Special Guest Expert - Stephen Hercy

Stephen Hercy

STEPHEN HERCY aka Dr Fitness USA is an International Body Designer, founder of the International Institute of Body Design; certified by the IFBB International Federation of Bodybuilding and holds the prestigious title Professeur De Culture Physique Weider.

Dr Fitness USA regularly appears as an empowerment guest speaker in recognition for his successful work as a pioneer in the field of pain management and postural realignment and is also the creator of the proprietary Body Design Formula strength training mentoring system taught worldwide.

Dr Fitness USA is the leading authority in bringing his revolutionary strength training systems to the addiction recovery community as a new tool for mood behavior stabilization, stress management, and is the first person in the world to provide strength-training programs for women suffering from endometriosis and autoimmune disorders.

Dr Fitness USA, has worked with celebrities such as Linda Gray, Sally Fields, Simon Crane, Billy West as well as with MD’s, chiropractors, alternative health professionals. Young and older people of all walks of life travel world wide to seek his unique services. Dr Fitness USA ‘s groundbreaking prescription strength training system assist men and women alike to become masters of their body independently of a personal trainer, to look and feel 15 years younger, get 20% to 50% stronger and achieve a pain free life.

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