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So here's the big question how are entrepreneurs like us who have been hustling and struggling to make it to success, who seem to make it one step forward? Two steps back. What did you think, Tony? We finally break through, and that is the question.

Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to the Mind Body Business Show, we have an absolute phenomenal show lined up for you tonight.

I cannot wait to share this individual with you.

High energy, super amazing guy who is out crushing it in business and entrepreneurship, in education and training and teaching. This guy is off the charts. Amazing. And I cannot wait and I will be bringing him on very, very soon. His name is Ryan Jenkins. Amazing guy, multi multitalented individual. This show, The Mind Body Business show it is a show for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. And the reason that we do this is I bring on only successful people onto the show as my guests so that you can simply take notes and model what they are doing to achieve success. Because that's what I found, is that over the past ten, ten years or so ago, now that I've started studying only successful people, what made them more successful than me? I was just so curious. I mean, they all put their clothing on one limb at a time, or at least I think they do.

And maybe some of them have figured out how to do it all at once. But the thing is, is what makes them different, what makes them more successful.

And I found during this time of studying that three patterns kept bubbling up to the top over and over and over. And you might have guessed what those three are. It's like I call them the three pillars of success, and that's mind, which means mind set. Each individual that I studied that achieve great success has a very powerful, positive and most importantly, flexible mindset and then body. They literally take care of their body both nutritionally on the inside and physically by exercise on the outside and in business, there's business multifaceted. There are things involved in there that these incredible people can master all these skill sets like marketing, sales, team, building, systematizing leadership. And I could just keep going on and on and on. The good news for you and all of us is that, you know, one person needs master every single skill set that's required to build and develop a successful business and then grow it. Really, you only need one. And I mentioned it was one of those that I mentioned just a moment ago. If you master the skill set, when you master the skill set of leadership. Then you now have the skill you need to simply delegate to those who have mastered the skill sets that you may not currently possess, and that's it. And so this is a show that I cannot wait to share. Ryan Jenkins is coming on in just a moment. And one other amazing thing I found to a person that was extremely successful is they read they read a lot of books. And with that, I like to segway into a little segment I affectionately call bookmarks.

Bookmarks, Hornsey, read bookmarks, ready, steady, read bookmarks brought to you by Reach Your Peak Library Dotcom.

Oh, yes, and I'm chuckling over here because what that was playing, I'm over here and sit in my chair and I see Ryan in the back room. He's dancing in his chair as well. Can't wait to bring him on. This guy's awesome. I love it. Reach your peak library, Dotcom. What is that?

I literally had this built with you in mind, and I know that sounds a little cheesy. Come on, Brian. Are you serious? The answer is yes. And why did I do that? I didn't start reading until I was about the age of forty seven. I'm fifty six now. And I began reading voraciously and I realized, oh my goodness, the the impact that this has had on my life has been incredible. And so I read a lot of books in a short period of time and I took just those that had positive impact on me, either in business or in my personal life or both. And I put them on this site. I had this built for you so that when you're looking for that next great read, you know, it's at least vetted by one other successful entrepreneur.

And the odds of it having positive impact for you are greater, which means your odds for wasting time or less. It's all about efficiency. And I can't wait to bring on Ryan. He's coming on just a second. And I wanted to point something out here real quick. Reach your peak library dotcom, instead of typing it in and going to it right now, rather than do that, take up that old fashioned piece of paper and a pen and write these down. There will be more than one. Ryan will have resources. I'm sure every single show we have more resources. And the reason is, is the magic stays in the room. I would really hate for it if you were to take your attention away from Ryan when he comes on and he's going to be giving you incredible value all evening long. Yeah, I didn't tell Ryan we're going on for like five hours straight. Don't tell him. And now it's only an hour show and he's going to be giving you value throughout. And I want you to just write it down. This is for you, not for me. Because, again, if you were to go start looking off on other websites and looking and you took your attention away, he might drop that one golden nugget. That could change your life forever. For better, and you just missed it because you were off doing something else. So stay with us and we have some things to give away at the end. It's going to be phenomenal. So be sure to do that. So are you guys all ready to meet a super amazing individual?

It's not me. Are you ready? Are you ready? Let's do it. Here we go.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight. Savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained, big league qualified.

And there is, ladies and gentlemen, though, only taking selfies on his show, Ryan Jenkins.

Yes, thank you, Brian. Thank you for having me on the show. I'm really excited to talk with you.

You know what? So I'm going to tell everybody a secret that you're in a land far, far away near Rome. I won't give it away unless you're OK with that. But it's near Rome and it is. What time is it there right now, Ryan?

It is two thirty eight a.m. in the morning.

A. m.. Ladies and gentlemen. So this right there by itself is a lesson. He knows what it takes to become successful. He really doesn't know me that well, but he knows the importance of getting additional exposure for himself, his brand and his business. So take that to heart and mad respect for you and appreciation for coming on. Ryan, I cannot tell you how appreciative I am. Well, I could, but we would have to go about five hours. So real quick before we jump in and I want to formally introduce you, Ryan, and then let's get busy with it is a little bit of housekeeping because I do have some wonderful sponsors and I want to let everybody know that you stay on line to the end. You have to be your life. So live to the end. You will find out. I will I will give you away. I will show you how you can win a five night stay at a five star luxury resort. All compliments of the big insider secrets. There's a big red logo above Ryan's noggin up there on the screen. If you're watching over there, one of those. And that is the big inside of secrets, Dotcom. My buddy Jason Narced, that's his company. And they are the ones that provide this for us. And it's a legit vacation day. You're not going to be whisked away for five hours into a timeshare where they lock you in and then browbeat you spend your money. Nope. It's an actual vacation stay. So state of the Internet. And then we have a couple of other things to mention. And then we're going to get busy with Ryan Jenkins.

