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So here's the big question how are entrepreneurs like us who have been hustling and struggling to make it to success, who seem to make it one step forward, two steps back work getting. And drib. How do we finally break through? And that is the question. And this podcast will give you. My name is Brian. This. Body.

Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to the Mind Body Business Show, we have a juggernaut of a guest on tonight. I cannot wait to share her with you and the world in a moment. The mind body business show. What is that all about? Well, it is about what I call the three pillars of success. And these three pillars came about during the last decade or so while I was studying, only successful people wanted to find out what made them tick, what made them more successful than me, because let's face it, we're all human beings. We put our pants or shorts on one leg at a time. If we're human, most of us do, and everyone is the same. So what makes them different? What makes them more successful? So I began studying that and three patterns kept bubbling up to the top. And you might be able to guess what those are. Yes, they're part of the show's name. So mine that is about mind set, having a very positive yet very flexible and powerful mind set each person to a person who I studied that had achieved very, very great success, had mastered the mindset part of the game. And then there's a body and that's literally about taking care of your body, both nutritionally what you take in and through what a lot of people call a four letter word. That's many more than that exercise. Yes. Exercise. So those that are phenomenally successful take care of their bodies inside and out.

And then there's business. They had mastered the skills necessary to create, maintain and build thriving businesses. And these are skill sets that are there wide and varied. They're like marketing, sales, team building, leadership scaling, systematizing. I could go on for a quite a while. And here's the thing. To master any skill set takes a large amount of time. The good news is you don't have to master every one of them personally if you just master one. And I actually mentioned in that list I just rattled off, if you if you just master one skill set, then you will be set going forward. You want to know what that was? It was the skill set of leadership. Once you've mastered that skill set, you are able to delegate to those who do have the skills and already have mastered them that are part of your team. And then you can continue on working on your business instead of in it trying to master additional skills. So that is what the mind body business show is all about. It's a show for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. And we have a phenomenal guest coming on in just a moment. And another great quality that always bubbled up to the top for any and all who had achieved great success was to a person. I found out that they were all very avid readers. And with that, I like to segway over into a very short segment. I like to affectionately call bookmarks.

Bookmarks, forenza, read bookmarks, ready, steady, read bookmarks brought to you by Reach your peak library dotcom.

Yes, there you see, reach your peak library. Please do yourself a favor and get out a pen and paper or something to take notes with and write these resources down. I have a feeling we're going to have many for you tonight. And I don't want you to go clicking away and miss out on what could possibly be that one golden nugget that could change your life forever. Because trust me, when Nina comes on, you're going to want to listen. In fact, you want to listen right now, because she's coming on very, very soon. You'll want to miss her at all, not one second. So take out a pad of paper and write down resources as you hear them reach your peak library. Dot com is one of them. Write that down. And what is that? It is simply a website I had built with you in mind. And it sounds a little cheesy, but it's an absolute truth. What I did was I began compiling all the books I had personally read. Here's the thing. I did not start reading avidly or voraciously until about the age of forty seven. I am fifty six now and I realized, my gosh, this has a humongous impact on my life, both from a business standpoint and personally. So I began cataloging all the books that actually had impact.

So not every book I read isn't here. I did this so that you would have a one stop shop if you need and the next great read you can go to one place for at least one other successful person has vetted these books and the odds of you wasting time are minimized. It's all about efficiency. It's about getting things done. It's about taking action to be a successful entrepreneur. So that is what a big library is all about. And I just wanted to show that to that. That is my gift to you. You click those buttons, it goes straight to Amazon and you can purchase whatever flavor of book you like, whether it's hardbound, softcover, audible. What's the other one? Kindle doesn't matter if it's there, you can purchase whichever one you like. And yeah, I'll make a few pennies and literally I think it's a few pennies. It's not a money making website. That's not the reason I did that. So speaking of making money, we have somebody who an expert at doing this, not just for herself. This woman knows how to help you build a seven figure business in very limited time. And so I don't want to wait any longer. I can't wait to bring her on. So here we go. She's coming on.

Now it's time for the guest expert spotlight. Savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained, legally qualified.

And there she is, ladies and gentlemen, yes, it is the only the one, Nina,


Navai and everyone to be here.

Oh, my goodness. Oh, I can't wait till we dove in to everything that's happened with both of us in such a short period of time. Nina, there's so much it's been a whirlwind of fun and activity. Before we jump in a little bit of housekeeping, if I may, and that is, hey, everyone here, if you stay and you watch live until the very end, you can win a five night stay at a five star luxury resort. Compliments of the big insider secrets. You see the big red icon or logo up there on the right hand corner if you're watching either live or through recording. For those of you listening, it's the big insider secrets, dotcom. And they give us this vacation state to give away each and every show. It is phenomenal and it's legitimate. You're not going to get whisked away. And we put it in a dungeon and listen to a time share pitch. It doesn't work that way at all. And how do I know that? Because the owner, the founder of the Big Insider Secrets, Jason West, has gone himself using the very thing he gives away three times. And he knows that it's legit. And I know it's legit because Jason's a dear friend of mine who wouldn't be a dear friend of mine that's helping me to give away vacations. That's come on now. All right. And then, you know, if you're struggling with putting on a live show together and it's overwhelming and you want a lot of the processes done for you while still enabling you to put on a high quality show and connect with great people like Nina and grow your business all at the same time, then head on over to carpet bomb marketing, dotcom carpet bomb marketing, saturate the marketplace with your message.

And one of the key components that is contained in the carpet bomb marketing courses is one that you'll absolutely learn how to master is the very service we use to stream our live shows right here on the mind body business show. We're using it right now over the course of the past. Well, now over nine years we have tried many of those, quote unquote, television studio solutions for live streaming. And I'll tell you, streaming art is the best of the best. It combines supreme ease of use along with unmatched functionality. So you can start streaming high quality, professional looking live shows for free with streaming right now. So write this down. Don't go to it. Write it down. The website is our IP that I am forgood stream. Live all together are wiped out. I am forced to stream live and now the rest of the show is going to be all about this amazing young leader, Ventrella. Yes. So before we jump in, Nina, I'm going to do that quick but very respectful of you. And then we're going to we're going to need to understand what this is all about, because there's a lot behind us. Now, Nina Ventrella helps create and implement intellectual property for disgruntled coaches and authors to become seven figure authorities with her five step zero to hero methodology to a million dollars.

