Special Guest Expert - Rahz Slaughter

Special Guest Expert - Rahz Slaughter

Welcome to the mind body business. Three keys to your success is just moments away. Use your host Brian Kelly.

Hey everybody welcome. Welcome. Welcome to the mind body business show again. I am so excited.

I sound like a broken record go back and look at the past shows every time opening with how excited I am. And it's true blue. I have goosebumps. I kid you not. Again under my jacket you can't see them. I'm excited. This is going to be a phenomenal show. And the reason is is because this show is not about nor has it ever been about me. It's about our guest experts who come on and you are in for an amazing amazing treat this evening. I cannot wait to introduce you to this amazing young man who I met at a past event together we both shared the stage and spoke at an event. And this guy just blew my mind. And we hit it off. We talked after the fact and in between segments and he just become a real dear friend of mine and you're you're going to love this guy. Extremely successful entrepreneur. And I can't wait. I'm already giving away too much. The mind body business show. What is that. What is that all about. Well there are three pillars to success. These are things that I found over the course of my life. Things I've learned and I started to see patterns develop. And not only do I see patterns develop I was also told by mentors what patterns to look for and in the process I realized there were three primary ingredients for success and that is mind mind set to be specific ways to reprogram your mind at the subconscious level to get you the results you want and you deserve much faster than you would otherwise.

Through a proven science called neuro linguistic programming that's just one example an LP for short. Many other things that go mindset we have guessed that will be coming on specific to that topic as well. Our current guest also has incredible ways to keep his mind positive. I'm gonna be sick to him. I'm going to be asking him something about that tonight body. Well all you have to do is take one look at my next guest body or ask him to flash one of his guns because they are massive. This guy completely gets it when it comes to taking care of yourself physically both nutritionally and through exercise. Because what I'd like to say is the mind and body are a team the mind and body more importantly are your team and when both or if any one member of a team is holding you back or holding the team back then isn't the entire team suffering. That being you. In this case the answer is yes in case you're wondering I know you knew that and then the third is business.

You know if you can master sales marketing and systems minions scaling your business and everything that goes with business then. Now if you master all three of those you are operating at what I like to call your peak an optimum level of performance. If any of those three if you have not master and I'm talking master or any of those three then there's work to do and that's why the show was birthed. That is why we are here so that we can bring you these experts who have succeeded who are achieving that level of success that so many others desire. And our next guest is no exception to that. I kid you not. Amazing amazing amazing man. One of the things I learned from several mentors going back was they first mentors that revealed this to me. He just looked at me and said Brian if people only knew that all they had do was this one thing justice one thing and they would become rich if they just did this one thing like wow I wonder what that is. And then he showed it to me and I thought huh. Doesn't seem like a big deal to me. So you know what I did. I ignored it I ignored it for years.

For years I ignored that advice that had I taken it back then and I'm not one of those that says gosh I wish I had of I mean my experiences have got me where I am today. I feel blessed. I wouldn't change a thing. But doggone it that one would have been a good thing to start a lot sooner. What does that one thing. Well what he did was he showed me what that was. And this entire story is on a website you're about to be you're about to see what he did was he he had this big cabinet in his office. This is in the in the East Coast Maryland area actually near Boston somewhere I can't remember the city was many years ago and in this massive corner office he's the owner CEO multimillionaire himself. He opens up two doors goes Florida sealing this Cabinet this cabinet two doors shelf after shelf after shelf after shelf of what do you think.

Look behind me you guessed it books.

He said if people would just read they would become rich. And I thought the reason I thought it was no big deal is like there's no. I don't have to invest money. I want a guru to tell me how to do what I want you to tell me how to do it. I want specifics and he was a product of the product. And then fast forward many years forward.

Thankfully another mentor of mine and I love to call him out all the time. Mel Cutler not only said the same exact thing he also because I worked with him side by side for several years and spoke from his stage for a couple of those years as well. I watched him not only say that that's important but I watched him do it. I watched him do it. He would often have his headphones on. He's walking around listening to books and it turned out I said Wow that's fantastic. I'm going to do that. So I started listening to books on something called audible and it turned out that is my favorite mode of ingesting and mean and retaining information. You're maybe reading a physical book Kindle might be watching videos. I don't know. But for me it was audible and a cool thing happens with audible I noticed as I'm driving along in my car by the way that's my number one favorite place to listen to books. It's a captive audience. I can go nowhere. I have no distractions other than keeping my eyes on the road of course which I find I concentrate very well while listening to a book and I'm absorbed in the material hours and hours and hours. I've got many books as a result I've read as a result of doing this in a car. One great thing with audible on your phone or your device that you're listening to through your stereo system on your car that is Big Oil icon and that doesn't look big I get it but on a phone that's pretty big. That looks like a little ribbon which is really a bookmark symbol and as you're listening if you hear something or Oh men.

I like that point that they just made right there. You just tap it. I mean it's quicker than even turning the dial on if you can remember these the radio station on your car. So it's even safer if you're worried about you know taking your eyes off the road. It's an instant bam and then you look back up. That's it. And of work then you can later go back anywhere on the Web anywhere you can access your Amazon account.

You can pull up that book that you have that you purchased and go to any and all of those specific bookmarks to relisten to those those highlights that you called out so that when you're not listening to another two to ten hours of a book you can just go in and listen to a mint. And so that's what they put together for us here tonight. And I do this on every show.

And it's a segment I like to call Bookmarks bookmarks for to read bookmarks. Ready steady Breit bookmarks. Brought to you by Richard Teague library Dakang yes Richard Peek library you see that right next to me.

