Special Guest Expert - Robert Walsh

Special Guest Expert - Robert Walsh (transcribed by Sonix)

Announcer: Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly: Hello everyone and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show! We have an amazing amazing show lined up for you tonight. I can't wait for you to meet our guest expert Robert Walsh. This this young man is amazing. Met him not too long ago and he made a huge impression on me so I can't wait to dig in and get some deep value out of this young guy because he is full of it and I mean value. I don't know where you're going with that. So the mind body business show. What is that all about. For those of you that might be first time viewers it's very important. There are the three pillars of success. First there is mind that stands for mind set without an unstoppable powerful and positive mindset. It's very difficult to succeed in life not just business but in personal life as well. And behind that there are proven tools for success. There's one that is called The Science of excellence and that is neuro linguistic programming or an LP for short that I learned and mastered some time ago and now as a result my life has changed completely forever and we might or might not talk about that tonight. We talk about different topics every show then there's body. What does that all about. Well the body you want to take care of that that is your temple. That is everything that keeps your mind working is dependent on your body and they're co-dependent there that you really depend on each other and the body you want to stay fit. You want to exercise you want to keep that blood flowing those joints lubricated and you want to eat clean nutrition high nutrition food drink a lot of water like. Our guest is doing this very moment you can't see him on camera. He is slugging it down That's my man and business business. You want to be able to master the key areas of business like sales marketing team building scaling your business. Now when you are at a point of mastering all three areas then you are operating at what I call a peak level of performance. And you know the mind and body just those two by themselves you know they're a team. More importantly they are your team. And now add business to that. Now you have three parts of a team. It's like a tripod. If you have three legs holding up a camera set for example and one of those legs happens to tumble fall away or already tracked what happens to the whole tripod the camera the brain at the top it comes crashing down doesn't it. So the key is to master or at least continue to strive to master all three areas of your life. Now if you haven't mastered any one of them then one would now be the right time to start and that foundation would start with the mindset for those you watching that's a big big tip. And I've got something really cool in store for you by the way of our special guest. He's coming on very soon I promise. You see a bunch of these things behind you on the shelf. Yeah those are called books. They're they're meant for reading. You open them and you actually read them. And a cool thing happened many years ago actually a mentor of mine had me in his office flew me out east coast. We had a big deal we were discussing it was it was a big deal. Had me picked up in a limousine and it was it was a lot of fun. In addition to getting some business taken care of. And during the two days I was in his office where I was sitting on this couch he was standing talking to me. And the topic was he said Brian if people only knew if they just did this one thing if they just did this one thing they would all be super rich and I said OK what is it. And at that moment he turned away from me went to the opposite wall where there was this floor to ceiling double door cabinet and he grabbed both handles and open up the doors as he looked back and what I could see there was similar to what you see behind behind me and that is shelf after shelf after shelf of books. Now these weren't science fiction books. These weren't entertainment books these were like self-help business books you know transforming mindset books. And he said if people would just read that. That's all I need. I thought that can't be it. You've got to be kidding me. That's the secret to success is reading. I mean there's no skin in the game I don't know I could go to a library and actually read all those for free because they'd all be available. So how could that possibly be the key to success. And I made a huge mistake and I discounted that advice. I did not heed his advice at all. In fact I read zero books four years after that thankfully thankfully thankfully I ran into and became very close friends with another mentor of mine I worked with him for several years and he basically said the same thing. He said you know to become successful you really need to retool a lot more. I said yeah that's I've heard this before. And one of the things that put him apart set him apart I guess two things one was he. He showed by example and the other one was I was finally ready. You know when the student is ready the teacher will appear. And I noticed that he would walk around with headphones on a lot and I see him. What are you doing. He goes I'm listening to a book. I sit listening to a book. There's there's such a thing like that? Oh yeah yeah. And so he told me about this application this app called audible. And so I went and started listening to books. I thought oh my gosh where has this been all my life because I love listening. I don't really care to read a book. My eyes get tired they get strange I get tired and I never can go past ten pages before I'm done for that for the evening. And so I started listening voraciously and reading these books through this audible app and on this app there's a little icon that you can tap. And what happens if you tap that icon is it stores an electronic bookmark right at that moment. So when you see or hear something when you hear something that really is profound all you do is a quick tap and you've already instantly stored that location. I thought this is brilliant. I don't have to reread an entire book. I mean how many of you have read read entire books and you know when you read a book a lot of it is storytelling which is valuable but the really juicy parts are sometimes farm few between. So now I can just go back and replay these bookmarks and the beautiful thing is tonight we're going to do that just for you right about now in a segment appropriately call Bookmarks bookmarks for to read bookmarks.

Announcer: Ready steady read bookmarks brought to you by reach your peak library dot com Yeah.

There it is reach your peak library dot com.

And for those of you watching and listening right now whether you're watching live or listening live or the recording just stick with us. In fact if you are driving pullover take notes if you're watching take notes.

In other words stay here. We're going to give you some resources during the show. Don't go typing in the web address and checking it out. Stay here because the value lies in our are our special guests. I promise you is coming up very very soon. But this is one resource I wanted to share with you and it's reached peak library dot com. It is here. I built this literally for you. The entrepreneur the business owner the person who's looking to get out of the corporate job. This is a compilation of books I personally read and here's the story I just told you and I give you a short version of it if you want to see the whole thing it's right there in both video and reading form. But here is a library of books that I have personally read and it's actually not even complete because I was just telling my man right out right before we got on the show that I'm falling behind.

I've probably 10 15 20 books behind on putting in here but every single book in here the point is every single book in here had some kind of profound effect on me personally and the beautiful thing about that is is you can leverage that you can say at least I know somebody who has gotten you know benefit from reading these specific books and that way you don't waste your time reading just any book.

