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Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host, Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly:
Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. I have goose bumps under this jacket. I kid you not. I could show it to you, but this is a family show. I am so excited, so excited for it. Tonight, we have a very, very special guest expert on. She is known as the millionaire maker. You do not want to miss this show. I promise you. Stick with us live to the end. The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. What is that all about? Well, in my now fifty five - close to fifty five years on this planet, I had began studying very successful people in the last, say, decade or so. And what I found during that decade was that these people that were so successful had achieved that level of success that I desired they had. They seem to have these patterns that seem to be common amongst them. There were three patterns that kept bubbling up. As I continue to analyze, I realized, you know, I know what they are now. And the cool thing about this show is what we're going to do is reveal what those are to you by way of my special guest expert. She is an amazing woman. We may not hit all of the areas, but I'm. I have an inkling we probably will mind. It's all about the mind set. All successful people have a rock solid, powerful, positive, wavering mindset while being human at the same time. We are all human. Just so you know and body, I've noticed that most successful individuals do take very good care of their body both on the external and that is through exercise. Just moving - and nutritionally, what they are ingesting on a daily basis to keep themselves operating at what I like to call a peak level of performance because the mind and body are a team. And I like to see even better than that. The mind and body are YOUR team. And if any member of a team is not operating at a peak level, what happens to the team as a whole? It suffers. And so why not start right now? If you're not already operating at a peak level in both the mind and body arenas. And then there's business. Business is multi multifaceted. There are areas of marketing, sales, team building, leadership, you name it. The list goes on and on. Skill sets that these very successful people have either themselves acquired personally or they've delegated it to a team that also exhibits these skills. And when you've done all three, when you've mastered all three of these areas, mind, body and business, I say it's my opinion and it's true. You're operating at a peak level of performance, hence the name Reach Your Peak of our company. And so what I want to do is really one more thing. One more real key piece of information of what successful people do. And that comes by way of a segment I call bookmarks. Here we go.

Bookmarks born to read, bookmarks. Ready steady read bookmarks brought to you by

Brian Kelly:
Yes, and I'm going to be very brief with this. While you're watching and listening live or even in a recording. Do yourself a favor and take notes on the side on a piece of paper and a pen. Old school. I know we're all itching to go and type in a URL or a website address and check it out while you're watching and multitask. I implore upon you, please do not do that because as even our guest would say, the magic happens in the room. So stay in the room. I hope you've already gone to the restroom and taking care of everything that need to be taken care of. Because if you miss one word out of this young lady's mouth, you could miss that one nugget that could change your life forever. And I'm not kidding. I am not kidding in the least. And so real quick, I found years ago I didn't read at all about a decade ago. I didn't read it all. I was I was just under a rock. And then ultimately I found by watching and listening and and following the successful people, I realized that's one of the patterns they follow. It's all in the mind, right? It's part under the mind umbrella. And what I did was I started compiling all the books. I began reading voraciously and I put them in one Web site. And that is there for you. It's my gift to you. That is all this is is a collection of vetted books by one successful person so that you can then not have to guess. And you know that if you grab any of these books out of here or all of them, that you will be reading something that's been vetted. That makes sense. I'm here to help save you time. That's what this show is all about. What is a shortcut to success? And we mean this with integrity. What is a shortcut to success? Well, we're going to get to that right about now, because it's time, ladies and gentlemen, to bring on our special guest expert.

It's time for the guest expert, spotlight, savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained, big league qualified.

Brian Kelly:
And there she is, ladies and gentlemen, the one the only Loral Langemeier. Welcome to the show, Loral. I am so excited to have you here. You have no idea.

Loral Langemeier:
Awesome. Great to be here. I just have to say this. My Millionaire Maker book series needs to be right at the top of your library.

Brian Kelly:
There we go.

Loral Langemeier:
And the secret and all the other things that was.

Brian Kelly:
We will have to add those to a list for sure. Thank you for that reminder. Definitely. Definitely helpful. And real quick, before we go on to remind everyone watching to stay on to the very end, because there was a phenomenal giveaway. We actually have several during the show and at the end you can enter to win a five nights stay at a five star. There's a little commonality. Go in your luxury resort and medical compliments of our good friends at power texting dot com every single show we give a trip away. And just so you know, you're not gonna be lured into some timeshare pitch. This is legitimate. And I know that because the gentleman and the company that are offering this, he tested it himself, took his daughter, stayed in Mexico, had a blast. So stay on for that. Now it's time for the woman of the Hour. So let's bring her on. Let's introduce her formally. If you don't mind, Loral, I'll just go through your bio. Let people know what an amazing person you are. Then we'll dive in and have some fun. Some good. Yeah, it's great. I'm having fun already. Nobody. Nobody else. Loral Ling Longmire is a money expert, sought after speaker, entrepreneurial thought leader and best selling author of five books. He kind of mentioned the couple right there. Who is on a relentless mission to change the conversation about money and empower people around the world to become millionaires. Yes, it is possible. As the CEO and founder of Integrated Wealth System, a multinational organization, Loral shares her best advice without hesitation or apology. That's one thing I love about her, is there's no apology. She gives it to straight between the eyes because that's often how we need it. What sets her apart from other wealth experts is her innate ability to hone in on the skills and talents of everyday people to inspire them to generate wealth. She has created, nurtured and perfected a three to five year strategy to make millions for the average. Joe and Joe love that. To date, the company has served thousands of individuals worldwide and created hundreds of millionaires through wealth, building, education, keynotes workshops, products, events, programs and coaching services. On that note, I just saw her speak just this past June 22nd and she's coming again soon near you. And we're gonna bring that up here during the show as well. Luminaries including Bob Proctor, John Gray, Jay, Conrad Levinson and Michael Gerber are powerful champions of her work. In fact, t Harv Ecker himself says Loral Lang Meyers investment strategies make millionaires and the best thing is that anyone can use them. All right. Well, I'm out of breath. That is the end of the show. Thank you. For what? I'm kidding. I'm kidding.

