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Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host, Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly:
Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. Oil boy, goodness gracious, ally, we have another amazing, amazing guest expert on to night. I cannot wait to introduce you to him. Amazing young man who comes by way of the land down. Under. That's right. Australia some years ago, he made that big leap and moved to the United States. And we are blessed to have him here and can't wait to introduce him to you.In the meantime, very briefly, The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. What is that all about? Well, it's about the three pillars of success that I like to call em. I found out these three pillars, they're really patterns that I noticed in very successful people. So over the past decade or so, I began studying just successful people. What made them successful? What was it that, you know, they had the same things we have that they have access to everything we do, what makes them more successful than anyone else? And I found in studying over a decade that three areas kept trickling to the path to the top patterns. And of course, you didn't guess what those are mind, mind, his mind set. And that is about having a very powerful and more importantly, flexible mindset. Each and every successful person to a person that I studied has this and body. That means taking care of yourself literally, your physical body by exercising regularly and by intaking high nutrition food andric. And then there's business. Now business is multi, multi multifaceted. There are so many skill sets that are involved in a thriving, successful business like sales, marketing team building, systematizing, leadership. The good news is that you don't have to master every single one of those skills because of that last one that I mentioned leadership. Once you have mastered the skill of leadership, you can then delegate to other people who have those skill sets that you might lack in. Because let's face it, if you were to try to do all of them and master them all on your own, it could take literally more than a lifetime to do so. And so that those are the three qualities of highly successful people. And on that note, one of the other high qualities of highly successful people is to a person I found they are also very avid readers. And to that end, I'd like to switch over to a brief segment I like to affectionately call bookmarks.

Bookmarks, born to read, bookmarks. Ready steady read bookmarks brought to you by

Brian Kelly:
Yes, and there you see it, And by the way, for those of you watching live and even those you watching afterward, even listening, it's very important that you stay with us here on the show while we are talking, because when if you don't resist that temptation to run off and open up a browser tab and look at these resources on your own, if you don't resist that temptation, then you might miss something super valuable that our guests expert Rick Goossens has for you. And I would really hate for that happen. I've seen this happen multiple times while on physical stage, speaking from stage, and we're about to get to the part that probably will change most people's lives. And I see one or more person get up to go to the restroom like, oh, my gosh, they just missed out on probably the most incredible part of the presentation. And with Reid, I have no idea when it's coming, but I'll guarantee you it's coming and it's coming multiple times. It happens every single show value, value, value and life changing value at that. So stay with us. Instead of running off and clicking on things and typing in you or else bring up that old fashioned thing. Remember that thing? It's called a piece of paper. And the thing that goes with that? This one might really shock you. But remember this, it's called a pen, a writing instrument or a pencil. And of course, I'm fine with that. But definitely write notes, take notes and stay with us. Just write down the notes and don't run off to some far away land on the Internet and get too bogged down with trying to multitask.

So, is something I had developed with you in mind. And I do not kid when I say that it is you, the business person, the entrepreneur, that is looking to achieve greater success no matter where you are today in your walk is to help you to achieve greater success. And I only started reading very avidly about 10 years ago, closer to 7, actually. I waited way too long to begin reading. But the good news is I began reading and reading voraciously. And so what I did is I compiled a list of books on this Web site. There's 40 on the site. There are far many more that I need to update it with. This is a good start. These are all books I personally read and every one of them to a book has had a profound impact on me, either in business or in personal life. And so that's why I assembled them here. So now for you, there's less guessing. You may have read many, maybe all of these. Some of you may have read all of these. The odds are there will be one or two that you haven't. And for some of you that haven't really started reading seriously, this is a great spot to start, because now you can go to a spot where you know that these books have been personally vetted by at least one other successful entrepreneur. And there's less guessing involved. The thing about successes, it's a lot about certainty. The more certainty you can have about going for something, the more you can put into it and the faster you can achieve those successful results. So I wanted to share that. That's a gift to you. Just click those buttons. They go to Amazon for you to purchase the books. Those are just there for you to have a resource. Your own online library. Compliments of my company. Reach your peak. And speaking of peak, it's time to bring on. The one the only the amazing. All right, I'll do in a minute. Here he comes.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight. Savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained, big-league qualified.

Brian Kelly:
And there he is, ladies and gentlemen. The one the only Mr. Reed Goossens. How are you doing, Reed?

Reed Goossens:
G'Day mate. Thank you for having me on the show.

Brian Kelly:
Oh, man, I love it. Good day, mate. Here we go. Right off the top. He is pulling out the big guns with the beautiful Australian accent. I love it. I love it. I love it. So we're going to bring you on and formally introduce you in just a moment. Apologize. But I want to back up for one second and remind everyone that if they stay on live to the very end, we will show you a way to win a five night stay at a five star luxury resort. Compliments of our wonderful sponsors. You see them up there in the corner, the big insider secrets. And this is an amazing vacation stay, because when you go, you are not going to be pulled aside and thrown into a room for half a day listening to a timeshare pitch. It is not that it is 100 percent a vacation stay and you are treated no different than a full paying guest. So I can't wait to give that out. We do this every single show. And now, without further ado, let's bring this gentleman on with respect and everything that he deserves in 2012. Redo since quit his job in Australia and moved halfway across the globe to the United States to change his life and to chase a dream with limited funds, no investing experience and no credit. Reid went from purchasing a small duplex to growing his own real estate investing firm, Wildhorn Capital. I love these stories. Reid now syndicates large multimillion dollar deals across the U.S. and he has also achieve financial freedom and has taken control of life.

And with that, I want to formally, officially introduce Mr. Reid Goossens again.

I'm not backing back for the second time.

It's like a circle. We just keep falling around. And so I love. All of this about your story, my gosh, I mean, here's what a perfect story for those of us that are native to the United States, that have lived here our whole lives. Now we have this gentleman that comes from across the pond or big pond with literally nothing. You could you could tell by the intro he had nothing. And he made it happen. He's living the dream. He's financially stable is. He's doing it. He's done it. And I love this because it just provides so much hope for everyone else who has not yet achieved financial stability and security. And so, Reed, you know, that's a phenomenal bile. Gets us a great idea of where you come from, what you've done kind of on the physical level. And what I like to do is dove straight into the mind, you know, that big, beautiful brain of yours.

