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Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host, Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly:
Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. How are you doing tonight? This is going to be an amazing, amazing show. We have an amazing guest expert. I cannot wait to introduce her to you. Amazing, amazing person. She is part of a duo. It's a mom and daughter business. I cannot wait to dig in and find out the secrets to her success to both her and her mom. Success. It's an amazing, amazing thing. The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show real quick for those of you that might be new to the show. What is that all about? Well, it's about the three pillars of success in my now 55 years on this planet. I found that there were patterns that were that had developed amongst successful people, primarily successful people. And what I found was in studying them that in these three areas like mine, that's mindset. They always had a rock solid, powerful and just unwavering mindset. And that can be implemented. It can be extended. It can be reinforced using a proven science called neuro linguistic programming or NLP for short. And there are other sciences and other approaches to help with your mindset as well of many of those that I found to be successful have gone down that path. And I've utilized great tools and techniques in the NLP industry and world. And then there's body. What is that? Well, that's literally what it means is taking care of your body. The people that I have found that are most successful really take care of their body, both physically from the outside and nutritionally from the inside. And that is working out exercising on a regular basis. Now, look, if you're a guy, you don't have to look like Arnold did in his heyday. You have to be a massive bodybuilder to be fit and operate at a peak level of performance. It just means staying busy. Movie do it on a regular basis three to six times a week and then nutrition. It's what you put in your body. You know, the good fuel in that results and great results. Right. So it's those two elements, mind and body are really those are the foundation. It all starts with mindset. In my humble opinion, because if you don't have that rock-solid mindset, then you are not going to continue the habit. The nurturing habit of taking care of your body and vice versa. If you don't take care of your body now, your mind does not operate at a peak level performance. They're kind of like a team. More importantly, they're your team. And when you have any part or any member of a team that's not pulling their weight. So to speak, the team as a whole will suffer. Once you get those to put into place and you have that, you're on the right track and you're mastering both mindset and taking care of your body. Then there becomes the part that we're all aware of, and that's business. Here's the thing. Business is a multi-faceted, multi-faceted arena. And that means that it takes many different skill sets to be successful in one's business. The good news is you don't have to have or possess all these skills yourself. You can outsource and scale, bring in help to help in that area. And if you're not doing that yet, then one would not be the right time to consider doing so to get some outside help, because then you can scale much faster. Business is so multi-faceted. It's about marketing, it's about sales, team building, leadership, systematizing. The list goes on and on. And it can be very daunting for those just starting out if you're a solo partner. That's why it be a very good idea to start looking into expanding your knowledge base by just expanding your team beyond you and you'll find great relief in doing so. And speaking of successful people, another thing I noticed that is actually part of the mind component is they are avid, voracious readers. They read everything there is on business, on personal development, on fitness, all of the three components that make up a successful business person in in business and in their personal lives. And with that, I like to switch over to a little segment's affection. I like to call Bookmarks.

(Informational screen) Bookmarks. Born to read. Bookmarks. Ready, steady, read. Bookmarks. Brought to you by

Brian Kelly:
Yes, Now, for those you're watching live or even listening right now. Here's the thing. If you're if you have your phone out in your watching or listening from that or if you're watching on a computer. In both cases, just stay with the show, in other words. Resist the temptation to go punching in a URL or a website address while you're watching. And the reason for that is because the magic happens in the room and I get it. This is a virtual room, but it's very, very true. And I would hate for you to miss one golden nugget from our guest expert, Lorena Tomasini, who's coming on very soon. I promise. And so stay with us. And instead, rather than do that, do what I do. I'm actually running the show. And I also take notes with the old traditional pen and paper as the show goes on. And then after the show, I review those notes and then go check out resources. Oftentimes, my guests, for instance, will come up with a great recommendation for, you guessed it, a book. And what I do is I take those down and I end up buying those instantly, right when the show is over on article. And then I will have it on my list. My own library to read later. I'm literally reading one right now that I got as an actual referral from a past guest. And the reason I tell you this is because I highly recommend you do the same. Find those that are successful and whatever they're reading, read it because it's real simple. That that there is no big secret to success. It's really this. Find someone else who is successful that is at a level you wish to attain and model them. That's a fancy word for copy. Do what they do. And you will find that you will reach a level of success that is greater than where you are right now on the way to reaching their level as well. It's that simple. I wish I could make it harder, but that's why I do this show, because I bring people in like Lorena that you can then model copy what she does. Pick out those things that she's doing that maybe you're not. And we'll get to that very soon. I'm not kidding. It's coming right away. And then just model what she's doing. Model what I'm doing. And then you'll see greater success in both your business and personal life as well. And so this is a list of books that I have compiled that I personally read. It's nowhere near complete. I stopped updating a little while ago, but there are many more books than on this. This is a good start. There's about 40 of them in here. So this is literally a creation I put together for you with you in mind. Really? It's not there to make money. It's there to have a resource or to present a resource to you. If you are not reading, then this is a great place to start. And it all of these books I personally read and they have had impact on me in a positive way. Not every book I've read has gone into this list. Just to be clear. And so with this at least you can have a filtered list of books by that's been vetted by at least one successful person, which then leads to you spending less time reading the incorrect books, the wrong books, the ones that aren't that great. So that's the reason I put that together. So feel free like that resource again. That's Write that down. Don't visit it now. Write it down and then visit it when the show's over. And speaking of the show, being over before it becomes over, we got to bring on our guests expert, I think. And hopefully my system will behave. Here we go. We're going to bring her on right now. I hope. Well, yes. Much quicker than I expected. Fantastic. We're having some fun times over here. And I want to introduce to you all. You see her name on the screen. Lorena Tomasini. How are you doing this evening, Lorena?