Loral Langemeier:
Thanks for being here!

Brian Kelly:
Yes. And she has a great sense of humor to boot.

Loral Langemeier:
I'm a little sarcastic.

Brian Kelly:
I love it. So am I. We're gonna get along great.

Loral Langemeier:
It's going to be a fun hour.

Brian Kelly:
Yes. So that's a phenomenal background about you, Loral. I loved reading every every word of it. And what I love to do when I bring on a guest and I do this with every show is really dig a little deeper. And I don't mean in a invasive way. Just to find out more about what makes you Loral Langemeier, a successful, very successful entrepreneur. What makes you tick? Well, how do you operate when, you know, outside of what people can see or read on a bio, for instance? So like it would be like this. So you're sleeping, you're waking up. And if you're anything like me, you're a little groggy. I am some people both out of bed. I don't I take some time. The feet swivel over, hit the floor. And I'm starting to come to becoming aware the days ahead of me. And now that motivation and drive and and all that starts to set in for you. Loral, what is that? Or are those things that motivate you to take on each and every day with all that vigour and passion that you always bring to the table?

So it's a big JAG. So I actually wrote a lot about it in my yes. Energy book. It's sort of interesting how I write books. I've had five New York Times. Most people don't have one. What's interesting about that, which we'll talk about later, is, you know, do you go for them now in 2019 20 or just say Amazon top of the later at this little Q Fran, I want you to ask me that. So I actually stay in bed for it like my brain turns on pretty early night. And so it starts churning. And as I write in my books, like I think I always start my day. I think that, well, I think you start your day with your values, right? So I start my day with spirituality and to say, God, my family and then work. So I am just starting this new cool boxing things. I'm super excited about that. I'm kind of bored with running ins strength training for this minute. So I think when my brain turns on, it is about the motivation of the day. It's the fourth about of the day. It's how you want to be in the day. It's what you're going to do and create. And I think for a lot of people listening, what most people do is start their day texting, emailing and reacting, responding, which is not a generative idea or any energy. So whatever you call it, thoughts, prayer, meditation. So I actually probably for a good half hour are in that state. Then get up. And it's all about my daughter. My son's off to university. So I was getting her to school, getting organized. We have a drive to school. We have a illegal texting. There'll be no texting in the car or calling or talking or meetings.

It is all about just our time and her day and how that's going to be for her. So it's a shared set and then either off to the gym or if that's a darn one studio, whatever I'm going to be doing, then it's off to the day. But I kind of get a lot of what I call those important things out in the morning for anybody who's successful. And depending on your clients or your team or how you do that, it's really critical that you organize that in the morning. And I'm also going to give some freedom to those who have a different hour, like I'm married to a night out about just under four years ago, I got married to a Canadian who's the other way. So what I would say for those of you, what are your most important things? Put it in the time of day that is most energetic for you. So what is the time that you have the most motivation, the most drive? And we'll talk about more how you segment your day and night, organize your day as we get into our conversation. But what gets me up? I would say, is a mission and a purpose beyond myself.

Powerful. Powerful. All of it. And I love this. Loral. Loral. Because so many have that are successful in this. I repeat, this week in and week out on this show that all of the successful people that I've run into have a routine, whether it's in the morning or whether it's in the evening, like you so aptly pointed out. It can be different for different people. As long as you have that routine, an interesting thing comes up when you talk to corporate people who are working the corporate lifestyle. One of the things they want to get away from is routine and discipline, because that's all they've known. The difference there's a key difference is that discipline in that routine now is self inflicted, not outer inflicted by someone else. You get to choose. That's the beautiful part of it. It's liberation. So once they get that refrain, go. So just a little shout out to the corporate folk out there to help them along this path to say, I want to get away from all this. No, you really want to get right into it and just define what yours is going to be?

Well, I think for a lot of those executives, too, I would say, you know, I had one job one time and I was fairly I hate the word executive, but I was fairly high up. I was at corporate level and Chevron or Downtown Market Street, San Francisco. And for me to reframe and become an entrepreneur, there is a huge identity shift that has to happen for you. And some of the first, you know, good coaching. I had words, you know, when you actually get an integrated life, which is why I called it integrated, you know, health and wealth is when you actually integrated like you don't have a personal life and a professional life. You have a life that I think is a big part of just bringing all of that life, bring your children and really integrating instead of saying, look, I have this life and then I have this life that I would be like this. And you choose how you want it to be.

And I think a lot of folks who are locked into those corporate chains don't choose as perfect to call it, you know, a life, not separate lives, because so many will separate them. And maybe that's part of the problem. I think you've hit on it. It's you make your life is your life. You're absolutely right. There's no need to segment it and identify it separately. Everything you do in your life, you may be doing different tests. They may be concentrating and focusing in different areas. But altogether, it's still your life. So that's as well. Well stated. Thank you, Loral. Very good. Good. Very good. Very good. I imagine you've written five books, so I can only imagine.

I'm just going to throw it out there and take a wild guess that you're also an avid reader as well.

So I actually have interest five New York Times. If you add the secret in all my compilation books, I have about 50 something books. I got a bunch. My first book was with. Conrad Levinson. Love him. He's passed. And I did Gorilla Wealth. And that's a whole funny story about how I got that book, because he's a brilliant marketer. And so to say I'm a gorilla wealth builder. It took a lot of. Yes. Energy to get that book. But that. Book put me on the map literally 60 days later, McGraw-Hill called and said, would you do a book, make another book anyway? So I've done a lot of books. And yes, I probably have one of the largest libraries. I must say I was an average reader for a very long time. I started 17. I got the book Think and Grow Rich. And probably 10 years ago I listened more than I read and I reread. And in fact, I'm looking for a place to store my library. I have so many books. I mean, I couldn't even put it like I'm in this big conference room. I'm here in northern Nevada. That's in the middle my own seminar, doing your seminar. So I look at this wall and I think I don't know that my books would would even start like we moved recently. And like, the books just kept coming up the bookshelf.

