. We wanted to talk about. I wanted to pull it together so we started with a rescue center a rescue service for dogs and then that that transitioned into or melded into it in transition because you're still doing that into utilizing CBD oil to help pets dogs cats and horses.

There might be more in that line and then that then went to the higher echelon of beings being humans to to mention specifically and so it's so nice that you know you're saving lives on the beginning with the rescue you're helping to prolong lives for those same wonderful creatures and then you're also helping with men using the same basically the same kind of products and you were telling me some great stuff and you've mentioned some of them on the show but CBD oil because again I'm so green in this area. I don't. I was until you taught me but you were talking about how it helps with anxiety depression and fibromyalgia which is one of those mystery diagnosis. You never know what's going on you just know that you heard everywhere. Yeah. Twenty three two. Bro that is like I have never heard him but I'm getting it. And you also mentioned it helps with sleeping as well.

It does. Yeah. And again you know as we talked at the beginning of the show what's my brain starts getting going it's really hard to shut it off and so I get there at night and I'm laying down for bed and my brain is coming up with new ideas and things that I need take care of. And it's so hard to just shut it off and so CBD you know helps with the call mine of that. And then the other thing for me is you know I don't like to dream. I feel like if you know I dream at night that I was almost working all night instead of sleeping and so based on the other different types of CBD it helps reduce that dreaming or at least I can't remember it in the morning.

So is there a specific product coming on your product line for that for the sleep that will help with that like an adjustable faucet.

Yeah. We're looking at a couple of different things there. The big thing actually on the animal side of things is in addition to the three different breeds size oils that we're offering we're also going to be having products that are infused with other known additives. So for instance there's gonna be a calming solution that has melatonin in it. You know we're coming up on 4th of July and so many dogs have issues with fireworks and so a product like that really helps calm them and deal with some of that anxiety. We're having one that is specifically geared towards pain and older dogs like ours that you know deal with pain deal with cancer and we're using a tumor as an additive to that and then we're going to be offering flavors as well and so we'll have a bacon flavor for dogs and our salmon flavored for cats. And you know as we expand with that obviously going over the human line you know we're always taking a look at where we can really fit a need.

Yeah I think this the sleeping aid part of that would be phenomenal. I'm just like you when you when you were talking I was like Oh my God you sound like me I can turn it off.

I just now I will sit sometimes I'll be there in bed for two hours before finally it quiets down enough in my head and it's just sometimes that it's been so many years as it's been going on like this. I just go with it say well the worst case of all this is I'm I'm resting anyway I'm lean still but that would be of deep interest to me. I've tried melatonin by itself of an amount and it never touched me. I'm one of those people that supplements and often a lot of ailment cure things just don't touch me.

I don't know why maybe I just need like that take half the bottle instead but I don't. I won't go there but. you know something like this would help with sleeping I would be all over it as a human consumer. So let me know when that comes out. Let the world know.

Yeah most definitely. And it's worth trying. Just CBD in general for those types of things.

As with anything else you know everybody's different metabolisms are different. And what's good for the goose isn't good for the gander so to speak that you know for some people certain things work really well for them. Others they don't. And so it's just a matter of finding out what works for you.

Fantastic. I truly appreciate you being open to discussing all this. I know it's just I CBD has always just been this black hole to me I really haven't gone into it I haven't really. Gusted or analyzed it anything and I appreciate you you're educating me so odds are you're educating others who have never really dove into it.

I knew where it came from but I didn't know any of the details behind it. And like you already said I think you said it on the show that the drug part of THC is it is not in there it's part of the flower. Is that right.

Yeah. So legally based on the 2018 farm bill any CBD products that are available for consumption have to have a point three percent THC level or less to give you an idea. Your standard flower of marijuana has anywhere from 15 to 25 percent. So point 3 is not enough to cause any psychoactive results.

Fantastic. Thank you for clearing that up. There might be some you know I live in California. It's legal here now but there are still those that are like this. Arms folded like that's just another way to get people introduced to marijuana. You know all the old schoolers. I don't look at it that way I look at it with an open mind and say you know what if it helps people if it's natural if it doesn't have bad side effects and it does nothing but good then and there's no drug to it and it's legal it's then do it.