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Ryan Jenkins, he's the talent for Southwest CEO for Simon Cowell. Does anybody know who that is? He creates for the biggest brands on the planet, brands like Puma, Red Bull, Candy Crush. Oh, my gosh. My wife loves that game. He is a reality TV star from the hit Lifetime show Dance Moms. My Gosh. And is the CEO of I.D. Company. It's a dance education platform that has an app launching globally this year.

I'm excited for that because my daughter has been in dance through her life. If you want to learn about achieving look no further. This is Ryan Jenkins. Yeah, fantastic.

And so what I like to do is open up Ryan. We talk about mind, body and business and bios. I know there's far more to what you're doing and what you have done than what I just read. And we're going to get into that. I hope we'll see how that goes. But what I like to do first is now we we kind of have the surface. We know a little bit of what you've achieved. A little bit. What I like to know is how you got there and what is going on in that big, beautiful brain of yours when you get up in the morning like I know it's the morning now.

And you got up just a little bit ago.

When you get up in the morning, you know, there's maybe there's an arduous task looking looming in front of you because as entrepreneurs, those happen just a. You times and what is going on in your brain that motivates you to get you fired up, that keeps you going day after day, night after night?

Well, first of all, I think as human beings, our brains are all connected. And why differently? Say, for a writer, they're very much constructed, just sitting in a room or being out somewhere and focusing on one project and one story. Entrepreneurship with people are very much more erratic thinkers. I find a lot of the time they're overthinking lots of new ideas. There's a lot there's a lot bouncing around and it's finding that inspiration that I'm always told that things just fall on my lap. Today, I had a telephone call that I'm now choreographing a brand new music video for major artists back in the U.K., giving it a resume. And I said to you just arrived at your new beach location, of course. Right. And you get music to the West Coast. But I wake up and I normally look to make my life inspiring by my surroundings and things that I'm doing. And then from that, I work on the projects I want to do. But the reason I say I've just moved is I need to be inspired. I need new things to look at every single day. So I get bored very, very easily. So if you can't keep me in one location, one place saying things more, I always find with change comes new opportunities. So it's keeping yourself moving and shaking.

That's phenomenal, and you have this signature thing you do with your face. Yeah, work, it creates a double interest and that's that's it.

He lives by this moniker. And if you follow Ryan on Instagram or Facebook anywhere, you'll see many pictures and videos where he's doing that. And I won't do it justice. So I won't mess it up. And it's it's cool because it's part of your brand, right. Going forward.

It is it's really taken off, it's something for the fans to connect with me and friends and wherever you go in the world, everybody can work. So I have baby people have had babies. I've got little babies. First Kit and then kids might be on holiday with their parents and they're like, who can do the best work picture? And then they do a little photo shoot. And they all attacked me. And I comment like, oh, my God, you're such a really nice bonding and connection little thing that we all do together. And it looks fabulous in the picture.

You've got to say it. I love it is unique. It forms like a W so you can tell us work it.

I think it's, it's pretty awesome and you use it everywhere you go. Even you've been gallivanting all over Rome, but I've been following that living vicariously through you.

You are alone in the Colosseum, almost alone in this entire vast Roman Coliseum. I love to see it with a crowd. I don't care. But you got to sit by yourself practically. I mean, what was that like?

I feel like I've been living in a dream for probably four months, and when I decided to move a lot down to Rome, I didn't really take into account how empty it was going to be is a bit like the movie 28 days later at the beginning, where London is completely empty, that I have just been walking around Rome. The Romans, obviously, who live here, don't go to the Colosseum, don't go in the museums. So I'm just everywhere I've been, it's been completely empty. The Vatican Museum, which is one of the busiest museums in the world, no one in it. And I'm never going to get to experience it again. It's been the most endearing, uplifting experience for myself to get through lockdown down or Loeb's, because I just had this city. But as I said, Brian, you might have to fly over because I haven't seen Rome normal hustling and bustling with all the energy going on.

And it's like, you know, there is a silver lining, isn't there? You know, this whole pandemic and all the lockdown is a negative thing. Yet look what you got to do as a result of it never going to happen if it wasn't there. And yes, I'm sensitive to everyone that's gotten sick or ill and passed away. I totally. But let's look at the positive side of things always. And that's see, that's what that's what drives this guy.

That's one of the key elements why Ryan is so successful. If you follow him at all. It's rare. I don't know if I've ever seen you in a picture or a video where you don't have some kind of smile or unbounded energy going on, just like now. Look at that smile. It's like it's always there. And you're just you you exude positivity.

Well, I think it's really important. You what you put out in the universe, you get it back. So it's always being happy. It's being nice doing small things to support other people, even just walking down the street. Doesn't matter how much money you've got, how successful you've got, someone drops that handbag, help them out, give someone a wave in the street. And it's just putting that out there. And, you know, when you see, I always think when you see someone walking on the street and they look a bit sad, I always find a guy like you talk, you look gorgeous and then walk on. And I know that they've gone, oh, OK. And you know what? That one word to someone can lift their spirits and it costs you nothing. And then all of a sudden I'll get a phone call about a couple of days later randomly. And people go, why do you just keep getting these things? And I went, because I'm putting myself out there and the energy is coming back and I can give and take.

I think it's so true. And gosh, we're so similar. Ryan, I mean, I love that, you know, you have that little detector that shows that somebody is not having a prime day. Right. And, like, go up to a barista at Starbucks or whatever. You can tell they're in the moment. They're moving. They're moving, but they're going to see you can tell something's not a whole all they're they're not happy at that moment. And so I like to do like you to either give them a compliment, maybe say something a little humorous, break them out of that state and you just see it happen. It's like snap. Right. And it's so fulfilling to help brighten someone's day, even if just for a moment or you give them that time.