And so this is a great resource for you to go to you can see there are different versions audible hardcover Kindle you can pick which one you like the most and put these together. There's about 40 in this list. I've read every single one of them not every book I've ever read is in this list. That's because not every one of them had a profound impact on me. And so what I've done is each one of these books isn't I've listened to an audible. Me personally and what I've done is stored bookmarks along the way. And so what I would like to do is play one such bookmark for you right now and that is a book called Relentless by Tim S. Grover. And this actually came to me by way of a previous guest to my man who's about to come on. We both know very well Carlos relic. He recommended it on the show and I immediately downloaded it and I read it straight through and a couple of two sittings in two days time. And it's an amazing book. Tim as Grover he he he trains high class athletes the top of the top. Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant Dwayne Wade mostly basketball but he's done others as well and he has helped them develop the mindset they need to excel. And so you now can see the guy behind the mind of these amazing athletes so I'm going to play this snippet is about a minute in length. So again take notes just listen intently and what he's going to talk about is just do the work. Here we go Tim Grover relentless. Do the work do the work every day you have to do something you don't want to do. Every. Day

Challenge yourself to be uncomfortable. Push past the apathy and laziness and fear. Otherwise the next day you're going to have two things you don't want to do. Then three and four and five and pretty soon you can't even get back to the first thing and then all you can do is beat yourself up for the mess you've created

And now you've got a mental barrier to go along with the physical barriers for my guys I'm the thing they don't want to do for you.

Maybe it's something at the office or at home or at the gym. Either way you have to do those things or you can't improve. You can't be the best. And you sure as hell can't call yourself relentless relentless.

What what a great a great tip there. I mean how many times have you embarked on something in business or not embarked on it because you don't want to do that. That's gonna be effort and it's not fun. Oh here's here's a hint there's a reason that sometimes it's called work. So get over it. Do the work. Like Tim S. Grover talks about and I thought this was appropriate because of the gentleman we're about to bring on because he's all about doing the work. He just gets it done. And I could tell from the moment I met him that he was one of those people. He was driven and he's not gonna let anything get in his way. And I'm really excited to bring him on. So given that why don't we just go ahead and do just that let's bring on our special guest. It's time for the guest expert spotlight savvy skillful professional adept trained big league qualified

And there he is ladies and gentlemen it is Robert Walsh. Robert how are you doing my buddy. Good man good man. The intro is legit. Like I'm excited to hear what I have to say now.

Hey real quick I'm gonna give you a quick shout out intro and then we'll get rolling. So Robert's goal is to help as many people as possible. I already love this guy in the first five words or six years having me that is help as many people as possible to harness their true identity to relate to their target audience in hopes of removing the facade that we're so tempted to mimic in the current online industry.

Well that's true transparency and honesty are the biggest factors for creating a loyal following as well as scaling your network. Turning fans to brand advocates and strangers into friends and before we jump headlong into it I wanna make a quick announcement. That's OK Robert. And that is to stay on to the end if you're watching this live. Stay until the end. You do not want to miss this because we are going to give away a five night to get my hand in the camera five night vacation stay at a another five five star resort in Mexico and that is provided by our wonderful sponsors of power texting My good friends Jason and Rhonda who had that up. So stick around for that. Now finally we're going to get to the man the myth

And the legend by the name of Robert Walsh. So a man is a cool bio it gives us a little bit of a taste about you but if it will be all right with you. To dig a little deeper kind of to find out what makes you tick. Very similar to what Tim Grover does in his book is he he pulls he pulls back the curtain and by the end of it we know what makes every one of those elite athletes tick what made them so unbelievably successful. And there are many facets. So what I want to ask you is you know what. What is something that just drives you what what gets you up in the morning. You know you wake up and you bounce on a bed full of vigor full of excitement in life and then to that end go ahead and let us all know what are you working on right now. What's a project that you're really proud of and you wonder that you know about.

Amen again. Thanks. That's that's awesome. Well it gets me out of bed. I guess I'll get to that first and just going to when I'm working on it just just to put it out there real quick. I get bored easily so every day is a new opportunity for me to do something different. And I think that let's take it for granted a lot. Like we have we have you know each day is a new opportunity and as cheesy as it sounds it's true. And a lot of us get wrapped up in this like mundane like tedious lifestyle. You know we have nine to fives or or even if we're like an at home parent you always have the same routines every day. And and it's really up to us to kind of incorporate new things in order to keep the excitement there. So in that I'm actually blessed to have the opportunity to. I was approached by my buddy Robert Nava about helping them with content and and really helped with the community of the million dollar masterminding Ashley where I met you was an event that involved all of us get together and now we're getting stuff. So it's just it's really great. It's really what I like doing. You know working on that and make content just really reaching out to people on background with me I started doing content marketing aka marketing actually for local businesses. I'm in that kind of area like 2009. So just stuff from the point of stepping out of the blue collar lifestyle is never corporate was never my thing.

So it's always looks like creative stuff like welding or or construction from the time I was a teenager. So it really kind of got an interest in like being able to reach out to to people these businesses and like really see where they're doing what they have going on and and just you know learning about it and from there it just kind of moved into kind of an interest in you know what does everybody doing every day. What do they do with their lives you know. How did how's your business where how's your mind work. You know what are they doing to tell people about their business and that's kind of where I got to worry them now just in interest you know kind of intrigued with what other people are doing you know growing up I had a pretty kind of boring life I guess you could say it was eventful you know not always the best events but overall it's pretty boring. I was homeschooled we moved around a lot because of my dad's job. I'm kind of going where the work was. So I was kind of forced to entertain myself. So just over the years I've kind of developed ways of doing that with like like learning different things or or just really get my hands dirty or helping other people with what they have going on because I didn't have much going on.

So that's pretty much where I'm at now just helping people do what they got to do to get their message across you see and that's one of the most enduring parts about you and every other entrepreneur I've thus interviewed on this show is the the will not just the willingness but the desire to serve and help.

You said it several times and you want to help people even when it wasn't even going so great for your self I mean that that tells me about you to your core your character your integrity. And that says a lot. And I love a couple of things you said in that opening right there was is one of curiosity that drives you you're very curious about how other people do what they do and how they get to where they got. And it's interesting because that is one of the key traits of many successful people. Quick story my mentor Mel Cutler tells a story of meeting Richard Branson a very very successful very wealthy has Virgin Atlantic Airlines. He's he's putting he's putting ships into space. I mean the guy is incredible and he met him and they were talking face to face and Richard came up to me he goes Hey man how you doing. What are you up to.

They're like What are you talking about. You're Richard Branson. I want to ask you questions I don't I want to know about you.

You know he didn't say that of course but that's what he's thinking. So it's a trait of highly highly successful people is to always be curious and you know that's also a trait of A.I. ego isn't it when you're interested in other people you're not that self-absorbed all the time and you're curious about not just people but things and how things work.

