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Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host, Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly:
Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. Oh, my goodness. This is going to be yet another fantastic, phenomenal, tremendous, stupendous show because of our guest expert, Simon Crowe, who is sitting in the wings anxiously awaiting to come on camera and join all of you wonderful people. This is going to be a hoot. Simon Crowe is coming all the way, by the way, from London, England, where it is one thirty one in the morning there. You want to talk about dedicated. I can't wait to dig into this guy's wonderful, beautiful brain and see what makes him so successful. Before we get to that, The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. What is that all about? Well, in my now 55 years on this planet, I have spent the last 10 years or so studying just those people that have achieved a high level of success. And what I found in those years of studying, and that's through personal contacts, through networking, through reading their books, many different forms, what I found was they all seem to have what I call the three pillars of success. And you may have guessed what those are. The first one being mined. What is that? Well, that's mind set. They all have a very powerful and more importantly, flexible mindset. And let me tell you, being an entrepreneur, if you're not one yet, you will you will see what I mean very, very soon. You go down this path. It's a good path. It's a wonderful ride and body. What is that? Well, each and every person that I've interviewed, that I've studied, that had a high level success really took care of their body. Now, that doesn't mean that if they were a guy, they looked like a bodybuilder, nor if they were a woman. They didn't always look like a supermodel. It just means that they took care of their body. They exercised on a regular basis. They did go crazy. They don't have to. Some do more than others. And the other part is the nutrition. They always are taking good care of themselves with what they eat and drink and then business. Oh, my goodness. That one is multifaceted. We're talking sales team building, systematizing. Am I going to say it just goes on and marketing it? It is so multifaceted that it would be nearly impossible for one person to master all the skill sets required to not just start a business, but run it, maintain it and grow it. The good news there is no one person has to do every skill in a business. The beautiful thing is those that are super successful are very, also very smart. And they know that they just simply need to delegate those things out to those who have those skill sets that they may be lacking. And so those are the three primary pillars that successful people seem to have in common. And Simon Crowe is no different than anyone else. And we're going to bringing in bringing him on very, very soon. Real quick, before we do that, another another very, very important trait, if you will, in very successful people is they are all voracious readers. And they read not just, you know, they read books that mean something that helped them to catapult themselves in their business and their success and in their personal life. So what that we're going to quickly segue into a little segment I like to affectionately call bookmarks.

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Brian Kelly:
And there you see it on the side. That is, by the way, really quick, if I may also mention, while you're watching the show. Be sure to keep your your eyeballs on the show on this on your ears, on the audio. And what I mean by that is please resist the temptation to go running off to a Web site or another resource, because I'm sure Simon will have some as well when he comes on. The best part of any type of show or event like this is that the magic always happens in the room. In the room. And I would really hate for you to miss any great golden nuggets that Simon brings on tonight. And so please stay with us throughout. And and there'll be a reason for it. And you're gonna learn why there's a little incentive for you to stick around, if you will, Brian Kelly: That is a Web site I literally built with you in mind. The entrepreneur, the business owner, the person that's looking to add to their depth and breadth of knowledge in the arenas of business and personal development. And so as I was reading these books, I started to catalog them on this Web site and put them in here. So that wonderful people like yourselves could have access to this wonderful array of these are impactful books. These are not every book I've ever read isn't in this list. And by the way, every book that it is in here, I have read and they've all had some kind of. Profound positive impact on my life. And you can see the list just goes on and on and on. And you can just click on any news buttons that go straight to Amazon, I believe to you so you can pick up those books. I didn't put this together to make money. I did this as a service to you. And so there it is. If you're looking to start if you haven't started reading, this will be a great place to start, because now you you can go look at a list that's been vetted by at least one other successful person. And the odds of you getting something from it are much greater as a result. And that's why I put it there. And for those of you that are already avid readers, you might find one or two or even more on this list that you have not picked up or read or even knew existed. And so it's good for you as well. Fantastic. And speaking of success, you know what time it is. I think you do. It is time to bring on the man of the hour and I'm talking 1:30 a.m. hour in London, England. Let's bring him on right now, Shelly.

It's time for the guest expert, spotlight. Savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained, big-league, qualified.

Brian Kelly:
And there he is, ladies and gentlemen. The one the only all the way from London, England. Simon Crow. How are you doing this morning, Simon?

Simon Crowe:
I'm doing really, really well. Actually, it's been a long day, but we've made it really happy to be here.

Brian Kelly:
Fantastic. And I've got to tell you, look fresh as a daisy. I don't know how you do. It must be that youth before we came on the camera, which we compared ages. He's a young man because he's he's got me beat by one year in on the east side. It doesn't take. It takes one day. And you're younger than me, right? It doesn't matter. Hey. Before we formally introduce Simon on the show. And Simon, I hope you'll kill this. I want to quickly make an announcement that for those you that stay on with us to the very end of the show, you are going to have the opportunity to win a five night stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico. And that's all brought to us. Compliments of You see it there on the screen on the upper right. If you're watching if you're listening in on Audible, then be sure to take notes. Same same with those of you that are actually watching is take notes on a little piece of paper and a pen. That way you're not tempted to run off and look at other Web sites while you're watching the show. And so stick with us till the end, because we give away one of these vacations, every single show. And I will tell you this, just so you know, there is no time share presentation waiting for you at the other side. No, no, no. It's nothing like that. This is a legitimate 100 percent vacation. They treat you as if you are just another guest. And I know this because the founder of Power Texting dot com has actually tested it himself no less than three times and said each time was a phenomenal experience. All right. Let's get on to the man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Crow himself. Simon is an artist, an adventurer and a master in the field of personal growth who specializes in connecting successful people with their deepest purpose as a qualified coach for over 12 years. He has guided numerous courageous individuals in achieving greater self-expression, expression and fulfillment and experiencing deeper meaning in their lives. He works with creative self-starters who have mastered conventional success and who are hungry to reappraise their life. In honor of their unique guests, I love this. Zyman helps them achieve absolute clarity around their true life purpose and create an extraordinary life for themselves and their communities. Oh my goodness, I love this because, you know what is the most important part that we often hear? And I know you know this. Simon, what people are searching for. People are always searching. And that's always what is my purpose. And so what you do for people is an amazing gift. Amazing gift. So that is phenomenal. If you wouldn't mind, tell us a little bit about how that process works, how you can take somebody who's seeking, trying to understand what their purposes and they want to know. Well, gosh, Simon, I don't know my purposes. Can you help me? How do you go about helping them to find that?

