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Welcome to the mind body business. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kemp.

Hello everyone and welcome welcome.

Welcome to the mind body business show. Oh my goodness. Have we got an amazing show lined up free tonight.

I cannot wait for you to meet our special guest expert Pamela Gregory. She is amazing beyond amazing. She has an amazing mission and purpose and I just can't wait to share her with you. Before we do that real quick the mind body business show. For those of you that might be new to the show what is that all about.

Well it all starts with mind or mindset when it comes to success in my 54 years on this planet now I've learned from those who are successful I focused on those who were successful and found that there were patterns that developed in each of them that helped them to rise to their level of current success. And it all started with the foundation of all success in both business and personal life. And that is your mindset. And when you are able to master your mindset to serve you better. And oh we're going to hit it to night. I love it. I can't wait. Then you will be operating at a higher level of performance and then there's body. What is that all about. Well with the body it is just what it says it's its nutrition. It's working out taking care of your body and soul that you're operating the body at a peak level of performance as well. And I'd like to say the mind and body are a team and even more importantly the mind and body are your team. And so think of it like this. We have we have basketball playoffs going on right now. There are five players on that on the floor at any given time for each team. And let's say one of those players decided in the offseason to take it easy and not practice not stay in shape. And he's a starter in play and they go out on the court just one player that's not operating at peak level of performance.

What do you think happens to the team as a whole. Yeah you guessed it. They're not operating at their highest level. Same thing with mind and body. And then there's business. Business is multifaceted. It includes things like sales marketing team building systematized and many other things. And when you are able to master each of those individual areas you will see incredible improvements in your business and in your life. Now when you combine all three and go after mastering all three and you are reaching it or you have mastered all three then I say you are at operating at what I call a level of peak performance and hence the name of my company. Reach your peak and it's amazing you know about success because I remember many many years ago going back I had a mentor of mine who gave me some incredible advice on what he said. Was amazing but it was also I made a huge mistake. And what he did I was I was in his office. He was a multimillionaire CEO of a company a corner office top floor. All that back east and we were in the middle of striking up a deal. We had a contract to sign and it was a two day trip. I spent two days in his office. I'm at one point sitting on the couch in his office he's standing and talking to me looking at me directly.

And he said Brian at one point he said Brian if people only knew if they just did this one thing if he just did this one thing they would all be super rich. All right. Wow I got my interests though OK. What is it at that moment he turned kind of coyly backward went back to the opposing wall behind him and there was a cabinet from floor to ceiling with two doors. He went back he grabbed both handles look back at me and opened them up. And what he revealed was very similar to what you see behind me right now. It was shelf after shelf after shelf of books. And he said all they need to do is read and more importantly it's not just reading books but reading the right books on business on personal development on health. Wellness. It all goes together. And I made a huge mistake at that moment because I completely I completely ignored that advice. I said to myself It can't be that easy.

I can't be that easy. There's not enough skin in the game I'm thinking my goodness I could literally go to a library remember those in the library and check out a book for free. So I didn't have to pay any money if I needed to read these books. I wouldn't have to pay any money so I thought that can't be that cannot be correct. But thankfully thankfully thankfully many years later I am renting to another gentleman who would then become my mentor and we worked together for years. I actually spoke from his stage trained his students for half of their events. They had two and three day life events. And over the course of time and one day I remember being in his house and he's walking around with headphones on.

And I was a little curious. This was some time ago as well I said Well hey man what are you doing. And he kind of listens little ear cuffs is what me. This. Yeah I'm listening to a book. I said wait what. You're listening to a book.

Ok. Recognized back then. Audible was brand new. So this was a new concept for me and I thought wow OK I got that advice over a decade ago and now my mentor is is not only telling me to do it. In fact he's not he's actually just doing it. He's showing by action. OK. Let me give that a shot. And oh my goodness my world opened up because I love. I found that I love listening to books. Everyone has their favorite way of ingesting information. Yours might be reading or seen watching video of a of a story or it could be that you are ok with just listening. For me listening is much easier I ingest and retain much better and so I began reading bore graciously book after book after book getting good enough. And I used audible. One of the great things with audible is as you're no matter where you are. I'm often listening to it in the car. It's like a university on wheels. What else am I gonna be doing listening to music or something else that's not serving me. It might be relaxing me and that's okay. On occasion for me. But most of time I'm listening to a book and while I'm listening I will give you this nice little feature if you hear something that you really that really compels you that really jumped out or you just want to go back and revisit. You can just tap this little icon in what it is as a bookmark and it stores that position in time and you can go retrieve that either on your Android or iPhone or Apple device or even on the web and go read listen to it. And so that's what I began doing I began just wearing that bookmark ribbon button out. And what I'm going to do tonight right now for you is share with you one little snippet in a segment I appropriately call. Bookmarks

Bookmarks born to read bookmarks. Ready steady read bookmarks brought to you by reach your peak library dot com there you see my side that's reach your peak library dot com.

And by the way take out a notepad and a pen you will want to take notes not primarily for what I'm telling you now. You do want to include that but really when Pamela Gregory comes on which I promise is very very soon. In other words stay with us here now. Don't run off and look at these resources don't type in the URL. Stay with us. Take notes and then after the show's over they're all recorded. They're all free. You can then go back to your notes and go check out those resources sound fair. Coco so you can see there the number one reason for lack of success is not simply a lack of reading books. Again it's a lack of reading the right books. And so I created this Web site due to my own experience of completely discounting that gentlemen's advice. I thought it's important for others to have a resource that they can go to where they don't have to guess. So what I did was I started compiling all the books that had impact on me personally. So not every book I've ever read is in this in this list in fact I'm actually quite a bit behind. There are about 40 though or so that are all in that genre in business and personal development and fitness and health and wellness. And it just goes on and on and there's roughly 40 in here now I'm probably 20 30 40 behind I don't know I have to go back and read revisit that.

