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Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show, the three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host, Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly:
Hello, everyone, and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. Oh, my goodness. This is going to be a fantastic show. I cannot wait to share this amazing woman. Her name is Stephanie Loo with you. With our audience, with the world, because she needs to be shared. And that is because she is amazing beyond amazing. One of the most gifted individuals I've come across in a long time. You see her everywhere you go. I mean, literally online and offline. And she is somebody who is a go getter. And that's one of the big reasons I can't wait to bring her on. And there are so many more. And we will dove into that deep to night. I am so excited. The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. What is that all about? Well, in my fifty five years on this planet, I would say over the last decade, I actually began studying just those people who had reached that level of success that I aspired to reach, you know, much higher than myself at the time. And I began noticing patterns over this decade of time. And these are people that I knew personally, you know, mentors, others that I would read from on books, others that I would go and attend their seminars and networking events and others, still others that I've interviewed over the years. And these three patterns just kept coming over and over and over that these were the things that helped catapult them and helped them sustain and increase their success over time. And you might guess what, those three are there on either side of me. It's right. Mind, body and business mind really mean mind set. And I am so excited because our guest expert, Stephanie Liu, knows all about this. And that is one of the reasons she has reached the pinnacle of success. And she's still going higher than she has thus far. Mindset. It's about having a powerful, positive, empowering and flexible mindset. So you can deal with everything that goes on day to day in your business and your personal life. And then there's body that's literally taking care of yourself from the outside and the inside. And that means through regular exercise, that means through nutrition, both food and drink. And to a person, everyone that I study that has achieved that level of success took care of themselves. Now, look, I'm not saying you have to be absolutely perfect in all these areas. It's just that you make these areas a priority. And that's the key, making them a priority. Then you will start to see greater success in your own life. And it's just a pattern. It's model. You just you start to model it. Just follow it. That's it. It's simple. And then business. Oh, boy, that one is multifaceted. There are things like marketing, team building sales, systematizing, leadership, scaling. The list goes on and on. And the key is to master all three of these primary areas, mind body, business with business. It's very difficult to master every aspect of business. It truly is. And the good news with that is if you just master one of those traits that I mentioned and that would be leadership, well, then you're set because now you can delegate to those who have the skill sets already that you may not have or lack in because it would take a lifetime to master every skill set that goes in the business. Then you're set and then you you can become as successful as many people. Just like our guest expert is coming on very shortly. And one final thing I noticed, and it kind of goes along the mind aspect, and that is most of these successful people. Our very, very voracious readers of books that helped them, not just any old book, I'm not saying it's not OK to read a fiction book and enjoy yourself and be entertained on occasion. That's there's nothing wrong with that. But the focus of these individuals were those in the area, business of personal development and and so on. And all the three categories you're looking at right now, mind body business. That's where they would read. And so with that, I'd like to segway into a short segment. I like to affectionately call bookmarks.

Bookmarks for and to read bookmarks. Ready steady read bookmarks brought to you by reach your peak library dot com.

Brian Kelly:
Yes. There you see it reach your peak library, by the way, real quick. Do not. Please do not run off to another tab on your browser and type that in rather than do that. Let's do something old fashioned together. Remember, one of these is called a piece of paper. And that old fashioned instrument known as a pen or a pencil. Do yourself a favor and grab one of each if you can. Or bring up notepad separately on your computer. But make sure you can still see and watch us. If you're watching on a phone. Pen and paper are best if you have access to it. And here's the reason why. Bring that up. The reason is that the magic happens in the room. Now, I've done many, many seminars from stage and I've seen people get up from their chair during a session walkout either to take a phone call or maybe to go to the restroom. And then that's the moment where the magic happened and they missed it. And I would hate for that to happen for you. So as a favor to yourself, get out a pen and paper and do take notes. I'm the host of the show and I take a lot. I fill up a page every single every single show. Show it to later and the kids stick with it. So write these resources down. I know Stephanie is going to have a lot of them to offer and write them down and then visit them after the show is over. Some cool. All right, let's go. So reach a big library dot com. I literally built this with you in mind. The entrepreneur, the business person that's looking for additional success to increase their level of serving others.And what I did was I started reading voraciously only about 10 years ago. Not long ago. And I started listening on Audible. And as I did each one that I thought had profound effect on me or that did definitely have profound effect on me either through business or personal development. I put in this list. So currently there are only forty in here and I'm way behind on updating this list, but it is a great place to start. If you haven't started reading and if you already aren't reading, it's a great place to continue. You might find a book or two in here that you yourself have never read before. And so the good news with this is these are all personally vetted by yours truly. So you can at least rest assured that at least one other successful person has vetted the books. And so your probability of not wasting your time really increases. And that's why it's there for you to help you have a more efficient and productive life and business. Speaking of efficient and productive and wildly successful and incredible and amazing, it's time to bring on the star of the show. Here she comes.

It's time for the guest expert, spotlight, savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained, big-league, qualified.

Brian Kelly:
And there she is, ladies and gentlemen. The one the only Stephanie Lou. How are you doing this evening, Stephanie?

Stephanie Liu:
I'm doing great. How are you doing?

Brian Kelly:
I am beyond ecstatic for tonight. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you coming on. I think we virtually met during a another live that you were involved with. I think you were a guest of that live. And I appreciate you just saying. Yes. And that's one of the key elements with being a successful entrepreneur. And it's also knowing when to say no as well. And what I wanted to do real quick, Stephanie, before I actually formally bring you on is let our viewers know those that are watching live. If you stay on to the end, you will find out a way to win of five nights, stay at a five star luxury resort. That's a five there, in Mexico. Or you can choose a different resort of your choosing. There are many to choose from. And this is all compliments of our good friends at power texting dot com. We give away a trip every single show. And by the way, to be sensitive to what's going on now, don't worry, when you win, you can wait to execute the order of that vacation at a tell a time is right for everyone to travel. So some good.So, hey, that will give you some to look forward to when the veils have been pulled away and you're free to move about the country once again. Right. So let's bring on Stephanie formally and then we're going to have a great time. Stephanie Liu is a digital marketing strategist that combines the power of human behavior and live video. This is powerful stuff. People after launching lights, camera live. She has helped thousands of marketers successfully build their brand. And bottom line with live streaming. Stephanie has been featured in Forbes and has speak spoken at Social Media Marketing World. That's a big deal. VidCon, another big deal. And the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference, three big deals in a row. She's also the coauthor of the upcoming book, The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing. I've been waiting for this for quite some time. I am so excited to bring to you and formally introduced you the one and only Stephanie Lou. She is amazing. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome.

Stephanie Liu:
So happy to be here. I know it's been awhile. We've like ramping up for this. It's been so long, and now it's here!