Simon Crowe:
Yeah, what what a great question to start with. First of all, I just wanted to say I loved the whole introduction. You know, you really you really value value. So hopefully if we've got some, you know, make some great points during our conversation. So your question is, how do I help people connect with their purpose? What I do is really help them to look into their hearts, to see the things that really they're passionate about help and get clear on their values, that the unique gifts, the things that they're excited about, the things that give them joy, the things that make them feel that are in flow. And then we try to do is mix them local, mix all of those up and synergize them into a single point of focus, which I call maybe a purpose statement. But once people identified that and got that real clarity around what that purpose statement is, they can then use that. It's almost like like a true north when they're making decisions, when they're deciding what to do next, when they're looking at opportunities and they want to evaluate them once they go what once they got it clear in their head what they're here to do, it makes it makes those choices so much easier, so much more motivating because it's so aligned to who that person is that the real cool and in their heart.

I just love that I love everything about that. Phenomenal service that you provide and very valuable service that you provide for others. And one of the things I love to do is after sometimes after finding out about a person like through their bio, their online bio is to actually dig a little bit deeper. I'm deeply curious individual. And I like to know what is it that is going on in that beautiful brain of yours that gets you to the level of success you've already achieved and then to maintain it, to grow it? It's it's it's an amazing thing. You have an amazing story about how you met your wife. And that just kind of holds true to who you are as a person. Just an amazing man. And I just wanted to find out a little bit more like and dig into your your beautiful vastness up there, because there's a lot going on there, obviously. And that would be when you get up in the morning. Simon, which I know it's morning right now in your you should be in bed by now.

But when you get up in the morning, you after the show and you actually get some sleep and then you you finally come to wake up around 2:00 in the afternoon after this is over. And then let's say if you're anything like me, I wake up a little groggy in the beginning and, you know, you kind of get up your swing your feet over the side of bed and hit the ground.

You start to wake up. You start to come to for you, Simon, every single day. You know how it is with as being an entrepreneur or it can be a struggle. But it's also it's a thrill ride for you. What is that? One thing if you could pick one that really gets you going, that motivates you once you come to really believe, you know, realize, oh, my gosh, it's a new day in front. Me, I can't wait. What is that for you?

Well, I have a whole kind of series of things that I do every morning. But if I was to pick one, it would be that I connect with my vision each and every day. So I have a process where I lay down on my yoga mat with my head on a pillow, put on some amazing music and start to imagine my vision board. I start to imagine that the things, the activities, the successes, the the things I want to experience and what I really try to do this I do this every single morning without fail is to imagine who would I be if I already had these things. So what are those qualities? Characteristics? What are the things that I would embody if I was the person who was already creating these things? And I strive to try to list all of these different characteristics in my head. So committed some somebody has an integrity, somebody who follows through what they say they're going to do, someone who is flexible. You know, you mentioned some of these things already and I listed these things. And then I try to bring into my body the feeling of what it would be if I had those characteristics or what are within me. Because my intention through this process is to start to shift my mindset to a mindset of success. So move away from my limiting beliefs. Those those parts of me that don't feel good enough or don't feel that they could achieve the things that I want to achieve, but actually spend a good 25, 30 minutes every day going through this process. I have a whole breathing regime that I do while I'm doing this as well, which takes me into this really lovely space where I get get very, very relaxed and connect with with the vision and just start really going into dream space. And I just love connecting with with the things that are important to me. And that's how I start my day. That's followed by two and a half minute cold shower, which is something I've been doing for about the last six months or so. And that has been extraordinary also.

Wow. I like everything except the cold shower part. I was with you the whole way. Well, that's not getting the cold, sir.

And this is something that I picked up from Wim Hof. I'm sure you're familiar with him that what we often do in life is we get scared by things and we let our will. Take over. And part of having a cold shower is saying, actually, I'm the rider on this particular horse. And if I say we're going to stand in the cold water for two and a half minutes, that's what we're going to do. And that's the same, I guess, energy and focus, which gets me out of the house on a Thursday when I go for a run around the local park. I don't like running at all, but I've training myself to be the person who when it says I'm going to do something, I have, if you like, that that veto and find a way of doing the things that I say that I'll do.

That's phenomenal. It's phenomenal. In fact, I have heard about the cold shower thing and you said two and half minutes. Yes. Yeah, that's long enough. Yeah, I agree.

So there's five seconds here. I'm a little over 30 goals by five seconds.

Allow. Yeah. Yeah. That's pretty cool. And here's the one thing I wanted to mention to everyone that's watching and listening right now, wherever you might be, it might be live or the recording later is Simon does something that nearly every successful person I've ever interviewed does. And if you want to know what that secret is, then come back to Martin, I'm kidding. I will tell you right now that is he has a routine that he stays faithful to and he does it every single day. And the beautiful thing with this show is I like to say that everyone watching you have our expressed consent to model anything you hear on this show. And model is a fancy word for copy. Is that OK with you, Simon, that someone copies your routine or anything you say that will help them to become successful?

Oh, I'd love them to. First of all, try it out and then to to make and adapt it to whoever they are and whatever works for them. That's again, I think part of my process is playing with these processes and finding out what works and what I can act together and how I can modify it. And yes, absolutely, I'd love people to if anything I'd say resonates and give it a go.

