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Brian Kelly:
So here's the big question. How are entrepreneurs like us, we've been hustling and struggling to make it to success, who seem to make it one step forward, two steps back. We are dedicated, determined. That is the question. And this podcast will give you the answers. My name is Brian Kelly, and this is the MIND BODY BUSINESS Show.

Brian Kelly:
Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to the Mind Body Business Show. You know what? I'm going to skip the usual intro of this show. We're going to dove right in, because here's the thing. When it comes to business, the lifeblood of any business is eyeballs that are looking at your business in one way or another. And that could be by marketing and by advertising, and it could just be by getting leads to your system. And then you remind them over and over about what you have to offer in fantastic ways. And I have with me a phenomenal, phenomenal guest who has mastered how to do this. She has figured it out. And I just want to bring her on. I hope that's OK with you so we can peel back the curtain, so to speak, and find out the exact secrets that this phenomenal, amazing woman uses to bring in massive leads. And she's going to show you exactly how to do that. Here we go.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight, savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained, big league qualified.

Lois Koffi:
Welcome to the show coach Lois, Lois Koffi is in the house, ladies and gentlemen.

Brian Kelly:
Nice. Oh, my goodness. Do we have comments flying in already?Yes. No, it is it is live, John Smith, Jason Nast, thank you, he is always supporting. Come on in. The water's fine. Hey, before we get started, real quick, a little bit of housekeeping and then we'll get to it. So for everyone that stays with us live to the end, this is going to be an abbreviated show about a half hour. That's about half as normal because we have a lot to get to. And Lois is going to give you just a ton of value and you'll have things you can walk away with and an actionable item to take care of before you leave. And so before we do that, if you stay live to the very end, I'll show you how you can win a five night stay at a five star, five star. I'm all fumbles tonight or any resort of your choosing. All compliments of our pals at THEBIGINSIDERSECRETS.com Jason Nast, that's who's watching right now, is that very CEO of that company. Thank you, Jason, so very much for that. And we also have a couple more things and then we'll get busy with Lois Koffi. If you're struggling with putting a live show together and it's overwhelming and you want a lot of the processes done for you while still enabling you to put on a high quality show and connect with great people like Lois Koffi and grow your business all at the same time, then head on over to CARPETBOMBMARKETING.com CARPET BOMB MARKETING, saturate the marketplace with your message. And one of the key components that is contained in the carpet bomb marketing course is one that you'll learn how to absolutely master is the very service we use to stream our live videos right here on The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show over the course of the past nine. now, over nine years, we have tried many quote unquote, TV studio solutions for live streaming. And I've got to tell you, Streamyard art is the best of the best. It combines supreme ease of use along with unmatched functionality. So go ahead, start streaming high quality, professional looking live shows for free with Streamyard right now. Just go ahead and visit the website at ryp.im/streamlive That's ryp.im/streamlive for Streamyard. In fact, don't do that right now. Stay with us and then write that down and go visit that later because you don't want to miss a single word of this amazing woman. She is going to bring down the house, as they like to say, Lois Koffi is just one of a few hundred certified 12 week year trainers in the world, ladies and gentlemen, as a recovering workaholic. I can attest to that one, and I'm there with her who has worked from home for the last 13 years. She has excelled in setting and keeping healthy boundaries, learned how to say no and make oh, this is the best part, more money and less time by mastering the principles she teaches her clients. And we're going to go deep into them here tonight. She lives in Southern California with her family while growing a global business, has a podcast and loves helping her clients create six figures from home. How many of you would like to make six figures from home? Raise your hands virtually. Yes. Let's see it right on Welcome. Welcome to the show coach Lois. Lois Koffi. How are you doing tonight?

Lois Koffi:
Fantabulous, great to be here, I get to be a repeat offender. This is the second time in less than six months, so I'm honored to be here.