So I'll take most of my day. A lot of it is on the phone helping friends and associates, having a chat with them about things. And recently for lockdown, I decided to do a free Q&A questions for dance schools all over the globe. Brian, I've been asked many questions. She asked me what was great was it was a private thing for the school to do individually, for themselves. The parents got involved overseas and it was great. We just sat down, talked and had story. So I've probably done about fifty a little mini interview, shall we say, with parents and kids. And again, that doesn't cost me anything apart from an hour of my time. But I know that all of those people watching are left gleaming with smiles and it's just doing something that you couldn't do it. And, you know, it's going to put a smile on someone's face and you don't do it to get anything. You just do it because it's the right thing and you're able to offer something.

I absolutely love that. I love that. Jason says he's excited for the show. That is the he's that's the big concern is the big insider secrets. He's the man, the myth, the legend. And he said he stated he has he's actually stayed at three of those vacation days, those properties, to verify that they are legit. And each time he came back just raving about them. And then Anthony Mallett was commenting earlier. What you just described was you, Brian. Thanks, Anthony. Appreciate that. Yeah. And I'll tell you that as this guy, I mean, I don't he probably sleeps with a smile on his face. I don't know. But, you know, is that kind of guy where you just don't find him very often without one. And that's the kind of people I like to be around because uplifting people live. Up, right, and then why not be that person, and I wasn't always super positive. I met people like Jason. Jason was like when I met him, he was the most positive person I'd ever met in my life. I mean, all this stuff was flying at them, negative things going on. And he never once said boo hoo for me and complained and groveled. He just looked at a different path and said, OK, well, it's better over there. Let's go over there, you know.

So true that you said that. So I meet so many people and they come to me advice and all they do is moan and I just go Scott we need to go. I said, I'm not having this meeting. I said, all you're doing is complaining and giving me negativity and all you giving me is problems. I said, Do you think anybody wants to work with you? I said, Why don't you go away for an hour and write down what the problem is and then write to me about solutions and we can discuss it and why don't we turn it around? I said, because no one wants to sit with anybody or anyone that's always moaning and complaining, Oh, where's the waiter? Oh, they're late again and they've not replied. I was like, you know what? That's a reason for everything. And one, why are you stressing the small stuff? Why you stressing about the waiter not coming to get your food order? Maybe you gave him a funny look on the way. Why don't you give me why I've got to eat or I'll make you come really hungry again. It's that whole thing of you put out a positive energy. People want to be around you, so stop being a moment. And Myrtle, if you are listening, I'm being one of step around it.

I'll tell you that that could be one of the most powerful pieces of advice anyone could ever listen to and take, even as far as building a business and actually being happier with your life, period.

I've really gone from being in Italy. It's a word coach to God say like whatever. And this whole just chilled attitude of don't sweat the small things like we all do, stressing about getting in a queue or driving the car. What is the point being motivation and focus that energy onto a project rather than getting wound up about something. And all right, there's no need to because it's just taking your focus off what you're probably wanting to achieve at that day was to approach it like you're working on.

And I mean, I love this. You know, like if you're in a car and you're stuck in traffic, just turn it around and say, well, hey, I'm blessed. I have a car, I'm in a car.

I'm trying to think you also have time today. You've got time to listen to the music that you don't wanna listen. You have to say there's so many things that you're stuck in traffic, except you have to accept that you decided to live in that place. You've accepted to do that journey. And, you know, it's going to be a long journey.

So why sitting it and then complain about it? Move, make a decision like I decided to leave London to Rome. Don't complain about it, except I make the best of it. I love it. Preach it, brother. Are you coming back to California? Yeah, baby, I'm coming back to L.A. said good.

Well, when you do look me up and let's go grab a coffee or do something, you're just you're just a joy to be around. I mean this we met on clubhouse, if you remember.

Yes. The new app.

Yeah. Voice only and it's pretty phenomenal. And I just thought, man, this dude is full. I like this guy. You know, we started chatting and I said, hey, let's. And then we were going back and forth on Instagram. I am. And I said, hey, I'd love to have you on my show. And you're like, let's do it. Yeah, let's do it. And that's just show up. Just get out there like Ryan's doing. He's going to Rome. He's he's now in another place near Rome, and he's moving around and making connections everywhere he goes. Yes. You like that? I just squirted right past it. It's a secret because he's having fun with his his followers. And it's fun. It's truly fun is as I'll reveal it later. And I was like, oh, this is cool. But I'm worried because this was yesterday and he's going to be moving out of Rome. I'm thinking I hope the time zone isn't changed because he may not know what time to come onto the show.

And then and then I saw you respond to one of the text messages that went out, OK, we're good. We're good. Thank goodness.

And that's the other thing. You know, this guy, Ryan, is so like he's so complete. He went through. He's got a lot of messages before he came out of the show from me, from my automated systems, and he took care of every one of them with his busy life, with everything he's doing. He's still made the commitment. He's a professional. That's what I'm getting, that he's a professional and he treats anything and everybody as a professional, you know, when it comes to respecting people. Right. And respecting what he can do. So that's I appreciate you for that, Ryan, for so many things. You're just an amazing guy. Thank you. That's what the show is about, is just here to blubber all over Ryan looks like I don't know.

Anthony says, Wow, that's awesome. Clubhouse Nicea.

