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So here's the big question. How are entrepreneurs like us who have been hustling and struggle to make it to success, who seemed to make it one step forward? Only to fall two steps back. Work dedicated. Turning.

Brian Kelly:
Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. Oh, my goodness, we have another phenomenal show lined up for you tonight. I cannot wait for you to meet this young lady. She is amazing. She's been all over the place on television, on radio. And now she is gracing the beautiful stage of The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. I'm so excited. Midori Verity is in the wings waiting to come on and she will be brought on very soon, I promise. Real quick. The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. For those of you that aren't familiar, what is that about? Well, in my 55 years on this planet, I spent the last 10 or so studying only successful people. I wanted to find out what it was that made them successful, more successful than others. And over that time of that course of say, 10 years or so, I started seeing patterns develop in these very successful people. And you might guess that there were three of them. And you might guess also that those three are part of the name of this very show. And so those three are mine. And that is having a very flexible, powerful mindset to a person that the people that I have studied and my next guest is no different. In fact, that is her specialty. Cannot wait to bring her on. Is mindset. They all had a very powerful, flexible mindset and body to a person. They took care of themselves both externally and internally, externally by exercise and internally through nutrition and what they ingested. And like I like to say, the mind and body, they are a team. And more importantly, the mind and body. Are your team any member of a team that's not operating at full capacity or at all? I like to call peak levels of performance than the team as a whole suffers. And so you want to make sure you have all assets, all sorts of facets and team members on your team operating at full peak performance capacity. And then there is well, there all my favorite. But one of my favorites is business. It is so multifaceted. Each of these individuals that I studied that were successful had mastered a plethora, a whole combination of skill sets like sales, marketing team building, systematizing.The list goes on and on and on leadership. And really, that last one being the most important of all because of the fact that there are so many skill sets that one must master to have a successful, thriving business, that literally one person, in my humble opinion, probably couldn't master them all in their lifetime. And that's why leadership is so important once you master the skill of leadership. Now you can you can delegate those skill sets that you may not have yet developed off to people who have and bring them in on your team. And so that's what The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show is all about. It's a show by Entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. That's you watching and listening public. And I can't wait to bring on Midori in just a moment. Another phenomenal aspect of very successful people is they are very avid readers. And to that, I like to bring up a quick segment I affectionately call bookmarks.

Bookmarks for and to read bookmarks. Ready, steady, read bookmarks brought to you by

Brian Kelly:
There you see, and a real quick, very quick note for everyone watching. And for you that are listening on the podcast, after-work is just take notes. Write it down rather than succumbing to going off to another tab on your browser and looking at these resources that both Midori and I will be giving you over the course of this show. Write them down and go visit them after the show, because like I like to say, the magic happens in the room. And yes, it's a virtual room, but I'd hate for you to have your attention diverted while you're scanning another page on your device. And Midori gives that one nugget that would have catapulted you from this point forward. I have the highest of the highest quality and successful entrepreneurs on this show. I kid you not your time will not be wasted. You will have a good time as well. Looking at that old fashion article of, you know, what paper and maybe even one of those old fashioned instruments called a pen and take notes. I run this whole show and I take notes during it myself. So I'm not suggesting you do anything I don't already do as well. So just stay with us. REACH YOUR PEAK Library. What is that all about? That is a Web site I had developed really specifically with you in mind. And I'm not kidding when I say that what happened was I didn't read much for most of my life. And then over the past decade, I began reading voraciously, thankfully. And as I started reading, I start realizing, boy, these books really do help you propel your level of success. If you read the right books, as you can see, it says there on the screen. So what I did was I compiled a list of books that I personally read and completed, and I vet every one of these books. These are not every book that I've ever read is on this list. Let's be clear about that. Only those that had, in effect, a profound effect on me, either in business or in my personal life. And you'll see book after book after book. And the reason I put them here is if you are looking for your next read or maybe your first read, then this is a great place. You can just pick the first book you see and go grab it. This website was not put together to make money. Yes, every button has an affiliate link. But I'll make pennies on a book on a book sale. I'm not doing this for money. This is to help you to get farther, faster as it helped me. That is it is a gift from me to you. I hope you enjoy it. That is, Write it down with that pen on that piece of paper. And visit it after the show because you want to pay attention right now. You know why? It is time for our very, very special guest expert. Here we go.

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Brian Kelly:
And there she is, ladies and gentlemen the one, the only Midori Verity.

Brian Kelly:
Yes, I agree. Yes. Yes. I am so excited to have you on. Thank you so much for taking an hour out of your day, Midori, and gracing this wonderful stage with me. It's going to be a fun ride. Real quick before I formally introduce you and really let's, you know, share your brilliance with the world. Everyone watching live those you stand to the end, you will get a chance to win a five night stay at a five star luxury resort. All compliments of our good buddy as you see him. If you're watching on video up there on the upper right. The BIG INSIDER Secrets. Amazing, they sponsor this and we give a wish of a vacation. Stay every single show. Thank you to Jason Nasson of Big Insider Secrets. All right. To the woman of the hour, a very. Professional introduction is due because she is an amazing woman. As a mindset coach, TV show host of The Mock's Life Show and seasoned entrepreneur for over twenty five years, Midori Verity assists ambitious professionals with discovering their best path to prosperity by replacing their subconscious mental barriers. This is going to be fun. Midori's proven methods evolve her clients into the vibrant leaders. They were always meant to be. Midori has a degree in communications and sociology from UC Davis,that's Northern California. I was mistaken earlier. I thought I was in Southern California. She's also a disc certified human behavior specialist. And you may have seen her on CBS Fox News and Martha Stewart. And now at last. Formerly, everyone, I'd like you to meet the wonderful, amazing Midori Verity. Welcome to the show, Medori.

Midori Verity:
Thank you. What an intro. Thank you. I'm happy to be here.