Brian Kelly:
And that is elite company and I will be honest about that. My buddy Jason Nast, was my very first show ever. And that was we looked at the date. It was two years and seven months ago. And it was to the day and this is last week. And he was the only one I've had on here. Repeat, as my solo guest expert, not with a panel, you are number two right behind him. So you're an elite company. I just wanted to let you know that. And there's a reason for it. Haha yeah, Jason is saying it took me two years. Seven months. That's right. Sure. It is cutting because he knows that what you're about to give. I got to put this up. Is just too nice. And the greatness of, frankly, what a nice guy. That's what he always is. So I want to get into this because the lifeblood of any business is marketing is leads and not just any leads as targeted leads. And one of the let's see, I don't remember how we met. I think you were referred to me by someone else who was on the show prior to. Oh, yes. Was it Jenny? Yeah. She's an amazing woman, too. And thank goodness for that referral, because now you and I have done some things together and I've gotten to witness your incredible prowess, your your intellect, you are a very, very intelligent woman. You're very good at what you do. You you are high, high integrity. Or I wouldn't be here talking with you and your character is just at the top. It's amazing. And I wanted to share this with everyone. I thought it was very important that other businesses learn how to get the word out by generating targeted leads, which is not, you know, let's face it, if everyone knew how to do it, we would be talking about it, would we? And you would be there raking in the dough, all of you watching. And so let's peel that back a little bit and let us if you want to, like, open up how you got through, how this came about, where did you get that aha. Moment? Like, I started I went down this path and then I realized, wow, here's the secret to incredible nonstop lead generation.

Lois Koffi:
Gosh, I mean, I appreciate the opportunity. This is a rare show to have on a Tuesday. And guys, full disclosure, I told Brian we have karate night tonight. We have all of the things and I really wanted to come back. So we made this happen. And I want to, of course, leave you wanting more. So I'm going to share with you my I call it the BFO, the blinding flash of the obvious. When the pandemic hit, I had deja vu and I knew I was already good at lead generation. Back in my twenties, I was in in real estate. Right. I did the the three foot rule. Now we have the six-foot rule, which was supposed to be funny where you can't talk to people face to face literally. Mechanism's right. But back in the day I learned lead generation through conversation, through connecting with like minded people who had similar interests in real estate. I think I'd have to look back. I didn't take notes, but I think my first listing was a cold call and I'm not going to tell the whole story because I might get someone in trouble. But I was working at a newspaper in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and I might have stumbled upon the phone numbers of the Minnesota Vikings. And I cold-called all of them. And my first listing was a Minnesota Viking. And I was only twenty two years of age. I looked all of ten, but I love sales. I loved the lead generating. And I was one of those crazy, sadomasochistic people that didn't mind cold calling and door knocking. Right. But outside of that kind of fluke, one hit wonder the next sales came from my my coworkers at the newspaper. Then it was people at my church, then it was people at my running club. So you see, I was just moving through life, connecting with people, saving them in my phone. I had a CRM when I was twenty two. That was my coach said, hey, you can't not have a CRM and my mentor had a coach. He also said, "you can't not have a coach". So I was coachable. I was an athlete in college. I was running coach. So I understood that. Why reinvent the wheel? Why stumble through life and fall on your face when you have other people that are a success? If you know how to do the right thing, you just have to copy cat right, copy the right cat. And I was fortunate enough to do so. So I always had a list of relationships. I grew up on a farm and so I understood what Jim Rohn, if anybody