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So here's the big question. How are entrepreneurs like us who have been hustling and struggle to make it to success, who seem to make it one step forward only to fall two steps back, work dedicated, determined and driven. How do we finally breakthrough and win that is the question and this podcast will give you the answers.My name is Brian Kelly and this is The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show.

Brian Kelly:
Hello, everyone, and Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. I am so excited. We have a phenomenal show lined up for you tonight. Our guest expert, she is amazing with a capital A.. I mean, she is a mom, a grand mom. She is a marathon runner. She leads over thirty five thousand team members in her business. You want to talk about accomplished. You want to talk about a go getter. You want to stick with us through the end of this show because this young lady is going to ooze with value for you. And what I mean by value, well, that's what the show is all about, The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show. It's all about what I call the three pillars of success. And I found after interviewing and studying successful people over the last decade that three patterns kept coming up over and over and over. And you might be able to guess what those are there in the area of mind, which means mindset. And by the way, our guest is a mindset expert, and it's all about your mindset. It's about having a very powerful, flexible mindset, and it's everything is the foundation of where you are today, whether you're successful or not. It's all due to what's going on up here. And we're going to dig into that a little bit more during the show. I'm excited for that. And then body. It's about taking care of your body both from the inside and the outside. And that means healthy nutrition that you intake, whether it be food or drink and continual constant exercise. And again, our guest expert nails that. And then there's business. And one of my faves, because it's so multifaceted. There's sales, there's marketing team building, systematizing leadership. I mean, the list goes on and on. The number of skill sets required to not only have a thriving business, create a thriving business, but to maintain and continually grow is staggering. The good news is really only one of those skill sets I just mentioned can help you to achieve all of that and that is leadership. Once you've achieved mastery of the leadership skill set, then you can bring on and scale your business by bringing on those that have the skill sets that you have yet to acquire, because let's be honest to acquire all of them. I don't think any one person could acquire them all in one lifetime and master them all. And so leadership is very key and we may get into that as well, because that is what our guest expert has done. She has mastered leadership. How is she going to manage thirty five thousand team members in her health and wellness business? Without that. And so I'm really excited to bring on this young lady in a moment. Another phenomenal thing I found about successful people and these three patterns is embedded in these three patterns in feeding their mind. They are, to a person, very avid readers. And with that, I like to segway into a very short segment. I like to affectionately call bookmarks.

Bookmarks for to read bookmarks. Ready, steady, read bookmarks brought to you by

Brian Kelly:
There you see it on the side. And just a quick short note, if I may. Do yourself a favor, and rather than running off to another tab on your browser or opening up something else on your phone and going to check these things out. Wait wait until after the show and instead perhaps bring up that really old fashioned thing. Your parchment, that's also called paper and maybe I don't know if you can swing it, but a pen. I like to have fun with this or bring out our notepad on your computer. If you have like a desktop, you're watching this from and take notes. Write these down and later come back to visit these resources. I'm sure that our guests will have many. Her name is Susan Wheeler, by the way. She will also have many as well. So write them down. Why do I say that? Because here's the thing. I've spoken on stages for years and I've noticed that there are times when folks would get up and need to go to the restroom or they'd take a phone call and leave the room right at the very moment that the biggest, most empowering, value based statement was about to be uttered and they missed it. And I would hate for that to happen to you. And so to keep yourself in in the room, so to speak. Just go ahead and take notes and then later go off and visit these resources. So take good notes. So, that is a Web site I had developed literally with you in mind. The entrepreneur, the one seeking greater success in their life and in their business. And I found that after reading a number of books that they had great impact on my life personally. And I didn't read for a very, very long time, not until the last decade or so. And I started reading voraciously using audible listening to books that became the godsend for me, because reading with my eyeballs, they would just get strained. I couldn't do it. And so I read book after book after book. And you can see it right here, list of a lot of books that are vetted by me personally. I have read every single book in here and they're put here for the purpose of providing you with a one stop place to go get very empowering books. I can't guarantee they'll have the same profound effect on you as they had on me. But at least the odds are greater because each and every one of these is listed here. Definitely, definitely did that for me personally. And you can see it goes on and on and on. And we're updating this list constantly. I have my team updating this as we speak. And I don't know if they've gotten to it yet, but you can see that there's quite a few in there. And just grab one that grab that, you know, pick the one that grabs your eye. Don't worry about analyzing over-analysing. Say that one looks interesting. Getting the habit of taking action, click on the button. And by the way, this is not a money making website per say. It goes to an Amazon link. And if someone buys a book from here, I may make a few pennies. I don't know. I honestly don't know. It's a discipline I have. If something is there that I that I am referring. I always put an affiliate link if it exists. I don't care how much it pays. It's just a discipline I've instilled in myself because that's what it's all about. We need to continually grow our businesses. And that's just a discipline that's worked for me. So that's one little lesson to start with, and now Speaking of lessons to start with, we're going to bring on an amazing, amazing young woman. I think now is the time to do that. So let's get going.

It's time for the guest expert spotlight. Savvy, skillful, professional, adept, trained, big league qualified.

Brian Kelly:
And there she is, ladies and gentlemen, the one the only Susan Wheeler are you doing, Susan,

Susan Wheeler:
Hi Brian and fabulous.Thank you for having me here.

Brian Kelly:
Oh, goodness. You come from all the way on the East Coast in Connecticut. So I appreciate you for staying up because you'll be staying up late this. The show runs three hours. I hope you know that.

Susan Wheeler:
So I thought it was four. So this is perfect.