Yeah you know for all those benefits you just talked about anxiety depression fibromyalgia sleeping skin all of it. Goodness yes so this is lovely.

Yeah. The other thing that we're really working on right now is with both the 7 leaf pets Web site and the bootleg products Web site is being a resource and you know debunking those myths and you know any questions people have you know being that resource that people come to get information. Follow the studies that are coming out on it because I mean obviously somebody can tell you something but until you see it in black and white it helps drive it home.

Fantastic. Yeah. Yeah I mean it's like you know you're just you're just out to get a bunch of dogs. Hi. Come on.

We all know it's so much easier and cheaper ways to do that.

So back to business talk.

You know you know you have three successful organizations running you have the rescue you have the dog CBD oil. I keep saying dog but pet dog cat and horse. And then now you have men and so going through all these. It must have been super easy and you probably had zero failures along the way. Is that true.

God if that was true then life would be so much easier.

And so I love to ask this question too because this shows the human side that shows the struggles side. And this shows that without failure there is no success.

So get over it and get failing and get fairly fast. So for you Kristian you can just highlight one or two that jump out and you know I don't look at my as honestly as quote unquote failures. They're just a learning moment that takes me to the next level. What have been some let's call setbacks. What are some of your setbacks and what have you learned from them. So that our audience can then know how to model a successful entrepreneur such as yourself.

So one of the sort of personal mantras that I live by is fail till you succeed. You know I've had a lot of things that I've done on the side as I mentioned I was in marketing for 17 years. But you know one thing for me was never enough to keep my interest so you know I always kept things on the side and did any number of things to keep myself motivated and busy. But you know if I had stopped at whatever the first failure was I. I'm not sure what I would do because you know it. Failure is more of a learning process. So you know the more you fail the more you learn from those mistakes the more you move forward. Most notably for myself was when I moved back to Reno I had this really an idea of something I wanted to do more inspired by my kids. I've got a 6 and a 9 year old and I was going to open a indoor nerf arena and so a place for kids can go and shoot Nerf guns. There'd be a big inflatable barriers we'd have parties birthday parties corporate events team building all of that. And you know worked on getting that built top got a location started construction on the location got financial backing a community who was all about it.

I mean we were starting to line up birthday parties for when we finally opened. And as we went through this process we hit a wall in the bureaucracy side of things. We went to the Planning Commission and planning and ultimately didn't end up approving our. Is because of personal interests with a neighboring business and we fought it we took it to the city council. City Council overturned it but ultimately we had to go back to the Planning Commission to approve construction. And at that point I think they felt swarmed and they started adding more and more and more that we needed to do. And it was at that point that we made the decision that we had to pull the plug. You know it is a large financial loss and it was tough. I mean it hit me really hard. But you know after sitting back and realizing that you know my life wasn't over I moved on. And so you know the next venture was you know the stock rescue. And it turns out that that's probably what I was meant to do.

And so I think that was a perfect way to close that because it could have been that all of that was for a purpose. You went through that whole thing to then realize that. Well you know what. There's something else.

It's the dog recovery and I like that a lot more. And I can align with that more so that process took you to what was your your go to thing that one thing that your core competency resided in. I've been through a similar thing I transition from a fitness business now to a training and education business and it's just in my wheelhouse. I do automation training and it's I love it and I love fitness. I didn't love it as much as what I love doing now isn't that interesting right now. So nursery I'm like I'm ready.

Write down the address as you're saying because I'm thinking this is like fun. I want to go. I remember playing Nerf with my my brother were playing basketball in the bedroom knocking each other over and having a blast.

And we had more adults wanting to find out how they could set up parties than we did kids. So we knew we were up on something there but you know ultimately it didn't work out. But I think I'm better off for it.

Yeah. And see that's the beautiful thing about successful entrepreneurs like that was at that moment it was your baby. All right. Yeah. And who's going to leave their baby. No one ever. But you had the entrepreneurial maturity to say it's time to move on. And that's the thing is if we if we treat any business of ours as if it were our baby that's what happens you hold on and you hold on hold on and you hold on to long and you you hold on to it all the way down to the end. And that's not good. And one of the greatest pieces of advice I was ever given was by my latest mentor was when you build a company in the very beginning from day one build it with the intent to sell it. And so your mindset is completely different. It's not your baby in that sense. You put everything you have into your passion about it but when it's time to leave you've already prepared yourself more than just on paper and physically but in your mind. It's OK it's time to step away. Yeah. Whether you sell it or not but go through with that intent and then you are now detached from that emotional drag that can and does pull so many people under with it. It's very sad but thankfully you basically saw the light and said you have it over here I can do this. It's time to do that. And sometimes that decision can be difficult. And I'm sure it was for you with all the investment you had. But looking back now can you say that was the right decision.