And that's one of those things that just helps you create. And so I love this. I love this already. We're already hitting another part. For those of you watching listening be absolutely certain to start writing notes. I'm the host of this show and I'm already starting to write notes. So if you're not doing that what is your excuse.

I mean you might be you might be driving so please don't take notes of your driving.

Please do take notes because tons of gold I've done lots of these shows and every single time I know this will be no different. There is a ton of value and there might just be one thing that you hear on this show there might be five that can change your life forever. And I'm not kidding I kid you not. I've done this long enough to where I know that the nuggets that come out of people like Robert are gold gold. So Robert we talking or I was talking very at length about reading a little moment ago and all these books behind me.

And that's another trait I've found of successful people. Would you consider yourself to be an avid reader and if so what would you say would be one of your favorites or maybe what you're reading right now.

Yes actually recently it was actually one of my goals this past year.

I read quite a bit like goose bumps and and stuff like that growing up you know like little kids books I read books stuff and I kind of fell off my editor's been like pretty intense and that's actually you commented on my guitar playing earlier with the guitar behind me obviously. And that's actually one of the things that really helped me kind of get my HDD under control. I realized that when I was playing guitar it's kind of like all my focus was on that. So that's kind of what led me into just focusing on things that I enjoy you know. And so when it came to books I I tried lots of different books and and like the fiction didn't really sit well with me. Nowadays I realize and I tried to my others what I used to read I want to get back into reading let's try this. So aside from like a ready player one of the a couple of cool fiction books this it's basically like you know business and mindset stuff. So one of my favorite books actually was recommended to me by my good friend and Zander and it's Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance. It's one of my favorite books I've read it a few times this year already which I shouldn't do. I just got back into reading so I'm trying to like read like things like as much as I can. You know Tim my goal for the end of the year but it's just a great book and it really goes from him starting out like South Africa and moving in with his his family in Canada when he was a teenager and getting emancipated and then come the states and just everything from him starting off through PayPal and up until the first stuff I can launch it. It's a great book. It's I think the lessons. It's obviously not like like full of tips and things like that unless you know what to look for.

But just reading just what he did and how he handles situations and a lot of times you know Elon Musk uses one of my my biggest inspirations when it comes to you know determination and perseverance and stuff and with what he did but a lot of the time he handles shit like handle situations not the best way you know. So it's kind of a glimpse in to you know makes it look good herself to see like these big people that we look up to you know not handling things the best way and the fact that you know everybody needs to learn you know learning is is how you grow and go from you know getting fired from PayPal to you know put solar on them on Mars.

You know I mean that's on me.

So the book title is Elon Musk. That's yeah mush.

Hi Ashlee Vance. Ashley with to Eve and a delight the recent book that I've read though is content incorporated by Joe palooza. It's about content marketing a lot of it is older content marketing stuff like. Like when I talk about content marketing I do I don't really like to so much call it content marketing because it's always associated with just blogs and that's you. That's pretty much content marketing is to two people when you say it to them. So nowadays I think that people should probably call the content creators because you know a lot of social media involved in my friend Jim Doyle actually likes to say that everything is content you know. And really when you think about it depending on how creative you are and what you're trying to do with your business or or your your life I guess like everything is content. You know you can be you see how many pictures of food on Instagram you know getting how many likes and how many people commenting like really everything is constantly comes down to it. So it kind of gave me a perspective reading this book on how different people do things because I told you earlier as well just for everybody that's watching we did talk for a while before we got on here. You missed some cool stuff. I'll try to recap some of it.

But like I told you like my mind is everywhere. And that's basically what I try to help you do is kind of hone in on the things that they enjoy and and the things that their audience will like as opposed to what they think their audience is like. So you know reading what other people are doing it allows me to kind of get out of my my bubble of of my head and like what I think is working and what I want to do and and focus more on like oh you know their audience like that maybe I should focus a little more try that made my audience like that.

Isn't that so true that so many people including myself I'm guilty of it. I think everybody is that we want to give people what we think they want what they want to read what they want to hear what we want them to experience. And it could be exactly one eating 180 degrees opposite of what they truly want and that's one of the things we were talking about right before.

So this is what happens ladies and gentlemen behind the curtain like we got on together about a half hour before the show.

And I do that for several reasons. One is to test all the technology to make sure it's running smoothly. Another is if I don't know the person that well I can get to know them a little bit more. But thirdly we always every time without fail go into talking about topics around business and entrepreneurship. And that was one of them where you know so many people fall in that trap of I think this is awesome so I know the rest of the planet will think so too. And the key is as Robert is expert at is listen to the market and only do what they ask you only do what they tell you. So you just hit the nail on the heads like well it looks like they like that so I'll do more of that instead of going Oh this is what I like I'm doing more of that.

A caveat to that too though is it's definitely a double edged sword though because you know with that comes a lot of testing. And I guess I don't want to say what I'm known for but I guess when it comes to the content it kind of is what is expected from me is very unconventional stuff. You know I like to rustle feathers. I like to kind of poke the bear you know see what I can get away with. And I've actually been in trouble with some platforms out here like over the years too and they don't like you know you can't do that and I'm like All right well that's all I needed you know. I want to do it. You tell me not to because it's working or am I going to do until it doesn't work. You know I haven't been so. Oh man yeah.

There's another another saying controversy sells right. And you know the. How far you take that. You know you going to be careful with the whole reputation thing in mind. But yeah. Oh yeah. Controversy can sell sometimes it can't be a good thing especially if you're say going into being transparent about yourself and something you you messed up in your life. People love those stories because they can relate you know and that can be controversial it could be I know of a young lady who tells a story about going to jail. You know when you're looking at her going you of all people.

Martha Stewart went to prison. Well that when I think everyone knew.

But yeah I don't know if you saw earlier but I actually posted on my own time on Facebook it was something someone said on Twitter and I said if you want to increase your e-mail marketing open rates make the subject line.

We have your children. So that's was a perfect example you know maybe don't go to that extreme. I probably would at some point.