That is the actual Web site. Stay with us. Just take notes. Reach your peak library dot com for those of you watching live right now on Facebook on Periscope wherever. Just go ahead. One of you would type in as a comment. Reach your peak library dot com so others could later come back and just click it. Stay with us because you don't miss our guest. I am I kid you not. He's coming on very soon. I'm not just delaying this on purpose to make you suffer through this is phenomenal information very important for you to understand this that there it is you see it all in big white letters the number one reason for lack of success is not simply a lack of reading books it's lack of reading to write books. And so what I did was I started compiling all of the books. I personally have read and I put them on this site for you. There's no extra charge you pay what you would normally pay to go on Audible or Amazon. It's a link straight to those books and I've amassed about 40 or so of them so far. And it's growing. I'm still reading. I have one I'm reading now and I have two in queue that I just purchased recently. I just I always have books ready to go. And so what we're going to do is pick one specific book out of this list and we're going to do that right now. And what I'm going to do is play for you a little snippet from a book called entrepreneur rollercoaster by Darren Hardy. And the reason I chose this particular book mark is you will find out in a moment that there are things in this book that are set that are very they reminded me a lot of our guest expert who's coming on right after this segment. So go ahead take a listen. It's about a minute in length. Just take a listen. Then we'll be right back and we'll carry on forward and bring on our guests experts so listen close.

Here we go. Secure your shoulder harness. You will be thrashed about severely at times. Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. Albert Einstein. You're a freak. That's right a freak. And so am I. Don't be offended. It's a compliment. Every single person you've seen on the cover success is also a freak. In fact they are super freaky and that's probably how they got on the cover. Let's define freak freak a noun a person who is obsessed with or unusually enthusiastic about a specific interest. If that's not a definition for an entrepreneur I don't know what is. No doubt you have to be unusually enthusiastic and pretty freaky to get on this roller coaster. Most don't have the courage to even step into the car of this thrill ride but you do. And that's exactly why they will call you a freak. Not only are you rare in your courage but it turns out you're unusual for even wanting to ride in the first place.

Is that true or is that true. My goodness. I mean get your freak on people. Let's get freaky. Reminds me of that song and I'm trying to remember the guys name a super. Believe me I'm not going to sing super freak super freaky. I'd love that because an embrace that embrace the fact that you as an entrepreneur are a freak because freaks are not the norm.

Right. Or we wouldn't call them a freak. We don't want to be normal. We don't want to be those that are in the 80 to 90 percent of the people who are not entrepreneurs doing. We want to be those that are leading that are creating that are providing those jobs for those who just are not wired to do this. And that's that's fine. God bless them. And if that's you right now. God bless you. Many of us started that way in the corporate world. There's nothing wrong with that. And speaking of freaks were about to bring on the ultimate freak. And I mean that absolute in the most loving way. I kid you not. I'm not saying that this gentleman is a weirdo freak.

He is a freak of nature of success in entrepreneurship. How's that. And so what I want to do is bring on this time for our special guest expert spotlight. It's time for the guest experts spotlight savvy skillful professional adept trained vaguely qualified

You ever wonder why am I here. What am I here to do. What am I placed on this earth to be great at. I'm a personal trainer a coach an entrepreneur an author a speaker. Most importantly I'm was slaughtered for ten years.

I've been coaching and teaching people how to breakthrough limiting beliefs and obstacles to create the best version of themselves. Today I get to do what I love owning my own multiple personal training and boutique studios and helping other fitness professionals model my strategies to create the lifestyle fitness business that they own. Why did I decide I wasn't going to chase money and celebrity anymore. I'd rather create a lifestyle business that I love and serve people. I naturally was attracted to and like survey. That's why I created the lifestyle fitness business. Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all that was said by Helen Keller one of my favorite quotes. The reason I state that quote is because today I'm going to give you everything I have

So that you can create a daring adventure in your book. Thank you.

And there he is ladies and gentlemen the man the myth the legend.

Roz slaughter that's to give them a big band of applause virtual if you want to pull up the hands of claps on the comments. If you're watching live on one of the video feeds if you're listening on podcasts keep your hands on the wheel if you're listening in the car.

But give them a big boom because that's his that's his moniker right there. Ross is an author speaker business owner and most importantly a loving husband to his beautiful wife Michelle and stepfather to two awesome young boys.

Richie and Nicky Roz's known as the coach Ross motivator and is the host of a weekly motivational Facebook Live show called The Crush Monday show. Highly recommend you connect with Ross and connect with that every every Monday. Extreme value every single time I've watched many of those episodes myself live and Ross can attest. And real quick reminder. Watch this show to the very end to the very end for a chance to win a complimentary stay. This is pretty phenomenal complimentary stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico compliments of power texting dot com. Thank you Powertech income for that amazing amazing sponsorship. And now. Here it is. At last we get to hear from the man the myth the legend himself bra's.

How are you doing my friend. And what are you up to lately what is going on in your life.

Oh that was awesome. But yeah I'm doing fantastic. Thank you so much for having me on your show. Brian I'm excited to be here. And I'm doing a lot my friend I just moved to relocated from New York where I lived.

I grew up to City Florida so no longer do you have to worry about the cold winters or shoveling snow off my car. So I'm blessed and I'm excited to be here.

Yeah. And he's really playing down the whole part about re positioning moving up rooting not only himself his whole family his business he's leaving half well another his partner behind up.

I shouldn't say behind to run what he's already established in New York and we'll talk more about that as we go on. He has multiple facilities there in New York and he's got another one he already opened in Florida. The man doesn't let grass grow under his feet at all. In fact in fact that's what I would like to ask you Ross. We talked about that earlier just as an example because I'm always preaching about the importance of taking massive and immediate action. But I also add one to it. Massive immediate and consistent action. And you are that type of person. If you wouldn't mind letting people know what happened when you flew from New York to Florida what happened after you landed what was your day like.

