Special Guest Expert - Robert Riopel

Special Guest Expert - Robert Riopel (transcribed by Sonix)

Announcer: Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly: Hello everyone and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show! Goodness gracious. Oh me oh my. We have the most amazing guest expert on tonight with you. With me, right here, right now this is going to be one of the best shows we have ever had. I kid you not. The value is going to be oozing out of this man's pores and right into you and you'll integrate it and you will just be better for it. I can't wait. I'm excited. He's a great guy has a lot of fun. You know him. He's Robert Raymond Riopel. The man, the myth, the legend. Triple R. R Cubed. The Man. Here WE GO. The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. What does that all about? For those of you that may not be aware, never heard of it ... real quick. It's about what I call the three pillars of success. I've been on this planet, circled the sun about 54 times or so, going on 55 and looking for to everyone beyond it. And what I've learned over that time was to focus on people who succeed rather than those who fail. And I used to focus on both. And years ago I decided - made that decision. "Well I'm done with that." Let's focus on those that are succeeding because I learned that when new models success that you soon then see it and achieve it. And so what I did was I started hanging around and following successful people. I worked with one such individual, a mentor of mine, who was very successful. And I learned an untold amount of incredible information, experience, everything that went with it. And what I found in meeting all of these successful people, they seem to have three things in common. I mean three things in common as you might guess were Mind, being mindset. That's number one. The mindset is the foundation to everything in your life not just business. Also your personal life. And when you are able to master your own mindset for the better to serve you better then you will see incredible changes for the better happening in your life and those immediately around you. I kid you not. It's amazing. And there's a Body. What is that all about? It's exactly what you might think. It's staying true to yourself in staying in shape exercising and eating the right foods, nutrition. It's filling your body. So I'd like to say the mind and body are a team. And even more importantly the mind and body are your team. And then thirdly of course business. Business is a multifaceted animal so to speak. They're things like marketing, sales, team building, systematizing - many facets of business in business. And as you master each of those phases you then become a master at business. And when you get to the point of coming close to mastering or achieving mastering all three then you are operating at what I like to call a peak level of performance. Hence the name of the company. Reach Your Peak. That is what Mind Body Business is all about. And this show is bringing is all about bringing on experts like Robert who bring value in sometimes one, two, or all three of those categories. I know Robert is in every single one of those we can have a great time talking about that tonight so that you can see someone like him who is extremely successful. And if all you did was take notes like you're going to very voraciously tonight. I know you are aren't you? Get out that pad of paper and pen or get out the notepad whatever your choice of note taking is get ready to take notes because listen to what this man says when I bring him on I promise is coming soon. When I bring him on you will want to take notes you'll want writer's cramp you're off your hand must hurt by the end of the show and if it doesn't then maybe you haven't done enough note taking. Because I'll guarantee the value will be there. And now Robert's in the wings go to my God he's building me up so much I have to really after really hit it tonight. He will. He's an amazing guy. I can't wait for you to meet him. I really can't. And I'm holding him off on purpose because well just to make him wriggle in a seat a little bit I'm kidding I'm kidding we're having fun. So one of the things beyond modeling others and those three patterns that I notice for success many years ago I remember sitting in another mentor's office and by the way mentors are very important. And Robert talks about that in his book. We'll talk about that a little bit. Mentors are very important. And this mentor of mine called me out flew me out back east. We had a deal to put in to put in play contract to sign et cetera. And it was then I think was Maryland I was get the the the east coast always baffles me as to many top 20 states over there but I was there and in a corner office for two days. You know big massive office beautiful couch everything everything you needed. And at one point I'm sitting on the couch I don't remember Phil's day one or day two. And I remember he was talking to me standing up looking down well I was I'm sitting so I'm looking up at him like this. And he said Brian you know it's amazing.

It just amazes me if people only just did this one thing if they just did this one thing they would all be super rich and so ok now I'm leaning forward. OK tell me what is that all about. And at that moment he kind of turned away from me walked back to the wall behind him in front of me and there was a cabinet floor to ceiling two handles two doors and he grabbed both looking back at me and flung the doors open and what I saw was very similar to what you see behind me and that was shelf after shelf after shelf of books and now we're not talking fiction books we're talking like business books self-help books self personal improvement mindset books everything was in there. And I just looked at him and I was in disbelief. And I made a huge mistake at that moment in my life. I discounted his advice they completely ignored it. I did not read a book for years and it was a big mistake because thankfully thankfully years later I met my next mentor who walked the walk and talk the talk both talk the talk and walk the walk the other way around. And one day I was in his house so I used to work with him on a regular basis and helped train from his stage at his seminars half of his seminars. That was an amazing experience. And I was at his house he's walking with headphones on I said Hey what are you doing man. And he's like well what would you mean this. Yeah. What are you doing. He goes Oh yeah I'm a mom I'm listening to a book. I said what. Well no audible was pretty brand new by then so I didn't really know it was going on. He's like Yeah I'm listening to this. How do you do that. He goes What's this app called audible. I said oh my gosh. And this is my mentor. He's walking around all the time listening to books. OK.

There must be something to this whole reading thing.

So I quickly got an audible started reading for racially and it became my favorite mode of reading which was listening. You know if I were to take a book and open it up which I attempted to meet targets I would open it up and start reading and I start fatiguing I started and tired I start getting bored because I'm starting to get sleepy and lose energy. Well I found that if I listen I can really really hang on to every word much better and the audible app gives you a means to tap a ribbon on the app directly. The second you hear something that is important or something you want to go back to and revisit later it's called a bookmark.

And so what I'd like to do now is head on over to a segment of the show appropriately named you probably guessed it bookmarks bookmarks born to read bookmarks.

Ready steady read bookmarks brought to you by reach your peak library dot com yes reach your peak library you see it right there on my left.