doesn't know who that is, I'm not talking about Jim Rome, the guy from ESPN, I'm sure about Jim Rohn. And he talked about the law of sowing and reaping and growing up on a farm. I understood that Jim Rohn is a farmer from Idaho or the son of a farmer from Idaho. I'm a daughter of a father from Iowa. And we understood that you had to, till the soil, make it rich for people. In other words, the seeds to want to be planted and pull out the weeds, help water them, help bring sunshine to their life. Right. So whenever you're out there in business, just think of yourself as a ray of hope, as a ray of sunshine to help grow somebody else's dreams. And that's the way I've always navigated lead generation. So I built a massive list, built a massive network in my twenties and even into my thirties. And there was a point. This is a huge point. I want you to listen to this story. There's a moral to the story, OK? I'll be totally transparent. I'm not a millionaire today. However, this this one decision I made back in 2007 when I was encouraged by my mentor at that time to not only have a list of relationships in my CRM, which is a client relationship manager, if you don't know what that is, you desperately need to take this information to heart and get one really fast. But he said don't just have a list of relationships, you need an email list. And they were talking about the email list. I'm like, well, what's this thing called an email list? Right. Because I'm talking to people face to face. I've already had at that time probably about three or four thousand people in my CRM. And they're like, no, no, no. You want to be able to automate. And I know Brian's the king of automation and your list is an asset. That once you have offers and you automate, you send out value. It's like your own ATM, your own bank, your own gold mine that you could go back to. And this this mentor was like, yeah, I have such a big list. And I send out really compelling messages and emails and I made 10 grand and one day from one email. And I was like, come on, that sounds crazy, is that really possible? And I pooh poohed it because I was so used to this face to face, belly, a smile and dial lead generation 30 calls a day. At times this was before Facebook. OK, so think about that. But 2007, I went down that road, my mentors went that way and now today they are multimillionaires. So fast forward to a year ago at this time I didn't have an email list. I didn't really care to do Facebook or LinkedIn generation. It was more of a visibility place to hang out. Everything else was smile and dial and following through in my CRM because, again, no email list. And so back in March 13th of 2020, if you guys remember that was I'll never forget it. It was the week of my daughter's birthday. Her birthday party was canceled and moved to Zoom, which was heart crushing for all of us. I quickly signed up for my first ever email campaign system, and I got, as I like to jokingly call it, I got email religion real fast and quickly remembered that story of what I hadn't done before. And I recognize that this was a much dire need know. An email list is your fortune. It's your gold mine. And quickly and surely enough, because I was coachable, I was able to go from zero people in my email list to four thousand in a six month period. I sold out. I went all in and I'll share with you how I did that. But the moral of the story was I had zero dollars a month in online sales because remember, I was face to face belatedly before the pandemic, one hundred percent. So then I was able to get to five figures a month in a four-month time frame and make multiple five figures by the end of the year and be able to have an asset. Now, I was just attending a summit with Brian and I was rubbing elbows, not figuratively, because we weren't in person, but I was rubbing elbows and shoulder to shoulder with Giants people, seven, eight, nine-figure variety. And all of a sudden because Lois comes in with this email list and all these lead magnets and all these ways of giving value, all of a sudden I have opportunity knocking, speaking engagements, all of the different things coming together to joint venture and partner with people. And that's really where I had what I called earlier, the BFO, the blinding flash of the obvious. Let me take a breath because I think you might want to say something.

