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Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host, Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly:
Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. My goodness gracious, oh my. We have one amazing show for you tonight because my friend Scott Schilling will be joining us very, very soon. Incredibly accomplished gentleman. He has done everything you could possibly do in the life he's already lived, and I cannot wait to bring him on and share his incredible brilliance with all of you. Real quickly, before we jump in The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show for those of you that might not be aware of what it's all about. It's really just a show for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. And when I've studied successful entrepreneurs for a decade, I noticed three patterns develop and they kept coming up over and over and over again. And you might by now have guessed what those three areas were. That's right. Mind, body and business, mind being mindset. Every successful person to a T to a person had a very powerful and flexible mindset body. They all take care of themselves nutritionally. They exercise. It doesn't mean that the guys look like an Adonis. They don't look like an Arnold Schwarzenegger and the gals. It doesn't mean they look like a supermodel. It just means that they take care of themselves and exercise on a regular basis. Eat right. Drink right. And that is another. Hi. That was a pattern I saw that developed with successful people. And then there's business. Business is multi multifaceted. It includes things like sales, marketing, team building, systematizing, leadership. It goes on and on and on. And the good news is no. Now, look, all of these successful people had mastered all three of these areas and business being the most complex.The thing is, they did not master every every element of business. What they did was they mastered leadership skills that was very important so that they could then delegate all of the other skills that they didn't and didn't have either the skill set or the time to actually execute them. And so that's what we discuss on this show. Each and every week. And we do this. I interview successful entrepreneurs like the gentleman you're about to meet real soon from all over the world. And it's such a blessing to be able to share them with you. All I ask is that you take out a notepad and paper and stay with us. You are going to see and hear about resources as we go through this. Lots of value. And I just encourage you to write it down instead of, you know, going off and clicking a new tab and type it in the URL that you're given, just write it down and then go visit them later. Because look. It's like this. The magic happens in the room and this is a virtual room. If you were to divert your attention to go looking at something else while we're still going, you might miss that one valuable nugget from Scott that could literally change your life. So stay with us all the way through. And one final other thing I noticed that all successful people seem to follow was that they were all very avid readers. And with that, I like to segway into a little segment. I like to affectionately call bookmarks.

Bookmarks forum to read bookmarks. Ready steady read bookmarks brought to you by

Brian Kelly:
This you see Once again, take out that, you know, that old fashioned piece of paper and a pen and write that down. And this is a Web site. I literally put together with you in mind the entrepreneur, the aspiring successful business person. And look, we're all successful to a certain degree, aren't we? And we're always looking to achieve greater success. And so this is a great resource for you to go to. It's a collection of just 40 books. And these are personally vetted by yours truly. I've read them all and I've read many more than these. And not all of them made this list. This is really here for you. These are the ones that had personal and business impact on me. And in a positive way. And so you can see there it just goes on and on and on a lot by Grant Cardone. There's Big Boom by Mel Ethan Cutler, my incredible mentor and friend who will be on the show soon. It just goes on. And the thing is, if you haven't started reading yet, then just pick the first one that jumps out and catches your attention and grab it and start reading it. Don't wait and don't go through paralysis by analysis and look at all of them before you make that decision. Just grab the first one. Get in the habit of taking action. And this is very true. The number one reason for lack of success is not simply a lack of reading books. It's the lack of reading the right books. And so I like to say, you know, the mind and body are a team. And more importantly, that they are your team. If you let if you are really good at taking care of your body, but you let your mind, you know, you're not taking care of your mind. You're not instilling those tools and techniques that keep you going like NLP is a great one. Neuro Linguistic Programming. If you're not reading and feeding your mind positive things, well, then that's one part of your team. And then the team as a whole will suffer if just one part of it is not operating at a peak level of performance. Off my soapbox. And let's bring on our guests expert, because this gentleman is super amazing. You don't have to take my word for it because you're going to find out right now.

It's time for the guest expert, spotlight, savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained, big-league qualified.

Brian Kelly:
And there he is, ladies and gentlemen, the one video only the legend himself, Mr. Scott shelly-ann. And how are you doing, buddy?

Scott Schilling:
Oh man, I am so happy to be here. I've been waiting for this for so long.

Brian Kelly:
It's true. That is true. You have been on a on a waiting list for quite some time. I apologize. We've gotten booked really fast on this show. And it's amazing. It's a great problem to have any I I've been really anticipating and eager to bring you on and have this talk and chat. Not for me so much. Yes, I definitely for me as well, but more for all the people who have not experienced you in your full form. And I'm so excited to share you with with everybody the world right now. Well, I appreciate it for sure. Absolutely. And I mean, every word of it before I formally introduce you and tell everybody about the amazing accolades, which I can take another hour or so to do. We're gonna shorten that up a little bit.

I want to remind everybody that's watching live right now that you can watch to the end of the show. You have to stand to the end and you can win a five nights day at a five star luxury resort in Mahe Call. Yes, that's right. Thank you so much, Roger. He is telling us he loves this show. And we love you, buddy. Thank you. All right. And stand at the end, because just so you know, that is one of those things where they snare you and then take you to a room and make you sit through a five hour time share presentation. None of that happens. It is as if you are a paying guest. And I know that because the sponsor of this very prize is power texting, You see that on the screen. Power texting, dot com. Write that down on your notes as you're taking great notes. The owners of that company have tried it themselves, actually tested this very prized they're giving away not just once but three times and came back with raving reviews each and every time. So it's bona-fide. It's amazing. And we give it away every single show. And I'm so excited to do that. Now on to the man, the myth, the legend, the guy.You know, this is this is about focusing on Mr. Schilling. Scott Schilling is an executive coach, best selling author, international trainer and speaker. Scott invites you to set aside the challenges of the past and step into new levels of victory spiritually, professionally, physically, financially, socially, personally and philanthropically. I got it. I don't know if I can say that word right. Scott brings a unique combination of over thirty five years of life experience and coaching. There's no way he doesn't look like he's old enough for that. In sales, marketing and training to corporations, business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals, he has presented at nearly get this two thousand five hundred live events sharing the stage with General Colin Powell, Suze Orman, Jack Canfield, Les Brown, former first lady Laura Bush, and many more as an internationally accomplished and entertaining presenter. And you'll see he is entertaining some fun. Scott has spoken to hundreds of thousands of attendees across a range of industries. So we've got a superstar here, folks. So listen to every word he's come. He's gonna get the talk here in just a second, I promise. Scott brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the airwaves, stages, boardrooms, podiums and print.And I'm gonna stop there because there's about a book worth of what this young man has done and accomplished. I want to turn it over and just once again. Now, for real. Welcome. Mr. Scott Shilling. I'm so excited that you are on. This is going to be a blast, my friend.

