Special Guest Expert - Mike Wolf

Special Guest Expert - Mike Wolf

Welcome to the mind body Biznews three keys to your success. He's just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly.

All right welcome welcome. Welcome to the mind body business show started off with a little technical glitch. I love it. Love when that happens. But that doesn't matter because we have the most amazing tremendous stupendous guest speaker tonight.

I cannot wait. I cannot wait to bring him on. You already know his name is Mike Wolf. He's my buddy. He's my pal he's such a great golden hearted individual. That's the only type of people I bring onto the show. That's it. Those like Mike Wolf because you know it's all about giving. It's all about giving and serving. And Mike is the epitome of that and we'll find out more about that as we get deeper into the show. But first the mind body business show. What is that all about. I mean Mind Body business you see they all go together. And in my now 54 years on this planet I have seen experienced read and learned things where I began to notice that all successful entrepreneurs and business people seem to have this pattern that develops. They always have this pattern where they have mastered that one thing called mindset mindset is the baseline the cornerstone if you will of everything that follows. If your mindset is solid if your self talk is solid. If your attitude is solid and if you've done this and made it so that is programmed at a deep deep level in the subconscious level then you have mastered the art of positive mindset and the key is mastery and the same thing is with body body.

What is that. Well it's about being sure you're exercising you're taking care of yourself. You're eating properly or eating clean the right nutrition. You know it's interesting that. I've read several times that over 50 percent of all disease can be attributed directly. Directly to the lack of exercise. Isn't that interesting and it really doesn't take that much but exercise and good nutrition. You get the mind and body in alignment and now you are set. You have set the table so to speak for success. And now it's time to then move into the realm of business and by business I mean mastering sales marketing team building Systematizing Your Business scaling and growing your business. Many facets of business and when you've mastered all three all three of these. It's like a tripod. It's like a tripod. You have three legs on a tripod holding up something a camera. And what would happen if you took one of those legs away. Would come crashing down and whatnot. And the same is true with Mind Body and business. If you haven't taken the time to master or at least start working on and be actively working on all three then that tripod is in danger of being out of balance and coming crashing to the ground. So that's what this show is all about and that's the good news.

The good news is bring on people like Mike Wolff who is going to share with you some insight of someone i.e. him who is extremely successful and we're going to find out what makes him tick and you what you will find are those patterns bubbling up those patterns that come up. Now each show doesn't cover every single mind body and business topic and I honestly don't know which ones we will cover tonight but do know it will cover one or two of them minimally. And you are going to get a ton of value from it. And that reminds me about value is there was a time many years ago where I was sitting in the office of a CEO. A multimillionaire. He invited me there flew me out there. The story is on a page we'll talk about later. Not going to go into that now and it you know huge corner office. His office was bigger than most people's homes. It was one of those. And this is amazing. Successful guy and he looked at me at one point. I'm sitting on his couch in his office and he said Brian if if people only knew if they just did this one thing. If they just did this one thing. They would become successful

And rich. His word was rich they'd become rich. I said OK

I'm ready. Tell me. And so he turned around. He walked away from me toward the back wall. There was a cabinet there floor to ceiling and double doors. He opened both doors and as he opened them he looked coyly back at me and what I saw was similar to what you see behind me right now is shelf after shelf after shelf of books personal development books business books you name it. Self-help books.

Everything was in there and he said all people have to do is read. And I have to admit I made a huge mistake because I did not heed that advice for years not years.

For many years many years I did not heed that advice and thankfully and luckily and a blessing bestowed upon me was another mentor came into my life and not only did he say something very similar about reading books and you'll become successful. He also showed me by example because I ended up working with this gentleman for a few years. Incredible man mentored me and I watched as he'd walk around with a headset on always listening to books constantly constantly cancelling. I said finally okay I get it. I'm going to start modeling success. I'm finally going to wake up put on my big boy pants and get get reading. And so I started doing the same thing. I started listening to books on Audible. I had never done that before and I found that my gosh no wonder I didn't read because I love to listen much more than I do to actually read the physical words on the page because that literally would put me to sleep. I get too tired and so I can only read like five pages and I'm regular sleep. And so I began reading voraciously using audible and a really cool thing happened. I realized that I could set this up and start listening to it in my car while I'm driving. A time when I would normally not do really anything that productive maybe listen to music and relax which is a good thing to do and I do that on occasion.

But most of the time I'm in my car and listening to a book and as a result of that I've gone through quite a number of books in a short period of time and the retention rate has been high for me personally and a cool thing comes with audible. This is an app that you can download from Amazon that you can as you're cruising along. They make a nice big icon button that you can tap anytime you hear something of interest that you would like to go back to directly. And it's called the bookmark. And so I noticed I could hit these bookmarks. Good. I don't have to listen to a whole three hour book or four hour how many hours a book again I can go right directly to those points of interest at any moment any time I want. And so I thought what a great idea what I want to do for you right now is play one of those bookmarks it's only a one minute segment and the cool thing is these bookmarks as I choose them they actually pertain to the guest speaker you're about to see. So real quick let's transition over to that wonderful segment I call. Bookmarks bookmarks foreigners who read bookmarks Ready Steady breed bookmarks brought to you by reach your peak library Dakang

Yes reach your big library dot com you see it here. Over to my left your right. If you're watching on live stream video do me a favor though right now just pick out. Get out of notepaper a Pat if you're if you're able to if you're not driving hoping not driving and watching this but you could be listening to this while you're driving certainly but definitely stay with us through the entire show. Take notes write down like website addresses. Don't go to them right while we're talking because I kid you not you do not want to miss Mike Wolf. When we bring him on and it's coming very very soon I promise you that real quick reach your peak library. I put this together literally for you entrepreneur. This is my gift. This is a site where I compiled all the books I've been reading. There's a story I was alluding to it's the long form of it. Nothing short of rich from a game if you want to if you're interested watch the video. But here here's where you see the books begin and I put. Around 40 of them in there for now I'm about five behind because I'm continuing to read and somehow some way that website doesn't update automatically. And I just keep reading and reading and reading and you see a lot of phenomenal titles there a lot of phenomenal authors. There is my mentor Mel Cutler right there that big boom.

