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Welcome to the mind body issue. Do three keys to your success. He's just moments away. Here's your host Brian.

Hey everybody. Welcome welcome welcome to the mind body business show. Hey I'm your host Brian Kelly. And we have an amazing amazing show for you tonight. I cannot wait for you to meet this young man that we're about to bring on a little bit later.

This guy is a game changer. He is bringing light to the world in ways that are going to benefit many. He's an amazing young man just talking to him off camera right before we started really liking this guy a lot a lot.

You're going to love him too. So the mind body business show what is that all about.

Well it's it's like this overmind now 54 years of life on this planet have recognized from Heart are from it. What am I trying to say. From very successful entrepreneurs. Time and time again I noticed similar patterns that develop and when I recognize these patterns I realize well if you put these patterns together like a recipe like a recipe where you're going to bake a cake and you put them step by step by step and you just follow those steps from successful entrepreneurs and patterns they. Then what are the odds of you succeeding. Well they're great they're incredibly great. So I realized that they they kind of crept up in three areas and that was one of the mind. And by that I mean the mindset and there are ways to really ingrain in yourself a positive mindset.

We're not talking about a positive mind but mindset. And by that I mean ingrained into your subconscious mind.

And there are phenomenal tools through a science called neuro linguistic programming and Oppy which I'm certified in and it has changed my life. I kid you not I. I've never said that before until an LP came in my life. I wasn't one of those that everything changed my life. You know those people are right. And so once you've laid the foundation and you've cleaned out the weeds in the garden of your mind and you've taken away all that negative self talk and replace it with positive reinforcing talk when you've removed or read or cited those limiting beliefs and you've made those beliefs. Now instead of a negative limiting belief you've read them into something that's going to serve you better when you've done those things and more you have then taken yourself down the path of mastering the art of a positive mindset. And then there's body body what is that about. That is about nurturing and taking care of your body through nutrition and also as equally if not more importantly exercise nutrition and exercise. And what I like to say often is the mind and body they are a team and more importantly the mind or body they are your team. So if you're working out on a regular basis and you're doing a good job and you're eating healthy but you still have these nagging negative self thoughts going on these limning beliefs that just keep cropping up and haven't really changed or gone away well then the team overall you is suffering or not operating like I like to say at a peak level of performance.

And now when you combine those two now you have a true foundation for business because if you're working in your business every one of you that's an entrepreneur and that's what this show is for. It's for entrepreneurs made by entrepreneurs by myself and my guests come on here. You recognize how much time and effort and energy it takes to run a business. It takes a lot a lot of both mental and physical energy because again the mind and body are a team and if you don't have everything dialed in just right well could you still be successful. Probably sure but why not be the most optimal human you can be and be wildly successful not just for yourself but so you can then scale your business for example and serve more people because entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of not just this country. United States where I'm filming this but all over the world and without entrepreneurs operating at the highest level. I mean could you imagine if everyone did. How much better it would be already than it is that excites me. I'm getting all goosebump here and that's what the mind body business show is about.

I like to bring on incredible entrepreneurs like Smed who's going to come on here real soon and discuss various areas. Mind body business and to be honest I don't know which area we're going to touch on tonight. I have an idea but we're going to let it grow organically because that's how they just always work. The best entrepreneurs just love to get together and chat. You'll notice it's really fun. And so one of the things I remember back many years ago was one mentor of mine who was a mentor. That was a multimillionaire. And I remember he flew me out. I'm not going to tell the whole story. It's on a different site we'll talk about in a minute. But he flew me out back east had me picked up in a limo. I went to his office big corner office. The owner of the company. No windows on every side had a couch he had expensive water. I mean it was unbelievable it was amazing. And in our talks I was sitting on his couch. OK this is his office. I mean this couch is a very large office and I'll never forget. He just looked at me and he said Brian if people just did this one thing if they just knew to do this one thing they'd all be rich.

That was his word for it. Rich and I said OK I'm ready.

What is it. And so it coyly turned around and he walked back to the back wall where there was this cabinet that went from Florida ceiling had two doors on it. And as he went to the cabinet he grabbed both handles. He looked back at me and then he opened them up and what I could see was Florida sealing of nothing but books books and more books. Personal development. Business mindset everything if if it was something that helped propel him to greatness and success it was in that cabinet in that file cabinet or that. What does that called the big open doors with the shelves the big bookshelf. So I looked at it and I like Wow OK. At that moment for some reason I made a big mistake. I ignored that advice.

I did not take his advice for years not for years but for for many years.

And I didn't heed his advice.

And then luckily you know blessing another mentor of mine years later said a very similar thing. He didn't use the word rich. He did say you'll be become very successful if all you do is you read and read voraciously on the topics that serve you.

And the thing with him that was different was was the second time I've heard it in that kind of elevated tone. And it was also the difference was I worked with this gentleman on a regular basis and he didn't just talk the talk. He walked the walk he'd walk around listening an audible listening to books all the time. And so that really got me interested I said wow I have never thought about listening to books. Let me give that a try. And a beautiful thing happened. I learned that I really loved listening to books far more than physically reading a book because looking at pages for 30 minutes or more I got drowsy whether it was exciting content or not my eyes got tired. I don't know what it was. I just got heavy and now I could listen are you kidding me. So I began reading voraciously through audible and then I used the phone for this on all times and then I would get in the car and go oh my gosh I just realized instead of listening to music I could listen to a book and now this former unproductive mode of transportation became a millionaire mansion on wheels because now I can soak in all this wonderful information as I'm driving around and that's where I started doing. And so I began reading book after book after book just knocking about left and right really retaining the information.