And get in, get this two years or less, one more word guaranteed. Who do you do that? Does that? I don't know anybody except this young lady right here. I know it's not nice to point. My mom taught me that, but I'm going to do it so you know who we're talking about. So, Nina, my gosh, I cannot wait to dove in and figure out what that's all about. I like to open the show and really go a little bit deeper than the surface, if you know what I mean. So you you are very accomplished. You're very successful. You are very professional. And I've gotten the blessing, the sheer blessing of being able to work with you directly over these past few weeks. It's been amazing. I'm curious, though, you have such a great, great outlook on life. Always upbeat, always positive, and we're all human stuff knocks us back still for you. I think I know the answer to this, but I want to find out what it is for everyone else. What is it when you get up in the morning knowing that you have all these things to take care of, the challenges that are going to come and knock you back, what is it that motivates you? What's going on in that beautiful brain of yours that says, I've got this, I'm going to crush it, and there's nothing that's going to hold me back so I can serve more people?

Well, yeah, you're right. The very first thing is my relationship with God. I mean, that's just it's just where I go. So I spend my my mornings getting up with the Lord and I pray and I meditate on his word and I stand on his promises and it's it gets my day started. I'll tell you, I had one day this week where as Monday and Tuesday where I actually didn't do that. And I was completely off my game, completely off my game and. When I get off my game, I'm not in my and I'm not in my spot where I should be. It just throws my entire day off. So I had to get myself back on track. I had to spend some more time with God and get myself back on track and just start declaring over myself and just start aligning with the promises of God. It really starts there for me. And then the other thing is. You know, really understanding the gifts that I have been given by God myself and I'm blessed to be able to share these gifts, and it's funny because since covid and I'm telling you the honest truth, I have started. For businesses, a TV show, and it's just like crazy and, you know, before that, I had one business that I did really, really well, that I'm actually the process of selling. So it's just interesting how that the entire chapter of my life has changed dramatically since covid. So I took this opportunity and I seized it and I looked at what I call my oil, what is my oil, what is it that I carry that I can offer other people and help benefit them and get them where they need to go.

And one of the things I did really well for myself over the last 14 years, because I've been in the wellness industry for many years and I had a proprietary process that you called your intellectual property or IP, and it was this amazing gift that I had for the lymphatic system. And I'm going to give God the glory again, because I did go to school to learn it. It was downloaded to me in a wellness center that I had, which I also franchised, and it just launched. My entire career in the wellness industry became a household name. I started teaching people this modality around the nation and everyone kind of knew who I was in that industry. Sought after speaker, have an academy, trained hundreds, hundreds of people, worked on thousands of people. And it's just been a huge success when covid hit. Nobody was touching anybody because it was an actual physical hands on technique. Now, here's the funny, funny thing. My husband just retired and he sold his business. So honestly, I could have buy one of those women who's like, just chill out, relax. I have to do anything. But you know what it did. It motivated me more to say, you know what? Now I have this opportunity.

I'm not traveling because I used to travel every other week for seven years in my academy. I scaled it finally. So that started going a little bit lower. But still, I still had to do some of the Hands-On stuff. Right. When you get an opportunity to be home in your own environment and call the shots for yourself and then look at the things that you have and put it all together, you have a winning solution. So I looked at what did I do for myself for the last 14 years, I created my own intellectual property and I went from zero to hero methodology where people knew I was I was authority in that industry, mainly in the oil industry, naturopaths, chiropractors, they all knew they knew me. And so what ended up happening is when COGAT hit, I said, why don't I just do that for coaches? And it went from coaches to authors because most coaches are usually authors or most authors are coaches. So kind of blend together and it just it snowballed. Exploded. I started getting write ups in America's Best Magazine and Forbes and entrepeneur dot com and everyone started to learn who I am and and now being sought after. I'm like, OK, this is this is amazing. Like, how did this happen? And I think one of the reasons why is because throughout my journey I'd say journey. Oh my gosh, what a journey. Let me tell you, if you never started a business from scratch and it's a brick and mortar business and there's expenses, you have employees and you're franchising, it is a journey.

All right. Like it's not easy. It is not for the faint hearted. It's intense stuff. And I got really humbled really quickly. I learned a lot of things what not to do in business more than I learned what to do in business. And I lost a lot of money and I almost lost my marriage. And I just I went through the the horrors and the trials and tribulations of starting a business and not really understanding business, but knowing that I had gifts. But I didn't really know how to bring those gifts into the business marketplace. I just knew what I knew how to do. I knew how to get people healthy, how to lose weight. And I was really good at that. And then I got the signature process called Extra for the lymphatic system, and that became my signature process. People knew about it and that's kind of how it grew. But I didn't ever have to advertise. I didn't have to market myself. I never had to do anything. I literally had word of mouth business that took me for 14 years. I never had to do anything. People were looking for me. And what that does is it gives you a opportunity to eliminate your to crush your competition and it puts you in a lane of one. And when you can do that, you are now dominate the marketplace. And I thought, well, gosh, you know what? I need to do that for coaches, but I need coaches to understand that they have amazing value.

They have amazing gold in them, but they don't know how to find it. So I actually help coaches and authors find their goal, their brilliance, and help them brand themselves, market themselves and really pull out this beauty that they have in them that's been stuck in them for so many years or decades or some and show them what it looks like and how to monetize that. And I've gotten really good at being able to do that where I can listen to somebody for fifteen, twenty minutes to say, yep, I got it. I can see where your gold is. I know how to monetize you, I know how to get you where you need to go. And I work from the from the end to the beginning. So I go let's, let's go where we're going to go. What's the end game. And let's work backwards and let's focus on how to get you to the end game. And so by doing that and just again since covid. I've been able to do that very successfully for a lot of people to where people are starting to say, oh, you need to meet or you need to learn what she's doing because she's doing this. And it's just really kind of cool what's happening when I went from something that I've never, ever done before to today very quickly when it was.

But not even a year. Right. Almost a year or was it a year? Yeah, almost a year. Yeah. So things happened really quickly. When you when you really see your goals and you have that brilliance come out of you, you start to start to take ownership and then that imposter syndrome goes away. And I know coaches do deal with that. And and I think it's because you're in your stuff too much. You need somebody to pull out your your brilliance. And once you do that and then they say, hey, this is what it looks like, and then they show you it, then you're like, oh, wow. I you know, I have that right. I mean, I had to do it for myself because I didn't have anybody to do it with me or do it for me. I learned how to do it. So it was self taught. But now I know how to do it for other people. And man, I can take you a lot quicker, further than it took me with a lot less mistakes. Right, because you can learn from my mistakes. And so that's one of the things that I do, I believe I'm really gifted in, is to be able to see people from the inside out and see their ability and see their gold and then help them polished up that gold so that they can see for themselves and really take ownership of who they are and what they're called to.