Absolutely. Yeah. And you know it's. You have to give yourself a grieving period. You know I had a couple months where I felt sorry for myself. Then you know I was a victim of something that was beyond me. And at some point I just had to realize that you know I need to move on I need to stop worrying about the past and look towards the future.

It's so cool. We have parallel lives. My brother because I went through a little what I called. I never called it a grieving period but that was kind of perfect. And you know I was a fitness.

I was in fitness as a personal trainer. Long story there for seven years. But the moment I made the decision I was actually elated and excited for what was ahead. But at the same time you can't help but think of the seven years of building and all that nurturing and my mourning period was it came by way of eating junk to the point where I started getting some unnecessary flab and I said All right I'm back.

I got I got to right the ship and get back into shape and it doesn't matter if I own a business that's in fitness or not it's about taking care of yourself. But that morning period hit and I'm like wow I've never eaten this stuff in seven years I haven't eaten this junk. And knowing eating is like what is wrong with me. Get out of this snap out of it. So it's very similar.

This is very cool.

And so along the line of like success and failure you know three businesses that's truly three businesses one's an organization right. But it's still you're running three businesses. And so with that certain things at times. Have to be put on the backburner like you gotta concentrate on the business or it will not survive. And so in that time what are some of the key like sacrifices if you will that you can think of that you've had to make to get to that point of being a successful entrepreneur.

Well you know the biggest thing especially getting into the nonprofit sector is you know unless you've been established for years and you're the Susan G Komen Foundation it doesn't bring a whole lot of money in.

You know it's pounding the pavement and essentially begging for money and going out and getting grants and all of that. So you know as I mentioned in the marketing world I worked for companies like Mercedes-Benz and Lexus and was driving really nice cars.

Fifty thousand sixty thousand dollar cars. And when I shifted my whole life to this pursuit you know I had to do away with some of those nicer things. You know I drive a very modest car right now. You know I keep my food budgets down I keep clothing budgets down. You know I used to go to concerts all the time. Now I do it when I can afford it.

And a lot of people wouldn't want to make those sacrifices. But I find that the joy in the fulfillment in the work that I'm doing outweighs the financial gains in the short term. Obviously as we continue to build you know the hope is to get to that Susan G. Komen level and you know be nationally recognized and obviously the more money we make the more we do the more dogs we save.

You know I have every reason to believe you're going to achieve that which you're setting out to achieve and that's because you're coming from the heart space the serving space.

So many are.

I know some but so many are in it for the quick kill to get in get the big the big payday and they don't think they want to get it and then get out. But that's what always happens because of the way they go about their business. They're you know there they're going in with a scarcity mindset. You on the other hand have the abundance mindset because look eat. I love how you framed that where you say that you know money isn't really what drives me. It's I've just felt I was doing the right thing. And this is what fueled me. And you know we don't need all of those material things do we do we want them.

Are they nice. Sure. But you don't need them and in your case you know what you are doing outweighed the importance of what things you had at that time. And the goal still is to get back up there and I get that and that's why I think you are going to with with help you know you. That's one of the keys I found is getting help you know getting a employees partners things that people funding whatever the case may be marketing help and that's what makes success happen is getting out of that ego and saying I need help.

You got three businesses I know you've had help so we're not questioning that here with you at all.

And really when it comes to helping you know one of the things I found when I got into this animal welfare space is that so many rescues and shelters were very siloed. You know this is us this is what we do we don't want any help. Know you do your own thing and we made a really conscious effort to network and work with as many different people and rescues and shelters that we can. And you know it's not that quid pro quo I kind of take it a little bit further and you know what can I do for you above and beyond in that maybe down the road you'll see the value and you're willing to help us out. And by creating those connections in those networks you know in the one year we just celebrated our one year anniversary I mean we've grown by leaps and bounds. I mean social media wise we've got nearly 10000 followers we've saved nearly 100 dogs from euthanasia and our foster based and volunteer basis growing exponentially.