Lorena Tomasini:
I'm doing very well. I mean, you.

Brian Kelly:
I'm doing fantastic. You know, it's all about being flexible, isn't it? Lorena. I mean, to be successful in business, you have to be flexible for so many different things, one being technology.

And I can't tell you how many times I've done this show, how many times I've tested everything. We tested right before we went live, didn't we? Lorena. And issues came up and things were different than I expected. But, you know, I just roll with it. And normally you shouldn't even call it out. Call attention to it. But I'm using this now, for an example, to help teach others that, look, things happen. Go with it. Be flexible. It's OK if it's not exactly the way you wanted it. It's gonna be different. And you know what? Sometimes. Even sometimes when it comes in differently, you might. Oh, my gosh. You know, I actually liked that better. It happens banks that it sometimes.

So a little a little different direction there. But I wanted to bring on one to bring on Lorena. But right before we do that, everyone who's watching live. I want to let you know that you can win a five nights day at a five star luxury resort in Mexico. Compliments of my friends at We're going to show you how to do that near the end of the show. You must be on at the end to then see how to enter. To win that, we give out a vacation state. Every single show, every single show because of you see it right there. Our sponsors So stay tuned for that. Now, at last, let's finally bring on the fine young lady of the hour, Lorena Lorena Tomasini is the owner of Mallam Life and Health Insurance Agency in Miami, Florida. And she is part of a mother daughter duo. And they work virtually to help families and businesses with financial protection with their three D process where they one define to discover. And then the person three decides it's easier than ever. Best of all, their prospects and clients can take care of these important matters. All from the comfort of their own home or office while relaxing.

And get this, maybe even drinking coffee or tea while they're at it. It's amazing. All right.

Yes. Lorena. So finally, formally, I welcome you to the show. How are you doing this evening?

I'm doing very well, thank you.

Fantastic. Now, that gives a little of a brief of what you're doing. You've been doing this for a number of years. Yes.

Yeah. Actually, last week I celebrated my 30th year, 13 year.

You don't look like you're old enough to be doing any business for 14 years. You should get up, do that. I started in college. OK. Or when you were in elementary school? Maybe. But I love it. 13 years. So would it be safe to say, you know what you're doing? I think I would. Yeah. Yes, absolutely.

And so it's cool to know that you have the acumen, the background, the experience to help people in this area. And by the way, that's what Lorena loves doing. I could tell immediately by talking to her right before the show. That's one of the reasons she and her mom do this, is to help people the target. They target small businesses and families and they're there to help you to get the best insurance for your dollar. That's what I love about this. So that's great on the surface. And it gives us a little bit of background knowledge of the of your of what you've done in the past from more of a I call it a physical level. But I like to dig deep and get into the mind, so to speak, of each of my guests, to really find out what makes them tick. I have a deep curiosity about that. And the reason is, is because, like I said, the beginning of the show, the mind mindset is paramount to one's success or failure, depending. And so you come off as a very positive individual to me. Lorena. And when it when it comes to maintaining something like that, a positive attitude that takes energy for people that I'm sure everybody knows that to take to remain positive, even when things are going crazy like on the show, things are going crazy. It can take some extra energy to remain positive and things aren't going the way they should. So how do you maintain that positive, productive and successful mindset when going through all of the things that happen in a business and in life? How do you do that? How do you sustain that?

Yeah, that's a great question. Yeah, it's hard to maintain what I like to call positive mental attitude or BME for sure. I think it's very important that when something is going how you want it to go. Take a moment to just breathe or do something else. Take your mind out of whatever the problem might be. So that you can come back more calm and with a new set of eyes to the problem, you know, and definitely be flexible because things will change and things may not turn out how you expect them to. But yeah, having a positive attitude really helps and a way of doing that besides breathing and those separate techniques is maybe having little quotes here and there to help you throughout the day.

Absolutely, yeah. Like little quotes like on the wall or in front of you and your computer, things like that.

And always looking out at the bigger picture. It might be a little problem now, but looking. OK. Why? Why am I doing this? Like what? What's the purpose of it?

Very good. Having a why a powerful way. That's always good. That's a great one. It's kind of hitting a reset button like, you know, when things get really rough. In fact, that's what we train all the time, as you know. One of the greatest things for your mind is to have that very strong. Why? Why do you do what you do? Why would you go through what you're going through? Because running your own business is not easy. Well, maybe not. Not for me, but maybe just for you.

And if you don't have a powerful way, you know, for me, I've gone through a process where we determine what our way is. I've done it several times. And out of curiosity, I did it more than once and I found each time it was the same for me. It's a personal thing. So it could be something different for every person. For me, it's my wife and I get up out of bed. I do what I do. I work my ever live on but off because I love my wife and I do everything because I want to make her happy. And I want our life together to be the best it can be. That's my way. Doesn't mean has to be anyone else's way with their spouse.

Was a lucky woman, it seems.

I look at it the other way around. But thank you. Yes. I'm very lucky, man. I'm so blessed to have. She's my high school sweetheart. Can you believe that?

Oh, yes. We met in high school and never parted ways and married after college. And it's been one of those like Cinderella stories. It's been awesome. Yes. Did you. Yeah. Yeah. Right. That doesn't happen too often anymore. I understand. But like you said, it's very powerful to have a great way. And you said the word flexible as well. Because here's the thing. You tell me if this is the same for you, Lorena. But you know, as you become if you work longer and more years and you become more successful, then everything just comes easier and you have fewer and fewer problems. Right.

