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So here's the big question. Our entrepreneurs like us, who have been hustling and struggling to make it to success, who seem to make it one step forward. Oh. Two steps back, work dedicated. How do we find the breakthrough, and that is the question.

Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to the Mind Body Business Show.

This is going to be stellar. I kid you not we don't have just one guest, not two. No, no, no. We have five guests and they are all experts in the field of live video streaming. I am going to dig deep, pick their beautiful brains, and they are going to give you the secrets that make them so successful in this and unbelievable technology that many people are now coming to due to recent events. We all know what that means. The mind body business show. What is that all about? It is about the three pillars to success. In my now fifty six years on this earth, I spent the last ten or so actually studying only successful people. What made them more successful than someone like me? What was it that what were the qualities. They are just a human being. And during these ten years or so of being with mentors, of actually meeting authors, reading books of other authors that may not be with us, going to seminars of prominent and successful entrepreneurs, I found there were three patterns that developed. And you might guess where those three patterns might lie. Yes. In mind, that's mindset. Those that have achieved a great level of success had really worked on and developed a very positive and flexible mindset and then body.

It's all about taking care of yourself, literally, your physical body that's eating right and exercising on a regular basis. And then there's business and business is multi, multi multifaceted. It includes things like marketing, sales, team, team building, systematizing leadership. And I could go on for a very long time with different skill sets. And what happens is all of these successful people I studied had mastered the skill sets. Here's here's the trick. Here's a secret. They don't they don't master every single one of them. If they master just one, then they can delegate to others who have mastered the skill sets they don't currently possess. And that is the skill set of leadership. And I'm not going to go too deep into this. We're going to jump right into our wonderful panel. They're all sitting, standing, waiting. Clapping, cheering, and they can't wait to come on and I can't wait for you to meet them all. So with that, why don't we just do that and bring them all on? Go ahead and shoot yourself. My wonderful peeps. Here we go. There they are.

Ladies and gentlemen, the amazing live streaming video expert panel. Yes. How are you all doing tonight? Really, really good. Really good. All right. I am going to briefly, quickly introduce each one of you and hopefully do justice. But it's going to be what you gave me. So it has to do. You get this right. So Jason West is one of my best friends in the world. He is the co-founder of The Big Insider Secrets. He spent over thirty five years in marketing, working with top agencies, products and brands, generating over a billion with a B dollars in revenue for my big brand clients, his big brand clients. This is a last minute bio's submittal and over one hundred and seventy. I don't know if that's a million. I think it is an actual sales. There's a lot of zeros revenue to non big brand companies. So that's pretty impressive. Especially his specialty has been in direct response marketing. That means TV commercials where he is a Clio Award winner as seen on TV. You've all heard of that two time marketer of the year and that radio print billboard, email, texting and more. I'm getting tired offline or online. There are secrets. The big insiders don't want you to know the who, what, where, why and when marketing and most importantly, how. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Jason West. Welcome to the show, my brother. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So great to have you. Next, the lovely Janine Sulak. Oh, yes.

We've known each other for a long time, at least, what, ten minutes now. It's been phenomenal. Performer, US flight surgeon.

This is phenomenal. Ladies and gentlemen and combat veteran. She is Dr. Janine Zubac and she is an author, consultant, recognized expert in leadership. We just talked about that and peak performance. Hey, I love that name as part of my business in high stress environments, I can only imagine and in demand for military aviation accident investigations. Wow. Jenene now uses her problem solving experience with systems and human factors in organizations to help businesses succeed. With that, welcome to the show, Insu. So happy to be here. Thanks for your all amazing. By the way, this was a last minute collection of these fine individuals. We had a last minute cancelation of a certain guest. They had a family emergency. This stuff happens. And so I'm really thankful and appreciative to all of you, all five of you for coming on at such short notice. I'll get it out.

By the way, Janina's hails from around the Houston, Texas area. Jason is in the Arizona area. Leo is from the UK. I'm going to introduce him next, which is in London. And Pepé is currently in Orlando, Florida. He's from Brazil. And Will Sonna Raul Catalino is from Tallahassee, Florida. We've got him from all over the place. I love this. This is phenomenal. Leo the man, Leo Mindell, has been involved in the world of online sports and streaming.

This is very interesting to me. Since the late nineteen nineties, a survivor of the dotcom bubble, I was a tough one. The first live event he streamed was a professional soccer match for a top European tournament in two thousand and one two thousand one. Ladies and gentlemen, he then built a successful agency helping Olympic federations deliver online. He has now pivoted to delivering online streaming for religion and politics. Two things not very easy to mix. I love that Welcome to this Joe Lieberman doege are coming on. Thank you. Is what does it. One thirty seven in the morning where you are right now. It is, it is. He left right away. He was surprised. It was. Yeah. I've got to get some of that tea drinking man. That's, that's got to be good stuff.

It's all right. It's coffee, coffee, coffee all the way.

I don't think I can survive on caffeine just long enough. All right. On to Pepe Figueroa. He is a DJ, music producer, photographer, videographer, video editor, video engineer and nowadays specials specialist in live broadcasts. There's a lot more to him, but that's all I got.

And we're going to play again. And you can tell by his background he may do this more than once or twice in a month or so. Yeah, you might do it on occasion. Yeah. Yeah. Thanks for coming on, man. You got it all. But sound dampening materials, the different colors. It's gorgeous setting. I love it. All gorgeous here and then we have rope, that's what she likes, row Rosanna Catalano. I love that last name. It's just it just rolls off the tongue. Catalana, I could say, don't make us do it.

Catalana Catalona Rossana Catalinas varied background as a lobbyist, trial attorney, television news producer, Professor University Dean, career coach and chief agency administrator allows her to provide her clients with a unique perspective and skill set for solving problems, storytelling and creating successful strategies. This is a powerhouse lineup, ladies and gentlemen, that I have on this wonderful show. I love what I get to do. And yes, Jason is the biggest powerhouse. He's raising his hand because I have a question.

I think you were able to pull us together at the last minute, but that really says a lot about you as our host, because you have these connections. You have these the most amazing people in your life, and you bring these amazing people together so wonderfully. And so if I can take half a second and just tell everybody that Brian Kelly. Yes. Is the dear friend of mine, we work together. We've done lots of little projects together. But this guy is truly an amazing a powerhouse. So if you don't know him, you're watching this live stream, get to know him. He's the most approachable guy I know. And he does everything in his power to help you take your business to the next level. So make sure to subscribe to and comment.

You should please, please stop.

Well, that's a good friend, right? Yeah, it's one of my best, I'll tell you.

Definitely. Dominic Brighton is in the house. He was on the show a little bit a little while ago. And there's a guy that you guys may know. There's a guy named Leo Mandele that commented and look forward to the discussion. It's amazing. Young men out of the UK area. I love that guy. We go.

We like a lot of young. You can keep using that. Don't feel it anymore.

I love it. So I want to get I want to dove deep with all of you.

And I want to find out from each of you your opinions on what is working today and why. When it comes to light streaming, as you all know, due to recent events, we're all locked down, so to speak, and people are flocking to the live video. See now and you you've all seen all the comments, people that are new, they don't know how to do this in a proper way because it takes more than it looks like it takes on a surface. And we're all not in our heads going, well, yeah, there's a lot to it, but it's difficult. So I want to go around the horn. And real quick, I'll just start with the same with with Jason. When did you really start Lifestream? It doesn't mean you have to have gone and started in nineteen one like Leo and then done it every year since I said that on purpose. Nineteen one and. But when did you start, when did you first start doing Lifestream and then why. And that's first question to Jason and then you'll all get the same question.