Brian Kelly:
It's so fun to do get to do what I do because I get to watch people like you from the sidelines. And I you know, I watch some of your lives. You're everywhere. You're all. And I love that about you because it shows that you are a hustler in a good way. You hustle, you work, you work the business. You're not just a hobbyist. There's no doubt you're not just a hobbyist. You're out there speaking on state. You have booths at conferences. This takes time, money and investment. Ladies and gentlemen. And she's gotten to that point because she just kept going, kept working hard and stayed the course and was disciplined and everything that goes into it. We're gonna go into some of these. And one of the other things I love about you, Stephanie, is you are not just MLP certified you all. And that's neuro linguistic programing for those of you that are unaware, unfamiliar. Write that down and take notes and look at that up later. And she not only knows it and is certified in it, she also holds courses where you can become certified in rural linguistic programing. And that's the key is not just learning. So this is this is Stephanie.

She learned it. Then she did it and now she teaches it. That is how you fully integrate something that you've just learned. And I recommend everyone do it, whether or not you even decide to do an LP as a business or as a coach. I've done the same thing through a different mentor and I have no regrets whatsoever. It was the absolute best thing I've done in my life. So we will give you a connection information for Stephanie later toward the end of the show. If you're interested. She's in the San Diego area right now and she's actually got something coming up really soon. I can't wait to talk about that.

Yes, hello. I wanted to. I love the accolades. I mean, look at all the wonderful things you've done speaking on stage. Those are always big, huge. And that that really tells not just everyone listening but me as well, that you're a player. I mean, you're out there, you're doing it.

You're making a difference to get on stages that aren't your own. That is not always the easiest thing to do. And those are big stages. So congratulations. Number one and number two. Thank you. Thank you for doing that, because I've seen clips of you on stage and you are an amazing speaker. Just say it.

But what I wanted to do is, you know, in addition to understanding your accolades from the physical upper level, I'd like to dig deep into the brain, that beautiful brain of yours, Stephanie, because you have it of the a._p. You've cleaned out that beautiful garden of all those weeds using a._p. It's flourishing. It's obvious. And so when you in being an entrepreneur can be difficult. I mean, let's face it, it's not all, you know, tiptoeing through the tulips every single day. There are things that knock us back. And it can take a lot. It can take a lot to keep that positive attitude. And for you, what is it that you do to maintain a positive, productive mindset that keeps you going on a regular basis and helps you sustain now you sustain your current level of success to continue to grow it?

You know, one of the things that I love the most when I was getting trained in an LP as my trainer had taught me the same. And it's something that he wanted us to say every single night before we went to bed. And it was your unconscious mind, you know, the suggestions that are good for me and those that are bad. So keep the ones that are good and delete and erase the ones that are bad.

Anything that is just so important because as we go about our day, we get so many different marketing messages, whether you're just sitting in the car and you're listening to the radio and you're hearing about like what's happening out there, then you're scrolling in your newsfeed on Facebook, on Twitter, we're getting all these messages. And so just to tell your mind about these eleven bits of information, I want you to focus on what's most important to helping me actually reach my goals. And so just having that, I think has really helped me understand. There's so many distractions in this world. And if you really want to get to where it is that you want to be, then you have to focus your attention there, because where attention goes, energy flows. And I think that's what's been really helpful, not only just for me, but for my family as well. Brian, we're even talking about like how I have a little one in the house. We see that same thing every single night because whether she's with me or not, you know, I don't know if she's watching something on YouTube. And they're just, you know, they're trying to give her like new toys that she needs to buy in order to feel better. In order to feel happier. Right. So if I could clear that out. And every day we have a clean slate of new positive suggestions that she could take on. And like trade. I'm like, OK, this is going to be me, right? I think that's the first thing really is taking care of that mindset.

I could not agree more. And that's why the order of the words of the show Mind-Body business that I did not know or learn until roughly it was ten or twelve years ago. I'm really that dates are my Achilles heel, but it's been a little around a decade. A little more. And once I learned it because it used to go to all those seminars, I had all those lanyards from the Badghis. I mean, I've got a massive stack of them. I actually put them on on stage to show a point about showing up. And I went to so many of these seminars. And finally, after taking a good break, I find that I've had enough. And I went back and that's where I met my mentor for the first time. He was a guest speaker. You only had a few minutes on stage compared to the main speaker. I rushed to the back, sign up for a two day seminar and the rest now is history. Just learned so much. He taught me and and at a deep level. Eventually, after I went through all the advanced courses, just how important mindset is. And it was a lot of people talk. I am Christian and a lot of people talk about being reborn in that way. This was being reborn on the physical earth to me because it taught me so many things from a deep level. And I'm not going deep here. It's very simple science. It's just that it it just completely helps you to do a 180 and get rid of the negativity. Anything that's left. And we're humans. That negativity still comes up. But now you're aware and you know, you have the tools to change your own, your course. And so matter. We could talk all night on a._p stuff.

It's such an amazing science. And I just want everyone to know it's a proven science. It works. There's nothing new about it. Some people will you know, I was one of those in the audience. I kid you not. I'm fully my arms. All right. Let's see what you got. You know.

And it didn't take long because of the magic of pre framing, which is another a._p approach that the my mentor masterfully did on stage, and I realized, wow, this is actually it's actually going to be good for me. I can't wait to take these courses in any way and I'm bringing all that up.

I would love for all of you. I don't train it. Stephanie does. And so I love to give you all the ability to connect with her to see about coming to a course of hers coming near soon. And it's a small group gathering, so it'll be safe for the time being. We'll see how things work out as the days go by. But. Just stop everything you're doing and learn it. No matter who it's from, but you've got somebody sitting in front of you right now that knows it deep. She is an amazing businesswoman, amazing person. So, you know, she's the one to go to right now. San Diego is not that far if you're in California. But does it matter how far it is fly? You can't right now.

But what's really nice about San Diego is that as soon as you say in everyone's eyes, just go wild like San Diego. What's the weather like right now? Like it's probably it's examiner, too. Right now. I see the sun peeking through the window. And like you could feel like the cool breeze, especially against your skin. It's like this is where you want to be.

It's only paradise in the United States. It's no big deal. Hey, Elysa, coming from the Philippines. He's on the show often. Thank you for coming on and saying hi. Welcome to the show. Thank you. Yes. Now, I open the show by talking a little bit about reading the importance of that's another life changer. And I can only guess. I know the answer to this already, but would you consider yourself to be one of those an avid reader? Yes. He's not in emphatically. Yeah. Would you say to date doesn't have to be the one you're reading now? It could be, but all the way from the past till now, if you if you could recall, what would be that one book that the greatest impact on you.

For either your business or your personal development.

Seven highly successful habits for teens. Woo!

Yeah. So when I was in high school, I was in the associated student body, which is ASV for sure. And so we were like the ones that planned the homecomings, the events. We made sure that like life on campus was fun. And so our ESB teacher, we would have a leadership bootcamp and that was one of the books that he gave us. There was 7 habits of highly successful teens. And it laid the foundation as far as your communication style, how you manage your relationships. And I remember. Oh, gosh, right. I remember this one story and it was called the relationship bank account. Right. And how you invest in other people and other people invest in you. And if you keep your promises and you fulfill your promises, then you're going to get a return on that investment. Right. Because you can't break the bank if you're not actually investing in other people. And that was something that just always stuck by me. And it's something I strongly believe that there are resources in relationships. And that first belief was installed in me back when I was in high school.