So many golden nuggets on that. That's our show. Good night, everybody else. Phenomenal. Hello, Brenda Miller from Metro Detroit. By way of LinkedIn, thanks for coming on the show. My gosh, you hit on so many amazing key points. And one was what I call discipline in the beginning, where you had ventured away from your usual daily ritual or routine of being one with God and doing what you do with God. And once you came back then things were back in the right. And that is so true of every person I've ever talked to, including yours truly. Any time we vary or venture away from the discipline that we know works for us and we don't implement it on a regular basis when we take that pause, well, so our business does the same thing. It takes a buzz and things don't go the right way. And you just know something's not right. It's like, oh, you know what? I dropped off my game. There's something different. And then you mentioned it also that, you know, because of the mistakes you've made and that's the beautiful thing, you can stand firmly and what you do because you know not only what to do, but also what not to do. You have both sides working for you. And that's there's no substitute on this planet for experience. And that is what Nina brings to the table.

And then, oh, I love the part about how you're extracting the brilliance out of people. This is cool because we are all the same way. None of us think we have anything special. It's just automatic for us. Right. I was a perfect example of that. I do all this automation. I just love it. And I just it's a natural. And then I heard person after person say, can you show me how to do that? It's like, really, it's easy, but OK. And then after going through with clients now and going in at DeFago, oh my gosh, they really didn't know how to do it. What I knew how to do, I just didn't know that. Right. And you just don't know that what you're brilliant at what you were born with, with a God given talent you are given often times are not there, very difficult for other people to achieve and we all need help. That's beautiful. Thank God did not make us all talented. And so we are here to help each other. That's what is so beautiful about all of this. And yeah, that's what I had for that. I was who I was. Oh. So I'm asking people to write notes. Look, I'm running the show here. I'm taking my own notes here.

I tell my producer post interviewer.

Oh, my gosh. The whole thing. Cameraperson I know there's no real well there is. There's one right there. And Nina has we're not controlling her, but we're having fun. I want to learn more about your your business, where you take people and their business and you take coaches and authors to that seven figure promise. I mean, two years. A lot of people go, come, Nene, you got to be what do you smoke and just say something like that. That's just impossible. You know, I don't have much going on. How are you going to take me to seven figures? There are steps involved, I understand, and not everybody qualifies. But can you take us through quickly how how you achieve that for people?

So, yes. So as committed, I became co-founders and business partners with other companies through this proprietary process called My Box, all where I help people create their own intellectual property. And I do it with the zero zero methodology program where I can like I said, I can come in and help anybody at any level really create their brilliance and package it for them so that they can monetize it. And so in doing so for myself. I hired this company is a client to do this program with another business partner called the Koechner Institute, and we hire this company to help us create something called a high ticket program and a master class program to where we have a an offering as a high tech. A program like twenty five thousand or higher hours is actually a hundred thousand dollars. But the whole genius of it is it's risk reversal and what that basically is. And now people understand what that is. Is it a guaranteed program to help us in that Koechner Institue program, get to a million dollars by offering people to become business consultants? And we have a whole turnkey process. So we are a client as well as my business partner in this other company. So by utilizing that type of program, we now are doing that for people who want to become authors. So let me explain what that looks like. So we created a high ticket program for authors who have a idea if they want to write a book or they have some kind of a story that they want to tell, but they're not really sure how to get it out there.

So we have something called the Million Dollar Book Launch Program and Embark, and that's one of my other companies that I'm a partner with. And we've got a place where we can actually help people become a millionaire in two years or less guaranteed because we do something called performance based risk reversal. And what that means is we give you value of one hundred thousand dollars in value that you get. We guarantee you a million dollars within 18 months, but you only pay the first stage and the rest is all based on performance. And so, for an example, the first stage that we do is we actually help you build your IP, we help you validate it to make sure it does sell, and then we help you roadmap it. So we take you all the way to the end and then we work out a plan from beginning to end. And you have this complete blueprint, this roadmap. You know exactly where you're going, how you're going to get there. And it's a done for you, done with you program. So the very first stage you pay twelve thousand five hundred dollars. That's it. If you want to go to the next stage and have a lead generation machine created for you with all your funnels and your master class built out, then you go to stage two and you pay an additional twenty five.

But you don't have to go there. You could start out at 12 five. You pay that and that's all you ever pay. The rest is all based on results. Now remember you're getting a hundred thousand dollars with a value done for you, done with your program. We write your book, we publish your book. We do a philanthropy piece. We do all the marketing, all the sales, obviously generation. We do all the buildout. We do all the IP generation. We do it all. I mean, all of it. Right. And then we even put you in touch with the right people. We have like a scale the seven figure master class where you're with other people who are like minded and you guys work on each other's business, which is huge because it's like you get to meet all these amazing people at that same level are trying to get to that level and you kind of bounce ideas off each other. And when you only have to pay that one stage or that two stage, if you want to go to the second stage, we'll give you a lead generation program. Some people want to go that route because they want the leads as well. We fast track only 90 days, but you get all the coaching, all the training, everything you need to be successful.

We take you there and you only pay the twelve, five or twenty five depending on if you want to go stage one disease, you and you never have to pay again. And I say that is even though it's performance based, you hit certain milestones, we guarantee results, it's at your disposal. So there's a trust issue here. So the guess what, the risk is not on the client anymore. It's on us. That's why it's called risk reversal. We are betting that your program that we help you create is a high ticket program that will reorient people to want to come in and do business with you. And we actually validate with you. We create the scripts. We do all the emails for you. We have all the software. I mean, it's a one stop dump. Are you done with you program? And so if somebody is an author or they want to be an author, this is the most amazing program because it's plug and play, it's turnkey. And you don't have to worry about trying to market your book. Listen, I'm an author. I've won awards. Am I am I with my book? And I didn't know how to get it out there. See, everyone thinks the book is the hardest part. That's the easy thing. You it out there for people that really get that book and have the authority that you want with it is that's the challenge. And I paid a lot of money to do that in the past.