So. So I've been a beta tester for Google and Microsoft for years and when Google first came out with the Hangouts Live that's when I started doing Live Hangouts and then associate of mine, Alex Mendoza. And he's like the hangout life guru guy.

I actually went to a live training, which he charged, I think it was two thousand dollars for training in house or a thousand dollars if you wanted to stream it live. And I watched him actually drop this thing live. It was incredible. And I was like, this is something I need to incorporate into what I'm doing. So that's really what I started doing. A lot more lives after that.

Fantastic, thank you, kind sir. On to the next in a moment as I switch things around. This is fun. There's a lot of fun, but not everybody's name is Jason. So we'll make sure we get that cleared up. There you go. But it's not so bad. If it were, you know, they'd be all right. Jeanine, same question. When did you start live streaming and what brought you to it? Why did you start doing that?

Well, I just started live streaming this year, actually, but because I generally work behind the scenes helping people with their systems, I have helped my clients with live streaming for quite some time. And it seems kind of silly that I would help them and not do it myself. So there I went.

Fantastic. And that's what I love. We're going to have a good mix of grizzled veterans like the next one I'm about to bring up and and those that are just starting, but all have great entrepreneurial acumen and background and experience. And I'll bring a lot to the table. All right, Leo, up to you. When did you start Lifestream? And you kind of gave a hint. And what what got you to start to do that? Why did you.

So as I mentioned earlier, I work you mentioned that I work in the professional sports industry, so I work for a number of clubs governing bodies and federations doing their websites. I'm I'm from there. We ended up doing some live events using things like a real player, Windows Media encoder, all these sort of things which have long since gone into the distance. The first live event, as you mentioned, which is Keltic in the FA Cup. We had we claimed we had over ten thousand people. I can't see how any of them on a fifty six K dial up could have seen anything. But it was it was that was what we did. And then from there it's just moved on and on and on. I, I've been a big user of things like various different software packages that you end up encoding on wire cast and all these things.

But for the last three or four years, I've been doing more and more on a regular basis in the religious area. I work for a number of synagogues and I've worked for some churches as well, bringing that stuff online.

And then, as with everybody else, the beginning of what? The lockdown, it just went into overdrive. And now I'm doing about four or five events a week, mainly producing for people and doing all the work that you're doing, Brian, behind the scenes.

And if those of us who use the busses behind know that we can make it look smooth. But you're sitting there going all of this at the same time.

Yes. It's you know, you've got to be the talent, the director, the producer marketer, the you name, the graphics designer.

If if you go that far, you have the access to more Facebook pages than I've ever, ever known.

And we need this craft services, though she takes care of that.

We need to up that limit to the live streams that we have currently from eight to like twenty eight or thirty. Right. Yeah. All right, Pepé.

To you, how long ago do you start live streaming and what was the driving factor behind you deciding to go down this wonderful path that we're all on?

Oh, well, I started live streaming. Well, I did it first like radio, like web radio. So I started doing that because at that time in Brazil, we don't have the bandwidth, the Internet that could. But I started doing video like really like streaming with tweet I think was tweet pic or tweet cam was a kind of a software that you like, a little app that you can go live on with, Twitter accounts, something like that. And then I started doing just because I want to promote myself, my company at that time in Brazil. So that's why I started. And then I went to Google Hangout, I went to all of this software is different. Software is doing a live stream.

Fantastic. So what what what year?

If you would remember that I started like 2007, my YouTube channel I saw in 2007. So I think I started like two thousand six thousand eight, something like that.

Sweet, sweet. You know what, Jason, I forgot to mention and I'm going to mention it right now because, Rosana, we're saving like the big reveal for last here.

But, oh, I know it is actually sponsored by this gentleman to my left and his company, the big insider secrets. Look at his hat. He's got the big insider right there. And what he has enabled us to do is to give away a five night stay at a five star luxury resort because he's coming in. And so stay to the end. Those of you watching live, this is for the viewers only. Yes, that's right. What you stay on live to the end. I will show you exactly how you can enter to win. We get to give away one of these every single week on our show because of this man right here. And so stay tuned. And yes, you will be free to move about the country and hopefully the world, hopefully very, very soon.

So definitely want that one so that we've just added a bunch of US destinations as well. So it's not five made those three in the US, but there's a ton of them. So yeah, we'll make sure all the US is available for you as well.

All right. Now that we have. Built up the big moment.

When did you start streaming and again, what what drove you to do that?

So I'm one of your newcomers to live streaming. I started actually during the pandemic, but I am not new to storytelling.

I have a background in television news and was a television news producer and as attorney and as a trial attorney and lobbyist, I have been putting stories together together for clients for nearly more than two decades now. So I'm not new to storytelling, which I think there is a huge element of that when you're producing shows. So we started with my company doing the live streaming during the pandemic as something that we needed to make sure that we were still in the hearts and minds of folks. And from there we've been approached by many people and now we have multiple clients and do this four or five times a week for a number of clients. So it's been wonderful.

Fantastic. Told you she was worth the wait all star and all star tribute right here.

Oh, my gosh. I'm like a kid in a candy store right now. This is so funny because because of you guys, you're amazing and gals, I mean that collectively. So I can tell there's several of you that live streaming has had an impact on your your businesses. And and I'm going to open this up to whoever wants to speak first. But let's raise hands so we don't step on each other audibly. But what ways has live streaming helped your business? What is it done for your business to tell, but go to the next level, whatever it is for you. So who wants to go first?

Rosanna, I'll go first since I was last time, I'm happy to go first, go this time. So, you know, this was a pivot for us.

We have been to some extent I should say, we had been doing some consulting with businesses and helping them get to the next level, whether that was in the legal sense or leveraging government resources to help their businesses. And this was a way by using the live streaming to help people grow their business and also have that real Internet presence that everyone wanted. And quite frankly, everyone was looking for a way to connect. You can't take that away from us. We're still all very humans, even though we've all been isolated and alone. That need for connection was something that people wanted and we immediately jumped in headfirst. And so our company has taken a little bit of a pivot here with this. But I think we're still we're going to keep going with this. We're now being asked to do virtual conferences. So we're in it to win it now.

I love it, I love it, I love a big success story or even small success stories, I don't mind Jason last year, so I actually have two things.

One is obviously the way it helps your businesses is bringing exposure. It's a definite increase in ROIC, even if you're not like selling or doing anything on your live stream. It's just the recognition that you get from doing the live streams that it actually benefits your business and the bottom line. But I've got the other side of that as well. It's also hindered businesses and I'll tell you how that's hindered my business. We were just getting ready to launch this big membership. So I spent a year working on building it out. And when covid hit, everybody and their brother started doing lives change.

And I'm not talking about quality of life. Seems like we're talking about here, but I'm talking about people walking down the street with their dog trying to say, look, I'm getting out for a minute. And it flooded Facebook, YouTube, all these things with these live streams that were kind of meaningless. I hate to say it that way, but there really weren't talking about anything. We weren't talking about substance. They were just sharing their daily habits and their food or whatever. And because of that, it just seemed to really water down the market for the first month, month and a half after that, things kind of feather it out and fluff worked its way out of the system. And now it's a time where really life is really starting to come back up for the professionals or people who take it seriously. So so it was an interesting big boom. And then also at the same time, we're kind of hurt a lot of the regular streamers as far as business goes, big boom and a big burst.

Who is next? I know we've got a couple more in here that have had a significant and I can go.