This I built for you. I built this Web site for you. The entrepreneur the person that is either looking to start learning about entrepreneurship and really taking the next level or someone who is already doing very well and just wants another resource or a library of someone's vetted list that they can go to and say there might be a book or two in there that you haven't read. This happens to me all the time. Pamela who's going to be coming on the show will probably have a few suggestions for books herself. I wouldn't doubt it in the least. So what I'd like to do at this moment is actually go and play one of those bookmarks that I tapped on my phone at that time. And it's by a gentleman by the name of Stephen R. Covey it's called The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Great book highly highly recommend that you go grab a copy if you don't have it. I believe that one is on the site already. So what we're gonna do is take a listen. It's about a minute and a half in length but do take notes on this as well. And then I promise right after that we are going to bring on our special guest expert. So go ahead take a quick close listen and take notes.

It is called solution selling and is a key paradigm in business success. The response is usually agreement. Most people can see how apparently such an approach would affect their opportunities for employment or advancement but many of them fail to take the necessary steps the initiative to make it happen. I don't know where to go to take the interest and aptitude tests. How do I study industrial organizational problems. No one wants to help me. I don't have any idea how to make an effective presentation. Many people wait for something to happen for someone to take care of them. But people who end up with the good jobs are the proactive ones who are solutions to problems not problems themselves who seize the initiative to do whatever is necessary consistent with correct principles to get the job done. Whenever someone in our family even one of the younger children takes an irresponsible position and waits for someone else to make things happen or to provide a solution we tell them. Use your RMI. Stands for resourcefulness and initiative. Ah and I in fact often before we can say it. They answer their own complaints. I know I know use my art and I holding people to the responsible course is not demeaning. It is affirming Proactivity is part of human nature and although the proactive muscles may be dormant they are there by respecting the proactive nature of other people. We provide them with at least one clear undistorted reflection from the social mirror.

All right we'll stop it right there and one of the biggest takeaways I got from that blurb was near the beginning of it.

And that was a lot of people will wait to see if others will do things for them.

And that is so rampant especially in the corporate arena where I've come from years ago and you know you're always looking for someone else to carry you. What we're looking for that lucky lotto winning winning ball things like that instead of taking action taking your own course in life and just continually moving forward take responsibility for yourself for your life. And that's a common theme through nearly every book you'll see in this library. It's a common theme with every guest expert Pamela is no exception. And as a matter of fact guess what time it is right now you guess it is time to bring on our special guest expert. It's time for the guest expert spotlight savvy skillful professional adept trained big league qualified

And there she is ladies and gentlemen. The one the only Pamela Gregory who so excited.

Pamela thanks so much for coming on tonight. I'm so so happy that you're here.

I'm so happy to be here.

Ask what I'd like to do is real quick before we formally introduce you. Pamela is I want to remind our viewers that are watching live that they can if they stay on to the end. They have the opportunity to win a five nights stay. At a five star resort in Mexico. And it's all compliments of a wonderful company called Power texting Jason S. and Rhonda both holding doing that company. And it's an amazing amazing trip. It's not a timeshare. It's a legitimate vacations day so five nights. It's worth it's worth over a thousand dollars. No kidding. So stay on with us to the very very end.

All right. Now he's willing to but you know what. I love it.

Love it. So Pamela Gregory she is an emotional fitness specialist. She began her career in the health and wellness industry over 30 years ago where she worked as a fitness trainer and nutritional consultant in 2003. Her focus shifted to emotional fitness and the healing impact forgiveness has on one's health by blending the science of psycho neural immunology. How to do the study of how the mind and emotions affect the immune system. It's very interesting. And the spiritual practice of forgiveness. She developed a unique proprietary protocol called the forgiveness healing process. Her intensive work with cancer patients at Utopia wellness in Tampa Florida helped Pamela fine tune her protocol to quickly ascertain the unique root cause of each patient's unhealed trauma allowing them to achieve results where other methods have failed. Wait till you hear what she has to say about this. What Pamela has found is close to 100 percent of all all illness regardless of what is called is a symptom of an underlying unresolved emotional condition. This is I am my goose bumps are poking through my jacket. This is amazing. I cannot wait to get into this at a deeper level with you Pamela.

And before we move on because that's a great high level view of what you do what you stand for. Now let's let's go a little bit deeper and find out more about what makes you tick. Like when you get up in the morning we all know our feet hit the ground like we hope in the morning and we get up at that moment where it might be a little groggy a little bit you know not not really there but then something kicks in. This happens with every entrepreneur I've ever met. And it's that drive. And for you that motivation what what comes through your mind. Maybe it's different things each day. But what what comes to your mind that gives you that drive to get up and tackle the next day because let's face it being an entrepreneur is no cakewalk. It can be a very difficult task in its own right. So what is it for you Pamela that motivates you when you get up each and every day.

It certainly can. One day I get very excited to start the day. And one of these people that do jump out of bed and get ready for the coffee bar. Yes I still drink coffee. It's my friend but I only have one cup a day so I start with a cup of coffee and I love to journal and I just get my day. I spend some one on one time and spend my day focusing on you know where do I want to go that day depending on what kind of appointments I have because every day is different. You know being an entrepreneur and setting my own schedule every day is different. And because I have a lot of international clients I my schedule's bizarre. I work a lot of different hours. But in the morning it's all about focusing on you know getting my day started off right and eating healthy breakfast and then that kind of thing. The hot lemon and water and you know that kind of thing. So I'm but I do I do I take some quiet time alone myself and get centered first and set the intention for the day. And you set the intention it sets into motion the kind of day you're going to have for the most part.