And that's what, you know, I feel like I. I feel like it's Christmas every week. And I. Because I would rather live this way. Yeah. It's coming. It's coming soon. It feels like it is every week, all year long. Because I love giving far more than I love receding. And I get to give the gift of people like you to the world, you know. And it doesn't end with this life show because we repurposes, as people can see on the screen, we're all over the place. We're on different platforms. We do podcasts as well. This show will end up on Roku and Amazon Fire TV soon, Apple TV and Chromecast. So those are all On-Demand television services and really wanted to do the best job we can to spread the word of Simon Crowe to give the value that this man brings to the table. And you just heard why he's one of those individuals that we love to do this with and for. And that's because he loves to give. He's a he says, yes, please do copy me. And that's the thing a lot of people think, Simon, through like media, through television shows, through the news that those that are successful are stingy. It's so interesting how that stereotype I don't how that came to be, but what I've found in my walk with successful people everywhere I go, they are the most giving people on the planet. It's just the opposite. Have you noticed a similar trait?

Yeah, I was gonna say I'd never got to where I am in my business if I hadn't been generous people giving to me. Know, it's it's it's wonderful because that's that's the that's how we that's how we do it. We give give us gain. You keep sharing, you learn, you share and you take from somebody else. Why be stingy? There's so much more that can be achieved if we if we share insights and support and love and inspiration. There's just so much more we can get done if we if we do that, if we help one another.

Yeah. And I remember I mean, I don't know how many years ago that was maybe 10 or more when it used to be the opposite where people would get ahead through competition, not through collaboration. And then this movement, if you will, started to take place where people started collaborating, opening themselves up to work with other people. And I love that because. Same here. I'm like, I don't have anything to hide. And if you want to take it and run with it and become prosperous, great. It doesn't mean that they're going to steal all my clients. Like you said, there's so many to go around. It's insane in a great way. It's so amazing. And that's the thing. People have learned how to not live in scarcity and learn and learn to live in abundance and realize there's an unlimited supply of anything you need on this planet. All you have to do is go after it. And actually, if you help people, you'll get you'll achieve even greater success. And if you don't, that's just proven fact that time and time again. And I love your routine because I know that when I stop doing any part of a routine, I notice it. I start feeling and I start seeing the result change. And so it's very important. I wanted to circle back on that for our viewers and listeners. Is it even if you don't have a routine today, go back and look at all our past shows.

If Simons didn't resonate with you, then go look at our past shows. Nearly every guest expert talks about a similar habit. They just do different things in the morning. Then Simon does. Everyone does something different. I'm had two people do the same thing yet and that's OK. Here's here's a way to start do it. Simon does. Just do it. Take a cold shower. Start with five seconds. I mean, two and a half minutes. I don't think I could survive in the first time. No way. I did try. I started that for a while. Is that OK? I'm OK. I'm not going to do that anymore. But, you know, it's so that one that one specifically wasn't for me. But that's OK. I've got others that help to make me successful. And that's an example right there. But, you know, to get up and do visions. Oh, my gosh. You said it perfectly that you you went through the feeling, you know, you brought up the feeling that goes with those pictures. That's when it gets juicy. That's when it starts really taking hold in your subconscious brain. And that's when your subconscious then starts taking you down the path toward those visions. It's an amazing. I'm getting tingling all over here just because of what you said. Are you are you are you familiar with MLP neuro linguistic programing?

I trained, you know, but I'm familiar with it.

Ok. Because you sounded like you were talking from an LP background when you were talking through that whole process. And I was like, this is amazing because it works. It's it's just the science of success. It works. It's phenomenal. And for any of you out there that want to get your mindset, basically re programed for the better, then look up neuro linguistic programing, do some searching.

Richard Bandler, John Grinder, those two develop the science. Not long ago, less than 40 years ago, so many people's lives have been changed as a result. So. Did you do something before what you're doing now, before you did coaching, Simon?

Yeah, I did, yeah. Don't you wanna know what it was?

I'm curious if it's okay.

Of course I. Well, I used to work in education. Okay.

So for the first 20, no more than that years of my life, I worked in adult learning. So I started off as an English language teacher. I traveled around a little bit. I spent six years living in Italy. So I speak pretty good Italian. I spent a year in Spain and then came back to the UK and did a masters degree in media technology for teaching adults and spent eight years working in management with an adult learning in the UK, helping people, giving people a second chance to adult education. And it was fantastic. It was a really wonderful opportunity that I had. I managed a team of 12 people. It was a it was a stellar group of people. And then something shifted and is interesting. This is this is really what led me to the path that I'm on now. I got my team became so effective that I really was becoming less and less needed. I was becoming redundant in a sense, because I'd go into my team, were really on it. I know they helped one another. They were just fabulous. And I'd go into my office and they would knock on the door any longer. And I'm thinking, well, what am I doing? And I just began to lose confidence in myself. And I remember just getting really I was on the verge of a depression. I was really unhappy. And I thought that I just don't know what to do, but who else would give me a job? I was really losing confidence in myself. And then I had the good fortune to work with a coach. And this coach asked me a fantastic question. She asked me what I wanted.

And up until that point, I'd never asked myself the question because I hadn't realized you actually got a choice in life. I thought life was just responding to the stuff that came along. But to actually be asked the question, what do you want was just incredible. And I suddenly it just opened up a whole new world. It opened up the opportunity to start making decisions and choices and creating visions of the things that I wanted to do. And it was so kind of Life-Changing for me that I decided that I wanted to do that for other people. And that's why, what, fifteen years ago now, I trained as a coach.

Wow. That's a FinOne. I mean, you were you were serving other people from the very get-go in the education arena right away. That tells that tells me and it tells everybody watching and listening that Simon Crowe is someone who loves to serve humanity and give and help. And isn't that the beautiful thing about being an entrepreneur? Simon And that is not not that we have to help people, but we get to. And as a result of helping others, we can actually, you know, earn a living from it. And the more we make, the more people we can help. So it's a wonderful cycle, if you will. And a lot of people are thinking, you know, you guys are so rich and all you do is, you know, you're rich, you get rich and you spend your money is like I personally reinvest nearly all of it and in growing my business and getting and reaching out and helping more people. And that's true to most everyone I've interviewed on this show and most of the entrepreneurs I've met up in the field, so to speak, as well. And I know that's you, too. Simon, it's obvious.