Well, I was working for a big company here in Orlando that ran a lot of equipment and I was doing a lot of avy, so a lot of shows and things like that. So in the end, I was furloughed and I was, yeah, OK. I love what I do. I love to be with video, with cameras and all of that. I'm going to continue doing my YouTube channel, but I need to start doing some money and then I start like teaching people how to go live and and like sharing my knowledge, like how you can have a good camera, good microphone and how you hook up everything and good lighting and all of that, because a lot of people are doing zoom and go meeting all these softwares and stuff. They're starting to get like bigger and better. You know, we have screen yard. We have a lot of things right now. So we have OBES, we have Weirich as we have a mix. So it's a lot of things that people need to like to look for and say, hey, what I'm going to use which camera with microphone with software I'm going to use. And even you need to know what do you want? You just going to use it for a zoom meeting. You're going to teach something. You want to have a background, like with a green screen or you want to have, I don't know, a PowerPoint. So we have a lot of things that you need to like to know. And I just like helping people doing that right now. So this is a really challenging time. At the same time, it's really good to see that we can continue making money.

And we've got a couple of comments rolling in. This one is give me a little chuckle is, you know, him and Jason to see if we can actually recognize each other if we have or so can I have. And then we have a shout out for one individual on this. This broadcast, Joycean Rossana is a rockstar. She also has a fantastic podcast in Florida. Thank you for coming on, Joe. I appreciate you for participating. And Leo, you had your hand up a moment ago.

Yeah, I think I take it from when the others have said it's been a really interesting roller coaster. What's happened with the lockdown when it started over here? Very, very, very similar. People didn't know how to go online, how to use, how to and where I was being involved with churches and synagogues. They just stopped dead. And it was like literally they didn't know what to do.

And what you're actually seeing is that the people involved, the ministers, the rabbis, they either can pivot to do this or they can't. And some of the guys that really could in the past who could work in a room have found that they couldn't actually work online. And so we've been helping a number of those to actually reengage and reconnect with their communities. That's on the one side. On the other side that we had is we we suddenly because we've been doing this for a long time, it's like, can you help us out? My partners have got backgrounds and doing live shows and involved in theater. And so we literally run off our feet with people. We need to bring up our business online. And that has worked out really, really well. But I think there's a comment that's come from others. It's doing it professionally. And the word that we hate is because you see, when you see stuff that goes out on Zoom, it's so poor, it's so, so poor and has no brand values and.

I really don't like it.

So what's your real opinion on that, Leo?

Yeah, yeah, it's a bit on the fence and they're trying to play catch up.

It's very interesting. It's it's the best product out there for a meeting. It's absolutely a killer product for a meeting and for keeping your family in contact.

But when you're trying to do something like this, it just falls apart for what need it all for for like meeting business meetings.

Google has been doing pretty well, too. I've been testing both of them.

It's interesting because they they went through a period over here to just drop because they dropped everything for a while and just dropped it the wrong time. I mean, let's be blunt. The reason Zune worked so well is they had no security down here. You didn't have to have any security to get into a meeting so everybody could get in. And that was that was that killer killer thing everybody else was trying to do. You know, we were all trying to remember what our Skype handle was. I can't remember. Can't remember, forget it. Forget it.

I want to know what's interesting is that pivot there's in churches and religion and politics. Those are two huge areas. Musicians I found also only a very few of them are really doing well as far as quality. I know of one that my wife and I actually put aside five o'clock every Friday night for one of our favorite smooth jazz artists, Brian Culbertson, this guy, I had no idea what a geek he was in a great way to geek. And he's he's actually using OBES, which many of you are familiar with. I've used it as well. And he's using the string deck interface that I use as well. And this guy has got it down. He's got multiple microphones, probably five camera angles. He's got sponsorship. He's got he's started a new membership site and he's got over. What was it? It was over three thousand people watching live every show.

It's amazing. The guy's crushing it, I hope. And I just love to see this, you know, ingenuity that people have when times like this comments like you, either you either come up with a solution or you die financially.

I think you've hit it. You hit the nail on the head. People who were the the top of their game suddenly being toppled over by people who just came out of nowhere, who can do things that they just didn't realize they can do. And that's that's that's that's always the advantage in some of these times is can you pivot? Can you do this? Can you can you learn a new trick or do you sit there and wither and die?

Another artist is doing really well with the live streaming and the broadcasting is Sammy Hagar and the Circle, they've been doing some amazing stuff and it's like all of his bands are at their home and their little back rooms doing the recording and stuff, and then they mix it all together. It's just brilliant. It's a beautiful it's pretty, pretty powerful when they do stuff like that.

You said all in their bathrooms, one guy guy does play in his bathroom.

He plays in a large bathroom. But because he has all his clothes that are down sound that I have good acoustics.

Yeah, I was going to say I'd have to have his papers called like Pepé. They're covered.

So, hey, one of the things I've noticed also for people like us that do live streams on a regular basis, I have shows like this. The key is to getting viewership and getting engagement and getting and whether it's live, whether it's after the show and when we repurpose it to recorded platforms like YouTube, these go there automatically. But now you need to pull over. You can see them. But for you and I'll do the same thing is just by show of hands. One of the keys to any business is marketing. It's the lifeblood. You know, without marketing, you cannot succeed. A successful marketing, I should say. So for whoever wants to go first. What have you found thus far for live videos specifically to be your number one, go to when it comes to marketing a live show?

No one started targeting them, so I'll talk to you quickly about that.

So one of the things I thought the most beneficial for getting views is and Brian knows this as well. Scheduling, scheduling, scheduling. When you schedule your broadcast, Google will, will, will. If you're scheduling a YouTube, Google will actually help you get viewership for it. Same thing with Facebook if you're scheduling it. Facebook will help you find viewership for it. So I know personally from those two, but I'm sure if you're scheduling it, you have a regular schedule. If you're a gamer kind of guy and you're doing Twitch and I know Brian broadcast the twitch as well, but if you're a gamer, you're doing twitch, you're going to get more organic traffic from just because you scheduled it, of course. That's right. And for me, I mean, if you have a list making sure to remind your list constantly that you're going live, when you're going live, what time you're going live. And then, of course, I also do a lot of texting, as Brian does as well. Texting last minute. Hey, we're going to text out. We're going to go live. We're going to go live. So to drive viewers for the average person organic, just schedule. Make sure your scheduling and letting your people know you're scheduled.

But I'll take it even further. Make sure that you say to people to click on the subscribe when they want to take on the scribe or take on the like in Facebook if they click subscribe and YouTube and then they take on it. And if you explain to them, take on it, open it up and click on the little bell and make it say, oh, that is a killer. You will get you will double the number of people are watching. If you can get them to do that, they do the like and you get them liking any of your videos, open up on Facebook and then say invite them to like your channel, like your page, make sure you're actually going to page and not your to your own profile. It makes a huge, huge, huge difference because then people can share your video, otherwise people can't share your videos. That makes a big difference. And you build big, big audiences.

Up you go Gajanan.

Oh, I was going to say, I would argue that it's hard to put it all of that. It's not just the scheduling but schedule consistently people get used to when they're going to see you and meet up with you and then that starts becoming a part of their routine to the.

That's correct. And I was going to say to if it's all the kind of graphics you're going to use to like the thumbnail, even your title, it needs to be really good. You need to be just check what's trending and all of that and try to use that words and hashtags and all of that. So that's how Pluma too.


Yeah. And I'd like to add to that is that we like to use our guests. So the guests that come on the show or some of our clients go, we talk to them about, hey, everyone's got a fan club, everyone's got friends and family. Make sure they know that this is coming on tonight. Make sure you tell them make sure they subscribe. So really pushing it with the people that are actually providing the content, we find that that really does drive up the numbers.

If you can make that as easy as possible, I mean, just even reminding them to say that if you can give them the one sentence reminder that they just have to cut and paste, that makes it more likely that they do it.