Fantastic. And you know it is it's it's kind of a being an entrepreneur you have to be cut from a different cloth. I think of and some of some people can be can crossover even if they're not inherently built to be an entrepreneur. Many have successfully done that but it's either way it's a struggle. It's a nonstop constant struggle. And the interesting thing is most entrepreneurs that's what they love about it is there no two days are the same and you have to really have your hustle on at all times in order to succeed let alone stay above water. Right. And so you know there is a lot there are a lot of peaks and valleys when it comes to running a business running life in general.

And it really takes a different mindset to enable you to get above and continue to maintain that level of success. So for you Pamela specifically when it comes to maintaining that positive productive and successful mindset that you have what do you do on a regular basis to sustain that. Is there something that you go to for that aside from journaling maybe maybe at night maybe books.

I write constantly. I'm a big believer of showering the mind. I mean everyday with a shower or a body so we can stay clean and fresh and we have to do the same thing with our minds so I'm a big believer and pressure of books audio programs I live on YouTube and I'm driving because I'm always you know downloading we you know we have so much negative influence in our life on a daily basis and if we're not consciously choosing to take better stuff you know to make a better choice and to what we're actually choosing to listen to and bring into my my field you know because I'm going to be everything that I bring into my field I'm going to it's going to affect me and I'm going to affect everybody I come in contact with. So knowing all of this is it's very important to me actually you know walk my talk you know so I can practice it and teach other people that you know we've got to download important information and positive thinking into our brains because if we don't that thought if we don't have the right thought process the thought is what starts everything into motion. And you know in a healthy way or in a destructive way. And we really have to make those conscious decisions to do that.

So it's fantastic. It all begins with our thoughts as. Many of us who have mastered the mindset we get that completely. And the cool thing is everyone I mean everyone can learn and train themselves to a point where it's going to become automatic. Now look look take notes Pamela is doing exactly what the successful do. Feeding herself with nothing but positive proactive and good forward looking information at all times. I was just oh gosh it reminds me just the other day my wife was asked hey did you see the story on the news. And I remember what the story was. And my wife didn't really answer. And she says I don't ever watch the news. It's too negative.

And I was so proud to hear her say it out loud. I knew that she didn't. Neither of us do. And that's one reason because you know it's it's a software scene.

I'm a software engineer by trade is you know if you type in a bet if you put in bad data in your program they call it garbage in what what comes out garbage out. Same with what you're talking about we're programming our mind with everything we listen allow ourselves to ingest. That's really the choice. Right. We're allowing it to happen. No one's forcing it on us.

If you're in someone else's let's say you're in someone else's house and the news comes on you want to watch it get up and go in another room.

You have the choice really a lot of boring things we can ever do is watch the evening news if you're in your hearing you know this and this downloaded information right before you're going to sleep of all the negative things that are happening and it's not to be in denial of what's going on in the world you know. But again it's like you choose when you allow it in. But every thought that comes into our mind especially in the evening as we go to sleep you know. My tomorrow starts tonight OK. So that's what I'm thinking about is I'm going to sleep you know. And so if I'm watching something negative that's marinating in my mind in a crock pot you know I mean I'm going to have the results of those thoughts and everything in the morning when I wake up and that's why some mornings we wake up and we think well why do I feel so crappy today you know and because what I was thinking about last night and if I go to bed the night before and have negative thoughts or worry in my mind you know which bring up worry someone address it. But then I'm going to experience it the next day so it's really important to. You know again choose what you can let into your field.

Your analogy is awesome. I mean nothing in oh we could you could you could coin that phrase you know crock pot success I love that it's sitting there stewing and marinating and keeping warm overnight getting all the flavors mixed in.

I really this last night. Yeah. And it might tomorrow starts tonight. I love that. Oh just by the way. So everyone watching. I hope you're taking notes because look I'm the director producer host everything. I'm taking notes. So there should be no excuse for you should there. Unless you're driving and you're listening to us on your phone not watching it.

I hope life so fantastic. And we opened the show right here talking about a lot about the importance of books. And I've noticed a common thread. Would you consider yourself Pamela to also be a book reader avid reader. You're nodding. That's good. Oh. Do you have a specific one you're reading right now that you particularly like or maybe do you have one in the past that really sticks out that's your favorite.

Well the one that sticks out from the past that changed the whole paradigm of medicine as far as I'm concerned is the biology of belief by Bruce Lipton. And I had the pleasure of meeting him. It'll be almost two years ago coming up already. And I told him I mean he changed entire paradigm of medicine but also the course of my practice because I was already teaching the importance of forgiveness. And you know people think that is a spiritual thing or a religious thing but it's really it's a really it's a very powerful healing modality in and of itself and I can get into how I came across that later. But what Bruce has worked at is a brought in the science psycho neuro immunology and how the mind emotions affect the immune system. So when I talk about letting go of anger and blame and shame and guilt and all of these things that we feel we need to forgive others or to forgive ourselves which is really of forgiveness is really self forgiveness for the soul about the story I make up about what happened.

