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Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host, Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly:
Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome. Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. I have the most invigorating, exciting, talented, amazing if I said that already. It's true. Twice squared. Guests coming on in just moments from now. Why am I so excited?Because this young woman has been there and done that when it comes to trainings and certifications and in taking action and putting her knowledge to use. And she is an expert in the field of set, specifically neuro linguistic programming. Among others. I cannot wait to bring her on. Stay on. Stay on right now. The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. What is that all about? Well, in my now fifty five years on this planet, the last decade or so, I finally began to study just successful people. What made them tick? How did they get where they were? How did they continue to rise above everyone else? How did they fall and then rise back up even faster? And what I found in studying these successful people, both people that I knew personally and those that I read books from and that I saw in seminars and networking events is three patterns continue to crop up every single time. And you might guess where those come in. And that is yes in the mind, the body and the business areas of mind being mindset. And that's why I'm so excited, because really your mindset is the foundation for where you are today. Your success or lack thereof is a direct result of that thing on top right there that you all have that big, beautiful mind. And the wonderful thing is it can be altered to help you, to serve you, and it can be reprogrammed. And our guest tonight is an absolute expert in this field. And this is really, truly the beginning of the rest of your life if you really hone in. If you listen intently and if you take notes of what she is talking about and we'll get to her very, very shortly. And then there's body to a person that I studied that was had achieved a high level of success. They also took care of their body. And that means both physically by doing, you know, that five-letter word called exercise. Yeah, I get it. It's not. It's more in five letters. And by putting proper nutrition into your body, both liquid and both food and liquid. And the third be in business that is multi multifaceted. There are things like sales, marketing, team building, scaling, leadership. But the list goes on and on and on. And they had mastered all three of these areas. Now, when it comes to business, it's nearly impossible to master every facet of business. There are just too many. And the good news there is what you want to master very quickly is that one skill set of leadership so that you can scale your business, bring and help those that have the skill sets that you need, that it will take a lifetime to learn them at a deep level. For one person. And so that is another skill set. And speaking of success and skill sets, another great attribute that I found of very successful people is to a person. They were voracious readers. They read books and not just any book books that were empowering in personal development and business. You name it. And with that, I'd like to briefly segway into a little segment. I love to call bookmarks.

Bookmarks for and to read bookmarks. Ready steady read bookmarks brought to you by reach your peak library dot com.

Brian Kelly:
Yes. There you see it right there, reach your peak library dot com on the screen. And those who are for those you watching. Here's a little tip instead of. Taking that mouse and cursor and keyboard and going and looking at these resources as we give them to you. Don't do that. Instead, take out that old fashioned thing. Remember this paper and a pen and take notes. And then later, after the show is over, you can revisit those resources. And here's why say that. The reason is, is because the magic happens in the room when Shiny comes on. She is going to be a wealth of information and value and knowledge, and it would be a disservice to you if you were to take your gaze away from her and your your mind away from what she is saying and looking at other things that she's talking, because it won't it won't integrate with you at a deep level as it needs to. And so stay with us in the room. Virtual in the room to the end if you're watching. Stay with us. Video. If you're listening on a podcast, just concentrate and take notes. All right. Reach your peak library dot com. I literally created this resource with you. The entrepreneurs looking for success in mind and what it is is a collection of books. I physically personally have read every single one in here. And there's actually quite a few more that I am not up to the site in a while. There are about 40 or so. It's a good place to get you started if you haven't yet begun your journey in reading and reading good books. And if you have already, you might find another book in here that you have yet to read that you could just pick out. Knowing that at least one other successful entrepreneur has vetted it that way, you're not throwing a dart blindly at the board of all these books that you see out there, not knowing if the time you're gonna spend reading it is well spent or not. And so that is the reason I put this this resource together for you. It is not a money making website. It was never intended to be. All those links go straight to Amazon so you can purchase any type you want, Kindle, Audible, etc. It's up to you. Whatever works best for you that is there for you. And speaking of being there for you, it is time to bring on that one person I cannot wait to share with you. And that is shiny. And so she is coming on right now. Here we go.

It's time for the guest expert, spotlight, savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained, big-league qualified.

Brian Kelly:
Yes. Ladies and gentlemen, there she is, the one the only, Shiny Unsal. And I have to tell you all before Shiny really comes on. This is the most energetic, amazing, positive individual I've met a long time and I can't wait to share her with you. How are you doing, Shiny?

Shiny Unsal:
I am. Shiny.

Brian Kelly:
I love it. I love it.

Shiny Unsal:
Wonderful. I'm doing amazing. Thank you so much. I appreciate the warm welcome.

Brian Kelly:
You're very welcome. And we've got to spend a little bit of time before the show getting to know each other. And I got excited immediately. And I told you that very thing. I can't I couldn't wait to bring you on before we go deep into it just yet. I wanted to remind everyone who's watching live that if you stay on to the end of the show, then we will give you a way. You can win a five nights day at a five star luxury resort in Mexico or of a resort of your choosing. All you have to do is stay on to the end. And this is sponsored by our wonderful friends at Power texting dot com. They provide this for us. And just in case there's any question going through your mind. This is not one of those vacations where you show up and then you get shanghaied into a room and they give you a half a day pitch on a timeshare. It is not that. It is as if you paid for for the trip. And I know this for a fact, because the very sponsors themselves have tested it, not just once, not just twice, but three times, and said it was phenomenal every time.So I cannot wait. We give one away every single show. So now to formally and properly introduce this beautiful young lady to my left, shiny Lietzau is an award winning creator of Neuros Shine Technology. I can't wait to go deep into that. She's also a 40 under 40 most influential award recipient, a licensed and l.p trainer. Love that and ISEF certified coach and ISEF an accredited professional coach trainer and a seasoned communication expert. She is committed to helping people combine the power of their mind with the wisdom of their heart to discover their truth for success. These are powerful words, ladies and gentlemen. She is the founder of the Academy of Neuro Shein Technology. We're gonna get deep into that. The author of the book, You Are a Star Shine. And there it is. And a top rated professor at UCLA Extension Teaching Leadership Communication Strategies and Emotional Intelligence. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the multi-talented Shiny. Oh, yes, I love it.

I feel like this is the moment to come to the stage and shine on the delight.

And you are doing just exactly that. You are on the stage and you are shining. There is no doubt. And the thing I love so much is your background in the area of mind and working on the mind.