Well on my day it was I had a plan because when you get you're going to take action you've got to take immediate action like you were saying. It's my first meeting I landed at ten thirty in the morning and I had my first meeting.

I knew I was sitting down with the gentleman talking about what his gym was all about what I felt that could bring his opportunity. And it was the right location for me to start my business here in Florida. And you know I wanted to get to as I got to the airport got out got my right the car shop right there didn't do anything right to this meeting. And it's all about taking action and I learned that from many mentors that no opportunities are not just taken by someone who's ready to take action. And they're not willing to compromise who they are in order to get in and out of frame.

I love that quote. I love that quote. And here's the thing. For many of you most of you that are watching entrepreneurs you know you've flown before he got an airplane. And it's amazing to me every single time how you know you get on a plane and what do you do for the duration. How long was your flight for example from New York to Florida for five hours. Two and a half. OK. So it's a relatively short one. Even the short ones like that you're sitting. What are you doing. You're sitting. Yes. You're doing nothing. You're resting. Really. But what happens when you land. You're exhausted.

Why is that. I don't know. But it happens every single time.

I'm sure it has to do with the lead in to getting to the airport and all the hustle and bustle and the schlepping the luggage and you know getting a rental car all that stuff adds up to it. But consider what Ross just talked about he flew and had this prearranged meeting and took care of business. Even though I'm sure his energy was depleted knowing Ross he knew a way to drive that up really quick and get the get this done. Obviously he did. We were talking about books just a moment ago and Roz would you consider yourself to be an avid reader.

Absolutely. I mean I found that before I share your story if you don't mind me. You said you listen to audible.

I do as well but I grew up not a very good reader. I didn't read my first book so I was well into my 20s. And the reason being is that my school that I went to highschool junior high they just kind of pushed me along and didn't help me figure out what the challenge was. I had a great fear reading reading in public speaking in public because when I looked at the words in the book there were a lot of times I couldn't pronounce the words and if you can't pronounce the words what happens you lowers your comprehension and it lowers your comprehension. You don't know what you're reading so I never read. I took really good notes in high school and once I figured out that that was my challenge I started to really figure out how can I teach myself to read what was my biggest challenge and how can I get better and learn that when you read consistently you get better and you get more better and understanding the recognition of words and my speed increase and then it took some speed speed reading courses. Now I truly believe that leaders are readers those who want to succeed in entrepreneurship must read. And I believe that Jim Rhône said you should have a library card and it was one of the first things I did when I got established in Florida is get my library card.

So many great points and leaders are readers. I love that. That's perfect. The other thing is you talked about getting a library card and that that's the thing. You know this doesn't cost a lot of money a lot of investment and I think oftentimes that's the one reason why most don't do it because they don't put the value to it because there's no skin in the game. And I know for a fact that that was part of my reason for not really diving into it the first time I was told to read that I should read many years ago.

And I didn't have I didn't value it at all because hey I can go get a book again and go library boringness pay a few bucks and get one online whatever but like really that's it. I just didn't believe it. And you'll notice as you watch the show the listeners as you watch the show and listen to it show after show. This is a common theme among all of these successful entrepreneurs just like Raas every single one of them to a person as an avid reader. So if you haven't started reading yet when is now the right time to start doing that. And that would be go to reach your peak library dot com as a as a recommendation because they're already a group of books that are business personal development all based on mind body business that can help you immediately. Which one do you want to read first which one should I read first. Doesn't matter go through the list find the title the picture or whatever jumps out you first just do it just take action like Mr. ocelots who flew landed and held a meeting after he was probably quite exhausted from all of that ordeal.

So this is a product of the product. And that's why I love this guy so much. You should have seen. You have to see this man on stage. He just he's amazing amazing amazing energy. And you know he's got this incredible positive outlook all the time and I know that he's human and I'm human too. We may come off as positive people to the general public at all times. But I'll tell you what. There are times we're not great example yesterday my son was in an accident. I wasn't very positive at that moment for various reasons not because of him but because of worry about is he OK. And now all the stuff we need to do to the car so that it's like that's what happens. And the thing I wanted to find out though from when I left asked this question of various entrepreneurs. So right now it's your turn when it comes to maintaining that positive mindset. You know that positive productive successful mindset that you have. What do you do on a regular basis to sustain that. And in other words what motivates the motivator.

Wow that's a great question. You know Brian I mean we've talked a lot about it already on this show. One of the ways that I stay motivated is what you see behind me is my bookshelf.

If I'm feeling a little bit down and I feel a little bit off kilter. All you have to do is turn look at the bookshelf and usually watch books open it up and something will read some little jump and I'll read it or read a passage draw or read a chapter book and the main reason that that happens is because that's the message I needed to see and what was that message is that author wanted me to accept that day.

And that always worked the way it is. I sincerely understand that you said this is the mind body isn't the show while the body is crew critical just staying motivated to staying in position. And so I work out and working out always shifts my state. Now we both and you know that is going to shift your state then you're going to not feel the way you thought you were going to feel. So what are the things that I got. Soon as I got off the plane was by myself I find myself the shift in sitting for two hours getting up at 6 a.m. commuting to the airport. All those things that would drain me. I did something that would bring the energy back to some deep breaths you know make my move. These are all ways to shift your state quickly immediately so that you can focus on what you need to get done. No motivation just like anything else. If you only take a shower once in a while you're going to start to smell. You only focus on your motivation. Once in a while what's going to happen. You're not going to be motivated in isolation. So I meditate as well and I do that daily and sometimes my meditation for five minutes an hour. But this allows me to get synergies to my sphere. It's sitting with my thoughts clarity on my life.