Wow. How fortunate. How far what a blessing, you know, to have that kind of that kind of leadership, that kind of education back in high school.

Very fortunate. Yeah. You know, you think back to like when you're in school, who are your role models? Who hape who helped shape you to be who you are today and what you read? And that's that's definitely a favorite book. I actually still have it, to be very honest with you. I still have it. It's in the garage. It's on my bookshelf. I can already see it in my mind. It's like over here. It has all the highlights. Has all the little notes that I put in the margins of like, oh, I like this. I never got rid of that book.

That's fantastic. Because in about 0 or 8 years, there's someone you can pass that down to.

I know. That's so true. Yeah, that's fantastic.

And that's the wonderful thing about Reinboldt. So you can see it. What an impact at Stephanie. At a very young age. And it doesn't matter when you start. I'm a product of that. I didn't start till about I was forty five ish. I'm 55 now. And somewhere around there I started reading voraciously and just, wow, what? What? She's it was right for me all this time. And I had been given that advice by so many people using it in a book. Come on. What can I do for you? For I let you go.

Absolutely. I want to dig in a little bit more about what what got you into an LP and then beyond that. What spurred you to create your own certification courses? Because that takes a quite another level of effort to create your own courses as well.

That's a huge feat. It's a lot of time and dedication, isn't it? It's a lot of material to cover as well. You know, I would say what kind of opened my eyes first to neuro linguistic programing and LP. I worked at a digital agency. So Brian knows this. I spent the last decade and a half deep in the trenches of agency life and I was always on the pitch team. And for those of you who don't know what the pitch team is, that's the A-Team. That's when you're about to win new business. You bring out like the All Stars. So the pitch team, we retrained in communication. We were trained in. Learning how to tell stories, how to present on stage, how to design a deck. But most importantly, we were trained in an LP because we wanted to learn how to ignite our ideas. Be brilliant in the boardroom and learn how to captivate on command. So going through an LP was one of those roles like No Wonder, No Wonder. So many people have these miscommunications where they butt heads all the time because there's different representational systems. There's different ways that people communicate. There's different strategies for how someone comes to a decision from point A to point B, right. And so when I learn that this is probably like six, seven years ago when I learned that, now I think this is it. Where has this been my entire life? Right. Do other agencies know this like, oh, my gosh, don't tell them. Right. And so many of us in the agency. Interestingly enough, once we all got certified, we actually left and started our own companies, like we are now other successful entrepreneurs. And we always come back and we're like, wow, do you remember that? It's great.

It's fantastic. It's it's incredibly empowering. Right. And that's what happened with me as well. Not only I started I had a business that I had just started back then in the fitness industry. But what it did was it catapulted my confidence level, my certainty level. And that's really what it comes down to, I think for most people is what is the degree of certainty for you to have to have before you will move forward. And then within HP, you're taught that you move forward with that with or without certainty, just knowing, because you know that you have the skills that will be all key at the end. Yes, it's. That's the deal breaker. I mean, the deal maker, not breaker right there.

And it is a complete game changer. Yeah.

Yeah. And so I love that we're opening with this with MLP because it truly is the foundation of everything that happens in your life. You are in general, not you, Stephanie. You are well, including Stephanie. Where you are today is a direct result of your mindset is no one else's fault. Where you are, there is no one else driving your ship. You're making the decisions. Your eyes are accepting people in your lives. Are you rejecting people in your lives? You're accepting job positions that you hate her or love wherever you are. If you're successful or you're not, you are there because of yourself and this beautiful thing in your noggin. And olp helps you to reprogram it. You reprogram it just with guidance. And it's again, it's a simple science. It's not. We will. And it works and it works best.

That's the beauty of the fact that it works so fast, you know, especially like for me where it was, you know, it's not like one day I woke up and said, I'm going to do video. Right. Like, most people don't feel that way. They got to look at themselves, that they got to work through it. They got to go through their limiting beliefs, you know, take out that negative talk track, you know, but one side did that. Three days, right? Crash, crash course and an LP like Complete Game Changer. I walked out of there a different person. It was like Stephanie two-point. Oh, my husband was like, who are you? Why? Because I came home. And I think these are all the goals. These are all the things that I want to do. And ever since then, it's like I checking with him. I'm like, dude, I crushed it. This is what I'm doing now. And you just think, OK, go to the next one. Go to the next one. If it's just, you know, you go in as a practitioner and then a master and then a trainer and that's how you integrate it and then it just becomes a part of you.

Wow. You said something that just triggered a memory because. Oh, that was phenomenal. So I would run seminars from stage for my mentor. And it was an MLP based company and it was it was an LP for business. And that was one thing that I came up with. He didn't train me to say it, but I would tell everybody, you came in that door just moments ago as you. In two days, you're going to leave here as you version 2.0. Exactly. I was like, wow, this is phenomenal. Yeah.

I mean, it's true. It is true.

It's absolutely true. Because your whole thought process, it changes. You start to realize, like what limiting beliefs that you had heard, whether it was something that you heard from your family member, something that you watched in a movie, you know, even like childhood cartoons. And you're like, oh, I never realized that I developed a fear about this because I had watched this. And for some reason it was embedded into my unconscious mind.

Yeah. And the repetition of growing up with. No, no, no. And the imprint stages from 0 7 years old.

And yes, I mean, I think that's one of the reasons why, you know, I had shifted in my career having worked at an agency. Right. I was working like 40 to 50 plus hours a week. And when I realized, hey, we're going to have another human being in this world, I knew because I had studied cognitive psychology and child psychology in college, that 0 to 7 is the imprint area. And if anyone's going to install any values, beliefs, any of that stuff, it's gonna be coming from mom and from dad. And that's why I like the whole daring, conscious mind. We say that every night.

Yeah. And so isn't that wonderful to be to have the ability to raise your own children, to not have to send them off somewhere where someone else is feeding them that negativity during those in stages. That's another great benefit of entrepreneurship and becoming successful enough to be able to do that. So it's not just not just because an entrepreneur is going to give you that affords you that. Right. Just so you know, those of you watching, listening. You do need to work and put in the work. So if you're thinking of starting a family, you haven't yet. One would now be the right time to learn.

And LP, you got that one right away. I love that. Yeah.

Yeah. So you learn so many wonderful things that it's become natural. I mean, building, rapport building. Stephanie Oh, my God. I mean, I used I've always loved people. I just didn't know how to interact with them. So I would I was always cast as being the shy person. And I thought, well, if you only knew, but I did not interact. And then after I learned rapport building skills again, it happens that quick. You do a little bit of practice, but it's fun. And now I'm instantly I feel like I'm everyone's best friend. You know, you right up the elevator. How many times you got up an elevator with, say, five to ten people and it's just dead quiet? No one's afraid to say anything. Well, now I am that guy. And I don't say something goofy, but it's kind of an icebreaker and I get people to smile. And that just made their day for an instant a little bit better. And it made me happy and that I could contribute to that. You know, talking to baristas, you can see that in their day. They're in the grind. And I just. How are you doing? And give my contact.