I recommend every single one of these books. If if a book had impact on me personally it's in his library. So not every book I've read made the grade. And so for this you're given a vetted filtered list at least that somebody read that was get you know that got value and result from. And so if you're not a voracious reader if you haven't started reading this would be a great place to start. Pick any one of these books any one of them that jumps out to you first and just read it. And I've given you different links to get various different forms of the book either audible hardcover Kindle whatever was available at the time if I was there I put a link to it. And that is my gift to you and what I want to do now is switch over to actually play a bookmark from one such book. And that is from The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Arcola phenomenally popular book. And his message in this particular snippet again is about a one minute snippet and all is very on keeping on. Part 2 our special guest who I'll bring on right after this. So go ahead and listen listen intently. Get out that note paper write some notes. I will be writing notes as well throughout the show. So go ahead. Here we go.

Listen close those of us who watched the lunar Voyage of Apollo 11 were transfixed as we saw the first man walk on the moon and return to Earth. Superlatives such as fantastic and incredible were inadequate to describe those eventful days. But to get there those astronauts literally had to break out of the tremendous gravity pole of the earth. In fact more energy was spent in the first few minutes of liftoff in the first few miles of travel than was used over the next several days to travel half a million miles. Averaged to have tremendous gravity pull more than most people realize or would admit breaking deeply embedded habitual tendencies such as procrastination impatience critical mass or selfishness that violate basic principles of human effectiveness involves more than a little willpower and a few minor changes in our lives. Liftoff takes a tremendous effort. But once we break out of the gravity pool our freedom takes on a whole new dimension.

Isn't that so true. Liftoff takes such energy such focus such devotion such commitment. And for many folks it's unattainable it's too difficult it's too too much to bear. And for various reasons one would be you know find help get a mentor get a coach and when it comes to business it takes a lot to change your your habits to get out of procrastination mode and every step you take in the right direction is a step that takes you closer and the momentum will build and the more you'll be closer to that moment of actual liftoff. And again once you hit that moment my goodness what a ride it is. Yes. And Mike would agree to that.

He's he's over there smiling ear to ear you can't see him but I can. And this is going to be phenomenal. And without further ado. So that really defined to me is part of the essence of Mike Wolf. Mike is an action taker. He lifts off not just once but over and over and over again. His heart center he's out helping people all the time. He's flying around the world consistently. He doesn't just talk the talk he walks the walk. So without further ado let's switch over and introduce our guest expert through the experts. It's time for the guest experts spotlight savvy skillful professional and deft trained big league qualified

And there he is ladies and gentlemen the one the only Mike Wolf.

Wow wow wow. I'm so happy to have you here Mike. Thank you so much for coming on. If you don't mind I'm going to quickly introduce you to our audience and then we'll get busy with some hard hitting questions and I know everyone is going to get Supreme value from Mike Wolf is best known as a successful real estate investor. But he's also a serial entrepreneur inspirational speaker philanthropist and freedom lifestyle mentor. Mike is also a passive income expert. I love that and teaches others how to create a life that they love by putting money and wealth creation on autopilot. I love that too. He also loves to show entrepreneurs how they can work smarter not harder. Mike's biggest passions are travel spending time with his daughter and two grandsons and traveling the world for fun and to do humanitarian projects. I mean if that doesn't in a nutshell give you a great insight into the man the myth the legend Mike himself will just wait just wait and bide by the way. We do need to wait for just a moment because for those you watching live. Be sure to stay on till the end. All the way to the end because you can then qualify to win a five night vacation stay at a five star resort in Mexico. And it's all given to us thankfully by our sponsors at power texting dot com Jason Aston's partner Rhonda. Wonderful that they've offered that to Jason himself just went on one such trip and reported back. It was amazing. It was phenomenal. So stay with us to the very end. Now to the man the myth the legend Mike Wolf.

How are you doing buddy. It's been a long time.

It's been so long. Thank you for having me here. So good to be here. Good to see you.

Yes so great to see you too my friend. You know I just read a little snippet about you which does really accurately define you. It has to because you wrote it I'm sure but if you would mind let this go a little deeper and I want other folks to know you like I know you at a deeper level and just let people know what makes you tick what gets you up in the morning and what kind of projects are you up to right now.

Oh boy that's a tough question. What gets me up in the morning these days is a lot different than what used to get me up in the morning back in the old days. And so to answer your question I've been on an amazing journey amazing evolution. So if you would have known me back in the old days like 15 years ago I was a workaholic. I was very passionate about what I was doing still bother me doing all the work. It didn't really feel. Like a chore for the most part but you know once you start to get kids and you get social you get grandkids you learn that working hard is it. Although that's what we're taught to do is not all it's cracked up to be. So I've learned how to work smarter not harder and use leverage use other people's skills and my business is my business is run better without me.

So for the most part most of the things that I do ask that I'm up to these days. No I still honestly invest in real estate but are other people with commercial properties like the red jewellery and have a company that sells turkey that's properties. We sell those to investors all around the world. All my tools get the proper respect from manage them. So me personally I see a lot of my time doing volunteer work. Tarion projects mask that he wakes up the morning it is just helping others and I've learned over the years that chasing money money is important is a very important thing is just like oxygen you have to have it. But chasing it is a lot different than putting it on autopilot and passively. So you have a tiger that things are really important so the old days I was really focused on making money ultimately focused every day on creating happiness. Joy evolved all that for myself and what I've heard is that giving back and helping others is what makes me happy and feel fulfilled not just for not working long hours. So why the answer guesswork.