And it's all proven technology. You're certified in an LP. As am I. And you have taken it to a far deeper level than I have. I mean, this young lady has shared the stage with Gary Vaynerchuk. With less brown. She learned under the creator of an LP itself. And that's Richard Bandler. And this this woman didn't. And she has way more certifications than I could ever tell you on this one show. The cool thing with that is she understands the model of learn, do and teach. She doesn't just learn and throw up on the shelf and do nothing with it. She also implements it, executes it for her clients and for others. And then she teaches it and trains it. She's runs the gamut. And I'm so excited to have you on shining. I cannot tell you goose bumps yet. And so what I'd love to do is to get into the mind and I know you won't mind that of successful people like yourself. The bio, the Bible speaks volumes, volumes of your accolades and your achievements. And that's on the surface. And what I like to do is dig a little deeper in that beautiful brain of yours and see what is it in there that makes you tick, what helps us to make you successful so that others can model you in in ways that fit them.

And so I like to start it off by going through a little scenario like if you're anything like me and you wake up in the morning and you're a little groggy. Some people just jump to their feet. Maybe that's you. And then, you know, my feet swing around, hit the floor. I'm starting to come to and realize the days ahead. And personally, I get excited and I know I can only imagine what you're doing. And so for a lot of people, though, staying positive and really excited about each and every day can be a struggle. And if they don't know the proper mindset techniques, it may you know, it may still continue to be a struggle for you, though, when you wake up, what is it that truly to your core motivates you, makes you happy and excited for the next day? To come upon you.

Absolutely. My very simple answer to that question is I start my day with this simple statement. I love my life. That's how I start my day and I make sure that before my feet hit the ground, I say to myself out loud that I can also myself. I literalists say it. I love my life. That is more than enough to motivate me to begin a day of service, of love, of growth and of contribution. Why does it motivate me? Because when I say I love my life, I am actually making a huge statement and I am sharing my commitment and my love for the life that I have. That I was. And that is about gratitude. That is about my joy, my commitment for today, the ownership of the day. This is my day. And then I love it. I am alive. I came to a point where I really needed to question the meaning of my life. Years ago, when I lost my father to a heart attack, I faced not being alive. I stood right in front of my eyes. And it was tragic. When you explain something that deep, when you really need to see like go deep and ask yourself questions like what is the meaning of life? Why am I alive? Like, why do I do this life? You really. Dig and come on. To be clear, answers. And that's where I am today. I have a very clear answer. I have a very clear connection and communication with my life that I promised my life that I was going to love it every single day. And that's what I am doing right now so that my life loves me back. Does that make sense?

That's phenomenal. It makes total sense. Absolutely. Definitely. I appreciate that, sir. Yeah. One of the things I love amongst many about you is here's the thing.

I have I have actually encountered quite a number of other quote unquote MLP practitioners where it is all about mindset and about, you know, instilling permanent change within your mind. And one of those is to remain positive even in the midst of negativity. And we're all human. So we're gonna go through some very short spurts, utility, as like you say. You know, one of the key the key elements are being aware and then and then making the change, right? Yes. And so it's awareness is number one. That's the key. First and foremost and the beautiful thing with you is you walk the walk. I have seen and maybe you have, too, all too many neuro linguistic programing practitioners talk about all that. And then I go watch and look what they're saying on Facebook. And it's spewing negativity. And unlike what happened, you're supposed to be you don't you're not practicing what you preach. And it kind of blows my mind when I see these things. You, on the other hand, you exude it, you live it, you breathe it. It is you. And so I appreciate you for that.

Thank you. And it does, actually. Make a difference when you teach it. I am somebody who teach and I'll. I am. I am the one who certifies those practitioners, Zen master practitioners. When you only go to a training and then when you get certified as a practitioner or a master practitioner, you are not. If you are not really practicing it as your business, then you may just put it on the site. You might as well forget about it. To me, it's my mission. Hashtag on a mission. That's. That's my world. That's my life. I teach it. So that's why my mind thinks about it all the time. My heart beats for it all the time. My life is lived for that all the time. So to me, it's my purpose. It's my life purpose. And that's why, as someone who really values integrity, I always ask myself. Are you walking the talk? Are you really doing whatever you are teaching? Are you preaching? And it's not easy. Brian, I totally understand some people might fall back in terms of their practice sometimes. And that reminds us the importance of repetition. You've got to repeat it because you will forget the brain works in a different way. The brain is going to require repetition because there is so much information going on. This brain has capacity. This brain is going to stop at some point and it's going to get the information, whichever is the most fresh information. That's what the brain cares about. If it is not fresh, the brain forgets. So that's why you gotta repeat it.

You gotta keep it fresh as true and everything in life, isn't it? The key to mastery is repetition. Let's take sports. I often go to that metaphor like the best of the best to ever play. Let's say basketball. They got there through repetition. Lots and lots and lots of repetition. There is no difference when it comes to business. If you're practicing a certain vocation, the more you do it and the more experience you gather from it, then the better the results will be for your clients. And then, of course, your business will grow as a result. I want to give a quick shot up to several people are saying high on clinked. We got Hosie by EESA. Thank you for coming on. Hello to you, Mr. Biz. Ken Wentworth, who was a past guest on our show. He is an amazing guy. I love his backstory. Claudia Costa and we have Christopher Roush, my good friend Christopher Rush was just on the phone with them earlier today. Jeffrey, hello. It's I apologize if I'm not pronouncing that properly. And yes, how to get training with shiny Claudia's asking. That's a great Segway. Thank you for asking, Claudia. Let's answer that right now. What I'd like to Shiny is give you the opportunity to really talk about your academy, Academy of Neuros, Shine Technology. How do people get connected with you? How can they start on their path of training with you and become this glowing, shiny person just like you? How you know what would be their first step?

The first step would be to go to my website, shiny install dot com, I have free content that they can download, they can study it, they can order my book. I have online courses that they can buy very affordable and they can start already studying neuro linguistic programing from my very entertaining and educating online video courses. They can also find it on my website site. And if they want to take it to another level where they really want to mastered a mindset and if they really want to learn how the brain works. What are the five steps that can either make you or break you in terms of your mindset? If you really want to understand how to master your communication, if you want to become someone who can speak from the heart and still confront with respect with other people, when you feel like there is something wrong and you need to really speak up. These are all possible. You can still be your lovely shiny self and stand up for whatever is true for you. And that's why I created my Academy of Neuros Shine technology. So that academy offers in person hands on certifications in neuro linguistic programing and also in terms of their willingness of programing. If you're not using it professionally, you might forget it, right? Like we discussed with Bryant. It requires the petition. And for that reason I created my own methodology, which I named Neuros Shine Technology and Neuros Shine Technology is going to teach you and l.p neuro linguistic programing.