Scott Schilling:
Oh, I know it always is. When we get together and have these conversations and we go, why don't we do more of this? You know, because we're busy. But that's all good.

The cool thing is, I think the first time we ever met was in July of twenty nineteen and it was in Las Vegas at any event. And it felt like I knew you for a long time. You know, was one of those words instant connection, friendship. I mean I knew immediately that you would be a guy who would be a friend of mine for the rest of our lives. It was just amazing how that works. And we just hit it off and started talking. Ever since, you know, whenever we get together, it's the same.

And that will make you think of an impromptu show that we did together with some other folks. So all of a sudden, I don't know whether you allow some guest or whatever happened. And also we had just a bunch of us. It was just like we were sitting around just having a party. It was awesome.

Yeah. And that's what I love about the show that we're doing right now. It's a similar thing. It's you and I having a conversation knowing and realizing we're doing so to provide value to the audience. But it's very organic. It's very organic. And one of the things so your accolades are there's many more than that I just read. And there. Awesome. And I love finding out about people and what they've done, what they've accomplished and, you know, seeing that they're a mover and shaker such as yourself. The thing I like to do is I'm a very curious person. I like to dig deep. And one of things I like to find out more of is what makes a beautiful brain like yours tick. What is going on inside of that thing that is so amazing. And so to that degree, like when you get up in the morning. If you're if you're only like me a little groggy, you know, my feet swing around. They hit the floor of the bed and I start coming to and realizing the days ahead. And then that that drive, you know, that intense, wonderful, positive. Yes. And other days in front of me starts to set in. What is it for you specifically? Scott, when that starts to happen? What are the things that motivate you to keep doing what you do day in, day out, week in, week out, month in, month out?

Well, I think one of the things that I've done it just to set the table is I've had 19 mentors across my career. And one of the reasons that I did that is if you want to learn, you don't have to recreate the wheel. The wheels been created. Right is. I learned a long time ago to model people, so I started modeling good behaviors and different things. But when you talk about the specifics. So what I've done through that knowledge or through that education I've learned from all those folks is I really came through in. I start my day very habitual, very ritualistic. I go to the club, I get my workout. I might be stretching, I might be who knows what I'll be doing. Every day is a different day. Actually, I'm not overly regimented that way. But the one thing that I do every day is I go into my prayer closet. It's called the steam room. And I literally once I once I go to the club and workout and world pool and and chitchat with the boys a little bit and do some of that. But I actually go into the steam room and I get a little quiet time. I do a little reflection and a little prayer. And I basically ask, what would you have me do today? What do you got for me? And what that does is all of a sudden, it's funny. There'll be days also. I'll get this. Hey, give Brian Kelly a call. I remember a couple of months ago I called you and it was like, what's going on? Nothing. I just I got prompted to call you today. So I just started. I'd see what's shaking. Or you might get an idea of different things to do. But the point is, when you when you come out and you're ready to set your mindset in place to, you know, just know that I want to be of service for the day. I want to do some great things. I want to contribute in and make a difference. I want to make a positive impact on a daily basis.

You get a start if you start thinking about it right away. It's amazing your brain and your mind and your body go what what you or your mind focuses. And if you start focusing on wanting to give back and serve, guess what you start doing? Giving back and serving, not what concept.

Yeah, and that's a powerful concept as well, giving back and serving because, you know, so many great doors have opened for me personally by giving and not expecting anything in return. And it's just happened time and time again. And there's a little bit a part of you that knows that there's a good chance that something good will happen. But the reason, the primary reason isn't to get something in return. It's to help and serve. And I recall going to different events and staying on. I don't know how it always happened, but I was always one of the last attendees to hang around, not just to not just because to hang around, but I was always talking with people to the very end. And then I noticed I was able to get closer to the actual main speaker when it thinned out. Wow. This is actually working out pretty good. And I would offer to help break their things down and put up their chairs, get to know their crew. And that just opened huge doors for me that I had no idea what. I just wanted to help them. I was there. I mean, what else am I gonna be doing other than I can I get to talk to them longer? And so it was just fine.

That's exactly what my speaking mentors said. One of the things, you know, I wanted to be the best at this that I could possibly be. And so I retained the best speaking mentor on the planet. And he said, always be the first one to show up. Always be the last one to leave and be there the entire length of the event. If it's a three day event and it's a Friday, Saturday, Sunday event, work to speak the last place on Sunday. The last time on Sunday. But be the first first one to arrive on Friday. It was like this seems like really wild, right? But let me tell you the reason very simply. You now have the ability to develop relationships with the attendees. And quite frankly, unfortunately, not every speaker, not every train or not every presenter takes the time to get to know as many people as they possibly can. And by the end, if, in fact, you do that, it's amazing how much how many people, you know, by the end, but basically how much more success you have for all. Yeah, that's not for everybody. It's so true.

And I have a friend. He's a dear friend. His name is Tom Antione. He's a Internet marketing multimillionaire. I think you know him, too, as well. Scott here. He does a similar thing. He's one and he talks about this and trains about it from stage. He says he's not one of those that come in, you know. So you got a four or five day event and many of the guest speakers will blow in an hour before they go up on stage, finish their thing, and then they're blown right back out. When he does it, he commits for the entire event and stays for the entire event. And that way he gets more, like you just said, more networking, more relationship building. And let's be honest, at the end of the day, what does that really equate to more business? Ultimate wellness.

Right. Right. Right there, that one. That's Tom Antione. But camp right there. Yeah. Yes. Yeah. Top three years ago, we first we first met and shared the stage together. And he's a rock star in. Because you got gotta love his attitude. And that's what it's really about. He's there to serve you serve the promoter, you serve the audience in. When you serve those two, you will be served.