Brian Kelly:
Yes. I love I love your sense of humor. It was nice to get to know you a little bit before we started on the show. Real quick, before I bring you on formally. Susan, I'd like to remind everyone watching live that if you stay on life to the very end, you can enter to win a five night stay at a five star, a luxury resort. All compliments of our friends at. It's up there The BIG INSIDER Secrets. It's a logo up on the page. If you're watching this live or recording, if you're listening on podcasts. It's They help us to give away one of these trips, every single show. It's amazing. We thank them and sound to the end and we'll give you the easy way to enter, to win that everyone will always give one away every single show. All right. To the woman of the hour, Susan Wheeler is a mom of four, grandmother of seven and wife two Mat lovingly known as red suspenders. I can only picture that. That's pretty awesome. She lives with her husband, her two youngest children and her Jack Russell terriers on their organic vegetable farm in northwest Connecticut. Susan is an ultra marathon runner who loves outdoor adventures. She has been an entrepreneur her entire adult life. And for the last 18 years has been a top leader in the direct sales and network marketing industry. Susan is a certified mindset coach. I can't wait to dig in on that. A speaker and author of her first book, The Lemonade Diet. What a great, great concept that is all about. She shares her personal story of overcoming and persevering. So when life hands you lemons, you can make your own lemonade. That's funny. That's like the life. That's like the moniker of a successful entrepreneur right there. Susan is a firm believer that it is never too late to change your life. With that, I now formally introduce you, Susan. Thank you so much for coming on the show. This is going to be a lot of fun.

Susan Wheeler:
Thank you for having me.

Brian Kelly:
Yes. And so I love the fact that you are a certified mindset coach, because that's how I'd like to start each show, because the bio, you know, tells us a lot about your accolades, your experience. You know, that I mentioned earlier, you have you lead a team of thirty five thousand members in your business and you have a lot of accomplishments. You're doing great. And that's on the surface. What I like to do is find out what got you there because of what's going on on here. And I'm pointing to the noggin, that beautiful brand of yours, Susan. And so what I'd like to start off was like when you get up in the morning and the day is about to start and an entrepreneur such as yourself, you know, we go through challenges just on a rare occasion. Right? Almost every day. And those can knock a lot of people back for you being a mindset expert. What is it that keeps you driven, keeps you positive, keeps you going day in and day out? What's going through that brain of yours when you wake up and you start your day?

Susan Wheeler:
That's a great question. So it's a different day, different brain waves. Right. But what I always try to do when I wake up every day is start the day on a positive note. What what can I do? What can I accomplish? And I really like to do a being positive that sometimes sounds so cliche, but being positive is is really what drives me. And I just love to. To kind of create my own day, I create my own moods. I, I don't like to follow. I like to be a leader. And I really think that that makes a difference. When when you are a leader. So. When I get up every day, one of the first things I do, I'd love a quiet morning, I work from home, I work from home forever. So I love a quiet morning. And I will read I will have a cup of coffee. I love to spend time with my dogs. We have a new puppy now, so that can be my mornings are a little earlier. But I think if you start your day in a very kind of calm and organized way and a routine that really sets you up for success. And when I am running and training, that's the first thing after my reading and and coffee is that I'm out the door for a run.

Fantastic. And what a great way to start the day, you know, with exercise. I am a former certified personal trainer that used to be my core business and I only switched about a year ago. But I'm still big into the fitness genre because it does nothing but help you. Like I said, mind, body, business, body being a very core part of it. And I like to say the mind and body are a team. And even more importantly, they're your team. And if any one member of a team is not offering what I like to call a peak level of performance, then the team as a whole suffers. And so really get your mindset work on that. I highly recommend you connect with this young lady right here to do that and for ways to get your body in tune and in shape.

You're looking at her again. She can help you with. She's obviously successful. She's obviously figured it out. And here's the here's the key. And Susan, I'd like to know if you agree with us. And that is when you find somebody that's achieved a level of success that you desire. Then all you really need to do is model that.

Absolutely. My name is Wheeler for nothing. Would reinvent the wheel, right? Don't do it. But you're you're right. Absolutely.

Yeah. And thank you for that. Don't reinvent the wheel because everybody too many people have done this and tried to do it. I'm pointing at myself, as, you know, a card carrying member of having done that. And once you finally realize that, look, look, here's the thing. It's all about ego. It really comes down to ego. Whether people want to admit it or not, I will admit it. And it's all about, well, I can do that. I can do this. I can do that. I can do this. Well, you probably can. You probably have the capability to do all these things individually. You add them collectively and you burn out. It's not going to work. It's it's a recipe for failure. Modeling someone successful like Susan is a recipe for success. And all you have to do is reach out to that one person like Susan or any mentor or coach that you have been following, that you want the results they have. And this is what I did. I found a mentor and I almost literally I reached out and grabbed onto his ankles with both hands and I never let go. I said, Hey, man, I'm here to stay. You cannot get rid of me. And I was doing it very specifically and helping him in the process, by the way.

This guy literally by age, could be my son. So age doesn't matter to me. Race doesn't matter to me. None of these things are gender. None of it. As long as I have the results you're looking for. Then why not find out what how they got there and then model it? Because that's all you need to do. Like Susan has done. She's perfect.

Absolutely, I say that often that, you know, some people can't afford a coach or a mentor.

But that's where modeling after people, watching them, following them, not literally stalking, following, but following them on on their social media cetera. Reading books. I love your segment of bookmarks because that is so key in all those people are your mentors for fifteen dollars and drank.


Yeah, and those people I studied over that decade included authors of books, some of which are no longer with us. So all it takes is finding the right people to follow, to read and learn from and then model it. And the more you feed your brain with this stuff, it becomes more automatic. You know, I found myself after doing teaching from stage, speaking from stage and doing it for several years. I found myself basically talking like all of my mentors, saying the same words, acting the same way, thinking the same way, and noticing at the same time. My success keeps increasing at a steady rate. So it works. And we're both here telling you that if you have not yet followed that model, one would now be the right time to do that.