Yes, exactly. You guys seem to know each other for years. Love it. That's the energy and synergy. Isn't that true, Ryan? How many times I mean, have you ever gone to, like, an entrepreneur themed or where entrepreneurs gather for a seminar or a workshop, a boot camp, you know, including dance events. Right.

And to an entrepreneur, one I seem to have that random gifts, naturally don't seminars. Yes. And again, I think, like, you have amazing positive energy. I do. And I think once you stop complaining and there's no threat between you and I think that positive.

But, you know, it breaks down a wall and you can just chat and have a good time and you just make friends with people so much easier.

Yeah, I always feel like I'm with my family away from my family.

Instantly, without ever saying a word, you just feel it when you're in the building, like I would go to a lot of these, I used to speak at them, I will get back to doing it and teach students from stage and all entrepreneur based events. And I just love them because I felt at home every single time. You know, it's a lot of people have this can do attitude that are all looking to produce and help and serve others, not just to make money for themselves. Yes, that's a part of it. We're not going to get over that. However, when all the people I've interviewed Ryan and you're like one hundred and thirty something, I've lost count.

And that's not a lot, actually, but I do one a week on average, my one show a week. And each person is there for serving other people. They rarely talk about the money aspect of the business, even though it's absolutely paramount we have to make money. And in fact, I wish I hope that Ryan Jenkins makes an absolute boatload, several boatloads of money. And why or because if he's making a ton of money, how many more people, how many more lives, Kenny? Impact in a positive way. I want him to impact as many as he possibly can, grow his team as big as he possibly can, and spread that positive, you know, aura of Ryan Jenkins throughout the world. That's what this is all about. It's about loving and lifting people, in my opinion. What do you think, Ryan?

Love it now and I have to back up. The more successful I get, the more calm I seem to be in, the more willing I want to help other people because I'm not so much striving for my own success and to achieve my own goals. That's a big thing for young entrepreneurs, especially anyone young in business you're so hungry to achieve for you that you seem to forget about everybody else. And the whole part of life is it's about communication, education and connecting with people. And if you can't connect with people to help you grow your business and you're just like this, it's never going to go bang. And that's the thing at the moment. The more I seem to have relaxed and have a bit more fun, I get people more my time. The more opportunities are coming my way. But when I was just like this. Oh, that's an opportunity I overheard. Yeah. And I'm not telling them that. And I like when I was young, I was so hungry to be the best dancer on the planet and every agent, every casting, every audition, I was at everything. But you've got to sit back and just take it in, because there's no point living a life which is just complete stress, trying to make money, trying to make success if you don't enjoy it at the same time. So I think it's key that people make the need to put time blocking into the day. It's called what you wake up and you have time for yourself to an hour to wake up, do some yoga, put the telly on the radio, have a shower, and then quickly check the Facebook if you want to or leave it and go for the wall. But block your day to go right now is power thinking. What do I want to do and then to what am I going to achieve? Who do I have to call social media. Email Scott. That's up to lunch now. I need to have me time. I need to go for lunch. And it's not like I'm working. I have to work. Right.

You, John and I meet I met a young singer recently and he says I'm working 20 hours a day.

And I said, stop. Exactly.

Not healthy, mate. And I said he said, but I'm getting stuff done. I said, no, you know, you're probably getting mediocre stuff done because you're tired and you're so involved in it, you haven't stepped away. And I said you need to try and block your tie. I said, I bet you you're sitting there stress you and you. I'm very stressed, but I'm doing it. I said, if you're doing it badly, so you need to listen to what I'm saying is step away, go and have you time, health, wellbeing. I said, and that's why you are thing that would take you three hours, but you get 20 minutes because you'll be so fired, so energized and a much better space. And people, and especially the younger entrepreneurs, think that the longer hours they do, the better they are.

You learn with age, darling. I can do the job that you could do in two hours, in about ten minutes. And it comes with experience and patience and learning and having a clear head. So it's really key for people to take on wellbeing. And how are you with your wellbeing, Brian?

I totally agree with you on all of that. And that's something that it took me age to learn as well. You know, I was the gung ho. I'm still a go getter. I worked my butt off. I love working. I don't call it work. It's more play for me.

But there is that you've got to have that you time. You got to shut down. You've got to decompress. You've got to do something you you enjoy in a relaxed state. You know, I like to in the morning if if whether I'm joking, I'm joking.

As I said, drink wine.

Not the morning. Not in the morning. No coffee baby.

And so I'd like to get up in the morning and grab a coffee and go out on my deck and get some sun and just get some vitamin D and just sometimes I'll go all like in my backyard in the grass and I'll do jumping jacks just to get the part, the heart going and to get the sun at the same time. And it's just that me time. And here's what I love about what you're saying, Ryan, is this is what I've learned from interviewing so many successful people just like yourself. And everyone seems to have their own routine. The key is they have one. Not everybody does like the gentleman you were talking about, probably doesn't have much of one. Probably gets up, jumps on the computer, has his phone out and he's got five arms doing five things at once from sunup to sundown. You got to have those little breaks. I like that. He said break and take a at the same thing today before our show right here, I worked out. And I do that as much as I possibly can right before a show, because now I'm and I am here for my guest. This is not the Brian Kelly Show. This is the Ryan Jenkins show. And it's whoever is in that seat show each and every time we go light. And I want to bring everything I got for them, not for me. And that's just it's like Ryan is talking about that is working very, very well. It wasn't the intent to get more out of it. It's to just lift the person next to me as high as I possibly can with the resources I have. That's it. That's what I love doing. I love people.

And you're amazing at it, Brian. Thank you. Oh, yes.

How much do you the checkbook. Oh, yes. Oh, yep. Jason's right.