And I know very few that work as hard as he does and he doesn't look like it when he talks. He's so relaxed. And the reason main reason is if you love what you do, it's not work. And he absolutely loves what he does. And I've never seen so much talent in one individual. But the purpose of bringing that up is be sure that if you're going to embark on an entrepreneurial activity and you haven't done it yet, be absolutely certain that it's something you truly love. You're gonna hear both sides of that argument as you go through. I hear some that say, no, you don't want something that you love. I've been on both sides of the fence. And if you're doing what you love, you're going to really kick butt and kind of be more resilient when the speed bumps occur because they come and they come more, more often, the more success you achieve. So it better be something that you are really, really passionate about. I love doing absolutely for sure.

I'm of the I love doing what I do. And I get carried away and get lost in it sometimes. And it's fun. It was I was doing an event in Vancouver about a year and a half ago. And all of a sudden there was break music in there. I mean, there was a break and there playing music and that part of the audience. I was just walking through meeting people in us and some people started dancing. Well, Orson, I'm out there dancing with them and they're like, but you're a speaker. What are you doing out here? Dancing? I said, well, I'm not allowed to have fun, too. This is a riot. Are you kidding me? And that's really when you love what you do, when you love imparting the wisdom that you've gained from others. Right. And you share the different things that you've. Learned along the way.

It just feels great when people come back and say, hey, you know, thank you so much for investing in me. I mean, that's really what we do. And it feels great.

I mean, it just does absolutely it. And that's that's it. It feels great. That's one reason that we do this. It's just amazing. And helping somebody, you know, seeing them their life improve because we had some part in it. It's just so fulfilling and gratifying. And, you know, in the beginning, I talked about reading books. And I don't think that you read that much because you only have like two hundred on behind you.

But would you consider the end a little bit facetious there, but would you consider that to be an avid reader? I think we all can surmise the answer.

What book are you reading now or what would you say? It could be either one. Is your all time you know, the one that had the most impact on you either personally or or business wise? What is that one book that just sticks out? He's got it right there.

What was that book right there? All right. I don't know this. The Success Bible, the success principles by Jack Canfield was really a time when when I wanted to again, I I had gone into the speaking business and I wanted to make that my profession. So I was working with John Childers. And then I started working, you know, with some of the great sales greats. Well, when it came to success, it was Jack and the Success Principles had sixty four success principles. And I actually called it. I turned it the success Bible when it first came out in. They are tried and true principles that anybody can adopt and anybody can put into place. And when you do it. So that was a foundational book for me, cash. Everything from thinking grow rich to I mean, name a book. There's there's so many that I've got her totally right here. I mean, they're there, you know. I mean, you're as diverse as it gets, right. If you want to expand yourself, you're only as good. I was so blessed early. Tremendous. Jones and I shared the stage.

His last event before he passed. And he did an endorsement for my first book. And he said, thank you for your desire to change the world. One book at a time. And it was just what an honor. But Charlie O said, you're going to be the grand sum of the books you read and the people you meet. And if you're not putting things in your head, I come out of the Ziglar camp here in Dallas. Zingo was said, if you want to change what comes out, you have to change what goes in red. You've got to be putting information into your head, at least for consideration. Make it thought provoking. You don't have to agree with everything. Take the stuff you love. Embrace it. Take the stuff that you don't exactly resonate. Go. OK. I know something different. Right. So it really is just constantly put things in that that I'm constantly listening to messages, listening to books, reading books, doing things to. Again, you get new ideas. It just makes you think you've got to get your brain going.

Absolutely. And it's a great thing to do and a habit to get into. And I remember I did not read books for most of my life. I mean, definitely the majority of my life and I only started reading around 70 years ago.

Like voraciously because my mentor talked about the importance of reading. And I remember one day I'll never forget it. I'm at his place and he's walking. And I was on his team and his lead trainer at the time for his seminar industry or his seminar business. And he's walked around his place. He's got headset on. I said, Hey, man, what do you what do you listen to? Goes, Oh, it's a book. I said, wait, what? What? You're listening to a book. And this was kind of a new thing. And he told me it was audible. And from that point forward, I said, oh, my gosh. So I listen to books when I read books. I get fatigue. My eyes get tired. I get. I can't sit there and sit still too long to read a book. And then my eyes go through that strain. I found that listening to books. Oh, my gosh. I can just tear through them and retain the information much better. That's just me. Everyone's different. So if that's something you haven't looked at yet out there that's watching or listening. Audible books. Those are amazing. I listened to them while I'm on the car on the road because what else can you do in the car that's safe? Other than listen to music while you're driving? Well, books. My goodness. And then I have the phone, you know, mounted really close to the steering wheel. And if there's something of interest, there's a little bookmark I can tap. And I'll remember, I can easily go back to that's that important spot. And it's it's it's less time than if you were to reach down and turn the dial on the old radio, if anybody remembers those back in the day. For anyone that's saying that's not safe, Brian. Yes, it is. It's safer than it used to be. So it's all right.

Yeah. Audibles. Amazing. And just read books and like that. Like you just said, Scott is to continue to feed yourself with those things that are positive. Get away from the news. Stop watching the news. It's all negative here in the U.S.. My gosh, there's nothing positive on it. It's amazing. And just feed yourself with things that are serving you and propelling you further and faster. Absolutely. I just think you got it.

You got to keep your brain going. Right. You get into conversations and you and you have some thought provoking conversations, issues, different things in your share amongst each other. It's amazing. One of the other reasons that I love you again, I've done well over twenty five hundred live events in people say, well, it had to be pretty cool sharing the stage with all those people. Yeah, OK, that's cool. But you know, it's really cool. Is being back in the green room and talking with them and finding out what they're reading, what they're doing, what they've done, you know? How do you how did you decide to take this path? You know, how did you do these different things? And it's amazing when you have the opportunity to sit and talk. First of all, you find out there are people with desire. They're just people with desire. That's the difference that I find. This is people that have want to. If you got want to, we can train you the rest of the stuff. You know, we can help you get the the tips, the techniques, the strategies, the knowledge, the different things like that. As long as you want to learn those things. But if you don't have. Want to.