If I knew about this, let me tell you, I would have been a long time ago. I didn't know about it. So it's just an amazing program. Right. And it just it just ties in all the all the experience of background that I've ever had with creating people's IP. It just lines up perfectly with this company. So when they heard what I was doing, they said, hey, let's be partners. And it was literally a two two meeting process of like, hey, let's just do this thing together. And I said, great. So we're just we're helping people get out there. We're helping them build out their program. And here's the really cool thing, Brian. I want to say, some people are like maybe like, well, I don't know if I have the the. To do it or I don't know if I have the confidence to do because that imposter syndrome and we have to break that off right away, because first of all, that's a big fat lie that you're believing. And I just say that it just needs to go and you just need to start declaring of yourself that you are a victor and you already have victory in your your life is already set before you. You just need to walk by faith into it. And you have these amazing gifts that people are called to. And so I believe every single person, every single person has certain gifts in them.

That is a part of somebody else's destiny going forward, every single person. So if you realize you are caring with somebody else needs it's a whole different mindset, a whole different perspective. And so every morning I wake up and I say, God, bring those people in the north, the south, east and west that need what I carry so that I can help them get to their destiny. And those people that have what I need, bring them so that I can so I can align with the right people, because that's really important. I have so many gifts, but I don't have everything. Believe me, I'm not the most organized person, but I'm a visionary. And I can see I can see where you need to go. I can see that the aerial view and I know how to pull your creativity out, your innovation out. I know how to build those high tech programs. I know how to find that right. Audience for you. I can do that really, really, really well. But what I don't really do well is organization. I'm a very high energy. I guess you call myself. I like a disk. I'm high. I and I just I love creativity. I love innovation. I love strategy. I love just getting down and dirty and say, OK, let's let's pull out your brilliance. Let's look at oh, maybe we can license this for you or maybe we could take this to this market.

It's just so cool that when you start to dig and you start to see the gold come out of people, man, it's just awesome. I call myself a gold digger. And one of my favorite shows, my husband, I watch every Friday. It's like our date night is is Gold Rush. I love Gold Rush. Right. And they're always looking for that good dirt that pay that that's going to bring the gold. What I'm looking for people's pay. I'm looking for that good stuff to pull out your gold. And I'm telling you, I don't know how to do it myself. It's hard for me to pull my own gold out, you know, so I need somebody else to help me pull my gold out. So I have coaches, I've mentors. It's important to do that. And my business partners are my mentors as well. And Brian, your mentor. So I gleam from those people. I take nuggets from each one of them and I apply it to myself because I know where I need to really grow and mature. Sometimes I don't want to do it because it's not fun, but I know I have to do it or I have to find somebody who can do it for me as delegation. And that's part of the leadership we were just talking about. So I know I talk a lot and I talk fast and very short times. That's part two

Of this is that's like that's the that's show number two is done. We've had that much or more high value and quality is where I'm going with that now because she talks fast. I don't know. I do talk fast. I don't have a problem with that at all. I mean, that means you're you're an efficient person. You get stuff done quick. I love efficient people. I don't just like non efficient people, just for the record. But there were so many things I just want to give the bottom line to people just to kind of encapsulate this in the brain. If if someone were to hand you one million dollars, would you be OK with giving them back two hundred and fifty thousand? Would you be OK with having seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars with very little risk, in fact near zero. And the reason I know that I am actually a client, I am in this this process of going through this. It is amazing. And let's say, look, look, Nina, look, I don't have twenty five, I don't have twenty five thousand to put in this business. Well, there it is possible for you to get started without any of your own money. How do I know that I'm in the process of doing that this very moment and I already know it's going to work. It's it's amazing. And then there are other things put in place, you know, guaranteed so many sales within your first month. And by the time you make those sales, you've paid off whatever you just invested. It's already you're already at break. You've broken even.

And then when there's it's time for the next staggered payment, I don't remember when it is or how much it is. I don't care. I can't wait to pay you guys. Why? Because when I get to that point, I will have made more than I owe you. I will have profit. I can't wait to get to that point, to pay you. I will gladly pay you back. And then it's the end. Oh, I will be so happy to sign up the remainder of that. Two hundred and fifty thousand. I will do it. I'll be jumping back, flip back flips of joy. I'll never be so happy to write a check in my life because that means I made it to a million in this one program. And I don't know if you did the whole thing justice on other parts because you are not doing this alone, are you? You have an incredible, massive team behind you and they all have incredible gifts. I mean, there are writers that are helping to write the book. It's amazing they're doing all this work, a lot of it for you. But check. If I'm right or wrong, but you guys do check in, though, to make sure everybody's cool with what's being said, it's written in their voice, stuff like that. So it's not just a ghostwriter that is from the Philippines who doesn't know English that well. I don't mean it that way. It's just you know what I'm saying? That it comes with your voice when you're when it's all said and done, you have a write, right.

Transcript as your actual voice. And we do the transcript and then we kind of find you and edit it and all that. Yeah. Yeah. So it's your heart.

Yeah. So they basically interview you and take that information in and put it down in book form and it's just it's genius. And in the book that

We have the philanthropy's. Don't forget that, right. Oh that's

Right. It just keeps getting better. It just keeps getting better. And I've heard it stated many times I was one that uttered the same thing. This is a no brainer. And this is not a show to sell you on this. In my opinion, it will sell itself. I've told two people about it so far, and I actually opened with how much it's going to cost. Who does that? Nobody, because I knew that by the time I got through telling them about it, they were just going to go, wow, this is incredible. And I'm not doing this for any purpose. I'm not doing this to make money for myself. I just want to help Nina grow her business so she can help more people like me, because that's what it's all about. It's about service and helping people get really what better way to do than build up someone who's doing such a masterful job of doing that.

And I was just saying the same thing. A brand like, you know, I don't really want this to be the Pnina show. I want to talk about you, what you're doing, you know, because it is about helping people and getting behind them and supporting them. And I think right now, so many people are just feeling hopeless and they're not sure where to go. And I just I want people to have that place of just where they know that they know that they know that they can do what they're called to do. They can dream again, they can think big. They can play in the big sandbox. They can play big. And this is not something that's impossible. And, you know, it's this formula that Tom and David, they created and they're my business partners and they are doing it really well and they're crushing it. And, you know, I'm privileged and honored and humbled, humbled that I'm a part of this whole program as a partner. It's just it blows my mind every single day. I'm just I I love what I do. I'm passionate about what I do. And I love to be able to get behind people, support them and see them grow and blossom into who they're called to be, because we're all called for greatness. And a lot of people just don't get to that point. And I want everybody to get to that point. I know not everybody's going to, but the people that I help are definitely going to. That's my goal. I want them to greatness. I want them to get to their goals, achieve their dreams and get that financial freedom. And we should all be taking time off. We should all be taking time off and have enough financial freedom so we can take a trip and not have to be attached to the phone worrying about our businesses.

