Special Guest Expert - Sue Koch

Special Guest Expert - Sue Koch (transcribed by Sonix)

Announcer: Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. The three keys to your success is just moments away. Here's your host Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly: Hello everyone and welcome, welcome, welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. Hey, we've got an amazing show lined up free tonight with an amazing guest expert Sue Koch and you are going to be blown away with a value that this young lady brings to the table. Hey, how are you doing? My name is Brian Kelly & I'm the host of this show and it is called The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. And what is that all about. For those of you that haven't tuned in prior allow me to explain. First the mind. It's all about mindset. Basically forming a championship mindset one that is very rock solid and we're talking about from the subconscious level not so much just the conscious level. And both of them are very important. The key is it's tapping into your subconscious and there are incredible tools available that enable you to do this including something called Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP for short. Not sure if that will be part of the topic for tonight's show we have various topics that cover each of the three categories of MIND, BODY, BUSINESS. And body, what is that? What is that about that's about taking care of your body. Both from an exercise standpoint, a fitness standpoint, and nutrition. And the thing is, your mind and body are a team. And really your mind and body are your team, even more importantly. And if one or the other is not operating at a peak level of performance, well then the team as a whole is suffering. And then add another team player to that and that's business. How how much have you mastered business? We're talking about marketing, sales, team building, systematizing, scaling. If you have not mastered any of the three

Then that's why we're here. We are here to help you to identify those areas to talk about those areas with various guest experts like Sue who's coming on in just a moment to help you to take it to the next level with your business with your personal life as well. And that's what this came about was because I've just noticed over many years of of dealing with working with talking to interviewing successful people that these patterns kept coming up over and over and over and I realized these three components the mind the body and the business and your business were the keys and so many will concentrate first foremost and sometimes solely on business and put all their effort and energy resources financial time everything in the business and not even consider really refining their mindset or taking care of their body and really all success stems from. It all does. From the mindset starting there that is the foundation of all success and that when that epiphany occurred to me several years ago that's when I became an MLP practitioner and started learning at a deep level and realized and experienced how life changing that was so my body business show is about. It's a show for entrepreneurs by an entrepreneur. And I'm really excited to bring on our guests expert. Before I do you see a lot of books right behind me. And that's another crucial part of our show here for you and that is many years ago I was in a mentor's office. He's a he's a multimillionaire corner office on the building and I was there for a weekend for. We were negotiating a deal. And I remember at one point you know I'm sitting on his couch in his office and he turns around and walks to the back wall and looks back at me says Brian if people only did this one thing if they just did this one thing they would all be super rich.

And it's like wow he's got my attention now.

And so he reached back there's a super huge floor to ceiling double door cabinet grabs both handles opens them up to reveal the contents and literally it resembled what you see behind me and that was shelf after shelf after shelf of books and we're not talking fiction books we're talking books that are going to help serve you like personal development business books. We talk about many of them on this this very show and you'll you'll be privy to many of them in just a moment. So you'll have an arsenal a library to go to. And so I made a mistake back then many years ago

I completely ignored his advice I thought No way. Reading books that's way too simple. And at the time I didn't.

I really honestly didn't enjoy reading and then I didn't enjoy it so I didn't do it even though it would have changed my life much quicker and thankfully many years later I began working with another mentor of mine we ended up working side by side for several years I spoke on his stage trained students for his company had a great time. But one thing he did was he kind of reminded me by example one one morning I saw him walking around wearing headphones I said Hey man what are you listening to. Because I'm listening to a book.

So what you're listening to a book will tell me more about that.

And so short story long story short he told me about audible and I started listening to books and thought Wow I love listening reading I get I get tired I get fatigue my eyes I want to sleep but a physical book but listening I could keep awake and it kept my attention. And with this app called audible on the phone they give you this little icon you can tap and it's a bookmark icon. So if you hear anything that's profound and you want to go back and review it you just tap in that's it you're done. So if you're driving it's no worse than if you were reaching down to turn the knob on the stereo. It's actually quicker and easier safe. And so I began listening voraciously to books just a ton of books. And it has literally changed my life shaped my life for the better by doing that. And what I wanted to do is share one such book with you and we're just going to play back one segment one snippet a bookmark if you will. It's just over a minute in length and it's going to be something that I think you'll enjoy. And what I want to tell you is before we get moving any farther is if you have the ability to grab a piece of paper and a pen or pencil and be ready to take notes especially starting with the bookmarks. But really when I bring on our special guest the expert but without further ado what I'd like to do is move on to a segment I appropriately call Bookmarks bookmarks for injury bookmarks. Ready steady read bookmarks brought to you by reach your peak library dot com

Yes reach your peak library dot com. Now we're going to be giving you several resources during the show. So stick with us on this show. Watch this show to the end. Take notes. Write down the resources and what I mean by that is don't resist do resist the temptation to go off and look at these other resources. I have this one up on the screen now so you don't need to go to it. So stick with us because you want to be on when I bring Sue our guest expert onto the show. So what this is is a Web site I put together here is actually the complete story with that gentleman my mentor many years ago talking about the books and that's how you become rich. And I started compiling a list of all the books that I had read that had an impact on me a positive impact. So not every book I've read is in this list. I think currently there are around 40 in here. They're all either business based personal development mindset everything we talk about body fitness. It's all in there. And I just decided to do this for you not for me.

