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Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly:
Hello everyone and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. We're raising the bar yet again. It keeps getting higher and higher and higher not because of more. No no no it is because of our guest expert who is coming on in just a moment. Amazing beyond amazing. I tell you we talk about this is The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show it and what it does that encompasses the three pillars of what I call the three pillars of success. And it stems from mind which is mindset. Having that rock solid mindset all the way into the subconscious level which is the most powerful part of our brain and body. What is that about. Well it's exactly what it says it is about taking care of yourself. It's about working out and exercising. Wait till you meet our guest. And it's about proper nutrition. And like I like to say the mind and body are a team. And more importantly they are your team so if you have one team member who is not pulling their weight. Let's see our basketball team and one of the five starters decided not to get in shape during the off season and they have their first game. What happens to the team as a whole in that game. Will they win. It's possible but their odds of winning have greatly diminished because one up one member of that team decided not to operate at a peak level performance. The same goes with your mind and your body which are both part of your team. Gov. Bush yes and will go English the whole time I promise. And business. Business, that's multifaceted. We're talking about marketing sales team building systematized everything that goes with business. And the thing is when you've mastered all three of these areas all three Mind Body business you are then operating at what I call a peak level of performance. And this is the these are the traits I have found in all successful people that I have been following. I've been focusing on just successful people for the last several years and noticed that these three patterns developed so that's why the name of the show became The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show and why I'm so excited tonight is my guest on tonight epitomizes all three of these areas to. An incredible level. And you're going to love this woman. She has an incredible personality. She's intelligent beyond words. And you're going to see she has one fit one fit woman. I'm just so excited that it just resonates with me so much to be in the fitness industry at least I used to be very recently. And so what we're going to do is talk about entrepreneurship and basically what has she been up to lately because she's been a very very busy woman and I wanted you to share in what she's been up to and then put yourself in her place and say wow that would be cool if I could do that because that's what we want to do is model success. And speaking of success there are a lot of books you see behind me. There is a a story about that behind that and that is the importance of reading. I was told the importance of reading many many years ago by a mentor of mine multimillionaire. Long story it's on a Web site. I'll point out to you later. And he basically told me Brian if anyone did this one thing they just did this one thing they would all be super rich. Wow. Really what's that. And what he did was he told me they just need to read. They need to read the right books. And I discounted his advice. I just completely ignored it for years. I did not pick up a single book and then luckily a mentor of mine another mentor who is now my most recent amazing mentor not only said a similar thing. He also just did it by example. He went around listening to books inaudible and I thought Wow. So I start listening on audible and realized that I love to listen to books. I don't necessarily like reading with my eyes as maybe this. So that opened up everything to me and I began reading voraciously and I'm here to tell you right now reading is such a key component in success. And so what we're going to do is segue over into a segment that I call appropriately bookmarks bookmarks born to read bookmarks.

Ready steady read bookmarks brought to you by

Brian Kelly:
Yes, as you see there for those of you watching and listening. Just stay with us. What do I mean by that. Get out a pad of paper and a pen and take some notes and and resist the urge to go check out any resource that's spoken of while on the show. Write it down now visit it after. Because as they say the magic happens in the room if you are to leave the room for just a moment and you miss one golden nugget from Lauren Powers. There is a hint who's coming on then you may have missed the most important point of the entire evening. So stay with us take notes. Reach your peak library real quick. That is a Web site I personally put together and I did it as a gift for you. The entrepreneur and the business person that's looking to improve themselves both in your business and personally. And what I've done is I've combined are collected over the years all the books I've been reading that had made a difference in my life not just any book made it to this list but those are huge profound difference in my life. As you hear the bells ringing that's telling you to pay attention to what you see on the screen here and what you are hearing. That's a beautiful thing. And. All these books personally vetted by myself. So that helps you if you're not really sure where to start or maybe you want to look for that next book income here and have a decent probability that it will actually be something good for you as well. If you're into entrepreneurship growing businesses and that kind of thing. So on that note I listened to audible as I said before and with audible you can do things like set bookmarks as you're listening literally by tapping a button and it electronically stores a bookmark. And so I began doing that. So now I thought Brilliant. I don't have to reread an entire book and go back and go straight to my bookmarks and to illustrate that and also to give you some more value. I'm going to play back a very short snippet. I promise it's only a minute in length. It's an amazing book by Stephen Covey called The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People once again get out those pads and paper and pens and start taking notes because we're going to play it right now.

Here we go another excellent way to become more self aware regarding our own degree of proactivity is to look at where we focus our time and energy. We each have a wide range of concerns our health our children problems at work the national debt nuclear war and so forth. We could separate those from things in which we have no particular mental or emotional involvement by creating a circle of concern our circle of influence is almost always smaller than our circle of concern. As we look at those things within our circle of concern it becomes apparent that there are some things over which we have no real control and also that there are others that we can do something about. We get it unified those concerns in the latter group by students grabbing them within a smaller circle of influence by determining which of these two circles is the focus of most of our time and energy. We can discover much about the degree of our proactivity.

Beautiful words and this is a beautiful book. I highly recommend you all pick this up and read it.

If you have not because it talks about the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and they're also highly successful people and I'll tell you something. Lauren powers is just that she is one of those very effective and successful people. And what I want to do is literally get her on the show like right now. So let's welcome her to the show shall we. Here we go. It's time for the guest expert spotlight savvy skillful professional adept trained big league qualified

And there she is ladies and gentlemen the one the only learn power is oh my goodness look at that man oh man oh man that is some PressTV impressive body work you have done there Lauren how are you doing tonight. Doing awesome Brian thanks for having me on the show and my mind trying to do this for a while and we finally connect I'm here I'm not traveling all over the world and

Have the time to talk to you and all your folks and they're excited to share some amazing wealth with them.

Yeah. I can't wait. I mean you and I talked. Gosh it's been weeks ago now but for probably two hours straight and we had never met before and it was like

It was just like a connection instant connection because just your mindset was in such alignment with mine as far as values and everything and and what you're doing in the body building and everything that you're doing is just so impressive. And so I don't know it's just wonderful. And it was so easy to talk to you like we were brother and sister going way back. Maybe we weren't. We just don't know it right now. He could be my sister by another Mr Who knows. Your final real quick let's introduce you. Oh I'm gonna go through and let people just get a slight background then we're gonna go deeper. So Lauren powers listen to this is a 10 time. Heavyweight bodybuilding champion. Take that Arnold author. Entrepreneur. Actor. Model and founder of the Lauren powers classic and now powers fitness events which represents Team USA a respected fitness competition in Southern California that rewards success based on merit not economics. Oh I love that Lauren is a teacher mentor and advocate for individual achievement and excellence. She is a recent award winning international speaker in cinema and media from the women of excellence. Now with that officially we bring on Lauren to the show and Lauren there's so much we're going to cover you have no idea and our fans have no idea. Because we literally have no idea we're going to say do it.