As a coach. So you will come out from my trainings both as a licensed certified practitioner of NEWLING, as a programing from the person who created an LP, Dr Richard Bender. He is going to create the certifications and he's going to literally FedEx them to me. I'm going to put my own signature and I'm going to let you know your certification is here. And at the same time, minor shine technology is also fully approved by International Coach Federation. So for those of you who are not familiar with International Coaching Federation ISEF, they are the authority in the field of coaching. You don't have coaching. Industry is not regulated by government, so International Coaching Federation stands up and feels that role. If you really want to become a certified coach at the highest levels in the world, then you really need to go through. I see. Yes, certification program and to go through ISEF certification program. First you need to go through an ISEF approved coach training and my trainings might and you trainings are fully approved by ISEF as well. So what it needs? If you went to my website already, China saw dot com. If you checked out the online courses and the book and the free resources and if you already decided on the LPN coach training page that you want to further your studies, then you want to come get certified.

Here is your advantage. I am proud to share with all of you who are watching or listening, dad. I created the one and only neuro linguistic programing certification training from Dr. Richard Bandler in the world that is also approved by ISEF. So within seven days you get both certifications, boats and l.p and you come out as a coach. This is the unique thing I created to remind your shine technology and I'm so proud because otherwise you would be paying whatever you're paying for an LP training, which is somewhere between, you know, four to six thousand dollars and then you would be paying another seven to eight thousand dollars to become a coach, a certified coach at the ISEF level, because that is what it is. I combine the two and then I offer to the world at the price of one. I am really proud to be able to do that, and I'm also very proud to combine 10 very different powerful disciplines in the snow or shine technology. So what are they? What do you study when you come to my trainings at the Academy of Nutrition and Technology? Basically, you study and LP, right? Neuro linguistic programing that changed my life and that changed everybody else.

Why is that? I was able to touch and then coaching always advanced coaching strategies that are approved by ISEF. You study neuroscience because learning MLP may not be enough. It was not enough for me. I needed to understand the science behind it. That's why I went to UCLA. I studied neuroscience and now I am able to explain all the brain and oldest science behind it and have the mind is so powerful. So apart from there science, you also study hard science. Have you ever heard such a thing? There is something called heart signs. The heart has a science and it's mind blowing. How powerful heart is. For example, the heart sends much more information to the brain. Then the brain does send to the heart. That's very important to know. There is a very big connection between the brain and the heart, and that's what recovery in my trainings. If we also talk about quantum physics, because when I was studying neuroscience, I was also very interested in quantum physics and I realized that, you know, the single the most unique part of us and the single element that we have. We all have is energy. And energy can be broken down to its components. And then at the end, at the bottom, we are all going to find energy.

And energy has its own science with quantum physics. There is vay too many things that you can find in quantum physics. The important part is that how it relates to human behaviors, how it relates to the way you see it, like why do you need to understand quantum physics in order to understand yourself? So those are the things that I cover in my trainings and then I talk about metaphysics and how we can actually think about the things that we are not reasonably seeing and why is that important? And then we talk about also emotional intelligence. I am a proud course, author of emotional intelligence at UCLA Extension. There are five skills that you can score and improve your emotional intelligence. We talk about that because MLP can be used to improve your emotional intelligence. And then we also talk about leadership, like there are leadership skills. Coaching is used to improve your leadership skills. And then we talk about leadership communication strategies and you also talk about. Something called a really, really amazing cosmology, because cosmology is the part where you understand what the universe is all about. OK. We went to the very bottom and then we studied quantum physics and the energy. Right. Why do we have all these energy between ourselves? And how does it relate to us as humans and how does it relate to the universe that we live in? And that's why you also want to understand cosmology.

When you understand cosmology, when you put it together with quantum physics. When you put it together, it's metaphysics and hard science and neuroscience. And then you also add emotional intelligence, leadership, communication strategies, MLP and coaching. And lastly, positive psychology. Those are the ten disciplines that are going to empower you. And at the end of the seven day trainings that I teach, you come out as the most empowered, as the most aware, as the highest version of yourself. And then you are set for life. You have all of these skills. You know how to think. You learn how to things. You learn how to think. And then you have the empowerment. And that's what helped me. If I can do it from a little town in Turkey and now living my dreams here in Los Angeles and living my life and creating a business on purpose, changing lives. I'm sure everybody who's watching can do it right, Brian? Yes, everybody can do it. I think it's really the mind game, the mindset game. And that's why Mind Your Shine technology actually aims to empower individuals to combine the power of their mind with the wisdom of their heart so that they can tap into their troops there. Moments of truth that I name as nourishing moments.

Oh, my goodness. I personally have writer's cramp and that's a good thing. Celebrity knows. Oh, I don't just preach it. I also do it. Do it.

Ok. So then let me just give you one more notes to this, because my mind is now reminding me you didn't explain what Nora Shyne moment is. So let me just briefly explain that as well. For everyone who's watching Nora Shine represents you know, we have aha moments, Brian, you know, you feel like, oh, my God, you know, I never thought about that. So that a ha moment is a neuro shining moment in my terminology. Got it. And the reason I named it as Nahshon is because your one hundred billion neurons in your beautiful brain, they are exchanging information. And at that specific moment of truth, that realization there is measurable electrical and chemical brain activity that is going on that we can measure. And then we can see that's the electrical part of the neuron activity that I refer as the neuron shine neurons are shining. So it's a neuro shining moment. Makes sense.

Absolute perfect. And I love how it's all integrated and included in not only your name, but your brand. And that's also genius.

Going back to your academy, I have never seen anything so comprehensive. And I've met many people in the industry. I know some that run their own academies. There is nothing that comes close to this. And I was getting excited listening to because having been through an LP myself and going through some advanced trainings that were basically business centric, not just personal development in an LP, I have dabbled and touched and experienced metal or quantum physics, which was mind blowing by itself. And then I went into metaphysics, emotional intelligence, which is huge, especially for business. You need to know, you have to be aware emotionally of others as well. Leadership skills like that one by itself could by itself be worth whatever you're charging, because exactly when you learn proper leadership skills, you can scale any business to any size you wish cosmology. I mean, that's a new one. I've not as far as integrating it into this type of frame, hard science. I had not heard of that. You know, who was it? Was it Deepak Chopra? I can never say his name. Right. Deepak Chopra, thank you. You do that every time, Deepak. You know, basically said that every cell in your being is listening is listening into your mind. They're all interconnected.