Fantastic. And you know that will just that will easily and effortlessly spill over I believe into your seven is it seven leaf suddenly flash.

Definitely. I got it finally I was talking to a Kristian before the show and I said wait a minute seven leave. I get it. That's how many leads are on a marijuana planet. Is that correct. Is a Yeah. That's right. Is that OK. You know I'm acting like I'm all this is super like good boy and all that that I don't know. I never counted leaves but it just hit me like oh I get it now. That's what that's all.

Well the funny is thing is you know it's that perception that you know you're going to go you know meet these folks and yeah well we're out there that you know it's gonna be the Bob Marley crowd and all of that. And it's really not it's you know it's it's corporate America it's the baby baby boomers you know people who are seeing the benefits of it you know aren't afraid.

The the stigma that's behind it because the benefits outweigh the the downfall.

Yeah absolutely. When there's one question that I'm so glad that we have time for it because we're getting we're getting toward that time which happens every single show. I so appreciate once again coming on Kristian. It's been a blast and we're not done yet. And I appreciate everyone who's coming on to watch live and all of you that are watching after the recordings over and on podcasts. We're on 15 1 5. It's that backwards 15. I don't know which way podcasting platforms and this is light streaming currently the 10 platforms simultaneously. The intent of this show is to get the word out about people like Kristian and what they're doing because he is making a difference 100 dogs. They have saved the lives of 100 dogs. That's phenomenal. And they're also helping prolong their life and give them a pain free life or at least less pain through his for profit. Seven leaf labs and then now he's also helping men which I think is phenomenal. So if we take it to either the seven leaf labs or the men what have you found to be so marketing as multifaceted. We all know that it's like there are so many ways to market. It's unbelievable. And that's why I love it because they're the variety is immense. And you never do really master all of it.

There's no way there would be enough time but for you what has been one of your most successful forms of marketing to date on either one of those for profit companies so marketing is sort of two fold for me you know long ago were the days of print and newspaper advertising that doesn't hold a candle to the two areas that we like to do. One is getting out there and doing local outreach you know meeting with people answering questions you know we're working on putting town halls together for people to come in and ask questions about CBD debunk the myths you know show them the benefits show them how to use it and really sort of simplified the whole idea of what's going on on the opposite side of that is digital. Social media is hugely impactful it's a great way to reach a lot of people in one fell swoop. And so you know we utilize Facebook and Instagram a little bit of Twitter but not a whole lot. And then I've always been a fan of the audio visual mediums and so you know just like this you know I hosted a number of podcasts. We do a local radio show here on Wednesdays through the terrestrial radio. And really anything you can do to to reach as many people as possible. And you know of course when you do that you have to give them the attention back when they are asking those questions you can't just go stump and hope that they will continue to be customers.

Love it. Yeah. And my goodness I'm telling you you're another one that was separated at birth from me like years to Brother by another mother and probably another time I think I might have got a few years on you just a few just a couple.

But goodness sakes man that is amazing.

I love how you talked about marketing and the one that stuck out to me was the local outreach and actually going out and being amongst the people physically instead of just sitting behind a computer and blasting out social media which is important as well. But just recently I did just that I went out I hadn't been out I've been to an event an entrepreneur event in months and I just went through that transition we were talking about fitness to education and then this one event I thought it was a one day is a phenomenal event held by two prominent women in the breaks and things that people would ask me what I did. And I told them this show and I said I interview entrepreneurs and who's in this room it's all entrepreneurs. And as I'm talking there's like groups of people right. There's never just one there's always a huddle and I'm talking to one individual usually a young lady and she's asking me and I'm I'm assessing her to see if she has the success level I'm looking for to bring on the show because I want people like you to help by giving this great advice and I'm thinking OK. This one's a fit.