And one of the things audible gives you is this really cool thing it's a little icon on the phone or on your app and it's a rib it looks like a ribbon. It's actually a bookmark. And what you do is you just tap it so it takes an instant of time it's very safe driving and you don't really have to. You barely have to look at it but you hear something you like and you just have to bookmark and it automatically stores that location in the book. So now if I want to go back and reread the book I don't have to reread the whole thing I just go hit all of my bookmarks for no reason. Graining that information. And so I started doing that. And so what I wanted to do and what I have done is added these bookmarks to this show and what I'll do is play about a two minute segment from a book that I'm recently reading Actually I'm still in the process of reading this one. And for that we're going to switch over into a segment I call appropriately bookmarks bookmarks for bookmarks Ready Steady brede bookmarks you buy reach your library dot com

Yes there it is reached peak library dot com. And if you're watching this now please stick with us. What I would recommend you do is get out a notebook and a pen and take notes. You're going to hear some resources some websites rather than going and clicking off and checking those out right away. Let's stay here because you do not want to miss this guest expert I have coming on in a few moments. I promise it's not long from now. So take note. Stay with us. All right. Sounds good. If you're driving don't take notes. If you're driving and listening to this don't take notes. Go ahead if you want to pull over and take notes. Great. But this will be recorded you can play it back on many different platforms including podcasts. All right reach your peak library is a site that I develop not to make money from at all. It was actually I realize I started reading a lot of books and I started actually compiling all of them and putting them together. My gosh I'm reading quite a bit. That's pretty good. So I started adding them to this website. I really made this website for you the listener for my guest experts for any one who wants to either get started or continue in their path of voracious reading. And I just have it scrolling there and you see there's buttons there where you can click and actually grab the book you can be audible hardcover Kindle whatever form it was available and I put a button to it because everyone reads and learns in different modes. And so what I want to do is take one of the books I'm currently reading. It's actually not on this list yet because I'm not done reading it. But I wanted to share with you a quick snippet from the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People very popular book widely read by Stephen Covey. So let's jump into this a couple of minutes. Take notes as Mr. Curry talks will say a couple of words about it and we'll bring on our special guests expert. All right. So here we go. Go ahead get ready.

All right star right now the reactive language comes from a basic paradigm of determinism and the whole spirit of it is the transfer of responsibility. I am not responsible not able to choose my response. One time a student asked me Will you excuse me from class I have to go on a tennis trip. I asked. You have to go. Or you choose to go he answered. Well I really have to. I asked what will happen if you don't he responded. Why. They'll kick me off the team. I asked how would you like that consequence. He responded. I wouldn't. And I responded in other words you choose to go because you want the consequences of staying on the team. What will happen if you miss my class. I don't think hard. What do you think would be the natural consequence of not coming to class. Well you wouldn't kick me out would you. No that would be a social consequence that would be artificial. If you don't participate on the tennis team you don't play. That's natural. But if you don't come to class what would be the natural consequence. I guess I'll miss the learning. That's right. So you have to weigh that consequence against the other consequence and make a choice. I know if it were me I'd choose to go on the tennis trip but never say you have to do anything and he meekly replied. I used to go on the tennis trip and miss my class. I replied in mock disbelief. A serious problem with reactive language is that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. People become reinforced in the paradigm that they are determined and they produce the evidence to support the belief.

Isn't that amazing. I just love that that bookmark that snippet of the book because of the lesson that it has underlying about you know that's right down the path of mindset isn't it about our thoughts and what we believe and how we say things. You know I have to. Well do you really love that. Because no you don't.

And oftentimes I is a really quick aside as I do this with my clients with my co-workers. I have apprentice's anybody I'm talking to if I notice they say something like Well this is an example I have to do the dishes.

You have to. Well actually here's a great read frame for that. Instead of. And first as the key is to become aware of that you're doing. That's the first key is become aware that you said I have to do something you really don't. But that's not the point.

The second point is you have an opportunity now to reframe that into something that's more empowering instead of I have to do the dishes. How about I get to do the dishes and it takes a whole different meaning. Now you start thinking of why do I get to well because I still have my hands. I have a sink to wash the dishes in I have dishes to wash. That means I have a place to live and I'm so blessed. And so it changes from I have to which could be drudgery until I get to which is I'm blessed and everything is awesome and it's abundant really cool really cool that's my coaching moment for the night.

Thank you for watching. Goodnight I'm kidding. Here we go we're going to move on to the next segment. I can't wait to bring on this young amazing guy. It's time for our guest expert spotlight. It's time for the guest experts spotlight savvy skillful professional and deft trained vaguely qualified

And there he is ladies and gentleman. So mad chatter.

G sumud is a world class flow coach and creativity catalyst who has traveled the world in search of the question what inspires individuals. He hails from Kolkata India but grew up in Switzerland Thailand and Vermont and did a Masters in Applied positive psychology and coaching psychology. He is a role model for a lot of people and he strives to be the most authentic and best version of himself. He can be and you're going to know and learn that at a deeper level. When we finally let him talk a little bit but before right before we do that I just want remind all of you watching live don't forget to stay on till the end because we have an amazing amazing give away a five night.

I'll get the five on the screen a five night stay vacation stay at a five star resort in Mexico. So hang on to the end and we'll show you how you can enroll to win that magnificent amazing prize.

And that's brought to us all by our amazing sponsor at power texting dot com for those you writing notes. I would write that one down. It's an amazing service.