Yes. And there's I'm thinking about my goals for next year, the things that I want to create and achieve next year. I'm not necessarily thinking in dollar or pound figures. I'm thinking and how many people would I love to impact? How many people would I love to help? How can I do that differently? You know, I'm one of the reasons wanting to be on this conversation with you is that it gets to get to touch more people. We get to share some of our stuff. And if it resonates with people, might not they might try something different than they might have a different experience in life as a result. And that's what my plan for next year is, is to start doing more stuff through through Facebook lives, et cetera.

Start sharing some of the stuff that I've learned. And the wonderful thing is, is to free and open platform. We can just just just share expertise and hope people find it valuable.

And that's one other thing that really stood out to me when you were talking about your your vision, you know, when you go through that every morning and what your vision is for yourself. And you said, you know, everything you are in your visions weren't what you know. It's like I forgot what the word you said, but it was, you know, what can I do? What can I get or something I forget. But I was expecting you to go down. Not I wasn't expecting you to go down. I was anticipating others thinking, you're going to say, oh, I want a fancy car, a fancy house. And the cool thing about your description was no material things were ever mentioned. That was about increasing your integrity and flexibility. All of these for helping to serve others, not for self gain of material wealth or things. And right then and there, you know, if people are listening, that tells me and it tells them what kind of person you are. And that's that's beautiful. Simon, because now a lot more people will want to connect with you. I know it. And they should.

I'll tell you a little story about that, because I did this vision board and you know, the process. You clip out images of all the, you know, diamond rings and gold watches you one hand, I'm thinking I don't actually want anything. And it's not because I'm I'm wealthy and I've got everything. I just don't have a huge sort of desire to to to purchase stuff. What I want to do is who can I meet? Who would I like to spend some time with? What's an experience? Something I'd like to learn. I have got one or two objects, but I put a really fancy car down. But it's nothing to do with owning the car. But what I love is the design of the coal car, the boldness of the person who had the vision to build the car. It's the energy that I put into my vision board, not the car itself. I want to be someone who's bold and creative. So I thought, well, this guys come up with this. Incredible is the new Tesla truck. And if you've seen it. Yes. Yeah. I mean it's so out there, isn't it. I want to own one, but I thought to be bold enough to think in those terms that's going on my vision board because that's the feeling that I want to create with I don't necessarily want the truck or the motorbike or the you know. But again, I've got a motorbike up there because I love the one of my vols. buddies is around freedom. The idea of just jumping on a big old motorbike and, you know, driving through the rain.

I don't know about you. Careful. We won't keep you around for a while, but yeah, you can go a lot more places than we call it. A motorcycle here. A motorbike. Then you can in a car, for sure. Dumb down tight alleys or even out into off road. If your bike is equipped for that, I hope if you will. Yeah. You said dirt bike quite a lot and loved it.

I know what you like. I understand the point here, isn't it? It's like, who would I be? How would I feel? Because to me that, you know, that the feelings, emotions are kind of the language of the body.

And if we can if we can train the body to already fail and advance the emotions of the achieved or completed goal or vision, then what we're doing is we're training ourselves. If you like, you know, like you would train for a marathon, you're training yourself ready to create the things that you want to experience.

I love it. I love it. And you know what? We're always in training. Yeah. Always. We are training ourselves, something that's going to be, you know, take us to where we want to go or we're finding ourselves to go the opposite direction, but we're always in training. And so I always like to say, be careful what thoughts you're feeding yourself because your whole body is listening. It's been proven that all of our cells are joined. And it's amazing. I'm not gonna go down that that path just this moment, but fantastic. Now, as an entrepreneur, you know, you made that transition some 15 years ago. I'm sure that from that moment on till now, it has just been a smooth ride and nothing ever has gone wrong.

Right. You know, it is of course, it's you know, being an entrepreneur is not for everyone.

It's just straight up. Say that because it it takes a lot of energy. It takes a different mindset, it takes a different kind of level of drive, a willingness to risk a lot of things. It's an amazing thing. I love every minute of it. I love the ups. I love the downs, too, because I know from the downs I learn and then get back to the US. But if you can think back over that time when you started up till now, what would you say if one would stick out? What was something that you struggled with? Maybe you failed at it. And then, you know, it's. I look at nothing as a failure. It's more of a learning, an opportunity to learn. So within that light. What would be one failure, if you will, that comes to mind for you, that you then turn around and learn something, something from it and then improved going forward?

There's a there's a wonderful expression. It'll be all right in the end. And if it's not so if it's not all right, it's not the end. And I genuinely try to live by that. So, yeah, I've made lots and lots and lots of mistakes. But my belief is that while I've not stopped trying. So it's this is just another opportunity to learn. And I'm not saying it's not painful. And sometimes you don't. You know, I feel like giving up and sometimes I can spend like a few days under the duvet just feeling wretched. But that's the sort of things that the kinds of failures that really knocked me are when people reject my offer. For example, if I'm if I'm in conversation with somebody and I make a proposal about working together and they say, yeah, I'd love to do that. And then I never hear from them again. Like it like this happens. And and I tell you, I find those those moments really difficult to be with. I've put on programs and you invested upfront. To have people support. I was taking a group out to Africa with me. And I and I I invested a lot of money at fund and I didn't manage to fit. I got a really nice group together, but I didn't I didn't make any money. And so the question I always ask myself is, well, you know, what am I learning here? What what is it about this experience that I've really enjoyed, which I want to repeat? What are some of the things that I've learned from this experience that I don't want to repeat? And I try to, course. Correct? Correct. I don't always get it right. But do know, as I said, I'm I'm in it until the end.