And always soaking up every word of it. Writing notes I hope our listeners are doing the same.

Working smarter not harder. How many times of many have you heard about that but never really realized that act as an actuality is a reality in your life. We're talking to a gentleman who has just so exciting that's why I'm so excited because we have so much to learn from Mike and his way of doing and achieving just that. And I love how he talked about business. My business is run better without me. You see that's the mindset. That's one of the patterns I noticed on the business end of mind body business is it's better to. And it's very intelligent to build your company as if you were going to sell it. With that mindset not saying you will sell it or have to sell it but if you have the mindset of building of building it to sell. It's much easier to hand over your duties and everything you're doing to a team that you haven't trusted and train and have them handle the minutia like Mike has done. And so he's he's reached that pinnacle and the really really good news is Mike loves helping people. And he has ways and means to help you if you so desire. At the end of the show we're going to give you the opportunity to reach out and connect with him and see if he's a fit for you. If he can help you to also find a way to make turnkey money and just have it coming in while you're traveling and enjoying your life doing whatever you want you know. So having it on autopilot who here doesn't want that. I mean everybody wants that and that's the thing I love about Mike. You actually reside in your home in Canada. Is that true.

I am a Canadian. I'm a very nomadic Canadian so once again I've had a pretty big transformation back in the old days. I had a very big house and fancy cars and all the toys and all that stuff and that's what I was chasing. And over time I've become very nomadic and give it a lot of my stuff away and I can't travel with that. I don't want it. And so I know you talk a lot about books so. You know this is my laptop how all I got Kildow of all my books on Audible. All of these are certainly agree with me everywhere I go. So yes I am Canadian but. I spend a lot of time on airplanes and probably this year I say I've been at least 30 countries this year and counting. So that's like passionate love to travel over far but also to give back and humanitarian things and create happiness for myself. And so yes I'm a Canadian who I guess got inspired by cold winters to not a long time there had a very nomadic.

That's awesome. And yeah you just we were just talking right before the show you had just recently returned from Europe and I was watching you on Facebook I love your pictures by the way. And what he where he is now is in Scottsdale Arizona. So he's not in Canada. He's in the United States helping out another entrepreneur because that's the way he is. This guy is he's. He just surfs. And here's the thing. A lot of people are are chasing money in the beginning. I think that's very true for probably most. Wouldn't you agree Mike. I mean without the money how are you going to achieve and do what you're doing now that you went through the process. You chased the money and realized you know what it's not the actual money and the things that are important to me. You know it's whatever is important to you individually. And you found that and you're chasing that with everything you have with vigor. It's amazing.

Yeah he's a lot like oxygen. You know there are some people who say they have this you talk mindset and they have this mindset actually to polymeric. So I don't really care about the Molly Inslaw report.

Well like oxygen you kind of an economy that is just like if you go on an airplane and they say that in the case of an emergency your oxygen mask is still going to come down from the ceiling and put it on yourself first before leaving your kids. It doesn't mean you don't love your kids. It's just if you're not despite yourself you can't help somebody else so really be able to give as much as I want. I have a good financial position. So I think everybody needs to get themselves in a good financial position not by treating their child for money or how it used to be. If I couldn't find a way scrape past your first part. Yes you can. You're going to have a lot more time to get our bodies might have to trade them over time for it. But as we go you know leverage other people's skill sets that other people do when the stuff that they're good at they're passionate at. And like I said like my business was better without me. The people on my team are better at the things that they do than I am. If you put their same position we would fail. And saw that the business runs really really good because my money is working for me and my team is working for me. I not myself trading time for money anymore. And so that's something I had to learn over. But trust me back in the old days I traded a lot of time for money and don't really have to go. Most people have to go through that before they get to the point where you have the confidence and the ability to let go of the control and let other people do things for you. Entrepreneurs are introverts.

That is so true right.

And card carrying member was it used to be used to be and that's it.

That's the cool part about it. I mean what a great analogy about the oxygen coming down. Put it on yourself before you help others. That is so true. Because you did that you're able to go out and serve and help people and do fill in thought philanthropic things and travel the world and help and enjoy your life and give back and that that's phenomenal. It's just phenomenal. You're one of the most you know the very first time I met you. You were the most positive individual I had met in a long time. I mean just the way you're looking right now that's the way I remember you with that smile you know and you're just this calmness about you because you're there you're at that point where hey I built the systems I trained the teams and I've had my teams train my subsequent teams and now everything is like you said autopilot. I'm sure you dip your toes in the water now and then to check and see how things are going but you're you're a product of the product. The freedom is there. There's no doubt in it you have it. And regarding your mindset Mike and your positivity when it comes to that when it comes to maintaining that positive productive and somewhat successful mindset what do you do on a regular basis to sustain that. Well I think the biggest thing is that I'm always grateful wherever I'm out

And that attracts a lot of gratitude and I'm always thankful you will even have water. Even back then I was very I was very positive and very grateful what I had.

It wasn't really a person that wanted a lot of water a lot of stuff. You know I had a big house like that earlier life I wanted to justify why I was working so many hours or had to have the big house the fancy cars.

You get those things like air for a little bit of time and then a week or two later neater is like a drug need a bigger better toy to be happy and now I'm at a point where I put myself in my happy place every single day I woke up today and I said it's beautiful sunny and I love Mashburn. Those were people loves the heat. It's like 95 35 Celsius for my Canadian friends. It's very hard. Most people don't go out whether they stay indoors. I love this. I'm in my happy place. I woke up today and it was raining. I like it very well was the only airport a place where I'd rather you were maybe more productive or can make a bigger difference. So I'm always putting myself in my happy place. It's hard not to be positive. You're always putting yourself somewhere that makes you happy where you are grateful to be there and also having the freedom to know that you can change you know 40 talks or change your state and you can put yourself in your happy place. Put yourself in a state that makes you happy when you have financial freedom. You take to a higher level. You can even change instantly change your environment literally be in a different city or country.