Oh, do that one in there. So, Susan, I can tell that you're into physical fitness being a marathon runner. How would you rate that as a level of importance in your life? How does it how does it impact your business life and even your personal life by taking care of yourself physically?

Well, just to give you a little backstory, when I was 34, I had a terrible accident. I fell off a balcony and I was cleaning a house. So I had a little house cleaning business and I fell off of the bedroom balcony into the living room and I broke my back.

I shattered my pelvis. I broke my arms. I broke my ribs. And I was lucky to have lived through it. And I did not become a marathon runner until six years later. So I had never run before. And I really struggled at the six years of learning to walk again in total recovery. But what I found was when I started moving my body in such a way that I was strengthening all the muscles around, all those arthritic broken bones that I had.

I started feeling better and.

Exercise and running means more to me. Even though I can pee and run. Getting that medal when I finish a race.

It's never about where I placed or how fast I ran. It was that I did it so that I think that when you can challenge your body and overcome certain limitations that you have or that you think you have or that will allow yourself to have it. It can change everything. It can change everything.

And it was then it really wasn't until then that I started really excelling in business.

It's amazing. Yeah. We call that limiting beliefs and MLP neurolinguistic programing.

We often do, don't we limit ourselves based on just what's going on up here? We make statements to ourself as if they're fact and say, well, who am I to do that? I'm too old. Who am I to do that? I'm I'm not a man. Who am I to do that? I'm too young. Right. And all these doubts come through our minds that we've been handed down in our imprint stages, you know, by. No, don't touch that. No, you can't play with that. No, no, no. And it's about reprograming your mind for the better.

And it's possible to do. Susan's living proof of it. She not only she will program her mind so that she could basically reprogram her body physically. And I love that story. That's very inspiring. I've had I developed a bad knee over the course of just aging. And it's osteoarthritis. It's early onset arthritis. And I learned that the opposite of what I thought would fix it was true. I thought, well, I need to be more sedentary and not move. And just let it keep getting worse and maybe go for it. I got injections and things like that. And then I found a strength coach who said, no, you need to lift weights and you need to lift more weight than you've ever lifted in your entire life. Heavyweights. I said, OK, I'll try and. Wow. Unbelievable. They were just, like you said, strength and everything around it and supported it. So the muscles, you know, part of that system. Right. So happy that you have recovered obviously fully. It seems that if you're if you're running marathons. My goodness. How many how many able bodied people have never gone through any of this would even think to run a marathon. Right. So, I mean, kudos to you. That is amazing. Truly amazing. Let's see. You are a very, very accomplished. Entrepreneur and I would like to spend a moment. If it's okay with you to let people know exactly what it is you do today that you're so successful with. You know, these thirty five thousand team members, that's a lot of people. What kind of business is it and what does it do for people?

And what do you do that really provides value for people in their lives, both from what the company offers and from maybe a business standpoint and helping them to earn income.

Awesome. So I work with the online Health and Wellness Nutrition Company and being an organic farmer. We have an organic farm, red suspenders. My lovely dear husband does most of the heavy lifting around here, but I do the marketing and that and I love to harvest, etc. So I wanted to find a way to help more people than our little farm could allow, because you can imagine when you have a farm and you're growing produce. You can only serve people in a certain area.

So finding this nutrition company that was online that that had products that were not organic, but they're clean, they're pure, there's no additives, no preservatives. They fit the bill there where we don't call them organic because we sourced from other places that don't have the guidelines that we do here. So their products or their ingredients are more pure. So I fully aligned with this company, was so excited because my desire was really to have a big impact on people's health. And I had studied nutrition for years, and that's why we even have the farm. And it was almost like a dream come true. So when I found this business, I just got to work with it and I told everyone about it. I got all my family and my friends trying the products and it just grew from there. And what? So we have products that help people with weight loss, help people with energy, help people with healthy aging, which was the dilemma I was facing eight years ago when I found these products, just pure nutrition. So my excitement of what this company and what these products could do for myself and for other people was just off the charts. And I also found that in network marketing and network marketing platform, I guess I was really able to help people.

Have more time, freedom and more financial freedom, because that was important to me. Like you said, I'm a mom of four. I'm a grandmother of seven. I have dogs. I love to run. Not just here. I love to run all over the country and the world I made in Italy a few years ago, which is super cool. But that requires time and it requires finances and it requires a lot more money than I was making selling tomatoes on our farm. So it was pretty cool. And I've actually helped some people retire from really great jobs. And I think what we think about wellness, we always just think about our health, about physical wellness. But financially, it's so important to because the stress that people deal with when they're not financially well, the the the stress, the worry and the time that it takes away from our family and the things that we're we're put here to do more than just work. So it was a it was a business model that not only it's great when when people have their own business and they're doing well, you're making money. But the fact that I could bring people into this business and they could earn me, I was sold. It's just been a godsend.

And I love the overriding theme to that entire segment there. And that was helping others. And that is to a person everyone I've had on this show has that same desire, that same heart centered approach. It's you know, she did not she was not money centric in that discussion at all. She did mention that money was necessary to do things like run in Italy. What money is enabling Susan to do is to serve more people and get them to that financial freedom. I love how you said financial wellness, that that's a phenomenal way of framing that part of the wellness picture. More time freedom. The thing is, is for people like Susan who just want to help people. And, look, she gets rewarded in the process. Is that OK? Heck, yes. In fact, in my humble opinion, I hope that Susan B. gets, you know, gets more and more wealthy, far, far more wealthy than she is now, even now. So that because look what she's doing with her wealth. She is spreading it in the form of spreading the word to more people on how to achieve what she's achieved or at least to achieve what that individual's particular goals are. It may not be as lofty. Who knows? But Susan can help them. What are their goals? And that's what she wants to do. That's what drives her.