And if it's if it's not right yet, then it's not the end. And I think that's part of the fun of the entrepreneurial spirit. Spirit is just keep in the game. Just keep in the game. You never know when when luck's gonna change or when you're gonna meet that person. You're gonna have that conversation. We gonna get that moment of insight or that vision of you've been working on. Suddenly you suddenly realize that he's sitting in that crazy truck that you never, ever imagined to ease. That's the beauty of this.

It's like you've got a life is like the tide and the waves come in, the waves come out and you've got to take a bigger picture and not be too too excited when the waves come in and too disappointed when they go out. Just, you know, it's just just part of life. And I think that that's part of the mindset of an entrepreneur. You know, we fix problems. We help people solve things. That's what we do. And I think that that, you know, often if you have a job, then what you're really doing is just performing a role in someone else's dream.

And I'd much rather live my own dream. And I know and and get it wrong and have the opportunity to correct my own mistakes and not and not have to. Yeah. And not not have to kind of, I don't know, make it right for somebody else. This is you know, I trust myself deeply to be committed and to do the best to improve every day that I can. I dont need somebody standing over me telling me, you know what I'm getting wrong or what I need to do. But I know that better than anybody.

And the concept of mindset, you know, we were talking before we came on live. You and I, you know, right now it's just after 2:00 a.m. in London where you are right now.

And you remind me and you can fight it in me and said, you know, when I went to go schedule and be on this show, I would like for you to tell that story, because this is this is how a successful mind works.

Well, I got the invitation, the opportunity to to hook up with you and find a find a way of being on this show. And I filled on all the other the information and the details and everything that it says, choose your time.

And it said 1:30 a.m. and I thought, there must be there must be a time. It works for me. And I thought, I'm not going to do this. And then I thought to myself, if I find that to be the kind of person that decides I'm not going to be in, I have this fantastic opportunity to be here with you and have this conversation, because it's you know, it's not. Or, you know, I'd rather be asleep. And then I've got a business being entrepreneur. Actually, I've I've done courses.

You know, when I was doing my coach training, where I was setting my alarm and getting up at three o'clock in the morning because the course was being held in Australia, you know, it's true in a teleconference.

You know, I've I just do what needs to be done. Right. It isn't about showing up.

That is. It is. And I often say that I teach. You know, my company is an entrepreneur training company and say one of the most important things you could learn, it's one of the simplest. And that is three words just show up. It's interesting. I used to I went to many, many, many networking seminars, boot camps, you name it. I mean, you know, they give you those badges with the lanyards. Yeah. Are you familiar with Mr. T from back in the day?

Yeah. Yeah. Delivery program.

All right. Yeah. And so I literally did this from stage. I used to speak on stage and hold my own events. And I would have one of my assistant bring up all of my form, my past lanyards. And while and there's a picture of Mr. T up on the big screen and I'll put them on and say, look, I put Mr. T to shame because I had so many. But the point of that whole metaphor and demonstration was just show up, you know, and show up over and over and over again. I got to the point where I was doing it too much. I laid off. I backed off a lot. And then just this year, I went to two more events, which, you know, is like, well, I'm done this a long time. And both times I got business directly from just being there. I wasn't there looking for business. I wasn't looking for people to. I was just there to be active, to learn and to meet people and see, you know, and just keep your antennas up. If someone needs assistance. And I will, I will then take it down that path. But yeah, just show up. That's like that's gold man right there.

Yeah. So you know what I said at the beginning about who would you be? What are the characteristics that I would embody if I would being you know, if I were achieving my vision, my visualizations. And one of them is to show up, be committed. You know, follow through on your roots, stay in your integrity. I heard that somebody did some research and they discovered that if you just followed through on everything that you said that you would do, you would increase your productivity by between 100 and 500 percent. That's not doing anything. It's no additional work or if that's just doing the things that you said you were going to do. That's just being an integrity. That's just showing up 500 percent increase in productivity just by doing the things that you tell yourself you're going do. Well, that's a pretty good. That's a pretty good thing to follow, I think.


And there's, you know, for people that have difficulty write the stuff down every day or every night before you go to bed, the things you want accomplished the next day or that same day depending on your preference. And then you can start ticking off those things that you complete. And I started doing that and I actually used an electronic thing, a guide that was like a as more of an advanced approach. But it did really spark a light, a spark into my butt. And I got way more done and I felt good. I felt a little bit hurried at times, but it was better than just going all over the place. You know, I was throwing darts and there was no dartboard anywhere near it, just hoping it would stick into something, so. Yeah. You couldn't be more on point with just just show up beat.

Stay committed to what you're telling yourself you're going to do. Yeah. I mean, hoo hoo. Who would be worse to break a contract with other than yourself? It's like, wow. Fantastic. And so.

One of the things I've learned. That is kind of like a it's it's just a really bad, almost like disease that can crop up in a person's mind that will keep them from going forward and succeeding at the incredible levels that we're all designed to do. And that would be in the realm of this emotion known as fear. Mm hmm.

And we're talking about not the kind of fear that's the fight or flight fear where you're flip. You know, your life's on the line. And, you know, maybe you're driving on the Los Angeles freeway and someone's point I've got. I'm kidding. But or, you know, if you're running away from a bear or an animal, like in the olden days when we were out in the elements and needed to have this fight or flight.

We're talking about more of a hesitation and resistance kind of fear. And it's that, you know, you've probably seen those cartoons. You got an angel on one shoulder, a little devil on the other, and the angels telling you, you know, you should do that. The devil is telling you to do something else that's completely not in your value system. And that would be the fear side, which is avoiding doing what, you know, is best for you. Yet you're talking yourself out of it. And so we all have it. We're born with it. And I was curious with you. Simon, if you can recall, what was what is or what was your greatest fear and then how did you manage it?

Yeah, it's funny. I don't need to recall it. It's it's the fear.