So I'll speak to one of my favorites who said it was recent. Is that right? That's fine. Absolutely. No, I think that your annual reads must be think and grow rich because you're ever changing and always changing. And how it how you receive it will be so different because of who you're becoming. I got to throw my own book in there because the millionaire maker is very similar. It's a read. And then do the book blueprint depending on what you've done to yourself. And everybody does something different financially to themselves. If you drive from the passion that I drive from, which is the system isn't broke. It was built this way, 1933 creature from Jekyll Island. And it's now it's been on audio. It's a big book. It's like complex to read. I love Buckminster Fuller stuff. I love anything. Napoleon Hill. Right. And Sharon Lecter, who's like my financial mom, has done Outwitting the Devil, which is just all star performance on a book that actually Napoleon's wife wouldn't let him publish because it's got a little less interesting slant to it. Righteous outwitting the devil can kind of give you an idea. So I think there's the good old great's dad and I got a bunch of sick stuff and a friendship. So I think there's just the good old great that you have and they shouldn't ever leave your side.

It's like the go tos and they're always there. And I did the same thing. That's what that's what actually made me a reader. It was I went to Audible and listened to books and that worked my butt up because when I read it on the book, I didn't realize this just because I thought I was. It's just what everybody did. But it is fatigue me to literally read with my eyeballs. But when I listen, I'm like, wow, this is phenomenal. I can absorb all this and I'm not getting tired. I'm waking up. This is awesome. And so all of those books that are on that page I read by listening to and and you can do bookmarks. They're awesome. You can tap a little ribbon and you can go back instead of listening to the whole thing. You can go hit your bookmarks and get everything you thought was relevant the first time. But I recommend you listen to him all the way through because you always find something new that you didn't even realize existed a second or third time through.

And that's amazing. Loral, you mentioned you're in the middle of a seminar right now. You had a multitude of clients in your in your building. She took a break away to sit down and talk with us tonight live.

Is that amazing or what? I will say yes. The answer is yes.

I and I was just looking around is my beautiful soon to be 13 year old daughter is on her way here. So I was just heard the door and I was me. All right. And if she shows up, she's shows up. You know, I'm going swing around.

I was gonna say she's more than welcome to make a cameo for sure.

You guys have been teenage millionaires.

Love it. Love it. Yeah. Let's bring her on when she gets here. That's fantastic.

You know, you're talking about you know, we're talking about you and your 50 plus books. That's us. I mean, listen, everyone is watching, listening. If you haven't heard of Loral Ling Maya before, now is the time to take notes if you haven't already started. Right. We'll give you all the information on how to connect with her on her Web site. Her books. And what I wanted to do, Loral, is take a few moments, if we would. If you don't mind what you're up to recently, I know you're coming again to Huntington Beach very soon, August 30. First just happens to be my birthday. Thank you.

And that's awesome. And you're going to be there.

Of course. What? You know, wearing wings? Yeah. I went to the one on June 22nd that you guys had in Arlington Beach. And it was phenomenal, amazing, amazing, massive value and great. You guys attracted an amazing group of people to come. And for me, it was very valuable as well. Listening to was the networking in between and the breaks. And it was just a phenomenal event all the way around. So appreciate that. So go ahead, if you don't mind. How can people find out about this event coming up? Because it's very timely. It's coming up very soon. And how can they get a ticket?

So is it? Well, first of all, we're gonna do it free. And it's on Labor Day weekend. So people say, oh, my gosh, she's on Labor Day weekend. I said, yes. So what else are going to be doing? You're either going to be hanging out doing nothing. I go to the beach, hang out at the beach. We're coming down to go to the beach. And so little bit about my BRAC background, why this is so critical, so if you go to integrated health and, well, dot com integration healthy throughout dot com, I have a finance and a business degree and now I have a masters in exercise physiology. So I build 270 foot like two or seventy two fitness centers on off shore oil rigs. I built corporate fitness centers. So now that CBD in the world and I'll say more of what I'm up to. Cannabis is in the world. HAMPSON The world. You know, I just say I have to just shout it out because just like you said, it's not just your mind. Your body is about business, but it is critical that you integrate those. So I just developed this brand called Integrated Health and Wealth Scar.

And I have world leading doctors do an NIH studies on the use of cannabis for Alzheimer's and brain health. And then it kind of spread. And then I met Lauren and she's like world Olympian in body building and strength training. And so, you know, she connected. So it's the Lauren and Loral show. We have extraordinary just how, say, the sponsors, tables, experiences, speakers, panels. So the 30 first we're going to be in Huntington Beach. We're going to aim to open the doors around 8:00. Thirty nine o'clock. We'll be there until they kick us out. And then we're going down to the beach and continuing to network and be together. So I think it's important to have healthy, happy wealth and vice versa. So Lauren is going to be our featured right. There she is. Right. So integrated helping WorldCom. And it's gonna be a great day. It's gonna be this is our second event together. And we've become very close. I'm helping her with her money. She's helping me with my health again. Scott, like muscles that most people that I shouldn't even have.

I mean, she's amazing in her nutrition. Just, you know, again, the routine is critical. So I'm excited about this. And again, it's a free event when you VIP is ninety seven and you want to VIP.

We're going to bring you lunch. We have all sorts of just extraordinary guests for you. There's a software that we're gonna be giving that we've never given before. Bryan, you need this joke and it literally hedges you out of the market. So you will never if you're in the stock market, which I'm not a fan of, but I do have some of the software. I have a little bit of money in it, but I never lose because I get out before market moves and the market's gonna move or on the dawn of a presidential election. It always moves real estate moves the market knows the economy. So come join us. It's just gonna be a fun day.