It's amazing. OK. We have a lot to say.

So the first thing I want to ask you to kick things off and that is you know that that's impressive accolades of what you've done in the past. No it doesn't scratch the surface. And I know that there are so many important things especially of late but one of the things I'd love to just dive into is start off with the mind. And that is like when you get up in the morning just like everyone else of us and you put your your feet hit the floor and if you're like me you're a little bit groggy at that moment but you're starting to come to right and as you're coming to. You're starting to realize now it's the next day and it's time to tackle the day and the motivation determination and drive starts to kick in and for you. Personally what are those kinds of thoughts that go through your mind that say OK I've got this I'm going forward I'm going to continue to be uber successful

Uber successful. Yes. It's a new word and not a lift off. No you go. Well you know what.

I'm actually the queen of manifestation is my title and known as. And what I mean by that is I actually set my mindset and manifest exactly how my day is going to look the next day and the day after that. So I have so many projects Brian on my plate all at once if I didn't do this I would be disorganized and all over the place I wouldn't be able to do the things I get done in a day. So I actually visualize and meditate on what is the next day's going to look like. So when I wake up my mind sets are already there. Has everything it does it starts with the mindset and it's funny you brought that out because that is my five levels. Of. Formula is mindset manifest motion magic and maintenance.

So that's the five amps go with my program is the fierce formula which I'm the founder of which I'll be launching actually June 22nd and my big event coming up in Huntington Beach California my hometown where I went to high school I'll be doing a big big event on health and wealth.

So I don't have you know who Laura Longmire is. Oh yes I'm sure you do.

Most people do in this industry. She is our expert on wealth and I'm the expert on health. So for the first time we're integrating the two. We're very excited about it. It's obviously on top of my mind. Like I'm promoting like crazy because I'm the promoter on for the show but it's integrated health and wealth dot com and I actually have tickets for all your viewers let's just get this out of the way right away. I'm like. Yeah I want to get a free gift to everybody that's listening that they can actually come to our band to meet Laura I'll meet myself and the host day is how to get and stay wealthy and healthy

Because let's face it without your health goodies your wealth. That's right. So true.

I mean I know a lot of lot of wealthy people especially where I live and they have all the toys the Lamborghinis Ferraris yachts all the all these things but they don't feel well. I have a few. Justin right. They come to mine and they can enjoy them. So my whole mission and my purpose and passion is to get people. Healthy

And keep. Teach them how to stay healthy. Perfect. It's a big big to do when it ends like he just brought up at the top the show it's all about mindset. That is my absolute first step and my five step process is setting the mind. And like you mentioned you we have to have the desire and the dedication to do this because it's not easy.

It's not easy to look like that everybody would do it right. So

I look this way Bryan and you know I want your viewers to realize that most of my clients how course they don't want to look like me. It's almost you know it's not easy. It's almost impossible. And and but that's not my that's not my passion is more women entrepreneurs 40 50 plus that want to just become a better version of themselves. That's my whole thing.

I look this way and my physique is on purpose and it's to get your attention and so you realize I know what I'm doing to get results meaning it's the results for you not for me but for you. And that's the whole the whole mindset on that. So I have it like again a whole fierce formula that I founded that can get you there pretty fast that bad fast.

Love it. I like that are 40 50

Plus and you hit on some several key elements I'd like to like amplify a little bit and that is you start out every single day using a disciplined approach and that's another key element of success. I have found through every person I've interviewed and everyone I've read about that has achieved success. They all follow and are disciplined and the beautiful thing about that is a lot. Well a lot of people look at that as a negative word because you know discipline. It's really more habits that are positive that moving forward but it's doing it on a regular basis without fail. And I love that you've said that that's how you start your day because there you go ladies and gentlemen and look at her.

She talked about a different way and dedication. Exactly.

The word diet and I'd like to talk about that. But it's an I call it set of so much discipline I call it lifestyle. There you go. So it's it is changing your lifestyle. And again it starts with a mindset and then you have to Manus manifest and create what you the lifestyle that you want and the things that you want and how you're going to live your life. And it's all creates and starts here. It's really simple if you lay it out correctly and you believe what you're saying and really believe in yourself that you're capable of doing what you want to do. So starting that day off it's just like OK this is what I'm going to do today and I just do it. It's like not even a question. It's just magic how it works. But again I'm the queen of manifestation I've manifested my cars my house my Harley the design all the my remodelling all of that I've manifested in my sleep I wake up and literally see exactly and I've rarely seen it so I just fulfill it makes things life much simpler. We need simple right there's things we can tend to complicate things. And I'm guilty of that as well I get a lot of things on my plate I juggle a lot of things and I'm building a new team right now and being a promoter and new speaker and all these things. It's it's a lot at first. But. I have the mindset that I am a mix expert. I'm successful and I can do this. So look out I'm doing it so I would like my book. They're like you've got to write a book it's gonna be number one. So guess what. Number one not only in one category but it's number one in 98 category itself

And not just in here in USA but across 11 countries. Brian congratulations writer. Thank you. It's beneath them myself and another gift. Again I want to give I've just been giving mood right now. You got You got me had a good time. Not only can you come to my events for free and meet Laura and myself and hang out with us for the day and get all this expert advice on wealth and health but also you get a free download of my book that's online

At beneath the muscle dot com and it's there. So grab one grab yours right now and it also comes with a workbook so you can apply all the principles to nuts here to yourself. Yes. Beneath the muscle forward slash workbook and I just finished the article for it. You mentioned that at about how your at your book library is that people that don't want to read this. I just finished data I'll be available on Amazon coming up. Same title

For the audio and I thought what you did with that easy. I'll tell you that that was not easy. I did what I do it was like know it has to be you you have to judge your life.

I mean I have it. I obviously have a very distinct voice so people like Miller now we know it's not you my that'd be the soundproof room.

You know this whole thing and it was stand up. It was it took me 10 hours to get through it.