And as I'm telling her what I do the other two are throwing their calves in front of my face. I want on to and I'm like Hey this is actually OK this is nice. And so if I hadn't gone out this would happened I ended up landing six more guest experts to come on the show and just one afternoon of I don't call it work. It was fun. Yeah. And so it's so imperative that we just continue to show up is what I like to say. Like physic. I don't. I still won't go to as many events as I did in the past. I used to go to a lot but now I've made a bunch of connections. It's time to now you know take it to the next level in other avenues and still go to an event here and there. I'd rather be on stage speaking. But you know if that doesn't come to fruition I go to events. Only if I have an outcome for that event. I'm just preaching to folks right now to let them know that have have an outcome for that event. What do you want to do. Mine was to get them one of the main speakers to come on my show the other of the two had already been on my show.

And so that became a done deal by just setting that outcome and then I got five others to. It was awesome. So thank you for saying that about local outreach that's powerful and that it's important. Yeah. And in social media. So you're doing everything very similar in concept to what I call carpet bomb marketing and then come up with that term and I've got a Web site for I'm putting together entire training behind it on how to do it from a live show like this all the way down to what you're saying. Social media repurposing on the podcast everything a whole nine yards. I've done terrestrial though that not that once that one got my attention there. But great stuff. Kristian my goodness. OK. There's one more question before we go. We're at the we're at that B witching hour already. That's a good thing. I'm not beholden to a station or their time line. We can go over a little bit if that's OK with you. I'm a few minutes. I've got time. All right cool. So we're gonna go another two and a half hours that good.

Hey I could talk forever and everyone would love hearing that deep golden voice of yours that's for sure. I appreciate that. Yeah absolutely.

So yeah. So I want to. I want to ask you. I love to close out with one question and that is it since it's interesting because it's personal and it's it's it can be deep It just depends on the person being asked a question and their reaction to it. But before we do that real quick I promised everyone that was watching live that they would have the means for winning a wonderful five night stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico. And I'm going to bring that up right now on the screen so you can see that. And right now the best way to do it is through the second option you see on the screen so get out your phone you have my permission to take your glance away from the screen. Well you'll need to type it in but punch in the phone number 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 and then type the message the word peak in the message area P E A K and just hit send. So again that's 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 and then type in the message peak and hit send the website above. There might be a glitch with the opt in forum on that page. We're working on that. So go ahead and use your phone and text it that way we'll definitely get through that text is by the way coming through using power texting dot coms. Amazing amazing technology that only sponsor but I use their services every single show not just for this I also use it to announce the shows coming up to our entire database.

It's a phenomenal phenomenal service. So go ahead you have my permission to do that right now get done and I will have the team pick a winner. It's a random drawing and we'll see who wins and you'll get notified back at you via text as well on how to claim your five nights stay at a five star Mexican resort it's awesome. All right Kristian. Now that you've had time to sweat it out that the bullets gone and wondering what the heck this question is going to be just to help you out a little bit. The cool thing about this question is there is absolutely no such thing as a wrong answer. It's impossible. Just I could come up with one. Well the thing is the only the only correct answer is your answer because it's you. And so there it is impossible. So what attracts you even if you were joking about it. Well that it's not a wrong answer was yours. And so I say that. So that you know that it's very unique to each individual. And I know that because of all the past guests experts that I've asked the same question no to have answered it exactly the same way it's blowing my mind in a good way. I imagine that at some point there will be a crossover. Maybe this is that night. I don't know maybe there'll be one that answer it in similar fashion but are you ready go for this. I'm ready. All right fantastic. Kristian Meyer How do you define success.

Who. I define success as. Doing something that is bigger than myself.

It's making a world that's a little bit better for other people than just me. And if I can see the fruits of those labors if I can have people come up to me that express that. You know I've done something to help them or change their lives. That's success for me.

And true to form I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it's actually good news. No one else has answered it that way. I'm serious. I'm going to compile a put a book together and compile all of these answers and make that into a book because it is so it's amazing to be on this side of the you know on this side of you as the host because of the people like you that I get to meet get to know you guys are all brilliant. You're your genius including yourself with the three businesses the way you've just stacked those which is phenomenal.