And so that made total sense when you described the heart science, how your heart signals and more to it than the brain back. And I can only imagine what a breakthrough, as they would call it, and then LP people would have going through your courses. So I have a question about your courses, and that is when they go in order and go through the online material before they attend in person, does is there. Is there any kind of time limit that they have until they come and see you in person that they must or do that to refresh their learning from the online courses? Or how does that work?

There isn't, actually. Because I understand that everybody has their own time and everybody is there in their own space, in their life. So there is no time limit. They can go order the online courses and then whatever they see on my website, the online courses are mostly about an LP.

So all of these ten disciplines that I mentioned to you all the cosmology, positive psychology, hard science, day art, new evidence, the last, you know, four or five years. And I am now teaching and integrating those two my hands on trainings. But the online courses are mostly an IP communication goal, setting effective tools and, you know, assumption busting and things like that. And that's why they can do it on their own pace. And then there is no time limit. They can come and get their training whenever they want.

I love that. And A.P., in my mind. No pun intended, is really the cornerstone, the baseline, the foundation. It's a great place to start. It's a powerful place to start. And I love how you've structured this. We were talking before we came on live, and I was curious. You know, it is almost impossible to do certification training courses, virtually meaning online through Xoom and other things. I've seen other companies that do it. I've not actually witnessed and gone through it, but I can't see how there will be any substate. There's no way to substitute being right there because we're doing physical anchoring touching. That's right. And you have to be very in tune to a person's physiology, you know, their breathing patterns, everything that goes with an LP that may not be as evident. If you're looking at a screen, you can't hear or feel any one's breath. For instance, if if you get that close, then the the energy is different. Everything's different. So I love how you've structured this, how you start off with an online course for an LP, which I've taken after doing the physical course with my mentor. OK, I see how this can work. That's really actually pretty brilliant. You can do this.

It is best if you have another physical being to do this with. So and I know you know that. And so what's our key? Do you open this academy training, too? Because I know you're all over the place and maybe a calendar of when you're gonna be. Where's that? Is that available on your site?

Or do you know it is available on my site? Yes. And it is actually coming up. There is too much doing the eight here in Los Angeles, California. Let me begin on March twenty eight and we go seven days. But there is a one day break because otherwise too much information. We don't want the brains to get fried. And that's why we have a one day break, too. You know, you brain some space to cool off. March 28, 29, 30, April, first, second, third and fourth. And I understand there is some sort of fear in the public about coronavirus. Oh, my God. Is that a good time? It's always a good time. It's just where the mind goes. Energy flows. That's about the focus. It's about what you do with your attention. And that's actually number one, that the first principle that I teach in my trainings. What you do with your focus, where you pay attention and how you use your brain to create meanings. And that's why I highly, highly recommend to everyone to check out my website and to come meet me and hopefully take the training, join the training and get certified.

Thank you for bringing that whole thing up, because the mind is so powerful that, you know, most people aren't aware of just how powerful it is and MLP. I personally believe it's just giving us a tiny glimpse into its sheer power. But it's a massive, powerful glimpse. And you can you can literally script your own life. I'm not saying day by day, word by word, hour-by-hour or anything like that. But you can script your results and figure out what your results are going to be and you can have that program than you do the work. So someone like Shiny would just guide you through it. It's you know, you're awake all the time. It's not hypnosis and l.p direct. There are hypnosis pieces to it, but you'll find out quickly just how powerful the sciences as I did. I mean, what I'm sure you get this all the time. I was one of those.

I was sitting there. I'm very I was very calm. I still am. I'm cautious with what goes into my mind and says, you're going to reprogram remind. I've got flags. Red flags are waving everywhere.

And I did back then. And then what really took me over the edge. And this might help other people to then reach out to you Shiny. And that's why I'm bringing it up, is that when they started talking about hypnosis from stage, like, whoa, I just remember that my mom said, be very, very careful that you don't want them to change your belief system in hypnosis to do that. Well, very craftily and very integrity. The speaker told us not just that you cannot change someone's belief system. And they went through examples of those that had tried in the past and failed and made it to the point where you cannot change anyone's belief system through hypnosis because all hypnosis is self hypnosis. Exactly. So your conscious will not allow anything to change unless your value system is in alignment. So that freed me. I cannot tell you the liberation. I said, let's do this. I'm in. Where do I sign up? Let's do an LP. And I went all in. I mean, every advanced course, everything I could do. And I have zero regrets. Looking back, I spent that large amount of money you're talking about. And there way. No, no. Federation, what's it called? The ISEF Federation was not a bar code. I went through advanced chart training and included speaking from stage and that was the moneymaker for me. But all of it. Shiny I'm with you. I just I'm trying to help those that might be I understand wondering because there are those that are just uncertain. And when it comes to this, is this a loop? You know, they call it a pandemic. And yeah, I don't want to be.

I want to be sensitive to those that are truly does affect. And so far, it seems to be those that are around their eighties and are not in good health already. Those that are less are younger and in good health. It doesn't you know, you'll get sick, you'll feel horrible like the flu and you'll get over it. And so for yours, I mean, I can't imagine. What does your tip. What would an attendance number of people be at a facility that you run these at? What's the max?

I count them at twenty two. Is Max. That's though there is nothing to worry about. A great number two. And seriously, because I mean it's it's it's the possibilities. Right. You have more possibilities of being fearful of anything else. If you're concerned about your health, you have other possibilities like higher possibilities. So it's just like the media. It's way too much attention right now. That's why we're very, very fearful.

It's not completely what's going on. Like literally, generally. So it's really important to be able to, like, come come look at everything from a bigger perspective, like use cosmology at this point, like go to the universe and become the universe and see it from a big picture. Look at the numbers like what's going on? Are people dying from the flu? Are people dying from Corona virus? What are the percentages? This one is like 20 percent coronavirus is like 30 percent real, affecting, you know, 80 years and older. And if you have healthy if you have health and if you have a healthy immune system that you are younger, you're good. Good. How do you take care of yourself? You don't need to worry about it. Just go live your life. Just like don't pay attention to it. It's just where the mind goes. Energy flows.

Yeah. I appreciate you bringing that up. I have a similar. Yeah. And just be smart and be be aware that, you know, your actions could impact someone who is 80 years old or not. And so, you know, go ahead and and always wash your hands. I mean, that's this is good practice anyway, no matter how matter of Corona is out or not. It's just it's just what we're going through right now. And it's unfortunate that it's gotten the media stirred up and gone, causing panic and fear that I think is unwarranted and in greater parts of the story. But let's also be cognizant of those who are susceptible to it. And, you know, at least a play. Yeah. But for the purpose of coming to shiny thing, just go will give me totally.

