Special Guest Expert - Noa Schecter

Special Guest Expert - Noa Schecter (transcribed by Sonix)

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Brian Kelly: Hello everyone and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINES Show.

Oh my goodness do we have a phenomenal treat for you tonight. And it's not me. No no it's not me. It is our special guest expert Noa Schecter. I'll bring her on in just a moment. So stick with us. Stay here. Take notes because you are going to be blown away with this young lady's amount of experience and value that she brings to the table and bring the best on. That's just it. I just bring the best. And Noa is amongst those for sure. The mind body business show. What is that all about. For those of you that might not be aware. Well in my 54 years of life on this Earth I've come across many many individuals both successful and unsuccessful. And some time ago I decided to begin concentrating and studying those that were successful. I've had enough experience with those who are not. I knew what not to do. And now I want to know what to do. Spending back quite a few years and in that time I noticed over that period of time that when I interacted with these individuals got to know them. Some of them very well some of them on the surface. I noticed patterns started to emerge of these very successful people and those patterns came in the form of three. And you might be able to guess what those are. That's mind body and business so mind that's mindset. Each and every one of these successful individuals had a very powerful rock solid positive mindset. And some did it through science called an LP or neuro linguistic programming for short. Others did it through other means but the common theme was they all had that going for them. They had a rock solid mindset. They knew how to basically react to situations that weren't always the best. In ways that helped them even catapult father and then body. What is that all about. It's actually literally about your body and those that are successful tend to take care of their body a little bit more or a lot. In some cases then those who have not achieved success. And we're talking about yes that four letter word called exercise. I know you math whizzes are out there. That's not four letters. Exercise is something that a lot of people do not like to do. But these if you want to be successful it's something that I implore that you do start doing on a regular basis. And it's not just exercise it's also nutrition. Eating the right food just one of the greatest fitness gurus on the planet is no longer with us. He was labeled the godfather of fitness. His name was Jacqueline once said. If man made it. Don't eat it. And that's all you need to know. That's all you need to know is man made it. Don't need it no matter what kind of diet you your your favorite diet is. That's all you need to know. And. The final prong the third pattern that I've noticed with successful individuals is that mastered the key aspects of operating a business and that would be things like sales marketing Building teams, systematizing your business. And what happens is when you've mastered if you just master one of these areas you will see a dramatic increase in your personal life and your business life. And that's what this show is all about. We cover different aspects on different shows. Sometimes we cover things online. Other times on body. Other times we hit some areas of business. Each time it's different. But we always hit those elements because the people I have on this show are successful. And it happens by default. And it's an amazing thing. And speaking of success I remember going back about a decade ago I was flown out to the east coast to meet with a gentleman a multimillionaire to discuss a contract a very lucrative one. And he actually had me flown out there put me up in a hotel and I spent two days in his office corner office very beautiful large. You can kind of picture that with a multimillionaire owning a company full furniture everything. And I remember one of those days I was sitting down on his couch and he was standing talking to me. He's facing me and he said Brian you know if people just did this one thing if they just did this one thing they'd all be super rich. And he kind of paused and I'm thinking I'm ready I'm ready. The student's here, come on Master, teach me. And at that moment he kind of coyly turned back away from me toward the back wall to wall behind him. And at that wall was this very large standing to draw cabinet and so he went back there grab both handles looked at me and from the doors open and what he revealed was very similar to what you see behind me. And that was shelf after shelf after shelf of books and we're talking books for helping to propel one's self forward in business and personal life. So we're talking about self-help books we're talking up health and wellness and we're talking about sales marketing team building. Everything was there. I was like my you know my job was probably gassed open as he's showing me these books like wow. And then I did something that was very odd. I literally discounted his advice. I said there's no way to myself. There's no way that just reading stuff books can help you to become rich or successful. I like that term successful he used the term rich and I just I ignored his advice. Can you believe that. And thankfully many years later I met another gentleman who Noa also knows my guest speaker guest expert knows this gentleman. His name's Mel Cutler. I met another gentleman who became my mentor ended up getting real close with him worked with him for several years ended up speaking from his stage teaching his students his material really got to know him on a deep level and at one one day we were at his house and he was walking around with his headphones on and was like Hey Mel. What are you What are you doing. What you listen to. He goes Oh yeah. This summer I'm listening to a book. I said "Wait, what? A book? Really?" And so this was when audible was a little bit newer and it wasn't that widespread. I said Well how do you do that. So he explained it to me and I thought wow you know I don't like reading books with my eyeballs because I get I literally get tired I get sleepy and I lose my concentration. And that's one of the reasons I didn't like that advice that I was given 10 years prior. And so I said well that's great I want to check that out. And so I started and I downloaded a book that he recommended and I absolutely loved it. And I started reading through audible voraciously I mean nonstop in the car anywhere I was. I was listening to books and still do to this day. And so one of the things I noticed on audible the app as you're listening to the book you can actually tap an icon on your phone on your device and set a bookmark at that very moment in time as the author or the the narrator is reading the book out loud and then you can go back to that book mark and listen. And so this way now I'm thinking this is brilliant. Now I don't have to listen to an entire book. More than one time. You know how many people including myself would read a book more than once the same book. Well this time now I don't have to this way I can just go back to my bookmarks. So what I've done is compiled quite a few bookmarks over the last few years. And what I want to do is share one of those with you right now on a segment appropriately named bookmarks.

Announcer: Bookmarks born to read. Bookmarks. Ready, steady, read! Bookmarks. Brought to you by reach your peak library dot com.