Brian Kelly:
No, I'm good, I'm good.

Lois Koffi:
OK, cool. So how did I get there first? Keep in mind, I did already have a network, I did already have a CRM. So tip number one is you've got to have that mindset of I have value. And I have something to give, and you've got to go out there and find out where your dream customers may be, right? So who who is your dream customer? Do you want to write that down? Because if you if you speak for everyone, ask for everyone. You get No one. That's also one thing. I don't just put anyone and everyone in my in my list. Right. Because that can be a waste of time. You could be bringing in some energy vampires or people that that you can't serve to the deepest level. So there are riches in the niches. So I chose the niches, coaches, speakers, authors, and online pivoters like myself, people going from offline to online, not having a list or maybe having one, but not knowing how to monetize it. And so through that process, I went into what I call my two sandboxes of Facebook and LinkedIn and spoiler alert, I did organic, I didn't buy leads. I didn't buy or do Facebook ads. I just really believe that I had enough value and enough way to pique people's interest through Facebook posts, through Facebook groups, through LinkedIn, post LinkedIn groups, and finding my dream customer and having conversations with them in messenger. And I have I have I'm going to go ahead and share with you one of my my not so secret weapons because I'm sharing with your audience. But one of the methodologies that I use, it's called E I E I O and you're like all of a sudden you're thinking Old MacDonald had a farm. But the cool thing is, is I'm not talking about Old MacDonald. I'm coming from the farming approach again. Jim Rohn, love sowing and reaping farming. I always have that philosophy of long term relationships. It's not just going out there and cold calling and hunting and all of that kind of stuff. To me that that doesn't work because I want long-term, meaningful relationships that even if they don't become my dream customer, they become my dream referral partner or affiliate partner or JV partner. If you don't know what a JV is it's a joint venture. So when I'm on there in the Facebook land or the LinkedIn land, I have always in my back pocket. And that's an acronym. The first E stands for Educate or Encourage. When I say educate, that basically means like you could be talking about a topic, you could be posting something on Facebook that just basically says a quick tip like I do a lot on time management, like he was talking about the 12 week year is one of my favorite things. I might say something like here's an article about the best time management tips for homeschooling parents who, like me, weren't planning on being homeschooling parents. Right. And how do you balance home school life, work-life? That's just one example. I could go on and on for four hours on this, but posting that and piquing people's interest and whoever likes and comments on it, I say something encouraging that goes with that first E I'm an encourager. I'm not trying to beat people over the head with information. Right. Because a lot of people are on Facebook or LinkedIn aren't necessarily looking to be coached in public. Right. So we'll have a conversation in the comments. I'll bring them through Facebook Messenger. I'll still form them in real estate. Back in the back of the days, we were all about forming relationships, asking questions, finding out about their family or their work or what are they most excited about in 2021? You know, that's important because you don't know if something just happened to them that was bad. You don't know if someone just died. You don't know if someone was sick, you don't know if someone just maybe had an argument with their spouse. Those are important things to connect coming from a heart-centered, more of a spiritual. I care for you. People can feel that even even even if it's just messenger, what that's that's kind of woo woo. It's true. Energy crosses. There's an energy exchange right now. Words matter and people can feel if you're a Glengarry Glen Ross kind of salesperson, right. Saying Buy my stuff, here's my link, join my team. None of that crap works, guys. OK, so stop it, please. After just a little bit of back and forth, then I'll say, hey, I really appreciated you commenting on my post. Would you be interested in checking out my time management information? I have a free gift for you or I might invite them to my Facebook community. Or am I actually go ahead and just invite them to my email list and say, hey, I saw you have these challenges with time management. Would you be interested in checking out what I have, some free tips free again, giving, giving, give kind of Gary Vaynerchuk book Jab Jab Right Hook. You give, give, then you ask. Right. And I don't spend a ton of time. You don't have to go back and forth for days. If you feel like there's something that there's a good heart opportunity and you believe that you can authentically serve them, why not? So that's actually how I got to my first two thousand people in my email list. And then I did go through the whole year. But really quickly, I stands for Inspire. E stands for engage or entertain. Engaging them with a question like I already gave some examples like, how's your family house? 2021 or what's your what are you most excited about? Those kinds of things? I as invite again, I'll invite them to my Facebook group or I'll invite them to check out my podcast. I'll invite them to my email campaign. If again, I've done this now for almost a year, guys, but it was no different than what I did offline. I just converted it into online conversations and then the show is again in goes along with the invite. But the actually usually happens inside of my email campaign and I have a Welcome campaign that gets to an offer and that's where I make money while I sleep. Another offer would be also having them attend a webinar. One of my first JV webinars, I did a joint ventured with someone else who had an email list. That's the power of an email us guys. When I hit two thousand, I did a JV webinar actually with Jenny Hakura and we both between our two lists had one hundred and three people sign up for our webinar. We did a 90 minute webinar. It was an eight thousand dollar day, actually an eight thousand dollar 90 minutes. We both brought about the same amount of people. So we both exchanged we both grew our list by 50 people that day. So those experiences getting people to come and attend my podcast, being able to invite them to check that out, then they land in my email us. That was one next step, more JV, more podcast episodes, giving value, giving value and having a daily lead generation plan. Right. The daily method of operation. Your DMO has to include lead generation and follow up. That is all I have, an hour a day. I still to this day I used to do two hours pre pandemic, but now I could only could only do one hour a day with all the new things like home schooling and, and life as we know it has has evolved and changed. And the other thing that helped me get to that next two thousand so again, four thousand people over a 6 month period was outsourcing delegation, hiring a VA, having support with that, rinse and repeat and just keep going. And of course, last but not least, as I do have my own affiliate program, my goal, my vision for any of who's watching. Brian's an affiliate. I want to have five hundred affiliates in my team again. Together, everyone achieves more. John, Max. All right. Teamwork makes the dream work. So if people see the value and they're going to give me referrals anyway, why not get paid and create another stream of income that could even potentially be residual depending on how invested they want to be? So I have some people coming to me saying, hey, I want to make two thousand dollars a month as an affiliate sharing your products. It's a lot easier and more fun than hiring salespeople. Definitely. And I'm not spending that's the best part. I'm not spending thousands of dollars on marketing. So that's in a nutshell how I went from zero to hero and have been able to make money while I sleep and get to that point where I'm a convert now. I used to hate email marketing and the thought of it made me sick, Brian. But now I'm like, oh, I get to write a money-making email today or I get to help other people do that. I've helped people triple, almost quadruple their pre-pandemic income with all of these philosophies.