Yes and no. There are always new, new problems. Yeah. You know, things that used to exist as an issue are no longer so. Yeah. There's always something new too. We saw were to do. You know, that's just like in. Yeah. It's good. It would be boring. Every day would be the same. No.

I love that. I love it. I feel it's exactly the same way. And really, truth of the matter is, the bigger a business gets, the bigger the problems become. And you have to become more, more flexible. And the good news is, as you're growing, if you're growing, that means your business is still alive. And that's a good, good sign. And as long as you're growing, you're already to grow. You had to already have been flexible and continue to be so. And grow in that flexibility to where your mindset is now. You know what? I've been through a lot. Looking back at what happened then and now, this is coming at me. It might be a little bigger, but I got this because, you know, it's not like this is the first time any weird thing has cropped up. Just like, you know, when you have a show and certain things aren't working in the background and they sit there waiting and wondering what is going on. And so you just go with it. You have fun. Make the best of it. Look, everyone is human. Everyone. And there's nobody perfect on the planet. There's no technology perfect on the planet. So you just make the best of it and be flexible. So thanks for that. I would imagine that you enjoy reading. I see lots of certificates on your wall. That's cool. And I see a quote in the back that you just talked about. Proceed as a success is something that's hard to read.

It says Kirk Cross. He does if success is inevitable.

Proceed as if success is inevitable. Those are great to have around and reminders all over the place. And so I've read many business related books over the past several years. And I could I could mention a few. But for you, if you could think of just one, what would you say would be the one business related book that has inspired you or impacted you the most thus far?

I think one book that really made an impact in my life is a book called The Success System That Never Fails. By W. Clemons Stone. He was from Chicago and he talked a lot in the book about inspiration to Action Know-How and Activity Knowledge. So it's all about why why do you get out of bed every morning to do your job? You know, is it what? What motivates you at the end of the day? And then know how it's like knowing your products, your services, your competitors, all that important stuff that you need to know. Right. And then activity knowledge is like what's going to get you to the next step? You know, is it going to be making phone calls, networking, sending out emails? And how is it that you you like to do that, right? Because personally, I don't like going to networking events, so I don't unless it's something that I really need to go to. I avoid going to them. So I find other ways to to get clients right. But I think out of those three steps, the most important one really is inspiration to action, because you might have all the information about your products and the benefits and what's the best and all this stuff. But if you're not motivated with you know that bigger why than making sales or making money. And in the short term, you're really going to feel, you know, you might be good for a year or two, but you do you don't have that drive to keep going every day. And, you know, a quote from that book that I really liked, it would say, like, great opportunities come from like a door hinge. So, you know, just opening a door. What really holds the door is the little hinges. Right. And I always think about that when you're walking into a new place or meeting new people, you have to open the door to get there. So, yeah, I really like the book. It's kind of an older book, but it has a lot of great information.

Thank you for that. I wrote it down and I will be buying that right when the show's over as well. Yeah. I'm reading something called it. I think it's called atomic habits. And I can't. It is Chris read or something. My thing with names is incredible, but I keep reading all these. Great. I just finished Elon Musk. Oh my gosh. What a great read that was. What?

That guy's a genius. And he's also a little off-kilter, but he's on another level.

He is truly in many ways even. Oh, my gosh. I can't think Bill Gates even spoke highly of him saying how he's different than Bill Gates. And Bill Gates is also very, very intellectually sound and way other. And yeah, he's just he's a he's a different individual and he's he's changing a lot of lives. One person. And how many times have you ever thought to yourself, I've done this, that, you know, I'd love to change the world, but I'm just one person. How can I do that? Right. And, you know, it's just inch by inch. It's a cinch kind of thing. But that being said, it just seems like a big, lofty goal. Well, I think you are Musk has achieved it already and he continues to go forward.

So you keep reading and thank you for that. The success system that never fails. Is that correct? Fantastic. So I recommend everyone read that. It had great impact on Lorena. It's her go to. Speaking of go to you know, we've had many people come through our lives, you know, in and out. Those that have inspired us, those that maybe have it that we say, well, I've learned what not to do and I've learned now what to do. And it could be someone, you know personally that you've met in person.

It could be someone that you've just read about you've never met or could be someone's not normally even with us, that had a great impact on you. If you were to pick one person, who would you say has had the greatest impact and inspiration on you thus far?

Good question. I would say, you know, besides my parents, which I think is that everybody's they're both business owners. But besides them, I would say like Oprah was a big inspiration growing up, you know, from her story that she grew up in the 50s and 60s in Mississippi, too. Now, being, you know, one of the most successful women that's still around and seeing her, how she's been able to go from a TV reporter to her own her own show, to being a producer, to an actor now having her own TV show, you know, and now she's had to really change herself throughout different phases in her career just to continue being successful. But always doing something that she's passionate about, I think is really important in life. You know, in general, it seems like. People from Chicago second person and mention their career and being passionate about something is also important.

I've read and seen and heard so many stories on both sides of the fence. Some will say you are do it your passion about, others say forget that you gotta do what makes money like, you know, personal thing in or it get in the middle.

Yeah. I'll be talking about stuff. And you are better be something you really like. Maybe not your passion, but something you enjoy talking about.