So it's very easy to stay positive when you do it when you focus just on making the money but your life becomes happiness center or you're chasing that the happiness the joy of it. And that is very rare. And on top of that I don't watch TV I don't watch the news. I don't get all that negative crap coming out of my life. And that actually you know I see a lot of people that watch TV a lot tend to be. A lot sadder a lot more negative because this is stuff that you allow into your head that really dictates how you feel. For me one of the reasons I love traveling I love to see other people and other cultures. I don't just go and hang around with each other. I love the beach. I love to see other people tick and also see what can I bring to them to help them if they're less into the less fortunate position. And so all these things are all positive Positivity all the time to yourself. And what you allow in your in your brain and that's like reading books is a lot better than books you choose to do. First what about books. A lot better than watching the 6pm news everyday stuff will just kill you.

Amen amen to that. Wow. I have been getting close to a page of notes already. Thank you.

Because I say thank you to you on behalf of everyone watching and listening watching live now listening live or later on one of the recorded video areas or even on a podcast later on because we also upload this to a podcast so folks can listen to this in their car and it's phenomenal value. And we were talking about this off camera earlier. Mike how what a blessing it is to have a show like this. Because I and my audience get to learn so many amazing things there are little tidbits and snippets and big ones that I have learned over the course of doing the show. And I have been doing it that long.

This is I think show number 17 and the amount of value the amazing amount of value that people like you bring. It's just it's mind blowing and what you just went through. Was. Almost every step of the myth really. I mean what starts as a technician and you know it in infancy moves into adolescence and then brings in their first person to work with them and then they mature into being a manager of managers and then didn't let the business run pretty much on autopilot. And you've done all three. And in the book that describes it it's almost essential for people to go through every step and I see I can I can kind of agree with that because if you're never a technician if you just jump in a management well how do you know how to direct those people you're managing on the tasks at hand. Right. How do you manage them. How do you tell them to go and do things that you know nothing about yet because you didn't experience that yourself. So I can see that part of it. At the same time I can see leapfrogging that as well.

If you've gotten enough general knowledge and you just hire those that do know how to do those at the lower technical level that's part that's part of the beauty in having a manager or somebody somebody Koshi because they can show you as you mentioned leapfrog they can leapfrog you over that you don't have to go through all that and you can you can find somebody. I'll give you an example I used to I was invested in. And. I'm not. I'm still not an expert of HubSpot or back quite a number of years ago. I had this opportunity. A friend of mine called Waples managers is the guy leading money. He just lost a tape right next to nothing rid of this thing as I happened I have a friend who does restaurants and pubs. He's an expert at it. And so I did a joint venture with him where I said you know what I'm not looking to create a job for myself. I don't want to work a single day in this job

But I'm willing to put up the money. If you're going to do the work his passion is being in pubs and restaurants he loves that that's his happy place. So for him it was a way because he got the call to without take a dime out of his pocket. For me it was when I got the call about now has traded my time or are expert. So I make a long story short for about a year and a half two years for the a lot more money than what we paid for it and I never did a day's work. I was extremely happy news extremely happy. We're still friends that have another similar opportunity came up. We'll do it again. It was great when we. So I didn't have the capital expertise or go through the motions of screwing it up losing my money. So you don't have to go through all that but have somebody else who is an expert who's already been there and you can save yourself a lot of reading a lot of steps. What's good work smart not hard.

Love it. Love it. Yeah. So you have become at the pinnacle of the investor. You know at the end of the day the maturity scale so to speak and I keep referring to the mf because it's kind of it's been referred to as the bible of business right. The business Bible to some extent it has. It's just an amazing book if you follow it and learn to get to that point where Mike is as fast as you can without going through the stumbling blocks and trying to do it by trial and error which is really what happens. And if you are good and if you're just passionate you want to start that technician level because you love doing stuff still get that mentor and coach there will come a time. Trust me because I've been down this path myself where you you love it for a while maybe for years and then you start to get burned out on and say there's got to be more. There's got to be more I have to be able to serve more and more widely. And then you want to branch out. So whatever path you're on. You know Mike is a perfect guy to connect with because he knows it all he's been through it. He knows how to avoid the pitfalls that most people have gone through including himself he's had had. Have you been successful at every single step of the way. Mike from the beginning.

I have so many but you really are. I mean I made a lot of big mistakes and a whole career. I mean right now me being a real estate investor is totally. That wasn't even on my radar. I got into it by mistake. It's a long story but one story short. I just happen to buy a couple properties I was working for the phone company trying to pay out my steam loans and that happened to have really tired of those properties went up considerably and suddenly I figured out what I wanted to be when I grow up. So I did it totally. I got into it totally by mistake. But when you make money by a fluke you can't duplicate it. So that was my problem as I started off on a really high note made a lot of money and my first real estate transaction. And then after that I managed to lose almost all of that on the next of of those transactions because I didn't have the skill set mindset I didn't have any of that happened to get really really lucky.

But being back that I was in my mid 20s and my ego got the best of me. You know I know everything that is for girls. Now I need a good paycheck. And that was my idea. Also what I teach what I teach people back then as a know it all.

And now I teach people you've heard a lot of know it all and that's why we meet in that seminar room on he's always upgrading my skills and learning and trust me I've had a lot of mistakes along the way. I don't make the same mistake twice. Luckily and one of the things that I did after I lose almost all my money is that I just have to hire a mentor get somebody to show me the path instead of try to wing it and be very humble. I got rid of the ego. I became trainable uncoachable. And that's where you are today. And that's why I was writing the show. If I were to order from the original trust me you would not be. Perego for the walk top that I'm on right now to have you on the show. So so yes I made many many many mistakes along the way.

