Special Guest Expert - Stephen Hercy

Special Guest Expert - Stephen Hercy (transcribed by Sonix)

Announcer: Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly: Hello everyone and welcome welcome. Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show! I hope you all had a great holiday, great Christmas break. We're approaching the new year and with the New Year is coming something that's very popular amongst most people on the planet especially if we're trying to stay fit. And that is a New Year's resolution that many of you are aware of and that is the number one resolution is to lose weight to get back in the gym to get fit. So I'm so excited for our special guests that we have for you tonight. Oh my goodness. We're going to introduce him in just a few moments. The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. What is that all about? Well the thing is, in my 54 years on this earth I have noticed patterns developing specifically of successful people. I've made it a point to surround myself with successful entrepreneurs and business people especially later in the years of my life. And I noticed from these people I kept wondering how are they so successful what makes them unique. What makes them successful more successful than others. And I started realizing that they had these habits these patterns that that were consistent between each and every successful individual. And one was mind. In other words mindset they had learned and mastered the art of a positive empowering mindset. And we're not talking all just conscious on the conscious level per say. Yeah it's great to stand in front of a mirror and read affirmations. Many of us have heard about how to do that and we do that. There's nothing wrong with that. The thing is it's not permanent. It's at the conscious level. And if we could tap into our subconscious and reprogram our brain for lasting success then wouldn't that be amazing. Well the cool thing is it is absolutely possible through a wonderful science called neuro linguistic programming or an LP for short. And then there is the body the body what what does that have to do with being successful. Well I'll tell you it has to do with staying in peak shape in your body physically being physically fit our guest expert tonight is going to really help us learn this at a deeper level. It's not just exercising though it's also what you put into your body the fuel the nutrition the know the nutrition the clean eating and so that to go together you need to eat clean and you need to exercise on a regular basis. And so the mind and body like to say are a team and more important the mind and body are your team. And then there's business business. There are major areas of business that you should strive to master if you want to be like these successful entrepreneurs I've talked about and all you have to do is simply model which means copy what they are doing. And that's in the primaries of sales marketing scaling otherwise known as team building. And once you are able to get to a point of mastering all three of these areas the mind the body and the business it is at that moment that I say you are working at a peak level of performance operate on the peak level performance. And the goal is look I get it. Very few people have mastered all three. And the thing is which one of those three or maybe two should you now concentrate on maybe you haven't really concentrate on your body as much in this past year as perhaps you should have maybe you have not done any work in the mindset arena or maybe you just haven't put in enough time in learning the proper skills that come along with running a business. Whatever the case may be. Pick one concentrate on it and look start toward the path of mastering mastering it and then get to the point where you master all three then you will have patterned after those who are successful and by that point you yourself will also be successful. It's it's like a guarantee it's amazing. All you have to do is model success. That's the beautiful thing about this show. I bring on entrepreneurs guests experts that cover one sometimes two sometimes all three of these areas and each and every guest the expert that comes on my show is a successful entrepreneur seeking guests that they have all three of them pretty well going right now. And on that note of mindset you see behind me a nice shelf of books and many years ago I had the opportunity of meeting with a multimillionaire CEO of a company. He actually invited me flew me out. We were working on a deal. That's another story for another day. I was in his office for two solid days two solid days flew me out put me up at a hotel pick me up in a limo the whole nine yards it was amazing. And I just. I'll never forget this one moment where I'm sitting on his couch in his office in his couch and he looks at me. He goes Brian. If people only knew if they only knew what they just did this one thing if they just did this one thing, they would all be super rich. And then he paused for a moment. I'm thinking,Ok I'm ready. Tell me what it is. And so what he did at that moment as he turned away away from me went toward the wall directly in front of me behind him. And there was this large Florida ceiling cabinet two door cabinet and he grabbed both handles and its center and pulled it open to reveal something very similar to what you see behind me. And that was just shelf after shelf after shelf of books and what he says people all they have to do is read. And he wasn't saying go read fiction to get to that point of success. And by the way it's OK if you read fiction to relax. But the point here is is his point was to read personal development business books anything that would help you in these three areas of mind body business. That's all. That was the key. And I thought Are you kidding me. Just read books. That's it. That's the secret. I can't be. I mean books aren't that expensive. I won't have that much skin in the game. I could go get him at the library for free if I wanted to. So I did the best thing any smart guy would do because I thought I was smart and I ignored him.

And that was the biggest mistake I had ever made it up to that point. I ignored that advice and thankfully thankfully years later I met another individual who then became my mentor worked with him for several years side by side and one day I saw him walking around in headphones Hey

Hey what are you doing. He goes I'm listening to a book right now is it. Wait what. You're listening to a book that's a thing.

And he said Oh yeah yeah you can do this on audible. You're kidding me because up to that point I had not read I probably had not read a single book since the time I met that gentleman years prior. Crazy right. And so part of the reason is when I read a book physically with my eyes I get tired I honestly get tired I get fatigued and it's not pleasurable for me to sit with a book in front me to read. Never was and I said I'm going to try this and you can probably guess what happened was I put on the headphones I listen to a book and I said this is awesome. And I began reading quote unquote voraciously book after book after book. All in personal development business team building scaling you name it. And. As a beautiful thing you can do while you're listening to audible a book on animal is to give you the ability to just tap the screen and store a bookmark right at that moment that you have found something of interest. And the beautiful thing with that is now I don't have to go back and reread entire books like many do. I can just go back and hit all the bookmarks listen to those and go OK I'm good. I want to reread the entire book. So what I wanted to do the point of all that is I want to share with you right now a segment that I appropriately call Bookmarks bookmarks for and to read bookmarks. Ready steady read bookmarks brought to you by reach your peak library dot com