Absolutely. And oh yeah, I am all about automation, Mike. My ears get really big whenever I hear that wonderful, beautiful, precious word. And regarding VIP, this is something I tell everybody that I once I learned and started doing it. Every event I go to anymore. I always upgrade to VIP. It is only resulted in incredible, amazing things that you cannot even imagine until you do it. That's all I can tell you because you're gonna meet the other influencers that also sign up as VIP. Think about that. You're going to be meeting with the creme de la creme of those that are in attendance, as well as oftentimes the actual speakers themselves. If Loral and Lauren make themselves available, that you might get some quick, you know, lunch time with them, maybe bend their ear a little bit. Completely up to them. And it's a but it's a powerful thing to do. Always, always recommend upgrade to VIP and ninety seven. But come on. A free event. I mean ninety seven it should be two ninety seven for the event and then another five ninety seven for VIP. But this is amazing. So it should be a no brainer. I just wanted to help with that just because I believe in that. Loral as a just that's what I do when I go to events. I'm always VIP everywhere and our buddy Jason that said yes you want to VIP, it makes a big difference. And he's our man from power texting that come who's on the show talking in our chat area. Awesome. Yeah, so fantastic. I really want to make sure we got a shot. And Lauren, what an amazing woman she is. Just like you are so, so energetic and just lights up the room and. Yeah, she's got bigger arms than I do. She could take me down.

And I don't I don't have a problem admitting that I'm going to start this boxing class because I'm going to I'm not actually going to, you know, right now maybe and try to compete.

I mean, she's just these worlds. She's a world title, you know, body builder, so. Yeah.

All right, Mary, ten time female heavyweight champ. So she is literally like the female version of Arnold Schwarzenegger. She's her own person, but she is that, you know, that type of vessel on a person in the field of bodybuilding. And as an entrepreneur, she's just crushing it. Had a great show with her sometime back as well. So what a dynamic duo. And guys. Yes. Just in case you're wondering, you are invited. You are welcome. Please do go. Powerful women attend this. Powerful men attend it. It's an amazing of it. So glad that we got to showcase that and. You guys keep that running for quite some time in the future. That would be awesome. You know, we talked about so many things and I did, I guess in the opening about mind body business and their skill sets that must be acquired either by yourself or that you delegate out. And now we're talking skills not so much in the mind area or the body area, but when you know it's time to turn the crank, so to speak, stand up. Turn on the machine and let her rip and get off the sleeves and get busy as as a very successful woman for many, many years. What would you say now, looking back, are the top three, if you could pick three, if you could just pick three, the top three skills that you would recommend everyone acquire, become prolific, prolific and proficient to become a successful entrepreneur, what would those be?

No matter what. Right. I mean, like you have to embody these three. I would say as an entrepreneur, the three things that are not taught, there's entrepreneurial training taught across now named in universities, which is really B.S. because it's mostly the business administration structure. There's never owned companies now. Teach your kid journalism. So as you said, Brian, I unfiltered. So I have a lot of opinions about that and I'm really rigorous about that. I am my son is in an extraordinary university and he texts me day one from each of his business classes saying, Mom, I'm learning how to get a job, not be a multi-millionaire entrepreneur from a dude, mostly dudes. Some do dads who have never even run a company like I have more growing up as you as a mother. So I think he and I have most extraordinary appreciation of my rigorous lifestyle. He's traveled all over the world, been everywhere but Antarctica. So what are the absolute skills that will not be taught? And you have to embody and because even all that you delegate. Right. Because I mean, what are you're really at a higher level.

I always say you need to lead it, not do it. So I am the ultimate delegator, which, you know, rigorous or not like, you have got to learn to let stuff go. So I think a mistake people make as they try to control it all. You can't control it all. People can do what they do. You've got to do your damnedest to leave. So no one is you have to lead and stop doing it. So when I hear these people have their hands on the keyboard all day, you're missing huge pieces called marketing. You say, well, I can market online. There is nothing that will replace like the human interaction. There's nothing you say, well, you know, that's old fashioned. Now think so. I can outperform and outdo what a millennial will do online all day long. Still to this day, so leading marketing and selling are the most critical skill sets and you have to do them all as the lead entrepreneur. So you have to know how to sell your own stock. You have to sell other people's stuff. You have to learn.

Like before I had my stuff, I sold this off key stuff, 1996. I mean, ISIS sold Chevron stuff in the U.S. where I worked for.

So you have to learn to sell. Selling other people's stuff is easier in the beginning than learning to sell your stuff. And I think as a woman. So many women have this weird thing about their ego or feeling like they're bragging. You're not bragging, you're just damn confident. And so, like, you have got to learn to lead to market and to sell. So the difference is you're going to lead in delegates. You're going to market, which is get your word out and get leads. People interested in you. And then you have to sell, which is how do you want to pay credit card, cash, wire, digital currency. How do you want to pay? And you have to learn those words. And as a woman, I think you that you know that brand. Right. I'm probably one of the stronger ones now because my conversation about money. But most women don't ask for money. They'll just say so. Let me know if you're interested. That's not selling. That's like miracle. So those are skill sets. You have to put on your tool belt in our community. Teenagers come free. So when parents say, you know what, I really want to work with you and I want this legacy conversation, I want to teach my kids money. The kids come free and they never pay. And you can imagine internships that our kids get. Working for other successful parents and other businesses. But those skill sets are critical. And to get a kid at 9, 10, 11 years old to say, Brian, how do you want to pay and actually have the right in the ability to check your credit card is powerful. Those kids are amazing and they're not contaminated with this weird thing. But oh, my gosh, Brian, you know, all that weird stuff goes on. So I could go on forever about this conversation. As you can tell. But those are three critical skill sets that you don't get to delegate those. I mean, you've got to allocate parts a bit, but you have to command.