But that's you know depending on how much time we have in the show we can get more into that but versus work is just amazing. So biology Billy because what he taught is we are not a victim of our heredity our genes. He brought the field of epigenetics out into the awareness of the world. I mean he was the one that really coined that. And you keep in cloning stem cells since the 70s and not in the cell isn't driving you change its environment. And so we create our inner environment by our experience and our environment. So biology belief by all means it's a little dry in the beginning if you watch the video of the lecture on YouTube or whatever the first you know it's like watching paint dry. But it's no but it's brilliant. I mean once you get beyond the first half you know and understand the importance of as a biology bully and a new one that I just came across a friend recommended to me is called Nirvana. And I tried to write the author's name down but it's a little complicated so I didn't take note of it. But Giovanna is very is awesome because fear is such a big part of our lives I mean we're program for fear I mean unfortunately it seems that way anyway. And it helps you look at fear in a light that you embrace and instead of running from it it's it's something you can turn it around and as with anything like forgiveness to how you look at something and changes how you know if you change how you look at something it changes everything. So you get a new story to it changes the forgiveness aspect and also fear so

Caravan and great the sun like two very powerful books and even if the beginning of one is like watching paint dry if something is important something is important enough to you. I'm talking about the listeners not to Pamela you know to right the ship then wouldn't you go through more and not just do it for entertainment purposes but just get through it because you know it's not important. It's like how many of us as little kids wanted to go to school. None of us. Well very few. There are some that loved it. I wasn't one of those I didn't hate it hate it but I like God I wouldn't go if I had the choice. Let's put it that way. And with with things like these resources that Pamela is giving I mean fear Varna what a cool title. I love that fear. My goodness there's a whole like five hour show on that one by itself because fear is really in there we're talking at the subconscious level that is the thing holding you not Pamela you the watcher listener. But I want you to trust me. It's true. All humans that the cool thing is Pamela has the tools with which to write her own ship to be aware of the fears cropping in and put her program in place that she's developed to help alleviate that so she can move forward. It causes an inherent resistance in all of us. Fear does. And it's really truly when the rubber meets the road. And you feel free to disagree. Pamela on any of this but you know it causes a resistance that keeps us from moving forward when we know it's the right thing. We just feel that discomfort coming you know because we're moving out of our comfort zone. That's really the signal of your subconscious saying it's time to move forward and not just stand still. But fear huge. Go ahead. A little thing about fear that you know when somebody has a decision to make and

They'll say if I do this you know more often than not to try to take the safe way out. And I mean years ago I learned from Carolyn Mace one of my favorite mentors that really started me on the path of this and she said when you make a decision and take the safe way out because you just signed on for a major lesson and because because you're better throwing a dart at the map and saying I'll move there versus you know I'm going to move here because it's a better salary and you know that has better benefits and all that.

Even though I really don't want to go here I'm going to move here because of all the rational reasons we tell ourselves why we end up it ends up hurting us in the long run because we're we're not taking our souls guidance we're taking out the ego or the fierce guidance.

But when it comes to making a decision what I recommend is you know it's like if we base that decision in fear. It's like planting a seed and toxic soil. So what's going to be the result of that fruit when we you know nothing good is going to come of it. And so at some point is going to yield something that we're not going to be. Happier Healthier at peace with. So it's one that interject that I love that I love it. Please bring up the new spike food here here here.

Please do. Because I find what you do very very fascinating. I know so many people can be helped as a result. We were talking a little bit right before the show about a couple of personal things and I wish I had known you existed some time ago. Let's just put it that way. We'll cover that or we won't. It doesn't matter either way. But you have some fascinating experience and you have some fascinating talent and some amazing results that I want you to be able to tell everyone in fact. But let's you know we talked about mind body business. Real quick let's let's just shift into body. It's very obvious to me that you are very physically fit. And so kudos to you it's not a simple thing to keep going if you are not already in the habit in discipline such as Pamela and so I kind of know the answer to this question but I'd like for you to be able to say it in your own words how important is physical fitness to you your business and in your personal life.

Oh it's so important. My background got started off in the health and fitness arena. So I've been at it since I was about 18 years old and even before that growing up. Cheerleading climbing trees and so I've been physically fit my whole life. And it's very important because if you don't take care of your body. All the things other things you want to do in life it's not going to support you in that. So staying physically fit is really critical. But what I found about 15 years ago after I've been pretty strictly you know all health and diet and exercise and all of that that there was a component missing and when my kids were little three kids and five years and you know the Internet was just getting up and running and I was always looking for ways to help people help themselves. And so I ended up becoming a big research nut. And one thing to another and I found the importance you know hefty energy medicine and ways to help people heal that you know there's not a negative side effect it either works or it doesn't. But there's no negative side effects like so many medications. So that was one aspect of it but really what got me on the whole forgiveness aspect was a conference call that I was on with some cancer doctors out of a facility in North Carolina and they had done a study and found that everybody at their facility who had a chronic or terminal condition had a major unresolved forgiveness issue and that when some of them were able to resolve it they had a miraculous healing that couldn't be attributed to anything else.

And when I got off the phone and I thought you know love and forgiveness is at the foundation of practically every religious and spiritual practice and now we all know we should be more loving and forgiving. And you know how many of us actually apply that on a regular basis. And so I started doing more research in that arena and I found articles from John Hopkins and Mayo and a lot of Western hospitals that were touting the importance of forgiveness and how that contributed to heart disease and strokes and blood pressure and cancer too and I mean that's how I ended up at the cancer clinic in Tampa Florida was my Dr. Garcia forgiveness event or workshop that you're attending and he was one of the first medical doctors I've come across that knew the importance of resolving anger because he said if something's eating away at you what does that sound like. You know and gross Upton's work. Know I'm kind of going all over the place with this here but Bruce Lipton sort supports that and saying that you know we just had there's not one cancer gene we have to create an environment that supports cancer there's only seven diseases that actually have one gene that Dix dictates you can get the disease. And so so much of this is about you know the mindset and so emotional fitness is to me has trumped the physical fitness because if we don't get our heads straight nothing else is going to flow. So

Man this is phenomenal because it falls right in line with everything I've taught from stage and everywhere else is it starts up here. That's the plot line that starts up here and I can't wait to hear more about what you said.