Yes there it is you see you reach your peak library dot com that is a Web site. To my left your right if you're viewing this live or recorded right now. And by the way for those of you watching live right now please do me a favor and just take notes. That is take out a notepad a notepad get a pen or pencil and take notes instead of going off and looking at different resources that we will be making available to you during the show. Write down the U.R.L. the web website addresses and do the research and searching on those later because you do not want to miss one moment of our special guest the expert who I promise is coming up very very soon. Promise promise promise. This is Richard Peek library. The reason I put this Web site together truly honestly was for you my fellow entrepreneurs and business associates whether I know you or not I want you to have this gift. And that is a collection of books that I personally have read and I vet I vet them. They are. I have vetted them. They are books that have had a positive effect on me either personally or business wise or financially. I've read more that are on this list. In other words. So if it's if it's not on here that means it didn't make the grade. What that means for you is it saves you time. If you have not been reading voraciously or if you just want to come parents say hey what other books are there maybe haven't read a couple of those you could jump in here and have some degree of certainty that it's going to be a high quality read and I won't waste your time. That's the reason I put this together. It's all about efficiency. Working smarter and harder. But I will say not harder at the moment. I learned a new one recently and harder. It was fun. All right. So what we're going to do is actually take one of those books that I have read and play a soundbite for you.

It's about a minute in length and this is from a book called On the day on your life by a gentleman named Aubrey Marcus. He's the founder and CEO of a company called on it which is a fitness supplement company which is why I felt that was so appropriate for tonight's show as you will find out why in just a moment. So what I'm going to do is play that snippet about a minute in length. Get out that note pad and paper. Get ready to take notes and then we'll come back and get on with our special guest expert. So go ahead listen intently and take notes and we'll be right back.

What sets guys like Gary V apart from the rest of us though is that he enjoys his work. He doesn't just embrace the grind. He relishes it. He's working toward something and that something matters to him. That is why he is such a colossal force. That's also how I've been able to grow on it at an average of 40 percent a year since 2012. When people come visit the office you know what they say. It's not man. AUBREY your employees are working so hard. It's man. Your employees are so happy. And happiness is a magnet for success. Happy people do better work and draw other happy people to them. I never have to beg people to stay late to finish a project or volunteer to work a trade show because I am constantly supporting their personal journeys of self optimization financially physically and emotionally.

And it's not just my come and we'll stop right there the beautiful thing about that and the reason that that really caught my ear so to speak at the time was this is a guy that's talking about loving what you do. And the reason I picked this book mark is because our guest expert Steven Hershey is coming on in just a moment. Loves absolutely cherishes what he does and it's infectious. The passion that comes through you will see it in just a moment. It grabbed me personally and I have the absolute honor of working with him recently so I can't wait to bring him on instead of waiting any longer. I think maybe now would be a good time to do just that. What do you say let's bring him on. It's time for the guest expert spotlight savvy skillful professional adept trained big league qualified

Ahead. There he is ladies and gentlemen.

Steven Hersey the one the only the man the myth the legend. We have many many things to describe this amazing individual Steven how are you doing tonight. Thanks for coming on my friend.

Just a feeling on top of the world.

I'm being interviewed by the best. Can I tell you.

Oh those brownie points will get you far my friend. Thank you so much. Hey real quick I'm going to give you a quick introduction through the bio that you wrote and then we'll get a little deeper into what makes Mr. Hersey tick. Does that sound cool with you.

Absolutely. All right all right. Steven Hersey a.k.a. a doctor fitness USA is an international body designer founder of the International Institute of body design certified by the IFB bee. That's a big one. International Federation of bodybuilding that's been around for quite some time and he holds the prestigious title of professor that culture to Zeke Wheeler. And that was a mouthful. You may know the name Wiener from days gone by from Ben. And there was another gentleman named Joe. They were very prominent in the body book Building circles for many many years decades. Dr. fitness USA regularly appears as an empowerment guest speaker in recognition for his successful work as a pioneer in the field of pain management and postural realignment and is also the creator of the proprietary body designed formula. Strength training mentoring system that is taught worldwide. Dr. fitness USA again that's that's this guy right here Steve Hersey. Dr. fitness USA has worked with celebrities such as check this out. Linda Gray Sally Fields Simon Crane. Billy West and as well as medical doctors chiropractors alternative health professionals and more young and older people of all walks of life travel worldwide to seek his unique services Doctor fitness USA groundbreaking prescription strength training system assists men and women alike to become masters of their body independently of a personal trainer and get this to look and feel 15 years younger get 20 to 50 percent stronger men and women once again and achieve this is the kicker a pain free life. I've got goose bumps reading that. Stephen that is a phenomenal intro and just from that alone a lot of people will understand a little bit about your background and what I wanted to do is dig a little deeper if you don't mind and that is to really find out what motivates you as the person like you're in bed. You wake up. What motivates you to jump out of bed to take on the day to go serve more people to help more entrepreneurs business people people are aren't in business just people that are in pain. What motivates you to do that day in and day out.

Well that I know that I build a better mousetrap than anybody else. I don't have to compete with Arnold Schwarzenegger or types. I don't have to compete with personal trainers. I don't have to compete with cross it.