Yeah. Yeah, because it's hard enough as it is now. Can you imagine doing something just for money that you don't enjoy? I can't. I'd rather not have the money because it's about enjoying life. The bottom line for me personally, it's not just about having money and the ability to buy things or or to be free to do what I want. But if you're free to do what you want, then do something you like. I don't understand that that philosophy personally. And I often think that those that have that opinion and I'm not I'm not calling anyone else because I can even think of an individual, but they are out there. But those that have that thought process are at a point in their life where they have yet to achieve a level of success financially, to have experienced it, to understand that it's not all about money. Money does buy things. It does help you. You can scale your business. You can grow your business. You can serve more people. You can have the flexibility. Now, we're talking about that word a lot to do, more things to to hire more people, to expand your business, to have freedom. It's all about the freedom of time. It's not about money. It's what money can help to afford. You are going for that. These are my opinions you might have. You're not in a lot. So I think you're a green.

And it is also for the entire audience who's watching, listening right now. So, yeah, it's amazing. Oprah, great. She's an amazing woman. Wow. I mean, so successful. You can tell she works extremely hard. It's inner demeanor. And every show she does, she's a true professional. And yeah, that's a great inspiration to have for sure. Amazing. So I look forward to seeing you on her upcoming show.

Yeah, I'm going to be on that on the own network pre-school. Right.

You know, I've lost touch. Is she still on on doing a show right now? A light show?

No, she has her own TV channel.

Ok, cool. Very cool. I knew she was moving on to something bigger. I just didn't know she was actively in front of the camera doing shows herself.

Yeah, I think she does that on some days or something. She interviews, offers and things like that.

Something she is very, very good at to interviewing people for sure. Yeah. And it takes you know, as I said in the very beginning, right, when we're building a business, you know, the three major components, mind, body, business and in business that requires a number of skill sets to be successful in your business. Now, I said it's okay to delegate many of those if you don't possess them, but I don't want to do that at a fault where I say you don't need to acquire any. So really, if it's in your wheelhouse, if you know it's something you can achieve and it's not going to be really so far away that you can't do it, then you should consider acquiring that new skillset. If it's that important to growing your business. And so it does take skills on your part, not talking about you Lorena, but people that we're talking to.

It does take time. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars. I'm not getting in, in training, in and bettering myself in many different ways, including mindset, including physicality, including business skill sets and sales. I've spent a lot of money in training and I. I don't have any regrets doing that to acquire the necessary skill sets to become successful. And there are like major ones that you really need as a baseline, a foundation, because then you're got when you go to lead others, they're going to look at you and go, what do you know how to do?

Right. I'm going to be scrutinizing your every move so you better have some good skill sets on your own. So for you, Lorena, you know, there's a lot of them. If you could pinpoint it down to maybe just three for you, then I'd be for anyone else. What would you say are the top three skills needed to become as successful as you have as an entrepreneur?

Another ballpark question there. Let's say, you know, top top three skill sets that you would need are besides, you know, positive mental attitude.

That's key, but always being determined and not then getting the sun on your goal or your one being able to be teachable.

Even though you might be. The leader or the owner or whatever.

You also need to be teachable from other people that know more about you. And then I would say, you know, the third one, a good skill to have.

Yeah, if you don't know how to do something delegated, and I think that's something I'm learning myself because I like to do everything at only delegating, I feel sometimes like if I don't do it, you know, you're not going to do it the right way, but just have trust in those that you hire or that work for you that they'll do to the best of their ability. So not micromanaging.

That's great. Great advice, especially the micromanaging part. Don't micromanage. No one no one enjoys being micromanaged. And by that, if you have never heard that term, that's basically having someone stand over you and tell you not just what to do. And also when to do it. And then the worst, how to do it and say, well, then you want a robot. Because I am a human and I'm not going to do it exactly the way you do it because I'm different than you. And that's that that's kind of my definition of a micromanager. So thank you for bringing that one up. But I will say of those, I think being teachable is difficult for many because it involves us, something that we all have, every one of us that we call ourselves human and that is ego. Yeah. And one of the greatest things every one of you can do, I can tell Arena's already done. It is to take that hat off that I know that hat where you know everything. Take it off and set it aside and just say, you know what? I may know that.

And I wonder what else I can learn, except because I think that helps avoid burning out. Because if you're the one doing the sales, the marketing or customer service, you know, tech support, everything that goes into a business. Right. You're one person, you know. So.

Yeah, and that's why. Well, I was gonna say that one of the most powerful ones in their skills is that of how to delegate. Because that brings with it so many other things. And you touched on a few of them. And that's leadership skills, right? It's how to lead effectively others. And what what? There are different styles. I've seen many. I've witnessed Lorena. I have witnessed this firsthand within 20 feet of me. A manager. Thankfully wasn't mine. I just happen to be in there visiting. It's a long story. He had his entire group in this room and they were having a meeting and out of nowhere because I could just hear I was off to the side. I wasn't listening to every word. All of a sudden I hear yelling and it's the manager berating one person in front of the entire group. And I just shook my head. And here's the sad part. This guy was and still is my friend manager. I had no idea that that was his management skill or his management approach. I wouldn't call it a skill. That was a horrible approach, in my opinion. It's those kinds of things that you learn are that you should really take into account and think twice before reacting. If that's you know, if you if you don't like something, then take them to the side, take them into your office, talk to them individually, work it out there, but do not make a public display of somebody that you're unhappy with. That was.

Yeah, let's not confuse them in front of their co-workers. That's not correct.

Yeah. And that's that's one extreme. Another is on the flip side is this is the way I do it. I train my people so that they have the skills to leave and interest.

Interesting. As a past guest of mine, Tom Antione, who is an Internet marketing multimillionaire. He does that very same thing. And you know, the only thing you have to concern yourself with is when they do leave because you're doing it without purpose. They will leave eventually. Some will some will love you so much. They don't ever want to leave. You just want them to be as happy as they can be. But when they do leave it, you have to train. The next person comes on and you can develop systems to make that less painful than it needs to be.