And just with the. Of that. The nice pattern. Interruptive, actually not caring about somebody else. Exactly. Everyone is stuck into two stuck inside their own trance. Yes. They wake up, get in the car. They do this. And, you know, they listen to all those marketing. But if you can get them out of there and be that ray of light, then, man, you need to be even just for a moment is break that state of whatever internal hell they're going through at that moment because you can see it on.

Sometimes it's just the for and you just know that they could use a little lift and, you know, just do it with respect and have fun and just get to on a little bit and a couple of moments that you have with them. Yeah.

Yes, I agree, Eliza. Stephanie does seem so nice because she is. But the thing is, when you're in business, being nice can actually be a detriment. And there's a difference between being kind and being nice. And so. Yeah, so I doubt that Stephanie is nice all the time. I bet she's kind always. But, you know, to be successful, NICE's is telling somebody they look great when they don't and they need some. But somebody to kick him in the butt to tell him, you better do some about it. That's nice. And it's not it doesn't serve people just to put it off. So I know you're a nice person and I don't want to take away. And you're very kind. But just a little business moment there. Oh, my gosh. She wrote us a book.

I'll let you read it. Valerie, I'm not like looking down at the scale.


It's all in one mindset on how to stay focused. Also, not to think of too many things at the same time, just one at a time so that we'll be able to focus and prioritize the most important things. In this way. It can help us get ourselves into the right track, knowing what we want and having this direction. Thank you, Eliza.

It was.

Oh, my goodness, that's fantastic.

And then I wanted to move slightly over you also. So you have this amazing LP business. Yeah. I don't know what you call an academy. Do you have a term for it?

It's Captiva on command and it is an academy. So we are training we're training practitioners of A.P. and master and ILP practitioners. I've also helped a lot of speakers. You and I were talking. This earlier House speakers can integrate an LP into their presentations.

That way they could be confident onstage, but also know how to tell a story that hooks an audience in and knowing how to deliver a spellbinding presentation that by the time that you're done, they're like I to work with you. How can I be like you? So.

And many people I know watching want to know how to be like you, Stephanie. And that's because you've developed the skill sets. You know, you you you've put in the time you've put you invested your money. It doesn't it's you know, going through an A.P. course actually is it's quite draining. At least it was for me when we went through the main A.P. portion. We've got to hypnosis. I was happy as heck because I got to take a miniature nap.

Multiply. It's like that's off your mind, isn't it?

It was awesome. You know, in the first half, it was an opiate. We've got another process kind of like, oh, my gosh, turn off the energy. This is like home. It was a great what a great kind of physical or mental draining. And then when the second course came, which was hypnosis, is now where you're doing the process. Oh, fantastic. I get the relax and also.

Yeah, it's just getting you past that critical faculty. You're like, is this going to work? It's not going to work. You like. OK, just embedded. Just downloaded into my brain. And then let's go ahead.

I'm glad you said that for a better part of the first day, it was a five day course. The intro that I went to the second one was 6th on hypnosis with six, but I went through most of the first day and nothing was working for me. You know how you do the practitioner in a change chair. And when I was a practitioner, I see the other person go through this massive shift and they do it for me when I'm in the change chair. Nothing like what is going on. And my instructor says, one break, is it? So, Brian, how's it going? I said, I gotta be honest with you, man, I'm kind of freaking out. He said, why is it I want this to work so bad, but it's not working. It goes. Basically, he gave me some background and he basically said, that's the problem. You want it to work.

It's so bad, but you're in. Then you're unconscious. Leonard. Okay. You wanted to work so bad. So you wanted to quit badly. Yes. And that's what I heard. Yeah.

Yeah. And these are things you learn you pick up on language because the mind doesn't know the negative side of it doesn't know. No. And it's amazing. But the interesting thing was he shared with me a story where he went through it and was in day two and hadn't himself gone through a breakthrough for the first time. He was literally walking out, leaving. The instructor happened to be in the doorway, says, where are you going? He told them. And then he did the same thing with him and he became an instructor and he helps change my life. So thank God that that instructor stopped him, too. So it's really cool that you brought that up, that, you know, you can get in your own way. And that's another thing. You learn how to get out of your own way. And when you do that. How liberating. Right. Stephanie?

It's it's absolutely amazing because, again, you know, you wake up every day and you pick up the script on how to be Bryan. And, you know, every chapter, you know, every line of how to be Bryan. And when someone comes in and says, hey, let's edit that, let's take out pages and chapters that are helping you realize, wait a second, this is my favorite book, you know, so it's it's always interesting.

It's interesting how we want to hang on to the definitions we've given ourselves of our comfort zone.

It's our comfort zone because that's what we know. Yeah.

And I now I have for some time. I'm deeply saddened when I see someone driving around with a vanity plate, license plate that has the name of a corporation that they work for on it. Oh, like you're living their dream, not yours. And you're letting that company define you. You don't know where the company uniform everywhere they go. You know the shirt. I just. All you have so much more to offer. If only we could just. If I could just pull you aside for a little bit and just plant the seed, if nothing else, just lets you know there is so much more of you to give than you have any idea that so many people, you know, the talents they have and I came from corporate world. I was one of those. Yeah. Yeah. Mean to.

Same thing. Same thing. I mean. But again, it's like, you know, we talk about zero to seven being the imprint stage and so on. And it's different values that you have in your life. And this is like values level thinking. I learned this a lot from Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and James and she talks about like we base our decisions based off of our values. And so people have different values levels that they go through. Grades. And once you know what someone's values are, then you're able to respect their model of the world and you get to understand them why they act and think the way that they do.

Yeah. Instead of just almost contradicting them literally into the way that you think you can go with them and speak their language. And it's so much more copacetic, like nice, easy flowing conversation.

Yeah. And then they feel they feel you get them and then you're doing it with all integrity because you want to strike up a relationship with them. And now that you have the skills to do it for those that typically wouldn't have in the past. Now you have it. Yeah. So I wanted to move on to your digital marketing strategist portion of your life. And here's the thing. You know, Stephanie has been on stages with some pretty heavy hitting folks on some pretty large stages as we opened up with like social media marketing world. And definitely gotta get to that on that one yet. Khan I'm actually I am book to go to that one coming up later this year and others. And I wanted to. I wanted to dig deeper into you and what you're doing on the digital marketing strategist realm on that front. What is it that you provide people for your clients and how do you get so it's digital marketing, so you're helping them to get eyeballs to their business, get them out there and get more sales. Can you can you briefly describe what your that part of your business is all about or that business, your work?

Absolutely. So there is a lot of brands that are struggling to become visible online. And so through my agency, we take them from unknown to forgettable. And that's everything from whether it's you want to build a community, right.