I think that my biggest fear is the fear of failure. What I mean by that is the fear of not creating all of the things that I really want to create like it. You know, I have this great list of things that I want to do and the experience I want to co-create with people. And I get really fearful sometimes that I'm just not going to be able to do it. I'm not will be good enough. I'm OK. It's not gonna work for me. I'm not you know, there's going to be something which is going to get in my way. And that's that's my biggest fear. My biggest fear is that I am that I am my worst enemy, I guess. And I'm I'm not going to be good enough to complete the things that I want to complete.

How I combat that was Will. You know, you just talked about the to the devil and the angel. You know, what you have to think about, I think, is what language do you need to hear?

I just use more of that language, so if you've got a friend who is just failing and struggling with something, what would you say to that friend? You tell them that they were OK and don't worry. And, you know, I'm sure you're going to do this because you're the kind of person who really perseveres and you're so good at this and know people really love you and they really, really appreciate what you do.

But then we come to our own self talk and it's like you're rubbish on why, you know, why can't you do what you say you're gonna do? And I just think, no, speak to yourself as you would speak to your best friend. You can't think negative thoughts and positive thoughts at the same time. So what I do is I just drown out the negative thoughts with Polly's positive thoughts. And the process is to re retrain reach choon that mindset. Identity is somebody who is not successful and it's been proven to work in this auto suggestion, this self-hypnosis. This is how we change the subconscious is by through repeating the kinds of language that we need to hear. So just be your own best friend. And even if it seems absurd that you've just made the biggest balls up that you can imagine telling yourself you're great. Tell yourself it's all gonna be OK. Tell yourself that it doesn't matter. Tell yourself that next time hundreds of people are going to come on this trip that you've just spent, you know, ten thousand dollars on. Just tell yourself the things that you need to hear, because that's the way that we reprogram. And when we start to reprogram our identity, then we start to create from the new identity. And the alternative is just feel crap and tell yourself your crap and you just want more crap. Right. And nobody wants that. It was enough out there already. You know, why did. Why would you want to do that to yourself? I know why. Because we're not trying to do anything different. So just notice whenever you're giving you so you you can't choose the impact of the words that you used to yourself. So, you know, that stuff it will give you, you know, you'll have bad physical reactions so you can choose the language you use, so choose good words.

And that's the good news right there, right there. That is the golden nugget. We all have a choice every single day and every single minute of every single day as we're thinking those thoughts about ourselves. Because let's face it, we are all our own worst critic. Right. It's just it seems to be human nature. I'm not exactly sure why that is, but we tend to do that. And like you say, you know, talk that way to ourselves as you know, everything you're talking about, it's amazing because we use an LP processes to take care of a lot of this by removing that hesitation, that fear from the subconscious mind by overwriting like it's kind of like a programing. You're overriding a cassette tape. What used to be, you know, this horrible grunge music? Well, I'm not saying about grunge music. And then you replace it with smooth jazz. And then also everything's great. It's like taking care and overriding your limiting beliefs. You mentioned that earlier, limiting beliefs.

And then you get what you focus on. You said concentrate, you know. And I used to say this from stage. Like if you if you focus, if you're continually focusing like I used the same word you hit on crap, you're just going to get more and more crap. If you forget what you want, guess what? You're going to get exactly what you're focusing on. So it's again, comes down to choice. Like you said it perfectly. This is gold for I hope. I hope everyone's taking notes. And, you know, it's like it's one thing to take notes. It's another entirely to then take action on those notes and put this into action. And when those thoughts are creeping into your head, I always say that the number one key, the first step, the absolute most important step is to first become aware that you're doing it.

If you're if you don't even realize you're doing it, then there's no way you can fix it. So start tuning your your antenna, so to speak, to listen in, to say, hey, am I at. Well, how am I talking myself? OK. That one wasn't good. Now I need to you know, you can just reframe. It is simply turn it around. So you all Brian, you really screwed up, you know, but it's gonna be a lot better here in just a minute because I have the talent to make this better. You know, whatever. But you can easily right the ship if you just get that habit. I love this. Simon, these are phenomenal suggestions and tips. Fantastic.

But what I do, I also just want to reiterate that this is a continual process. It's like I've done it. I'm cool now. You know, everything works for me. It doesn't. I you know, I make all the same mistake or not the same mistakes, but I make as many mistakes or, you know, the same number of errors now as I've always done, because I'm always looking to expand and try new things. I've just started doing some Facebook lives. You know, I don't think anyone's listening. You know, it's the loneliest place to be when you press that when you first go alive. And you got let me see who's joining me today. And there's nobody. You're right. But you can't get good at doing these things unless you do them. So I'm just going to keep doing them. And maybe someday we'll get some get some interaction with Dr. Phil. But I just, you know, just want to turn Athersys that it's not. Oh, it's okay for you. It's okay for him. Work for her. They they it all sorted. People do this because they've learned the importance of the discipline of continually doing these kinds of practices.

And if I want to feel if I want if I wake up in the morning and I feel bad, I have a choice. Although I can leave the lift the day from a place of feeling bad. Or I can spend half an hour lying on my yoga mat with my head on the pillow telling myself it's gonna be a good day until I believe it. And then I start my day from that place. I and it sounds ridiculous, but I literally will spend half an hour changing my mood because that means I'm going to have a better day. I've got you know, I'm fifty four now. I've got you know, the number of days are getting shorter. I want each one to be worth living in. I don't have to write a day off because I've woken up in a bad mood or you know, I don't I don't feel positive. Just I just want to get myself in the best state that I can possibly reach for any of any given day. And that takes a practice. It takes consistency, takes repetition.

Yes, speaking of consistency and repetition, back to your comment on doing the live and, you know, hearing crickets, so to speak, is I saw a great segment of an interview of a guy named Lewis House.

He's very prominent in entrepreneur circles. Big name, a former professional football player in arena football. If memory serves correct and he was they talked about this concept of doing a podcast. And should you know, what was his advice for someone thinking about starting one?