This is not a moneymaking Web site. It's just a single place you can go to to look at you know find books that maybe you haven't read yet that have been at least vetted by one other entrepreneur that's successful that at least the odds of them having impact on you are greater if that makes sense. And so I put that together it's really just a gift. I wanted to put together a list and I've noticed I've fallen behind. I need to add probably I don't know anymore 10 or 20 more that I've been listening to but what I wanted to do is jump in and segway into an actual bookmark of one of those from one of those books called habits of the super rich By Bruce Walker. And it's a it's a excellent read. I highly recommend it. And I'm going to play about a little over a minute snippet so get out those pens get that paper out and listen close and then right after this we'll bring on our guest expert. So go ahead open those ears and.

Here we go. Chapter 6 The most effective way to build a habit. Attraction intention action.

Zach and Jim continue to talk occasionally about what made a successful person. They finally agreed on those three ingredients not that there are so many more ingredients we could toss into the soup. Jim said but now he was clearly seeing that the world wasn't going to hand him success on a silver platter like it did to him. And so many others in high school. No. He now knew he would have to generate a certain level of enthusiasm and then to take appropriate action afterward. He gave it some thought and said Then I need to start creating new good habits that will contribute to my success and not sabotage me for my future goals. He left the cafe determined to write out his goals and start creating new habits based on those goals immediately. Smart man. The best action anyone can take including you is to create habits that will not only help you generate your goals but carry them out for years and years.

These solid solid advice. He talks about habits over and over and over. Of course that's the title of the book. And it can also be equated with a term that we used often on this show and that is one of discipline and generating a discipline because when you are disciplined it becomes a habit. You're doing the same disciplined actions over and over and that is another pattern that has developed of the people. That's what it says habits of the superrich. That is a pattern of the super rich. They develop habits they create disciplines. They stick to it. But you notice it was creating new good habits that will contribute to his success. So you want to concentrate on the good habits and just focus on the good. And don't you worry about the bad. Those will go away. And so this is all about success about successful people. And the reason I brought that up is because the next person we are coming up with I'm gonna show you just in a moment.

Sue Koch is one such person very successful coach. And without further ado What do you say we bring her on huh. It's time for the guests expert spotlight. It's time for the guest expert spotlight savvy skillful professional adept trained big league qualified

And there she is ladies and gentlemen. Zoo coach the one and only zoo. How are you doing this evening.

I'm doing great right. How are you. Oh phenomenal phenomenal. So happy to have you on.

So appreciate you agreeing to do this interview. I think I get more value than anyone including the guests that are watching. Real quick if you don't mind I'd like to introduce you sue and let the people know and then we'll talk more and get to know you a little bit more at a deeper level.

Sue's coaching career was launched as a result of her personal journey through a mid-life career transition. Her experience led her to desire to help her clients design richly fulfilling sexy second act careers that combine passion purpose and a paycheck like that. Her mission is to help her clients face any career or life transition with curiosity courage and confidence using a variety of personalized tools assessments and techniques. She guides her clients to discover their own paths leading to integrated and deeply fulfilling lives. And I can imagine that you have quite a broad client base because this sounds like many people I know who have been in these situations Sue on before. Before I bring you on officially let me real quick announce to everyone watching live and listening live that at the end of the show stick on all the way to the end of the show. I'm going to reveal a way that you can win a five night all inclusive stay at a five star luxury resort resort in Mexico. And that's coming up near the end of the show. And I will reveal again how you can enter for that and we'll announce it live here with that. So how are you doing. And you know what. I want to just ask real quick and let's go a little bit deeper into the person sue Koch. You know we all go to bed and then we wake up and hopefully we get out of bed. What is it that you would say actually motivates you to you know hit the hit the foot the floor of your feet with a smile on your face and go Great. Another day is upon me. And then maybe divulge what you're up to today that helps that motivation come come to fruition.

Well my immediate answer that comes to my mind is like you know I think the older you get the more you really get a sense of urgency about everything you find that why you're having that passion really when daylight comes around. Not really matter to you because you really never know how you know how long that piece forever is when it might end no

Daylight. Very true. Good. Good. I love it. Love it. Ask many of the guests that same question and that's a good one because I get a wide variety of answers on that one. That's the beautiful part of it. We were talking or I was talking earlier about the importance of reading in books. And every every entrepreneur I know personally that has achieved any level of success and that's a term to be defined by each individual as well. But those that have achieved level of success that we would consider you know financially with their business they've all. They all seem to be very avid readers and I would I would venture to guess that you are also an avid reader. Is that a correct assumption.

Yes if I look with me or I don't have access to money withdrawn that you know could be fiction but in the last few years it has been more like you were saying a while ago oriented.

Oh good.