Well I think it was a stroke of genius how you did it. And what about it because not only did you speak it into a microphone but you went on Facebook Live and did it live much practically twice so you did that.

Yeah. See both my searches I know right.

I love how you know it's like OK. That's a marker we need to go back and look at that.

Well that's exactly and you value you get it you do life shows you know every time you snap or clap. That's so they can see the spikes in the audio. Right. Right.

Yeah. I just I know I put myself out there. That's another thing you know. I mean I just take risk and I think being an entrepreneur is all about that you just have to not only have that mindset but you have to be willing to take some risks step out of your comfort zone. I call it daring to be different. That's one of my taglines. That's what my life's about. I don't do anything. Hello look at me I do everything out of the box and as my mom says I spend every day trying to stand out versus fit in.

So if you know anything about me and what I do and you see my cars and like I said the Harley and all these things they're completely over the top. And wherever I go you know I'm there because that's why it's called branding for business.

But to it's I'm proud of who I am I'm proud of what I've done and I keep going and I don't want to fit in. To me that's that's why. Why be. You know like the norm if you will whatever that is. I want to stand out be proud and power women to be themselves no matter what you look like. Be proud of who you are and always looking to better yourself. And that's all we can do. Literally I mean really you think about it. Just become a better version of yourself and that's my whole mission my personal purpose is to help those women find that passion for themselves and have a little fun while doing it. And that's key to successful branding of any company is finding ways to stand out

Low. And you're you're you already fit the mold. You have to really change anything you're doing. And now you're moving into another chapter of your career which includes speaking includes a period on music videos that we have to talk about. Oh yeah. Yes. Let's go there. I love that.

That was recent s yes that was recent and Rudd's really recent is last night I just attended her birthday party which was a live concert and she opened up with the song that I personally n and had the honor and I'm so grateful to be part of that was none of none other than J Lo herself Jennifer Lopez.

I was in that music video called medicine. It's her latest one.

Her last hit and talk about manifesting this is one of my stories I like to share because this is just so lost and how powerful that works for you when you think about how we envision things and make things happen. As I watch you roll the dance which I see you guys know she's a host and executive producer on and I love to dance. I used to compete in ballroom back in the day and

So I'm watch it. I'm like Well that's one lady I need to work with and I'm not kidding you. Within not the show wasn't even over yet. And I got a text message on my cell phone from a random three to three number and just said are you available for music video. 3 to March 2nd. So I'm like yes I'm in town I just got back from India whatever I might get Yes I'm available. And then it came again I double for two days and I'm like sure I'm in town. I had no idea who it was. There was no casting.

Normally these things I've been a lot I've done a lot of things in my my career with acting SAG actress and all that. However this was just really bizarre because it was just a phone number with no name and no audition dates like none of that. Usually you have to do it audition then you need it from the directors producers and they have to hire you on bail that you get but that you have to go to a fitting wardrobe and there's a rehearsal like there's all this stuff that's many steps. So I'm just like ok sure this sounds good. Literally I did not know it was that weekend. I drove up I got they sent me information where to go what time was at a studio up in Hollywood it really got me to see all the details about

The security guys like hi are you here for the Jennifer Lopez music video. And I'm like yes I am like Bach right over there. I I. And and it was really it was real. It was legit. It was real. There was no audition nothing. I literally got hooked on a text message on my phone. And there I was. And then the wardrobe. When you see the video. Was not much of one. There's a picture you put on your LinkedIn page trying to advertise this show. The director holds up this little tiny bikini. It looks like what you wear this I'm like. I had just like eat pizza and ice cream the night before. No. No have to be in a bikini of any sort. Thank like twice the lifestyle saved me because I stay in shape all year round the last twenty five years. I've. Abs. Goodness this way I teach it. But this is like yeah this is your wardrobe and I'm literally it was strings like literally. And she's like Do you mind. And I'm like OK Miss director she put me into becoming friends. And you know she was the director the whole time I was part of makeup. She was like so cool and hanging out with the directors never in with a talent like that. Anyways this sea was so awesome. She's is I might get by wearing that you need to get me a picture with with Jennifer herself.

And she's like oh I don't know about that but let me see what I can do. And I'm like deal because then I guess the deal is that you're not even supposed to look at her or talk to her. Touch her let alone get a photo with her. Let's like forbidden when you're working with her. She is a big Hollywood diva Hello. However again manifestations set my intentions as I did my scene and I was I was literally what they call rat. I mean you're you're seen as down. You get to leave the set.

I'm like I don't get to see her let alone meet her let her get ready let alone get my photo. So I don't know I asked Director I'm like I want to be in the Carousel there's all the models get ready and all these kids or gals in this crazy makeup and hair and it was just fabulous. I'm like I want to be in the Carousel scene just like you do and I'm like yes please please please do like okay.

I'll see Raphael. He was the wardrobe I came in. He got to read trust me as I only went to work with you some more. I'm so excited. We tried all these costumes. I love my body is not the norm. So we had to go through quite a bit of fittings. Thousands of cool staff I get to be in the carousel. She's dancing make eye contact with her. She was so awesome in chatting with her office you know in between takes we would ride around on the carousel which would be where see with the music video. Don't know what I'm talking about. So look for me I'm the wife sitting in the badge like a like a rock like this like a rock star. And these are the models were right on my girls right. And we just went round around like a fever like Dizzy was crazy but amazing amazing scene and then right after I literally make sure all the models laugh everybody was gone and like now now now we are jammed for that. The director is like oh I don't think so I don't think it's appropriate.

And I'd already locked eyes and I'm like my intentions going in. I might go Yeah I'm like I got a picture with Lady Gaga Katy area is Dahlia. Now it's your turn. She's like Oh great. And I guess for my book is like please just I'll post it before the music videos released. I don't know it was gonna be such a mega thing. It was it's huge. And last night I got to be at the concert. And Diego. And it was massive. Go online. YouTube it.

It's it's on it. I used just slip that before we started the show. YouTube somebody at film that put on YouTube and it's just absolutely epic. So again that ties into what we're talking about with the mind and it's the body it's the vision. It's the power of. Manifesting and setting your intentions. And that's just one story of my whole life. This is a kind of exciting one at the end but it works this stuff works. But you have to believe it and really apply it like anything if you read a book and you don't implement information then what is it worth your time. So. I'm all about that applying the technology or whatever it is you're doing and make things work for your personal life.