Brian Kelly: That's right reach your peak library dot com you see a screenshot of the Web site there to the side of me. And for those of you watching live right now thank you for coming on. I appreciate that so much. And for those of you listening to the recording that's fantastic. What I implore of you to do at this moment is take notes. Take notes. Get out a pad of paper get. Get a pen or take notes on your device. Whatever works best for you instead of going to Web sites and resources that are mentioned during the show. Write them down and then visit them after the show is over. Because I don't want you to miss a moment of Noa because I promise you she's coming on very soon. But real quick I wanted to describe what reach your peak library is. It's a Web site I developed and I developed it with one thing in mind. And that was you. I was you. The viewer the listener right now because what this library is is a personal library of mine that I compiled over time and the books that are in here are only those that had a profound impact on me in one way or another and catapulted me forward in one area or another. And so I've I've compiled a list on this site right now they're about 40. There are a number more that I've read since that qualify that I'm just falling behind and getting on here. But here you can at least go to a list a library so to speak and know that they've been vetted by at least one person who's in the industry entrepreneurship success and just getting ahead in life and even the personal life. And so will help you to quickly go through books read them knowing that the odds are you're not wasting your time. If you pick one of these any of these books so pick one just go to go to the library reach your peak library dot com later after the show and scroll down a list and whichever one jumps out at you first just pick it and then go grab a copy. This is not a moneymaking Web site for me. It's not that is not the purpose. This is just to have everything in one place to help you to serve you. And so what I would like to do tonight is simply play one bookmark from one such book and one of my new favorite books. I only read this several months ago for the first time and it quickly became my all time favorite. And I know that because I have more bookmarks in this book than any other before it and that is secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Of Ecker any of you that are in entrepreneur space undoubtedly have heard of this amazing amazing man and what I'm going to do is play just a one minute snippet from this book and then we will bring on our special guest expert Noa Schecter. And so take notes on what you're listening to right now. So go ahead give a listen lean on in or tighten up those earbuds and listen in. Here we go.

T. Harv Eker: Rich people are excellent receivers poor people are poor receivers. If I had to nail down the number one reason most people do not reach their full financial potential it would be this. Most people are poor receivers. They may or may not be good at giving but they are definitely bad at receiving and because they are poor at receiving they don't. People are challenged by receiving for several reasons. First many people feel unworthy or undeserving. This syndrome runs rampant in our society. I would guess that over 90 percent of individuals have feelings of not being good enough running through their veins. Where does this low self-esteem come from. The usual are conditioning. For most of us. It comes from hearing 20 no's for every Yes 10. You're doing it wrong for every you're doing it right. And five you're stupid for every you're awesome. Even if our parents or guardians were incredibly supportive many of us end up with feelings of not being able to continually measure up to their accolades and expectations.

Brian Kelly: Powerful powerful wisdom from T.R. Becker and throughout this entire book he talks about different areas of mindset of those who are successful and those why they have not achieved success. And here he's talking about poor people that they are poor receivers that they don't like to accept. And it's amazing. It's amazing. It's an amazing book. I highly recommend you pick it up. And our our special guest the expert is very well versed in this book and A.R. Vickers works. And so this came out as a beautiful beautiful connection. And speaking of Noa. You know what I'm thinking? Maybe we should do something like, I don't know, bring her on because she is the star of the show? So let's do just that. What do you think?

Announcer: It's time for the guest expert spotlight. Savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained, big league, qualified.

Brian Kelly: And there she is ladies and gentlemen. It is Noa Schector, the one, the only. Noa, how are you doing this evening? Thanks so much for coming on.

Noa Schecter: Doing phenomenal right now. And thank you for having me on the show. Really appreciate it.

Brian Kelly: We are so blessed. I say we because not just myself but everybody watching listening either live right now or out at the recording. This is going to be a phenomenal show. I know it. And before I do a formal introduction of you Noa I want to remind everyone watching listening especially you that are watching live is at the end of the show. So stick around to the end at the end of the show you will get the opportunity to win of five. There it is five night stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico compliments of my good buddy Jason asked and his company power texting dot com. So be sure to stay under the end you will you'll be amazed how easy it is to enter to win it's 100 percent free don't charge a thing for the show nor this amazing five night trip. All right let's get on with it. I'm going to introduce Noa formerly and then we're going to get to know her at a deeper level. Noa Schecter is the founder of the accelerated leadership academy with co-founder Phil Black and together they work with entrepreneurs business owners corporations and others who seek assistance in scaling their business to new levels. I love this already. They help business owners how to communicate better whether one on one or through their signature program called mastery.

I love this as an N L P. M.. Hmm. One of the patterns. Yes she is as an MLP master practitioner and educator Noa coaches also mentors adolescence teens and adults in many forms and settings on the topics they need help with. Noa helps them find the solutions they need to live a more peaceful even more prosperous life. You can learn more about Noa and her coaching and training services at Talaat T.A. L.A.. Got a light of life and we'll go we'll go into the contact information again at the end of the show. With that I would like to now formally welcome you know to the show.

Welcome Marco. Thank you. So let's jump right into it and start to get into the essence of Noa Schecter and that's what everybody is here for we want to get to know you at a deeper level including myself. Want to get to know you what makes you tick what what drives you to become so successful. So on that note like you know we all we all sleep at night. At least I hope most of us do sometimes it doesn't seem like it but when you get up in the morning and you know your feet hit the ground the floor and you're about to get up out of bed What is it that you find drives you day to day to say OK this is it a new day is upon me it's time to get busy go forward and live my passion and dream. What is that for you.