I can't. It's not about how much you can disseminate. Right. So but it's so cool to be able to sit around and talk to people. And that's how really, if you think about you and I, we sat down and we just started talking about it, man. This is really a fun opportunity. If if we could do. How do we do this while we do it in a pocket? Oh, yeah. Play. It would be great to do a podcast together. And then we started talking. Right. We just started brainstorming because all of a sudden a desire to to help some other people showed up and we said, well, let's do it together. Pretty simple.

Yeah. Is that right? Absolutely. And, you know, you touched on something very powerful, I think. And that is the power of speaking from stage. And anyone who is an entrepreneur that should be part of your goal is to speak on stage.

If you're not already doing that because you just barely scrape the surface Scott and I know you know this better than anybody about all the different things that occur as a result of being onstage. And I'll just put it on frame. It was one quick story, if I might. It's I was helping another speaker. This is before this is quite a while. It goes almost a decade ago, I was helping another speaker with his event. And so I'm in the back of the room, back in that forbidden zone that no one else can go in to. But the crew. Right. Will know that that means it's been to a seminar. And I'll never forget this. This guy came around the corner through the door. He was dressed pretty well and he walked right into the forbidden. I'm like I'm right next to I'm thinking, what the heck are you doing in here? You know that thought press. I'm like, I'm looking around like, should I show him out here? You know, not literally physically to get him out of here. And I waited patiently and then I saw another crew member come over and start to make him up. Meaning. Put the microphone on, I like it. Oh, he's. He's gonna be the next speaker. Instantly, my mental image of that person shifted from one of negativity to incredible positive. I'm like, wow. Because at that time I wasn't speaking on stage yet. So I looked up to this guy immediately. So think of the authority status it gives you. Just as you don't have to be up on stage for an entire seminar. You can just do a 15, 30 minute, 90 minute gig and get a lot of exposure that way. And people look at you so different. That's happened to me so many times.

Scott when I look at somebody God and then you turn it around now you become a speaker and you start seeing those looks that you are giving them, that how they change after you come off the stage are like starry eyed. And it's not to get fame, it's not to get all of that is that your authority status has raised. So now they want to talk to you and that's what you want. You want to be able to network and reach more people is so powerful, it's hard to put it into words. Can you think of anything else? Other there's so many advantages to being a public stage now and it's so rewarding.

I did an event in Salt Lake City not long ago and and a woman came up to me afterwards and she said, Scott, I just got to I got to thank you for giving me my life back.

And I was like, that's that's strong. You know what? What did I do? And she said, there was something that you said in particular, agencies like the bondage. The chains broke off my wrist and you gave me my life back. And I said, well, you got to help me understand this. That's that's pretty bold statement. Right? And she said, well, I'm a cancer survivor. And I said, well, it kind of sounds like you already got your life back. Then she said, you would think so, except 12 women wanted to treat ment at the same time. Only one came out and I had such great survivor guilt that I dropped in the deepest depression of my life, and it was far worse than the cancer ever was in it. Today you said something and the chains broke free. She goes, I just want to thank you. And man, there's nothing better than that. That was it was so cool to have her come up. Sorry, I'm just reliving it, as you can tell. But it you know, just the the the fact that it had that much impact, it was worth all of it. If she was the only one in the audience. Awesome. Now, there were hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people there. But the fact is, all that one interaction was worth the entire trip.

And that right there, ladies and gentlemen, that is a true testament to the heart of Mr. Schilling. This guy is amazing. I can see that. It really means a lot to him. And I get it. I get it.

I've been in similar situations, not nearly as as heavy hitting as that one, but definitely coming up crying and saying, thank you. And you just sit there and go. This is all worth it. You know, all the if it takes a long time to get to where you hit that moment, where you're impacting people from stage and doing on a regular basis because there's a lot of training that goes in. So don't get us wrong. You don't just get up and start talking. You do to start getting yourself to that point of being an elite speaker. There's a whole whole thing we could talk about behind that, which I don't want to go down that rabbit hole just yet. I just wanted to point out what an amazing person Scott is. And I will tell you this from meeting him and getting to know him in person. This is him. This is him to his core. He loves people. He is an amazing gentleman.

And he's a respectful gentleman. He just wants to help and serve people, if you will let him. And on that note, Scott, what I wanted to do is kind of take a little detour and try, if you would. I'm really I'm personally curious to get more detail about what you are currently working on right now. What is the project you are working on and you're so passionate about it. Every time I get an email from you, I can feel the passion coming through. You're excited. I want to hear more about it and I'd love for the others to hear about it as well.

Well, I got a brand new book coming out called That Sucks What Now? Real World Solutions for getting through what you're going through. And a little over five years ago, I had my fifth birthday, December 14th. That was the fifth anniversary of a a significant massive cerebellar stroke. And I had a near-death experience. And everybody said, you're not supposed to come through those like like you have. And I said, sorry, I'm just an overachiever. Just the way it works. But the funniest part of it was when I finally, you know, started normalizing. Right. I had I had a stroke. When I went to the emergency room. They released me five hours later with a major migraine when onset the next day shot three TV shows. Then went to a neurologist. Then they wanted an MRI. Then they put me in intensive care for six days. Well, when I came out, they wouldn't let me fly. So we went to my sister in law's house to to wait until I could get on an airplane. And I said, you know, I went to a computer and I said, well, you know, I've just had a fairly significant cerebellar stroke, which is the back of the brain speech, memory, fine motor skills, walking, talking, vertigo, all those things. They're supposed to be impaired by the grace of God. You know, I came out pretty darn good. And. But anyway, I I I typed into my friend Google. How long do I have to wait? After a stroke to drive. And it said most times when people have a stroke, they never regain their ability to drive again.