Fantastic. I was writing notes as I always do during the show. And that's why the little pause for coming back. That amazing. I love the meditation daily. Absolutely. I do the same thing I actually do it right before bed. I have a specific program that I acquired that I listen to has gotten many many months of meditation audio and it's phenomenal phenomenal. So listen listen to this. This gentleman ladies and gentlemen. Listen to Arad's that you know of a lot of times I remember the old me when I heard things like meditation or when I heard things about things that were going to affect your mind. And even in a positive way I think that's a bunch of hocus pocus mumbo jumbo woofs stuff and the cool thing is I found it's just the opposite. It's absolutely crucial. How about you want to be successful. That's the bottom line. How about you want to be successful. Do you want to basically model success right there. Do you want to model success with me just copy them do what they do. Or would you rather try to figure it out on your own. Would you rather take the shortcut which is a legitimate ethical integrity based shortcut. Or would you rather just struggle. You know I love to see your answer in the comments. I am truly what I mean some might just say I'd rather do it myself. They're just so stuck in their ego that that's what they want to do. I was there. I'm not saying anything and judging anybody here because we've all been through. I'm sure you Razin your growth to get to where you are now went through all the stages.

The thing is what. Wouldn't it be OK if people like myself would give you those shortcuts so you don't have to struggle like we did or others have. And just give you the this is that you can get to that point of success in less than half the time you would normally do if he did it on your own. All right that's my preach for the moment. And one of the things Ross will shift gears just a little bit. You're in the fitness business. And so you have physical locations where people physically need to come to your gym to get their workout in. So to me that's in my mind that would be more of a challenge than if it were an online entity were really you could have a customer anywhere in the world depending on when you feel like you want to be up and working with them. And I'm curious from a marketing standpoint. Now I know you have two flavors that you have. You have both. You have the you know people come in and you do personal training you and your trainers do personal training one on one with your people your folks your clients. And then you also you take it up another notch and you also help because you have such a successful fitness business thriving business that you help other fitness business owners as a coach to help them elevate their business faster and I love that about you. How exactly do you go about building a successful customer base and you can feel free to address both of those are just one of those either ones fine.

Sure and that's a great question. The first thing I had to really kind of dialing and I talked about it a lot well there it's with you know I'm coaching consulting a personal trainer service based business owner it's understanding your market and understanding your unique message and it was once my partner and I really doubt our message.

And it made it a lot easier for us to merge because then we weren't a jack of all trades master of none. We were specializing not generalizing and this is a key quality to any industry. I tell people all the time it doesn't matter. Don't think you get service everybody. So when it came to building my customer base for member business which is my personal training brand. We have two locations on Long Island Lucas Valley and Oyster Bay New York. It was all about was about finding out who my ideal client was. What was the unspoken problem that that client was struggling with. They might not even understand or know and I was going to have to bring it to fruition for them put some light on it and then share my unique solution to that problem and their local ways and I went about doing that. Public speaking being one of them I did a lot of lunch and learned go to corporate buildings. I was going to the Chamber of Commerce the Rotary Club the networking events. Then I also realized how podcasting was a way to get my voice out there and educate my market. I wrote articles on a blog called The middle class success.

Ideally my unique client was email who's entering into perimenopause because they were struggling with weight loss understanding their bodies their hormones what was happening to them. So once I doubt that it gave me a party in the marketplace. So when you think about how do you acquire a customer. Number one know that customer know their pain points. Know what keeps them up to your million dollar message. What do you stand for. What do you stand against. And what makes you unique and different because any one else in the game that you're playing because if you're just like anyone if just a gym I would be out of business because I went to a town that was we were saturated. There's a lot of yoga. There's so much there other personal trainers. And it is critical that I didn't call myself a personal trainer. I was a coach that specialized in helping women understand this big challenge that was going to happen in their lives. And when we did that it made customer acquisition easier. It made our marketing and advertising budget cut down because you only focus on a target niche.

And that allowed us to really stand out and Gamini and that's what I'm doing here in on things is that we're focusing on number one that is on women because that's what we know better than anyone else.

Wow. That's all I can say. Wow. I have writers cramp that was phenomenal man. I was I was jotting down notes like nobody's business on that. Goodness sakes.

I love it all. In this all holds true to everything. You know books if you go to books how do you think Roz got there. He taught himself through reading. He taught himself through modeling and mentors. He he just shared with me. He got off the phone with one of his just a little while ago. He's continuing connection with others in the business to help each other because he has that mentality of abundance not scarcity. And there's plenty to go around all of these put together. I mean harnessing that unique message that's huge absolutely huge. Being in the fitness industry myself I get that. I'm not a personal trainer. I love that one. I love it all. Know your customer and that's often we talk about defining your avatar right. There's a technical term for that where you know your avatar you know your ideal client. And the thing I love more than all that I really can't put one above the other actually but amongst all the other it was how you became and how you built authority status. And I really want to kind of reiterate that if you don't mind because that was really really important.

A lot of people think and they do that if they just post once a day on Facebook they're going to achieve authority status and that's it. All I need to do is get my face out there. I need to max out at 5000 friends to create a couple of Facebook pages and you know maximize the likes on that. And yeah that could be one component. One little component of the big picture speaking onstage that is probably among everything you just listed one of if not the most powerful ways to achieve authority status the fastest. Writing a book is another. Of course writing a book and take some time but to be honest speaking from stage effectively will take you a considerable amount of time. I did it for a couple of years before I became effective years and on a regular basis doing meet ups going to Rotary Clubs. Are you are you seeing a pattern here develop with what has done podcasts. He writes articles he goes live once a week on his Facebook. He's continually constantly nonstop feeding value through all these different platforms and mediums not just one not just two but he's doing it throughout everything that's available that he knows because of his research because of his mentors that he's learned from that are successful. You don't you only want to use those things that are successful right. Ross just I mean what we don't try to invent something new. There's no need to become the maverick or the innovator of something just to be able to say you're the maverick or enervate or something and you might just waste your time most likely you will just go with what works. The wheel has already been invented.