Brian Kelly:
My goodness, I hope everyone else will take notes. I'm running the show and I've got a page full of notes, and so this is why I love aligning myself with amazing people like Lois, because she just basically gave you how to start and operate a very profitable business all in twenty, twenty-five minutes, if that. I remember when we started. It's been amazing. And I just want to cover a few topics a few things and highlight them. And then I want to turn it over to you once again, Lois, to show people how they can get that information at a deeper level and actually put it into action and do what you did to model success. And that will come in just a moment. But you open by talking about mindset being so important. And I don't know, there might be a word up above me that talks about, you know, that's the first pillar of success in the three pillars. We didn't go everybody. But you also covered business. My goodness. Inside, outside and from every angle. And I love the fact that you talked about you didn't even buy leads. You didn't even pay for ads to get leads. You did it organically. So this is proof right here that you can do it. And not only did she do it, but she also wants to show you how to do it. This that's the good news. And we're going to again, we'll give you that resource in just a moment and then talk about organic. So just through social media, Facebook, and LinkedIn posting in groups, wash, rinse, repeat, and then the eioeio method. I love that sweet. So educate and encourage, inspire, engage and entertain, invite and offer. And I would guess that most of that effort would lie on the first three, at least because you want to come off as not a sleazy salesperson. I just wanted to talk to you because I want to tell you something. In your case, you're just saying, hey, I'm giving you value, inviting them to your list and your list will give them offers eventually, you know, through the email drip campaigns. And if they say no, it's no big deal. It was a soft introduction. That's what I love about it's not a sleazy snake oil salesman type if anyone even knows what that means anymore. And the daily method of operation, I put lead generation. Well, was that a Freudian slip? That was pretty cool. Outsourcing the importance of building a system. So you don't need to do that today, but have it in your wheelhouse and up here and now, you know, if someone who's doing it, I wonder if you take advantage of this resource we're about to share if maybe Lois would share how she got that and what her resource is that is working for her. I just wonder. And the answer is yes. Well, she's a coach as well. So she's got that outsourcing affiliate program. I mean, come on, everything is in here. She'll put a ton of effort. She said she went all in. I know if you heard that at the beginning, it will take work, ladies, and gentlemen. But what if you knew and you had a certainty, a level of certainty so high that if all you did was put in that work that the results were darn near guaranteed and all you have to do is follow one recipe of success. You know, there are many recipes for incredible cakes, right? There are many recipes for I don't even know what they're called, German chocolate cake. I love that I haven't eaten in one in like, years, but if it were put in front of me, I'd gobble that sucker up. I bet there's like fifteen or twenty or maybe more different recipes for a successful German chocolate cake. And the same thing is true with entrepreneurship and business. There is a multitude of successful recipes out there, but all you really need to do is find one. And that's the problem. So many people find one. They don't latch on long enough and put the work in long enough to bring in the results. Now, you have a recipe right here sitting right in front of you. If you're watching this live, if you're watching a recording or if you listen on podcasts, she is sitting right here. I guarantee you that's Lois Koffi and she has a program. Oh, my goodness. And it costs next to nothing. And all you have to do is make a tiny, tiny investment, a little bit of skin in the game. So at least you will now follow through and go through the information she's about to provide to you. So I want to basically bring that up and turn it over to Lois to give them a little overview of what they are about to be exposed to in a great way.