And a lot of what I'd like the listeners and viewers to really hone in on of all of that. I mean this is amazing stuff. And it only happened because there's only one reason and one reason only is because Lauren said yes. And she had no clue even who it was for until she got to the guard shack the gate. My God who does that. Only successful people do that. That's right.

So that's that risk. But I was talking about you have to yes read put yourself out there this wasn't the norm it wasn't a direct casting there was my agents weren't involved. Like none of that. And I still don't even know who cast to me to be out to this day who is the real casting company was because it

Was just a test. It was really bizarre. The whole thing was so bizarre. But. Just from watching the TV setting my intentions manifesting it making it happen following through putting myself out there taking the risk and and and trusting that's another huge word you've got to trust in yourself and in the process. Some of those things happen quick sometimes slightly. But you have to just trust yourself and in yourself. And these are things I love to share with people because I'm a living example and I love it every day I'm just the last month I've done so many things. I mean we don't have a long enough show to talk about it.

But I'm going to India speaking on the stage of giving the founder of the women economic forum herself a copy of my book she said Laura in your heart is so gold and you you hold the key to manifestation.

And we're going to give you this because you're so pure. And I'm like I was started crying because it's such a big deal in front of two thousand women. And we gave out claps like this. So this is one is brand new. I have to give this to Laura Longmire shows even though she's getting it down she's watching the show right now. She's she's speaking and doing her own things and showing she's on her way to to my town. So I shall meet her tomorrow night she's speaking and then Thursday were the women women network that were speaking at my stage on June 22nd.

And at the same booked and busy and making things happen just on a daily basis. But if I didn't feel good. Back to back to health. If I wasn't able to I mean I'm not 20 years old doing this stuff to reinvent my entire career at my age is not to make people do that. And I tend to do that quite a bit. But I I feel good from the inside out.

And so these things are part of my fierce formula is just that how to go inside and feel good not only about yourself and and your outer parents but literally on a nutritional level as well as losing its key its key bride is I can so attest to this because you know people I sit in the audience and I watch speakers and then until I became one I thought I never gave it any thought really. And then I became one and I got into it. I remember I was really passionate. This one time I'm on stage and I only spoke for half of a day. And then later I was doing two days but this time I was doing half a day and I put everything I had into it. And Lauren when I got done I was frickin exhausted. I could not believe the amount of energy it took. And my mentor took me aside he goes yeah. You just have to learn to lay that injury out over the whole thing not do it. It's got the bang. And I did learn that. But even after a two day event I've hosted my own two day events. Oh my gosh. Talk about and it's a great a great exhaustion but boy does it drain you to the core and you're so right you must must must take care of yourself at any age really. But even you know as we get closer to our age I mean look you know one trick is

I let the audience feel me. I get energy from them. Yeah. And that's I think from being a performer. And since I was 16 years of age I was a professional skateboarder performing in front of people. And I always field off the audience. And then even my body being chubby champion championships. I never had a routine or anything I would just literally go out there and wing it. For lack of a better word but perform from the energy. Of the audience.

And do you see any of my YouTube videos whatever I just work at like no other kind of a selfish reasons because I did want to take the time to make a routine rehearsal. I don't have time. I'm always so busy. And then I didn't have the the scary part of it forgetting it because I've seen other people's forget the routines. And then that deer in the headlights and they panic and all these things. I'm like that never happened because I never had one. So I just go up there and jump around outside and. And usually when because I was having a good time.

And for me that part is entertaining audience. I'm all about entertainment and using their energy. And it's it's hard to be neutral. So you see like speaking I'm not a trained speaker. However I'm you know I'm learning there's certain techniques to it and I love that. But. I just feel off the audience and I've use that in my dare to be different speech about and it's all in my book about being judged so harshly from the general public just by daring to be different to be who I am and being authentic to myself.

It's not always easy. So I talk about that but when I talk about is letting the energy and some of the negative

Energy that can't come my way I learn how to flip that around and use it to feel me in a positive way to be more successful.

And so now I like it like right now and I do it again and bite my naysayers and bite my haters you don't like me whatever bring it on because I know it's called balance that as many people don't like me it's going to be as many people do like me and will learn from me and I'm a fan and maybe a friend and a supporter and be at my shows and support me and read my book and and do the workbooks and all these things that come out of that is more important to me than the people that look at her you know. She looks crazy with those biceps or whatever but all of that I'm going to tell you right now and the secret is as soon as I flip that energy around in that mindset. You talk so much about. And to where it doesn't hurt me. I'm telling you Brian. It just it dissipates. It really does. I don't even hear it. I don't see it online anymore. All this these silly comments like that people because I'm on TV a lot every time I am.

You put yourself out in the public eye. You get a track more by the people and then they might come out you bring you down to their level instead of bringing me down to their level. It propels me even higher. And so now what their intent was to hurt me it helps me. And so it goes away. It's it's magic how this happens. That's phenomenal. It really is and anybody that's in the public eye or is used to getting changed and looking a little bit different or whatever it is. You know being discriminated against or Judge Harsh harshly or later any of these things that have happened to me in my past. That's propelled me to write this book is let that propel you and use it because I work for you guys it really works. I'm very sensitive person and so it's not it's not easy I'ma tell you this this is super easy. This it takes work and practice really and really believing that it works because now it has a role in it. At least it has for me. I mean I just love it now.

I get my mom's like you don't have time for the people that love you. Let a lot of people that want to video. Yeah.

You know it's like my days are so filled with such positive people and so many bands now and everywhere I go would recognize me from all the videos in fact. Coming up on two things I want to make sure. That you people know. A big one I got to film it's a TNT show the number one show on TNT It's called Claus. It's about five bad ass women that turn into like gangster style on their romantic heroes. And so much fun I hadn't even seen the show. And now I can cast another trust thing I got on a plane flew first class landed there that put me to sweet and. You know drivers and I was just I was treated like gold is fabulous. Me and this one I had a guy with two principles and there was a lot of extra bodybuilders and fitness girls which I knew some of. You have a suite for a whole week on this road to film one episode and that comes out on next week June 16th. On TNT clause that episode and it was a fitness competition with all the main characters I got to work with them every day. It was just such a neat thing. And again if I was scared I did put myself out there and do. You know worry about what people think. I would never get things like that. And say I'm a glow I'm going to come out on 3 Episode 3 0 2 on glow. That wrestling women wrestlers. That was really fun to work on. And then what else. You want me to talk about India as well. Right.

