Special Guest Expert - Marcy McDonald


Marcy McDonald

Mindset Coach Marcy McDonald is the daughter of a genius father and a schizophrenic but loving mother, so she began life with an unusual gene pool that shows in her professional and personal experience. She’s worked at a 6-figure corporate job, and she’s hauled pounds of avocados on her back. She’s dined in 5-star restaurants in Paris, and she’s lived on beans and rice. She’s lived in a house worth more than half a million dollars, and she’s lived out of her car. She’s had ups and downs and everything in between on life’s journey. She believes that if she was able to learn how to be emotionally healthy, be intentional about her purpose, and be happy every day, then anyone can. A participant in Season 2 of the reality TV show, 4 Days to Save the World, Marcy is also an international best-selling author, and an internationally certified End of Life Doula. By combining her neurologically based exercises with the urgency that comes from looking closely at your own death, she has created a practical and powerful program that enables entrepreneurs to stop wasting time and start making money by focusing on what really matters.

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