Right. And that's what we can do with, you know, this program is help them get to that freedom and financial freedom and really enjoy life and give back. And so I want to talk about the give back thing, because I believe every single one of us has some kind of a Y or some kind of a heart mission field. And that's one of the things that we offer. We do a philanthropy piece worthy where we either give to a nonprofit or create a nonprofit free from scratch. We do a Kickstarter program. We help you raise the funds. I mean, we do everything for you and then we do the pay traffic for you to help you build on that, that the the foundation pays for the fundraising. So we are a one stop done for you, done with your program, like I said. And I don't again, I'm not here to to to pitch. This is not what it's about. I will tell you one thing and I'm going to give you a really big nugget right now where most coaches get stuck in Authors' is they have all this content everywhere. They've learned, they've read, they've done course after course certification after it's all over the place and it's all over. It's very overwhelming. And and to be able to streamline that has been a difficult thing. And one of the things that I do, I'm going to give you a really good technique and how to do that. I can streamline really, really well and put you in one lane. And here's how you do it. You ready? Take notes.

I'm ready.

All right. So I love football. I'm a Green Bay Packers fan. I'm from Chicago originally. So should we say I'm a Bears fan, but I'm not. And one of the things that I learned is watching is you have a coach and that coach has this big playbook. Right. And so what they do is they have all their plays and that playbook. And I thought, gosh, you know, we need to do that with our coaches. So I create something called a playbook. And I it's called a multiphase playbook. You guys can do this right now, take everything you've ever done and start to put it into this playbook and graded as stage one or phase one. What would you do for your client and stage one? And how do you how would you scale that? What's the value add? And then how do you scale that and go to phase one, phase two, phase three, phase four, phase five, look at your audience. Make sure your outcome aligns with your audience. Make sure that your offer, your. Take it off. If you can work with us. It's a high ticket, ten thousand twenty five thousand one hundred thousand dollar offer aligns with your audience. If your life coach you think it all my moms and dads can afford that. But no, but this business entrepreneurs can.

So how do we take that and shape it so that what you're doing, even if it's trauma or wellness or health or weight loss, whatever it looks like, how do you benefit an entrepreneur? Well, guess what? They're overweight. They're overstressed. And they and if they're more healthy and they have less stress, they're going to be more profitable. They're going to have better productivity. They're going to be happier, going to be healthier. They're going to be better leaders. There are ways to create high ticket programs, even if you think, oh, there's no way I could do this, you can do that. It's just you got to think outside the box. You've got to be able to not be so hung up on the nine ninety seven program and say, you know what, I can create value or I have the opportunity to create more value. And I want to see what that looks like. And that's what we come in and say, hey, do this. But if you're going to do this on your own, I'm telling you, create a playbook, put a name to it and do it a multiphase and then figure out what that looks like. Working with your client from day one, phase one, what does that and then scale it. How do you scale that? Is it PDF or is it videos? Maybe you do an assessment tool.

Where do they start with you and then go to phase two. Now you got the assessment, you know, whether it's like the diagnosis now you got the treatment plan, what do we do? How do we move forward to help them achieve that, depending on what it is? And you can have five stages. You can have four stages. It doesn't really matter. But basically you have that playbook. You have the aerial view and then everything is organized. And then you take your stuff that you learned, your books you've read and put them into those phases and you start to build your IP. That's your IP guys. That's your own genius. That's how you start to build your own program. That alone is worth a lot of money. Let me tell you what I just told you. Now, I do that with my clients, all right? My authors and my coaches. But I just gave you a great nugget, like if you can get a board on this and figure that out, that's how you pull everything together. I don't care if it was books. Take some summaries of books and put it into that phase. How do I pull that into that phase, if that's how you do it?

And so you've got two choices, the way I look at it, I'm talking to the audience. One is do it yourself and figure it out as you go along. And now you have the basic foundation to do that. Nina just gave it to you. Or you can do option number two or door number two where when you open it, you have this team stand behind the door that's doing everything for you and with you. You know, it's you get to authorize each step. I assume that's how it works. I'm not even that far down the path. But it's your business when it comes down and they care about you. Right. This is to help you, to make your brilliant shine and to serve more people and make enough money where you can serve even more beyond that. Because, look, once you've made that first million, there's a little birdie told me it doesn't have to stop there.

We go to an additional but those people came to me a year later because what I noticed is, is by building and nourishing those relationships and really for those people to feel like you care about them, you're not only going to networking events because you want business, but it's because you see them and you acknowledge them and you see those people as as people and as humans. And and you're building friendships and relationships. So really, I owe it to the people that I have met through and networking events in different, different avenues. million every single year. So we put that plan into action. It's pretty amazing. I mean, it really is a really cool system.

And I've been I've been in this genre for a long time. I've been to. Oh, my gosh, Nina, how many of work workshops, boot camp seminars. Now, who remembers this guy in the Mr. T, you know, bad attitude on the ateam and. Yes, Rocky. But when he was out in public, he would wear just mouthes gold chains. I don't know how he stood up. That's heavy stuff. Well, I went to so many of these networking events and boot camps and seminars I used to save for those that would let me take them out of the house, out of the room. I would say those lanyards with the badges on them, you know, that that was your ticket in and out. And I accumulated so many I did this from stage. I would have one of the people that are helping me out bring them up on stage. And I was teaching about just showing up. And I had a picture of Mr. T up on the screen with with all the chains. And then I would put these on and they were thick because there were so many of them that, you see, I put even Mr. T to shame because it's just about showing up. And I love Mr. T is a great guy. I had nothing to do with putting him down at all. He's a phenomenal. But it was it was amazing that it's like just show up.