I don't have to compete with anybody that's in the fitness world or what we call celebrity trainers because I have a system that actually is revolutionary that's produced results over 55 years beyond what was known as possible and everything's been documented it's not something that's pie in the sky. So when I'm looking at a physical body I'm already looking at the solution I'm looking at the sad part that the person wants to be healthier or physically fit but they're nowhere close to where they could be if they actually had a blueprint or a prescription type of program that could address what's really going on with their body. So when somebody comes to see me if they say how much I know that's not a person I'm looking for the person that actually says based on your findings or what we talked about is the condition of my body reversible because most of the time the body just arrives we're supposed to be even with your personal trainer what they're really in the back of my mind anyways is they're asking for the impossible. They want a new body. OK we can do that but it's gotta be a good fit. They've got to have a positive mindset and attitude and they're they need to be willing to follow instructions and give up control to do it my way yeah.

Is that is that true. So much. I'm in the fitness industry as well and it's just it's all about the individual. So those of you that come to see Stephen after this show all you need to do is follow his instructions. It's that simple. If you want to try to build a better mousetrap and invent yourself and you're not going to get the results that he can guarantee for you it's that simple. I've dealt with this myself and if you just follow it well you know Stephen I don't like that machine I'd rather do this one because I'm comfortable with it well that ain't gonna work then do what he tells you like it like it says it's a prescription. If a doctor prescribes you a certain medication and then you go to the pharmacies as you know I don't really want that one I want this other one I think that will help better. Would you do that.

No. No. And the same is true of Steve and Steve has got a very precise system and I am currently pill. Pull a curtain back. I am currently experiencing. I just started with Stephen recently and I will tell everyone right here right now that just yesterday I lifted more weight in one particular exercise than I ever had in my life ever before. And that's not an ego thing. That's not to say look how strong Bryan is now. All that is is to tell you that what Stephen has is already working and I've just begun to taste the fruits of this unbelievable system.

Yeah yeah.

It's an amazing system already and I barely scratched the surface. I cannot wait to experience the rest of it. And the reason I love what Stephen does.

Let me just say this if I may Stephen one of the things I really love love love love is that it addresses pain people that have joint pain I have in both knees something called osteo arthritis which is early onset version of full blown arthritis and there's pain involved.

Well now with working with and just in what for workouts I think so far it's that I have no pain in my knees like I used to. It's continually getting less and less like right now I would normally feel pain just sitting here existing I don't feel a thing. It is phenomenal. I'm excited and I can't wait. That's why I wanted one of the reasons I wanted Steven on the show was to help spread the word of this especially for those of us that are getting up there you know 40 50 60 even beyond. And Stephen's a physical specimen zone right. And you know he's the product of the product. And I just love having him on here. So you talked briefly Steven about a positive mindset. And isn't it true that that is so crucial. I talked about the onset of the show mindset in not only achieving success but 10 maintaining it. So when it comes to maintaining a positive productive and successful mindset what is it you personally do.

I think I have a guess on a regular basis to sustain that this is what I tell manning it could be applied to women. You pick up your program or the map you get in the car. And you get to the gym and you don't think. So. People say I have no time left for a while. I fit it in. You'd be surprised if you stopped thinking and doing. You get in the car. And you get to the gym. You'll find that you'll be at the gym and you'll still be thinking about all these problems but you're ready at the gym.

So why would you exercise especially when the exercise in this system is different than personal training in the sense that the energy comes from inside out. And we teach people never to do anything that feels uncomfortable. And that's because of the sequencing of the way the program is put together or what's really going on with your body. And that I'm an economic expert so I can modify the machine.

You know what that looks like. I must show scales and I'm going to go get you the right shoes then I'm going to get you the right color and you're going to be happy

So it's as simple as that.

So people who say they have no time or they don't know what you do is because they're in La La Land. Their eyes are doing the wrong exercise or you're wasting time. Yeah and you know I think a part a part of that there's two things that come to mind one is lack of the

Ability but the desire to prioritize it in their life. What I often tell people is put it in your calendar on the days you're gonna go to the gym and treat it as if it was the most important appointment in your life and you're not going to you're not going to change that appointment for anything. And the other is a lack of degree of certainty that once they go to the gym they're going to get the results they're looking for and that is the that is the the secret ingredient that Steve and Dr. fitness USA provides to his clients. Is that certainty if you will go to his Web site here in a moment when you go to his Web site look at the testimonials. There's no way you can fake this.

It's the results are are you are everywhere and they're based on you said over 50 years 50 years this guy's been doing this for a long time ladies and gentlemen and he wouldn't still be doing it in this business if it wasn't working. I would just go up and say that so this is the gentleman you want to follow. And really at any age whether you're you have pain or not why not get into a proper regimen of working out in a way that you're comfortable when you're working out rather than straining all of your joints which I did for decades until I met Stephen. Now I'm just la la. Just lift more weight than I've ever lifted in my life and I'm not even straining that heart. It's amazing. I know the answer to the next question I'm about to ask you Stephen but I want to hear in your words how important is physical fitness to you personally and your business and your personal life in general when you get up in the morning.

Better check your body because if you lose any function of your body or as men get old or they lose half of it you're not going to be too happy because your body is the vehicle that drives you through life. Right. People they'll know but I'm going to be sad I'm going to be 71

That's astounding because men don't have that vision. How they got to where they are so I don't remember because I still think like a child in a sense but working out for me is a very different experience today and I promote it to men because when men get in their 40s or 50s they actually not everybody. So we're not generalizing it. I can give the audience out there. Oh yeah. But the thing is that we produce less nostrums so working out as we get older is actually feminine experience. You see when you comb your hair you brush your teeth. That's feminine. When we work out when you're younger that's ego. That's what our testosterone levels but when we get older it's a feminine activity. So I don't do anything that feels uncomfortable now when I say uncomfortable it doesn't mean that it's not challenging. I always challenge are by body.