I want to find out what it is that makes you and has made you as successful as you become, which is very successful in my mind and in many minds. And that's a very subjective topic in its own right. But what I want to find out read is when you get up in the morning, you know, being an entrepreneur isn't always easy. Every single day, there are things that we have to deal with. And to that end, it's it's vital to have a very solid and strong drive to be driven. And for you read when you get up and you realize the days ahead of you and maybe, maybe it's a good day. Maybe it's not gonna be, you know, maybe how to deal with some stuff in the beginning. But what is it for you that goes through your mind that you say, all right. Another day. I can't wait to get at it? And what motivates you to the core?

I think what motivates me to the core is a released for a lot of my decisions in the last 10, 10 years has been the fear of regret. Right. Giving things a crack, giving things a go. Learning to take a bet on yourself is definitely something that is innate to who I am. Is a right to the person that I've become and also the entrepreneur that I become. And so being comfortable with backing yourself and getting up in the morning and going, you've got this, you might not have the answers to where you want to go all or the doors you want to open. But the fact is, you know what? You know that you can do it. And that's just that's the thing that my whole shtick is when I'm on these shows is that I want to encourage people to know that they've got it within themselves to go off and be whoever they want to be. You know, give the world the world is your literally your oyster. And, you know, my story is as if if some Aussie guy can come off across the world and achieve financial freedom by buying U.S. real estate with you know, you listed all the things that I had against me when I when I first started here then.

So can you. And the only difference is, is the mindset. And then something that's so powerful within so many people who are successful is that that that that willingness to take a leap of faith and the willingness to back themselves, not knowing what the result might be. But I'd be OK with that. If you have to come back and you do, if you ultimately do fail, then you come back and you you know, you rest on their laurels and you go back to whatever you were doing before. So that's really what gets me going in the morning, that the fact that I get to live my life the way I want to live it. It's been a lot of hard work getting to this point, but also the fact that I don't ever want to wake up when I'm 70 years of age and go, jeez, I wish I'd given that a go or wish I'd given that a crack because I regret the fear of regret is is quite strong with it within me.

So. Yeah, absolutely. Man, that's fantastic. And you said so many things in that one second right there about, you know, that you worked very hard. And that's one point I want to really impart on everyone watching that. It takes diligence, it takes motivation, takes drive. Everything that Reid was talking about that you've got to have all of these things and you've got to have perseverance above and beyond. And man, I'll tell you, there are times. Have you ever felt like quitting Reid and just all of it.

Of course. Because like so far get I'll give you a story if you want to. You want about perseverance. Like the first time I moved to the United States, I didn't have a job I had I needed to get out here or on on a holiday visa. And there was a visa available for Australians. But I had to go and get an actual job. And so what I did was I wrote down all the engineering companies in New York City that I thought had less than 50 people, because less than 50 people means I wouldn't have h.R. And that means that if you are there, those guys, those gatekeepers that see my resume and say, oh, he did, he wasn't educated here in United States in the bid. And so I went knocked on all these doors and tools. Someone said, yes. And it was so many. No, no, no, no, no, no. But that perseverance until someone says yes. And that old adage that Tony Robbins says, you change your story, you change your life. And I knew that one. Yes. Was gonna get me and opened that door to now living in the United States. And that is that that's all you got to rely on. You know that every time you have a know in your life, it's one step closer to having you. Yes. So, yeah.

Oh, man, I'm glad you brought that up. The author of Go for No. And her name Escapes Me. Coauthor is gonna be on the show coming up in August. I can't wait. Similar topic. And that's the thing that a lot of people, I hope, understand to the core that. You know, there's so many opportunities out there today. Phenomenal, wonderful opportunities. And oftentimes people mistake these as get rich quick opportunities. And there really is no such thing that I've found that. That satisfies that I just haven't no. And if you are told that there something like that, the odds are you'll be wasting your time with that. So just want to impart upon you that it's all about working hard, finding a mentor or a coach. Maybe Reid or someone like him. That's very successful. That will take you by the hand and show you the ropes and know that this is a journey. It's not easy, right? It's gonna take some time and it's just a wonderful journey. It's so amazing that after going through all of these peaks and valleys, Reid isn't it isn't fulfilling when you've reached that point where you finally say, I think I think I made it to what I was looking for. And now how much higher can I go?

Roy? Well, you know, the whole thing that we're in society, we want to achieve things quickly. You spoke the get rich quick schemes. Anything that's worth building will take time. I know when I was first getting involved in real estate investing on a full time job, I was trying to decide hustle. I could I could actually leave my time job until I actually married my wife who so I could get a green card.

But there was times, those long weeks, you know, long, dark days where, you know, you spoke at Pilate's earlier on in the introduction in that way, like, I was prioritizing my business over, say, my my relationships with my wife or my health. And looking back, it's like, I'm glad I I'm us there, glad I did it. But I made some mistakes on the way. There were some very tough times, like huge hours every single week in this massive today. But to get to that point where I can quit my day job and then go and be my own boss was really ultimate goal, the ultimate north star for the last 10 years. But the true value is, is that you you can really overestimate what you achieve in a year. But you can underestimate what you can achieve in a decade. And I'm pick up the book. Richard Porter, speaking of books earlier on your library, the book which I put out if if any of your listeners haven't read it, definitely picked that one up. And that changed my life so much in terms of that was back in 2009 and it set me on this course would I am today. Now, I had no idea a decade later I'd be sitting on a show talking to you about my my quote unquote, success.

But that's the beauty of what life is. It's the beauty that, you know, the 10 year is the last thing you see in so freaking awesome. The next 10 years are gonna be even better because I know that, you know, I can do it and I can back myself. So, yeah, I've just been loving the journey. And that's sometimes what we forget that the journey that you go embark on. It will take time. It will be hard. But if you don't have that right mindset on the front, you know, to know that might take five, 10, 15 years to build something that you you know, you can you can be proud of. You can have financial freedom. You can have your own time, freedom. Then then you you've got to. It gets hard when the days do get hard. You've got to know that go to their resolve that you got to keep on going because, you know, it's going to take a longer period of time than maybe what you initially thought out set out to do. So, yeah.