Lois Koffi:
Yeah. Thank you so much. And really, I know I have I had a track record of success with the generation before creating this list building with Lois course. So you're going to get way more value than email list building. It's the mindset. It's how to get more done in less time. I'm all about the twelve week year. If you listen to my story, I don't know if I actually had a goal. I signed up and started really using email software last March. It took me a month, of course, to figure it out because I'm not like this amazing guy. Right. I was like it, but so I have helped 70-year-olds and 80-year-olds with this information, OK, I'm just throwing it out there. But ultimately, you know, from April to June is when I went all in, so for 12 weeks, I created a strategy, the framework, the time, and if someone was really, really, really committed, I'm here to tell you you can grow your email list by one hundred to a thousand percent in 72 hours with this List Filled with Lois course that I'm sharing with you and I created that launched in late August, early September and again, that was actually after I got to two thousand heading towards the north of three thousand people because you don't have to be great to start. Right. You do have to start to be great. It's the first one hundred. And if you're an overachiever like me, even that first thousand, that that's where you learn everything you need after that. And if you set up the system in place as I coach it in this course, it's about four hours of coaching, training mindset, time management leave management, bringing in the leads in with excellence, and then, of course, giving them value. I didn't talk about this because, again, there's only so much time. But also I teach you how to create content, how to attract a tribe in a very non-scary way. Because I will tell you, I just launched my podcast last summer through all of this, and I was scared guys. I was terrified that because, again, not a technology guru, totally just failing forward flubbing, muttering, and stuttering all the way through. And guess what? That was when I made my first four-figure months also happened to be that month that I launched my podcast. So having the framework there and turning it over to you for just $37 is my gift back to the universe for saying thank you for showing me the way for me over the head a few times to say yes, I think I really need to do this. And now I'm creating so many dreams. We're moving into a new home soon as a result in the middle of a pandemic because now we can afford to do that. What are your dreams? What are your goals? They did say the gurus, the experts that an email list of one thousand. So that's why my goal is to help you get an email us built by one hundred to a thousand or one hundred percent or a thousand percent. Right. If you're at ground zero or if you're even not at ground zero, maybe you have a list, but you don't know how to monetize it. I teach you all of that in this course. But think about that asset that could change your life forever, be your ATM so you don't have to go into debt when you want to take a vacation or you can pay down your debt like we did last year as a result of having this system and being able to have your voice heard. Because remember, Facebook, LinkedIn, Clubhouse is the new thing. Right? But not everyone sees you or hears you because there's so much noise on all of those platforms. None of those platforms are your CRM. They're great places to hang out. But you want a one-way communication, and that's what let's build with Lois is going to help you get started at a very nominal fee and teach you the best strategies and tools in time and lead management and monetization that I honestly I don't know that there's anything else out there that's like this. It is do it yourself. Obviously, I have a done with you. course that is the next level up. But I wanted to make sure that friends of Brian, who are now friends of mine, have this at rock bottom pricing.