I would love you to be responsible for your own seizures and everything. And at the same time, what I've been wanting you to see is that it's a lot of media. Whenever the attention is, you know, pulling you away from that, that's what's going on.

I just want you to be aware and just recognize everyone watching and listening that you after you go through shyness, course you can have the same result. Listen to her. Does she sound nervous, scared? Is she hesitant to move forward with her business? Not at all. Not in the least. Because her mind, she has worked with it. She has worked on it in depth. And you could if you listen just a little while ago, you can see in many different areas that make her far head and head and shoulders above most practitioners. I'm going to say all that I've ever met, because in my personal experience, no one has come close to doing this combination of mind work with you. And I can't. I mean, I've not gone through her course. I can just tell this woman that someone you want to be involved with. You want to get in touch with her and have a conversation at the very minimum, go to our site and get her recorded and LP sessions. That'll do nothing but help you. That's all.

Fine, thank you. I truly appreciate. I appreciate that. Thank you.

And you know, when you go to our website, there's a video near the bottom and you can see the essence of Shiny. You know, this woman is fun loving, loves life, and she's exuberant and shows it in the moment. She came on camera, you know, about a half hour before we started the show. What did I see? All these big ole smile. And we weren't even like seeing each other at that moment. I could see her. She didn't know that kind of gray. When you first pop in. And I was like, oh, this is gonna be great.

I can't wait for here's the thing for everyone.

If you're sitting on the fence, if you have those those limited limiting beliefs about mind, work and mindset, all I encourage you to do is take the first step and take action and connect with her. And we'll give you that information in just a moment. Exactly how to do that. And connect with Shiny, you can see the kind of person she is. She's going to answer your questions. There's no hard sell tactics going into it. She's just going to present you the information to give you the opportunity to make the right decision for yourself, which is going to be ultimately. Yeah, I want to take a step forward with this woman because it will only change your life in every way, in positive ways that you could ever imagine. I only know because I've been through one tenth of the training through MLP and it has been an absolute complete and total change of my life as a result. And I was one of the hugest skeptics you could ever see. And so I just want to put that out there for those that might have questions. Hey, reach out to me if you want. I will. I will send you to Shiny. I am not an active practitioner at the moment.

I'm not. And even if I was, I think I'd say goatherds anyway because of the time. You know that neuropsych technology is pretty, pretty remarkable. It's just. And look, there was this show is not about pitching products, services or anything like that. Never has been. Never will. If if someone comes on and I see that there's somebody who can help immensely, I'm willing to shout it and her from the rooftops. And I've done it in the past. And so the show isn't a commercial for her or her services. It is a way to help you to achieve success both personally and in business. That's what m_l_p_ and all of the other nine aspects of her program will help you to do.

And I speak from experience of just doing one tenth of it again. And it has been I love life like I never did before Shiny. And when I went through an LP, I didn't even know how to interact properly with people. I loved people I always had, but I didn't know how to communicate properly. And just that one thing. Building rapport is. I mean I love people. And now I get to express it and have fun with it. In an integrity way. I mean, you know, you ever go up in an elevator and it's dead quiet and there's like 10 people there. I'm not I'm not one that says something first and not not to be out. You know, sometimes a little joke can get people laughing, but it breaks attention. And for, you know, a three minute ride, we all become friends and they all leave smiling. And, you know, you had some part to do with improving their life.

That's right. That's the whole point. So to make them smile and to make it a little bit better because you exist.

This young lady, I don't know if I said it earlier, if I repeat, because I'll just do it because repetition is key to master has shared the stage with the likes of Gary Chuck with less Brown with. As she's trained with Tony Robbins. She's. She's been around the block when it comes to business. She is a doer, not just sitting in the crowd. She's been on stage, miked up. And there are pictures and proof of it all over on the Web site that tell it. I should tell you, if nothing else, that she is out there. She is doing this one hundred percent. This is her vocation. She loves to help people. And I bring that up because there are many out there. Yes, it might be their main vocation, but they're not out there like Shiny is not as committed that I've seen and wanted to know if you're out there looking to choose for. You know, to have someone to be that person to help you right now. As it stands, I would point to Shiny and I have not seen her training one bit.

It's just it's amazing. Like I literally am amazed, like listening to you and how the whole heartedly you are telling me all of those things. I truly appreciate that, Brian, seriously. That's a very, very sweet of you.

Thank you. I think I think it's. And I appreciate you saying that. But it's deserved. You know, you put in an ungodly amount of time and money, I'm certain, for all the ID work that you went through. And then to take it and step out of your comfort zone, which everyone I mean, even the most polished of speakers still has trepidation before going on stage. And that take, you know, fear of speaking in public is number one over fear of death when it come out. That's true. You've done that not time and time again. All the things you put it all together and all of these things that you've. I think it's genius that you put all these together. Quantum physics, heart science, neuroscience, the coaching leaders, all of it. And so I get excited talking about it. I literally.

It's only that I mean, this is my second language.

As you know, I came here in 2011, so I've been doing it since 2011. So not to mention that I am coming from the corporate world where I used to be an employee. I used to work for somebody else. I had no idea. Nothing. Not not any knowledge about creating a business our or becoming an expert.

Forget about that. Doing it back in Turkey. I came to L.A. and I studied everything here from scratch in another language in another country, not knowing anything, not knowing anyone, not knowing where to begin.

So the message there is if she can do it, certainly you can do it. Yeah. Anybody else can do it. Totally. Claudia.

Cost on linked Dennis been remarking and comedy. Thank you, Claudia. I appreciate you. She said feeling great energy from you guys and commenting on past thing you brought up. Absolutely true. She started to ask the question about Corona virus, and right at that moment we addressed it slowly.

And that was that was on the heels of your upcoming training going on.

And that's in the L.A. area, whereas I'd set a holiday in L.A.. Oh, perfect.

Perfect. Yes. I highly recommend you just go. Just just enroll. Just sign up. And again, have that chat with her if you need it. We will walk you through 20 people. That's that's a perfect number. I've been through these trainings myself, and that's like a sweet spot because you, the practitioner, can then spend enough time with each individual. Oh, yeah. If it's if it's too big, there's not enough of you to go around to really get the experience that is warranted. Right. And the beautiful part is, I don't know if you do a training in a similar way, but when I went through it, we would pair up and change clients. And that is the most powerful part of it. Oh, yeah. That you get to bang, you get to be the one in the quote unquote, change chair. And they are the practitioner.

And then you switch roles and you become the practitioner. It's it's so amazing sensing exactly how it works.