I want to interject really quick for those that are judges or haters. I have to say that those people I highly doubt have ever met you in person because they would have no reason. I mean they would all of those whatever their preconceived notions and their judgments and all that is gone because you are such a shining light of energy of joy of Go get them on. I mean I want to be around you because of the energy you exude and you're just a touch of them amazing woman you are just amazing. And anyone who looks and sees at the surface is just a human trait and it's unfortunate. I'm so glad you found a way to turn that around for yourself but for anyone that might be watching this. Even a recording or live and might have those judgments. I mean just listen and watch her while we're doing this right now.

You cannot hate or judge it's just you can't it's not possible because of who you are. Lauren I just wanted to put that in there.

Well I put myself out there so hopefully other women can see that it's okay to be different. It's okay. You gotta be authentic.

So whatever it is. Own it be Ed and if you don't like it change it. It's like hello. It's just how how it works and if you have a cut onto that then you need to leave.

When I tell you these things and and share with you because that's it. I've been heavy I've been skinny I've been more muscular I've been you know I've done different things in my life. My body's has changed for different careers I've been a firefighter. I mean I've done so many things a surf star in Hawaii. Big paddlers in Hawaii. Champ Hawaii champion three years in a row.

So my body changes by whatever career or sport I'm doing so I've altered myself so many times but this is the physique that I that's on purpose. I mean building fielding oh what might look like that I might look like this on purpose. I mentioned that earlier. So you get to know me and want to know wow you know I want to stand out. This is by design.

It's not miss any mistake.

But my also now and I'm smart enough to know that 98 percent the women out there don't want to look like me and I don't want him to look like make us to be different but I can help them be like I said be a better version of themselves and that's my whole sole purpose right now is to get people healthy and teach you how to maintain that that help and then. And then my partner Laurel comes in and teaches them how to get wealthy and stay wealthy. So this is a whole. Life design that we're putting together and I'm really excited about it. It's it's it's a winner and it's. It's new for me

But it's gonna be exciting because I have a lot as you know to share you do.

And it's all it's great. That's what I love about entrepreneurs like you Lauren there are so many that I've had on the show they have this common thread and that is they now have a certain level of life experience and ways to react to those life experiences to come out ahead and know the most important and beautiful thing is like you they want to share it and show others how to do the same. And that's the beauty of what I look at that is that is entrepreneurship defined because serving others and what they say your mess becomes your message. I have heard that before I've got a lot I think a lot of events like you Brian and I'm learning and I love to meet new speakers I'm always promoting and looking for attendees and different speakers to be at my events now because I'm like you promoter it's out

And I heard that and that really resonate with me because I've seen it over and over again and they always say share your story whatever your story is. And I think that's really important in mind. You know I have my own story as you said and I wrote a book about it and turned it into a workbook and now I've turned it into a speech and turn it I'm taking it on the road.

It's like all these things cap and so quickly when you state your own step I'm not trying to be anybody else. I mean I want to copy anybody out of line do. I my own person and nobody has what I have. And so

I'm using that.

So it's not hard to do what I do it just takes the trust and the risk in believing in yourself and going for it. And is it easy. Not always you know. But. If it is easy like I say everybody would do it right.

Actually you know it depends on how badly one wants to be successful really. I mean you said it perfectly. It's really encapsulated in one concept and that is getting out of your comfort zone. Period end of story. You know you can frame it as being different than others. Yes that's getting out of your comfort zone for many daring to be different. Bert. Yeah. Daring. There you go. But getting out of your comfort zone that's one thing. My gosh there are people I know Lauren they're dear to me that are entrepreneurs that just simply won't make that decision to get other comfort zone they won't take action they won't just say yes and go to the guard shack and I have no idea who's doing this for but I'm just going they won't do that. And I want to reach out and not strangle them but give him a big hug and say just say yes and go and do it. Please get in the habit. Because once I started that habit it just like for you things just start opening up and it's amazing. You know if you if you aim at nothing you're darn sure to hit it. Correct.

That's right. That's right.

I tend to aim really crazy out of the box things that are different. Well usually that are all men oriented like being a firefighter like you know there's one in eight women ever like that did the academy that I went to and I passed it you know I'm just great I don't even know what. Inner drive I think I came that way. It's in my DNA because I always strive to be. The best at whatever it is I do.

And the most difficult thing to do every single thing I've been saying. But I don't know any different. So I just keep going and I reinvented myself several times that it all just works out because you have to stay flexible and I think that's the key to I'm not stuck in any one set thing and

Things go and go with the flow and that's freedom to me. And that's part of being an entrepreneur as you can have that freedom and wake up every day like you said when my feet hit the floor it's like OK I ask this God what are you having what struck me today.

And I kind of just follow that path. I've seen it already. So you trust and whatever your higher power is you know whoever is listening. Trust in that and then go and just put one foot in front of the other and just go through the mud. It makes life so much simpler. You get out your own way like you're saying about your buddies you've got to get out of your own way and take risks trusting yourself trusting your higher power and live your life. And it's amazing what can happen. I mean it's like a J Lo. She's like she came from the Bronx and she's the biggest pop star in the world. I mean she is

Talk about you have it all just drop dead gorgeous amazing body and can dance and sing and perform. I'm like How did that all match that talent be a white person. So she had so many eyes are role models but right now she's at there watching her last night just do it. And she's 50 years old. That's the beauty of it all. You just turned 50 and she's elegant and iconic.

I'm sure she never practiced a day in her life or rehearsed either or everyone gets that you know they think who is the one. Gosh there's a guy that's super super popular pop star as always is Jay Leno or a Jay Leno. Gosh darn it Jimmy Fallon's best buddy Justin Timberlake. Thank you. Everyone thought he just because he just appeared one day and they thought wow he just said his talent just appeared. Well no Mickey Mouse Club Exactly. He spent years and years and years refining his craft and singing and dancing and he spent a lot of time. So everybody that's made it to the top did not just step off or step out of a car and you're out here.

I mean I didn't let them wait and it went to show pretty close. But I'm the rare rare thing I put on a skateboard. Two weeks later I was on a protein. I mean. Things happened for me pretty quickly and I did. That's how I know I'm on the right path because of that trust thing because if it doesn't then it wasn't meant to be and that's another thing that helps that mindset and manifesting things if it doesn't happen if you keep forcing something. Then you know what. It's not your journey. Once you realize that it's so easy to let go of things because I tried to do everything that comes my way and sometimes it just doesn't happen like what I was supposed to be at that event. And that's what's to be on that red carpet day.