I think it's similar. You know if you can make the if you make the message keep the subject line without that make people think you actually kidnap the children go for it. More power to just samples like that. You know you've really got to start especially now. MAN Yeah stand out. It's so hard to do through Mike. There are so many people like everyone in the world has Facebook now. I don't know how many people did like billions of people probably right in my office but they all have Facebook and everybody wants attention. So it really comes down to kind of stepping back and what I like to say when it comes to getting people's attention. It's kind of you know the same content you know quality over quantity essentially when it comes to getting a hold of your audience or your demographic when it comes to the content that you're doing. It's actually quality over con man. Katie it's. Quality over Quantity lady but also with quantity you know I mean if that makes sense but you break that down if it doesn't. Essentially you're going to do a lot like just like Tommy gun just like just spray the whole room and see who you hit. At first you know when it comes to contact putting out.

Then we find some that works. You want to separately replicate that into many different pieces of content. You know many different things. Instead of like trying to replicate what works you want to take what works and break that up. And milk it for all it's worth. Also the quality the quantity comes after you find the quality and the quality you've got to really be able to step out of your bubble and be willing to piss people off to to see who likes who you are you know as a person instead of trying to fit this model with most so many people focused on being the person. Same with pride and like we're talking about giving people what they want. Now would you think they want somebody to try to put themselves in this bubble and be this person that they think everybody wants everybody wants to be to everybody wants to be in that car down there's a good majority of people that are watching us call right now they probably wouldn't watch great cardio. You know what I mean and people really need to be more willing to be comfortable with who they are as tacky as it sounds. The reason to shrug set off and the reason said often is because it's true.

So you really gotta gotta be willing to piss people off in order to find the people who who appreciate you and accept you for you are. And that's really what I what I kind of preach like throughout life not just business.

Yeah it's called being genuine and Carlos Redlich. Thank you for all the likes and loves man who was like you were talking about that tommy gun he was doing it right there with life and love.

Appreciate that and everyone that's watching. Thank you. You talked about duplicating your content and I think that was the term I'm not sure but to use it in other platforms and just to give people a quick tip it's not difficult. What you can do is repurpose your content and I will once again pull back the curtain. This show is live. It's being recorded. This video will be repurposed into a video of course. And I take out the audio have it taken out and it gets uploaded into my podcast repurposed. I didn't have to do the show twice.

I had to do it once I got to do it once and then I have an apprentice an incredible apprentice takes this one hour show and shrinks it down to a one minute sizzle real and then puts a thumbnail on it. I can show you how to get these apprentices for as little as a dollar seven an hour where they are amazing and they're talented and they're hungry and you know just repurpose it. And the book or the book is give it away. This show. I then also upload into a transcription service and it's automated. It's not perfect. So I have another apprentice go in and correct all the words and ums and ahs and this and that. Then I export that and create ebooks from it more repurposing take all the shows together and make a compilation collaborative book a real book not an e-book so you can see that was at four or five a last count that I repurpose and I'm doing this continually every single show.

And so you can do something one time and you can have four or five six ten products out of it very easily and with very little effort to boot. So I'm glad you have that up

No problem. I'm glad you got more into repurposing as well because a lot of people like one thing that I also preach just to add to the repurposing and things that you're doing is is using the proper format for the proper platforms. My priest is alive. I had a friend of mine in the fitness niche asking how essential they get more content out there without killing themselves and other than just going in and herbicides going into just repurposing it. How to do it properly as far as like so for instance you know YouTube you have videos up to like upwards of like 20 minutes half hour. You know the sweet spots usually between like four to 10 minutes you know for for a lot of stuff on YouTube but nobody on YouTube or nobody on Facebook wants to watch a 20 minute YouTube video. You know people on Facebook the attention spans different the audience is different you know that the the it's all just different media complete different audiences just like on Instagram you know people are really big on images or one minute videos. And the reason they're one minute videos is because it was it's what works with that demographic. So it's really important when you repurpose your content to use the proper kind of content and format for the proper platform as well.

That's a huge huge tip. I learned that very recently. Basically Instagram so I've been branching out and having apprentices change or really increase my visibility on all the platforms so Instagram was the next one I hit really hard because everywhere I go I read here and experience that Instagram is really fast becoming one of the go to social media platforms for businesses. And I said well I got to tap into that. And that's the same thing like Instagram one minute is it. So that's when I had it. I said it squished down to a minute. Now I can use that not only on Instagram but also on Facebook also on LinkedIn. In that case that one works go in the other extreme. I agree with you wholeheartedly YouTube they expect longer they might have the wherewithal or the desire to sit through longer content Facebook more in and out Twitter even quicker in and out. My guess I don't use Twitter myself. It's not a very I haven't seen anyone really maximize that for business yet. LinkedIn just fairly new is doing video and so tapping into all these previously untapped markets. And that's the other thing repurposing. I'm really repurposing myself by bringing on people to help and scaling the business that way. And it just takes a minimal amount of my time to train. And anyway that's a whole different topic for a different day. This is what happens when people like you come on the show. It's just it's just it's organic. There's no script here. This is unscripted and raw just like Robert Washington likes it.

I mean you know that I can actually add to that too. I think it earlier because like you said me document you're very professional. Like if you're going out to to look like it talked me out of it slide it you get an opportunity to be on the show a bride to do it.

It's awesome. It's super prepared like that the whole week is just like set me up to get me ready but naturally when it comes to the you know just the notes and everything that that I took you know and the information you've sent me like I didn't I glance set up I didn't really go over it and the reason I did that is because I feel like for me personally and this probably isn't for everybody that's just the creative side of me when I prepare for something too much like it's not genuine. And you said like the transparency and the genuine ness if that's a word of these interactions these talks like if I spent too much time really think about what I'm going to say I'm not going to say what I really wanted to say in the moment you know it's like you know trying to prepare the same thing going back and trying to say what people think you want to say.

You know if you're talking to a girl or a guy at a bar you know try to pick them up and you're thinking too hard about like what to say to them you know you don't know what the response is going to be so be a little more I'll be like you know walk up to bulimia and take the chance like you know what I was trying to think of what to say to you I wasn't sure you know because that even that transparency right there might even you know open open a discussion. You know that's actually worth having instead of like hey whether outside the day right.