And by the way for those of you watching and listening either live or recorded either way. Do not. Do not. I implore upon you. Do not go and check out these resources as we give them to you live during the show or while you're listening now. Don't do that. Rather take notes and you can come back and go to those resources at a later time so write down the U.R.L. as the domain names the book titles et cetera and then after the shows are because those who stay in the room are those that get the impact. Have you ever been to a seminar and you leave the room maybe him to go to the bathroom and or you needed to take that all important call and then you come back and you find out what's going on. I know I missed something there but it's like going nuts and I just miss probably the most valuable part of all hope. It could've changed my life. So you don't want to fall into that habit or or be that person. Stay with us the whole time. Write notes and I kid you not write a lot.

You'll see me writing notes I'll show it to you later and I'm running this whole thing. So if I'm right now you have no excuse. OK. All right. You reach your peak library real quick what I'm going to do is just let you know that I I built this site personally and I built it for a specific person in mind and that person was you. That's right. You the one watching right now the one listening in on the podcast. It was for you for entrepreneurs and business people are interested in getting into business or those who are interested in improving where they are currently in business and what this is is all of these are books I personally read and vetted not every book made this list. Only those that had a profound impact on my life include them were in this list. Roberts is soon to be added because I just read his Kindle version and I'm kind of nudging him to start with you know get the audible version out and I know he's going to you know because now it's everywhere everyone's hearing it. The pressures on Robert sorry.

I can see him you can't see him yet. He's kind of giggling. I love this guy. So. This is a complete library that I put together for you. And the reason is is because I would search and look for books and I would start out by only reading books that were referred to me by someone I trusted that I knew that their value systems were congruent with mine et cetera. And well that took some time to find enough books cause I wasn't always talking to people about books. So then I began compiling a list of my own as I read them as I got these references and then I get more and more more now. And especially having the show people like Robert. His own book books that Roberts read I write them all down and I go by them immediately and then they're all in my library ready to be read. So I implore you to do the same because I cannot tell you how reading books has changed my life. There I said it. I said it. So what we're gonna do is we're going to play one such bookmark by a gentleman that Robert I think knows a little bit. His name is T Harv Ecker an amazing guy. Amazing. Oh my gosh a juggernaut of the seminar industry. I've heard so much about him. This is one of my. I kid you not one of my all time favorite books and it's one of my most recent reads. And we're just going to play a snippet for one minute or so. So go ahead and take notes from this amazing genius of a man who knows all about what it takes to have a millionaire mindset. Here we go listen closely.

T. Harv Eker: Rich people hang out with winners. Poor people hang out with losers. Why. It's a matter of comfort. Rich people are comfortable with other successful people. They feel fully worthy of being with them. Poor people are uncomfortable with highly successful people. They're either afraid they'll be rejected or they feel as if they don't belong to protect itself. The ego then goes into judgment and criticism. I hope you get the point. Instead of mocking rich people model them instead of shying away from rich people get to know them instead of saying wow they're so special say if they can do it I can do it eventually. If you want to touch a millionaire you'll be able to touch yourself. Now place your hand on your heart and declare I model rich and successful people. I associate with rich and successful people. If they can do it I can do it. And go ahead and touch your head and say I have a Millionaire Mind

Brian Kelly: And we'll stop it there are hardback or just this book. It's non-stop gold. I mean This was one of those books that rarely keep my full attention all the way through it. It wasn't a short read it wasn't a super long read but it was long enough to literally be one of those that you could you know lose attention if it wasn't jam packed full of just unbelievable cold nuggets throughout. It is amazing. I highly recommend you pick that one up for sure. And the gentleman I'm about to bring on might recommended as well we'll find out in just a moment because guess what. I'm done talking. It's time to bring on our special guest expert.

Announcer: It's time for the guest expert spotlight savvy skillful professional adept trained big league qualified.

Brian Kelly: And there he is ladies and gentlemen it is the one the only Robert Raymond Riopel - R Cubed. The man himself. How are you doing Robert?

Robert Riopel: Hey Brian I am an awesome man. I'm so happy to be on this call with you. I was just enjoying watching how you set everything up how you cue it. I'm agreeing with almost everything you say and just having a blast with it so I am very happy to be here.

Thanks my friend. I am truly interested to find out what the "almost part" is about because I'm always learning and I love differing opinions just to do that to stretch. So if you if that comes to mind and you have it. Let's let's take a look at that in a moment but before we go and if you don't mind I want a really quick remind our audience that's watching live that they have the opportunity to win a five nights stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico

Compliments of my good friends that power texting dot com. So stay on to the end and we'll reveal how you can enter to win that trip. We have a winner every single show and it's amazing. And by the way it's a legitimate vacation stay. You are not going to be in other words pitched on a timeshare anything like that it's your vacation you get to stay on encumbered by all that fun. So. Now

I'm not listen to see how I win.

Let's bring on this man officially and indoctrinate him into the mind body business show. ROBERT RAYMOND Reinfeldt he is an international author. App designer entrepreneur and transformational trainer that has had the privilege of personally impacting the lives of over half a million people from around the world so far. I love that part. With his high energy and heartfelt style Roberts shows people how to elevate their success by keeping his information real. Relevant and repeatable using exactly what he teaches. Robert was able to go from being over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in debt to retired and financially free. At the age of 32. And now he's just 33 it's pretty awesome. And so with that you know I wanted to I wanted to dig a little deeper Robert. I mean that's a great intro. There's so much more behind who you are than that quick intro gives us and I guess to give people a great idea is maybe to find out what is the thing that you know everybody gets up in the morning and their feet hit the floor. At least we hope. And there are feet on the floor and at that moment you know we're still a little foggy a little groggy but there is something that drives us to get up and move forward and tackle the day. And I was just curious what is it that motivates you at that moment that that why that keeps you going each and every single day to achieve the monumental success you have thus far.

Well you know Brian for me number one word in my whole dictionary my whole vocabulary is the word passion and you know my passion is what drives me because passion is that important. But I'm going to let you know passion isn't enough. It's not the whole thing. So I also still like you.