And it was really it was a cool answer. He basically said, hey, if if you're looking at just dabbling in it, don't do it. And I said, what I mean by Dal is if you're not ready to commit a full three years to it and stay consistent with it, then don't even bother beginning it. And so that can give people a lot of hope to know that it can take and often does take quite some time to garner a good following. Whether it be live video or podcasts or both. Everything above it takes time. And, you know, we're. We're also used to this instant gratification the we all grow up in. You know, we can go get a burger and two seconds. Don't get those. Those aren't good for you.

And you know, you can get anything, instant coffee, instant anything. And so we want it now. And if it doesn't come right now, then, well, we're not satisfied. So we're gonna move on. So that that was telling. I loved hearing that from him because, you know, he's a very successful entrepreneur in his own right.

And that was great advice. You know, some could look at and say, God, that's bad news. I'm like, no, that's great news, because that just took all the pressure off. I'm still gonna work as hard as I can to keep growing. Always. But that just said, you know what? I'm not alone. That's what it really told me.

So one of the things on my vision board at the moment is I want to run an online program for 500 people. Mm hmm. I just don't have a Facebook like a couple of weeks ago. Maybe there were two people. So it's a bit of a way to go. But that doesn't mean I need to stop. That means that the only way I'm going to get to a point where I don't have five people engaged and one of my online programs is to start where I am now. There's no other way of we get into that place to start. And again, this is another lesson for entrepreneurs, is you have to you have to stop when you don't feel ready. And it's and it's scary. And that's it. You know, I literally you know, I'm happy to share this. I've got two or three. There's been some engagement afterwards that about 16 people watch them.

You know, that's a good use of my time. And maybe in maybe in three years, you say maybe I'm going to have maybe five hundred people, but I'm not going to get there unless I stop.

Exactly. And then once you've started to be consistent and continue and then refine and improve. Yeah, I will say this. You know, doing what I'm doing right now with you. I didn't do this with the intention of the output or the outcome that happened, but I found that just having an interview style show with entrepreneurs is an amazing, incredibly powerful lead magnet. And so I am not. I did not. You did not get accepted to come on the show, Simon, so I could sell you something. Now, I'll say that right up front. However, down the road, there may be something where you maybe I need something from you or or maybe you will and you'll reach out. And that's happened organically. So I don't I'm not using this as a sales machine. But I found by talking to people at those last two networking events, I was that I literally didn't finish my sentence about. They asked, what do you do? And I had just finished just stopped doing fitness business. I did a full transition about seven, eight months ago into doing automation. I was doing the show already because it still fit because of the body part of it, as you can imagine. And they asked and I said, well, I interview successful entrepreneurs such as yourselves and I stream live on multiple platforms on the Internet. And at that moment, they're all I kid you not. This happened two different occasions, two different complete locations. They all reaching for their business card and handing it to me. I thought, wow, that wasn't intentional, but amazing.

So, yeah, you know, you might think nobody's wanted no part of it.

I said, do you know why that was? They want exposure. But also, entrepreneurs solve problems. People want the solution that you're offering for the problem they've got. They want exposure. You know how to do that. You solve the problem for them. They want that. You don't have to sell. He just needs to show that you can help somebody with a problem that they're struggling with. I know I meet people and they go, no. You know, I'm really successful at this great job. I've been a lawyer for many years, but I feel so empty inside. And I say, I can really help you with that. I can help you connect with your unique purpose. And you can start to create a life where you define what success looks like. And they go, oh, my God, I need to talk to you. That's a mark post. And you know what the wonderful thing is, this is the same for you. I know is that that's the work that I love. It's not like I'm I'm I'm flogging car tires because. Because, you know, I can make a living. It's. I love working with people around purpose. Because when people connect with the thing that's most important to them in their hearts, they come alive. They start to live more fulfilled lives. The better husbands, better fathers, better wives. But children, better coworkers. Well, that to me is then if we can then drop those pebbles in the middle pond, then we're all kind of, you know, I've never met you before where we such a great time. Why? Because we're in this. We have a similar mindset. We're here to share and help and support one another. You know, that's what I want to be part of is, is connecting all these little droplets up so that we start to create a bigger movement of people feeling, expressing their hearts, expressing the things that that that they're most passionate about.

Yeah. I mean, what you do, Simon, is you help people to create a better quality of life and how fulfilling that must be to do that, you know, day in and day out for other people to help them to know you had some part in that. And, you know, it's a lot of it's just coming to an awareness out reading on your website. Some of the testimonials that, you know, some just said I don't even I didn't even know it was wrong. You know, it was like I was a part of a grand painting, but I was stuck in the canvas. I was I couldn't get out to see what was really wrong. But Simon told me what it was and he said, oh, my God, he got all excited and and then hired you at the end. And so I can imagine how fulfilling that must be for you, Simon. So and I'm saying all this because anybody out there that is seeking their purpose, that's looking to find what their true purpose is. You've got a guy who's a master at helping you to determine what that is. And it will be an exciting time. All the stories I read on your site, Simon, they were just all giddy with excitement. And what a wonderful gift you are giving people. And I know it's a free gift and nothing worth. A lot of value is usually free. But you know what? It might be worth a lot of money. It's it is worth a lot of money.

I should say it's worth a ton of money. How much is your happiness and quality of life worth? It doesn't matter. I don't even know what you charge, Simon. I'm just kind of laying the groundwork and saying, look, for those you watching and listening. If you are in that space and you're looking to find your purpose, you can hear him right now. You can see him. This guy is a heartfelt, integrity based man. And I mean, come on. It is 2:30 in the freakin morning and he is on a life show with a guy from L.A. area in California. I mean, that doesn't speak volumes. And he's got a wife and other people sleeping right now. And that's what that's what this guy is all about. He's up. You know, he'll do what it takes to impact the world and impact you. So reach out to him. We'll give you an opportunity to do that in just a moment. There's one more question I'd like to end each broadcast with and Simon and we'll give people the opportunity or you the opportunity to let people connect with you. And I understand you have a give away as well. We'll get to that to this last question I ask of every single guest who's been on this show. And it's it's kind of a doozy. And if memory serves on your on your table or desk, it's all blacked out. You have no idea what it is. Right. And so that's on purpose.