I never go in the gym and say oh I'm maintaining or I'm not as strong as I used to be. So when I walk up to men they say oh I'm not as strong as I used to. So I'm taking less weight. I'm doing a lot of reps. And I say oh why are you taking less reps that's the opposite. You take less reps and more weight. So why would you do high reps. You're running an endurance race. You have no idea how to train. That's appropriate to where you're at in your life. And how do you get younger. The trick is to keep on using a program that continually taxes your strength for the level where you're at in life

And it doesn't in such a way that you know it it doesn't strain your joints a compliment so I guess that's the best way I can explain even correct me in any term I say that's incorrect Stephen because that's just my interpretation thus far. That it true. You know I've worked out my entire life on and off you know since I was early teens literally like 14 15 years old. I looked up to my brother who is big into the body Bill. He wanted to be a bodybuilder and so he was reading all the magazines he was taking the massive tubs of protein powder and these big old liver pills I call them pellets because they were massive. He could choke on them just trying to take them. And I just followed my brother who's my inspiration. And it was amazing to go through that and and all my life work out like bodybuilders would workout not being a bodybuilder myself. Someone Steve's Steven saying these things I'm thinking why was I doing that. I was never going to be a bodybuilder. I personally didn't aspire to be one. Yeah I was young and had ego and want to look bigger stronger and more fit. But why did I go down that path when you know that it takes so much more to become a bodybuilder than just take a few supplements and workout every day and do things without any true direction. So that's what's beautiful about Steven has it even works for bodybuilders by the way. Well look I look at his testimonial videos you'll see some bodybuilders in there that have been his clients and are his clients.

So it runs the gamut. And the thing is he said it perfect a prescription. It's actually tailor made for you personally. Right. It's not just this cat one size fits all workout regimen going through it myself right now. Each each and every workout their adjustments are made. I'm just blown away by it. It's pretty awesome. So anyway I kind of digress. You know there are many people that have inspired me along life like I said my brother was one because of my brother I read muscle magazine I saw Arnold Schwarzenegger Franco Colombo his buddy all those guys from way back when and I really loved it and that inspired me to look at these magazines to read the articles and watch my brother for you Stephen though I'm curious who to this date has been your greatest inspiration for what you're doing now.

There's been a lot of different people but one that comes to my mind is there's a couple of people what is Billy Hill who people don't recognize.

I've had that he came along the same time as Steve Reeves and he was an absolute blue beautiful man with a most electrifying personality and people know no but he was actually sponsored by Ben Wheeler and he used to tell me that he'd be hanging off a balcony do a gin up and then waiter would come along and tell his parents that if he signed a contract with them that he would make his son famous and he could become famous. So that was one and then we go way way back was Jimmy Caruso was the greatest black and white photographer of all time. And he was just not a little we won't swear that he could do all the bodybuilding poses or make himself look like a bodybuilder but he went to a very tight ship because of being a photographer. He had a professional life. So he had a studio in Montreal Canada was built along the lines of a boxing studio was very old but it had the right type of equipment that he had manufactured and he did trust people so he would hire his own employee to go to the foundry to make sure that they weighed which properly that every body building champion passed there so you could see that

The system that he was using was definitely working. And Arnold Schwarzenegger all those pictures that you see of Arnold were all done by Jimmy Caruso who never got credit for it except in the writing.

I mean you don't get credit monetarily. He didn't have a lot of confidence in the outside world. But he was pretty well known that I respected him as a person in the bodybuilding arena or physical fitness. He had a system that was pretty spectacular. So if you say who did you learn from that in a sense you said you learned from Bruce Lee that be pretty credible. If I go way back when I spent five years with Jimmy Caruso and understanding his system and where he was going at and how it created real champions and how surgeons Grant

Arnold Schwarzenegger would fly in to Montreal Canada and a little studio and be photographed play a pretty amazing.

That is awesome. I've not heard that story before. It's funny you talk about how he didn't get you know the kind of credit he deserved.

One thing is I used to have go in there and when I went in there he would say you know what.

You train on my system you would need a dog tag to recognize yourself because I used to hear. I trained in other gyms I was wondering who is this guy Jimmy Caruso but it actually factually was true. And it's kind of great because one day I come in and people look it up. There was Roy calendar and he was able to take who became a professional wrestler that he took on Roy calendar is able to bring him to Mr. Khanna Mr. Universe and even into the Olympia all live side of a year. And I would look at Roy is. Oh my God. Where does this guy get this body from. I didn't know it was really talking to. I mean when you look back that you read a lot of famous people or interesting people and you're looking at them as if they're the next door body. So these type of people when they work out are very inspiring because they have beautiful movement and the shape of their muscles are all actually very balanced.

And I've loved reading over the years of how different of those bodybuilders get the results that that they had like Arnold the most famous of course before him bodybuilding existed it's just no one knew about it and it kind of got popularized I think when that movie came out pumping iron of with Arnold in it that really brought it to the forefront. But I loved reading about how especially someone like Arnold who we now know to be super successful in many areas of life. He's got a mind body business down pat. And that would be how he concentrated on every rep and how he would be smiling while working out and others are like anguishing and growling and they look at him and say why are you smiling. And he just looks he goes because I know that I am going to win the next Mr. Universe. You know he's just he's he's visualizing walking across a stage with a trophy just everything about the way he train was so inspiring and how you know I hear people listening to music and podcasts and things while they're actually working out music might be OK but podcasts where you need to constrain what they're saying I say no because I want to concentrate on the actual muscles as I'm working them. I want my mind on what I'm doing not on something else. So anyway I go off on a big tangent but I just want to share that with you Steven because we have a lot in common when it comes to our interest in the physical body. Absolutely. Yes.

Let me mention something to you. You know they say I'm the new Jack LaLanne but I'm a little bit different.