And there it is again one of the patterns that that just keeps cropping up every single successful entrepreneur I've ever met has not just had a coach but they've hired they've paid for. They've invested in a coach to help them and I'm doing it this very moment. I have a coach. I've had several. And every time I bring another coach in I get up another level another level another level. I mean think about it the best sports players on the planet. Let's pick basketball Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant LeBron James they all have coaches but they didn't do this by themselves. Not a single person. Tiger Woods is back on top of his game at least for now. He's got coach after coach after coach putting coach swing coach. Everything and no one really I mean could we do it alone conceptually conceivably. Maybe if we live long enough but it's going to take a lot longer to do it on your own. You said the perfect word Mike was ego getting that out of the way and I think that's the number one the number one entrepreneur disease if you want to call it that that keeps people from success is the ego. They don't look out for help.

They really have to get rid of it and then the other thing really. We can't see our own blindspots and it doesn't matter how good you are or what you do. Like you said all these NBA players are the top of their game. They have other people so coaching because we can't see our blind spots. And you know I'm very glad that I actually it really big because the stakes are like that led me to having to get rid of the ego and be humble enough to go ask people for help. Not until they got likes to help people get or receiving it and I'm still not as good at receiving as I am. You have a getting a lot better at it. But yeah look at some of those lessons as really helped me get much better.

So there it is again. You're living. You're you're you're walking the walk. He just said I'm very grateful for those expensive lessons. That's the epitome of the you know I mean being a grateful individual like you said in the beginning that's what keeps you positive. How many people would say that that aren't going down this path.

I haven't learned that an attitude of gratitude is so paramount and that all it takes is a refrain. I mean we have situations that occur to us. It's not the situation that that builds us informs us. It's how we react to the situation and you are watching and listening to a gentleman who has mastered exactly how to do that is to look back on those that others will consider failures and look at them as learning opportunities and say you know what I invested money that was worth every penny because I wouldn't be where I am right now had that not occurred. And that's just amazing. Thank you so much for all this insight. This has gone a whole different path than I ever expected.

I'm loving it. Absolutely. I didn't really expect that path. But this is for now. OK. You mentioned many wonderful things that have happened as a result of your success of being an entrepreneur. But if you were to pick this kind of put you on the spot but if you were to pick one. One favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur what would you say that was definitely the word freedom immediately comes to mind. I would be very difficult to really go back to

Being employed. And a lot of times when I was in what I worked for the phone company at one point like I mentioned I got my first degree. I went to university too. I went to work for the for profit to pay off the student loans for my second degree. And a lot of times I see things that can be done better and for my mind automatically wateringly hey I want to help educate that way. I know that people that are higher than you are on the food chain in the corporate world don't really like that they don't like all other people give them advice. So I think the thing is just freed of being able to do what you want with whoever you want. Also there's no ceiling when you work for somebody else. They dictate what the maximum amount of pay you're going to get is they dictate what your vocation is. And I just really like the fact that you know I get to call the shots. I get to I just get to be where I want whenever I want to be there. And you know but it does start off that way you know you know when you're first starting off and you're building your own business you know it's frustrating.

There's a whole lot of responsibility and I know entrepreneurs quite often that all of them are my friends are out to say oh I wish sometimes they wish they could go back to. You know working their jobs there's just a lot less stressful leaving for something less stressful. But you know once you get up and running what's your mindset a proper skill set. You know getting the right tools in place. Once you have that running there's no turning back. Let's get the confidence confidence. Once you get past those hurdles of me is freedom. I don't when I first started I will use that articular word or maybe frustration would've been. A better word back in those days. I really get things going and. There's kind of that tipping point. Lots of great books about tipping point. Where all this goes from struggle starting started. Also things get really easy. Then you get your freedom to do what you like.

Yeah I know so many of them are looking and striving for that tipping point to finally reach it and to say I've finally I can see over the top and see the rest of the horizon now. It's such a struggle going up that hill for so many and it's taking on not just listening to things that people like Mike Wolf say but it's also modeling and putting into action exactly the things that Mike Wolf says and really putting. So he's mentioned several things and I read I recognize and understand that there are a kind of a high level what what you need to do is simply look for books with titles that match those topics he's brought up tonight. That's it. It's that simple. I mean and it doesn't cost you an arm and leg your coach for now could literally be books your mentors could be the authors of those books. It doesn't. It doesn't necessarily mean you have to invest your life savings into an actual coach right away although I would recommend it. I would recommend it. I've I've done it countless times I've dipped down into credit I've dipped down into debt as a result of investing in my future and looking back I have not one regret not a single regret that every single coaching program go perfectly no.

That I get results from every one of them. No. Did I learn an amount of information of value that cannot be replaced. Absolutely. Every single time. And so it's just about getting out there and doing it taking massive action getting that lift off getting off the ground and getting off out into orbit where we all belong because at that point we can be like Mike and serve and be there to do philanthropic philanthropic but it's a hard word to say philanthropic duties as Mike is doing and to live a life of what I like to call liberation. Freedom is a great word. To be liberated from everything that's been holding you back from whatever it is you want and you're giving everyone hope like that that needs it. You know those that need it some may not need it some may already be there with you that are watching right now. It will just solidify even firmer how they got there.

And if you're watching you're one of those come onto the show open invite one of the things is you know if people don't know me back when I was in my mid 20s especially back you know back when I first started my entrepreneurial journey. Nobody thought it was that successful when I was as extremely shy as a shyest in high school.

To the back of class never raise my hand never say a word. Nobody thought I be successful. I didn't even think I'd be successful so. So if I can do it anybody can do it. I wasn't worthy any special yes but everything is learnable everything is. And the big thing is take action take little steps. Just get yourself out there take those little tiny steps get it and celebrate your successes what you have because the small little success celebrated you don't tend to take time to celebrate. And I know a lot of entrepreneurs have done amazing things. There's a lot of pioneers. I think we sometimes take our gifts for granted. We just think oh well I know this is this was are we just think it's easy because certain things that we have not everybody's got those same guests.