You said that you met a cancer doctor and you talked to him and you told me off camera that that seems to be now one of your focuses. And I think that's phenomenal. And if you don't mind would you go through a little bit of your experience working with cancer patients. How long does it. One of the sessions like and then what is your success rate. And I don't know just just tell us about that because the little you told me right before camera just really piqued my interest. And if it peaked mine I'm almost certain it will peak. Everyone who's watching interest because most every one of us either have a family member that's either had cancer maybe themselves about it or they know someone who has close to them. And so it's a huge huge topic. If you don't mind sharing with everyone how does that whole thing work and what have your results been.

Well my experience at the cancer clinic was one of the best experiences of my life because what it was just such a fertile environment to to work one on one back to back with patients and see consistencies in stories and situations that people experience and everything from their past and almost everything comes from my childhood at some level. So between that and you know my own experience growing up and things that happened in my life I just blended this whole what I call the forgiveness healing process is what came out of it. And basically it's to summarize it is I would get to the root cause of the patients like one of the biggest events in their life. I called this game changing event. And so when something happens somebody dies or leaves or you get hit or you know something that breaks your view of the changes your view of the world from you know this is a loving safe place all of a sudden oh my gosh somebody could die or you know somebody is going to hurt me and all of a sudden you don't feel loved you're safe anymore. And when we start seeing the world through this eye through the eyes of fear to worry stress you know I'm not good enough if I'm not you know if my if I'm if I'm not doing a good job at school or whatever if my parents are on my case you know and then you know what.

I want to please somebody you know I mean at some level subconsciously it's like I'm not safe. They're not going to take care of me. So our need is so great. And so that's what I would end up doing at the clinic because I would get to this game changing event. And that is where everything is rooted in and uproot that dream versus what's going on. Oh I'm going through a divorce or somebody died and that's really stressful and they show up with cancer but the cancer didn't start you know two years ago. I mean most doctors will tell you that that tumor has been in there for 10 years even before they'll find it. But again it's creating the environment in our inner world that supports cancer or fibromyalgia or you know to me I don't care what label they get a disease whether it's addiction or hypertension. And we're not at ease with life. And that's what I would do at the clinic is get to the root cause of their jet skis and go about clearing that and having them see the world through new eyes based on love and truth which is a heart based approach versus the mind the ego approach which is I'm not good enough.

I'll never be good enough. I'll never be loved I'm not lovable and all of these other

Situations that come into it.

Fantastic. And what have your results been you are sharing that with me before we go on cam. This is what will really get people excited.

I've had people. And again what we did the cancer with alternative cancer clinic even though it was run by Dr. Garcia a medical doctor we only did life enhancing in life supported treatments. So no chemo radiation or surgery. And so he did everything to boost the immune system. Hyperbaric oxygen treatments and all of that. And so my job is and he's like basically you know resolve their anger. He's like there is your office you know. You know resolve their anger and whatever is going on with them. And my first week at the clinic is my last patient first week there and I you know I was always looking for. Things that were making you know there were big charges of anger in their life. And what I found was as. I always said you know anger is like arsenic in the body. But what I found is even more toxic than arsenic is humiliation shame blame and guilt. And so because I was able to identify that when I. Literally my first session because again time is of the essence. It was an outpatient facility and I would see the patients once a week for anywhere from six to twelve weeks if they were there.

And you know so I only had six to twelve hours to help these patients shift their disease you know which is a contributing factor in my opinion. Dr. Garcia's opinion and many other medical professionals. And again this is all coming from my world. This is my view. This is a lot of people may not agree with me and that's OK but this is what I found. This word from myself and my clients and patients I've worked with. But we that we show up in their blood. When they would have a shift. You know we would get their bloodwork back and their numbers would come way down their cancer markers numbers would come down within days. And we experienced that again and again. So sometimes this was in a clinical setting. So you know we don't know what brought the numbers down. And then sometime it was in my private practice setting as well. So you know in a lot of them we're still doing chemo and I would get you know I would just address the emotional and psycho spiritual causes of their disease.

So this makes total sense to me. I think it was Deepak Chopra show chakra. That's easy for me to say. Said that you know our thoughts don't just impact our mind. In fact our entire bodies are wired every cell and every thought permeates your very being. Every cell of your body and so when you're going through anger guilt those negative emotions you're not just impacting your emotional state you're also affecting your physical state as well which is really remarkable to understand and learn and it sounds like the work you're doing is doing that is reversing that taking that anger the stress and things that are causing distress in the body to then go away and the cool thing is you're able to see the markers change so quickly. You know it's almost like you have a volume knob and you're able to go turn that that cancer volume down by treating your your clients so thank you for doing what you do. And for those watching and listening let's share this show. Not for me but for Pamela. Share the show wide and far so that more people are put in front of this amazing woman that might need her help because this needs to get shared and I her on a personal note. I lost my mom to breast cancer she fought for 16 years I mean and it was an aggressive cancer.

She was a fighter and I so it would have been really wonderful to have put you in front of her. Pamela to see what amazing things would have resulted from that. But you know what. We're here now and I'm not going to look back on things like that. I'm going to stay in the positive myself but I just I want. For you watching and listening if you're listening on a podcast share the podcast tell others to subscribe if you're watching this live share it right now if you wouldn't mind if you are watching this recorded share it whatever you're watching it on find that share button and get this out because more people need to learn that there is chemo. Chemo is a poison. I watched my mom. I've watched friends I watched family members. Good grief. I mean women losing their hair. I mean doesn't matter for man or woman but it's quite dramatic when your mom is now bald. All right. It's just it's a poison to get rid of a disease and it really could be alleviated potentially through Pamela and her mindset approach to relieving stress and all the negative emotions that are causing the very condition that they're experiencing that day saying out of out of whack there.