So and So what Rob is talking about the peel a curtain back even farther is prior to the show. He got to choose which questions that we might cover on the show. We've covered one. I kid you not. And I'm fine with it it's never about covering the question so I sent him a list of about 40 questions I said check the box next to 10 of them that you would like. And the reason for the whole reason for my doing that is so there's no total surprise on something that I don't bring up a topic that could bring up embarrassment. You know just for that reason. And Robert is like many of my other guests. They're professionals and they've done this before. And their first rodeo. And he gets it the authenticity part of it. I'm the same way as like it's cool to see him once maybe glance over make sure they're. You chose them originally. Right so after you've chosen them he can feel comfortable. We're done. That's good. I'm good to go. Yeah. So I also appreciate that about you because it isn't. Obviously we're going authentic because we've covered one question out of a 10 I think that we had there will be one more minimum that we're gonna cover because it's it's a it's a it's gonna rock everyone's world it's gonna be awesome.

So yeah this is how it works. Ladies and gentlemen when you get entrepreneurs together in any setting whether it's when I remember meeting you in the driveway that's where I met you. Yeah. Driveway of this castle is mansion. That was a.. You know you were you were preoccupied I if I recall correctly had a phone and you were on it and you know I'm I'm just the guy that comes up and says hi you know scientists came up and respectfully say Hey man you don't. And you looked up and you just shifted. Yes. You gave your attention and I said I like this guy immediately insulin. And so we just started talking for a very brief period that I respected that you had stuff to do and walked away. And we talked more later but this is what happens when you just get involved with other entrepreneurs. Go to your mastermind. It's called. Say it again.

Down masterminding million donor mastermind. Yeah. Come check us out man. Like a lot of good stuff. Man I'd love to meet everybody. Same same same interaction with you man. You know lifelong relationships of friendships just from that you know two minutes of talking you know because there's those kind of people like you and myself and I just people that are actually willing to learn more and meet people. It's really comes down to learning you know because you're learning about the person talking in person you're interested you want to learn about the person. And the majority of people you know do it and that turns other people off as they don't listen to learn they listen just to wait to reply Yeah. And that's that's a big difference between what the caliber of people that that successful people in and not so successful people not just not just monetary but like you know throughout life. That's a big difference between the mentality of that and it's you know be willing to you know keep your mouth closed and and learn about the person because if you don't then you won't know if you want to meet that person you won't know if you want to interact that person more and you just nailed what I just read recently in the seven gets a seven secrets of seven habits.

Now I've got it of highly effective people talking about wanting to talk you know we're listening only is formulating a response not really listening it has a great metaphor in there about Stephen Covey you about his son and it is a cool story read that it it's not on reach your peak library dot com so just go find it google it and read that. But I want to get back to Robert because one of things that I always preach and I preaches from stage I speak on stage is and I guess it's just three words is just show up and just do it over and over and over and so go to the million dollar mastermind go to it.

There's there's a link there's a link.

We'll shout it out when we get to the end of the show where you can go and register for one night and go meet with how you had over a how many people showed up. I mean with very little notice.

So we are. So the event you came to your cap and I'm I like you know 50 people.

I think the one before that was even 30. You know just you know feeling for it and learn how to scale in the event properly to where you know everybody's happy and we're not like running low on food or drinks you know it's a process as it is with anything. So but this last one we got a a mansion on camelback mountain and in Arizona. Now this last month and man it was like a dance club. Like I said we had to step away some of us you know from from talking to people for a while and man the front door you know Carlos his girlfriend Tiffany was there and she was right in the front door like a bouncer. Carlos and I were Carlos and I were playing bounce from it. It was crazy. People were just lined up it was like people trying to get in the damn hard rock casino or something. I'm not a kid was playing or something man. It was it was great though. It was it was great a great turn out awesome people like a secret very like minded great conversation and it's great networking really and the cool thing is I went and here's a tip for everyone is when you go to these.

I used to be a seminar and a seminar and workshop junkie. I kid you not I would go to anything and everything that had business entrepreneurship anybody I knew that was there on their own no advance. I invested my money invested my time I would be staying in hotels et cetera. And my one of my mentors my favorite one I should say favorite mentor.

No I can't say his name but I don't want to alienate dealers they could make friends not enemies Brian. That's right.

He said You know I was at one and he asks we were texting back and forth. I was at another seminar and he says Where are you. And I told him where I was I said he goes. He said one thing I only had to say one word and my whole world shifted. He said Why.

I mean he wasn't questioning why I was there you know like he wasn't saying you shouldn't be there. He was just like what is your purpose. What is your outcome for being there. And I sat back and thought my gosh he is right. He didn't even.

You said one word and he knew what he was saying and he knew the reaction he would get. And he said you know instead of being there you should come over to my place and it turned out he was just half hour away at that moment and you know meet with my my my family we're gonna we're gonna break some bread and have some dinner together so that I would so much rather spend time with him.

So at the next break I respectfully exited and went. And so when you go to these events have an outcome in mind when you go to the millionaire mastermind though that one or a million is a million dollar master trying to get this. Yeah. A million dollar within million dollar mastermind. I got millionaire on the mind because of the lives book I'm reading. Million dollar mastermind.

I went with one intention and that was to meet in person. Jeff Fagan who you can see on the site of my on my Web site. He was one of my past guests and I had not met him in person yet. He made such a profound impact on me on this show. I said man he told me about the next one coming up. He's part of the team by the way. I said I got to be there. So I went I went for one night

I just went there for actually four hours. That was it. And I drew I kid you know I drove three hours to go there three hours one way because it was so far away. I got a hotel and stayed the night spent more money and because I went and showed up I met someone else who is now heading up all of my ad campaigns and he's brilliant just because I showed up.

So that's just another tip I did get to talk to and meet Jeff and got to know much better. I like him even more. Love that guy. And Carlos Redlich was there. I saw him for the second time. We shared the stage one time before at a fitness event. Just it was amazing.

And so I highly recommend this is one of those that I would highly highly recommend if you have not been to it the million dollar mastermind is definitely go out so reach out to to my man Robert here Robert Walsh Carlos Redlich or Jeff Fagan any of those guys that you see in the past shows and say Hey man I want a ticket how do I get in show me the way because it's amazing you meet some fantastic people Jeff Fagan is an incredible trainer incredible. Oh yeah. And I know you have people like Robert there who will come out and give you a big old bear hug and welcome you there and then take you inside and show you around. So I get a little hands.

Just let me know. Little hands.