My passion for my want is to bring awareness worldwide that bodybuilding or strength training is the number one anti aging component today not yoga not right a etc etc. It's a whole new generation so let's go backwards if we go into a place like L.A. Fitness you'll see women or men no let's say the women get them or boys and they're only like 14 or 15 years old. And when you look at them those are the type of people or visual image that they would look like more like ballet or the little girl next door but they're all pumping iron. They're training like no tomorrow because it's a very passionate way of taking care of your body. And the reason I mention L.A. Fitness is because of new L.A. Fitness as have up to date equipment. So it's very user friendly. There's not a girl that's 13 or 14 or 15 years old. It's not like pressing 250 350. So many are pressing 400 and they're doing everything else but because the equipment is functionally properly they're having a good time with their body. So the energy because they can lift higher weights or there's more awareness in the gym or better equipment the energy of the gym is much higher today than former years which means that it's a very very positive environment to go to the gym.

Now when you talk about women sometimes not every time and they say I'm doing yoga or I don't like working out why I don't like going you get to see them right. They're not very well educated because in the former years when they're up to you know as they go 40 50 they've let their body deteriorate to such a degree that they don't know what's possible to bring it back to life because the yoga uses different muscle fibers it's not good at it has a different brain connection so they're not using the tools that's available today and we don't put personal trainers studios but it might not be that can choose to go to a personal training studio because the equipment today most of them is not updated like a network fitness. So the workout is going to be very hard and tedious and I want to look at body building or strength training as a beautiful expression or dance with your body and also and also

You see out there in the spiritual world you have a lot of books you have a lot of therapists you've got a lot of car practicing you've got this whole conglomerate people and especially for women they're looking how to be spiritually balance or you hear they have to have a positive mindset.

Well women's brains use a little work a little bit different when you're saying to a woman I need you to be have a more positive attitude. It sounds like a good idea. That's a very guy expression because their emotions will rule it out if there's any interference in their family or their place of work where they feel uncomfortable. So what happens is. The strength training allows them. On my program at least to increase their strength 20 or 30 percent. Helps to steady their emotions so that means you can talk to a woman and say oh well you have to change your mindset and need to go to the gym but that doesn't mean anything to them because they're at a certain point where women are thinking too much 24 hours a day or they have children or they have a lot of stress in their life.

What happens is they go up inside their intellectual mind and they live there and they kill their body even if they exercise. So that's a very flawed term to understand. If they go to if we take a woman and we can get her to the gym on my program we can override her nervous system and as little as 20 minutes. Now as soon as they reach a certain level of strength within those 20 minutes they immediately have an a ha moment and they go quiet they go all that feels so good because there's nobody yelling at them. There's a weak touching the weights. It's in the instruction and the ergonomic setup and the confidence we instill in the person that they can do it. So instead of taking six to eight weeks of therapy etc etc. because we're revolutionary in the industry in addiction and stress control because I have the right format or how much weight they left the. Well they can make a lot of progress in their life it changes them right across the board. So what I say to men out there is the greatest thing that could happen to a man is to see a significant other grow younger through the years. Or when your wife or signal he either picks up her bag and says I'm off to the gym. Okay. And I don't mean that couples that go to the gym do the same program you ever seen. That's like asking a man to walk into a woman's high yields. Okay so that's pretty logical you both have different nervous system different intellect. The good thing is if you're a couple and you're at a gym and you see each other working out that's bringing you together but you don't have to do the same program.

Women move faster they how they can transmit thoughts and feelings between left and right side of the brain.

They can dance around men were much more methodical thinkers except when we move slower. We ask women to repeat themselves 50 times because we don't really hear properly. And you're laughing but you know what I say to a woman you know instead of having

Overreact to something just say yes and then have a nervous breakdown afterwards. So I want to know something I practice after myself because we men tend to go passive aggressive. So when Betty sniffs ask me something I said yes yes yes yes. Now do that. Yes. I just practice that. Yes it's kind of like a game or way to play the funds as a lap later. Yes. Yes. Except for cleaning up like the kitchen or when I'm saying my dad as you see the kitchen. It's in the kitchen in the living room my desk everything is piled higher and higher and higher.

You know what you get she took everything every single piece of paper and dumped it in our mop my office like Oh my God what happened. Well that's where spring training comes in. Women let's learn to say no to loved ones they learn to take action and they don't give a damn about men's feelings. We're supposed to take care of women's feelings or at least when they express it we learn how to follow them. But women are not responsible for our feelings but we will play a guilt trip on them because we have a feminine side. So with therapy they always say Oh get men to express their feelings more with men and we don't have a problem expressing our feelings were in them naturally ask them what we think or how to solve a problem we feel love. And so all those therapies that people go to unless they're actually going to a gym and grounding their body they're living in their head. That's the point of the whole story. Those therapists don't create and don't say oh you need to do some strength training shows trackable. They keep creating business by feeding them more and more data and they still keeps floating away like that fantasy in this guy

We trying to get women to be stronger because you know weddings it's better for it because women it's a man's world but it's a woman's universe. And women are the grounding force when they get grounded. We step in line because you know men teach preach in control we try to get a better deal. And I try to get to be harder all the time with a teacher but you don't get in the car door. Last I open it. She you know throw out the garbage she don't even do the dishes because you just get her nails done. I do the dishes and in the morning when I get up I ask her. Can I offer you breakfast. I don't say can I get your breakfast. Can I. Offer you breakfast. So we try to be kinder to women but the women need to take more responsibility to take better care of themselves by going to the gym on the body designed for news just because a lot of women they go to the gym and the nights that wage that they're lifting are insignificant to cause change in their body and you have to understand that they just don't understand that. And one thing that