It's just so it's so right along the way be grateful for the gifts that you have. Every time you celebrate take another little step get some momentum get that next step. It doesn't have to be a lot of people have really there pure visionary see these really big your huge dreams. These things you want to create all these dreams are created by small steps incremental steps along the way. So what you have to get to the top of the ladder right away get the next one. There was your last Rosol get to the next after that. Keep holding and keep building. And that's a key. So you do have there is so you can do this. But. You know maybe they can really big also think they there's a power of making small.

You don't like next next move is make your next move. That's next. All right.

So that's really what got me out of my shyness is I got more confident as I started to get successes. One of those people where people say something horrible or try it so. But if I can do it Trusky anybody can do it. I was like the most L.A. person to ever be a successful entrepreneur. So I guess.

Yeah. And that's a great point about celebrating your successes no matter how small they are. It reminds me of one of the things I say in my workout video that it's a fitness program.

But one of the things I say all the time is you know we are our own worst enemy. Are we not. I mean we're our worst critic and if we don't reach that the level that we thought we should reach then we really beat ourselves up internally. And so I'd give an example of well if if if you're told to do 10 pushups and you're only able do six. The natural tendency is to do a virtual kick yourself in the butt. Oh my gosh you only did six. What's wrong with you. Well if you put everything you had into it if you put if you showed up if you're focused if you gave everything you had and you just could not do another one then rather than kick yourself in the butt for the reps you didn't do. Instead literally reach around and pat yourself on the back for those that you did do because you showed up and you put in effort and you were going towards your goal. You're not always going to hit a homerun every single time Mike said it perfectly. You're not going to be able to make it all the way to the top instantly right away.

It never happens that way and if you find a way Mike or anybody else then please let me know. But it takes iteration after iteration after iteration and a key word that comes to my mind every time I hear things like this. Is it just discipline. It's continuing every single day day in day out. Schedule it. Make it happen every single day. One inch toward the goal line every single day. So yeah. Patterns. They're all here. Mike is giving you all the secret to success. I don't know if you've got that by now. He is giving you the secret to success. And if you haven't got it you'll have the opportunity to go back and play this again either video or audio audibly or on the Web site along with words transcribed and everything. There will be no way you can't get it if you go back and revisit this information a couple of times. It's all here. Everything is here. One stop shop. It's Mike Wolfe right here.

If you want to become successful. Amazing amazing. Wow. Time is flying. I just checked the clock. So normally we do this show about an hour in length so Micra you could go into maybe three or four hours.

I'm here to say you know I'd never I would never ever kick you out of anywhere. Never. But we do.

I do want to respect our viewers for those that are regulars that know this is a one hour show. And so we're coming up upon it in a while we a little bit of time left. Just wanted to. I wanted to ask you a couple more questions. And. One of those is with respect to your team. I'm really really interested in that part of it in building a team. Very few other connections I'm connected with have actually gone to that step. I'm doing it at this very moment I'm building my team and I'm curious from you Mike what kind of culture have you cultivated in your organization your team. And then how did you actually establish that culture and why did you institute that particular type of culture. So three parts.

No pressure. There you go. So I have a very unusual culture within my company where my team. Actually bosses me around. So as an example I've got. I've got a lady in Germany she's my main person that does all the marketing. She's head of business and just about everything these guys are the real people rarely actually do the real thing.

The homes and properties that are in charge of the stuff the events the scenes. She runs the show and she is in charge of hiring people who watch people in the Philippines for example etc that are doing a lot of the technical stuff for my business. But like most businesses I don't call her and tell her what she knows exactly what she's. So how I've found her is as you know I volunteer for Brettler Burchard Lozier who is mazing recommended stuff write a letter for it all. Why is that. I know she was showing up at all as he teaches one of his courses he teaches online marketing and she is showing up there. I went to this event for like finals and she was there and I saw this person's likes spending a lot of time and money educating herself.

I knew she was coming from Europe and she's finally the United States. So even after we met after we bit to learn. I thought this is exactly why Mark and somebody who's invested in so I hired her. And but like most businesses I don't call her everyday I say hey I want to do this. She knows what she needs to do better than I do. So she actually bosses near us. She says an email saying might remember you're supposed to shoot this video and send it to me where urged video. So my team actually bosses who I'm not the other way around. They tell me what they need me and I give the independents too. She can hire people whenever she wants for something she easiest hires him she hasn't even asked me there's soccer she needs. She goes and gets it. She has my credit card she is. I guess there's little interruption to me as fossils. I hear stuff. It's the happy day. I have very few people to report any and it has really majorly before they do report me. So. This is a very very different culture. How I get people that I look like I said half of the people that are I don't want somebody who learned marketing in university 40 years ago and doesn't know what social media needs at all. I want people that are learning having stuff. That. Was good. Who would I be to tell her how to do her job and she is going to these events not even taking notes. I'm going there to meet. Hey keep out on my team and go wherever you're in all of this brews are a whole bunch of marketers out there mostly hanging out having drinks in the pool and join the Soll. But I'm also networking these people that are invested in their education. So that's why I think people are people that are. Always there are lifelong learners like I am. They are smarter than me and I let them do what they're good at with their passion and that I give them the resources so they can hire who else they need to support.

I take myself as far equation as possible except when they have to boss the world when they need something that I do so hope I answered your questions.

Oh my goodness. Oh yeah. Oh okay.

The biggest golden nugget for me of a night right there was. That was awesome that you go to networking events not to take notes and learn the content that there's so much but to look for the next person you want on your team. That is genius.