So I hope. I hope. I hope blessings of massive amounts of money come falling upon you, Susan. And it's not gonna be just falling because of all your hard work and diligence. But I hope you continue to excel so that you can serve and help more people. The world needs more people like you. A lot of people look at folks that are making a lot of money or doing well financially, and they look down on them because they're jealous. No one. But when you realize when it's an entrepreneur like Susan and what she does with our money, sure, she's gonna go have fun with it. Who wouldn't? I would maybe get a new car, whatever your whatever you wanted to go to Italy and run. That's a great thing. But the thing is, she's also serving more people as a result. So the more wealth that can be sprung upon her and others like her, God bless them, please. Yes. Let's let's let's stop this jealousy act for those who that might think that and just keep saying, go, Susan, go. Your your time will come. Maybe just connect with Susan. She can help you out. That would be your solution right there. So appreciate you, Susan, for what you're doing and for your heart. My gosh, I mean, a mother of four grand grandmother, it was a seven.

That's a that's a lot. It's a lot. That's a lot. And that's just one. One daughter has all seven children.

Wow. About I mean, for you. I have four. You can't help. You have to be someone of the mindset that loves to help others to even think of having one little home for. That's a lot, too, in my mind. So.

One at a time, Brian. And it was a it was it while it was spaced out over 21 years. There's a 21 year age gap. So I did it slowly and just like I run my marathons methodically.

I mean, there's a metaphor in there for business right there, isn't there? Absolutely. Yeah. For those that are looking for the quick kill and like this is network marketing that we're talking about. And there are those out there that are in for the quick kill that just want to recruit, recruit, recruit and leave everybody in the dust and not help them. I can tell that's not Susan's method. She wouldn't have as many in her team if it was. But that's not the you know. Yeah, you can make money in the beginning, but long term, it's not a successful recipe. I know of one person individually that did that and ended up suffering because they started losing their entire team because there was no support. So put in the work, keep the diligence, be persevere and do everything that Susan's doing. Follow her lead and you can have the same results she's having or even greater like she's put out.

She stated earlier, there's nothing that she will do to hold you back. She'll do anything, everything to lift you up. And she would love for you to pass her up in your success. So phenomenal. Oh, my goodness. So there are many skill sets that, you know, I talked about the onset of the show, Susan, that are required to become a successful business person. And those skill sets can change over time based on where you are, you know, in the phase of your business and in the life of your business. If you were to pick three right now currently for you, that you would say are the top three most important skills that you have mastered, that you would then impart upon others to say, I recommend you do the same. What three skills would you say are at the moment? Some of the most important skills to have and maintain, to grow and build a successful business.

I think.

One of the most important things is persistence. You need to be persistent. You need to keep keep at it, keep with it. Most people give up too soon. And that that is really there is no quick fix. And what I love about about what I do with network marketing is you get paid as you're learning. And I put one of my sons through college and while he actually was working in network marketing business. But what what he was studying was not paying him and he wasn't going to make any money until he graduated. So a lot of people think that, you know, the persistence and persevering through those first few years, you know, where we're getting paid by. We do that. So persistence is one thing. Communication is so important. What I really learned how to communicate with people. Everything changed in my life. I was able to to make friends. I was able to I wasn't I. People would come to me and say, oh, maybe someone in my downline, they were struggling, maybe with someone who was a difficult customer or whatever. I would say I would love to talk to them because I really have a way of of.

I had a coach once that said to me. Listen to what people mean, not what they say. And I remember when he was teaching this to me and I thought, what are you talking about? But I get it now. So it's so interesting to me. And I really try to help my people listen to what someone means, not what they say, because there are two totally different things. So communication is is another thing that's really important. And then I'm going to put this one here. I think letting let it go, letting things go, we hang on to way too much. We hang on to disappointments. Our feelings are hurt. We can't forgive and forget. We make everything about us. We I, I think where would I be today if I had not learned to let go? So letting go is is so important. And it is it does take time. It's an hour and but it's something you must do if you want to be successful.

Wow. So just so everyone knows when I recommend that they take notes. I'm not asking you do anything I don't do. So I'm going crazy over here with getting writer's cramp and loving every second of it. So much incredible value and nuggets. Therefore, everyone watching or listening persistence can agree more. I just I like to say never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever give up. And there's more Evers' in there, but we don't have time for communication. You hit the nail on the head with that one as well, because nothing is more important because I could say something to you and your response and your thought process would be a complete different reaction than what I met. And it's all about being at cause when two people are communicating. If you're talking to someone and they don't understand you. And the best way to get past that is for you personally to take Cawsey. There must be something I'm not communicating properly. How can I rephrase that and try again and put it on yourself instead of pointing fingers at the other person? Why don't they get me? How many times have you thought that or heard that? Yes. And then we go, wait a minute. It's probably because of my message.

I think a different way. So therefore, let me try this in a different tact. Until we get there and do it calmly. Letting go. Yes. So you touched on one there and that was, you know, hurt feelings, disappointments, basically, when we take things personally. And the interesting thing is, most often when someone does hurt our feelings, it's interesting because most often it's not personal. It has nothing to do with you, but it just has everything to do with a current situation. They are going through in their lives. And there is a phenomenal book resource that I'd like to share with people. It's called The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. And it touches on that. And it's a small book, a quick read. So powerful. I see you nodding in agreement there, Suzanne. That's one of those books where you want to pick it up and read it annually, once a year at least, and refresh because you can get through it really fast. So thank you. Amazing, amazing. Golden Nugget after Golden Nugget. They were just flying. So all of you watching. Listening. Feel free to comment. Feel free to ask questions. And we will put you up on the screen if it's appropriate.