I for example, there is just one mindset strike or tip or technique. I share it. I show it with someone and then I put them in pairs and then they work it on each other and then they switch pairs sometimes or three people practice the coach, the client and the coaches. Coach The Observer. Got it. Observer also gets to observe the coach and the client, and then he or she gives them the feedback. So it's all feedback. It's all learning from each other, different ways of thinking, different ways of doing things and different ways of receiving feedback. So at the end of seven days, you can imagine how deep we go have deep.

They connect it. And I am a facilitator who gave the content. And this whole amazing group of people, they are not in love with each other. They don't want to go home.

You're right. It's only that. Yes. And you become lifelong friends. Yeah. When you go through something like that together, you feel like your family when you're done. Yes. It's an end. Not even when you're done, but all the way through it. It's just it's it's a first. It's the greatest thing. It's a great thing. Yeah.

And can you imagine going through somebody as fun loving and as so serious at the same time as shiny? I mean this you get it all here and I can't I can't wait to hear back and I hope you stay in touch Shiny after the show and give some results of how that went. Gosh, Hollywood ought to check my calendar, see if I might drop in unannounced and then join up a flight and he join us.

Oh, I'll teach day one for you. I'm kidding. That would be that would be awfully well.

I forgot to mention something that the the training package that everybody everybody's going to see on my upside eat comes with coaching, include it. This is something that I wish I had when I was taking my IP trainings. Nobody was there until the train was over. And I had so many questions like I like I implemented this. This didn't happen. I am working on this, but I have questions, not what it was around. So I included coaching. So I do mentor coaching after the training is over.

Oh, man. And is that like a monthly thing or.

It's a monthly take for level one? It's three months for level one. Level two. There are six months of memoir coaching included and the package on this fall.

That is definitely something that is missing from most. I will say that for sure, right? Yeah. No questions. I'm like, OK. I know all these processes, but how do I know when and where and who to apply them on? Yeah. When do I do? What do I do? You know, timeline. When do I do want to give anything away? But you know, when I do mapping across, what do I do anchoring? When do I know what. What's. Yeah. And requires this. And I was always in a question mode like, OK, I've got the tools. I just don't know how to play them. This hammer is that does that camera screw or a nail. How do you know what I mean? I was like I wasn't sure how this all fit. So that would be that's huge.

That was really, really important because I want to serve. I want people. So really get to know selves. That's what NLB helps me to. I don't know if you are going to agree with me. I got to know myself better. I got to understand all this is how my brain works. I mean, I'm going to ask you guys if you're watching us, if you're listening to us and service question, please. Do you know how your brain works?

A simple question, right?

It's the number one organ that takes care of us. And how many of us know how it works? How does it work? So it's the most important information that you can know. Because if you know how your brain works now, you will know how everybody else's brain works. And so you can reverse engineer it and then you can use it whenever you need it to your own advantage. Because if you don't know it, then what's gonna happen is that that automatic process is going to become a block for you. It's gonna keep doing everything automatically. And because you don't know it. You have no way to control it. It is controlling you rather than you are controlling it. So it becomes that power game. And that's why I always talk about the power of the mind. There is a power and you can only tap into that power if you know about that power. So the very, very simple. Formula in a way that I can say I have a formula for change in my nourishing technology, and that's very simple change equals awareness multiplied by willingness. And awareness requires for you to know. Awareness requires for you to get to understand how your brain works. If you're aware, then by becoming willing to work on it, you can create the change. But if there is not awareness, multiply it by a lot of willingness. A lot of.

That is always going to be zero because awareness of zero, so that is the formula and you can take this formula and you can actually apply it to every single city alive, creating a business, creating a relationship, creating and improving your health. If you want to write a book, if you want to create a song, if you want to go shop, I do whatever. It's the same formula awareness multiplied by willingness. Are you aware? Do you know what you need to do? And if you do, are you willing to do whatever that you know that you like? Maybe you are not willing. So then if there is no willingness, you know a lot of things, but then you don't apply. Because there is not willingness. Guess what? If you know 100 percent what you need to do. But if you multiply it with zero willingness, the result is always going to equal zero. So that's why there is a multiplier in between awareness and willingness. So that is the formula. I want everybody to take this formula to home. Apply. Use it. It's really powerful.

Could not agree more.

This is shiny. So she is an amazing woman. And listen to what she's saying. And one thing I remember coming out of just general LP training was the amount of confidence that I had was many fold after completing these courses. It just grew. And I don't think it matters how confident you are in yourself when you start, you're going to be more confident and insert the hairs. It's all about certainty in life. Also more certain you are about something. The more apt you are to take action. And when you're confident, you're more certain that things are. It's just it's beautiful how it's all intertwine. And you are saying stuff about how, you know, change equals awareness, times, willingness, then attitudes and things.

It's like. We like to say from stage and maybe you say the same thing, you can either let your circumstances drive your attitude and change your attitude, or you can turn that around and have your attitude dictate your circumstances. It's what happens to you. Or we like to reframe that and say for you. For you. It's how you react to that play. It's about being at cause and being oh, it's just my gosh, you know, we could go on all night and I just looked at the clock. Can you believe it? We are three minutes from being done and.

Goodness, yeah, I just saw it. It's unbelievable. Claudia, it happens when I talk. That's what I can talk for seven, 14 days, 21 days in a row in my training's very, very easy for me.

Oh, yeah. And then it's I'm glad you do, because the value and the results people get is worth every word out of your mouth. I mean, that's why you do what you do. Thank you to Claudia Costa. Jeffrey Pelote, playlets, I hope I know I'm saying that wrongwith. He was he said synopsis neurons Shiny connections.

He was repeating love it.

And he also said earlier I had imprinted the words neuro linguistic programing and knew a._p ready smiley face. So thank you, Jeff.

Jeffrey, appreciate you coming on. I love all of you from linked in from Facebook, from all over the place that I've come to visit. We're getting near the end and I cannot believe it. I'm actually I'm literally a little bit saddened. Yes. Passed so fast. That's right, Claudia. Amazing. And these are comments coming in through LinkedIn. We had one earlier. That's a hello from Tracy Irvine. Happy Thursday. Thank you, Tracy, for coming on. Want to give you a shout out as well.