And much less ever be able to get behind the wheel. Well, I wasn't sure I wanted to see. So I went. OK, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I'm a professional speaker. How long will it. I have to wait until I can get back on stage. You know, the that the balance and everything is is good. You know, and it says, especially with cerebellar strokes, typically, you never regain your speech. If you live through it at all and therefore, you will probably never regain your professional career. If if you think I didn't like the first answer, the second answer was worse. Well, that's when I started. I said, if people do happen to come through like I did or anywhere close to like I did, they need better information than this. Nay saying your life is over. Oh, my God, you're dead. I was on stage twenty three days after a major cerebellar stroke. And then again at 30 days. And so why? Because I had committed to do those speaking events. People sit there and say, were you impaired? I wasn't. I was blessed. I was saved. There is. I take zero credit. This is by the grace of God that I came through this. He gets all the credit. So therefore, I need to use this opportunity to the very best of my ability. So I was telling a friend about a variety of things that have happened in my life and in my career. Not everything is rosy. We all know that. And I was having trouble with the title for the book.

And. And as we were discussing all sorts of different things, he said, gosh, I didn't know all this stuff happened to you. I said, well, you don't wear every butt kicking on your sleeve. You know, just the way it works. Right. And I. And he said, but what did you say to yourself after each one of these things happened? And I went. That sucks. What now? That sucks. Meaning I wish it wouldn't happen that way. What now? No time for a pity party. Let's get after it. So the book is that sucks. What now? Real world solutions for getting through what you're going through. I've I've taken in in the tips, the techniques, the strategies, the the things that I've learned. This is practical. Jack Canfield wrote the foreword to the book and he said, Scott, you know, the success principles. Was was theory. You've got application. This is 200 pages or 190 pages of application of how to get through these things and and accomplish more come through better off for having the not so great events happen to you. Not I don't wish. Not so great events on anybody. Trust me. And I don't want anybody to repeat what I've done. I wouldn't want you to go through that. That's not the idea. What I do want you to know is you can come out the other side better off for it because in reality, things aren't happening to you. They're happening for you. Yes. And when you take that attitude, it's amazing what happens.

Preach it, brother. I love it. Sorry I get on my soapbox. You ask me right now. That's why I passionate about the book. Absolutely love it. No, not even kidding. Love it.

And so he took a life altering event and used it and said, look, I need to get back and let people know that there is a way back. You know, that he look at everything he read. Most people would look at all the stuff that Scott was ingesting and reading about his condition and just say, well, I guess that's it. I guess I will just accept what hand I've been dealt. A lot of people will say, but no, not not Scott. You know, he's a believer. He loves God. And he he powered through it and said, look, I'm going to I'm gonna go. I have a life's impact. That's enough of this downer crap. I'm going sorry for the language, but, you know, that's it. This guy's amazing. There's so many things about him that most people don't know. I mean, he's played about every sport in the world. I think there were five that were mentioned, including football. I know it was Iowa. Iowa State or Iowa.

The whole game. And say Iowa State. Are you kidding, Ari? I got gold on for the University of Iowa.

I mean, this guy's done it all these, you know, Olympic triathlete, but getting is done a bunch. And so he takes care of himself physically, mentally. He does it all. And he lives the life of a successful entrepreneur, but he does it in a serving way. And every time I talk to you, Scott, you're always wanting to give back, give something. And I appreciate that about you. It's just it's you're authentic. That's the word I'm looking for. Well, I think that I know. And it's rare.

That's well, I appreciate that. But that's you know, for me, it starts with core values and it starts with faith in all the other the other core values that that I talk about in the book. And those are foundational principles, right. You got to treat people with dignity, honor and respect. There's never been a time where we needed more positivity. And in treating people with dignity, honor and respect, just respect each other. You know, I had a woman come up to me a an event in Dallas, and she goes, how do you have the courage in front of a thousand people to lead with faith? And I said, it's simple. I only work for one guy and I've grown to know that I'm allergic to lightning. And she started laughing. She said, What's that mean? I said, I've already had one near-death experience. I don't need a second one to know, you know, what I'm supposed to be doing. You know, we've all had our opportunities. We've all had our our goods have happened to us. I'm not trying to say that my life is any harder than anybody else's is or whatever. I've been through some stuff. Everybody's been through some stuff. I've been through some really amazing stuff, too. That's that's all fun. But the point is that if you were given these stories to serve others, not to necessarily impart on them. Right. That's not your job. But to be empathetic and understand, you know, as a sales trainer, I say when you're handling it, an objection. Please don't say I understand because two reasons. Number one, it could be confrontationally, could be taken that way. Not always, but cuts could be. But the other thing is, if you haven't walked in their shoes, you truly cannot understand more than likely.

But I can. I suggest that you say I can appreciate your situation. Why? Because that's my take on your situation. I can always appreciate that. Now, that being said, with all the stuff I detail in the book and all this stuff I've been through. I understand. I think God has has allowed me to learn these lessons so that I can help other people through these lessons. You know, divorce, all sorts of different things. Right. Is, you know, my kids were twenty eight months old and ten months old when all of a sudden I came home from a business trip and it was I want you out. Why, I don't love you anymore. Well, we've got young kids better to be from a broken home than in a broken home. But here's what happened out of that. I said this will never happen to me again. I went to counseling and I was in counseling for six months. And the counselor said, you don't need to be here anymore. And I looked at her and I said, you're gonna keep taking my money until I tell you I'm not coming anymore. You know, with two years. Well, now, Piggy and I've been happily married for over 24. So it's not that something bad happened. It's that you took what happened and you learned the lessons, the real world solutions from that real world situation. And now you can help somebody else with it, too. It sucks. But when I was on a daddy daughter. With my 31 year old daughter the other night, she loves me a lot.

It's amazing, you know, that those life events can take us through so much. And that's that's the plight of an entrepreneur in its own right. I mean, that there was a lot of great takeaways from that story by itself. Its persistence, its diligence. It's it's not about what happens to you, but how you react to it. What happens for you? Because notice how he reframe that and said it's not about what happens to it's about what happens for you. And in the moment, you're thinking it's happening to you, too, up to a person, we're all human. But when you step back and take a look at and go, you know that that's actually happening for me. And you may not even know why it. But you know that there's going to be something that's coming from it. You're gonna learn something from it. You're gonna take a different direction that's going to take you down a better path as a result of it. You just don't know until that happens. But usually those are very temporary incidences. And you're able to, you know, turn the ship and take a different direction, fire up the odds or the engine or whatever you have, put up the sails and start moving in the right direction. And it's a that's what it is. Life is like a series, of course, corrections, isn't it? We can be going the wrong direction for a while. The good thing is, as long as we're moving, we can always alter course if we stop moving. If Scott said, well, that's what I've been dealt. I'm done. Then guess what? He would have been done. He would still not have been shining his light and helping others like he is now. So thank you for your diligence.