So you know here you come off and always did you know when I first met you. And since then when we've talked in Facebook back and forth. Right. And so even in your typewritten words you're very upbeat positive individual at all times. I get it we're human and we have those times where it's things aren't so great. That's that's normal. That's everyone's got to way through that. But the thing is is those that are successful seem to have a way of maintaining that positivity. So in that light when it comes to maintaining that you know the positive productive and successful mindset like you have.

Is there something you do on a regular basis that helps you sustain that yeah routine. And out I'll get a little more than that but I will say that you know I had my moments like you said we all have our moments you know just recently you know I had a day where I just wasn't feeling it. You know and it happens it happens to all of us. And I'm really good. It's really bad. I'm really good at keeping my feelings like in but I do that for a reason because like there's so much negativity online man and there's really no reason for it. Like why why why are you gonna post something negative for everybody to see. Like for either for pity or attention. And I don't want bad attention. You know all the tension isn't good attention you know and I don't want pity because I'm in a situation if it's a bad situation I created for myself. And it's really just coming to terms with you know understand take responsibility for everything in the kind of forces do to have a good a good outlook because you know if it's completely up to you to make the situation better if you just sit there sulking and you know damn well no one else is going to fix it for you like there's no.

There's no good outcome from that. You like it over here. You know love developing you know a better mindset and reading in and working out and just really an accumulation of all the things that I found kind of lift my mood and and direct my attention to more positive things. So I've been a little bit behind on my reading and my I just moved on with this weekend like I told you so this week I've been a little off of my routine but I generally wake up and I actually start making my bed. My dad gave me a book I'm sure everybody can remember the name of the military. I believe was a general or a Marine that basically wrote an entire book book about why they made the bed first thing when they wake up and why they do the things that make it routine. So I started doing that I wake up before I do anything I make the bed and it really just helps you kind of program your mind just from the start of the day to be productive. From there I make a cup of coffee and I'll read for a little while and then I'll go straight to the gym and I like to kind of do all of this and all of these kind of productive and and you know I guess self development things before I do anything else in the day.

So a lot of the times I won't even start working until like you know 10 a.m. sometimes noon depending on how long I take at the gym how long I read the stuff like that and it just worked throughout the evening. So this a lot easier when you've already been doing so much to progress like early on the day that when you jump in your work and you start working on your business or are just really any hobby or anything that's important you that really need to get done school work whatever just to have all of that kind of track record from the start of the day up to that point you're like oh shut up party down so much and it will should I enjoy it. So you know it might as well knock this out. So it's really just development. Healthy Habits man. And I've noticed like every everywhere from your diet makes a huge impact like it really does man. And like the mind body business like you've got to figure it out man it really is the tripod. I mean I noticed like when I'm working out that meat like shit like I suffer I noticed when I'm not working out and eating healthy I suffer.

You know I notice when I eat healthy and I work out and I don't feel like I've completed what I wanted for the day I suffer. So it's really like a pyramid of of of what you need to do to maintain that positive mindset and it really is. It really does come with having a routine every day and really staying on top yourself to to keep that going to where it becomes natural because any routine you start from that point. Anything you add to to a healthy routine is just a bonus. So and that's how you kind of keep growing and growing and growing. I believe you actually said it earlier in the call that when you talk about a tripod or something you wrote recently if you let things build up you have one bad thing to do today and you don't do it then tomorrow you have two things and then the next day you have three things. Next year four things. Now if you're if you take care of that immediately you know you have so much more time to devote to positive things. And if I'm doing you know five awesome things one day and I had one awesome thing that I'm doing six and no extra efforts I enjoy doing it helps me

Yeah and to give credit that was Tim Grover who said that that last part. Oh I like that how I've kind of like you know people think I've projected that that was me.

You said some great things there one that came to mind when you talked about routine you said that word over and over and over again and there's another similar word that has more of a negative connotation. I like routine better but it's a very common trait of successful people.

And that word is discipline and a lot of folks especially those who have corporate job background such as myself I've had that the last thing we want is to become free. So then we then instill more discipline on our hopes because that was constraining that there's a huge difference. So I want to make this very clear for anyone that's still in a corporate position looking to get out. There's such a distinction because the routine we'll call it routine discipline. The routine that you devise is Guess who guess who's routine it is who. Who created it. It's yours it's yours. No one told you how to do it. Where to do it when to do it you did.

And so it's like practice isn't it Robert. It's like practice that is you know that's what the elite athletes do they do the same thing over and over and over. And so it gets the point where they really have to think about it it's automatic.

I mean just like Robert just said it becomes automatic. So it's not rigorous it it's not work it's not it's not horrible effort. It's finding a routine that works for you that does that serves you mo Abbas who was on the show some time ago said one of the things he does. He's very disciplined individual very routine oriented. He eats the same exact. Salad every day for lunch

Every day. Wow. I don't know too many people that do that. And he said the reason why you're one the reason why is it made him feel good. And other things that he tried didn't make him feel as good that for him feeling good was more important than something that tasted better because it helped him to perform at a higher level. That is the mindset. That's it. That's it. That kind of encompasses the book called Relentless all in one right there. It's an amazing book. You should read that. I highly recommend it.

I've also I mean I know I know we don't have much time but I just want to add to that I think it was Bruce Lee they actually said as well that I don't fear the man that practices a thousand kicks. I fear the man that perhaps is one kick a thousand times. And that's just that just encompasses the whole routine thing right there. Could you do something enough it becomes second nature and you're amazing at this one thing that's so difficult for everybody else.

So I'm glad we kind of Segway into that with Bruce Lee's very physical guy. Talk about fit. Holy smokes. And you've already alluded to that you do this as part of your routine is go to the gym if I recall it was you make your bed. You get some coffee you read and then you go to the gym on a regular basis and then maybe start work by noon.

What. I mean that's a that's a dream lifestyle right there. It's a good dream not a nightmare. It's a good dream that lifestyle just to be clear. So when it comes to that part the body physical fitness by itself to you and your business. Exactly how important is that.

Very. And you know I lose track of that a lot as well.