Yeah, yeah. I've actually built into an automated system of mine. And you were last minute guests and you probably thought it might have expedited somewhere, but I guess that comes on as planned well in advance because this takes time. Everything we're talking about. As far as having leveraging your guests, that's a genius. I mean, that's what I think is one of the best ways to do it, is to get higher and higher influencer type guests and as you do get them or their assistance to put the word out and through automation if possible, because then you don't have to work in the business. You can start stepping away and want to over have it go out a day later and say, hey, OK, now that's recorded. Go, please share it, go like it. You have your assistant do it, whatever, but also leading up to it. Let's get live viewership. This isn't just about me. This is about you. In fact, my shows are about all of you and my guest. And that's a perfect segue way because I wanted to find out from all of you what has been most effective for you do or just what do you do? So there's the types where it's a solo, you're just a talking head. I shouldn't say just a talking head, but it's just you. And some are very, very effective at doing that. Their interview style, where it's one on one. And then like this is a panel this is an interview style. What has what do you folks all do? Do you do one the other or both you mix them up. And what have you found to be the most effective? What has gotten the most engagement? The most. Yeah, engagement. Show hands. Who wants to go first.

I'll go first this time. Yeah. I actually, um, my business partner only shaper, she's another veteran and we both left in the consulting and systems work we do together. And that way we have that conversation. So it's not just the talking heads and we don't always have someone to interview. And I think that just makes it more fun and it flows better and it's natural. So that's what we go with.


Yeah. I mean, not if I take that a little bit further from what you're saying there, when I have the discussion with people that one of the reasons why a lot want to use Zoom is they feel that they're going to get that connection. And then you sit there and say to them, hold on a minute, you know, you can go to the theater. When you go to the theater, there's only 10 people on the stage. You don't have to have every single person on the stage, which is what you're ending up in. Do you can actually create that experience? I think that communication and the link between seeing other people on the stage, it works best. I think that works much better than a single talking head when you have that conversation, when you can see the two people talking, interacting, I always think that's best. And we're finding less and less that we're actually spotlighting an individual person and we're bringing that because people want to see that interactivity coming back.

Somebody said earlier, you know, we're we may all be socially distanced or all those horrible words, but we're still very social and we want to see other people.

And we are merciless at the moment. Isn't that awesome?

Yeah, well, that masks. We all have masks. We buy them at Costco.

Jason Anderson is loving it. Jason is a former guest on this show as well. He was a phenomenal guest listening in from LinkedIn. Thank you, Jason. If you have any questions, shoot them out. We got plenty, but I'm interested in what everyone who's watching and viewing would like to find out from these amazing experts. I mean, we've got what a mix. This is phenomenal. I mean, she's a former attorney or maybe even still current attorney, a recovering attorney and a two time enlistee, one in two different branches of our service. That's Janine. Thank you for your service. You know, a media mogul, Jason, who's done everything you could possibly do on this planet when it comes to marketing.

And how could you do that with the age? I am? I don't know how that works.

Yes. So here's one thing I'm really curious about. So if you have if you part of your model is to have guests on your show, would you raise your hand real quick to an interview? OK. Was that Janine? I can't see your hand. OK, got it. All of you. Good. So what I want to find out is what has been your biggest challenge so far?

Like there are different examples because look, we're talking about pre show. We're talking about execution during show and we're talking about post show production. And each phase comes with its own face set of challenges. So for you, again, by show of hands, who wants to go first? But examples like is it finding a new guest to come on in a timely manner?

Is it or getting enough of them cued up is a finding high quality guest on top of that? How about is it coming up with the questions beforehand? You know, who do you what do you ask each person having guests show up prepared? You know, they're lighting ready, their clothes on, hopefully makeup. If that's even a guy I put makeup on today, I do it almost every show now because I'm getting old and or is it something maybe like coming up on new topics for your show or is it something completely different? I'm very curious about this. Go ahead, Tanika.

So I went online and I actually started with a podcast before we went over to live streaming. And the way we launched it was we recorded a batch of interviews. So we have a number of episodes before we put it out there. But we recorded the video with the intent to use it and to say it's funny with guests. So we were just starting out in this fixes like we were. As you were saying, it's like you as you grow and your audience grows, you reach to guess that have bigger audiences that are, you know, have the content that you know, your audience wants. So this is the actually I had a cancelation at the last minute guest a friend had hooked me up with. And, you know, in that prep time, it's like, OK, I thought he wasn't going to show he showed up. All of a sudden I was like, OK, we'll do this really fast. Are you ready to go and get a little intro? Here's how it's going to go.

And he's like, Yeah, I'm ready to go. And then he takes this big swig up tequila. OK, I have to say, I was a little gun shy about do it like after that.

Oh, crap. Yeah, yeah it is.

But yeah, I guess the biggest problem I have, I have to deal with politicians. So I've done most of the leading politicians in the UK at one time or another. On some shows you sit there and you say to them about the tech and you want to explain to them you need to wear headphones. This is the biggest argument I have always and I had one said, do you know I I controlled the House of Lords, which is our senior house. I don't need to wear headphones and I'm fine. But the reason nobody can actually hear you is because your mic is actually deafening everything you say, because it's just coming straight out of your speakers. And eventually when he actually stopped to listened, he said, oh, yeah, you're right, I apologize. Not tech tech. Every single time we we have like a run down with all our guys. So we will say we have to go through headphones. We always do a green room test before we do run down. We talk about headphones. These are these are Bluetooth ones which are really cheap. The Emmy ones that great. If you if you if you're looking for headphones and you don't want to spend a lot of money, the the Emmy Oreo's there on on eBay or Amazon, they're really great. And these are the Bluetooth ones we got. We do that. The other thing we always say to everybody and they laugh when we say is before we go live, could you clean your camera with a cloth, particularly? People have got laptops because you just do not realize how much Grace is on that line. I just thought you clean it and then it's like, oh, my God, that's taken ten years. Offer you this a as a magic trick. It's a magic trick always worth doing.

You are making me laugh because I'd have to agree with you, Leo. This is probably the most painful part, writing the question. Sure. But the tech I mean, that'll keep me up at night. So we do equiptment checks with everyone and we talk about headphones and I'm amazed and we have a checklist and I'm amazed at every time. There's always something new to add to the checklist that I haven't anticipated. We had a client record and all of a sudden everything went black. So I was like, oh, I guess her Internet went out. And then I got a text from her that said, no, I forgot to plug in my computer and the battery died. So that's now. So that's now on the checklist. Like, make sure your computer's plugged in. You know, we talk about Internet and all this other stuff, and I'm like, now make sure you have electricity going to you. So, yeah, I'm always amazed. We had one. We had one with the checklist.

You're actually right. We're sitting there and it's like it's getting worse and worse and worse and worse. And it's like this is terrible. They got and then they got all my batteries at eight percent. It's like you run this without your with your laptop not plugged in yet, but it's got a long battery. No, it doesn't. When you're streaming, it doesn't mean it's streaming. And it just I'm sure we will come across more of this. But it's just sometimes you just sitting there with your head in your hands going, oh, it's just horrible. And it is the pros as well that you must I mean, so we have a guy nobody could be watching this. So not everybody. Everybody's going to be watching you. Don't you have to go? Brinda Job Judge Rob Brinda. He's our equivalent of your Judge Judy. So he he's a really outspoken. Every time it's like we go to go live, it's like you're in the wrong end of your house again, aren't you? Way away from your wireless phone. Could you please pick up your laptop and go to the bit where it works?

Yeah, and when the bulb going out on the overhead projector was your biggest tech nightmare.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I do.