What motivates you know a sector out of people's success when and sometimes it's even the unknown to start the day and not exactly know where I'm going to with the day. So I like surprises and instead of I'll create my day in the morning. But at some point I say OK if shifts are going to happen throughout the day I'm OK with it. So instead of say thanks I'm not going to work today according to my plan. So I was like OK what kind of surprise I'm going to have today Susan. It's a shift in my thinking and the words that I'm used.

Love it love it love it.

And I noticed before the show started you you announced or you told me that you had authored some books. You told me that in your information long ago before we brought you on the show and on the topic of books right. We were talking about books a little earlier at least I was and the importance of reading books. You know I finally got. I smacked myself in the face and woke up and realized the importance and it has huge importance. And it's one thing to read books and it's also another great thing to author books and a little bird told me Noa that you might have to like hardcopy books of books you personally authored sitting somewhere near you.

Would you like to come in on those and give us a little insight.

Sure. But first of all I want to thank you. I want to thank you so much for talking about books. I'm like a big fan of reading books and listening to us like Oh I see already a book in your library. I'm learning to read it so important. And it's like it's a word that is start to be forgotten. Reading books I think it's so important. I don't know how many people you knows. I'll get out five 30 in the morning and my hobby sometimes to go to a coffee shop in the morning and just read a book for an hour. It's so important. That's also how I write my books. I read a book and then I write my books at the same time. It's kind of inspiring me and helping me. So yes I do have two books right now. I have a few other e-books that I wrote the Do I have right now. It's the 51 networking mistakes that they co-author with a great friend of Kleinfeld named farts me. The other book I have.

What's on your mind.

Helping people understand how to vent how to talk and why it's important to have like a coach or a good person or a partner. That's when you speak about your issues your problems and you need some support. It's not just to talk to everyone who is the right person to speak to so or to vent. Like how cold it may be hard to want to vent so you can have a better and happier life.

And one more thing to say about networking these states look this is funny. I deal with a lot of entrepreneurs business people. Most people are not comfortable doing networking events and in this books I realize working to ones like two years ago working to a not one a networking event there was like at least in my book. There's fifty one networking mistakes. There were at least 30 mistakes in one event. So I came I started discussing it with my friends and said wow it's so instead of saying negative things about the person that created the event or the people who said How about inspiring people to do it right. And that's how they fifty one networking mistakes star was born.

Fantastic. I want a copy of that for sure.

Got it.

Because I emailed it to you and I've seen many mistakes as well attending. You know I've I've run I've trained several I've mentioned earlier of Mills. I also did three of my own events and then I've since witnessed other events and now you have a different eye for what's going on. Like I like where are the seat. How are the seats situated whereas the tables situated where the speakers is everything like flowing nicely. In addition to what people are doing and at the breaks and you like did you just say that. Are you serious. You think you're going to make a connection that way. It's interesting. So I'm really interested. Fifty one. That's that's awesome. I can think of several off the top of my head.

I don't I don't want to go through it but what I do want to do is actually add to that a little bit which is the importance of going just going to seminars workshops boot camps. It is it's I always just say just show up. You never know who you're going to meet at the same time go with an outcome in mind a specific outcome maybe two or three. One of mine now is always my outcome is to meet in person and chat with the main speaker on stage at some point.

I'm not going to go be you know one of these raging fans it's going to be tugging on their coattails and I need to talk to you but I'll pick the opportune moment and I found when I make that outcome it typically happens and then other things happen while you're there and show up and then read this book 51 networking mistakes so that you can know the right way about going about networking collaborating talking getting to know people meeting them instead of you know barfing all over them what you do maybe ask them how can you serve them and what do they do first and lead in something like that. I don't know. I don't want to put words in the mouth of the master of the book here but

You can ask me. I'd love to give some tips about the book what I would like to know if you could think of one.

The biggest mistake that's the most common.

What would that be.

Why one can I do three. Okay let's do three. Let's do three great. The first one is when you enter the room. I the one things that I would like to tell people. We search the place to. Then to the people that are coming today to the event before so you know you know there is a saying that you need to know who is in front of you. And so you know how to dress you know how to prepare yourself. Do I need to bring money. Cash credit card whatever all of it. OK. And dressing today's event you don't want to dress too much if everybody is a. Casual you don't want to wear like a black tie. But then if everyone it's a black tie you don't want to show up with the jeans. That's one mistake. Second one. That is driving me crazy when I go to event and I somebody and I give someone my business card I said Oh can I have your business card. Then they say oh I don't have one. Or they say I ran out or I forgot it and I was like What. You know I just gave you something of mine.

I know my name you know my business you know from my business card you know so much about me and boy yeah. So it's kind of exchanging information. And sometimes people say to me. I don't believe in business cards OK. But I give you something of mine. So at least if you don't believe in business cards. Pick up your phone and say Hey let's exchange information because it's like exchanging energy. And the third one it's the 80 20 rules. I know you know it. Be curious when you got to the event Don say so much about what's people like to say here's what I do.

And they go on and on and on and on about it. What do you tell all or they say I have this business and this business in this business and they don't understand you've just lost your audience.

So be curious and care about the person that is standing in front of you because you understand that. Bryan it's all about the connection how we can connect with each other first and then if there is a connection it doesn't matter what you say after that whole idea of entering the room to network is have to continue to have that connection that your career.