Work off course far more than wherever on course. I live here in Dallas. You live out in California. Let's just say jump on American Airlines jet, big southerly trade winds. I'm coming to fly out to see you. And the pilot comes on, says, Ladies and gentlemen, we know you had your heart set on beautiful sunny California. But welcome to Anchorage, Alaska. Well, he's getting blown north the whole time, right? So what do they have to do? They have to, course, correct. It's not a matter of being off course. It's a matter of being off course less often, less far. And the only way that you can possibly do that is to move to take an action and gain the feedback, which then allows you to course. Correct. So, again, it's a coaching client. One day she goes, I'm stuck. I said, good move. You don't get it. I'm stuck. I said, no, I get it. Move. And she goes, No, no, I don't think you understand. I'm stuck. I said, no, I really get it. Move. And she goes, What are you saying? I said, can you feel your right foot? She said, Yeah. I said, move it. She goes, I did. I said, good. You're no longer stuck. The only way you can get any movement, the only way you can get any feedback is to take an action. Yes. Then you can course. Correct?

Exactly. Yes. So many people just they freeze. They become immobile due to something like you encountered with the bad news. Thank you for all the likes and loves. We appreciate you out there watching life. Drop us a comment. Let us know where you're at us. Got a question. We love to interact. This is an open almost an open mike without the mike for everyone watching.

Can I jump in for a second on what you just said? Yes. So people think people think there's only fight or flight. They think that that's what we're really wired with. But we're actually wired with three things. Fight flight or freeze flight. We know we. We get our dukes up flight. We know we run. But freeze is actually the most hazardous. And that's what we caught. We get caught and we just stop and we do nothing. And it's interesting when people sit there and say, well, I've got money issues or I've got this. What is the word for money, currency? Where does currency come from? Current. Where does current come from? Flow freezes the most hazardous thing that we can ever get into. You know, fight flight. We know how to handle those freezes. One of those we sit there and then all of a sudden we become a potential victim of our environment. You don't have to be. But. But again, if you're going to freeze and stay there, you tend to get knocked around a little bit. So, again, my encouragement is take the actions or find the people who have been through things that you're you're going through. And trust me, if they've been through it, more than likely they'll be happy to share it with you because they they know how it feels. They've already been through it. I know how a lot of this stuff feels. I wouldn't wish it on anybody. But if you go through it, I'll do everything I can to help you get through it faster, easier, better, just like others have done for me. That's why I'm so grateful to my mentors and friends like you, Brian.

Oh, goodness. And I have such a tiny, tiny role. But to have any role in your life is a blessing. And I mean that it's it's I love having friends like you. You know, I've only you know, I've not, like, known you very long. Again, if you're like a very close friend to me, it's so amazing and I'm saying that because I want everyone else to know this about you, that again, I'm being repetitive.

But for those that may not have been on or are coming on now that haven't been on, this is an amazing young man who is you know, he's gonna be here for a long time, serving a lot of people and helping people, because that's what really gets him moving every single day. And I'll be honest. Any success? Most I'll say most over 90 percent of successful entrepreneurs are similar in the fact that the reason they're so successful is because their drive is to serve others. It's not so much focused on money. Money is definitely a necessity. Let's not sugarcoat it. The thing is, is the more money, I hope Scott is constantly, continually showered in money, more money and then exponentially more money. Because I know with that money he's a steward. He's a good steward of his money. He is going to turn that into serving more people. So.

Well, you know, it comes. I come out of the Ziglar camp right in Ziggs, famous quote. I read it in C at the top when I was 17 years old. You have everything in life you want. When you simply help enough, other people get what they want.

Yeah, right. Exactly. And it is foundational. And that's it's a great you know, it's very difficult. I've seen it. I've been there as a brand new entrepreneur. When you're first starting, that part of it is a difficult thing to really embrace because in the beginning, you are focused on money, you're focused on making the rent, you're focused on the next, you know, meal you're gonna get and you need the money. And there's a lot more scarcity mindset going on in the beginning. And then as you mature and you bring on clients and you start to bring that income, you start realizing that the reason you're doing this is because you love to serve people. I mean, you always did from the very beginning. But now the priority is shifted from money up here to serving people. And it just it shifts the opposite way. And the great thing is, the more people you serve, like you just said, what ZEIGLER you know, the more the more people you help them. It will come back to you in many fold, in many different ways, not just money. That's the beautiful thing.

I heard somebody say a couple of weeks ago, this is why I love going to events. Now, I can't even remember who said it, but we were talking about money. Right. And they they but they never used the word money. They said every time I develop, I deliver value. I get certificates of appreciation.

I love it. I love it.

That's a great way to frame it. I love it. You know, like I had never heard that before. I'd do it. Like, write that down. I'm going to borrow that one. That's awesome.

So let's let's get back to your book for a moment. I'd like to bring up the site and just give people. Is it is it is it launched yet or not yet within the next couple of weeks?

Ok. And so we're taking pre-Twitter preorders on it. And we've got big bonuses on the preorders and things like that. It just you know, it's like everything else. We just were so excited about getting such good quality work out there that we we want to make sure that it's as good as it can get.

Absolutely. And look at that. For those you watching the recording, if you're listening a podcast, you know all the places as featured on CNBC, i-Tunes Success Resources Think and Grow Rich World Tour.

I Heart Radio is all over the place. View all media stageand life achievements. I mean. This is a mover and shaker, and he's doing it for the better of everyone and there is his book and so sign me up for the foreword. I mean, just click on the book and get on his list to get that book for sure. And then actually proves his whole site. In fact, I'll put that up on the on the screen as well. This is the website I am on at Scott shilling online dot com and that's Scott with two t's shilling with S C H I L L I N G that's two L's online don dot com. So Scottoline online dot com follows you listening and taking notes on the podcast afterward. Definitely right.