And it's it's quite a telling question. The question isn't telling us the answers that come back. And it's amazing. Before we jump into that, though, I promised everyone watching live that they would have the opportunity to win a five nights day at a five star Mexican resort. And that time is now. I'm going to put it up on the screen and then I will say it audibly for those who are listening live. This is for you, OnLive. And that is take out your phone. You now have you've given we are giving you express permission to actually divert your attention, just a hair and take out your phone and type in this phone number. Type in 6, 6, 1, 5, 3, 5, 1, 6, 2, 4. And then down at the little message area. This is in your text application type type in the word PJAK peak peak PJAK type that in and tap on a little send button. I was gonna say blue send button. But people might have different, different colors on their phone. Again that number is 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. And text the word peak PJAK. We pick a winner every single show. I hope it is you. I'm speaking to every single one of you. And let's hope that that is you when the time is right. Here we go. Back to the man of the hour and the question of the evening. Now I want to. Kind of eased a curiosity, if you will, because I kind of set that question up and so I just want you to know, Simon, that with this question there is no such thing as a wrong answer.

It is impossible to answer it incorrectly. So you're off the hook. In fact, the exact opposite is true. And only correct. The only correct answer is yours, because it is somewhat personal. The response is personal. It mean it means different things to different people. That's what I mean. We're not getting in your personal life.

So are you ready? Do I have a choice? We do. We talked about that. We all have choices in choosing to be ready. All right. I love it. I love it. You always do.

Yeah. There's no doubt in my mind. All right. So. Simon Crowe. How do you define success?

What a wonderful question.

For me, success would be the opportunity to live and express my values and my values are all about connection and love, but curiosity about learning, it's about contribution. And if I'm able to live and express all of those values on a daily basis, then I would say that I am living a successful life and running a successful business.

I love that. Very succinct and to the point. And also true to form and what I mean by that is I've been doing this show for a while and no two guests, experts have answered it a densely yet. And I don't mean word for word identically, but everyone's different. It is truly a personal arena and and they're all beautiful. All the responses. Simon, they're just amazing, yours included. It's you know, what I found is. There aren't any that are money centric. Many, you know, those that are working say a job would have a different answer that completely. You know, many of them would say, well, when I make my first million, you know, when I win the lotto. Things like that. But entrepreneurs like you and everyone that before you that's run the show who are serving in nature. They all have a similar, you know. The similarity is that none of them hang their hat on the money or material goods or wealth. It's all about, well, things like you just said, but they're all different. So it's amazing. Amazing.

So you also mentioned that you might have a little something for our peeps. And so what I want to do is actually just pull up your Web site so folks can see it and give you the opportunity to tell them what they can win. And all also help with showing on the screen how they can go about winning said prize some good.

So I'm really excited about this because I have devised over the last 10 years or so a fantastic process, which I call a purpose discovery workshop. It's a two and a half hour workshop, which I do one to one online with somebody, and I help them to discover their true north. I offer this commercially. It's worth about $500. And I would like to work with somebody completely free offer. This is as a free gift for anybody who who feels inspired to answer the question that we're going to share with you shortly. I would like to do the Purpose Discovery Workshop with May 1 to 1 life.

And the question is, how could creating clarity around your life purpose change your business?

It's quite a clever question says how if you found out your life purpose. Could that help you in your business?

Yeah, definitely. And then email that answer to the maylee email address you see on the screen. It's mail at Simon Kro dot com and that's m.a I L at.

And then Simon S I M0 n c r o w e dot com. So once again, the question is. How could creating clarity around your life purpose change your life, purpose, change your business? It's so much better than I do. I wonder why.

And what I'll do is I'll read them and I'll choose the one that I like the most. And that person gets to work with me for half a day. Absolutely. Just just for the joy of working together.

And, you know, folks don't take that offer lightly. And what I mean by that is, you know, half a day, that is a long time and in the world of an entrepreneur that he is going to be giving to you. And so take this very seriously. Answer it with nothing but good intentions. And then if you are chosen, you know, treat him like he would treat you with the utmost of integrity and just be present and follow his lead during that half a day session. That's an amazing gift. That's I mean, that's worth you know, it's worth more than five hundred dollars for most people as far as just time alone that he will be spending with you. So definitely take advantage of this amazing, amazing gift. I appreciate the fact that you're doing this. You don't. You have no idea. Simon, that's phenomenal. Thank you so much. And fantastic. Oh, my goodness.

We have hit that point. You know, I think we've hit time for bed. That's awesome.

That is perfect. That is perfect. Yes. It's time for bed for Simon. You know, it's getting time for bed for me, too. You know, it's getting late out here in California for you. Oh, my gosh. What is at 2:30 in the morning?

Yeah. That's crazy. Thank you. No. Pardon. So I'm just getting my second wind now.

Awesome night. And go in and clean around and wake everybody else up as you're trying to go go to sleep. That'll be pretty cool. All right. Well, that's it for this edition of The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. Simon, thank you once again so much for so much for being here this early in the morning for you. Appreciate you. My brother and I feel like I've known you forever. This happens very often. It's been a blast for me. I hope you've had some joy in this, even while you're holding your eyelids open with toothpicks.

So on that note, that is it. I'm going to wrap it up. And on behalf of the wonderful Simon Crowe. This is Brian Kelly saying good night all and be blessed. We'll see you next time.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body visit shows. The show was Brian Kelly.

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Simon is an artist, an adventurer and a master in the field of personal growth, who specialises in connecting the successful with their deepest purpose. As a qualified coach for over 12 years, he has guided numerous courageous individuals in achieving greater self-expression and fulfilment and experiencing deeper meaning in their lives. He works with creative, self-starters who have mastered conventional success and who are hungry to reappraise their life in honour of their unique gifts. Simon helps them achieve absolute clarity around their true life purpose and create an extraordinary life for themselves and their communities.

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