Brian Kelly:
This is gonna be so much fun. I'm so excited that are our viewers and listeners get to partake in this and get to know who you are, what makes you tick. And on that note, you've achieved a lot. You've been on some phenomenal television shows, in magazines all over the place and many shows like this. And, you know, to be an entrepreneur. It's not always easy. A lot of people might think that are not entrepreneurs yet that, you know, you just come up with a business idea you start working and you get rich. And that's that's a piece of cake. It takes a lot and a lot of things that can knock you back. So for you, Midori What I'd like to do is, you know, the bio is phenomenal. We get to learn a little bit about you, your experience, the victories and things from the conscious level. But when it comes to, you know, in your beautiful brain of yours, what is it that keeps you going every single day knowing that every single day brings with it challenges that may try to knock you back from achieving the goals you want? So when you wake up in the morning, what is going through your beautiful brain that is helping you to take charge and just go forward to the day and crush it?

Midori Verity:
Yeah. Now, I think your statement of being an entrepreneur is tough. It is tough. And, you know, especially with what we're going through right now with Covid and even despite that, it can be just knocks you to your knees. But from being an entrepreneur for so many years and having experienced monumental challenges, there's a point where your brain you either decide it's not for you or your brain starts shifting and molding and becoming what I call on and you start gaining an entrepreneurial mindset. And that has been what has kept me going through all this. And what happens is now when there's a challenge, because those are inevitable, they're going to happen no matter how much you plan, how much you read, how many classes you've taken, doesn't matter. There will be challenges in business. And so with an entrepreneurial mindset. The way that you learn to approach challenges, the way that I've wanted to approach challenges is that when I see it, I get excited. It's kind of weird and I'm sure if someone did a psychological evaluation of me, you'd could find a lot of stuff in there. But it makes it exciting. That's what gets me out of bed. It's those challenges, is that idea that you can get to another level? Right. And so, you know, with with let me just give you an example. At the beginning of this pandemic, one of the businesses that we've had for a number of years is an entertainment business. We do large events in Silicon Valley. That market completely dried up overnight. We started giving refunds. We had no bookings on the box. We didn't know when that was going to come back around. And what's a significant amount of money? As we were going through that, I will admit we went through a little period where we had a freak-out session and then I started going into my tool box again and thinking, OK, this is a challenge. We have to figure out how to get through this. And that's where the entrepreneurial mindset took over. And now we've started another business that will probably one of our biggest businesses is my. Is a way that we're looking at the numbers right now. And that's what came from it. So that's what I mean by the excitement of being an entrepreneur and really learning how to adjust. Instead of taking the mindset of, oh, my gosh, we're going to fail and what are we going to do? An instinct stuck there.

Yeah, and that's stuck mindset is a recipe for failure. And that's why you do what you do and you're so good at helping your clients to overcome that stuck state. And I loved how you talked about, you know, the thrill. It's like the thrill of the game almost. And getting to that next level, what's the next challenge? Bringing that? We were talking about their aim for the show, remember? And it's a it's what drives every entrepreneur I've ever met, you know, especially a successful entrepreneur, because those that don't make it usually go back to their old ways, their stinking thinking, and stay stuck. And I love that where you talked about going to next level because, you know, a lot of people will ask Brian, when are you gonna retire? I said, I don't even know what that word means or what do you mean? What are your hobbies? I go what I do. Let's work. Maybe for you, but not for me. And they don't understand. But I want to ask you something. What if that happen one day you finally made it. Whatever that is, you finally made it to the absolute top. There was no father you could go beyond the top. How would that make you feel?

That's so beyond my even my thinking, because I don't have a top. I don't believe that anyone. Ever is at that perfect place. And I think that's what keeps the drive going. But let me just say this, if I get to a point where, you know, we're living the lifestyle that we that's just perfect. And money is no longer something that we're striving for. I've always loved helping At-Risk children. And so I probably would spend even now I am I do a lot of volunteering and I'm on boards. But I would spend more time there really taking that next challenge, helping helping those who are less fortunate.

Yeah, I love it. I love it. I don't I can't conceive of top either. And here's Zachary Babcock joining us. This guy is an amazing, amazing guy. I'm so glad he's on. And he is listening intently. No top. That's right. There's no Toub.

So thankful that you came on. I was just singing your praises, Zagari to Madore right before we went on the air. This is him. Madary He is an amazing young man, and I'm so blessed to be associated acquainted with him. Thanks for coming on. My brother and Britta is on Britta Maranon. Great to see you again. Yes. Keep the comments coming. Keep them flooded. Ask them questions of Madary. We like to share the wealth here and get the greatest value for you in your time and share the most of mador we possibly can because she's an amazing woman and there's no way in one hour we could go through all of her brilliance. But let's do what we can to go through as much as we can, shall we? Let's show.

So I opened the show part of the show with the importance of reading books that it is that important. Like I said, I read for a long time in my life. I discovered this thing called Audible. I didn't discover it, but it came into my awareness one day. What is that? And once I start listening, go. I like this. I didn't like turning pages. My eyes got to dig. I like what I read. I got to play it. I got to. I can't do it on a pool. I can't do that. And then I start reading like a madman in a great way. And so it's changed. It has changed my life for the better by reading book after book that were pertinent and they fed my mind. So for you, would you consider yourself to be an avid reader as well? Madary. And if so, I'm guessing the answer is yes. What is what would you say is your favorite book that you've read thus far? Any topic doesn't have to be business related.

Gosh, favorite book. That's a hard one to say because there's so many books that I read and I think, wow, this was amazing. So I can't say there's one book, but there is a particular book that stands out to me that really just was so simple. And it's called The Four Agreements. Oh yes. Very simple book. You can read it in a few hours and and you don't even have to read the whole thing. It's just so simple. And so I use a lot of the elements or the main topic from the part agreements in my teaching, because it's just so simple. I think when it you know, so many of us can talk using big words and big ideas. But really, what's going to work the most? What's gonna be the most effective? And I have found that when you use simple concepts that anyone can get, it's so much easier to implement. And remember.

Yes. There it is. Reach your peak library that I cannot agree with you more. MADARY It's a short read. For those of you that may want to get through something faster so you can go through it. I have my mentor and his wife read it once every year and they go, you know, you go through it in literally one sitting, maybe two if you want to take a break. But Don Miguel Ruiz, amazing book. It will. It is a game changer for sure. That's a great one. I mean, I'm with you. There are so many I couldn't pick one. I'm glad no one ever asked me that question.

That's a tough question for the other one. That was next to a profit first.