I have the good days I have the not so good days. So for me in the morning I'm always aware what's going on in my head. What's my first thought of the day. And if it's negative or non-support of it in any way I grab it quickly I get rid of it so that I can replace it with a thought that moves me forward because there's days I wake up and I'm like I just don't want to get up I just I feel like crap or whatever it is and I'm like everybody else. So one things I want people to understand right away is Brian I am no different than anybody else. I may have less hair than some people like yourself but we all came from the same place we're going back to the same place. And it's something that in the audible part of Harvey's book that you read. You let your listeners listen to when he talks about if they can do it I can do it. You know I'm going to kind of dive in. That's one of the things that I don't totally agree with because to me that statement's actually incomplete. And for your listeners that don't know I was one of his very first projects was actually the first person I ever teach material other than himself. And I went on then to train almost all the trainers that teaches material around the world. And I actually have the one copy of his book I really really prize. It was a pre print copy the colors on the cover are even a little bit different. And it was before we ever launched the book in 2005. My wife and I are actually acknowledged in his book under his acknowledgments for the role we played in helping that book go to where it did.

And so I love the book and I just like you. I live by it because of the fact we've changed lives but the part where he says if you can do it or if they can do it I can do it. That's actually incomplete to me and it's something I talk about in my book is that something that most people are missing is that word action. So it's not just if they can do it I can do it. The question is will you. Are you willing to do what rich and successful people are willing to do. And let me be clear legal ethical and moral. I'm not saying you'll be the bad rich person that you always seem to hear about. I'm talking about being a legal ethical moral person. Are you willing to read the books. Are you willing to actually take the action steps and learn what needs to be done or to put it into practice. And it's something you and I were talking about before the show like the setup you have the systems you have very few people will ever run a webinar like you do or a podcast like you do because they have not put in the effort to learn it but then do it and actually practice it hone it skill it. You're looking at it what's working what's not working what can I do a little bit different. So that's what puts you at the level you're out right now is because of the fact that you're willing to put that work in you looked at a mentor and said that they can do it I can do it.

But then you put that crucial part in. And I'm willing to. And that's what setting you apart as an example from other people doing this kind of show. You know I could not agree more to the fact that it's the missing ingredient is often

The big action. The moment. I started taking action because I didn't for a law a big part of my life I didn't realize how important that part of it was. But the moment I started that's when things began changing and he began changing fast for the better. And you know like we were talking again off camera it's you want to learn something a skill and then you want to do which is that's to taking action part put it in action and to really and integrate it at the deepest level and then teach it. You're out to teach and I love that I live by that moniker as well. And there's no better recipe for taking action than those three things is learned that's taking action in its own right but then don't just learn like how many times have people gone to a seminar and taken home that big pack of DDD if that still goes on these days probably. And or books and everything else you know we get this bag full of goodies because all the bonuses that were there and you take it home and that self-help ends up up on a bookshelf and now becomes shelf help. It never gets touched. That's people that aren't taking action that put in an investment. I mean you're telling your subconscious good things by making that investment. Now take it to the next level and really turn that spark on by digging in. Get disciplined and pick out a certain time every single day or at least so many days a week that you've put in your calendar. I am learning this stuff and I'm going to put it into action off my soapbox. I love this. You know I sense of other people but really I think more than anybody Robert you and I must be twins that were separated at birth the way we think and talk

You know something's missing though.

Well listen. This is all the data. By the way there's nothing here it's real. OK cool.

You know I've never colored it yet and I've not done any transplant yet. It's thinning It's all right. I'll get it every day I'm above the the ground on I don't care every hair is a good hair but I don't need it. It's all right. Yeah.

And you know go back to the original question. That's what gets me out of bed because the times where I don't follow my passion. I find I slide back into old negative non-support of habits because it's easy to sit there and say you know I'm just gonna sleep all day today. But I also make sure though to have that balance in my life. Brian one of the things I do is I make sure I honor myself that there are days that I have that are called Freedom dates. You know I just got back from three weeks overseas and so my trip home was 28 hours of traveling. My wife and I have it set as a rule the first day or two days that I'm back from a trip like that. Those are our freedom days if we don't want to get out of bed. We don't it's not safe to have to do business it's not days to have to do anything but what we want to do to relax. We might want to watch some tv whatever it is. And on this last trip my dad picked me up at the airport. So we spent two days with my dad who came in and stayed with us at our house. And we did a game of thrones marathon. Getting ready for season 8 to start. So that and we don't feel guilty about it because when it's time to be on we're on. But the only way we can be on is by giving us time to have the relaxation when we need it. If that makes sense.

Yeah. I love that you brought that up because oftentimes when the word discipline comes up people often including yours truly go straight to disciplined in how we work. It's just as important to utilize that same discipline in carving out time to play to rest. And to to basically reward yourself. But it also rejuvenate to recharge as a batteries because the most driven people on the planet cannot just work all the time they have to have breaks including you. You walk I mean listening everyone and. And Robert as well we're all human and like Robert said at the beginning he's no different than us that he is though I will say he is and that is because of that big a not that other word everyone's thinking of action come on get your head back in action because he's an action taker has been and he's crushing it. And I want to talk more about that in a moment. But you are you come off as an extremely positive individual not just. And it's refreshing that even right now live in front face to face you're the same way that I saw on your videos when you're on stage every time I've seen or heard your your face or your voice there's always this very positive nature about you. And for those listening and I wanted this to be personal for you when it comes to maintaining that positive productive successful mindset. Is there something you do on a regular basis to help you sustain that.

Well I don't know if if it's a technique I use but it's something a mentor taught me. They said Robert. You never know where you're gonna meet your students. So you never should be worried about if they meet me away from the stage are they going to see me different. So you know one of my biggest pet peeves Bryan is because I've trained so many trainers and I've shared the stage with so many of the top presenters in the world is unfortunately a lot of them are one way on the stage but the moment you meet him off the stage they're a completely different person. And that's not me. I want wanted who you see on the stage is who I am.