Because I've got books coming. I've got a whole bunch of the new book coming. I think I've got five of my books on the site that are absolutely free. All you gotta do is go to the book section and you know you can buy some of the books. But some I'm just clearing out, you know, pay a little shipping to get them. But the books themselves are free.

Fantastic and tastic.

Let's have a little chat about those books after the show is over. I have an idea. Free already. And so here's the thing. It's so funny that this these things happen like when Scott and I talk or when I talk to another really dear friend of mine, Jason asked, anytime we're talking, we'll think, hey, I have an idea. Let's let's take that and run with it and let's see if there's something we can do with that to help more people. That's why I brought that up just now. I mean, it's full transparency. Just love to have discussions with other successful entrepreneurs, because that's just what happens. You know, we help each other out and we do it openly without. I don't want anything in return. I just want help. Scott Schilling, get the word out. And I want people to know who he is. More people that don't, you know, to get ahead. Certainly appreciate that for me. Absolutely. And that's what it's all about. You know, it comes down. That's what marketing is, right? It's exposure. Getting more eyeballs to it. How many times have you ever seen Scott someone talk from stage about that? The perfect Web site. They tell you about the beautiful colors and that you should split test. You know, so the green button. One. One version. Blue button. Another version. Different font here.

Different background. A video. No video. All these variations and, you know, split tests. They spent all this time doing not one, but two Web site versions. Either you or you have your team do it and then you still get the same noise you got when you only had one version. And that is the noise that is made by crickets. Because before you started the split tests, you weren't getting any traffic. And after you did the split test, you're still not going to hate traffic because that was not addressed. There is nobody looking at your Web site. You're not getting that exposure. That's going to help you get past error, even in execute the split tests, have that happen. And so the same is true here. Marketing is the lifeblood for any business. And so that is what Scott and I like to do with each other, with other people is to help each other get exposure. I don't care if Scott and I do the same exact thing. There are people that are going to work with him and not me and vise versa. I don't have a scarcity mindset whatsoever. Like Scott is my friend. I want him to thrive. Do I want to thrive too? Yes, but not at all costs. I mean, there's there's no reason for that, in my opinion.

But we were talking about that before we started the show. Right. And I said, I just love everything that you're doing and I can't wait to get in on Scott chilling to represent you, to put put your information out because you're doing such great work. I've got access to people you don't have access to. You've got access to people. I don't have access. Yes. Why would we not want to serve each other to the to the greatest and fullest possibility that there is? It is. It's it's crazy when people sit there in such a scarcity situation of going, oh, my God, I might lose them to your list. It's like there's seven point four billion people on the planet. You can't find somebody who you don't have to birth anybody to have any prospect. Come on.

And I will confirm that what you said is true.

He did actually say what he just said before we came online life. He was saying, I want to feature your show on my Web site. I thought, yeah.

And it's just that's why I love associate myself with Scott and people like him because I love to give back as well as like, you know, if he does that, then I'm going to figure out something to try to one up him because not I'm competitive, but not in a it will be in a way that will serve him, not in a way that will you know, I won't go net or Internet or I did better than you. It's a great I did better for you.

Go ahead if you want to. I don't care. Hurt my feelings.

Now, that doesn't sound like an aisle hack. Right.

Well, you won't believe the Scott, but we're at four minutes out and. Well, where are we? Before? We call it a night. I do have one more question that I love to ask every one of my guests. It's a it's a really powerful question and the answer that comes back is just as powerful.

And so I wanted to give that a moment to soak in. And then this is the time now to remind everyone that's watching live that this is it.

This is the time we're gonna give you permission right now to take out your phone if you're not watching on the phone. If you're watching the phone, you already have in your hand and bring up your texting app, because this is how you can enter to win that five nights day at the five star Mexican resort, all compliments of our good buddies at power texting dot com. I will put it up on the screen right now. And here is what you do. Type in the phone number and your texting app. That number is 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. And then write down in that area where you type in your message. You want to type just the word peak. Let's PJAK and hit that little send icon and that will automatically enter you to win. We give away 1 every single show. Once again, the phone number that you want to text to is 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. And in the message type, the word peak PJAK hit that send button and we will announce the winner after the show is over. Does that sound good to you? Sounds good. Oh, sorry, I had a phone out.

I know what it's OK with me if you enter. In fact, many guests, experts, I've seen them while I'm on, you know, doing that. I can see the backstage and other people get they're getting off their phone and they're going at it. It's awesome. I love it. Yeah. It's a random draw so everybody can win it. Absolutely. And then another. Did you have a gift to Scott? I know it's been a while and things have changed. Was there a gift that you wanted to provide or is that something you had to wait till the book comes out?

No, no. We could. We could do T.W. G. Free gift dot com. Right. We'll give you one of my books. What are we going do? Let's give something away. Fantastic. And third, is this right there? So you just go there and proofread and get an immediate download and sixty four page books. There's twenty one charities tied to that book. That book was all caused by lack. I couldn't write a check to the charities, but I could write a book. And so ever since 2007 the the proceeds have gone elsewhere.

So fantastic. So one more time it is t. w.g. free gift dot com. Yep. T w.g. stands for talking with Giants just to give it a little more for those who listening on the podcast talking with Giants t w.g. free gift dot com. Go there and get this wonderful free gift from Mr. Scott showing that handsome guy all over the web center watching on the show.

That's right. You got old. You know what? I'll take it. Yeah. The older the better. Always beats the alternative, doesn't it? My brother.

Again. I was close. I was close enough. I don't need to be there ever again. One time.

Good. Good. And that's what we all hope. Absolutely. For sure. And now.

We're going to get back to that wonderful question that you are, I'm sure, anxious to finally hear what it is.

And by the way, he has not shared what this question is, so. I'll verify his stuff to.