I mean, $37 to crack open the secret can and have all of it be all over you in a great way, and you get to just simply follow it step by step. I put the URL on the screen that you can go get this for $37dollars people. It's not a huge investment. So go to https://ryp.im/leadgen All one word, ryp.im/leadgen .$37 And full disclosure, as Lois was talking about affiliate programs, that is my affiliate link. It's a link shortener that will go to my affiliate link. I don't even I swear, I honestly don't even know how much money I'll earn from that. It doesn't matter to me. I just preach this. If there is an affiliate program behind something you are helping to promote, then just sign up for and use the link no matter how much it pays. I have Amazon for books I make. I looked the other day. I finally looked and I made like three cents on one of the books that were sold. It doesn't matter. It's all good. It's all good. So just always get an affiliate program for anything or an affiliate link for anything that you stand behind that you vet. And don't do it for those that you do not vet. Be sure that you're part of the product before you go in. So appreciate that. I wanted to real quick first. Thank you, Lois, for breaking that down and getting everyone an amazing resource for next to nothing. I'll say it again. There's very little money and I wanted to now share with everyone who was watching live because I know you've got to run real soon. Lois and I promised everyone that if they stayed until the end, they would learn a way, find out how they could win a five night stay at a five-star luxury resort, all compliments once again of the people at The BigInsiderSecrets.com, Jason Nast his company. Here it is right now on the screen. For those of you watching live, take out your cell phone and bring up your messaging app. And in there, instead of typing in a name who you're going to message instead of type in this number 314-665-1767 and again that is 314-665-1767. I would recommend writing this down because the screen is going to go down real soon. And then where you would actually put in the name or the message that you're going to send them, you know, where you would put emojis and all that good stuff. No emojis, just two words separated by a dash, and that is peak-vacation. Peak-vacation. Go ahead, enter that. Follow the instructions that will ensue. We do ask the automated system will take over and ask you for an email address, and you will then and only then officially be entered into our drawing. Talk about list building. There's one technique right there. And for those of you that think email is dead, far from the truth. Couldn't be farther from the truth. We have the proof right here. Still going. And this was all very recent, as you heard. It's still the money is in the list. It's still the case. I've heard it time and time again. I've heard so many that say it doesn't work anymore. Well, I've seen too many cases where it absolutely does. And it works really well for me to say anything in kind.

Lois Koffi:
So you make me think one more thing just because for those of people that that may still be skeptical like I was right, I still have some of my old school methodologies. Guess what? I still make some phone calls. Guess what? I still send things in the mail. Oh, my gosh. Well, really still not. And I'm not talking about and I'm not putting this down by any means. I'm not talking about direct mail postcards. I'm actually talking about authentic personalized messaging to people and thank you cards and all that kind of stuff. And I know you're really big on text campaigns. I'm just getting into that because I do believe there are all these different ways to connect with people. And it's not your Facebook posts. It's not your LinkedIn posts. Those are one nice way to drip on people, but be able to have them in your CRM and your email is really, really, really important you guys.

Brian Kelly:
Fantastic. Well, that is it for tonight. I told you, it's going to be a short one. And I appreciate you both for coming on. Everyone take advantage of this amazing, amazing offer. It's our way.

Lois Koffi:
Say one more thing. One more thing. Oh, by the way. Oh, by the way, you guys get to see this guy. There you go. That guy. That guy on my episode, one hundred of my podcast tomorrow. I broke your record, Brian because you were just on my podcast on January 15th. I'm on the live version and now you're back already tomorrow, January 27th for my one-hundredth episode.

So I'm not competitive or anything. Just saying so I'm excited to have you tomorrow. So if you guys want to see Brian alive and in action and talking about his amazing, awesome self, go find Lois Koffi Enterprises on Facebook or join my healthy and healthy and wise Facebook podcast community.

Brian Kelly:
Absolutely, and it'll be cool because we'll be swapped and our position on the screen always throws me a little bit. I'm so used to hosting. Very cool. Very cool. Let me clear the screen a little bit here and let's get it ready to say so long to everyone. Thank you, Lois, for coming on. I know you had very little time and jammed this in with everything you've got going. I know your family first woman and that I just respect you for that. And I look forward to tomorrow and all of everything that the future holds for doing anything with you going forward. I can't wait. So on behalf of this amazing young lady, Lois Koffi, I'm Brian Kelly, the host of The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. And we will see you again now in two days on Thursday. We're coming back. Until then, so long and be blessed, everyone. Take care now.Thank you for tuning in to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show podcast. Tune in at www.TheMindBodyBusinessShow.com.

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She lives in Southern California with her family while growing a global business, has a podcast and loves helping her clients create six figures from home.

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