And that was perfect. Thank you. I mean it. And again it's something I'm very passionate about because I do see people shift you know and sometimes in one session and

And I mean I have breakthrough sessions and people will just you know and again to do work that you love and that touches my heart to know that you can impact somebody's life like that. And basically you know I had more people tell me you know thank you for saving my life. I mean how do you you know it just it's just like you know. I mean I just just so what I'm here to do it. I mean I'm just blessed that I. Just followed the bouncing ball and evolved into what it is and it helps people.

So my gosh what a gratifying experience that must be over and over. Oh my goodness man. I mean so here's the thing. You know Pamela has a business to do this. And for her to operate she. And this is a business concept for her but for her to operate and scale because what I'd love to see happen for Pamela is the scale bigger and farther and to do that it requires it requires capital to come in so that she can build systems and hire more people and do that. So let's support her in this and help her to scale this and help save the lives of our loved ones of our friends to have that impact. It's so cool how you described that shift because we were talking before we came on I think was before about MLP neuro linguistic programming which also is a mindset tool it's a phenomenal tool.

And I've gotten to take students from stage through processes and you literally like you said you see the shift happen and that the gratification that it gives me and like I'm sure with you even more because you're saving a life but the gratification that you you had some positive effect on someone's life is immeasurable immeasurable.

And again trying it's so important that everybody understands that you know I don't everybody is their own healer. I mean I just know it's just something that I. Put together and it's evolved and I just some that perfected over time and each each session I do I just bring something else and or learn something and into places something else. But everybody people have to be willing to change you know. And you know I do a lot of quit smoking addictions that kind of thing and people are you know my son quit smoking. Well sure does you want to quit.

Well no I can't do anything. You know. So you know so people that are ready and willing and it's about applying the word because a lot of people say oh yeah I've read you know 50 books on that I've gone to this conference and whatever and it's like well do you apply what you learn or what you read and you know because you don't apply it at just one ear and out the other and you know our natural state is loving compassionate kind gentle. All of this. And we learned anger. We learned you know to get you know we learned stress all of that. And so we can go back to that we can unlearn that and that'll be our natural state. You know what's normal is drug addicted anxious worried you know everybody has anxiety now you know and why is because we're not here you know we can't be anxious right now. Everything's OK in this moment you know uncertain there's so many little tools about being here now and I would text the patient seem like where are you. It's like not to tell me. They're at the grocery store but it's just like to be present you know. And because again when you get that diagnosis it's like OK well I'm cancer free now but is it going to come back. Is. Is there ever any peace for cancer patient you know. And while I'm good right now but in the back of their mind am I going to stay good. You know.

And then it's that fear it's that belief and I go back to Bruce Lipton at work that is so critical that your belief is everything cannot create anything without a belief contributing to it whether we think we're doing or not. It's it's a subconscious belief. And if we don't uproot that and start inputting the positive ways of viewing the world and ourselves and life you know it's it's going to win.

Love it. Love it. And I wanted to give a shout out to a couple people that are watching life. Thank you so much for John Barrasso and Oren checkmate Hudson for sharing this video. Please.

More of you do the same during the live after the live through all the different platforms that this show is on. It's on many including it will also go up on Roku. For those of you that know what that is it's an on demand television service and also Amazon Fire TV. This is definitely going out sooner than others because the where it needs to be if you're OK with that Pamela the added exposure to get this word out because this is hitting me really close to the heart and I just can't imagine. The happiness that would result from you impacting others lives and their families. It's not just one person that you're impacted. And you know that I know you know that every anyone and everyone that loves that individual or are friends with that individual they are directly impacted by what you have helped them do. And yes please go to Pamela only if you're ready and willing and you're ready and just. Many will say yes I'm ready but you really need to be ready. So don't waste your time is what I'm trying to say because and get to that point as fast as you can though please do become ready to get past whatever is holding you back. You mentioned so many things you do. Pamela you had a point go ahead.

Yes. And so I to you know people say oh forgiveness is so hard or you know letting go of the stress is so hard. And what I tell them you know I've looked like both ways I I didn't like a. Maybe I woke up like this when I was born. But you know I mean three years of life and I mean a lot of what changed my my game changing event was when my brother died and. I was 11 and he was 20 when he died suddenly of an aneurysm. And so what I decided is it's it's not safe to love because I love you. You know tomorrow you can be gone too. And so I love you a little bit but not too much you know. And so what I realized in that instead of protecting myself from getting hurt I was robbing myself of the love that I came here to do and be. And so when we start seeing where these events come from and how to to turn them around and use the things that have happened to us in our past to be the launching pad to not only heal ourselves and heal others. But again there was a lot of anger and blame the doctors and different things that went out the time I was angry at my brother for dying and ruining my perfect and you know because everything Life was good and then all of a sudden you know my family was devastated.

So you know there was a lot of anger in there that I didn't realize I had until one day my sister played a Tim McGraw song and it was called angry all the time. And she just this reminds me of you and this is like to like 2001 or whatever and I'm like Oh my God really. And that's when I started getting into this work. And you know so I've lived like both ways you know I don't pretend you know again. Heal ourselves and then we show other people the way and so I blocked my talk and I mean I'm still learning growing and evolving. But it has really helped. Do you like it. I'm applying what has worked for me and worked with thousands of other people that you know it's not hard to forgive me it's harder not to. I mean it's harder to be angry your whole life you know in the end to carry that with you.

So that's one of the things I truly love about you Pamela is your integrity is just eases off of the screen because everything you just said that you've been through this so many I've seen so many entrepreneurs that are out there just for a fast buck and they'll say you know they'll give you advice and then I'll ask them oh how is that work for you. Oh I don't actually do it myself I just think it's good for you to do it. Like what. That's not congruent. Next. And obviously what you do there's I can't imagine it would be anything but congruent and integrity based. And so I appreciate the fact that you said that because a lot of people will look at a successful person like you like me and think oh they got it easy that's OK they're on Easy Street they're successful. Nothing comes difficult to them they've never had hardships. Right. The cool thing is because you had the very hardships that you did you're able to help those people because you're so aware of what that did to you in the past. So it's amazing. It makes it even better. Right.