Power texting dot com and now Samit at last.

Welcome to the show my friend. It's great to have you on. I mean I just read your bio. People kind of get an idea about you but if you don't mind let's go dig a little deeper.

Let's find out what really makes you work at the core like you know what drives you what what is it.

What what is it that you get out of bed for. I mean that gives you that you just have to passionately can't wait to dig into the day and then if you don't mind let us know what what your latest project what are you up to these days.

Ah the infamous icky guy.

So my reason for getting up in the morning is one word imagination when I'm in that dream realm.

I'm always seeing those floaty little lights. I think it's called either hyper Goji or I'm not too sure.

But being able to imagine things in my mind as in that sense of dreaming is so helpful in terms of manifestation in terms of visualization solving problems creatively and using all my senses to learn faster. So imagination really makes it possible for me to experience the world in a way where it's inside my head but I'm making Israel into something tangible. So when I get up in the morning that's that thing that's the power that's that drive that I get when I close my eyes I sometimes like to visualize myself as a tiger just go through. And as I do that I believe it gives me that sense that boost of energy and that creative power that I get from my imagination is so.

We've heard it before for many role models many successful when any feel that imagination allows you to see something that is invisible and make it. And so it allows me to see the better world the better possibilities and see people at their best selves so that allows me to use my creativity to bring it and a project I'm currently working on now is my coaching package it's called a flow zone.

And that's been something that I've been crafting and perfecting right now is really exciting stuff.

Oh cool. We will dig into that a little bit deeper later on the show definitely. And if if you if it sounds like I'm signing off let me know because I don't want to I don't want to miss that. Just remind me if it sounds like I'm saying all right it's a long wait Bryant wait don't tell him about my. Go ahead. OK. Just want to make sure.

So already already you are bringing to the surface some of the patterns that I've noticed of successful entrepreneurs imagination. The word visualization was the one that really came out to me and that is a powerful thing that I know all successful entrepreneurs do this they visualize and for different reasons for different purposes. I love that yours gives you that energy that vigor in the morning because look we can all make a choice to be of high energy or of low energy. It's really a choice if you wake up and you don't feel it physically you can mentally rewrite that that whole script in your brain and your body follows suit. Remember the mind and body are a team and that's exactly what Sumail is doing. And I love that because I didn't know about this stuff until about seven eight years ago. And once all this became apparent to me and I realized that you could truly. You literally can write the script of your own life however you want it to happen by just changing your mindset. Oh my gosh. And it's known there are powerful ways to do that. I mentioned that earlier. So beautiful and I want to get back to the book's real quick. Samat I imagine you're a reader as well. You've read a book or two in your day. Yes yes.

So what what business related book would you say has inspired you the most or or if not a business book. What is your favorite book.

Well I think the first thought that comes into my mind is flow by Cheek's and Mahay but I will say as a coach I would say my favorite book or audio book since I mention it because I do love listening to it I'm an audio visual link. You write and learner like you Brian and that book is the prosperous coach and I believe inspired rich Litfin and Steve Chandler. And this is really inspiring me to step up my game as a coach. I'm really involved as I listen to this and I do have to say that their fearless coaching style is not for everybody so they take a very bold approach.

But for the people that it resonates with you will change your whole entire perspective bigger coaching business. It will be like the catalyst towards you leveling up as coach. One of my favorite quotes from the book and I'm paraphrasing this is this is here. Coaching is not about information but about transformation.

And I think that's so true. As coaches we focus so much on cold calling and finals.

But really it's about those genuine conversations with and really inviting them to coach. And I think coaches are the guidance they're not their facilitators of tyrants. They're not supposed to be telling you this is what is exactly. You have to do. And they're more directive coaches Sure. But the best word for coaches for me are catalysts to catalyze transformation. And this book will do that.

Highly recommended Excellent excellent excellent. Yeah I love that it's not about information it's about transformation and what that gets down to it's about. It's not about the journey of going through the coaching and you know the steps that you're taking. It's about the results at the end the transformation. It's about getting what you hired that coach for in the in the first place so a lot of coaches some coaches I won't say a lot. Some coaches just rely on that oil they feel good and they're enjoying my process and my program so we're doing okay. But really it comes down to hey look if you're in the fitness business and someone wants to lose 15 pounds all the result better be they've lost 15 pounds that's fine. They're done with your coaching program. If they had adhered to it of course there are a lot of parameters to go with it. But so I love that. And thank you Prosper's coach I had not heard of that book. Definitely going to add that to my reading list. In fact I already did. And I'm going to get it on Audible right after the show and I recommend all of you do the same that that Samat is doing even if it's reaching if it's out there you said it was intense was that you were I don't recall.

Yeah I believe I used the word.

Well it was fearless so it's very bold.

Yeah yeah. So

I actually liked that because what it can do I'm just thinking conceptually with not even reading the book yet. But what it can do is stretch you beyond where you normally would. So you can actually reach a level higher than you are now. You don't necessarily have to go in like 10x rule. Oh my gosh I've heard so many people talk about you know you can't even be human to achieve you know operate at ten times what you're doing now and all this negative stuff about that's like. But could you achieve more. What if you did one point five x. Would that be what you're doing now. Yes. So it's OK. So it's like it's like working out. Right. I tell people you know one of my programs has them doing repetitions eight to 16 pushups them. And they say off Bryne I could only do four. So did you give it everything you had. Yes. Could you do even more. No I have nothing left in the tank. Then you did a good job. You did the right thing and don't kick yourself in the butler reps you didn't do but Pat yourself on the back literally.