You want to build relationships online. There's no better way to do that than to leverage like live video because you get all those happy. Brain chemicals, you get to build rapport with your audience. Now they want to have like a taste of you. Every time that you go live on camera. So I help my clients as well with community management, social media retainers, getting them from unknown to unforgettable. One of my favorite things to do. And Brian and I, we were talking about, well, what are you doing even before that? And I was like, well, my husband and I met because we worked at a digital agencies. My background is also in FCL and p.p.s., very programmatic, very analytical. Those are things that I offer for clients. So whether it's social media, live video coaching or doing paid media advertising, those are all the three things that I do as far as my business goes. Right. That's like one revenue channel. And then they're speaking on stage and then there's consulting.

Fantastic. So you are a multi-talented, multi wonderful individual. It's very obvious to everyone watching, I'm sure, more assumptive language that was than just saying.

Yeah. And the thing is. I mean, look what you've done. Look what you've accomplished. And here's here's a beautiful thing you did. You brought up that. I think a lot of people could resonate with Stephanie, and that is you really honed in a skill set, a talent while holding a corporate position. And we've leveraged that into and integrated it into your overall business model now. And how wonderful is that to everyone listening? Think about what you're doing today. If you're working that job and many of you, unfortunately, are unable to even report to your place of business and some of you don't have the ability to work from home based on what you do at that job. So think about that. You know, what can you do? What can you do? Can you take the skills you've learned and make it into perhaps a home, a business that you run from your home, get clever, get get creative. Figure that out. Now's the time to do it. This is a time of opportunity.

And it's so much easier these days. You know, once you learn a skill set and you master. Let's say a video editing. Oh, my gosh. You know, I can I can tell you the list of 100 people that are looking for good video editor or someone that is a great content writer that could take those videos and turn them into blog posts and repurpose into like twenty six other pieces of content. There is so much that you can do. You just got to get creative.

That's it. And that's the thing. That's a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs all too often like to just be creative.

I think that's. Yeah, that's. Yeah. And I would say that that being on the corporate side, being on the agency side and of course, with A.P., you know, how things work and why they work and you're able to model excellence. There you go. Phil, when you know.

And then you begin to pioneer, then, you know, like, OK, this is what I need to know where money is coming in and where money is going out. Right. How am I going to leverage this for the next opportunity?

Yes. Fantastic. And another point on an LP, like if you're watching this and you own a business, so you already have a successful business and you have a team and you think, well, I've already reached a level of success, I'm kind of hitting that ceiling and I don't really know if I can go any higher. We'll consider learning an LP through someone like Stephanie so that you can take it back to your team. And what you can do is sit down and have what we call breakthrough sessions with your team and then their mindsets will be rewired and you will see. Incredible. I've heard so many stories of this, Stephani, of others who had teams. If you're in network marketing, have a breakthrough session with everyone you recruit. And watch them shine. The confidence level come up. The sales increase. And because there's this increasing, of course, yours is based on the compensation plans that are written around it. So there's so many ways that you can use it. It doesn't necessarily mean you have to become certified in order to start an LP business, although you could you could use that as I do with my team with while I'm on sales calls, all the skill sets I learned. Speaking from stage, it just something it's a gift you can that last year of your lifetime. And you can use it in so many different ways. I can't emphasize that enough. And that's what's definitely that. She got her mindset set first, and then she broke out, as she said, of the corporate world. And look what she's created. I mean, holy moly, not only an A.P. certification course, but also a whole digital marketing strategy company. And and you could you can intertwine them easily and effortlessly, can't you? That's right. Yes.

Love it. Love it.

So when we get into the body aspect of things. You know, one of the things that a lot of people, unfortunately, will let go to the side is their physical health, because they're working so hard. And I've met many and I'm no different at times where I love what I do so much. I just I power through the day without ever thinking about exercising. And the thing is, you get it. You got to prioritize it, got to put your calendar, or sometimes it just won't happen. But for you, Stephanie, how important have you found physical fitness to be to you, your business and and even your personal life now that you have that little one running around?

Yeah, it's 100 percent important. It's one of those things where it's it's changed everything. And you're going to hear my little one over there. So cool. She's here. Yeah. Just maintaining your body is super important because I didn't get into a business where I could be running on fumes because at the end of the day, if I'm running on fumes and I don't have enough energy to take care of them and I want to take care of them, that's why I built my business. It doesn't make sense for me to build a business where, you know, I'm so burnt down. If I create the systems, if I create the process, it gets me to where I need to be, then I could still be fulfilled and still have that energy. And not that many people noticed that. I've actually been doing Muay Thai kickboxing for like the last 10 years. And it's one of my favorite ways of staying in shape. And what I didn't realize was that when I knew how to defend my body, how I could be stronger. Not only did I. Did I become stronger physically, but also mentally. And it helped me a lot in my career because I could stand up for myself. I could I could stand up for myself. I could present my ideas and not, you know, not back down. And it's just I feel like when you are able to learn something like self-defense. Right. I feel like my daughter will definitely do this, too. Right. If you're like me, you learn how to use self-defense. Then you come out a lot stronger and there's a lot of other like different exercises. You know, we talked about like comfort zones. There's all these different activities that I would do to take me outside of my comfort zone, like I would go rock climbing. Like just being able to get to like that next peak. I can't necessarily reach it. I have to jump and I just have to know that the harness is still going to catch me. But I just have to take that leap in order to get there. So, Bobby, is is everything all right?

He caught me taking notes. And the last thing you said was the most compelling that I mean, all of it was great. That hit my head. I was like, oh, there you go. That's the one. That's the juice that people can learn from. And that is taking yourself out of your own comfort zone. And the key to this is doing it as often as you can every single day. Find ways to do it in in ways that are beneficial to you. Of course. And the more you can do that, the more you will be successful. Because I like to tell a metaphor. And that's where, you know, if you're not if you're in a boat or a ship and the motor is not running, the sales aren't up and you're not moving. Can you change the direction, alter the course of that ship? Well, it's not moving. It's still in water. Answer for anyone that doesn't know is no. If, however, you have stirred up the motor of the propellers, moving you through the water and you just happen to be off course a little bit. Do you think at that moment you could actually turn the wheel and change course and point it more in the direction of where you want to go? Yes, the answer is yes. So those that are moving constantly taking action, getting out of their comfort zone. That is a moving ship. It doesn't mean you will always be going in the right direction. Because I'll tell you right now, I'll bet you Stephanie will tell you right now, she might be a little off course and she's looking to correct course. And then we correct that. We keep correcting we keep getting closer and closer and closer to that point where we've finally hit the sweet spot.

But then when you hit the sweet spot, something else knocks you off course and then you go back through it again.

And so the beautiful thing is, though, if you're moving, if you're taking action, if you get into a comfort zone, you are able to correct that course. If you're not moving, if you're not taking any action. If you're just doing the same thing every day, then it's going gonna be a tough road to hoe. What do you think of that, Stephanie?

I think that's 100 percent true. I mean, a lot of a lot of reasons why why people are successful today is because they are flexible. They're flexible in their communication. They're fluid in their business decisions. They are always measuring what's working, what's not working. And for those that are just comfortable staying there, you know, doing what it is that they always do and expecting the same result, they always say that's like the definition of insanity. Right. And so even when I have clients on the digital marketing side, like, you know, we used to we used to post this on social media and we would get to emerge, you know, engagement. It's like it's not working anymore. It's like. So do you want to keep doing what's not working? Or do you want to shift gears because the decision is yours? The choice is yours. Right. The data's there. So how much longer do you want to do that? Do you need another like five weeks, five months, five years or, you know, you could you could do it now.