So how do you treat people like adults, not children, you know?

Exactly. And you know, delegation includes training, having training ready for them. It includes a lot. So that that was a big one.

You said, delegate, my eyes got big. So thank you for that, because that's that's a huge, huge one.

And we're talking about, you know, there are people out there that love to go after what I called a quick kill, which means make money at whatever the cost, you know, make that sale and then don't nurture that customer. Walk away from. Because I made the sale not knowing or realizing or even thinking that that customer could be worth well more than they just spent over the next year to two to five to 10 years depending on your products. And it's a quick kill mentality that really ends up killing the business of the person that has that mentality.

I've seen it.

I can think of one gentleman right now as I'm seeing this. And that's not a recipe for long term success. You've been at this for 13 years. You're. Doing something right. And and kudos to you and your mom for doing that. Yeah. Thank you. And the reason I say thank you is because I'm going to ask you exactly how you came about doing that.

And I know there might be many moving parts on that question. But, you know, just if you could explain how it is you have been able to achieve this long term success that you and your mom are having at this moment.

Yeah. So I think one of the main things is definitely following up with customers or prospects. If somebody calls, answer them in a timely manner within 24 hours or whatever system you have in place, we send them a quick text message. Yes, I would call to call you back when I'm out of the meeting or whatever the case may be. You know, I can say let me do health insurance. And with with that, the open enrollment starts now in November. And we've had clients with us for the past seven years who are like, you know, I only work with you because I know that you pick up the phone, that you talk to me with being able to understand what I'm getting myself into, you know? So they're very happy. And that leads to even more success, because if your customers happy, they're going to stay with you. And they're also going to refer you to their friends and family. So I think customer service is key and not just, you know, selling something today and never reaching out to your client again. That just doesn't make any sense. You know, there is like some principle out there that says that, you know, like 20 percent of your. 80 percent of your business come from a 20 percent will be clients. There's some type of no liquor and you know that that makes sense of you focus more on the people that you already know that that will lead to more success in the future. You know, instead of always trying to find new people, work with your existing clients that you already built that relationship with.

Absolutely. It's it's harder to find new clients than it is to keep a current one and resell to that person. It takes a lot of time, effort and money to bring in a brand new client because you have to build up that know like and trust factor in all the things that go with it. When you have a client already, they've already developed some sort of relationship with you to become your client. And then now they have experienced yours, yours, lorena's, your customer service, your level of caring for them. And so it's so much easier to say, hey, it's time to it's time to look at relook at your policy and see if there's some changes we can make. And by the way, I have something else that just came across my desk that you might be interested in, and they'd be much more likely to say yes than someone who never heard of you before. So definitely in my pressure, it's something else.

You know, I would say is also being flexible because before we used to do everything the old school way in insurance, it's like, you know, going somebodies house, knocking on their door, you know, that across the kitchen table of conversation. And we've been able to transition everything to do it over the phone or the computer with our clients. And just being able to do that and being able to explain to the clients that this is how we want to work from now on is really good because we got to help more people as well.

You know, absolutely. And that's a huge point you just made. There is the ability to do this virtually meaning, you know, from your office to their home and vice versa and having your mom involved. And the cool thing is with that. And I've worked with other health professionals in the past in similar lines. And what that does for you and everyone in your industry is you can then go out and become licensed in other states and serve those people as well. So that even helps you to scale your business. And you're no longer hindered and constrained to how far you can drive to meet a client, right. In a car.

Yeah, I for that. You were coming today and you just drove two hours, you know, especially with the traffic here, Miami, rather.

Yeah, that's that's huge. And that's where you says flexibility very key to being getting that long term success. I mean, flexibility is a daily thing. It's almost hourly. We saw that at the onset of the show that started going a little wonky on me. And that's that's good because that, you know, it's good for people to know that haven't been through that. That it is an imperfect world. And becoming a successful person takes you through nonstop imperfection all day long, every day, multiple times a day. It's really more about how you react to it than what happens to you, which I always say happens for you. Things happen for you because it's how you react that makes the difference in how successful you're going to be more than what happened for you. Would you agree with that? Definitely. Yeah, absolutely. And that that takes a different mindset, right? It takes, you know, being an entrepreneur. What do you think? Lorena, is that easy?

No, it is not easy. Is it gratifying? Yeah, for sure.

Instantly. I know I'm doing that so everybody can watch and see you instantly. She said yes. And her face with a big smile. Because it is gratifying when you work as hard as an entrepreneur does who is successful? Their business. The gratification comes at the end of the day. When you've served that other client, that one more client, you've resolved an issue, a problem that they needed solving, or you've overcome a hurdle that's been nagging your business or you for some time. And it's a non-stop ever moving target of things that I think make life enjoyable. Some others would say, boy, that makes it a pain in the butt. It's it's a mindset thing and you know it. That's why there aren't 80 percent entrepreneurs and only 20 percent employees. It's Elway around. It's actually more like two percent entrepreneurs and the rest are OK with working with someone else and God bless them. So, yeah. Being an entrepreneur takes it, takes work. It's not easy. So I'm saying only I'm only saying this for those that are watching that haven't gone down deep down that path. You may have dabbled in it. Dip your toes in the water, maybe, uh, maybe join a network marketing company or something. And. You know, it's that I've done all that I've done all this. I'm not saying I haven't done. And I can look back and go, yeah, that's that's when that wasn't the beginning stages when I thought I knew what this was all about. I had no clue and no clue just how much I would be trade challenged and and how much I absolutely loved all that. I didn't realize it was like, man, I'd like it just to be autopilot. You know, cause. Right. You're gonna you're gonna work, what, two more years? Lorena. And it's just gonna be on autopilot and you're gonna be able to go lay in your hammock and have an umbrella drink and just sway in the breeze. Right.