Michael McKelway. He's amazing. And he's another one. Same concept. Everything that he teaches is very, very simple. So he talks about with this profit first, that book is about financing your business and paying yourself first and just the way he does it. You don't need a degree to understand it. And so those are the types of teachings and learnings that I think are the most profound.

Yeah. And that's it. So you can see everyone can see that is watching on video. I know you can't see on a podcast after the fact, but the passion in her face was coming through as she's talking about both of these books. That's because they had a profound impact on her. And that that should tell you something that those books, if you haven't read either one or maybe one or the other, maybe that's your next read. Just go get it. Go to Amazon and just look at it, you know, to go to reach peak library dot com. Just get the book and read it. Don't just get it. Don't put it on the shelf. So it becomes self-help and sort of self-help. Just do it. Get orrible. I listen to Audible in my car because what else am I going to do? I can listen to music and I do. But it's like university on wheels. I forgot who coined that phrase, but that's truly the. Even if it's a little quick. Twenty ten minute jaunt. You can churn through a book so fast when you do that, you know, on a repetitive basis. It's amazing. So, you know, that's my, that's my learning time. It's it's phenomenal. You know, you're you're not gonna you're you're stuck in a car. You're not going anywhere during the time you're in there. So you can concentrate a lot better. That's where I'm going with that. And there's no refrigerator. There's no Internet calling you all that good stuff. There's just cars that you should be watching and not hitting, that's all.

Ok, pay attention. Yes. Right. So say that I do love Audible Bexhill.

Absolutely. That they're amazing. I want to ask you about your business specifically, if I may. Madary And because I love to showcase phenomenal individuals as yourself that get results for their clients. And what I wanted to do is first find out what would you call your ideal client or in other words, your target market or your avatar, you know? Is it male or female? Is there a certain age, certain income level? All of those are important. What is that for you? And then, if you wouldn't mind, expand on what it is you do for your clients and go as detailed as you would like.

Ok. So, know, it's interesting. We were talking before before the show that I always targeted women. Women entrepreneurs are really the ones that. I relate with the best. I get the challenges and that's why I love to work with. But, you know, for for this time, you know, right now three fourths of my clients are men. So who knows? I know your spots have one avatar, but that's seems to be what's happening right now.

But the people that I like to work with the most or who tend to work with me are any any person who has a challenge in their mindset. I get tons of people who come to me and say, I'm stuck, my story, I'm sick, and my marriage I'm second, my career, I'm stuck in this, that or the other thing because it's all the same. So how I help them think of someone that you know, who is just naturally successful, it seems like whatever they touch just comes easy for them. They you know, they go and buy a home. That's the home that's going to go up in value. Or if they start a business, it's going to go off the charts that those kind of people have what I call a success mindset.

The majority of us have these recordings in our brain that keep us stuck and they sabotage our goals and they tell us horrible things about ourselves that keep us from giving outside of our bubble, outside of the area that where we really want to accomplish some amazing things. That's my clientele. Typically, my clients make anywhere from almost six figures to seven figures, but it really doesn't matter as long as you have the drive. So hopefully that answers your question.

Sweet. Yes. And so what I'd like to do is showcase that so that if that person is out there that is looking to become unstuck and wants to do it with somebody who can get them results. That has proven it over and over. Then you're looking at the young lady you want to connect with anytime after the show is over, because you can't connect with her now because I've got her on the show. So she's mine right now. But all kidding aside, definitely, we will give you the ability to reach out toward the information toward the end of the show. And you want to write that down as well. She also has a gift to give away at the show, in addition to the five night vacation, say she is going to add on a gift as well. So stick around. You don't want to miss that. And I might I might give you a hint. You might be able to connect with her directly to this gift. Just just saying just a little hint, man. This is phenomenal. So you started this business. What what ignited that spark to do this? Why why did you decide to go off and be this amazing entrepreneur and take on mindset, which is it's a it's a different field. Right. It's different. Can be challenging because every every person, every human being is different. So there's a challenge inherent right there. What's worrying night you way night that spark. And you do this.

Well, it started from a midlife crisis. It's filthy where it started. My husband and I, we have had a business since our gosh early 20s. And so I've been an entrepreneur and I got to a point where I woke up and I just thought, oh, I'm like, what am I doing? I hate this business. I hate my life. I also hate my husband and everything that went along with it. And so it was a pretty deep depression that I went through and it wasn't my husband. Let me just cut short. It wasn't my husband. That was the problem. It was it was me. And at that point, I didn't know how to. I was stuck. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know who to turn to. We had bills. We couldn't just. I couldn't just walk away from the business. And I felt that I was an integral part of it. And if I left, everything would take. So this went on for about six months and I didn't tell anybody. I hid out. I did. It was just this kind of this. It was like there's this heavy blanket over me. I didn't know what to do. And my husband didn't even really know what was going on. Either he just knew that I was grumpier and I wasn't as nice.

So anyway, I got tired of myself and started looking for answers. And during that whole process, I learned the concept of rent was called brain plasticity, which is this my this brain science.

And really what it means is that we can, with our own minds, change what we believe. We can become a person. We can become this whoever we want in general by changing our thought potter patterns and following processes to help you become the person that you want to step in to. Once I realized this, it was as though the world opened up and instantly this hope came over me. And the depression started to ease. But it took a while to finally figure it out. And I made a ton of mistakes. But it was in that process that I walked away from that business and that business grew to seven figures without me. And I started coaching people after our time here because I realized how powerful mindset was. This is about a decade ago. So since then, I've I've evolved quite a bit. But that's really where it started. And the fact that I understood that I went through what my clients are going through and I understand the pain and the challenges and how debilitating it is when you feel like there's nothing there and you don't know where to turn. That's why I do what I do. And so when I decided to become a mindset coach, it was I decided to use. If I start to decide to implement a few things, one, it had to be something I was passionate about. Number two, it had to be something that I wasn't good at.

So many people go into business not realizing what their talents are and what they are really not as strong as at. And they feel a lot of struggle, as I'm sure you've seen with a lot of entrepreneurs. So that's really what it was. And that's, you know, in beginning of the show, you ask me what gets me up in the morning and what gets me excited is that it's seen people who are who come to me and they're feeling horrible and helping them start to see the light and start to see the success. There's nothing more powerful and exciting than that. So that's that's what it's all about.