And one thing I found key to doing that, too, sustaining to persevering is to have a very solid Y to something that you would basically crawl over broken glass for a mile and you would do it to the end because of that y is so strong that no matter what knocked you back, you're going to keep forging ahead. And I can't stress enough the importance of that, because as an entrepreneur, you face many valleys every day peaks. And there, like Reid said, you know, I've been there, too. There are times you feel like throwing in the towel. I'm like, why am I doing this? My God, it's just so painful sometimes. And that's OK. That's part of the growth process. And. So one of the things I wondered. Read. What's your advice to entrepreneurs out there who are trying to do everything right and are literally afraid of making mistakes along the way?

It's the biggest it's the biggest barrier to actually just getting off the fence and getting going, right. It's that fear of not knowing.

Trust me, that is the one of the biggest muscles you've got to flex. This whole journey of what you embark on in life to go down and change your life and goes maybe start a business or trying to become an entrepreneur. There is going to be a lot of unknowns in that. And you have to be comfortable with knowing that, like what are these unknowns and playing them out in your mind and like, okay, if I fail at this, what is the alternative for me when I first move to the United States? It was like, you know, I really just had a vision to move here as an expat live for a couple of years and move back to Australia. And when I when I first moved here, I you know, that sort of three or four month period to get a job. Well, the worst case scenario was that if I didn't work out, I'd just be back on a plane or go back to Australia and get another engineering job and then if I'm okay with that. And that's the that's the worst thing that can happen. Well, hey, you know, life's pretty frickin good, isn't it? So being comfortable with that being okay that you don't have all the answers or least you don't know what what the outcomes are going to be. You have to get very good at at least surrendering to that and giving yourself permission to go move forward, not knowing what the next or the final step might be or the outcome might be. But the fact that you're putting one foot in front the other and taking action is the success in which you're getting it going. And because at the end of a day, it might fail, it might go belly up, but you have to be okay with that. And that's the that's the beauty and the sacrifice we make as entrepreneurs, building our businesses in part, paving our way, forging our way through life as entrepreneurs to enjoy the journey, because the journey is part of what the success is all about when you do eventually quote-unquote reach the top.

So, yeah, I love it. And Steve Harvey actually wrote a book about Jump where he's talking about, you know, taking that leap of faith. And again, you could hit the you could hit the cliff on the way down and bounce off of it. But, you know, there's that that chord you can pull on. A parachute will be there. And I will land safely. It's just about it's it is about taking risk. They're calculated risks you're doing with your eyes wide open. It's getting over the resistance, the hesitation to just say yes when you know it's right. And you have all these little voices. I like to think of those little devils that pop up on the cartoons and they've given you all this bad advice saying, no, you can't do it. And all the negative things that come, those are your limiting beliefs that are cropping up. And it's a beautiful thing when you're able to just kind of smack them off your shoulder and say, I'm going forward and I'm not going to analyze the situation too heavily. I'm going to make a decision just to go forward. I can't tell you. Reed When I began learning to do that and started doing it, then things changed fast in a great way. Right. Right. And it was it was a scary hell. Yes. But now, looking back, I love it. I do it over and over. Go ahead.

No, I was just gonna add that it seemed like a mental push up. Right. When you do test that boundary and you get to that edge and you think, jeez, I can't jump, but you do maybe do it, you know, a small thing, you change jobs or you move cities or you just get it. You have. I don't know what it might be, but that's sort of that scared ness that you have. You got to test it every day and you get used to pushing those boundaries. When you get used to pushing that boundary, it's like a mental push up. You know, you're okay. I'm I'm here again, feeling uncomfortable. But let's go forward because I know it's the right thing, because my gut is telling me to go forward, not nessler my brain, which is the reptilian brain. It's going, hey, don't do that. You know, you're gonna get hit those cliffs on the way down. So, yeah, it's listening to a little bit more of the gut and knowing that you can move forward.

Yeah, I'd like to say the voice of reason. Isn't always.

Yeah. It is like a learned trait. You know, if you want to get in a habit of doing and again, find a mentor to help you with that. There are a great mind processes you can go through. Like I have called neuro linguistic programing an LP for short that have literally changed my life. And I don't say that lately about anything that really helped push you to get you going. And on the path of a read Goossens faster than you could ever imagine. I kid you not. And it's all about the mind. Everything we have today. Everywhere. Anything we've achieved is 100 percent our own fault. It's up to us. We made the decisions. We let others control us. I'm talking about myself as well here. So there's no finger pointing going on here. Where you are today is 100 percent your costs.

You are the reason you are where you are at today. When would now be the right time to change what's going on in that beautiful brain of yours for the better so that you can achieve greatness like Reid and, you know, have a great accent?

I can't do that. You can also learn that as well. So he has acting school as well.

So one of the three of mine we've been we've been hammer on mine. But it is that important and I appreciate you taking that much time read to Hammer on it because it is the foundation of our success or lack thereof. In my humble opinion. And let's move into a body troll. You look pretty fit from Australia. You're not in your prime youth years anymore, but you don't look like you're out of those years. So that means you're taking care of yourself. So for you. How has it impacted you to take care of yourself from a physical standpoint? How is it impacted you both on a business level and even a personal level?

So being physically active and fit, growing up, I my dad for the longest period time wanted me to stay in team sports and that sort of built leadership, but it also built grit. Being in teams politics by rugby, growing up, surfing, being physical in my daily life is so important. And those lessons that you learn from playing team sports when you're young is sort of thing is ingrained in you too. When you get older to know that I need to. If I don't work out for a day or two, I start to get a little stir crazy. I nearly use today it in my mind my mid thirties. I use working out as sort of my income just to help start the day. So I news use it like a nearly like a meditation. And that's come from years since I was a little kid doing things repetitively, being part of team sports, going to training.