Then we can go on. I know you have an extra two hours after we're done, so I'm fine with it. This is all gold. People write this all down delegation. I mean, you're hitting the nail on the head, of course. Remember when I got my first person to help me, I now have a team of five. But the first person, it's so changed my mindset. I had no idea. I thought, my God, I can actually now pursue things. I never would have even given a second thought to meaning related to my business, expanding it, doing more things, because now I had help. And it was. And it's all about getting rid of that ego. That is how you get to start asking for help and delegating and then leadership skills to nurture that team to edge them along. And thank you for being so honest about you need to do the marketing and selling. You got to be the leader in in more ways than one. You know, ask for the clothes. Ask for the money. Will that be cash check or charge? How would you like to pay today? That is a big one. Even with men, big time with men. I remember doing strategy call after strategy call years ago and that finally became so ingrained in meals like this. Easy now. It's like, you know, it's a lot of it's a lot of work, you know, fear of rejection. You know what that's going to happen? It's gonna happen and get over it. That's getting over yourself. It's not about you.

You don't have to go. I gotta go. Yeah. Please. It's already a no. If you don't ask, it's already, you know. Perfect. Here's what I also know.

So when I teach it from, you know, I must say, that secret spiritual place is everyone listening has a skill that they have something that is an amazing gift. And mine is money. So after 20 years, I just know how to teach you money. So I would be ripping you off if I didn't sell. Sir, you just say I'll change your life with money. And I know we're talking about mindset, but I want to throw a little spin on that so I can change your mind or I could change your checkbook. So the faster I could teach you how to get evidence, which is money in your bank. Now your mind has to reconcile and say she made one hundred dollars. It's like, I don't know your garland, but I love his daughter. She's on this mission to teach. You know, like really teenage girls like empowerment. She showed up to an event about a month ago, was right after Huntington Beach. And she's so cute. She's like my lead nationally. And we're kind of closing down. And she said, I'm going to get to it. She made one hundred dollars in like 30 minutes because I'd like taught her how to do it. You anyone listen, you can make money so quick. If you have an offer, you have a price. You're willing to say ask for the money.

And here's what I want you to go back to them. If you know you're going to search, somebody is like you owe it to them to sell hard. I'm known for being like the most intense, probably business woman on the planet. People say, oh, my gosh, you're invisible moral. She's so intense. These are not going to help you. And you know what? If I mess it up, screw it up, brining home and say, you know what, I was expecting that. Jessica, let's reset and go again and we'll reset and go again. And I think so many people have such a weird frame about money. What it's really about, if you're serving someone's life, you owe it to them to get to it because guess what, they're going to buy somebody else's crap and then they're not going to serve them as well. And then you get to go behind them. You know exactly what I'm talking about. Right. And then you got to clean up the mess. You got to clean up the emotion. That's a lie by the program. I say not teach program. I teach myself. You get rich. I'll teach how to get rich. My point is surf, surf, surf, surf, which means you better stay in there. So don't back out when the gets weird.

You say, how do you want to pack and just be straight about it.

So that's that's when the excitement meter goes up. Oh, we have a cameo coming. I sense it. Come on in. My beautiful daughter.

There she is. How are you doing? How are you?

Fantastic. And your name is Kristin. Segun. Kristin. Kristin, how are you doing? Kristin. Good to see you.

You have an amazing mom.

I know you know that already. And you are one blessed young lady. Thank you. She couldn't wait. She was looking at the door.

This whole show awaiting your arrival. Thanks so much for dropping by. You're welcome.

Anytime you should do a whole call with her, she'll tell it. I'll do it. Yeah. Be awesome.

I've had a 16 year old amazing woman. Come on, young lady earlier.

And that was. Yeah, I'm I'm absolutely open to that for sure to help, you know, teenagers and the young folks realize, hey, you don't wait till an adult to get started. She's a product of the product. I love change. I can change her mind or I can change your checkbook, because when it comes down to everybody listening. It's not about the process or how you get there. It's about the results at the end. All the other stuff doesn't mean crap as long as there's integrity along the way. Which Loral has all of that. Who cares what it takes to get there as long as the results are there? And you know you can get there, then just, you know, don't worry about what you your preconceived notions are. Get over your ego and get the results that you need. And I love how you're framing this, Loral, that and this is so great to teach everyone if you have something that can change people's lives for the better. Just as Loral saying, it would be an absolute disservice if you do not sell them. In fact, you have our permission to make all the money in the world if you're serving other people. We bless that. We want you to because the more money you make, just like Loral, the more people you can serve. It's a simple, simple thing. And so let's just get over this whole money thing and enjoy the ride and serve more people. I'm getting goose bumps again, Loral.

I know. So I have to speak to another thing about that. So I love the millennials, like, because I have some. But it's interesting how they're like, let's do it for a lifestyle.

And, you know, like, I'm 54, you're 55. I don't really care how old, you know, how old we are. So people put us in the old category. They're really funny. Yeah, they do, actually. So what's funny about it? Because, you know, we can outperform a lot of them. What about a new conversation is let's do it for life, stop, because we just won't have this lifestyle. I have flown on private planes since for 30 since she was born like. Here's what's interesting. I hate the word retirement because retirement suggests. Well, first of all, as an agriculture word, that means put to pasture today. So it's not even a financial word. It's the most screwed up word in the entire financial vocabulary. So I just dismiss it. I won't use it. Or like budgets. That's like diets. No one's doing any of that. That's restrictive, though, or abandoned about our conversation that we're going to be free. And so our lifestyle is always of course, I did this live my life to be totally free. I've traveled all over the world whenever I want. With kings and queens and princes and jet fighter jets to my own plane, to whatever. So I love this. You know, let's build a business for life.