For those that you did do because you gave it your all. Next time you're going to be able to do more because you put everything you had into it. So thank you man. I was awesome prosperous coach transformation. All right. We're off to a roaring start. I told you I told you I'm so right here. Yes yes yes. And I noticed right off the first time. We get we gaze upon each other on our cameras here that you have this this light you're very positive minded individual. And in talking to you prior to the show that came out very well. You're smiling all the time. And I've seen a lot of your Facebook lives you're always talking in a positive frame and. You know for a lot of people that isn't so simple to do. It's not an automatic thing they've kind of gotten comfortable with being. The opposite of positive. And so when it comes to maintaining that when it comes to maintaining a positive productive successful mindset what is it you personally do on a regular basis if you have something to sustain that.

I always ask myself the question Who do I need to become. Right now in order for me to be the best version of me. So that's one of those major ones for me. And what what will my future kids think

Of me right now. Am I really

Impacting people on the level that I could.

Because what positively does is it broadens and builds and it allows you to take in more information. It doesn't feel what negative thinking does is it creates a barrier around you. And

I see it as a way of allowing myself to engage more. It's not how. You play the game but it's the games to play. So so it's really for me. It's been one of just taking the negativity and just reframing it in a way that is beneficial to me. It's not really about failure. But taking that failure and recognizing this is feedback. This is a learning class and really moving on from there keeping that. Sense of. High vibrational energy. Alive doing things that really excite you

And a lot of people they're very confused as to how to stay here and what their passion is things like that. I would just tell you to follow your excitement.

Do what you really love to do. And as you do that you will get that sense of positivity you will get that sense of energy back.

Yes ma'am. So I'm getting writer's cramp already. I hope all of you watching and listening are doing the same. Taking notes like crazy. I love positive thinking it broadens and builds. It certainly does that. And the thing is is if you're not one who's habitually gotten you know as worked on your mindset to where you can think positive and nearly any situation. I mean let's face it life does happen. You know stuff happens. Things happen. I mean I've I've actually done faced live shows about it miniature shows about my son. He was in two accidents within a couple of months and stuff happens and you can react. It's not about the situation. It's about how you react to it. And Smed you said it very well with brands and builds and I love it's not not to play the game but the game is to play. I think he should copyright that.

If that hasn't been heard that somewhere it really remember where I heard it. But yeah I always have these quotes at the back of my mind and I lose track

Of where it's coming from. Yeah. And then you touched on another thing about failure basically failure it's not really failure it's feedback. And I know myself included back in the day I would freeze at the thought of I want to be perfect I want to get it right every single time and for any of you that know when you're on a sales call you do. Do you get a 100 percent closing rate. No absolutely not. Never. Yeah. Even if it's free sometimes people won't take it. And so that you know can be construed as failure in your mind and then because of that you're frozen and you won't go forward because that didn't feel good that's rejection. Well I love there's another book that came to mind it's called go for no. I forget the author's name it was a recent read of mine where that was the key was to get as many notes and count them. And your goal was to get so many no's not yeses. So if you had one if you got 100 no's and let's say you got. Salt originally that the goal was to get four yeses say that was the goal and get Forcella and then I'll call it that day and I can take a rest a day off if I get an early or I'll just work all day till I get those four.

Instead they refrained that and said get 100 no's and what they found was they got four five 10 15 yeses. As a result of going for additional Nos. So it did two things that gave them more sales and the other was a got them past that fear of failure and it got to the point of I want. To get past all of these failures. It's about failing fast and failing often. So you can achieve success. How many of you think that Richard Branson never failed at anything. How many of you think that Michael Jordan never failed at anything. How many do you think they didn't fail often. That's a deeper question. I'll guarantee you Tiger Woods. Oh my gosh she's back on top of his game at least. Last I heard he was off for how many years a long time. Do you think he felt a little bit during that time. Yes. And so that's the key the key is failing. But. You can reframe that in the feedback and say OK I failed. Can I improve on that. How can I improve on that I can improve on it. Good. I'm one closer to a yes. All right. Let's do it again. So excellent excellent points. And I can tell you're well-read and you're practicing what you preach. I love it. I love it.

Exactly. And the show is next opportunity. There you go.

There you go. Write that down. Not use one of the things that we talked about mine. We talked about body and we talked about business at the onset of the show and. It's becoming a growing trend which I'm very happy to see. And that is one of Stane and getting into a form of physical fitness you know to get into shape.

You know I always go kid around some people you know and ask them say Hey are you getting in shape. They said well yeah. Round is a shape is it not now. Come on now. Physical fitness for you. How important is physical fitness to you and your business and even your personal life.

Physical fitness has been that few for me to stay focused it gives me that mental clarity in terms of things that I get done and the habit sort of fluctuates at times as it happens with all moments but I try and maintain a strict walking and workout regimen to get myself into a low flow state. So what this is called is transient hypo frontal the transition meaning it's temporary hypo meaning the opposite of hyper it slows down and frontal lobe meaning the prefrontal cortex that stuff. Voice talks about morality. It talks about it's the inner critic inside your head. It's always talking that shuts off as your work now or walk in you're doing some form of physical exercise. And so that actually allows you to go more readily into that sense of a low rate Losi. And that's helped me in my business to feel more confident about myself a little more confident about my body was directly relates to being in a good mood. In my personal life in my business life and my romantic life friendships.

Recently I've been experimenting with different forms of physical fitness like tights he or she goom or sometimes even my cultural heritage of yoga.