That's that's actually perfect advice for folks. And that's exactly it. I mean, hit the nail on the head. What happens in business? This is exactly what happens if they don't know. They don't work forever. They never do. They never have. Marketing always changes. You know, there used to be direct mail. Some will claim to this day it still works fantastically. It might. There's Yellow Pages. Those aren't even here anymore. I don't see them.

Like I say, blockbuster. Blockbuster, Netflix.

Yeah, yeah, exactly. And so, yeah, you just want to be you got to be flexible. It's definitely sane. And be willing to change your your attitude, change your mind and say, you know, if the thing is this, people fall in love with something so much, they get emotional and it becomes a little baby. Yeah, but like you said, you ever get used to work. You can't leave it. It used to be I think it's about getting the ego out of the way to so many things. And it's all mindset. Every bit of what we're talking about comes down to this thing. Beautiful thing on top of your shoulders that it is beautiful. Everyone's is because it's uniquely you. And the beautiful thing is you can make the garden inside of it even more beautiful by pulling all the weeds and have nothing but. Flourishing beautiful flowers. And if you're just going to enjoy life so much more when you reach out to Stephanie and see how you can attend her upcoming m_l_p_ certification course. I can't wait to give that information out there. But we're getting there. We're getting there, I promise. So you've been at this for quite some time now. And so a lot of people who start a business, especially who leave corporate. That's a different mindset. Oh, my goodness. And thankfully, you went through an LP and that righted that ship immediately. But a lot of people who start out, they don't make it very long. Right. And so there are reasons for that. But if you were to know or maybe maybe you have one. Do you think there is some kind of pattern or formula to becoming not just becoming a successful entrepreneur, but sustaining that success and continually elevating it to the next level? Do you think there's any kind of thing like that pattern or formula?

You know, I think it's always important when you're running your business is to always be a learner.

You know, you're always constantly going to have to learn because things are always going to be shifting in your business, in your industry. The way that people are to their behavior is always going to be shifting the way that we used to talk on the phone. We you know, I remember having a phone with a long cord that was connected to the kitchen. But now I can have conversations with a lot of people on social media, on a mobile phone that I could take with me. This is now like my mobile production studio in my hand. And I think when you are always curious and always wanting to learn, then you can always take your business to the next level. If you just stay in that one lane doing the same thing, then you're going to become the blockbuster of your industry and the choice is yours.

A play on words. That was great.

You'll become the blockbuster in our industry, which is a dual meaning because blockbuster video for those who may not be old enough to remember was a video rental place where you can go get cassette or VHS tapes and you would bring them home. You'd rent them. And then you had to bring them back by a certain date. And that's, of course, no longer around. We have on demand everything but you know, everything. You also become a blockbuster success. But I don't think that's what she was referring to at that moment. It just made me chuckle. That was fun. But always be a learner. That's huge. Always. Always. I mean. Great love that my mentor. As an example by age, could literally be my son. He's 18 years my junior. He's the most amazing man I've ever met. When it comes to mindset and success and he lives, he walks the walk. To this day, he's no longer in the seminar industry, but he's got a business that's crushing it right now. He and his wife and. Yeah. It doesn't matter. Continue to learn. I learned from someone, well, my junior and I didn't it didn't matter to me what it comes down to. And I think what people this helps people get rid of their ego. I think Stephanie, is if you concentrate on the results more than the the process, then it won't matter to you either. You know, and I could see with this young man. He had the results. I mean, I saw a person after person in person, you know, seeing what impact he had on their lives. I thought, OK, I'm is I don't care if he's man woman. I don't care what color never has mattered to me in my life. Never will. Results are what matters and in relationships. So, yeah, I'm glad you that you said learning because you can never stop learning. And you should never stop learning.

You should never stop learning and learn from anyone and everyone like whatever age range they are. I mean, there's things that I that I even learned from my daughter and the questions that she asked me, because she doesn't have anyone that's like crushing her dreams. You know, she doesn't have those experiences like, no, no, no, don't do that, because she has this curiosity already built into it. She's she's like the perfect scientist, cause she's going to have this hypothesis. It's like if I do this and I try it. Cool. What are the results? What's going to happen is she's going to learn from it. Whereas if you if you try to learn from somebody, you know, who's been in the trenches for so long and like this is how it's always been done. Right. They're no longer curious because they haven't tried it.

And I think that's huge what you just said is curiosity.

The most successful people on the planet are the most curious, and the interesting thing is, is when you've a lot of people will not ask questions because what does that make them look like to the other person in their mind is not knowledgeable or not smart. Because I keep asking questions, that means I know nothing. The opposite is true of those. For you to become successful is be curious. My my mentor told me his name's Mel Mel Cutler, by the way. He told a story where he actually met Richard Branson and they met in a hallway or something. If I if memory serves on the story and they came together and Richard started peppering him with questions and he's on telling this story. My mentor is Mel.

And he's like, hey, you're the successful one. I want to ask some questions of you.

But that was a great example of someone who has reached that level of success. And there's one reason why. Another pattern is deeply, deeply curious and always asking questions. Don't be afraid to ask questions. The worst thing we could do is say no. Successful people love to help other successful people or other people are trying to achieve success. It's the exact opposite of what we think before we make that first initial connection and talk to them. Yeah. So just ask questions. Be curious constantly. That will help you get along way. Alexis.

Abc always be curious.

Yes. Yes, absolutely. And I wanted to ask this one question. We're getting close to the end.

And Doug and I hate this part of it, but I love it. At the same time, don't I? That's right. So one of the well, the lifeblood of any business, you know, in addition to mindset, everything we've been talking about, when but when the rubber meets the road, the lifeblood of any business is effective marketing. And marketing is really, in a nutshell, getting eyeballs of people to your business and then take them through the process of showing them why it would be a good fit. And you hope that that comes up, you know, not, but it's gonna be a good fit. And you can go through the language skills processes with Stephanie in her A.P. course to figure out exactly how to have a conversation with your upcoming clients. But for you, Stephanie, what I'm really I love asking this question because really, when it comes down to it, again, its marketing is key. How do you personally go about marketing your own business? And what would you say to date has been your most successful form of marketing?

This is the easy line. My video has been one of the best ways for me to get on the fascination fast track. Because when you're on my video and when you are confident on camera and people see the results that you have, they want to work with you because they're confident that you're going to deliver the results that you have in your business as well. And so my video is one of the best ways to get on that fascination fast track. And unlike other people that probably go live every single week, I want to go live twice a month. And every time I go live at the end of a broadcast, I'm either in to another interview, another podcast, or I have a new client and free of client. Here is a little one that wants to say hi.

All right. Hello.

So that's my little future entrepreneur. He comes up here making you get her.