It's like fishing. I go to the ocean fish the fish. You're not going to eat it right there. Got to bring it home. And maybe freeze it maybe cook it. I don't know maybe sell it but you just got to fish.

I love that. Yeah. And you know being that you are an IP master practitioner that makes you a phenomenal resource not only as the author of the book but to help people to show them how they can build rapport instantly with people that they meet you know with the matching and mirroring and other techniques that come through and I'll be training that you know once I learned that no that was like That was a that was a godsend to learn that before that I didn't care to meet or talk to people. I love people. I just didn't want to talk Don and I didn't know that the reason was why I didn't know how. I didn't know how to do it properly. And once I learned through MLP training how simple it was and how quick it can be. I'm now everybody's best friend all the time and I'm happy. I love meeting people now in the elevator when it's quiet. I'm the one that talks. And it's not belligerent right. It's just something I'll just survey and see what's going on and I'll say something and always get a smile crack and you know what everybody does. I'm not looking for business transactions with everybody I meet. And to your point about you know the fishing you're not there to you know eat right away you're develop developer relationship to start it rolling. So very very valuable. Can't wait to devour this book. This is going to be phenomenal. Do you happen to have it in audible form yet. Yes I do. Oh it's my next one right on right next.

I have it in PDA. I have a hard copy and I have it in audio.

Very smart. I'm curious did you personally did you personally narrate the book or did you have someone else do it.

No I had somebody who was a wonderful voice author of this book Bartz made after all I have a little bit of an accent. So we realize it's not such a good thing to narrate the book. So we decided to let our never the book.

Oh that's that's fine yes gorgeous cures because I was we were talking before I'm writing the book myself and wanted to know what level of effort that takes to. Then once you've written it now to voice that I heard it's not a small amount of effort but it's quite a good undertaking there. So kudos to you both for putting that out I can't wait. That's my next on my list. Everyone listening this is this is not a show to promote a book just so I get that straight. But I already can tell just from three of the fifty one mistakes that people make. This is a book I want to pick up personally because I I have in the past on the many network networking events bootcamp seminars everything we mentioned and can always get better. I can always improve. I'm sure there's things in there that I've never heard of. Yeah fantastic. I'm looking at my notes that I wrote I'm writing notes so if you're not writing notes and you're just sitting there watching and listening there's no excuse. All right. I'm having fun with you now but not you know. But the listeners and viewers out there on the host I'm run and everything I'm the director and the producer on the co-star. This is the star here.

Yeah. So write notes take notes and you know that's just you know writing authoring a book learning advanced skills in an LP for mindset you know being an entrepreneur takes a lot of different skills. Usually specifically because many entrepreneurs start out on their own solo opener. And so now you have to master sales marketing team building and copywriting Web site building sometimes that depends on if you're on a shoestring budget. So being a successful entrepreneur. Noa what would you say. And I'll give you a not just one this time but what would you say are the top three skills needed to be become and maintain being a successful entrepreneur.

Ok. Few.

First of all to know how to fail but change it. It's not failing. It's learning experience. I also I shared with you before I also work with many entrepreneurs actually in Israel or so here people this starting to on their own business and it's like it looks you know from the outside we all hear about this person became a billionaire overnight or did an act Zeitz or he's very successful but people don't know how many nights he came and these teams were away how many times they they they were like working out of the house or they didn't have money barely any money to buy food or they were couch surfing nobody thinking about this like oh he did it it's so easy or they don't know how many times they tried they failed they had to do it all over again. Either starting from the beginning or to do something different. So people are not aware of it. So my message to everyone as an entrepreneur. Be prepared don't think that if you are starting now it's gonna be successful from the first from the first from the beginning. There is and help plan a plan B plan C that's plus number one and don't see your failure as a failure it's just another way of shifting your business. That's number one and number two. Like I said a lot of entrepreneurs today day when you were at the beginning you're doing it all play that problem. You don't have the skills to do it. Oh I just I'll give an example. I just work with a guy today.

He's in Poland and he's creating a workshop for entrepreneurs in Poland and he reach out to us and I need you there. Can you do one day workshop in Poland. So of course so. And I see the e-mail that he sent wisdom sure he created almost for the heart but there are so many spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes and I said listen in Poland hire someone for five dollars and just creating it's right. So that many people you know have the impression that I need to do everything by myself no realizing there is someone who reach those around you and and team around you that can help you like you know what you're good at and continue to do it. And there's something that you know that you're not good at. Look around you. He was on your team that can help you or won't Can you hire in a minimum pay. That can help you to get to where you need to get. And number three entrepreneurs again because they're starting and like very lean they don't have the budget or they're working 24/7 they don't rest well they don't celebrate. So one of the things I tell them sometimes when I work was our client is like hey when is the last time you celebrate your success. When is the last time you turn off your computer turn off yourself watch it just go out and have a good time and connect to people connected to nature do something different something is doing that different.

Or even like I do. Go on read a book in a in a in a library in a coffee shop. Sometimes just these action help you to start thinking out of the box and maybe find a solution that you need to find to help you move forward in your project nuggets of wisdom. Beyond

Compare. I mean good grief know how to fail. Be prepared. Plan A Plan B Plan C failure equals shifting your business. Yeah. And one thing I learned as well as you know you want to get good at failing and failing fast and failing often because every time you do takes you that much closer to that level of success. And that's what keeps many people from ever succeeding is the fear of failure. And if they fear it and then it happens then oh my gosh their world is turned upside down I failed. I'm a failure. No you're that's just one of many that he will go through on the path to being a successful entrepreneur. I love that.