And then you and I met at one of these. It was an event during covid not long ago. And I've been to so many of these in person. And it's very difficult to pull off a successful one online where you have multiple speakers and or multiple segments, even pauses and breaks, and people still come back to do breakout rooms like virtually. And while I was absolutely blown away, it was the most genius system I've ever seen, whether in person or online. This was the best one I've ever been to Bar none. And the reason is because of the results. And that's what I want everyone to take home with them, is think about the results all. If you if you focus on the result, then you're you're going to get what you focus on. If you focus on junk. We used to say if you focus on crap, you're going to get more and more crap. We focus on success. Yes, I'm pointing there for a reason. Then you're going to get more and more success. So just. Yeah, and that's a mindset thing and just is on success. And this is a no brainer in so many ways. I'm like, it's one of those things like, oh my God, where have you been on my life? You know,

Like I said, I wish I knew what this program years ago because I wrote my book in 2014. I didn't know about this program. I would have definitely done this program. And I know I'd be a lot further with my book, but it is what it

Is so unique in so many ways. And so at the end of this thing, when I talk about results I had and you probably had more, Nina, because you're such a flower, everybody wants to grab a bit, gravitates towards you had six appointments of attendees at the end of this. It was on purpose. This was by design. That's what Tom Madsen and his crew wanted. And one of those appointments was with, you know who. And that was the beginning of what's going to be a very long lived, very fruitful relationship and friendship. And it's going to be phenomenal. And and this is the person she has partnered with. And I'm so excited. I happened to just get on this thing. He just sent out an email. This is so funny that he sent out this email after that whole event was done. And I'm like, man, I want to hear more from Tom. And I fired up and I bring it up. I'm like, hey, Nina's with him. This is my fault. And so I watched it to the end. It happened to be the million dollar book program, book launch program. And I said, where do I sign? I've heard I've heard this twice. Now I've got to do this. That's it. I'm done no more. And you said about getting excited. Holy. I have not been this excited about the future. And I'm always excited. I'm always upbeat. But I am now over the top, over the moon. I cannot wait for the rubber to hit the road. Do we start rocking and rolling and stage one? It's right around the corner and it's going to be a great ride. I'm so, so thankful that you are the one that I get to work. With on this

Theme here with you, you know, you said something that just hit me and I don't know how many people actually really are at this point excited about the future. You know, I really would love to take a poll and see how many people are actually excited about the future, because if you look if you're listening to the news or listening to the media, at any point, you're going to lose a lot of hope. Right. But but I mean, I think it's really interesting that you said that because I think I'm more excited about my future than I ever have been in my entire life. And I've had a lot of success in life and I've had a lot of failure in life. But I can see for the first time, I can see the end from the beginning. And I don't know if you understood what I'm talking about, but for the first time in my life, I started doing a vision board and I started writing out my goals and dreams. And I have been I put it in front of me every single day and I'm actually seeing these things manifest. And it's and again, I give God the glory. So I'm not saying it's the universe or anything like that. God is the God of the universe. I'm going to tell you that right now. But it's not because I'm the law of attraction. I don't believe in it that I'm telling you there's something about declaring decree and keeping your eyes and having a faith that that's going to take place. I believe it's already done. I'm just walking in into my faith. Right. And so I have such excitement every single day waking up, because, first of all, I know where I'm going for the first time in my life.

It's it's horrible not knowing where you're going. It's horrible not having an end from the beginning or a destination and having no hope. And so if I could bring an end, if I can show people a destination, if I can give them a purpose, if I can show them help them get their passion back, if I can help support them in any way, that to me, I know I've done what I'm supposed to do. I believe I'm called on this earth to help other people get their dreams and desires out there. I believe that I had to go through it myself to learn it. But then I'm behind the scenes. I'm helping other people go there. And I did it for myself for so many years on having way more fun, doing it for other people and I. So it's such a different place to be when you're not in the forefront all the time and you're not trying to get yourself out there and trying to help other people. I mean, it's the most humbling, gratifying place to be. I love it with all my heart. I truly love what I do. It's not work. I, I work morning, noon and night. I started I started my day at four o'clock this morning and I got a sense, you know, I'm California. So of course, I have East Coast clients and I have clients around the country right now. So I just love it and I'm home. And if I want to take a little break, I can go take a bike ride or spend some time with my family. It's just it's just it's just the best. It really is. And I'm I want people to feel this. I want people to have this feeling.

I'm feeling it. And not just because of having this now new relationship with you and us being working together and all that. I feel it. And I felt that, you know, before we met as well, that the excitement getting up, you know, I'm fifty six, but I think about I have the best part of my life ahead of me still. I'm so excited for what lies ahead. I'm not looking toward that day when you retire. I mean, you know what that word means, you'll never know.

It's a new chapter, a new season. That's like it's just

A transition from one serving one group or person to another. But the interesting thing was when you talked about how you're so happy and you talked about serving others and I've done one hundred and thirty six hundred thirty seven shows of this show by now. And to a person, every entrepreneur is wired the same way once they have met a certain point in their walk. And that is when every one of us starts out as a solo partner, most that I've ever met. And there is scarcity involved during that time. And we're just I'm just being honest. And so you are thinking about how am I going to make that next paycheck so I can keep going and growing and pay the mortgage and everything else that goes with it. And then when you get an established rhythm and you finally have navigated the waters of your journey and now you're you're seeing the promised land and you're making headway, now you can relax more on the money issue and think about what am I really here to do, what really moves my needle. This is to a person, Nina. It is helping other people. That's what I love about what I get to do. This show is just brought the most amazing people. And you are no different than you are like up there on the top of the echelon for you.

I appreciate it. Thank you.

It's amazing. It's just I feel like have you ever gone to those events and you walk in a sea of other entrepreneurs and you just have this feeling like you're among family,

Your people, your people. It's your tribe. Yeah, I agree with you on that. And I am I am meeting a lot of my tribe is really exciting. You know, I also just want to share one more thing. It's really important, everyone, that you keep moving forward. You know, I went through a lot of heartache in my business when I first started my business in twenty six. When I opened up, I was. The centers, I will tell you this, I have learned the hard way, really, I lost everything. I went to the point where I went through five lawsuits. I had embezzlement, theft judgments. I had people lying about me. I had people trying to steal clients from me. It was horrible. It was intense stuff. It was like it was like being beaten up. And then as soon as you get up, get beaten up again and come down beat up again. It was like that for three years. And it's humbled me. It's grown me. It's made it's built character. I mean, there's so many blessings out of it that came out from it. I would never, ever not go through it again. I have no regrets. But I'm saying this because as we're tracking, as we're going through that journey is we're climbing that mountain top. There's going to be some hills, there's going to be some rocky roads, and there's going to be some areas where you might just kind of lose your balance.