The feeling that you get when you push yourself off the ground and go make another tackle or you're so exhausted, left everything out on the field and that there helps with the subconscious. We talk about mind before, but being physically active is really important for me. And if I don't have it in my day, I feel like I've I'm not on the on the straight and narrow if that makes sense, since it's a physical activity, whether it's running or swimming or surfing or going to gym or yoga, whatever you do for me at least is something that I have to do as a ritual every single day and every single week.

It's amazing when you don't notice it. You feel it. You sense it. You got to have it. It's almost like the best addiction you could ever develop. Yes, it is on the side. Effects are incredible.

It's. It is incredible. And I think it allows you to have that. And lobi also that morning, morning miracles and that sort of stuff. But I'm definitely I can't work out at the end of the day, or at least I've tried to. I was too tired physically. But in the mornings I get up and I can, you know, eat that green tree frog or whatever, whatever that saying is. You get it done in the mornings, you sweat, you work at hard, and then that's done for the day and you can get on with your diet back into the business side, which is super important to start the day off on the right foot.

You mentioned a word when you were describing. Playing sports. And that was repetition. Mm hmm. And I often use that and when it comes to business and I always say repetition is the key to mastery. And I think it's true in anything. Think of the greatest athletes on the planet like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and the like, that, you know, they just repeat it and practice over and over and over the same shot over. And then they move to another one and do hundreds and thousands of shots from another practice dribbling over and over and over. So is it any different on a business front read or are we OK? We just do it once and we're good.

No, it's it again goes back to that trained repetition brings around a sort of in eight seconds, seven, sixth or seventh sense, you know, like you do something consistently on a daily basis. If you when you don't do it from a to be working out or meditation or going for a walk or having that particular orange juice you like of a morning, that repetition starts to build in the subconscious. And so you'll you'll when you don't do it, you crave it because you want to get it done. That thing today that I really, really I usually do and I feel off in my days off for some reason.

So repetition helps with with with with the day, you know, starting the day if you do it in the mornings or helps with a goal towards the end, not if you're doing it in the evenings, but it helps you make sure that you are on track towards your goals because you do things over and over again. It becomes part of who you are, becomes part of your DNA, and then you can go out and be successful day in, day out because you're doing these small repetitive motions or tasks or certain things in the day that you need to do. And if you do that repetitively over a long period time, it will start moving the needle towards your goals. So, yeah.

And a key there is be careful what you choose to do repetitively.

And I would venture to argue, not argue, but state that if a person out there is not successful today, as they are currently not making the choices that are serving them the best. And all you have to do is change your choices. Maybe instead of. Grabbing that donut, grab an apple and just cook that simple. Maybe instead of watching TV, pull out a book from Richard Peek library dot com and read it, you can listen to it on Audible. I was reading last night sitting with my wife. He's watching the show on TV. I just want to be next to her. I don't care what we're doing. She like to watch the show and I was reading next to her. Just change your habits. What are you doing repetitively? Because that is I mean, we all do things by repetition. Humans are of that nature. And so all that means is maybe new change. And if you're not at a level of success that you wish to be, that you deserve to be, then that's probably the reason that you haven't picked the right things to repeat over and over. And someone like Reid or even myself can help you with that. But again, what would now be the right time to change that? That cycle or pattern of repetition that's going on right now? And if you're already crushing it, fantastic. Now go help and serve others. Yes. Yes.

Hey, you Fat Cohen. I hope I said your first name, right? He is unlinked.

Thanks for coming in. I appreciate you for being here. Now, speaking of business, the third pillar of success in so many skill sets that are necessary to run a business and master the business. I wanted to touch more about what you do yourself, Reese, as a business. What is it?

At a detailed level, you talked about real estate. We talked about a little bit. But I think what you have is quite an ingenious model for others to follow and or to get involved with you. So if you don't mind, tell me and our viewers, what is Wildhorn Capital all about? What do you guys do?

Yeah, well, so we buy large commercial assets, multisite, typically apartment buildings. And we say we my business partner and I, we invite or allow investors to come on board and partner with us on these deals.

So the analogy that I always like to use is it's called real estate syndication, but the analogy I use is like an airplane, right. So if I read Goossens goes and try and hire a Boeing 747 and I can't do it now because of Kogut, but if I possibly have to go at high-power myself and get from New York to L.A., it would cost me a lot of money as an individual. However, if I go and split the cost with hiring that Boeing 747 with other folks, I can, you know, we can all get from point A to point B, which in our case in real estate is going from having investing D investing money to having a good return on investment, which is point B, we can all share the cost like the plane analogy. We'll have a captain, the copilot, which is usually my business partner, and I have people sitting in first class, which might be people who have helped the deal come together. They might have found the deal that we might have underwritten the deal together and then everyone back. And Coach is enjoying in-flight entertainment and they're enjoying the ride of being in this Boeing 747, but they've only paid a portion of the cost. And so really, we just pull investors' money together. We go out and buy larger assets that we can't take down on our own. And so it is called real estate syndication or OPM, other people's money.

And you can apply syndication to any business, you know, any business that needs funding. And really, it's a it's people who don't have the time or the energy to go out and find what I call crack in real estate deals, partnering with business owners like myself, which happens to be in the world of real estate. And we formed partnership together. And so overall, real estate syndication, we have about a while home. We have nearly 2000 units, about a quarter billion dollars of assets under management. And we buying in court buy distressed assets. We currently we bring them with you facelift and we increase the cash flow of the asset. And through that, we're able to increase the value of the asset. And the investors along with this all along, all this period, time, not lifting a finger. And they're enjoying the benefits of having a cash flowing asset. They're involved in real estate and they can their money is growing for them. They're getting cash flow along the way. And then we try to grow the money over a period of thought three to five years. And then we have we usually sell the asset and then they get a good return on their money and everyone's happy and we try and rinse repeat that over again. So, yeah, that's a that's that's really in a nutshell what we do well on capital.