Just use the wheel. I mean my gosh man you have a customer a million dollar message. What makes you unique. Yeah this is everything. All those books behind Ross the books behind me that will teach you that. And Raas himself. We're giving you the fast track because all you do is listen to the show and you'll get everything you need to know in short order. All you have to do is do what I did not do and that is listen and apply what I did not do many years ago. Listen and apply and do it quick. Now I know I already know this answer.

But I really want to get it from you from the perspective of two different areas of your life and I don't want to embarrass you but man I just got to see it and no one else needs to see this because last time we talked on Zoom they all I could see was this thing called Roz's bicep. It's a massive arm you should see this guy would you mind just pull one of the sleeves up real quick and just flashing that big bet. Oh my goodness look at that people as tricep little the bottom side the back side of his arm the tricep is massive as well. And I saw pictures of you. You did some you did some competition on stage back in the day and this dude chiseled a Telia. The dude was an immaculate shape and to this day he's got you know barrel chested. This guy is the epitome of fitness and I won it. I know that it's important to you but if you could explain why and just how important physical fitness is to you from both a personal standpoint in your personal life and for your business how does it impact and affect those and why is it so important to you.

Great question. So I'll start out with the physical. I mean I was born with my right leg shorter than the other have no quadriceps or hamstring on my right leg. So you can imagine I live every day.

It's about a three and a half to four inch difference between my left leg and my right leg. So fitness wasn't about me looking a certain way or be steady or you know ego. It was about living a life of quality I had to be fit. And I started working out at a very early age at 14 and I started to kind of fingers through the books and I saw them muscle bolts and then I learned a little bit about lightings and mobility. And I said hey here's what's going to change because doctors told me I was going to be in a wheelchair by the time I'm 18.

They said I would never be able to be an athlete because works like the other. It's because of my leg and my back would be broken and all these things and right away I knew at an early age that it didn't matter what someone else told you if you didn't believe their story of you you could write your own. And that's when I started to do so I started working out really early and I start to get results. I started to be able to pull the which then that I had my wrestling coach that started wrestling and became a standout wrestler in high school and college. And so right away I knew oh you know what I love being in the gym. Being in a gym was easy for me because I knew that hey when I went there I was going to get something out of it by me something. And I did it long enough and it changed my body. And I decided hey you know what I should do this for a living. I want to do something that I can help people. And when I was at the gym people always asked me How are you. What are you doing that. Why are you doing this. What were your routine. I say I make them up. And I started doing isn't a Verrier and a way to get a gym job.

And the personal trainer director they're you know pretty much look me in the eye and said you know you don't get the bill for personal trainer. You're not six foot two. You don't have blond hair blue eyes. You don't fit the bill for our ideal personal trainer here. But I do have a job for you at the front desk. I look at this gentlemen and I said you know what I could get to two things I could do from this. I can say screw you. Or I could take the job kick the door and because my foot was in the door now. He gave me an opportunity to get where I'm wanted to go. So I took that opportunity and worked the front desk. I met every member there I knew all of their first names and learned everything about them the kids their families their jobs their everything. And I became very well-connected in that gym and within a short period of time people were asking to trade with me when I wasn't a trainer they would go back to this director and you know and he was like Oh wow. You know and I he said Do you want to train. Absolutely. And I started training. And that was the start of my personal training career and I was back in the year 2000.

And then I realized OK. So fitness was about that it was about me overcoming that obstacle in turning that obstacle and opportunity where they led me to understanding that the more fit I am as an entrepreneur as a professional. I'm going to be able to actually have state of mind the clarity I'm going to be able to inspire and motivate people. And I don't care like it's not about having a six pack abs in a big chest or arms. I think that you can still but I know that your physical ability how you show up your confidence exudes through you how you feel about yourself. So it's not about the physique or what you look under. It's about staying in physicians performance and that's if you're an entrepreneur and you're overweight and you're struggling to breathe and you can't speak clearly for long and you can't go up stairs. It's going to inhibit your success. And when I learned that now when I work with men who are high level CEOs and so sweet I'm automatically teaching of Epstein died stress reduction. How to get themselves into the best versions of themselves so that they can climb the ranks and perform at higher levels than they ever be able to perform with less health and fitness.

I'm amazing.

Amazing. And it's interesting. The one of the first things you said was It's not about aesthetics it's about living a life of quality. And I we are we are so similar my friend because that's what I teach my clients as well is if you're in this to look better then I won't take you on as a client. That's not what this is about. It's about the long term it's about the life. It's a lifestyle for the rest of your life. And if you're not in it for the rest of your life I'm not going to take you on as a client because I'm not looking for someone who's just looking to become a supermodel or you know have a six pack abs on the beach so you can attract a woman while there's nothing wrong with that and I don't want to be little that. But the reason that you and I. Roz and I what we do what we do is for people to operate. What you just said I love how you use the word peak and performance with reach your peak as my company. Thank you. And it's it's right down that alley because here's what's happened here's the beautiful by product of becoming fit of working out on a regular basis of where of eating foods that serve you that don't do the opposite and make you just poisoned of feeding your mind through different subconscious programs of all of it together. What happens as a beautiful byproduct is you will actually end up looking better as well.