Oh, precious. Thank you for sharing. Thank you. Absolutely. So, yeah. Live video. It's interesting you say that being on one such thing right now. And the interesting thing is I concur with that. I mean, I've been doing this. I do it once a week consistently and bring phenomenal people such as yourself on and have done it. Approaching two years. That's awesome. Yeah. And being consistent. And I can't tell you the opportunities that have opened up in front of me. It's a cumulative effect. So just telling everybody that, you know, it's not going to happen after you do five lives. It's going to take time. Maybe some if you're already an influencer. But for those of us that are others that are starting out from scratch, then just know that it's a long haul.

Kudos to you. It's amazing that you're able to do it like every single week, because I know for me, juggling, you know, family that just came through Ray and all the different aspects of my business. Even with clients, it's you know, there's a lot you guys are watching right now. Don't know all of the hard work that goes into predicting a show because it's not just about one life video. It's about creating a show that people want to watch every single time that you go live. And not only that, though, but even after the show has ended, you're still repurposing that content. And that's what people like Brian would like. Suddenly see you everywhere. It's like the last event I went to was two weeks ago, but I'm able to repurpose that content. repurposes interviews and pepper it everywhere online. It's like bite sized little pieces of Stephanie that you can get. And my website is the buffet.

Oh, I like that. Yeah, it's I call it light video. The genesis of marketing the beginning point because you cannot go any further backward. Like if you have a recorded video and you're done with it like you do it on YouTube. You can't actually make a you can't repurpose that into a life. Let's put it that way with a light, you can repurpose everything from it. So you can do the written word, which you can on videos as well. You can do the recorded video. You can do podcasts. You can't really go much farther than the beginning of the beginning. And that's the genesis for in its light video. And it is. And the other thing is, it's real. It's raw. Mistakes are made. And that makes you more likable just inherently. Hey, you're human. They didn't edit this video. You know, you see people talking on YouTube and all the sudden they're talking also in their faces like this and they're talking and then their face is like this because they're editing those pieces out that they said are. And that's OK. Nothing wrong with that. I'm just saying what it's like. It's raw. UNSCRIPTED. For the most part.

And that one of those things, very like a potential client will see you and they'll see how you communicate, how you're able to answer questions and solve problems in real time. Right. It's like it's kind of like a pop quiz every single moment. You never know what's going to happen. So people love watching it. And so, you know, sometimes some of my ask you a question. You answer it one way. Another person will ask you another question. Similar, you know, and you're not just gonna regurgitate the same answer. You have to communicate in a way and be flexible in order to make that point made. And once they realize, like, OK, she's flexible in that communication. I want to work with her. Right. That's that's the beauty of live video. That's like, you know, and if they've been binge watching on your show, the second you walk into that pit room there, like they've already got those happy brain chemicals, they're like, I know. I know. I've watched all her videos.

Well, it's interesting you say that. And I'm not kidding when I say that. Anytime I see something of yours come in front of my eyeballs, I get that feeling. I'm like, oh, cool. I want to see what she says, because you're always happy, positive. You just have this vibe that I want to, you know, be part of. I want to learn from somebody who's got such a great attitude all the time and such a great energy level and such blue. I smile. I mean, how can I this a smile, everybody. Come on in. Hey, we've got several people on LinkedIn that's been shutting out. Brian Schmahmann says yes. Yes. Jeff, let's see Mike Alton's Stephanie Lou Rocks.

And he also said, I've been integrating Stephanie's communication recommendations into blog posts and presentations and more so. Thank you both for coming on and sharing that on LinkedIn. Love it. And then our our book writer is back and she said, I do agree with live video. It helps a lot. Your daughter is so cute. Stephanie, thanks.

I paid extra for that.

And then you must have paid a little more extra because she then said right after that, Stephanie has a very good aura.

You know, that's all mindset, right? Perception is projection. So I think if it's all beautiful up in here and then it's beautiful out there.

Absolutely. You know, we have just hit the end of the show for time. But we've got one more question I want to cover. And I promised everyone that they could. When a nice little vacation trip and take it after all this mayhem is over. So this one question, Stephanie, I end the show with this with every guest. I love it. It's powerful. It's deep and it can be personal. And I cannot wait to hear what your answer is. But before we go to that like that open loop, before we go to that, we are going to show everyone now this is the time we give you the permission. You can now take out your phone if you're not watching on the phone already and take your gaze away from the screen in just a moment. And so you can do the following. And that is bring up your text app and punch in the number 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. As if you're going to text a person instead of putting their name, you put the number. And then down in the low message area where you want to say a message to a person, you type in peak P E a.k.a. PJAK. So once again that number is 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4 and enter the message peak and you'll be entered to win, which we do every single week. A five night vacation stay at a five star luxury resort in Mexico or a resort of your choosing. There are many to choose from. And again, don't worry. You enter, you win. You can put off executing where you want to go until all of this fun stuff is over that we've been going through worldwide. And it will end. It will end. Yes. Yes.

Great. She's just been peppering I mean, the whole comment thing is filled with the lies that I don't want this to me either.

And, you know, it's talking to Stephanie who says oftentimes we go over and do mindstate another hour and she says, no problem.

I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding. She probably would. But she also has a giveaway here. So in a moment, we will get to that right after this amazing, very powerful question. And so before I ask you, Stephanie, I know your approach is that you're not like you're not worried about it in the least. But here's the thing with this question. There is no such thing as a wrong answer. It is impossible. In fact, the exact opposite is the truth. And that is the only correct answer is your answer. It's that awesome.

Are you ready with that fame? I like that.

It's so fun. I love working with the a._p sort of. This is awesome. Yeah. All right.

So are you ready? Yeah. Here we go. Stephanie Liu. How do you define success?

How do I define success? I would say that if you knew the values of what's important to you in your life, as far as your relationships, your career, knowing what those values are and hitting on those three areas, then that's to me. That's what success is, right? So are you fulfilling the values that's important to you about what makes life very fruitful? What's important to you about your relationships, whether it's with your significant other or whether it's with your family or even your clients, and then what it is that you love doing in your career. Right. And so for me, again, this like this is something that I didn't discover until I was doing an LP, knowing what values were important for me in those three categories of my life. And now every single decision that I make is congruent with everything that I want. Right. Like one of the reasons why I chose to start my own agency award, do my own m_l_p_ training is because I wanted the freedom and the flexibility so I could leave a legacy for my family so that my daughter, who you just saw, will still have that mastery of mind, body and business. So to me, that's how I define success is being congruent in those areas.

Fantastic. Thank you so much for that. And we do have one more thing to give away here, but I wanted to also add that of the going on 90 guests I've had on this show, no two have answered it identically. And it's still the case. And I love, I love I love the variety of answers that come.

And the other thing I love is there isn't a single person that centered their answer around any type of monetary value. You know, though, you know, suggest to me is when I reach 10 million, not a single person. That's the beautiful thing about the level of guests that come on the show. They're very into abundance and not into scarcity. They're into serving people first. And as a result, they make some thank you money. Yeah. Thank you for helping me. And here's my reward for you.

