Special Guest Expert - Lewis Crompton


Lewis Crompton

Lewis is a forex trader, educator, coach and business owner. He is passionate about empowering others in their personal finances and private lives. His personal style of entrepreneurship is to make money work hard for you, rather than you working hard for money.

Lewis started his entrepreneurial journey running a small food van at music festivals. This gave him the bug to build businesses and create a life of his own design. He now runs his property portfolio in the North East of England, trades the financial markets and is establishing new businesses from his laptop.

Often nick-named "the travelling investor", Lewis has travelled the globe for the past four years teaching people to invest in both property and stocks. He has also been asked to speak at events, to small and large businesses with his message of personal value, motivation and efficiency to crowds of up to 14,000 people.

Lewis’ passion for helping, supporting and developing others to understand their mental and emotional well-being has seen him operate as a powerfully effective coach to individuals at all levels.

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