That fits and give you a shout out as well, because this show is all about giving. I want Susan to be known to the rest of the world. I want what she does to be available to you if it's a fit. And so we will give you a means to connect with her here toward the end of the show. So stay with us. And then you can reach out or you can tell. Look at her. Does she look like she's gonna be a hard sell artist on you and and not let you off the phone? It's like she's she's one. You know, she is a sweet woman. She's a grandmother and a mom. But don't let that fool you. She's a very astute businesswoman. And I know that she will tell it like it is and give you the straight and not just sugar coat, everything. She wouldn't be that where she is if she did. In all honesty. But you can just tell she's very approachable, very heart centered and wants to help you. If you're willing to receive the help that it really takes, that all you have to do is be willing. That's it. That's tough, isn't it?

That's right. Absolutely. But that's that's a big deal, too, because a lot of people will want answers or want the fast track. Right. They want to be willing to kind of look at yourself and be open to change and and to work working on yourself. And you have that thick skin because. Yes. Yeah. I'd like to ease into it. I would never I would never tell anyone. But here's a nice way to figure out. Let people figure out themselves. So that's cool.

Yeah. And some of it is that just that you do have to figure things out on your own. You know, when you get a mentor or a coach or someone like Susan, they can point in the right direction.

But the work has to be done by you. And that's that doesn't that that permeates all kinds of business. It's not just network marketing. It's every kind of business, entrepreneurship if you're starting up your own. Especially if you're starting up your own. That's much that's a much more difficult track than getting into a business like Susan is involved in where the business is already built. And you are now an owner within it of your own destiny and everything. All the infrastructure's in place, the shipping, the processing of funds, all of that is in place. You have to do any of that. You just put in your information so that when it's time the payments come to you for your efforts. And so it's a phenomenal business model. I love the concept of network marketing. But, yeah, when it comes down to it on the rubber meets the road, it is up to you to put in the effort.

And as long as you're doing that, you know, and you're really diligent, then people like Susan will be very open to helping you to the next level. But only if you're putting in the effort. So don't just come in looking for a handout. I'm trying to help people be respectful when they do contact you, Susan. So definitely, though, don't let that hold you back. Ready? Fire. Aim. Go after it. Connect with her. We'll give you that information your soon. My gosh, the time flies on these shows. I have so much fun. So let's see.

Ok, we've been talking about entrepreneurs and there are others that don't, you know, that worked for other companies, right. I've been in that position working for corporate and I have my own opinions on both sides of the fence on what you know, which one is better, which one I like more. But. I'm curious from your standpoint, Susan, what do you feel is. The major difference between entrepreneurs such as yourself and those who work for someone else.

For me, it's about freedom and being able to call the shots. But I'll tell you, Brian, being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. If you really have to be disciplined and there are there are people that desire it because but there are people that need to be told, you have to be here at eight o'clock and then you have your lunch at twelve o'clock or whatever it may be. And and we need people like that in our in our world to you know, there everyone serves a purpose and also a position. So you have to figure out what what is for you. And that's what the difference is. I like to call the shots and I am disciplined. So being an entrepreneur, it really takes and that's why I say when I get up in the morning, I have a routine. I have my morning routine. I have a coffee. I read my book. I go out and exercise. And if you're not disciplined, you could say, well, I'm not going to run today or, you know, I'm not going to call for people today, are not going to do that. I do things that I don't particularly feel like doing. But I do them anyway. And the the more things you do that you don't feel like doing. It's kind of like I say, eating when eating the lime of beans on your plate first. I don't really care for the line of beans that they're part of the meal. So I eat them first. Get it out of the way. Brian Tracy has that book, Eat that Frog. And that's I don't really want to eat a frog. But if you think about that. So if letting those things and I must say when I am doing a run, that's particularly tough. Whether it's in the summer, it's long, it's hot, whatever it might be. I think of as I'm out there doing that what my reward is going to be.

So I'll be out there and really struggling to get through a run. But what gets me through is I don't think about I have my feet hurt and miserable and two miles from home, I'm out of water ice. I think of my reward. I think, oh, you know, tonight my husband taking my favorite restaurant for dinner and I'm going to splurge a little bit because I ran 60 miles today. So there is in the mindset. Right.

And I'm I'm probably getting off track here.

But the like being an entrepreneur, it takes I think you have to do all this kind of work on yourself first and not just jump into it, because that's more important. Anybody can do what I'm doing. This business is not rocket science. It's set up for everyone. But if you don't work on yourself first, then you're you're disappointed when you jump in. And I tell people if I was successful in my first couple of years. Don't look at Susan. Did this in two years. Turn back the clock and, you know, come and visit me when I was in a hospital, in a nursing home and I couldn't walk. And all those things in my life got me to where I was. Where I am.

Yeah. I mean. I couldn't have said it any better. All of that about the differences are what it means to be an entrepreneur. And, you know, you said it really well with the corporate life is folks are looking for people to tell them what to do and when to do it. And again, there's nothing wrong with either side. And you're absolutely right. Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. In fact, it's a very small percentage of people who, you know, not not try but who succeed at it because of everything you just said, with the persistence, the discipline, self-discipline, Soki routine, all the guests that I bring on the show all have a routine. They're all different, but they all have one. And what I just tell the guests is, if you don't have one, pick one of these picks, Susan's model it go up for a run. If you have pets, spend some time with them. Have some coffee since. Spend some quiet time. See how that works for you. If it doesn't go, look at one of our other past shows and you'll see another routine. Every single one of them has a routine. And then you talk about, you know, doing things you don't feel like doing. And I like to refer to that as getting out of one's comfort zone. And the thing is, is it's very important for folks to realize that.