Well and I see again how that evolved into the work that I do today. So the decision I made to put the wall around my heart is I hope my patients and clients see what decision did you make. You know in the end it can come down to one common you know one common apparent Mater Coach made me believe that you'll never be as successful as your sister the young man literally worked himself into a grave because he had to prove he was you know a success with with the salary the title and all of that. You know and you know and so we don't know why we're doing things the way why you know why we're actually actually navigating the world the way that we are is because we don't uproot that one belief that I'll ever be as successful as my sister and I'm going to be you know. Working myself into the grave until you realize I need to undo that. That's that's not what I'm here to do is to prove to my mother that I can be you know this was a client of mine but you know I mean and he became cancer free with us and all of that. But again it's just one comment from Brian is what I found. It could be one statement of parents made and that's so scary being a parent. I mean I've made those statements and you know so I've gone in and clean that up with my kids are as much as I'm aware ever they've let me look at you know. So yeah. But again it's it's it's a phenomenal process and it's very it's their own effect because it's heart based not the mind based on that's why people. It's a very different approach because people start digging around the subconscious mind and we're gonna be there for a couple hundred years and die way before.

So that's amazing how powerful words can be. And on both. In a positive light and a negative light and I mean there's times we've all done it where you say something and you know that moment like oh my goodness I shouldn't have said that. That was really bad. That's going to hurt and might not go away for a while.

And but the thing is it's a serious thing. We need to be mindful of not just what we say but how we say it because. So it's very true and it's not to put anybody into this spiral of guilt worrying about am I saying it right. You know it's just it's a process. It takes time for some to change their thought patterns so that they're not always shouting negative things at their their spouse their siblings their significant others their family members. And you know it's a process and Pamela can help you with that. I can tell many of the things you have discussed are very similar to the work I've been involved with MLP not nearly to the extent that you have for sure limiting beliefs. That's a big one. Getting rid of negative emotions another big one. Those are where we start.

And that's the perfect place because that's where everything stems from. As you know I'm preaching to the choir big time here. Speaking of fear. Just curious. I wonder if

This will be interesting to find out. We all have fear still to this day I have fears even though you know I have the tools to eradicate them as you do. What would you say is your greatest fear and then how do you go about managing that fear.

My greatest fear is not living up to my full potential. Wow. And you know I kind of used that. You know I've been in my life what am I going to regret not having done versus what you know as they say most people don't regret what they've done but what they didn't do. And so that's what really spurs me on. And because no I've been playing small pro and way too long. And you know I've been wanting to fly under the radar for my own. But I know it's time to come out of the hype come out of the shadows and to share this on a bigger scale and I'm ready now. My kids are grown and now I've got the time to do this.

You are ready. And on that note once again I will reach out to our audience and say please share this video right now. No matter if you're watching it live or recorded or if you're listening on podcast share your resource that you're listening to and watching this on. Whether it doesn't matter where you are if you're in a car pull over and share it before you forget because it's that important to get the word out for this amazing woman what she does for others who are you know not only verbal pick the people themselves that are suffering but their families that surround them oftentimes it's the family members that are going through it harder than the actual patient who is the one physically going through the the the horrible condition that they're in. My goodness it happens every time we're only five minutes away from an hour. So for anyone watching listening Pamela we're just gonna go on and make it a marathon and go maybe 10 more hours if that's OK. I'm just getting

Sober just like a do a brain W but on a serious note there is one more defining question that I would like to ask you Pamela. And it's something I've asked every guest before you before you came on the same exact question and it's it may take a moment to think about the answer. It may come to you instantly but what I want to do is get to that but before we do real quick all the people that are on watching waiting how do I win that vacation. Well we're going to reveal how to do that right now. So everyone watching live whether it's Facebook Periscope YouTube Twitch the list goes on there's nine platforms simultaneously. Here is how you enter to win. You either go to the URL the Web site the mind body business show dot com forward slash vacation that's the mind body business show. Dot com for Slash vacation and just fill out your information there. Or if it's easier for you and you don't want to move away from this show at the moment you can pull out your smartphone and text the word peak. That's peak to the number 6 6 1 5 3 5. 1 6 2 4. Again that's peak peak at a 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. You have my permission to do that right now. And that is sponsored once again by the wonderful Jason and Rhonda at power texting dot com and amazing service. In fact in either case if you go to the Web site or you text directly it is using power texting becomes amazing technology to make this happen for you. And they are the ones also providing this amazing amazing trip of five nights stay at a five star resort in Mexico. It is phenomenal. Oh and on that note before we get into this this wonderful question. A little birdie told me that Pamela you might have something for the viewers as well. So if you wouldn't mind. Letting them know what that's all about I'll let you lead that and just go ahead and take it away.

But I would love to offer anybody who's watching or is interested to have a complimentary 30 minute session with me. So the best way to set that up is to e-mail me at Pamela Pamela Gregory dot com and say that you'd like to claim your free consultation and let me know how to get in touch with you and we will set it up. Wow.

Wow. And what type of person would benefit most from this talk with someone that is going through an issue with someone as a family member that's going through it both.