I do. Smooth jazz and wine. Every Friday night, my wife and I sit down and we have a glass and we have some maybe some cheese and crackers and just chill out because we have a favorite artist that goes live every Friday on Facebook for a full hour and we just enjoy each other's company. And I just have a blast doing that. Jason knows because he was here in my home for a while. Yes. He said, and you're beautiful, but I still agree with that one.

Yeah, and so, Anthony, thank you for this, he says I'm watching you on YouTube, what other channels can people watch on? And Facebook, they're there. We are streaming live on Ryan's page. What is the name of your paycheck and ID company? Limited. So ID like ID, but it's like the FIFA Compeyson Company Limited, and that's like a dance company.

It's on several of my Facebook pages. It's on my Facebook profile. It's on Periscope. Hopefully Periscope is still alive at this moment. I know it's going away. It's also on LinkedIn and Twitch, of all things, the gaming platform. So yes. Yes, he did. He found me on Facebook. Look at that.

Which just lost my virginity.

You can make a joke. It's the essence of Ryan Jenkins right there.

Right there. That's him having fun. It's OK to have fun even when you're working. Yes. What I tell this, I brought my kids up this way.

I said there are times to be serious and there are times to enjoy your life. And rarely is the former, which is the serious one. It's enjoy every moment, be serious when it matters, like if you're at a funeral, there are times when you should be serious and when I say serious, meaning that in that case respectful and not clowning around and not being goofy.

But most of the time, I'm a goofy guy. I mean, I just love having a good time with people and helping lift the day a little bit, if I can in any way. I just enjoy it. You I just I don't know. I was kind of born a little comedian anyway.

Oh, man, we've got people just going crazy on these comments, especially when you're working, then you're not working. That's right, Anthony. Here, I'll put it on screen so it's not a big secret. Thank you, all of you. Yeah. And Jason's helping promote me. This is a friend. This is one of my best friends on the planet. Don't forget to subscribe. He's helping me get subscribers to YouTube. These are the type of people you want to have in your corner, like Ryan Jenkins. You know that that are there to give and serve and we're equal or equally yoked in that way. I think you're maybe you're probably better at it than I am. But that's the way that's what makes this world go around, in my humble opinion.

So it's like, you know, have fun and help people, and when you do that, you're going to great success, just like this guy.

That's what the is about. What you're hearing are the are the secrets to his success. I hope you're understanding this, it's really not that difficult. I could make it harder if you want me to, but I'm not going to. Oh, you have to do is listen to this guy and model after what he's doing that has made him successful. And that means go serve, live positively and don't expect things in return. Every time you turn around, take breaks, be there for yourself and there's much more to it. And he works hard. There's no doubt about his multitalented he's a dancer, a choreographer, a reality TV star. I mean, the list goes on and on. So he's put the work in. Don't get me wrong, it's not just go have fun and skate across the ice and have a good time. It's got to put the work into.

Jump in, right, man, what do you think?

Most definitely. So it's like going back to what you were saying about having fun a lot of the clients I work for. So I work for King with an events company, which is Candy Crush. And by those clients normally call me up one. First one is they love the choreography or the creative direction that I do for them. But normally I will walk into this massive production meeting of about 50 people and I'm scheduled with the two and they like trying to get the door wide.

Hey, he's here.

And they all start clapping like what's going on? I always just keep telling everyone about he was so excited that you're here. Come and sit down. Tell us about what's going on, what we do it we got to be doing dance guys. If you didn't know we're doing dance and I'm like jumping around and the directors are just having a great time. And then we'll have a quick chat and then I go, right. Okay. So we need to discuss about the costumes and the fittings. I've spoken to the guys about the floor, a lighting department. We're working on the sound direction and we're working on what's going to work with that, because I know you wanted to kind of keep up. Bob, I've been looking to you. Alex, I need you to think about that. Like we just love you and then they go because I can fire my job out. So focus. And I normally have thought of everybody else of what they need to do. So the lighting, the sound, the flooring, the costumes, they've all got tough questions. And before they even get to ask me, I've answered it for them and they go, Oh, we just love you. Go get a glass of wine. I'm like, so I'm so I'm so prepared and honest. And it's not a curse.

It is. I'm in over think of I think of every single option of what is going to be asked to me by different departments in everything, and I think that came in when I was starting my company, that it wasn't just about the education side. So we have a contemporary history syllabus. I created the content free and got a street team to do the street, but then I started to create my own company. But there's no lessons in how do you sign up for a company to design a website? How do I get a logo? How do I make it limited? Copyright gets a bank account. I wish that I would not, but I learned as I went along every day is about problem solving. It's I want to go to that place. What was the theme park? Where is it? You go on your phone, you problem solve, you find it. I don't know how to start a company, get on your phone problems. So if you sort it every day, you have to fix problems and face challenges. And that's the same for any entrepreneur. I was just learning as you go and what I found that I'm good at personally was marketing and branding and PR that I've really got to head around it. A lot of people think there's a whole team where there is, but mainly I'm shooting the gun of what I want done.

Exactly. So with filming TV advert social media, I'm the one piecing it all together, telling everyone what to do. And I'm going, I dunno, my brain seems to be attuned to it. And the more I the more I do, the more I've learned and the easier it is now Breughel. So now I don't have to stress this much because. What is the most powerful thing, us as humans or learn, and that is information, information is power. And so if you can now learn how to check a poster, a music video and cast something and all these little bits and pieces which would normally take you hours, how do I cast a music video across Washington at a time? We have to email people what needs to be in the advert. Now I'm like, oh, it's all done. It's in an email, copy and paste. Try Pogrebin after that. Two seconds. It's all of that. I just don't try to enjoy the journey. I try to tell people is don't get stressed by it. Be happy that it's a new challenge. And when you finish that challenge, it's in your back pocket that you've learned something new and you've done another step up your Mount Everest.