It's just kind of a habit. Isn't that beautiful. So it's just about shifting the mindset shifting the reason the reason why you want to become fit Ross just said it it's to operate at a peak level performance a peak state of mind and clarity is his exact words. And here's the other thing I noticed about Ross that is common with every entrepreneur I've interviewed to date probably every entrepreneur I've met who I have a kinship with and that is he said I could now do this as a business so I can help people always goes back to helping and serving people. That's why I love being associated with Ross slaughter because he is of like mind. We have similar values system. I'm telling you I have so many twin brothers. But I think you're the next one. You just a brother by another mother that you know. The resemblance is all is pretty obvious right. Absolutely. So I'm telling you man it's I love this commonality of all the successful people that I interviewed have similar traits and that's the thing. The beautiful thing I get as a blessing as host of the show is to it solidifies everything I've read heard experienced it solidifies it rock solid that just continue doing these things. And you know your success will continue to rise to elevate. Are you ever at a level of success that you're happy.

Oh no absolutely not. I mean I believe in. So it's constantly and always improving and I adopted that philosophy from one of our mutual mentors from a long time ago.

And I just I really feel that I'll never arrive. And I'm always learning and growing and that's what gets me excited. You asked me in the previous question what motivates me what motivates me is that I'm always pushing myself to become the best version of that selfish the person I am today. I'll be a new person tomorrow. And that is exciting and everyone watching this show has the same opportunity. I did one of my crush at Monday's like this week and it was all about you could change your life in 24 hours or less. And I had a lot of people say Ross you don't know my circumstances you don't know my child. You don't know my setbacks. I can't change. I said yes you can. You just have to make a decision and that decision every day for people like you and me.

Bryant is that we want to walk around at a heightened level of who we are and know we're going to become a better version tomorrow through our information through our knowledge. Do the things you're attracting and learning. It's all a process and I'm so excited about being where I'm at today and where I'm going tomorrow.

And that's the key right there. Exciting and that's you know I've talked about that before a lot of people that I knew in the corporate world they can't wait to get to that point where they can retire and that that's their success their measure of success is getting to the point where they look at your face. I get it. Man your your instant reaction was yuck I could see it already like that is wrong. And they're like excited so that they can get to the point where they stop and do nothing. I mean and I've I've actually asked many of them and I'm literally saddened. I kid you not to deep in my heart. Saddened by their responses. Some of them I said What are you. What are your plans. You're nearing retirement you're finally there. You've been looking for this moment all this time. What are you going to do now. And they go you know that's a great question. I really haven't thought of that. I don't know. And I'm like. Are you kidding me. Holy smokes to me. Retirement is not a word in life.

Cabul it might be a shift from one location to another but it's always going to be helping and serving others and along because of what you just said Ross exciting it's exciting what if you were to. What if life was this way Ross where you hit a point of success and that was just it. There is no further you can go. There was a limit and you hit a ceiling. What if that was the case in life. What if that's the way it really was. What would that I would never want to reach that level. To be honest I do everything I could to prolong that because now it's boring. There's nothing to live for there's no challenges. I love challenges. I love problems because I know that's going to help me grow. And I know that's how you're built too. ROSIN Thank you by the way for showing your bicep because one of our viewers said that's the size of my thigh. And Greg Kalafatis.

I don't know if I'm selling that right. Says Hello is that your partner. That's the name yes that's it. Greg Fadiga he's made a separate coo.

He said What's a prize. And is giving thumbs up and Wavves and hellos and lots of people coming in and saying Hi I love that interaction keep calm and keep commenting keep showing love and likes and ask questions if you have them. Roz I he knows ahead of time that I was going to allow the audience to ask questions if you have questions by all means type Amen and we'll see what there is nothing that will face this guy because he's figured it out. Does that mean he's perfect. Does that mean he's reached that top level. He just said it no. And neither of us would want that anyway. I wouldn't want it for him. He wouldn't want it for himself and vice versa. Phenomenal. So many things that along that journey you know we're all on a journey and the journey is glorious and wonderful and beautiful. It's not always wonderful every single day and we get that that's what you know. If there wasn't if there weren't bad days there could never be a good day right. It just wouldn't exist.

And so there are but there are many of those moments where we feel this elevated level of satisfaction. What if you could pinpoint one what would be if you could think about that. If you can imagine what that was what has been your most satisfying moment in business thus far.

Wow I got to be honest it hasn't been in business.

It was having the opportunity to walk down the aisle and marry the woman of my life because I never envisioned it happening for me because I didn't know I thought it happened to other people. I thought it was something that other people got to and to enjoy. I was so focused on work and business for a long time that it distracted me from actually understanding why I was supposed to be in business is to do the things I want to be able to do when I walked in for one get one with whomever I want. So I didn't focus on attracting my ideal life partner. When I found this person who used to share my amazing and beautiful wife it allowed me to see this as a gift for it through a different lens and a different filter and now business is fun and it allows me to do things like me.

Two Awesome businesses with an amazing business Artman and say you know what I can start from scratch and do it all over again in a new place. So one thing I will say that we all have that Milot that moment that we remember I remember when Greg and I opened our second location at Oyster Bay and we had this grand opening. And yes food and friends and everything came in but we looked at each other and we like wow. This has been an amazing ride but we can't wait to see where we're going to take this to the next level. Right away you see one of the things that if you're watching I can tell you that I've learned from other successful people is that once you hit that goal make sure you have another one and we're like oh wonder what does it feel like to open another studio start another business to write another book. Those were that's what excites me. It was the second. It was great but it was. What's next.