I wanted to point out was this your system is based on strength training. And I have actually come across women that when they hear that they think oh my gosh I'm going to grow man muscles by lifting weights. And that's actually not going to happen because to do that you would have to supplement so incredibly much to if you've looked at a female bodybuilder they didn't get that way just by lifting a lot of weights. Not at all. There's supplementation of many things. Some legal some not. In some cases. But you have full control over your body 100 percent and what you're going to see is firmness. You are you might see some definition some muscle come through some fat go away. That's what you know firmness. That's what most women aspire to men aspire to that as well. And you made a comment about a calming effect you know when a woman goes through your program and I can attest to that as a man personally. The very first time the very first workout I went through using your system and I reported this to you if you remember Stephen and that was as I'm leaving walking after my last set toward the locker room I felt something I couldn't hardly describe but it was a sense of calm and it was also that my body felt in perfect alignment and it was it was mindblowing to me being a gym rat.

Most of my life where anytime I worked out I left my my skeletal system did not feel good because I just put it under a lot of stress. Well after going through this program and walking to the locker room I felt better than when I got there and it lasted throughout the entire day. I went and I walked along a long amount of many steps. This was during the Christmas shopping times I was in a mall and I walked a lot and I felt great. The entire rest of the day. So I want to point those two things out that strength training is phenomenal and it is the thing that women should concentrate on more than all of the other cardio all the other yoga. And the fact that you're going to feel better not not you won't feel drained you won't feel tired. I felt energetic and ready to take on the rest of the day I couldn't wait for the rest of it. So I just want to put that additional plug in there by the way just in case you're wondering Steven didn't pay me a dime to say any of this. This is all coming right from here right from the heart.

It is 100 percent true blue as blue as this blazer. What I'm saying to you right now and you know both Steven Batiste have become friends of mine and we're having a blast working together on various projects. And on that note I wanted to switch gears just a little bit Stephen and move it over into the life of what we are all and that is the entrepreneur which is a life that isn't for everybody. Let's face it it it has a whole different it is a whole different life of its own. You know a corporate employee you typically are pretty much assured you're going to get a paycheck every week or two weeks you pretty much have a good idea how much that's going to be you. You basically do the work they tell you to do and then you get paid for it. Entrepreneur you flip that on its ear and now you are doing only the work you are prescribing for yourself to build your own business. The paychecks are not guaranteed week to week month to month. It's a completely different mindset that requires the skills and tenacity and the perseverance. Like Steven and Batiste Dr. fitness USA. So I wanted to ask you. And so that's that.

That's the reality side of it. Right. And there are great things about it as well. And that's what I want to ask you Steven what is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur

Well you actually have your own time to create. There's no limit. On your creativity. Like when I'm developing a program. Even with working your program I'm getting ideas in the middle of my sleep. Say you're laughing. You might not be able to see this but I create a wake scale for you for your chest brace. You see these all these things here. There's about 12 15 different lines here. And what that means is there's 12 or 15 different ways I can change your program. There's a weight scale or a rhythm amusing that I can tell exactly where you're at and how to progress you in a very logical systematic way that you're in control of your own body. The programming as you know is sustainable. OK. You're not having a trainer dictate. You sets and reps. Because today when you're working with a trainer and don't get me wrong I love trainers because we've developed programs that are taught in Belgium after it got there unlikely. We've expanded so people have more opportunity to have a piece of them so to speak. That. It's an amazing situation of where. We use sometimes if somebody wants to work with me personally because I'm not I'm not going to train anybody I can actually show up with a trainer in the gym because I'm the engineer and I'm going to oversee that they don't mess up my program that from time to time I actually hire a subcontractor which is a professional trainer. So that's a wow I can talk about the business. And so I can expand myself. So whether you understand what I'm trying to say here.

Yeah. And you know like compare that to say a corporate job where you don't have much decision making power. Of course depending on your role within the organization but typically you have a manager or a boss or lead telling you what to do when to do it how to do it what time to do it. Everything about your aspect of your life and with an entrepreneur. If I heard you correctly Stephen the main thing that you love about it is the ability to be creative to create what you see is necessary when you see it even including hiring out to help you the scale and take it farther. And so that's the beauty of being an entrepreneur and I I really resonate with that because you have. I call it liberation. You're liberated to do what you want when you want and yeah you have to make money.

So it's not like this free for all you on vacation forever it's anything but a vacation. It's a phenomenal ride though isn't it.

Steven Absolutely.

So you know it's interesting in the fitness business you have different aspects but when you meet somebody and they somebody says oh I'm a lawyer and they always ask me what do you specialize in. Or you go to a doctor or they say Well are you would I. I nose and throat man or are you you know they they ask when you meet somebody you say your working with strength training or your fitness wherever they're at. That means if they're doing swimming they're doing yoga across the personal train. They become the expert is not they never ask a clarifying question. It's kind of interesting they reverse the conversation so they learn nothing. It's just an amazing amazing phenomenon that they become the expert. So because I'm empowering people trying to own who you are and have a voice. And ask lots of questions.

Ok. And

Bottom line is get to the gym now. Garo any way anyhow you can call what they call a no Uber were left.

Yes. And I love what you just said was asked a lot of questions and that's another pattern of highly successful people so now you're listening to it right now live by Steven Hersey Doctor fitness USA saying ask a lot of questions. And there's another way of framing that and that is have a mind of a mind of curiosity a mentor of mine physically met in person this gentleman named Richard Branson some of you may have heard of this guy head of Virgin Atlantic all day. I don't know how many millionaire billionaire and an amazing guy and he met him in person. And what happened was Richard Branson walked up to him and started peppering him with questions and all that.