Yeah. And I'm glad you said that some of them are fiction because I wanted to now clarify that when I said not fiction in his bookshelf. That was not to say that you should not go through things that relax you and do things that relax you. So whatever that is you know we all need that shut off button. We have to. Besides sleeping it's good to have a moment of relaxation reflection and whatever that is for you is no judgment here. Just saying that that's what this guy had in his office.

It was amazing. So what would you say you know what. Today I know it's going to be tough to pick one but to date what business related book would you say has inspired you the most. Mind is a book

Written by Neil. People don't know the

It's a little soft. It's only like one baby that could probably read it in two hours. But what I love about that book is he talks about what it takes to go from being immature. That's what you're doing or what you're committed to to turn a pro. And by that you mean what are you willing to do.

What are you willing to sacrifice. Where where are you driven to become all that you can become. An amateur likely to go. I don't know. Watch. There's nothing left. Pro is going to be out there hitting 10000 golf balls or something to become that champion golfer. So it's a very well tight little book that you can read in about two hours. But every page and every page is actually something that you can take with you to overcome whatever resistance that you might have in your business or in your life to creating the life you really want.

I love that turning pro I wrote it down. I have not heard her I have heard of Stephen press ville but not that particular book. So that's another part I love about this show is I get so many incredible recommendations for books. The very last guest I had when I was a couple of guests ago Carlos Redlich recommended one and I've been reading it and I'm all I almost went powered through the whole thing in one sitting. And it's a little over five hours.

It's just amazing. Yeah it's called Relentless and just about finished with that and that's another when you say turning pro. It was very similar concept like yeah I love it because it's like a lot of people will dabble won't they.

They'll not go into all full bore.

I see so many entrepreneurs and maybe you have to where you know they really find something they love and they go after it with everything they have. And then after a month or two and they're not seeing the results they thought they should achieve in that very short amount of time. The silver ball shows up over to the side and they go Wow. What's that shiny silver ball.

And they go chase that and never finish the race with the first one. And that's part of turning pro right.

It's like committee great worry about this story.

I knew years ago I went skydiving and that is actually going to be going on here in California skydiver. She's written a book called Above all else. Another really great recommendation. She talked about how. When she got to be a champion skydiver people would want to come to him and say I want to be part of your team I want to be a champion diver. What are you willing to do that become a champion skydiver. Well I'll do anything you want me to do. Tell me what you want me to do.

So they start practicing and pretty soon it wouldn't take very long before ninety nine point nine and they had to it back up.

And so you know that that crowd really whatever you want. Yeah they're not really do.

That's so true and that's why mind is the first word of this show because that's why that is the reason the number one reason that people that don't see it to the finish line and hey again no judgment here. I have been guilty of this very activity and and I've done this and now I have solely concentrated on one avenue for an hour five straight years just continually no matter what. The thing is when you go into a business all you see are the glamour and the passion and the fun things without realizing that my gosh it's not going to be that easy.

And the more successfully become the more issues arise that must be dealt with not the other way around. And so it's about developing that solid mindset. It's not about what what situation is presented to you it's how you react to that situation. And if you haven't worked on your mindset then that could be a struggle. And you know some can power through it but very few like you said many people will just don't go off to something else and give up.

Which is sad but again it's the mindset you have.

I mean people are making money.

People say I want to start to make money. Well maybe not that responsibility. Why do they. Get clear about why I'm talking about

Yeah I'm glad you brought that up because we've trained that from stage and taken students through a process of determining their why. And the more powerful Ys are those that are farthest away from your self. So you mentioned money. Well typically usually that's not going to be something that keeps them going. And then we go through this process and typically it becomes either someone they love or maybe a charitable organization that you would go over broken glass crawl over it to you know finish the race for that why something that would make you cry like emotionally cry not out of pain or sorrow but just something you truly truly love and it means so much to you that no matter what because of that why you will not give up. And you're right. That's crucial. You know that goes hand you know hand in hand with the mindset because if you have that why and if you terminate and you continually bring it up because what happens you hit those roadblocks is speed bumps. And the second you do is like OK the Y comes back in your mind you like okay I'm not giving up I'm going to. I made my skin stick or not because I have a solid y and I'm going to keep going no matter what. Let me tell you how many times have you thought about quitting your businesses.

Sue. Yeah. Right. Yes.

But not going to go. Nothing I'm doing is working. What am I doing.

I'm doing it because I'm not doing. There you go.

There you go because you have a solid y. So yeah. Thank you for bringing that up. Phenomenal. This is this is I hope folks are taking notes like writing this down an end beautiful thing is as you take these notes you can then look up books that have that talk about these very topics like finding your y look at Google it see what books come up and then talk to other entrepreneurs and say hey have you read this book is it worth my time and make your time worthwhile and yeah. So this is phenomenal. There is one book called The Big Boom by my mentor called Mel Cutler and that's on. Reach your peak library. That section there is a section on determining or why in that book the whole book is not about that but it is in there. So that's one resource you can look into as those of you that are viewing and listening. Now another thing that keeps entrepreneurs success successful is maintaining a not just a solid mindset but a positive and productive mindset. Those two kind of go hand-in-hand that that kind of brings us into an overall successful mindset. And you know we're not we are human we're not perfect. So we have bad days. The thing is is we have to make those days not days but not even hours but maybe maximum of minutes. We've got to get past it quick too to continue to excel in our business.