It's totally changed. I just want to say one thing, Brian. Your checklist is perfect.

I control a lot of different live streaming from a lot of people, and I always tell them to do something like that and say, oh, no, we don't need to add, you know, say, oh my God, when I receive yours.

I was like, oh, yes, yes, yes. This is this is this is so simple, is so necessary, you know, like people don't do it.

And I said, why not? You need to prepare everything before your live stream. So I'm really glad you're doing that. That was awesome for me, man.

Thank you.

I just found out that I need to add two more camera. Like I said, you're continually updating. I'm doing all this adding to the checklist. Yeah, I tell you, the cleaning.

The camera is the fun. It is the one that everybody laughs and they can be doing this for six months. And you go, yeah, you clean your camera and then they go, oh, that's that. It's amazing. The difference.

It makes you a little perspective. I start going like about nine years ago, like 1911, like nineteen. What does that make it. Nineteen ninety one. Two thousand and one or so. Yeah. Twelve, twelve years. I'm twenty.

That's going to be twenty is next year too long.

So I'll be twenty eleven. Right. There we go.

Finally. And gosh I used to be really good at math anyway so back in that day we didn't have what we have today with all the autoresponder glitz and glamor and all the automation's that we can do now with the incredible tools that are available. And I would literally set up and schedule what I called a tech test the day prior to the actual show. And then I told them, are you going to be in this same location tomorrow? Oh, no, I'm flying. I'm like, oh, God, that thing.

Before we go, we have we got stories of that.

So now that is what caused that I came up with to be born because I said no more. I'm done. You either do it and you tell me you've done it. You all did that. Thank you very much. By just responding. And the automation told me I was like, oh, good, ready? And I knew all of you would be because we're all in this together. But, you know, you never know, do you?

Top of our checklist now is you are going to do the tech test on the equipment you're actually going live on.

We sat there a couple of weeks ago doing a tech test and the this is our home secretary. So Secretary of state equipment, the secretary of state. And we get one of her assistants doing the test and we're sitting there doing the test. And it's like nothing of this is working. Nothing of this is. And I was like, is this going to be the computer? Oh, no. I mean, that's the equivalent of being in the Pentagon. It's like there's no way any computer in there is ever going to work. Is this where she's going to be doing it? No, she's going to be doing a home on her own PC. And you're like there's half of half an hour of my life.

I'm not getting my console. Sorry, late. You guys are phenomenal. This is this is fun.

How many of you? Have help for your shows.

Do you have like a virtual assistant or just an assistant? Do you have someone that clicks the buttons for you to do scene switching to bring up the comments and things like that? Or are you all solo when you go with this yourselves?

So who wants to go first and there's no wrong answer or.

I'm just made to just me and I have an 18 Máni, so I do everything in and all of that.

We have two of us going, so we have that more one more than an army of one and said we have an assistant with the.

Multi-purpose, saying the content after the fact, that's a week go on streaming out on a big event and most of all events with this three of us, we do three. And what are the roles of three? We have one person sitting there mainly doing the production, bringing in the comments coming in from social media, one doing the camera switching and one doing the video roles and other things that come in and just doing the various different parts. So we all so.

What do you have three people logged in as a as an administrator, the same three people in this administration yard.

And then we use Dischord as our communication channel behind. So many of you haven't used this call to come across it. It solves everything, basically. Then you can deaf in one ear off so you can listen to the live in one ear and you can have this code talking in the other.

I don't ever want to publish live what we talk about on this question.

I can only imagine you're just sitting there going if they can, you know, I'm now I'm doing it. So, so well done to you, Brian, for running this on your own. This is you're doing great.

I can imagine the back talk over there F and zoom go.

Oh, I just sometimes you're just like, oh, it's hard work, isn't it?

It's hard work, especially role. What are you guys doing? Do you have a team.

Yeah. So I have a team. So I have a show that I have a co-host and we switch back and forth as to who's going to produce it, do the directing behind it. We find that if one of us does it for several weeks in a row, then the other one, the skills kind of softens. You've got to keep up with it. So we switch back and forth for our clients. There's usually two of us always on so that we as admins so we can jump in and we usually just keep our phones open. But I'm going to use Dischord now and know that we can handle what's coming, whether it's, you know, the comments or the different assets that they want play during the show.

Well, God bless you, because I used to co-host as well. And it's not easy to do it with two people, no matter how synergistic the two of you are. It's just it is difficult to have two people switching off, asking questions, whatever, engaging. And then I did that for a couple of years. And then now I'm doing it solo and I'm like, wow, this is a lot easier than interesting by myself. It's easier that that was my own experience. It doesn't mean it's everyone's experience, of course, but it was and nothing personal about any person. It's just that's the way it was. It's easier to go on my own and not have a co-host that that's where that point is. If I have somebody helping with the seat, switching the comment, taking care of those, that would be phenomenal. Leo, I'm very, very jealous right now that it looked like you had something to say there a moment ago.

No, no, I'm OK. Thank you, man.

All right. It was your chance that that was your last one, right, Don?

Approach from here in local Antelope Valley. He's an amazing, amazing businessman. He's always got businesses, local businesses, banks. So thank you, Don, for coming on. Check him out on Facebook for sure. We actually have a question from the audience who is a good question, Donald Allen of LinkedIn or on LinkedIn ask, what are the pros and cons of podcasting versus live streaming? I want to quantify or qualify this a little bit. I have heard countless number of people saying, Brian, I want to be on your podcast. I just want to go. It is not a podcast. It's a live video stream. Podcast is audio only. There is a distinct and huge difference. So that being said, I got off my soapbox. Who wants to handle and tackle that one? I love Leal's. Laughing Right. That's awesome.

Ropen Right. I'll I'll jump in with this one. I think the real advantage with live streaming like this and we do this for a number of our clients is that you have the video asset. You know, you can put it on YouTube, which is the second largest search engine. I mean, you can really drive traffic to your website or to you with YouTube. I think the video really has some tremendous impact. And then from this, we usually take the audio and then turn that into a podcast. So we're hitting people in different ways with different formats. So I you know, I maybe it's back to my television roots, but I'm like I'd go with video every time. That's to me, is the pro bepart here?

Yeah, I totally agree with Roe, but I want to put one point here that's really important. Like Brazil and all the Latin countries, we have a really bad bandwidth with Internet and all of that. So podcast right now is really huge over there because, you know, like with less bandwidth, you can. Listen in on your phone and whatever, you know, video take more bandwidth is always a little harder to people to see it. And sometimes people are driving or just like in a bus, you know, things like that. So podcasts really is getting really big, not only in Brazil, but all the Latin countries.

You know, I would just add to that. And they're just different audiences aren't different channels. So the podcast audience is different than the people who are watching videos. But as far as the channels themselves, their algorithms are favoring live stream the most. So that's where if you had to choose between one, that's where I would go.

Yep. And I'll just say that it really for for for David. I think Alan Download I can't remember his name, but what I would say is it's not an either or situation. I'll echo what everybody else already said. It's really a both situation. Go live, do a live streaming video. And then, like Ross said, break it down into an audio and broadcast it as an as a as a podcast only. And one of the things you can do, which is really nice, I think actually Brian's doing this because he is now a top two hundred podcasts are on Apple. That right? That's correct. Yeah. So so whether it was you said your live video broadcast on one day and then you schedule your podcast the next day after you've had the audio out and send it out. So that way your podcast, people get used to listening to it a day later. And really it's not an either or situation. It really is a both situation.