And so one of my biggest things to remind myself is that the greatest gift that I believe anybody can give this planet is to be authentic short for who they are and then that way you never have to worry about oh if someone sees me at the airport or someone sees me in a mall are they going to think I'm a different person. You be you and no matter who you are. Some people are going to like you and some people aren't. And guess what. That's OK. That's all. Because there's over seven billion people on this planet and this is coming from a former people pleaser. Oh my God. I thought I had to please everybody. And I was like that little lost dog like cool like me like me please. And when I was trying to be that way I was pissing off a lot of people I wanted to really get to know but the moment I quit trying to please everybody I said Look here's me and there's days where I get grumpy. Absolutely. I look I'm not always upbeat but I remind myself that I'm going to focus on the things I want in life and you said it earlier you focus on learning from the positive people and instead of focusing on the people who are not part of that are negative there are always the naysayers and you're one of the reasons I don't watch the news.

Look. Research shows that for every one minute of negative information it takes you five times so five minutes of positive energy to just neutralize one minute of negative. And so so many people we've been conditioned that we have negative coming to so much we wonder why we're having crappy days. So I've systematically made decisions of things that I won't listen to or watch because I choose not to put myself in that energy because I look it's a fight enough just to keep moving forward some days. Yeah. So that's kind of the way so I guess one of the ways I do that to answer your question is if I eliminate things that I know would bring him negative energy to me and that's very diligent on that I love I love the point you made about you know be authentic be yourself on stage and off.

And if you're if you don't like yourself now you can change it. I did I was a very negative person for most of my life until my late 40s when I learned incredible tools and processes that you know looking back I'm like I am so happy now. I felt like you know at the time I was 47 when I first started learning and it was neuro linguistic programming that started it all. And LP for short and it just completely absolutely totally and utterly changed my life and I'm not a drama queen I don't see that very often and other than I just did early about books but only twice only twice. But in know that that changed my life for the better. And I love talking to people now before I avoided it. I love people all the time I just didn't know the proper way to address them to build rapport. Now I'm not that guy in the elevator that starts talking first not obnoxiously just making casual conversation. And it's amazing that when people get off they're typically smiling they're not annoyed. So it's just fun to interact with people. And then most of all to eventually at some point help them in that in that way it's kind of helping them already brightens their day.

Yes you know many times you go up to say maybe a barista at Starbucks or something you could tell they're in there in it they're like you could just see there their whole physiology and they're depressed or they're having a rough day and you just come up and you say something to them hey how you doing. Well thank you so much for you know whatever. Give me a compliment and you just see this total shift like that and you go good. I made it I made an impact on that person's life I have the charge for it. I don't need money for every time I help someone. In fact it's more fun when you don't know nothing. It's more fun when you get. Up. Well we'll bleep that one out later. I'm just having fun. Yes I completely agree with you on all that. So we're talking about mind and mindset which is kind of interesting you know that it's parallel with the topic of this show. The title The next would be going in logically is talking about the body. You know it's very important that everyone not just entrepreneurs but especially entrepreneurs that you get in your exercise regularly and that you eat and drink very helpfully.

And how important to you Robert given your you have an insane travel schedule. So I imagine it can be challenging. How important though is physical fitness to you your business and even your personal life.

It's everything. You know without health wealth is nothing. You know and how many people have spent their whole life trying to create wealth but only to get sick and then they end up spending that whole wealth trying to heal themselves. So why does it have to be one or the other. So health is very important and I mentioned this to you before we went live that I learned it the hard way when I started living my passion I was over living it. I wasn't taking care of myself. I was on stage. You know 10 12 hours plus a day going doing 30 to 40 major trainings 50 major trains a year only at home on average two days a month. And because I wasn't standing on stage properly I was I was always tired so I didn't you know work out or try to take care of that health. I end up permeating a desk and I went through two back surgeries and you know I learned a huge lesson from that that when I came out of retirement that I would not go through that again. So for me as an example because I do long flights. Walking is so important to me. I will when I hit the ground and I land somewhere even if it's in the morning I won't go to sleep until that night to make sure I end up your climate tightening to there or taking adjusting to the time change. But I love to go walking so many fitness centers are beautiful in the different hotels I stay in. So on days I'm not training I like to go for a little workout days I'm training I will not I've learned this the hard way to Brian is I won't touch any kind of working out because when I'm on stage I put on average twenty five to thirty five thousand steps a day when I'm on stage.

And so you know I got in the ego the one time I'm going to work out in the morning before I step onstage by the end of the night.

I was just wiped and my body paid for it. So you know I learn these little things and so for me walking is very important but then getting in a little workout whether I'm traveling or at home that's it it's health. It's so important.

You said it perfectly about you know people will spend their entire life trying to manifest and achieve wealth and then they spend the latter part of their life using that wealth to repair the damage done by not taking care of themselves. And you know talking about being on stage it's amazing. When I first started doing it I was like

I am wiped I am.

I have nothing left. I am so exact. It's amazing how much energy it takes to speak from stage.

I guess if you're passionate it takes energy or if you're not then it probably won't take much. But Robert I can tell is very passionate. I know I'm very passionate and it's into helping the people that are in the audience and it's isn't it. It's crazy.

I totally got it when you said I don't work out of Fantasia I train and like holy moly. When you said that I couldn't imagine.

So you know that's just from speaking from stage and it takes energy just you know if you're not a speaker if you're not speaking from stage if you're not doing that it still takes energy to get through the day and operate at a peak level.

Do you want your business to operate at peak level or a subpar level. All three are important mind body and business and we're talking about mind or body right now. And Robert just said health is everything. Double underline on my notes that I'm taking. I hope you're taking them as well. One of the things I know about being an entrepreneur Robert this is probably never happened to you because you know you're you're just way the heck up there right now. Is this this concept of making sacrifices along the way to get there. You know for you it was probably just easy. You just got a silver spoon and said snap your fingers and I'm a success and I'm traveling the world and training everywhere. It's been really fun. But seriously if you could look back and maybe even very recently I don't know maybe still or maybe not. What kind of sacrifices do you recall having to make or that you chose to make to become a successful entrepreneur that you are now.