But I'm going to tell you something. You just keep moving forward one step at a time, one day at a time, and you will get to the top of the mountain. I promise you that you might slip down a little bit, but you got to keep get back up and keep going. Because if you do that and you remember, I want you to see the destination is so important. I come from the top of the mountain. I look from the top of the mountain down. I'm not looking from the mountain up. I'm going from top to down. It's a perspective thing. And if you can do that, I'm telling you your life will change and start realizing what your speaking is so important. I'm actually doing a starting next week. I'm doing a TV show that's going to be airing on cable spectrum and local TV in California and Roku and all those other channels. And I'm talking is called A Way with words. And I want you to understand what you're speaking. There's power in your tongue and what you're speaking you're declaring over yourself or your family or your marriage. I people that are saying, oh, my husband did this, this and this.

And like, you know what? Shut your mouth. Stop saying that because you're telling your husband that's who he is and that's what's happening. He's manifesting that right. So you need to say my husband's this, my husband's that. And my entire marriage changed when I started speaking my work, the words and changing my words, my business, my finances started changing when I started speaking. There's no lack, nothing this and nothing, nothing one and nothing broken. I have all I need at all times for all things and always and I'm telling you, I do that every single day. Whether my circumstances look like it or not. I'm standing on that word, standing on where I'm going. And I'm not. I'm not I'm not moving. I'm not going to be shaken from where I'm going. And it's important that you have that mindset. It really is. It really is. And I'm not just huffing and puffing the stuff. I live it. I breathe it. I eat it every single day. Now, yes, God is my number one source. I believe he is my resource. But at the same time, I have to come in alignment, in agreement with what he's what I'm seeing and what I'm saying. And I have to have a faith that I'm going to get there. And I do have that faith.

And the first word of this show is the most powerful by far mind its mindset and what you say is coming out of your mind, and it's about an empowering mindset. Once I learned that concept. I learned it from my mentor. And I'm going to say his name because I love him dearly. Mel Cutler. Five years ago, I went through a process of becoming certified in neurolinguistic programing. And at the time I was one of those like, you cannot take my faith. Get away from me, you crazy woo wacko science stuff that's going to mess with my brain. And then I learned it at a deep level. I became certified. You cannot change someone's faith. It's a long story. But the army and the military have tried. They tried to do mind control and they weren't successful. Unless you are already if you already have the attributes to be a mass killer, if you weren't that and you're not going to become one and you have to look away from your faith, it won't happen. And once I learn, though, the sheer power of mindset and concepts like you're talking about and then very, very deep, one real quick exercise everyone can do starting now, if you ever catch yourself saying, I have to, I have to do the dishes, I have to vacuum the rug, I have to go make the bed, just change.

Just be aware. No one that you realize you said I have to. And then, number two, just reframe it and say, I get to know and you'll be amazed that you get that you get that intellectually right now. But what really gets it is your subconscious is like, oh, I get to and you just rewired your brain in such a beautiful way. And when you do that on a habitual basis to this day, every day I catch myself saying I have to internally or externally, I get to I don't care how bad it is, how arduous it is. I get I get I have to do the dishes. I get to do the dishes. Well, at least I have dishes to do. And if I did do, that implies place. I have a sink. If I have a sink

That frankly

If I have a kitchen in a place, I have a home or some place to live and it just goes on, you don't need to actually think every one of those things through your subconscious will take care of that. And you'll just start realizing and noticing that everything is starting to lighten up in life and you're happier. And when you're happier and living that way than those around, you are going to notice whether they notice outwardly or they just sense it kind of like a dog sensing fear, but this one in a good way. And then they just start changing like there's something changing about you. I like it. And it happened. It happened to me. I'm saying this from absolute experience. It's yeah. It's just it's a game changer. So just that one little could you imagine. Now, compounding that, like you're saying, stacking, doing one step at a time, like I would say, putting pebbles on top of you to keep stacking up, you will get there. And mindset is one of the key components of getting there quicker, quicker. So you get out of your own way, self sabotage, resistance, hesitation, all that. Get that clean up that beautiful garden of yours, of those weeds, put in those beautiful flowers and just have a great, great life. It's amazing

Lately. Jeez, the time went fast enough.

I'm looking at it. It like,

Oh, how fun.

Karen Duncan, she's going to be on the show here soon. What am I really here to do is a game changer question for us. Why I'm alive is another right. Oh. What I'm really here to do is a game changer and why am I alive is yet another, I think they're kind of related. How would you respond to that, Nina?

Well, like I said, we all have gifts inside of us, we all have, you know, other people's values that we can create for other people and help them get where they need to go. Right. I believe that we all have a purpose. We all have a journey. And I believe that we are all here. There's no accident. Why we're here. We're here. We're here for a purpose and a reason. And I believe that we're all predestined and predetermined before we're even in our mother's womb and that there has been a plan that's laid out for us. And God is the one that's laid that plan out. And if you align with that plan by faith, you will start to see those things manifest. So it's already established. What I will tell you is this. If you live in a place of trying to control everything, you going to have a hard time in life because things just don't go away. You have to go. You know, there's that saying, if you make a plan, God's sitting there laughing, don't you don't make a plan. You just you have to align with where you feel your gifts are. You know, what your gifts are. Most people do know what their gift to that, whether you realize is a gift or not, you're good at people told you, oh, you're good at this or you're going to do this. Maybe you're a great mom. Maybe you're great. You know, I don't want to do something. You're good at something. So take those gifts and see how you can apply them and create value for other people. That's how you make money. That's how you monetize. That's how you because what you're doing is now you're saying I have something of service, I have something of value, and you want to and if I have value for you, you're going to give you something called a certificate of appreciation.

That certificate of appreciation is actually a monetary form of finances. So I tell people to look at this way. When you pay the electric bill or you pay any kind of a bill, look at as gain that loss because you have electricity to pay. Right. So it's a mindset and the way you see things. So as far as why you're here, I believe we're all here for a reason, a season. We're all here for a purpose. We all have amazing guests. We all have value for other people. And if you're really stuck there, well, maybe you need prayer. Maybe you need maybe you need to have someone listen to you and maybe I don't know what that looks like, but, you know, you're not alone. We've all felt that. I've had I've had moments in my life. I've had some really deep, dark moments where I've actually thought about suicide. OK, so I haven't always been this person. I had to grow into this person. It did not happen overnight. It was a journey. But I did get here eventually because I just never stopped. I kept my faith. I just I've had a lot of challenges in life, but I just never stopped. And like I said, you don't you don't stop. You just keep going. I have a vision board that says never stop, never stop, no matter how hard it gets, never stop. Just keep going. If you're here, you're here for a reason and you're here for a purpose. It's not an accident. You're listening to this. It's for a purpose.