I go I do really well in extreme conditions. You're not I mean whether it be you know extreme workouts whether it be you know meet me panicking because I only have a little bit of time to do something and I either procrastinate it or I just wasn't able to figure it out in time. So I mean it's kind of like I mean my family's like that you know I grew up in a situation where it was kind of like always by the skin of our teeth. So now it's just been developing you know kind of finding the the uncomfortable medium that you're comfortable with. We're like OK this this legitimately needs to happen now or else. And then you just kick its ass. So I've noticed when I when I slack. Like with the move and stuff I got a little behind like that on my diet my my workouts moving everything this past week we can laugh at it you know it's a huge difference and like with any situation like you you don't really appreciate it till it's gone. That old saying. But that's true as well. Like you don't really realize how how much of an impact on what you eat actually has on you or like just sitting around a computer all day like it's it's terrible if I don't make it the. Like I just don't feel complete. And also my body doesn't feel as good when I come home from the gym. You know I mean I got a nice pumps like a look at myself like you know who looks nice and that makes me feel confident. Bruce you know on top of that you're Dauphin you're going you know you're awake you've already completed something else product if your mind's already in a good place and top that off would like listen I better listen.

Do I usually listen to music at the gym. Yeah right. It just keeps me going. I'm a huge music nerd obviously I have a whole sleeve full of music melts but I'll listen to Joe Rogan podcast recently I was talking to a lemonade emanate trainer and he said basically you know he was a runner. It was what he was my mistake. He said basically listening to music when you're working out is cheating. And basically he applied that everything in life. It's like because you know if you're in a dark alley you know and you have to and in his words you know run away someone's chasing you live music back to be there you know. And that really kind of set in with me. I mean he said he listens to e-books and podcast Stuff at the gym. Now you kind of learn while he's doing it because you know the extra motivation he gets the actual base you get like look at it look at it as if like taking a drug or stop it's a temporary you know boost. You know listening to music as much I love it. I stopped listening to it when I worked out because like the music's not always there when it's time to you know to grind you know the extra help a little boost that you're so used to having that you've come accustomed to is not always gonna be there. So you have to be able to work with what you have available at the time. So I kind of sat with me.

I love that that the tip about listening to music is cheating when you're working out and I went through that stage myself or phase. Here's the thing and it's it's it's a great thing to do. One of the things I I teach my clients in the fitness realm is when they're working out is to concentrate on the muscle group that they're working on. I mean focus on it like if it's your bicep you're looking at it and you're you're focusing all your energy on that bicep they get the most out of your time there. And what I found personally is that it was difficult to do if I was listening to a book that had content that I really needed to pay attention to. So I just started doing that. If I were to go say on a treadmill or something that didn't require that kind of concentration and the cool thing about a treadmill is you're usually there for a longer period of time. The other thing I also listened to and this is a this could be valuable for everyone listening is I recorded through this microphone that's right in front of me that many of you can't see my own affirmations and my affirmations are 20 minutes in length. Not looping. It's all different ones new ones and I basically read it from my screen recorded it and I'll play that back while I'm doing those that I need to constrain the muscle because I've already you know it's something you say every morning out loud so it's all really kind of subconscious and so it's always just going and I don't have to listen to the words. Does that make sense and then constrain the muscle group.

So I do a combination of music and affirmations and the music has less and less place anymore I'm listening to adult book audio books in the car and then on occasional I'll put on some music and then I don't know what it is like two three minutes and then I'm like I'm not getting enough I've got to switch back audio a book it's not gonna lie with me when I'm working like usually when I listen to stuff it's the opposite for me and it's weird and it's crazy you know that like we both have like the success mindset but that works the different areas you're not I mean like like I listen to the e-books and the podcast at the gym and then I like the work I do it's very creative so I have to kinda you know be inside my own head when I'm like either typing copier you're helping a client create like a a concept you know campaigner or like a script or whatever it is that I'm doing right. So I usually have like these headsets right here I'm like this all day with music playing like typing it and you know creating stuff. So. Yeah I mean I just it's Elfman zone out and I realized that I shouldn't be zoned out at the gym you know. So yeah yeah.

Music is great. I mean I used to use it to cram for finals in high school and I would crank it up loud and it helped Yeah when I was studying I didn't have I didn't really listen to the words you know just listen. It helped me cause it drowned out the the white noise that the noise that was uncontrollable and it just gave me stuff I knew that I was aware of and comfortable with. You know we're where we're getting down to the near end of the show which I can't oh we could go another hour if everyone who's watching still and singing with us will just keep going. I know it's late where you are in Illinois. But I do have one more burning question that I love to ask each of my guests and it's a big one and I

I invite you to take all the time you need to think of the answer. And for you it'll probably come like that because you have that creative mind and you you're so authentic things come quickly. It's really interesting what the other guests have said in response to that. So and before we get to that real quick now I want to let everybody in on how they can win that five night vacation stay at a five star. Thank you very much five star resort in Mexico compliments of power texting dot com. I'm going to put it up on the screen right. Now and I will say it audibly in case you're listening live. There's two ways to enter. One is go to the website reach your peak LLC dot com forward slash vacation and just make sure vacation is all lowercase. One more time it's reach your peak LLC dot com for Slash vacation or if it's easier for you just take out your phone and text the word peak. That's p e a k to the number 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 as they like to say. Operators are standing by now. Well they're not really but I'll I'll see them as they come in. So again text PPACA 2 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. And by the way all of this technology that you're about to embark on to win this is actually technology provided by power texting I kid you not. So I highly recommend you check them out because text messages are opened up at a much higher rate than the e-mails.

So another free tip no extra charge right there. So. Back to. The man the myth a legend Robert Walsh.

I can't wait to hear statements true.

And you can tell look at him he looks very stressed tense. He's like What the heck is this question and I'm kidding. For those of you that can't see him. He's very relaxed. Drinking another slug of water is chill because you know he's a pro. And here it is are you ready. Are you ready for this Mr. Wellman. Lay it on me. All right. This is all you all and I want to kind of let you off the hook here. I just want to take away any maybe hidden stress or anxiety that might be going on in that is there is no such thing as a wrong answer to this question.

In fact quite the opposite.

The only correct answer is your answer. That's now before you ask a question Brian. I have delusion. No. I've heard that same exact spiel from each one of my ex-girlfriends.

So I'm more nervous now. Oh this is where I go.

All right well let's the string this out about 10 more minutes Let you sweat it. Now this will be much less painful. I hope when you say X so are you ready. Well kind of get centered here.

All right Robert Walsh how do you define success.

It's actually an easy question man. Like I'm like just a weight just came off of my show to answer that question to add to just the simple answer of just saying I guess being content because of me being content is being happy.