And then about you know you can. You don't have the skills of every position. Absolutely agree with it 100 percent. You know we have what is called a core competency. And I had another mentor who was very good at pounding that in my head and said Brian you're your core competency. Is this not this other thing you're doing. So delegate that said OK and I started doing it. So I brought on apprentices and my goodness what a liberation liberating feeling. Thank you for those likes and loves. What a liberating feeling that was to get help and get help of people who were more adept in those areas of I was I just told them what I wanted to do and didn't have to worry about it. Phenomenal. And then celebrate. Oh thank you. Thank you.

You just gave everyone here permission to celebrate to take it easy to enjoy it too. You know look back even if you have nothing but what you consider to be failures. Look back at those accomplishments of that's how many failures father closer to success you now are you know like I would say in the fitness industry if something called for doing 10 reps like 10 pushups and for whatever reason you're able to only do seven

And you gave it everything you've got but what do we as humans typically like to do. We like to kick ourselves in the butt for not completing all ten because the goal was was 10 and we only did seven. And my thing is I always say no no no it's not that since you gave everything you had that's all you could do period end of story instead of kicking yourself in the butt for those reps you didn't do. Rather pat yourself on the back for the reps you did complete because you gave it your all. And guess what next time you'll get more done because you gave everything you had.

So math. Oh those were unbelievable nuggets of wisdom.

All right. Can I add something to that. Yes please remember Tom. Now remember about Thomas Edison okay before he invented delights. Right. The lightbulb he said and people came to him and say so many times how can you do it. Failing and failing and failing you say I'm not failing. I'm just learning what what to do now what not to do. That's it.

Exactly. Exactly.

And it's a process and so many people fall for that shiny object syndrome where they think they all have to do is join a network marketing company and pay a monthly fee and they're going to become rich and there's not going to be much effort or failure involved and it does nothing works this way. Nothing works to become successful takes it takes hard work takes discipline it takes it takes thick skin and it takes drive and it takes having a big huge Hwy. What is your why that you will never stop what you're doing because of that why there's so many awesome things I don't want to take over the time here with that but because this is no time. You know it's it's. One of the biggest daunting things for most entrepreneurs that I run into and it I'm no different is how do you acquire customers how do you get clients what is the what is a great way to do that. Or ways to bring in customers and clients because so many people that I run into say Well yeah that's all great. Well and good Brian but how do I get the leads to begin with how do I get the customers and clients before I go changing all of my trainings and make it better. So for you Noa how do you personally build a successful customer base. Like you said networking and eye network

Everywhere. So instead of calling it networking how about I connect. You go. Oh I see it. I connect with everyone to run because other people. So for me it's natural. I can go to the supermarket then I connect with everyone.

First of all I think it's very nice to people that serve you always acknowledge them. So it's really genuine for me. Like smile people smile at people around me and. I said I tried. Sometimes it's it's our nature to judge people but you never know who is in front of you. There are so many amazing people around us. You don't know who I am who they are. Yeah. They don't know who I am. But you don't know who is in front of you. One of my dearest friends today and a mentor an extremely successful person. Here's a good example. I went to an event in Arizona to three years ago. Don't know anyone. And this is a gentleman from the back of the room at this late 70s. OK. Waving at me someone waving back. He's waving back and we start waving. Away he doesn't get up so I walked up to the gentleman and I realized that he cannot move. So we having this amazing conversation that night he became my mentor. He became a friend. We call each other almost every once a week or once every two weeks. And this is just network. And now he said to me No I want your success. What is it that you need that I would love to help you. And we are working on a few things together right now.

But you would never know. Just being good and genuine and the success will come when you connect with people. And it's only for the business they know it.

And you'll see they'll walk away from you or the body language you can tell it on the body. But when I connect with people because I care at some points I get a referral. Or they'll say you know what no I know you have a great program you help me I swear to you I should as where. Sorry guys. Fast forward before January like it was I think December one of my daughters friend said No I want to take you four for lunch before the holidays. I was like OK. Let's go for lunch. We're having a great lunch and I should reserve a program that I created how to achieve goals. And I'm showing us and showing her how does it what happens and why people fail on goals and then all of a sudden she is like OK coach me I say OK thank you so much. Let's set up time because she's treating me for lunch. Correct. So I want to give something back. And she's I know you don't get it. I want you to be my coach. I was like Oh why is that. I know I know you're going to help me a lot. I know you're going to push me and what you wrote here. I want it. I want you to show me how to do it. I was like OK so you never know drive your car and call people you haven't talked to them for long. Oh you know show people that you really care about them not just when I have an event. I called people Christmas come everyone my phone book getting a message a Merry Christmas. You'll get that probably next year to a father's day. I just go and I connect send a text. Show them. I think about you.

Fantastic fantastic. So connecting it comes down to connecting ladies and gentlemen.

And it comes down to personal relationships. Yeah. Many do not like hearing that. I know that I didn't used to like hearing that I'm a automation guru I guess I've been called. I don't like the word guru but I'm really good at automation and I always love doing that rather than connecting with people in person.