And here's the thing what I loved about your answer and all the ones that preceded you there is one thing that's common actually and that is not a single one. And again recognize that we are talking to I am talking to successful entrepreneurs that's the key here. They are successful. Every single one. There isn't one of them that said that their answer was never well when I make my first x million dollars. It was never money centric. Some had money in their later in their description but the primary reason was always the undertone. Reason was always to help and serve others just as yours was. You didn't say it the same way. Not even close to others doing something bigger than myself. I mean raft about Emily all right. He discarded different making the world better more than just for me. And that's what is called a serving and giving heart and that is what makes successful entrepreneurs successful more sustainable success. Let me put it that way. Can people be successful without serving and giving. Yes many have. We know some of them. Typically that's a shorter term of success because they get called out and their businesses spiral and tank some unfortunately thrive to the end but for the most part of the people that I have on this show are those that are serve first mentality just like you Kristian and that's why I appreciate you coming on so so very much. Oh and by the way Kristian has actually a gift or a prize to give away. Let's see that was on the bootlegged products page. If that if I'm if memory serves correctly so would you mind given a quick description of what that prize is and how folks can get it.


So one lucky winner if you go on to our Instagram page at bootleg products and type in the hash tag Mind Body business and in the next seven days we'll pick one winner who will get what we're calling our bootleg products Men's Health gift pack that includes two ounce oil drops healing lotion aftershave splash and we'll probably throw in a few other goodies for you as well. If you don't win we have a special promo code. So on both bootleg products dot com and suddenly cuts dot com. We're offering any mind body business listener 15 percent off just using the promo code. Mind body business.

Oh I don't know if you muted but I can't hear you anymore. Whoopsie.

There we go there you are. There you are. Yes.

On Instagram. What is the actual account that they're looking for as a bootleg products. Is it your name. It's at bootleg products. Gotcha. So bootlegged. So it's at. And then bootlegged B O T L E G G E D products piano do you see t s so go to Instagram and follow his instructions. This is a recorded show so if you need to hear that again come back and play it just fast forward to the end and say I want some of that I'll get me some CBD oil. Let's do this. I'm in on that. I hope I hope I get to be part of the the fray of winning I'll do the same. You can enter to win that vacation as well. Kristian. That was a fair trade to be. All right fantastic Well thank you once again. Oh before we completely wrap this up very important is what is the best way for folks to connect with you on a personal basis how can they get in touch with you what's your favorite mode of connectivity.

I wish I had an easy answer for that. Right now everything has its own little separate silo but in an effort to fix that.

I'm getting ready to launch a podcast and a portal that encompasses everything that I'm involved with and it's a term that I mentioned earlier. The Web site's going to be bigger than myself not media. And we'll have a podcast and we are just talking about social entrepreneurship and again how you can get involved in any of the things that we currently have.

Our toe in love. In the interim ought to be OK for them to hunt you down on Facebook and send you a message.

Yeah yeah. So rough riders on Facebook Rough Riders saves 74 pets CBD or bootleg products CBD all on Facebook.

Got it. Beautiful. So there's no excuse for people not to get in contact with Kristian Meyer because he just gave about 50 of them. And so he's getting I'm very easy to reach.

Yes. And you can tell he you know he probably won't take your call or respond to you. He's doesn't seem that nice. I'm kidding of course being very sarcastic here super individual you are a Kristian I appreciate you for everything you're doing.

Thank you for coming on and sharing immense value with with my tribe with those that watch The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. Watch for this show on multiple platforms including 15 podcast platforms we're also on Roku and Amazon Fire TV under the channel name of mind body business. So go ahead get those channels locked into your devices and come and watch some past episodes as well including this one and enjoy those because there's nothing but value. You cannot you cannot pay enough money to get the value you get from this show by itself. This is like going to a seminar where you would pay multiple tens of thousands of dollars for the information that comes through each and every show. I kid you not. I've been to many seminars I know. So once again Kristian I appreciate you we're gonna sign off and I want to thank again everybody watching and listening out there and we'll see you next edition of The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show coming up really soon. That's it for now. Have a great great evening all and be blessed. We'll see you later.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body business shows with Brian Kelly.

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Kristian Meyer is a 21st century polymath! After stepping away from a successful marketing career where it was becoming increasingly apparent that corporations no longer valued loyalty, Kristian set out on a path of leadership and entrepreneurial spirit. Through this journey, Kristian founded a massively growing dog rescue nonprofit, became an owner and vice president of sales and marketing for a niche CBD oil company, and hosts various podcasts through his entertainment network.

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