That's how it works. Yeah, sure. Yeah. And what did you say earlier about what it would mean if it was that easy?

I mean, if it just happened automatically and there was nothing to look forward to the next data to go out.

Yeah, that would be very boring. You know, we would quickly I think as humans, we would quickly be bored like, okay, now, you know, I've sat here in this home for five days and, you know. Now what?

You know, it's so interesting that you said that my wife and I, you know, we we got vacations and we just.

I mean, I'm I'm fifty five. She's not going to tell. She is. That would be rude. I love her. Doesn't matter. The thing is, we would go on these vacations and then we would look for, you know, the best times to go out and lay out by the pool. And I kid you not just recently. It was like a couple of vacations ago, trips ago. We we went and did that. And we like it here. And I'm telling you, I don't know if it was 10 minutes. And at the same time, we kind of looked each other like, what? What do we do now?

Cause it's like they just sit around doing nothing. I'm not worried that way.

I can't tell you what you walk up to your client. It's like looking like a bum. Forget the beach. You know, it's too hot.

And this is it.

Just that it's too hot. I mean, it was good. I mean, I could be standing in the pool. Staying cool, but not sitting there going. I'm not having I'm not making an impact on anything. I'm not you know, my mind's wired to work, to run, to to continually thinking, to create. Yeah, you need downtime. So 10 minutes is enough. And I've asked this of many people, Lorena and I have a feeling yours is the same as like, you know, let's say there is a goal in your mind of absolute ultimate total success. And that once you reached that level, I mean, whatever that is for you in your mind's eye and you reach it and now you see you've made it. I mean, you are the happiest person on earth now because you've reached the top. And there's this thing up there called the ceiling and you can go no farther. How would that feel?

I think it would feel good for about five minutes and then after that you're looking for another mountain to climb another, you know, another peak to reach, you know, because that's just how we are. You know, you reach a goal and it's like, wow, I can't believe I reach that goal. And then your brain is insane thinking, OK, what else can I do? You know?

Yeah. What's next? It's kind of like a brand new car and it has that new car smell. And yeah, you know, it isn't long and tell you like, OK, I want something better or something different. I'm going to upgrade. And what's what's next? Yeah, that's how true entrepreneurs are wired. And you know, I don't know if that can be taught. I think it can be nurtured and developed into a bigger energy. I guess, to say that, you know, you become more of a person that wants to just continue on and never stop and never be satisfied. I think that's the big word is I don't think we satisfied. It doesn't mean we're dissatisfied. Right. Right. We're loving the journey. That's it. That's the difference is worth the journey.

Well, between like an employee and an entrepreneur, you know, I have a job around one time, like, you know, as women, people always ask us like, oh, how are your kids? Or, you know, how many kids you have without even assuming that we might not have kids. Right. So I think, like, it would be funny if you just walk up to people and go, hey, how's your business going? And know I think it would be random, like just to assume that everybody should be an entrepreneur right here with their perspective, because I think the mentality is totally different. You know, when you're an entrepreneur, you have, you know, X, Y, Z, a job said that you need to do every day you come into work from 9:00 to 5:00 or whatever it is, right with the lunch hour. You have your settings for holidays and things like that. But then when you're an entrepreneur, people think that all that you do is like sit in front of the computer, chat with people and, you know, and then go only by the pool. You know, I have a pool here. I lay by the pool every now and then. But that's not my everyday. You know, I'm definitely I don't work your regular hours, 9:00 to 5:00. I probably work more hours a week at the end of the day than than your typical employee. Right. But it all depends, you know, what time of the year it is what's going on in my business. But yeah, there's a lot of moving parts. Once you do, you take the plunge and you will have that safety net of, OK. I'm not going to get paid this much every month or every every month or every two weeks.

Right. So you kind of stop living paycheck to paycheck now, but it's really all on you to make your business successful. You know, one, whether you fail or succeed, it's all a life lesson, you know, to decide maybe entrepreneurship wasn't for you and you should go back to the 5, you know, because I don't think everybody's meant to be an entrepreneur. At the end, you know, it sounds harsh because there's a lot of this rah rah positive stuff about, you know, be your own business owner, you know, start your own business. You work from the Internet. You know, the little look on my Lamborghini and all this stuff, you know, which that's great. But what did that person have to do day in, day out to get there? And did they do that in a year? Did it take them 10 years to do that? You know, everybody's different. So, yeah, I think we're always going to have employees because, again, we need to delegate as business owners. But I don't think anybody, again, is meant to be an entrepreneur. It's a totally different mindset. And, you know, this might sound harsh, but it's kind of like talent. It's either you're good at playing an instrument. And yeah, maybe you've had lessons. But there's that extra ability that some people have that other people just don't have, even if they have all that music theory, knowledge and all that stuff, there's just something there that they'll never have, you know. So I think books and all that is great. But I think until people try it, there will be no that's.

I cannot tell you how how thankful I am that you said that know several times. You said this may come up as harsh. That's why it's the best thing you could do to tell people because you're telling the truth and it's best that people learn the truth. Now, Ryan, waste time, which would end up being a waste of time if they were to say, well, I think I can do something to give it a go. But now that I just heard this, if someone reacted and say, well, gosh, it sounds too hard, I'm really not interested, then good, good. And you'll be happier. It's all about what you choose to do. Not what other people think you should do. Not how you look to other people like oil. You don't have a Lamborghini, you're not an entrepreneur, so you must not be all that like, no. Each person needs to do what they're happy doing and not be worried about the scrutiny that comes as a result. You can do very well as an employee and make a lot of money. I've seen many times and have those wonderful things and have that paycheck come in every week or two weeks or what have you.