Whatever whatever it is that I release that. And then it's OK then I'm OK with it because I do try. Trust me I'm really hard on myself because I want to do everything. And I usually do most except the days when it's just one more if it's just difficult to upset.

And even you know I talk about being a firefighter going for a full time job and being discriminated against and I kept pushing and pushing and pushing it just come to find out that was never my journey. My journey is down to be a global internationally acclaimed world speaker and I was told that many years ago and I'm like I didn't know what that was.

Well this was crazy and I found that cassette tape cassette. Yes I'm old. And. It's on there of her talent telling me that that she said you're going to be a global Speaker no a natural speaker. Then she said never mind and internationally she said no global. So here we go. On your way. But that's so why. I mean because that wasn't my path.

Right and I'm so used to getting what I want because if I want something I do I really am the queen of manifestation. I make it happen and I'm just. No I don't know any different.

And I was not bragging. This is just my life and this step that one thing is this to become a full time firefighter in my hometown. And it just didn't happen. And while I was in it I was devastated. But now that I'm out of it and I've learned that lesson and that's why I want to share with people that to get it it just was not supposed to be. And I met for bigger and better things.

That's all it means. So that it takes that crushing devastating depressing thing that can happen take people down instead of letting it crush you let it inspire you to know that there's something better for you and just you have to just know that because you hear this I'm not the one it's ever said this. It happens to everybody once they go through those steps. It and then and then you're like oh cool OK. I'm not going to do this now that means I will do something better. And then you can get excited about it so depressed. So these are things I'm telling you. It's like it's lifestyle.

And it's that mindset it's manifested in things and emotion when the magic happens and you want to maintain it. And this is how it works. And I'm a proven person for that.

And I like to actually magnify that a little bit. That persistence is still extremely important to everyone watching listening. It's also as equally as important as knowing when to move on.

Right. Exactly. Oh yeah. Then when to on to something you have to stay with a little bit. Yeah. And these are these things aren't easy. I mean I don't want your listeners to just think we just get it. Blah blah talk and makes things sound like this is not not work or effort. Often this takes effort you have to want it and apply yourself. That's the key is the desire. I talk about the determination and the discipline those things. Those things are key. Otherwise it just doesn't happen. I mean we can't just say. Oh I just manifest money and then I get it. I mean. I wish sometimes. However it's you know you have to really there's steps to all these things and really do the work.

And yeah it's it's mindset followed by action. Always always. Oh that's that's where a lot of people think they sit on their couch and they put their fingers together and they say some ohms and they expect cash to come flying from the ceiling because they did what they were told but no you didn't cause you're missing the action part. You know you gotta do something about it.

You do don't wake up with you know biceps like that No. And I'd do anything for it. Yeah you have to apply yourself and that same with anything anything like Am I a speaker.

No but I am now because I just book myself as one you know everything. Yeah. It's like OK. Now I'm a speaker I went to India and now I'm an international they award winning speaker. There you go. There you go. So I did get up and give us a 12 minute speech and thank you you know do this thing. I didn't hear the bells ringing there like the times so when I was in the band the next day there was like seven of us agreed to 16 of us it Taj Mahal and I'm like Well at least I beat the bell right. And I'm all proud of myself and everyone of the vase starts screaming at me. Now you did it. It went off two or three times or something like what they. See. But I was so in the moment talking about passion and even know what I was saying. But she said it was so awesome and the people were so engaged with what you were sharing. Everybody just let you go because they liked it and they have to by the rules of ringing the bell. But I literally did not even hear it. It was pretty funny. Totally. I mean I guess Toastmasters trained you at that. You've never been there. Right. I was in the moment living it and that's how I end up living my life in the moment

And just go for it. You're seeing so many things that just bring up so many great nuggets to help people like Toastmasters right there. I didn't go to Toastmasters until after I started speaking real and I got that training by one of the best that no one's ever heard of but I have and he was my mentor for three or four years and I spoke on his stage teaching his students for two of those years toward the end of the seminar business and I got the greatest training on the planet at that in that most of my life I know I should I heard this I heard it's pretty cool.


And so then I went to Toastmasters This is the funny part. What did Toastmasters and I'm watching I'm like oh my gosh this is like being in kindergarten compared to what I was doing. And nothing against Toastmasters or anybody in it but it was different. And it was just wow it was way below the bar that had been raised for me and the very first time they did stuff they went around. They said you get one minute to do something minute you just tell a story and you can't go over. And then we're all going to vote on who had the best story. And so they did three or four of us. And so I got chosen because the new guy and I got up and I was literally one second under the ding because I've been trained to do to know the timing having my head and then they got around they said they voted me is the best one to like Wow that wasn't that hard. And it happened two more times the same thing went around. I got the I got the the ribbon they give you a ribbon and I was like that's kind of cool but the same thing.

The reason that the whole point of this whole thing is everyone out there listening that is aspired to be a speaker. You do not have to go through formal training like like that. You could just wrap your wrap your hands around the ankles of Lauren powers. She's going somewhere she's on the track she's learning and Laura Langham Meyers a really polished speaker she's extremely good. Find a mentor and just work with them help them serve them and at some point you'll get your chance and you get up on stage and then your life changes. Oh my gosh.

As you know Lauren It's like a month ago June 22nd. I need to be. Lauren has taken the morning I'm taking the afternoon. She's doing well. I've gotten help. I'm going to do my irresistible speak to sell offer and my texting program and my fierce formula and

My five levels. Changing your life around and becoming a better version of yourself and all these one thing you saw my problems will be online at Lauren powers dot com

Shameful laugh like they're seen as black. What is the Web site for that event. Again this is this event. I haven't actually Eventbrite. And it's. Integrated Health and Wealth dot Eventbrite dot com integrated health and spa about Andy wealth

Dot event bright dot com.

This is it compared to so for those you watching either live or after the recording as well. Whatever you're watching on it could be Facebook. It will be Periscope. It could be twitch. It could be YouTube love. Would you do us both a favor more Lauren than myself and type that in integrated health and wealth dot Eventbrite type that in and help spread the word because you can tell by now that Lauren already has an amazing message to share that will help the people that hear it. And she's teamed up with another juggernaut like herself which is Laura Longmire. And what a great combination.