I've never heard anyone else say that not really well because you know like I said that's really governance as proof that their lives are letters because especially if she's flying from Germany to California journey to Texas. It's a long way away and a lot of expense for her. And so I know she's so she's always hiding it she knows that what's going on and you're one of the skills I really have to learn that I didn't have her. There was no back. So the old days I used to do everything myself. Like a lot of people over that as I started to reluctantly hire people I couldn't handle all the scaling of the volume anymore. I became a micromanager. I spent just as much time micromanaging as I used to do doing the actual job. You know what. When I step away and I get people that earn their genius do the things that they're good at. After that. We get way to resolve. I have a lot of time I'm happier they're happier. As for all the US Wierzbicki out there who are micromanagers and they know we all are. At some point. The sooner you accept that and get the right people on your team and step away from it happier you are going to be like a breath of fresh air.

I'm telling you and so I don't know. I hope you don't mind Mike I'd like to let people know of a resource. I recently came upon that makes what you just said. Much easier to do.

Yeah from many vantage points and that is to bring on what is called an apprentice and what these are typically young individuals that are going through college not necessarily always young their their age ranges all over the map. But predominantly they're younger and they're from the US Canada and other countries 80 percent from the US and Canada and the cool thing with this is you can bring on an apprentice to help you and your business. It's a it's an awesome strategy where it's a win win situation where you get the help you need. Especially if you're a solo Pranav. This is a perfect place to start and you get to help a individual get a good foot. A good start.

It's kind of like on the job training they get to beef up their resume. They don't get paid a dime. They're an apprentice for a 3 month tenure and not three months you give them tasks and you help them grow. And once a week you have a strategy. You call with them or a they call it a feedback call and I use those to coach them. I find out ahead of time are you ok if I coach you and get and help you and farther and of course they say yes. So it's a wonderful give give give. It's not even a give take really. And I always address it as just like you said when you said they boss me around. I was like wow I don't let them buzzing around so much but I know you don't either.

You're just supposed to get to the weakest link in my whole business.

But the cool thing is this is not an employer employee relationship. The apprentice program I'm talking about. It's really an i frame it this way when I talk to them before I even bring them on I say we work together. You work with me not for me. I just give them direction on the tasks and how to do them feedback on them and then coaching on the side. And I get the help I need. And it's just an amazing amazing. And I'll tell you about it more Mike after the show's over if you're interested and if you're interested watching the show or listening just reach out to me and I'll tell you that I'm not here to advertise anything but it's phenomenal. And just one final point is that it costs you less than it would to get a visa from overseas. Well it comes down to the equivalent of a dollar for an hour dollar one point zero four per hour for you the business owner or ultimately you can get apprentice's for life for free if you qualify which I am now at that point because this is such an awesome thing.

I've got two apprentices I'm bringing on number three very very soon. And so anyway I didn't want to go too far down that path. We only have five minutes left. But you know we can go over. I'm fine with that because we do have there's one burning question Mike. This is a big one and I know you don't know what it is. Because I know you don't know what it is yet though. The thing is it's a big one and I love asking this of all of my guests I've asked the same question of all my past guests and it's an interesting it's interesting to see the response. I'll just say that and it's sort of phenomenal phenomenal thought provoking questions so if you need some time to think about it then that's OK. I mean just take that time when that time comes. That's cool.

Sounds great. I'm excited. The question. Are you ready for it. All right.

Oh well just before just before that I almost forgot just before that those you were watching live animals forget this Mike those you're watching live remember in the beginning we said you have the opportunity to win a five night stay vacation stay at a five star resort in Mexico. Well let's take care of that right now. Here is how you can enter to win. And we'll be monitoring this live on the show as you punch in the information. There are two ways. One is through a website. The other is by texting which ever works for you. Pick it right now if you're going to do it or a Web site then go to this you Arel its reach your peak L.L.C. dot com forward slash vacation just ensure that the word vacation is all lower case. Just the word vacation the rest of it can be anything or if it's easier for you and you have a phone handy. Go ahead and text the word peak. That's P E A K to the number 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Again that's Peeke aka the 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Or go to reach your peak LLC dot com for Slash vacation. Both go into a system that is driven the engine is power texting dot com and that is the sponsor of this very giveaway. This trip and it's a phenomenal phenomenal trip and I'm leaving this up on the screen for a purpose so you have time to get that information and type it in now. Punch it in your phone whatever it is we'll watch it and do the time we have right now. Probably announce the winner individually after the show. I will reach out to you personally when we determine who that winner is. I may be maybe even feeling really generous and give away too. How's that sound. Let's give away too what do you think might be nice work.

One of them should be given to guest speaker on your show. That's just my yeah.

Which one of us. We must have a way to make that happen. I'm entering.

I love it. So go ahead and do that. And good luck. Good luck and thank you for sticking on this long. And don't go away because we starvin ask that one burning question that Mike is probably now sweating over literally because just concerned about this.

Yeah. And here's the thing. Now it's time because here's the thing I never do anything on purpose. Would embarrass or make anyone look bad on the show because it's all about lifting people up and for you Mike. Theres definitely no different. And so so you know the answer to this question. There is absolutely it's impossible to answer it incorrectly. It's impossible. The only correct answer. Only correct answer is your answer. That's it. It's a very personal question.

So you can relax but the question is Mike Wolf how do you personally how do you define success. Me

Success I could do with your three pillars your tripod analogy is really you know having having all the important aspects of life all men having financial freedom health freedom good relationships.