So for you Sue when it comes to maintaining a positive productive and successful mindset what is something as an example that you do on a regular basis to sustain that kind of mindset.

Well I think a little bit of that might have kind of bounce back. Anyway I did try to figure out how to forward exercise stress

Out something because it can be kind of a meditation thing actually exercise.

Think about anything. Whenever I've gotten back here. At home

My life. But. The reading reading positive thing being around people

Not allowing myself to complain about anything I can't think of other bands that are smarter in that area than I am. I think all of those things you know it's really the biggest part of

Me being able to do the things that you like. And I'm going for it. Just giving yourself permission to have the kind of life. That you want to get up here.

I love that giving yourself permission. What a way to bookmark that one that her book ended. That was good.

So I was taking notes. I always do every show and I again I hope the viewers and listeners are doing the same because this is this is pure gold. You're listening to it right now. Sue is very very adept. She she understands what it takes to become successful. And I loved one of the first things you said about how you maintain your positive mindset was exercise. And we just got through talking about how your mind and body are a team. Mentally and just like yeah it works that way because when you exercise so many wonderful things happen not to just to your body but the result of what you're doing with and for your body really substantiates your overall brain activity.

And you know every cell in your body is eavesdropping on your thoughts in your body not just in your head. So yeah taking care of your body it's a mind and body are a team and every time you work out do you notice it just like you say you really stress if you're not stressed you can think clearly you have more energy and get through the day do more in less time. There's nothing bad that can be said about moving your body exercising if you have injuries and you have joint problems then exercise in low impact areas swimming pool going on the elliptical if your knees are bothering you there's so many there's no excuse really to not exercise. So that was phenomenal and reading Yeah feeding your brain with positive input that's going to help you propel yourself further and they're not complaining. That's a big one. I mean you know I kind of translate that into making excuses right and pointing fingers when the mirror should be right in front of you if you do that. You say that that person well it's actually me and being at cause that was another game changer that I learned years ago to learn to become more a cause for everything that happens in my life. So you're hitting all the hot spots and that's why I really hope everyone is taking incredible notes nearly every word that Suze says you should be writing it down.

One of the things that happens and you kind of set you kind of alluded to it when we talked about how often do you feel like kind of giving up you know you jokingly said it every day and that it sometimes feels like that I completely relate and there's another thing that creeps in when there is that uncertainty called fear. You know so now we're starting think Am I ever going to be successful or you know whatever that fear might be. There are different levels and different types of fears for you Sue today. What would you say would be your greatest fear at the moment. Not like now but the one that has been coming up and how how do you go about managing that fear.

Well you know I mentioned you mentioned earlier than one person.

Mm hmm. Oh certainty for me. You know when you think about it it can be a big thing like you know you're living your life like your house burned down. Or

You're happily doing your job and your boss comes in and says well we go into a more basic things like that.

Also be just little things that kind of just upset your applecart. And so for that that's for me just to recognize that I'm one of those kind of people that if my heart gets up that I kind of freak out. Knowing that having that self-awareness. That's what happened to me.

A really big step because like I could come back from that. What's really going on here. Tiger is going to jump out at you right now. So. So what are you really afraid of. And so I start asking myself questions about that cut down if I can't.

Then I give myself permission to freak out for a little while but like 10 minutes freak out. Horrible awful thing that's going to happen. I lost my job I'm going to be living under a bridge or movie starving to death.

Whatever. You know you can think of it could be the ultimate result of that. And then say well OK. How likely is that really. How likely is that. And when you think that well it's probably not. That likely. Then you can start putting your attention on OK. What's my next step.

Yeah yeah. Perfect and I think you hit the nail on the head which was awareness is that the first step is being aware that this fear is cropping up in your emotions and that's that's always the key. You know some people will go through and not even be aware of it unless it's pointed out to them often enough and they finally can learn to do that. But it's really the key is to become aware of it and then like you do is number two is handle it you know on something we do in peace circles is what we do. It's called reframing it and taking something that might not be serving us. And it could literally be 180 degrees opposite and say well maybe it's actually not that bad and it's could be this good. Well another example is I've given it before on the show but you know it's so oftentimes we as humans will say well I know I got to I have to go do the dishes now. Well a beautiful subtle there's something flying around a beautiful subtle reframe on that is I get to do the dishes now you know that has such a psychological undertone. That's a very subtle example we're not talking about fear but that's an example of reframing you can use that for any negative emotion that comes through or negative thought either even a negative language pattern. And once you become aware of it and then you reframe it or you know handle it like you do. That's the two keys to getting past it. So ten minutes. That's not that's not that long. So that you know that's another recipe for success for those you watching and taking notes right now time. We want to hear probably say we get out now we're going to reaching out now. And see what we can do to get on

Excellent excellent. See you have your own coaching business. It's amazing. I'm actually pulling up the site so it's Sue. Coach coach because her last name is pronounced Coach K KLC H and I love that and it's called three squares coaching.