And one of the things that is so genius about this business model and in my humble opinion, is that you, the ring leader, so to speak. You have skin in the game yourself. Correct. You're investing in the same properties as those that you're bringing with you. I love that analogy of the airplane. That was beautiful of, you know, even people in coach. They can rest assured the captain in the front doesn't want that plane to dove and go to hell. It wants it to reach its destination land. And everybody kissed the ground. Out of gratitude. And I love that, because since you have skin in the game, that really. So it's not. It's so different than someone who throws money at an investment in stocks. And so the broker takes the money, earns their commission really could care less if I'm sure some do care if it goes well or not, because they earned their money. They're done with you. You have a vested interest in seeing this through and making sure you did all of the upfront. Work that was necessary to determine if you felt this was gonna be a good investment or you wouldn't have done it yourself. Right. Because you would lose money and now you're bringing people with you. I think this is genius because as a person, you know, that would be sitting in first class or coach, I think. And this is awesome. Scott are you know, he's got our goodwill it at the front of his mind because our goodwill is his goodwill.

What's also reputation right at my business is is my brand is my personal brand. People invest in me first and foremost. And now they actually invest in the deal secondarily. So when I was starting in this business, I had to show people that I knew what I was doing. I had a background in structural engineering that people could trust me. And that's when whenever you go out and raise capital from other people to start whatever the business might be, people are going to invest in you first and foremost. You need to come with professionals and you need to come to great pitching you to come. Make sure that you have a great idea or you've found a really great crack deal. If you're a real estate and show the investors all the different scenarios, it can happen and why they would want to invest alongside you. And at the end, you're not asking them for money. You're offering them an opportunity to invest their hard earned cash, that they don't have the time or the energy to go out and find better deals than just putting their money in the stock market. So it's a really it's it's again, it goes back to reputation, which is from me first and foremost. And people are investing in major, you know, giving me the I'm the custodian of the capital. And I want to make sure that I do a good bloody job of it. So, yeah.

So what's the typical point of liquidity if that's the right term? Like how long? What is an average investment? Three years. Is it three?

It's typically three. A three to five years. Depends. These are longer hold assets. You're investing in a hard asset to. I like investing the stock market. It's not it's a paper asset, but it's very liquid. Right? In real estate, it's a hard asset and it's illiquid. So you're really investing your time and funds. You're investing excess cash that you want to grow over a period of time. And that's typically between three to five years. Every quarter, investors get cash flow from the asset or dividends and then they own profits. Once we share the asset, sell the asset. I should say whenever that might be at five, six, seven years time. So it is a longer term play. But again, with all investing, you should be investing is no, you don't get which rich quick. You need to be investing for the long term. And we're in the business of planting seeds and hopefully those seeds grow into a oak trees and we can all sit under the shade one day in the future.

So yeah, I resonate with that. I mean, I have no problem with it being a long term play because if it's not, then I would have question marks over the top of my head right now, literally. Right. And a red flag waving on top of that. And the thing is, that's the way it works in the real world with business as well. Right. In fact, I'm trying remember the gentleman's name, but a very prominent gentleman made a statement about just podcasting. You know, podcasting is the rage. The audio version where people just interview recorded and then put it up on a podcast later and many people are jumping on that bandwagon. And he said so properly and aptly and I know this because I've been doing this show nearly two years and I had one prior to this several years ago before Facebook even existed. You can imagine that. But here he made a statement that if you're not going to commit 100 percent consistently for two years minimum, then his recommendation was do not even get started. Right. And I wanted to reach out and shake his hand and say thank you, because I have been down this path.

And I know that that is very true. And it could take longer than two years if you're not going about it the right way. So anything like you said, anything that's in life that's worthy is going to take time. Justice. We have a Litsa from the Philippines. Welcome Alize International Show The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. I love it. Thank you so much for coming on saying hi. Appreciate you and everyone unlinked and appreciate you as well. I'm loving this conversation because here's what I've learned on this show. Read. It doesn't matter what people do with their coaches if they own a fitness studio, if they're in real estate. The keys to success are always the same, correct? Every single time. And by I get the most out of the show than anybody because it's like hammering it hard. It might mean to never I will never let go of knowing what the keys are to success. And by that, because of that, I've been able to achieve great success on my own. Right. And that's all you have to do. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the whole purpose of the show.

Listen to this man and then model him.

I was gonna say copy model, fancy work for copy and the reason I hesitated on copy growing up. You tell me read if Furin like the equivalent of grade school back in the day in Australia. And if you're taking a test and you're scribbling on your tests and you're your mate next to you is, you know, does really good on tests and you happen to look over there to see what their answers were. Would that be okayed by the teacher?

Well, it's hard to say at that stage, yes. But I've definitely learnt that abundance, month's abundance of mindset is really important. So sharing. You could copy me. Go ahead. You know, try and emulate what I'm doing, what I've done, and you're gonna come up with different slightly different results. That's okay. Right. But you're being. I'm okay. People wanted a copy because it never gonna be exactly me. Reduce it because it's my stories. My life would not be known. You're not gonna be exactly Brian Kelly looking to do exactly the same way. But you got to take the tips and advice that we give on these sorts of shows and in the books that Brian's recommended thing and go and do something with it because it's you can copy it, but you can have a different outcome ultimately because a different person.

And the thing I was driving is copy back then had a negative connotation because we think of going back to school where you should never copy. That's cheating. Right. And then as we become adults, that's the very thing you need to do to become successful. And that is to find somebody that has achieved a level of success that you desire and then model them. So that's why I use the word model, basically follow their patterns, copy as copy what works. It doesn't mean become a clone of them. My God, that is scary. If there was another one out there, I wouldn't go on at all.

It's about doing what they do. All you have to solve here it is. It's like a recipe book. You have a recipe for a cake. I've never made a cake in my life. I'm not getting. And it will it will display the ingredients. I can go by those. Good. I know how to do that. I have an oven. I know to turn the dial to a certain number. I know I can put these ingredients. I just follow the recipe, the step by step instructions. I'm pretty certain the outcome will be pretty successful if I follow them to a tee and with business is no different. If you have a recipe for success like this gentleman. Then I have to follow the recipe and your certainty of knowing that you're going to come out the other side with something better than you had when you started is ninety nine point nine percent. If you just follow the instructions, if you just follow someone else who's achieved that level of success, you you you desire and deserve, then that's all there is to it. I make it sound simple. It's not, but that gives you the certainty and the path to follow. Instead of trying to do it yourself and reinvent the wheel with so many, including yours, truly have done for years. So that's my soapbox moment.