And on that, it's actually now over a week. It's actually three weeks out. Before the podcast goes, I've hired a podcast marketing firm. And here's the thing. Podcasts are huge, and I didn't it to me, a podcast is the same, or I liken it to a rotary dial phone podcast that it is old technology. It's been around a long time. And a little over a year ago, one of my guests that came on the show after we were done, he says, hey, Brian, are you repurposing us to podcasts? Like, Why would I do that? You know, I didn't say it that way, but I was thinking that. And he goes, Oh, my God. So what goes absolutely. Helping me to crush it in my business is serious. So you know what? Immediately I restructured my show. This is very key. If you're doing a live show, if you want to repurpose, that's why I don't actually call out please, like in love and all that stuff and share. I put that in the lower thirds if I want to do that. So it's not audible and structure. It's such that when I'm done with the show, I'm going to edit it. It's going to take me out of your chair, five minutes to edit it and it'll be ready for a podcast because I structured it so that I can do that beginning, middle and end and everything in between.

And now I've hired a podcast marketing firm. That's how I got top ranked. So I'm hitting that avenue complete, separate than video, but it's repurposing everything I've already done. I'll have to do it once. Like to call life video the genesis, the Genesis point of all marketing. You cannot take an audio and repurpose it into a video, not a real one. And then you can't take that that video and repurpose it into a live video. And I'm not talking watch party. Just for those of you that are going to say that and not do it, you will not get the live interaction, the feel, but the video, live video you can take and then repurpose it all the way down the chain, have a transcribe, make e-books out of it, books to so many wonderful things with it. So live video that you can tell where I'm coming from, what my fav is and where I would suggest people go. That being said, much bigger undertaking than doing just a podcast because of everything we've been talking about tonight. But why, as a business owner would tackle it, head long and put everything I had into doing the video, get good at it, take time and then repurpose the heck out of it. Go ahead, Jason.

So, as I say, the one thing, though, is that I think it's still, Audy, in an audible way. You do need to say subscribe and share because and notify even even if you're not seeing, like in comment, say subscribe and share, because on audio, video, whatever. If you're on Apple or I do my podcast, believe it or not, through Google podcasts. So if you're if you're doing that and you just say subscribe and share, don't forget to subscribe and share. That's a good thing. I also I study Russell Brunson's work and he always on his podcast always says subscribe, share and take a screenshot and tag me in it. And then that way it really just brought that broad array or two. So that's a good way to do it. And you can do that whether it's a video, an audio, YouTube or whatever, it's a good way to just get that again, getting helping your listener promote you.

And there's other ways around that so you don't have to do it live. But and this is another strategy and that is have it recorded what you want them to do, like, hey, check us out on this pot or go ahead and subscribe to our podcast. Give us a five star rating and review it. And you can make that a pre recorded sound bite and you just drop that in when you're editing and still five minutes of editing or I've I've been coached to do it live more than recorded. I have not yet started doing that. We're not to that stage yet. But these are fantastic tips to help you to keep with your structure and keep your current audience, but still add more value the value you want and get the viewership and listenership that you want through a podcast after the fact.

The studies show that podcast or podcasts people. Don't necessarily follow video logs. There are two different audiences, so you're really broadening your target. Seeing niche, but broadening your audience by doing both.

I think I think you have actually a very good point here, because we're also seeing an evolution of things going around in a circle. A good example of this is I'm a big fan of we all remember the West Wing and the West Wing weekly podcast, which finished in January this year, where they went through every single episode of The West Wing. And that has that has spawned which you may be aware, HBO got program. They're bringing one episode back next week. I think it is. And that's all come out because of the success and the growth of the podcast at bringing the audience back to a program that was way back.

So it's interesting how these things come around in a circle and you see that with a couple of other programs are starting to bring back by doing podcasts on them as well. Yeah, yeah. Absolutely.

Yeah. Even there, like YouTube, I'm I have like my premium membership from YouTube. And one of the things that I really love about YouTube, you can like with the premium, you just can play the video and change whatever app or even you driving in the URL you continue. So it's a kind of podcast.

Yeah. I got a question for you, girl, that this will be fun and just came in by the same gentleman. He said thanks. And here's another one. What do you say to a person who is interested in starting a life but thinks that they are boring? What do you say to that?

Oh, I can answer that because I'm the most boring person here. But in all seriousness, if you have something to say and you should say it as far as like from a business point of view, I work with operations and systems, which is one of the least sexy.

Nobody wants to hear about it thing, and they don't use those words when they're having problems in their business. So going so live streaming helped me get out there and tell the stories about what that actually looks like as a business owner. So just I just shared storage, same kind of thing. We met up over coffee with Eugène interjecting your military stories.

I would be. So I'm not. Yeah, I mean, those are so interesting to me. I've heard many I'm an Air Force kid. My dad went through the Air Force before I was alive. He was done and working at NASA, but he still did it. And so I can imagine the stories. I love them. Military stories are the best, whether it's combat or not. Just Digex. I hear it. It's and then for the gentlemen, I would say bring on guests. It doesn't have to be about you. And not every guest is going to be interesting. That's just the honest truth. Depends on how you filter them, how you bring them onto your show. I've got a strategy that's working for me. It got me less brown on this very show. Les Brown, the one and only through a strategy of using it, took two years. It takes time. But as you grow and here's the thing. If you think you're boring, then just start doing live video. You'll become unboring quick because you'll be more outgoing. I think that's my personal opinion.

So I have one. It's really good for you. This is the master, the absolute de facto master of marketing, Jay Abrahim. JJ Abrams is literally the most boring speaker in the planet. But if you have quality content, if you have good information, people will pay attention. So really, it's really Donald, it's really about your content. If you've got something to say, it's interesting, is compelling. You'll find your audience and they will listen and they will respond to you, because I've heard Jay speak several times and it's rough, but you're riveted the whole time. You're like, oh, my God, he's going to drop a nugget any second now.

So and we all know Donald wasn't speaking of himself. He was thinking of someone else.

So he's super cool guy.

So that. Thank you, Donald. Appreciate the questions there. How important we're at the we're at the one hour mark. Are you guys good to go a little bit longer. Yeah, sure.

Yeah. I've I've only got to go to bed sometime. You have to go to bed. You're about time to get up anyway. Yeah. In the morning. In the morning. So I'm fine. I'm good. I'm gonna quit your wine and get another cup of coffee. Let's go. Right. It's fine. I get it by the time I get it by the kilo. Coffee by the kilo from Starbucks. There you go. Let us know if you need that restroom break. Well, I'm fine. We're gonna keep going. I'm enjoying really enjoying this primary.

I appreciate you all so much. All kidding aside, this has been one of my favorite shows. I will not this is I'm like a candy store. Like I said, goosebumps on this jacket. How important to each of you. So how how many times have we seen someone say, I'm going to do alive? And they go walking on with their phone and the wind's blowing in their hand shaking and they think they're do.

Something professional in there interviewing somebody, I'm like, what are you doing for you, all of you? How important would you say to those that are listening? How important is the quality, the quality of the camera feed, the quality of the graphics, the quality of the studio using the audio quality? Just how high do you place that in importance when it comes to doing your live video shows?

Well, I can go first day and this one, and I think that's that's the point to make you unique, because right now everybody's doing live stream. So how you're going to be like different, how you could differentiate yourself, your live stream from others. And that's one for sure. Your content is really important. But if you can deliver that content with a lot of quality, you know, I'm not saying only with the camera, but also with a graphics and all of that, you're going to be in the know like in another level. So that's that's I think it's really important to.

Who else? I think it came around in a circle, so at the beginning of all of this, when everybody else started joining in the mantra that I was using its connection, not perfection, which isn't what I came up with, I stole anything that's good you can steal.

I can't remember I stole it from which is but that was really important.