Now I'm curious what led you down the path. What ignited just spark in you to start this new business venture and just take it all the way to fruition.

Well it came about in one of those transitions we were talking about. My mother came in one day and then you know post 9/11.

I don't need you anymore. I've been there for my entire adult life. And so I have to figure out what the heck I was going to do. And I have been doing some personal growth work on my own and I have. Taken a course where I was invited back to coach the next course and I found out I loved. And I thought well maybe this is something I could do after I retire. I knew I was going to be laid off. One of my ways of reframing was to say OK now that I've laid off maybe the universe had something else in mind and I should start to practice now. So I was lucky enough that one of the participants in that coat in the course that I coached came to me and said I have some managers in my company that I'd like my coach to do some career development with them. Would you like to do that. So he became my first paying client. It's kind of gone on from there. So a little bit of luck a little bit of. Bad news and serendipity. And here I am. So you know I. Used to think when I was in the corporate world that people would come back and after they'd been fired or laid off or quit or whatever it was the best thing that ever happened to us

And I would think Oh how can they say that that's awful that's awful. You lose your job. Well guess what.

Now I'm one of those people who can say that things ever happened to me. But you wouldn't have convinced me of that or on. So I think you can just. Take the things that happen and really turn them around. And make something out of them rather than saying well maybe it's not for the moment. But how can we turn them curiosity another thing into something terrific. How do we turn this around. Think. That we want to do or have be better. More. Amazing or what I call sexy for the next part of our lives that has to go back. Think back on this part about it isn't it isn't hindsight a beautiful thing.

But the cool thing that you're your coaching your clients is to it. It's that awareness again right. It's like something big happened in my life. I don't like it it didn't feel good. However I wonder what can what can I make out of this. That is not such a negative thing and maybe its exact opposite. This is a supreme positive thing.

It gives you permission to look into another avenue channel direction in your life even though you know you didn't want it to happen. It happened and sometimes I've heard that. How many times have we heard that that story where you know a lot of people have to hit rock bottom before they realize they have the ability to raise themself up and do it on their own. And it usually doesn't happen until that actual one of those occurrences comes into their life where it's not a choice they have to do something to figure out how to bring in the necessities the resources the finances.

There's another thing in the press and what I believe my partner. He said that the closer that. That

Evolution is to be closer that something you're doing is the evolution of your soul the more necessary it is the more resistance. Yes.

So it can even.

You can even begin to see these things that happen to terrible terrible moment in our evolution of our soul.

You can look at it that way. That's a way of reframing it. This is going to grow me into somebody I had not known myself to be or didn't think I was capable of coming. And I think that's kind of an interesting way to look at it. Now it's really simple. Believe me you've gone through it myself not. It is not easy.

Yeah. So it comes down to it again.

Like what are you willing to do. I could be treated to. Corporate jobs or. Something but I thought the time or place for me. And now.

And you said the perfect word again. And when you said resistance you know and you get that that resistance that feeling of resistance about not wanting to do that to go forward with what you know is right inherently you know it's right.

You know it's good for you. You want to do it deep down you're just the resistance to the fear is usually the case. And you know we often talk about that being that moment when your subconscious is trying to nudge you to leave your comfort zone to get out of that comfort zone. It's now time. And that's always the that the key is like when you feel that resistance that uneasiness at the same time that you know that decision would be a good one where you have a very high probability of knowing that is the moment that you need. You should take action and jump and do it and go for it.

Be careful with this. You know like I said I have a job where I say I said this and then that's usually come and then I think about by our culture our gender race how you rate.

And so garner attention. And how can I change how can I trust that something may come through. Fine. So what compels me and me more than likely that you're willing to crawl over glass. Accomplish your heart. Coming from your own desire coming your own past is coming from that you know you not having that you want to have powerful this is powerful stuff. Speaking a powerful. And a segway into

Physical fitness now you know it's not necessary to become power full physically to become fit.

In fact I'm a personal trainer and I don't I don't ever preach that you know you're here to get muscle to become strong to become a bodybuilder. What you're here to do is operate at a peak level of performance and that is just move your body and those things will happen the toning the strengthening that the firming and everything will happen as a result. The reason the people quit fitness is it's number one it's literally painful to some it depending on how they're doing exercise and two it takes forever to see the results. It takes a long time you have to have the long haul mentality. The thing is is that they set their mind to say look look at the end result it's going to help you to do it. Sue has done it's going to give you more energy. It's going to make your stress go away. It's going to help you in your business. Think about those things. And as you get in the habit of doing this for months you're going to see definitely going to see difference in your body. You're going to feel it you're going to be amazed. So all that to ask you in light of everything else in your life. How important would you say physical fitness is to you in both your business and your personal life.

Probably about everyone to 10.