I love it. Yeah. It's like we talk about stacking pebbles. You know, every step is like stacking a pebble, getting you higher and higher and higher closer to that next that next goal that you want to reach. Because as an entrepreneur, once you reach that goal, it's like, where's the next one and what is it? Let's go. You know, it's like, could you imagine, Ryan, if you were to reach the absolute top pinnacle goal and you could. Not at all. It was impossible. You cannot go any further. What would what would that feel like in your life, knowing that I'm at the ceiling? I can't go anywhere. I can't do any more. There's no more girls to go seeking, you know, what are people to look at?

I would say you find peace. I would say like Bill Gates. He's a great guy. He lives so much in nature. He lives reading books, which he spoke about and his life is not about achieving now. It's more about giving. And he's completely flipped it. I think once you reach that level, you calm and you find a new you. There's always going to be something and you never want to stop learning. People never want to stop learning whether you want to stop achieving with a successful business and money. But you think in a different way of going your mindset like your mind body in business. You maybe you lose the business and it's about your mind and the body achieving, which I think Bill Gates has done as a documentary out. I'm not quite sure what platform it was, but it was very enlightening to see how someone could change from computers and science and all of these bits and pieces to be a little bit old then.

Absolutely, and you've said some things that I just wanted to kind of take note of for everyone watching and listening right now is that everything entrepreneurs do is all about solving problems, solving issues. Otherwise, we wouldn't be able to make any money because people pay us, pay you entrepreneurs to solve problems. So the key is finding those pain points that you know how to solve, that they are aware of how to solve. And now you have something you enjoy doing. You have a business there ready to rock and roll. And there are so many wonderful things out there that need solving. So it won't be difficult to find your niche if you haven't already. And I love how you talked about your your commitment to being prepared. And I think that often goes without being stated or highlighted, and I love that because I personally am all about putting on the most high quality possible show I can, period.

I mean, every detail, all those communication messages that went to prior to the show, Ryan, the execution of the show while we're here, then the post show, there's going to be post show, you know, repurposing and posting all over the place. And I have a lot of automation running that as well.

And what I found, Ryan, is just like you. You're so prepared. Everyone loves you because you come and you give them results. And when you're you're casting yourself as a professional who's prepared at all times, then people will want to work with you. I guarantee you, that's what's happening with Ryan. That's what's happening with me. I'll tell you, I did not expect this show to do what it's doing right now. And just to peel back the curtain, it has become an unbelievable lead magnet for my business. The mind body business show is not my business. That's not what I do every day. But it is now a core piece of it of the strategy, because I just discovered when you show up in a way like Ryan does, highly prepared, putting in everything, you've got to give it the highest quality. In my case, I want to lift up the guests and make it about them, not about me. And while you'll see the quality really go up when you take it away from yourself, those are things I just like to impart because I think we have so much in common in that in that area. Ryan?

Yeah. I plan to follow on what you're saying about pushing yourself is one thing with bringing the energy is understanding where to invest that energy and how much energy to sit on a person. And there's something I'd like to ask people to write down is to do the break. Nice personality test. What this does, it categorizes people into four sections. And I met a legend. I'm not alive. She doesn't like me to speak of who she was when I was in Los Angeles and she was mentoring me again. And she's seventy.

And she was just telling stories of Hollywood. It was amazing, but she was married, too, and she said to me, like she said, you are very good.

She said you sat and listened so patiently. And she said, and then when you to when I talked, you said you were on it said, I need to ask you a question, said you with your energy and you want to tell me stories and should you like to move. I said, yes, I do. I said, what about when you go to meet an accountant? How do you think he's going to respond to you? And I said, well, probably a bit like, who's the crazy guy who's not into showbiz he likes? He said, no, yes. He likes calm and focused. So she said, so when you go to me for your casting for director and he's very yeah, I'm thinking about this. And I mean, do you think you being showbiz is going to help? And I said no. So what the big Meyers personality does, it gives you feedback to yourself about what your qualities are as a person. And if you can understand how you react and you behave, you can then also read about the other categories and it can help you understand the mind frame of the people, because a lot of weight, a lot of us do not understand how other people work.

Like I can't read books. I would not want to sit on a beach reading a book, just having a quiet my own and going to bed. I couldn't do it. I couldn't get by without myself. I'm pretty. I'm totally joking. But I like interaction. I like speaking. I like quiet time. So to be successful at business, it's about communication. And if you are able to understand the mental framework of another individual and connect with them on the way that they like to talk and communicate, you're more likely to be successful working with them because it's not all about you bringing yourself to them. Good business and good friendship comes from acknowledging somebody and meeting a middle ground where you can work together and not saying it's me. It's all about me. And that comes from everyone from high energy to low energy. I'm not going to go. Yeah, I just I just started talking with you, don't you? Talking and you don't want to communicate. Don't be an entrepreneur.

Exactly. So, so true. So true.

We've got others jumping in, actually, some of the same. But yes, solving problems for profit. Jason knows that all too well. Let's see. Yes.

That one I want Anthony, I saw Anthony has. Yes, that's what I'm seeing you, too. The more you give, the more you succeed. Yeah, right. Ryan just set it right there. And it's true. The more you give, the more you succeed. And the key, though, is it has been for me and maybe if it's different for you, Ryan, go ahead and chime in. But the key has been for me is to do that without expecting anything in return. You're giving that's the that's the definition of giving, not giving with the expectation of getting. Are you in alignment with that? Right.