Something. What the hell else would you do? I mean, that's the point. The point is total freedom to do what you want when you want it to be. So freedom to me is choice. You get to choose what you do. You can get up and have a routine here. You can get up and heterogeneous writing, get up and have a routine in Asia and be anywhere you want in the world like this whole new. Let's have a lifestyle business. Oh, it's so passé. Like you're so you're so old. Like just trying to catch up with us. Are you kidding? I've traveled with Zig on his last year. I mean, like all the guys we name, we all did this for a lifestyle. So I love how it's like a new thing to say. Like who? Let's go have a life. So what the hell do you think we did all this for? We are so free. Our kids have traveled everywhere. Anyway, I could go on and on. So I just have to pick on that because I love that I watch because I do. And so poking at books, right. You like have a lifestyle business, right?

Yeah. How about be an entrepreneur and have a lifestyle? That's what we do. Right. Now, the question. But I have to kind of poke at that, because I think a lot of people think, you know, look, we doctor, we want what we do, what we want because we love it for the for the for the people watching.

Tell us this law is, you know, you're you're a very successful woman. And now it's all just coming to you. Simple and easy and effortless. It's all just passive income, isn't it? And you can just sit back on the beach, on your your swing and just relax and with your umbrella drink and you go off to work another day. Right. That's how it works, right?

Yes and no if you do it right. So I could stop it. All right. I'm at that place. I am at that sell out. I'm at that right sizing. I won't because again, I'm back like what I've been gifted with. Most people don't teach. And I think it's a rip off to not do it. Plus, our brains, when you're totally engaged, you do this for the money. I mean, let's be honest at the beginning, you do it for the money because you want to figure it all out. But then it's past the money. Then it's about just living your life and doing it the way you want to do it. And I'm in this interesting transition. My sons up to college, my husband is still back and forth to Canada. So it's sort of this interesting. Do I want to continue to travel around the world, do a lot of it, or do I want to do something different? So I actually at the big trend in point is competition. These are three new asked took us on a planet that are going to dominate and it is called it is digital currency. And I'm looking at crypto because I don't like that word. It's a digital currency which is going to be back. I it's art to block things already like passé and old. It's already like on to other technologies. And if you don't know about them, you should get currency and cannabis hand.

Like there are so many cool things to do that are going to reach the planet. And so I'm really come onto that stuff. I've been in that stuff for a very long time, but I'm really committed 20, 20. I'll always do this work, but I am in a big transition. So to your point, is it passive income if you do it right? I think a lot of people don't do it like I'll speech to beginning business owners. And I'm talking beginning meaning you're in the 1 or 2 million or less, not just hundreds of thousand hours is you spend too much money putting money back into your own company and you don't do what I call the wealth cycle. You don't put money to work. So you don't put money to work, so you actually have passive income. So then round and round you go. It's no different than being an executive, somebody on somebody else's crimes. You have to figure out your own. And I've gone in and out of bases. I'm not perfect about it. But you catch yourself and say, why am I in this routine? This is interesting. You're making a lot of money, but is it really what you want? So designing your life over and over and over has got to be very purposeful. And I think living in the money and business conversation without a mentor and coach who has the results you want is an insane proposition.

You think about how much money you spend in supplements and fitness in whatever you do. But why don't you have a finance coach? Because you're going to give your money to a financial planner who's going to like park their money. Park your money in the stock market where they get to get fees. And like most market makers in any financial institute will make a minimum of two. It's not up to twelve percent on you and you don't know because it's not close. So you want to start with the passion that I live by. You can look at this little board behind me, right? Sorry. Wrong way. Right that way. It starts with entities tax like there is such a system for you to get rich and impassioned about it, even telling frantic get on my soapbox about it. I get intentional and very passionate. So what am I doing? I could shop it. I'm not going to back like I love some of this adjunct professor stuff that I'm getting because people want me to come and teach the business. The business of cannabis, the business of digital currency, because those professors don't know how to do it. And I know how to run companies. And so I'm kind of this interesting transition. I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing, but I'm entertaining a lot of other cool stuff that is going to change the plan.

That wasn't really a question, I kind of just answered how I want it and it doesn't. It's it's interesting because it doesn't really matter where anyone is in their walk with their entrepreneurship or their journey because it's ever changing, ever, ever, ever flowing all the time.

And I've actually asked an interesting question that you've already answered. Basically, it's like, what if there was a ceiling and you could go no farther and that was it. You hit the top of the top level of success, make a new ceiling.

So that's another great answer. That's another new one. What if there was no other ceiling? What would that feel like?

What if you were done and you could not continue doing what you're doing? And every one of them said, I would be bored out of my gourd. I couldn't that connection.

I'd make something else up. Exactly. I would just make something else up. That's what I like. It's constantly reinventing us, constantly making something else up. And, you know, my fifth New York time is are written like 2012. And it's like, say yes and figure it out. So what's interesting about say yes moment is the moment where you actually have no freaking idea what the hell you're doing. You say yes. And then that moment and here's what happens to most people. You say yes. And then police nanoseconds, you come up with every reason why it can happen. But I'm not this nightmarish. So then you have to think I'm not. But I have a team. My back. The transitional moment I'm in cannabis. I'm never going to weed plant my life like. And I don't really kind of plan on it. That doesn't mean I can't be in the industry. I've never grown a hemp plant.

I've never distilled oils. I haven't done enough stuff. But, you know, I I my job is to lead and find a key. Who's going to get me my. Yes. And when you have that, there is no ceiling. Does you just keep redefining and refining your way? And with the right passion mission and what you're supposed to be doing on the planet, there's no like there's not a I think I'd have to like be done like Don off the planet. I'd be at the beach. So I wouldn't be here on this physical body within that moment.