I've never been particularly interested in dating or whatever but I knew when I was in my 30s dirty doing it was really great. I have more energy than I started traveling and got out of. I have done it until this year and I got back into it this year I woke up one morning with my shoulder my arm there and I really start thinking about doing something and I hadn't realized until I actually started that

How out of shape my work. And within about two weeks. I started having more energy I started weeping like I was sleeping in my twin. So I think as you get older even more mandatory that that body is

Pretty. It's harder. I'm going to say higher now than it was in my 30s. But you. Know. I know I know I think if you're

If you're struggling go try something.

I don't think have gone to the gym jumping around to whatever treadmill music or whatever pole dancing or go find go fight for something and that's enough.

They started seeing our bodies like we used to think and I'm sure that that gives me a whole new meaning to the term move it or lose it doesn't it.

I've become pretty passionate about it. We've been and any improvement phenomenal or even just feeling my energy my

Church choir. And I really wanted to blow it up but really now

I'm like Well the thing is I think it's one of the most wonderfully naturally addictive things we as humans do because once you've felt it once you've experienced it no matter how long it's been for you. You know when you were there you're in your 30s till now but guess what you've got back up on that horse because you remember you may not remember really clearly how it felt but you remembered it did feel good and was like what I need to right the ship I'm getting older I feel the same way.

And it only does nothing but greatness for you exercise which I'm not talking to you particularly soon for everybody out there.

It's it's amazing that the benefits the side benefits that come from being not only physically fit from exercise but then add nutrition to the mix and oh my goodness you want to talk about being able to take over the world when you're operating on peak performance levels and both of those. So it just sets the table for success in all areas in your life. And another great way to make it more fun is simply find a partner to go with you and I call it an accountability partner that used to be my number one tip for succeeding that fitness I know shifted that around but this show isn't for about promoting anything and I know no one want to know note that number one tip is anyway so we'll just keep. But the thing is that is a huge important thing. If I had an accountability partner years ago where I was just tired I don't want to go many times. And thankfully he would give me the words I needed of encouragement. He encouraged me by saying Come on Brian you was. That was all it took. I was in the gym and I was so happy and all those those recognized started disappearing while I was working out and I felt phenomenal even though I felt horrible before I went in. So you're hitting all the right buzzwords there.

I think it comes down to like we were talking about earlier having a big enough why I created quite fabulous flexible and we're doing well. When I don't want to go I remember that if I don't like that I can't go back to that

Then I just can't go. I want that more than I want to be older now. Now a while I don't want to go back I want to be fat. I want to be like I want to be. And that's not how you feel your body doesn't mean that going doesn't come back outside. How you feel on the inside.

Thank you for pointing that that is what I tell every client is it is more important how you feel than how you look. Even though that's not what they want they want to hear that and I understand that you said that you know it will happen just you have to get consistent disciplined and that's what people like me are here for to help coach them and take them through it. I will be their accountability partner. We make it fun.

Yeah make it fun. Give them goals achievable goals attainable goals. Discipline is involved sometimes if they don't do something that they were supposed to do. There's gonna be repercussions if they're not eating the way that they've been prescribed to eat. There's gonna be repercussions. So there's it but it's not led by fear it's led by the positive. What. What is the beautiful you that you're going to see in that mirror. That's in the future because humans want to look good. All of us do. We all have that ego.

But you're you're absolutely right in that it's more important how you feel that's going to change far before your physical appearance will you'll feel it. Not only in your mind but your body. You're going to feel a firmness you're going to feel firmer muscles under those current layers of fat that may not be showing but that's OK. Your body is on the way. It is coming and it's coming into its glorious new self. Just keep at it and don't fall off that wagon when it comes to nutrition. That's the big one. Nutrition is usually the big downfall of most people get into fitness. One of the things

That I read from anyone this is your transportation vehicle you you're the brand.

Yes. It's your transportation vehicle. Where where do you want to take it.

We are very poor. And so I want to remember that to keep you not keep the engines so that we can go where we want to go and do we want to do with joy.

And it's so true and it's sad but meant most people that it's just true. Most people will spend more time energy and effort in keeping their car beautiful on the outside running well on the inside with changing the oil checking the tire pressure making sure that the brakes are good then they will put the time into their own self. So you know you want to constrain yourself so you can enjoy that car longer so that it's not about you. What about your family members those counting on you. How are you impacting them by your actions or inactions. I'd like to say and just and it's not to get in anyone's face and make you feel bad. It's just something to consider that your actions are actually not just affecting you never. They're always there's always somebody watching listening and seeing what you're doing and if you're a leader they're going to follow your example. So what example are you setting. Just questions to ask yourself you know we're not going to be

Involved. I mean different parts of our lives in different places.

You know you might read 10 financially but to help you to beat yourself up.

What. Where can I read that and have fun doing it all where you make a difference or does it impact all the other areas your entire life. Oh

Yeah. I would take it one step further to to say in every aspect of your life whether it's business get a coach there's one right here right now I'm talking to when it comes to fitness and exercise and nutrition. Get a coach. There's another one talking.


Yeah. And mindset you know MLP and there are resources that I can send you to to get that ship righted as well but get help. Take the ego out and say I'm ready for help because it's only gonna be the best decision you've ever made. It was it took me a long time to ask for help because the ego and the second I finally got over that and said I'm ready. Well things change fast and in a great way when you reach out because we all like to think we know everything and have the solution for all at least especially men right. We want to think we got an answer for everything we can do.