My mentor could go through in his mind was wait a minute you're Richard Branson I want to ask you a few questions. You know I want to know what's going on with you.

And the thing is Richard Branson is so genuinely curious again another trait another pattern of a highly successful individual and what Stephen is saying is absolutely correct as you know and ask a lot of questions and then hang in and actually not just receive the answer but absorb it. And if it's an expert like Steve and then put it into action taken another step beyond all that. And stop saying I love my trainer

Ok. The reason I can answer your let's look at the positive. The trainer could be the general doctor so why are you assuming that there is a surgeon. There's a difference between a general doctor and a surgeon. So if we say I'm working with a trainer and then I'm an international body designer what is the difference or the transition. What is it doing more than what I'm doing. People don't ask this questions. I love my trainer was that me. Are you in a relationship with your trainer. What is it that me. Well probably whatever you're doing has nothing to do with your body.

I've met people that are physically fit and they come in here and they're having a conversation with me and I say take off your shirt.

Oh my God.

Where's this guy been. He's been wearing his trainer for two years and he doesn't have a shred of muscle or the opposite. They have too much muscle and they look like they smell it don't ask. You see you have it. You know if you strengthen the body too much in one place it could cause your body to a lot of pain. So it's not loving your trainer. How about loving yourself and asking a lot of questions.

Because they are not they are not the surgeon.

And you know today a trainers need to make money so what they do is they have a system of fusion. They mix a lot of things into the training from jumping up and down and just just being on a merry go round. So you sweat a lot and you think you're working out.

You have to stay focused. Stephen Hersey when I get in the car I don't listen to the radio. I don't do anything. What I do is I go to the gym and stay focused.

Are you heard. Oh you texting no. You know all these things that people do stay because it's your time. And if you love yourself a lot you will stay with yourself and not have outside distractions. And remember if your mind can conceive of Dr. fitness can help you achieve it. I love that episode. Well you have to have somebody who comes from a loving place I'm passionate about what I do so I make time for people I like people they say they I have no time. Well you're talking to somebody it's very very busy. But I have time. What's that all about. What do you mean you don't have time

Yeah it means you're not taking care of yourself.

We all have the same 24 hours a day. It's all up. It's a choice. It just comes down to a choice. We all have time. It's about what do you put as a priority in your life. And I love what you just said though about making that time for what a perfect way to frame. Going to the gym and that is make it you time make it you know self reflective time in between sets and you're recovering. There's time to sit there and reflect and I do this. You know when you said that it made me think about what I'm doing especially in between sets during the set I'm concentrated on what I'm working on but in between I'm trying to stay in the groove and in the flow in the zone right. And what I'm trying to achieve and not get too distracted. Gyms have televisions and things flashing all over the place and I just keep my head on and to say Look man this is this is the time.

This is it's an hour if that. Spend the time to rejuvenate you. I love that Stephen because that that right there could be reason enough for many people to go to the gym if they just reframe it and think of it as me time rather than like you said all the distractions and falling prey to all of those

So love it. My gosh. Oh my goodness. You won't believe this Stephen. We're four minutes out from the end already happens every single time and there's one huge question I wanted to ask you. I ask this of every entrepreneur Battista your wife who was on the show not long ago was asked the same question I hope she didn't give up the secret what it was.

But what I want to do is ask you one final question that I think it's kind of heavy hitting it's deep and it's really cool because each individual I talked to and asked the same question. Well. They answer in different ways. And before I do that though I wanted to remind everyone that they can enter to win a five night stay at a five star resort in Mexico. And the way to do that is look at the screen right now. And if you're watching if you're listening just write this down. If you're driving. Stop pull over and write those down. You can do it. One of two ways you can go to a Web site that's on your screen.

That's reach your peak LLC. Dot com forward slash vacation. That's reach your peak LLC dot com forward slash vacation. Or text the word peak.

That's p e a k to the number 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Again if it's easier to do it on your mobile phone. Text the word peak PTA k 2 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. This is all sponsored by.

And the trip provided by power texting dot com a phenomenal company by two wonderful friends of mine Jason West and his wonderful partner Rhonda. And they do a phenomenal job and we use this very system ourselves. Here it reached a peak. In fact those two both of those methods that you enter will be going through their very system to enter. So go out and do that right now. And then we're gonna come back and ask Steven Hersey the one the only doctor fitness USA this very important question. And Steven I don't want to get you too worried. I can see sweating like crazy I'm kidding of course. And that is that here's the cool thing about this question Steven and that is there is no such thing as a wrong answer none. It doesn't exist. It's just the opposite actually it's there is only one correct answer and that answer is yours. So there's that takes all the weight and pressure off and you can take a moment to think about the answer after I ask it to see what really fits best for you and your subconscious will provide you the best answer because it's yours only you own it and it's a really cool thing. So are you ready.

Well hold on there. Did you read I will get there right there. It's coming it's coming. But a commercial listens I want to know if you read a good book lately. Yeah.

That's me. Dr. Smith gives us. Thank you.

You know I do that in an elevator you're laughing but I'm standing in an elevator and I'm say you read a good book and it takes a while before they realize you have to have a little bit of humor.

You're OK. OK. What's your question and we'll hit the book in just a moment. We'll hit that a little bit more with more emphasis. So let's let's dial it in. Get centered because I want to I want to really get the essence of you on this answer. So Stephen Hersey here it is.

How do you define success.

You know it's amazing that these they asked me that same question and I gave her the same answers you gave you.