Completely. I think you meet people, help people out there is. Allying with me, I'll be honest, I do get contacted by people very randomly, a lot who are friends on social media say I like comment on their posts a lot and then all of a sudden they have a music video or they've done a project. And then I I've commented on that as well. And then I get a message, hi, I really want your help. And I'm not funny that because I don't see you communicating with me on my social media, I'm just naturally supporting you. And I look at a guy you've never commented, never like to my post, but now you want my help and you want me to spend time with you. And I'll be honest, those people are like not because they're takers and I know all of them and I want to go all out, go and help them. And I don't know, Scott Ryan, that's negative energy coming at you because they're takers. And I'm really strict with myself now, with the people that I let into my life. You got people that are takers and don't do anything that is rewarding, that helps you in a mutual respect, as a friendship or work, get rid of it. People that just ask you for favors, people that just want things from you, get rid of it. There's got to be mutual respect and support and admiration from both sides. And if it's not there, especially when you're the one achieving and there's people underneath and it comes from as simple as putting some posts on your Instagram, liking some pictures, putting some comments, that's all it takes. But don't be.

Going out with someone for everything is.

Keep with the pulse of the people and you'll be fabulous, absolutely, and serve and do it without expecting things in return. And I'm the same way, you know, you're saying, to be honest. Well, yeah, you don't want to. It's not about serving and helping everybody on the planet. We can't do that. No one person can. And you do have to pick and choose. I totally concur with this. I used to allow people to walk all over me, I mean, blatantly, because I was so freaking, you know, wanting to give and be nice and then just they would take advantage and then take advantage. And I finally got enough respect for myself and said, no more, I'm done no more. I don't have time to be dealing with this stuff. And you're pulling me down, like you said, the negative energy.

Totally. If that is the I've had many, many times in my life, I've walked away from friends who I was very close with and just. It was a really difficult time to do it, but doing it was the best thing I've ever done when I have done it, because those people have sometimes brought me into a bad world that they were in. And it was it was clouding my thought. And then the other one is some people can be really manipulative, like you can let them in and give them stuff. And then they flick things and say, you make me feel bad. I'm going, really? I make you feel bad. Like what? You said this to me. And I'm like, Oh, really? Because I didn't take you to meet them and you didn't get that experience. And then I just thought, you know what, I'm done. I don't have I have thousands of friends and I'm connected. And you're the one accusing me of things. I'm not doing it. And then because I let them into my bubble really close, I think I popped it and I'm like, my job, I'll let go because I'm ruthless about my emotions and my life. And I'm not going to let that just it's like bacteria. I'm not going to let it spread.

So if it has to go, to go and it's not an easy thing to do, but it's a necessary thing to do. And I call it firing your friends. You know, you need to fire your friends sometimes. I've done I've had that happen to me twice in my life that I can recall at this moment that were more than twice, I'm sure, but that were that had a meaning to them and that were difficult to help everyone.

Brian, this is the thing and many people are. But then my best friend, I went, but all I hear you on the phone to pay. Some people go, OK, I can't make the decision, but all I hear you do is complain about that person.

And all you ever tell me is they make you feel like rubbish. You need to leave. And I said it's not I shouldn't say that as a third party, but I'm afraid to say it.

But I don't want to be your friend because you when I you call me, I go, oh, my God, no. Hey, please be in a good mood. I'm a go. I don't want that. I said so you need to change your life if you want to be in my life, because I don't look forward to that telephone call. And I said, and that's what it's all about. So until you can sort your act, I'm taking on some of and we're going to go fly.

Oh, I was literally just talking to a gentleman, I mean, an hour before our show. And I just said said, you ever get that phone call and you see that number and you just shudder and you don't even want to answer it and it will be that.

And is it who wants to be that person you want it to be? Oh, my God, it's Brian May you want to pick up the phone excited and happy, not annoyed. And I think people really take that into consideration is when you call people up, what are you doing when you have a meeting? Are you giving them negativity or positivity?

Exactly, exactly. Thank you, Anthony. Yes, he's right.

Ryan, he's talking to you. Haters will hate and try to live off your energy. So true. And he's saying this has been great with you to the best of success and we wish you the same, Anthony. Just wish everyone the greatest of success. And yeah, that's so funny. You answer the call like that. Right. And so they don't and can't suck your energy. So you don't put it into the call. Yeah.

The other one is. Yeah. Yeah. Hi. If you need me I'm going to need to be. I'm not Kitai.

I'm going to use that one. I'm going to use it.

So I guess I then say you're busy. You go, go.

Wow. When I was so far to the trades.

I love it. They're necessary at times. Right. You got to do what you got to do to keep your own sanity. Holy smokes, bro. It's it's only we got four minutes left.

But I did say at the opening, we're going to go five hours, so I hope you're good. No, we got four minutes and I want to wrap this up and I want to again extend my appreciation to you. But before I do that, I did promise everyone a giveaway. Right. If they stayed on this. And then before I talk about that, it was just right. In a moment. I love to end the show, Ryan, with one special question. I ask the same question of every person who's been on my show. I hope you didn't cheat and go watch one.

I just got to get ready and I'm ready.

I'm ready. Ready. I love it. All right.

Yeah, it's it's a profound question. It can be slightly personal. And however long it takes you to answer it, it's how long it takes. It doesn't matter. But before we jump into that. I have to fulfill my promises, I have to and I'm going to. And so for those of you that stuck with us live to this point, now you have our permission to take your gaze away from the amazing Ryan Jenkins for just a moment. Take out that smartphone. We've been talking about it and pull up your messaging app, your text messaging app. And I'm going to put it on the screen for you to follow along. You may want to write this down because it's going to go away real soon. And you can you have till the end of tonight to enter. And what you want to do is where you would actually type in the name of the person you're going to message rather than type that name. And the number you see there, it's three one four six six five one seven six seven three one four six six five one seven six, seven. And then in the message area where you would actually now type in your message like an emoji, no emojis, just two words separated by a hyphen or a dash. And those two words are peak PIAC dash vacation altogether, no spaces. And then keep an eye out on your phone. You will get a follow up message automatically that will be asking you for your email address. And that is what will officially entry into the the contest because our system is automated and you will get your notification if you want via email. So go ahead and do that right now. And let's get back to the man of the hour. The man of the early morning out there near Rome.