I love yoga. I have never sweat so much doing seemingly so little in my life.

I mean I I you know before I got into it I was watching it go on. Come on. What is that they're just stretching and all this stuff and then I did it like oh my gosh I'm sweating buckets this is awesome. This is hard. I love it. Yeah. Oh man. Fuel and clarity.

That's a great a great way to describe it. You know whenever you work out you notice an energy ball just jolt.

I remember many times I used to commute a long way and I would stay at a friend's house during the week at a job I used to have and I was tired I was exhausted every day work long hours and I'd go and live with his family his kids I'm away from mine because it was so far away. Did it make sense to drive back and forth but it was emotionally and physically really really exhausting. And we would go work out. My buddy and I got it housed me or put me up in his house we'd go work out on occasion. Actually quite often I don't remember saying multiple times. He's like hey you are a go go to Jema I said Oh man I'm too tired. Too tired I just can't do it. And he would say what the most loving friend on the planet could ever say to another man. You don't know what that was. He said Come on you was. Because you think I backed down to that is that are I. And I went in. And it's interesting no matter how to have those raccoon eyes I was really really exhausted. I'll never forget. After about two sets of whatever I was doing at the moment I started feeling alive again and I remember when I was done I felt more alive more awake far more than when I entered the gym. And it happens every single time so it's just about getting past that hope just about getting past that liftoff. You know when you're in a rocket ship it takes a lot of energy to get past where you can get out in the outer atmosphere where you just get past that one spot. Then it's all easy sailing after that. So I love that. Yeah your habit fluctuates. I love that. Thank you for that transient hypofrontality man.

Say that three times fast or one time slow even. Yes from Steven Kotler and Jamie Wiehl they have this thing called the floating Genome Project. You guys should definitely check that out and take the low profile test now and figure out what kind of type of flow profile are you. How do you best get them to flow. For me it's I'm a deep thinker so I love to really get into the thoughts and really really break thoughts down that's how I good answer that flows for myself.

I recorded music and get into the zone.

Yeah. Love it. You say you record music. Yeah. Yes. So you're a musician as well.

I'm a rapper actually I started off freestyle rapping and then I got into recording songs and have a music video coming out.

And I have this stuff on Spotify and iTunes so. All right.

Ok. You know you know now I have to put you on the spot. You know that right.

You know that would you be open to giving us just one snippet of one of your favorite songs. Can you do that. Can you perform that with your ear buds. Hi great Mike.

Well I can I can give you like a little a little thing like a little a written rap that I have that I've really rehearsed a bunch of times so I haven't so memorized.

Okay cool. It just takes them to that be awesome. Would you be happy let her stay with him and do it. Our first true entertainer on the show. That's you man. All right here we go. It's all yours.

I can't get away from this agonizing pain to find and state that I'm in. Feels like a tranquillising blade surprises straight in my head.

It's chronological all the obstacles and moods bottled up the psychotic road it's unstoppable but the hurts to finish and it ain't just an urgent sickness. First the symptoms that you lay in her clinic. No sir in minutes of birth surf and both worlds turning hurts.

Yearning to remain on the earth's surface. Baby it's about everybody let's give them a plug.

Come on I want to see it likes love applause. Love it. Oh my goodness that was phenomenal. Okay so you saw it here the first time ever. Just so you know that. So when he flies to Rockets star skyrockets to stardom then you'll remember Smed Chatterjee right here. Probably will say soome me on his album cover but you saw right man that was awesome.

That was awesome. Right down the same path. I love it. I don't know that I can't. There's nothing more we can do on the show now. You just take took it to such a high level and it was phenomenal. I appreciate you just doing that on the spot. So let me know when your music video gets close to fruition and will promote that thing and that's what we do as entrepreneurs for these you watching and listening. As you know you find somebody that you connect with they have a value alignment with your value system and you want to do anything you can to help when the time arises. And I just love giving shout outs to those who are positively impacting other people's lives and so anything it see that isn't even business related really it's not directly toward his coaching programs although as you probably noticed the words it's related. The good thing though is I don't. It doesn't matter to me if it's something good for that person I will shut it out. I do it all the time on social media Facebook on the show and that's just that's just part of the serving attitude of successful entrepreneurship. I guess I can put it that way and it sounds or looks like Smed would agree because I saw him nodding emphatically there.

Yep. Adding so much value right. That's really amazing.

Thank you. And so as I told Samat before we came on the show and I always say this is this show is about him it's not about me. I get the blessing of bringing people like him amazing gentlemanlike Samat and ladies that have come on before that. Just wow. I cannot.

I can't begin to tell you the amount of nuggets and learnings I've gotten and it just reinforces the patterns that I have discussed in the beginning the patterns that show up for successful entrepreneurship. It just continues to reinforce that those are the patterns every single time. And the cool thing is there's little twist little subtle differences between how each person approaches those patterns. And now that I've compiled all this knowledge from all of these amazing people it really solidify I'm the most blessed person on the show. I don't know people watching right now. You're very blessed. I get to talk to people like Samat every week every single week and get some incredible value out of it. And by the way all of these are recorded and made available so I would highly highly highly recommend you go back and watch. These are like being in a workshop or seminar but much higher value because we're not selling anything. There's no ulterior motive. There's nothing for sale here. Zero nothing for sale in fact we're giving away a 5 day stay and vacation at the end.

So thank you. Samat. I appreciate you my brother. Good job. And so okay.