Now, to me, it's it's it's moving up that that scale. Exactly. This camera, you know, this is a stills camera and yes, it sets you back about five, six hundred dollars. But the difference in quality is just, just chalk and cheese to a Logitech. It's amazing. And and I mean, I you know, I've got a Logitech brioche sitting underneath it, which I never use, but it's qualities you don't have to do every single bit first. And Rosana probably knows this from her TV days. You don't go out and put up a big soundstage together straight away. You put it together bit by bit by bit. And that's all you do in mine is just changed and evolved. And I think it's really important.

You have to make progress and get better, I'd say content first and then the tech, but the tech has got to be spot on and you don't have to take it all at once.

So first, get yourself a good microphone, then get yourself a camera, vice versa. You know, do one at a time, but you've got to improve them and then do the professional branding. I mean, this looks beautiful, Brian, the way you have this here with the overlays and our names and all of it. So, you know, every week improve.

You know, small progress is still progress and there's inexpensive ways to get started with quality to it's it's not it's not like you have to dump ten thousand dollars into a studio. You can put the I mean, Pepé, he talks about studio equipment, things like that, how we get started. Those are those are key elements. You do need a certain level of quality because. Yeah, the guy walking down the street with his phone who got too far away from his house like you don't why that's that makes me crazy. But there's a minimum level of quality people need to hit to really do a professional broadcast.

And don't wear a mask when you do it. All right, so this is not clear.

It is actually true. I mean, the thing that's the the real killer at the moment, I think, is these these HDMI connectors, they came out and they these are the ones that you just get from Amazon and eBay and there are only about 15 dollars. And they just you can take any stills camera that you've got sitting in the cupboard that's been sitting there for the last two years gathering dust and plug in with an HDMI cable. And you've got the camera. Is that to you? Straight to USB? Is the HDMI TSB there 15 dollars? That's all they are.

And you can use the euro, you can even use your phone if you have like a clean HDMI out from your phone, like an iPhone or something like that, you can use them.

But but I think I think it's also, I think, critical, critical thing. Listen to your own recording, because the one thing that people don't hear is what they sound like. They say, oh, I sounded great. And you go, no, apple. I what they call I, they are awful in streaming. They are the worst microphone for streaming. They just don't work anywhere near. And people think, oh, but I sounded great and it's like, you know, you heard yourself but you don't listen to the recording and they'll hear it, you know, and it is a big difference.

Yes, and Don agrees about live streaming, has been doing live for six months, very unique because I'm only looking for a very local audience, 50 mile radius, just giving things away.

I've seen these, Don. They're amazing to local businesses. And it's unbelievable how successful it has been as a marketing tool for our local chamber. And he's the president of the local Chamber of Commerce here in Lancaster area.

So I've actually seen some of his stuff as well, even though it's like that, Don, your worldwide buddy job.

I think that's a super important point, especially for local businesses with quarantine and everything else going on. Excuse me. So I get it there. I can share a story of a gentleman. He was a plumber in a small town and started doing Facebook lives every day and it brought him more business and then he was turning away business. Then he was hiring more people and he finally got because he had an audience, he got Home Depot's attention and became their preferred provider. So is it all because of Facebook lives for a plumber in a small town? You know, if it works, it works.

What Donna is is so simple and so genius. You know, it's he's getting local businesses to basically supply prizes to give to give things away. And when he goes live, he's giving them massive shout outs. So they're getting advertising and people are loving them because they're giving away free stuff. So so now they're they're associating this company with a good a good group of people because they're giving away great stuff and everyone wins. Don's chamber keeps thriving. The businesses keep thriving, and the people love the businesses that are giving away the good stuff. So they're winning prizes and having fun, too. So it's like a win win win situations. I love.

I love the entrepreneurial spirit. You know, in times like these hit, that's when the really bright lights start shining.

I love it. I love that. It's all all of you, all of that right now.

Just want to make that very clear. All right. Let's do let's do one more and then wrap it up. I want to go another couple hours, but I know Leo is going to drop. Right.

I'm I don't stop for me.

We kind of touched on it a little earlier.

The bottom line to anything in entrepreneurship and business is what is the outcome? Why start a livestream if there's no way to monetize it ultimately to actually bring money in as a result? Does it have to be direct result of the livestream? I don't know. That's why I'm going to ask all of you, what strategy have you come up with for those I've done it where you are, the result of your livestream is actually monetizing your business, whether directly or indirectly. I'd like to know if you've done it directly, especially, and also indirectly. What in what ways are you monetizing as a result of doing live streams?

I'll go ahead first.

I you know, I think the most basic and the easiest that people see is through sponsorship. So you can have someone sponsor either an episode or your entire show. And I think that that's probably the most obvious that people can see as a way to monetize it. But I see it as a wonderful way through your guests, the power of your content, your network is your net worth. So by strategically inviting certain people on your show, you expand your network and that can bring lots of Arawa to your business. That maybe cannot be quantified that day on that episode, but you can quantify it later on.

That's both guests that have the audience of the people you're trying to reach and there's also guests who really are the type of client you have, you're not going to sell them while you're having an interview with them, but in your pre life or afterwards, just in interacting with them, that's. Well, who else do you think might be interested? Literally, it opens the door to have that conversation with them. And they're so happy to be invited to be on your platform. It's really a win win.

I think Brian's experience that on both levels, he's he's not only found a great mentor with his podcast guy, but he also has found people who take part in his services, which is a marketing program. I think that's phenomenal. And and I do most of my monetization on is actually not on the livestream. It's really I basically provide a ton of value, just give stuff away. And I do it live and I give it away. And then I make the videos private and I put them in a membership site. So if you want to watch it live, this actually kind of came from a previous model from from Brian when he was doing a live broadcast. If you wanted to watch at your leisure, you had to subscribe. And so that's but I do that and that it's not necessarily driving traffic to my website, my membership site. It's more or less just kind of a branding strategy where people then reach out to me and go, hey, I saw you doing this, this and this. Can you help me with that? And I've gotten clients from that just again, just by putting content out there for free. And then they reach out to me and go, hey, can you help me with my problem?

Yeah, I would agree with that, I always think there's a long game, the short game is what you can actually doing in and creating those connections. But once you show that you're an authority on something, when somebody remembers they need it and they remember that you reached out and you gave them that that window, that's when it pays back. So if you're trying to do it over a short, short game, it's not going to work. I just don't think it works. But I think over a long game and you made that connection and you made that point. You know, my real business, which is in the sports environment, we've always, always reached out and helped. And when you reach out and help, you know that when they need somebody or they decide, you know what, we want a new website and they remember who helped them out. And you don't always win it. You know, that's life. But sometimes you do. And when you do, it pays back in dividends. And that's why I've always done it that way.

Yeah, well, for me, I have a like a different kind of way because I have my YouTube channel and I never I never thought of myself as a YouTube. So I have my my YouTube channel since 2007 and I had like eight thousand people in my channel. So scenes like this pandemic thing started. I was just doing like reviews about equipment, cameras and things like that. And then I started talking about live streaming because, you know, like I was live streaming, I was kind of YouTube. So and then I started talking about streaming on and some software. Is that why Ackerson and Vimy when I saw it, I have like two thousand more people in my channel and I was like, what's happening and why? Because, you know, like I was talking about live streaming. Live streaming was getting so huge. So I think we like to see the market too, and watch like a where people are taking us, you know, like and right now I would say my channel took me to, like, being somebody that knows a lot about live streaming because live streaming for me was always part of my job, part of being a tech, you know, and now like I'm like like I said, especially this kind of crazy to say. But yes, in those days, we need to have someone that knows that's really tech savvy, you know, like in Lifestream, he knows about BITRATE, understand about the flow of the signal. And we didn't talk about this, but a lot of people using HDMI and bring the audio from another source and data have probably think and they don't know why. And all of that people think that everything is so easy, just connected and going to work. And that's not true. So it's really nice to see. It's I know pandemic was really bad. I'm saying it's so crazy to see what we can do, you know, and achieve and create so crazy.