Are you ready, right?

So here's here's a couple extra little things that I'm going to ask it. So here's the thing.

There is no such thing as a wrong answer.

It does not exist, in fact, the exact opposite is the true thing is the only correct answer is yours. That's what makes it personal. Nothing more. It's pretty cool. So it's it's fun.

The answer may come to you instantly or it may take you several seconds, maybe a minute or two, it doesn't matter that airtime doesn't bother me any whatever it takes.

So now are you ready?

I know you're born ready, you're always ready, Guy, I tell you. All right, here we go. My favorite part of the show, I love this.

Ryan Jenkins. How do you. Define.


How do you fix success? Success is if you can wake up in the morning and say you're happy and go to bed at night and say you're happy. Success is not driven or leveled by money, by running a business. It's run by.

Happiness and what makes you internally happy for your life so it could be making loads of money and that's the kind of person you are and you like you just like money, money, money. And if you go to bed with that, you're you don't watch it and you do. Or it could be you live in Thailand or live in a little village. And they say the most happiest people on the planet are the people which have no money and they have family. So it's all down to you as an individual. But to me, I'd say a community living in a community with your family and sitting down having those meals, like when you think of what are the most happiest moments we have as humans normally like Christmas Day, unless you're arguing. But you know those moments, your birthday celebrations, that if you're surrounded with people that you can share moments with, that's when you're happy and you're content.


There are so many things I love about that, so many we don't have time for me to rehash it all, but one of the main ones is it's not about money. And that has been the common thread of all the entrepreneurs that have proceeded to reign in their answers. The same thing. It's not about money.

And I appreciate you for being the person you are, for spreading your incredible infectious positivity and energy everywhere you go. Please keep doing that as long as you're able to. And I wanted to give you a quick opportunity to let people in on how would they go about connecting with you, maybe to learn more about how you become successful, maybe to follow you in your many opportunities that you have going on. And I want to flash up your website. I love your website is phenomenal.

It's designed by a part time website, by a really good friend of mine called Lisa Franck's and Gabriel. It's an amazing work on it. And they're based in Los Angeles.

Mhm. Yeah. And this is look at this. I mean there's Ryan doing this thing like he was just talking about you do this lighting does this, he's choreographing. I can see my daughter there right now. That would be awesome.

So is that a great way for folks to reach out to you. Is the contact link there on your website.

Please check it out. Ryan Jenkins, DOT UK. We're going to go with the advertising pitch. You can also reach me on Instagram at Real Ryan Jenkins because honey, I'm not a fake one. So that's Instagram actor Brian Jenkins hashtag working because you're worth it.

Hashtag work it. Yes, that's again.

That's Ryan Jenkins dot o dot UK. Put it all in there and you'll see this amazing site that you're watching right now flashing with this. Just this is a catchin website and it really fits Ryan because it's fast moving. It's got energy. It's also showing his mastery as he's teaching, as he's choreographing, as he's coaching, as he's leading. It's got all the elements and the essence of this amazing guy that you see right here on the screen with me. So I don't know. This has been phenomenal. Ryan, I appreciate you so much for staying up and getting back up so early, for being here for everyone. That's and thank you, everyone, for interacting and asking questions. I appreciate you all. Is there one last piece of advice, Ryan, if you could think of one thing. There is a budding entrepreneur out there.

There's somebody who's just getting started to be it. There it is. He knew what it was right away.

Straight away. So dream and make it happen. Don't dream it. Be it. Get out of bed. Don't talk about it. Don't whine about it. Don't ask.

Just stop asking questions. Let's get on with it. Make it. You have a phone. You've got a computer research. Do it. There's no excuses. Anybody can achieve anything. Look at Richard Branson. Millionaires are created every two seconds. People get married, people fall in love because people on trips.

I randomly move to Rome. I didn't think about it. I went, well, I'm not living in London. Didn't dream about going get it.

Best thing I ever did was move to Rome for the last four months for lock down. It has inspired me. I've worked and so many people in the UK are just complaining, upset that they wish they had done it. I said, shoulda, woulda, coulda, baby.

Yeah, I like to say right along the same line, take massive, immediate and I add one more consistent action. You know, don't don't go into paralysis by analysis, as Ryan said, just just do it like Nike would tell you. All right. Well, that has been that's a wrap. This has been a phenomenal show because of Mr. Ryan Jenkins. Again, thank you, my friend, for coming on here on behalf of this amazing, amazing young man. I am Brian Kelly, your host of The Mind Body Business Show. Until next time we will see you again with another phenomenal guest. Until then, so long. And God bless everyone.

Bye bye for now.

But I thank you for tuning in to the mind body business show podcast. W w w Scott the mind body business show.

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Ryan Jenkins

Ryan Jenkins

Ryan Jenkins, the talent scout for SYCO for Simon Cowell, he creates for the biggest brands on the planet. Puma, RedBull, Candy Crush. He is a reality TV star from the hit Lifetime show 'Dance moms' and is the CEO of iD-Company, a dance education platform that has an App launching globally this year. If you want to learn about achieving, look no further, this is Ryan Jenkins.

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