And here's the thing. I like to end every show shiny with a special question. OK. And it's a very special question in many ways. It's very it's powerful. It's a powerful question. More importantly, the answers I've gotten are more powerful. It's quite it's a simple quick question. Yet the answers I've gotten so far have been profound, and there's no competition here. So nothing to fret about. But before I'd run into and jump over to that, I did promise something to our viewers. And I want to also reveal a gift from you. But before that, I want to let everyone know exactly how they can win that five nights day at a five star luxury resort in Mexico or a resort of your choosing. And this is all brought to us by power testing dot com. And so this is the time where we both give you permission to very temporarily take your gaze and bring out your cell phone, because here is how you enter if you're not already watching on your phone. You want to bring up your texting app and enter the number as if you're gonna text to this person. It's a phone number. It's 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2, 4. And then you look down where you type in the little message tap in that area and just type in one word.

It's peak. A and then tap on a little sand icon and you will be entered immediately. And we choose a winner each and every week. You'll be notified via text. We will then ask you the winner for your email address so we can send you the information, be an email and that is it. So text the word peak PJAK to the number 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Do that now because we're going to come back. And first we're going to ask Shiny this amazing question and then we're going to tell you what she has to offer for all of you. So don't go anywhere. We're far from done, even though we are at the 630 hour. It's OK if we go over a few minutes. Isn't it shiny? It is. It is absolutely loud stereo. So I wanted to clarify a little more on this this question. Here's the thing. There is no such thing as a wrong answer. It doesn't exist. It's actually the opposite. The only the only correct answer is your answer, because it has a personal edge to it. And it's not deep personal. It's just everyone has a different a different answer. It's just amazing. I love getting. I love what I get to do. I love this. So are you ready? Yes. Bring it. Here we go.

Shiny saw. How do you.

Define success.

Success is living my life on my own terms. That's it, very simple. If you are able to live your life on your own terms, you are successful.

That's my definition. Very simple.

And I love that. Thank you. I was writing down your answer. And here's the thing. Some some get it right away. Something they ponder for a while years was like, bam, I know it. And the cool thing is, no two people have answered it exactly the same way yet. And I can't believe it. I'm approaching. Well, we're getting close to 90 shows at this point. And it's just been amazing to see what people think of success. It's very subjective, you know. And that's a good thing, actually, because success doesn't mean the same thing to everybody. I've learned that at a deep level by asking so many of you and appreciate that. That was that was, like I said, the correct answer because it was yours. Yes. Every life on your own terms, was it similar to others? Maybe some, but it was not identical to any. And the interesting thing I found in this you might find interesting, but I think you'll get it right away Shiny.

And that is because you are a successful entrepreneur. And the others I've asked the same question of were also successful people, and not one of them used a certain amount of money as their number one reason first of course. Yeah, you got that. Of course. Now when you're first starting out and you're not rich, you haven't reached the level of success yet that might be forefront on your mind because you need money for your business to survive.

So no one's being shamed here. Just know that if you're just starting out and you're thinking, what, Brian, I got to make a buck to get to that level of success. We get it because we've all been there.

So it's OK. It's a phase. It's a stage in your maturity level toward success. And when you get closer and closer, you realize that serving people is the number one reason for doing what we do. And when you change your mindset to say that's it, then you make even more money. That's a beautiful thing.

Yeah, certainly. Certainly. You're definitely right. Because when you understand that, you know, you make a lot of money, you can make a lot of money in so many different ways. But at the end of the day, if you are not putting a byles smile on your face, then you're not successful. Let's face it, you are not you are not successful. You have just made a lot of money. It's it's a different definition. It's it's yeah, it's a different way of living. And so my definition of success is that do I get to live my life on my own terms? Do I get to do what I want? And yes, I'm going to go through a lot of struggles. I am going to have heart aches and pains and know they're going to be mine. I'm going to choose that. I'm going to own it. It will be mine. It'll be my decision. Nobody is going to tell me what to do. I am going to choose and I'm going to own it. I will be responsible for it. And that's what I call success.

Yes, it's choice. It's liberation. It's all of. Yeah, I couldn't I couldn't agree more. It's so. Yeah. You live and die by your own choices, not by someone else who's pulling the strings if you're in the corporate world as an example. Yeah.

Yeah, I totally get that. And so I wanted to also give you the opportunity to talk about what gift you were going to give to our audience. And there might be a there might be a due date on this. So everyone listen and close. I'm going to do is bring up your Web site here in just a moment so you can help me drive. And go ahead and explain what this wonderful, wonderful gift is that you have in mind for our viewers and list.

Ok. So, everyone, I know our time is up. I was hoping to get you more content about mindset, about communication, about anything that we talked about, those ten different disciplines. And since, you know, time is limited now, what you can do. You can go to my website shiny and sol dot com s h i ny u n s a l dot com. And when you go you're going to see my photo with my hands on my heart. And right underneath that you are going to see the OPTN section right there with the black background where it says name and email. Please put your name and email and click on submit and you might want to do it today, only for today, because that is the only way I will know that you are coming from Brian Kelly's show. So if you just do it today before the end of the midnight, I am going to go ahead and give you access to one of my online video courses for free. Wow. They are just going to enjoy it. And you're going to crack yourself up because what? That's what I do when I watch myself. It's pretty entertaining. It's pretty fun, but it's what I call edutainment. Right. So it's education with entertaining aspect of it. That's what you're going to do. And so again, it's on my website. Shina insult s h i n y you and as a just go on there and put your name and email click submit. And that's how I will give you access to one of my online courses for free that I'm going to get um, personally and do that right after we got this call.

I just have to let you go.

It's gonna be for free.

Free or not? I mean, here's the thing with folks. You know, if if you look at any program online or or one that you have to visit in person. Consider the results that you're going to get when looking at any value. Like let's say you say, well, I have this program. Well, how much is it? Oh, I haven't told you anything about it. Well, how much is it? OK, it's 50 grand. Well, that's too much money. Too much money for what? Well, you said it's 50 grand, it's too much money. I don't have it. But what if that 50 grand would result in one million in six months? Would it be worth it then? Oh, yeah. Well, it's all with perspective. And so what I know for a fact is the kind of work that Shiny does is actually worth, well, more than 50 grand. Way more because of the results. And I've got one tenth of the results that she provides. And so all I can say, I have no idea what you charge. It doesn't matter to me. It will just change your life forever. And those around you, because you'll know, they'll know is changing you and they'll react. It's amazing. So, yeah.

Oh, yeah. Please note on the ones who are who might be teaching. Oh, I am too old. It doesn't work for me. I always want to bring it up. Yes. I've worked with my mother, everyone at the age of 60. She has transformed herself. And now she's 66. Six years later, she is my trainer. I am so proud. He goes and teaches my new or shine technology in my hometown in Turkey. OK, because she definitely experienced that herself. And she was telling me, oh, I'm just too old. It's not for me. It's for young people. You know, you guys the mindset. It's not about that. I promise you. And my mom, if my mom can literally do it occasionally, like on the side and can transform herself after the age of 60, you have no excuses. You have your life, which is precious. And it can be taken away from you tomorrow. We don't know how long we're going to live. But you have today. That's why I also want you to act today. Take action. Life rewards people who take action. So I'm going to just be life. I'm going to reward the ones for the actions that I love that.