Yeah right. I don't know if I resonate with that word sacrifice because you know what you focus on is going to expand. And so if you're focused on I have to make sacrifices to be successful you're actually going to attract crap into your life that you will have to get through. Just to be a success. So I don't know if sacrifice is the word I'd look at it but I would I look at it. What choices Am I willing to make to get to where I want to go. Am I willing to step up and put an extra energy when the time calls for it if it time. And so yeah there's been lots of times in my life. And I'll give you a recent one was the beginning of this year. You know I just shared with you I went through two back surgeries that were the last one or both of them were in 2009. So it's been 10 years since I had the surgeries but I'm very aware of my body now and very seldom do I ever have issues with my back even though you know I've gone through those two surgeries and on my one disc I have less than 20 percent of the disk left. And so I started my year off. I did a three day event in Germany from Germany I flew to Sweden and so I had a couple of down days in between before I stepped on stage again and did three days in Sweden and then I flew right to India for another three day event in India. And something happened that hasn't happened a long long time. I finished my event in Germany when I landed in Sweden also and my back started seizing up on me

And usually walking one of the reasons I walk is because if I can walk fast I can lose my backup. But it was a middle winter there. And the ISIS knowing I was cold I couldn't get anywhere to walk what they needed to. I was so when I tried walking I was sensing I was tensing up and making it worse. So I had to commit I had to give myself permission. Tashi lay flat on my back for two days and not move and not move.

I had to be willing to make that choice so I could be there for the next event because I knew if I tried to force it if I tried to muscle my way through or whatever I would my body was going to pay. And then I wouldn't be able to do what I was there to do. So I don't know if you want to call it a sacrifice. I call it a choice. I chose to just lay flat. Have any food I had ordered in by room service brought to me so I didn't have to get out of bed. And it was I went through the mindset I beat myself up. I went through all the crap you know that people do but then I had to quiet my mind and say you know no this is a choice you're making. To be able to do and live your passion. And so that's a tough choice. I recently had to make and I won't do it and my body thank you for it. By time I needed to step back on stage I was back in peak condition to do it and to really deliver for my students. So that's one that's recent but toward success is when I was a student. I had never been part of any kind of personal development. It's awesome. I go to a three day weekend by t hardback her millionaire mind intensive my wife walk into the event one hundred fifty thousand dollars in debt we're stressed out beyond belief and my wife keeps coming up to me going we've got to do more of its programs and I'm like No. She goes yes we are. I'm like No. And she goes yes we are.

And you know this year I celebrate 30 years of marriage right and I've learned the two most important words in a relationship. Yes dear. And so we ended up even though we couldn't afford it. We had a conversation and we made the decision that we would do whatever it took to sign up for all the programs. And here's what it took. We were franchisees abdominals pizzas at the time and our businesses were barely making it. And the conversation my wife and I had were. If we make this choice that means we don't have money to buy food for next little while. We'll have to eat at the store. We probably won't have enough money to go home every night for gas so I'll have to start doing delivery driving to earn tips so we can put food fuel in the tank. Are we willing to do this. And we made the decision that we were willing to do whatever it took. And so we eat a lot of pizza Brian but I also got creative and I made sure I had an arrangement with every restaurant around us that we could trade pizza for Chinese food pizza for chicken pizza for burgers whatever we wanted we could trade pizza for. And there was a lot of nights we actually put hot bags on the floor under our ovens and that's where we slept because we couldn't make it home to be able to then drive back the next day to run our store again. But because we made that choice our life changed. Nine months later we retired completely financially free at the age of 32. Because we made that choice. So I don't look at it as a sacrifice.

I love it. I love the reframe of sacrifice to choice right on point. And you know for everyone listening you know do you have to go through such hardship to achieve success. I guess it matters. It depends on where you are today. You know thankfully I've never been in such a dire situation but. I have in a way it wasn't financial it was just being in in a jail corporate jail right.

And it felt so confining. And it was for each individual I think it's different. But I think it's common especially if they aspire to be successful outside of a corporate world or just on their own period. And it does take it takes that choice making.

I remember so many times so similar or over where I was taking course after course after course.

And it was costing a lot of money. And every time I took a course though I found the right person to take it from I noticed massive results. And so I thought as long as I'm getting results I have to continue to go deeper into debt because to me it's not it's not a it's not a bad thing to invest in yourself that puts you in debt. It's a bad thing to invest in toys and things that you can throw away to go into debt rather. In fact I am so giddy when I make money for my business it goes most of it right back reinvest for more equipment better shows everything that goes into all of this. I reinvest nearly as much. You know probably too much of my wife would probably say but I reinvest everything

That I possibly can because all I want to do is grow. And so I can serve more people. That's how you serve more people. That's how you get a bigger reach. That's one way anyway. So really. Yeah really resonate with that. Robert totally totally totally. Now so 32. So before that so you were a Domino's franchisee before that. Did you have a corporate. Did you ever have a job like a 9 to 5 never.

Yeah. Well no. Yes I did. I the way I was raised is that because I come from a very poor family and you know you mentioned earlier you're a cowboy when you're offscreen and where I live in Alberta. It's it's cowboy land here as well. So I think that's why you say we're brothers or something.

Right. And one of the things we're taught is. When you grow up you find a job that's gonna be secure and you do whatever gives you the most money. And back then in the area I lived in it was either work for the government work for the city or get a union job. And so those are the things I was always looking for even though I hated unions. I watch when one of my brother in law's you know 18 years working for a company every two years on average they were on strike for three to four months. And I pointed out at all in the one time he said the amount of money you're losing every time you're on strike you never make it back with a raise before you go on strike again. And he's like. I never thought of. But this is the way I was condition is you find a job that will pay you the most money and you stay loyal and you work hard. So that's what I was doing. But. Here in Alberta we rely a lot on oil. And when oil prices are down our economy doesn't do well. And so often I get laid off from a job they shut the factory down because oil prices are low and I need something to do. I'm newly married I want to support my family. And so that's why I started delivering pizzas.