Often you get paid because some people need that piece of my nose or responsibilities. You know, they need their health insurance through their job.

For some reason, they need them for work. They need certain things in place. Right. So, yeah, of course. Do do you know what they say?

And one word that's called certainty. They want certainty. They want to know. And they want predictability, too. That's part of it. And not everybody has the same personality traits. And that's that's what's beautiful about the human race. We're all different. So none of this is a judgment on anyone on either side of the fence because judgments could be passed both ways. Really. It's just. We are human. You know, we're given God given talents and abilities. And we can nurture those and make them even better. But if you weren't given certain talents, it's gonna be tough if you try to fit a square peg into a round hole. It's like I liken it to sports, you know, like basketball. If you're not born with a physical abilities or even stature, like many that have made it all the way, are very tall human beings. I mean, a relatively average guard is 6 5. That's tall. If you walk down the street, I'm looking up, I'm 6 2, 6, 5 is tall. And if you're not born with that, you don't. Not everybody has to be told what the odds are. They go down and drastically the shorter hoo ha. And that's just part of it. You either born with it or you work. And that's kind of an analogy to give to those of you that might, you know, give it a shot if you're interested, if you're curious. I'm not you know, I don't think Lorraine or I are trying to stop you from going after it. We just want you to know that it's not for everybody. It it takes it takes a lot of persistence and discipline.

You said in the beginning, I forget the word. You have to be very determined.

Yeah, very determined. And that means like all the time and have a big y. Everything we've been talking about. Fantastic. So being that it's been super easy for you all this time now, you say that jokingly. You know, sometimes what we do to be to gain are just to stay afloat. Sometimes we have to give way with something else in our life in order that we can. You know, we have to make a decision. We put more of our time and effort, maybe money into building the business and nurturing it. Then we do something else in our life. And that would be just to put it in one word called a sacrifice. Right. So to become a successful entrepreneur. I know I've made my great deal of sacrifices and learned from some of them that some I should not have done, but I learned from them. I have changed. If you were to think back for yourself what you know. Just to help others to understand what the life of a successful entrepreneur is. What kind of sacrifices can you recall making while you were growing up to the point of success you're at now?

Yeah. So I started doing insurance, you know, working for myself basically when I was 19 to 19. I got my license when I was 19 and I was in college at the time. And, you know, I always thought.

One at one of the main sacrifices I really did do, I guess, you know, very early on was like my social life. I would do like rarely go out on the weekends or late at night because a the majority of people I would see would be like, oh, combat some in combat 8, you know. And between that type of work schedule, I was mainly done during the nighttime and then also going to school full time.

I would have to, you know, study, make time to study and do all that. So my social life kind of stagnated a little bit. I would say like in my 20s, it's not to say I didn't have a social life, like I didn't have the traditional college experience.

That's because it was a lot of responsibility, you know, on campus. So I would definitely say that, you know, for me, I was never going to go to the party line or anything like that. I do. So sorry I missed out on anything, really. But I would say that that would be my biggest sacrifice specially very early on in my career. Let the priest, I would say from 19 to 25, 26.

And I'd be a tough time to make that kind of sacrifice, because often when we are really developing our big social skills, meeting amazing people that may become lifelong friends, maybe even a spouse is in the mix or boyfriend or girlfriend, or maybe that's that's why I'm still single.

All right. You heard it. She's single. She's available there in Miami, Florida.

Look her up with respect, but. Yeah. And that's the thing. It's all about choices. So the whole the whole key there is, you know, like this book I'm reading now, Atomic Habits is called Atomic, meaning little bitty, tiny habits making making strides every single day that it's more important to focus on the system rather than the end goal. It's the system that's getting you to that goal that you should be focusing on, like, wow, this is awesome stuff. I just don't really know me through every day.

Yes. What the little things that really matter for today. Not real. Yeah. Yeah.

And being persistent. And that's usually the hardest thing where we all want instant gratification. So you know what? I worked out for a week and I don't see another I don't see any growth on my arm. I'm done. Right. That's it. It takes time. Everything takes time. And I think one of the common misconceptions, you know, I've seen this in network marketing arenas especially. I used to be a co-owner of a network marketing company and we didn't do this. But I see it a lot where they're not promising it, but they're showing that it can happen, that you can become wealthy very quick with very minimal effort. They don't come out and say those words, but they sure make it look that way, you know?

Yeah. You know, that was just send somebody something here on your phone. Yeah. Watch a video and instant. You want to, you know, buy your product. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So that's kind of sad because it's very misleading, I think for people. And then they try to make some network marketing thing and it doesn't work out. And then they don't want to hear about anything. Right.

Yeah. And it kills their dream. And and to be clear, not all network marketing companies through this art are guilty of this. There are many that are high, high quality, high end. But there are enough you know, bad news travels faster than good. Right. And those that use that, the quick kill mentality, you know, get them in at all costs rather than tell the truth. That's what gave MLM a bad rap. It is an it is a genius business model. It's just the way that it's been implemented and executed in some cases that has given a bad name to the whole industry. I still love it. I think it's a great industry.

And it just get insurance. You know, you always think of the pushy salesperson when a lot of what we do is education, you know? So like every kid.