That was the old me but I thought I could you know reach the masses much quicker than one on one one at a time. Face to face I thought that's not very efficient. Let's blast an e-mail out to a couple thousand and get there quicker. Well I found out over a many times of trying and decades of trying this literally 20 years Internet marketing that it comes down to personal relationships whether you like it or not that is the way to become successful. And so yeah it's good to gain the skills necessary to interact with people. And again I'm going to do this. This was not known as ask. She did not ask this I'm plugging her book and it's 51 networking mistakes and you are co authoring with another gentleman is that correct. Yes. That's

Fantastic. So. There we go. Let's see. I wanted to bring up another so that when we as entrepreneurs go through our daily lives there are lots of peaks and lots of valleys. As for Kelly sometimes it feels like the peaks are insurmountable. They're just hard to get over and climb where we can coast back down and have a good easy sailing. So let's talk about the good times. Concentrate on that for the moment and let's talk about moments during your business Noa where things felt like they were going good and you felt. That

Either an event occurred or that you had a period of time where things were just clicking. What would you call your most satisfying moment thus far in your business.

There's so many I cannot say one because we deal with people not machines. Like when you are in front of a like you let's say you send 5000 e-mails and. 2000 response to say wow that was a success. However as these people I cannot say one way of success. There's so many ways to see success. Success could be a person that I reach out once in my life. You will call me and say hey no thank you for that advice but I'd advise change my life. That's a success. Successful could be my clients you know moving forward and and and achieving those goals. That's a success to success does somebody say hey no I didn't take a vacation for so many years and I'm doing it. There is no one way of achieving success. And for me personally if I have a goal and I achieve that goal it's a success. But I think the most is when I influence others which whether it's personal friends or clients and they get something. For me that means success.

Yes. And so on that can you think of one specific moment that was you say there are many just pull out one you're got to a nice enough to name names I can tell you've got it already.

Oh yeah. What is that one specific moment that you've truly found to be satisfying.

That happens. I think two years ago I went to the supermarket buy my house and I see a homeless guy had Downs start talking to him I say Hey good morning.

You know like talking to him like this is my friend I just haven't seen you in a long time. And he said good morning and you and all of a sudden I see this beautiful blue amazing eyes and I was like wow what a beautiful eye. I'm hungry. You want coffee. And then all of a sudden he gets. And he was so modest he said you know that's OK. Just give me coffee. And because he was so nice I got him coffee breakfast lunch. I mean I was a huge bag. And I start talking to him and I see that he likes to read talking about reading and this is what it is. It is a way. I love reading but I don't have any books I said don't worry I run home and I got like five six books giving books and we start having a wonderful conversation and I'm talking to him and he said Oh I know I'm not big. And I used to do research about the brain and he about 23 years old.

So he tells me about the research that he does and I was like OK is there is on high on something or this is rare. But I realized the language was very nice profound language and I'm talking about the brain I know him. He gets it to everything I said You see I know. Or I said OK something is off here. So we starting to talk to him and talking to us say hey. Why were you on the street. And he was like You don't belong here.

And he said well my girlfriend dumped me we had to find this seriously. So you want to say to me now I knew immediately. I have to help them I got to get him out of the street

But he's telling a story I got I don't have much time to for a therapy or a session I said Listen buddy do you want to tell me. Everyone has a fight with his wife girlfriend whatever they should enter on the finished end up on the streets. Wow. So I didn't buy the story start talking to him and then my heart was like racing I said something wrong here was something doesn't make sense. And I start checking on him and I notice like in the afternoon I came to check on him. This guy is like I think six to. Nice handsome guy so I grow my MLP book and I start doing an LP on the in the parking lot. Nice short story. I connected him with his mom that afternoon. Make sure he calls his mom. We bought him a ticket next day he was on the train back to his home. You went back to the university graduate like I think 4.0 and I think last one I heard that was a few months ago. He is he was applying to a Mets for a while so talking about something then will be. And this book. What's on your mind. Actually he hired me to write the chapter about him. We were ordered together and when he needed some money so I gave him I think a hundred dollars or something for the trip I gave him some money for the trip on the bus.

But I say hey you know this is something very important. You just don't give money to people let's say how about that. You're smart. Your writing skills do it for the next few weeks I want you to help me with my writing. So he helped me. And then after that I hired these services or extra time so

I become his boss. I became his boss at some point.

So what a phenomenal phenomenal story. I mean my gosh yeah. You weren't just his boss you were his mentor you were his savior for a time there. How amazing. So that's so. Ladies and gentlemen this. These are the kind of people that come onto this show time and time again. They're heart centered serving centered. They're there to help and give. She did not use the opportunity to say this was the most satisfying time in my business. This is more of in my life and which you know business is a relationship. It is this. There's no no real big difference between business and personal life. When it comes down to the fact that we've already discussed he must developed personal relationships and the beautiful thing is how that kind of segway into the assisting and working in your business with you.

That is just one of those that's a rock star story right there. That is amazing that you know it'll be phenomenal if you are ever going. If you're doing a seminar on your own or webinar is to bring him on as a guest speaker and and help to talk about that story what. That is awesome. That is phenomenal. We're done. That's it. Mike drop. Boom.

Oh my God. Brian this is only one star stories.