It's a extremely fulfilling, isn't it? I mean, we talked a little bit before the show and I. I learned all about mindset through a mentor of mine Meld Cutler and a science called Neurolinguistic Programing. And I ended up over the course of a couple of years becoming his lead trainer for a similar company and taught an LP train from stage. And the beautiful thing was kind of what you're saying on day one, you'd see all of the attendees pile through, you know, through the door. And you can watch. You just watch their mannerisms and you could see their all their heads down. And they're just lifeless. Compared to after we went through a few processes from stage, everyone in the audience went through it and they come back the next time to the door, completely different, lit up, you know, excited with their vigor. And you as a person, you know, you just walk up to something. They do all the work, at least in NLB. And so fulfilling Litoria, it was like, wow, I. I loved doing that. It was amazing because you get to help people to become who they really are meant to be. Or at least more like they're meant to be.

Yeah. You know, with mindset, the gift of it is it stays with you. Once you learn the tools. So like I said in the beginning, you know, we were going through the coronavirus right now. And one of our businesses, we were not Tawny's, but because we had the tools for the mind set, we were able to get through that.

So that's the beauty of A for me, is with any business, with any career change, anything. The foundation has to be mindset. And once you have that in place, you know that tool, you can get yourself out of the challenges that occur.

I hope people caught that that one phrase right there. The foundation is mindset. You know, everyone out there watching, listening where you are today, the success you have or don't have is 100 percent because of what's going on between those two years and your beautiful skull. And it's no one else's fault. You are where you are 100 percent because of what is going on in your brain. And once you realize that if you haven't already, then do everything you can to right that ship and. OK. Well, what would one day be?

She's right next to me. Just reach out and see if you're fit. You know, you may not be a fit, but that's OK. Find out. Start learning what ways there are out there to change your mindset for the better. Because like you said, McGorry, you don't want to go back. It's like it's it's almost it's kind of working out. I remember, you know, I worked out and after I did it for several months and I felt good, start looking better. And then I take a break. And I was like, oh, my God. I don't look, I don't I feel horrible. I got to get back. It's like it's an addiction almost. And with mindset, it's like once you've established that powerful, you know, positive yet flexible mindset, you never want to go back to those negative days. And woe is me and, you know, blaming everything on everybody else. You want to keep doing what you're doing and you just do. Like you said, you just keep doing the same thing.

Well, it becomes your habit. Yeah, that's what it is. And so, you know, with working out with eating well with anything or what. Let me just back up. So when you think of your mindset. Right. If you have a negative mindset, if you're the type of person who tends to do this and point fingers at others, that's a pattern. That's a habit. I have a gentleman that I'm working with right now, and he came to me and said this this guy. He was so depressed, like clinically depressed. And he was having problems with his wife and with his kids. And he had started a business and he didn't love his boss. I mean, everything was going wrong.

And every single time I talked to him for the first two weeks, all he did was tell me he would repeat the problems. Repeat, repeat, repeat why he wasn't doing well. And he talked bad about himself. And I was trying to use techniques I use that I can share this rubber band technique that I use with them, but ways for him to snap out of it and become aware of what he was doing, because we had to become aware of what he needed to change, because it was so strong, it was such a strong habit that we are now working on changing that.

And now when I talk to him, you know, things aren't fabulous form yet. We've only been working together for a month, but no longer is he talking negatively about himself. So you can see the changes. I've done this long enough that I can tell he's on the right pattern and he's going to do very well in this business. He's probably going to save his marriage because it was not going well and it's kind of grow up a lot healthier and happier. And that's our mindset. So we're plugging in a new habit for him. And that's what it is. It becomes your DNA and set up the old Dinamo.

And is it an important for people to recognize that their their thought patterns, their attitudes, they aren't just affecting themselves. They're affecting everyone around them. And a lot of times it's best to take them out of themselves and say, well, what would you do for the people you love? And then, you know, people will do they will do far more for someone else than they will do for themselves. It's just been proven over and over. And when you realize that you're having a negative impact possibly on other people because of your chosen attitudes and mindset and thoughts and everything that's going with it, then that can be another thing that propel you further forward. I'm just prepping people before they come meet and work with you with Ori. That's all I'm just reframing for you to get people pick up the phone. Go on the net. We'll give you our email address, will give you her Web site. And you can also possibly get a gift from her at the end of the show. Or you might get to meet her virtually as well. So I'm excited for that. So this is phenomenal because what you do is life changing story, truly. I mean, you just you're riding the ship. You know, we don't have a crystal ball. His marriage is saved. But if it if it is, what a phenomenal blessing. You see the changes in him. He's not talking bad about himself anymore. That right there is like a gift beyond. There's no value you can put to that. No. No amount of money. It's just phenomenal. Now, getting back to the business side of things. Do you want to grow a business? Like you had that one that went seven figures now to do something like that. I'm guessing you have some kind of organization in place, employees, maybe some managers.

And with that, it's very important to establish a certain culture so that everyone is on the same the same sheet of music, so to speak. And I was curious, how how do you go about because it's very important that the people that come in and work with you, that they actually care about what you care about the business and the mission and the purpose. So how do you go about finding those people that truly care about the very organization and business the way that you do?

No, I think that's such an important question, because the people that are working for you. Are astronomically important to the business growth. Right. And inspiring you for me, my employees or my staff that I work with. They inspire me.

I want to be better because I love them so much and we have such a good camaraderie. And so it's it makes it more enjoyable and it works better.

But I'll tell you, one thing that has been extremely helpful is the desk survey. And so. You had mentioned that, you know, I was I am certified and desk, which is D i. S c. And what it is, it's a behavioral assessment. So it has nothing to do with intelligence, but it does have to do with behaviors. And so with a business, it's important to know what type of people you need to have in certain positions. If I'm going to hire someone for finance, that person is going to be a lot different than the person that I hire for answering my phones. And so by seeing their disk profile, you get a good idea of who is going to be successful in that position. And then also those who are going to have challenges and probably are not a good bet. So that's the first part of it. The second part is mission, having a mission for your business and making sure whoever is coming on board with you is in alignment with it, because if they aren't, they're not going to help inspire you for one. But also they're not going to be a good representative and they're not going to want to work as diligently to help grow the business either. So those are the two primary things that I look at when I'm hiring someone.