And totally agree. And on the flip side, I will also do a testimonial from the younger age.

I brought my son to advanced training for an LP with me. He was 16 years old. So, yes, you can be too young to go through this because you have to have a certain level of maturity to get through it and power through it. So make sure if you're bringing. I don't know if you have requirements on that. Shiny about the minimum age. The one I went through, they basically wanted to meet and understand and know this person before they allowed him in. Because you don't want any distractions. You know, hijinx crowd is really that my son happened to be very mature and he went through it. And I'll give you this. He came home. He has an older sister and they were both in the kitchen. My son set up the chairs at an angle. I'm like, is he going to do this? And he set up. So he's the change chair. She was the no, he was the instructor. She was in the change chair. And he was taking her through an A.P. process. And I literally walked out the room because I started bawling. I was so happy. Instant. So young. Youth. How old was he? Sixteen.

Once you actually started it when he was 15, turned 16 during it was you. I could have been prouder. And it made a lifelong impact on him. And he shared it with someone he loved, his older sister. I was like, wow. So amazing. And these are just little. I mean, I can imagine how full, how fulfilling for you it has been to have your mom not only into her own life, but now she's changing others. Oh, yeah. And you had a big part in that. And that that's got to be gratifying beyond words.

Oh, yeah. I am like, I'm done. I'm fulfilled. Please. I hope you're not done. I have never done that.

How it feels. It feels so fulfilling. It rails so amazing that I get to do this in my lifetime because I couldn't get a chance to do it with my dad.

That was that was the point. I couldn't do it with my dad. And it has been my reason, my mission. And that's why I'm just so grateful to my life, dad. I I was able to do it with my mom, and now I get to see her shine.

That's awesome.

There's just no way she's literally shining success traveling the world with me wherever I like. In November, I was in Birmingham, United Kingdom. And she came with me. I was on the stage, Regine Aggravator Chok and Grand Cardon and Russell Brand. And she's there posing to the cameras with me. And she's just like truly enjoying it.

Oh, that would be good. So she's very happy.

And I'm just so grateful that I was able to. That joy to my mother. It's just so important to be able to give back to your parents because, you know, obviously I am who I am because of my parents and because my father is no longer in the physical life that we know he's somewhere else. But he also is someone who gave me my life purpose and who made me own the mission to create shiny minds because I saw the power of the mind in the opposite way with my father, because he had the dark mind towards the end of his life. He had a very dark mind. He went through a very big depression, went into alcohol and all that. So we witnessed that. And I saw how. Mind was just so tricky, especially when it is like in a dark way. And that's why I chose my name as Shiny back in 2015 when I became a citizen here in the United States. And it also is an anchor for me. It's an adult terminology. I incurred shiny as my mission on Ught to create shiny minds and to represent the cosmic the divine light in us.

Man, I'm already fulfilled. This is awesome. And I wanted to make one final comment for anyone that has gone down this path, and you look at other people that have these incredible programs that cost money. And again, I don't know and I'm not asking you to say how much money they can determine that on your website and through communication with you. And it really honestly doesn't matter how much it is. And here's the thing. If Shiny makes money off this and profits from it, do you think that's OK? And my answer to that is not just yes, but resoundingly yes. And I hope she makes a ton of money.

And why is that? Because I know someone like Shiny will take that money and scale her business and serve more people and change more lives for the better. And she's said it multiple times already. It's not about the money. It's about the fulfillment she gets from impacting others lives like her mom.

And it's just I mean, a hundred and fifty other people that I certified as a college and an LP.

Ielpi And so let's make that three thousand five hundred. You know, let's go back and word out about Shiny and Sol and her amazing Shiny technology, everything that goes with it. Goodness sakes. And I think I said it wrong. It's a what was the technology shine technology. Thank you. Schane Technology. Maybe you have another name for another technology and technology.

Pretty cool.

I mean, wow, this has been a hoot. And I don't want to go. We've been on over 15 minutes and I don't care. We don't have a schedule. We're not on a radio or television network. We can go forever. So another hour or two. You're good with that?

Well, out of respect to everyone who came in that knows this is an hour long show. Claudia, you so much. She says, my happiness is the power of my success. Yeah. Couldn't be truer. Thank you for supporting. I hope you entered to win and I hope you are randomly selected, Claudia and everyone else who came on. That's watching. I hope you entered as well. And I hope to be able to reach out to you have the team reach out and let you know about that wonderful prize. And more importantly, I will say this way, more important than a one time vacation. Please take Shiny up on our offer and go to Shiny Sol dot com and enter your name and e-mail address on that web site. And you have till midnight. So if you're uncertain about exactly how to do it, you'll see it on the video and go back and watch the recording before midnight on the west coast. pesty. So you have till 3:00 a.m. on the East Coast. And so, you know, stay up late if you need to to get through it and make it happen. And so you want to go put on screen one last time shining on sol dot com. Just go to that web site. All you have to lose is everything. And what I mean by that is you will never progress forward unless you act and make a change in your own life. And she's offering. Come on, people for free. And you get to get a taste of this magnificent young lady and what she can do for you.

On a huge scale. So you can just decide to go to the next level with her after this. And that's the beautiful thing about it. That's what I did. I kept going to the next level and I couldn't wait. What's the next one? Show it to me. And I didn't care. Whatever it costs. I'm going to figure out a way. And, you know, I did. It worked out. And I have zero regrets. So highly recommend you do the same with Shiny because we want our shininess to continue to shine. Are around the globe as fast as possible and to help more lives. So I appreciate you Shiny for coming on spending extra time with us tonight, right? I appreciate all you've there. Watched and have interacted. Claudia says on it. She's gonna be entering. Look for Claudia Costa in your e-mail box. She is on it. I know so many more will. So I'm going to actually shout it out here after it's over to say, hey, you guys. You have to watch this before midnight. It's got happen. It's got to happen. So I appreciate you Shiny what you're doing. Let's touch for sure after this. And on behalf of this amazing young lady Shiny. And so this is Brian Kelly's been another edition of The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. Until next time, be blessed. We'll see you all again very, very soon. Good night. Timing. Yes.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body business Shoshoni Show with Brian Kelly.

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Shiny Unsal

Shiny Unsal

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