All right. That tells me right there you're one motivated dude. I mean you've got a coaching program and you're a rap artist who's already on Spotify who's now going to do a video music video.

So I've got no man. What what motivates you to do all this. What is the underlying thing that's motivating this this massive amount of taking action that you're doing well I would say that I definitely want to get better over time.

It's always been about growth for me. And even if I can do a little tiny in sequence he did better than I did yesterday one of my mantras that learned from us was every day in every way is getting better and better. And that's exactly the thing that I always have running in my head is that if I can do something today that I did a little bit better than I did yesterday then that is what really helps me to contribute more. That's what allows me to be an impact to other people around me. And so the word inspired. I think I believe it comes from breathing into.

And I think that's really phenomenal because once I've learned that we're not creative geniuses but we have a creative genius. And this is something that you become a conduit for you become a channel for this amazing inspiration.

And so I can't say oh I credit her for doing what I'm doing. I'm just being a channel for whatever thing is just coming through me and allowing me to be this light in the world as you said right.

I really believe that we have this superconscious part of ourselves or kahunas Hawaiians believe this we have the superconscious part of ourselves that tries to combine our conscious or unconscious selves and really create this super subroutines inside us. And I really believe that each one of us has this genius it's like it's like the Swannack everybody has it everybody has this genius but not a lot of people know the secret to stay lit up.

And so once you figure that out in the tools that have worked for you or how you can figure out ways to unlock this gift for yourself then it's fantastic.

You have you have this motivation this energy that doesn't have to fluctuate.

But really it becomes more like facilitated inspiration. So instead of really focusing on motivation for me it's just been showing up and just doing the damn thing.

And as I have been just trying in repeating myself through the process it's only in doing this that I get that power and I really learn from experience and the YES.



Every day is a way of getting better and better and showing up and doing the damn thing. I love it with emphasis and that means taking action taking massive action. We always say I hear many times take massive and immediate action and I always add one more word to that I say it needs to be massive.

Yes immediate and then consistent.

So keep doing it. A lot of times people say well I took massive action once I dropped 10 grand on a course and it didn't work out for me so I'm done. Like well no you got to get up off that horse get back on and go get the next one. And this time be a little bit more prudent about studying what it is you're getting into before you get into it. Talk to people make sure they got something out of it. There's reasons behind this. So take notes but continue never stop going every step forward is going to add to your momentum. It just it's like piling rocks. It's like you're adding rocks to your goal of reaching the top.

And man love this showing up and doing the damn thing. I think that should be a sub level website right there just just here showing up and doing the damn thing. And did you notice watching philosophy watching live or watching the recording win. I love that analogy with the water bottle that was that was beautiful. And did you notice his face the moment that the cap came off. What happened in that space. It's what he's doing right now. It's just big glowing smile. He was going through the process in his mind of reaching the answer and he was feeling it. And it was cool. So that tells you how authentic this guy is right. I mean he's not just talking and he's not going through the motions. Notice how every time when I ask a question he doesn't just immediately jump in and start answering. This is a cerebral guy and he takes his time and he thinks it through and it's like not to be perfect but to be accurate I think is where I'm getting and to be authentic because you can't be more authentic than pulling off a cap or a bottle or a cup of bottled water and smiling like you just went down for Christmas and open your presence it was phenomenal. So loving this this is amazing this has been a pleasant pleasant amazing conversation and I hope you're all still taking notes.

My goodness I can't tell you how fast these shows go. It's unbelievable. It's we're already we've got time we still time it's just I just checked the clocks. That's that's a that's a sign that the value of the guest is bringing it and every single guest brings it every single time. And I'm learning some new things from use them. And I I love this. I appreciate this. With the flow and you call it the flow genome project project you're definitely check that out. And so I'm going to check all these things out. So why shouldn't or wouldn't you. Who are watching and listening and how much did all this cost all this great information that you can use to your benefit and how far will you take it entirely up to you. But how much did it cost you. Does any guess like this much it cost you your time which is very valuable because you zero in dollars zero and cents. Big ole goose egg. And so you don't value it that way don't value it as I didn't spend anything so I'm not going to do anything. Value it as if you spent ten grand on this just this one hour show and then dive into everything Samat is talking about with a mind of Curiosity going like a child. Like it's like the mind it's like the mind is like a parachute. It only works when it's open.

And so when you open your mind and treat it as a member going back to a time when you were a curious child and maybe you're playing with your favorite toy going back there right now maybe you're 4 years old maybe you're 6 years old. I can remember playing my little hot wheels on my bed. I'm there now. I can do it. I'm feeling good. I feel it. And it's easy to do that and just get in that state and then go in and do learning. I mean this is new to me used to be when things were new to me kind of you know back off and say oh that's a little króna or weird for me. But now it's like I'm curious or want to know what is this. This sounds phenomenal. I mean these big words transience hyper from Teleni I can even say it that well. It's awesome. Awesome. All right. So you have coached clients. I'm presuming you have a Web site you put a lot of work into it. I know you have and I can imagine that there have been many moments where you know you see the transformation you know the goal is the transformation. So can you go back and remember maybe just one. And you don't need to use names but what has been your most satisfying moment in business to date.

The most satisfying moment or moments in my business are seeing my clients get that aha moment and I can tell this either through verbal acknowledgement from them or testimonial.

You're like wow dude my mood is on blast right now or you give me certainty.

Give me centeredness or I can actually pick it up in their body like. So things like their pupils dilate they get this gleam in their eye. They lined up like you like you said either right or they perk up. They stand more openly with their body posture and these are things that I look for in my clients and that makes it all worth it.