Ellen L. Yeah it's like a one two punch. My mom and it's my very first event which was my book launch. She was my keynote speaker because I saw her speak once. Just a piece of it I was in the room I heard her say a couple of things I'm like oh my gosh this girl rocks. So I'm like I'm in a lot of pressure whether my friends like you can't go talk to her and I'm like Watch me and I walk out she like give me a credit card I'm like Oh no no I give you my credit card you're speaking at my stage and she's like looked at me like who's this ballsy chick right. Kind of like me. Yeah yeah. And then we just hit it off immediately. By time I left the base she texted me back. This first is like my number it's twelve grand I get my phone number I like really what is it. I put it right in my file. It's not like do it.

She like I like it I'm like Yeah you do. Just like even more. And that is going to be my keynote speaker.

I was like 80 percent of my rooms and I'm her favorite right. So it's like I'll do anything you do. But my mom went upstairs. My family was in the room as well. My first big book launch

And my mom's like I'll give you all my life if I had any. Laura There she goes I will tell you that there's two women on this planet that are the same

Like you. She goes You're one of them and my daughters the other one. And Laura like Yeah I know. That's why I wanted to have all my friends were there and so that's how it happened. We just created it and here we are. We were blown it out and meet there tomorrow actually sense that that atmosphere said knock this thing out and it's in my two weeks. And we're very excited about it. All right you have your viewers come meet me in person and please tell me you saw us on the Brian Kelly show. That would be really fun. The mind body business that would be really fun to see that

This stuff really works. I will definitely spread the word myself personally on this. This is amazing. Huntington Beach looking at my calendar to see if my days free I'm going to grab one of those tickets.

Yeah. It's been I guess. That we're doing a twenty forty nine dollar VIP lunch with the two of us in the round.

It's gonna be only for the VIP. Yeah close the doors. And share some really cool tips and you get to talk to us one on one any personal questions. It's nice to sign up for our program but you can really get intimate with us during that lunch lunchtime for forty nine bucks.

I just saw you she said she told me she's twelve grand to get her phone number now. Forty nine bucks I get to have lunch with her and me and and a nice large and hang out with us and and enjoy the day. What's the normal ticket price that you guys have got. That's it. That's a 40. It's a forty nine dollar ticket for the lunch suite. I'm giving everybody free. I got it. You guys get in free

As I get my free book as well. Don't forget. And then it's a 49 nine dollar investment. That's it. Nice. We want it. We want to give. I'm. I'm I'm MacGyver. I'm known as the show that gives back and I always have been. And all that staff I gotta give to get right.

Saved by the bell huh.

Oh heart right. Yes.

My love goes hearts and we actually have one more gift to give away that I got to mention the opening the show. But those of you that hang on with us to the end we still have people here that you hang on. You get to enter to win a five night stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico. In fact we're at that. We're near the car lawn and we did it. We're at the end already. There is one burning question though I have to get this in I get it in every show. It's the last question I ask of every one of my guests. It's it's a dos. So. But what I want to do is right before I do that before I forget is let everybody know how they can enter to win this amazing getaway. I'm going to put up on the screen for those you watching. Nice. It is goat. You can go a one of two ways you can go to the Web site that you see on the screen it's The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show dot com for Slash vacation. As Lauren types it in Medley the mind body business go dot com for its last vacation or if it's easier for you. Text the word peak. That's peak to the phone number 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. It's actually the opposite order that confuses people so into the phone number of 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 and then type the word peak as the message peak hit send and you'll be automatically entered to win. I give away one of these every single show. This is sponsored by my buddy Jason this and Ron at power texting dot com. In fact when you text the word peak you are using power texting dot com system. I am also a client. And if you go to the website the opt in forum is also part of power texting dot com. It's all their technology it's amazing. So go ahead and do that right now. They're going to come back to the woman of the hour. She's already in there. Look at that.

Man I man I want to go. Maybe we could do that thing for all your listeners. And be there. Yes. Some training while we're there. So we're at a hotel.

You get to choose. There's actually several choices. And might that the guy who sponsors this Jason nest. He actually tested it and he went to Rocky Point I think it's called in Mexico. And just to see to make sure it was a quality trip that they weren't going to in other words hit you up with a timeshare offer that you have to be you know how that goes. You know go to a room for five hours and get beat over the head to buy their timeshare. He said none of that happened. He said it was just as if they were normal guests. You just pay your transportation and resort taxes and fees and that's it. The hotel is paid for the resorts paid for. Awesome stuff. Yes. John James Santangelo. Do you know him. He says Great show Lauren I'm on Brian's show July 2nd. He's an LP expert in Southern Cal as well. He's a buddy of mine. He actually was right here standing right here right behind this desk not long ago a few weeks ago. Thanks for coming on John. So now the big question. I want to build it up a little bit you know. Yes. Drum roll. Now this is something I've asked every guest expert prior to you Lauren. And it it's something that is really important I think for everyone not just for yourself but for everyone to understand you more at the core. And it's a really intriguing question and just to kind of let you off the hook in case there's any nerves which you can't have any because you know you're on the stage and your body builder. Yes you're human. She has nerves right. Here's the thing. The beautiful thing is Lauren there is no such thing. As a wrong answer. It doesn't exist. It's just the opposite. The only. Correct answer. Is yours. That's right. And what I found interesting over the past almost 50 50 plus shows not no two no two people have answered it in exactly the same way. It's pretty remarkable. So are you ready.

Drum roll and if it takes a little time great. If you have it instantly great. Doesn't matter it's your answer. So Lauren powers Yes sir. How do you. Define

Success. Freedom. Freedom to be yourself to be authentic and live a lifestyle that you desire. To me that is success.

Bang. Love it. And other things that when to be authentic and to be yourself. That is another unique answer and I love it because it's unique to each individual. I'm going to compile all of these into a book. Nice and I'll just call it how do you define success and we're gonna have all of you. I'll get your agreement first and I know you won't want the additional exposure or anything like that but now.

And you know make a compilation of it. I think that would go off the shelves pretty fast because it's a collaboration. It's a lot of people a lot of successful people giving their version of success and then it's amazing. I've got to hear every single one of them and I get goose bumps because they're all different. And it's awesome that I get to hear different versions of what people think successes. Well here's the cool thing Lauren. The coolest thing you want in what it is.