One of my success principles that I live by Brian is that I am willing to start wherever I need to to learn so I don't care if I have to start cleaning toilets. Look the way I became a trainer is I volunteered for two and a half years straight at every event that t Harv actor put on. I actually became his personal assistant. I got his meals I shined his shoes I pressed his shirts if he needed it I did whatever it took to be in that energy and learn every aspect of this business. So I started driving delivering pizzas. From doing that. I was able to become a manager. And from a manager my wife and I ended up buying our first Domino's pizzas two stores and we did it with no money of our own. And we became franchisees and we started Domino's Pizza. I always I. You talk about a mentor. Tom Monahan the founder of Domino's Pizza. When he created the program ninety five percent of franchisees started as drivers because it was you had to earn a franchise you couldn't just buy a franchise. And that to me made it all the difference in the world. And so it was right in line with my values. So yeah. Prior to being a trainer my wife and I worked our butts off in jobs anything that paid the highest.

It wasn't until I learned the concept of doing what I'm passionate about and learning to make money doing that instead of just what pays the bills or pays the most money. That's when my life changed was with that one little switch.

That's phenomenal. I love this. And so many so many nuggets and the one the one that really sticks out to me that really stands out is what you call one of your success principles that you'll start wherever you need to in order to learn and that is such a great lesson. And we have such parallel lives my friend. About two years for me as well running microphone setting up audio equipment working the back of the room anything and everything I did not I didn't have to go and get what I did on occasion. I did go get food and things like that. So yeah pretty close.

But yeah it was to learn the trade you know what better way if you want to get a similar industry I mean Robert of course right. If you want to learn it you're not going to learn it in a book you're not going to learn in a class you're going to learn it OJT on the job training maybe that's the best way I learned. Oh my God I learned so much just by being a part of it and understanding the dynamics and the flow and you know when certain things happened and when the breaks are how long they are ones the clothes start when are they going to come to the back. They're all Oh my gosh it's just blew my mind it was awesome.

I saw a Facebook post that just summed it up so perfect for a couple must ago so perfectly for me. It was two guys and say their names were Jim and John and it says Jim has a psychology degree. John is an electrician for years apprenticeship. Jim has eighty thousand dollars in school debt. John has not. Jim cannot find a job in his arena. John has it eighty thousand all your job as an electrician. Jim thinks that anybody that didn't go to university is an idiot. John just cut off Jim's electricity for nonpayment. And you know it to me apprenticeship is what's missing nowadays.

Everybody goes I need to start at the top. I need to know you've got to learn it and you know that's why. One thing I love now doing with trainers because I trained so many of them is I created an apprenticeship program. It's now a four year. They have to learn the training industry step by step by step because you're gonna find the people very quickly Brian who really want it versus the people that don't with it they say they want it now. They just want all the fame and fortune they're not willing to do the work and it won't last if you don't do the work.

Exactly. Oh God there's so many things popping in my head right now. I mean oh so many parallels because all the time I hoped none of us got compensated financially for anything. And I remember exactly what you're talking about. Other saying Hey Brian do you think it'd be OK if I approached him about me helping like you said. Yes sure. Go ahead and you know kind of chuckle in the background. And then after they come to help one day and realize it's a lot of work it's just as exhausting as speaking almost. And then they find out what I don't get compensated for it OK I'm done by. And they walk away like wow their loss because I look at it.

That was an investment to me. I don't have to pay for it. But yeah I paid my time. I paid hotel for travel I paid for you know anything on the road. And yeah but. For me. The cost was minimal compared to the reward which was massive just unbelievable.

Well let's put it into perspective for two and a half years of traveling. What did it cost my wife and I. Maybe maybe we train hotels food because like you we and we're living in our RV so we're had a little bit flexibility. Maybe we spend about forty thousand dollars in a two and a half year period and someone came to an event and they said you know I hope that Harvey's paying you well for what you do. And I looked and said I don't get paid is that. And he got upset he got upset. He goes. How dare you. And I said Well let me ask you a question. I said did you go to university. He goes Yep. I said how much it cost you about sixty thousand I said how many years. Three. I said I get why you're upset. You've paid sixty thousand dollars to go to university for three years. I just saved a million dollars because that for half to mention me personally one to one what it cost me at least a million for two and a half years of my own time and a little investment and I just saved a million dollars to get where I am today. I understand why you're upset.

Oh man you just brought another memory back.

I remember one person doing that to me too is like getting pissed off and he was like he was like defending me. He's on my side. I can't believe he's taking advantage of me like that. I don't see it that way. I don't see it that way at all. I wouldn't do it if I felt that way. So all I said it's amazing. It's gosh this is this is fun. This is amazing. Oh my gosh I'm like I only have 10 minutes come on now. That's not right. That's right.

You know there can always be version two we can do a redo and come on and talk about more stuff. Anything's possible.

Or we can just go another hour. You can miss your flight which we'll talk about that in a second. You know everybody that wants to stay on they'll stay on for it I'm sure and I know you want to do it. So I'm having fun with you. Let's see I guess a a big one. So you have tasted the corporate life. And do you remember. I'm sure you do when the transition was official to entrepreneurship freedom that you call your own shots that you were responsible for your results rather than another company that's laying you off. So this one's got this might be tough but I know you can handle it if you could. In one word characterized your life as an entrepreneur roller coaster Whoo hoo hoo.

Oh man that's a great one. Two words I guess but I put a hyphen in there so it's still technically one. Perfect. Or we'll call it a coaster. There we go.

Oh I love it what has set entrepreneurship apart for you in a positive manner from a corporate world life.

Oh just freedom to make my own decisions and be in charge of my life.

That's the word. Yes. And I wasn't trying to get you to say that word but that is the common word I hear I call I use a different one because I I hear it so often. I wanted to be different cycle liberation liberate. Yes. Liberated. Fantastic. Let's see. Goodness sakes. All right let's go.

You talked a little bit about taking time off.

What other things you do for your hobby. So just so people know Robert you're about to get on a plane right after the show and head headwear again I'm headed to Florida. OK. And you're in Alberta Canada. So you won't be there till well into to morrow. Correct. And what are you doing there.