Yeah. And that's that was the point to the whole thing was, you know, if you're a true entrepreneur, I haven't met one yet. That is different than what you just described. If you're if you don't have those if you're not that driving, you don't want to. If you want to just stop serving others, then you're probably not a true entrepreneur in the sense that I would define anyway. I mean, maybe I'm making up my own definition, but that's just my my opinion. But thank you for also mentioning mentors and coaches. That was gold because so many you know, look, every one of us, including law, including myself, we have many talents. We could literally do everything if we put our nose to it ourselves and burnout and die because you just don't have enough bandwidth. One person can't do it all. You have the ability to make it happen. But pick and choose what is your core competency and stick with that and delegate the rest. That is amazing. Get coaches and mentors to help you learn how to delegate. If you're not already delegating, you know the best of the best of the best on the planet did not do it themselves.

We have Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods. You know, sports figures we're talking about here. Every financial person, Loral Longmire has had coaches and mentors. That is how she's gotten where she is. I've had coaches and mentors. It's all about getting that ego. It's like this common denominator for those that have not yet taken that step. It's just push that ego aside and say, yes, I want and need help. And when the students ready, the teacher will arrive. It's amazing. And it works every single time. Every single day. Every single day. I mean, so this is absolute goal. I hope everyone's furiously writing notes. You had mentioned earlier before we came on, you had some gifts. And I wanted to take this moment for you to be able to let folks know. This is amazing. And I so appreciate you doing this. And there we go. I think I've got the right one on that on the page. Let me know if I've got that correct. When you come on, if you wouldn't mind telling the folks what they can do and what they should do to get this wonderful suite of gifts that you have for them.

So right there you go to just met Loral. So j ust t Amity. Aloha. So just met Loral dot com because you just met me. And if you've seen me before, well, then we see me again and it's time to get moving. So I have a ticket to an event, one of my own personal like two and a half day. I start on a Wednesday and I go to Friday. I bring in a wealth team. So I have a ticket. I have a reading room, which is me reading, interpreting how to put more cash in your pocket. I have never pay your kid an allowance, which is an extraordinary program that we are updating. So by logging in, in fact, I will make sure that this gets on the page. We are doing a financial I.Q. for families program. So I'm going to get that up there. It's just an ongoing series of gifts, extraordinary gifts that are for you. So you see, you sign up right there. Put your information in. What we do is we teach you how to make, keep and invest money. How do you do with the team and. It's just been a great. Like it's just a great site. So just like this, whenever I meet people there, you got a complimentary ticket to my workshop and just keep scrolling down and prepare can allow us.

That's so critical. I used to teach I taught UCLA a leap program cash machine, read a room and I put another a few little gifts on there. But I just speak to never pay your kid an allowance. If you're serious about generational wealth and teaching your kids, why would you pay them a fixed amount for no defined work? You said well, they have less chores. Yeah, but teach them to negotiate like an entrepreneur. So I have a whole strategy. There's worksheets you can download on how to negotiate with your child, how to get them as kids and teenagers never pay them an allowance. They negotiate and then they complete what they're negotiated for on their contract with you. So you're teaching them to be lunch producers from the minute they are on the planet to the minute they walk up so that you can tell us what my favorite on there. So that's one of our workshops is a ticket for free. It's normally 750 bucks. And all of this together is probably, I don't know, a couple thousand bucks. So just met me. So come hang out with us.

Truly phenomenal. Thank you so much. So just met Loral and that's l o r a l l o r l just met Loral dot com. Thank you so much. That was an amazing gift. And it not just one gift. Many gifts as you see right there. So, you know, we bring nothing but the best on this show. And Loral has raised the bar. I don't know how I'm going to top this next time, but we're gonna give it a go. That's for sure. It's gonna be tough. It's gonna be tough to bring on someone as impactful and an influencer as such as yourself, Loral. And I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you. We're not done yet. So, you know, when I'm not closing us up because there is one question I've always I'm I'm deeply, deeply weary. So here we go. No, it's not that one yet. No, not that one. This one I'm very deeply curious about because it's so multifaceted and there are so many ways to do it. And it really only takes one. And once you found that way, you stick with it till it doesn't work and you try again. And that is in the area of marketing. Now, you've been you know, you've created businesses, you've written books, you've had success left, right, up, down and sideways. And for you at this moment, what would you say, looking back so far to date, has been your most successful form of marketing? Again, there's many ways I understand, but if you could just pick one that was your go to or could be your go to speaking.

Oh, yes, I love it.

I love to talk. You know, I've never even typed a book. I talk them all and those of you that need a book. So I'm actually Thursday in a few days from now. I am headed with my writing team who will record the most sophisticated conversation in the category that I'm not telling you yet. And it will sweep the nation. And we're going to launch it towards the holiday. It will sweep the nation in what anyone has ever thought about this topic. So stay tuned. We'll be on just Mount Loral. And we. I was contract about a year ago to write a book. And when we got into the topic, I went back and I said, this is this can't happen. Like what you want me to make a millionaire in. And it's not happening because of the laws, the strategy, blah, blah, blah. So I'm doing a cliffhanger, right?

Yes, you are. I literally I'm flying in some of the best in the industry. Some of the best are just coming because they want to be in the book. And it will I'm going to be the lead offer. I'd like author.

I'm sorry. I'll be the lead. But there will be some extraordinary folks you've never even heard of. And they're changing the world in this industry. So I've already kind of mentioned where I'm going.

So it's in that category. But it will be up by Christmas. So here's what I say. Those of you writing a book and speaking, so I'm going to speak and I'm going to present and I will pre sell thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of these books before it even hits the shelves. And then it will hit the shelves and then it will go crazy. Well, then come back on your show. But speaking is connection.

It's human interaction, its influence. Marketing is selling. Its leading is everything in one category. And nothing digital. I will take all of them on all their friends, mine. I love them dearly as they watch the show. And they want to come back and say, oh, no, you can do a webinar.