So just to kind of clear the air a little bit Scott. The cool thing about this question is there is no such thing as a wrong answer. In fact, it's impossible to answer it incorrectly. So that takes a lot of. If there was any anxiety going on, which probably none with a professional speaking background you have. But anyone that does set something up like that and leave you hanging. I'm sure there was a little bit of butterfly going on from the old athletic days. But the exact opposite, though, is what's true is that the only correct answer is your answer, because it's a highly personalized question, not it doesn't get deep into personal things. It's just a personal question that's unique to every individual. Let's put it that way. And so with that. Are you ready for the question? Right. Fantastic. Here we go. And no matter if it takes you a moment, that's OK. Dead airtime means nothing. Don't sweat it. You're a pro. If it's instant, then it's instant. Doesn't matter either way. It's all correct one.

This a setup for this question? By the way, I just want you to know he likes butter. Good question.

Good, good. Clears throat Is getting ready.

You ready? Here we go. Scott Schilling, how do you define success?

Well, as an example, I don't define success. Well, I do define success. Success is simply the achievement of a goal. To me, it's especially as you become more mature. That's codeword for older. As you become more mature, you'll find that it's no longer about achieving the goals, the success, it's about significance. And significance is truly the meaning behind the achievement of the goal. And so significance is far more important to me. And here's what I think is really exciting, is my generation, the baby boomer generation, we've kind of taken our licks along the way to understand that. That's why when you get a little bit more wisdom and a little little few notches, you know, and different things, you start to understand that it's really about the meaning behind things. Here's what we have going on in our society today. The millennials have figured that out early and we've got boomers who are upset with millennials because they figured it out early. Congratulations, Millennial. I'll team up with you any day. Get a boomer and a millennial together. And let's make this world a better place for all of us. It's about the meaning behind the achievement.

Fan tastic. And you know what's interesting, Scott? I've asked that question of nearly 100 people now and no to wear, I wear identically the same and you're getting tons of likes and loves on LinkedIn. I mean, people are just like. Raising the roof right now. That was amazing. Here's the thing. What's really interesting is, you know, I I interview successful entrepreneurs who have been not so much. That are just starting up a couple here and there in the beginning of the of the show. But not one of them. Not a single one of them called out money as their number one reason that they they would define as being success. It wasn't like when I hit my first million, some would actually refer to money in the process of getting them to the point of what they really thought success was would be liberation, freedom to do what I want when I want to be there with my family, leave a legacy. There's so many awesome answers. And yours is no different. And it was unique as you are. And that's what I love about asking this question at the end. And I'm literally compiling all the answers into a book. And it's going to be an amazing book. I'll get your your OK to put your name in it before I publish anything as well as the others. But it's powerful to hear singing from my side of the fence where I get to hear all the different answers. And they're they're unique and different and they're powerful. Every one of them. And it's interesting how they are so unique to each individual. It's just amazing.

Well, I think. And I'm really sincere about that. I think if the baby boomers would team up with millennials, we trap Gen X in the middle. And so they've got a kind of like what's going on. But the millennials have the energy and the desire for that achievement, for the meaning behind the achievement. The boomers have the desire for the meaning behind the achievement. You put the energy with the wisdom, unstoppable things can happen. My platform, let's return to respect, honor and dignity. Let's show people that we love them, that we care, that it's not that hard. But one day I said to a friend, can't we just all get along? He goes, Nope, we're not built that way. And I said, I refuse to accept that. That's terrible. I respect honor and dignity. That's my platform.

Appreciate that. I appreciate you. I love you, brother. You're an awesome guy. Thanks, man.

You as well. It's so it's fun. We. We can't have like an hour and half special. We can't have. We're going three, buddy. OK. Whatever.

Oh, man. So how can people best get in touch with you, Scott? What is your preferred mode is at Facebook. Email. What?

Your site, Hochul's all socials are Scott Schilling and the number 8. That was my number at the University of Iowa. The My Mail Scott Schilling online dot com has got a ton of stuff. Please go great at my old TV show is on there that I used to have and the other side is my email is so complex it's Scott at Scott schilling dot com. I mean if you've got a question from tonight, if you've got a comment, if if there's you know, if you're whatever, just say hi it be cool. Send me an e-mail.

I'm pretty easy and I'll be one to say that I the other pretty good, pretty high that he's actually going to say hi back a few ones and truly appreciate you for who you are, who you've become through all the trials and tribulations and your victories. You know, and you're just you're just a guy that I think is a great role model for so many people, both those that are either even above your age, you know, under your age, it doesn't matter. You're just a great role model. And I, for one, appreciate you, my friend.

Well, I appreciate you and I appreciate the opportunity. Everybody watching this either live or on the recording and please share it because brands get some. And he's got some amazing people coming on in the next few weeks and has already had him do it.

That's right. Including the man right now. Tonight. All right. We're going to let everyone go, including those watching online. Thank you for joining us everywhere from Facebook to Periscope to LinkedIn and more.

Appreciate you all and those you listed on the podcast. We appreciate you. And be sure to come back next week live so you can win that trip and more importantly, to learn some great value and interact with us live so you can ask questions directly and get some great value and take your success to the next step because it's something you want and you deserve. And we want to help you get there. All right. On behalf of Mr. Scott Schilling, the man, the myth, the legend himself. I am Brian Kelley, the host of The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. We will see you again next time. Until then, be blessed, everybody. God bless.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body business. Show was Brian Kelly.

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Scott Schilling

Scott Schilling is an executive coach, best-selling author international trainer, and speaker. Scott invites you to set aside the challenges of the past and step into new levels of victory Spiritually, Professionally, Physically, Financially, Socially, Personally, and Philanthropically. Scott brings a unique combination of 35+ years of life experience in coaching, sales, marketing and training to corporations, business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals. He has presented at nearly 2,500 live events sharing the stage with General Colin Powell, Suze Orman, Jack Canfield, Les Brown, former first lady Laura Bush and many more. As an Internationally accomplished and entertaining presenter, Scott has spoken to hundreds of thousands of attendees across a range of industries. Scott brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the airwaves, stages, board rooms, podiums and print. Scott is a highly sought-after Executive Coach and Business Expert because of the results he produces. His training propelled one client’s business to grow from approximately $8 million annually to almost $80 million in just under six years. Scott’s Life Purpose is: To Inspire and Empower others to serve humanity through living their life’s purpose in Spirit, Love and Joy!

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