But I guess that's also kind of different for me because a lot of people are content with mediocrity and with me being content is that you know growing again and that I'm actually making an impact. And it's basically like content being content is different for everybody else. So I guess that's what I wanted to kind of go into that a little more. You know growing up I had a very rough lifestyle man. You know I was I was very secluded you know being homeschooled from you know. Fourth grade you know all the way up to high school. You know I was really awkward around people and just not really good at talking to people and it was it was like in my 20s and and I was actually kind of you know forced myself to get out there that happened. And that's actually I guess why I'm so open now is because I actually forced myself to like learn how to interact with people and and be comfortable in uncomfortable situations. So I guess just being a happy man I must say we all come from really rough backgrounds we've all have our own struggles and our own battles that we that we encounter and have to make it through.

And it just comes down to getting that place to where you're happy and what you're doing you're happy with the people that you're around and that the people you're around actually you know make an effort to to return the favor and you know make sure you're happy and and that you're just doing what you can for each other and that's business friendships relationships everything. It's just really an accumulation of the scenario that you you find yourself in the effort that you put into keeping yourself there.

Absolutely perfect because again the only correct answer was yours.

And I'll tell you another little secret it's not really secret cause I mentioned at every show to date to date I imagine at some point this is going to become untrue. But to date no two answers have been the same. And still with yours the same is true in that there. But there are there is one common trait amongst all of them and I'll talk about that in just a second because we're a we're just over our time but I just want to point out what you said being content and then you you chunk that down you analyze that and what that meant was you were growing and then you talked it down fathers said well what does that really what makes me happy about that. And that's when you said making an impact. And so it's all about once again ladies and gentlemen it's about serving others. This is what drives people this is what people like Robert define as their success. He forced himself to interact with others he says and because of that because he went out of his comfort zone he can now impact others in positive ways. And here's the thing that not a single person has said yes not a single person has of my guests that have come on. Not one has said that their primary reason or their primary definition of success had anything

Anything to do with money. Isn't that interesting. You know you find the scarcity mindset the non entrepreneur sectors. You know they're

Outliers to this of course but a lot of those those that are in line with the lotto tickets money is the first and foremost thing on their mind at all times and if they were asked the same question many of them would say well the second I make my first million that's when I'll I'll be successful.

The thing is is successful people don't think that way. That's the that's the key is is but is money important. Robert. It should money be a priority in your life.

I mean it has to be. Let's be honest you know it absolutely has to be but I have to say every single like the most. I'll just I'll just chalk it up to the most successful people I know. Right from you know multimillionaires to billionaires to you know just people that are you know happy and they're in their life you know even without you know all the money like just success in there and their livelihood you know their family and stuff. Every single one of them that I know personally has suffered immensely. Helping other people in order to get there. You know the people that are making you know all the money you know like might my friends who are doing very well financially. They all just slept on couches and and their focus was you know giving value and helping people on that that path to making that money it wasn't you know screwing people over and and you know pulling a fast one on people to try to get that money you know because even if that does work if that does work for a short time and people see through that shit that's not going to last a very short time.

That's the point right there. You just set it. It's not long. It's not a long term recipe for success. You might get a quick kill. I like to call that some of those the network marketing industry has what I call quick kill artists that just want to recruit recruit recruit and then they don't support the people they recruit and they keep moving on to the next person. And that's on that's built on a house of cards it's just can all come tumbling down and it does every single time. And then they move on to another company and do the same thing and they don't realize the wake they've left behind of devastation of lack of support. And so that's why I lie and I. Please don't give me any hate mail about network marketing. I used to go on a network marketing company I believe in the philosophy the strategy wholeheartedly. I'm just making one example here. So I just want to get that out of there. You know maybe I could maybe send out an email make some controversy like Robert. Maybe I'll ask you how to do that. I mean it really took off all the Emma lemon is out there. I don't want to do that. Really love MLM but yeah it's it's it's just a short term strategy that doesn't last and why you know you're not serving anybody but yourself. It's so self-serving. I think we were all put on this planet to help each other you know. And I for one love helping people I know you do Robert. That's why the people that come into my show are all like minded in that way. So I appreciate you brother. Thank you so much for coming on. I want to make sure before we say goodbye to everybody though this is very important. How can people best get in touch with you what is their best way to locate you.

All right I'll just keep this one short. I could go to reasoning but I guess just add me on Facebook just Robert Walsh I'll show up. You'll see me I think I'm actually sitting on top of a mountain in my profile picture right now and you can also join my Facebook group if it's just free and it's just value and basically we just shoot the shit like we do now and learn off each other. That's method marketing. So just Facebook group method marketing and just add me on Facebook follow me man Robert Walls. Let's be real.

Let me pull it up real quick. I want to make sure people get the visual. There you are. There we are live. Down below. Robert Walsh it's his picture. And millionaire mastermind

Nearly a million dollar man. Oh good man may not match money masterminding.

Yes. Thank you. I had heard Mike there. So when you see that you're going to see. I think that might be Jeff back there. It's blurry right there man. It could be. So you have upcoming locations see they go to Arizona California Florida they're all over the place there. Jeff. My buddy Jeff who was on a path show Robert Nava incredible at Shopify and e-commerce. Incredible team. They've got a lot more besides just those two gentlemen. Highly recommend you connect and go to one of those upcoming events. Just reach out to Robert here on his Facebook and his facebook username is method Rob to the number digit too. So not the word too but method Rob too. In case you have any trouble finding him because Robert and Walsh are very common like Brian and Kelly I know how it goes. Fantastic. Well once again Robert. I so appreciate your time your energy for being on. You just moved into a new place and I know that that kind of kind of stir things up a bit and I appreciate you still coming through the show must go on and for all these that I've watched that I've been watching throughout the show appreciate you that came on those who watching recording. Thank you for all the likes and loves. We appreciate you too. We'll be back next week with another phenomenal guest. And that's it for this show. So until next time on behalf of Mr. Walsh the man with the legend. This is Brian Kelly. Be blessed now. Have a great great evening

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body business shows with Brian Kelly.

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Robert Walsh

Robert's goal to help as many people as possible to harness their true identity to relate to their target audience, in hopes of removing the facade that we're so tempted to mimic in the current online industry. Transparency and honesty are the biggest factors for creating a loyal following, as well as scaling your network; turning fans to brand advocates, and strangers to friends.

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