Anybody can do a webinar. But we're not touching. We're not talking. We're not hugging. We're not. Like, I like you're in mine, but I'm not in yours. And there is nothing that speaking and put it on the heels of a book. So you just saw where I was going. So you speak, you pre-sell, you put it on the heels of a book and then all the rest of the stuff, you know, can come afterwards, but nothing will outperform human connection.

I so resonate with that. I'm so glad you said that. I used to I was the lead trainer for my mentor for a couple of years, spoke from stage train from stage tot watched people change in front my eyes from stage as we took them to processes. And I so agree with you, Loral. There is nothing like being onstage physically in the presence of an audience. And, you know, you feed off their energy and vice versa. It's just there's no way to describe it. And you're absolutely right. Like right now, we're not sitting in the same room and we can't feed off of each other like we would if we were. And there's no way to describe that unless someone else would just do it and compare. Right. So it's an amazing thing. Oh, gosh. You're the first one of all my guests that used that said speaking was your go to for American Idol. Man, I just about did a backflip of joy on that one because I so enjoy speaking from stage. That is one of the reasons I have this very show, is that it? It scratches that itch until the next time I go on stage. I took a step back rebuilding my platform. So it's not the right time yet when it is. Look out, baby. That's gonna be so much fun. I cannot wait. Thank you. You just got me going. Oh, my goodness. I'm so excited.

Oh, gosh. Five minutes. No way. All right. So we do have that now. That one question coming up that it's it's an awesome question. I ask this of every past.

Yes. I'm like, yes, it is like something else.

Yeah, it it's actually it's great. And I know you're going to probably instantly have the answer for you, but if you don't, that's cool, too. There's no problem with that airtime. I'm not paying for the air. So that's a good thing. I'll take as long as you need on this one. But really quick, before I do that, I promised everyone that they could enter to win. Remember that five night stay at a five star luxury resort? You talk about an open loop and a cliff thing. There we go. Here it is. For those you watching and you're still on live with us, it's a real simple process. All you need to do is type in the phone number you see on the screen, and that is 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. And then down in that message area where you would type in your message to text your friends or buddies, you type in the word pick P A K and tap on that little sand icon and you will be entered to win. So again, the number is 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 and text type in the word peak peak.

And again, this is sponsored by my good buddy Jason asked at power texting dot com and his crew. And again, it's a five night stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico. So do that. Now, you have our permission to do that right now. Do it quick, because it is time for us to close the show. But before we do, I've got a very, very special question for our Star of the Hour. Here's the thing. It's not a it's not such a big deal. So here's the thing. There is there is no such thing as a wrong answer. There's none. And in fact, the exact opposite is true. The only correct answer is your answer. And the interesting thing is, because what I've found to date, having interviewed over 60 so far on this show and ask this very question, not no two people have answer at the same exact way yet. I imagine it will happen, but it hasn't yet. It's unique to every individual. I found that very interesting. So with that that big buildup. Are you ready? All right. Loral, Loral Langemeier, how do you define success?

How do I define success?

You live the life that you design every day and you get up and do it over and over and over. So you live a life by choice. Does have a financial number. I actually have a wealth definition, which I think a lot of people can take on, which is that your investments make an a passive income that you never have to work and then you get to do whatever the heck you want because you can't. So I think that is a big piece that you acquire. Her chain success is how you define your life, what you want to get up and do every day. How many lives you search? And did you actually fulfill any part of your mission and vision of what you wanted to do?

That's how I said that. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Beautiful. Beautiful. And and par for the course for one area. No single person made money. The absolute focus, because even when you started down the money path, it was really about liberation. Giving you the freedom, the money as a vehicle to give you the freedom to do what you want when you want to give back which musicals are good and those that aren't as grizzled veterans as those that I've been on my show, just like you, many would say, well, want to make my first mil, you know, be direct on the point of money. But this is what I love about what I get to do, Loral, is people like you are as are serve first and you know, you're your heart base heart centered. You want to help people.

You know you can. And it's a disservice if you did not ask them for their credit card so that you can help them because that credit card will then be paid off and then some if they just follow your tutelage and you know that they just don't know that. And it's your job to convince them that they need to work with you. And God bless you for doing that. Thank you. Fantastic. Wow. We made it.

I can't believe it is in Huntington Beach. Absolutely.

Workshop, August 30. First day, August 30, first.

Ladies and gentlemen, let's throw that up real quick one more time, just because that's a great way to fire this off. So go to integrated health and wealth. Dot com, spell out the word and integrated health and wealth. Dot com.

Get your free ticket. And don't just get your free ticket. Just go for VIP. Ninety seven dollars. Goodness sakes, I think. Do they even get food with that?

Loral, they get lunch, they get snacks, they get full experience. They're going to get a software that will head gym out of the market. They'll never lose money. Don't start. Like if they're on the stock market, they won't lose again. And a whole bunch of cool gets. You might even get the secret. You know, cool swag.

It's like it almost can't even get lunch in lines and be for ninety seven bucks. Come on, people. So just do it. Sign up is VIP even if you don't.

All kidding aside, definitely commit to yourself and go and spend an amazing day with two amazing women and their teams, respective teams and everyone else that they attract to this amazing event. I can't wait to see all there, Loral. Thank you again. I know you have to get back to business. We need to wrap this up so you can go do that thing that you do, which is help and serve others. Appreciate you more than words can can express at this moment. Thank you so very much for coming on. Appreciate you. Have a good day. All right. Be blessed all. Thank you for coming on, watching live and listening afterward on the recording. We will see you again on the next edition of The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. Bye bye for now.


Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body business with Brian Kelly.

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The company started small with a small office in Novato, California in 2002 and within 5 years grew to a $19 million dollar company. During that time, the organization expanded to its current size and is now located in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

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