The hardware makes up for all of these small moments like this because I can really see the transformation happen in action.

So when people realize up there it is that light bulb moment. That's it right there.

That's why you are destined to be on the show because that resonates so well with everyone I've had before and hopefully everyone I have passed this moment is you know the thing that comes out for that is you didn't say and I knew you wouldn't. But you didn't say anything like whether it was the day I made my first I got my first client and I cashed that first check. You know how many times have you talked to somebody said that was a defining moment for my life and my business was I got to frame that first dollar up on the wall.

I've seen that before and they say that's their greatest moment in business and it's about the money. But what I have the model the patterns to success are not about money.

It's about serving others. It's about getting them the results that they want and that they deserve. And that's exactly what Smed just talked about right there. I was looking at them look at their physicality. Oh I get the blessing of teaching and taking students through advanced A.P. processes from stage and I get what you're saying. Samir because you know you go through it takes seven minutes to go through one particular process. I'm thinking of. And I watched them transform before my eyes. It's amazing. And they'll come in the door at a speaking event in the very beginning and you notice their posture like you were talking about their their mannerisms that come in with their head down and they're very you know introverted in presence and then you take them through the process. They leave on break they come back in and they're wide open smiling high fives and talking to everyone. Their life just changed and they were not even aware of it until I remind them when they come back and look.

So Samat is feeling it too. Those are the moments like you said those are the moments that define. It's like there's a reason why we want to make more and more money so we can serve more and more people and help more people to get that aha moment that some Ed was just describing.

And that's I mean I'm feeling it right now the Goosebumps of remembering old times. Yes. It's amazing how that just fulfills both Sumate and myself too. I mean it fills the cup the cup of life it's just full it's overflowing at those moments are like I need more. It's not for me it's for them. I want to be able to transform more lives in a positive way. And it's a beautiful thing you're doing Samat. So thank you for doing that and continue on as long as you're physically and mentally able to and don't stop rapping either.

That was pretty cool. For those of you that just came on he was rapping earlier and he did a phenomenal job.

So you want to play this over again and again and again because this is the next superstar you're going to see one of those singing shows that they do competition. I think we'll see Samit on one of those pretty soon.


You'll be up there mesmerizing him.

Yes it will be awesome. So. So you're an entrepreneur. You're going through the stages the the work the effort. I mean it takes a lot of effort sometimes just to survive as an entrepreneur rather than even thrive. And at times it depends on the stage that one is in it at that moment and it can take a lot. It can also be the most rewarding thing on the planet. Like you were just describing if you could classifier categorize it or bring it down to one single word one single word. How would you characterize your life as an entrepreneur.

In one word alchemy.

So turning the level of consciousness into a goal taking negativity and turning it into positivity. Just like cognitive behavioral therapy this journey of mine has been so much about reframing and asking myself questions like How can I have fun doing this.

How can I enjoy this process right now. Even though everything is crashing and burning what can I learn.

In fact to paraphrase the LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman said that entrepreneurship is like someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down. Of course but that's how he describes it and that's what it feels like at times. But that's also the fun part that's the transmutation process. And so you're creating something great from something effective and the other crucial factor for me has been to remember doing the law ask for help.

So many people forget to ask for help. They've become solo printers and it's up to you to jump off that cliff alone. But you need plenty of support to build that flame and get it built and have a flying before crashes and that's the ground.

So this ability is a tremendous new or alkalis whatever you want to call it.

Transform is what makes the engines churn for me and this plane to function.

That's been my great great metaphor there. That's kind of like Ready fire aim simulator. I like that one better yours where you know I've heard different variations but jump first and build the plane on the way down.

And yeah that's exactly the way it feels. And it's it's a hoot. I mean I love it. You have to have I think I don't know.

I think you have to have some inbred part of wanting that being ok with taking risks to begin with. I think many people can get over their fear of taking risks and actually become more risk takers. But I think some were more and more wired for it. I could be wrong but it's you know because entrepreneurship is not for everybody. I mean if it were there would be no employees anywhere on the planet. And so thank God for entrepreneurs because without them there would be no jobs for those employees to report to. And given the fact that the higher majority are not entrepreneurs that kind of tells you right there it takes a special person to go down this path. And I don't mean special as in better. It's just a very unique different individual. Because thank God for people at work in jobs. I mean there's so many things we have today we would not have had it not been for that. And as long as they're happy doing that then that's great. I mean that's what it's all about getting the result you want and desire. Your Result is your results may not be mine. That doesn't mean it's wrong. It means it's right it's yours. Speaking of that there is one more question that is just burning Samat that I have to ask it because you know it's a really big one because I've asked all of my previous guest the same question and their answers have just amazed me.

And I was really curious what it some ads say I want to ask them this. One of the hardest hitting questions that I ask on the show and it's how I usually finish a show so you know whether the show is successful or not is entirely reliant upon your answer Samat. I'm kidding I'm kidding. Building up the pressure. But I do want to ask you that one question because it's a great one. It's it's a thought provoker and I can tell watching you after I ask each question you take time and you process and you integrate and your answers are gorgeous they're beautiful. I love how you how you come back with this eloquent way of answering every question. You have a really cool vibe about you when you do that. It's really nice but I want to ask you this really big question if you're okay with me asking you one of those zingers that we do and we'll get that. Absolutely without hesitation. Well you know what. Before we do that it's getting almost to the end.