To get in the habit of getting out of your comfort zone. That is key to your success. And do it multiple times a day, every day. Because without doing that, if you just keep doing the same thing you're doing today, you're gonna get the same results you have today. And so the only way to really move. But the thing is, you have to do it alone. You can have someone like Susan helping you along, giving you the guidance and advice before you literally go out and do it and execute on it. But she can help you with that as well. Oh, my gosh. Think of the reward. That is so key. I like to say, you know, begin with the outcome in mind. You know, what is your desired outcome for a particular task you're about to embark on? Let's say you're going to go to a networking event, maybe a seminar that's going to be two, three, four days of your life on top of hotel fees and travel fees and everything. Go with it. What is your outcome for that? I was taught a great lesson by my mentor about this. I was at a seminar and he's texting me and he goes, What are you doing? And I said, I'm at a seminar like literally two. Well, it was a couple of miles from his house near Newport Beach here in Southern California. I said, I'm at the seminary. And he asked one question and I knew I asked it. He just said why in text form. And I'm like, oh, my God, I get it.

I know what he's saying. Why am I here? What was my outcome? I'm like, thinking about I go, I don't have any goals. Hey, bud, come on over. We're gonna have some dinner with the parents. And I'm like, I would much rather spend time with him and, you know, than than where I was at.

So I respectfully waited till for a break and then left and went to his place and had a great time. So I always start with the Welcome in mind because you will save yourself both time and money. In some cases, if you don't have a proper outcome, then don't do it because you're investing yourself your time and money.

So be sure you have a valid, strong outcome. And since then, I always have a strong outcome, especially for going to events like that. My goodness. Work on yourself first. First and foremost. You know, reverse, unwind and put it in the beginning. Always get yourself straightened up your mindset. Susan can help you with that being a mindset expert. She can help you, right. That ship. And it doesn't take a ton of work. It just takes repetition, habit and some tools and resources that she is expert at to help you to minimize what we call that stinking thinking and get you on the right track to success like Susan has done. She's overcome a lot, you know, a broken body, literally, and she's overcome that. Do you think she can help you? I think so. My personal opinion. So definitely we want to give you the ability to reach out to her. We only have about 15 minutes left of the show, which I cannot believe. Oh, my goodness. There are so you are very successful. Right. And in many people's eyes, you're like, wow. What was it? Thirty five thousand team members? That's a lot. So, I mean, you're crushing it. You're doing well. And and kudos to you. You put in the time, effort and everything we've talked about. That's how, you know, to tell people that's how to get where you are.

But the thing is, along the way, I'm sure, you know, you never had an issue that everything worked perfectly. It was just like sipping a umbrella drink in a hammock on the beach. Everything was just autopilot. And you never had an issue. You never had any failures along the way. Right.

Absolutely not. Not one.

And so nothing could be further from the truth. In all seriousness, for entrepreneurs, we fail and we fail time and time and time again. It's not really a failure because what happens is when you have something that doesn't work. The key is learning from it and then not making that mistake again. So it's not really a failure, but a future to think of a couple that fall in that line. Susan, what would you say would be some of those and what were your learnings as a result of going through that?

Well, rejection is one thing that takes a little out of the game and you have to really grow a thick skin.

And I always say, when you're offering something to someone, whether your product or the business opportunity, think of it as a stick of gum. And if I said, Brian, would you like a stick of gum? And you said, no, thank you, I would not go home and cry to my husband and wonder why Brian didn't want my gun. I would. Right. So we take our products or the business opportunity. So personally, they're not rejecting us and saying, you're ugly, Suzanne. Your your your clothes don't match your whatever it might be. They're just saying, no, thank you. And so I think that that that is. That that's important. But there was something else I was going to say, just repeat the question again, sir, so give me on the right track. I completely forgot. You forgot to. This is perfect.

No. Or some of the things that you tripped up on or that you prefer.

Right. Well, I was at a. And so rejection eight take it is taking me out. But just for a little bit, because it's sort of you've got to jump right back in again. And that's where a lot of entrepreneurs, especially network marketing, fail and never come back because that's taken them out. So I was I remember when I went to my first conference and I got to give you the quick, quick version.

One of the gals on stage was my first conference for my company had earned one million dollars in a year. So a lot of the reasons you go to these conferences is to see real people like you and see what's possible. Right. So I'm a high achiever. At least, you know, I. I try to be a high achiever. So what I've I left a conference going, well, I'm going to go home and earn a million dollars a share. And I went home and I didn't. A million dollars. So two years went by and I didn't earn a million dollars in a year. So I thought. The next conference. I'm not going. There's no need for me to go. I've learned everything. I've been going to conferences for years. There's nothing more I can learn. So I didn't want to go. I. And this is when my DFAC and my business partner, Cindy Walther's said, you are going to this conference. She said, Susan. This is when we need it the most. So I went to that conference with my arms folded goal on my face. And I went to that conference and this conference. There was a gal on stage who told her story and her first year.

She had earned six thousand dollars. She was it. She worked in the school system for second year. Nine thousand. Now her second year. Thirteen thousand. Her third year. Twenty three thousand. Her fourth year. Sixty four thousand. Her fifth year. Ninety three thousand. Her six year.