I don't I don't need any help. The second you open up to the help that's when the magic happens it just you know everything that Suzanne talking about with mindset with exercise with fitness and then get help with and this is on the business end. It could be personal as well but get mentorship get coaching get someone who's named coach. My goodness how do you how can you go wrong with that.

And on that go ahead of time in our culture right. I don't bother anybody.

Yeah. Right. You have a big enough reason I mean I think my personal everybody has been my

Dream. You want to accomplish your life on your own. And we have to be able to use whatever it might be that are going to be our partner our guiding light our. Time in motion and then moving forward towards her and helping her.

Yeah. It's really about giving yourself right now.

Absolutely yes. We all want to help each other.

Isn't that true. It is so true. Yeah. And you know to get over the fact that you know we did I think everybody has that innate desire to not need help. Not one help. I can do this on my own. Men and women alike. And that's that's a fantastic point and another. And we're also taught that I came up in a similar things like you know hey buck buck up and get it taken care of. Don't go crying to me or anybody else just get it done. And then there's the other part where as we're growing up as kids and we're taking tests in elementary school and we're in a test and there's somebody sitting over there and we're not sure about this one answer and we kind of want to do this and look over there and copy what they've got. Well what happens about that moment that we didn't know the teacher was standing right behind us. Well back in my day it was a ruler on hand whack or something similar. So we were taught at a young age not to copy. In that case cheat. Cheating is not good ever. But copy was the undertow of well I should never copy anyone else. That's a bad thing because that was the negative anchor that was set back in my youth and then now the way to be successful every entrepreneur that succeeded will tell you this is to model i.e. copy someone else who is successful.

And guess what. There are many out there that will say yeah come into my world my inner circle I will teach you you can copy everything I do. That's what mind it is like this is phenomenal. I get help by a mentor and I get a copy. This is wow. So those were two big aha for me that that you know there are so many. This show is chock full on Sue you're amazing. You're so intelligent you're so experienced you had so much great background and the value. My gosh can tell you very well read. You're very experienced in your craft and that you're very successful so I so appreciate you sharing all these golden nuggets with everyone. Goodness sakes do you know that we're four minutes from the end already

Happens every time.

So there's gonna be one question I want to ask you. That's kind of a it's one I ask every every person that's come on the show every entrepreneur every expert and it's a big one. And when I ask it when it comes out feel free to take some time to think about it if you need to. Don't worry about dead air time because it's fine. It's it's really I'm really really curious to see what your take is on that one. Well before we go there though I do want to remind everybody that's watching with us how they can enter to win that amazing trip. We almost forgot did we not forget. Here we go. I'm going to bring it up on the screen so all of you watching live. This is how you enter to win the five nights stay at a five star luxury resort.

You can do one of two ways you go to a Web site and that Web site is reach your peak LLC. Dot com forward slash vacation. Reach your peak LLC dot com for Slash vacation just ensure the word vacation is all lowercase. The rest of that is it could be mixed case it doesn't matter reach your peak LLC dot com for size vacation or if it's simpler for you use your phone. Just text the word peak. That's peak to the number 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. Again that's text the word peak 2 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. And this is all sponsored by my good friends at power texting dot com and I literally mean good friends I do know them both are partners there that are running this amazing company that have partners and they have. In fact if you go to that you are all either one either one of those methods for entering to win this goes through their system that I personally use. Many of you received automated texts that went out just minutes before we went on air that was through power texting dot coms so definitely want to check them out write that down power texting dot com. In the meantime be sure to enter to win using those two aforementioned or either of the two aforementioned methods. So we're back with

The woman the myth the legend.

Sue Koch to ask that one heavy hitting question that she's probably you know she she's probably sweating like she's in the gym wondering what the heck is this. And the pressure is on. So what I want to do is take the pressure off because Sue when I ask this question there is truly no such thing as a wrong answer.

It's impossible.

And that is because the only correct answer that you could come up with is yours. There is only one correct answer whatever it is. There is no wrong. I hope that helped. The interesting thing that's happened to date and I say this every show because it's true to date of all the past guests I've asked the same question of not one or two should I say answered it the same way. So that tells you the individuality that the different takes on it. And so if you're ready for it then I'll I'll ask you that question. But you I want you to know if you're ready first.

All right.

In all seriousness I'm really really curious and loving them compiling the answers of everybody.

So Sue coach you personally. How do you define success

If you're happy and loving your life. I didn't have morning wake up in the morning that day. And I think that really for me. This time

Really. One hundred years maybe. Had

Right. I don't know when it happened. Don't do it now do it. So I don't know that. I really liked. You are you are you. Going

To bring joy. The. Ultimate.

Hmm. So yeah you'll never guess that that was different than all the predecessors as well.

I love it. Yes. And it was very emotion rich.

It was when when you're happy and loving life.