And because of all the things you do, Stephanie. My hope and wish for you is to become as wealthy as you desire, because I know that someone like you, people like you and you yourself will take a good portion of that wealth and put it back in your business so you can serve even more people and help even more people. And that's a beautiful thing. So always look at folks like Stephanie and wish them the best financially, personally, because then they can shine even brighter and serve more people. And then now take it into internal retrospection and say, how can I do the same for myself? Yeah, right around your people yourself with people like Stephanie, I'm not getting, you know, invest in yourself.

You know, that's that's where it all starts. It's it's not necessarily that you're giving money to someone. It's money is money to me. And you probably agree with this, too. That money is an exchange of energy. Right. And at some point in your life, you want to invest in yourself because the return of that investment that has a compounding of that, that's what you want to do.

Absolutely. And I wanted to really quickly, I'm going to show a couple of sights here and give you a moment to explain what we're looking at. Because I wanted to give you the shout out, share your gifts to the world. And the first one is the lights camera live Web site. And I wanted to show that with share that with everybody.

And here you can see she's got just an amazing amount of things that can go through courses and training. And her lights, camera life. Her main thing speaking, collaborate. So what is this? What's the focus of this site? And as it relates to your business.

Of course. Yeah. So let's carry life is about for those individuals that are just tired of being the best kept secret in town. How you can leverage live video to go from unknown to unforgettable, because let's face it. Now is the time for you to step into the spotlight. And if you need help with that, then let's keep my has all the resources that you need in order to get started. So whether it's learning how to set up your own DSA. Lasley you could go live, right? You'll find that information there if it's to launch your own life show and you don't want to give life to crickets. How do you get people buzzing about your show before you even go live? And then once you create that amazing content, how can you repurpose it? So that way you have content everywhere and it always leads back to your Web site. So that's what lights, camera is all about.

I love it. It's a beginning to end from the genesis all the way through. And yeah, you just look at this, go to the Web site and look at all of the wonderful things. You can see that this is a mover and shaker and she's not going anywhere, nowhere soon. Definitely. Check her out. And there's the Web site again. It's on the on the screen. Lights, camera, And then this wonderful, amazing young woman also wanted to offer everyone a little bit of a gift as well. So I wanted to bring that up and have you just talk through that and how folks can go ahead and do that and get that. So let's bring that up. Here we go.

Absolutely. So thank you so much for hanging out with this. Now is the time for you to go ahead and take advantage of everything that we've been talking about. So the first one is a free course for you. It's got to be on command. How to motivate the masses using only your words. And this is a crash course into understanding how people communicate and how you communicate and why it's so important because you're going to want to leverage those skills. In any of your relationships, whether it's business or whether it's personal. So we talk about how you can motivate the masses using only your words. And so we'll talk about representational systems. We'll talk about a few hypnotic language patterns, pacing and leading. It is a fun, wonderful exercise and it's something that you can do, whether it's in person or through text message or even in an email. You're going to walk away with so much information and was like, wow, that's just barely the tip of the iceberg. There's so much more there's always more right to kick, always more.

And so to to do this. The steps involved are going so first go to this Web site, you see it on the screen. It's a long Web site. But I've also put it in the comments below. As you can see, those will drop it in as many places we can see. You can get to it if you need to. If if we take it off camera before it's time for you to type it in and you finished, then just come back. Take it in the screenshot. There you go. We're talking to the master here. And so what you want to do is you want to type in this, Yoro and I'll I'll say it out loud. It's lights, camera, live dot think EFIC says the word think with EFIC. Terrific. But think EFIC and 1F. I just noticed that one f think ifixit dot com forward slash courses forward slash motivate dash and l.p or hyphen motivate dash NLB. So lights, camera, life dot think EFIC dot com forward slash courses for slash, motivate, hyphen and l.p. And then when you go there, what do they do then? Stephanie, they click on this buy now button.

Go ahead and click that by now. Buy in and then you seven, OK. And then will be easy for you to go ahead and create an account. So once you create the account, you put in the promo code and boom, you are in that promo code is you guessed it pick.

I love that promo code. I don't know why that's P.T.A.. Okay. Let's put that out in the comments as well.

Just so there's no confusion. And that is on its way. I will come back to Lincoln later and give you the u._r._l. So awesome. This is fantastic. Thank you so much. My goodness. You braved the elements. You went through it. You powered through. You did an awesome job as I know you would.

I'm bringing up the beautiful background. Here we go. You are amazing. And I can't wait to continue to follow and see what happens next in your life. And would love to support you in any way I can. So please stay. Stay connected. Let's stay connected. And let's see how I'd like to know how I can serve your father to get more people, you know, acquainted with you, connected with you. And on that note. What is the best way for folks to get in touch with you?

In the best way to find me is on Facebook. So if you just want to type in my name, Stephanie Liu, by typing the name Stephanie, well, you'll find my business page. And from there, you could just send me a direct message. So send me a message and then we'll chat from there.

Fantastic. So just go to Facebook like she said, type in the word you see on the screen. Stephanie Lu. That's lru and her last name. And click on the result that has definitely luon on it. You'll see your picture. You'll know later.

You see them smile that big, big, beautiful smile. Or Stephanie. Wow. We went over like 15 minutes. This is almost a record. But that that's just telling of how much value brought. And I cannot appreciate you more for hanging there with me and with us and everybody that's involved. We're getting yes, she's our superstars back. Think Stephanie Elysa. She's just a commenting queen. I love it. And more on LinkedIn as well. Appreciate everyone who's come on. And I just wanted to say one last time. Stephanie, so much appreciate you. You are a light for all to follow. All you have to do. Ladies and gentlemen, to become successful is model success. And we've got it right.

That was too good. One, two fingers.

That is model success. And look, you know, find someone that you relate with and then start reaching out to them. Start serving them. Do it with respect. Don't just say give me, give me, give me. Go out and say we'll find out what their charitable organization is their favorite and do some effort to help in that area. Do anything that will be of service to a person and then that will grab their attention and then go at it with respect and don't always expect something in return. I helped one of my mentors for quite some time and it came to fruition in the biggest ways I could ever imagine. Never, ever expect anything in return, hoping, of course, that something would happen as a result. But I was learning so much on the job, so to speak, that I was getting plenty from it already. So it worked. It worked out. Yes. Thank you, Eliza. My goodness. And then make her a superstar just by showing her name on here. So once again. We made it. We're at the end. Thank you so much once again. I appreciate your respect, your time, everyone. On behalf of the wonderful and amazing Stephanie Lou, I'm your host of the Mind-Body Business Show, Brian Kelly saying good night for now. And everyone, please be blessed. We'll talk to you really, really soon. Bye bye now.

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body business, Shirley's show with Brian Kelly.

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Stephanie Liu

Stephanie Liu

Stephanie Liu is a Digital Marketing Strategist that combines the power of human behavior and live video. After launching Lights, Camera, Live®, she has helped thousands of marketers successfully build their brand and bottom line with live streaming. Stephanie has been featured in Forbes and has spoken at Social Media Marketing World, VidCon, and the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference. She’s also the co-author of the upcoming book, "The Ultimate Guide To Social Media Marketing."

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