But, you know, I completely I completely agree. I think that the we get to back to the mindset thing we get to over analysis paralysis. We we get in our own head, you know that saying you're getting your own head because you constantly churning over the options of what's going to happen if I take this and for people to think what happens if it fails?

What happens if my kids don't respect me or I get laughed out, you know, like is all these things. And again, the reptilian brain of just like I'm I'm too afraid to put myself out there. I'm too afraid to take that next leap of faith. That is all the things that are going to hold you back in life, that you're not going to then look back and think, geez, I'm even though I did have a go at it. I mean, maybe we did file. It's okay. You like. Because if in fact, you gave it a go and that's for me at least person, you know, as a person. I like uncertainty and I like the fact that I'm driven by, you know, fear of missing out or the fear of not giving it a go or the fear of regret. So we have we all have the same issues and we're not we're nothing different.

So and that's why entrepreneurship is not for everybody. No, it's not. I'm also driven by that uncertainty factor, because with the flexibility that we've learned over the years and the problem solving skills and everything else, we know that it's just it's nothing more than a challenge that we are going to succeed at. Correct. Already a done deal. It's just that the thrill of the process of getting there.

Yes. And that's the process of enjoying the journey, right? Exactly. Yeah. And so. Yeah. My goodness. Where are we separated? At birth somehow to Australia and different brother from another mother. Right. And I'm I'm the much older twin, you know, but. Oh, goodness. It's a lot of fun.

Ok. There is one. On the business aspect, there is one that I love to ask a question I love to ask. It is I am so deeply curious about this genuinely for each of my guests. It comes on because there is this this thing called marketing that we must all if we don't succeed at marketing and we have no business, period. It is the lifeblood of our business is getting eyeballs to what we do. Getting up years to what we do to getting exposure is what it comes down to. And to date, I know you've probably gone through multiple if you're anything like me, you've gone through multiple different avenues of marketing. There's so many different ways to market. There's direct mail, there's social media, advertisers, paid ads. There's there's newspaper ad.

It just goes on and on and on. There's life shows. What has been to date for you?

Read the most successful form of marketing for your business.

My podcast. One hundred percent. Wow. August. It's been going on for 2 1/2 years to it. I've junior episodes interviewed everyone about the world of real estate, business, real estate you can talk about in four and half years.

But over time we now build it too into a true entrepreneurs, business owners and CEOs who build something from nothing. But the thing was, when I first started that it was taking again another better myself. And get honest, I'm a structural engineer. I'm a very black and white. Brian, I had this creativity thing going on but is backing myself that I had a story to tell. And having a story to tell is really important to help you with your marketing message, to help you attract the right type of folk to what you want to do business with. Right. Not everyone is going to like your story. Not everyone's gonna resonate with you, not everyone that's like you, but that's use your story in order to attract the right type of people and we'll attract that you want to do business with, right? Because that is what ultimately we want to do. We don't do business with excuse my language, dickheads. We wanted a business people that like think like us. Right? So having a good story is what will attract people to you. And the statement I said before about my investment company, people investment, me and Phil first and foremost will interest me because they like me. They like and trust me, they like my story. They like what I have to say. They understand that I'm down to earth. I understand that. I know I'm trustworthy and I'm transparent. All those things have come through my story, through my podcast, through through talking with other entrepreneurs about their journey, having yon's or will yarning industry, which is just conversations. And those are the little tidbits in providing information via a podcast that can help people get comfortable with who I am and want to ultimately invest with me down the line.

So yeah, totally resonate 100 percent with that as you and I were talking just before we started the show. That is right down the same path that, you know, for me, the same thing. The show coming up on two years and I didn't know this would happen, but it became an an amazing lead magnet. I just. People are coming out of the woodwork asking me to help them to do what I do. And it's amazing. And it's mind-blowing and it's phenomenal and it works. If you just stay consistent, persistent, I mean, for years on a podcast. That's so you've surpassed the two. Now everybody can listen in and understand. It takes commitment and it takes. Yeah.

But here's the other thing I'll say to that. Not only does it take commitment, but now it's acts for me. And I'm sure like your podcast and your show acts for you. Is that you get to talk to the best in the business. I'm not trying to move on, but I get to talk to the best in the business. And I'm on the same wavelength. Right. And nearly acts like a coach. It really acts like I can ask questions of the guests that I interview about specific topics or tips about how they've done certain things in their business. And I'll be a reset. We're to retain retain that information in order to use it in my own business. So it really is it comes to me like I know where I sometimes jump off my podcast. My wife's like, have you just taken drugs?

Like, no, I've just been on this awesome podcast talking about these cool things because I've been on the same wavelength.

But but back to sort of the advice for the for the for the listeners is that your goal should be not necessarily to be the next Tony Robbins right on the end. Thanks, Brian Kelly. It is to be a key person of influence or personal influence in your sphere. So people come to you first when you're the top of mind. And so, like, again, I'm a real estate investor. You may never have heard me. You probably never vetted me.

But the fact is, I got six or seven hundred people following me. And never I mean, they love what I do and I love the content I put out. And that's all I need to grow my business. Right. And I've got six or seven other investors that want to invest in every single deal that I want to do. What are your six and seven hundred people, followers who are your tribe that love everything you say and everything you do?

And they will buy things from you. Whatever your widget is open. Come and use your services. And I invest with you, whatever that might be. But it all happens through creating good story and leading with education, which is really, really important, which is what you do on the show, which is what I do on my show. And people can use that education to help to get to know you, but also to help maybe better themselves.

Look, we're talking about right now with the mind in the business and in the body. So all these things put into a put back into the recipe analogy. You boil up a big soup and you gotta stick with it.

And it turns out to be an incredible thing. And I get to meet incredible people like these. O'BRIEN Each and every day, which is which is freaking awesome.