That's that's great. And that's why you probably have you know seven eight nine ten more books in you because that's what books are are phenomenal about you know storytelling is the best part of books. But real quick. We are kidding low on our time. It happens every single show. I had a couple more I wanted to ask you. Not that there's a quota to meet or anything like that but that I went pulling out the most pertinent questions that remain and I opened the show by talking about I have recognized that there are patterns to success that are many patterns to success. And for us to be come successful all we really need to do is model or copy those who are successful by following those patterns. Do you know I believe there is some sort of pattern or formula for becoming a successful entrepreneur

Yes and yes there's your father. First of all I believe that. And again you don't have to believe me. It's my philosophy. It's the thing that I'm working with so many people I start realizing that actually things are individual there's no one partner I don't like to put things in the box as you already noticed that it's about my personality. So. Everyone. Has a different pattern. Every one of us has a different strategy for success. So when I work with my clients. It's not about me. It's about what is their strategy for success. What works for them. And then when we find work works for them. Now we are amplifying it and bringing it to the next level. And something that doesn't work sometimes. Is it real or it's a story. It's a story that they created for example working with people that they need to sell more or they need like insurance people I have met had some talking about the MLM we did. My business partner and I did some workshop for wars financial group and I remember

Asking them hey you business is all about being under out there and connecting with people I remember I asked one of the Hey how often do you go network. And he said one of them said once a month and he was proud of it. And then I was like I kidding me. Once the moths it you're kind of a business you need to be out at least three times a week because that's how you get to get people and engage with people.

And it's true. I heard that later that he'd start taking it more more seriously start networking three times a week. And of course this effect his business. So for someone it's maybe to learn how to do better marketing online marketing for someone he's like maybe we saw learning how to sell how to increase my selling for someone like you. Like you said I need to read more and I need to connect with people more. It's very individual for each person. So that's one thing. If there is something prominent that I sell to people and I share with all my clients and my friends it's all about you in a world what is the story that you have in your inner world because you're his here's it's true. And I didn't say it. There's so many research about it and you can go and check it. I'm sure one of your books saying it you in a word is actually creating the results that you have in your outer world. What do you mean. It means that when you have thoughts. Right. When you have a thought you have a you're going to focus on something whether it's successful or not successful. That thoughts will create a meaning you're going to give it a meaning the meaning that you give to that thought will create an action that I can create result. For example you drive there's a freeway you're on the freeway. There was an accident or or there's something that delayed your driving home so you can say Oh my God better play bad weather bad freeway. That's the meaning that you that this is a late so bad. The action that you take. It's interaction you're not happy. You go home you're upset your day is over the results you you may come home and you're upset that your wife or your kids or your loved one it doesn't matter but it's negative or you can change it to say OK you know what. There's

A delay maybe there's a coffee shop here maybe I can see the ocean in my right side. Beautiful day maybe I can go for a little walk enjoy my day and now this is the action that you're taking. The result would feel happier. So it's all about what you see and what kind of translation. How do you in a words translate. The actions the things that happened to you in life. I prefer to use it for positive way versus negative.

Yeah I love that. In MLP as you know that's called the IRR internal representation that each of us have that we all run certain filters and we could be you and I. I won't use you because I want to use a different example myself and another person could go to let's say a gathering maybe a celebration we'll call it a party and we're both at the same exact party standing shoulder to shoulder and experiencing the same exact experience. And then when we leave we might have completely different opinions of how it went. It's like wait. Weren't we at the same place. I mean I had a blast and this person's complaining that the air conditioner was too high or too low on the all night. You know and I'm like really that's what you got from this has because of the filters we have developed over time that program our subconscious mind we're getting deep now that these internal representations that Noa is seeing much better than I because she's speaking in actual English instead of me going down the rabbit hole but that's where it all comes from and what I completely firmly believe and everything you just said Noa because it's like that thought. Your thoughts become your beliefs your beliefs then transition into emotion and then once that emotion hits that's when we take action and add action or inaction that becomes the results we currently have in our life today. So everything you you think about is what is created your reality today. And at first when I first heard that I was like Whoa that's a little woo woo that's a little come out there but it's actually really true because I have reprogram my mind using an LP and that sounds a little woo woo by itself but it's really simple really quick.

It's a science and proven works and it's a life and game changer. So Noa is a person to reach out to if you want to change your mind for the better because look she did it for a homeless young man at 23 years old who is now graduated and success in his own right. Do you think it works. Well yes she she didn't go into detail what she did but she took him through some A.P. processes right there and that just changed his world for the better. And so it's an amazing amazing sites I had to give that shout out to MLP No because it's so powerful. Thank you for bringing that all up for sure. Okay real quick. We're really toward the end. I was going to let you do three but we're gonna bring it down to one and this is an easy one. I hope you talked about well you gave us all permission to have fun right to go celebrate what is one thing you love to do personally that just you detach from the business you detach from your phone and e-mails and everything and just go let your hair down and relax and have fun. What is that for you.

Not exactly relaxing. I go salsa dancing salsa. I can't talk and I can't talk. I mean there's no thinking about the business. I got to pay attention to what my partner is doing. Thought it was fun. I find myself on the floor.

I love it There's something about the music about the move and I was like this is my secret hobby.

Fantastic. And it also inherently involves a form of exercise. So that is absolutely perfect. And I just wanted others to have an example of just an example it doesn't mean that's what they have to or need to do but you know without hearing a concrete example of what other people do to have fun. Well it might be. Oh that's all. It's just going out and dancing. Cool. I can do that. You know they might have been thinking too big and thinking I don't know what I'm going to do to celebrate I haven't done it in years so how the heck am I going to do it now. So thank you for that.

We have one more. And it's a it's a like a driving question. It's a really good one that I ask every single guest that has come onto this show and it's an amazing question. And it may take some time to come up with the answer. And this one. Yeah. There's only one answer you can expand on it though. And but before I jump into that and everybody stick on because before I do that what I want to do is show everyone watching live and I'm staying here to the end of our show how they can win that.

Remember that five nights stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico. This is the time that you are now given permission to open a new tab in your browser or a new app on your phone. And here is how you enter. There are two ways.