I'm gonna do a five day very intensive training teaching people how to use accelerate learning or super learning from the stage and teach in the way I teach. When you come into California brother you know. I don't do much in North America anymore at the moment.

I'm only overseas on my trainings but you know anything's possible there gain our loss but hey man I'll keep an eye level and at your heels there a little bit. See we'll get you over here. Phenomenal because if I had known that sooner. Let's see. So your

Your back to it you're going back you're in your home now in Alberta with your nice big acreage in all that room and fun and relaxation. What do you do in your downtime when you're not on shows when you're not traveling when you're not on stage. What are the things you gravitate to just from a personal side. What do you enjoy doing because a lot of people want to know and like successful people seem to be busy all the damn time but what specifically are those things that help you to unwind a little bit.

You know for me family is very important. And I'll tell you what. I learned when I came out of retirement because I take three and a half years off because I was burnt out went through my two back surgeries I realized how important balance was. So for me even though I train and fly about 200000 miles a year I still make sure I'm at home six months a year six months a year and I will do it where I'm a month and a half a month at a time where I have nothing to do for events and stuff. And I'll do a little bit of business here and there because I know I designed an app so we're building the second version out on that stuff. You know I'm doing little things like that but it's family time and not just being here with my wife and all of our four legged babies. But it's other family because we both come from big families. And so it's about having time with family and relaxing and enjoying life and going camping and smelling the roses kids I'm I'm not your typical entrepreneur Brian. I've gone the road of go go go go go. And that doesn't work for me.

I like to have the downtime the relaxation time where I can hop on my quad and go quoting you know it some of my funnest times this winter in our new property. We now have a 200 foot driveway that's 60 feet wide at the widest and it snows a lot here. And it was out there shoveling snow. Just shoveling snow because now I'm quieting my mind I'm present and most people they'd be like that. And I'm like No. I'm I'm having fun with this. And sometimes it's not deep enough. I put my blade on my quad and I click it that way. Other times I do it by hand because it's only a little bit. Other times I get backpack blowing I blow it because just like success in my life different tools I give you the same to help you accomplish the results you want. And one of the things I notice for people they struggle so much is you're using the wrong tool for the wrong job but they're so bullheaded that they keep doing it over and over and over again when they if they make one little adjustment your life would be a much happier life.

And that's why so many people that you perceive as successful seem like they're working all the time is because they think they have to do it all on their home. They think they have to do everything that by themselves and they're using the wrong tools instead of leveraging and utilizing other people. And you know like my new book I'm about to write I have a great student in India whose word smithing is phenomenal. So I said to her I said fiduciary why don't you be my co-author I'll send you all the recordings of what I want to say. You put it into beautiful words. And she's like absolutely. She was thrilled to do it because I'm not giving her an opportunity because I'm not good at writing I'm good at being in the moment and just speaking so I record everything I say so that when any kind of brilliance comes through me it's there. And now she's putting into book format and I won't struggle writing a book. The second book like I struggled writing the first one because I thought I had to do it all on my own. I was using the wrong tool.

It's that's another liberating moment. I went through a similar one go figure right. It's like a theme here. And so a couple of things with that. My mentor basically recorded his two day seminars life seminars and had them transcribed into a book and it flowed bute. It's a great book. It's called the big boom by Mel Cutler. Mel Ethan Cutler and it just the editor did a phenomenal job to piece it together because there has to be some work. And so you repurpose what you are doing just like you did. You're doing you're speaking. That's when it's most powerful when you're taping it. You're you're thinking about taping and you're you're losing some of that gusto that goes with it. And the people that are bullheaded boy. Big fat go ahead for a long time and the cool thing is I had all you know I learned from a mentor of mine one of his secrets to success absolute secret.

He said he was not a tech guy and he had one of the biggest email lists on the planet. This is going back a decade when we didn't have social media. That was the way it was email marketing. And he said. And so that's very technical to get a list that's you have to have Web sites you have to always drive them there and back then it was a lot more difficult. And he said Brian I'm going to tell you some it's going to blow you away. If someone were to hold a gun to my head right now and ask me to write even a one page website and put it up on the internet. I'd tell them they have to pull the trigger. And he did that for a point he said I want to tell you the secret how I became so successful. He he said I'm great at taking very complex things and making them simple. So I delegated all of that. And he got V.A. virtual assistance from overseas very inexpensively and there's the ticket. And so long story short I ended up getting multiple apprentices from a Canadian company just so happens that it's a phenomenal idea of of young mostly young people just exiting college or getting near that some older. But I've. Put together a system around apprentices I've gone through six so far

And they've done phenomenal work with thumbnails for my videos a do video editing transcription editing and they learn a lot along the way.

So the point of all that was the moment I realized I could get help and I did have help. It opened up a whole different channel in my brain. I'm like. Wait a minute Zach. I don't have to say no all the time. I mean I still want to be discerning but I can now take on larger tasks because it's not me taking it on.

And what a bang. You didn't you could tell right. Yes yes.

Oh goodness. So I cannot implore upon everyone watching this enough if you're still a solo opener going it alone if you're still like I was with a big bullhead like Robert then just reach out I'll help you with that. Robert can help me with that. Probably I'd be a better choice because Robert's not going to be you know he's got me on an airplane and busy. So now Robert's a great guy. And by the way taking notes. Look at this. I've been taking notes on this show. There's proof flick family double underscore. So you know that that's from this show. Life Balance bullheaded. See you at the bottom. So I hope everyone else is taking notes because we're getting toward the end. We're actually at the end but we have one more question. One more question Robert. And it's kind of a big one and. I love it because I ask this of every guest on the show