I better tell our listeners our live watchers our live viewers remember I did promise to give you a way to win a five nights day. I got to get my hand in the camera. Five nights day at a five star I'll do this one luxury resort in Mexico compliments of power text dot. My good friend dear friend Jason Ness that's his company in a Estey. I've had people wonder what that how you spell that. Jason asked in power Texian have sponsored this show. And so I want to give you the way the means to enter to win that right now. You'll see it on your screen if you're watching live. I will say it verbally it is. You can do it one of two ways.

One is go to our Web site and that is reach your peak L.L.C. dot com forward slash vacation and it's all over acase vacation. So it's reach your peak LLC dot com for Slash vacation. All small letters on vacation or if you have a cell phone or a mobile phone and this is easier for you go ahead and text the word peak. That's P E aka 2 the number 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4.

Again that's Peeke aka 2 6 6 1 5 3 5 1 6 2 4. And if are on here long enough we will announce the winner right here on the show. Otherwise the winner will be notified via text message so be sure to follow directions once you do enter because there are directions.

There's one more step after you do this. And again it cost you this much zero. So don't fret. Just go ahead and do that. Compliments of power texting. Thank you Jason and Rhonda his partner for sponsoring that and providing that amazing amazing. He just went by the way. So all of you know it. It's a legitimate incredible experience. He went and he went and stayed on a five day or a five night vacation in Mexico at a five star resort took his daughter had an amazing time took a ton of pictures. So it's really an amazing thing. And getting back to our man right here sumud who is probably now sweating bullets wondering what the heck is this question. Would you get to it already. BRIAN My God. I can't. I'm dying. I'm dying of curiosity.

So it is. Are you ready. All right.

And just so I I want to kind of level it out here a little bit and just so you know assuming that there's no pressure here of any kind because there is no such thing as a wrong answer to this question. Just want to be clear about that. In fact the only correct answer is just your answer. It's your unique answer. I've asked this of all my past guests and to date. Up until now to date not a single one has asked or answered it the same way some similar here and there but not ever the same way. Totally. I imagine it will at some point somebody will finally say the same answer as one previous. But I just wanted to tell you that so that you understand zero pressure relax and take all the time you need to answer this one driving question and that is cement. How do you personally how do you define success.

Success for me is about making a difference and it depends on what kind of success you mean financial success personal personal success social success there's all kinds of success. I think definition of success is setting out to achieve what you say you're going to do.

So if I say to myself I'm going to make myself a cup of tea right now. And I do it. I'm successful at doing that. So there's no such thing as failure.

There's a only feedback there's only lessons. This definition of success for me gives me such an expensive energy and it gives me a growth mindset as opposed to a fixed mindset.

And it really reminds me to give give give give and share with other people and grow together with the people that I'm sharing.

And that's been one of the most phenomenal things for me is sharing my flow state with other people so they can get to stay really shaping other people's lives making that impact make a difference no matter how tiny no matter how small is what success is about and true reform. No one else said it like that either. That's phenomenal. And

That I mean I'm compiling the responses from the past shows. It's just amazing to me to give to share to grow together. I mean that that's really what the essence came down to and you processed it thought it through. Yeah there are so many kinds of success. That's absolutely true. Well the ultimate success is give share and grow together and no matter how small that that really was. That was the defining of your essence was that you're you're in it to help people. It's not that you have to hit home run every single time it's just about making improvement and progress going forward in any way you possibly can. And that comes out from you big time brother. I love it. That is great.

I mean every one of them is a phenomenal definition of success. And I tell every guest that yours is the best so far.


I don't want to like compared to the other guests but they're all the best. Every single one of these.

And for those of you watching or listening to this right now and recording maybe go back and listen to that. The answers to that question are really amazing. Really amazing thank you. So. I didn't forget. So I want to give folks a way to connect with you. You actually have a gift. I almost forgot you have a gift that you wanted to give to everyone watching listening either live or recorded. So if you don't mind if you would take over and just give us a quick description of what that gift is let our folks know and how they can grab it.

Guys you can check out my free ebook on my Web site.

W W W dot cocci would soon dot com that C O A C H I N G when we th and that Natsume Su and dot com Goji with some dot com if you scroll a little bit down to the bottom you will notice.

Get my free ebook and here you can just add to details. Give me your name and give me your email address. Ill be shot right to enter your email now and it's called the pro Noya code.

The universe is on your squad. It's an amazing book. I highly recommend they check it out.


Yes that's coaching with sumed dot com c o a c h i n g w th S U M E dot com soom is so med's nickname I presume and probably better and easier to pronounce if you're just reading it.

I had to ask how to pronounce it. First time it's like I don't want to get it wrong. I assume it's a much easier. Just think yes. Some like it. I like it. I love it. I want some more of it. That was my wrap. That's all we're doing here. I do anymore because it would do us justice. Well Samat. I really appreciate you being on and for all of you watching and listening live and recorded afterward. We appreciate you for coming on. For all the likes and loves the comments interaction and I can't wait to bring on another guest next week. But Smed you rocked it tonight. You brought amazing value. I learned a lot. I've got a full page of notes and I started writing sideways because I ran out of room so there somewhere. I appreciate you my brother. Looking forward to being there with you during your journey on this wonderful rocket ship called entrepreneurship and great job my friend.

Good job. Enjoyed having you on the show.

Thank you man. Thank you so much Russia.

All right are right. And that's it for us. We're going to sign our story and we'll see you next week on another edition of the mind body business show. We will see you next week. Be blessed. For now solong

Thank you for watching and listening. This is beyond the mind body business with Brian Kelly.

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