And you have someone like Lorena who will actually call you and and, you know, make sure that you're being taken care of. It's not just thank you for your business. Next customer. I'm not with them. That's how they've achieved long term success. So, again, model success. Look at this woman to my left and model her. Copy her. I'm sure she won't mind. And by the way, we're getting close to the end here, a lot closer than I thought. There's one question I like to ask every guest that comes on this show. And it's it's pretty empowering. It's a it's a cool one. And the thing is, when it when I ask it, just take your time if you need to. Some people get the response right away. Others take a little bit of time. Whichever for you works fine is is fine either way. But before I do that real quick, I promised everyone that they could enter to win a 5. Stay at our five star luxuries or in Mexico, compliments of Here is how you do just that. You can now we give you permission, pull out your smartphone and punch in this phone number as if you were going to text it. Punch in (661) 535-1624. And then in the message area, as if you're gonna type a message to that number, type in the word PEAK - P-E-A-K - as in Reach Your Peak. So again, that number is (661) 535-1624. And type in the word PEAK - P-E-A-K - and that text will be going through the very system that is are wonderful sponsors. They are the ones offering this wonderful five night vacations data, five star luxury resort in Mexico. And by the way, the very owner of the company himself has gone on these vacations, the very vacations that they sponsor. And so I just wanted you to understand and recognize and realize that you're not going to a place where they're gonna shuffle you off into a room and pitch a timeshare for five hours. One of the two days you're there, it's not like that. He's gone three times and each time has had an amazing time. It's just like one other vacation, no different. So go ahead and do that right away. And then we're going to come back and ask this wonderful, wonderful show.

And in then we're going to also give you an opportunity on how to connect with Arena before we sign off. But first, the question and just kind of ease you tick, tick the nerves off, if you have any, because you have quite the poker face, Larry. And I have to admit.

Here's the thing. There is no such thing as a wrong answer to this question. And it's very cool because it's really a personal thing. And not to get nervous about that, because the only correct answer the only correct answer is yours. It's unique to you. So whatever it is, it's correct. You're already guaranteed success with this answer to the question. So with that being said, are you ready? Yeah, let's do it. All right. Fantastic. So Lorena Tomasini, how do you define.


That's a great question. I think success is different for everybody, but for me, success means that I can manage my time while on vacation, when and where I want to. Yeah. It means, you know, I got to do more of what I enjoy than things that I have to do. You know, success for me is not really like for like money. It's not really a number, but it's just being able to do by what I want. I have all my bills paid as, you know, success. I think that's a basic one, but it's very important. And yeah, and then being able to like save money for the future is also important. And that's how I define success for me. I love it.

And I've asked that question of every past guest expert. To to date have answered at the same exact way. And it's still the case. So it's fantastic because it's unique to every individual. I love this part of the show. I love it. I manage my own time. So really, what we're talking about, freedom to do what you want when you want.

Yeah, freedom was one word. I remember I asked a question before about what is your favorite thing about being an entrepreneur? And instantly the answer was freedom.

Yeah. And I.

I used the term liberation. You know, you're liberated. You're free of you know, it just feels more empowering to say liberated to me. $A is just I like that. We're so cool. Thank you so much for that. Now for folks out there.

Oh, you also have a complimentary gift to give to folks as well. So I wanted to turn it over to you to explain that. And I'll pull you up next to your Web site. If you're ready, go ahead and tell folks what they need to do and how to do it.

Awesome. So I'm offering a free financial protection review for everybody out there. It's really just so that we can know what you have protected and what you don't. As far as your income and, you know, your financial future and it's really eye opening. Once you answer these set of questions and that's complimentary as well as the review.

So fantastic. So to be clear, I mean, you split this up three clear. What you want to do first is go to their Web site and that is at Mallam i._n._s. So it's M A L M so Mama Albert, Larry, Mama i._n._s, which is short for insurance dot com. So Mallam, it's i._n._s dot com. And then there you see like you see on the screen at the very top, very top that blue button that says, yes, let's review. You want to click on that and then fill out that form and then they will then get back to you, most likely Lorena herself. And you can see that she is a wonderful person. She is heart centered. She's going to take care of you. That's not going to be a hard sell of any kind. She's just going to help you. And that's why she ended up coming on the show, because those are the type of people I love to be acquainted with and to bring onto the show so that we can share wonderful people like Lorena with the entire globe. So thank you so much for that. Lorena. And is that also the best place to connect with you personally if you're open to that, or is there another way you'd like people to touch you?

That's my web site. You can call me or shoot me a text. 7 8 6 2 3 6 1 7 9 2, you know, during regular business hours. Don't touch me at 3:00 in the morning. Well, yeah.

Fantastic. That is also on the Web site. You see that more right in the green little button under English and Espanol. Love it. Sweet. Well, thank you so much.

This has been an amazing, amazing show. I'm looking over my notes. I wrote a bunch. I hope everyone else did, too. I mean, I'm I'm the director, the talent, the producer, everything, the host. And it's hard to see it. But I've got notes written throughout every page of my sheet here. And I'm gonna go grab that book. Thank you so much for that. Learning.

That's a great thank you so much for having me audition.

Absolutely. And for all of you that have watched live and those you are going to watch and listen on the recording. Thank you for your time. And that is going to do it for this edition of The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. Do you have any final parting words for our wonderful viewers out there, Lorena?

Yeah, my my final thoughts would be, no, take action.

Don't just think about things. Would actually implement whatever suggestion or whatever you want to do, like.

Brian Kelly:
Fantastic. Take action. I cannot agree more. Great advice. All right, to all of you who are watching, listening, we thank you. Have a wonderful evening. Lorena you as well. Thank you for coming on. And we'll see you on the next edition of The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. So long for now. And be blessed, everyone.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show was Brian Kelly.

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Lorena Tomasini

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