One is to go to the Web site you see on your screen and that is reach your peak LLC dot com forward slash vacation. Again that's reach your peak LLC dot com Ford slash vacation or if it's easier for you. Or you just prefer to do it on your phone. Go ahead and text the word peak. That's p e a k to the phone number 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. If you need to go ahead and write this down really quick. The screen's going away soon. Text the word peak PTA a.k.a. 2 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. I think even Noa wrote it down just now watching her on camera so that's cool.

And oh by the way I cannot do this without the amazing amazing folks Jason Nast and his business partner at power texting dot com. Many of you were alerted of this show coming on using that very system right as we were going live. So go ahead and also write down power texting dot com if you want a personal introduction to Jason. Let me know. It's done. We talk about networking we talk about connections and we have the master connector right here next to me right now. Noa Schecter. So Noa was kind of a build up to this question and I don't want you to get nervous about it because here's the thing. I've asked many entrepreneurs that have been on this show the same exact question. And to date not a single not no two person no two people have answered it the same way some similar but not exact and not the same. And I know that someday someone will say something that a previous one did. And that's OK. The cool thing is there is no wrong answer and in fact just the opposite. The only correct answer is your answer because it's unique to you. And we kind of touched on it earlier but I want to see if we can get you to be more specific on this answer and I'll help you along if necessary. So are you ready now huh. Yeah all right. Noa Schecter. How do you define success

Ok. By the time I get it by the time you are about to leave the world's. Looking back on your life and feel good about what you did

That's one way of success so success for me is building up every day to get into that point.

That's success for me is supremely powerful. It's a long it's a long

Road to Heaven. So success is every day set up your goals and every day assess your day and say how good was my day. What did I do today. That moving forward towards my goals.

Whether it's daily yearly or life long goals lifelong goals that you're two you want to achieve.

Fantastic fantastic and true to form different than everyone else. I love it. I love it. And the thing is I'm gonna compile all of these answers into another like smaller book because how how powerful is it to learn about all the different types of interpretations of success that there are out there and every single one of them is right. That's the cool thing. They're all correct because it's your definition of success. So it's right. Doesn't have to be mine doesn't make it wrong does it. No it doesn't. Every one of them has been amazing and I noticed I remembered you had a gift for our viewers. You wanted to offer them something I wanted to give you the opportunity to talk about that briefly do you have a web. I can pull up while you do that. I guess it's w w w dot t a and a dot. Life and I. F E X one

And the gift that I have is actually I have few. So just put the people on the show if they're interested in getting the PDA for the 50 1 networking mistakes after we talked about it a lot. Just shoot us they can even send you a message and definitely we'll send them we'll send them a PDA for the book complimentary of course that what we have we have two amazing gift for the audience. I mean of course to be giving you one gift is the disk assessment that they do that help people understand what is your potential. This is of this value is 500 dollars and declines will take the assessment and then they spend about an hour and a half with me going over the assessment and the other gift that I have actually. So it happens that we are as a company we're doing a magnificent event April 6 and 7 in beautiful San Diego. The name of the event is beyond limits. Again the value of this event the value of this gift is five hundred dollars for two days. You're going to work. You know every person going to work. What is your inner world and how you create their success on your ad awards.

How do you change your thoughts. You know one of my words one of my sentences is like change your thoughts change your life. And I do believe in it and I work with people on that.

So how to accelerate your learning and move faster in your action and creating greater results. Two days that all about you and we are gifting one person one ticket for this event. The rest of you just shoot up an e-mail. We have a link for the event. I'd love to see everyone at the event.

Fantastic. So to that end now how would they get in touch with you to receive this amazing gift. W w w dot t. A L A DOT life l I

F E. That's it. No that come. Nothing w w w dot Tyler. T.A. L.A.. That's life. And it's the accelerated leadership academy.

Or they can find us on your Facebook. I'll send you the link to. You have it so you can if they ask. They could always reach out to us through you.

Fantastic and so when they go to that website do they call the phone number or hit the email that's on there at the very upper Blue Area. How do they get where do they go from there.

They either website pass a message call the phone number whatever works. OK we are going to respond. And Brian I'm inviting you to this event to thank you. I don't like it. You like to come.

Hey San Diego's got a warm spot in my heart. That's where my daughter lives. So we just want to here a few weeks ago I can never see enough of her OK.

After six and seven I have to look at the calendar on that one. Well fantastic. So Tala that is short for the accelerated leadership academy as you can see on the screen right there. And no I want to just say thank you so very much for coming on the show for just. Just divulging just giving us so much value. It was so amazing. I mean I have writer's cramp.

I was writing notes throughout all of the sheets went to the back and I get more out of this I think than anyone else on the planet because I'm right here with you and I love that I get to do this and I love that I get to share you with the world and I I so hope that everyone that's watching this either live or recorded that you are getting that value to you're taking notes and you're taking action.

Go reach out to Noa and get those gifts they're gifts that means free.

By the way free to gift too. So no not for everyone. You go first come to people but the book is for everyone.

There you go. So first come first serve so get there now taking action that's how you that's one of the traits of successful people are those that take massive immediate and I had one more consistent action. All right enough coaching and preaching. We have to let everyone go here. Noa it because we're beyond our one hour by a little bit. I want to respect everyone's time. Yours as well. But thank you once again for coming on for rocking our world and I can't wait for the next show coming up and so everyone stay tuned. We'll see you again real real soon. Next edition of the mind body business show for Noa Schachter I'm Brian Kelly. Have a wonderful and blessed evening. So long for now

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body business shows with Brian Kelly.

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