Most people are gone to. And as far as I'm concerned everybody in the world and that's why we need to be compassionate with everyone because we're all going through something in some area are like all the time. And some people have gone through hurt of things you know than others. But. You know we all could use you know somebody who has you know a way out that can make the way a little bit easier and that's what facilitators or coaches do. But I mean people who are going through grief. I mean that's I worked a lot with those who attempt at suicide in the family. There's a lot of guilt over that. And you know so again when we come from a place of love and understanding and honoring the person you know it just takes a different charge again when we see the world through eyes of love. Love is what we see. And I really lived with that and the more we can do that you know the faster we heal so anybody know he's gone through a lot of things right now and breakups are huge right now. I mean there's a lot of breakups going on. So it's true. Robin you know when you cannot take a pill to heal a broken heart you know and all these medications that people are taking you know it's it's it's it's you're only treating symptoms and I we didn't get into any of that but you know we're treating symptoms versus causes and so you know you know you want to heal from a broken heart.

Let me know. OK.

Perfect please do reach out to her. And again we're almost at the end but hit that share button keep it going. Keep it coming. Thank you for everyone. With all the loves likes and shares throughout the show. And now to get back to that defining question and so to kind of ease the. Is any thoughts that might be going through your head right now Pamela about oh my gosh what is this secret question he's gonna ask me to is that I want to let you know that the only correct answer. To this

Question is yours.

In other words there is no such thing as a wrong answer because it is unique to every individual. And to date I just know it's going to happen. But up till now no two people have answered this the same way on my show. It's pretty cool. Are you ready.

Yes. All right. PAMELA GREGORY How do you define. Success

And that success has been a happy and at peace with yourself and knowing you're being the best version of yourself as you can possibly be today. So that's what I aspire to. And to me success is not a bank account. It's being at peace with who and what I mean in the world and showing up as fully and calmly as I can.

I love that. And once again true to form no one else has answered it that way. And I love that happy.

And being at peace with myself. That is Pamela Gregory's definition of success. It's a beautiful definition. It's hers. You know there's no judgment of good or bad. There is no such thing as a bad definition success. And what I love that you added to that is it's not about a bank account. And that's the one common thing I did find about every entrepreneur that's been on this show as my guest not one of them not one of them had their primary reason as being money related. You know it's when I get my first two mil or when I get my first airplane none of that none of that. That's never happened. Some mentioned it in passing at the end. And the only reason they do it is because when they make more money they're able to serve more people and help more people which was their number one reason for success. So it's just amazing. I love asking that question and I'm going to partners. Yeah. And I'm going to compile a book of all the questions all the answers and so give you all credit for that and I'll get your permission ahead of time so you can see what I wrote. Make sure it's can grow with what you said. We'll make sure that. That's just how we roll here. Integrity based. So to contact Pamela it's Pamela. At. PAMELA GREGORY dot com. Not too difficult. Go ahead and do that or even go to our Web site which is Pamela Gregory dot com and I'm sure there's a contact link there.

I'm looking myself. Yes there is contact us. You can do it right through her Web site. But please please please once again share this show and let's get the word out and not just share it. Tag Pamela Gregory in your shares friend her on Facebook so you can do that. Get ready for a lot of friend requests Pamela. And that's good. You are ready and we're ready to help you to expand this really far and wide and help you scale this to the point where let's let's just put it out there. Let's eradicate cancer. Let's eradicate stress and disease. And you know again show up if you are willing and ready for help. Take her up on her offer. Take her up fun. Robert get you know e-mail to connect with her and have that have that call. How much does it cost Pamela.

Near zero high time. And you can already tell. Look at this woman. And if you're listening you can hear it. That

There's no hard sell on the end of this. She's just going to ascertain if you are at a point where there might be an opportunity to help. It might. Am I right and say that Pamela.

Absolutely. Absolutely. People that just shifts in that consultation. I mean you know obviously so this isn't to sell or anything. I mean it's just to point them in the right direction.

And you know it helps out so you know from their heart center changing lives literally and lives of those around that person their family their their outreach. I so appreciate you Pamela for being on. My goodness this has been amazing. One more time share this please. For those of you watching and listening well that's helped Pamela to really scale this thing up and help those who are dealing with stress related diseases and disorders so. Pamela thank you once again. Thank you all for coming on and watching live and commenting I saw a lot of comments coming in likes and loves and some shares. Thank you so much. I kind of hate to bring it to an end but Pamela we must do it out of respect for everyone's time and yours.

Thank you Brian. Thank you everyone who's watching.

Absolutely. And that is it. We will see you all again next week on the mind body business show. For now I am Brian Kelly on behalf of Pamela Gregory the magnificent Pamela Gregory. Please please share the show one last time and we'll talk to you again on the next show. Be blessed.

Bye bye for now thank you for watching and listening.

This has been the mind body business shows this show with Brian Kelly.

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Emotional Fitness Specialist, Pamela Gregory, began her career in the health and wellness industry over 30 years ago where she worked as a fitness trainer and nutritional consultant. In 2003, her focus shifted to emotional fitness and the healing impact forgiveness has on one's health. By blending the science of psychoneuroimmunology, (the study of how the mind and emotions affect the immune system), and the spiritual practice of forgiveness, she developed a unique, proprietary protocol called the Forgiveness Healing Process™. Her intensive work with cancer patients at Utopia Wellness in Tampa, FL helped Pamela fine-tune her protocol to quickly ascertain the unique ROOT CAUSE of each patient's unhealed trauma, allowing them to achieve results where other methods have failed. What Pamela has found is, close to 100% of all illness, regardless of what it is called, is a SYMPTOM of an underlying, unresolved emotional condition

Pamela's latest online course "K.O. Stress" addresses how to resolve stress, not just manage it. This $1 trillion industry is responsible for up to 90% of all doctor visits, 5 out of 6 leading causes of death, and has flown so far under the radar it's off the radar. Pamela thought it about time to shine some light onto what stress really is, share the path to resolve it, and bring it into mainstream conversation.

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