To me that's kind of the my trifecta my tripod. You know I had a

Big hit on this Friday five years ago I had a bit of a health scare I used to get out all the time. It actually put me in a wheelchair. The last. Major attack that I had. Had a baby for the first time. Realize that you know I kind of the money part figured out. But all those years I've neglected I really have my. Health on the radar that much. Being in a wheelchair. It really gave me time to take a look at. Things a perspective of where I was and I just really realized that OK I've got really good at making the money but it was at the expense of my health or relationships and it really makes a big change as Watergate began immediately after that and changed my diet. I started work out. I bought 20 pounds lighter than I was five years ago. And but also it really put my family time. I got my daughter out to vaccinate my grandkids. I've got two grandkids. This really put that in perspective of all for for it really just reaffirm how horrible it was for me to make those changes or for him were treating my child for money and working really hard to do that. All. I didn't have to even think about it like using that oxygen analogy again. You know if you are walking you don't really keep track of how many breaths you took today. I don't pay attention to that. No it is always have an abundance of oxygen. All of this money coming in automatically then you can take your take out of your focus and now focus on the things that are important which are health family and as I mentioned earlier you just focusing on you being happy and fulfilled. And me. That comes from making a difference as well not just for my family and our history myself but for other people. So I think I think that would be my best answer to that question like they can't get work and you did perfect.

Again not a single entrepreneur that I've had on the show has answered it the same way and you just hit another one out of the park completely different and completely correct because it was your answer.

And it's interesting how so many people will do will sacrifice everything they have to to make money. Right. I'm I'm also guilty of that sacrificing my health. I've done that. I've been there too. In fact that's why I created my business was due to a turning point in my life for my health had gone bad and I had been the most healthy person in my mind on the planet until that one fateful day where I got the health screen results back and the thing is I know so many people will sacrifice everything they have to make money. And the unfortunate thing is by the time they get that money they end up spending all that money to get their health back.

And that was one thing I wanted to right the ship of. And so the mind body business show I put that in a specific order for a reason is to first get your mindset right and that's not just for business. It's for health for personal for everything. And you program your mind at a subconscious level using a science called an LP neuro linguistic programming. And at the same time you take care of the body nutrition and exercise. You put those two together. I like to see the mind and body are a team. And more importantly the mind and body are your team. Another analogy if you have a fight let's go back to basketball we were on it before. There are five players at play at once on the floor. One of those players for some reason did not put everything he had into his conditioning his training over the past summer before the next season came on. And he did not take care of himself and his mindset. His attitude went sour and he went onto the court. He's a starter. He's playing with the team and he's not operating at a peak level performance. Well if only one person of a five man team isn't operating at peak performance. But the other four are. Do you think they still suffer. Absolutely. They suffer greatly. And so if you're not mastering your mindset and your body then your business will suffer no doubt. And Mike's just Luminita that it's done it's done the same thing from here as well.

So I like to turn that whole thing around and say let's take care of the mind and body before it gets to that point and make sure it never gets to that point. So you can operate at your highest levels much quicker and if you're already are there and you're also struggling it's ok start back from the mine let's go. Let's rewind and start over and right the ship. Mike's done it I've done it and now you can see the result is success model success fall. Just pattern it's a recipe. And on that note Mike is an amazing guy. I highly recommend you reach out and connect with him. And he is such a heart felt warm giving person. And I just want to say please reach out to him and do so with respect respect his time respect his knowledge respect his experience respect him as a person. That would be your mentor given respect don't just come in asking for things. Can you please do this for me. Most of my viewers aren't like that. I just want to make that clear so that we honor Mike. And so Mike what would be the best way for folks to get a hold of you maybe one of your websites where you take them to a real estate program or you're coaching whatever it might be where you think they'd get a benefit to start with you to start working with you. I'd love for you to give any information out to our folks here watching.

Know my main business is called Mike was mastery. So I have a Web site called Mike walk Mansuri dot com also have a youtube channel. If you google youtube quote me and the one thing that I actually delegate to myself. Is I answered e-mails. You could actually e-mail me and you're going to get the mike app Mike. Well that's three minutes. Just like the animal. So very easy ever sweet.

And thank you so much I just brought the Web page up on the screen so you'll know when you've seen it. I love that logo. That is awesome.

Thank you. I see you're putting all your post on Instagram and you know listen. Mike just said if you e-mail him he will respond. Personally I I know very very few people that would do that. Very few especially at Mike's level. So definitely take advantage of that. Thank you Mike for being so open and willing to do that. Go to his website hit the contact button there as well. I noticed on his website he has Facebook Twitter YouTube and Instagram links of the upper right. And just go connect with him on every single one of them because you'll never know what will come out of one channel versus the other. I love your your memes on Instagram for instance with that Mike Wolf M.E. logo it's just there. They pop.

They're awesome and they. But the quotes are phenomenal they're powerful. I read every one of them and I'm sitting there hitting the heart. I'm wearing out that heart button. All right. Well that is about it. We went over a little bit on time but that's OK because this isn't a radio station and we don't have to stop. We can go as long as we want but out of respect for Mike and for all of you watching and listening this would be a good time to call it a show.

Mike I'd love to have you back at a future time I can't wait to see you again. Maybe we'll all cross paths again in Arizona.

Absolutely. Will make that happen. We'll make it happen. Sure. You for having me. I'm really grateful to be on your show. And it's cool to see. It's great stuff.

Thanks Mike. Thanks Mike. Can't wait to see you again brother and all of you watching. Thank you for being on for listening watch this again. Play it back. Read the transcription. Go to reach your peak L.L.C. dot com or the mind body business sure dot com and you can find his his show in the Paschall section starting in a couple of days. Will be there. So Mike once again thank you my friend. I appreciate you and that is it for tonight. Good night and God bless to all

Thank you for watching and listening. This is being the mind body business show with prime Kerry.

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Mike Wolf

Mike Wolf is best known as a successful real estate investor but he's also a serial entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, philanthropist, and Freedom Lifestyle mentor.

Mike is also a Passive Income expert and teaches others how to create a life that they love by putting money and wealth creation on autopilot. He also loves to show entrepreneurs how they can work smarter not harder.

Mike's biggest passions are travel, spending time with his daughter and 2 grandsons, and traveling the world for fun and to do humanitarian projects.

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