Yeah. Not one not one including you. Not one had the answer of Well when I make X amount of money

It never was money centric. Some mentioned money in the description. Some would say the reason and then go elaborate and say in money might be in there and that's OK but the number one reason was never ever ever.

Money or material gain. Amazing. And that just is a testimony to you and all that preceded you about what you know this is what makes successful entrepreneurs tick. Long term if you're in it for a short term gain then you're probably in it for the money. And that's why it's all that short term. You have to have a mission of purpose of why and why you're doing it and you're and you law you you epitomize that because you want. You said it from the beginning all the way through the show that you love to help people. And that's why you're doing this that you're going on stage out of your comfort zone because you're you're in your comfort zone onstage if you're posing in body building. Now it's striking that different. Right. Amazing. And you're doing your own programs now and you're working with one of the greatest in the industry with Laura Longmire. So you're on the right. You start at the top. Why not. Well fantastic. What is the best way real quick for folks to get in touch with you so they can start following you and go to your events and watch you speak with Laurel and everything you're doing.

Why have all these social media of course and it's all under Lauren powers dot com is this keep it real simple. OK. This is not com it's a huge web site but all the icons are there for. Just like you have or Instagram has Lauren powers official and Facebook lines I have a fan page personal page House fitness event page and Twitter and LinkedIn they work on that pretty diligently. I saw you on there.

We did a little post that was you but the pictures otherwise the JLA thing it's there. Yeah there you go. Yeah. Very subtle. See just fit right in. OK. I rest my case. Right. I mean who's not going to look twice right. And that's the book. It's awesome. It's got a lot of stuff on there.

It's been updated actually as we speak to be honest with you with more my speaking things and more events coming out. And this is a little bit outdated but it's still me.

There's a lot I think but look at all of it. Everyone is looking and can see this if you're watching on the video from there. If you're listening on podcasts come back to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show dot com and go to past shows and look up Lauren powers and you'll see what we're talking about in the video form. This is amazing. I mean this takes effort takes time it takes thought it takes planning it takes strategy it takes mindset it takes body nutrition it takes building it takes mastery of all three of the three pillars.

And Lauren you are the epitome of that. And I so appreciate you for coming on and I'm so glad we finally got to do this. Yes.

Yes. How anybody get that might present to them. That's right. So I asked him as in return is it if you are inspired and motivated from.

From my message be just give me a quick review on Amazon. So I think it's a 20 dollar value of the book if you see me get worried because I autograph them you get a picture with you with me and all that fine stuff that you see me live. But if you doubt it's all on Amazon and it's free. This thing is my gift to you.

What do they do to get the ticket in the book. What's the direct action that they need to do.

Beneath the muscle dot com. Get the book and then go to that event break. We talked about integrated health and well dot Eventbrite got home and get the ticket. Gotcha. Or show up at the event and just say that they saw me on your show.

Oh I love it. Get in. I'll see you're not going to be a diva. You'll actually come on talk to people let them know they can come in.

That's a different yes. Look me in the eyes. I well data photo at the don't have to beat a string bikini to do it.

Oh gosh. I was thinking of wearing one. I guess I won't know why you can't.

You have to. Anybody else's.

This is a kind of fun we have on this show here. Here is beneath the muscle dot com. Now

There's my says. There's Katy Perry right here.

Goodness. Yes. There she is. Yeah. Oh my God.

I work with Nick Jonas. I work with Seth Rogen. I've had you know pretty get right again by that first thing that you said by saying yes. Yeah. What it takes and following through. And it's been a lot of work guys it's not easy to do a lot of auditions. The driving I live in Orange County I try to Hollywood and fight traffic on my back. But guess what I do it. I just do it. I don't go I can't get it. I get them all. No but if I get a lot of them. There you go. I enjoy it. It's it's it's just not awesome right. So being a body is the least thing that I am. To be honest with you there's a lot in here that's why books call me a muscle. Because it's like an onion. You hear a lot of Larry's back and he get the Carvey and I think you guys gotta get going. That's right. Just a short amount of time because you're such a good host.

Thank you so much.

Oh gosh I got I've got to fight I've got to get I've got to get down to hate me till the twenty second I just have to eat.

Oh my gosh. I would love to have you there.

Oh you mean that would be phenomenal. All right. I will make it happen. I'm just going to do it right. I'm going to say yes.

Morgan They ask Brian. Follow my advice.

Six train harder. There are a lot of companies I endorse. So if people want a nutrition tip get the egg whites international. Cool.

Well thank you once again Lauren you've been such an amazing guest. I'm a breath of fresh air as usual. Gosh we could go on for another two three hours like we did last time we just talked on the phone.

But here to respect everyone's time who came on appreciate you for coming out and watching with us and listening afterward on podcast or maybe on one of the repurposed videos on YouTube somewhere. Thank you for coming on. We appreciate you comment like love even if it's a recorded version rate and share if it's a podcast so we can get the word out for more people like Lauren powers that are helping people and changing the world for you know helping people to get what they want in life and that's what I appreciate about you Lauren cause that's what you do. You're an amazing woman and we are about to say it's time. It is. I'm sorry but it's time to say so long.

I got to get it. Let's see. I had to get in sync. There you go. Very good.

Look at us guys windshield wipers all right. All right. So for sure and powers I am Brian Kelly.

Thank you so much. We'll see you again on the next edition of The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. Until then be blessed everyone.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind business. She was crying Kelly.

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Lauren Powers

Lauren Powers is a ten-time, heavyweight bodybuilding champion, author, entrepreneur, actor, model and founder of the Lauren Powers Classic & now Powers Fitness Events which represents Team USA—a respected fitness competition in Southern California that rewards success based on merit, not economics. Lauren is a teacher, mentor, and advocate for individual achievement and excellence. Lauren is a recent award-winning International Speaker in cinema and media from the Women of Excellence.

Lauren is also a SAG actress and no stranger to Hollywood. She has been featured in numerous films, documentaries, and television productions: E! Botched, “Botched by Nature,” “Good Work” “Post-op w/ Heather Dubrow” “E! True Hollywood,” HBO’s “Arliss” & “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, TLC ‘s “My Strange Addiction” BBC’s Documentary, FOX Documentary, Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker, MTV Documentary, WE Channel’s “Amazon Women, Spike TV’s “A Thousand Ways to Die” “Generation Iron” and opened NBC’s iHeartRadio Music Awards show with Nick Jonas, Jennifer Hudson & Iggy Azalea. & Jamie Foxx.

Connect with Lauren:

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