Nine hundred thousand dollars. And I said, oh, I could do that. And I really think that what takes us out of the game, we take ourselves out of the game. Because I was so down on myself. And I tell this to people all the time. Let somebody motivate you, but be realistic about it. It's possible to earn a million dollars a year. And because I did it, I, I was in two years ready to throw in the towel, not because I didn't believe in the company or the business. I didn't believe in myself. And when I saw someone else who persisted to the point where she did it, I thought, OK, it reminded me of everything I already knew. But it is that easy that a mindset coach can take themselves out of the game, right?

Yeah, it's amazing. It's like, how do you eat an elephant one bite at a time? And we often forget that and look at somebody that's achieved great success. Think that we should be able to do that almost instantly as well. And that's a great, great story. We have a couple of comments coming in. Marcel says, you always bring great people who motivate you. Thank you. Your show is my weekly discipline. Learning never stops. And yes, because of amazing young ladies like this. Susan Wheeler, that is made possible. Thank you. And she actually has a question for you. And let's see what that is. She has a question.

She says, Any advice for a network marketer who works full time? That's I hear that one very often. I'm very curious to hear what they say to her as well.

My favorite question. So I think a lot of people think that they can't do their network marketing business because they work full time. So I think what she's saying. She must have another full time job. And she does network marketing. Yes. OK, perfect. So this happens a lot. And there are times when I have run out of my warm market that I wish I had a full time job because it because here's the way you look at it.

A full time job. You are so scheduled. And it's sort of like on the weekdays when your kids are in school. So I was a stay at home mom always when they were in school. I got things done. I was a machine because I had a schedule and I only had certain time to get things done. And on the weekends, when I had all the time in the world, not much was getting accomplished. Right. So when you have a full time job, you're really able to utilize your time so much better.

And I think that don't worry about the amount of time you have.

It's the pocket of time. And I was saying this to my son today. We live in a beautiful part of Connecticut's northwest corner of Connecticut. People vacationed here. And I get to live here. There are trails and waterfalls and lakes and rivers and mountains. It is gorgeous.

And I am earning more money now.

Then I did say this time last year, and I'm working less. Right, because I am intentional. I have what I call a power hour. And if I can't do it all in one hour, I do for 15 minutes segments. And that's my day. I mean, I still work in between.

But I really think that if if you do not think you need 40 hours a week to earn a full time income network marketing, you don't you just have to be smart about sitting. And most people that do have full time jobs are pretty smart about it.

I have a gal she gets on our Monday afternoon meeting in her car and sometimes she's ducked down in the back seat, so. And she gets on the meeting, but she also makes phone calls in the in the bathroom that you are not telling you to. You know, with the clock. For your network marketing job. But the creative hands on your way home and your can you you can talk to people.

Absolutely. All great advice, and I totally agree with you, it's amazing that when you're so busy with a full time job, you end up getting more done during that time than when you have nothing scheduled is because you're so focused and your your. I don't know what it is, but it's so universal. I remember going through a corporate job and then knowing I have a full weekend ahead of me. I'm like, man, I'm going to crush it with my entrepreneurial job or a business now. And it would kind of like, man, I don't feel like doing anything. I just want a rest and I do nothing. But when it's the week I'm working till, you know, do the job. Get home. Hit the entrepreneurial treadmill. Get on it. Don't get off till eleven, twelve o'clock. Washington's repeat. That's when them. It's like a momentum builder when you have that full time job. I call it a blessing and a curse. It's a blessing because it's providing you some income to help you grow your business if you need additional tools and resources. And it's it's a curse because, yeah, ultimately it is taking your time.

But once you are able to liberate yourself and free yourself from that, by then, you will have hopefully instilled the discipline necessary to keep you going to then get to the point where you are like a Susan, where you can now choose basically the life you desire. And it doesn't happen immediately overnight. So don't get us wrong there, because like she said, everything she said up to this point, persistence, diligence, working, you know, going after it, putting in the time and effort and just follow the leader and do what they do. Model them. Don't reinvent the wheel. So many good grief, so many nuggets of wisdom. Susan, you are a powerhouse and. We are three minutes. Oh, my goodness. So we actually can go a little long because there's no, like, stop here, it's not a station. But what I like to do is I would like to end the show with one question.

That's kind of a it's kind of a it's an interesting question.

It's a it can be very personal. In fact, it is personal. And it's it can be a heavy hitting question or could be a late question. It's all up to the response that comes out. And now since gone home, my goodness, what the heck is this guy talking about? And that's OK. But before we do that, I did promise those who are staying on with us alive how to win five nice stay at our five star luxury resort resort. I said reported I will not resort and all compliments of our good friends at the big insider secrets dot com. And for now, we're going to come back and ask Susan that one final question and give you the opportunity to connect with her. And I think she may still have a gift available for you all. If that's true, Susan, we'll bring that up. And so stick around. But before we do that, you now have both Susan and my permission to take your gaze away very shortly, hopefully from a computer screen and pull out your phone, because to enter to win here, I'll put it up on screen is pull up your texting app on your phone and where you would put in the name of the person you're gonna text instead type in this phone number.

And that is six six one five three five one six two four. And then where you would actually say hello or put emojis in and the actual message in there just type in the word peak. That's p e a k and hit the little send icon and you will be instantly entered. We randomly pick a winner each and every show. So we can't wait to have you be a winner. And again, that is six six one five three five one six two four. And in the messaging area, go ahead and type the word peak and hit send and then that will get you entered into this amazing contest. So go ahead. Do that right now and come back, because we are now going to ask the woman of the hour the big question and then we'll give you her contact information and possibly another gift. We'll see. We'll check in on that.


This question, Suzanne, is an amazing question. And just to kind of put you a little at ease in case there is any trepidation going on here. The cool thing about this question is there literally is no such thing as a wrong answer. It's absolutely impossible.