Excited to get out of bed. Things that light you up another emotion you're lit up and it's all about you know and then the great advice you gave in the middle of that was take action now. That's basically the message that I was hearing was don't wait in your soul right Sue. I mean I ventured onto my latest business venture at the age of 47 I'm now 54 and been hitting it with everything I've got and loving every moment. It's a journey I've been happy. I've been loving life. I'm excited to get up and yeah things happen like we mentioned right. Things happen. You just learn how to get over and quickly. You know we control our own emotional states. You have 100 percent control you the listeners of how you feel right now you could change it in an instant. It's your choice. Your emotions are a choice and there are proven tools that exist that can help you too.

Number one change them instantly. But number two also change them permanently and you can do this through multiple different processes and for anyone. Just reach out to me it's not my resource I can give you a resource to help you out in that area. It's it's a life changer and that's it.

Beautiful. Thank you Sue. My goodness I have so many notes here.

The last one was it so there's also one thing I do want to say that not a single entrepreneur has said as part of their answer like does. Does that bring curiosity. Like not one has said because you know the reason why I'll tell you the reason why and that's because every single person I've had on my show is a successful entrepreneur already successful. You are so well educated in the area of I'm not educated a good word but you are so just adept at success and what it takes to be success every time you answered something you were saying everything that I have discovered to be the patterns for success every single time use that you'll give an answer. And so the interesting thing is like you. The others one thing they never mentioned it was never on the top of their list for success. And that was the concentration of well I've been successful.

If I made X amount of dollars in a year a million dollars whatever happened and not one has said that not one. And so I think that's a powerful point to drive home again to the listeners to say I know I get it. We all get it. When you're first starting out there's a lot of scarcity mindset. And I got to pay the bills. So you're gonna be focused on money at that time. We all have been through the stage or some of us. Maybe maybe not all but most I would assume I've been through that stage. The thing is though the underlying reason we're doing it is never solely or at the highest level about money. Maybe for that month you know you're really looking to get that sale to get past that you know pay the mortgage that that month. But really the underlying current is serving others. It's helping people like Sue is doing as a coach she serves and helps people to become excited to get out of bed to live a happy and loving life because she's giving them hope where they're giving up potentially I'm retiring or I got laid off or my job's out and then here comes Sue and like I have a light for you. Just follow this because I love helping people you can see it. She just said it. She loves helping people.

So that's my soapbox moment. But I just wanted to put that out there because you know too often it's a materialistic mentality that we find but when you get to a certain level of success and know that what what takes people to a level of success like Zoo is a serving attitude an attitude of serving not an attitude of greed mongering and making money is making money important.

So very.


So I'm not saying eradicate that from your priority list of priorities. It's just usually never the very top priority. It's definitely in there and it's definitely a high priority. So please don't get me wrong there because the more money that Sue makes than the more people she can serve you see how that works. Yes. Could she get better more glamorous things. Sure. And she would deserve it and does deserve it and that's OK. Because she's now serving and scaling and helping more and more people. That's why she is on a show like this to actually. So I can help give her greater exposure which I love doing this and helping and surfing everyone that comes on here to help spread the word about these amazing people like Sue Koch. Isn't this fun. I love this. I'm getting goose bumps. All right. I'm for the count on way too long. Do you have any. Oh I wanted to ask you Sue. Real quick. What is the best way for our watchers our viewers and listeners to contact you so that they can get contact maybe have a strategy session. I'm not sure what the role is. Go ahead and take that.

Yes they can reach me through my Web site three squares or they can call me at 9 4 9 2 1 2 3 4 5 in your show.

I do you or they can be I'll meet you at three squares in three squares.

Ok then a quick clarification three squares. The number three is the digit the single digit of three not the word three.

So the three either way. Oh really.

Ok smart. Good job. I love it. Covering all the bases. Well Sue I can't thank you enough for coming on the show and being an amazing amazing guest. I got the value just over the top. I kid you not. Amazing. Thank you for your time me. Oh gosh yes. I'm so glad. And Sue came to me by way of another mutual friend. I had not met Sue prior to and that's another way you can spread your influence and your influence. Not for me to spread influences for you to grow your sphere of influence in your connections. I got to stop coaching and we got to get off and so people can go back and live their lives and eat dinner and go to your Web site and look at that cool pink red hardhat. I love that.

All right. With that there's a story to that. Oh. Oh. We'll have to cover that next time. All right. Thanks again Sue I appreciate you and thank you and for all of you watching.

Appreciate you as well. That's it for this edition of the mind body business show we will be on again next week. We are here every week. Thursday is at 530.

Until then be blessed. So long now

Thank you for watching and listening. This has been the mind body business shows this show with Brian Kelly.

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Sue Koch

Sue’s coaching career was launched as a result of her personal journey through a mid-life career transition. Her experience led to her desire to help her clients design richly fulfilling “Sexy, Second Act Careers” that combine Passion, Purpose, and a Paycheck!® Her mission is to help her clients face any career or life transition with curiosity, courage, and confidence. Using a variety of personalized tools, assessments and techniques, she guides her clients to discover their own paths leading to integrated and deeply fulfilling lives.

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