I can't agree more. Never, ever, ever, ever give up. We have a couple of of the best doctor Patrick Tracey says, how's the dishes? And then literacies. I'm in Dublin and listening to this is Brian. Brian. And it's funny

That James aren't fine back.

And you're talking about the mindset of seeing the good. Absolutely. For sure. And with one last I mean, we do have a price to give away. And a little birdie told me, I don't know if it's still true. Nina, you had something you were planning on providing for folks as well. We didn't actually talk about. Right. For the show, so I don't want to shock you into it.

Yeah, it's yeah. It's just basically a free strategy session with me.

Ok, that's the one. We'll bring that up in just a second. But I want to close the mindset part out with this. This one thought for everyone and then we'll we'll get to the wonderful prizes to give away. So don't go anywhere. And oh, by the way, I got this great question that I'm going to be asking Nina to close the show. You do not want to miss it. Oh, it's a big one. It's a doozy. She doesn't even know about it. I don't know about any of this. This was all organic. But there's a thing in life, you know, you're going to be thrown curveballs all the time. You know, Nina, thank you for being so transparent, talking about the struggles you've had. Look, it's called being human, everyone. And those things are going to happen. Circumstances are going to happen no matter what, as long as you're alive. Those things we're talking about, those that aren't so great, the circumstance. So you can either let your circumstances control your attitude. Or you can let your attitude dictate your circumstances. So if you just, you know, if it's raining, then it's all dreary. It's like, well, gosh, it's raining, it's beautiful because, you know, now things are growing and and they're vital. And I need to get up a little bit earlier while I'm done that a long time. So I get a little more time to myself. And look, your attitude and it's how you react. It's you all have a choice. We all have a choice. In any circumstance, you either react positively or negatively. Look, if something happens, you get rear ended.

You're going to be upset for at least that long and maybe a little longer. But the key is, is recognizing it and rewiring the brain and saying, yeah, but you know what, I'm OK. My back doesn't hurt. If anyone's in the car, they're OK. Hopefully that's the case. Right. Just take all the positives from it and then say, oh, I hope that person that just hit me, it was their fault. But that's OK. I'm going to go make sure they're OK. You know, things happen. I've made mistakes. Who am I to pass judgment on them? Right. So you just change your attitude and. Yes, that's fair, Bryan. Yes. Thank you, Karen. We all need to ask that question. Always get to my clients at some point, and that's fab. I love it. Fantastic. Thank you, Karen. And so, Nina, you are amazing. What we're going to do at this moment is, well, very soon I'm going to be asking that that question. It's like amazing. I've asked this of every guest that's been on the show. And it's interesting because sometimes it gets deep, sometimes it's personal. It's interesting. It's it's it can be a doozy. It's it's just pretty really cool. But before we do that, I promised everyone who stayed on with us live to the end how I would show them away, how they can win a five nights stay at a five star luxury resort, compliments of our friends at the big insider secrets. And I'm going to put it up on the screen right now. So you now have both Nina and my what's the word permission to take out your phone if you haven't been watching on your phone and bring up your messaging app, do that right now and then you'll want to write this down.

We don't have much time left and I want to respect everyone's time. Write this information down and here's how you enter. I'll put it up on a screen. Take out your messaging app, as I said earlier, and where you would put the name of the person you're going to text instead type in this number, it's three one four six six five one seven six seven. Again, write this down, three one four six, six, five one seven, six, seven. And then where you would type the message and where you put the emojis, that kid stuff instead type in two words separated by a dash. And those two words are peak as a dash vacation, no spaces peak dash vacation. Go ahead and do that right now and then watch your phone. You'll get a subsequent message automatically sent to you for I think it's one more step to officially be entered and it ask for your email address so that our system can take over and put you into a random drawing. We give this away every single week. Thanks again to the big insider secrets. Dotcom and Nina has a gift for you as well. So I'm going to put your website up there as a backdrop when you explain this beautiful, wonderful gift that you're giving folks. And let's see if I can get the right button. I think that's it. We'll find out real soon. Yes. All right.

So I want to offer anybody who's interested to do a free strategy call, help them create their intellectual property, help them streamline whatever it is that they need, streamline or just just pick my brain, whatever they need, help them create their their blueprint, their their big game book, write their playbook. Somebody wants to take me up on that. I'm more than Welcome. You're more than welcome to do that. Normally that's like a twelve hour program and I'm doing it for free.

Ladies and gentlemen. Twelve hundred dollars program. And I love how you just said that in passing like it's no big deal. Twelve hundred dollars. And the reason it is twelve hundred dollars is because she Pnina is about getting results for you and she'll do it until you get the results. That's the way she's wired. It's going to be success or it's not going to be anything is going to happen is going to work. And I appreciate that about you. There's so many things I appreciate about you, especially the patience of your husband who's waiting for you. Isn't the showdown yet? Come on, let's get out here.

I have a Bible study. I'm going to have to step

Up and test. I don't want to keep you up. So let's get to that phenomenal question. And I just wanted to preface it a little bit and tell you, Nina, that there is no such thing as a wrong answer to this question. It's impossible. In fact, the only correct answer is your answer. That's the only thing that makes it personal. And I just I'm so I love the responses we've been getting on this. And I just want to know. Are you ready?

I'm ready. Let's do it.

Ready? All right, Nina ventrilo. How do you define success?

Oh, my gosh. I know you're going to say that. You know what? I don't definitely don't define it with finances. I define it with the people that I help. I define it with the testimonials that I get. I define it with the the tribe that I'm a part of. I define it with the people that I'm able to minister to as a pastor. I just I define it with the people that I'm able to help and and increase improve the life of value and gifts that God has given me to be able to help them get to that next level. That's success to me, seeing people succeed and reach their dreams.

Oh, God, all love that, and you got to love Nina ventrilo, don't you? Come on, virtual clap. A round of applause for everyone out there. Nina, thank you so very much for what you do. You just raise the bar for the next speaker who's coming on and you just brought it so much. You give everything of yourself every time. I'm so like I said, we're so blessed to know you, so blessed to work with. You can't wait till you and I and your husband and my wife get to meet and break bread together and sit down and get to know each other deeper. That'll happen. It'll happen until that time. I just want to say thank you once again and thank you all who watched and those of you that listen on the podcast later. Until next time on behalf of this amazing woman, Nina Ventrella, I'm your host, Brian Kelly of The Mind Body Business Show.

Thank you.

We will see you all again next time. Until then, so long and be blessed by.

Thank you for tuning in to the mind body business show podcast w w w Scott the mind body business show. My name is Brian.

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Nina Venturella

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