That tancer it wrong. There's no way. In fact, the exact opposite is true in that the only correct answer. Is your answer that call tonight? It is. All right, cool. Here we go. It is also very impactful. So if some some have responded. I ask every guest expert this question, by the way. Some have responded instantly. Some take a moment to reflect and decide what they want to answer with. Either way is fine. Doesn't matter. Take your time. If you need it. And that would work. So with that. Are you ready? I'm ready. Of course you are. You are always ready. Here we go. Susan Wheeler.

How do you define. Success.

I define success as feeling happy and feeling fulfilled. So success isn't about the amount of money you make or where you live or anything at all. Success is when you set your mind to something and you achieved what you set your mind to, that that is success to me.

And like I say, running a marathon, I am not going to be some of these ultra runners that are, you know, running a marathon in under two hours. But success for me is crossing the finish line myself. So without comparison, if you are happy, if you are healthy, if you feel good about where you are and what you do and what you've done and where your dreams and goals are taking you, then you're successful.

Phenomenal. And just as all of the previous guests, you are no different in that you've made the statement near the beginning of it that it's not about money. And I find that incredibly enlightening and amazing because that's the thing. The differences between successful entrepreneurs and those who are just starting, there's a different mindset, and that is one of scarcity when you're just starting out. And that's natural. You know, when you're starting out, you are more money centric because you need the money to thrive and survive in your business and for your family. And then as you become successful, you realize it really had nothing to do with money ever. It's all about achieving success, about serving others, which you have talked about a lot, helping others and about actually achieving what you set your mind to. It's like a victory. These little victories. Those are more important than the actual money. Yes, money is important. Don't get us wrong there either. But the cool thing is it's not the one on the top. It's not what defines success for Susan Wheeler. Does it mean it shouldn't define your success? It means nothing of the sort. Your successes, your successes by asking this question now, one hundred and I'm now over 100 times and getting a different answer every single time. I now know that the answer to your success is only your answer.

And so that's it. There you go. And now Linda has a wonderful free gift to give you. And it's a free guide. And I will hand it over to her to explain it and to tell you exactly how you can get that. And then we will show you also how to connect with her. I might be one and the same. So go ahead and take it away, Linda. I mean, Susan.

Linda, where'd that come from? They had a Linda on the show. Friends lives in it.

We connect with me. That's OK. Connect with me on this night. This is from. Oh, how cool. This is my website. It's Susan G. Wheeler. Don't forget the day Susan B. Wheeler dot com. And you can download my free twelve step guide to making lemonade. And then everyone that does that, I will do a drawing for someone to get a free coaching session with me, a 30 minute coaching session and my book, The Lemonade Diet. And I will send you a signed copy of that as well. So what you need to do is go to my website and sign up for the the the Twelve Step Guide and I will put that down.

And do they do that to this button right here, Susan, or is it somewhere else?

So is it does it say grab. Yeah. I don't have my glasses here. Got it.

Grab your copy today. A little button. Yeah. There you go. So click on that button. Grab your copy. Get entered to win that amazing 30 minute free coaching and a signed copy of our book. That's. That's wonderful. Oh, my gosh. I mean, I might do this myself. Oh, this is I'll use an alias and see if I win.

We'll see. Mean all the all the entrance.

And so for folks to get to reach out to. So go ahead and do that. I imagine that an email address will be involved in there somewhere and that will instantly give you a connection to her. And so that takes us to Amazon. But definitely reach out to her. So what is another way for people to get in touch with you, Suzanne? Would it be directly through your email address if they just want to reach out to you and maybe get some coaching and mentoring and ask more about your business so they can achieve the same success you have achieved?

Sure. They can be contacted through my Web site. You can send me an email, which is Suzanne, so you can be velar dot com. You can follow me on Facebook. I'm Susan B. Wheeler. Or on Instagram. Suzanne. The Wheeler season underscore v wheeler. So, yeah, that you can follow me anywhere, reach out, say that you heard me here. If you're not reaching out to the Web site, and I would love to connect.

Fantastic. You are such an amazing woman. So accomplished. So giving. And so perfect for this very show, because that's what it's all about, is helping other entrepreneurs to succeed and reach another level higher than they are currently today. And I think I just know from my my vantage point, having gone over 100 of these shows, that you definitely hit the mark in that regard for sure. And so many other ways. I can't tell you how appreciative I am for you coming on and staying. It's nine 30 at night. There, ladies and gentlemen of Connecticut. So it's getting a little bit later and she's still there. Look at her. Full of energy. Big smile. Susan, thank you so very much. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you coming on and sharing your wisdom and your your just value with our audience. Thank you so very much.

Thank you for having me.

Absolutely. And for everyone that came on and watched live or that watched the recording or listen on the podcast. We appreciate you as well. And we can't wait to bring you even more to that note. We will be back again one week from today with another edition of The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show on behalf of the amazing Susan Wheeler.

I'm your host, Fran Kelly, and we will see you again next week. Until then. So long and be blessed. For now. Bye bye, everyone.

Thank you for tuning in to The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show podcast w w w dot. Mind body business show Scott.

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Susan Wheeler

Susan Wheeler

Susan Wheeler is a mom of four, grandmother of seven and wife to Mat, lovingly known as Red Suspenders. She lives with her huband, their two youngest children and her Jack Russell Terriers on their organic vegetable farm in Northwest Connecticut. Susan is an ultra-marathon runner and loves outdoor adventures. She has been an entrepreneur her entire adult life and for the last 18 years has been a top leader in the direct sales and network marketing industy. Susan is a certified mindset coach, speaker and author of her first book, The Lemonade Diet. She shares her personal story of overcoming and persevering so when life hands you lemons, you can make your own lemonade! Susan is a firm believer that it is never too late to change your life.

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