That is phenomenal advice. Have another goal have another goal. And you know you don't have to set all these goals at once at least personally. It's like you know you have that goal you're trying to reach. You know when you're getting near it and that's the time you start thinking cool I'm getting close. What next. I can't wait. Oh my gosh. Open the mine. Let's see. Talk to my mentor. How do I scale my business how do I grow this thing how do I serve more people. That's what it comes down to is how do you help the most people that you possibly can. Because we're here to serve and help. That's what entrepreneurs love doing. At least the ones that I associate myself with like Ross Lauder and all the others that have come on the show many coming beyond that as well.

And the one thing that happens with satisfaction. There's also this thing that we have that we all go through you know as entrepreneurs. So we don't we don't work 9:00 to 5:00. We're basically 24 hour day. It's always on the mind and it's not a bad thing. It's what we want to do. We choose to do it. But there is no real time off if you will even when Robbie occasionally I know I am always often drawn to thinking about business. And I I literally I kid you not. I hope my wife doesn't see this but there are times when I'm out on vacation and I literally wish I was back in my office working the business because I love it that much.

It's just amazing that wow what a blessing. So it's not work but things do have to go by the wayside in order for us to become successful. So on that order what kind of sacrifices have you personally had to make have to make to become a successful entrepreneur. Because I know there are many we could go on all night about it but what really stands out in your mind about that.

Wow I'm like well one of the things is that you know the most important woman in my life before my wife was my grandmother.

And you know she passed away a few years ago of cancer but she was my role model she still is my role model. She still is my ace and I sacrifice time I'm away from her I have the opportunity to create some of the things that I will be experiencing. I would love to greet with her or take your places with her in different restaurants because I always kept saying you know what I'll do this someday.

You know when I get this level of success are what I have to go to this meeting or have to read this book or go to the seminar. And now I realize as she's been gone for four years that I never had those exchange those opportunities.

So what the lesson that I took from that is that I have an opportunity with my stepchildren. I have an opportunity with my wife to understand that I'm not going to sacrifice the time from them. I understand that in order to build the business sometimes them have to stay up late.

I'm going to get up early what I will do is maintain the balance and make sure that I love affection and mention to them daily. So they know I love them and be present to them.

So when I'm with them I'm with them when I'm working on work and I make a distinction between those two aspects of my life that is brilliant advice right there to maintain the balance between business and personal life. I've been there myself. I got so incredibly over my head stupid myself by coming. You know I'd go work at a corporate job and come home after commuting two plus hours both ways after working eight plus hours and I'm tired I get home I go straight upstairs and I start working my entrepreneurial job because I wanted the heck out of there. And I did that at the expense of spending time with my wife and kids and to the point where it strained our marriage and it's all on me 100 percent on me. That was a lesson I learned thankfully she confronted me about it and we talked it out and I said I get the message. I love you way too much. I am done. I will definitely change my habits and do better at that. And it's interesting though I can tell your wife is your life. That's beautiful. Same with me. When we do exercises and I've I've done several speaking events I did this also from my mentor stage where we would take the audience through to determine why what is that one thing that one thing that you would do you know you would do anything for no matter what obstacle came in your way you would continue going on in your business because it was that important to you to satisfy that.

Why. I went through that process several times and every single time the answer was the same it was my wife and I. You know there's so many times how many times have you heard people what was the greatest moment of your life or the birth of my kids. And that is indeed a miraculous beautiful moment for me. It was the same as you. It was the moment I married my wife without whom my kids wouldn't even exist. And I you know I love her to the core. There's nothing. That's my wife. That's why I get up in the world that's why I smile that's why I'm driven. That's why I'm excited about getting up every day because I have her to look forward to each and every day. That was pretty neat. I just said to me that I put on a book. And another thing you said love that was you know when you're talking about your grandmother is I'll do this someday. How many times. I know I've said that in the past. How many times I just heard this recently from another individual I talked to I think it was two nights ago. And they said that same thing. I'll get around to it someday. And I said let me ask you something. Would you mind putting up a calendar right now. And they Pope calendar OK. I said you see at one week's worth of dates there. Yes. OK. Yes OK. So of those days which one of those says someday I see Monday I see Tuesday you know on and on where Sunday they got it immediately clicked. It's like OK I see where you're going with this.

So I said there's never ever ever the right time to do things you know to do like you did. You moved to Florida. I bet that that probably stretched your comfort zone at that moment when you were making that decision and then doing it like oh my god am I doing the right thing. Is that your subconscious telling you that that's the thing you should be doing because you knew it's the right thing. You know it's going to be good. It's just the fear of uncertainty that that drives that discomfort which is really a great thing that because that is telling you that's your subconscious speaking to you telling you go do it. Yes. The answer is yes. And there is no perfect time ever ever. So just do it right away. Immediate massive and consistent action. Oh right. We are six minutes away so what I want to do real quick. If you don't mind is give the folks who are watching live the opportunity to. Enter for a chance at winning that amazing five nights stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico. Again compliments of power texting dot com. So in order to do that I will bring up the screen to help you out. There's two ways for you to enter and we'll announce it live on the show. Or you know more importantly is to get the value of Ross and if you are the winner you will be notified via text message that you are the winner. One of the gentlemen that's watching right now Richard barrier is a past winner. Thanks for coming back on Richard.

So here here are the two forms or ways to do that. One is you can go to our website. Reach your peak LLC. Dot com forward slash vacation saying this audibly. For those of you listening on podcasts after the show reached peak L.L.C. dot com for Sashi vacation. Just make sure the word vacation itself is all lowercase. The rest really doesn't matter. And then another way if it's more convenient for you is to use your your phone your cell phone and text the word Peak P E A K 2 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 and that's p e aka 2 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Go ahead and do that right now. Keep the tab open of the show because I have one hard hitting question one left. That is an amazing question that I know Roz's probably a little nervous of it because I kind of set it up before the show. I told them I'm going to give them one surprise question. I don't like to surprise people and embarrass them and that's not what this is about. And the cool thing with this question as I told Roz's there is no wrong answer. It's because it's your answer. It's true to you and only you. And so the interesting thing I found in asking this one question of past show guess and by all means go back and watch the past shows to find out what those answers were. Is that every single one of them thus far has been different either completely drastically different or slightly different but everyone has been different.