You learn to get up after you fall down every single time because life is like there's ups and downs and you will get knocked down. But the thing is you keep going. Being under all situations because you know why I'm going to tell you why. Because tomorrow morning you won today might not be so good but tomorrow morning you might want to get up because it's going to be a better day and you don't want to miss it. Mm hmm.

With passion with power. I love it. Learn to get up after you fall down under all situations. That's that's almost the moniker of an entrepreneur isn't it of and that's what makes people like you tick that's you to your core is like just keep getting up no matter what. Keep getting up under all situations. It's like falling off a horse get back up on it. Don't give up. Ever ever ever. Great great message. Thank you for that. And yes we want to also provide you with another gift that Steven has already kind of let the cat out of the bag so to speak and I'll bring that up on the screen in just a moment. There we have it. So we're going to bring it over and let you Steven talk about this phenomenal resource that you're giving away as a free gift to our viewers.

It's my original book and I suggest that one reads it and you just have to subscribe it's absolutely free.

It's for sale but actually it does. I'm on this mind boggling. Reach your peak show and a respect to Brian Kelly. I've decided to make this book as a gift to your audience. So all you have to do is subscribe or put in some information. And the book is absolutely free no strings attached.

Wow. Let me bring that back. I was putting it up on the on Facebook. So it's called posture for power so allow me to give them the full web address so they can go grab that Steve and I also put it in Facebook Live in the comments section. For those of you that may not be watching that at this moment just go to my personal profile search for Steven Hersey in my timeline and you will see the comment in there or just go straight to this Web site. It's Doctor that's. These are not the foreword D.R. fitness USA dot com. Forward slash posture

The number four. So posture for. And then power. Dash gift. It's a lot. Here will do it one more time. So it's Dr. fitness USA dot com. So it's D.R. fitness USA dot com forward slash posture for the number four power. Hyphen or dash gift G.I. lefty.

And I want to thank you for that Steve and that's an amazing gift. Writing the book is no small task as I know personally as I am in the process of doing that myself and so greatly appreciate that. So go pick that up subscribe click on the button that you saw on the Web site and grab your your copy the book. It's a gift. By

Dr. fitness USA this amazing guy right here. We love them we love them. Well you know what Steven. I hate to say it but that's about all the time we have and what I want to do first is give folks a great way to connect with you. And there's a couple of ways. And you provided one for me which is fantastic to tell everyone. And that's the same Web site. It's Doctor fitness USA dot com forward slash contact contact. And you want to go there to get with Steven and but t stop both. Let me see I'll bring it up here quick.

It's coming up. There we go.

And so here you can connect with them and choose one of these sessions so which of those would be the best for them. STEVEN Well it's a 30 minute call and that's OK. So a discovery session.

Yeah it's a discovery session. We get to know each other. There's no sales pitch that. You know a conversation just like I had with yourself. You explained what you were doing in your training and I could.

Yeah well you're kind of flying upside down by the seat of your pants. You really want to continue doing it that way. I like that because you're a smart man. So you have this hot moment and you decided to ask some clarifying questions and end those questions. We bonded and you are well you know what's interesting is world champions Mr. Olympians and things like that. They actually have no problem being told what to do or having a mentor

But the little guy or the little woman they have a hard time being open to being mentoring or understanding especially for men that as they go along like they actually need a mentor so that they could be younger through the years because whatever they're doing isn't really working for them in the gym especially when I go there I stare at them.

I'm hoping they're gonna ask a question. No I'm saying my God why would you want to be a pain that way.

And a lot of it is just people are unaware that they're unaware that there is an alternative. I was one of those people and then when we started talking you were explaining your system. My curiosity went through the roof. I had to know and experience the system some way somehow another way to connect with Stephen real quick is his Facebook profile. This is what you look for. Search for Stephen Hersey on on Facebook and just look for that profile picture and that muscular body in the main picture above and message him reach out to him directly and he will get back to you because he's a man who loves serving he's a man who loves helping people to correct their body to get rid of pain to live the best years of their life that when they thought that they were just doing nothing but going downhill. That's what I see in what you do Stephen is you're you're literally a life saver in a way of lifestyle right. You're changing the way people live for the better. Pain free. Stronger muscular fit feeling better more energy. The list goes on and on. So definitely connect with Stephen. Stephen thank you so much once again for taking the time for being on the show. I cannot thank you enough for the value you brought to the listeners.

I look forward to working with you more in the future and seeing you again very very soon my brother. Thank you. All right until next week and next show we will see you again on the next edition of the mind body business show.

Until then good night everybody.

Be blessed thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body business shows this show with Brian Kelly.

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Stephen Hercy

STEPHEN HERCY aka Dr Fitness USA is an International Body Designer, founder of the International Institute of Body Design; certified by the IFBB International Federation of Bodybuilding and holds the prestigious title Professeur De Culture Physique Weider.
Dr Fitness USA regularly appears as an empowerment guest speaker in recognition for his successful work as a pioneer in the field of pain management and postural realignment and is also the creator of the proprietary Body Design Formula strength training mentoring system taught worldwide.
Dr Fitness USA is the leading authority in bringing his revolutionary strength training systems to the addiction recovery community as a new tool for mood behavior stabilization, stress management, and is the first person in the world to provide strength-training programs for women suffering from endometriosis and autoimmune disorders.
Dr Fitness USA, has worked with celebrities such as Linda Gray, Sally Fields, Simon Crane, Billy West as well as with MD’s, chiropractors, alternative health professionals. Young and older people of all walks of life travel world wide to seek his unique services. Dr Fitness USA ‘s groundbreaking prescription strength training system assist men and women alike to become masters of their body independently of a personal trainer, to look and feel 15 years younger, get 20% to 50% stronger and achieve a pain free life.

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