I'm telling you, I think I think we have the exact same business. There's so many parallels going on here. It's almost scary. It's awesome. So it's it's you know, like you said, they inspire you. How many how many people have worked in corporate. Have a quote unquote boss that ever told you that you inspired them? It's rare. I've been in corporate. It's rare. It's. It depends on the person to a person. But, you know, in working for somebody, I always say I never say anybody works for me. I say they work with me. I just change the language slightly. Yeah. They know there's a pecking order that's kind of implied. And so I always change that. And I love where you get. They inspire me. So I love listening to my team and I love their input. If I if I had if I had my way and I if I went by my own ego, I'd have some really bad looking graphics, really bad looking post, really bad marketing. And it's just best to step back and push that ego back and let them do their creative magic that they love to do. And like you said, create that culture where they truly enjoy where they're they're they're at. It's very important that they're in alignment with what you stand for. It really starts at the top, doesn't it, Menary? It's really the top. It's you. And then the company will follow.

And I think it's just so interesting, I have a few different businesses. And so the different businesses have different kind of personalities. And it's very interesting. We have one business that's all young men and. And there's so much fun. But it's a different vibe. So it just kind of paying attention to what what you want your culture to be. For that particular business to help it grow.

This is a very multitalented young woman right here. I'm thinking that she's talking your multiple businesses, different crews, different people, complete different teams. It you'll just jump into something like that. You do your homework like McGorry did. She's become, you know, desk certified or disc. Is it certified? Right. And, you know, that's a phenomenal tool to learn how to act and react to the person, you know. And that means Madore. Is that cause she's not trying to force them to be like her? She's she's accepting who they are and talking their language with them so that you get a much more symbiotic relationship. It's phenomenal. I love all of this. So that makes the cup. So now you're starting to learn if you haven't gone down this path before. Some of you watching, listening, half of those you haven't. There are a lot of factors that go into building a successful business. It's not just about building a trinket and selling a trinket and making money and sitting on a beach with an umbrella drink in a hammock. Don't go away. I'm here to tell you I'm actually glad it doesn't. I'd be bored out of my gourd if it's all I got to do is swing back and forth on a hammock with some guy to drink. I'm like, no, let's go to the next challenge. Let's do another business. Let's go more, more, more. So along the lines, you know, you've you've had organizations, you've had you have multiple businesses. So the good news is you've never, ever failed at anything you've ever embarked on in any of those, correct?

Never. Never. I just it's just all natural. Oh, my gosh. Where should we start with failures? I think all kinds of things. You know, one thing I will say is the one that stands out that I think we can all relate to is real estate. My husband and I this is years ago when my kids were young and we thought, well, you know what? Let's start building a revenue stream where it's not going to take us. So it's not going to take a lot of work. Right. So it's kind of easy when we start building and we're thinking, well, we'll start with a single family home and then eventually we'll get into apartments where we have people running it and we'll just cash the checks. Right. This was we started in 2005 doing that, and we were sucking air by two thousand and eight and a half. You know, we got we got ourselves into so much trouble. The reason why I'm telling this story is what happened is we didn't stick with the rules of real estate investing, which is location, location, location, as well as some other things.

But we got caught up in the excitement and the hoopla that was going on at that period. For those of us who were at that stage where we were investing in real estate and everything that we originally bought turned to gold until it didn't. And so that's my that's the way the reason why is sharing that, is that that can be applied to anything. When you have a business or when you're in a career, you still have to pay attention to the fundamentals. Don't lose sight of that. So like I said, the first part is mindset. You have to have the right mindset for success and you've got to be ready for the challenges that are inevitable. But then also on top of that, you need to have business acumen. And if you don't have it, go find someone who does, because otherwise you are going to set yourself up for failure. And it's going to be even more painful. I saw one of the books that you had listed in your in your library is Imus by Michael Gerbera.

If you're going to start a business or if you're just kind of starting, go get that. If you want to scale and grow a very successful business, get it and read it numerous times because that's a foundation of business.

Yeah, I actually use that book as a guide for my team. I like to do it. There are three phases in business. You know, there's a infancy teen age, what was teen age called those adolescent. Thank you. I got I never had that pleasure, infancy, adolescence, maturity. And I always take them through the first two phases because maturity is the investment phase, which is where you walk away from the business. And you you're now investing in other businesses. So I don't want them to think that I've walked away and I'm teaching them how to do that. I will, but I won't take take them to the technician phase where they do everything and learn and then into the manager, which is the adolescence area. And now they are creating the training for the technicians as they are still doing technician work, kind of crossing that bridge and also doing presentations for the rest of the team. And I then give them feedback when it's over to try to train them, literally train them to be have the skills that they need to leave if they want. So empower them. The cool thing is the training is all going to be done. You know, the next person that comes in, I don't have to train him personally because I have the team that will do that for me because already ready to go. So not to worry about the scarcity mindset. You never want to lose a valuable person out of your butt if it's not a fit for them and they want to do something on their own. They're not going to stay anyway. They're gonna be gone. So why I help them. But, yeah, it's amazing. My gosh, you said so many things, business acumen. Yeah. Find somebody else who does have business acumen, like a coach, right. Or a mentor.

Absolutely. Find someone who's already been there, not someone who just says that they're a coach or says that they know business. Make sure they do.

Call it another mistake that I have made over the years is hiring someone who talks a good game. Yes, but they don't. And that can really affect your self competence and your pocketbook and set you back quite a bit. So do your research.