And it's kind of a heavy hitter and it's OK if you need to think about it a little bit. So some cool. Off the pressure perhaps. I think a do I spot a bit of sweat. No. He's good. He's. Now he's actually real quick. I promised everyone before we do that is how to enter to win that wonderful five night stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico. I need to get this done. So Robert can hit the airplane so let's move over to that. And real quickly this is how you enter to win. It's real simple there's two ways you either go to the Internet and now you have my approval my permission. Open up a new tab in your browser if you're watching on a laptop or desktop or if if you're on a on your phone use your phone. But either way you can go to the mind body business show dot com for Slash vacation again that's the mind body business show forward slash vacation and you just enter your information there or if you prefer if it's easier you can. What about your smartphone and type in the word peak. That's peak and you send that to the number 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Do this quickly because we're coming back to Robert with the big question 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 and type in the word peak peak. Do it now do it now don't delay. Did I happen to say do it now. Good. All right. We're back. So a couple of things. Robert real quick is to kind of ease the pressure a bit. The cool thing with this question is there is no such thing

As a wrong answer. Oh perfect. In fact the only correct answer is your answer. Because it's very personal. Is that cool. Yep. All right pressure's off. Yep you got to wipe his forehead when we were he was off camera that was pretty cool. No I'm kidding. He is as cool as a cucumber. All right. Here we go. Getting kind of serious now. Are you ready. For the common thread. Bring it on. All right. Robert Raymond repel. How do you define

Success. Success for me is having that balance. You like that we talk about. Having the great relationships. Having your finances taken care of having your health having all those areas because I believe you are a holistic person. So success is happiness health wealth.

All of those things. It's not just one at once not more important than the other. It's about having that balance in all areas. And to kind of make it clear to bribe.

Most people think balance it's like I got to be perfectly balanced. That to me is not balance. Things are always going like this in your life.

So to me it's always about adjusting adjusting adjusting and allowing yourself permission to be out of balance every once in a while and making the adjustment.

You don't have to be perfect you know that is just beyond wise. And I'm not kidding there. That is amazing.

I've never heard anyone describe it that way before and that is perfect. The balance part where you'll never look I love the sound effect by the way. That was great but yeah it is. It's always doing this ebb and flow and sometimes it can slam one way and other times it'll slam the other way but there's all if as long as you're aware of it and you're always attempting to achieve some sort of balance without trying to be perfect then you can have a very cool life. And to a person everyone I've asked this same question Robert. Not a single person has answered it in the same exact way. I know it's gonna happen but it still hasn't. You're the next unique answer and I'm going to compile all these and put them into a book. I don't know if you'd want to be part of that but I'm gonna do that at some point I'll get your permission of course ahead of time. Just found it very very intriguing and I noticed that the very first thing that came to your mind was balance in your life and what I find incredibly intriguing especially for those that are guests on my show because every one that comes on my show is successful and has achieved success. And again that's a very personal word. But the thing is not a single person came out by saying money. When I made my first two mil man then when I hit and when I hit two male I felt I was successful. I don't know why I'm going into a Western thing but you know it's like Texas and you said you have those four legged friends.

Maybe that's why but no one went down that path right. No one including you at the very end you mentioned wealth but it was the last word in a long list.

You said health relationships so many other things and at the very bottom and then his wealth. And then you went on like to a to a person. So that's the thing people are striving who are struggling live in a world of scarcity and because of that they're focused on the money because that's the key to get them to the point where they can be freer and we all get that. We've been there done that bought the T-shirt some I've been there several times. That's OK before we let you go. Thank you for that. By the way that was very powerful very powerful. Hope everyone's taking veracious notes.

I want to give a quick plug or lets you give a quick plug for your book that I read just recently. I literally pay. Wow. Q How did you do that. Yes success left a clue. By Robert Raymond repel. How does one go about getting one of those bad boys. I know how I did it but I want for you to have the opportunity to tell folks how to do that. I put a picture of it on the screen there too.

Yeah. You know right now it's available or Amazon dot S.A.. Is it two ways you can get it. You can get it either in the physical version or it is in the e-book version as well. And of course with your prompting I'm going to look at what it's gonna take to get it in audible because I'm definitely intrigued about that but that's the best way to get it.

And if you go to my website success left a clue dot com. I hope it's not daring my gut check but you might be able to order a copy there but I'd rather you go through Amazon.

It's just lot easier Oh it is still there. Now Brian I lost you I cannot hear you so

Well it would help if I turned up my microphone wouldn't it. So as I was saying that you know that nobody was listening.

No it was me I was muted so go to Amazon and just click quantity of five then or or six then. And if that's what you prefer. But I wanted to show people your beautiful website success left a clue dot com. A lot of resources there so please check them out there. And finally Robert if you don't mind how what is the best way for folks to get a hold of you personally if you're okay with them reaching out to you.

Easiest way is on my fan page on Facebook. OK. And if they want to message me they can message me and I'm always answering questions for my students and stuff as I travel around the world. Of course I do videos. You never know I might be in a business lounge and I might just have an idea and I just start doing a video or I type a little note or something like that.

So Facebook is the easiest way just all my fan page it like and follow me there. And what was the fan page again. Just put my name in Robert real Pell fan page.

Gotcha. And just put that in the search and you'll find them. You can't miss him. Robert man I want to tell you I so so appreciate you taking the time. I know you got to jump on a plane and head down south to Florida. Appreciate you can't wait to meet you in person. And you know experience your brilliance from stage in your training. I know that's going to happen. So I wanted to thank you. Number one and everyone watching and listening whether you're here live right now with us. Thank you so much. So many are commenting. I didn't want to take time from you and go through all the comments there but I appreciate everyone that I hear live the likes and loves and comments and everything that they're bringing to the show. Your time is valuable as well.

But that's it. We're done. The show is over. We have to say goodbye. I have separation anxiety right now. I don't want it to stop. But we have to because Robert has to hit the plane. Oh look at us love them. I love it. Robert thank you once again my friend. I so appreciate you can't wait till we meet again and this time in person. So yeah we've got to get audible going number one and number two. Another seminar in California. All right.

Sounds good as far as I know. I will let you know my friend. Thank you for helping us to appreciate it. All right. For Robert Raymond repel.

This is Brian Kelly host of the mind body business show. We'll be back again next week can't wait for it. We'll see you then. Until then be blessed everybody. Good night.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body business shows this show with Brian Kelly.

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