So it's a tasty soup, I got to tell you. That's good. I'm tasting it all. Just tastes so good, man. So much great stuff in your soul, right? There's so much more than. What people would perceive on the surface of benefits from having your own show or podcast. And you're so right. I have learned in a measurable amount of great things from my past guests, one I implemented in my business shortly after we actually did this show. And it was from a gentleman who talked about how he interviewed people. He required that they submit each applicants submit a video of themselves telling its company why they deserve to be his next employee. This is genius. And so I implemented this and I put it at the end of my application form and it's all automated, as you know, read. I like automation and they must submit that video within three days of completing the application form or my system automatically kicks them out and tells them, sorry, you don't fit. And I worry about it. I'm done. I may not even know they came through the system. It's OK with me. Those that do go through read holy moly, the highest quality I've ever seen ever. It is integrated. One tip that I got from having a guest like yourself, you know the most incredible value. And oh, we have a wonderful. I love this question coming up. It's right down the right down the strike zone here of podcasts. Jason Anderson, who was just a guest on the show, How You Don't Jason says, what's your strategy for getting the right kind of podcast guests? That is a great question.

For me, a read yes, for you in the beginning, it was just my mom and my grandma listening to me, so I would try to get everyone, everyone. Everyone was trying to get as many people on the show as possible. But obviously the big thing, obviously maybe not obvious is to try and get other bigger names that you are the know will have a direct contact through that can get on the show. So that can you can say, hey, I've had X, Y, Z on the show. And then that means that the next person you pitched that being being guest that way. Oh, that person was on the show. Okay. Oh, come on the show now. Four years later, I've got to fend off people with a stick because and I've had to put, you know, like you sell for the videos off to put certain criteria in place, because I don't just want to talk to the average newbie. I love the newbie story and stuff. But sometimes when you want to take your podcast to the next level, you need a better quality of guest who's gonna be able to have a conversation, who's articulate and not you.

Sometimes when you don't have that vetting process, things can slip through the cracks. So now I work with a couple of really handy podcast podcasts. Ballet is one company that I use quite a lot and I say no to a lot of people because I don't meet a certain criteria. I'm has also developed my own sort of little system of making sure I'm getting the right people from being able to get on my show. Right now you have to have be managing or owning over a million dollars worth of real estate or more because that's just the limit. The revenue in a business, because I know at least if you got to that point, you will get some skins on your knees. You would have had some sort of trials and tribulations. So you've got a little bit more of a good story to tell. Back to that story. So, yeah, it's it's a it's a work in progress. And I'm sure in years to come, I'll have a different process.

So, yeah, I guess the question is a great strategy. Did you say podcast, L.A. podcast? Valet. Valet. Yeah.

I love to learn these new resources I use I use something called podcast guests, but like you, I don't need anymore for Callaway to August and I. Jason knows my strategy and I'm more than happy to share it with folks. And that is. And you'll be privy to this read after the show's over. Is that I ask each guest after the show's over for referrals. Typically, I don't charge anybody to appear on the show, even though it is broadcast streaming 7 7 7 platforms simultaneously. Twenty five podcasts by the end of tonight. It will be on twenty five podcasts platforms. i-Tunes, Spotify. You name. It's in there. Even even Pandora. The music app. I heart radio and elsewhere all over the place. And all I ask is for three things or one thing in return, and that is three referrals. And I give it like this. That person, you know personally that is either as successful or even more successful than you are. If you can imagine, that's a little humor in there. And then three you think might possibly be interested in coming on the show. They want to absolutely say yes. And if they do that, I will give them a gift in return. And that's it. And that's my strategy. And it's worked phenomenally, because now I've got someone like you and the bar keeps going up, up, up, up.

I don't go any higher than you read, but I'm going to reach for it.

Still about a walk out of the room with my big head right now.

And you know, the funny thing is I start out the same way you did. I also interviewed your grandmother and parents.

I'm sure they're just as good, right? They told me I was a better host, but, you know, good grammar. Got it. No kidding. Totally. Love is. Holy smokes, sixt.

We are getting close to the end. I love this. So it sounds like you used to work at a J-O-B for a corporation at someone. Now, looking back, if you could put it in one word. How would you characterize yourself? How would you characterize your life? As an entrepreneur, in one word.

As one would, how would I characterize my life? I would characterize my life in others. This is I'm just trying to buy more time here to think about it. Is.

Incredible is a word that comes to mind, but I think it's gotta be more than just incredible. It is.

Game changing. I think that's really two was it's really game changing in terms of the way I even view the world right now. Like the journey that you go on about learning about the business, the real estate and how you value assets and how, you know, create value from thin air that is. Now, I can apply those adages too busy to not even real estate business, just to other businesses and to other opportunities. And so the blinkers kind of come off. So so the game changing is that the blinkers do come off and you realize that you sort of were looking at a soapbox like this and then all of a sudden this the day they fall away. And honestly, the world is literally your oyster. And no matter where you walky is, it's a goldmine.

There's an opportunity over. There is an opportunity. They probably have that. What I have now is that you get the shiny object syndrome, right. You go to you. There's too many opportunities, you see. So you got to be, you know, an inch wide, wide and a mile deep in terms of your your expertise. But it's game changing, I think has been the of love.

I've heard a lot of great words on that. Liberation, freedom. Yeah. And all of them are I think are correct. You know, there isn't. That's not correct. It's very personal, too. Exactly. Yeah. You know, for others, it could be, you know, mind numbing or crushing. Well, depends on where you're at in your life. Yes. And if those are terms you're using to describe it, you may want to consider something else, to be honest. Because even through the tough times, you need to maintain that positive, forward driven attitude. In my humble opinion, goodness sakes, we're coming up at the end here. I don't like this time, but we must cross that bridge. And there's one final question that I love to ask every guest that's come on this show. It's a it's a very deep question. I love how you are searching for an answer. For the last one, you may do the same for this one, too. And that's OK. Just no, it's okay. It's it's kind of deep. It's very personal, not deep personal. But, you know, to me, it's unique to each individual house that I'm away.