Yeah, I've been there myself and there are quite a few that can talk a good game there, that they're the kind that really adhere to the fake it till you make it monicker. And what I now tell people is if you're going to latch on to somebody to be your coach or mentor, just ask this one question. Do they have the results right now that I seek? That's it. It's that simple. And if they don't, you can ask them, hey, how's your business go? You don't have to go into financial this. But I mean, you could tell by where they live. Cars they drive, lifestyle they have there's a lot of telltale signs without coming out and just saying, what do you make? But yeah, definitely. Of that, the coach or mentor or before you're going to invest time and usually money to do that. So be sure you have the right choice or at least you've done enough diligence where the odds are in your favor. Gosh, failure stopping. Yeah. So that was a great story about real estate, where you guys kind of basically stop following the proven pattern of success, which was location, location, location, rec and cut up. And that's all it is, is once you have a pattern for success, you just follow it like a recipe, like you're baking a cake and just take the ingredients one at a time and follow it down the path. And I've done this to me of I've gone off and tried to reinvent the wheel, do it my own way because of this guy, an ego thing. I can do it better. It's like I'm done with that. I don't have enough time to be trying to invent stuff. If I find something model, it models, sets, model me, Dorri, do what she does.

And I think of it as, like you said, a recipe for making bread and you leave out one part of it. It's not going to work. You have 95 percent of it, but you forget that five percent is not going to work. So it is important to follow a system that's been proven.

There you go. Ladies and gents, so play the show back over and over and pick apart reverse engineer everything, Madary said, because she just given you the patterns you need to follow for success, all of all of them. It's not it's not magic. It takes work. It takes effort. It takes diligence. It takes persistence. It takes learning. It takes changing your mindset for the better. If you need to continually change mindset, continually improve. Never stop improving. Never be satisfied with whatever level you reach. There's a next one above. If you don't have all that drive, maybe entrepreneurship isn't right for you because it's not right for everybody, that's for sure. And that's OK. It's OK to have it not be right for you. But if you want to get ahead in life, if you want to change that. What I like to call stinking thinking and you know, you have it if you know you know who you are. Right, then. I mean, come on, Midori can help you. And look at this wonderful, smiling woman, you know, she's going to be there for you. She loves helping people and just have that conversation with her again. We'll give you that information coming out very soon. How to connect with her. We're close to the end already. I don't like it. That's my least part. My least favorite part of every show is near the end where I look at the clock. Oh, no, not already. And so I don't miss out on this one. This is one of my favorite go to questions on every interview I do. Midori. And that is, you know what, with businesses. The lifeblood of every business is marketing. If you don't have a successful strategy for marketing and implemented and executed on a regular basis. There's you're gonna be out of business. It's just that simple. And I find it interesting these days with Kovik going around. People are slowly closing their businesses. But before they do that, they're cutting people. And who's the first department? They're cutting. Mercury is like cutting off your own arm.

Why would you do that? They're the ones you need to keep.

But when it comes to marketing, I'm curious for you and I get it that it can change over time. It could change from yesterday. What worked yesterday may not work today. What is the most recent form of marketing that you've employed that has given you the most success in growing your business?

You know, there's so let me just phrase it this way. Depending on the business. There are different things that will work well for one business and not work for another one. So I in the majority of my businesses, especially the ones that are brick and mortar, Google AdWords has killed it for us.

It's been amazing. We've been using Google AdWords since it just about came out. It has changed quite a bit. So you've got to stay on top of it with my coaching business. However, doing shows like this, I have my own TV show. We're setting it up as a podcast as well. That has been phenomenal for us because people get to see who I am. Right. There's no faking it. You can't fake it on an interview when they're seeing your face, you can see through people. And so this doing interviews like this, having my own show has really been a game changer.

For for my coaching business, and I can resonate with that, too, I've been doing this show for over two years now and it took about two years before it started to really bring in interest. And it's interesting. There's a gentleman named Lewis House. I don't know. He's a fairly well-known name. OK. Good. You're nodding. He was he was interviewed and asked the question. And we're talking about podcasting, the audio form of it. At the time. And the interviewer asked him, he said if you were to give advice to someone who wanted to start their own podcast, what would it be? And Lewis thought for just a moment said, well. If they're not ready and willing to be consistent at it and dedicate at least a minimum of two years to doing this on a regular basis, week in, week out, then I would tell them, don't even think about starting. And I wanted to applaud him because I was approaching that two year mark with this very show. At that moment, and that's when momentum was just beginning and he hit the nail on the head. I was like, Jesus, guy's a magician. He knew it just as a coincidence. I'm sure it's the same for everybody. But it's so true. This is your platform, right? MADORE It's right now. There's no physical stages that we can go on to, which those are phenomenal as well. They'll come back. In the meantime, we have this. And the more places you can be exposed to, you know, have people see you, the better for you, because now they're going to say, wow, McGorry, she is everywhere.

Everywhere I go, she's on Facebook. She's on Periscope. She's on LinkedIn. She's on YouTube. My goodness. Where does this woman not been? She must be really, really good at what she does. And, yeah, she's. That's why. And so for those of you out there watching, listening, I would recommend you do the same. You can start by being guests on other people's shows enough to start your own show. It is quite a task to do this, as Tori can attest, that, you know, it's not just whip up some, you know, a few graphics, turn on the camera and go. There are a lot of things that happen to prepare for every single show if you want to do it off of quality. I'll put that in that caveat. But thank you for saying that about life show and podcasting. Two of the most powerful currently platforms on the planet for any online type business like with you. Do you have to physically meet with your clients or can you do this over like Zoom or Skype sessions?

Ninety nine percent is all done through phone, actually.

Beautiful. So you can. So, look, I mean, what these times that we have right now. Now you have a model to follow this one right here. You can follow her model because it's it's recession proof except for her clients that, you know, they not the money that they can't afford. But there will always be somebody that can't that always there never isn't. It's just about do you have your marketing in place? Amy does. She's doing like show. She's doing. I guess she gets it. And then for brick and mortar. For those know brick and mortar. Did you hear what she said? Google AdWords. I was like, last thing on the planet. I would have thought I would've thought maybe Facebook ads or, you know, you YouTube beds, which are Google based, but they're different than Google Edwards. Right. You say Google AdWords, right?

Google AdWords. Yeah. I've done it all right. And I've done it all. And so it really depends on your business.