So Raas are you ready buddy. Bray all right all right.

And I hope you're ready. Those of you watching and listening and it's a really cool all encompassing question that it really will possibly make you think and go ahead and give it a moment if you need Ross to come up with the answer because it's pretty deep. What I want to know.

Ross slaughter for you. How do you how do you personally how do you define success.

Wow. Success. Is really comes down to creating a life that you truly are excited about daily.

Being able to do what you want when you want it with whomever you want for as long as you want. But more importantly that you live a life that makes an impact in this world not that a life that is taking a life that is about giving that others necessarily success. Those who are doing that. I'm inspired by and motivated by and they are my model for success. Those who are making a difference in other people's lives each and every day like you Brian is so inspiring and motivating to me. And it just drives me to push myself to create a better version. Each and every day to read more books to listen to more. I've got to learn more so that I'm equipped to deliver more of an impact each and every day because I can wake up each day and as far as one person to believe in themselves to rewrite their story each and every day in my life mission has been completed powerful and again different.

I love it. There's one there is one commonality to every answer. I forgot to mention that while now is the time to mention that actually one commonality and that is what.

Not a single one has has said there's one thing that not a single one of entrepeneurs including yours said that defined success or included it in any part of their definition of success. And that was amassing money. Isn't that interesting. I love the fact because if you if you take that bring a corporate employee into the fray who knows nothing more money will be number one you'll be number one because they have this clouded vision that money buys happiness. And we both know that that is not the case. Does it help. Does it give us more time freedom.

That's what I look at money as a vehicle for which to give me more time freedom to do. And you know like you said to do what I want to do when I want to do it. If you have that financial backing then you're unable to do that and you're unable to do what you just said which is serve and help more people to become the best them they can be. That's what it's really all about serving. You can talk about money. Money is definitely an aspect it's definitely part of the equation. Don't get me wrong and it's important. Very important.

But the beautiful thing is not a single person. And even if they did say that that was very important to them I'm not going to judge them on that. There may be a definite reason for that but so far and most the people I know that I run in in my circles they're not wired that way. It's not about money. It's again money is part of the equation always. But that is not the end game of the definition of success. Appreciate you on on your wonderful definition. Create a life of exciting data.

Yeah I was trying to write that as fast as I could but the beautiful thing is this is being recorded will be transcribed later and it will be word for word.

It's awesome.

Well we have hit that magical time and what I wanted to do was real quick is give you the opportunity to let people know how to connect with you. And by all means shoot out the address if you have it of your new facility that you're working out of in Florida. And for those that are in the fitness industry that are either just starting or already have an established business in the fitness industry and are looking to grow it and to scale it. Well this is the guy that's done it. Who better to learn from. That's something else he does. And so if you wouldn't mind go ahead and give people both the address of your facility in Florida and if you want the ones in New York as well. And how can they connect with you to learn more about you. Coaching them to take their business to the next level.

First all Brian thank you so much for the opportunity to be here on your show. It's just an honor that someone would see in me the opportunity to share my mission and my message. Thank you very much for that.

This is really great. If someone wants to reach out and connect with me the best place is Facebook Concord's slash it's coach Ross. That's where you're going to see my first Monday show every Monday at 3:00 p.m. Eastern standard time where I go on there live and it's all about creating the best version of yourself and understanding that personal growth and going through trials and tribulations are going to get you where you want to go. If you're looking to change your body I have three opportunities for you know any of the locations either in Oyster Bay New York mogas Valley or here in Palm City. I don't have the specifically but what I will share with you is you reach out to need direct message me on Facebook and we can definitely link up and if you're just professional personal trainer coach service provider and you're looking for a coach that's going to tell you exactly what they're doing not what the league is going to work on someone's going to actually tell you that they're in the trenches and they're not creating the data. Just how do things connect with me.

I love the opportunity to see if we're the right fit the work the and if you build and grow your business and I for one highly recommend this gentleman completely total without any hesitation he's true to the core. Anyone that loves his wife as much as he does. I can tell right away he's a man who just he loves people he has high integrity his ethics are sound. And you know he's a product of the product. Look at him. I mean so many times you'll see I've seen this. I literally have seen this raw. I seen a fitness guru on stage that was severely out of shape. And I thought why would I want to learn from you when you're not even an example of what I want to look like or be mean. And that person wore tight clothing as if they thought they were actually fit. What are you doing. Are accentuating the fact that you. So anyway all that to say Ross is the epitome of what he teaches and preaches and so reach out to rise again. If you're a fitness a fitness business there is no geographic constraints. You could be on the West Coast like I am in California and I'm sure he'll talk to you you can be Canada you can be anywhere where English is spoken and maybe you know other languages that you'll to be open to but definitely reach out connect with them you can see an amazing man.

And I for one am blessed to have met him. I think God put us together. There was no mistake there that this amazing high energy motivational guy on stage it just blew my socks off as a man I want to know this guy a little bit better. Thank you Ross for taking the time out to be on this show. I appreciate you for spending this time. And thank you all for watching and those that you are listening also on the podcast and come back again next week as I like to say. Same time same bat channel. Those are you old enough to know what that means. We will be back again next week with another phenomenal guest. For now for Ross slaughter the man with the legend. I'm Brian Kelly and we will see you again next week on next. Mind Body business show so long for now be pleasure thank you for watching and listening.

This is beyond the mind of Brian Kelly.

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