Before we do that, before I ask you that final question. I did promise those who stayed on to the end one special thing, and that was how to enter to win five nights day at a five star luxury resort. And this is coming to us, compliments of the big insider secrets. Wonderful company, a dear friend of mine who heads up that company who has offered this to our show, and we do it every single week. So you now have both read and my permission. To grab this thing called a cell phone, if you're not already watching on it and bring up your texting app and to enter all you need to do. Is when you want to type in the person you're gonna text to instead type that phone number, type in 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 and now and where you would actually enter your message, maybe an emoji or two. No emojis here, just type in the word peek PJAK and then tap on that little send icon again.

You want to send this to the number 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 and then type in the word peak PJAK.

Send that text message off right now. We will randomly select a winner and we will announce it by texting you back. We will gather your information and then we'll also shout you from the rooftops on social media platforms and say congratulations. And now all of your friends will be envious that you are going to be the first one traveling outside of your hometown once this whole thing lifts. Isn't that amazing? All right. So you've had time to mull it over now read. I'm sure the curiosity has. I see a sweat bead on the head.

Scott. Scott.

So here's the thing with this question. There is no such thing as a wrong answer when it comes down to. And it's just the opposite for you. Read the only correct answer is yours because it's unique to you. Cool. That's cool. Let's do it. We're gonna close with this question, but stick with us because I'm going to let her body in on how to contact this amazing dude right here. So maybe you can have a chat and see if there's some way you could work with him and invest with him or learn from him. All right. So before we do that, though. Here we go.

Read Goossens. How do you define. Success.

How do I have to find success? I resonate with a with a with a quote that's not mine. I think it is, Mr. Robbins. The T Robbins that is in that that is really my definition of success is around like my what I exchange. Time, full time use an asset I never get can get back. So doing what I want when I want with whom I want as much as I want is the definition of success for me in my life today. And what really drives me. Because I really want to life by design. I reason the reason I got into business is to not exchange time for money. I want to live time live my life on my terms. So that that that quote from Tony Robbins is really one that resonates with me and still is my North Star today.

Oh, I love that still my North Star. This is awesome. And that's a phenomenal answer. Here's the really cool thing right there. I have done this where we're approaching 100 shows or somewhere around there. And no two people have answered that the same way like identically. The other part is because of the level of success that my guests have. No one ever mentions or focuses on the primary part of success having anything to do with money. No one did mention money, but it was because money liberated him to do what you just said. So it wasn't the end. It was a means to the end, right? Right. Is right. And please recognize everyone watching. Listening. Money is important. If you don't put importance on money, then you will not succeed. It is that simple. It must be important in your life. It's just not the most important aspect. As I have been interviewing many people like Reid, none of them focus on money as being their definition of success. And you'll go through this. You'll go through the different stages in the beginning. It's more of a scarcity mentality. I've been there. He's been there. And money is more in our focus. And because we need it to build and to grow. And then as we grow, we look at how do I serve more people, help more people. How do I free myself to do what I want, when I want where I want everything to set. And so it's amazing. I love asking that question. So before we call it a night, I wanted to open it up for you. Read real quickly to say, how can folks get a hold of you're going to pull up your website while I do that and turn it over to you, my man.

But the quickest way to get were to get in contact with me, head to my website reducers dot com. You can probably see it on the screen. There is an invest with me tab. Button, I should say. Or work with me button. Click on either one of those. It can get directly to my inbox. If you ever are coming through a line, you want to meet up for a beer or coffee or just talk shop. You can email me at info as I am if it reduces dot com. Give me a little bit of a heads up before you come and make it happen.

A heads up. Come on. I just want drop in. I mean, gotta find out where you are to begin with. Exactly.

Fantastic. So yeah, definitely. Reach out to Reid and look at what options are available to you if you don't want to take yourself down that path of learning how to invest in properties. Why do that when you can leverage the brilliance of Reid and his team and the other investors that are going along with us so you won't be alone? That's another great thing about it. I just think it's a genius concept. I just love it. It's fantastic. And I appreciate you read for it. Spending all this time with us tonight, us getting the word out about success and how to achieve it, how to model it. What are the aspects that are necessary? And you've hit them all and you've got them all. And there's an obvious reason why you are where you are today. So I just appreciate you, my friend. And I can't wait to meet you in person once this whole thing lifts because I'm not too far away from you geographically. So it'll be fun.

Awesome. Thank you so much for having me on the show. It's a real pleasure and honor to come on. Such a very professionally run show. I must add you to a cracking job. So well done.

Beefalo cracking. Oh man, I love that term. That must be Australian.

It is giving. Give it a crack. I love it. Crikey, crikey. Yeah, exactly right. And we like to have fun, too.

That's another thing I'll part with on this show is don't forget to have fun in life. I mean, what what is life worth living if you can't have fun or if you don't have fun. So make sure you have fun along the way. Don't take everything so seriously. You know, there's a time for being serious. And I have told my kids this many times and that time is rare. In my opinion, have a good time. Enjoy life. Be serious when you need to grow your business. Definitely. And then enjoy it. Enjoy it with your family, your friends, your colleagues and people like this guy. Where I'm going to have coffee with really soon. All right. On behalf of this amazing gentleman, Regus, and this is Brian Kelly, your host of The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. We will see you again next week. Until then. Be blessed, everyone. So are my guys.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body business shows. This show was Brian Kelly.

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Reed Goossens

Reed Goossens

In 2012, Reed quit his job in Australia and moved half way across the globe to the US to change his life, and to chase a dream. With limited funds, no investing experience, and no credit, Reed went from purchasing a small duplex to growing his own real estate investing firm, Wildhorn Capital. Reed now syndicates large multi-million dollar deals across the US. He has also achieved financial freedom, and has taken control of life.
Reed is also the host of the successful podcast, Investing in the U.S., wherein he invites other distinguished real estate investor s and entrepreneurs to speak with him about their success and help guide other investors who want to successfully invest in the U.S.!
Reed is also a best-selling author with two books now on Amazon: Investing in the US – The Ultimate Guide to US Real Estate, & 10,000 Miles to the American Dream.

Connect with Reed:

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