You know, it's not like Field of Dreams where you just go live and they will come down that come down.

I was waiting for that. I was waiting for that for the whole of this call.

I knew that was coming that you monetize your YouTube channel now. I mean, that's another revenue stream, too. I've not gotten there yet.

I'm actually glad that's funny. Yes, I do. But because my channel, my my email and everything is in Brazil, I don't get the money, you know, he's going to be going to stay there in a car. So I cannot do that's why I'm building another channel now in English and I'm trying to do different things, you know, because the thing is, right now, the dollar in Brazil is five to one. So imagine if I want to sell something that is ten dollars is going to be fifty reais in Brazil. So it's really hard to do something dollars and leave in dollars to sell to a Latin country. So you need to be here, live here. You need to like do things for like Americans and be here to sell.

Yeah, I see a lot of based future.

So to do that, that what. Sorry. Are you building a new channel in the US base. Yeah. That's why I'm doing a new channel now. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

All right. Well we're going to bring this home and I just thought, oh this is going to be fun. So I like to end every show with a pretty powerful question. Jason, I apologize, but you've done this and you're already in. So the remaining four will have to tell me which one of them want to do this. Only one of you can do this. And to close it out, I'm going to end up putting you all like in the green room, except that one person. While we do this question, then I'll bring you all back for the wall. There are big farewells and a quick debrief and let Leo go to sleep. So it's it's it's a very intriguing question. I ask every one of my guests who's been on my show the same question. And it's been a an amazing, amazing array of responses that I've gotten back. And the cool thing is, it's it's somewhat personal. It's somewhat personal, and it's just very amazing. I don't know how else to describe it. And before we find out who's going to do this, I promise those who stayed on with us life that we were going to give you the means to enter to win a five night stay at a five star resort. Compliments of this gentleman and the big insider secrets right here. I'm going to put it up on the screen. For those of you watching like this, how you win. You want to take out that smartphone of yours and bring up your texting app. And when you do that, where you would actually type in the name of the person you're going to text instead putting the phone number three one four six six five one seven six seven. Sorry, this is the United States only need to throw that in there because we have international guests on three one four six six five one seven, six, seven.

And when you actually want to go type in the message to that person, like where you put your emojis and things like that, as I lose my voice instead typing the words peak dash vacation peak. Hey, dash vacation and hit the little send button as I look for my BlackBerry. Go ahead and do that and then stay with it, you will get an automatic response in text form and just follow the instructions so that you can be officially entered. There we go. To win a five night state, a five star luxury resort, compliments of the big insider secrets, Mr. Jason. Thank you so very much, my friend, for enabling us to have this ability to do this. All right. I think I'm recovering. So that big buildup, who wants to be the guinea pig? I mean, the person who answers the question. Here's the thing before I ask. And before I say raise your hand. Here's the thing. I know the answers have been so amazing. I am going to create a collaborative book with the responses and you will be whoever raises their hand. So free exposure branning. Except for the two hundred thousand dollars I ask for you to donate to build, there might be a small amount, but wow, a lot of people point that one person in person that raised their hand and no one else would.

Are you the. Are you.

I mean, I feel like maybe you're going to scroll sucker underneath me.

I get well I actually like coming, but I promise you it will be nothing anywhere close to that. You're going to love it. All of you will love it. Like I'm fair game. Let's do it, man. All right.

Let's do this for a moment. I'm going to put the other guest into the green room, and it'll just be you and I, and then I'll bring them back when we're done. OK, that's some good everybody. Yeah, sure. You're going to do it one at a time. See you all soon. Fantastic.

All right. Are you ready? I guess so.

Here's the thing, Roseanne, I just want you to know that this is a question and two, that you will give an answer. The good thing is there is no such thing as an incorrect answer.

Well, thank God it doesn't feel like I volunteered to be tribute here.

So, in fact, the exact opposite is true is that the only correct answer is yours, and that's the only part that makes it personal.

So that deep personal, it's just it's unique to you. That makes sense.

Yes. All right, are you ready? Yes, Rosana Catalino, how do you define. Success.

Success. I think success comes from your gut. I think success is different for everyone and how you define it is different for everyone.

For me, it comes from my gut.

There is for me not only a sense of peace that comes with success, but it always involves the people I love. So that is how I would define success for me.

I absolutely love it. I always love the response we get from wonderful people as yourself, such as yourself on this very show.

Thank you so very much. Let's bring back the remaining panelists who are in the background cheering wildly, clapping, applauding.

If you look at that, you mean the people that volunteered me for this, right? You were with door. Yes.

You have the biggest fan base now in the world. One question. Thank you so much. Each and every one of you. You've been an absolute godsend. Thank you for everyone who watched and commented on ask questions. This has been one of the funniest I kid you, not one of the funnest shows I've ever done. You guys all stepped up to the plate. You are true. Entrepreneurs are action takers. I am so blessed to now know every one of you. I've known one of you very well for a long time. And then the other one I've known for at least ten minutes before the start of the show, Janene. But the rest of you I had not met yet. Leo, thank you.

Thank you for coming on and hanging with us until, what is it, 3:00 in the morning now? Almost. It's coming up on three. He is going, man, that bet is calling baby. He's going off. Pepé, thank you for coming from all the way on the East Coast there in Orlando.

Rossana, appreciate you as well. From Florida as well. Tallahassee and Janine from Houston, Jason from Goodyear, Arizona.

Yes. I love you. Appreciate you all.

Before you sign off, can I say one thing? It would be really good for everybody listening tonight to know is that getting started is there's a lot to take in.

But there is an expert on live streaming and automation and how to build and set up all these things. Actually, on this panel right now, we're all kind of have our own expertize, but there's one guy who's actually put all of the pieces together.

And that, of course, is got to point that way. That guy right there, Mr. Brian Kelly, and I said to Janine, when I introduce the two of them earlier, brain is one of the most approachable guys there is. So if you have questions, if you're getting started, if you're just a newbie in this thing, really reach out to Brian. You have all the ways to access them. And I know he is super welcoming to anybody who has just even basic questions. And and before I sign off for myself, I just want to thank everybody, because this was great. I got to meet some really cool people that I make some great connections. And I love you, Brian, for pulling this all together for us like that.

Thank you. And I love you. And how do I pay for that PayPal? So I actually had it ready. I wasn't planning on bringing it up, but thank you for what you need to bring it up.

I think it really is because people see and you give them great if you've gotten me so far in just a year's time, I'm the quality and what I'm doing. So.

All right. Well, thank you all. I appreciate you. Have a wonderful evening. Most of you will have a great morning, the rest of it, and stick on for a little bit or a little quick drive. But for everyone who watched and listened live, appreciate you for singing on to the end on behalf of these amazing, wonderful people, I am Brian Kelly, the host of The Mind Body Business Show. We will be on again next week with another phenomenal guest.

Until then, be blessed. So long, everybody.

Thank you for tuning in to the mind body business show podcast w w w Scott the mind body business show.

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Live Streaming Video Expert Panel

Let's face it ... live streaming a show on a consistent basis can be a real pain. On this episode of The Mind Body Business Show, join Brian Kelly and his expert panel as they reveal the insider secrets to creating and executing a SUCCESSFUL Live Video show.

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