Some people kill it with Instagram. If you have a clothing line at your sign, Instagram's where it's that Facebook is right for certain things. Facebook has not been so successful. More ads. And now I know I'm I'm fortunate enough to have gotten to a point where I can focus more on working on my client with my clients. And that's really what I love because. When you know, when you're first starting and this is just part of the grind, you have to do it and you have to learn it. But writing blog posts and worrying about marketing, worrying about who you're hiring, worrying about scaling, worry about all that sets up the mind. And now, after doing this for so many years and now a lot of clients, about 50 percent of my clients come from word of mouth, which I'm very, very fortunate to have. But it took a lot of work to get there. But, you know, when you start and when you talked about earlier, when you get to that point where everything is so great and this is kind of where we're starting to get to, is that now I'm able to concentrate on what I love doing, the miles, what I'm best not. And so it just takes some time. But you have to be diligent. You've got to be willing to go through the struggles, but also have money set aside for your marketing. Don't cut the marketing. Maybe you have to pivot it, but don't cut it.

Yes, I totally agree. And I like to say, you know, so a lot of people will say, well, my marketing strategy is word of mouth. Well, word of mouth is really earned. And that's earned by having clients that have already seen success and got results from. So if you haven't got that point, one way to get started is exactly following me model. One way is going online shows, going on podcasts and hosting her own on top of that. So now she's even more of an authority figure. Look, you don't have to. You don't have to know everything there is to know about your craft to be called an expert. You just have to be very, very good at it. We're talking several years of experience at doing what you do. And, you know, if you're not an expert yet, get a talk show talk that talks about entrepreneurship in general and learn about all of these things. I am the most blessed person on the planet, Midori, because I get to talk to people like you. I cannot tell you how much I've learned from different people and resources that I've learned about friendships that have been established, relationships. It's been amazing. It's been amazing. There's so many side benefits to doing what we're doing right now. I could go on all night about it. So I would highly recommend everyone out there that is not doing it or not planning on doing it to start thinking about that and then stop thinking about it and start doing it.

That's really that's a huge part of that's what I get with my clients. I talk about the three ways. First is awareness. Second is the action. Go do it. Go do it. And then the third one is accountability. And have someone who is helping you be accountable, who's following up if you say you're going to do one thing that you're making sure you do. And that's how you move forward.

That's phenomenal. And accountability is huge. And you can do that in so many ways. Find somebody that is like minded, that's interested in the same things you are, and ask them to be your accountability partner and then return the favor and say, what would you like to be held accountable for? Maybe they're dieting. Maybe they're working out whatever happens to be. Just get that go and get into a good mastermind getting a mastermind group. You can find that search Google, find a mastermind group and join it. You can find a mentor and say, I want you to hold me accountable.

I'll guarantee you if you find a mentor that accepts you as their mentee. They want to help you and they will do just that. They will say, yeah, OK, let's do it. They may charge you some money. But isn't it worth everything in your life to to get better? It is for me.

And that's part of an abundance mindset, right? How many people are afraid to spend money? Because I have a scarcity mindset. But when you really are clear on where you want to go and what you want to achieve, then you figure out a way to make it work. And that's part of being successful.

It amazes me. You talked about Facebook ads I've had. I'm telling you, we must be in the same business, exact same one, because I've not had success there either. I hired a digital ad agency at one point. I've actually had three of them. But at one point this one sticks out. I paid ten thousand dollars upfront and then I paid for the Facebook ad spend on top of that for three months and results. Big fat goose egg. And then just recently, another resource came in front of me that I'm getting more leads, targeted leads. With that system, then I got with 10 grand and multiple hundreds a month for three months already. And it cost a whopping seventy or eighty seven dollars a month. And I have people actually complain about that. Well, that seems kind of. Are you kidding me? OK, go pay 10 grand. Go have fun. You know, go do what I did. Make that mistake or go try to do it yourself. You know, a lot of things they'll say I'll go do it myself. That's still costing you it's costing you precious time. I mean, if you truly want to learn how to do Facebook ads, then you should start a digital ad agency. You should not be doing them unless that is what you want to do. That's my opinion, because at point. Yeah, you're right. You are your brilliance, your experience, your talents. If they're not in that area already, maybe that's not something you want to do unless you really want to do that and you won't make that business model go for it. But if you're trying to just build up, say, a coaching business, I would recommend you find someone else who's expert at it. Ah, ah. And do research and find another way to do it. All right, so bucks.

I agree that bullying.

You know, I talk so long, we'll have two minutes left. But we have more than that because I don't have to sign off at a specific moment. But I did want to ask you one final question that I. I want to ask every single guest that comes on the show. And I love it because it's it can be very profound. It's a bit personal and it can get deep. But that's going to be totally up to you. It'll be on your reaction to it. And that's that's cool. But before we do that, I promised everyone who stuck with us. Thank you for those you that are still here, how you could win a finite stay at a five star luxury resort. Compliments once again of the big insider secrets. My buddy Jason s here is how you can do it. And now at this moment, you have both my story and my permission to take out that fancy phone of yours.

Because to enter. Here's what you do. You'll want to open up your text messaging app and where you would normally put the name of the person you're gonna text, you want to type in this phone number. It's six six one five three five one six two four. Type that in and then down where you would actually take the message like yo. And then emoji. You don't do that instead. Type in peak p e a k and then tap on that little send icon on the right. Usually in the right. And that will enter you to win a five night stay at a five star luxury resort by the big insider secrets. One more time. That number is six six one five three five one six two four. And type the word peak. Send that message PJAK and you'll be entered instantly. We give away one of these every single show. I love it. I hope you win. Yep, I'm talking to you. All right.

And moving every single show, every single show.

Wow. Yes, that's another technique. A secret when you're running the show is to have some nice giveaways. Speaking of that, let's let's. We'll do it in a minute. I'll ask this question and then stick around, because Madore has a gift as well. And I want to show you how you can connect with her. Oh, I'll let her tell you how to do that. But for the question, this is the last question of the show. So I know it's kind of a little bit of buildup and. Oh, sorry, can Wentworth. He missed the show this evening, but he's always on supporting. He's an amazing passed show expert guest of mine as well. Thank you for coming on anyway. And yes, I did that. On purpose, mediary, to keep the tension brewing. But here's the thing, here's the thing.

Just to kind of ease any tension that might be there, which with you there probably is zero. You're a mindset expert. That is there really is no such thing as a wrong answer to this question. It doesn't exist. But it doesn't honestly, in fact, the exact opposite is true. The only correct answer is your answer, because it is personal. And by that I mean it's. It means something different. Each individual. And so knowing that it kind of even piques the curiosity even more, doesn't it? And so. Right. Hey, Hub.

That's my husband. Yes. Make this up. We're live, baby. Right. We know this is not a green screen ahead.

So I would say where we stay. It's a beautiful home. I love it.

Looks wonderful. All right. So are you ready for the big question?

I think so. Let's say I don't. You have built this up quite high. Brian, we'll see what happens.

And so you may come up with the answer, like instantly. Some do. It may take you five, 10 seconds. Doesn't matter either way. If we have, quote unquote, dead air time, that's OK. Whatever it takes. Just so you get the answer that you're comfortable with and it's not uncomfortable. It will be very comfortable. Are you ready? I'm ready. All right. We will meet Dori Verity.

How do you define success?

I have thought about this before, and success, I believe, is internal. And when you are doing something that you love.

Most days. Not every day, but most days. And it's creating a lifestyle that you enjoy and that you're happy with. I believe that's true success when you're bringing happiness to others.

Andrew Abell, for me, when I see others around me that are happy and beaming and seeing success, to me, that's a life well lived.

And that's that to me is a quintessential success model for at least for myself.

Mm hmm. I love it. And another wonderful thing about that is No two people yet. And this is about show number one hundred three hundred four. I lose track. No two people have answered that the same exact way yet. I'm sure it will happen. But isn't it interesting? And I always love sometimes the answer starts, but then it gets deeper and then a real answer comes out. And I heard it from you. It was. Happiness to others, for others. And see when they have achieved happiness. That's the true essence of mediary right there. She loves people. Wants people to be happy because guess what, it. It's. It gives back. When you when you had something to do with someone else's happiness, it elevates your own happiness and your own fulfillment and your own purpose in life. And it's just there's no I can't express it any better or any other way. I mean, I know you can probably express it better, but. Hey, Don, help. Richard, thanks for coming on. This is an amazing business man here locally as well. But, yeah, that phenomenal answer.

And don't go anywhere yet, because now we're going to reveal what the big gift from Madore is, if you're OK with doing that. Let's do that. I'll pull up your your Web site as we do that and you can reveal what that wonderful gift is.

Ok. So what I am offering to those of you who have joined us is a free strategy session with me. It's a 30 minute strategy session. We have you answer a few questions beforehand. That way I can get really dialed in on what your challenge is that you want to overcome. And then we dove into it as soon as we get on the call and create some breakthroughs.

So completely free. It's an opportunity for you to start working on the mindset and getting to the next stage. And some of the things that we accomplish in this quick 30 minutes, because we're very dialed and very focused, can set you up for amazing results. So that's what I'm offering.

All right. And to get to that offer, we have a Web site. It's Bitly. So it's b i t dot. L y forward slash. Reach your peak. Call seei l l at the end. I love that. Reach your peak. I don't know where you got that call. So it's Bitly. That's Behi t dot l y forward slash. Reach your peak call on word at the end. And that will take you right to where you can get that 30 minute coaching session scheduled. And we're looking at her Web site right now. That's Madary Verity dot com. For those of you that are curious, I'll put that up on the screen right now. And go ahead and visit that as well and learn more about this amazing young woman. And her accomplishments are amazing. And to look, what she loves to do is help people. And she's doing it successfully, possibly saving marriages. Probably has a marriage is already in the past. Just amazing, amazing people that I get to meet on the show and share with the likes of you watching and listening. It's just it's fun. I love it. I love it. Oh, fantastic. Let's see, what else do we have left? In the next hour of our show, the scene, if you cut that, there are going to be until about midnight tonight. I'm just kidding. Phenomenal. Is there any other way that folks can get in touch with you if they are not at the point where they're ready for 30 minute calls or another form of connecting with you?

That would work? Yeah. You always send me an email. If you just go to the Web site, I will get the email, goes to my assistant, but she will forward it to me. So just got to meet Ori Darity dot com and see the spelling here. And there's many ways to get a hold of me there. And just put a note that you are looking to chat with me and I will get that message.

Ok. Yes. So at that Web site there is a contact link at the very top. So just click that and type it in and she will get it. Notice she has a t shirt. Someone is going to pass that message to her. I love it. Delegation is a way to do it. Well, it has been an absolute joy to have you on the show, Madore. I'm so thankful and feel so blessed that you you spent time. Your time is precious. Everyone's time is precious for those you watching and listening. Thank you. And thank yourselves. Pat yourselves on the back for listening to us. I hope you took great notes and that you didn't just write it down. But now you're going to go take action and model success in the form of indoor severity. Definitely reach out to her. Thirty minutes. It's gonna take her one 30 minutes because she's going to review your form. So respect that and know that she's gonna put in effort. So be sure to show up at the appointed time that you chose. Yes. All right. Well, we'll hear any last one quick word of advice for anyone out there that might be struggling in their business at this moment.

Yeah. You know, again, we're talking all about mindset. So I believe when you wake up in the morning and you set yourself up for success, you are going to have a much better day. So this is something I say at the end of all my shows is the gratitude attitude when you wake up in the morning. Such an easy technique to practice is think of three things that you're grateful for anything, even if you have a negative mindset and you're mad at the world. Think of three simple things that you're grateful for, and it will start changing your mindset to become more positive and those with a positive mindset. It's been shown over and over are the most successful. So that's that's my Tip of the Day.

Great words of wisdom to leave our folks with. Thank you so much. On behalf of the amazing Midori Varity, I am Brian Kelly, your host of The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. We will be back again next week. Until then, have a blessed, blessed week. And we will see you again very, very soon. All right. So long and be blessed for now.

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Midori Verity

Midori Verity

As a mindset coach, TV-show host of ‘The MOX Life Show’, and seasoned entrepreneur for 25+ years, Midori Verity assists ambitious professionals with discovering their best path to prosperity by replacing their subconscious mental barriers. Midori’s proven methods evolve her clients into the vibrant leaders they were always meant to be.

Midori has a degree in Communications and Sociology from UC Davis. She’s also a DISC certified Human Behavior Specialist. You may have seen her on CBS, Fox News, and Martha Stewart.

Connect with Midori:

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